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Saturday, Dm. 6, 1361.
S-nato a not in session to-day.
Satcjiday, Dec. 6,
H use met pursuant to adjournment.
The Sneaker announced the following select commit
ted, appointed under resolutions of the House.
On Geological Surety of the Stale Messrs. Spencer,
Owen. May tie id, Chowning, Eccles, Lawrence, Don
ham, H tuna, Hunt and Liu.-. .field.
On Compromise measures of the last Congress Messrs.
Suit, Kent, Crun, Laveriy and Nelson.
The Speaker laid a comiiun'cation before 'he House,
from the Board of the State Colonization Society of In-
AIo, a communication from John W. Pettit, relative
to the erection of a monument ou lue battle ground of
Petitions Pretenled.
By Mr. Smith of Marion, from the Commissioners of
Marion county; which was referred to the Committee
en Public Buildings, without rending.
By Mr. Haina, from John Hedges and others relative
10 the Canal Lands. Kelerred to the Committee on
Ways and Means.
Br Mr. Cowgill, from the stockholders of the Wabash
and "Chinnewa" Plank Road Comoanv. askintr relief,
Reerred to a select coot mittee.
t. - n I i. e er ä- x l a . rt .
ay ;ur. rc ijomis iro n Kj - Kj. morion nnu iwrun -live
others of Van Buren township, Grant countr. who are
Democrats to the back bone, and who feel themselves
aggrieved in consequence of the name of their
asking a change of the name of the same.
oir low-nsuip, i
. U:
Mr. H Iman, from the Judiciary Committee, reported
a joint resolution, for revising and reducing the Siatute
L t.- .-I t - Si ne into a systematic code, by the present '
Ueneral Assembly.
The rules were suspended and the same was read the
second and third time, and passed yeas 90. noes 2.
Mr. English submitted the following resolution which
was adopt ed:
Resolved. That the Committee on ays and .Means
be instructed to enquire into the expediency of so modi
fying the present revenue laws as to authorize the i
Boards doinu county business in the several counties in I
this State, to levv a tax for county purposes on all lands !
in such county owned by individuals or corporations, 1
without reference to the unte of entry.
Mr. Davis of Franklin, otlered a resolution requesting j
the Committee on the Judiciary to enquire into the ex
pediency of allowing witnesses before Grand Juries the
same Ices that are allowed in civil eases; passed.
Mr. D uighty offered a resolution instructing the judi
ciary committee to inquire into the expediency of report
ing a bill requiring real estate, sold under execution, to
be sold at two-thirds of its appraised vaiuc; which was
agreed to.
Mr. Stewart offered a resolution instructing the judi
ciary committee to inquire into the expediency of report
ing a bill exempting from execution and taxation pro
perty amounting to $500; passed.
Mr. Hays of White, moved to reconsider tiie vote by
which the Homo laid on the table Mr. Behm's resolution
relative t the alndition of the poll tax; which was
agreed o, ami the resolution passed.
Mr. Hiys of White, oflered for adoption a resolution
requesting the committee on education to inquire into
the expediency f selling the school sections yet unsold
in this State; passed.
Mr. Hay ail Clark, offered a resolution that the judi
ciary eommi't-e report a bill to carry xut the I3th sec
tion of the Constitution, agreed ti.
Mr. Henrv offered a resolution appointing a select
committee of seven to prepare a bill providing for a
homestead exemption; adopted.
Mr. Henry off-red a resolution requiring the commit
tee on roads to inquire into the expediency of allowing
township trustees to h.we confol of the public roads,
and permitting them to assess additional road labor;
-1 Mr. Behm offered for adoption a resolution requeuing
the committee on banks to report a bill for the establish
ment ol a genet al free banking law; which xxas agreed
M . ... . . ' J I . . 'linn I I'lirmi - ........ - - , i i i 1 1 1 ii i 1 1 i , -1 . it viii. .'wito.i-,-.n-. mi hi
r Owen offered a resolnlion instructing IM select j ne,tm ,!(, COmmittve on Swamp Lands to enqu re U t(l ftf nnn.intercntion. by the exertion of its power
oramittee herctoloro appointed on homestead exemp- j tQ t,e pedicnev of authorizing the Treasurer of Suie . u roral force, to assume relations of increased interest
tion. lo include p-r-onal as well as real estate, in ex
empiing property from ex-v-tinon ; passed.
Mr. L-Mvi offered resolution instructing the judici
ary commit -cc to modify the poor I w. ami provide lor
the appointment of others than justices of the peace as
overseers of the poor; passed.
Mr. Hiids--n olPred a rcsolniion appointing a select
eommittee to report a bill exempting not less than $300
mr mora tlim $300 worth of property from execution;
Mr. Harrison offered a resolution requiring the com
mittee on swamp lands to report a bill to leducc the
price of said lands; parsed.
II. - Introduced.
By Mr. Gibson, a bill declaring the meaning of the
act organizing the Clark county Plank Ro.l Company
By Mr. Donaldson, a bill to amend the Gib section of
the act to incorporate the Peru Raitmad Company.
By M". Smith of Marion, a bill tnauilioriz - couutv Au
ditor's and Recorder's to re-copy maps whenever the
same sloill le defaced.
By Mr. Kjnt. a bill to divide the State into five Judi
cial District.
Bv Mr. Carprntcr, a bill to amend the 12th section of
the act organizing the Evausville and Ml. Curniel Rail
road Company.
On m tt in. tbe Speaker appointed Messrs. Mudgct
and Henry as additional members of the comioittee on
R iids.
The Speaker laid before ihe House the annual report
of the Secretary of State, which was l ii.l on tbe table.
Mr L"wis, from the committee on Ways and Means,
to whom was referred a resolution of enouiiv into the
expcliney of repotting n bill so amending the revenue
laws as ii mae it tii duty oi eaeti Assessor in ox tue
va'o? of all property that is now fixed by the owners,
and allowing th owners to deduct tho aggregate amount
of their indebtedness from the aggregate value of their j
property, reported-that it was inexpedient to legislative i
upon tie subject. The report of the committee was
concurred in.
On motion, tho House adjourned until Monday morn- j
iog at 9 o'clock.
Moxdat Morning, Dec. 1S5I.
Petitions were presented by Messrs. Sleeth, Hollo
way, Brugh and Dclrees, and were referred to appro
priate committees.
Mr. Ber.y. I'r m ihe committee on federal relations.
aot.ra.1 k I. ill . nn I . o oa I l,a i.fi.l i. ion ..I t . 1 . - f
cle of the Constitution in referefee to the exclusion and i
colonization of negroes and innlattoee.
Mr. Km,1 gave notice ibat ho would, n to-morrow.
move an amendment to the joint rules, so as to provide !
tor a joint committee on phraseology.
Resolutions Presented.
By Mr. Nibleck, tbat a committee of onn from
each congressional district bo appointed to take into
consideration tne propnety oi making a geon.gn al and .
agricultural survey of th- State; adopted. j
n u vf f Su ir i. loctrnoliiKr tnn -. i i m 1 1 t mi n i (i a nn I
to inquire into the propriety of authorizing county boaids
T - w"-a j w....,,,. ;
to assess a tax on rail roads, plank roads aud canals, in
proportion to their value in each county.
On motion of Mr. Xihlack, Mr. Reid's resolution in
relation tu printing documents and mailing them at the
expense of the State, was taken from the tabic.
Mr. Emerson moved to indefinitely postpone the reso
lution and pending amendment.
A disusi.,n in relation to the subject of pre-payinenl
of postage by the State arose nw (bis motion, in
which M'sera. N'iblack. Reid, Dougheitv, Millikcn,
Cravens and D' nn. spoke against the motion lo post
pone, and Messrs. Emerson, Seerest, Eddr, Woods,
Hmiia aud Logan, in favor of it.
Mr. Reid objected to the postponement of the resolu.
tion. He stated that be introduced it for the purpose of
showing bis constituents why the public docun.ents of
this session could not be sent through tbe usual channels
ol' the Post O.ricc. The resolution embraced more
points lb in one. It was instructive to the committee on
printing, necessary and proper to be given, concerning
the quality and quantity of documents to be printed,
and the number lo bo delivered to Senators for distribu
tion; and wb i st these instruction remain, he was op
posed to the indenmt postponement of tbe resolution.
The Senate may re'iise lo pay the postage, but the gen
eral instruction ought to be given.
The resolution was postponed ayes 25, noes 19.
A message was received from tbe House announcing
tbe appointment of a committee bv thnt body, lo in.
quire and rep irt whether acts to amend tbe charters ofi
corporations are enntrary to the new Constitution, and I
repeating th appointment of a similar committee on)
tbe part oi the Senate. I
C'Hienrred in, and Messrs. Dnnn, Seerest and Reid.
a pr "in'd .
Mr. Hanni offerer! a joint resolution instructing onr
Senator end requesting onr Representatives in Con-
sr . to urge tne nassacre oi a lawr giving to the state I
rf Indiana . for the benefit of common schools, Ibe pub- I
Ii,- I inib w ithin the State.
M . M'lMiken introdoeed a joint resolution falling np-
the) Governor for Information in relation to the
am "tot of the three pnr rent, fnml dne the State, &e.
Mr. Millihen introduoeit a hill authorizing county au
d ir remake deed (or echool lands in certain case
'A numbe1r'öfrUnii"r5enu"prrBeir' ecönd Veoding
and were appropriately disposed of.
The President laid before the Senate the Annual Re
port of the Secretary of State: laid on the table.
A joint resolution (of the House) relative to a revi
sion ol the laws was read a first time and passed to a
second reading.
Senate adjourned.
The President laid before the Senate the report of the
President of the State Bank, end also the Report of the
Sinking Fund Commissioner.
The Senate then proceeded, with closed doors, to the
election of a State Bank Direc tor, and Bcattic Model
land was chosen.
Leave of absence was granted to Mr. Dawson for
two weeks on account of sickness in his lamily.
Mr. Emerson offered a resolution instructing the com
mittee on the judiciary lo inquire whether the amount
ol property now exempted from execution is a reasona
ble amount, and sufficient to enable the debtor to enjoy
the necessary comforts of life; which was adopted.
Mr. Miller offered a resolution instructing the com
mittee on military affairs to inquire if there is any mili
tia law now in force in this State, and the propriety of
revising the same; adopted.
Mr. Eddy offered a resolution lor the appointment oi
j a committee on swamp lands to take charge of mmk
matters in relation thereto ns may come before the Sen-
ate; adopted.
; Mr. Washburn offered a resolution in relation to the
: approval ol bond nv county commissioners; miopia.
Mr. Millikcn offered a resolution instructing the com-
j mittee on corporations to report a bill condensing into
one act the several acts in relation to the Manchester,
j Pleasant Ridge and Elizabcthtown Turnpike Company ; j
. j
. ni nuopi'Mi. . . . . . u. :M
Mr. James introduced a bill to amend article 7, of : o.c.ary Comm., tee to enquire
chapter 45, of the Kevieed Statutes of 1843, so astojore.smg t he fee, .of w i.nessos
; " l-JIJ. .1.. .:... ,1... fr rnl u iprp ,i
ive lanuiorus me iim iuuuuiu . ------- - -
rent is received in kind.
Senate adjourned.
Mondat, Dec. 8, 1S31.
The House met pursuant to adjournment.
The Speaker announced the following select commit
tee, appointed under resolution of the Honse.
0i Homestead Exemption. Messrs. Henry, Owen.
Kent. Staton. Porter, Goudv and Wells.
The Speaker laid before the House a report from the
. . n w , ,
Commissioners of the Sinking Fund
i;uu on tne laiue
an(j yyj ,-opies ordered to be printed
i .1 r Wa Rial
A ln ,h nnnn.l rmrl of the State Bnk. Referred
. .i. öflinmiiiee on Ranks and 500 copies ordered to be
I nind
tr frnm .Wt committee to whom was re
I ferred the petition or James M. Tayloi, of Switzerland
I county, recommended that the petition be referred to the
committee on Fees and Salaries; agreed to.
Mr. Kent offrrcd a resolution, which was adopted, an-
thorizing the Speaker to appoint a committee of nine to
j divide the State into Judicial Districts,
j Mr. Gibson moved to reconsider the vote, by which
j the House adopted a resolution offered by himself, call
j ing upon the Supreme Court for information; agreed to.
Mr. Gibson then offered for adoption the following
resolution, which was adopted:
Resolved, That the Clerk of the Supreme Court he
! requested to communicate to this honse as scon as prac-
ticuble the number of cases submitted to the Supreme
I Court for decision, prior to the commencement of the
j present term which now remain undecided, stating the
; number submitted at each term undisposed of in the
J hands of each Judge. Also the number of causes pend
i ing in laM court, not vet submitted.
Mr. Marrs offered a resolution instructing the com
' mittee on Ways and Means to inquire into the expedi-
I encv of taxing Hank. Itnilroucts, Stc, lor tne uene.U ol :
J Common Schools; passed.
; Mr. DonahUon offered a resolution, which was adopt- I
j rd. inviting the Snperin.endents l the Deaf and Dumb,
I and Blind Assvloms. and their pupils, to give ...i exhibi. j
j lion for the benefit of the rnemlicrs of the Honse, at such
i lime and place as thov niav designate.
Mr. Carpenter offered a resolution requesting the Ju-
: dietary committee to extend the junsiction of Justices ol !
the Peace; passed. i
Mr. Cockrum offered u resolution reqmnns the com-
mittee on Swamp Lauds, to classify the Swamp Lunds; i
JLf. v. ...... AT...-.l a rnmn i I ion txhii-b tv.t lot rr. I
M lsue Swamp Land scrip. I
Mr. Stephens nflerej a rrtoWrtioa requesting the com- 1
niii t -c on Swamp Lands to enquire into expediency of j
making count v Auditors agent to sell the Swamp Lands
in their respective counties - passed.
J"" BF m I
Mr. Davis of Franklin, offered a resolution requiring
the committee appointed to divide the St:ite into Con- !
cressional districts, to divide it without regard to politi- 1
etil considerations; agreed to.
Mr. Stanfield offen d a resolution requesting the coni-
miitee on Roads to cnouire into the expediency of pass-
in" a law consolidating the general Plank Iload law w ith I
al! amendments which have been made thereto; passed. !
Mr. Hart offered a rrsohHtofl requesting the comnnt-t-e
on Fees and Salaries, to enquire into the expediency
of increasing the fecsof witnesses feesin Circuit Courts;
pased .
Mr. Hicks off-red a resolution requesting the commit
tern on Warn and Means to enquire into the expediency
of making all assessments by townships; passed.
Mr Torbet submitted the follow ing i e. lution, which
was adopted:
Resolved. That the committee on Ways and Means be
instructed to enquire into the expediency of so amend
ing the laws regulating the settlement of County Treas
urers with County Auditors nnd with the Auditor of
b; ite, as to give longer time for collections. Also, to
autlioi i7o County Treasurers to make deposites to the
credit of the State Treasurer, in the several branches of
the State Bank, of the amounts collected lor Slate reve
nue, from time to lime.
Mr. Sf ruble offered a resolution, w' ich was adopted.
authorizing the .S;ir;ii.er to appoint a committee of
gve to be called the committee on Townships.
Mr. Reynolds offered a resolution, which was not
not adopted, requiring the Judiciary committee to report
a bill reducing the number of Justices of the Ptiacc, in
the diff-rent townships of the State.
Mr. Spencer offered for adoption the following resolu-
i tion, which w as agreed lo :
I Res !red, That the committee on roads be and they
j are hereby instructed to enquire into the propriety of
I incorporating into the bill which they may report for a
road law the following principles to wit
bit, To require of ihe board doing Township business
j to meet annually. Hgrc upon the amount of tax which
1 shall te assessed upon the taxable property of the Town
j shin for road purposes for lhat year, and certify tbe same
. to the Ixard doing County business.
2d. To require of the board doing county business to
I assess the amount so certified to them, on the taxable
pr;pfriv ol such Township
3d. To make it ihe duty of tbe auditor to charge upon
the duplicate, the amount so assessed, aud tho duty of
the Treasurer or person collecting, to collect such tax
and pay the same over to the Treasurer of ihe Township
subject to tho order ol Mich lownsbip board.
4ih. To require the Township lioard to select a prin
cipal rond in such Township having regard to lhat road
niton which the largest amount of donations may be
olrt.re,. and apply such amount of tax raised as above,
wi wjlh ,tUt., donations completo the road in a ob
r e
srrniial and nernianont manner, aittr winch proceed in
Ui ' -,,m" manner with another until all arc complctetl.
Mr. Helmer offered a resolution, which was adopted,
req testing the Judiciary committee to enquire what laws
are necessary to protect the property of insane persons.
Mr. Owen offered the follow ing resolution
Resolved. That the committee on tho Judiciary re- '
port, during the course of Ibis session, a revised
law of
decoriti embodying the following provisions :
1st. Tenancies by the courtesy and in dower areabob
ished I
2d. If a husband die. testate or intestate, one-third of i
his property, real and personal, shall descend to his
widow, free' from all demands of creditors, Provided,
That the widow may elect, instead thereof, to take, j
against all creditors, such an amount of her husband's !
property as, together with any property owned by her
self, shall not exceed the amount which may, at the
time, be exempt by law from seizure or sale for debt.
3d. If a wife die, testate or intestate, one-third of her
property, real and personal, shall descend to her wid
ewer, subject however, to the debts of the wife conn act
ed 'f(tre marriage.
4'h. If a husband or a wife die intestate, leaving one
child only, bis or her property sl ail descend, one-half to I
the widow or widower, as the ease may be, and one- I Mr Re"' moved to lay the report on the table for the
half lo the child. present. Lost.
5th. If a husband or wife die intestate, leaving no The report was then concurred in
children, but leaving a father or mother, or either of Mr. Sleeth, from the Committee on Benevolent Irsti
them, then bis or her property, real or personal, shall i tutions, reported a hill for the government of the Indi
dtscend. three-fourths to the widow or widower, and. ana Hospital for the Insane, and for the care of the in
one one-Jburth to the father or mother, or to the father,
or to the mother, as the case may he. j
Cth. If a husband or wife die intestate, leaving no j
chtltJron and no father or mother. Ihe whole ol his or her ;
property, real and personal, shall descend to the stir- j certain questions to be propounded by aweseora, and an
vivor. I swr red by tax-payers, under oalh.
7th. A surviving wife is entititled I o one-thitd of all I Tbe resolution was modified so as to make it a resolu-
real estate, o! which her husband may Have heenseiied.
at any time during tiie marrinirc, ant in conveyance oi
which she shall not have joined. Pronidsd. however
hat il the hnsuand neu nave leu. a win, tne wtie may i
"Vet to take nnder the will, instead of under this, and
the fnrefrnin? provitona of this act.
tb. If after settlement of n deceased hnband's r j
wife's estate, a part of the1 purchase money of any lands
hiob bo et sho may, at death or at any tine during tho
marriage, have been seized, shall remain unpaid, the
rieht of the survivor to one-third of said estate, is here
inbefore provided shall be subject to the payment of one-
third of said unpaid part of said purchase money
Oth. The surviving wife shall, in all cases, be allowed
to remain in the ordinary dwelling house of the family,
and occupy the same and the messuage thereto appei
leining, and fields adjacent, if any, not exceeding lorty
acres, free from all rent for the term of one year, from
and alter the death of her hasband.
1 0 1 1 j . Such other provisions, in accordance wttu, or
rendered necessary or proper by the foregoing, as to the
Judiciary Committee may seem cxpedent
Mr. Owen earnestly called the attention of the mem
bers of the House to the principles contained in" the
above resolution. It was not bis intention to have a vote
on it at present, but wished it to lay on the table for a
few davs that the members might have lime to consider
fully the important principles it contained.
Mr. Gibson moved to lay the r ?olution on the table,
and that one hundred copies be printed for the use of the
House, which was agreed to.
The Spcuker laid before the House a report from lue
Auditor of Stale.
Mr. Dobson offered a resolution instructing th Com
mittee on Ways and Means to report a bill to allow per
sons to deduct from the amount of the valuation of their
personal property, for taxation, the entire amount of
their indebtedness.
Upon this resolution a debate ensued, in which Messrs. ,
Gibson, English, Kent. Gookins, Buskirk, Dobson and
Donaldson participated, after which,
On motion of Mr. Donaldson, the resolution was in
definitely postponed yeas 56, noes 39.
Mr. Bchm asked anil obtained leave to introduce a bill
autboiizing the Free Masons to erect and maintain a
monument on the battleground of Tippecanoe.
Mr. Reynolds offered a resolution instructing the Jti-
ICJVC l" ilic mine 5 .......en v,.v... . , , ..
i -
Mr. Gibson offered a resolution relative to increasing
' the Library of the Lunatic Asylomn ; passed.
Mr. Hanna offered a resolution relative to moving ob- ,
strtietions in the Wabash Canal, which was agreed lo.
Mr. Eccles submitted a resolution, which was adopted, ;
' requesting the Committee on Wnys and Means to cn
I quire into the expediency of abol'shing the office ofi
I County Assessor, and providing lor the election ofj
! Town-hip Assessors.
Mr. English submitted the following resolution, which
I was adopted: .
I i .. Mi ... IHa m.l.TmAnt rt title tlr,nn n nn
cui, i ' ; juumv. - ....
ly true and just system of taxation is that which Oentpels
ech and every individual to pay a tax in proportion to
1 his or her wellh ; and that the Committee on Ways and
Means be instructed to observe this principle in any pro-
posed modifyention of oik present revenue system.
- ... . . ate? I
lue bill authorizing iMastcrs in nan. cry to issue
writs of habeas corpus. &c, was read a third lime and
Mr. King introduced a bill for subscribing to and pio-
serving of the newspapers of the Stale, which was read
the first time.
On motion the Honse adjourned.
The House met anil proceeded to the election of a
Bank Director, with closed doors. It is understood that
Baltic McClelland was elected.
The Speaker laid before the House a communication
from the Trustees f the Wabash Canal.
The Speaker aNo announced the following select com
mittees, appointed under resolutions of the House:
On Civil Towmhivs Messrs. Strublc, Leviston,
Thompson, Porter and Sumner.
On Districting Ihe Matt into Surremeavi Circuit Dis- j
tricts Miaers Kent, Bryant, King. Levis, Foster,;
Morris. Hudson, Stuart
McDonald. Busfcii k , Reynolds,
RVlvin and Davis ol tranklin.
Mr. Stewart presented a petition which was referred
to the Committee on Ways and Means, without rending,
Mr. King r.slted and obtained leave to introduce the
following resolutions, which were read the first time:
Joint Resolutions relative to American influence abroad.
the Hungarian Revolution , and Lnuis Kosuth.
Je u Resolved bu the Gemral Unmblu a the State of
Indiana. First That liiere being a community in the !
principle of Freedom and an identity in the desl'iiies of
humanity," Americans cannot be indifferent to the pro- .
gress of both abroad, and to the fate of those who pro- I
motet'uem; that circumstances of the times enable the J
- ' . r 1. OaitaJ Ct.i. II I iel ..ill. If-
and influence nnionj Christian nations, nnd on the side
0f free principles and the rights of the people,
Second That the late revolution of the people of
Hungary to liberate themselves fiom the tyrannies of i
' .
the AI'SolHtist House of Hnpsburgh. was a itsrbtful ap
neal to that last resort and indefeasible privilege of all
neoide the sacred ritrbt of insurrection one M Divine
rir,t !' which an American can acknowledge; nod ti nt
tho Magyar rebellion, holv in principle, patriotic in pur
pose, heroic in effort, brilliant with glories, and only
disastrous because of treason and the Cosss-k, I
served and received from the people of Indiana 1 peful-
nri9 for its success, admiration for its glories, a:id sym-
pathv for its failure.
77ud Thnt the people of Indiana honor Louis Kos
scth as the type and impersonation ofthat revolutio
' of its principles. Us heroes, its victories, its greatnesses.
its glories, and reverses. They deem him worthy the
! homage of all friends of Freedom everywhere, nnd espe
! cialiy of Ameiiean homa-je. by that fame which reputes j
! him "tbe Wahington of Hungary ." They trust that this!
I adorn! idol of Magvnr rffeclion, now. by ihe generosity of
the Tmk. liberated upon a theater of activity, may vet
i,. ,,v o in h tbe T.ilu.mtor of Hiuiparv. Tbev Irio.! ibnt
it is his destiny, in the designs of Providence, to lead ,
Iii na vietorii nsl V in that mutiny aoainst Desi otisml
which now mutely "exists in the thoughts and feelings of
oonressed millions, but will, ill God s good time, ripen
into an armed and tumultuous revolt oi rcttseu nud
avenging nations. The people of Indiana, therefore.
' sincerely congratulate him nnd bis fellow fugitives on
! their escape from Austrian vengeance, welcome him
! ns ihe guest of our nation, ami, through their Senators
j and Representatives, invite him and his suite to become
, ihe gnests of this State, at its metropolis, where per
i sonal manifestations of their sympathy for his country
and respect for its heroes may bo offered.
Fourth That His Excellency, the Govcrnt r, be re
quested to cause the transmission of ihe foregoing reso.
'. lotions to Governor Kossuth ; and further, ti nt two mem-
. . . - ,. . .
constituted a deputttion to meet KosMith at Cincinnati.
. t!t ti:iio niiii mpi rrs (ti t i : t? f 1 si1
tho senate and two inemnrrs oi nie nouse lie
if he shall visit ti.at citv nuring tue present session, antl
in the name of this Le-'islature tender him the welcome
and hospitalities of the" people of Indiana, and urge his
f tVin .am nt th Rtaffl f'nnital.
On motion the Honse ndjouraed.
N ti; : On Sa;urd:y Mr. Holman submitted th cfol- i
low ing resolution, which was adopted.
Resolved. That the co.-.imittce on the State Library be
instructed to inquire into the expediency of th? enact- !
men! of a law requiring the State Librarian to subscribe,
en liehalf of the Slate, for one copy of each of the pub-
newspapers and journals published within this Mate,
w ith a view to preserving a regular file of all such pub-
lie newspapers and journals in the Slate Library, and
that said committee report by bill or otherwise.
On Saturday Mr. Torbet introduced a Mil for having
lound and sent to the county clerks, copies of the acts of j
the General Assembly.
Tuesday, Dec. 9. 151.
On motion of Mr. Holloway the petition of Hugh Cull,
of Wayne county , presented by him a few days since,
was taken from "the table and referred to the Committee
on the Judiciary.
:Mr. Hanna, from the Committee on tne juticiary; to .
whom a resolution on the subject of terms of office of
Judges, had lcen rclcrred, reported that such junges as
j were in office at the time the new Constitution went in
Ko cfTect are entitled to bold over until the first general
I election, and all vacancies which may have occurred
election, and all vacucics which may
f ince the going into effect of the Constitution, ought to
be filled in the manner prescribed by law beiore the
adoption of the Constitution.
Mr. Emerson moved to lay tho report on the taole.
t ne report was then concurred in
Mr. Hanna, Irom the Committee on the Judiciary , re
ported as to whether general laws under the new Con
stitution took the place of local laws by annulling them,
recommending the cnrly passage of general and uniform
laws to displace local laws, as the best means of avoid
ing difficulty.
Mr. Secrcst moved to recommit the report to the Ju-
dietary Committee
01 Indiana,
Mr. Niblack offered a resolution instructing the Com-
mittee on Finance to amend the law on assessments so
as to dispense with a written schedule, and substitute
Hon o inquiry and adopted.
Mr. Woods oflered a resolution instructing the Com-
mitte on Benevolent Inatititotions to report a bill for tbe
csraniiHimcnt ol a
against the laws.
bonne of refuge lor juvenile offenders
Mr. Reid, aoeordinr to notice civen by biin yesterday,
offered an amendment to ibe joint rules proviibng lor Ibe
appointment of a joint committee on j-hrnseology and
revision Adoptexf.
Mr. Miller offered a resolution instructing the com
mittee on finance to inquire into the expediency of amend-
j ing the revenue law so as to permit tax payers to deduct
the amount of their indebtedness from their property lia
ble to taxation. Adopted.
'Mr. Reid introduced a joint resolution instructing our
Senators and Representatives in Congress to take steps
for the purpose of aiding in the release of Americans
confined in the dungeons of Spain for the attack on the
Island of Cuba.
After the first reading. Mr. Reid moved to suspend
i the rules and read I he joint resolution a second time
now. Lost ayes IS. noes 27.
The Piesid.-nt laid before the Senate the Annual Re
port of the Trustees f( the Wabash and Erie Canal.
Referred to the committee on Printing.
A bill ( f t lie House) to authorize masters in chance
ry and probate judges to issue writs of halieas corpus,
&c, was read a first time and passed to a second read
ing. On motion of Mr. Hanna. the resolution offered by
htm on yesterday, to amend the rales so that a bill, after
the first and beforo its second reading, may be referred
to a committee, was taken from the table.
After some discussion, the resolution was adopted.
Senate adjourned.
A number of bills came up on the second reading aud
were appropt iatcly disposed of.
The President laid before tho Senate the report of
Branch Bank at Indianapolis.
Mr. Woods offered n resolution instructing the com
mittee on finance to inquire into ,he expediency of in
creasing the Governor's Salary. Adopted.
Mr. Set-rest offered a resolution instructing the com
mittee on education to enquire into the expediency of
consolidating ihe common school lunds. Adopted.
Senate adjourned.
Tuesday. Dec. 9, 1S51.
The House was called to order pursuant to adjourn
ment. Petitions Presented.
By Mr. Strahle, from 84 citizens of Bartholomew
county, relative to removing a mill damn. Referred to
a select committee.
By Mr. Porter, from sandry citizens of Ohio and
Switzerland counties, for abolishing the grand jury sys
tem, or to lessen tln-ir number. Referred lo the com
mittee on the organization of courls.
Reports from Con. milters
Mr. Torbet. from the committee on Ways and Means,
rcpoited a bill fixing the lime for county Treasurers to
make settlement with county Auditors and the Auditor
j of State, and to nllow them to make deposits under the
' direction of the Treasurer of State. Read first time.
I .... . . .
Mr. Buskirk, trom the committee on V ays nnd Means,
made an adverse report to the abolitiou of poll tax.
j The report was concurred in.
j fr BasUrfc,(roai the committee on Ways and Means,
. reported a hiii lo amend the first, second and third sec-
lions of a i art, entitled '; an ac t for the more effectual,
i just and equal assessment and valuation of personal
property, fee in the Mate ol Indiana, approved J-cb-:
ruary l3tb, Iwl.
Mr. Holman, from the committee on the Judiciary re
ported a bill for 'he election of a Reporter of the Su- :
i prcme Court, lor the publication of the decisions of the
Supreme Court, and lixing the compensation ol llie Ke
porter. Read first time.
Mr. Huffstetter, from the committee on Roads, asked
to be discharged from the consideration of a resolution, j
and that it be referred to Ihe committee on corporations; j
agreed to.
Mr. Spencer, from the committee on the organization
ft Court-, reported a bill providing for the examination
admission ol insane persons into the Luuatic Asy-
mm. Im- o! lust tunc.
Mr. Leviston. from a select committee, reported a
hill lor the relief of Sarah Suran, which was read the
first time.
Mr. Graham introduced a resolution requiring the,
Door Keeper to envelope all documents coming to mem
. ... -i i -.1 i-i. .i
K-rs, mark Uiem pain, arm prcsei.i me miii lo tne mem-
' ber; which was not ndopied.
Mr. Suit offered a resolution requesting t.ie committee
on corporations to repot t a bill for a general railroad
law ; pa'sed.
Mr. Gibson offered a resolution instructing the com
mittee on Judiciary to report a bill lo regulate tho re-
mission of fines and forfeitures, and to enquire into the
expediency of providing en Executive coin sei, com po
seii of Hu ers of the State, in cases of pardon; passed.
Mr. Goudy offered a resolution requesting tbe com
mitte ou Swamp Lands to inquire into the expediency of
protecting the vild fruits cn ill Swamp Lands; pnsred.
Mr. Willigis oil'i-red resolution, requesting the com- i
mittee on Fees ami Salaries to report on the expediency ,
of reducing the lees ol county officers; and also to al- ;
low a fixed salarv to cle ks and sheriffs.
On motion, all after the word " also" was stricken j
from the resolution, and the resolution made one of cn- '
Mr. Davis of Franklin, demanded the yeas and nays '
on the passage of the resolution, and said he done so to j
lest the sense ol the House on lue suiijeci ol reducing
the salaries of county officers. The resolution, as
amended, was adopted yeas 89, noes 4.
Mr Lindsev offered a resolution leqniring the Auditor
of State to furnish the House a statement of the amount
of surplus revenue distributed to the several counties
under the net of 136; also, a list of counties since or
ganized which rec' ived no dividends; passed.
Mr. Holman moved to Jischargi tte judiciary com
mittee liom Ihe lurllicr consideration oi sundry resolu-
lions relative to grand juries, and that the same be re-
f,-rrcil to tliC committee
on the organization of courts;
which was agreed to.
Mr Smith of Marion, offered a resolution instructing
the judiciary committee to inquiro into the expediency
of retaining the present probate system, and perlect the
same so as to ensure a more speedy settlement ol es
tates. On motion, the word " jndieiitiy'' was stricken out,
and organizatic n of courts" inserted, und the resolu
tion as amended ptsscd.
Mr. Carpenter orlercd a resolution instructing the ju
diciary committee to inquire into the expediency of re
porting a bill providing that the property of every per
son dying intestate, to ihe value of $500, shall descend
to the widow nnd children.
Mr. Gibson moved to amend by making it a resolution
of inquiry; and the resolution as amended was adopted.
Mr. Stevens offered a resolution that the committee
0 the judiciary be instructed to report a bill modifying
-"",UJU,J V. " lti''f
n motion of Mr. Deach, it was made a resolution or
inquiry, and referred io tbe committee on the organiza-
lion 01 OOUrtS.
Mr. Lindsev of Howard, oliered a resolution instruct
ing the committee on homestead exemption to report a
bill exempting from seizure and sale on execution, to all '
heads of families. $150 in property, sek-ctcd at the op
tion of the execution defendant; which was not adopted.
Mr. Holman submitted the following; which was
adopted :
Resolred. That the committee on corporations inquire
into the expediency of so amending the laws on the sub-
jeel of writs of foreign attachments us to produce more
certain and effectual remedies against foreign corpora-
lions, and report by bill or otherwise.
Ät,. Hicks moved to take from the table the resolution
oflered bv Mr. Miller, inquiring into ihe expediency ol
the gi and jury system; which motion did not
Mr. Henrv submitted a resolution inst meting the com
mittee on education to inquire into the expediency of so
modifying the common school law, that ti.e English lan
guage be taught in every school district, and lhat the
I , , c ti. - i . ,, ... i i.h i ,
in .tin turnt lii limit fit ttniS Otllv who riii' I t 1 1 1 oml to
I : , , i . i
. b anuagc: adouted
Mr. Hu&teitec submitted reaolaÜM pei mining the
Committee on Roads to emph a Clerk, which was
Mr. Spencer submitted a resolution instructing the
Committee u Ways and Means to inquire into ibe ne
cessity of a law regulating mileage ct officers; passed.
Mr. Taggart submitted the following resolution, which
: was adopted
Resolved, That the Committee on Ways and Means be
instructed to inquire into the expediency of so amending
I the revenue law as to nbolish the publication of tbe de
I linquent li' t. nnd 'o cause the collectors to visit the tax
payers of their respective countii-s, nnd that his levies
shell be made first on personal properly where it can be
' found, instead of real estute, aud report by bill or other
' wise.
Mr. Miller offered a resolution, which was adopted,
authorizing the Speaker to appoint a committee of nine,
to be called the Con. mit tee on Revision, Phraseology,
and Arrangement, whose duty shall be to revise and pill
in legal language all laws passed at tbe present KUMH,
Messrs. Miller, Biyant. Owen, Crim, English, Lav.
erty, Suit, Harrison and Speucer were appointed said
Mr. Barker offered a resolu. ion instrncting the Com
mittee on Roads to enqnire into the expediency of pass
ing a law to authorizt the Board of Commissioners ol
each county to levy u road tax, which was adopted.
Mr. McDonald submitted the following very sensible
resolution, which was unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That this House will not recive but ninety.
t.r.ine resolutions in any one day, upon any and all
questions tbat may come Oelore it.
1 Mr. Suit asked and obtained leave to introduce a bill
dividing the State into Congressional Districts, which
j was red tne nisi time.
1 he spcKer laid netore ino House a communication
from tbe Indianapolis branch of the State Dank.
A hill nuihorizing ihe Secretary of State t furnish thr
Clerks of the several counties with copies of the local'
j . . . . i . t n . i i it m m -
laws, and providing for bin ling the same, was read the
third lirrw and parsed.
Mr. Williaaas submitted a resolution instructing the
, Committee on Fee and Salaries to report a bill to re
duce the fees of Clerks in Probate Courts.
On motion the House adjourned until to-morrow morn
ing at 9 o'clock.
Note. The Reporter cannot refrain Irons tendering
bis sincere thanks to Mr. Boone, the gentlemanly Assis
tant Clerk of the House, for divers favois. With such
officers ns Mr. B. there is no danger but that the busi
ness of the Hoaso will be promptly and correctly attend
ed to.
Lr i umerous letters nave been received Irom new
subscribers wishing to commence with our last week's '
paper. Our subscription list has increased so much be- i
yond our expectation, that the edition of last week is
t . . a
entirely exhausted Therefore it is impossible to com
ply with the wihcs of our friends in this respect.
New Year's Address.
To the author of the best New Year's Address for the
State Sentinel, for 1852, we will give Five Dollars and
one copy of the Daily State Sentinel for one year. The
copy must be sent to our address before the 25th instant.
Indiana Legislature.
The business of this body, thus far, has progressed
very rapidly, and the members seem fully impressed with
the important trust confided to them by the people of
! the Slate. The committees have been very judiciously
I organized, and are working faithfully and zealously.
The most that has yet been done in the two Houses,
' is the passage of resolutions of inquiry and instruction,
with a view of bringing to the attention of the different '
; committees the diversified wants of the people of the
dillerent sections of the State. The passage of these '
j resolutions, however, cannot lwi taken as the sense of a
ajcflty of the members of either branch of ihe Legis
lature. They are mostly resolutions of inquiry, and are
permitted to go before tho different committees, through
courtesy to the members who offer them.
Several important bills have received action in nc or
tne otner orancucs oi tne jegisiaiurc ; among which are
. , ,. .
m .
thc following
A bill authorizing county commissioners to
the bonds of sheriffs, recorders, and coroners.
A bill authorizing clerks of circuit courts and masters
in chancery to issue writs of habeas corpus;
A bill to appoint three commissioners to revise, sim
plify, and abridge the Statute Laws of the State;
A bill to amend the revenue !av;
A bill to divide th State into Congressional Districts;
A bill authorizing the Stile Librarian to subscribe for
all the papers printed in the State;
A bill requiring county recorders to subscribe to and
proserve a file of all the papers published in their re
I spective counties ;
A bill compelling the Secretary of State to furnish the
clerks of circuit courts with a bound volume of the local
A bill to provide for the election of a Reporter of the
Supreme Court.
None of these bills have yet received final action in
lioth Houses, but have progressed as rapidly as it
possible or the members to push them along. If the
past can be taken a criterion for the future. t!ie vt-rs
of our State w ill have no cause to regrei the sclc, t o
of those who arc now representing them at the earn tel.
The present is emphatically a working L- gislature. jot
such an one ns is required to revise the laws under
new Constitution of our State, which was adopted with
such unanimity.
!L7The mot pointed and w ithe-ing article in i-ondem-
nation of the President's Message, which wc have seen.
is to be found in the New York Tribune, a Whig paper
of the largest circulation of any political journal in the
country, cveiywhere read, and approved by the Whig
party at the North. It is written with the usual ability
of Horace Greelv, the distinguished and talented editor.
He is peculiarly severe on the President for bis approval
of tbe Compromise Measuies. Of the fugitive slave
law. he says:
"To be bated it needs but to be seen.' And if ; our
L.ilK?rty and our Union' are based on our
alacrity in de-
priving our fellow men of tluir liberty and tearing lliem
nmn their wives and chil
i'cii. as 11 Lin rr and otveis
were torn, without the prtesVcea of Halten Corpus anil
trial by jury, then is 'our liberty ' a fraud, ami our
Union 'a 'covenant with death.' The President will
live long enough to learn that on these points he isgiiev
ously mistaken."
Yet to deceive the South, a few Whig members of
Congress assemble in a committee room, and on motion
of Hon. S. G. Haven, the late law partner of President
Fillmore, it is resolved to sustnin and suppoit the Com
promise measures. In this little committee room the
party is put on tho compromise phtlorm for its lien 'hi
at the South, whilst tiie organ of organs al the N rtli
talks as above for the lienefit of northern whiggery; yel
all is harmony. Oh! for one ray of political honesty to
. illuminate tbe great Whig congregation
Hon. Robert Dale Owen.
We clip the following just and nppropiiate notice of
this gentleman from the Louisville Jourr.al. The
article exhibits a libera) spirit on the part of Mr. Pren
tice, towards a political opponent, which is highly com
mendab'e: We prcceive that Hon. R. D. 0vcn is spoken of as
the Democratic candidate for the otiice of superinten
dent ol public instruction in Indiana. Wc do not know
whether Mr. Owen would be willing to accept t e
office, but this wc do know, that if he can be induced to
accept it the Indiana Democracy cannot nti inale a man
more adequate to a feithfW and full dischnge of its
onerous dunes, anil from w-liom the people would have a
right to expect more valuable services.
The office of superintend, ni of public instruction is
the most important office in the Slate, and where there
is one man capable of filling it properly, there rc t -n
who can adequately discharge gubernatorial duties. We
think thai Mr. Owen is one of the few men wc know to
whom the great business of superintending tiie public
ciucaiioii oi ii oiaie mil tie sateiy in'rusicu. r e vei y
. J . . - .
.i .: r i r..i . i ir
much Iiodc that he may be nominated bv his party, lor
then, in the event of the success of that part'j in ket.
we shall have the satisfaction of knowing that the mosi
I important and responsible office in the State will lie
' rilled by one in all respects qualified to discharge its
' duties with thoroughness and efficiency.
The people of Kentucky have been so fortunate as to
1 secure I he services of Rev. Dr. R. J. Breckinridge as
! superintendent of public instruction, and have derived
: great ndvantares from Ins administration of the duties
of his office. They huve proved the value of a first. rate
j man in thnt position. If the Democracy f Indiana
j place Mr. Owen in that office in iheir Slate, we shall
i resard his election as the very best act of their lives.
We feel satisfied the next best thing to electing a Whig
will be the election of Mr. Owen.
Important Intv Case..
In the action in the Circuit Court of the United States,
Judge Huntington presiding, of Simuel Culbertson,
against Abner T. Ellis, John M. Cook, Joseph Bow
man, Samuel Wise, William Butch, and Thomas
Buhop, directors of the Wabash Navigation Company,
for unlawfully declaring plaint fls contract to construct
the Lock an I Dam at the Grand Rapids, forfeited, de
priving him of the profits, and imprisoning his liody,
the jury on Thursday evening, after about an hours' ab.
senee from the Court., returned a verdict of guilty, and
assessed the 'amae of pl-iintifl at $10.70. A mo.
tion was made by defendant's connsl for a new trial
which motion i pending. O. H Smith and J. L. Jer
neiran, for plnintifT, and S. Judah and R. Crawford, for
defendants. The case has alteady occupied near a
week of the term.
T The most pendent have commonly mere rare
thaj men of groat fortunes.
Take him in.
We learn by the Madison Tribune thci Mr. Cravens,
the Editor of the Banner, has made formal application
to be admitted into the Whig church. His wanderings
from the fold, bis repen'ance, and his future hopes and
prospects are thus described by Milton Gregg, bis co
laborer in the Whig cause:
" A distinguished free-snil Whig of this State, who,
unfortunately, was one of the Van Buren electors in
184S, is desirous of re-uniting with the Wide party pro
per, and of again becoming a member, in full mrnmu.
tiion, of the universal Whig church. He is willing to
doff hi coat, and devote bis entire energies, in I'.ie com
ing election, to the success of the hero of Lnndy's Lane,
tcithout a proviso. And we have no hesitation in nnder.
writing for him, that he will labor, with equal zeal and
fidelity, for the success of the Whi ticket in tha com tit
State election."
Milton, with a noble generosity peculiar to bis nature,
pleads for bis wandering and erring brother. Let him
come in.
We collect the following items from our Oregon files:
Edward A. Bradbury, formerly of Cincinnati Ohio,
was brutally murdered by Creed Turner, of Kentucky,
on the 19th of October, at Sanvies' Island, near Port
land. Gold has been discovered on Queen Chariot t's Island.
Five of Col. T'Vanlt's party have escaped tbe mas
sacre of the Rouge River Indians, and have arrived in
safety to the settlements. Tbe Colonel has organized a
lion- nurtv n 1 It , .Tr.no . . .. , . , . . ! , -
in the same direction.
The emigration this year has been large, but too many
of them have gone to sow their " wild oats "mon tbe
mines instead of the fertile plains, w here it would cer.
tainly yield an hundred fold.
Reading Out.
One of Ellis's toadies writing for the Gothen Demo
crat, calls on Ihe State Coaveniior. to read the State Sen
tinel ami our humble self out of the Democratic party,
as a means of ridding th jmrlw of a bu d t which if
not cast iff mut inevitably sink it sooner er later.'' The
friend" of Ellis not only claim that he shall be made
State Auditor but he must be Stale Printer, and his
" Sfawmot' must be the organ of the party. Modest,,
very modest indeed.
ir thin. tu i... I?, I., n-A i - i .. c .
-- " J .- .rij I u t . , -i V. I I I l Uli IUI IL A
, f n , f .
member of Congress we voted for all the Compromise
i measures, and as the editor of the Sentinel we have
fully sustained tlicm. This is the bead and front of oar
offending. Let frec soilcrs marshal their hosts for
Convention, and if overwhelmed we shall have the
solation to believe that " Truth crushed to earth
rise again."
will Who was Cheated
The whigs, or the free soilcrs, who voted for Sam
Brcnton? The free soilcrs, of course. Sam was orii
ually a whig a Henry Clay mkijL and his free soilisrn
was only deep enough to get tbe free soil votes. Th
first act S min y does after he takes his seat in C-ngiess
is lo vote for Mr. Chandler, a compromise Fillmore
whig for Spcuker. Mr. Chandler is a gembman of
high character and s'vnding, and we are gtnl. for the
the credit of Indiana, that Brcnton rated Ihr him; but
it seems to us, if be had voted for Steven, who received
the free soil vote, it would I avc bt-en more in accord
ance with his pledges; but ' He that i uniiist let I. im
be unjtut still, and be ihat is filil.y let him be fiithy
till, says the good b ok.
Whig Iu,il;c.ty.
A little m ire limn twelve Month ago Mr B'u-ll. of
the Detroit District. Mi bignn, wns ! b ao d bv Mr..
Penpiuian. a whig, on the ground ill..; Bin li had voted
lor i lie compromise measures, and partiiuUily t'...l ! -noxious
brim -h, the fiieinve slave law. By a i to .. . C
tho !!! and free so, I paities, Pcnniman scu rd Lis
i " "etiiiii. nnd the first thing I o ilid when be .ent to
; Washington was lo unite with tie TTplelcr hlg tm
voting for Stanley, a Noiih Caioliua slv-ln Idcr, and
supporter f Webster and the c.-ni-roinie meas r s,
favors making these measures a patty issue,
H n!y proves who was h -ated
The Apportionment.
The Madison Ti ibnnc forms the first lour degression,
al Dtst-Kts. .ml asks us to take the same counties and
form tin m into Congressional Disttids oilli rent lv from
w h it the Ed.t .r has done, upon the basis of fo oto to a
R - rescii'uiive, and Um give the result. He wo.,1.1 be
gl td to see our jrojet. Wc em infmni I. im tb.it we
have no projet. Wc leave ibnt wb de question lo the
Legislature. We are in favor of compact, well formed
Districts of coiitigious territory, and opposed to all
The Supreme Judgca have dctermin-d, by lot, the
term ol their service respectively , with tbe following re
sult :
W. B. Caldwell, 1 year.
Thos. W. Ban ley, 2 years.
John A. Corwin, 3 years.
Allen G. Tnurinan, 4 years.
It. P. Ranuey, 5 years.
Judge Caldwell,
of Cincinnati, is Chief Justice.
C?-It will be seen by the tbe advertisement of Wm.
Rol.son. Esi., Slock solicitor for the Cincinnati and In
dbnapolis Railroad Company, that ihe Board of Direc.
tors of that road have decided not to receive real estate
subscriptions after tbe 1st of January next. Tiiose de
siring to take stock in this way, in one of the best rail
roads in Indiana, should do so iramediaiely, or it iil be
loo late.
The Boston Post classifies the House of Representa
tives as follows:
Opposed to the Whigs, 202
Whigs, lift
Majority 6
Willi a maji-rity of ten in the Senate opM sed 'o the
1 Whigs, the election of Governor Boutwell, Democrat
is secured,
Government in Delaware.
Two white and two colored men received twcnty.one
lashes each, at the whipping post at N wcasJe, Dela
ware, on Saturday last, as a portion of the punishment?
to which ihey hud been sentenced for larcenies. One of
the while men has sixty odd I ishes to receive, which be
gets by instalments as rapidly as his back heals, so as
lo allow a repetition of the punishment.
Another good Letter to the Lane Committee.
Newbcrypoxt, Mass.. 20ta November. IS51.
Gentlemen i I have received your letter of ihe 20th
nit., but not in season to avail myself ol the unit .ton it
contained, even if lhat bail her otherwise) in my power.
I assure you it would jjive me t'te utmost gs-atiticaiion
to take part in such an act of respect to Gen. Lane, my
personal intercom-" with w hom in various parts ol Mex.
tea I icmcmlter willi plcasiue, and t wheal ene'iry,
activity and gallantry as a soldier. I should be happy to
do honor.
I have rejoiced to see that, when he had cease.) to b
their Governor, ihe people of the Territory ai O egn
placed him in Conjjresg, where. I baini not, he will
commend himself still further to the mmm t and esteem
of bis country.
I am, very respect 'nil v.
Mesrs. Wm. Robson, Wm. P. Bryaut aud i t.icre,
Three Score akd Ten Thocsant ' The eW.
lions w ithin t!ie past fi-w months, in ihe din" rent fifties,
have resulted in FVtnurraiie majuriiii-s thnt bot up its
the Hirjrrconte 7O,r0' t If this doe not pecitrr a De
mocratic President next year, there is no teliuce to be
placed in the signs of the um.-Milwantic Adv.

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