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Chicago Grain and Provisions
New York Stocks.
Long Distance Telephone. liTS and 1S52.
v 11 and 13 West Pearl Street
Cincinnati Office. Rocma 4 an 1 5. Kankakee fid's.
Forelsnrm Daylnc Hark Some of the
Mucks That II ml Been Unloaded
Local Market Inactive.
At New York yesterday money on call
"Was easy at lUHi-lr cent.; last loan, VA
closed offered at lU&lVa per cent.
Pr4m mercantile paper, Z"IA per cent.
Sterling exchange was steady, with actual
business in bankers' bills at Sl-issU for de
" mand and Ji.SGri for sixty days; posted
rates. 4.7ti4.s72 and Sl. l.M; com
mercial bills, Jl.SGl.bG. Silver certificates,
C2i62!c. Bar silver, 62c Mexican, dollars.
Total sales of stocks to-day were 221,003
shares. Including: American Tobacco, 11.200;
Chicago Gaj Trust receipts, 1S.100; Burling
ton. lT.&w; Louisville &. Nashville, 28,000;
New York Central, o.oOO; Omaha. 6,300;
Heading, 1U0O; St. Paul, 22,800; Western
Union. 3.0O); West Union preferred, 10.100;
fcilver certiflcates, $13,0u0.
New York dealers in stocks and bonds
awoke to a realization yesterday that their
fears had exaggerated values threatened by
the Graeco-Turklsh war. The early morn
ing brought news of the opening prices in
London for American securities at well
above Monday night's New York closing.
The opening was about, on a parity with
lxndon . for the International shares, the
rush of first purchases in some stocks being
to great as to give a range of U in the
initial price as was the case in the selling
movement. The opening was attended by
an almost efjual degree of excitement. Tho
day was, in fact, almost an exacc reversal
, of Monday's proceedings except that the
retrograde movement Stopped short of full
recovery- The international stocks were
naturally the most affected by the London
totrcngth, and Louisville fc Nashville, which
Buffered the heaviest loss, showed the
sharpest recovery, opening at an improve
ment of .Hi. St. Paul opened with t unning
sales of ti.uuO shares at 70 to 7o;. against
- Monday night s closing at fJO-'U. The im
provement, though centering m the inter
nationals, was general throughout the list,
the rise reaching a joint in many stocks.
The quotations for British consols from
London were eagerly looked for as the lest
index of the real importance attached to
tho war by those likely to. be best informed.
Quotations were the first since Thursday,
und when it was seen that the fall in the
price was only 7-16, apprehensions over the
rffects of the war largely subsided. At the
opening of the war between Turkey ami
luissla, in U77, the fall in consols was three
lull points. Tne tone of the exchange mar
ket yesterday also served to abate the fear
of immediate gold shipments, which was
an influence only In selling. The advance
In exchange rates which has occurred on
each successive day recently ceased, and
rates only jU3t barely held lirm. It was re
ported that; the foreign bankers had de
cided not to attempt gold shipments until
the actual rate lor short sterling had
reached -1.4. while the rate yesterday
wa $4.$SV4. londun also bought stocks
quite heavily during the day. in addition
to this the week's statement of exports
from New York showed an increase of over
S1.WA0U0 over last week, thus giving prom
ise of a continued excess of exports not
withstanding the large imports now being
made. This promise of deferment of gold
hhipments helped to relieve the selling
pressure. The contrary movement of the
stock and , the grain markets.', was again
noticeable as yesterday. The buying by
London was quite a notable factor, and
a. good part of the stocks sold by that cap
ital were bought back. There was evidence
also of a large amount or new purchases
by London. This Included some Southern
preferred, which rose 3 points, showing the
extreme gain on th? lay, and Union Pa
cific and Wabash. Southern preferred was
lso helped by thfl Increase in earnings for
the second week in April of ?2U,620. The
bulk of buying for ixmdon account, how
ever, was of Loui.ivllle & Nashville and St
Paul, the latter again being the leader of
the market in point of activity, and being
several times crossed by liurlington in the
quotations. With the exception of two brief
periods of reaction, due to protit taking, the
course of the market was upward all day.
The active railway shares showed an aver
age net gain or about a point, extending
to 2j m the case of Louisville & Nashville
and Southern breferred. Leather preferred
and Tobacco each showed a net decline of
over a point, the former on Washington
report Indicating the probability of a tariff
on hides. The anthracite coalers showed
less buoyancy than the rest of the list, and
Lackawanna, closed at a loss of 1 per cent.
Pacific Mall also was down on the day.
The closing was dull but rirm. and .slight
ly Deiow me best prices oi tne aay.
Hallway bonds recovered sharitly. with
the speculative Issues leading the move
ment. Ohio Southern firsts were a notable
exception, and. fell t,t per cent, as com-
ared with the preceding sales at 90 on
arch 21. Business was slightly more active
with tho Atchison, Texas Pacific and
Northern Pacific issues registering the ex
treme gains. The sales were 51.12ti.000.
Government bonds were active, but with
out notable change on transactions- of
The- following table, prepared by I. V. Louis.
Room 11. Board of Trade, shows the range of
Open- High- Low- Clos
ing, eat. est. Iny.
Adams Express l.'o
Alton St Terre Hiute C6
American Express 1114
American Fpirit US H'.i 11H H'a
American Spirits pref so-
American Sugar llli 112 1114, 1U
American huar iref ir,i,'a
American Tobacco 71 71 69i &
American Tobacco pref lot
Atchison fi 10 2 id
HHlmone A Ohio 13
Canada Pacific 4Si;
Canada. Southern 47Vi 47Vi 47 47
Central Pacific 7',j
Chesapeake & Ohio lf 16 16'4 IS
Chicago & Alton 182
C. B. & Q 7lli 71H 70S 71 "4
O. & E. I. pref 95
Chicaj Gas 81 S2'i fi;
C. C. C. &, St. L 28i 2il4 2S 2i
, Ooramer-jlal Cable Co ICO
Consolidated Gas , .... id
cctton on ; ioi;
Cotton Oil pref ' .... ji,
I Delaware A lludnon ."
!.. I & W 14 Jf.
Ienver & Rio Grande 314
I'enver & Kio uranje prer
Krle first pref
ICrie second pref
Fort Wayn
Central El-ictric Zli 3114
tirtat Northern pref
Hocking Valley
Illinois Central
Kansas & Texas pref
Lake Erie & Western
LAke Erla & Western pref
Ltke Shore
J. ad Trust
Louisville & Nashville 424 434
lxul9rllle it New Albany
.... Zj
.... 114
.... 274
.... 16'2
.... 1
Zii 31 '4
.... lis
.... 92
.... 2W
.... 13H
.... 624
.... 161
.... 224
414 43
a A
Manhattan S44 Si; fic,
Michigan Central 54
Missouri racHc l'.i ir,4 ir.4 l'.i;
NW Jrvy Central 77' 7S 77 77
New York Central 3S4 $n4 974 9s
N . Y. & N. I... ...... .... .... .... 27
Northern Pacific ni
Northorn Pacitlc pref 24', 34 34 34
Northwestern 103 vri l'T.'i
Northwestern pref 1-4
I'aclfic Mall re
Peoria. 13. & K.. ........... .... ...
P.. C. & St. L. iref
' J
Pullman IMiace
P.eadlr.s 1 1H 17-Si ISi'.
Jtock l.land fit -'m "i4 fil
St. Pa'il 7ol3 71'j 70'j Ti
Ft. Paul pref 12
Ft. Paul & Omaha CC, 17 rx,
Ft. P.vjI : Oraha pref lrw
Foufher.i Pacific 14
Tenne-Je i al and Iron... 204 Si M ;i
Texas Pacific SU
T., St. Ia & Tv. C ........ , -. ....
T., St. L. A K. C. pref
T'nlr.n Pacific 47 5 44
T ii x jr?s
TT. S. leather iref M4 K; 6l'j 12
TT. S. Tlubtor ,.. .,. .... 114
TT. H. i:u'er prf KK
i Mn, rt. I.. Ac 1 ........ .... ....
Vaasn. St. L. A P. pref
Well-Firjo KxpreJ
Vstrn Unlr.n 0'4
XVhefin tc Iake Frl
Whellr-r fc lak J.rie pref
t. S. Four. iee
K. FjUH. roup
.... 41;
.... 12
.... l'U
so' fco4
.... -4
.... ir.
.... L3
1 . . Fr;r.'. nw, reg..
V. R. Fours. coup
Tuevitltftyj Hank Clmrlnffs.
At Chicas-CUarici:s. J13.X3.7T1. Xtw York
eachar.ee, ".V- premium. Foreizn exchange firm;
demand. l.sS'4; tixtj daj?, t.s?4.
TllLo iI'in',!,is Cl.-arinj;s. IJ73.443; balances.
At New Orleans .Icarln;s, 1.ST!,7SJ.
At I'hil.ideli.hia Clcr rings. 1!.7;.1; balance.
At Baltimore Clearings, 52.t04.l32; balance?.
At ..v York-C!earin?s. 5 100, !SG,433; balances,
At Itoston Cle.irir.gs, J16.CW.5C1; balances.
At Cincinnati-Clearing!.. J22I.750.
Tnidc Contlnaen Slor anil Price Con
tinue to Itule Stcnil).
Tra Je on the wholesale streets and on Com
mifsion row yettrday siiowetl some Improvement
over Monilay. In all lines firmntps in prices is
tlie leature. Sugar Is still advancing. Oils and
laJnts are In gcoI reiuest an-1 hardware men
are having a grxl trade, with firm prices. Seed
merchants report trade still good. On Commis
sion row fruits an3 vegetable of all ' kinds,
Irish jtotatoes excepted, are decidedly firmer.
Oranges are ttlll In good sulj, but prices -are
much stronger. Poultry, eggs and butter 'are
firm. s
The local grain market is active and prices are
firm. Track Lids yesterday ruled as follows:
Wheat -No. 2 red. S c: No. 3 red. kjfeCc; No.
4 red. Mft&Cc; wagon wheat,
Corn No. 1 wr.ite. ZVjc: No. 2 white, 21'ic:
No. 3 wh;te, 214c; No. 4 white. 21c; No. 2 white
mixed. 2Cl-c: No. 3 white ir.lxetl. 224c; No. 4
white mixed. 20c; No. 2 yellow, 21c; No. 3 vel
low. ZsVic; No. 4 yellow, 2c; No. 2 mixed. 224c;
No. 3 mixed, 234c; No. 4 mixed, 20c; ear corn,
Oat No. 2 white. 12Vic; No. 3 white. 204c; No.
2 mixed. l'J4c; No. 2 mixed, 174c
Hay-No. 1 tiT.othy, .19; No. 2 timothy. 57
&S; prairie. j6.50.
Poultry antl Other Produce.
(Prices paid by shippers.)
Poultry Hens, 6c; springs, 6'ic; cocks, 3c;
young turkejs. 5c; toms, he; eld hen turkers.
c; eld toms. 5c; ducks. 64c; geese. 4uc for full
feathered; rtc for plucked.
Iiutter Country, choice, 10c; mixed, 6c.
Kggs 74c.
FMthcre-Prime geese. 30c per lb; prime duck.
16&17c per lb.
Heetswax 3)o for yellow, 2c for dark,
llon.-y 121 Ic ier lb.
Wool Medium unwashed. 12c; fine merino, un
washed. ic: tui-washed, 2053c; burry and un
merchantable, &c less.
Creen-ealted Hides No. 1. 74c; No. 2. 674c; No.
1 tulf, J4c; No. 2 calf, 74c
Crea.e-Yhlte. 3'4c; yellow. 2ic: brown. 24c.
Tallow No. l. -if;; .o. 2, S'jc.
lJones Dry, i2Ci 13 ier ton.
fl he quotations given below are the selling prices
of t'ue wholesale dealers.)
Canned Good.
Corn. Wc 51.23. Peaches-Standard 3-lb.
l.j; t-econds. JK1.10; 3-lb pie. -'Saoc; California
standard. $1.72; California seconds, fl.4u4jl.5-i.
lIIscellaneouE lllackberrles. 2-lb, 6i70c; rasp
berries. 2-Ib. K)fij5c: pineapples, standard. 2-lb.
fl.lofil.-.": choice. 2T2.i0: cove oysters. 1-lb. full
weight. WCJ-5c; light, WiHiW; string beans. 70M
.L,ma beans, f l.io l.2; ieas. marrowfats,
8ucfi$1.10: early June. 'AH.mi.Vn lobsters. 1.S:.
2; red cherries. 9kfrtt: strawberries. 3'&i3c; sal
n.on, 1-lb, 1.102; 3-lb tomatoes, 55c.
C'undlcH and utn.
Candies -Stick. 54c per lb; common mixed. 54c
ptr lb; . A. H. mixed. 64c; Banner stick, Pc;
CJtam mixed, JH;; old-tlma mixed. 7c.
Nut Soft-shelled alrnonds. llj13c; p:ngllsh
walnuts. 12c; Brazil nuts. lc; filberts, 11c; pea
nuts, roasted, tc; mixed nuts. 10c.
Cpivl and Coke.
The following are the prices on coal and coke
as rt tailed In this market:
-inlhraclte cool. $7 ir ton; Pittsburg lump.
?-..-; Brazil block. 12.75: Winifred lump. $3.75;
Jackson lump. J3.01; Greene county lump, H7.V
l'arag-m lump. f2.5); Greene county nut. f2.50;
l lf)ysburg coa!. 54.50; crushed coke, 3 ir 24 bu
ltmp coke, ?2.75; foundry coke, pet ton.
Alcohol. 52.32fr2.5rt; asafetlda. 2.-3c: alum, 2'
jc; camphor. 4$c; cochineal. 5otf55c; chloro-li-rm.
b..& .oc; copperas, brls. 6065c; cream tar
tar, pure. 3Cft 32c; indigo, Cili; licorice. Calab.,
gnuin- S0-fi4c; magnesia, carl... 2-oz. 2Mix;c:
morphine, p. & . oz. ..-,?, 2.-ii; madder. II
&lSc; oil castor, per gal. $1.05tl.l0; oil. lerga
mot. per lb. S2..5; opium. J2.75: quinine, p. & v..
Ir oz. 24f3lc; biilsem copaiba, 70&7SC; soap,
caMile, rr.. 12l6c; soda, bicarb.. 446c; ealts
Llom. 4Jr.K; sulphur, tlour. :,6tKc; salt?eter. ff
1W: turpentine. 3.ijvc; glycerine, 14iC; Iodide
potassium. 53Tt3.10; bromide ltassium. 5C52c:
chiorato potash. 2.1c; borax. 12??l4c; clnchonida,
vyul.jc; carbolic acid. 2r,0c.
. "Vi"''. SiSlc P?r gal; coal oil, legal
ua, .iHc; Uink. 4-Jc; best straits. 50c; Labrador.
60c; irginia. lubricating. SO03e: miners'.
4 c: lanl rils, winter strained. In brls, 5oc per
gal; in half brls, 3c per gal extra.
Dry Goods.
Bleached Sheetings Androscoggin L, 64c;
Berkley. No, n. 74c: Cabot. 5c; Capitol. 5c
Cumberland. 6c; Iwight Anchor. 7c; Fruit of
e., .u 6lc: Harwell. 6c; Fltchvilie, 54c;
J.u ,"1h- GUt Kdge. 5c; Glided Age
4V.c: II 111. Cc: Hone. Mnu t
t.i ?T.oc: Tride of the West, 104c; Ten
.rike'.' 5c: rePIr. lie: Peppered. 10-4.
l4c; Androscoggin. 9-4. 16c; Androscoggin. i-4.
Brown Sheetings-Atlantic A. 6c; Argrle, 5c;
Boott C. 5c; Buck-a Head. 6c; Clifton CCC. 54c
C onstitution. 40-lnch, 64c; Carlisle. 40-inch 74c I
rwigh! h Star. 7e; fJreat Fall K. 60; Creat
lall J 4o; Mill Fine. 6c; Indian Head, 6c;
vppeieu 0;4c; reppereii. 9-4. 134c; Andros-
ctKsln. 9-4. .lo4c: Androscoggin. 10-4 17c
.,Hrln.l?rAlIfn d""s 44c; Alien s staples,
A11 TK; 4l.: A,,en'8 nto I; American
Inclgo. ic; Arnc4d LLC. 6ic; Cocheco fancy.
5c; cocheco madders. 44c; Hamilton fancy. 5c:
Merrimac pinks and purples. &vc; l'acific fancy
lei Simp.on's fancy, 5c; Simpson Berlin solids'
5c; Simpson's oil finish. 6c: American shlrtlnjr. 4e'
Gingnams Amokeag staples. 44c; Amoskeag
Perflan dress, 6c; Bates Warwick dress, 54c
Iincatter. 44c; Lancaster Normandies, 6c; Whlt
tenton Heather. 6c; Calcutta dres styles. 4,c.
Kld-.1nl.-hed Cambrics Kd wards. 3lc: Warren
3Vic; Slater. 34c; G?nes?e. 3c
Grain Bags Amoskeag. 511.50; American. 511.50;
Frankllnville. J13.50: Harmony. $11: Stark. 14 5.
Tickings Ainoskeag ACA. l4c; Conestoga KF.
124c; Cordis, 140. 94c; Cordis FT. 10c; Cordis
ACE. 114c; Hamilton awnings. 9c; Kimono
fancy. 17c; Lenox fancr. lSc; Methuen AA. 10c;
Oakland AF, 60; Portsmouth, 104c; Susquehan
na, 124c; Shetucket SW, 64c; Shetucket F. 7c;
Swift Klver, 54c.
Straight grades, 55i5.25: fancy grades. 5.".50fj
5.75; patent flour, 55.50fc5.73; low g.ades. 53.754.
Sugars City rrices Dominoes, 5.1V; cut-loaf,
5.3SC: crushed. 6.3c; powdered. 5c; XXXX pow
dered. E.13c; granulated. 4.75c; fine granulated.
4.5c; extra tine granulated, 4.88c; coarse granu
lated, i.hSc; cubes, 5c; mold A, 5c; diumond A,
4.5c; con feet lonera A. 4.6Cc; 1 Columbia A
Keystone A. 4.Mc: 2 Windsor A American A.
4.50c 3 RiJgewood A Centennial A. 4.50c; 4
Phoenix A California A. 4.44c; 5 Empire A
Franklin B. 4.3Sc; Ideal Golden Ex. C Key
storve B, 4.31c; 7 Windsor Ex. C American B,
4.2:c; 8 Ridewood Ex. C Centennial B. 4.13c;
9 yellow Kx. C .1allfomIa B. 4c; 10 yellow '
Franklin Ex. C. 3.fcSo; 11 yellow Kevstone Ex.
C, 3.75c: 12 yellow American Ex. C. 3.63c; 13 yel
lowCentennial Ex. C. 3.56c; 14 yellow Califor
nia Ex. C. 3.50c; 15 yellow. 3.44c; 16 vellow. 3.3Ke.
Coffee Gxd. 17lSc; prime, lS5i2c; strictly
prime, Wii'Zlc; fancy green and ytllow. 2221c;
Jtva. 2Sfi :2c. Boasted Old Government Java.
224&33c; Golden lilo. 24c; Iiourtwn Santas. 24c;
Gilded Saitos. 24c; prime Santos, 23c. Package
coffee City pi1?2s Arlosa. 12.9'V; Jersey, l2.Wc:
Lion. 12.9c: Capital. 12.9)c; Luxury. 13.4'Jc; Bogo
ta Java. 20.90c.
Salt In car lota. 75c: small lots, SOsr.
Spices Pepper. Wilsc: allspice. PKil5c; cloves,
15i2)2; cassia. 13Jil5c; nutmegs. 65i75c er lb.
Mclasse and Syrups New Orleans molassef.
fair to 1'rtme, 20(g30c; choice, 2T.40c; eyruna, 13
Woo(lnwire No. 1 tubs. tf,U.25; No. 2 tubs,
J3.25fi5.50; No. 3 tur.s, J4.25tfi4.50; 3-hoop pails,
S1.40ftl.3): 2-hoop palls. I1.15G1.20; douhle wash
boards, J2.2Sfj2.73; common washboards.
l.fO: clothes pins. 4Mi50c rer box.
Wood Pishes No. 1. r" 1.000, 52.50; No. 2, !2;
No. 3. 3.M; No. 5. 54.50.
Twine Hemp. 12(filc per lb; wool. SfflOc: flax,
ZQfiXx:: paper, 25c; Jute, 127jl5c; cotton, l$Sr25c.
Flour Sacks (paper) Plain. 1-32-brl. per 1.000.
53.10; 1-16-brl, 55: 4-brl. $8; 4-brl. 516; No.' 2
drab, plain. 1-32-brl. iKr l.o, 4.25; 1-16-brl,
?.;.0; 4-brl. 510: 4-brl. j:0; No. 1 cream, plain.
1-22-lvl. iw-r l.oeo. J7; 1-lG-brI. JS.75; 4-lrl. 514.50;
Vi-brl. 52S.M. Extra charge for printing.
Itlc Louisiana. 44T?-4c; Carolina. 5'5i74c.
Bean? Choice hand-picked navy. $li 1.10 per
bu; medium hand-picked. &))Q9."c; Llmasv Call
fernla. 44s' Ir lb.
Shot -f 1.25fil.3 per bag for drop.
Lead 34Q7e fr pressed bcrs.
Iron and Steel.
Bar Iron 1.501 l.COc; horseshoe bar. 24S2ic;
nail rod. 7c; plow slabs. 24c; American cast
steed, 9jU1c; tiro steel, 24y3c; sprint steel, 44
Leather Oak sole. 2ili2c; hemlock sole. 231??
27c; harness. 2i;t33c; skirting. 34V41c: single
strap, 32S36c; city kip. "f7(c; French kip, 9wfJ
51.2-: city calffckin. 90cli51.10; French calfskin,
!VallM nutl llorsrshoea.
Steel cut nails. 51.75; wire nails, from store,
51.t'CK2 rates; from mill. 51.73 rates. Horseshoes,
per ke. 13.50; mule siioes. er keg. fl.50; hore
rails, 4fii er box. larb wire, galvanised, 52;
painted. 51.75.
Hams Sugar-cured. IS to 2n lbs average, 0k
104c; 15 Its average. 104yile: 12 lbs average.
Ii:ill4c; 1 1 average, ivtllc; block hams,
l0401'J1c; all tirst brands; seeonds. 4c less.
Breakfast Bacon Clear firsts. lP-c; seconds,
lard Kettle rendered, in tierces, Cc; pure lard,
Shoulders English cured, 1C lts average, 64c;
10 to 12 lbs average. 7c.
Pickled Pork Bean pork, clear, per brl, 200
lbs. 12; rump pork. 51".
Bacon Clear tides, 4" to 50 lbs average. 64c;
30 to 40 lbs avenge, 6-4c; 20 to 20 lbs average.
4c; bellle. 2 Ib.s average. f.-4c; 14 to 15 lbs
average, 7c; 10 to 12 lbs avernge. 7c. Clear
bucks 20 to 30 lbs average. tsc; 10 to 14 lbs
avrage, 6c; 7 to 9 lbs average. 6c. In dry
salt. Sc lf-
Clover Choice recleaned. 60 lbs, 5ii4.23: prime.
U-ZL'tii.V): English, chcloe. 4...oVi.7; alsike.
cbolce. 1.75ji; alfalfa, choice. $1.4 KM-W; crim-
Kt or ffiirict cloxer, z.tsaz; timothy. 4j iba,
irime. Jl.S-J'tf 1. 40: strictly prime. H.4il.60: fancy
Kentucky. 14 1. fU.'.sri extra clear.. 7":4o;
orrhard gntfr, extra. fl.75t?l. W; red ton. choice.
Jig 1.73; Enillfh Musrass. :i h. 11.1:1.73.
Tlnnrrn' SuiIIh.
Best brands charcoal tin. IC, 10x11. 11x20. 12x12.
tf.5v&6; LX, 10x14. 1U20, Uxi2, fCTST.W; rootlfnf
tin. host brands. IC, 11x20, 5.25t4.73; 2x2, M.C0
Jia.CO; IC, 2Cx23, old style. 513; block tin in pigs.
15c: block tin in bars, isc; zinc, slieet, c; copper
lottoms, 2lc; planished copper, 21c; sclder, Ufp
12c; iron. 27 B. ?2..0; 27C. U; iron, be.-t t lom.
galvanized, 75c anl 10 ier cent.; lead, pressed
bars, 6c.
Prod ace. Fruits and Vegetables.
Apples prices ranging with quality, 52.25 per
trl; chol?. J2.50; faiicy. J3.
Bananas Per buich. No. 1. J2: No. 2, 51.
Cabbage New Fieri li. 2.5")'52.73 per crate.
Cheese Ntw York full cream. He; skims. 6fiSc
IT lb; domestic Swiss. 15c; brick. 11c; limtuiger,
l(Jc pr lb.
Cocoanuts 50w per clcz.
Lemons M"slna, choice. 52.75 jier box; fancy
lemons, 52.25.
Orange California oranges, 12.50 per box; na
vel. l:cS4.
Onions 4.50 t-er brl. $1.50 er bu.
Potatoes 2532:5c ier bu: feed potatoes, Ohio'
and Early Hose, 33,i40c per bu.
Sweet I'otatces Illinois sweets, 51.50 per brl;
KentKky, Jl.25 jer brl.
Feed Hweet I'otatces Genuine Jersey, $2 per
bil; Kentucky. 11.50 per brl; red Jerseys, f2; Ber
mudas, 52 per brl.
Cranberries J3.50 per brl, according to quality;
bushel crates, 11.25; fany, 51.50.
Strawberries 20ft 3"c. varying with quality.
TomatJ-53.50 for 7-basket crates; fancy, 55
Ier crite.
Kale $1 per brl.
Spinach II per brl.
Onlcn Sets White, 52.75 per bu; yellow, ?2.75
per bu.
Cucumber 51.2511.50 per doz.
Green Beans 52.2iti2.5v per bu.
(irten Peas $2 per bu.
New Potatoes S2.25&2.50 ir bu.
Aspu.-agus Florida. 45'&50c per bunch.
Lettuce 13c ier lb.
Window Glnss.
I'rlce per box of 50 square feet. Discount, 9
and 10.
fcxS to 10xl5-Single: AA, 57. A, J6.D0; B. 56.25;
C. t. Double: A A. 595": A. JS.50; B, 55.25.
11x14 and 12xlS to 16x24 t-inle: AA, A.
57.25; 13, 1. Double: A A, flo.75; A, 53.20; P,
18x20 and 20x20 to 20x30 Single: AA. 510.50; A,
53.50; B, Double: AA, 5H; A, 512.75; B. 512.
15x36 to 21x30 Single: AA, 511.50; A, 51; B,
51.25. Double: AA. 115.25; A. $13.75; B. $12.25.
2Hx2S to 24x3 Single: AA. 12; A. $10.50; B,
53.j.'. Double: AA, $16: A, fllO; B. 513.25.
26x34. 2Sx32 and 30x30 to 2ix44 Single: AA.
512.75; A. $11.75; B. 510.25. Double: AA. 517.25;
A. 515.50; B, 514.
26x46 to 30x50 Single: AA, 513; A, 513.50; B,
5J2. Double: AA, 5W.75; A. flS; B, 516.
30x42 to 30x54 Single: AA. $16.50; A. $14.73: B.
512.25. Double. AA. $21.tu; A. 113.75; B, $16.50.
:xjS to 34x60 Single: AA, 517.25; A. 51.7o; B,
514.50. Double: AA. 522.75; A. 521.25; B. $20.
Eleven Transfers, vlth a. Total Con
sideration of i?i7,oir.
Instruments filed for record in the recorder's
office of Marion county, Indiana, for the twenty-
fcur hours ending at 5 p. m. April 20. 1817. as
furnished by Theo. Stein, abstracter of titles,
corner of Market and Pennsylvania streets, 1 11-
alanar.oliii. Suite 22s. flrst oifice floor, Tha
Lemcke. Telephone 17C0:
Stewart H. Chaney to Ira E. Cox and
wife, Lot 3C Block 10. North Indianapolis 5X0
Ann E. Craigle to Hugh J. Drummond
and wife, iart of Outlot 20 1.550
Melissa E. Hogg to Joseph E. Brininstool.
Lot 63, Hosbrook's Prospect-street addi
tion 500
ltobert Martlndale to Harmon S. Rund
and wife. Lots 335 and 336, MartindaJe's
JackJon Park addition 700
Georg S. Dunn to Jesse B. Lyle, iart
of southeast quarter of Section 13, Town
Fhlp 16, lUnge 4 715
Elbrldge C. Cook to James H. lieacham,
Ixt 24. Square 15. Lincoln J'ark 8.000
Margarst Bruce to Henry S. Ilominger,
Lot 55, Bruce's addition 2.000
Charles E. Merrlfield to Caroline S. Lovett.
Lot 171. Morton l'lace 2,500
Eugen Pdell to Fiorina T. Ackerman.
Ix;t 17. Blsck 13. North Indianapolis 1,200
Levi R. Brenneman to Mary Francis Hes
rong. Lot 4, Brenneman's first addition to
Wellington SCO
Same to Ivey Edna Hessong, Lot 5, same
addition 200
Transfer?, 11; consideration
"Warmer, Cloudy Weather and Occa
sional Ilnins Predicted.
Forecast for Indianapolis and vicinity for
the twenty-four hours ending 11 p. m.
April 21 Warmer; cloudy weather and oc
casional rain on Wednesday.
General Conditions Yesterday Low baro
metric areas are crossing the Rocky moun
tains! and the barometric pressure dimin
ished rapidly west of tho Mississippi. Kast
of the Mississippi the pressure is high. The
temperature roso except In the lower and
central Mississippi valley, near the gulf
coast and near the Atlantic coast. Ixcal
rain fell in Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, Utah
and Wyoming.
WASHINGTON, April 2. For Ohio
Fair, followed by , increasing cloudiness
with showers In western portion; warmer;
brisk south winds.
For Illinois and Indiana Threatening
weather with, rain; warmer.
Local Observations Tuesday.
Baj Ther. R.ll. Wind. Weather. Pre.
7 a.m.. 3;). 72 2G w N" east. Clear.
7p,m..30.3Q 43 DS East. Cloudy. OAK)
Maximum temperature, 47; minimum, tem
perature, 23.
Following Is a comparative statement of
tha te-mptrature and precipitation April 20:
. Temp. Tre.
Normal z 0.1:1
Moan 35 0.U0
Departure from normal lj o.l.l
Departure since April 1 92 ofS
Departure since Jan. 1 5u 2.35
Local Forecast Otiicial.
Yesterday's Temperatures.
a. in.
Max. 7 p.
Atlanta, Ga
Bismarck. N. D
Uuffalo, N. Y
Calgary. N. W. T
jairo, 111
. . . u'i
. . . u.
. . .
. . .
Cheyenne, Wyo
tmcago, 111
Concordia, Kan
Davenport, Ia...i.: ...
Des Moines, la
Dodge City. Kan
Galveston, Tex...... ..
Helena, Mont..
Jacksonville, Fla:
Kansas City, Mo
Little Rock, Ark
Minnedosa, Man
Marquette, Mich
Memphis. Tenn
Moorhead, Minn
Nashville, Tenn
New Orleans, La
New York, N. Y
North Platte, Neb
Oklahoma. O. T
Omaha. Neb
Pittsburg, Pa ,
Qu' Appelle, N. W. T.
Rapid City, S. D
Salt Lake City, Utah.
St. Louis, Mo
St. Paul. Minn
Springfield, 111
tpnng!ieki. Mo..
Vicksburg. Miss
Washington, D. C
Coldest April SO on Record.
NEW YORK, April 20. To-day was a rec
ord breaker In two respects according to
the official weather observer. It was tho
coldest April 20 on record, and was the first
day on record when there has been freezing
temperature here after the lath of
tho month. The temperature was
only 24 degrees above at ' 5
o'clock this morning and it was onlv
2." degrees above at S o'clock a drop of 22
degrees from the temperature at the same
time yesterday. The present cold snajr
was caused by the rapid passing away of
the big storm that was moving over tho
lakes yesterday. It will be slightly warmer
to-morrow, but the cool weather will con
tinue for a day cr two. Wind thirty-seven
miles an hour.
Philip Lehr, sr., sixty-five years, 207 North
Noble street, cancer.
J'hn Bleger. sixty yers. Bluff road, suicide.
M. P. O'Connor, fcriy-three years. 77 King ave
nue, phthisis.
Sadie Shrader. twenty-eight years, 217 West
Court street. iaresl3.
Hannah and Julius Kellermeyer. It Lexington
avenue, boy.
(lertrude and Harry McCormlck. 617 North
West street, boy.
Sadie and John A. Lambert, 311 North Dela
ware street, gill.
Klla and J:mes A. Sklnrer, f45 Eastern ave
rue. boy.
Maud and O. H. Townsley, 143 Davidson street,
Pearl and J. W. Ellis. 56 Birch avenue, girl.
Maggie and U. J. Sawyer, 72 Helm 3 avenue,
HauKhville. girl.
Kllen and Joi-.n Amos. 21 Wilcox street, girl.
LllJh and C. F.. McLean, Alvord and Nine
teenth street. boT.
Laura and William Day. 234 Christian avenue,
Bettie and William W. Sylvest-r. 20-) Columbia
avenue, boy.
Lilly find James A. Collins, 1C3 Ncrth Key
stone uvcr.ue, clrl.
Kate and John S. LIdIy. 84 North State ave
nue, girl.
(Jertie trnd Harry Reynolds. 1G Temple avenue,
liertrude and Iara K. Powell, 420 West
Twenty-eighth ttreet. girl.
larrlnge Licenses.
Joseph B. Hodges and Km ma Karl.
Wlllard Glbls and Sallle M. Spear.
Ferdinand Attenbaugh and Erne Emmons.
Jnhr M. Sutcherd and Cora Dell Hares.
Homer Perry and Com B. Dungan.
Samuel ThjrnWs and Mary Elizabeth Ortoa.
The Lending Cereal Slumped - Cents
a Uasliel at the Start and Closed
at u .Marked Decline.
CHICAGO, April 20. Wheat to-day lost
Pic of the price it held at the close yester
day as a result of the less strained feeling
regarding the European war. There was
only a little of the excitement which was
so much of a feature yesterday. Corn was
hrm and advanced c. Oats declined lie
and provisions closed without material
Wheat fell 2c a bushel with a dull thud at
the opening and lay squirming where It
dropped for a matter of fifteen minutes.
May closed yesterday at 75c and was offered
for sale at the opening at from 72Uc down
to 7234c. After lluctuating for a short time
between 73c and 73?c it tried Its hand at a
little climb, but It was so weak It soon lost
its grip and came sliding down. Quotations
for English consols were such a small frac
tion lower that it was at once perceived
no fear of the Grecian-Tufklsh war spread
ing as to include the great powers of Europe
was entertained in the United Kingdom.
French government securities are just as
little affected as the English. The supposed'
pros ects of a general European war hav
ing been the wholo tiding yesterday, the
contrary of that expectation was the con
trolling influence to-day. The market
worked gradually in the direction of lower
prices, although some of the news of the
day was rather bullish. Chicago received
four carloads and shipped 130,525 bu.' Min
neapolis and Duluth got only 2D0 cars, com
pared with 504 a week ago 'and 320 the cor
responding day of last year.
Wheat and Hour clearances from Atlantic
seaboard amounted to the equivalent of
only 119,000 bu. Bradstrtet reported the
worid's visible as having been reduced
2,94J,0C0 bu the last week. Liverpool closed
at an advance of only 2d from Thursday's
close. A Minneapolis miner advised sale of
lO.ouo barrels of nour on acceptance of a
cabled offer to Amsterdan and a local flour
broker reported English acceptance of 2.0U0
sacks at 2c higher than they were willing
to pay before the Easter holidays. After
May had held as low as 74c and July 7414c,
they rose under influence of the good looal
milling demand for wheat to the highest
prices of tho day. It reached 74Hc and July
72?'4C, with closing rates ?4c for May and
73o for July.
Corn ruled firm. The demand from shorts
was the chief cause of tne advance In the
article. The opening was decidedly weak
with wheat, and longs sold freely for a
time, but covering became so vigorous
that prices soon advanced. Exports were
GOtf.uOO bu. May opened lower at 24V4c
ranged between 24c and 2i?ic, closing lirm
at the top price.
Oats opened weak under liberal selling
through sympathy with wheat and quite
a sharp decline was recorded. Later on
good short buying prices rallied, but the
market exhibited at no time the strength
of corn. The aggregate business was rath
er small. Exports were 4G.M.0 bu. May
opened Uc lower at 17c, declined to 10c
and rallied to li'c, where it closed.
Speculative trade in provisions was light
and of a scalping character. Prices dragged
until wheat showed its teeth at the bears
near the close when a recovery of an early
decline occurred and left prices of pork and
lard the same as yesterday with ribs 21Vc
lower. Miy pork closed at $S.47',2, May
lard at $1.20 and May ribs at Ji.72',2.
Estimated receipts Wednesday Wheat,
1 car; corn, 75 cars;, oats, 110 cars; hogs,
23.000 head. v
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Open- High- Is v- Clos
Articles. lng. est. et. lng.
Wheat Apr!! " 73i 74V, 72, 73"fc
May 73i4 74 724 737
July 7J- 73 . 72V4 7j
Sept . ' '71. 71 70V 7l',4
Corn April ' ; 24 24' TP 24u,
Mar 24 "4 244 241 241
July 254 26 2."i 26
Sept IS?, 27H 26, 27
Oats May .V 17 174 163, I?'
July ls'4 15, 18
Sept li 19it IS7 19
Perk-May AIV2 $8.50 $S.42Vi $8.47
July 8.2'-s 8.60 8.62V $.
Lard May 4.17',j 4.20 4.17j 4.20
July I.J) 4.30 4.271-,, 4.3)
Sept 4.3? 4.4) 4.37V 4.374
Ribs May 4.70 4.72V4 4.70 4.721a
July 4.70 4.75 4.70 4.75
Sept 4.M) 4.i0 4.S0 4.80
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour easier.
No. 2 spring wheat. TiVVc; No. 3 spring
wheat nominal; No. 2 red. t!'g'.'27ic No. 2 corn,
24c: No. 2 yellow. 24U25c. No. 2 oats. 17i
l7V.c; No. 2 white, f. o. b., 21!Ur22c; No. 3 white,
f. o. b., 19KI&21UC. No. 2 rye, 34 Vie. No. 2 bar
ley nominal: No. 3, f. o. b.. 2ft31c. No. 1 flax
seed. ti6',4fj 7SVsc Prime timothy seed. $2.70. Mess
pork, kt brl, J8.4itfS.50. Lard, per 100 It. J4.20.
Short-rib sides, loose, H.tlr4iM; dry-salted shoul
ders, boxed. $.".2'fi'j.50: short-clear sides, 'boxed.
W..l(i . htsky, distillers finished goods, per
gal, H.li.
Beceipts Flour, 10.000 brls; wheat. 10,000 bu;
corn. 9S.i00 bu; oats, 24!,O0O bu; rye, 8.C11O bu;
barley, 24.000 bu. Shipments Flour, 8.0CQ brls;
wheat, 121.0H0 bu; corn, 222.000 bu; oats, 621.000
bu; rye, 83.000 bu; barley, 82.000 bu. .
Rullnr Prices In Produce at the Sea
board's Commercial Metropolis.
NEW TOIIK, April 20.-Flour-Receipts, 13,943
tils; exports. 13,211 brls. Market quift. but fair
ly stealy, with buyers scarce; Minnesota patents,
$4.2C34.:0; Minnesota bakers, $3.60iJ3.90; winter
patcpts. $4.6:6 4. &0; winter extras, 3.20!y3.60; win
ter low grades, J2.73fr2.93. Rye flour quiet at
J2.20S2.CO. Com meal steady; Western. 61c. Rye
weak,; Western, SStiSSVic. Barley active at 27
27 'sc. Larley malt steady.
Wheat Receipts. 21.273 bu; exports, 29.9S6 bu.
Spot dull and lower; No. 2 red, SoVic; No. 3 hard
winter, 80c. Options weak and lower, owing to
tne disappointing English cables, was rallied by
covering and after dullness at midday finally sold
up actively on strong continental markets, talk
of large exports and general covering; closed
l-l$bC net lower; No. 2 red. April, 81V4SSlc,
closed at SlV4c; May, 79Vs!0Vic, closed at S0V;c
Corn Receipts, 78,973 bu; exports, lS,fc6u bu.
Slot easier and more active; No. 2, S0V4c. Options
tinned easier, but subsequently rallied witu rise
la wheat, closing unchanged; April closed at
3.'bc; May, 2'j-5f joc, closed at 30 c.
Oat& Receipts, d,C-0 bu; exports. 21,505 bu.
Slot stronger, but quiet; No. 2. 23c. Options
quiet and easier, closmj jgc net lower; May,
22i2VC closed at 22,.sc.
Hay te.ly. Hops dull. Hides firm. Leather
firm. "Wool steady.
Reef steady. Lard steady; refined steady. Pork
steady. Tallow dull.
Cotton-seed oil steady; butter grades, 23ft26c;
prime white. 2f'u2tic.
Coffee Options cicned weak and 13040 points
lower, following enormous receipts at Rio and
Santos; further declined 15i20 points under gen
eral liquidation, started by bearish Rraziliun crop
estimates. Ruroiean houses were conspicuous
s-:llers. as were local bulls, who bought heavily
yeste-rday; closed Irregular at 20ft to ioints net
lower. Sales had little or no effect. biot coftee
Rio barely steady; No. 7, Invoice 7-y4c, job
bing 8Vc. Mild easy; Cordova, 12Tir?l4c. Rio
Receipts. 12.W) bags; cleared for the United
States, 6,000 bags; stock, 2i7,C; bags. Total
warehouse deliveries from New York. 1S.506 bags;
New York flock to-day, 332,205) ba's; United
Slates stock. 4l2.0(l bags; afloat for the United
States, 2.'.9.r.i0 ttigs; total visible for the United
.States. 161.301 bags, against 2'.i.420 last year.
Sugar Raw and retined quiet and Fleady.
Available Supply Statement.
NEW YORK. April 20. Speclcl cable and tele
graphic dispatches to 14radtreet's, covering the
principal points of accumulation. Indicate the
following changes in available supplies last Sat
urday, compared wth the preceding Saturdav:
Wheat, United States and Canada, eat of the
Rockies, decrease. 74S.COU bu: afloat for and la
Ku.-ei, decrease, 2,2'XM 1' bu ; total decrease
wor.d s available. 2,94.'.0 bu. Corn, decrease.
1.124.X.O bu. Oats, decrease. 2i9.n bu. The more
Important increases in stocks of available wheat
last week not included In the ottit'.al visible
Mipplr statement wen 1S$.000 bushels at Pitts
burg. 80.OIM at Fort William. Ont.. 3l,00 In Mil
waukee private elevators and 20.0i0 at St. J.serh.
Corresponding decreases wre 12r.t' buhe!s In
Chlcai- private elevators. 12S.fro at various Man
itoba stcrace points. Z3M"i at Cleveland and 24.00)
at Rc-chesuV, N. Y.
Quotatloim at St. Loul, Ilaltltuoref
Cincinnati and Other Places.
ST. LOUIS. April 10. Flour dull and nominal
at yesterday's advance. Vv heatThe cjonlr.g was
weak ajid lower, and while the market pened
with a rush. It soon lccame very quiet. Cables
were not as high as was exported nd tb ad
vance has checked foreign demand. World's
shipments were heavy and local receipts fairly
hervy. HeoHpts in the Northwest were mot
crate, but the cash demand continue g wd. Com
pared with yesterday's finals. May closed P4c
lowt-r. Julv llc lower. August a.c lower and
yei.temu-r 2'-c lower. Sjot riljcher; No. 2 red.
a?h. elevator. c bid: track, Sigi.oj; jff. 2
l.ard, cash. S2c, with no bl; Mar. D3c; Julv.
7'X.c ; Augurt. 73c; September. 7Jic. e'orn
J-utura ilull and weak, with but little change
in sympathy with wheat. Spot htjher; No. 2,
cash, 2222Uc; May, 22!4c; July, 22-c bid; Sep
tember. 23ic bid. Oats Ft-adT for futures and
lower for spot. No. 2. each, lsc bid; May, iSc;
July, HV? bid. Rye eteady. liarley nominal.
Corn meal. fi.4CSl.43. Rran duli. but firmer;
sacked, east track, worth nominally Id32c.
Flaxseed lower at 73Vc. rriM timothy seed.
f2.5ii2.60. Hay steady; prairie, Jlr-viO; tiinothr,
JJt.S0Sfl2.50. Butter lower; creamery. 13.'3l7M;e;
dairy. slSc. Eggs firm at 74c. Whisky. 91.19.
Cotton ties and bagging unchanged. Pork steady;
standarl mess. Jobbing. S.20fiS5. Lard steady:
prime steam. 14.024; choice, 4.10. Dacon LVxed
rhoulier, .10: extra shcrt-clear. $3.42lj: ribs,
$".55; shorts. $3.70. Drr-salt meats Boxed shoul
ders. ?3.0-3: extra Fhcrt-clear. 53.0f.; ribs. J3.20;
shorts. f3.27H- Receipts Flour, Z."0 brls; wheat.
5.0"0 bu: com, 60.0v lu; oats. 23.000 bu. Ship
mentsFlour, S.0CO brls: wheat. 20.000 bu; corn,
$7,000 bu; oats, 8.0CO bu.
LIVERPOOL. April 20.-V,-heat-Xo. 2 Western
winter no stocks. Corn American mixed. ri-ot.
nev, st?ady at 23 7'.d; American mixed. sot.
old. firm at 2s louj; April, 2s7d; May, 2s7-44d;
Jure. 2s 8?4d. Flour St. Louis rancy winter firm
at Sa rd. Beef Eitra Indii mess f;rm at 3f.s3d;
prime mess. 4is6d. l'ork Prime mess. fine
Westrn. 30s; prime rnets. medium Western. 43s.
Hams Short cut, 14 to b lbs. 43s 6d. Racon
Cumberland cut. 28 to 30 lbs. 29s; short-ribs. 20
to 24 lbs. 27s 6d: long-clear middies, light. 33 to
3S lbs. 27s 6d; long-clear middles, heavy. 40 to 43
lbs. 2Cs; phort-clear middies, heavy, 43 to Z lbs,
23s 6d; clear bellic. 12 to 14 lbs. 2s. Shoulders,
square. 12 to 14 lbs. i'Cs GJ. Lard Prime West
ern. sot. steady at 22s 3d. Cheese Finest Amer
ican white and colored fteady at 36s 6d. Tallow
Prime city firm at ISs CJ. 1
BALTIMORE. April 2). Flour firm and un
changed; receipts, 5,353 brls; cxjiorts, 6,126 brl?.
Wheat ur.settled and easy: spot and May. 7D5?
73"c; receipts, l.fc&9 bu: exports none; Southern
wheat by trample. flfc2c. Corn esy: spot. 2SI.'u'
2ic; May, 2SV42&?8c; steamer mlxeti, 23
23ic; receipts 177.103 bu: exports. 182.637 bu;
Southern white corn, 20031c; Southern yellow,
2!c. Oats .firm: No. 2 white. 23Q2fic; receipts.
13.2S3 bu; exports none. Rye firm; No. 2 West
ern. 410 bid; receipts. 613 bu; exjiorts none.
Hay very firm anl In active demand for cholee
grades; choice timothy, H3.30. Grain freights
dull and unchingcd. Butter, egg3 and cheese
steady and unchanged.
CINCINNATI. April 20. Flour firm; fancy.
4.104.30; family. $3.33C3.e5. Wheat easy; No. 2
red. 92ft93c. Corn firm; No. 2 mixed. 26'ic. Oats
firm: No. 2 mixed. ZOSTSle. Rye steady; ?o. 2.
37fr3Se. Lrd easier at ?4.fo. Bulk meats firm at
$4.S34.23. Ilacon quiet, but firm at ?3. 63'j 3.73.
Whisky firm at f 1.19. Butter easier and lower;
Elgin creamery, 15Vjc; Ohio, 13(&16e; dairy, 9c.
Sugar quiet; hard refined, SSQ'o.SScv Eggs easy
at 7Hc Cheese quiet.
TOLEDO. April 20. Wheat active and firm;
No. 2, cash. 95V4C: May. &5c; July, 7&Vc. Corn
active and firm; No. 2 mixed, 24'ie. Oats active
and steady: No. 2 mixed, oash and May. ISc.
Itye dull, but steady; No. 2. cash. 3fic. Clover
seed quiet; prime, cash and April, ?4.23.
DETROIT. Arril 20. Wheat lower; No. 1
white. 9Io; No. 2 red SS'aC; Ma v. 93c. Corn
No. 2 mixed, SjVjc. Outs No. 2 white, 22c. Rye
-No. 2. SGc.
BOSTON, April 20. -Sales of wool in the mar
ket here show falling off this week, as far as
new Dullness is concerned, but there have been
laige arrivals of foreign, some of which was
ft Id to arrive, and the deliveries made the busi
ness loot up to a. large average. Territory wools
are showing le&s business and values are held
very strong, fl.ie mediums being held at 2TQ36c,
while choice ttaple lots call for 2S&39c. Fleece
wools hold a firm position, but offering are
small and sales meager. Australian wools are
being eagerly absorbed at present quotations. The
following tre the quotations for leading descrip
tions: Ohio and Pennsylvania fleeces X and
above. l'JS-Oc; No. 1 combing. 23fi24c; No. 2
combing. 23o 24c; XX and above. 21fc22c; delaine,
22023c. Michigan, Wisconsin, etc. X Michigan,
lSc; No. 1 Michigan combing, 22c; No. 1 Illinois
combing, 22c; No. 2 Michigan combing, 22c; No.
2 Illinois combing. 22c. X New crk. New
Hampshire and Vermont, 17c: No. 1 New York,
New Hampshire and Vermont, 20c. Delaine,
Michigan, 20c, Unwashed medium Kentucky
and Indiana quarter-blood combing, VJGiZtic;
Kentucky and Indiana three-eighths-bloed comb
ing, 19ft 20c; Missouri quarter-blood combing. 19c;
Missouri three-eighths-blood combing, 19c. Braid
combing. ISc. Laks and Georgia. ISc. Texa
wools sjprlng medium (12 months). Hl2c;
scoured price, 31 ft 22c; spring fine (12 months),
10gl2c; scoured price. 3336c. Territory wools
Montana lino medium and fine. lOVi i2Vxc;
scoured price, 33jot.c; staple, 373c. Utah.
Wyoming, etc., line medium and fine, 1012c;
scoured price. 3C3c: staple, 3SJf39e. Australian
(scoured basis) Combing, superfine. 484!c;
combing, good. 43jj4Cc: combing, average, 42c.
Queensland combing, 43'43c.
Butter, Eggs and Clieesie.
NEW YORK, April 20. Butter Receipt?.
10.520 packages. Market steady; Western cream
ery, 13 17c; Elgins, 17c; factory, SllVic Cheese
Receipts. 3,7;-2 packages. Market quiet; State,
large. itH2c; small, tm2,: Iart skims. -SihViC;
full skims. 2-AiZc. Eggs Receipts. 17.11 pack
ages. Market dull; State and Pennsylvania, Uc;
Western, ift9;e; Southem, 9c.
PHILADELPHIA. April 20. Butter dull; fancy
Western creamery, ISc. Eggs firm and. In better
demand; fresh near-by, 9Vtc; fresh Western. 9'jlt
10c. Cheese was In good demand and higher;
New York full cream, old. fancy trnall, 1Z$
124c; fair to gcpd. HV4'Si:?4c; Ifcrcy large, 12c.
CHICAGO, April 20. On the Produce Exchange
to-day the butter market was weak; creamery,
123 16c; dairy, 9614c. Cheese stf-ady t &V2IIOV2C
Eggs steady; fresh, 8ftSV4c.
NEW YORK. April 20. Cotton quiet and
steady: middling. 7 5-ltfc; net receipts none; grcs
receipts, 2,171 bales; exiorts to Great Britain.
1.000 bales; exports to the continent, 97u bales;
forwarded, .7S bales; F.iles. 3.033 bales; spinners,
115 bales; stcck, actual, 226,691 bales.
KANSAS CITY, April 20. Butter weak, despite
small receipts: creamery. dairy, 10 14c.
Eggs The feeling was generally firm to-day and
the receipts were lighter than exacted; strictly
fresh egs. cases included, 8c; cases returned.
NEW ORLEANS. April 20.-Cotton quiet and
steady; middling. 77c; net receipts, 2.4!S bales;
gross receipt-. 3.41"-S bales; sales, I.6.V1 bales;
stock, 1S2.167 bales; exports 'coastwise, 726 bales.
MEMPHIS. April 20. Cctton quiet; middling.
7 l-l!c; receipts, 292 bales; shipments, 434 bales;
stock, 67,332 talcs; sales, 900 bales.
Dry Good.
NEW YORK, April 20. Any sales of Im
ortance were those reached through the many
and large forwardlngs on prior engagements. In
evidence of which two can be cited that amount
el to nearly 300,000 and very many others that
will triple that sum. The r.ew request was very
irdifferent and new purchases were for moderate
;uantitle?, anl taken altogether in staple and
colored cottons it was a slow market. Printing
clcths were toll for a nominal quantity at 21i!c.
Agents have advanced Masonville 36-inch
blenched to 6s8c net and Massachusetts, Brott
and Atlantic standard sheetings to S'.ic
WILMINGTON, April 20. ?rrit. of turpenline
steady at 27c: r?c?lots, 13 ks. prsin stendy at
fl.30 for t-trained and 1.33 for good; receipts,
3&2 brls.
CHARLESTON, April 20.-3;.ii;ts of turpentine
firm; rales none; quoted at 26Vsc. Rosin lirm;
B. C. L. E. $1.40.
SAVANNAH, April 20. Spirits of turpentine
firm at 26',-c. Rosin quiet.
Dried Fruits.
NEW YORK. April 20. Dried fruits firm for
evajorated apples; other dried fruits quiet, but
steady; evaiiorated apples, choice, 374 It 4c; fancy,
4,iif:4c; prunes, 21if'7c, as to size and quality;
apricots, royal, tftllc: Moor Park. 12(7 13c;
loaches, unpeeled. 6&iuc: ieeled, 11$ 14c. Cali
fornia nuts quiet and about steady; walnuts,
(,urx7i.,C; almonds, paier-shelled, 12&13c; soft
shelled, 9c.
NEW YORK, April 20. Pig iron quiet. Copper
dull; broker. 11 '.c; Exchange, ll.23ftll.S0c. Tin
easy; straits, VZ.Wq 13.23c; plates inactive.
Srelter quiet.
ST. LOUIS, April 20. Lead lower at 3.102.13c.
St.elter firm at 3.'J3c bld
Cattle Searee and Strnnur Hofrw Ac
tive and Lower Sheep Strong,
INDIANAPOLIS, April 20. Cattle Receipts,
200; shipments light. There was a very light
supply of all grades. The market was strong at
Export grades $4.63 C.13
Shippers, medium to gxxl 4.; 4.T.0
Shipiers, common to fair Z.lv 3.90
Feeders, fair to goxl...: 'A.1i,t- 4.3
Stockers, common to good 3-ojz .6j
Heifers, goo.1 to choice 3.6or 4.0)
Hellers, common to medium 2.90. 3.35
Cows, good to choice 3.23'gf 3.73
Cows, fair to medium 2.Mi 3.WJ
Cows, common and eld
Veals, good to choice 4.Ti 3.30
Veals, conunoi to medium 3.0"a 4.23
Bulls, good t choice 3.00'i 3.73
Bulls, common to medium 2.""'jrf 2.73
Milker?, good to choice. ier head 30.0110.0')
Milkers, common to medium, ier head. l.o 23.00
Hogs Rtceipts, 4,5i0; fhlpments, 1.30. The
supply v.as fair. The market cpened active at
a decline of 2ViC. packers and shippers purchas
ing, and the supply was soon sold, the closing
being quiet.
..f 4.CO-s4. 10
.. 4.00-iM.lO
.. 4.(x; 1.10
. . 2.S.Vrr.i.73
.. 3.23'ci3.70
Heavy puckir.g and shipping
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 30o; shipments
light. But few good grales on sale. The market
was strong.
Sheep, good to choice
n.eep. -oniTicn to medium.
Lanib4. rood to choice
. 2.7:rJ.23
. 4.3'X3.
. 2.3')'4.23
I-amb. cmmon t medium
Bucks, per head
ST. LOUIS. Aril 2J. -Cattle Receipts. 3.()0;
shipments. 7- Market tot.dy fir both natives
and Tcxans. with no gol grades ef cuttle heie;
fancy exirt steers would sell at 53.103.23; lair
to choice native shipping sters, $4.:.ej 3.1. bulk
at Jl.tfivH.iO; drctsed bef and butchers- steers.
3.f.o$j3 bulk at ?4.12,:i-4.6; sttts under l.ioo
iK-unds. t3.3of; .iT. bubc at f J.-.Cn 4.23; stock rs
ur.d fed' i s. V-i 4.70. bulk at ?2.7ofl.4o: covvt and
heifers. J2'J: lulk of cow-. ?-.T..'.3o; bulls,
ti.KUi: Texas and Indian Heers, fed. R4)(i4.4');
grfs, f2.4'fi2.s..: cows an heifers. fjTj-3.73.
Hots Receipt, n.: shipments. 2.x.. Market
rj lower; lisht. J3.h."f4: mixed. ?3.70-ril; heavy,
K.tV,ti.VK w, I
i.-rw(pIe-eli.ts. 2.e"): f-hipm.nts. .0-. r-! ark ft
slow; native mutt ns. f.50'.i4.i; culls an.l. bucks.
jCf3.2T.: lambs, Texas ilep, gw end
fed. r.?4.!0.
CHICAGO, April 20. Prices for cattle were
steadv and unchanged. Native beef cattle sold
at ?3.fc3f4 for the poorest dressed beef steers up
the journal ;
C S. PER It Y (have your hooks adjuste d). . .Tel. 132S. Itootn 1. Jonrnnl Klt'.c.
V. SCOTT MOOUI2 & SOX..12 HIncfori rilocW. Watlilngton nnd M e rldlnnSt.
SrCl'RDY & PCItltY (Real Kntate antl (.cm-ral Anclloneenl.lS!) W. "Vti. St.
JOHN .. WILDE (Ilemlugtou Iliccles) IOS 3Iaachnett Avenne.
Howard Stecm Carpet Cleaning and
BUFFALO CARPET 1VAI1P, the llent, A.II.M ITCH ELL, Selling Ageat, Indpl.
II. T. COX OH nilLUHU.T CO 7 to Capitol Avenue, North.
1ATIIFXDER CIGAR (Intllana Cigar Coiiipuny) . .:tU South Merltllnn Street.
IIAM11LUTO.MA.N lUc, Florida Seal .'v l'lfiurn..4.'; Kentucky Av I'lione 14W2.
J. C. SIPE (Importer Fine Diumond ... .Uooiu 4, IS 1-1! .torth 31erl-ian St.
II. I). MEALY (Patent und Mechanlcul W ork) Room 14 Hubbnrd Dloclc
INDIANA LECTnOTYlE COMl'AM (i rouipt vork). . . .23 1Vet Pearl Street.
REIITERMAW BROS.. Nos. S3 and H7 kl. Wash. St. (Pembroke Arcade) Tel. &4U.
MECK'S TIlAXSFlU CO Jil'A.N Y., 1-Uoi.e 2r. 7 CIrele Street.
UUUA.M HIA.NS1-UH, STOUAtiE CO., Tel. (475. .S. W. Cor. AVaah. and Illinois Sta.
IIEMIV I,. SPIEGEL, Denlgner und 31niiufarturer..310 Cast Vermont Street.
MISS J. A. TURNER i The Dnxaar. Over Haerle'a.
STRAW 31 YER & MLltS (Repairing. neatly Done). 17 Monument, Place
PUTNAM COUNTY 3111.lv COM1M.NV 12 to lti North East Street.
FRED If. SCHMIDT 22 Jackson Place, opp. Union Station.
UNION CO-OPERATIVE LAUNDRY .. liih-Hl Virslnlu Are. Call Hone 1G!I.
THE CLUB STABLES (Uoth Jt Vouug) HZ West -Market. Tel. 10G1.
CONLEN'S CITY LOAN OFFICE 57 West Washington Street.
I. SI. PL'RSELL (Mantels, Grate- unu i'urnacei).,.21 Massachusetts Avenue.
REE HIVE PAPER BOX CO. (Fauc, i ialn or Folding Doses). 70 W. Wash. St.
E. T.JSILVILS & CO Rooms 17 and 18, Talhott Block.
CHESTER BRADFORD, 14-10 Hubbard Ulk cor. Washington nnd Meridian.
11. P. 1IOODI& SON 'J-3J Wright Block, JS l- East Market St.
V. It. LOClvWOOD 415--41N Lemcke ltulluiug.
HEBER S. PARA3IORE 23 West Washington Street.
INDIANAPOLIS PATTERN WORivS (ilnke any Trick or Device).. IOI S. Penn.
J. S. FARRELL & CO., Contractors Y S4 North Illinois Street.
FRANK 11. SMITH (SO Engiaved Cuium, .l.OO). North Pennsylvania Street. ,
HORACE WOOD (Carriages, Traps, Huckboards, etc.).. 23 CIrele. Tel. lOOT.
HUNTINGTON Jt PAGE (Send for Catalogue) 7 E. Market St. Tel. 12i.
VAIL SEED CO. (New Firm.) Get Catalogue. .. .tU N. Delaware St. Tel. 145.
WILLIAM WIEGEL O West Louisiana Street.
HARDY A HANSON. Private Shorthand School. 'Phone WOO. .301 Lemcke 111 Iff.
C. W. GUXTHER, 3Ianufacturer 21 Pembroke Arcade and 50 Mass. Av.
II. C. STEVENS. New Styles of Wall Paper. Low Prices. .. .400 X. Senate Ave.
b. A. FLtiTCHt-R St COa
Safe : Deposit : Vault
30 East Washington St.
Absolute safety against iir and burglar.
Policeman day and night on guard. De
signed for sate keeping of Money. Bond.
Wills. Deeds, Abstract, uver Plate. Jew
els and valuable Trunks, Packages, etc.
Contains 2.100 boxes.
Rent 5 to 945 per year.
I3r. J. A. JSvitolifio,
OFFICE 95 Kast Market street. Houn- v
10 a. .; u I p. m.; euadays excepted. Tele-
(.boue. Ml.
dk. c. i. iii'rciiici,
UKSIDENCE C Nortn Pennsylvaol- U-U
OFFICE 3 South Meridian etreet.
Ofhce Hours to 10 a. m.; t to 4 p. m.; I til
p. m. Te.ephones Ootce. 007; residence. 77.
Dr. W. B. Fletcher's Sanatorium,
Mental and Nervous Diseases.
Dr. Sarah Stockton
OfT.ce Hours: to U s m.; 3 to 4 p. in. TeL 1431
to 5.25 fcr the best, most of the offerings
Relllng between $4 anl 3. Fat cows anl htfera
were rtlativeljr higher, with tales at J3.&-M .:-.
Extra exiort bulls were wanted at HH4.10.
Calves w-re In fccnxl daiianJ at a. further ad
vance Of 10'tf 15c.
There was a good demand for hogs, but buyers
held off for better terms and milea were made at
i eduction of r's'aSc. Sales were made at an ex
treme ran?e of u.7u'Q4.2u. The bulk of the offer
ings KOld at 4.1'V34.10. roujrh to good packing lots
bringing $a.70(ii w hile lags sold largely at 3.71
-f 4.10.
There was a good demand for pheep and price
ruled tteady at JC-U for Inferior to common
sheep up to Wjb.Zi for choice to prime lots.
Lambs sold for 3.fj'S&
Receipts Cattle, 2.jj; hogs, 19.000: theep. T.m.
KANSAS CITY. April 20. Cattle Receipts.
C.i.w. Market steady to strong: Texas steers, i-6i
iiAAo; Texas cows, fl-.SCgJ.r.: native uters. 3.7i
native tows and helfer. 124; Blockers
and feeders. I35M-S3; bulls. $2.3(''.j2.H.
Hogs Receipts. 14,"). Market weak to So
lower; bulk of ales, $2.T7!2liJ.;.: heavies. $3.75
Z.tjZ: packers. J3.70U.; mixel. ?3.3J2'a;
licht. S.5C"&3.S0; Yorkers, S3.70y3.HO; p!,fH. .n
jshep-Recflpts. 7,C. Market Heady; lambs,
S3.SC'-94.W: muttons. 53.2,;4.40.
NEW YORK. April 20. Reeves Receipts. l.Cll;
no trading. Cables quote Ameri'cn steers at 10'.
C'll'zc; shtep, l'sti U'ic: retrls-:abr Uef. l'ic
10c. K ports, l.l-'y te.es. 1.31- hl.cep anl Z.i
quarters of lef. Cuivcs Receipts, 13. Market
qr.let and pteady; veals. ti..
lrgs Receipts. 3.22J. Mart steady at .ZZ
w v . .a, i 1 1 . i i a
She? and lamDS iiereipis, i-ejn-rs nuiu-
ing for higher prices; nominal quotations; un
shorn hee iVu'-Z; tlii-i-eti .ecp. ? I.Vk M.;.:
unshorn lambs. "ljC.W-; rliu-e.! limbs. l.73
CrO.GVi: State sprlnR larubf. 3i.i each.
EAST Ul'FFALO, April 20.Cattle Fteady;
rn rte.-idy: choice to extra. i4.70ii. v
Hogs Yorkers. cd to choic 14.25; roughs,
common to good, J-.iOfrXti: pigs. god to choice.
$4 "'H.'2Z.
imbs." choice to i-rinie. ;o.lffiC23: culls to
common. r7u'Ul: sheep, choice to fe'.erted weth
ers, Kcli.i": culh atd comm n. J3.:(-t'3.70.
EAST LIBERTY. April Zh Cattle steady and
unchanged; vckI calves,
M rlnc iamb. &1i3
LOLISVILLE. April ?0.-'att
Mark-t steady: shl pin? puers, 1
-ff4 ,: t-tockers and feedtrt. ti.
reij.ts. 36.
. butchers,
Ifogs Receipts. 2 'M). Markei w ; heavies.
I; mediums. f3.i; lljhts, $3.5C5jS.y; xouhs,
2.r,Ci73.D0. mw ,
l,et.,fceiptii. jr.. M.-rk.t rteadr: eholi-e
rheep, fS-7:M: fair. KQZ.U); extra Iambs. i.t
4.7o; fair. ij.:5.
CINCINNATI. Airll 20. Cattle quiet at $2.7Stf
Hcgs stcadT at SX4:ff4.l0.
Shtep Heady at ti5; lamb tady at $l'u5.3.
Huts active; piin:e meuum.' and tc-5i 1 orders.
S'J.ifi;-i4.2i; ialr Yorkis. tI.K.4.1-: heavy hcs. -.w
t4.10i4.--t. plus t:'..jcn-4; rousn. iz.?4t3.t. r- TifTvc'r ty t o!
Sheep fin.t: tlU red l&nTftliVlERri SEALSs.-Opm
common. Z.Mi2 75; clipi ed lnnk Xltirt: IthV'M'lrr -rPitr-ii r- e-A un; U
Business directory.
IteiiovHtlng Work..
. . i . .Tel. 10.
HO 'nnd 112 North Meridian Street.
$19-Round Trip-$I9
Pennsylvania Short Lines
For organized bodies of twenty-five or mors,
in uniform. Individual tickets will be sold
at rate of
$25.35 for the Round Trip
Tickets ?oM April 23 to K. Good return
ing until May 4. Tlirousrh sleeping and din.
inj? car service on trains leaving at 5:M
a. m., 2:55 p. m. and 7:X p. m. All daily.
I-"ulI Information cheerfully Riven by call
ln at ticket oificc-3, js'o. 43. Vet Washing
ton ftrc-tt. Union Passenger Station or ad
dressing GEO. E. ROCKWELL. I). V. A..
K. A. FORD, G. P. A., Pittsburg.
The Short Uoe for ST. LOUIS and THE WEST.
Leave Indianapolis Daily 6:15 a. zn- 12:4 J
noon. 7 p. m., ll:2u p. m.
Arrive Ht. LouU L'nlon Station p.
7:-.' p. m., l:ll a. m., 7 a. m.
l'arlor car on 12:40 noon train daily and
local sleeper on 11:20 p. m. train dally lor
Evansvilie and St. Louis, open to receive
passengers at o:20.
Ticket ofllccs. No. 4S West Washlnaton
, street and Union Station.
E. A. FORD. General Passenger Agent.
A TniITC? E. C & CO., Manufacturer aal
A I IV I N repairer ofClRCL'LAR.CROSa
A1414-' CUT. RAND &ad all otbr
Illinois street. 1 scjuar south 7 f
Ualoa station. ??
W. 13. Barry saw and Supply Co
-2 S. PENK RT. All kinds of Caws rr-.
l'.hUb. l..l. When J'.loJ-. !et t'tt.iloe.
K J. ilEKi:. IVe.
A US Tit ACT Ot-' Tl TLLS.
t:ii:oioki: -ix'rirv,
Ccrn.r U&rtcet and Pennsylvant .treats. Is
clanapoll- fulte 22$, tlm UUci l'lovr, "Tba
Utackt." Telepaoio 17U.
4 S3!LPE.M.ST.CfJi:::Hj. J

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