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Indiana State sentinel. [volume] (Indianapolis) 1841-1853, November 01, 1842, Image 3

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INDIANA STATK SKVTINKL. i: ": I'sirmrrs IimiI :it tlii! a Im Iotihlc Protection.
:! 3 our lin nl Iio llu- fi ol' The Oriondwo salt works art owned by the
your l;rt IllHTrM J I,ok lirfop )Oii State of New York, and are rented by the State to
I Ii 1 into Iii' Ii.iimI or your iici:iif. j,.,jvi.Jiia!s by vi.r:i the mnufieture f salt is car-
I.N SI. WIT, TllM.AY, August'-', I" I'd. r:od rn. The c-nv-mer of bait not only pays a du-
'I'iu- T:irifl Kill.' tv on that article tu the F:i ted States government,
State it New lorK. In
I vntrv l onnliip 1 tue i .; t ir iIMiin-.
At a i::f- tir; of thts Don, crit.-: II ',-tS.ica. i- f
Centre Tuwi.sl.ij, he'.. I at ti. Court I!- ' n the
evening of Oct. tM, (Jon. J AMFS I. DU K I '. a-
C l.iy and the Tarif I.
I'r out the Miss iiri ll-'poiter.
The Wabash Hi pres., a hi; paper, eari Mr. Clay
ta'ed ii his speech at Indianapolis, that he approved of the
recent TarilT Act. Let this declaration te compared with
the speech of Mr. Clay in the I. S. Smite, list February.
in wiuca he said ihere i no iieccss.ty lor protection
Id et-
called to the Chair, and Wm. Si ii.iv.vn n ;
On motion, a committee ? evr. v.a- i; ;
to draft re luteins, and t j rpir a 1 rt
catrs to attend the Counlv Convent'-m.
(I. A. Chapman, (i .v. J. 15. Hay, S. I'
Capt. Jehu McFuil, Wm. II. .Morrison,
Johnson and Banner Law head were app ,
committee, an J tl-y retire,'..
During the ab-enc-J of he cTnm.t'ee, the
ing was ally addressed by W. .1. 1 r .vn,
The Committee came in and rr ; r t
R'nolitd. That w t; a'crove rf h ,11:: ' i
cation, as prop-.-..-1 ly the State Ceu'ri: Com
mittee. HtKjliftl, That the general arid ia.:'. i-,a Is"
tnuveiiiei.t of tu Demcrraey f 1ml. it. a in r p--vl
to the call of the State ( .'-Mitral Comm ft -. i- evi
dence palpable to ipir min!-, of ti e r mt'w.t i.m to
unite in rede, m v." our '' til .nt State JV 'n ti.e Ju'il
etain of fedi-rali.-tn.
Jlrxolvfil. That the Peru ri y f i e m
titlcil to the thanks of ov ry ; .: of .:. rty o:; t!e
(jlulc, for the ii'ille manner :n uhteh l!i-y Vive re
buked trcui'tu trea-rri in tyrants, an 1 tr a- e m
their t,Ut tiie trmhrs of the ftkral w'n ir party.
Il;lr,,l, Tint the Pen. j.-.r it - '.f In. '.ana imitate
t!;c,r nolle example.
l-t'.lrul. That the vict'r3 arh.'-v -l hy t!e ':
nmcrafy of .Maryl ie-ir. i, P -la.vare, l'.:::- I
anii, .Maine, and k t .N" . i .' t-ty n 'l ' JT
t-f South C'-iroIiiM, w here tie c..n is n-t my -'i"-'-nel
I'Jt hkunkeI, i.s an i ice;. tue a -'ir t a t..,;i
vv:,:rh 1.
. Kr it
." n :n t oe on at'ir'.av.
fir'.hir fu.-trt,d. That v. henev r t'.e
..lr. lappan tnove! the :...ir amcr.utuciii, tut he pay? a duty to the t ate r .c.v i or. j Caii his rartisir.s. who have o much ta mv alut politirsl Cai
1-11 the State ol .V'W 1 urs received in cut:es r n ' ..... .. .t,,:.i k; Uü,
ll.n I'ntnil'.rlnrn f.f c,!t nf 1: I );i n;il l a SalinCS ".:. .... I . . . ......o.l .t tlniT.l.t i Mr l : , ,h' . h.- r r V nreseiiteJ TPtitlOU Of Ah'lr
i'.kUtV -4fc. itirillli'ruill .All Bill' 'pmiuwa l.v ipivrru uui.t v-v f
nTrt"ifor the State SeiUnrt.
rroct'CHliiix f Coiimioit Council.
October, ltf, 1?1J.
Council met. All present, excei Mr. lljat-
rizU. . .
".Mr. lo'ack p'e?or.teJ account in liror ci C.L.
Campbell for U ." cl. ferviccs a? jjdeat torpor-
on election. .oortcu
tie '.' v V.'rrt I.fM-
'.h t tf Sri-
u a i -i. :. .
ve rn'!'-
l k. n ! n . ?
!::,! ff t!i-j Vt.-t'-d States s-h ill rec
,rv -v . ::! t.'i it the corn. H nr. nu
-'. ;)-, .-. ported f r :n the I'nite.l S:r. in ch
re d hv :..7':v.- f ti e I'mted St. ate., are .a
ff'-e of ti y into t!.
.... . i .
f ji o, i it j r..
The 'I'riiititv made
m it
in ; i .
an eta-e
n ti. 're f t'i the ; e--;;..
i! it
v e r
m : i'
of .V
thore m t.. .t ,a 13, m Virginia in 1? 10, and in the United Mate
ve-ir uas .mil". ii. 1 i' .' r, raeii ui?.r.k i ,
v.l.ii lithe State ot New V
ix cer.t. The St ite ha rece.v ed in diticp on ?-ilt thinking C'ernr:iittce" for .Mr. Clav, to ferhid his "mak-
w ithia the lat three vears ever half a m ilie u in; any more iJeclarbtions fr the puJ.lic eye," unlets they
on each h':.-.iel i t senate in 112. with his recent declaration at Ir.dianapo
rceeived a duty ot . h t It is ahut the time the Whic hid appointed a
'h -he can realize from her tall are determined to Ut him saenhee him-elf before the
irs-. II '.v muc
ot -the.rmt I S ate. ; u , rks we care nM, prr vided the country is not campaign ut iMlNtm.
. . ....!. , 1 1 . . L . . 1 . .1.1. .1. 'rhj.n.!itti.iti.ftr ("liviitln.liarnii.-di.. will tint
.1 'i ci i iree moniua in.ii e ,v- nvv u rr, uriBi n 10 ner weaiui innu-.i - - ...
1 1 1 ' j 1 1 , 1 i
1 . .... ..(... A I ' li . . . l. . I -n
f nr ,e'.a::.a;ion. tue dutie.s im- the -.roteetive t-vsein. The tact i. however, mat - ' lu . b " c
' m ,,;,.!... ro-Ath or I. r ,. n ... , r., nP, a , ,wl mom , ,f ,r, - res li a vC been declare J in Lis lavor on the ground mat he stnl adheres
.- -. r , t.:.....m. ...I.. .;;., .....!.. Ui.pm.H.Um to the principle of the Compraaue Act and is opposed
i matl'i; l'.''. er" l Mli ii Mi'.e -r n..i".n. 'iin.un, iiuiif ill ur: u.xu.i ........ k - -t - p
.,;:i cor,..:! -er, or alt-1 rr..vii -ns ree ol duty, propped make .at fr-e. the -nterest-ot t.e gr.ai , Al a .J)cHi rffntI heI i(1 PutnaR1 county,
the , .me ex e. e per eei.i. -u x...- -Tiate oi .ew iuuu un.i. in... . ,.1 -i. u .... f;.ll(tr;:,. f.!!..!,,, ra,.!,! and TetoJutioi.s were
adop'e !. "Mr. Clay fheuld scn.l to hi friends in dcorsia,
Sin th. to be aiijwed tn make a grnvei ed cr tan
hark walk acn'f" Delaware ttree: in tront of li s
h e:-e. (Irantet!.
.Mr. (loidsberrv, from emmittec on ftre-t and
1 1 l.p.i. i3,'.i.'i!ivi 1 1 -e!i t, n t. i.re
. . 1 . t "
r -i 1 1 r , " :
I i: pei :ui r. a a r t. '., '..! t 1 i ll
c! li. 1 trin .
If'J" r 1 1 o j n -t ' ' '
Kuj'i, r 4 01 ..dj't 1 A--. '..
lit ; -i i.ttii 1
... . . 1 . . . . .
A e a.f n .. . r. I ' 1
.', q n: t". .
,t i : i ) t:.i
r e e
l I i .
f r.
ll-i. e
I., i;.
ri t!.e
1. Hri. -i
hiite lei the
I 1 -1 !
is-. .v, ...
Ii J-l tf
IW, reported airainst the reiimnstrance i t W . 1 . jene o:h. e ia the ..i-vt .i a! A :' li-ti.
Y,lv fen the 5JMvt ol fide wait: we.t ,.de D.la- ?o-vw m - ..... J 1"r.k','r'V
war street.) and a.ked to be d.sch irjed. ( J-j V!,' u
cur red in, and comajitt-'C discharge.!. kv-We a- ..W.;,' : t a i:. w. lt. Kim
On mot on of -Mr. llick, Mr. dimes M. Hay and , L:, 1. J re f.. !.:.;...,. ( i .V if t..e Ii u i if K p '
vT ':;!. ad v.a
Mr. .M' rr . k m
i.-erfh' filter the
.1 fid to i lC
a cliar'eahie
with a duty cf The whoWale price f Turk's It'.aml Salt in
I-il, at .ew 1 erü, w aa inciityaiuuuai f. , .!,....,!.,. ana mi.!-rpIV.
.ved to amend the amendment by 0I. Salt can be obtained at Turk's Maud for about j t,M.:n'lf hc dot.s not ttJ fUCCt.ej py decer tion and
he Wurd 'j.rov.biui.s, the words ton cent-a bii-led. It co-ts to i-ttie tuere t.i u n uTy .
C'uld be im:iorted an 1 o:.! at New ork tor some , "Whereis therr rirears to be aa c:Trt now niakin? on
M r. T im an said t!;1 moti-.n of the Inn-arable f-en - to'ten cents a hu-hel, were it mt t r the cuty. Uie t;ie j art 0f a ,iu:ip.r 0f Jinpointed politicians, to prej 1
.'ir c'.':i i'l'niv re-n'.t m the defeat ot hi- prop...i- Liverpool salt C'-t ah ut cili'een Cntö a bushel j Jice the claims of Henry Clay f..r the rresidency, by
... II,. r.--.s H ,rrv t- ?ee a iL- ms lion m tn.les'.ed nt Liverpool. The co.-t ot salt in Iia'y is about rahin? e.pi',tU-,l ctur&s against him ; and where.a..
to . irrv thiH b 11 tii'r .'i.'ii the Senate in pur.-uance, f1V(. crnts per bu.-hel ; in Sie;y about t'.rce cents ; also, we believe, Mr. Clay plnleJ vt ih? spirit of the
o-,', . .1. of a t' rminati.,:, t ri c audi.- w.th out :!1 Ih.rtii' il .and Ca, e de Verd LI itids about t-even Compromise .let, us intvu. luted bj himxclj int C,vj;res
p.-rm'tiin ' tii' j-idi'ment ,d Senators to be exereis- 'cent-; in Sj.ain either uti the Mediterranean or At- during the great excitement oa the subject of the Tariff
e.l no -n it'in the minute,! i-art:e..ltr. All deli be r- la, tie about f or cert-. The avera-e c&t ot the in 1 :U :
... ' - r,.iro,! u,- to he MJjmreed. and ail -J.,; -rent elands of the Wet Ind.es, exoeptm- lhn-tj,re reio.r... 1. 1 hat the South is under last-
1 A e'
the 11
t ) the
n. o
in the w ar !-!. was about Hi cents a u.ioei, . , -
I l.i.i .... ,. !,!,. ilOLT y ill lief, m.n nuiru im- i'i ji.i n . ! -. , "..m
lMI.r.boUt ill CfM?. and til U;i to L.t wa, heard but the muttering uf astern diseon-
.about 1! cents a borhel. tent, and rem d his own i ecuiiar notions upon the a'.tar
It will s-eeti that the foreign cost of sa.t is a . f u, C0U(itry
. . . o r . p lil.l ,i,iii,i,t!i In l,',V I ,r 1 1 1 I" k 1 n it II", i I. I . V TI..I .... "l.-U".
i h't
whi':!. Will be f
rjtmo!-t extent.
if.or(, That ti.e triumplis u,e:i tr i ,
ti e Democracy in to:- ro-a.try, man t -is
things: anion? which a r 1 1 1 1 1 ILeirv . iv
the choice of iho Ameriean pe .pie a- to .T r-..- r ;
that the elections in 1-ln were not fur ; le;t it'
that a vast !nn?e his come over th" ., nt uf the
dreams of the voters of that year, o-.v.n ;.; ,h a My
lo the want id two dollars .a day an 1 loi-t '" ( ;
that, the Ml. I ,'' at Dayton wer-; not n f rs i t tic
lJockeye Mate, to t- ay the !ea.-t ; fir we c inn it c n
tider tlieir b ader tue1, a b id ia-ticiau as to d..-uo::i-fit
mre than one half his camp f 1 lowers by a s-::-i,'ie
Itmolttd, That the late insult to the nation by
the Wall street brokers and would-be firto.-raey
of New York, meets no response in the b i-oms ol
the Western Democracy; and that v.e recommend
I'kk-emyi h I'imi, ll.-'i .tl.e old ;1 it f ...ted m; iare-
toed democrat, the only man present wo i .i
cd the sjiirit ot an .lmiricin on tm.t t;i'"m
i i'.'j. r
:ie:tt.oi.s or amendments rejected, eca without Turk's L-land, is otily about seven cents
lent em.
The t;j n v.h.ch he Lad propn-ed had reference
t,. a mj'j -et vilueo i. i 1 pre.-t-d lUelf u,.oa the con--:d:r
ati":i of lliiti.-il tat.-::,', and In', .Mr. T.
serving of the attention ot the
11 v. as sorry to see the Sena-
- c t. . 1 :. Vit- , r L- i ana i.ui we tduuui mu iiiu n lucuaic 'a iiou-iH,
1 c iiVCTii 3 r .rl (I tlXil I li J) iu .1' w. , - - -
. tt ---. I . ' I n.i I A t... iTv ki'i iif.o.l r.na 'ir.l ,it:ioniin f n ftti riaiitn.L
( i( . , ' 1 ' I -i 1 ( I 111 ' " v UJi-'J I ' j't u v 1 - ii ( t I'l inn II UiV iviui Uli-
! Am
i.t .1 was :
r-e in Sen ite.
i r v
i;id fxh.h.tiio- a d.f.oos.tion to deteat
nid enoior h to nav t r incKin il u
mere tr.he
I he exnene ot its im;ortal.on
is verv small. It i-
R'-.-'j'iWil, C. I b.at ns a tatesInan we consider him
1 i, urn nii.t mir orrillited hv the rr h 1 'pri i, tr i roJ,.frls i,f nlFire.
" . i. i ...l ,,::.,... i . .1 l.p ll.i in-lit .....l. 1 I, nn.I n h.itr. . . . . - ...... .
t!i: n n.e :.. in ni o'- " ," , ...... -- - - i.ieii 1,1 ij.hi noun; n- niii, .1.... w...... 1 jj,,,! (jut we leeiu nun a: irus lime aui unacr e.ii!iiiig
that Sen it.,r was not cotirultip? the interest ft the stated, the pnee of pure Turk's Island salt iu New '.ireumftuni-m the last hope of the Kepublic.
1 ... 1. .. 1 .......... i.-, 1 'rii..(.ti- .1.' i , t,ii'.v,H-,i .'pn' n 1. ; 1 .1 '.'1. . . 1 t ?..!
wii.cn seni noii ii' i' , i', .',.,.- - a '-., '.ae i. i..-i. v.v.. w...- j jiti'jf.cii, '. 1 11.11 ..e lunsnicr urn p.ttiu 10 anue
eAev..r. li'.Uit
' tie spirit of the Compromise Act, and that at this time
other? were authorized to ;ride the side waU east ti.r.
side of Circle ttrect, from the front of the Lt l'res- frW sre au-!. ;...! t .
byterian church west, on an im-liiiation t. sa.t the J'11'' a"'';j:M''
jrround, and present elevation if the street; proVid- "JJ.XVr SM. ...... , . ,
ed that nothing in this ?rant contained shall be c,M:h,y A , ... !.-c
.l...ml.I.l..t,r.t.r,lw.:.ti.-,- ri.' . ........
const rucu id aiier ine rtiiiiiinnu v v.. j ,u .. , nun 1 1 i-; h'm i 1 ihm -.
whenever the street in front shall be graded, ex
cept ns allowed in an order rf the council of Oct.
, 1-4'J, to said Iiay and others.
On mo' ion of .Mr. (iuldsberry, the committee on
markets and marl;ct-houes, were requested to m
V. Ill loirv
.. i'f !. : !c''ii-
jfrW a,c n-.iue-tr. t m.n 11 -ee me r.a". 01 on...
1!. II M I. a .1 CO li I''.' t I Si .lit-jt -A 1 i I" th'- Sen-t"'.
yeUcan. i. :i. t- 5 I , :i., u::,e .. il. I iiuirrM ui
a r.n i ! ite f I'o .. nti z Att ia the i.a;
lul t l.cu.t . f I: !' e
:h Jl t.-
rr.iTiir.a-. sM.iv, .. i'i4is!:i:i
i Oitll I HI li.
:. Ire i. i.
, I ! , l'U-. .!,
.'. ! !''. I . rw .1 .
1, ,.;,( 1: . i V'
1 H,
h.ii.s .'.t ; hat he süi'-' -r i y In peil tnai tne umeuu
inot.f, as pr o.-ed by h.m, would prevail.
.Mr. r.van- replied; pointing out t'a it s'ljh
. I . . 1 l .. I . . . ........ w i'r, . rt
fi n . i : m . l : r
The dutv laid unon salt bv the new W lo? mom- ; We louk to linn as Lrm the only man m the country
p ,ly protective tanlV, IS c'mht cents a bushel. Hut ! whose influence can carry out triumphantly the principle
bv a stem cf cheatm;' the firmer and consumer j contained in s.iiI act.
;J ...... m i,. m iv twelve cents dutv a bilshel. Our j KisqIxuI, l. I hat as Oood citizens, we are ever willini;
. ... MM - .)..
0:i:o. howver pr-.per in it.-e!., mvnuio miuhv t inners buy salt bv the measured ouaiiei. m ; i".1 ; 7 -m ., ' ;.',, '..' .- V,
cou.iera nm.s tint it could not be properly coiisid- . ly is t üC t'.xtnrte'il bv the weighed bushel, which j A Cl.M I OK 1 KOIKCIIO.V
eredintl.e t. me which the diseuüu: of this bill 1S tIxt...i at fifty-s:x 'pounds. Table salt wc, 1Kll,( Kn.TIO,;.ThtrWl.-s ulleet great indijrna
would allow. Such a proposition would m.ect the a.,)(ll lifty.5iX p.unds to the bushel, but the L;.c - , removal of Mr. Uderts frmn the Coliec
i ili, .'...lim ......t i.vfioiove v. v . . i 'in. I ' ... I o , 4..it.i. ..f km- k-iikIS c fa i ....
wn .e revenue oi tne country mo-i ex en e,y . wy ,,,. , urK tl,..n anfl some ou.er - ' n.patl.y ,,,!,,, They call it "proscription
treaty with most nations tne l.n.ted tates was wu:gh aWlt twenty-b,M pounds to the bushel. j,,, Mk and are vil.fym the I'resident
hound to admit their products at the same rate ot I11?ncUrc,! b ushel is j ust halt as l,c , Vvt??ty bv all sorts of misrepresentatmn ; but they forget
duties as the pro..uets ot any other country . A sin- ,.i?ht pounds more that, the weighed bushe id hhy- j - U wli,c loslJnl,tCr (Jeneral, re-
1... country mi-ht accede to this proposition, ar.d so six pound., by whic.i the duty is ca cu atod. j moVf. in the Jl0Tt tirae, frol thc .lth uf March, to
(juire into the expediency of repealing the y:h! sec
tion uf the ordinance for the regulation of the mar- ,
keU, which rnpnrcs the payment ut oTl cti.ts tor
the privilege ot selling meat in less piant;tics than i
a quarter, by anv person not a stall holder. i
On motion of '.Mr. Illack. James Davis was au- ,
thorized to grade the tide walk mi Virgin. a A venue ;
in front of h:s property. i
On motion of Mr. (Joldsborry. the mar-!nl wasj' JJHO. UlWiU'.lll.W
directed to gravel Cumberland alley, en east fide j (f) 1 "I j s;' I ( ) M ! Ii (.' 1 1 A NT,
of Delaware ttrect, wnere taiu ai.ey crusts u.c - m te-,. i ...
s,cie waU. ! II ,.-!. t" N'. M, '".Tin . . I! ,m-
Mho.e.'d I). V. Cullev. io cts. for fees as ore- .....i.-. i.-s..;. .e. J. r.
sident for t wo eu irters, eud.n 1st Oct. l"l"J.
Allowed M. Hyrkit, 'j:i, for work done at public 1
wells and ptiuipa. I
Allowed M. II. Hyrkit 7 50, fot work d one on
public pumps. ;
Allowed M. Tube ?0 7.1 cts, tor vor on pu'....c
w . im it
u in. T. M
s-H. v N. i.. h.ili r.i.
V l'll'!. I.
ii. lll. V iu.
I.' tl
Allowed l. II. l'nderhill 00 cents, for
tlx in;
I7i Tin: rv:is'; r.T::iifT.
I : I I i I. V rt..n'- I ,1. ll. i .. .1 !t .li.l'P-
, i I ,..o, i . I il- 'li. 'I I.'1 I""'
:,ti,t -h ii. ;.! . 1 I ' t ' '""! 'I i'li-
.1 ... in I il, m ..i.i-.,'. ! -' 'in iIkiii-
Ha,.ii . i i ii i i " r'"'
i.!..ii"l,ii'. mi ei i t--'" l---
,,i,..-w.-. Tl.-,,..,.1 :..t.i.,..l;,e 1, ..tna- lo,,,,-.!.- ..e..Stl.
lli i ia ri ii 'v :"' P ' "' " '
iOillI'i. M-IS.I fill ' " ' i ,
A,.oraj. xicuui r,t n,i.,.vc, ro ;i';; v V':: .I:'.;:,'.;::; :
ill tiled. rr,. ir.... . I.-n-.'l . o-l - Tin-. - t- - - '
Allowed .1. Collins f 10, for ground rent engine ; ,,,, ., .',.., ' - -;;;
, ,., uc In an 1 1 I-i ieei-- ;' "i.1' n"o,a. I ,,r 1 1. j...u . u i iw i1-"
,ouse, lor 1-ii. ,,.:,,..,.., ... ,.,.,,4.,...
Allowed (I. 1). Staats 1 .jl, for painting public ruf ,...,..,,,., ....,.. , k... -u .
' i'm -4 "'..! ff. , .
r.rin to it, as to entitle its jroducts to come iu tliat the real duty is twelve cents a bushel. Add
r l o-
icca-ion, who left the festive boar !, ilei
U'. that
there were no Americans there," to ih" t ivi : i" "
notice, only hit just due, of the Democracy ot the
Umpire State.
Htsolcid, That we commend .lohn Tyl. r f.r s.oo
of his acts; that if he continues to at cons.-tentiy
with many of his expre-M-d npinious, he will he con
sidered one among, and have accord.. ul to ir::i, th0.
honor of, those who have thrown then. -- 1 1
the breach, and proved au inipassal-le b arr:- r t
tchemcs of I'ederal Wlnggery.
1.1 1 , . I .11.. I' ll I O". .1 k .. ...... ,.t
- ' i- v . " ,1- -r.,1 l ne lUll. IU JUiy, HOI 1.J UM a u'aoiin "iiv inu
uts duty to the State ot New i ork, and , ..!,;,... ..f
proscribers and tyrants," (Jen. Jackson, during the
eight years of his administration, removed only ÜS7
e ei
...i o t cei.t. Then, bv the Lnited States trea- t:x M
ties, with many other nations, their products should tax on salt, wrung from the people, is
be admitted at the same rate, though they did nut tM?hteen cents a bushel.
c-M-r:,.. ; i he e.uty on tan ,s ,..o.,,ou, u..u .... , h -,1U isj lIiaile ,Ilopt tliatlifc,t the hvpocrisy and
at. t...r,,'.- pii tended that tobacco ?ro we r s ( . r., ., t( , . ,.r t l m coi-su mer. it will dimmish ... , .... ' J
' - v..... wo i--::- -" , ' . . , , ! treachery ut the Ultra wiuirs. nui i
were i Milled to the same eneourngeme:ii una pro- tlit, rovcinie. 1 lie I.iverpoo; sail is raxeu nuoui ( r
. .... I. ... a . ., - . i i t l .. i um .( i a .iui( iiiuiu i.
et us compare
From the Uli ef March, to the 10J. July. 19,
.ii. i iv i. ii a ,,,.,.. I ncksiiu'ti admini-tratiun
vv. nihl or.-duce double the revenue, and cinb.e the ; 1 . :.. m..:. . i. 4. i e
of a-Ticultur.sts. and insisted on uia ut her kinds over JUH per cent. A low duty
o ' - -
J;" 1":::"Mlt- , , , Pn, u"l,!1 ,n,,,,,cc tlou,5:l0,,uo r; . , 1 ,ifc :7 postmistcrs i n Maim ; Mr. (Jranger remaved from
. VV ,,, . ,,. temknev of the arneiid-; COI,M1IU(.r lo el e;,lt cheaper by one halt or less. ....... , . ... ,,. , w
.... , ,, - , . , i ... i . . . ,. . ' i . . . i i. in irci limo iivii juiy Kiir - '"uiiHv
... , .. . . . l...P.','ITl.lTir(. .f,w..'.i. ., a. . , . . ,., ...I'..,,. 'AA.iMirt Lilfl. ..... ........ -
,.,,.,.t h ,, i i, N-t'i;iur mill .'iniiuii'i ,,u,.. i , i r 1 1 if in i r ii, i f i ii i ii i: i , io ' mm mi- in," i.to ,.u . ......... i.
tie' ' . .. . .i ii... 1 . V, ... c .: i... -in.. i.u, t I. . te.-s in
Mi.ori.er ate Wilu Uiai oi me ren nor uom "'"i : iorii iir any iciigu. ui ni--. o v. .
a 1 1, t,, ilestrov tlic hitter alloe-ether ; uecause, IS w,.rti, double ns mur li ns tne New 1 erlt salt.
! WoUi
Jltiolvtd. That as wh .lernen occasionally ue t; Senator had truly fctated, the revenue
that State: but these were Democrats, and
witli the whigs it was no proscription in Mr. (Iran-
' In New Hampshire, there were removed
.. , ii . i . ... i ....... - .
IJllt (air tarmcrs .ue io oi: . .m.-ei.cu louse no p..,,,- i.,.,.,, 1n t!. njti. i,,lv. I-'-".). 17 Post
it'll! 1 k -' - - - - - - - - - - - J ? " " v-w
y the protective system must be ex-
i-roi,-to ci.ecK tne pr-grcss o. iuyv.ui.. " " . !n1ny f t,,i JVaropean States wa,so intimately con- icr beeiuso the protective sy
Ihey kmc ci thiir iron, en has Dann 1 YW b-:er ; ,;. , t1(. .i,;,,,,. , , tohacc , that they could lodctl to htdiung a Slate to raie
I I 1 .1 mt.1. . .... . ' .1 .
uffed.enilism. (Jood. 1'or thit he has our tl. '.nhs. ,. . , . What would be irained, then, stnt.-s i',,vi mment uf twelve cents a bushel, a duty
Iktsolciil, That this meeting recommend 'tur I , t';iepr .;,.-,, to n of th Senator from .Maryland ! ,t ;ÜW y,,rn ol HX cents a bu-hel and au extra'
d iy.the ltth day i f Novcoiiber, as the day -f h I I-; ,t s(MMii',.(l'ti) ju.a Mr. W., a kind of dog , in the ClJ lo tKc anufacluror over and above what
ing a (vounty Convention, hr the purjio.-e or n .: a:- . Tt There were a va.t number ot .)liro frooj 8.,it imht utherwire be gut f.r, in order ,
farmers in tiie State ot .Maryland, who would Le ,n,..fely to parttcipatft liion? freely III the benetl's ot
ii til to export their jjiain upon a pntic '.'.e ot rec;p- t;ü prtective system. They are taxed to suppo.t
roctv, si. eh as that which the amendment oi loo .i, ni-inut.ieturer am
Senator I.mui h.o contemplated j and yet the eu
i .ii ri i '. s:.
Ailo.ved U. C. Allison 0, for gravelling
walks ia streets and alleys, repairing bridges, Arc.,
as per b.il filed.
n.... ...I 1. ' Mliaon :H R7. f. r labor tub!
natir.f dele-rates lothe Strite Convention, :.'i 1 tr ins
acting such other business as may come o- t.,re it.
The following irentlemen were chosen d.-h a'-s :
T. II. llowland, T. .Messersmitii, Wm i'a üc,
Wut. Marshall. D. Snyder, W. I'ruett, M !! o ry ,
Hubert Hoe, S. Canby, ( Je. 1 1 averstick , P.!. ok-,
.Matthew Day, Isaac Diy.Jo'an llob.-rts. M. I.i v
l.cad, Thomas Joimson, Wm. Smith. M j 'y''"'
James 'l'h mpoii, Jacob Coll'man. Joi n Me I'a!..
Jaa.es Smith, A. Ileotkm, Thomis Moore. .!. I.
Chapman. S. S. It... ker, John Cam, .Mr. Tolu.d,
Thnm.s D. IJregir, J. . Drake, ii. . ' iiapman.
J. i'airehilil. W . K. M.ller, W. J. Ilr .v.n. W.
I ii.. I f I 1.1,. VV. II 'l al . ot. V. i i.
Fletcher, F.. S. Tvb-r, .1- r-miali t.'ol'.ms, 1'. Saiitit,
T. Wyntt. .1. Nienlii. .1. I . U.y. Y. II. M rn-- -.
A. F. .Morrison, K. Il.-mi, J. C I'arh r. H.vol
Ariiicntrout, Henry N1 .,u, l Spun ible, A Li.. -die.
Jam - Oillespie, .1. M. H.,iHh; Josliu i C. . r.
Wm.Ormsbv, W. L. Hites, S. P.-ek, . U. idi',
F. Full.. Frrueksess. .1. Heady. H. Jenai-m., S.u..
James Kirlin, II. P-mtright, Umihen .lemo-ei,
Junior, J. Jamison, John Wnirht, John Vi.iü.mi.
S. D. Tumlinson, W. F.vans. Dan'l SaM.erl h. !.
V. Montague. T. Huchanaii, N. Divi-. F.. Div:-.
Jacob Millar, Tims. Armstrong. C.-. Y. m..'- room.
Christian Selti.ig, .M. H ch. F.. lled.h i ,. , Ie; r.
Tudd, IL Urid.'es,.!. M. I'aib ..tt, J-i..i C.r!:-.
W. Sullivan. Jos Uuherts. V. II. Hilby. s. H-;-' -Zenas
Fake, Justin Smith, C'liiries i'arrv, C allies
L'oopcr and John Lister.
On mntmn of A. F. Morrison,
if$dvt(l. That the several Township- 'n M tri m
county are hereby ricpie.-ted to h d I mo-hn," w th
as little delay ns possible, for the purposed .-end. eg
delegates to the said County Convention.
Mr. Murr. .-on be.n then called upon, m ol e many
happy remarks, after which the ni'Thii;' a 'j .-trned.
J. I . DU KK, Ch urmoi.
Wm. SittiviN, Secretary.
iiodi: COl TV.
According to previous not,ee, a lare and re-p-v-table
n'fi'ting of the D 'moracy of llo ei County
was held in the town uf Lebinou, mi the -th oi
October, for Ihe purpose of makie-: si ti'de
arrangement for th ; Stite D uno-ratie c ...venti m.
t bj'hulden at Indian ip.dis on tli ":!. dami ry.
HFL when John S. P.errvhill, V. was called t-.
the chair, and A. J. H .one n;i;omU-d Secretary
al or from M.arviatid refused to extend to h s co:
tuents this toon, lbjcvu-e he could riot exact an
iff.!.... ihilitv namelv, induce the F.irepean States
n their revenue den v ah! J fioui the udty
New York to raise (..'':( a ye ir Irom li .r s.i.l
works. Here is a tax for the Fn.ted States g..v
ernn. eat. protection to the manutacturer and prutee
tioii to a State. C'o i'.vn Vo.m.-j.
. . i:,,.ir r. ,i..l I'r,,,, It!. l .r..l. t,l
tlXCS lor ItS Slip- j OO ..r..,.. irlU tvv. l,i
J lUlJ lUllI .111.1, i 1., - ' 'W....-l. ,J ... W .V,
. ! oil'1.
.Massachusetts. There were removed from Uli
March, to the KUh July. 1--'., by the "tyrant"
Jackson, 1 Postmasters. Air. I. ranger removed
tioin ltd M lrch to ihe li'eii July, 1MI, Ö7 Post
masters. Here are two Democratic States and roe
w hur Stat ;, .-how ing that .Mr. (Jranger removed
more it i n twelve tn.i- s as many iu Maine, twice ns
m anv in Ncv 1 1 a mp.-h.. e, six times as many in Alas
sachus .tts as were r. noted under the Administra
te u of President .iacKsun. Hut witli t!ie (l:iy whigs
d taxed to enable the State o
i.iiiii. im.! n'.... vv.m... ..no. Mit in , v;z:
till,.. l,...k!..M..... v. l'eitv. I ie-1. le-ui'i . i.o.-.'oc.l... i 'f
.v, .t..-t:oi.:'..:.-f " '' ' i-'-"'" r'
tt ; F..t.lVl,!lr. f oil!.- . : W.-tt;.ll. II. aif... .....i.t i ai-l
ma ...... I. o.i.l '111,1 I II" riot, I MI .H" ' '
and hauling done in repairing public wtlis, as per nMu....-.r.i.s, - V( , u. ,-xi;mi.u.
bill filed. j Ti...,.i..t.Ts i, f.-m iin- w.u...- i v " ti''!:iA
Allowed K. C. Allison 10, for removing and ' r.M tj- ....!.....-..t-1".".!;. .ty.
burving .'51 bog?, one sheep, one dog. one cow, and : r ,.,.,,,, i u t.
une'h-.e, as per bill tiled. I OI,,.,.mi,,M Sltitl A le:ili.
Allowed IL (J. Allison $1 50, for labor dene en ; J? wrk ,,.. it., i -, u-n -
, . i ... ...I C M.l.i.r,i. rui.t. : 5 1 .,,.1 . I,! :.'t. I I I ll'i PC ! - .th.l Wr .1.1...
1'a.lia llfHIL'' , ,H Uiuur-ui" vi -.1.. - b I. ,i i I - .
Allowed same, i:j :57, tbr grading gutter and
tilling u j scuth side of Court House sijuare.
Allowed same, jli 10, fur making gravelled
walks, f:x;i:g foot bridges, cYc, ns per bill filed.
Mr. Hiack presented account in favor ut F. Ilooh,
fur bl.-.ck.-iuith work, r! l" ; which wat referred to
co.nmittee on ci lims.
.Mr. Louden jiresentcd bill ia favor of Ii. P "age.
11 (jl, b,r nails, cVc, which w as refern d to tuu.e
Ordtrnl that the Secretary issue orders to the
oresideii- und l. Messrs. Funden, Hickards, ltl.uk.
tJuldsberry, and Noulaiid, t;f the council, lor six
months services, as allowed by law, ending 1st
Sept. Isl'--
Council adjourr.ed.
,tM.-.rssa.v.t.'i ia IM' ','--.'.- I"'0 "...t u.. u.
, . , , . .., 1 1,,. I I.- ..I. . ii.. I , . ii i.i
;.l ll. ii.M sr inn ! I 1 1 , , , ,1.,,,
.... I..... ... Im. t. iL- I v ' .-' ' " !- l " . I . ' 0" "
'1 Ik '.ii"ri --.i,l. il O',.', f. in .. . ij-.l ti,.- pf ... to...- I U.-.'i
li,..,M-. ..it...,....-. Ti.- !'...; i:-- i......i..s..M-..j-i'f'-'
. .... th I- MM. " - . . ,. .... n- . r. .. -
r..l. or I..:. I. H U I.I.H., - "
,,nt.Ti ii. :in I f.e ..- anl i.u .oi .'I l-i-".e,l jit. " .
! ,. v f nr.. I l ; M I ii a i
, I,,, r ...ii m i I . i M T:'U..
I .i .-..il............ . II, ... - -...'
, I-;. . II 1. 1.IIM- '1 - , . ,,,,
MitTti. r . ihhiuI, I ,r .. mim, I.- i. -I I" U.-l t ..K. ..faM--...!. .. I
.iter . i.. n-li l"i . ':"' r a v K ; "
i. . I le r.ii'a' ...
1 1 ,l1lol,: liil . f
It i Uitril ll I'll Mil i!! !
i,,v :.l -li, ... IM liM.irl'i t, 'I'll-
C.vi.uMt.i.. The following extract is from t!'.C lec
tures of N. Ciiapman, .M. D. Professor of the In
stitutes and practice of .Medicine in the Fruversity
it aha m.
II t'-bnc
He il.os
i then dero he an
.c .
to ;.riiiit
We lov.. Ih'pi) l.vered (.avs ihe II'M n At ur.m l est;
,-. i those term--, which could not Cut be highly fav- wi-hacopvof tiie " -V n It l' im' vnp.-'t "';
ibie toll's C( t!-t. tuents. printed f.r thc ,peciut e of Chnf '""
Uet the opposition of th- Senator fr a: Marvland It is net pulli-hed. but is printed only for pnvah' distrn-
. . . i .:..: I .... I -.... .... I I,..
il was lyrannj ami proac-r' ;uo;i m ...... nr... i,, ...... j.. , , ,,, , , in
and lorbearaaco tu -Mr. (iratlL'tr '. 1 i uin.-nuiiu, n,i4i.u ,
I disc-oursc'th on the u-e of cnivim I :
'Ocntlem. n : If vm could see wait I a!:r. ..-tdai
l . c c
was still more extraordiliarv ; tor it ltd C.oild get ution ati.on; the seholiM. It is anoi.-y.nou-. ."""":
ins amendment incorporated in tint of the Senat-r 1 -r. , lUUi lo be ' the author I the last loua-
i .1... .a. ....... a ... .. IV.... . m s,.i, . i,r,,h i . e troni the extraiudmarv talent l ien nt
I , mil 'a "' '.a " 1 u i on it. v o .i ii i: 1 1 1 1 . . i i.uo . i , , . . . .
even then he would Vote against ihe whole pr-posi- -splayed m poetical cmposiaon m i
t ,,,.. ... would adhere to the bi.l, even thoueh the .rauhcat. ... of our ,.u.:.i rous . Im; n aoi rs. h s
e c old obtain exemption fro,,, all du'i-s abroid ami r, cond l.ms On y t u; Hot s.k hues .. h, .
uMieti m iao i 1114 p.ipin. . -.
J.'IiOitr C"HiIll.
The K'li i l 1 i.-uir-. v.!;o have been indicted under ihe
1.. .. ..r l.o....' . I ',!..!. h.w 1 ut in iheir d.-as ami cnlh d
!v f-ee iri r::y private prae'ic,; ;n this city, p.-r.-oi..-t'lom
the S .'iii, in the very 1 ist stages i f w retchnl
1 iii iC.'i'.eii to a sl...I-.t-'ii. with b. til i ne
1 i
I .... ,.V -- - (, ,
I ..!! ti... I. ,...,.!... """
ti .'mi. v '..........a ........'..;.,.. il.. ,r,ia n-pe.it your rcadh. les-ons.
tie .111. .j 11 iMn.i i, 10 v. ,,.,.-. - i . .
. ' ..... 1
atur trom Alarvland, Lecause n.
' ! Come in bovs, take your scat.-, an
.- tion of the Sen;
was m favor of the propotoimn of the Senator from
O.iio, though le t exactly in the shape in which U
,.,.w' st I. He was in fa vmr of introducing lht
nnil 'iple ol reciprocity, lie bel.eved il Would be
'.1 b ..ei of ineuleul .nle'viloe to thoeo who rai-eyr.uu
und ll 'tir. It would probably !:ave the e licet ut
lirunrinjr down the enormous duties wh.ea weto lev
ied iu Ft. gland, to a more reasonable standard. Me
would, therefore, suggest to the Sunt or Inm. Oh.o,
ti. modify ho umenem'-nt somewhat , an I he (Mr.
.) would vote for it w it imut add. ng cotton, or any
article IU w!l a il i.e li.iht be supposed to be per
son lily interested. Il the Senilor, in-tead of mik
m g the articles duty tree, would insert the rate ot
JiTp r cent., he thought it would be pra ..-ticable, 1
based, us it neces.-arily must be, upon tint which
I,,,-,,,.-, t'.,.. ha-is uf all treaties recpructly. He
(Mr. W.) was ia favor of retaliating, nut by prohi
bitum, but by an entirely different course. He
never would raise duties lo the extent of prohibi
tion, merely becuu-e duties abroad were r ii.-e.l by
map. t"ti- and unjust l.-gislatmn. lie would go
f-r a reduction t f dot es n the ;treit principle-of
re-ipr -e.ty ; an I he w..,.;., say tint if the Senator
from Oiiio t oiild acc-mplish th;s, and bnng down
the duties to ,M per cent, he would accomplish
m .re f. r his coin-t.t i .nts than any Senator had e. er
11 s-iiv rur. 1 i.isT.
In Addas' I'.M
We soon 1 :t II.
In I't l-i"s inr
We -m.-ed h't w i'
And in l l y's in o h r
Wo 01111-I fiir li r.
We're so d. p a vcl
We c.iu'l t e av !.
W ita.-iT. i iit.ii. 1 e,
I) i nt 's ...:r -en'., net-.
With i.d'-ii ' ti-,"
An ! "-ki:n id' e "H- ;"
With "cider"' and "l .-"'
In i; .tteis and Ui-,
We wall. eve I like liej;.
' Tippecanoe
An t Tyltr t ."
Whs e.irne l i:est lit ai 1 1 ly
l!f ad 1 HI I'.tt.v.
' fwo d.il.ait .1 day"
We fjrcetiyfi It p ly 1
i.rs;oN Tiir. set om
A il an the lii t
ur I '-iltT t iirt ;
An 1 t y tiie vm
We wi ie un '. .i.e
1 1 1 .-.iii "
1 1 s HUM d us too.
ChiV c:.n."."! lave us
Toi'mi sin. '"' 'Vc a-.
Tt h i' w a deeiiu'd,
I.r-t be see n'' 1,
A li nit d ;
lilll lie' I C l e ih
e.r . .I..K- tri.!, ihe Court, however. Im' P etnoiicd OX -stern
Imt'n r '.i-oceiVie to the aejournvi Pro in Nove-n'-er. j of the skull al.uost eompi-t. ly peif rated 111 mai y
One p.iwuf.l leas,,;, for a trial at thU time, ured by pi IC' S I the V.'jSC halt g UIC ; W ith r-tt'T. Jiws.ul
Mr Kantoul was, says the Providence il press, that the crated thr-eits, tic Iths mre pest .ferous, mae
ih fen lints ware to have lb ai I 1 f t'ie H .... .1. H- Adams j intolerable than po:.-ea"'.JS upas, l.lilb.S rali.'.'J
m th. ir th fi-ace, und if t'it t:ia!s v.cri' pat oil' lo a period , with the pains of the in j u.-itiuii, minds as in.
ia .1. or daring tie- s.--o a. . f C.hi;t-.i, ih.-y musl be do-! üce,Je as the pulmg bale, a grievous burden to
. pi i od of his as-i.-taiico. Hut this wa n ,t sum, lent t. th,-m.-el i-s and a d rgdslihg spectacle to oth.r-.
change the pr.l ahle pr. 1 a:.c itcd p' ill I T delay, and ihe Vo., u.,lt,l,j .;VC!aiu., as 1 have done, 0 the I imuri
time a-tamod f.r the t,i d wi.l ho .1 ihe week pr.ovu,- to ' J:,(i,. t.(c;cu.-e that d.Ctut.'S t!ld ab ise of tint
luini-li III
.sr.Oi.ll IK'.IL-ll l"f IM el till" t' '"I
. I '..ll jr. x u .11 I llt.l-tl I"' ' t .:
1 .v ti,. .i,- n -. I i-e' -"
' .1, .ti.it lit ..I.e. a.ld Ii-,..,' 1,1.1 k
Tina', .in- tr t in "i 1 1 11 i -ix
"n rr ;,f 1 . 1 : 1 1 ' - ' - , t t ' t
' t', i in. !, in nu:.. - . I'
ll ll'l. . II..' II 1.1.1! II .11' 1
cr o.iiiil 1,'t'i-.
ll t l tin -i' W"l'-- 1- '.-'
,fi.ii-iil..iii'ftt!'-- .1'-!. t I
I ,, .,, -. 1 I,. lie I Ol . I,' ' iv
LHiO in Ti;-" 11. (-!-" 1 !!-,'
ii.!.!i- lit , III t.'ir I l-i" --' 1 1
-- 1 .1 1 I.. ! f I if ; ti ' '' "'-'' ' '
.Si.'.l . Ci-ir I- I." -'.in ii
li.'iii I., Ii .1 :- 'I in 1 -ni a i
I 'i,iij:i-. (.i',.. -1 .t'H- l.'.i-'i
v. . I , X I- -I. I" " !' '' V'"
.'llftf... It I i.-l .11' Ill ,
i,,:iii r, : ; ;i, . ,i a ' . "
; . !; s ..I I 1 -11 !' I"' 1
t Vll.-ti --...; .1 '.!!. "I ' A;
,1 ...,!'. V. i ;e- '.
M 11, ll 1 lit I lie !' ''.'' ''.'''
ti , :ui l U. ' ,.t tin- I ', ij
I nit an I : 1 .1.1 '.. 1 . '. 1
j.;, 11I1 .
: 1,1 s .e.t.ia
, 1 : 1 i' 1.1 t I -I
1 1 . . .-. 11 1 .
If - .I...- ti Ol .:
r... . ,. .- I,, 1.
r. flic
.. 1 , tl I .O t it,
'(. 11 1 i,l l l f
. On- I ol. IK s
I 1 1 I -.
.1 e
, 1 1 ,i, , I - s -. . 1
I.. ;, I i I' ! HI
1 nt e , - " '
. ;!, .:. l! i ll
it ll if
ii .!, 1. 1.,!
a it i t."
1 1 1 1 -
-e. 1 u-
.1 I,
. t .
1 1 1 . 1..1 1
it -I I'..
Ii 1 t i
! .I ! i"
it .
1, 1 .1 1
1 -t !
.1 11 . ;
1 .,...!
t ,
t -,
I 1
,1 -
1 I I.
.1: .! 1.
11 i t, r
. r..ii- . 1
... t .. '
-. 1 , . .
: 11 .. ti
i i n., t If .
, . ,,.l,t,
'tii .f
1 : 1 1 1 .1
. e. 1 it 1.
1 1 1 1 u -"...t
. r
. .. 1 1 f
,.,! in ll "
' i,' I
the 1 fleet nf
Mr. Ad.ei.s'.s ,.d
K' l.-V .
the dclci.d mts of tlif. ben. lit of
The c -nintioa to t irt.i a cons'i'iittua Kirt at Acwport
noxious ii. ug, calomel, ia the Southern States:'
t i e 1 . 1 c 1 a - a , 11 is a .li -graceful reproach to the pro
fcs:i on tt medicine ; it is tpiaei.ery, hurr.d, uawar-
O. I I o
- IN .-..Hi:
. I t
on the ldth inrl., and wa.-i m oni.d by t!;e bcii,.n
c ratitetl, I'luidcroiis quacKery. !i at merit do gen-
i'i i . .... . , , . .
t.cmen ut the o-ith Milter tnem.-cii es ta -y pe-ses--,
I 1," ...... II. i rt 1 l',:,,l,,ll lll' nrm.
J I II .I., I l.lllll 41 'I, .......... - . ,
. ,,..1 Th.,,. A.s-.mkcs a,.d W.dlcr W. I "o.i.kc. as '' being al-.e to salivate a patient ! Cannot th-
........ 1
t in ('hri-'. f.d mi salivate-
.-l l .Cull 11
A I'fii'i oi !i''.iiiit ihe r, tum f the deleat;
Mmrehil.t W is piosonted. oil the ground of ill. g ll pro- I C'l't .'-; .if rae
Hit I will a.-k tineli'.T eecbtion.
ijive caloeiel .
Who it it I' uil
1, 1 .
o ,-
We tr.ilv I!
t "r - it boil '
On motion, Jacob Tipton, K-tj. m ide kn wa thu d))f,e f.,r tl,nt (reat and rising Mate. He believed,
object of the meet in 'in appropriate :o.d.-es-. if t!,e Sctat'-r would do th'S, this sut.Ject would
On motion of Mr. Tipto. 1, the following r-sji'Itioa ,i)rc,; jt-eif upon the Parliament . f (Ireat Ilr.tain.
was unanimcnIy adopted. It wns a gl-rio is oppoututiity to obtain a reduction
Re$ohed That the Chair appoint a c e.-rn trce juti.'s ia.p .-el o;i tim e article. in Ureat
of three to report the names ufsn, table p.'f.-uis to i;i;ta,n, an l thus d an inc iicula le b. neht to the
attend tho Stote Convention and resoluioais f or . sitarving millions of tiie p .pul it. .a uf Inat country.
the consideration uf this meeting. Mr. Merr.ek replied to Mr. Walter, ia aiata.nu..
Whereupon the chair appointed the f -'lowing tj,0 right of the tobacco planfrs.
Centlemen that committee. Messrs. J. Chrisiaia, a!,:eudment t . the .amendment of toe S,-na-
Kobert Olive, and Jacob 1 ipton. Alter r-t rn g t,r ,,, ).,,, Mr. Tappan wad then au.pted
To so jtlie all ri f ;
And t 1 e 111 I
cal'.li thri.u.'h the 1m l.
Ily siuli like -ri
We f us?ed 111
Aid I'vtet- t -J."'
Put all ! t .' s jell
With thi- s ime 'a-", -a,"
We f 111 5, thcic.iitt r.
We'd i--:ii,'.'.f -t Tüi t.ir.
The pahlic hm ls
hp!cd t',r.-i.!i our Inmdj ;
Pi oi I ill, Idle'' troop
Was w ahi-'-vt d u,) ;
('.it- it t'tnicl, be
Is iiji a tree ;
And nil our vi.eaics
J 1 . e piuved !a,t die mi.
Tl,,. .c e.oi'il
In the Tyler ti ap ;
Hut, I v inidri;.,
N d tlicy, but we,
Arc caught, t si-.
" Tip ec.mo
And 1 ler too"
No moic wall do.
AU our deceit
And dal. s t . 1 hi at
Are iinw loan I iut
...i:id all do l'it.
And '.vn'i. expelled
ta ar.c from the field ;
While hoiie-t luea
Cane 111 J.iin,
And I ico f
fake hocus pjcus,
C uiy the d y.
And lake the W'.iy.
Ah ! we!l-a-dav '
Alt ! lb my Id ay !
A 1 ri j: adieu
We t i 1 t - ymi ;
An 1 ; 1 we do
Te 1 1; 11 c an .e
Ai d Tv I.T 1 10"
11 jo-h jj ! b.u-huo !
I ,1111-, I. te HI (-M- I"
,,r" ci ai.fl .a i.i' 1 I "
hit no
'1. :.;:' f ' e; -I..-1-I
d' -r.N lift'. 1 t ! ll,.- 1
I'll, l- 1. ilH l O'lrll 1.1 I lo 1
11.I Iii. l.i.'f .If -ul' " t to
r IM 1 :..-- 1,1 ! , 'i 1
rt .H'lit'u ' in'- f i-o -t iio.,:' .. tl.' 11 u in.ii I -
a , .;! an .l - ' I tut- .1 11 I t :o ...
1 . '.nt Hit' - e.li-.i. .1 ii in n,
VV. kit ' "'" 'ItH-l'. '. I- 'i
.111 I ll.r W it klf l.lo'ic s .' h 1 .,11, 11, 1, 1 1
Ir. i. Ilitr.l Ol the .i.t.r I .on .- Ii.t 1 11.
an I 1 ..) If nii'.fS in t" .' ' '' '
;. .til II, !- .'I t'otll'll - t Ii'" :
i!i l a tli ir 1 iiiiiitnta i, 1 n., i.n.l f a
1 I.i. I' i t Ulf tf ti -t I'll ' - '' o - '
,,! tt 10. Oi" 'i- '' v '.' '' ' ' I ' '
Hil l t ! Ill l ll.r ll.'-l., le .1 i .1 !
f-lllil Iii.- "I ''' I " t ' lo
;-f ni liirni. ll Iii' I 1 I 'I O: ' ' O
I l.k..' 1. um' t ol f ti-- nc'i'f 1 I ' '
t liu .ti l not -.nt,--. oi- T r ' .1 '
. . , I 1,1111. i I i, in r ir v !i,i'e nf t!..' .;(! in r was rouxiinii d. 1 . . , .- . ... . . 1 . , 1 t... .in '.. I 111 i-toi. f
" " 1 1 l iruwn liims.-ii 111 le.ui ii proxnn iy 10 ueaiii, auu -, - .
. ... r.ivfiif ut-mo I- 11 1 -1
It . j .. . -I , . 1 r 1 , t Ii : 1 , . m t r f . c 1 r I, ,,j n. I .., .... , ......,
.., i.'ic7..'.t t....b..... b.i...o ,-i."ii 11 1 ;i, iii1, ii.i.i. .ill'. I -. ''. '
11 ii 1 ir. ii,,i,,,.ii' i, , .
i, ,1 u.nt ., ..t'.irt. n i, . a, ...... . r r , . I , ,"o
... 1 ... . I l.Ll.l.i. IHi,lll.liJ 1 . 1 . w . . . , . c-- . , w - .
o medicable to lie: undone cause ut whig-'ery trint!'
t.ouptati m to have ll lt.sCltud II. ,
' 1 1 ! Hi- Vt '.
1 1 .id .- .1 .' 1 '. 1
;;, ,
. .... 1 : 11'
! : I !.. .e. n
:e. I V. 11,! 1 t ti t 'i o . t
; .... 1 . tl. 1 1 it 1 ' 1- '
Iv . . in 1 . 10 no ".,;- '
1 1 . 1 1 1 r. l 1 0 ''
u- fit . '- i"
1 , s .1. .. , 1 1 ;ii"l
1 1
'I I.- 1
,1 I.I.
t .
f '
li -I '
1,1 ;
.' mi i'f ii';, nt triil, ufii r he h it
d. f."- at the ,-Ucti.in. It was refeir.-.l to special com- tal.in t'u run 11 frtsoiat ilfti Hi tm und Ii orr. ,1-
'i'i'.dt ! lie who, tor an ordinary cause, r -
n 1
li.ttti e
I he b. of rights was then taken in. tor di-cu-sj m, as siiri.s 1 n,. 1 ,o ut his i-atietit to mercury, is a viie
part of the eous'if uti m. Mr lit. on from New p rt, 1 ,1:.-my to the Silk; und if IlC is tolerably popular,
proposed as an anuti 1 oeiit that the third aiticleul the ,v , j Kl ,,., successful season, have paved the Way
irthe bus. nets ot 1,1c: tor he has i'ihhii' 1 ta io
11 1. .11
.. 1 .-
i-i .
1 . .: .
.. ,1 1 '.
. -.
1. 1 ,. .1-
i ,1 u .
oeopie s Co
..lit !
ustittri'iid be ad
. ., 1 .... 1 1 1 1
.It. .111. I... 'l I.I ;,'H ...... .'.
the last ut the new
e inlc hive a riJht
t v.-r afterw ards to sto: the mecnnal breach el" lie
- - . . 1
to ihai.-e t!..ir irivrinu e.it as t..,y ri. ...sc and in d.naie , , . o , a , . . , , -, , ,, ,
kiioio 01 ti.e billing was cuu.u:mu. j t r 0 . v
Fa u.M. II 1 1 ( 11 in
at. ! I t it.
I cannot re-i-t tin
your co.uaiiis.
1 1
Yours, D-Mii'icralteallv,
a down 1: s n;u.
wine ;r.KY.
M.V'.IIVA'M'.IAO!) ( .
loop v
l.-lii m tt riv. n l.t on .ii-- it
I In- IH.ti-s ol lilt tt I ' 1 K .
t,n l.t l!it- I Hi "' " ' " I '
r 'j .', ll''!''!. 'I P I ' ;" ' '
I 1,1. I '.
I -A 1 1' I .1 -
' . (.'.. ...."",
.'. I- ..I. ,. II..:
I.i l ! 1 i t-1 I
ll t.. 1 I..IK
l-'l -
o t. a 1
t: n 1 r. c
o 1 D N i:
I), t-.t
Di f- at
Wil-lriiL-too ' !'' 1
Tin: Nkw Tvinn law. carj. of 'J'V) cases
uf criiehed si.gar, each cunt .1 , 11 1 ng l'Jol) Iiis., la now
landing at lli.s port. This Illu.iH U lbs. of sugar
was imported from A uisterd im, and pi.d a duty ot
J.I per cei t. ;ol valor-un, ..r a'ii.ut 1 cent.- a pound.
I nder a new law the du'y is i cents a pound, mak- 9 ,hl.
..... . a T..r... .. ...., ,.r Id f( II ,11 the i ar "o. Wh'-n " '
" ' - . ? , l-l-.Uttt.-n Of I
this .-11 'ar w as sent here, it was int. -mied t Xj-orl w.,....i 1:1- !
it t Italy, wilii the benehl of drawback , but having
blundered into :-n f.ivoraa.e a po-iti":., it w..l el
! h. re
vis ad-
( ti. I.
ni ' .et
1 ' 1 r
1 I in u . 1 "
, h ri . . i i -'-
I'.i.v:;: iiivli.
v.H. HID 'I"s VS.F.
f .11 . t. , .1 1 -ii n , n.- ! ..'' 1 r t.i 1 O--
V. , 1 1' ,11 I ir
' 1 11 llif t'
1 1 1 . 1 1 1 e . I -.1
11 1 1 1 , ,1 ei
1 1 I'll N V I I " N . 'A
! 'irn.''!-
-iltv t::.de
log gery
f o! .
iiV i,
roül'i iein e iie-!r. -.-d FniTed St
i , v.
y h t!e
' l i, OO'l.t
cot: r-e be retain
e ii.r 1 .,: : ra.oi'. is a -o , m-ii ij. w 1 1 a
m.it.-.i 1 i.-t w. - 1. . t .1 tl.ily ..I ''tl p- r cent . I'lider
. ..ut.; . , t " a I.- 1-
;ji liOi.:i 0 tin- t ami
H'llifllll tf I'l I ll t' -I I
i(o-f Hi.- . ' ;-'
1 1. 1
1. . oi , or a jüUi
Vt a- J7 , nays HI, as toll ws
SwnnjiMi I. tin is. At Paris the f.i-hin durin t!ie
hot weall-.er lias hem that nf bwimmuur. I 'rowaU ut tho
most cxiiuisite" ladies have bicn tlis-jioriin like so many
, M-ssrs. Archer, llayanl, lleriln, U amic, river fcoddejsos, m the Suae. M. Swanncr, t ikin ad-
I'oartJ, C.lthbert, DlVtOU, Mvatis, (Ir ililUI, Hunt- v.intie uf ibis furore, has established cold baths on thc
in 'd 'U Kerr, Kir.. Linn, .Mangum, Merrick, uay ifOisay, in which he has actu illy been teaching the
ALI'er ' M reh-Mil Pdc'ps, Port-'r. PrCstca, UlVCS, fair m-x how to swim. They play all ni.niii. r of tricks
-iov'ier' Simmons SMITH uf Indiana, Sprague. in the water, like a pare:! ut Naiad-. a. i.e like a plump
Tallin ad ' ', and Ytning "J7. Triton (for the man is very fit) disports a nun- the.,..
v., ,.1. Messrs. H i 'iy, H lies, Caliioiin, Clayton, I should lue to teach such a school as that, shouldn't
Cratis, Fulton, .Mcüob -rts, Smith of Connecticut, you, toad, r !
few moment?, they reported the foil w ng pre tmo.e
and resolution?, which were unaniau u-ly adopted.
That whereas the ensuing Augus election is one
of great importance to the pe p'.e of linii 1:11, an 1
vC a portion of the Democracy of the nun', believ
ing it to bo not only our high an 1 disting usi.e I pri
vilege, but our duty as citizehs, to aal our brethren
f.ft.10 adjoining counties ia supporting ni'isures
tint lire eiLulated ta preserve the constitution, tin;
!i;nity of t.äe laws, support the public fi.tiiand add t.,r r0o T.io-p t;. Wui'icr, White, and WiLcx
ftrcngtn to .Mncrican ueuiocracy pureui-e i ny nie ;
blood of tho Hevulittion and practised by thc ;mm r- Mr. Merrick then moved t ) amend tho aaie.-,.1.- Win,' press nu Mr. Webster's late sj . -eili, we s.-lect th
-.IcI.-at 1 a every cTiier.-
Thi' lull" 5 . . It:: iU.
Th'? ;rtiti.tioii had three Preciients
. L. Ciit ves, li. . die.
It :s a t ed w ii.i.ii h t.s now Ii 1 ;i 1
;'-',i-v - : :iu c ii. try. and 1- re.:..
1. J
1 1 r t
r ta
1 live tiai.'s ta ; I ri---r ui.ty.
I'ntsc wi.i seive a- specimens of the operation uf
I the ne w tai'dl' upon importer who have on hand
'large stocii o? g ,",! f partir.i'.ir ile-cr:ptioii-.
, Fpoii me.-, hint.- whose cargoes Hie t to arr.ve, it
i' Tüte ui.t. 1 v.e :: a ! v .
;. . 11 ti..
, . .... , ;.. 1, It I 1,1 . 1 1
,1 1. 1 .- -.(,!: f I -
- ! ..i.i : 1 -.'' - k
I 'i'l. ,, ' - a. ! ' n '
-, r. i.n-.ti. I tt :l, : ' t:
I 1 ,'l I l.t... 't 1 1
a 1 J i. 1 1'...
j i' I -',: .
1 . i' s I'-'. '
I 1-1,- . ft'
. :,t t if 1
,1 . t N-.t ...
.il 1 j o
i ,' .' M '.. ,1
1 , .1 ! 11 V.
I r
! .11
if" !',' t-i
I. ,,t
1 1
IV I .
in s c I..-
1 XT'
te, rt
i lYnri atnonj the numerous coaimeiitarii s of the
i lit t 'ii'u;.' tun -s, that awl .'... t
'. .. I. ... , r.. .1 I. . t ., r I..,,'.
til . 1 . Ul'' i f 1 .
) less true in-it LtniT'li n f'!.-Vi-s, th'
merchant rcauked tu u.- iiie.-tio r.iay. wn e
U-r ! II III Coll -
a v. bet., .r te 1
r t ..at., would
the del ills . I the loll wore und r tl -
-r s-, that tin: d-.-.si :. ' the .jij. st
should be lr e or pay a dutv ot V:'
I '. tut .1 Hi-- ti:!.-. 1'-- I r Mi- l-'i- l 1
r,i, 'i i ..I I.i'- I "'I, I I !' ' 1 1 In' .0
Im r, !- I.V at 1 V . ! . -t :.
in r. .,;';. r ruel o, . il ii"
ol I IMl .li- -Il'i-ll I li"! !f "I tl
n ii. A T, l.'l.C ii
un I.. Nf it 11. aa
1 I. .Of- H. ! i'-.ii
I.. l
. l.:,
. II
I 'l' t.
. .' ..:
,. t . : ti -ii
: ' . 1
.- I- ' t
, . 1 1, I ..
J.IIIf . vt .s
lb-nrt 1- 'V at at
r-'iu ii.i
onl V
...bet his interests lo ttl" amoUf.t ol --i'M IMI.
Tii'jCisa .idle- .rd iit.i.d bv the new tar.tr will 'h-'-'j- -'i
, l.irt"ii s. 1. al- Autt.1
operate Very severe V u. ei lioil-es 01 sm i.i i.e in.-,
ii.asUi'icu as, utier pur-ansing tue 0,1 1, aaroau, in
a.n .onl 01 nu "v r aler .:i s one ca-,' in in in-: c sc
e-t 1,..-
. I, lo tt I '
I i run l ' ,
:'. r- ' I
! -.mm 1
"'..I il I
ti l: 1 l. l
tal Jctlerst n. 1 Iieretorc, ,KM.t bv strikino-out the words -tree ot duly , ami ioxwiu ..... ..,...v -7" ' honest mm o! the thr.-e, nt n..S With- ut h.v.n-r ,.f Xu; rr.,d.-, ... .st bo pud m eis.. M-f-r.. aovihmg
Jitt0ltei. mat tor tne purp 01 idi.y repre- ,,,Crtinjr -at a rate ut duty r.ul exceed, ng - per " iu " ; o.. ..... ,., :iny t.i.n tr in the hn.-i h m-eit, on e-.i n, ..-, t,e teamed fit ia n.f.-.-.v l- 1 .unul J
ntir.g tt-o wi-hes ofthe democracy of this .orten c..t aU" Vi'(,rom." . Uldl uu 1 ';,,"4V' T JJUU , ,n 1 ir -d ce,.. ; and th - ace r.lplish-d state,- ( limin,rn ,
Of tb3 State n thin Convention, there be de.egltes lr Sevier called f-r-tho vea? and navs. wh.ch be J-urnal. is a rank i,bo,,!.ou paper, and U editor, s ... ,n,.r 5 . f J ( r --! t 1 ' 1 ve - ...
. 1 .1 .. , 0 -ur. . c itr c no ti . V .1 . ,' . . . (.re.lv, carries his notions id r.iualitv a-id a.iijl.un.itioa , , ', , , . . v v iinVM
,n etch tonshtp.n the county nt M.cne. were ord-red ; und re.-ulted in tha iiegalive-)t.i, I , dur., th- 4a;. wir. ;'. ' A i N I I JN L, ',,- '.- r. v., .
IZttotceJ. i hat three de.e jites be appointed in Id. navs JJ. a tu lows : v x-.... -r.., ...i... ... .i....' .11. I. ... HMv U I N( ( i. - 1 I I . I I ' . N I DN.I.K- .... .
each towrship ta attend the State Convention, to be r ,i Messrs. IIa bv. IJavard, Calhoun, Cuth
ho'Jen at Indianapoll on the eighth of January norl Fu'.tou, Kerr, Kin. .Mangum, Merr.ck,
nxt, aa follow ; viz: In the township uf Centre. Haes. S -vier, Sm tu of C mttecticut, Sprague,
aivi 1 noniii 1 uuuipsuu. . cu), ..un... . 1 iientoa. Cdoato. Ciiv
Aaron Smith, and John V. Woollen. Ilunson, r.vans. linlnm. Iltiiit.n.'d an. Linn. .McUoliert
Jam Dale. Ceorje Johnson, and William Hutt-vy. Miller, Morchcid. P.idps. Sorter. SMITH of La
Hit I -t'-.e
C :: t:
1, aa follow ; viz: In the tiwns:np ut Centre. Ha'es, S -vier, Sm tu of C mttecticut, Sprague,
n S. Uerryhill, T. J. Hull and Hiram P. lack- Walker, U1.1t.; and Y. uug H.
e. Fagle. Mark A. Duzan, Thomas P. M.ller. .Miji-Mc?.m. Allen, Archer, Harrow, Hates,
Tbomt Thompson. Ferry. William '1 urner, , nentu:i, Choate, Clayton. Conrad, Craft-, Dayton,
d.an , T a.lm idge and Tappan 'I I
The cpot ..11 then tecuned un tiie amendaici t
as amended, and resulted 111 the negative yeas K,
navs 'gg. as f.. I lows :
Tai: l. vTi s . 1 ia vi.e 1 io is tit it rf Jo'.ia
Ah-'ara, clerk of the .Mayor's olüce. No v York, b.r
fölt.C'U. Aheara ii.as been for a longtime clerk t
tin; Mayor we should think for at 1-M-t lä ye Us ;
and his kojit h.s place through the ca i::ges of party
in c .-nse.pienc-: of' h:s ability and ai-p-irenl : tit -gray.
Fxtravaint fi ni'.y cxp.niscs are understo .-1 to be
the t"uiptat on w iiich has ra:iied him. lie his b.en
held to bill in gihoi.
Jackson, John Forter, John Chrisnna.and Joi.a IL
Nelson. Jefferson, M. D. Campbell, Wm. M. H.
nouffhf, and Fieldmg Denny, ugar Creek. John
J. Ncsbit. Samuel Daily, and William McDimel.
Washington, John Hichey. John C. Siuitts, and A. t Me.-srs. Allen, Magby, Honten, Cii'.e' ia,
JIown. Clinton, Hugh McDaniel, John Uderts, Cuthbert. l'uiloh, Kag. Linn. McHot erts. Set ior.
1 . I . ...... r. 11.,..,. I II. a. j I I . :. . . ' !..., Mil,,., n .. ! . , ,- . . ... . .. . ., . .1
anu Jauiva uuninii. .h.huu, n. 4. nun-, noin in ouum iu-v... - a,t-au, h ji.o, . f.,.ir randihi'e lor ttie JresidiiiiV inai ti.ey w.., ie
landser. an Jun arr- I nion,J. II. U .-e, Ilea- x :o.x an ! o'ir. g Hi. . vl,m;iv ,i,iak.ii. Ia f.cti.i.ny of the b-adm-
ry Luca, and Jacob I ipt
ab m k .
urs to nu: sn:iv or. thf. coi.n.
Tin; "Aii-tCHo Hokium vi r.-M." It :s ti'. i
Mr. i bstcr eaarictt r z 's tin: Comproint -e A-:t,
and t:.e lite dec.' i: it. m of Mr. Cliy in Ihi-r .-f a
hm ii ..' 1.'. : ..it.tr. Ill tck Da ii h ..- c-'.t i.i.lv
, i.
Ho. Kile Cnori. We are inolin.-d to the telief
that if the Whi catcu'at. upm this uoi.tieann s support
m a lie s nie i .ip.til ot.t
t. ves id wh.ch he a-si.i-'; and a-:
- i i e-.-i'.i v Air. C! :v's notion of a
ol lilt.es.
The federal papers are opening a;
Co.opr un.se, to : pi
A Z. 'i.i.
v try
.N"iV Mc-srs. Archer, Harrow. Hates. Hayard, Whiis in Ma.achu--f. can never be b.ou-ht to vte tor
,;n-t Mr. Web
stb . it toe .)!
Taey f--'..-:a to
taaiK tue great exp u:id- r ot the I otist ;tut o:i nriv
st- r.
'it 1 1 1
tilt I,
: to s ay but l.ttie
a n all ti ii h ink.
Un motion of Mr. Chnsrain, thc lo.iow.eg .c.-o ;:t..n, i lavon. ( .nr . i. . ra.s, . .nttenuen, ia- lltnrv Clav. H ton Time.
Jufition wai adopted. t-ni. Lvatis, lrahim, I luutir.g don, Krrr, Jlangum,
HetolteJ, That the proceedings of this m-etg M-rr ck. Miller. M role-ad. IV.el.s. Ih.rter. Prcs-
ined by the chairman and coutitcrs-e; n. J by f n . S. nmon-, S.M I I'l I uf Lid.aul, l'a'.Ii.udge Al.d
ecretarr, and be forwarded to the F.d t r- of WHirF.-'JJ.
the ecretary
the Indiana Sentinel t'.r publ.citton.
A. J DOONK, Srcrefiiry.
vO"Yc are rfpic'el to ar.r.ounce I.rwi f. Puis as a
.cauiiiate f -r Ai-t.r.t secretary of thc Senate.
rri r.;uArHt. Il i said that an unlo uk'J f r rn iTe-ine-i.
in the Daguerreotype hbcen made by Mr. Iteming,
of Munich, wh hai succeeded in pr xlucuu the 1 nars
on p!,:e iu a.i .he slci.Jjr ot their ceiors. o taat they
rr embl the most lut.fj! pintir.ss ! This dicoTcry n
so " ur.boktd fjr," that we tear il u r.ut pa:tc true.
return ta tn-'.r ranks ajt.n, and tint h s dtnunc: t
tu n of all .Mr. Cii; 's gran pr-J r.3 any suou be
lor-: 'tie. i.
Tie; Mii'.i.'.at .-o. e ia t..o wut.d. Au'liT it.kav vn.
e '. hr e
Hi..- .tr- !
I a i.e 1 a .-e ,
ll .. ; i::-.
1 i lll s !OI i! .
And 1 ca iw-.
1 he Wliiu-v.
, te-ar!y as su; i.. as the eng. nil.
W Wi. s
Hu-i r-gs"
On Ca, t. Tyicr ;
Ad tms ro-te.',
l'e.:t( W v.Tsl' d,
t.i -IV 'o U Ifrtt d
His ta-nal biler !
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