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Chicago Grain and Provisions
New York Stocks.
Lens: Distance Tclehorc. E7i and 1M1
11 and 13 AVest Pearl Street
Cincinnati CflTce, flocma 4 and Kankakee b'la'gr-
Dull Day on 'Change, Only Two Share
Showing An) Activity Locul 31a r
Lct Are Improving:.
At New York, yesterday, money on call
vas easy at If Hi per cent.; last loan. 1U:
closed offered at lfill-t per cent.
Prime mercantile paper. ZVZxi per cent.
Sterling exchange was steady, with actual
business In bankers' bills at l-USft l.Ssi for
demand and at U-SCAi i.Vi Tor sixty days;
posted rates, $!.S7til.S7Vi and -!.V!&7(1.$9;
commercial bills. Jl.K; silver certificates,
61TiliG2sc; bar silver, Cltt-bk:; Mexican dol
lars, 43 C-16c. At London bar silver closed
at 2S S-16d per ounce.
Total sales of stocks were 113.G28 shares,
Including: American Tobacco, 3,1'JO; Ameri
can Sugar, 10,100; Burlington, 7,2'W; Cbicago
Gaa Trust receipts, 3,000; Delaware & Hud
son, 3.300; Louisville & Nashville, 6,900;
Reading, VM; SL Paul, 7,o0u; Western
Union, 15,700; New Jersey Central, 18,400.
Only two stocks were dealt In on New
York 'Change yesterday to the extent of
10.0C0 shares, namely, New Jersey Central
and Western Union. The local tycbange
neemed to have lost its docile faith In Lon
don superior knowledge of the value of
American securities, which it was mo ready
to acknowledge Wednesday after its costly
experience in, giving way too farto timidity
on Monday. The New York price refused
to conform to the London quotations which
had risen after the London opening to
above the New York closing. The New
York price, on the contrary, obstinately
persisted at a lower level than the parity
with London. London prices as a conse
quence fell off in the final dealings, teeing
the persistent "blueness" of the New York
market. The pessmlatlc mood of the local
dealers discouraged London from buying In
this market, even with a higher rine pre
vailing in their own market. Arbitrage op
erations were insignificant. The close in
London showed the prices of Americans
still above the New York parity in spite cf
declines in sympathy with New York. The
etock market as obstinately refused to rc-
epond to the weakness in wheat with a rise,
on the theory recently prevailing that a
European war, while it would Increase the
value of wheat, would depreciate American
railroad values. Prices sagged all ay end
business was almost stagnant, minutes
passing without a single quotation being
recorded. The market was left entirely to
the traders, and these were influenced to
some degree by the fact that a large opera
tor, recently a bear, but who turned buyer
Wednesday, joined the short side again.
The reports and opinions regarding the war
were very conflicting. There Is a reneral
disposition to buy, on belief In the tuccess
of the Turks, on the ground that Turkish
victory would lead to he intervention of
the powers and the speedily ending of the
war. The absence of Information from the
Turkish forces and the confident latins put
forth by the Greeks, together vith tho
news that a Russian fleet has sougnt to
pass Through the Dardanelles and that
Turkey fears aggression from Bulgaria,
confused the calculations of stock dealer
and gave a pause to the trading. Tho
money market continues In a lethargic con
dition, and inquirers report that money
brokers find new business practically non
existent, thus reflecting the general dullness
of all business. The same state of things
is reported from other centers and con
firms the dealers in shares in their attitude
of Inactivity. The only feature of any in
terest in the day's market was the move
ment in the coalers which had an appear
ance of aggressive strength. The loan rate
for the stocks indicated that the demand
came from the short Interest, who were the
victims of some professional maneuvering.
Tho movements were comewhat erratic.
New Jersey Central ranging over points
and closing with a net gain of lB. Dela
ware & Hudson and Lackawanna moved in
sympathy, the former closing unchanged
and the latter with a net lofs. Western
Union was weak on published reports of
an Improved method of telegraphy and on
rumors of decreased earnings and suffered
a loss of l-2. Union Pacific was In good
- demand and gained on the day, closing
at a-. The American Spirit shares de-
eloped weakness In the closing dealings,
the common stock losing lg and the pre
ferred 2 per cent. Movements otherwise
were narrow and without Interest. Clos
ing was weak and with a general decline
of a fraction.
The railway bond market ruled quiet, but
with ;i firm undertone. Fluctuations In the
principal isues were usually rarrow and
there wm a marked contractlDn In the
volume of trading In the high-grade liens.
Seme sharp variations were registered
either way in the usually neglected liens.
The extreme changes were C., S. & C.
firsts, which rose . and Toledo, Peoria &
Western firsts, which fell 3 per cent. Tho
sales were $0'J3,00O.
Government bonds were slightly easier on
quoted prices, there being no transactions
at the board.
The following table. prepared by L. W. Louis.
Room 11. Board of Trade, shows the range of
Open- Hijrh- Low- Clos
Iss;. est. est. Ing.
Adams Express i:hi
Alton & Terre Haute 66
American Exire.s 112
American Spirits H H io
American Spirit pref 2M,
.American Sugar 112 1123
American uxar pref PC
American Tobacco 70 7o'i 61' 7u
American Tobacco pref '.. 1h'
Atchl3on 10Vi 10'4
Baltimore & Ohio 13t4
Canada Pacific 4'j
Canada Southern 47i 47i 47si 474
Ontral Pacific ?i4
Chesapeake & Ohio li 16 16 16
Chicago & Alton p;2
C. IS. Ac Q 72 72 7l'i 7lfc
C. & E. I. iref j5
Chicago Gas 814 W M Mi
O.. C. C. &. St. U. 2S'a 2Sj 2S'i 28,
Commercial Cable Co i;.o
Conso.Klated Gas t
cotton Oil j.nt
Cotton Oil pref ,
elaware & Hudson io5u.
I)., L. & YA
lenver & Ulo Grande si:
Jenver & Rio Grande i.ref 37U.
j.rle it
, .... ... j.
trie I'm pref st.
.rie econ.l pref 1,;,3
1-ort Wayne
i.enerai l-.ieciric 31: 3,m. -q.v
.reai former n prei j!
jincKin atie.T
lillnola Cent ml ....
jvana lexas I'rer
l.xke Krie & Western
Luke Krl, We,tern pref JJ,
J-ik bhore
1-a Trust
Lrfui9iil!e &. Na.xhville 4U 4z.
lutvl!le .St New Albany ' ....
Manhattan S4 8tTB
2fcltvhiiean Ontral
43 43i,
MiiHotiri I'aclfic
jriHi ( ciurai ....... ii'4 t1t tit.
N. Y. & X. K .... 37
Northern Paclfl;
Northern Pacific rref 34-i jji 341.
Ncrthweten H i in-i"
North vwestern pref " j-4,'
I'acirtc Mail 2'i C'J'i 2C -f.r
I'tiria. L. & E ' .... " 1
P.. C. & Ft. I rref j 4T
Iul!man Palace
j.n.imi; r isv.
IN-ck Inland
St. Paul ....
... -3
... 71s4
71 71V
St. Paul nr?f
St. Paul Jb Omaha Zl
St. Paul A: Omaha pref
Southern Pacific
Trnneie C.xtl and Iron... 21. 2;s 5,,
Txa Pacific
- "
T.. St. L. & K. C. pref i!
I'ninn Pacinc si; Z'n Z'i -
W S. Kxpr,s 4 ,
r. s. lo-Hth-r i-ref c: 31 rx r.m
1;. s. nui.w .: 14,7
J,: nunb?r pref CM-
Vtah. St. X P 4
nv.l.a.h. St. L. & V. prrf 1;
Wiu-Krer ;Si)res plij
V.tm t'nlon jcij w 7,
Vhcflinir & Tike F.He .? . '.v
Vhefipir & Lak Krte prrf ...
T. S P'jh.'t. r-2
T'. h"'-ur. fH)i
I". 5. Couth, new, re;:..... ...
L. S. Fours, w, r.UM
Thursday' Hank Cleiirincs.
At rin.Mnns.M-rHrin2S. il,52.".7V).
A Philadelphia Clfutnss. S JO,wa.8; lalarven.
At" lialtlmore-Clearlr. ?2, 1,551; biilanccs
At Chicago Oearln, 515.S75.31I. New York
exchanff. 2Zc premium. Forelcn exchamr barely
f ua lj ; ilennnl. l.sv4; .ixty layis
At New Y-rk Clearings. D1.679.): balance?,
At Itoston Clearinss. 10.6)2,CS2: balance-.
"At ' icmi!;ls-Clcarln, 3.0:5; balances,
At St. Loj3 Clearlnirs. $1.4 '8,770: balances,
At New Orl?an Cleirins, ll.007.2SS.
Sprln Trade IncrennInK nnd I'ricen
Inch Stronger.
On the wholesale ftrects an.l on Commission
row trade yesterJay was probably the most ac
tive of any day since the holMajs. "Weather
corditions wre favorable an.l retail merchants
ar.d raall buyers now know nearer where they
stand financially. Stocks of the retail merchants
as a rule ate low. The dry goods market and
staple groceries are much flimer than a month
aso an 1 In ialnts, oils and hardware firmer
prices are the feature. On Commission row
apples, oranges and bananas are in light eupply
and each day decreases the ftock on hand and
forces prices higher. Poultry, epgs and butter
are firm. Receipts are on the Increase. The wool
iparket begins to attract some attention. It Is
exacted that the market wnlch opens about
May 1 will pay 2tj3c better prices ir pound
tran last year.
Ire local g.-ain market is active. Receipts
this week are some heavier and all cereals are
in active request at the following bids, track:
Wheat No. 2 red. Sac; No. 3 red, k3QN7c; No.
4 red. 79 83c; wagon wheat. 82c.
Corn No. 1 white, 2Tc; No. 2 white. 23c; No.
3 white. 2; No. 4 white. 22-c; No. 2 white
mixed. 22,.-c; No. 3 white mixed. 2U'ic; No. 4
white mixed. 21lc; No. 2 rellow, 23',; No. 3 yel
low, Ziic; No. 4 yellow, 2c; No. 2 mixed. 23Hc;
No. 3 mixed. 23Vic; No. 4 mixed. I'jc; ear corn,
Oats No. 2 white, 21Vic; No. 3 white, 20c; No.
2 mixed. 10c; .No. 3 mixed. 17c.
Hay No. 1 timothy. 'J39.50; No. 2 timothy,
S.'&3; prairie, ;.57.
Poultry nnd Other Produce.
0?rices paid by hipiers.)
Toultry Hens, 6c; springs, 12'; cocks. 3c;
young turkeys. 9c; toms, 8c; old hen turkeys.
7c; eld tome. c; ducks. 6'tc; geese, 40c for full
feathered; 3uc for plucked.
liutter Country, choice, 10c; mixed, 6c.
1 :tsh 7.2c.
FVathen Prime geese, 30c per lb; prime duck,
161 17c Ir lb.
Peeswax 2c for yellow, 23c for dark.
Honey 124 He per lb.
Wool Medium unwashed. 12c; fine merino, un
washed. lc; tub-washed. 20fr23c; burry and un
merchantable, less.
Green-salted Hides No. 1. "lie; No. 2, 64c; No.
1 calf. bUc; No. 2 calf, 74c
Grease White, Sc; yellow. 2ic; brown, 2c.
Tallow Xo. l. 3c; Xo. 2. 2-2C.
Bones Dry, 12?jl3 l-r ton.
(The quotations given below are the selling prices
of the wholesale dealers.)
Canned Goods.
Com. 60c5$l-25. Peaches Standard 3-lb, $1.30
1.75; seconds, 11.10; 3-lb pie, 73fiS)c: California
standard. $1.732; California seconds, $l.40tl.3J.
Miscellaneous Ulackberries. 2-lb, 6370c; rasp
berries. 2-lb, JW&9.-.C: pineapples, standard. 2-lb,
SI. 10fi 1.23; choice. $2(82.50: cove oysters. 1-lb, full
weight. 83uf3c; light. 6t;65c; string beans. 7O0
We; Lima beans, f 1.10 1.20; peas, marrowfats,
f3c$l.lu; early June. ttoc$1.10; lobsters, S1.8o
2; red cherries. 90cC$l; strawberries. St393c; sal
ruon. 1-lb. 1.10tj2; 3-lb tomatoes, 0(gS3c.
Candles and uts.
Candles Stick. 5ic per lb; common mixed, 54c
per lb; G. A. H. mixed. 6c; banner stick. 10c;
citam mixed, 9c; old-time mixed, 7c.
Nut Soft-shelled almonds. 11613c; English
walnuts. 12c; Brazil nuts. 10c; Alberts. 11c; pea
nuts, roasted, fc; mixed nuts, 10c.
Coal nnd Coke.
The following are the prices on coal and coke
as retailed In this market:
Anthracite coal. 7 per ton: Pittsburg lump.
J3.75; Brazil block. $2.73; Winlfrede lump. S3.73;
Jackson lump. 3.50; Greene county lump, S2.73;
Paragon lump. $2.50; Greene county nut. S2.50;
Blostsburg coal. $4.50; crushed coke. $3 per 24 bu;
Ump coke, $2.75; foundry coke, $6 per ton.
Alcohcl. $2.32(02.50: asafetlda. 2530c: alum. 2',.
Mc; camphor. 46ft4c; cochineal. 5055c; chloro
form. 5370c; copperas, brls. 60tfC3c; cream tar
tar, pure. 3032c; indipo. CZtisOc; licorice. Calab.,
Ktnulne. 3?i4c: magnesia, carb.. 2-oz, 23'&.l5c;
morphine. I. & W.. oz, $1.95(52.20; madder. 14
il6c; oil. castor, per gal. S1-U5&1.10: oil. berga
mot, per lb. $2.75; opium. $2.75; quinine, P. & W
Ier 02, 2431c: balsam copaiba. 70-&75c; tan,
c&ftlle. Fr.. 12W16C; soda, bicarb.. 44"S6c; salts.
Epsom. 43c; sulphur. Hour. 55jf6c; salti-ter,
14c; tuntntine. SidJZSc; glycerine. 1431c; iodide
lotassium. $3(93.10; bromide iotassium. 50';.2c;
chlorate potash, 2uc; borax. l.'Urilc; clnchonlda.
12c; cartel ic acid. 2S(ga0c.
Oils Linseed. 32-&34C per gal; coal oil. legal
test. rl4c; bank. 40c: best straits. 50c; Labrador.
60c; West Virginia, lubricating. 20&2i)e; miners'.
4Zc: lard oils, winter strained, in brls. LOc per
gal; in half brls, 3c rer gal extra.
Dry Goods.
Bleached Sh-etlngs Androsccggin L.
Berkley No. 60. 7!jc; Cabot. 5c; Capitol. 3c I
Cumberland. 6c; Dwight Anchor. 7c; Fruit of
the., 7WVV 6'ic: Farwe. c; Fitchville. 54c:
I-ull Width. 6ljc: Gilt Edge. 5c: Glided Agf.
4l4c; Hill. c; Hope, c; Llnwood. 6'4c; Lonsdale.
62c; Peabody, 6c; Pride of the West, lOc: Ten
Strike, 5,c; Pcpnerell. 9-4. 13c; Peppetell. 10-4.
16Vic; Androscoggin, 9-4, 16c; Androscoggin. 10-4.
Brown sheetings Atlantic A. 6c; Argyle. 5c:
Boott C. .nc; Buck's Head. 6c; Clifton CCC. 6'c:
Constitution. 40-Inch. c; Carlisle. 40-lnch. 7ac:
Dwlght s Star, 7c; Great Falls E, 6c; Great
Falls J. 4c; Hill Fine. 6c; Indian Head. 6c;
Pepperell R. 5ic; Pepperell. 9-4. 13Vc; Andros
ccggln, 9-4, 13ic; Androscoggin. 10-4. 17c.
JTints Allen dress styles, ih7c; Allen's staples,
4UC; Allen TH. 44c: Allen's robes. 5c: American
Indigo. 4c; Arnold LLC. c; Cocheco fancy.
5c; Cocheco madders. 44c; Hamilton fancy, 6c;
Merrimac pinks and purples. 64c; Pacific fancy
5c; Simpson's fancy. 5c: Slmrson Berlin solids'
5c; Simpson's oil finish. 6c; American shirting. 4c!
CSlnghams Amoskeag staples. 4c; Amoskeag
Persian dress. 6c; Bates Warwick dress. 54e
I.anca.iter. 4c; Lancaster Normandles. 6c; Whlt
tenton Heather, 6c; Calcutta dress styles, 44c.
Kld-rlnlihed Cambrics Edwards, 34c; Warren
24c : Slater. 3c; Genesee. 34c
Grain Bags -Amoskeag, $U.50; American. $11.30;
Franklin ville. $13.50; Harmony. $11: Stark. $14.5.
Tickings Amoskeag ACA. 104c; Conestoga liF.
124c; Cordis, HO. 94c; Cordis FT. 10c: Cordis
Ae'E. 114c; Hamilton awnings. 9c; Kimono
fancy. 17c; Lenox fnncy. 18c; Methuen A A. 10c;
Oakland AF. 6c; Portsmouth. 104c; Susquehan
na. 124c: Shetucket SW, 64c; Shetucket F. 7c:
Swift River, 54c.
Straight grades, tf'a-VCS: fancy grades. $3.W
5.73; patent flour, $5.305.73; low grades, $3.754.
Sugars City Prices Dominoes. 5.23c; cut-loaf.
5.38c; crushed. 6.3Sc; iKwdered. 3c; XXXX pow
dered. 5.13c; granulated. 4.73c; fine granulated.
4.7c: extra fine granulated. 4.SSc: coarse granu
lated. 4.8kc: cubet. 5c; mold A, 5c: diamond A,
4.7:c; confectioners' A. 4.6Sc; 1 Columbia A
Keystone A. 4.50c; 2 Windsor A American A.
4.&0c; 3 Ktigewood A Centennial A, 4.50c; 4
l'hoenlx A t'allfornia A, 4.44c; 5 Empire A
Franklin B, 4.3Sc: 6 Ideal Golden Ex. C-Key-
stone B. 4.31c; 7 Windsor Kx. O American U.
4.2Cc; 8 RIdiewocd Ex. C 7cntennial It, 4.13c:
9 yellow Ex. C California B. 4c; 10 yellow C
Franklin Kx. C. 2.8o; 11 yellow KeTstone Ex.
C. 3.7.V: 12 yellow American Ex. C. 3.63c: 13 yel
lowCentennial Ex. C. 3.36c: 14 yellow Califor
nia Ex. C. 3.5'jc; 13 yellow, 3.44c; 16 yellow, S.3Sc.
e'offee Good. 17(f?18c: prime. lSj20e: strictly
prime. 2t"a?Zc; fancy jrreen and yellow. 22i24c;
Jua. 2H3iy. Uoasted Old Government Java.
324tf33c: Golden Rio. 24c; Bourbon Santos. 21c:
Gilded Santcs. 24c; prime Santos, ic. I'ackage
conec City rrlces Arlofa. 12.40c; Jersey, 12.4H;
L'.on. 12.1K.; Capital, 12.4(V; Luxury, 12.40c;
Bcgota Java, 20.40c.
Salt In car lots. 75c: small lots, SOSGc.
Spites Pepper. lOJflSc; allspice. 10.Til3c; cloves,
U'fi-'oj; cassia, HlSc; nutmegs. 6T.73c ir lb.
Molasses and Syrups New Orleans molasset.
fair to prime. 20ft3uc; choice, 33$ 40c; syrups, 15
WooJenw re Xo 1 tubs. JhTiP.23; No. 2 tub
$..25M..50; No. 3 tuns. J4.2r.-Ji 4.. V; 2-hop l.alls!
$1.4'K?jl.30: 2-htp rails. $1,154x1.20; double wash
toanls. J2.255J2.73; common washboards. $1.2:
l.'O; clothes pins. 4'VTj5c r box.
Wood Dishes No. 1. per 1.00, $2.30; No. 2. $3:
No. 3. 43..-.0; No. 5. $4.3).
Twine-Hemp. 12flp-c pr lb: wool. SfiiV; flax.
ZVilMx: paer. 23c: Jute. 12T1.V: cotton, lS'iiS.V.
Flour Sacks ipajrj Plain. 1-32-brl. per l.ono.
$3.50; 1-16-lTl. $: 4-brl. ?S; 4-brl. $16; No. 2
drab, plain. 1-32-brl. r 1.00.). $4.23; 1-16-brl.
6.:0; a-brl. $10; 4-brl. $10: No. 1 cream, plain.
1-32-b.i. 1-r l.m. $7; 1-lrt-brl. $s.T3; U-brl. $H.3o;
4-brl. $2x."0. Extra charge for printing.
Rice Louisiana. 44'&'-4c: Carolina. 3fi7Vie.
Bean Choice hand-picked navy. $lf l.io ier
bu; medium hand-picked. 90i?3c; Llmas, Call
fcrnla. Vi'tf per lb.
Sht -$1.2.-1.30 per bag for drop.
Lead 647c for pressed bar.
Iron and Steel.
Bar Iron l.SOl.COc; horseshoe lar. 24'?21ic;
nail rod. 7c; plow slabs. 24c; American cast
steel. &jllc; tire steel. 24'tf3c: spring steel, 44
Lent Iter.
leather Oak sole. 242?c: hemlock sole. 22'IS
27c; harnes. 2'y'3Jc: skirting. 34'fj41c: single
Mrup. Wite; city kip. C"fi70c: F'rench kip,
$1.2vt; city calft-kln. 9)clf$1.10; French calfskin.
ji.2i n 2.
Nnlls nnd Horseshoe.
Steel cut nails. $1.73; wire naiis, from store.
$1.1H)'2 rates; fix m mill. $1.75 rates. Horseshoee,
yvr k-g. $3.3o; mule shoes, per keg. $4.30; horse
nails. 4i3 k'v tx. liarb wire, galvanized, $2;
lainted, 51.73.
Pro vImIoiim.
Hams Sugar-cured. IS to 20 lbs average, Sfj)
lc: 13 lis average. 104(ffUc: 12 lbs average.
Il'jll4c: lu II.h avrraw, 114il2c; block hams.
lo'Cilwc: all hrst bramis; seconds. 4c less.
Breakiitt Bacon Clear tlrsts. ll'c; seconds,
lrJ Kettle rendered. In tierces, 6c; pure lard.
.Nhoulders Engil.-h cured. 16 lbs average. 64c;
10 to 12 lb average. 7c.
Pickled Pork Ban pork, clear, per brl. 2'
11 s. $12; rump j rk. $U.
backs 20 to 10 lbs average. b,c; 10 to 14 lbs
average. 6c; 7 to ? lbs average. 64c In dry
ealt. S lWJ.
Clovrr Choio recloaned. CO Iba. iVH.H; prlin
?4.2i4.5fl; English, chclce. I4.5CJM.75; alslke,'
colce. n.Tu'yi; alfalfa, choice, $1.44(4.00; crlm-
Kn or scurlet clover. $2.7r.C; timothy. 45 lbs.
prime, L3vul.40; strictly prime, $1.4oLW; faucy
Bacon lear sides. 40 to 5) lbs average. 6'-c;
SO to 40 ls averaice. 6e; 2o to 30 lbs average'
t-4c; bellies. 2T. lbs Heru2c. ;,c; 14 to 13 lis
average. 7c; 10 to 12 lbs average. 7st-. nr
Kentu-ky. 14 lbs. $l.33T?l.C3: extra clean. 70t;9c;
orchard grns. extra. $l.73('l: reil top. choice,
91Q1.73; English Lluegrass, 24 lbs. $1.131.73.
Produee, PruitM and Vegetable.
A pples Prices rans.ng with quality, $2.23 per
trl; chJl?e. U.'Ji; fancy. ?3.
Banana t Per bunch. No. 1. $2; No. 2. $1.
Cabbage New Florid i. $2.52.75 ier crate.
Cheese New York i'ull cream. He; skims. 6-5 Sc
ler lb: domestic Swiss, 13c; brie. 11c; limburgtr,
10c p?r lb.
Cocoanuts 30e j-er doz.
Lemons Messlnu, choice, S2.7S per box; fancy
lemons. $3.23.
Oranges California oranges, $2.50 per box; na
vels. N1.5CC4.
Onions 4?f 4.50 ir brl. $1.30 per bu.
Potatoes 23 2Sc Pr bu; seed iotatces. Ohio
and Early Rose. 35r40c per bu.
Sweet Potatoes Illinois sweets, $1.30 per brl;
KentJcky. $1.23 per brl.
Seed Sweet I'otatoes Genuine Jersey, $2 ier
bil; Kentucky. $1.50 per brl; red Jer?eys. $2; Ber
mudas, $2 per brl.
Cranberries $:..30 ier brl, according to quality;
bushel crates. $1.25: fancy, $1.30, .
Strawberries 203Oc, varying with quality.
Tomat 3s $3.30 for 7-fcasket crates; fancy, $3
Ier crate.
Kale $1 per brl.
Spinach $1 jer brl.
Onion Sets White. $2.73 per bu; yellow, J2.73
per bu.
Cucumbers $1. 231? 1.30 per doz.
Green Beans $2.23 & 2. 3o per bu.
Green Peas 12 ier bu.
New Potatoes $2. 2 50 irr bu.
Asiaragus Florida, 45&30o ier bunch.
Lettuce 13c ier lb.
Tinners. Supplies).
Best brands charcoal tin. IC, 10x11. 11x20, 12x12.
$3.50f6; IX. 10x14. 11x20. 12x12, ?6.75fc7.ry; roonng
tin, bst brands, IC, 11x20, $4.231 4.73; 20x2S, ?s.30
9.:0; IC. 20x28. old style. $13; block tin in pigs,
16c; block tin in bars. ISc; zinc, sheet, 6c; cropier
lottoms, 21c; planished copier, 21c; solder, 11W
12c; Iron. 27B. $2.30; 27C. 2: iron, best blwm.
galvanized, 75c and 10 per cent.; lead, pressed
bars, 6c.
Window GInn.
Price per box of 50 square feet. Discount. 9
and 10.
8x8 to 10x13 Single: A A. 17. A. $6.30: B. $6.23;
C. $6. Double: AA. $9.5'): A. $8.50; B. $S.23.
11x14 and 12x18 to 16x24 Single: AA. $8; A,
$7.23; B, ?7. Double: AA, $10.73; A, $9.25; B,
1Sx20 and 20x20 to 20x30 Single: AA. $10.50: A.
$9.50; B, $9. Double: AA, $14; A. $12.75; B. $12.
15x36 to 24x30-Single: AA, $11.30; A, $10; B,
$1.23. Double: AA. $15.23; A. $13.75; B. $12.25.
2fix28 to 24x35 Single: A A. $12; A. $10.50; B,
?3.C0. Double: A A. $16: A, $14.30; B. $13.23.
26x31, 2Sx32 and 30x30 to 2tx44 Single: AA,
112.75: A. JU.75; B. $10.23. Double: AA, $17.25;
A, $13.50; B. $14.
26x44 to 3Cx30 Single: A A. $13; A. $11.30; B.
$12. Double: A A, $1X73; A. $1S; H. $16.
3xl2 to 30x54 Single: AA, $16.50; A. $14.75; B.
$12.25. Double. AA. $21.50; A. $19.73; B, $16.30.
34x38 to 34x60 Single: AA. $17.25: A. $15.73; B,
$14.30. Double: AA. $22.75; A, $21.23; B, $20.
Thirteen Transfers, with n Considera
tion of tOO.
Instruments filed for record in the recorder's
office of Marlon county. Indiana, for the twenty
four hours ending at 5 p. m. April 22. 1S97. as
furnished by Theo. Stein, abstracter of titles,
corner of Market and Pennsylvania streets, In
dlanaplia. Suite 22?, first cilice floor. The
Lemcke. Telephone 17C0:
August C. Windhorst to John Schroerlucke,
Lot 1. Stephenson's subdivision ct
SchrDer's addition C00
Rosetta Dornberger to Amanda Harbor t
al., part of southwest quarter of Mecti
21. Township 17, Range 4 6C0
James It. Hamilton to Sarah A. Hart.lltor.
Lot 3 and part of Lot 2. Wright's sub
division of Block 24, Drake's addition 2,500
Joshua II. Crlm to Arthur Jordan Com
pany, part of northwest quarter of Sec
tion 36. Township 16. Range 3 4,000
Robert H. Gower to Clarlnda D. Wolfram,
northeast quarter of southeast quarter of
Section 22. Township 17. Range 3 3.000
Eugene J. Rehm. guardian, to Myra H.
Doan. Lot 2S, Lancaster's Belmont-avc-
nue addition l.ioo
Jthn A. Yorn to Orange L. Moorman ami
wife. Lot 45, Hadley s second Grandvlew
addition 3.30n
Orange L. Moorman Jo Artemus N. Ilad
ley, same lot 3,0"0
Julia Sullivan et al. to Dennis O'Neill.
Lot 40, Yandes's subdivision of Outlot 130 8X
Ellas C. Atkins to James U. W'esklng, Iot
40, Drake & Majhew's first aJditlon 1,800
Harvey A. Gray to James M. Heller, Lot
1. Wilder' subdivision of Block 8, Han
way & Henna's Oak Hill addition 300
James M. Heller to Industrial Alliance
Building and Loan Association, same lt. 400
William T. Noble to Charles S. Lewis and
wife. Lot 19. Square 2, Xorth PaVk ad
dition 4.500
Transfer. 13; consideration $26,400
Large Shipments! from the Western
Hansen to the Corn Belt.
WASHINGTON, April 21. The ARricul
tnral Department has received reports of
the largo shipments of sheep from the
stock ranges of the West into the corn belt.
It is asserted that there is a large per
centage of sheep scab existing on the
ranges and this will be spread on the trans
migration of the sheep. The disease is not
known to be materially more extensive
than In recent seasons, but it Is sufficiently
general to cause alarm among the agricul
tural authorities and steps have been taken
to enforce the law and prevent the sending
of sheep from one State into another. The
department's representatives at various
points have been Instructed to warn own
ers, transporters and all concerned that the
violations of the law will be prose
cuted. Telegrams received by the department; to
day announce that 2.000 lambs shipped from
Nebraska, and more or less affected by the
scab, reached Chicago this morning, and
that five hundred other lambs from the
same point and in the same condition
reached Chicago yesterday and were sold
there for shipment to the corn regions of
Ohio for feeding or future sale for mutton.
Secretary Wilson and Chief Salmon, of the
Bureau of Animal Industry, had a confer
ence over the situation this afternoon and
decided to use every means available to
protect the herds at large from the disease.
Secretary Wilson telegraphed notice that
the interstate shipment of infected sheep
was against the law, and that the animals
must be so disposed of as to comply with
the department regulations. Instructions
have been given permitting the transporta
tion of such animals after being dipped Into
the prescribed disinfecting solution, which
precautions large numbers of the stockmen,
it is said, have omitted to take.
George Springer, sixty-three years, 118 North
Senate avenue, uraemia.
S. W. Swigett, Keventy-one years, 930 Xorth
Meridian street, heart disease.
Infant Sinker, rear SI Kansas street, stillborn.
Ill rt list.
Nellie and Samuel Murphy, 41 Bright street,
Mary and Thomas Welch, 411 South West
street, girl.
Elnora and Washington rarker, 236 Garden
street. ly.
Emma and William Mortis. Jackson Park. boy.
2Iagjle and Robert liaskerville, 32 Standard
avenue, boy.
Magele and Matthew McCarthy, 12 Gresham
street, boy.
Mary and J. F. Horning. 53D Massachusetts
avenue, girl.
Lilly Mnt W. D. Shearer, 329 Massachusetts
avenue, boy.
Anna and John MeGinnls. 432 West Second
street, girl.
Elizabeth and Albert Joss, Pratt and California
streets, girl.
Bertha und Joseph Barker, DCS West Twenty
seventh street, girl.
MnrrlnKe Licence.
Charles Shearer and Ella Lamb.
Thomas H. Sullivan and Theresa Ward.
Allien L. Michaels and Myrtle Florence Sink.
Sllaman George and Rcsa Joseph.
llnlldlnK Permits).
Louis J. Metzger. brick wareroom, 71 West
Wabath street. $2.20
L. J. Metrger. raze brick building, 32 South
Alabama street, $1X.
Man Madison, repairs, 167 South Olive street.
Charles Butterworth, cottage. Lexington ave
nue. y0".
D. Morrison & Co., barn, rear 23') Ramsey
avenu. $250.
Henry K. Klbler. addition. 643 Massachusetts
avenue, $150.
Jamea McKennan. addition. 23 Chadwlck street
Frank G. Wood, frame house. North Pennsyl
vania street. $3,475.
Pensions for A'eterans.
Ct.tlflcates have been issued to the following-named
Original General Kelsey, Kvansville;
John D. Chlzur.i. Thorntown; Thomas J.
Heker (deceased). Martinsville; John Haley,
National Military Home.
Additional Hancy H. Hamilton, Swan
ington. Restoration and Increase Ira Grant,
Increase Thomas H. Rush, National Mil
itary Horn; Coi. D. Boone. Poplar Grove;
William W. Cooper. Elkhart: John H.
Roehm. Tell City; Rufus Covert, Jr.. New
berg; William C. Woods. National Military
Home; Zlon Edmons. Terre Haute; Edward
W. Thompson, Shelburn.
Reissue George C. Roberts. Hicknll;
James C. Parker, Monitor; David bunion,
Original Widows. etcJane Allen. Os-
sian; Anpellne McElroy. Mount Vernon:
Sarah J. Albernath, Slip's Hill; minors of
Peter H. Martyn, Indianapolis: special,
April 7. minor of Silas D. Huckleberry.
North. Vernon.
Short Alert and Rcntfy to TnLp Ad
vniitMKTc of Any Favorable Hear
eus Other Mr.rketn Dull.
CHICAGO. April 22. Wheat was a puzzle
to-day. It went up and down like a teeter
board, but ended close to the center, with
a net decline of He. The market was
nervous and was easily moved in either
direction. Big cash business and better
planting conditions were - factors. Other
markets are dull and show but little
change in their respective values.
Wheat was very strong in the first hour's
trading. Opening at from "lc up to 71J2C
for May, against yesterday's closing price
of 7Ce. it gradually worked up to 74ic
and fluctuated between 74,sc and 74?4c for
about an hour. At the end of that time
the short sellers became convinced the bulls
had exhausted their ammunition and on
that hypothesis they commenced their
work. The result was quickly seen. May
tumbling from 74c to TGVc in about ten
minutes. Talk of considerable business
having been done In wheat' for export from
here this forenoon helped keep the price
up during the rirst hour and a renewal of
such rumors cau.sed it to recover once more
the most of the decline last referred to.
The details were not forthcoming, how
ever, with sufficient degree of definiteness
to be convincing and the price yielded again
after having sold up to 74Uc for May the
second time. The Liverpool market opened
at a decline of id per cental for futures
and closed at a further loss of from Vsd to
;d for futures and K-d advance spot." The
opening was much better than anticipated
and was quite influential in the early
strength of the local market. Continental
markets were all somewhat higher and the
cause of their strength was said to be re
ports of damage to the French crop from
continuous rains and to the Russian crop
by frost and drought. Chicago receipts
were only ll cars; Minneapolis and Du
luth received 3n7 cars, against 271 a week
ago and 27 last year. Atlantic port clear
ances were only ISf.OOO bu in Hour and
wheat together, and that was one of the
things that encouraged the shorts. The
chief reason for weakness was the reports
from the spring wheat country of the vigor
of the seeding operations una the rapidity
with which the ground had and was still
drying. The price got down to 729ic for
May on the second turn, but a quick recov
ery to 73VjC, and that was the price at the
Corn was weak at the beginning of the
session, influenced by the favorable weath
er, but the small decline was taken advan
tage of by shorts to cover their lines and
prices were soon up again. Trading, as a
whole, was lifeless. Exports were liberal
again, being 1K6.WK) bu. May opened a
shade lower at 24VAc, sold between 24c and
24c. closing at 23"c
For the most part oats were quiet with
prices following wheat in the main. There
was some short buying at intervals, but
no interesting features developed. Exports
were p2.m bu. May opened a shade lower
at Jijs?. advanced to i;ifcl7?8e and reacted
to LVs'iiLUc, where it closed.
Provisions were easy for lard and steady
for pork and ribs. The market was fully
as dull as yesterday and price variations
were extremely narrow, with trading al
most entirely professional. At the close
?X was 2fcc higher, at ?.47'; May
2 ,loT;-at $u2fc. an -May ribs
unchanged, at 14.70.
Estimated Receipts for Friday Wheat 8
head"' CaFS; atS' 134 C'JrS: hKs.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Open- Hlgh-
ln?,. est.
74'i 74;
744 744
4U 744
712 7lj
24 U
24'i 24,
235 2f,
27 27
17' i 17
Corn April
Oats May
Perk Miy
Lard May
Ribs May
. K.37'i 8.i)
4.17 4.17H 4.10
4.374 4.374 4.30
4.674 4.70
4.70 4.73
July ..
Sept ..
4.M4 4.774 4.80
Cah quotations were as follows: Flour firm.
No. 2 spring wheat. 724ft74Ue: No. 3 spring
Vo'.,6"1 Xo- 2 PPd- s4&!2c. No. 2 corn.
c: 2 yellow. 24fc244c. No. 2 oats.
1. LV2c; No 2 white 225 224c; No. 3 white,
f. o b.. 2'&22T4C. No. 2 rye. S3;c. No. 2 barley
nominal; No. 3. f. o. b.. ZtUZZc; No. 4. f. o. b..
2, C'J JL ?:,xsp1. 76Vi5j79c. Prime timothy
reed. $2.,0S?.,3. Mess pork, per brl. $8.458 S.
lfT.Ay.MV 100 $-124. Short-rlh Hides, lose.
$4.b fi I.S ; dry-salted shoulders, boxed. $5 23tfK5 30
short-clear sides, boxed. $U243. Whisky dis
tillers finlbhel go,!, per gal. $1.19. Sugars
Cut-loaf, 5.1.V": Kranulated. 4.7ftc.
Receipts Flour. 6.000 brls; wheat 13.fi00'bu
corn. 43.noo bu; oats. Hl.Oin bu; rve, 1.O00 bu:
barley, 32.'K0 bu. Shipments Flour. 4 0n brl:
wheat. 26.WO bU; corn. 133.WO bu; oats, 138.0CO bu;
barley, 1,000 bu.
Ilnlififr Prices in Produce nt the Sen
loarlM Commerelnl Metropolis,.
NEW YOltK, April 22.-Flour-Receipts, 8,758
brls; exerts, 23.500 brls. Market steady and
more active for export; Minnesota bakers. $3.60
3.S3. Rye flour firm. Corn meal steady. Rye
easier; No. 2 Western, 3S'.;'534e. Barley weaker
at 274&2SC. Parley malt quiet.
Wheat-Receipts, 63.S23 bu; exports, 23.SS0 bu.
Spot weaker and fairly active; No. 2 red, 83c
nominal; No. 3 hard winter, 75;c. Options
oiiened stronger on steadier cables, bullish crop
news an 1 encouraging export business, but be
came oMTloaded en the bulge and suffered two
bid breaks .n the afternoon, closing a&Hie
Kwer In the race of a liberal decrease In. ing-
V.irh stocks and renewed export demand; N.o. 2
leci, April, closed at fclc; May. 794&14c, closed
at nx-.
Coin Receipts, 133.377 bu; exports, 54,422 bu.
Slot weaker; No. 2. a(J4c. Options opened steady.
ei.ttd off with, wheat, but rallied on covering
ami closed unchanged; April closed at 304c
May, ZVifQ2'J:ic, closed at 2'Jc.
Oats KH. eipis. 13. mh) bu; exports, 1.7S0 bu.
Siot steady; No. 2, 232. Options slow all day,
closing unenanged; May, 2l4'G-14c, closed at
iiay steady. Heps quiet. Hides quiet. Leather
hrm. ool steady.
Hcef steady. Cut meats quiet; pickled bellies,
$.ti3.5'. Lar-i dull; Western steam, $4.40; relined
bt..-ady. ivrk steady. Tallow dull.
Cotton-seed oil struns. with outlook bullish,
and round IcU of prime yellow sold at 234c for
exiiort; prime summer yellow, 234C-c; ofl: rm
mtr yellow, 22c, none offered; butter grades,
27i2Sc; prime wnite, 2G'jf27c.
Colfe Options cjienea steady and unchanged
to lo points lower, following disapiointing
European and Brazilian news. Euroje sold ana
Ucal shorts boucht; further eared off 5 joints
under renewed, toreign llijuldation, but iartially
rtcoveretl with better turojiean news; closed
barely steady at a net decline of 5falo mints.
Sales, lu.230 ba?s. includinj:: May. "7.10 7. 13c.
l't corf-e Rio uull; No. 7, invoice ?c, jubbla
-4c. Mill quiet; Cordwa. lSfiHe. Sales. l,r.tN
bas Rio, No. 7. $pot, at 7 ll-ltic; 113 bags August
and 12 J bags Porto Cabello.
Sugar Raw steady; sales, 30-) tons muscovado,
ex. wharf, 19 test, at 2 13-lftc; refined quiet.
UuotntloiiH at M. Louis, Haltiniore,
Cincinnati nnd Other I'laeen.
ST. LOUIS, April 22. Flour dull and nominally
unchantd. Wheat Market cir.ed strong and
higher, but traiing wa comi'aratively liglit.
Cables w.-re some a hat c inflicting. Receipts In
the Northwest were heavier, but local receipts
were lighter. There was a Ltamh undertone to
the markrt. however, and it requited the united
tJTorts oc the bulls to jirevent a heavy slump.
The cloe was unsettled, with May 4c higher.
July fractionally lower and September c lower
tl an yeaterdaj't linals. Siot higher; No. 2 red,
cu5h. elevator. Ulc hid; track. $1,014; May. lC4c;
July. 7slic: Ausius-t. 7jc; Septemter, Com
Futures wen: in fair demand, with light simu
lative demand, clo.lng at fractional changes
lrtm yeterdav. Sjiot steady; No. 2, cash, 22;c
bid; May, 224c bid; July. 2CNc bid; September,
2.'c bid. Oats Futures dull and nominally
steady. Sjiot higher; No. 2. cash. j:o bid; May,
l'."tc; July. lS4c bid. Rye nominal at 33c, track.
Parley nominal. Corn meal. $1.4 Yii 1.43. Hran
dull and firmer; sacked, east track, worth nom
inally 3Pf32c. Flaxseed easlir at 74c. Prime
timothy seed, $2.3i'd2.W. Hay firm; prairie. 4'y
S.r.0; timothv. T( 12.30. Liutter rtrm; creamen-.
l':ryi7V-c: ilairy. Sfr, i.c. Ejis higher at sc. Whiskv,
$1.13. Celt on ties and bagng unchanged. I'ofk
lower; standard mess. Jobbing. $8.l3fcs.75. Lard
sttady; wlnie strain. $: choice, $1.05. llacon
I'xed shoullers. X3.23; extra short-clear, $j.37U;
ribs. 3.3'): shorts. $3.ti24. I'ry-salt tneats
Poxed shoulders. 13; extra short-clear, $3; ribs,
r.l2'-: short i. $3.23. Receipts Flour. 2.t. brls;
wheat. IK bu; ccrn. 43.0'O bu; rats. lm bu.
Shipments Flour. 2,0ft brls; wheat. 2,'0 bu;
corn, 23,'o bu; oats. 9, 000 bu.
CINCINNATI. April 22. Flour ouiet. Wheat
ensli-r1 No. 2 ret held at V2c. Corn strong and
richer; No. 2 mixed. 27c. Oats kten-jy; No. 2
m'.xe.'.. 2"4('- Rie quiet: No. 2. 37'j3v. Lard
steady At 4. Hulk meats quiet at H.MkTj t.-tt.
i:.(Cm quiet anl steady at 3.70t3.m. Whisky
Heady at $1.19- Uutttr quiet. Sugar steady. Kxgs
easy it 7Vc. Cheote quiet.
liALTlMOHE. April 22. Flour quiet. Wheat
dull; spot anl May. 81VM4; receipts. 32.021 bu;
exiris von?; Southern uheat by sample. K2Ti)
s?.c . Corn easier: spot. 24t;2S'Sc; May. 2S4Jr
I-'.i-c; tearccr mUed, 5Vs23!c; receipts, 236,373
bj; exports. 122.178 bu; Southern white corn. 'Jm ;
Southern yellow, 2'4c. Oats firm: No. 2 white.
SI2Cc: receipts, 5,4-SS bu: exiorts n.ne. Rye
firm; No. 2 v'est.n. 1144i42c; receipts. 2.377 bu;
export-. 8.371 bu. Hay him and In good demoi.d:
iholce tlmoihy, $14. Grain fr.Mshts ery aull and
unchanged, liutter, ejjss and cheese steady and
LIVERPOOL. April 22. Racon Short-ribs. 20
to 24 lbs. 27lVl; long-clear middles, light. 33 to
3s lbs. i7s; lcng-clear middles, heavy. 40 to 45
lbs, 2tJs: short-clear middles, heavy. 45 to 10 lbs.
23s 6d; clear bellies. 12 to 14 lbs, 2s. Lard Spot
steady at 2ls 'j. Wheat No. 1 Northern spring.
fife4d. Ccrn Si3t. American mixed, new, 2s
TOLEIX). April 22. Wheat lower and active;
No. 2. cash, l'24c: May, !'3c. Corn active and
steadr; No. 2 mixed. Pc. Rye dull, but steady:
No. 2. cash. 37c bid. Clover seed dull, but
steady; prime, cash and April. $4.40.
DETROIT, April 22. Wheat No. 2 red.
Mar. 'J'lc. Ccm-No. 2 mixed. 23c. Oats No. 2
white. 224c Rye No. 2. 3C4c.
liutter, Ekkk and Cheese.
NEW YORK. April 22. Rutter Receipts. 2,4r2
packages. Market Ftea-iy; Western creamery. 13
S17c; Elgina, 17c; factory. 8H24c. Cheese Re
ceipts, 1,551 tackaces. Market steady; State,
large. Dfl2c; small. fil2c; part skims. 4ftslc:
full skims. 24 c. Eg's Receipts. 7.53ti lock
ages. Market steady; State and Pennsylvania,
K4&10c; Western, l'SH.c: Southern. 54c
KANSAS CITY, April 22. Butter weak;
cnamery, 13?lbc: uairy. Pillc. Eggs There
was a weaker feeling generally to-day; strictly
frtsh eggs, caes lncluaed, 74c; cases returned,
PHILADELPHIA. April 22. Ratter quiet and
faJrly ste?.dy; fancy Western creamery, f741i
lc. Eggs steady; fresh near-by. 94c; fresa
AVcstern. !4&lk Cheese unchanged.
CHICAGO, April 22. On the Produce Exchange
to-day the bu:t?r market was tirm; creamery,
12(3 likr: dairy. 9(Tl4c. Cheese firm at 94'&104c.
Eggs rirm; treth, SlifUc.
OIL CITY. April 22. No transactions In cer
tificate oil, but 5e was bid at the close; credit
balances, fcCc; runs. 93,970 brls; shipments. 102.S73
WILMINGTON, April 22. Spirits of turpentine
steadv at 2tie; receipts. 4$ casks. Rosin quiet
at fl.'SD for strained; good. $1.33; receipts. 36C brls.
NEW YORK. April 22. Petroleum Pennsyl
vania crude steady; May. 874c bid; sales none.
CHARLESTON. April 22. Spirit of turjientlne
quiet at 20c; sales none. Rosin firm; sales none.
SAVANNAH. ! April 22. Spirits of turpentine
quiet. Rosin firm.
Dry Good H.
NEW YORK. April. 22. There was more life
thioughout the market and considerable business
resulted, especially in bleached cottons, of which
the sales were large for a quiet market, as much
interest was civtn to those makes that were
not advanced. IJrown cottons also shared In a
good request and altogether the volume of new
business was larger. Agents have advanced
prices on bleached cottons as follows: Lonsdale
trp, ;c. Androscoggin L to C4e, Fruits and
Homestead to e net. and rivals at value.
Woolen goods In large distribution on prior or
ders. Printing claths dull at 2 9-lCc asked and
24c bid.
NEW ORLEANS. April 22. Cotton firm; mid
dling. 7 3-lCc; net receipts, 1.S74 bales; gross re
ceipts, 2.274 bales; sal;s. 4.300 bals; stock, 147.031
bales; exports to Great Britain. 12,200 bales; ex
ports to the continent, 17,8"0 bales.
MEMPHIS. April 22. Cotton firm; middling.
7 7-lk?; receipts. 1.' bales; shipments, 1,018 bales;
stock. 69,913 bales; sales, 1.800 bales.
NEW YORK. April 22. Cotton closed steady;
middling uplands, 7 7-16c; middling gulf, 7 11-ltie;
tales, 2,138 bal3.
Dried Fruits anil Nnt.
NEW YORK. April 22. Calitornia dried fruits
firm for evaluated apples on good foreign de
mand: otner fruits quiet and about steady;
evaporated apples, choice, Ziic; fancy, 441
4,c; prunes, 247c. as to size and quality; apri
cots. roya.1. Sf-Hc; Moor Park. 12l."ic; ieaches.
unjieeled, ttfrlie; peeled. 11&14C. Nuts quiet and
fratureiess; California walnuts, 64ft 4c pT
INun.l; almonds, paper-shelled. 12LU3c; soft
sheUed, .c.
NEW YORK. April 22. Pig iron easy; South
ern. IHSll: Northern. $10.30"a:i2..rA Copier easy;
brokers. 114c: Exchange. 11.20(t11.4fc. Tin firm
er: straits. 13.20(&13.S0c; plates quiet. Selter
firm; domestic, 4.1o;g4.20e. Lead dull; brokers,
3.2ftc; Ex:hnge, 3.2743.324,.
ST. LOUIS, April 22. Iad lower at 3.074"!?
3.124c Spelter strong at 3.9.V bid.
Cattle Scarce nnd StroiiK Hogrn Active
and Steady Shep Steady.
LNDIANAPOLIS, Arril 22. -41'attle-Receipts,
3C0; shipments lights The supply continues light.
The market was strong on all giades.
Exr.ort grades ft. w((2 3.13
Shippers, medium to good 4. 2oii! 4.50
Shippers, common to fair 3.30 3.90
Feeders, fair to good 3.75di! 4.25
blockers, cemmon to gixd 3.00 3.fi0
Heifers, pood to choice 3.60 4.C0
Heifers, common to medium 2.90y) 3.33
Cows, good to choice 3.253 3.73
Cows, fair to medium 3.00
Cows, common and old M.r.0 2.40
Veala, goid to choice 4.75 5.50
Veals, common to medium S.Oo 4.25
Bulls, good to choice 2.00 3.73
Bulls, convnon to medium 2.0fr 2.75
Milker, good to choice, per hcad......3o.00$Z40.o
Milkers, common to medium, per head. 18.0025.0o
Hogs Receipts. 3,500; shipments, f-00. The nip
ply was only fair. The quality was fair. The
market opened slow, later ruled fairly active at
prices much the fame as yesterday, packers and
shippers buying. All soon sold, the closing being
Light $4.004.074
Mixed 4.004.074
Heavy pack:ug and shipping 4.0j,'u4.10
P;s 2.1 41 3. 7."
Roughs 3.253.63
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 200; shipments
light. There were but few fat grades on sale.
The market was steady on that class, while
cemmon and medium were dull at lower prices.
Sheep, good to choice $3.60i4.23
Sheep, com:non to medium 2.73rji3.23
Lambs, good to choice 4.5"0Q5.23
Lrmbs, common to medium 3.50W4.23
Bucks, per head 3.00Cg5.oO
CHICAGO. April 22. Trading in cattle was
slow, but light receipts prevented any general
decline. Most of the beef cattle sold at $4.40
5.10, a very few going as high as $5.25. Stockers
and feeders were unusually active and $4.85 was
bid to-day fcr prime feeders uveraglng less than
1,000 pounds, lielng the top price cf the year.
Sales were largely at $3.75g4.40, an occasional
sale i f cheap light weight stockers occurring at
$3.253.50. Cows and heifers sold at $2(2.75 for
the poorest cows up to $4.25Q4.50 for the best
fat heifers, comparatively few selling below $3.25.
Bulls were salable at $2.504 and calves at $5.65.
Missouri fed Texas cattle brought $4.15' .0.
Prices for hogs showed no change. Heavy
1'zcking lots sold at $3,053.90 anJ prime lots
sold up to $4.15, the bulk of the sales occurring
at $4.05(4.10. Ihe average quality was not quite
as coed as usual.
There was a good demand for sheep, the small
er supply causing h strong market. Sheep were
.wanted at $3.5o(a5.0G for common to choice West
erns and prime heavy export natives were scarce
and pretty much nominal at $3.40(33.30. Lambs
sold at $4.40fi4.75. Westerns sold at $t.50(fi4.53 and
Colorado lambs were active at $5.6505.75.
Receipts Cattle, 8.000; hogs, 21,000; sheep, 8.000.
ST. LOUIS. April 22. Cattle H-ceipta. 2.0OO;
shipments, 1.2'K). Market slow and barely steady
for Texans; fancy exiort steers. 85&5.25; fair to
choice native shipping steers. $4.5"i?5. bulk at
f4.C0j4.9O; dressed bef and butcher steers, ?3.6"fff
4.90. bulk at J4. 104.60; r-teers under 1.000 pounds,
$3.50C4.35, bulk at $3.9.734.23; Etockers and feed
ers. $34.70. bulk at $3.7'Cfi 4.4); cows and heifers,
i:i4.30; bulk of cows. $2.75?f3.75; bulls. $2&3.40;
Texas and Indian strers. fed. $3.4'"4.30; grass,
$2.4'KT3.S0: cows and heifers, $23.75.
Hogs Receipts, 8.fi0; shipments. 3.0V. Market
Dc lower; Uzht, $3.53.i5; mixed, 13.653.95;
heavy. $3.3vri 4.30.
Sheep Receipts. 200; shipments. 1,000. Market
steady: native muttons, $3..r.v'34.90; lambs. $4.5o3i
.r.?3: Texas sheep, grass and fed, f 354.50; spring
lambJ, $tiiS.
KANSAS CITY. April 22. Cattle Receipts.
4. Too. Market active to strong; Texas steers,
$2.23 l.GS; Texas cows. f2.f,0&3.4d: rative steers.
$2.".Vy5; native cows anil heifers. $1.75ff4.15;
fctockcrs and feeders. $3.134.75: bulls. $2.25&4.35.
Hogs Receipts. 1,200. Market strong to 5c
hlher; bulk of sales. $3.7.ft3.874: heavies. $3.73
(&3.90; packers. $3.65fi3.83; mixed. $3.70(g3.90;
lights, $3.23&3.80; Yorkers. $3.751f3.80; pigs, $31$
Shp Receipts, 6.Vm Market strong; Iambs,
$4(g3.15; muttons, $3.9''34.73.
NEW YORK. April 22. Beeves Receipts. K57;
no tradire. ?pbles quote American steers at 104
&'I14c; sheep. 1040134c; refrigerator beef. Sfli
l"c. Exports. 225 beeves and 55 shee. Calves
Receipts, 136. Mark?t sp v and easier; veals,
Hogs Receipts. 2,407. Market weak at $4.25
Sheep nnd Lambs Receipts, 1.847. Market firm
all around: unshorn she?p, $4(rt3.374: clpied
hheep. fZ.liH.&: unshorn Iambs. $5.26'?I6.624;
cllpled lambs. $StT5.6..
LOUISVILLi:. April 22.-Cattle Receipts light.
Butchers, $3 1.20; stockers and feeders. $2.50
Hogs Receipts, 2.fi(0. Market closed easy;
l.ai:s, $3.9013.1"); metliums, $3.9&2.93; lights,
$2..i&3.35: roughs. $2..r0'a3..'iO.
Sheep Receipts. 2)0. Market sletdy; choice
sleep, f3.75g4.25; fair, $3ftJ.50; extra lambs, $4.25
(.'4.75; fair. $44.23.
EAST BUFFALO, April 22. Cattle steady and
Hogs Yorkers, fair to choice. St.15Q4.20;
roughs, common to good. $3.C05i3.S0; pigs, good to
choice. $C4-:jo.
Lambs Choice to prime, ?S.10fi.?3; culls to
common. $ sheep, chcic to sWtei
wethers. $5i5.25; culls and common. $3?i3.75.
-Cattle unchanged;
veal calves. $4.2.4..,-
liog. steady; prime medium uelshts. fl.24.25;
lest Vcrkers. $4.104. ,5; common to fair Yorker.
J.o;q4.10: pi"1. t-.jM: heavy h's, $4.1-y-j4.20;
tcugh?. J2.73M2.40.
Shvep kteadj : tllpp''! sheep, choice. $4..vnJJ 4.&;
ct-mmon, $3.106f3.73; choice lambs. $5.2o$.t"5.4').
CINCINNATI. April 22.-'attle dull at $3.73
Hess active and strong at $4.25Si4.33.
i-heep stadv at $25; lambs Heady nt J4S3.C3.
Cimuul Itefleetlctn.
D trcit Tribune.
While salvation is free Y. P. S. C. E. con
ventions cost J23.0W.
C. S. PHRKY (have your books itdjuste d)...TeI. Room 1. Jonmnl Hid:
W. SCOTT MOOUK & SO12 Itlnckfunl riloclc, Wnnlilngton nnd Mrrli'.lan Ms.
31'Cl'RDY fc PCKKY (Real Estate nu.l General AuetloneerM.lCtO XV. Wash. SI.
JOHN A. "WILDE (Reiiiinglon IHcyclm) lOS 3IusaehuNettfi Avenue.
Howard Steam Carpet Cleaning; and Renovating Works. ........ .1 el. tlt.
IJCFFALO CAIirET WAHP, the Hct, A.U.MITCIIELU Selling Acent, Ind'pU.
PATIIFIXDEIl CIGAR iludtaua Cisur Cuuiiuuiyl. .2 outl Meridian Street.
IIAMIILETOAIAN lite, 1 lorltiu Seal r.c ClK"rs..-l."t Kentucky Av l'lione I4'.f.
J. C. SIPE (Importer Fine Diamonds.) . . . . Room 4, 1! North Meridian St.
II. D. N'EALY (Patent nnd Mechanical Work) Room 14 Hubbard Illork.
CERTERMANX DUOS., Xom. S3 and 7 E. Wash. St. (Pemhroke Arcade) Tel. S40.
MECIv'S TRANSFEm. IO.iII'A.U., 1'liout- ;U5 7 Circle Street.
llOtiAN 111AASI Ell, STORAGE CO., Tel. ;7o. ,S. W. Cor. Wnh. and illinoi Ms.
IIE-tY L. SPIEGEL, Designer uud ManuCucturer. .1(1 l3itKt Vermont Street.
STRAWMYEIt & .MLIts (ReimiriiiK
Pt'TXAM COUNTY Mii.lv COMI'AM l' to IO North Ent Street.
UXIOX CO-OPERATIVE LAl'.XDlU . . i;;--il4 Virginia Ave. Call I'houe
THE CLUD STAOLES lUotti Jt Wuhk) - Wel JIurket. Tel. 1UU1.
COXLE.VS CITY LOAN OFFICE 7.7 ct t uahluctoti Street.
P. M. Pl'RSEIJi (Mantel, GrnieH r'uruucei)...:a Mnneliut t Avenue.
THE 31. S. HIE Y CO. MFGS. .(Sell nt retail prlcen), ."." 1 31aNtiuchus:ettN avenue.
DEE HIVE PAPER BOX CO. (Kuui), nuiii or Foldlnsr I1oxph).7G W. Wash. St.
CHESTER BRADFORD, 14-10 Hubhurd RIUM cor. WatihliiKtoii ,IMd Meridian.
II. 1. HOOD fc SON ai)-ai Wright 11 lock. GSl-2 Ent Slarket St.
V. 11. LUClvWUUI) , ..41o-41S Lciiicm.c uullttiu.
IICUi:R S. PARA3IOHE..M 22 Writ WiimuIukDjm Street.
INDIANAPOLIS PATTERN WORKS Oiuke any Trick: or Device).. lOl S. Penn.
J. S. FAR R ELL fc CO., Contractor S4 North Illinois Street.
FRAXIv II. SMITH (50 Engraved liirun, .jtl.OO) . .22 North I'eiinxylvanltt Street.
HORACE WOOD (Carriage, Train, liuckhoarda, etc.).. 23 Circle. Tel. 10U7.
HUXTIXGTOX t PAGE (Send lor Catalogue) 7S E. Murkci St. Tel. 121.
VAIL SEED CO. (New Firm.). Get Catalogue. . . .OU N. Delaware St. Tel. 143.
WILLIAM W1EGEL O W et LouIMitnu Street.
HARDY dz HANSON. Trlvate Shorthand School. PIione 1)00. .501 Lemcke Illdu.
C. W. GUNTIIER, Slanufactnrer Ul Pembroke Arcade nnd 50 Ma. Ave.
II. C. STEVENS. Neiv Styles of Wall Paper. Lovir Price. .. .400 N. Senate Ave.
Safe : Deposit : Vault
30 Cant Washington St.
Absolute safety against lira and burglar.
Policeman day and night on guard. De
signed for sale keeping of Money. Bonds,
Wills. Deeds, Abstracts, "liver Plate. Jew
els and valuable Truuks. Packages, etc.
Contains 2,100 boxes.
Rent $5 to $45 per year.
JOHN S. TARKIXGTON. - - - Munnirer.
C. H. & D. Ry. to
Washington, D. C.
Through Pullman Service.
(Bu fie t Sleepers and Dining Car.)
Via C. H. & D.. B. & 0. S. W., and B. & 0. Rys.
Leave Indianapolis 7..rv5 a. m. 2.45 p. m.
Leave Cincinnati ..12.0") p.m. 6..T p. m.
Arrive Washington 6.47 a. m. l'i.'JO p. ra.
Arrive Baltimore 7JV a. ra. l.:5 p. in.
Arrive Philadelphia, 10.40 a. ra. 4.0.3 p. m.
Arrive New York l.'J0 p. ra. 6.30 p. in.
Information. Rate, and Sleeping Car Space,
2 West Washington street, or Union Station.
Occasional ItaliiM and PonMlhly Mod
erate Thunderstorm.
Forecast for Indianapolis and vicinity fcr
the twenty-four hours ending 11 p. m. April
23 Occasional rains, possibly moderate
thunderstorms on Friday.
General Conditions Yesterday The low
barometric area west of the Mississippi
moved slowly eastward; high barometric
pressure continues east of the upper lakes
and the central and lower Mississippi. The
tempt rature rose, except in the central and
lower Mississippi valley, where It fell. Lo
cal rains fell in the lower Missouri valley,
the central and lower Mississippi valley, m
Indiana ami Michigan. Moderate thunder
storms prevailed in Kansas, eastern Ne
braska, Iowa. Missouri, southern Illinois
and in Indiana.
WASHINGTON. April 22. For Ohio Oc
casional showers; possibly thunderstorms;
southwest winds.
For Indi-ina and Illlinols Unsettled
weather, with showers and thunderstorms;
touth winds.
Local Observation Thursday,
liar. Ther. R.H. Wind. Weather. Pre.
7am :M 20 CI OS South. Clear. U)
1 V. m'.'.M.VJ G2 S2 S west. Fair. 0.24
Maximum temperature, 73; minimum tem-
pertaure. oLK
Following Is a comparative statement of
the temperature and precipitation April 22:
Temp. Pre.
Normal 0.13
Mum : W 0.21
Departure from normal Mi -J.il
Departure since April 1.., "S o.Vi
Departure since Jan. 1 37 2.Uo
Iocal Forecast Olllclai.
't m m m
The Vernul llold-l p.
Detroit Free Press.
"These spring winds are very search
ing" "Well, they won't lind any money on
me." r
to Capitol Avenue. North.
.-iS West Pearl Street.
The Rasaar. Over llucrle's.
eatl Done) 17 Jionuuient l'lacc
:V1 JiicUmou Place, opp. Union Station.
Room 17 and IS, Tnlbott IJlock.
HO and 112 North Meridian Street.
$19-Round Trip-$19
Pennsylvania Short Lines
For organized bodies of twenty-five or more
in unitorm. Individual tickets will be old
at rate of V
$25.35 for the Round Trip
Tickets sold April 23 to 2C. Good return
ing until May 4. Through sleeping and din
ing car service on trains leaving at T:50
a. m., 2:S. p. m. and 7 :3." p. m. All dally.
Full information chett fully given by call
ing at tic ket office?. No. 4S est Washing
ton street. Union Passenger Station or ud-
Indiana jkjUs.
E. A. FORD. G. P. A... Plttsdmrg.
Ihe Short L?ne for ST. LOUIS anJ THE WEST.
Leave Indianapolis Dally S;li a, m., 12:19
noon. 7 p. m.. ll:2u p. m.
Arrive St. Louis Union Station 3 .55 p.
7:2 p. m., 1:41 a. m., I a. ra.
l'arlor car on 12:40 noon train dally and
local sleeper on 11:20 p. m. train dally lor
Kvansville and St. Louis, open to rect-lve
ptrssenser at 8:30.
Ticket offices. No. 4S West Waahlnctoa
fctreet and Union Station.
EL A. FORD. General Passenger Aent.
4 T,I'I!VTr li C A: CO., Jianuracturer aal
A I Kl S repairer nfClKCL?LAlt.CROdJ
RIl CUT. UA2I snd all otbr
aod MILL SUrrLIfcd. a Tr
la street. 1, iur aoath
Unloa Station.
BhLTIMi and
W. B. Barry tfa w and Supp'y Co
IZ2 S. PENN fiT. All klnJs of Saw tpi.-- '
rl. J. A. CStttcliffo,
omcnK Et. ilarkei atret. Houra-9 i
to a. m.; 2 to S p. m: Sunias eictyitC T:
l hone. Mi.
Klr-bllJIINCE ii Ncrta l'nnl vanl uac
OFFICE iti South MtrldUo aireeu
OC.ce llovra to 19 a. m.: 2 tu 4 p. ra.; 7 to I
l. m. Tt echonei OOce. W7; ri!ln:.
Dr. W. D. Fletcher's Sanatorium,
Mental and Ncrtoua IHaeaaes.
Or. Sarah Stockton
Offlc Hours: tolla.m.:ato4p.io. 1I. IM
The Sunday Journal, b Mail, $2 a Yen

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