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John H. Bradley.
Tbl iMMtleman. who is now a candidate lor Congress,
k.a nnhlished an address to the people of iho Sixth Con-!
rressional District, over bis own signature, in which be
,.,! (.rtain rrnss charces against me, which jus-
ti. m mv renutation requires I should notice. His at
tempts at wit and sarcasm prove nothing, and there-
fore call for neither a reply nor retaliation. It is the j
following passage
his address which I desire to
I know well tbe situation, politically, of tbe district, !
and tbe causes that made it so, and 1 desire the calm
attention of the Democratic citizens of it, while I lay
before them me things concerning it, which have proba
bly never bee.i brought to their notice. It was all ar-rnn-od
tht rlie Tenter District of the State should be so
constituted as to elect on bv particular men, and for this ;
otirpose certain prominent leaders arranged and ex-
efcLrt. counties, bargained for sod bought and sold vo- 1
ters to elect one anotner ro iortgress. nc nois
themselves knew nothing abont It, were not consulted,
bat were transferred without stint, and in many instan
ees with great injustice.
" It was thus that the Blull's ot White River were
hitched on to Vincennes that Hendricks county was j
sent over to Illinois and the counties of Madison and j
Brown were locked arm in arm. Yon mav well ask I
who did this thing, and why was it done? William J.
Brown, then a member of the Legislature, now the edi
tor of the Indiana State Sentinel, did it, and it was
done to elect the self-same William .1 Brown to Con-
is. 1 0 BT ' m .. uint V I in f ho i A t r
.rrnk i n. n.ot c oi iiiar on cumin ui hhu v
UtrUUtrt f.ir their interest- while thero he was
trTnrovide for Ais own. He refused all association
the Democracy of the counties of Hendricks and Mor
gan, but took to his bosom the more distant county of
" The Democrat of Shelby and Johnson could be
made useful to him, and they were retained bin had
thev been so unfortunate as not t have constituted a
majority of the votes in their counties, he would doubt
less have tumbled them into the Ohio, as he did the
Democrats of Morgan and Hendricks into the Wabash.
He arranged the District for himself and upon the ad
journmtnt of the Legislature he immediately became a
candidate for Congress"
He then proceeds to charge thai I was never fairly
nomin; ted for Congress. That is a question between
myself and my political brethren ! with which he has
nothing to do. They elected me without either his aid
or the aid of his party : thus confirming by their votes
whal had been previously done in Convention.
Now, for the first time, it is charged rhat I acted cor
ruptly, in the formation of the old fifth district, in 1S42.
There is no charge that the sixth district, formed last
winter, in which Mr. Bradley is now a candidate, is not
as square and compact as it could have been formed.
This is a new story, manufactured by John H. Brad
ley, because ho dare not assail Mr. Hendricks, his com
petitor. In 1842 I represented, in part, Marion county - I was
a Democrat. My constituents on all party questions ex
pected me to vote with my party ; but I was entrusted
with a large amount of local business lor the city of In
dianapolis and tho county of Marion, and did not give
much attention to tbe districting bill. By reading the
above extract a stranger to this bit of history would
suppose that I had controlled the whole matter that
the fifty Senators and ninety-nine remaining members of
the House, were moulded by me like clay in the hands
of the potter. This is an extent of influence which was
never before claimed lor me, either by friend or foe.
I never met with the Districting committee but once.
Dr. Davis, of Sullivan, was the chairman. On the 23th
of December. 1842, be reported ' Bill No. 143 a bill to
divide the State into Congressional Districts."
I moved to lay the bill on the table, and that 100
pies he printed statin" that cverv member should
read the bill for himself. See House Journal, page 228.
During the pendency of this measure I never made a
iagie motion except Hie one mentioned, whilst the
Journal will show that John H. Bradley made more
than twenty different motions and amendments more
than all the rest of the 100 members put together. He
took more interest in the districting bill than any mem
ber on the floor. These facts the Journal will prove ;
and the members ofthat session, both Whigs and Demo
crats, will hear me out in the assertion.
Of what does Mr. Bradley complain? 1st. That
Morgan (Blutls of White River) was attached to Knox,
(Vincennes). That Hendricks was sent to Illinois
meaning that it was attaohed to the Terrc Haute dis
trict and that Madison and Brown counties were loca
ted arm in arm. We now propose to examine who did
this thing. Bradley says ' William J Brown, then a
member of the Legislature, now the editor of the Sentinel,
did it, and it teas done to elect the selfsame William J.
Brown to Congress." Now let us see what the Journal
proves. Tho fifth district in the bill, as it came from
the committee, was composed of the following counties:
Bartholomew, Shelby, Johnson. Morgan, Marion. Han
cock, and Hamilton. Neither Madison r Brown was
in it, but Morgan was.
After various, motions, Cid. Gorman, one of the Re
presentatives from Brown and Monroe, moved to strike
Brown from the Sixth District, and add it to the Fifth.
This motion was carried without a division. Brad
ley, who almost always called the ayes and noes on
very proposition, did not call them on this. See House
Journal, page 429. In that shape the bill passed and
went to the Senate- In that body the Whigs had a ma
jority, and had full power to shape the bill to suit them
selves. In the Senate the bill was referred to a select
committee composed of three Whigs and two Demo
crats. Mr. Parker, of Fayette, now a Whig member ol
Congress, was chairman. He repor ed the bill back,
with four amendments, as follows:
1st. Strike Franklin from the Third SssJ add it to the
2d. Strike Madi.son from the Fourth an.l add it to the
Fifth, (Indianapolis).
3d. Strike Morgan and Brown from tho Fifth and add
them to the 8ixth, (Vincennes).
4th. Strike Hendricks from the Seventh and add it to
the Eighth. (Lafayette).
5th. Strike Fountain from the Eighth and add it to
the Seventh, (Ter re Haute).
Mr. Ewiog, Whig, proposed a bill in which Hen
dricks was attached to the Indianapolis District. This
motion received the vote of 18 Democrats and 2 Whigs,
whilst 27 Whigs and 3 Democrats voted against it.
See Journal of Senate, page 442. So much for sending
HaotVicks to Illinois. The proposition to attach Madi
son to this District and to hitoh the Bluffs of White
Or . vt: . i -. i im
rviver to incennes, originalen wiin a wnig committee,
and was passed through the Senate by a Whig vote,
every wmg voting lor it ana every uemocrat against it.
Se Senate Journal, page 434. The remark will apply
to Madison county. In that shape the bill passed.
The Hoase refused to 'acur in these amendments by
separate votes. On . uestion of sebding Madison
county to this Di rK. : H. Bradley voted aye and
William J. Brown voted no. On the question "hitch
ing" the Blnffs of White River to Vincennes, John H.
Bradley voted aye a i.l William J. Brown voted no.
and so on through the whole list. Committees of con
ference were then appointed on the part of the House
and Senate. In the Senate, Messrs. Parkex of Fayette,
now M. C, and Defrees, our own Johny, and in the
House, Messrs. Robinson and Gorman. In the Senate,
Mr. Parker made the following report:
'The committee of free conference, appointed by the
Senate to confer with a similar committee appointed on
the part of the House, relative to the matter of disa
greement between the two Houses, as to bill No. 143 of
the House, entitled -an act to divide the State into Con
gressional Districts ' have had that matter under con
sideration, and now report that after several interviews
and much deliberation, they have agreed to report back
to their respective houses, as the best conclusion they
can come to, the following result, and recommend con
currence :
"Adopt the bill of the House , with this amendment:
"Transfer Macison from tbe Fourth to the Fifth Dis
trict, and Morgan from the Fifth to löe fvxth.''
Which was concurred in. See Senate Journal, p. 495.
Messrs. Parker and Defrees yielded every other amend
ment for the sake of locking Madison and Brown arm
and arm, and "hitching'' the Bluffs of White River to
Vincennes A similar report was made in the House
and unanimously concurred in, John H. Bradlev voting
for it.
We have now given the history of this matter drawn
from the records. We have proved our assertions at
every step What now will the people of this District
tiunk of taw Whig candidate for Congress? A more nn-
;ualified tissue of falsehood was never before manu
aetared, and for what purpose. Heaven only knows.
Animals on Railway Tracks.
A soit was recently brought before the Circuit Court
of Montreal, against the St Lawrence and Atlantic
Railway Company, to recover the value of R cow kilied
on the track. The Court decided that the Company
wm not compelled to fence in iu road to keep off ani
mals. All they are required to do, is to give warning,
by blowing the whistle or ringing the bell, when the
cars approach a public road. The Court said that it
woald be most unreasonable to expect that the speed of
the raivway ears woold be checked whenever an animal
appeared on lhe track, and that the public interest, as
wall as the law, required that persons residing near a
railway should keep their cattle from going on the
track at all. insteau of leaving them at large, expecting
to recover damages from the Company in case of dam
age. Ctn. Oaztitt.
rT7The city mills f R
than 10,000 bushels of wfi
stantly in operation.
od . Vs., require more
lay to kep them con-
UTWc cum mend the following article to oar Demo
cratic friends in Indiana.
Old Esop tells among his many other stories, one
about a race between tbe Hare and the Tortoise. It doubt-
less seemed at that period of the world. as P. would now, I
prcsumptnons in the tortoise to challenge th bare, since I
tbe latter was known to be nimble of loot. But every j
body knows how the thing came out the hare made a
swift atart took a nap alter he got ahead ol
nist was outstripped during his sleep, and
ahead ol nisantago- ,
jep. and an ived too!
late at tbe goal.
We may possibly rind a commentary on those procced-
. i i . f .. - 1 1- -1
iugs in tho result of the impending elections. 1 rora the
moment Gen. Scott's name was mentioned aathe Whig
nominee, the Democrats grounded their arms and went
to sleep. Every body said it is impossible to elect a
man wince file-leader is tho rankest Abolitionist at the
North. Seward whose chief organ is the New lork
Tribune, saturated with all the fönl isms of the day, and
sustained by Thiirlow Weed as a lieutenant, with William
Lloyd Garrison and Fred. D..nglass,the nigger, bring-
tug m i i cm. ouiciioii aii'i 1 1 uii(u"ii win "lion
coniplish what intelligence, virtue, patriotism and confi
dence in truth lau to achieve
The great majority of the Whig party, tintiing that
thcr were nblirel to coalesce in the nomination of Gen.
öcnlt, alter It bad once lieen made, began lo put forth
the most heroic and tremendous exertion., well knowing
that no,hinS short of Hercnlean effort, could give a sight
of a chance. Consequently we heard without surprise
the announcement, that a collossai national massim-eiing '
was t he he hi at IViairara. the scene ol one ol u
Scott's victories, and from every part of tbe country
rada-al and fanatical Whig papers sounded forth the
clarion blast, associating in the popular mind tbe
acbiuvements f the American army durin the war
with England, with the name of Gen. Scott, and associ
ating his name with that everlasting cataract of waters
which has excited the surprise and the veneration of
mankind. Although this great meeting was a failure,
and every attempt made in every part of the country to
lash up the jaded excitement of the Whigs has been in-
effectual, still millions of money aro deposited in banks
ready to be ottered as a premium lor every lie mat can
be told for every invention the fancy can produce lor else to fad, bad recourse to the Gastric Juice, obtained from the
everv detraction that malice oan invent, to manufacture "tomichs of living aiumais which proved completely successful'
materials for belief, and to stir and inflame the passions j TSLU
of the multitude. I animaU, macerated in water, impart io the fluid the property ef dis-
And yet the Democratic party of the United States, spring various articles of food, and of effecting a kind of rtifioial
have, from the moment Gen. Scott's name was announ- -.digestion of them in now.e different from 'he natural digei live pri
ced, been so perfectly convinced that lie never could be j ce' Sun(m9 work lue .chemjttr. Man. (Le, A w.
President, that they ha'-o sat down to a doze under the . cliard. Philadelphia, 1S4, pp. 321-2) says; ;'The discovery of PEP-
hedue. while the tortoise is durnmir faithfully on his
track, and bv lair means or foul it is possible that this
vile reptile may still win the goal: Democrats, if you
love the Constitution that Washington uttered his solemn
oath over if y ti aJmire ihe heroic and noMe conduct
of Cass. Houston, Dickinson and all the other great
lights of the party in the Congress of 1850 if you love
the institutions of the land in which you live if you
care anything for the faith of our lathers that was
plighted over the grave of despotism, when they planted
the everlasting amaranth of Democratic liberty, start
from your lethargy tell 'he people of this country the
honest truth, and then let tnem go and meet the issue.
Flag of the Union.
i:tract from Hon. Abbot Lawrence's speech
before the Roynl Agricultural Society of
'Between our two countries there never was any rea
son at least any true reason for feelings of alienation;
and if I could have my way if I could govern and reg
ulate matters, with the aid of my friend on my right,
(Lord Palmerston,) with the kind feeling which I know
IS exist in the heart of another eminent individual who
minnie n uns t in f ho nrpuint onhinnt wo chmilil tiov or -
have war or even the rumor of war.
Undoubtedly ; if th
Hon. Minister bad lived in revo-
i.- . - j .., . i i j i ,i ,i i
uuotiarj iimea, ami uuuiu nave uau mm aj , uiei o uu.u
uavc neon no war, aim consequently , uu iiiuepeiiucncc.
ror, says ne. mere never tea any reason, at least any
true reason lor lee tnsrs ol alienation between the two
countries." There were some of this opinion in the
time that " tried men's souls;" but they were such as
the memories of all true-hearted Americans will willing
ly let die. They are never remembered except to be
cited as specimens of the unutterable depth of depravi
ty to which human beings sometimes descend. If the
above are the true sentiments of the Americanf?) Min-
lister, what shall be said of him and them Was our
Declaration of Independence all a he? Of course it
1 was, if there aas no true cause for alienation. The i
' Whig pnpers say that Abbot Lawrence has been "pop- j
j ular'' in England. After reading the above extract
from his speech, none need ask IhJ reason why. Somc
'f times men arc more popular abroad than at home.
Hurhngton (Ff.) Sentinel.
t.ov. Wright Spppt-h it effect npon the
Whitr leaders.
The Whig leaders seem to have been much alarmed at
the effect the speech of Governor Wright was likely to
have upon tho people here. They evidently thought his
doctrines, in regard to State policy, had met the appro
bation of men of all parties, and that the Whig can
didate had utterly failed to make any impression favor
able to his qualifications for the important station to
which he aspires, in which we think they judged rightly.
They, therefore, considered it necessaty to do something
to counteract the effect of the Governor's speech. At
the Scott Club meeting, in the evening, Holloway,
Bickle, and the other little Whig speakers talked about
little else but Gov. Wright' speech. They evidently
thought old Nick had made no reply to the Governor.
It took the Scott Club speakers several weeks to reply
to the speech of Walpole, and we presume it will take
an equally long time to reply to Gov. Wright. The
success will be the samo in both cases.
It is amusing to notice the terror a democratic speech
creates among the Scott leaders here. They seem to
think all is lost unless half a dozen speeches in favor of
old "Fuss and Feathers'" are immediately made in reply.
Jeffer soman.
.enernl Scott" Principle.
" If I. had had the honor of a vote on the occasion, it
would have been given for the LAND DISTRIBUTION
BILL, the BANKRUPT BILL, and the second Bill for
creating a FISCAL CORPORATION having long
been under a conviction that in peace, as in war, some
thing efficient, in the nature of a BANK OF THE
UNITED STATES, is not 'only necessary and proper,"
THE Treast-rv. as well n to mnr of tlm wants of our
' : .
commerce and currency. 'SctVs letter of Vet. 20, 1841
"I do not consider it respectful to the people, nor
otherwise proper in a I'undidate. to solicit favor on a
j pledge that, if elected, he will not aceept a second nom
ination. J-ram the same letter.
"I now hesitate between extending the period of resi
dence before naturalization, aad a total repeal of all acts
of Congress on the subject my MiNn inclines to the
LATTEa." Scott's letter on the Naturalization Law.
" I would accept a nomination for the Presidency,
ARE CONVICTIONS." Scotts letter of Oct. 25, 1841.
Stll they Come. In 1844 the Whigs provod quite
satisfactorily to theraseves, that Mr. Polk's grandfather
was a tory. They have now ascertained that Pierce's
own father was an alien and sedition law man, and the
author of the Catholic restriction clause in the New
Hampshire Constitution. The fortunate discoverer of
these astonishing facts, is a fellow of the name of
Robinson, the same who proffered to swear that Gen.
Scott's Native American letter was a forgery. Well,
gentlemen, what next? Can't you get somebody to
certify that the Whigs have oarried North Carolina?
Vicksburgh Sentinel.
ITIt is reported that Catherine Hays will pay a visit
to California before long.
56 GU Street, New York.
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Binder' and Pocket-Book Makers' use. Also, English Muslux,
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augd2l& w3m.
The City Flooring Mill in Operation Again.
fBlIlK undersigned having added the latest improved Plsneing
I Machine lo their establishment, by which they are enabled to
do better planeinr than evsr was done by any rotary machine, and
even equal if not better than that dona by lhe hand plane If there
aay rny who has any doubt respecUk ite capacity of the
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Doors and 8ash. In short, all lumber that needs to be planed
straight, A
jun3 w3m MHELLENBKRiiKR t CO.
M 100 boxes 8 by 10 sad It by M Gums;
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C'OICPOSITION ROOFINO We are prepared to furnish
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The true Digestive Fluid, or Gastric Juice.
PREPARED from Rennet, or the fonr'h Stomach of ihe Ox, af
ter direction of Baron Licbig, the great Physiological Chem-
ts. bv f S Houghton, M. D . Phi!
uta, ra
ot Imlig. -tion, lypepsia.
,al Debility, t urinj after
etMit, the liastrir Juice.
a wutt-r, will digest or dis
horn two hours, out of the
Thin i a truly wooden oi remedy
J sun.! ire. Liver Coiapiaint, Constipaiir
nature's mwii method, lit nature's owt
Hslf a teaspoonful of "Pep-i fur
solve. Five Poond f Roal Ber: in
Pvpin i the. chief element. . v.reai liiro-ting prim iple of lhe
OMU.l JUKT. inr sillVflll ol U- t-iNl.l&n i.urit iiir nrrirrviiii
and stimulating ageui of the stomach and inl-. une.
it is extract
,r"m Uie digestive stomach oi the Ox, ihn forming an Art.fkial
ror it By the aid of thi preparation, the pains and evil of nwJi-
ing ' gesiiou awunyspepsia are removed, pis I as tucy would lie by a
en healthy sioinaeb. It is doing wonders for Dyspeptics, curing eases
, ' j of Jf bi'.ity, Eoiaciatiwn, Xerv..ns Um-iine, an.! llvspeptic Consump
J0 j tian, supposed to on the verge of lhe grave. The scientific evi-
gesoon i oyapepsia are remove, pis taa tucy would ie by
deuce iifHMi which it is b:ied. is in the highest degree curious and
n IT,.:trKH"lv.
Baron Ijjebigin his celebrated work on Animal Chemistry, says:
An Artrnciitl Pieestire Fluid analogous lo the Gastric Juice, mav
be readily prepared from the mucous membrane of the stomach of
the Calf, m which various articles ol loud, as meat and eggs, will
be softened, chaaged. and digested, just in the same statiner as tney
would tie in the human stomach."
Dr. Combe, in his valuable writing on the ''Physiology of Diges
tion." observes that a ''diminution of the due quantity of the Gas
tric Jaice is a prominent and alt-prevailing cause or Dyspepsia;''
; and he states that - -a distinguished professor of medicine in London,
wat severely afflicted with this complaint, finding everything
I SIX forms a new era iu the chemical history of Digestion From
recent experiments, we know that (bod a dissolved as rapidly in an
artificial digestive flaw, prepved from 1'epsin. a it is in the natural
Gssirtc Juice itself."
All modem works onChemistry. Materia Medica, and Physiolo
gy, mid all good Medical Dictionaries, describe the character and
properties ol Pstsix, and state many interesting details respecting
The fact that an Artificial Digestive Fluid, or Gt-tric Juice, per
fectly resembling the natural fluid, may be readily prepared, does
not admit of question The only wonder is, that it has not before
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Dr. Huughlou's Pepsin has produced the most marvellous effects, in
' urine cases ol Uebiiity. r.maciHtion IScrrOW Uct liiie. and Uvsnep
tic Consumption, ft is impossible to give the details of cases in the
limits of this advertisement; but authenticated certificates have been
given of mere than two hundered remarkable cures, in Philadelphia,
New York, and Boston alone. These were nearly all desperate
cases, and the cures were net only rapid and wonderful, but permu
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ct to Bilious Diso'dcr, Liver Complaint. Fever and Ague, or badly
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XonillH Cramps.Soreaeof the pit, f tho Stomach, istress after
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; rM-l
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Price of Card of Admission to a Full Course, occupying from
i ß to 12 weeks, (25 00, pre-paid or secured.
A PARTIAL COURSE, Embracing the BeieatÜc part of the
Fall Course as Hlostrated in 5 different sets of Books, together with
Lectures on Mercantile Arithmetic and Commercial law, can be
taken at any time, leaving it optional with tbe Pupil after the comple
tion of the Partial Course to continue through the Full Course.
7""Price of Cards of Admission to Partial Course, f IMS, pre
paid or secured.
nNo admittance as a Pupil in either course without first ob
taming a Card of Admission from the' Principal.
LECTURES on Banking, Political Economy, and other subjects
valuable to the Merchant, to be known, will be delivered through,
out the Coarse
A Diploma granted only lo those who may pass a satisfactory ex
amination at the completion of a Full Course.
The best time for commencing either course will be the first Mon
day of each month, although Pupils are admitted at any time.
Report of the Board of Erominert, JHdy30, 1BS1.
We. the undersigned, (by special request.) acting as the Board of
Examiners of tho Commercial Institute ot Indianapolis, do certify
that we have attended the examination of the present graduating
class of said Institution, and find said class as well acquainted with
the elementary principles of Double Entry Book Keeping as could
well be expected, their age and opportunities of actual practice con
sidered. We believe them to have received from their present In
structor, a thorough drilling in this all important branch of Commer
cial Education, which, if steadily observed and properly practiced
upon, will render them able accountants and valuable citizens, and
we would recommend that the following named members of the
present class receive Diplomas, to-wit:
James B. Weeks, John M- Dorsey, Hezekiali W. Roberts, Samuel
J Morris, Joseph R. Haugh, John T. Ferguson. George W. Dorsey,
Nicholas HeCarty, Jr., James T. Brown, and Tvra Montgomery.
And in conclusion we would congratulate the citizens of Indiana
in now haviug it in their power to patronize a home Institution cf
Commercial education where us much information, in as short a lime,
and at far lass expense, and anxiety uf mind on the part of parents
and guardians, can, and we believe will lie imparled, as at any oihtf
-iniilar Institution iu the West. R. F. MORRIS,
lariANAMUs, May HO, 1851.
N. H Ii shall be the aim of the Principal to furnish all the g rad
ii a; en of ihis Institution who may desire it, with immediate employ
ment: he therefore request, business men in any part of Die Stat
wlw may be in want of good accountan's t inform him of the same,
slating all particulars, and he wiil try und send him one well quail,
fied in every particular.
Arrangements have been made with one of the largest aim
best Boarding houses in the City to board and lodge all ths Students
from abroad at 2 00 per week, making the entire expenses of board
ing, Tuition, and Stationary, about S40.00, tbe price of Tuition alone
in the Cincinnati Colleges. julyl7-lyd:w
STITUTION. riMIS entabl eliment is jut completed, and will be a permanent
W place fox the reception of all patients wishing to undergo treat
ment for diseased EYES, as well as those desirous of being opera
ted ou for the removal of all varieties of DEFORMITIES, such a
long standing Dislocations, Club-foot, immobility of Ute Lower Jaw,
etc., Ac.
The building is in a beautiful and healthy location, in the western
border of the City ol" Peoria, where patients can be accommodated
with comfortable rooms, boarding and washing, uch as corresponds
to each case. Every instrurient and apparatus calculated to carry
out the designs of such aa institution, is provided, and ia the Ortho
paedic Department several entirely origin j! ones are used, some of
which in Club-foot of young children frequently obviates lhe neces
sity of operating by the knife.
The desigtt of the Eye Department is more particularly for the
treatatent of those patients who. under a less rigid system than can
be pursued at such sn institution, would be for the moat part incura
ble. For further information, address
Peoris, rtlinoi.
Hon E A. Hainiegan, liatiana;
Hon. Wilson Shannon, Ea-6ov. ol Ohin
Hoii. Wm. P. Bryant. Ex-Chief Justice eV Oregon;
H n. Isaac P. Walker, U. S Senate
Hon. John Moore, Springfield, Illinois;
Hon. Wm. McMurty, I.'eut Gov. ot Illinois;
Hon. S. II. Treat, Spriugfleld, Illinois
For further information address R. S. COOPER,
janK-ly Peoria, Illinois.
ATEAYBD From ths premises of the subscriber, east of In
9 ianapolis, on the night of the Gib nut., a twotyear old sorrel
mare, with a white spot on the face, whits spot ou her nose, a ht
tl white on ber left hind foot. She Is very large of her age. Any
person giving any informs,. on of her will tie amply rewarded.
Marien c-oeeiy, lad., Aug 20. 189-w3w.
.-IBE PROOr PAINT. Constantly on band a large supply of
W tho virion colors of dry and ground in oil Fire-proof paint at
augS UANNAMAN or DUZAN'S Drug Siore.
1 "-.'
Tri-Weekly, 5; Weekly, t2 labs of Twenty to
Weekly SI 00 each
! i. C WRIGHT, '
J. WRIGHT, L. B BRUEN, Editors and
Incorporated and doing business under the iiame ni
To whom business letters will be directed
5,000 New Subscriber in Three Years,
i H attenu-ti to their several Newspaper issues al
hIuI f. thi cam llis nnlronncp of the IYi.n':r
the aspec -1 interest of which the paper is devotwl The senior edi-
tor is Jons C. tVur.HT. who for twelve years has Deen in cnarge.
Hi long residence iu the West, his variou positions, public and i
private relations with the people of the West, has made him famil-
isr with their wants and necessities. Besides we have hveother
editors, who have charge of particular departments. As a farther
claim to th su -porl of the West in preference to Rastern papers,
Supplied with the earliest intelligence from the sea-board, IN A
DAY AND A HALF, and Irom other place in a correspondingly
short time.
(n Telegraphic Commcnicatums with all pans of the country
Raving Cojrespondeats of the mot reliable character in Europa,
Washington, New York, and other cities.
This paper njttst reach Western people with the news earlier than
aay eastern publication.
We have also engaged the services of E D. MaXSFIclu, Miss
Alk k Casey, Mrs. Stows, and many other, who Contribute Mi -cellaneims.
Statistics! , geienrfiti IIorriewHttrnl, Finanrinl.atd Com
mmrtial News.
We arc determined to be behind no other paper, ai.d will not
spare money or labor to make our paper tarsal v to even one.
mal or female.
The Gazette has been established SIXTY YEARS, and li-
grown in confidence as a reading and advertising paper. Om es
tablipi-.neut has changed from s log cabin to a large six stoiy
buiMmr Oar press room has also been greatly improved. Tbe
old f.hioiied hand prsses have been discarded, and steam presses
introduced We now have six power presses driven by steam, and
many card, hand, and other presses Instead of employing but two
",K ' a ormeny, uit numoer na grauua y sweueu to two nunureo;
J ' , j L iJJ I ; v I I
aauu. nuu uil4U oi i i'liuillun!; KU. one iHauruoi mv uil-:ue--. wc
now- undertake to execute almost uny kind of work pertaining to the
an of printing We can fill orders for Newspapers, Book-work,
all kinds of Job Printing, Binding. Lithographing, Wood Engra
vings. Storeoty ping, eVc. We ttte Ihis to Miowonr onward pro
Contains a much larger amount of reading than any other Cincin
nati daily paper. We devote epceiai pains to getting accurate and
reliable news we are particularly careful to avoid personalities
and vulgarities we seek to give fals we treat our readers as if
they were intelligent men, and give them such information bearing
on ihe subject, as will tend to enlighten the mind.
The Ctscixsat! Gazettk will maintain its position as a leading:
Whig paper in the West, and its proprietors anil editor have,
through a series of fifty years, been the steadfast friends and advo
cates of those principles known as Whig principles. They do not
permit their paper blindly to follow the behests of any nor blindly
advocate every measure of Party without inquiry, whether right er
wrong. While we pursue that which is right, we will follow the
dictates of none.
The Commereitl Xttet of lhe Daily Gazette is very' full) and ac
curately made up from the books of the Merchants' Exchange, and
all tlie best sources of information, by one who devotes his whole
time to the subject; and we give nil the Financial and Commercial
News a business man mav want.
yttaa Advertising medium, t' e Hazette stand foremost. Its
yearly advertisers number near five hundred, and our advertising
charges will retell 5100 per day. Our number of transient adver
tisers are very numerous.
Our Tw-Wkklt contains all the news of the Daily
Is lhe largest, best, and cheapest n lhe West.
In Civ' -, ii can be had, as may be seen, for Sl.00 per annum
Ws commend, however, as most satisfactory and independent, sin
gU subscriptions mt 3. This costs a little mere, but is less trouble,
some and more satisfactory.
We invile attention to the claims of t. lis paper lo thercpporl of
Me West. Without ia Ihe least relaxing in our exertions lo make
the Political department of the Gazette worthy of public confidence
or suffering any diminution in the care hitherto exercised over the
Commercial department, and the department of Local ami General
News, we have determined to make increased exertions to render
our columns set apart for MISCELLANEOUS READING, more
acceptable to our subscribers.
In this department will alwavs ! found a carefully chosen me
lange ol Tales, Poetry, Moral" Essays, Descriptive and Historical
Sketches. Edifvtusr and Humorous Extracts from Current Ltlera-
ture; Agricultural and Horticultural Information, and a column of
amusing and instructive Selections for the benefit of the juvenile
members of the Home Fireside. We will leave neither pains nor
expense untried, lo render our paper entertaining and useful lo the
Business man tind genera! reader and Family Circle.
Wo often, as illustrations, introduce IVoorf Cuts, cf inod'l hansel
and distinguished persons and places.
Our Editorial arrangements are such, that in all departments of
our establishment we can oiler n guarantee ol ability, correctness,
and dispatch. Few Weeklies in the United States contain more
mailer we bare nearly one-tliinl more than any Weekly from
Cinchmaii, and each Weekly is equal to 900 page oi an octavo
volume and none are made up with so great an expenditure o f labor
and money, especially for the purpose of supplying matter of pecu
liar importance to Western Readers, anil of properly presenting and
consistently advocating tbe great Commercial and Social Interest
of this section of the Ui ion
DAILY, payable halt-yearly So 00
TRI-WKKKLY, payable after six months of each year 5 00
WEEKL ta.OO in advance: 4.50 durmg tho year, or at the
end of Ihe year t 00
For the cash in advance, v.e will send the following numlier of
Weeklies to be stopped in all cases when the time is out:
3 copies for 85, and for cch other, from 3 to S ft 48
8 copies for 910, and for each other, from 8 to 20 I 23
80 copies for $40, and for e ich other, from 40 and upward . . 1 00
Clcb Adpittoks- New subscriptions to a club can be made at
lhe proportimiml rate? and so that the time expires with the others of
the Club.
Postmasters and Free Papers. We make all Post m as i er agents
of the Cincinnati Gazette, and request of them to obtain and (or
ward subscribers for us, and we will pay the regular commission
on all they obtain.
We will a'so send to any Postmaster our Weekly, free, who will
act as our agent, mid will keep our Prospectus posted vp in his office,
and aid in having it put and kept in other places, if he will desigaste
his wish to us.
We exchange our Weekly with pleasure with any of our Week
ly r,, temporaries of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. To
those desiring our Daily or our Tri-Weekly, we will exchange the
first for S3, and the at for $4. if remitted to us in advance. Or if
they will publish our Prospectus to '.hat amount, and send it us
marked, we will exchange. septS-dlt-swOt-wf. weow.
The Greatest Discovery of the Age.
BTSOR Infiamatory Rhenmatism. this Ointment is the most com.
. plete remedy ever prv pared.
In 89 cases out of 100 it will afford entire relief to the worst 0
of Nervous Headache in 30 minutes.
For Nervous Diseases, affection of the Spine. Rbeum il -in
lameness. Bums. c., Ae. it is of immense value
If any of our Ladies are afflicted with a Swelled Limb, or Milk
Leg, as it is sometimes called, (a complaint that many females are
subject to, after child-birth, and which is often protracted for
years,) we would say to all such, get a bottle ol" Trask's Magnetic
Ointment, which will effect a certain and permanent cure.
Price 25 ami 38 cents per bottle.
Sold wholesale and retail by Craighead & Browning. Tomtirtson
Brothers. Indianapolis: L. Edwards, Greenfield; Wiley M. Iowry,
Knighistown; Hodsou & Welbom, Orden; J. R. Bracken A- Cs..
Camber and: and bv one Agent in ench village in the State.
ctO-lyw H. 7. FERGUSON. Trav. Agent.
f BSilE citizens of Indiana who want to purchase Steam Engine.
M. Boilers, sheet-iron Chimneys, die, well constrneted, of the
best quality of iron, and cheao, are specially invited to the well
known arm of KELSHAW A- SINKER, whose facilities for manu
faeturing Steam Boilers are superior to any west of the mountains.
By which they arc prepared mid ever readv. bv Ions experience
at their business, io execute, on the hortest nonce, any description
oi new won or repair oi oia.
Thsrefore, before going dow to the river or elsewhere, call and
see, and save your lime anddimes at home, on Pennsylvania srreel.
on Pogue's Run, right north of the Gas Works, in lhe Railroad
city of Indiana.
ludianapolis July I, I'-.jü wGm.
THE next session in this Institution will commence 011 Thurs
day, 3d of September, and end on Friday, the 24th of De
cember. 1353.
It will be gratifying to thc.frieiids of tlio Univers'lv to learn, that
the vacancies in the Faculty have bean filled, j by the election oil
I).. & I) r rk r .1. ft,:. -- - - ... .
ny. suiiii niuK., u. is., 01 mc uuiu 1 iiiversin , rreMeiii, and
Robt. .Mill; an. A. .M . of Washington College, Pa.. Professor of
Mathematics and Civil Engineering. Both these gentlemen have
accented, and are expected to enter upon the duties of their respect
ive departments it the beginning of the ensuing term.
In the Normal Department, recently established, a course of lec
tures upon the '-Tbeoby axd PajicTica of Tcacuiho, ' will be
given (luring the session, bv some one of the Faculty. The Model
School for boys, established in conneciiou with the Normal Depart
ment, will be opened under ihe direction of Mr. Jons C. Smith, a
graduate of ihe University, al the beginning of tbe session, in the
otd College building, which is now being fitted up for that purpose.
In College Proper Eight Dollars per session.
In Preparatory fix Dollars per session.
Boarmxg can be had in private families from SI 3 to 91 ö per
eek. Students who join the Boaidiug Club, which occupies the
College Boarding House
dollar pt week.
expend from seventy-five cents to one
Pres't Board of Trustees,
Aug. 85. 1853 Sepu-w3w
Bloomington, Ind.
R. Ii,
l cO U A T,
E A L E R I Ni
WE have just received an extensive assortment of the heaviest
Stoves sold in this market. They consist of the following, via:
Dayton Triumph, Keutuckian. Bay State. Halcyon Air-tight with
Summer arrangement, Ohio Premium, Prize Premium. Improved
Premium, Box and Parlor Stoves of all pallern. Also. Wholes-tie
and Retail dealers in T.uware.
!L"A1I kinds of job work done wilh neatness and despatch.
H. lb. lumps 10,000 Cigars,
30 boxes Tobacco, 3s, Cs, Ar, and
assorted; received und for sale by
NOTICE. This is 10 notify all persons that my wik, Leanim
Ivers, has forsaken my bed and board without any just cause
or provocation whatever, and this 1 to notify the public not to trust or
harbor her ou my account, as I will be necoun '.-de for no contract
of hem from this day forward. PATRICK IVERS.
August 80, 185a. st pt-w3w
BRITTAITIA WARE Now opening -Rrittnnia
Coffee Pots;
do. Tea do;
f do. Soup Ladies;
do. Candlesticks;
do. Castors, assorted sites,
do. Covered Pitchers,
do. Unconvered do;
For sale al river prices.
41REN PORTER BOTTLES. 10 gross this day received l
JS juiil
YARNS, SrO -1,000
Km assorted Cotton Varus;
10 b,les, Batting;
6O1I07 Bed Cords ami Plow line;
Received and for sals auj7. JOHN W HOLLAND
Fire and Water-Proo: Composition Roofing Material
g i HE undersigned respectfully bet leave to call the attention of
I the community lo this invaluable material for Roofs. In tbe
eastern cities it has almost entirely superceded all other kind? ot '
Roof, and in this cay, although but recently introduced, bat in
every instance given the most entire satisfarvou Arrangements
are now perfected by wnieh the subscribers rt enabled to execute
all orders for the Roofing Material, either in town or country, at the
honest notice, mis' on tbe most favorable terms.
They are economical in construction, as they effect a consideabl
savinc of aide and cross-Wall, which goes far towards paying their
. cost, and are a protection against fire, presenting an incombustible
tiriace to miming uoaie tailing upon mem. renn neuny icvei.
they reay lie used conveniently for all the purposes of common
n touts
The daily use of Roofs, to which we can refer, sufficiently
c:r durability tor ihose purposes, oroer reapecuuiiy so-
l .Ol" DEN & DUFFY.
We? lhe rfersigned, having used the Composition Roofing Mi-
term ot Ixiuoen A Inffv. verv e heerfu v recommend its use, be
lieving ii to possess all the advantages ascribed to it as a Fire and
Water Proof Composition.
Daniel Yaudes,
II Roll,
Rev. C. E. Babb.
Dr. J. L. Mothershead,
J. Ferguson.
T Luptou,
S. Bardwell,
Charles Maj-er.
J. Hammond.
J. Hyner,
IV. KaiUback,
D. V. Cslley,
I.N. Phinpj.
C Campbell. Sheriff.
Dr. Teal,
James Blake,
J. B. Fitter.
R. May hew,
H.J ABC. Hon.
Geo. W. Mears,
Gen. J. P. Drake.
J. H. McKernai..
Judge Morrison,
1 E. Browning,
8. Longe necker.
1 Matthewa & Riconl.
8. Merrill.
Noble & Pratt,
1 Thalman Evan.
: Mr. Devenport,
Hon. W. J. Peaslee.
D. Ueorge.
I D. Crnigncad.
A. Harrison.
8. W. Norhs,
J. D. Defrees,
J. Bhellcnbarger.
C. G. Werby,
Hon. Isaac Blackford.
J. F. Holt,
if. Rech,
J. M. Bramwel!.
D. S. Ward,
Nathan Edwards.
J. F. Ramsey,
Hon. S E. Perkins.
Wm. Sheets,
Wm Ecken.
Geo. McOuai.
Moms Moiti
J l'atteron.
N. B. Palmer, (mine w;
put n by Warren, but amr a uird hy
Mr. Louden)
Little, Drum k. Andersons.
Dr. J S. Patteron, Superintendent Lunatic Aylum.
, j iXK.twood Contractor Ga and Coke Co.,
v Bolton, State I.ibnan
Dr Rvmi. Anderson,
Mr Howe, Bleomingioii.
Mr. Woodward, do.,
s. V. B. Noel, Fortsville.
Mr. Gallagher. Muncie,
Mr. Neely, do.
L. Farley, Noblesville
Mr. .Makepeace, do..
Dr. Murphy. Franklin
F. Teiiclfs, Plainfield.
W. Ransom, do.,
Mr. Williamson. (Jreencastle.
Indianapolis, February 7, 1S54
Mr A A. Locdex Sir: In reply to yours of yesterday, I would
say that had it not been for the parent paper Roofing with which lhe
Capital House is covered, it would have been impossible to have
saved the building during the late fire adjoining it: and inmy cpinton
I consider it Fire Proof. J. CAIN.
I hereby certify that lhe Roof on my house, being put on by Ixu-
tt Lronv, verv much protected said Roof a Patent Kim. i at
the late fire.
I shall never again put on a hingie roof on
June t, '51. J. STEVENS
All work warranted any reasonable lenath of time, or no nav.
uattl, 1-52. febUdiw
COVERLETS 1 would inform the citizens
Marion and adjoining counties that I have permanently located
on ibe corner ot Wa-hiugtou and West streets, Iti.banapolis, Ind.,
where I am prepared lo do all kinds of COVERLET WEAVlMi
on the shortest notice, and in the ieom approved style. I always !
keep on hand the latest and most approved patterns, and from long :
experience in the business in England and the United States, I feel
confident that I can give entire satisfaction. I have worked for the
last fourteen years at the business in Lebanon, Warren county, ..
and at tbe two last Warren eounlv AgriculturaTFairs my Coverlets
took the Premium. SAMUEL PERROTT.
IndiHiiapotis. July 27. 1852-wSm.
Fine Blooded Cattle and Sheep for sale from Kentucky.
T F, have at Mr Sandusky'., on Ibe National Road, lour ami
Va a ball miles east of Indianapolis, a lot of fifty-two fine
Blootleil Cows and Hfiers, and eleven fiut young Bulls, from six
months to two rears old. A few fin Cotswold Bucks. We have
ai Mr C. Fletcher. Jr 's a splendid vuung Bull, llirce years old
past .
The alove stock will be offered for sale after the 20th of 'Sept.,
uniil the close of the State Fair. Persons desirous of improving
he ir cattle are respect ful'v invited to call and see them.
augl-wtf. R. M. WEBB.
se20-yw IOWA CITY, IOWA.
OUND FOR C ALIFORNIA. Indiana arrived with dates lo
WlW the 1 llli July. The cholera hail almost disappea red from the i
The barley crops of the Sacramento valley had been hnrvested, I
and yielded heavy grain tf a superior quality.
The ilea's froin'ihe mines is encouraging, and we have determined i
to sell out, as one of the firm is going to try tbe. Gold region. All
persons knowintr themselves indebted to the firm, either bv note or
book account, will please ca'l anil senle up immediately, as we in
tend to sell out our entire stock aad close up every thing by the 1st
of November. All those wishing lo buy Goal Freslt Groteries low
er than ever forf'osi. can do so bv calling on
aagSO MaMatsHall.
Great Bargains- Sign of the Flag.
Gt OODS at this house wiil be sold at unheard ot low prices.
T It would be impossible here lo enumerate all the articles
comprising the stock, but will mention a few meriting attention
Asqlendid lot of HER AGE DE LAI NFS, from 15 ct to 30 cl,
ustiaUv sold from 23 cts. to 37- cts.
NEW DE LA IN ES, a good article, for 124 eu. per yard
Also, a fine lot of SILK SHAWLS, good and cheap:
TERMS CASH All Goods warranted to lie of the kind and
quality represented. may 131 J. S. NORRIS.
300ft ga.ls. Stone Ware, assorted;
100 Jugs, , 1 and 2 trails.;
100 Jars. 1. 2.3. 4, 5 and 0 gallons:
Butter Crocks, 2 aud 4 gallons:
Milk Pans;
For sale low to dealers aug!7, JACOB LINDLEV.
Farms com.iining from thirty to five hundred acre;, mid ranging in
price from 500 to 910,000; and also unimproved lands to any ex
tent. Tanneries. Mills. Tavern Stands, und City Lots, with and
without dwellings; and Village property situated in lhe different
Middle and Western Stales, can be had on application at this office.
Property to the amount of 5200,090 is now u-ior. our Register for
file .
Any person, by examining them, can acquire more information
in reference 10 property in market; than by any otlier means; and
persons wishingto dispose of propertp have facilities unequalled for
so doing, through his Agency. aug"-ddrw3;n.
JUST RECEIVED A lot of splendid enamelled Parlor (
Grates, with aud without Summer Fronts, selected from
atcstand most beautiful Eastern patents. Call and examine.
sale low by THOMAS BLTST.
septl , Sign 0 the Red Anvil.
New York and San Francisco Steam Ship Line.
New Sliip UNITED STATES, 1.500 ions burthen.
New Sh p WINFIELD SCOTT, 2.100 tons burthen.
New Ship CORTES. 1,600 tons burthen
flHE elegant steamer UNITED hTATES will leave New
M V'rk 011 the 1I of September, at 3 o'clock P M., for Aspin
wall. (Navy Bay,) where passengers will take tue Railroad lor
Panama, S3 far as finished. At Panama, one of the magnificent
steamers of the line will be in wailing (the WINFIELD SCOTT)
for the passengers by llie "United States," aud proceed without de
lay lo -an Francisco, reaching lhe latter city in from twenty-one 10
twenty-four days from New " ork.
The ships of this line are unequalled in Ibeir accommodations,
having been built expressly for the irade, and with a view to com
fort, speed, and safety No delays at the Isthmus are yeruiittttd, and
ihe most ump'c measures are adopted to forward passengers, saving
time, money, and health by the cciatmy and reliability of the
Passengers by this line may rely 011 the utmost punctually . and
need have no fears of spurious tickets.
The undersigned will secure tickets, through from New ork to
San Francisco, for persons desirous of going in this line, without
charge beyond the price of the ticket, an-! will be happy 10 give any
information to persons residing m Indiana or Illinois 111 regard to
the lime of sailing, price of tickets, die.
Sept. 3, 1852. Terre Haute, Ind.
N. B The UNITED STATES will leave New York again on
the 23ri of September, and will be joined by the CORTES, to convey
her passengers from Panama. sspt7-dltw3w.
The Greatest Horse Medicine of the Age!
" f ' count
THOSE who have used il once almost invariably call !
et another supply, and all unite in saying that it is
mirable remedy in the diseases for which it is re-
Wc do not sav that THK GERMAN MORSE POWDER will
eure all the diseases to which that useful animal, the Horse, is subj
jeet, but we do recommend it as a most certain cure and praven
live in tue roiiowing diseases, viz:
v- . -mr II ,1, . oi 11 rf-l 1 1 r
Distemper, lellow Water, Skbberin. Inlanders, Low
& pints. Los of Appetite, 'Call at the Bell and Br.'s rouudry f Garratf Davis A Co.. on
And all Diseases whatever arising from J Pennsylvania street, south of the Journal office, and leave you 1
IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD I orders, where a sample of the machine may be seea.
And boldly challenge the production of better medicine for those i ,n',0 dw GARRATT, DAVIS, A CO
diseases J myoTIOE To Cuilders wishing to contract fbr the erection of a
A e pub ish no certificates, for we are willing that the medicine , V Court Hou.. , lbe ,own oNehvflle, Brown coenty, Indl
sha l stand or fall by its own deserts, and we are confident that a , ,na; may inspect the drawing and specifications at the Aaduor'.
trial of it will convince the most skeptical of its good qualities, 1 0ffice ,- .h C0lmtv. from lue lOih 10 the 15m 01 Seoiember aext
-V B. Purchasers should be caret ul and a.k lor Fukardl s (.er- I
moa IIor.se Powder, and not take ar-y other Buy only of us or
our accredited agents.
Price, SO cenu a paper.
Druggists and Manufacturers,
Cireleville, O.
To who in all orders must be addressed.
DER can also be bad of
THALMAN k EVANS, Indianapolis.
And of other respectable agents in Indiana. raaMw
rspO THE PUBLIC Tiie undersigned hereby cautions the
public against buying or using a Patent Right fbr mac tuner)
for cutting the Screws upon the raus, dec., of bedsteads, granted to
Spencer Lewi, April 0th, 1890, as the same was procured by fraud.
and has been adjudged by the Ccmnussie
ol PalenU fbr the
United States, 10 Gross aud Campbell, of Tiffin. Ohio.
The undersigned is the only auihoitzed Agent of said Gross aad
Campbell for Ihe sale of the Rights in said machinery in the State of
Indiana, and will prosecute any infringement upon the same by
sale, using, or otherwise.
For lhe information of the publle, he herein sets forth the decision
of the Commissioner ol Patents:
''Spencer Lewis vs. Gross k Campbell Interference of said Gross
Ä Campbell's application wilh a Patent, granted lo said Spencer
Lewis, April 9th, 1950, for improvements 111 machinery for cutting
Screws on rails. &c, of Beausleads, before the Commissioner of
"After careful examination of the testimony in tbe above entitled
case, priority of invention is decided in favor of said Gross and
Campbell; the said Gross joint inventor with the said Cam; bell, of
the machine claimed Dy tnem, Having invented the part 111 '.'ontro
troversy prior 10 the invention or production of the same by said
Lewis. THO'S l'WBANK.
Patkht Officf, March 17. 1561.
julyS-wCw. Agent for Cross or Campbell. Tiffin, o-
Table Spoons.
Tea Spoons;
Butter Knives;
Castors wilh cut bottles.
ranELE GRAPH TUMBLERS Now opening ami for sie
Troup & Fickardt's Celebrated Black Liniment
IS APPLICABLE in all the various diseases of Horses and Cat.
tie where an external application m required, ach as Certs,
Chares. Oall. Sprain. Bruise. Scratches, Cracked Heel , .trains
of the Shoulder. Stifle. Hoof. Knee. Hip, Joint. Fetlock, and of the
Pastern and Coffin Joints, Swcener, Splint. Spav.ii. Hard '
DjrtemDtr. Fistula. Poll En.. A .
And also, aii excellent remedy for the Human frame in ail
of Weakness or Stiffness of the Joint. Pains in the Back, Breast,
Bide, l-ace. L.imbv ic; ftore lliroat. Influenza swellings, Kheu-
matisra. Sprains, Bruises, Arc. 4c. Arc
This article is far superior to and cheaper
serve and llone lmimei:t m use.
DZT"The GsntroM is prepared and sold oafy by the subscribers
It may also be obtained of their accredited agents throughout the
Slate. Pries 25 cei ts a bottle, or 5 battles f.-r a dollar, by
TROUP et F1CKARDT. Druggists.
Circle Tille, O
Te whom all orders must be addressed.
The GENUIN R BLACK LINIMENT esn also be had ot
THALMAN fc EVANS. Indianapolis
And at other respectable agoacies in Indiana. maMw
GROCERIES The understgnefl have rest received a splendid
stock of well assorted Groceries fresh and good, and are pre
pared to sell for cash or approved country produce, as low as any
one in the city. Give us a call and see, feet, and taste for your
selves. Our word for it we will give you bargain Oar stor
consists, in part, of the fallowing arti-les, via:
SO bags Rio Coffee. 100 do Cnttoa Twine;
10 do Java do; 000 de do Batting, No. 1;
5 do Mocha do; 100 do Candle Wick;
J0 II H D. prime and good fair 10 bags Almonds, soft and hare
A O sugar;
SO bbls cruslied, powdered, clar
ified Havanna, and fine Loaf
30 bhl X. O. MolstMe. prune;
10 do 8. H. do;
5 do Golden Syrup do;
5 do Fine Sa. crates:
SO do, and barf bbls No. 1, 4,
and 3. Mackerei, 118S1, war
ranted good m all cases-, i
24 Kits, No. L and 3 Maek'rel,
1.000 lbs Lead in 1 lb. and i lb.
100,000 Gun Caps;
25 bags shot, assorted;
100 dor Broom. Fancy and Co n.;
Hi bags Pea Nut;
10 do Braziinuu.
5 do English Wi
1 do Filberts, II fr-b 131
5 do Pepper; ;
5 no Alspice,
25 Mats Cinnamon.-!
2 14ls Ginger;
1 half bbl Clove,
1 do do Nutmegs;.
10 bbls Madder.
2 do Alumn:
8 do Coppera.
2 Cernons Spa usli Hoat Indtgt
12 boxes M. R. Raisins;
12 half boxes do;
20 boxes Bet . 4,
50 do Gits- assorted sixes.
100 dox F1sk pfl and ql's;
100 lbs do Twine:
100 dox Bedcords, No. 1, and 2
40 boxes best Taüow Candles;
10 ilo Star do;
10 do Summer Stearine do:
10 do Starch;
12 no lJ.-U.le 00.
: 10 Kegs Gunpowder;
10 hat? kegs do;
50 Kegs Nails. a?.rie.t
and 144 grtws Matches;
50 dox Biackmg,
20 do Shoe Brushes.
1 10 do Wire 8ives;
! 2 do Sardines;
5 do Fine Table Sali.
15 do Soap;
25 do Faacv. Shaving.
Toitet Soap.
5 boxes Chocolate. No. 1.
30 do E D Cheese:
20 do W. R. iio.
100 do aH kinds Candy;
95 Nests Tubs, fancy nnd com
25doz Buckets do '';
1ft bags Liverpool oV,
1 do Saltpetre:
5 bbls Carolina Tar.
100 do Rosin;
1 Tierce Rice;
1 bale Brow Maatin,
50 half Chests fine Imperial
Gunpowder. Young Hvson
and Biack Teas, all well as
sorted and fresh from Phila
delphia; do asb Hoards;
300 do Pure Ground l"epprr:
100 do
do Alspice;
do Cinnamon,
do Cloves;
do Mustard;
50 do
50 do
50 do
10.000 doz 7. fi
and 500 Co.ton
150 lbs Pound Yarn's;
Now. all you have lo do is to call and sei your own price,
fbr we nave got the articles to suit. Bring on your Wheat, Flax
seed, Live Geese Feathers. Beeswax, Ginseng, and Eggs, if you
wish to exctiange for Groceries, the same as cash.
mar25-detw (Journal copy Maonic Hall.
creased stock, purchased in the East this Spring. I am con
stantly receiving additious from lhe Eastern markets ami
itianulac'.urers. 1 have now on ban 1 a Inrger and dies
-UK-k man can ne touna e:ewnere in mis vicinity 1 nave
many new articles, a well as increased liaise heretofore kept
Among the articles ot which 1 have a full iisscrttiientaii hand, are
Locks, Latches. Butts, St revv. Nail and Brads. Window Sash,
Glass, dec,
TABLE AND POCKET CUTLERY- The best assortment eve
offered in this market.
N Kellogg's and otlier ntaki
Till. Chest, and Cupboard U
ameled and Patent Leather. .1
ilahogany Veneer and Knot
le and Bed Ctor,Glue. ere,
Percha and ( bl Cloth, Eu
ilso. Hubs, shafts. Felloes. Ar
CI. .ill- India Rubber Kell
Saws, Füe. Packing Yarn, llloek Znie, Ac;
FOR FARMERS All kinds of rnrtn Plow, Cbi
Steel and Steel Back S ythes. Cradles. Forks Rakes. ShnveU
Spades, aud Hoes;
FOR BLACKSMITHS Constantly 011 hand a very large stuck ot
Shoenlierger Iron, all kind of Steel. nnghnrunyCnal. Blacksmith
Tools, dec. All warranted.
A great variety of the most improved patterns of' Parlor and Cook
Stoves, warranted for oi:e year. Tm Plate. Copper. Pumps, and
Lead Pipe. All very cheap, at wholesale ar retail, at the sign of th
Big Padlock and Cook Stove HENRYS KFLUW;;
Indianapolis, May W, 1851 . "
FBHE subscriber having taken, for the present, a Store 111 the
J Palmer House building, offer a large and we!' selected stuck
of (ioisls m Ins line. c. :i-..-i te :
Moleskin, Fur. Cassimero, and Silk Hats,
U1- the iaP(it styles, which for quality, lcauiy of finish, end dara
1 bility. challenge competition.
A benimm! asiortmettt 01 Mil AW it UI V tor lon'tmen.
Boy's, and Children's wear comprising among oilier.
Panama. Braid. Leenorn, and Straw
1 .11 lien ih'ni inr inniiufjt Huri - i-.iim -. .nn. in n ,, - -i
: variety.
He will also keep on hand a complete assortment ot" Bluet and
Soft Casssimere and Brush Hats,
Consisting of the most tasty Kossuth, Msgvar. Hunesnnn. and
other patterns.
Palm-Leaf Hats, Black and Drab Wool Hats,
From the bet to the cheapest qualities. Also,
Men's and Boy's Caps.
My Goods are of superior workmanship aud designed to secure
custom and will be sold as cheap as the cheapest, for cash
!T7Countrv Merchants supplied on the most liberal terms.
Fjy-V B. This establishment wiii be removed on or about the
1st of September, to the siand BOW occupied by W H Talhoti,
Jeweler, under lhe Capital Home.
Indianapolis. April th, lnoS-dAwtf.
TOLS. SAMUEL BECK would respect
fully inform his aid friends and the juU gen
erally, that he has asain taken cliaree of Ins
Gun business, ami will again devote his entire attention to The man.
ufacture of Guns, tits shop is on Washington street, half a square
west of the Court Hoase aqua e, sign of the Big Gun. wiiere he will
be happy to accomm-itiate all wfio may wish good Rifles, Shot
Guns, or any other article in the Gun line. All work warranted, or
nocharge. He has constantly . on hand the best Rifle P jwder,
?ap, aud Lead.
His loss by fire of his Hat Store, makes it necessary to call on all
who know themselves indebted to him by noie or book re-count, to
call immediately and pay up, as he is compelled to have money.
Come, and save cost
jy-oruers irouj a uisuuice prouip::y atteiiuca 10. tcui.su
COMPOSITION by the barrel, prepared Paper and Teltuig,
Kettles of 90 to 140 gallons, Mops, Screens, and Heaters w
prepare Gravel, dec, for sale at out Manufactory on Market street,
two and one-half squares east of the Court House, with printec di
rections for use. C ZIMMERMAN fc CO ,
may25-ddcwtf Indianapolis. Ind.
AKD OIL, a super-or artii
W-A julyl5.
STATE The two
For sale only by
best Cooking Stoves in the United Stales.
Sign of the Ret Ansa!
HAT3: HATS'.! CAPS: CAPS:: One of the largest and bcrt
assortments of HATS and CAPS to he found in the State, is
now ready for inspection at the subscriber's establishment, and a
call is solicited from all who wish aay article in lus line. He ha
all Iii Hau made with the utmost care as to qualiiy.styie, and dura
bility, and also keeps constantly on hand a goodly variety ef fash
ionable Hats and Case from the following Cincinnati Manufacturers,
via Camp, Dodd, Sherwood a Co.. Bates, Wrteher. A Co . and a
few fins New York and Philadelphia Hsu
Also One of tbe et assortments of soft Fur and Hungarian
Hau, comprising all the different fty'es now worn.
Also a splendid assortment of Men's and Bovs's Caps, at
WILMOT S Hat Store.
aug'-ddiw. 1 Palmer House
Patent Combination Table, Toilet, Wash Stand, and
Shower Bath.
'HE subscribers are now prepared to furnish thi lieautiful aud
H uiku:, IM Kill t- I 1 O ir l-i IUIIOIUI- ill 1 u-i 1- 1 1 1-
aml ,very amiu lloukl (iave (Be in oruer wesjoy food iie.lt i,
-TVmU , i .5, .:, l,,-, ,K- 1 1 Vlwk a si ,.n rh 1S1I,
ers lo lie riven in not later than 11 o'clock A. M
it being the day they propose contracting the erection of said houe
All further explanations will be given by the Auditor.
By order of the Board of County Commissioners of Brown county.
August 13. 1S53 augl-w4w g. MANVILLE
aar E are now selling THE BEST of Philadelphia aad Frenct,
Tf Calf-Skrn Boots,
From 50 cemts to 1.00 prr Pair Lower
than any oilier manufacturer in the city. Tofhesewhc want GOOD
BOOTS we would say.
for ihe KraiG
Tci i :i survrior oualilv Ol
which we are selling at the prices of ordinary shop work. The Stack
is superior to anything we ever had, and the work warranted of the
Don't forget the place, Sigr. of the Rig Red Bool, Washington et
Indianapolis, April. 1S54
HAVE located permanently in Ihe city of Indiana
pons Office on Meridian street, a few doors south
of ihe Post Other Osvraiiew Wumtslsf.

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