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I VOL. L-NO. 312.
IE Liu
Official Count Necessary to Determine Result
in Kentucky, Nebraska and Idaho.
Indications, However, Are That the Bluegrass Com
monwilth's Vote Will Be Unfairly Counted
for Bryan and Beckham by Goebelites.
Legislature Is Possibly Fusion, but McKinley
Electors Are Claimed by Republicans.
Nothing Definite from Idaho, Where Returns Are Be
lated Committeeman Manley Claims 305
Votes and Payne 308 for McKinley.
As announced by the Journal yesterday.
President McKinley will have at least 2S4
votes In tho Electoral College. Dispatches
received last night enow no change In
States definitely announced as having been
carried by Republicans. On Wednesday
Kentucky, Nebraska and Idaho were In
doubt. Latest returns do not clear the
situation In Nebraska and Idaho, but Ken
tucky may have been counted for Bry
an and Beckham. A Western Union Tele
it graph Company bulletin Issued last night
"Returns from seventy-five counties com
plete, or nearly complete, embracing 1,215
precincts out of a total of 1.S77 precincts In
the State of Kentucky, give Bryan 156,759,
McKinley 137.243, Beckham 134.0CC, Yerkes
12S.877. Of the forty-four counties not yet
heard from or reported sparsely, sixteen
rave In the last presidential election 7,243
Democratic plurality and twenty-eight 19,
. C27 Republican plurality."
Republicans are sanguine, however, of
having carried Kentucky for McKinley and
Yrkcs, but the Democrats are claiming the
State. The Louisvllla Courier-Journal, last
night, gave out a statement saying that
1.T0Ö out of 1.SS4 precincts gave Bryan a
majority of 8,000 and Beckham, 4.0CO.
Advices from Nebraska show the State
is very close, with the chances favoring
McKinley. The Legislature, however, may
be Fusionist.
In Idaho returns aro so meager that the
nölcial count may be necessary to decide.
A dispatch from Boise, says: "Returns
from Nez Perces and Latah counties show
those counties have not held up to the
former Republican majorities. This makes
a radical change, and it Is probable the
State has gone for Bryan and the Demo
cratic State ticket, though Morrison, Re
publican, for congressman, may pull
through. The Republican State committee
claims forty members of the Legislature,
a. majority of ten on Joint ballot, but there
Is much uncertainty yet on this point."
At New York last night J. II. Manley,
vice chairman of the Republican national
committee, said that McKinley would havo
2)5 electoral votes; that he has carried
every Northern Stato with the exception
of Montana, Nevada and Colorado, and
that he has carried four Southern States
Kentucky, Maryland. Delaware and West
Virginia, Mr. Manley said there would be
twenty-three additional Republican mem
ber! of Congress to the present number,
and. tlx additional senators, with a loss of
ere la Colorado, making a net gain of five.
The following table shows the pluralities
and electoral votes, based on unofficial re
turns, but believed to be nearly correct:
Pluralities. ETcfr'l Vt's,
MrKin. McKla-
States. ley.
California 40,wQ
Connecticut .... 2V")
Bryan. ley. B y'n.
Delawaro 2.500
Florida 23.000
Indiana SooO
Illinois l"io!ooo
Iowa KO.On.)
Kansas i.OuO
Maine 25.0"0
Maryland 15.0-jO
M'ss chus'tts .. fco.OfO
Minnesota CO.OjO
Missouri ..
20.000 ..
20, 00) .. 9
15.1)00 17
13.000 .. i
2.500 .. 8
6otöo 1. ii
.., . .
3Ö.C00 .. 0
.CO0 .. 11
175.000 . . 15
SO. 000 12
New ll'irpshire 20.0CO
New Jertey L3.C-0
New York 115.000
North Carolina
North Dakota.. 13.000
Ohio 7J.000
Oregon 15.Co
Penr.sylTaRla ..Ä7.73S
Rhoda Inland... 13.&74
Fouth Carolina
ßouth Dakota.. 1ÜH
Ktah 4.5:)
Vermont . 23.142
wsnhlr.frton .... 10,000
west Virginia.. 20.000
Wisconsin Ite.uüO 12
"Wyoming 2,000 5
Close and In doubt. Idaho, 2; Kentucky,
IS; Nebraska. 8.
He -mv Claims 308 Votes for McKin
ley, Counting Kentucky.
CHICAGO, Nov. 7. Republican national
headquarters was the scene of a continuous
love feast all day and well into the night.
Returns received from the various mem
bers of the national committee all went
to confirm the general result announced
last night, though in many Instances the
oversangulne committeemen were obliged
to reduce their first predictions regarding
the size of Preslednt McKlnley's plurality.
Nothing was received, however, that caused
any ff?fuietude. Vice Chairman Payne re
marked: "We know we have won and
won easily. Nothing can worry us now."
During the afternoon Mr. Payne issued a
etatement claiming 20S electoral votes for
McKinley, but he seemed none too confi
dent that this number would be the result.
The 303 included the vote of Kentucky, and
notwithstanding tho assertions of the Re
publicans from that State that they had
carried the State, there was not much con
fidence felt in the headquarters that Ken
tucky had gone Democratic. On Nebraska
the feeling was positive and the assurances
from Republican leaders in that State all
stated that McKinley had certainly carried
the State by anywhere from 3.000 to 7,000.
The Republican leaders will be greatly dis
appointed if they fail to carry Mr. Bryan's
State. They want it not for the reason that
Its electoral vote is necessary to the elec
tion of President McKinley, but for the
comfort of having Bryan repudiated In his
own State.
Congratulatory telegrams poured into
headquarter?; all day In a itrfect stream.
Every State in the Union teemed to pro
vide .it least a score of them. Mr. Payne
issued an address late in tho day declaring
that the result had thown that the psople
of tht country upheld the policy of the
present administration, that the yDung
men of the country had arrayed themslvs
on the sida of the Republican party, and
offering thanks and congratulations to nil
whose work had elded in the success
achieved by the party.
Democrats Say 4,504) for Ilrymt and
Republicans Claim 2.SOO for Yerkes.
FRANKFORT. Ky.. Nov. 7.-The Ken
tucky governorship is still being claimed
by both parties at the state capital. The
Democrats are claiming .advices showing
ReckhanYs election by from 4.500 to 6.000.
while the Republicans claim the election
ot Yerkes by 2,500. Independent voters are
charging that the Republicans are holding
back the returns in tho Eleventh district
and that the Democrats have done likewise
In the First the , Republican and Demo
cratic strongholds, respectively, each wait
ing for the oher tide to make a show
down, and that thi3 is lesponsible for tho
delay In ascertaining tho result.
The "C. J." Carries the State for Bryan
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. 8. At 1:30 a. m.,
with returns from all but sixty-two out
of 1.SS4 precincts In Kentucky, tho Courier
Journal puts Bryan's majority at 7,781 and
Beckham's at 4.0GS. The missing precincts
are about evenly divided between the Dem
ocrats and Republicans.
Governor Beckham, at Democratic head
quarters, said to-night: "I am absolutely
certain that I have been elected Governor
by a majority of between 3,000 and 10,000
Leslie Combs, chairman of tho Republican
State campaign committee, said: "V"e still
believe that Mr. Yerke3 has been eitcteJ
by & majority of 3,000 votes. Our ligurej
show that McKinley has run 00 votes be
hind Yerkes. At least 3,000 Republican bal
lots have not yet oecn counted in certain
counties, and these will increase the Re
publican vote. Wo also claim the election
of four Republican congressmen, namely,
Borelng, in the Eleventh district; Irwin,
in the Fifth; McKenzlo Moss in the Third,
and Hopkins In the Tenth. We are also
of opinion that Sam J. Pugh has been
elected over Kehoe In the Ninth district.
Nebraska Probably Republican,
Thoaffh Fualonlati Claim It.
OMAHA, Neb., Nov. 7. Election returns
In Nebraska are clote. Chairman Lindsey,
cf the republican committee, claims to-
night that McKinley carried tho Ötate by
7,000 or more, the Republican state ticket
wins by 5,000 to 7.0 and that the Republic
ans have a majority of seventeen In the
Legislature. They claim the re-election of
Mercer and Burkett for Congress, and the
election of Pope, Moreland and possibly
Harris. Against this the Democrats claim
Bryan carried tho State, though by a nar
row margin of perhaps of not over 1,000;
that the fusion ticket has a safe working
majority In the Legislature; that fusion
etate officer are elected by 3,000 to 5.000.
and, conceding the re-election of Mercer
and Burkett, that fusion has pulled
through Robinson, Stark, Shallenberger
and Neville." The latter Is the only con
gressman ponceded by Republicans.
The Legislature will be in doubt until
complete returns are in. Indications are
that it will be fusion by a small majority.
Both parties are claiming the lead on Joint
Later. Complete figures were received
from twenty of the ninety counties in the
State. These counties polled 75,000 votes,
or approximately one-third of the vote
of the State. The vote of the twenty coun
ties returned was as follows: Bryan,
37.S90; McKinley, 40,003. These counties
four years ago gave Bryan 2S.0D2; McKin
ley, 31.4S1. Tills change, If maintained,
would come Very near wiping out the Bry
an plurality of 13,000 of 1SUG. Scattering
returns from other counties show a smaller
percentage of loss, and indicate that the
fusion electoral ticket may win out by a
lead of about 1.2C0 or 1,500.
In Douglass county the Legislature elec
tion Is fusion by majorities ranging from
100 to COO. At least one State senator out
of three and two representatives out of
nine are Republican. .
Tho World-Herald (Dem.) to-morrow
will say: "The Legislature of Nebraska is
fusion by 72 votes out of 123 on Joint bal
lot. In tho Senate there will be 14 Repub
licans and 19 fusionists. In the House
there will be 47 Republicans and &3 fusion
ists." The World-Herald then prints tho
names of those elected.
l'opullat Return.
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 7. Returns re
ceived at Populist State headquarters at
9 p. m. from twenty-five counties complete
and 300 scattering precincts indicate that
He Snya There AV111 Be a New Political
Organization Composed of All
. i -
Predicts nn Uprising? Against Repub
licanism as Tntigrhtjly Hnnnn
Latter Not Ambitious.
SIOUX FALLS. S. D., Nov. 7. "I predict
the formation of a new party based on the
protests of tho outraged people against Re
publicanism as taught by Mark -Hanna,"
declared United States Senator R. F. Petti
grew this morning. He had just left his
home, to which he withdrew last night
when the first considerable batch cf tele
grams arrived from South Dakota.
'I saw how It was going and went home
he continued. "For weeks I have told tho
national committee we were defeated In
South Dakota, but they have kept claiming
the State, and I have been working for po
litical effect. No, I was not disappointed.
I slept well last night. I will remain In
Sioux Falls, and am now going to resume
my mill north of town. Defeat is the more
sweet as it has come than victory If it had
come by indorsing the ort of policy which
the Republican party represents.
"Yes, of course, I will be in the new
party. What It will be called Is of little
moment It may be 'social labor' or It may
be the new democracy. It will be made up
of persons discontented with the elements
In politics, as a protest against the existing
conditions and the present tendency of
things. The movement will grow rapidly,
and I believe will defeat the Republican
party In 1301. The Mark Hanna Republic
anism menaces the Republic. Ihe concen
tration of wealth will create an influence
soon to restrict the right of suffrage, until
capitalists will say no one is fit to take part
in the government who does not know
enough to make money. At first the limits
will Include a small minority, and then the
amount will be raised until there is nomi
nally a simon-pure Illiteracy.
"The election does not stand as an in
dorsement of all the administration stands
for. The cry of prosperity and the racial
trait were more apparent now than ever
before. No Anglo-Saxon nation ever voted
against the party In power while involved
in war, though I thought it would be dif
ferent this time because of more general
dissemination of knowledge. There will
likely occur a divorcement of the Democratic-Populist
party, but the new party
will be the popular one. I cannot say
whether Mr. Bryan will affiliate with It or
31 r. Hanna . Does Not Want to Be a
Candidate for President.
CLEVELAND, O., Nov. 7. Speaker Hen
derson, of the national House of Repre
sentatives, was entertained at dinner at
the Union Club by about twenty prominent
Republicans of Cleveland on the eve of
Oct. 31. when he delivered a campaign
speech in this city. He greatly surprised
seme of his hosts during the table talk
by telling them that Senator Hanna s
campaign tour of the Northwest had ro
stirred up that section of the country that
the senator was being talked about there
as a presidential possibility four years
Senator Hanna was asked to-day wheth
er he had heard anything of any such
sentiment in the Northwest. "Yes," he
answered. "I have heard rumors to that
effect. At some of the meetings I ad
dressed in the Northwest cries were raised
about the next presidency, which I could
not help hearing. There has been some
talk of the character you mention. But
1 don't want to be the next President
after McKinley. I won't have anything to
da with It. I have had enough of politics
and public life to suit any one."
Latest Statement by Joseph "W. Bab
cock, Chairman of tbe Republican
Congressional Committee.
Wlille the Republicans Hate SOS,
Compared irltb 185 iu the Fifty
sixth Cungreai.
Senate May Have Fifty-Two Repub
licans to Thlrty-EIffht Democrat
and Six Independents.
CHICAGO. Nov. 7. Representative
Joseph W. Babcock, chairman of the Re
publican congressional committee, to-night
issued the following statement:
"The Democrats have elected solid dele
gations In the following States, namely:
Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida,
Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana,
Nevada, ßouth Carolina, Texas and Vir
ginia, aggregating seventy-five members.
"The Republicans have elected solid con
gressional delegations in the following
States, namely: California, Connecticut,
Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine,
Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New
Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode
Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont,
Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and
Wyoming, aggregating ninety members.
"The Republicans have elected twelve
members In Illinois, the Democrats ten,
Lorlmer and Rodenberg, Republicans, hav
ing been defeated. In Indiana we elect nine
and the Democrats four, the representation
remaining the same as now. In Kentucky,
Republicans two, in the Fifth and Eleventh
districts, Democrats six, with the Third,
Ninth and Tenth In doubt. Massachusetts,
Republicans ten, Democrats three, same as
now; Missouri, Republicans two. Demo
crats twelve, with one district, the Four
teenth, in doubt. Nebraska, Republicans
two, Democrat?? one, with the Third,
Fourth and FiftrTdlstricts in doubt. New
Jersey, Republicans six, Democrats two,
same as now. New York, Republicans
twenty-two, Democrats twelve. We gain
the First. Third. Fourth, Fourteenth, Six
teenth and Twentieth districts in New
York. North Carolina, Republicans two.
In the Eighth and Ninth districts, Demo
crats seven. Ohio, Republicans seventeen.
Democrats four. We gain the Third, the
Dayton district, by 200, and the Twelfth,
Columbus, the district of Congressman
Lentz, by fourteen. Pennsylvania, Repub
licans twenty-six, Democrats three, with
the Twenty-eighth district in doubt. We
gain the Third, Twelfth, Thirteenth, Nine
teenth, Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh
districts in Pennsylvania.. Tennessee, Re
publicans two, Democrats eight, same as
"This makes the total Republicans elected
202, Democrats 147, doubtful 8. The present
Congress as elected contains 1S3 Repub
licans, opposition 172."
Mr. LondenslnRer's Statement.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 7. Representative
Loudenslager, who is in charge of th3
Eastern headquarters of the Republican
congressional committee, said to-night that
his returns and the press dispatches in
dicated that the Republicans would have
203 members in the next House of Repre
sentatives, against 154 for the opposition.
At the headquarters of the Democratic
congressslonal committee, Mr. Kerr, tho
secretary, denied the claims made by the
Republicans to a majority of from 40 to W
In the next House. He says that the In
formation he has received makes It cer
tain that the Democrats will havo at least
166 members, with the prospect of one or
two more seats which are still in doubt,
leaving the Republicans the majority on
the face of present advices of only 25.
Chairman Richardson refused to give out
any statement on the general result, mere
ly saying he did not wish to talk at this
Republicans: 3Iay Have More 31 embers
than Combined Opposition.
Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 7.-Like tho battle
of Blenheim, the election yesterday was a
"famous victory." President McKinley is
re-elected by a greater electoral vo;e than
he had before, the icw House will have a
greater Republican majority than the pres
ent one, and the Senate have at least ttty
two Republicans to thirty-eight Democrats
and six independents, classifying Senator
Wellington as an independent. In Vva
calculation 1 is assumed that the Leglsli
ture of Nebraska .vili be Republican, and
that of Delaware Democratic. The Hons
now hac a Republican majority of nlre
teen, with five vacancies. In the new
House it will be more than flfiy. Conserv
ative Democrats, ev-jn when they voted for
Bryan, do not conceal their satisfaction at
the result. Their or.Jy regret Is that Bry
an's defeat was not even more sweeping
than it was. They. I elicve that he is now
eliminated as a presidential candidate, arI
that the control of the party will ba tikn
from him and tho Popocrats and be re
stored to real Democrats, mvn of the schiol
of Tilden, Cleveland. Hendr.'cks and Gor
man. 11 thLs Is not done they se3 no fu
ture for the Democratic party.
Anotber Estimate.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 7.-The next Sen
ate, assuming that the State Legislatures
will fulfil" their duty and choose senators
to represent their States, will stand, on
the basis of yesterday' election, forty-nine
republicans, twenty-seven Democrats and
nine Independents, with the Legislatures In
doubt in three States, with the Privileg
of electing five senators at this Uae. Tfca
Legislatures in doubt are Delaware and
Nebraska, In each of which States two sen
ators are to be chosen, anl Idaho, with
on senatorial chair to be tilled. Among
those classed In tho Independent column
are Senators Stewart, of Nevada, and Kyle,
of South Dakota, who in the last Congress
acted with the Republicans on all partyJ
matters; Turner, of Washington, and Har
ris, of Kansas, who, acted with the Demo
crast, and Wellington, of Maryland.
Militiamen and Xegroes Liable to
Claah ut Washington, Fa.
WASHINGTON, Ta., Nov. 7.The great
est excitement prevails here at a late hour
to-night and a serious race war is feared
before morning.
Four members of Company H. Teuth
Regiment, Claude Duffy, George Barr,
David Currin and Charles Rodge'rs. were
attacked on Main street last night by
negroes, and all badly Injured. Company
H had a meeting in the armory here to
day and decided to patrol tho town, and
the members are out In the streets in
equads to-night. Both whites and blacks
are on tho streets In force, and the citi
zens of the town are in a dangerous mood.
Reports of assaults on whites are coming
in hourly. In Washington borough there
are about 3,000 negroes, recently brought
here by contracting firms.
-A large number of extra policemen have
been sworn In, and five arrests of negroes
have been made.
Wasen "Wrecked and Four Persons
Injured, Three Fatally.
JOLIET, 111., Nov. 7. A passenger train
cn the Rock Island Railroad ran down a
wagon and fatally injured three occupants
and slightly injured two others near New
Lenox this evening. The casualties:
JAMES JARVIS, both legs broken, skull
crushed and Internal injuries; will die.
ternally; probably will die.
JAMES TERRILL, arm broken.
MRS. JAMES TERRILL, severe bruises
and Injured Internally; has but slight
chance of recovery.
Tbese Are tbe Certainties, anil De
layed Returns nnd Doubtful IMs-'
trlcts Slay 3!uke It Sixty.
Not Less than Thirty-Three In the
House, vrlth Chances that It Will De
More Tbe Returns Up to Date.
Official counts will be needed In several of
the counties or legislative districts to de
cide the personnel of the next Legislature,
but there is no doubt about Its complexion.
It will be Republican by an increased ma
jority. The Republicans have fourteen
holdover senators and certainly have elect
ed nineteen, a minimum total of thirty
three, giving them a majority of sixteen
over the Democratic force of eleven hold
overs and six certainly or possibly elected.
The Republicans have elected forty-three
representatives, with almost a certainty of
securing Aiken, of Bartholomew, as well
as the two seats from Vigo. Fourteen
joint representatives are assured, with a
probability of getting Ohio and Switzerland
counties, where F. N. Miller la making a
good run. This makes sixty-one members
of the lower house, with a good many pos
sibilities still out. The Deihocrats are sure
of but twenty-eight of the remaining thirty-nine
scats, and probably will lose some
of these. At all events, the Republicans
are sure of a majority of 'forty on joint
Republican Senators Elected.
Clinton and Carroll Dr. Oliver Card,
Delaware Walter L. Bali, Muncie.
Elkhart E. A. Dansman. Elkhart.
Fountain, Warren and Renton F. Good
wine, Williamsport.
Fulton and Wabash J. C. Gouchenour,
Hamilton and Tipton T. J. LIndley,
Hendricks and Boone J. W. Barlow,
Henry, Fayette and Union A. D. Ogborn,
New Castle.
Lagrange and Noble J. S. Conlogue,
Laporte and Starke D. L. Crumpacker,
Madison W. A. Kitt Inger, Anderson.
Marlon James T. Layman. Charles N.
Thompson, Fred E. Matson. Indianapolis.
Marshall and Kosciusko John W. Parks,
Newton. Jasper and White E. II. Wol
cott, Wolcottvllle.
Steuben and De Kalb Dr. A. B. Darby,
Vanderburg Samuel Crumbaker, Evans
vllle Vigo Charles Whltcomb, Terre Haute.
Holdover Republicans.
Bartholomew and Decatur W. W. Lam
bert. Blackford, Grant and Wells G. A. Os
born. Grant James Charles.
Howard and Miami G. C. .Miller.
Jay and Randolph T. II. Johnson.
Jefferson, Ripley and Switzerland W. A
Lake and Porter N. L. Agnew.
Lawrence, Martin and Orange T. J
Marion and Morgan Frederick Joss.
Pike, Vanderburg and Warrick W. A
Tippecanoe W. R. Wood.
St. Joseph A. M. Burns.
Wayne C. C. Blnkley.
Vermillion, Vigo and Park O. M. Keyes.
. Democratic Senators Elected.
Allen G. V. Kell, Huntertown.
Clark. Scott and Jennings
Clay and Owen A. H. Wampler.
Jackson and Washington J. 11. Garrlott,
Little York.
Johnson and Shelby Robert W. Harrison,
Shelbyville. -
Montgomery and Putnam W. II. John
son, Crawfordsvtlle.
Holdover . Democrats.
Brown, Greene and Monroe Edwin Cdrr.
Hancock. Madison and Rush F. W. Cre
rr. Floyd and Harrieon Jcslah Gwin.
Huntington and Whitley F. J. Heller.
Crawford, Spencer and Perry O. C. Mi
nor. Dearborn, Franklin and Ohio G. II.
Claim of 30,000 Plurality for McKinley and
Roosevelt Still Holds Good.
Several Counties are Redeemed from Democracy, and
Tipton Has Gone Republican For the First
Time in Its History,
And the Democratic Pluralities Are Severely
Cut in Two of the Districts,
Heaviest Republican Gains Alade in the Bourbon
5trongholds A Few Counties, Narrowly Held,
Are Lost To the Democracy.
Special dispatches received by the Journal
during yesterday and last night show no
indications that the Journal's claims of a
plurality of S0.000 or more for McKinley is
excessive. They rather tend to confirm
that estimate. The State ticket is running
only slightly behind the national ticket.
The Indiana delegation In Congress is un
changed, the Republicans carrying the nine
districts carried by them In 1S38. Mlers
(Dem.) Is elected by a reduced plurality In
the Second, as Is Grlfilth in the Fourth.
While it is certain that the Republicans
have increased their working majority in
the State Legislature, the count on these
tickets is so slow that the details of the
changes are not available. Tipton county
has gone Republican for the first time In its
hi3tory, and In Switzerland county the Re
publicans have made a gain of over C00, and
have carried the county. Floyd and Clark
counties havo gone Democratic.
Republicans Carry the Same District!
Carried ly Them In 18'JC.
According to reports received by the
state Republican committee yesterday the
Republicans of Indiana elected nine con
gressmen. It was hoped to carry two of
the Democratic districts the Fourth and
the Twelfth and until yesterday afternoon
It was not positive ly known that Nathan
Powell had been defeated in the Fourth dis
trict. According to present figures the In
diana representation in the House of Con
gress will be as follows:
1 James A. Hemenway, Boonville, Rep.
2 Robert W. Mlers, Bloomlngton, Dem.
3 W. T. Zenor, Corydon, Dem.
4 Francis M. Griffith, Vevay, Dem.
&-Elias S. Holllday, Brazil, Rep.
6 James E. Watpon, Rushvllle, Rep.
7 Jesse Overstreet, Indianapolis. Rep.
5 George W. Cromer, Muncie. Rep.
9 Charles B. Landls, Delphi. Rep.
10 Edgar D. Crumpacker, Valparaiso, Rep.
11 George W. Steele, Marlon, Rep.
12 James M. Robinson, Fort Wayne. Dem.
13 Abraham 1 Brick, South Bend, Rep.
The Democrats some of them were
claiming yesterday that Mr. Holllday had
been defeated In the Fifth district, but
Chairman Ilernly says Mr. Holllday's plu
rality will be at least 1,500. As to the
Fourth, Chairman Ilernly was much in
doubt, and during the afternoon was in
formed that it would require the oJTlclal
count to determine the result Later re
turns, however, Indicated that Mr. Powell
had been defeated by a small majority.
Chairman Ilernly says that In all the dis
tricts the Republican congressional candi
dates made gains. Chairman Keallng, of
the Seventh district, said last night that
he would not be surprised If Jesse Over
street received a plurality of 6,0y0. Mr.
Keallng gald Johnson county gave Mr.
Overstreet's opponent about 6Ö0 majority.
This, ho said, showed a gain over the vote
of two years ago.
Adams County.
DECATUR. Ind., Nov. 7. Fifteen out of
thirty-one precincts in Adams county give
McKinley S12, Bryan 1.6SS. The same m
gave McKinley 822, Bryan 1.413. The
state and county tickets received practical
ly the same vote.
Blackford County.
HARTFORD CITY, Ind., Nov. 7. Unof
ficial returns to-night show that Blackford
county has gone Democratic by 70 on the
national and state tickets. Amos Curry
was re-elected, the only Republican county
candidate elected on that ticket. The
Democratic majorities on the county ticket
ranged from 10 to 40. There were big Re
publican gains over the vote of 156, and 73
votes thrown out in one precinct lost the'
Republicans the county ticket.
Iloone County.
LEBANON, Ind., Nov. 7. Returns from
only half the precints In Boone county
have been reported, but it Is certain
now that Bryan has carried the county by
about practically the same plurality as
in l&G. The State, congressional and coun
ty tickets run about the same. The entire
Democratic county ticket is elected.
Clark County.
JEFFERSON VI LLE. Ind., Nov. 7.-Thir-ty
precincts out "of thirty-six in Clark coun
ty give Bryan S.5C0. McKinley S.191, a Dem
ocratic gain of 37.
Clinton County.
FRANKFORT, Ind., Nov. 7.-CHnton
county was carried by McKinley by 170 and
the Republican county ticket, with the ex
ception of prosecutor, was elected by ma
::rU!:3 xzrz-3 frcra Ua iv Citron, Charles
B. Landls, for Congress, carried tb county
by a majority cf nineteen over Capt. D. F..
Allen, whose home is here. Dr. Gard is
elected Joint senator by a plurality of
over 200 over his Democratic opponent, J.
E. Hedgecock. II. II. Thomas, for Joint
epresematlve from Clinton and Tipton,
will have a majority of 1W.
Davlcas County.
WASHINGTON. Ind., Nov. 7.-Bryan's
plurality in Daviess county is 120, a Demo
cratic loss from the figures of lstt, of IL
Mlers (Dem.) for Congress, carries th
county by 225. The entire Democratic coun
ty ticket Is elected by pluralities of JJ to
yA. Local township tuctional nnts lost the
ccunty to tho RcpuüUcans, tut they ar
claimed at great gaina on the national
.icket. The Dctnocxats gain eight town
atup trustees.
Decatur County.
GREENSBURG. Ind. Nov. 7. Twenty
dcven precincts of Decatur county hive Mc
Kinley Z.bM, Bryan 2.W2, a Republican loss
of 53. Rogers (Ucp.) for representative, 2G0
plurality; Creath (Rep.) for prosecuting
attorney 335. The Republican county ticket
elected except treasurer.
De Kall County.
WATERLOO. Ind.. Nov. 7. All the thirty-seven
precincts of De Kalb county giv
Bryan a majority of 2t'7, ns compared with
637 In making a Bryan less of Z0,
which Is the lest record in De Kalb coun
ty ever made by the Republicans.
AUBURN, Ind., Nov. 7.-Tcirty-thre
precincts out of thlry-Feven in Ie Kalb
county give Bryan S.0, McKinley 2,fc5.
The other four precincts, estimated, mak
Bryan's plurality in the county 267. Twenty
three precincts give Rotlnon LVm.), for
Congress, 2,33$, Hanna (Rep.) 2.G53. Twenty
three precincts give Jackman (Dom.) for
representative 2.043, Bishop (ltcp.) l.yT.'. All
of the Democratic c-ounty ticket probably
arc elected. F. L. Welsheimcr (Rep.) for
prosecuting attorney of De Kalb and
Hteuben counties. Is elected by ubout 7w
majority. Dr. A. Byron Darby (Rip.) for
Joint senator from the samo counties 1
elected by tho came majority.
Delavrarc County.
MUNCIE, Ind., Nov. 7. Representative
Cromer to-night claims his re-election by
figures that give him 4.225. Ills claim Is
based on tho following fgures: Delaware
county, 2,500; Randolph, 2.550; Ma.llson,
l,2tf); Jay, 125. Ho concedes the following
to Mr. Day: Adams, 1.W0; Well, l.oiu;
Blackford, 250. Compltto returns from
Delaware county give McKinley a plurality
of 3,tCL a net Republican gIn of raut
than 4iA. Representative Crorner will riiu
200 or 30) Khort. and Durbln will b le
than 100 behind McKinley. The Republican
lfst two township truftx.-s by party dif
ferences, in Mount 1'leasant and Wathlns
tou townships.
Elkhart County.
GOSHEN, Ind.. Nov. 7.-Elkhart county,
complete, gives McKinley C.&5, Bryan 4,$)L
a Republican gain of 147; Durblu. C.054;
Kern, 4.7S7; for Congress. Brick (Rep.,
5,321; Bower (Dem.), i,ou3. The Republlcmi
elect E. A. Dausmjn Minator ani V. W.
Van Flet representative.
ELKHART, Ind.. Nov. 7.-KIkh.art dty
fhows a Republican gain of 313 over lni
All but five precincts of the county show a
net Republican giln of 14C. McKlnlev s
plurality in the county will be over 1.200,
and tho state and congressional plurality
will bd only slightly lc.
Fayette County.
CONNERSVILLE. Ind.. Ncv. 7,-Full un
official returns for the natloul ticket in
Fayette couaty give McKinley 2.S16, Bryan
1,533, a net Republic tn gain over 2 vi cf is;.
Fayette county, in her nineteen precir.ctJ
lacked but four votes of aveiaglug & gain
of ten votes to the jrecinct. Tn majority
In the county 13 723, or ISO more than evtr
given before.
Fountain County.
COVINGTON, Ind.. Nov. 7.-Fountain
county probably will give McKinley 75 to S3
plurality; with Durbln but a few behind.
The change of precincts makes comparli-cn
impossible, but there is a materia! Repub
lican gain. The county ofT.ces are verv
close, and will require the olliclal count to
decide. Eleven precincts p.vc Bryan 3T.2
plurality, and fifteen give McKinley 572. a
net Republican plurality cf 220.
Floyd County.
NEW ALBANY. Ind.. Nov. 7.-Th!rty-eight
out of forty-one precincts In Floyd
county give McKinley 3,325. Bryan 3,t5). Th
few returns received for Governor indlcat
that Durbln will ran Cose to tho national
ticket. The three missing precincts proh
ably will Increase Bryan's majority to 2-:3.
The entire Democratic county ticket Ja
Franklin County.
LAUREL. Ind., Nov. 7. Laurel towr.th!
of Franhlln county elected tho erdlre ticket
excepting C::o road supervisor. The Dena-
ocrats cur.: -J the fano for the national
tkhet by only 11 majority, while McKea.
Xcr CQDjres?. I 3 but 2 rirliy. TLLj 13

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