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WEEKLY, Per Annum. fl.OO
DAILY, .00
AUSTIN II . BROWN, Publisher
NO. 15.
Corner of Washington Street and Hickory Alley,
AT ST IN H. BROWN. Publisher.
TIip Weekly Indiana State Sentinel.
Eleven Copies for Ten Dollars!!
Campaign Sentinel.
The Weekly State Sentinel will be furnished from now
till after the Presidential election at the following rates:
Six copies for $2,00
Ten copies for 3,00
Twenty copies for 5,00
Thirty-fi ve opies for 8,00
Ffty copiesc for 10.00
Report of the Committee in favor of John II.
For the benefit of our Whig subscribers, we publish
the report of the committee of three, which will ex
plaiu itself:
The undersigned, a delegation appointed by the
County Convention of the friends of W infield Scott, of
Marion county, to consult with their friends in the coun
ties of Hancock, Shelby. Johnson, Morgan, and Hen
dricks, to agree upon and select a candidate for Con
gress in the District, are now, after such consultation,
instructed to report: That, in the opinion of all, a Con
gressional Convention is deemed unnecessary that with
equal unanimity John H. Bradley, of Marion county,
has been agreed upon as the candidate for Congress of
the friends of Gen, Scott in this District.
In accordance with this selection, the undersigned
have addressed a letter to Mr. Bradley, informing him
of such result, and requesting him to allow his name to
be presented as such candidate ; to which he has re
plied, ;-ihat he was willing to support and would advo
cate publicly the election of any other candidate, and
would prefer so to do; yet as an ardent friend of the
election of Wintield S- tt to the Presidency, and of the
success of Whig principles, if it was deemed liest by
his friends in the District that he should be the candi
date, he would not shrink from the responsibility."
We. therefore, now present his name, and have re
quested it to be inscited in the general ticket, to be
voted for at the ensuing election.
Respect fully ,
It appears that great unanimity prevailed in the
i-ounties. It is understood that in consequence of his
late connection with the free-soil parly, and his zealous
support of Marlin Yan Buren, thai he can now get the
votes of the friends of Hale and Julian; these added to
the Whig votes make him willing to meet the " re
sponsibility.'" To be elected to Congress is rather a
pleasant responsibility But to run with the certainty
it, requires some nerve, especially as this is
id District lor a free-soiler. Does he stand
Fulfil In platform f If nt, where is he. He re
lumes to er.de. i "Mil ir Whiff 4mtfom.
lr. .tief arty.
Ixpianapolis, August II, 1852.
W.M. J. Brown, Esq., Dear Sir: froman article in
your paper of this morning headed Them Documents you
would create the impression that I had characterised
matter from the Journal office as slanders and despicable
mode of Electioneering Whereas I said nothing in refer
ence to the Character of any publication and I wish you
nad given my own words which was that I had not con
tributed to any publications in reference to the State
Election And I now say that if the Auditor of State
certifies to any items as being false, that ray party friends
puousnesas irom puunc documents to e tri e i w in
correct. And it is much better to point out items that
are erronious or lalse as you say. 1 han bäseaBreeomg
assertion denounce a publication from my source as
siuers .ram. ana .a.senooo 0. pDiiciica
to I understand was submitted to the Auditor optate I
to point out any errors, he mightdiscover and he pointed j
out two which is shown by his statement and therefore
needs neither sanction nor condemnation from me I
hope you will feel it due to me to publish this just as it
is Yours Respectfully
To show that we do uot intend to do Mr. McCarty
any injustice, we publish the above "just as it is' and
will add the following extract from i former letter: toe-elher in a ron5ing and glorious mcclin rtl Apolk
'That you may have an opportumty of doing me jus- Hall, (German Theatre) on Saturday night last. Tbc
tice, I can and do in truth declare to you I have neither scats, lobbies, gallery, and even the stage were thronged
contributed nor have I agreed to contribute and more with hopeful and enthusiastic Democrats. The Presi-
ihasifSsM I v9i aOC contribute a single cent for any pub- dent of the Evansville Club, Mr. John Cupples, called;
licitions touching the State elections except where Gov- the meeting to order. Hon. John Law, in response to a :
-rnor Wright and myself or myself separately may be universal call, then came forward, und for nearly two
.-barged for Bills &J concerning our appointments If hours, poured a terribly raking fire "fro and rear" into
I have ever spoken 01 contributing for any publication Gen. Scott as the Whig candidate for the Presidency,
whatever in relation to the elections and I think I have Scott s Native Americanism, especially, Judge Law
it was enirely the Preiidential and especially to get the proved triumphantly from Scott's own words, referring j
life of Gen. Scott published in a condens-id form by Mr. to his letter of November 10, 1841, to Reed, of Phila-
Greely for distribution but not a cent directly or indirect- delphia, and to his infamous communication published on i
i- i ,u c... i : .l i-.u r i i ,o.. , . 1 , ...
ly towards the State elections." Übe 1 ah of December. 1844, in the .National Intelligen. i
From the above we ft ml that the despicable moderier. "Gen. Scott's Native Americanism his hostility j
of electioneering resorted to by the Journal clique, M ? '".'fr"". MPf" "S7"-'
1 ' pie ol his mind!" Judge Law denounced as warmly as
not meet his approbation. In this, perhaps, we miy every Democrat everywhere denounces the illiberal, nar
have been mistaken. row, and anti-republican sentiment.
Judge Law's vindication of the bravery of Gen.
Where they fret their Cue. Pierce, against the foulest slanders ingenious andmalig- J
There are a number of little dog-fennel papers in the 1anl Whiggery can invent, was masterly There is not a
-ountrv that take their cue from John D Defree J7 T? Ü 1 nve,nsof smh a ,Jn Ao1
inny mat taae meir cue irom jonn u. ieireei. a sire as old Revolutionary Benjamin Pierce And the
Among them we might name the Winchester Patriot, 1
who always gets its news from that fountain. In that
paper of the 26th ult. we find the following
- . -
In that
Huzza rni Iowa. Immediatelv after the election in
Iowa, Bill Brown, of head-shaking memory, brought his
big Rooster out and crowed loud and long over the result
ot the recent elecUOB in that gallant little Mate; but ins
rowing is turned tmßo mourning. Instead of the Demo
crats succeeding, flbe Whigs have achieved a glorious
triumph, which places tho State beyond all question for
Scott and Graham. The Whigs elected one of the two
Congressmen a majority in the Legislature and have
fifteen hundred majority in the aggregate vote of the
Mate. Let Bill Brown crow or shake his head as much
as he pleases the thing is settled that Scott will be the
next President.
This is the kind of news that is manufactured for the
border counties at the Journal office. It is caught up
and published by these small-fry editors who never in
tend to let their readers know the truth. Now, the
true retnrns show that one Whig is elected to Congress
by 300 majority, and one Democrat by 800 majority;
and that on joint ballot in the Legislature there are 'ii
Democratic majority, and on the aggregate vote for the
State ticket a Democratic majority of 1,900.
iC7"We understand that Hiram BrowB, Esq., will be
an independent candidate for Prosecuting Attorney in
this judicial circuit. Mr. Brown is an old and respecta
ble lawyer, and wel qooJKed for the office.
LTThe City Council of Dayton have appropriated
5,000 in railroad stocks to pnrehse ground for the new
Lunatic Asylum
Rohiiion and some of the big PWi
Robinson's late omnium gatherum of tilth and false,
hood against Gen. Pierce and his deceased revolutionary
father, is calling down rebuke even from tin- mure sensi
ble and decent part of the Whig MOOS.
The New York Day Book, for one, says.
W. E. Robins n. Greeley's man Fiidiy. who can
prove any thing ho undertakes, last evening tried to
show that General Pierce has resists! the rem aal n
the Catholic clause in the New Hampshire Constitution
He made him answer not onlv for the acts of bis am.es-
llU1 Ul" '", P"V' i,uw- 'V'"1"' ' " ' sssj assa ini"g. nicir wns nu rrrur in uiriimouiii paiu han, , possible, lor the postage on documents sent by
kiuu win oniv result io me auvanta-e oi wn. rwrre. to Jndjre Test, Secretary of State, and at his request, i mail and not franked is unreasonably high ; but at all
I 31b,tÄ! "bJ"SOn T Dr Ellis addressed to De'frees the following note: i events, let the light shine through your localities. . You ,
the purpose of securing the Catholic SOU MM General j
Scott. The man who undertakes to benefit himself by j
pulling down his neighbor will generally lind that the
result will be exactly opposite to his endeavors. If Mr.
Robinson continues the career which he has commenced .
through the whole Presidential canvass be will acquire
anything mit an enviame notoriety.
The Courier St Enquirer has aNo administered a simi-
ar flagellation upon the speech of Robinson, and the
Tribune and the Times, for giving him their countenance.
So have the Herald and the Journal of Commerce.
The Commercial Advertiser, the oldest Whig paper ;
in New York City, speaking of the same i hing, says
such a course of canvassing against Pierce is
ted to Jo the Whigs no good, to say the least of it.
Nominations for Congress.
1st Dist Smith Miller.
2d Dist Win. H. English.
3d Dist Cyrus L.Dunham
4th Dist James H. Lane.
5th Dist William Grose,
6th Dist T. A. Hendrickv
7ib Dist John G. Davis.
William Rcavis , Jr
John Ü. Ferguson,
John H. Farquhar,
Samuel W. Parker
John H. Bradley
C. Woolsev Barbour
8th Dist
9th Dist Norman Eddy. Horace P. Biddle
10th Dist I M Chamberlain. Samuel Brenlon.
1 1th Dist A. J. Harlan. John M. Wallace.
K7The Madison Banner of yesterday morning con- :
tained an account of a bloody tragedy alleged to have
occurred in the vicinitv Rrnn nlnivii .1 ,-! ixaata
i I ...... i i ,i mi i nw tail BT ' i.-in.t.n " ,n nr.T.nn., n ..I Mii,lv a,I-,., M.'..!,.? .lm...l
-. .. , . , , '.alley. This building was burnt 4am, and also the ad
on last Friday evening. It was to the effect that the . . . , . Tz .
landlord of a hotel murdered a cinek-pedler named
Francisco, and afterwards attempted, with two others,
to kill a brother of the murdered man, who. ni defending
himself, killed the landlord and one of his accomplices.
Wo doubt the truth of the story, as the Brownstown
Observer of Tuesday four days after the time it is al
leged the murder was committed says nothing of it.
1 ;"The Indiana Journal calls Gov. Wright "a small
bcr politician the mere retailer of Im slang of other
men " By such low epithets this organ expects to con
vince the people that they ought lo vote for Nicholas
McCarty. This may be a judicious mode of electioneer
ing for Mr. McCarty j but wo think when the votes of the
honest people of Indiana are counted, the Journal clique
will find that they have been knawing a tile in other
words, they will lose more than they will make.
The Inpiana Female CtlKl,-The fall term of i
this excellent Institution, und'r the charm of the Rev. ,
Thos. H. Lynch, will commence on Monday morning
next, the fith inst. There is no better Institution inj
the West, and parents, with daughters to educate, are
now under no necessity of sending thcni abroad In
school. For terms, tic., see our advertising columns.
Another Convert to Waslcyerj
John J. Craig, a Free-soiler of Jefferson county, has
determined not to vote for Gen. Pierce. He. will proba
bly vote for Scott. He has every encouragement lo do
so, when he hears how generously the Whigs have treat
ed his brother Free-soiler, John H. bradlev
The Whigs have on thei- ticket, for Marion county
this year two npw ponverf vjz
John H. Brad lev and
Berry R .Sulgrove, who both voted for Yea Buren in
Jv new converts are alvvavs tho most zealous.
j . Tho Hpion of Country Merchants ,s invited to
f m, n-
the 1 ,lvefr,in,t ol Messrs. Watts & ( sftsjr. CMOtsV
nati, in the proper column.
ITWilliam Orate is the Democratic candidate for
Congress in the 5th District.
Democratic .Meet in sr.
Tko I'v,,,., ,lln nn. I I m . c,. ll,,.'.-, ... . . . . . r. , . ... 1
life of one illustrates the patriotism of the other.
T 1 t ....
JUU'e gave a nicely critical examination ol
o-T.h "r OIfacofP,akn"; and ,n'5 compan-on oi it
with the free, frank, bold, manlv resnonse of Gen.
C - . as I
itance; and his eomna
with the free, frank, bold, manly response of Gen
Pierce, told with nna-orfnl IU
"itu buu icr. i ana. i r i. i ii ii rsi i i sc neu
Judge Law is a giant! He s'ruck terror to the soul
of Whiggery in these parts on St turday night last! And
if such a speech as his could be made before every Dem-
o .-ratic club in Indiana there would be hardly figures
nonTh in ih Ii inbeation tni.l tn i ssasioi
jorities of Wright and Willard, and Pierce and King!
r.ransruie limes.
Jut Like the Man !
A letter of General Cass to a body of Union men in
Mississippi, contains sentiments which are honorable to
him as a man and Democrat, and will answer as an
appeal to Democrats in every community, and just now
especially in this. He says: Cin. Enquirer.
" I shall support our worthy nominee openly , zealous-
i r -.i.r ii ii r . 1 . .
ly, faithfully. I have no griefs to assuage, no resentments
to gratify, no injuries real or fancied to avenge. I have
found my country a most grateful one ; as far above my
expectations as my claims if, indeed, the ordinary ser -
vices which a citizen has it in hv power to render can
constitute a claim to furtber conlidcnce. I am lilled
with gratitude for what I have received, aid not with
regret because I did not receive more."
ET A now bank will soon go into opperation in New
Mbany under the new banking law of Indiana, with a
capital of $100,000, to be increased as soon as
circumstances my require. Several capitalists of Cin-
cinnati areat the head of it, and it will go in, operation
ill ' niMirr.
r . .i .
tTA tale of four inches of land, on Main street
falo, was made last week, at $100 per inch.
False Pretences.
Defrees attempts to create the impression that Dr.
Ellis has certified to the correctness of the Whig docu
ment, containing certain garbled extracts from the
Legislative expenses. This is not true, and when De
frees attempts palm off such a thing on the public, he
doe it lot the purpose of def i ning them No one be
lieves that liie Auditor ol State would have certified to
Office of Auditor of State, i
Indianapolis. July 29. 1S52. S
J. D. Defkees, Esq. Sir: In looking over your paper
of this morning, I find an error in the amount paid Hon.
C. H. Test, for enrolling. The whole sum paid the
Secretary of State for that service, was only $S4K. the
S.bO, as allowed in the specific appropriation bill being
included in that amount, and inadvertantly stated as a
separate item, you will therefore please make the
proper correction.
Very respectfully,
Auditor of State.
This is appended to the Whig document in a manner
; ... l-.l . - .1 :. l .u. :. - mlM . I
,,llr""ou l" t"urjr me luca 111.11 11 is a cei MBM , w lie 11
H is only note reqesting the editor to correct one single
The correctness of not another item, stated in the long
bill, is certified to by Dr. Ellis, or any one else. For
aught wc know, or the public know, they are all incor
rect . Let the editor and Mr. McCarty produce the
official certificate of the proper officer before they at
tempt to palm oil" such productions on our honest, unsus
pecting public.
In ccndinrism.
O.i last Wednesday mornicg, about 11 o'clock, the
stable of Mrs. Richardson, on the alley between Illinois
and Meridian, and Ohio and New York streets, was dis
covered to be on fire. The alarm was instantly giveB,
but the building was destroyed belore the engines reach
ed the ground Scarcely had the firemen put up their
apparatus when the alarm of fire was again heard.
This time it was the stable of Dr. Parry, on the same
joining stable of Rev. Mr. M'Lean, before the fire was
On Wednesday night, about ten o'clock, the wood
house of Mr. J. Little, on Alabama street, accidentally
caught fire and burnt down; but the firemen prevented
the fire from doing any further injury. About I o'clock,
the same night, an out-house lielonging to Joshua Ste
vens, Esq., in the south-pastern part of the city, was set
on fire, and burnt down.
Our citizens should be on the look-out for the impudent
scoundrels, who are thus infesting our city. They are
doubtless the same who were so active last winter in
burning old houses, and impunity has made them bold
ami reckless.
II 'The following from the New York Lantern is the
best hit of the season i
Life oi Franklin Pierce supposed lo be by W.
K Robinson, Esq.. itineiant roarer to the Whigs.
40t4 B. C Is born in Coneord New HfcaMafcW
Is expelled from Eden
Kills his brother Abel.
Burns the Temple of Diana, and pockets
the fire insurance.
Orders Daniki. to be devoured by lions.
1'ei-secutes the Christians.
Pin his mother Aurippina lo death.
Plays the fiddle, while Brooklyn is burning.
Puts all the children in Judea to death.
Hmlds the Bastile.
Murders the two young Princes in the Tower.
Plots with AN Ml to betray the American
I'.ndeavors to ruin the teeth of h poor child
with Wild's candy.
Bribes the London Times.
Invents the Perrinc pavement.
Is inaugurated as President.
Swears allegiance to Queen Victoria and
Louis Napoleov, and governs the Uni
ted States in their names.
Makes himself perpetual dictator.
Puts all the Whigs to a horrible death.
Pemis yl v an in Nam mat ions.
The Dcmociatic Convention for tho Old Keystone,
held at Harrisburgh on the 26th inst., nominated Hon.
George W. Woodard for Judge of the Supreme Court,
and William Hopkins, of Washington county, for Canal
Commissioner. These are excellent nominations, and
will, unquestionably . lie elected. Resolutions were
unanimously adopted indorsing the nominees of the
R n 1 1 i mi i rp DemnorAfie Convention mid l be nlatforiil as
an entirrlv. Pennsylvania will gire Pierce and King
M ,,,,., Democratic majority,
IE7 The Journal, alluding to Piofessor Larrabce,
,.. .. .. , , . , ,,
As.l rh, ".ug political speecles, we have the
authority of the Democratic paper at Terre Haute for
slf'm&. at 'le d,d m&kZ a H.,t,CB.' sPeech al lhe
Bloom,,,St,,n Dcmocral.c Convention,
We are authorized to say that Mr. Larrabee never
, , i. Rim:, ; u:. i;r rr
ii ade n o ica speech in Bloomington in his lue. ii
' '
we are wrong the citizens of Bloom.ngton can correct
iorr. HfjjM Slanders.
r , . , . T , D n .i
We understand that John H. Bradley, the committee.
of-thn e Whig candidate for Congress in this District,
n a Whig speech at Noulesville a few evenings since,
asserted that Gen. Frank Pierce was in neither of the
battles belore the city of Mexico, and, that during ttie
battles, be was -'dead drunk. Democrats, tnis is me
. wni committee has put forward as their can-
. . . .
il.datc lor Congiess
We have no comments to make.
0The attention of business men is called to the ad-
ver "
sement in another column, headed 'A Young
Mm. " Jtc The gentleman who desires the situation
possesses the qualifications claimed for him in the adver-
Usement, being a graduate of one of the Indiana col-
leges, and we have no doubt his services will be valuable
j to y employ hira
II "Grubbs, of tho New Castle Courier, asserts that
i professor Larrabee openly electioneered for the nomina-
. ' . . . M . ,l.. j;j
tion on Snnday. Defrees denies that Mr. Lariabcc did
. .. .ir-.i. n u- i. i i ,,
any sneh ihm. With n I his mendacity, Delrees Uare
! 3 j
not make such an assertion in this community where the
Professor is known. That honor is reserved for the New
1 ast0 vym(T c,iior
' A naa Kgg.
A letter from Washington says:
"The President withdrew the nomination of Orson
Hvde. ar MoJ3in E)der anl Extorter, as Associate
J,,UV "fJ f ' relKtoria Court of Utah It was proved
that the Llder preached and practiced fy. -.ymy, and
,hat, '8 pßal acquirements were not above the average
f. those of peripatetic preacher.. He would have been
ir ci ir-ii. ii iiwi wiiii'iianii,
il ; Dm.no the uunrter end in Mav. th Philadelphia
aeutioneers paid into the State Treasury $25
Damtiucd tioml. for Sale.
Greeley can't sell his documents. They are so much
dead lumber on his hands He first begs, ami then :
threatens. Hear him:
"Whigs throughout the country! we must work zeal
ouslv, effectively, or be beaten! That is the nai-ed truth.
Our adversaries have nearlv twice as many members of!
Congress as we have, and are franking enormous qnar.-
ties of documents all over the country. We prefer that
:ne People should supply themselves in a manner which
imposes no tax on the Post-Olliee revenue, as the frank
ing system does. Receive by express or by private
itiui. .i in. i i ; ... 1 1 , , .Tin";- iiiiiiusi
any whore, raise ?o for documents, and supply one or
more to eaeii voter who will read - and bv the time this
is done TOO will have more members and more means.
Honrs are precious a moderate effort not.- will effect
more than a. hard one in the he,.t of the contest. Friends!
' I IV 1 I .
. ,,
higs, don t send to Truman Smith s committee, but
buy the Pictorial life of Scott, by Horace Greeley, and 1
; Why I am n Whig,'' by the same author. Do it quick,
M Horace will never sell his damaged goods. Peter
Funk is nowhere, since Greeley has taken to auctioneer
ing. Whigs to the rescue.
I For t lie Pailv Indiana State Sentinel. 1
-.. , tu '. r j-i . - n
t oniniittc ol I hree s t audidate lor t onscrcss--
John 11. Bradley.
rn r I tm . o i i
tÜ! fcVÜ ,Elt:Ctur, '' "4N' repudiated Gen.
I iiv or lor fresnlent nnil Minnnnpi Mnr in nn Huron
... . . . , r-1 -. . uuuinzirni ui n . . . oiuan, i.sij . u u ivwiui i
the sell-renowned Join H. Bradley, having been College." And I thus speak, not knowing to whit no
placed upon the track as the Whig candidate for Co. jt,cal party Mr. Stuai t belongs, or having the slightest
gress. has uwMd hu first manifesto to the electors of personal acquaintance with any of his friends and sup
this District; and such an address! ye Gods and little porters, in the present political canvass,
fishes protect us. Waiving the personal slang against He early took rank amoag the foremost in a class of fif
the editor ol the State Sentinel, and the insult to the ; ty and upwards, and in some other classes would certain
electors of the old District. I come lo the charge, tit- y have been at the head. He was one of the three, the
tered in defiance of truth, justice, or the least sense of very highest in rank, at the time he graduated. The
morai obligation, that Th uaas A. Hendricks, the unani- tm JUUmg men, who, in some of the departments had a
mous choue of the Democracy ot this District, would, j ilUe advantage over him, were each very eminent for
il elected, be a tool in the hands ol William J. Brown, talents and scholarship. I have them now distinctly lie
to promote his political prospects with ti e Pierce ad- f0re my mind, and have just referred to the catalogues
ministration, and the prospect of such .riends as he of the College that I might re-call his classmates and
might designate! competitors, and do no injustice to anv of them, by any
Well, if this is not a rich appeal for a Scott tandi- testimony in favor of Mr. Stuart,
dato for Congress to make, then I am greatly mistaken Tn SOmc respects I considered him decidedly superior
in what constitutes rich, in the most ndiculou sense of lo a others in his class. As a writer and debator, no
that term. It, in effect, is a full and volunteer admis- ne -an have had any higher mark on the scale of
sion that there is not the r-motesi prospect of the elec- merit, for the rhetorical department, which I had the
tion of Gen. Scott. Every issue and principle that luu honor lo direct. He appeared to me a young man of
heretofore divided the Democratic and Whig parties are ll0 eo:..mou powers of perception, discrimination, and
to be discarded, and Bradley to be elected to prevent logical method. His thoughts were clear, and his style
William J Brown from obtaining ollice under Pierce's 0f expression was remarkably terse and strong. He
administration! That John H. Bradley thinks he will ,at a very unusual maturity of sound sense, with great
hare n mach influence with President Pie roe that Wil- copiousness, and a real affluence of scholar-like illustra-
lmm J. Brown may hang up his fiddle, and his harp ,ion. wiich, upon a.'l subjects in the exercises of his
upon the willows, while die redoubtable Jol.n imii Con- ,-lass, made him prominent, and, at some times, pre-
grcss' I have beard o! Don Quixote fighting a wind- eminent, in a very marked degree.
mill, and rend .lohn H . Bradley's . ommnnication, If the testimony of all the officers with whom I was
claiming influence with Pierce's administration, and iiSssociated could now be obtained, I am sure that it
have considered b I alike sensible! Would be in fnll concurrence with my own And if Mr.
This far famed uurora borealis, John H. Bi.idley, is Start has continued those habits of industry, of good
a beautifol bird to talk of honesty, political consistency, morals, and laudable emulation, which so distinguished
or influence as Congressman! He began ins career hue: in College, I should think that your fellow-citi-
as a Jackson man being a A trio Quaker bis Jackson- mm mi)st he highly favored, if they can find many who
ism never set very closely about him repudiated Jack- are better qualified to discharge the dnties of the office
son because he ntoed the United States Bank and be- for which he is now iu nomination,
came a famous Harrison Whig ; was an ardent supporter ' Verv respectfully, yours. Sic.,
of the Bankrupt law. and at the seaaioa t IS4 1-'42 " SAMUEL M. WORCESTER,
made a speech in the Indiana Legislatuie against its
Ir! candidate for Lieutenant Governor in; icrJohn Irons, the Whig (Merk of the Hendricks
1843 had the vanity to attack Uor. n hltcomb. during . .
the canvass, at the Court Hons. in fodiana.lis. aad r,r'"mt furt, writes a private letter In John H. Brad-
was so badly used up that he was ashamed to Jiow his
face in the city the balance o the season was beaten
by Jesse I) Bright so far tha he was afraid to look at
the vote was disgusted with the Whigs for their in
gratitude and reeosea to support Gen. Taylor for Presi
dent turned free-soiler and voted for the man he had
abused and villilied persuaded John 1). Defrees that
he could get a few abolition votes, anil got a committee
of three to be appointed by a township meeting, to ,
nominate him for Congress has been nominated, and
makes r.n address, in which he virtually admits that
Gen. Pierce will be elected; but that the Democrats of
the District mutt elect him to prostrate William J.
Brown's political prospect-, under the Pierce administra
tion! Will either Whigs or Democrats or even abolitionists
or free-soilers vote lor such a scapegrace as this Surely
tney win nor. wnen toej nave tue opportunity oi voting
loroneo me most promising young men in me .Mate
a native born Hoosier, I believe, and who is an honor to
Km t!,e .a-tv lnü,.,,, , - -"t.nel.J
... ?,!'
There will be a Grand Mass Meeting ol the Demo-
cracy of Fayette COOaty al CbenersvtflC on Monday, tl.e
13th inst., at 10 o'clock. A. KM lo nominate a county
tieket, and to transact oilier business of general in-
The Hons. John L. Robinson, William Grose the
Democratic candidate for Congress ... this District,
Tom. W alpole, John S. Red, and others will be pre-
sent and address the meeting dunng the day
All ot all parties in I avetto and the adioming counties
are invited to attend.
Bv order of the coimnittcc.
SAM. HERON, Secretary.
a . a . .a om. .
For the Pally In. liana State Sentinel.
Log ansport. September 1, Ij'2.
Editor or BoMliaaX: The prospects are bright
here for the Democracy. Willanl puts Williams Aon
du combat every time. The Democracy is well united,
and will give Wright and the State ticket a strong lift,
and will serve Pierce and King the same way.
Yours truly, A.
For the Pailv Indiana State Sentinel.
Plymouth, August 'Ml 1808
Set Marshall county down at KMI majority for Pierce
and King. Willard knocked the bark off of Williams
on last Friday. T. M. D.
Democratic Hurbceiic,
The Democrats of LooitrUk tad Jefferson County
are preparing for and intend to give a Barbecue near
Louisville on the 15th of September next an old
fashioned barbecue, such as had its rise in old Virginia,
and which has been kept up and improved upon by
Kentuckians. They intend to have plenty to eat, anil
somewhere to bleep, lor filty thousand il they come.
Tk. :.,i i., ?---- 1 , -i Ii ,
i UC V lllldlil fcw "'''. l ...ni , a - .... .1,1.1.1 etil WW
There shall be no ';wolf-like
s!Tlt'''.hatr X7aetea
sleep and something to eat.
?ainerin .
Our citv abounds in good hotels, clean beds, and
i abundant and excellent food, at moderate charges
So tents tPith strair, at fax pence a head for lodging,
need le provided.
Come one, come all. Louisville Democrat.
C7"Thc books of the recent elections show the
lowing footings:
For Pierce
North Carolina M
Missouri 9
Arkansas 4
Iowa 4
For Gen. Scott
"Fired wilh indignatn n" Flug Vu tnry.
L We learn from reliable authority that Major Dunn
has never certified to any account of Di Sherrod, and
will only certify to the amount due to him for actual
.. a a a
services. Lr. SherroU is now lying very ill at ins resi-
dence in Paoli, and when we last heard from him was
scarcely expected to survive. It might be expected uy j
some that under such circumstances as these the In-
I n.l.i,.r ,t.ni,l,l In.i.f from hie mnlinrnnnf flsttfliilf
nunc tuiiui I. ... . i ..... .... .. .-p,-- -
but tee have no such expectation. New Albany Ledger.
ILTIs the Scott press aware that I be if candidate, while
, ..,i.i vine nnv for active service, at the rato of $9.000 a
0.r. ' . ... .... r ' .
i most unanimously reieeted ' If they are not, we will
' bring the prooi in a nay or iwo.
year, petitioneil (Jongress to allow u.m to lie placed on ( Albany, under me new nanKing iaw oi iuunu. wim
the pension list, a place where the names of poor disabled capital of $100,000, to be increased as soon as circum
sold ers should be found, and that said petition was al- stances mav require Several capitalists of Cincinnati
A Card.
Owing to the fact that the speakers, both Whig and
Democratic, are engaged in the general canvass, it will
be inconvenient to prosecute the discussion heretofore
contemplated. The same is, therefore, by mutual con-
ent' mdeiinittly postponed.
For Central Democratic Club
For Chippewa Club.
September 3d, 1852.
Ilon. W. Z. Stuart.
Th following letter from one of Massachusetts' most
distinguished and influential citizens, was addressed to
a prominent and influential Whig in this State, a warm
personal friend of Mr. Stuart, who, indignant at the
j course of o( the Whig preS9eB) , impugning Mr.
omni siniiuiiig wiiuo a siuucni in voiieo, a
, L , a .. . , , .
c. . . ,u:i , ... i . : n . A A i
ii'iu'i u me inu iireceuiur ti iir. o., which vanru iuhh
the following answer. It speaks for itsell.
It may add weight to the opinions expressed in this
letter, when it is known that it was written to a promi
nent Whig, by one who has never been connected with
i . Sai.EM, MA9S, Amil 12, 1852.
Dear Sir: In answer to yours ot Mareh 30th, I
, . . . : ' r --
must begin with an expression ol great surprise, that
,Jl cf . ,lf .... , '
i 1 b r - - i
could have ever "called in question'' the "iOm and
- f w r7 c. . T. 1 1 . -
i s. 1 1 i ii i hi' i Minuu. b r r I aa a,
ley, in which he tells him how to tool the Irish and get
their votes. The facts are so eonvicing. and John is so
tickled with the idea, that he publishes this private letter
iu the Journal, from which we make the following ex-
tract :
Awaken the Irish wherever you go. I want you to
show them that Ireland owes her present degraded po
sition to nothing so much as to the Tariff of 1846! I
want you to show them that it has been and still is the
aim of the Whig party to build up a commercial and
nianiifnnliiriniT inlprA.t in tili nnlinlrr wlueli hall dnl'A
t . . i r . li I .
cngiam, i.om eve.y inaraf on lUe .o,k-. . mo- u
f.. ..I...... iknm that Ii . .....ill. I l.t.t.n haan m i . i.ha.l
io .nun t'i'. in mat inn nuuiu u , n .1 . . .i . . - i v . .
long sinep had it not been for the Tariff of 1846!"
Yes, and about the 12th of November next, yon will
hud that you have waked up a hornet s nest. ou lane
the Iri,h to be ftn ignorant set of fools, but you will
, " , ... .
hnd 'om Mistake. There is not an Irishman M the
Union that does not know that oppression, degradation,
Ire,and lo(lg ,,efore üle Xarlrr
of MM was ever dreamed of. This is certiinly the
... . . .
shallowest thing that we have seen, and shows the bitter
contempt which the Whig party have for the inlelli-
i enee of our Irish citizens.
rcMVhat has become of the Hungarian Association.
io rajse mo ,or KoS9Uth of wnicu Governor Joseph
A Wright jwm an active member' Can any one
te1-Indiana Journal.
, , , , , . ,
More falsehood. Governor Wright never was a mem-
j ber of any Hungarian Association in Indiana He
gave mite tn the Hungarian fund, and in this Nicho-
Ual McCariv beat him, for he gave more than the Go-
vernoi did, as he was able to do. Nicholas McCarty
was one of the Whig Senators who invited Ciov. Kos
suth to visit Indiana. The act of the Legislature, both
Whigs and Democrats, made him the guest of the State,
and as such Governor Wright extended to him those
courtesies which the occasion required. Kossuth is the
able and talented champion of liberty in the old world.
He came to America to plead for his oppressed and
down trodden country. This is his crime a crime
which is magnified by the Whig press, in hopes of
making converts to the sinking cause of Whiggery.
, (rjTho Journal is troubled to know the reason why
: John p h has Uen announced to speak at lhe
I . . .
great Democratic Mass Meeting to be held in this city
on the 13th inst. Mr. Pettit, nearly two weeks ago,
pilüished a jst Df appointments, among which, and the
, . . . , . . ... .
last, was one for Covington on the 13th. In publishing
....... ... j
i the list Mr. Pettit says: i cannoi extenu my apptnui-
: me,US at thU " 1 am 0,I,P',led
! ton at the above time to discharge a professional obliga-
i tion to a friend.'
Mr Pettit's appointments, with the above explanation
Mr. reiiii sapp i , i
accompanying them, have been published in the Daily
Sentinel since the 23d of August. The editor of the
Journal, however, has never seen them, or he would not
have asked such n silly question.
T7We are requested to say that the Jcffersonville
Railroad will be completed to Columbus in time to carry
passengers to the Whig and Democratic Mass Meetings
at Louisville, Ky., on the 14th and 15th inst. The fare
on these occasions will be reduced one-half for the round
trip from Columbus.
CyThe friends of the Union and Fort Wayne Rail-
j road, are active in making arrangements to enter upon
; thß wolk T, Sf,em conndent of success, and that
t Im i ..u.l n ill 1 1 am b.Io in t nr i i'Aara
" w-
Free-Soil on the Reserve.
W. I - , ..1 ...;.l, Wkis from ihn Hp.
J ... - i
serve, who says, from appearances, Hale will getalarger
vote there this year than Van Muren got in bjbsm nss
Statesman .
0"A new bank will soon go into operation in New
i . .. . - i r r 1: ua. -
j are at the head of it, and it will go into operation in
From Oi Iowa State Gaielte ,
We can now give our readers something like accu
rate information as to the political complexion of the
next Legislature. It is singular what a tendency there
is to deceive, by Whig partisans, on this subject,
there is nothing to be pained bv the mdnl fronen of this
I r i: .1 i . ..
: icenng ; me ue must soon come to light, and its propo
" ' : .. .... . .. "J T
irri .
i o--- r-1" wmius uui i iuiuuiv . ai iuis lime inr
eastern Whig press is raising triumphant shoots over
''Iowa redeemed both branches of the Legislature
Whig two members of Congress elected and the
State wheeled into the Scott ranks!"' 8cc. Nothing is
more injurious to the newspaper press, than this endors
ing and giving currency to unfounded rumors; all credit
for veracity is lost by it, and "a newspaper story'' be
comes an authority to be laughed at.
The following table is compiled ontirely irorn Whig
and neutral sources, so we mav be satisfied it is not
aaai laiuiauic in uiii uc 1 1 1 mi is V itrr an l Rule ' lDUrru
from thu) circumstance we may presume that the view
. . . . . . J "
more favorable to our side than is warrantable : indeed
on the Democratic side is hardly as favorable as fact-
would justify. With regard to the seat of one of the
Senators from Lee, Mr. Lowe's, there will be a contest
on constitutional grounds, it being claimed by a Whig,
so that it may by put down as doubtful Senators who
bold over are included in the count:
H. 0.
Desmoines I
Van Buren 2
Jefferson I
Henry I
Wapello, Monroe, &c
Monroe and District
Davis I
Davis and District
Appanoose and District
Louisa and Washington. I
Keokuk and Mahaska I
Marion and District I
Cedar and Clinton
Johnson and District I
Polk and District
Jone and District
Linn and District
Clayton and District
Fremont and District
Pottawatiamie. fcc
1 1 m
From iLi Uoton Host. m
Anecdote ol Gen. Scott.
An interesting anecdote is told by a Masacbui Its
offieer, of the wonderful foresight of our great chiel,
whose plans for the whole conquest of Mexico SSaso
made history, by altering the tenses from future to past
While at Vera Cruz, Gen. Scott sent for the head of the
Quarter Master's department, and said to him: ''Sir,
have you got everything in readiness in your line, which
i we may want between this and the capital?"
sir, I have got everything an army can possibly leqojso.
"Have you sent along any tn-penny nails " leu
penny nails! No sir." ' Then forward a cask of them.'
The officer whs puzzled to conceive what the General
could want with ten-penny nails. But when the " Na
tional Bridge " was blown into a mass of rocks by the
flying enemy, the General's admirable foresight was ap
! I"'
The Penobscot lumbermen were soon ready
; - . fa tjmber renajr ,he aU wa,
I .
' turned out, and the army was on its road to victory
Fitchbureh Reveille
j hj h enoei2eu im,,arV i, i.ad ,ui
: cause to pray to the Lord to save him Irom his Iriend-
that officer is Maior General Winfield Scott. Here is a
Massachusetts officer extolling the great chief for his
wonderful foresight m ordering ten-penny nails for r
pairing a bridge.
This Massachusetts friend would lead the common
sense portion of the public to believe that the tall hero
of the Whig party had not the sense be was born with.
Ten-penny nails for repairing the national bridge in
Mexico, when ten inch spikes are scarcely laige enough
to secure the timbers of a bridge! But the eulogist can
not be more than half witted himself. Does he not
know that ten-penny nails are only one inch and a ball
long, and the military chief only wanted them to nail up
the boxes which contained bis feathers. But this inter
esting anecdote is going the rounds of the press, and the
innocent Whig exquisites, many of whom have nevei
seen a nail or head of a spike, take it in as the hen a fide
" truth of history."
But, for their edification, I must inform them that the
national bridge in Mexico was not blown into a mass ol"
rocks by the flying enemy, nor was it requisite to use a
single ten-penny nail in repairing it. The flying enemy
had neither time nor inclination to destroy that admirable
structure of stone and cement, and the hosts of Xerxes
might have passed over it at any time during the Mexi
can war if ten-penny nails had never been invented.
It is requisite, melhinks, to nail such absurdities oi
our opponents. loth past had future, for they are a weak
race, and their plans cannot strengthen their cause,
however they may resort to idle tales nd subterfuges to
make up a history, if we only keep a correct run ol their
chicanery, and expose it intime to destroy its effects
Democratic Convention of Greene fount .
Pursuant to previous notice, the Democrats of Greene
county met at Bloom held on Saturday, the 21st of An
sust. for the nurnose of nominating candidates for the
jseveral county offices, to be filled at the next general
The Convention being organized by lhe election of A.
Spainbour as Chairman, and A. L. Rhodes as Secretary,
the lists of township delegates were reported; after
which the Democrats from the townships not represent-
I . . - -
-j : . .Lnit.i for those tna-n
eu wc.o mvuru m ei i.-
represenUtion being determined, the
cantjjdates before the Convention responded to the call
. - -O - ! f IV
made upon them, ana ngreeo io amue iuc aui i-
; Convention.
( Convenlion then proceeded to make the nom.ns
, (a maJorily flf a tne votes t.ast being reqnired
therefor) , when Wm. S. Bays was nominated for Re pre
! sentative ; Thos. H. Messier for Sheriff; John Jones he
Auditor: Jos. l.vons lor treasurer; umm . nun
inson for Coroner ; Josiah Records for Commissioner of
1st District ; Abraham Spainbour for Commissioner ol
2d District ; Aaron Hagaman for Commissioner of 3d
District. All of which nominations were unanimously
The following resolutions were introduced and imam
raously adopted:
Resolved, That having, by a spirit of true corapro
mise, selected candidates ior the various county oflices.
whom we believe to be capable and honest, we will
yield personal preferences, and support the nominees
with a zeal and energy that will make success certain
Resolved, that the proceedings of this Convention be
sent to the State Sentinel and Terre Haute Journal for
Upon motion, the Couvenlion adjourned sine die.
A. L. RHODES, See y.
O M'Ile De Soraraerey remarked that the world
stigmatizes many men with the reputation of being
wicked, with whom a woman would be but too happy
to pass her life.
ETMr. Strakosch, the eminent Pianist and Composer,
has opened a piano ware-room in Broadway, New Y ork,
and has employed Henry C. Watson, Esq a well
known musician, as his assistant.

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