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THE IITDIAiTAPOLiö JO'OlVwAL, THüilSi)Y, y liuiiüii u,-V.u..
tho greatest Republican victory here In
forty year?, the normal Democratic ma
jority beinj 0 to ). Ros (Rep.), for
Vrostcmlng attorney, is probably elected
over Nevin by a small majority.
(irant County.
MARION. Ind.. Nov. 7.-Slxty-three pre
cincts Trom Grant county show a plurality
fo.- McKinley of 3.602. There arc eight pre-
clncts vet to r heard from. The thlrty
u y poll of the outstanding precinct
showed McKinley to have a plurality of
tl. If the full vote was cast the county
will nhow a Republican plurality of 3.CC3.
Returns f how but little scratching.
Hamilton County.
NOBLESVILLE. Ind.. Nov. -Thirty-one
precincts out of forty in Hamilton
county give McKinley 1,7?6 plurality. The
plurality In the county will be about 1.900.
a Republican Rain of 200. Durbln runs
along with the presidential ticket. Landis'
plurality over Allen will be about l.iJ.
Lindley, for senator, and Artman and Neal,
lor representatives, aro elected by good
majorities. The full county ticket was
elected, and five out of the nine township
Greene County.
BLOOMFIELD. Ind.. Nov. 7. The latest
returns show that the Democrats have car
ried Greene county for Bryan by about IT
and elected their entire county ticket by
majorities ranging from 20 to 200. This is
the first tlmo Greene county ever went
Hancock County.
GREENFIELD. Ird., Nov. 7.-The re
turn In Hancock county -how a gain for
McKinley of about 1W over the vote of ISOo.
when the majority l r Bryan was KXX The
majority against Representative Watson J3
about 10 less than U was two years ag;.
and more than 223 less than that against
Henry U. Johnson in With one about
evenly balanced precinct to hear from the
majority of E. W. Felt lor judg-3 over
Caari-a G. Offutt is 41D. The Republicans
elected three trustee and the Democrats
rix. The Democratic poll showed a major
ity of over 7ou, and they claimed the county
by from 70u to 800.
Hendricks County.
DANVILLE, Ind.. Nov. 7. Hendrlck3
county, complete, except two precincts,
gives McKinley 3.3CS. Eryan 2.131. a Re
publican loss of 5 compared with the vote
of 1!6. Hendricks county will give Mc
Kinley 1,03 plurality. Ilollldiy, for Con
gress (estimated). 9.7). Barlow, for joint
senator (estimated), GOO.
Henry County.
NEW CASTLE, Ind., Nov. 7. Thlrty-flva
precincts out of thirty-eight give McKin
ley Bryan 2,523; a net Republican gain
or 2S3. Entire Republican county ticket
elected, the vote varying but slightly from
the national ticket vote.
Howard County.
KOKOMO, Ind. Nov. 7. Howard county
returns, complete, give McKinley 4,301,
Bryan 2.S22; a Republican plurality of
1.47), and a gain of 475 over four years
ago. The state, congressional and county
pluralities are 50 to 100 less than that on
the national ticket, but the footings aro
not yet complete.
Jackson County.
SEYMOUR, Ind., Nov. 7. Incomplete re
turns from Jackson county indicate that
Bryan has carried the county by 910. Grif
fith, for Congress, by 850, and the Demo
cratic county ticket by reduced majorities.
Jay County.
PORTLAND, Ind., Nov. 7. With sever.il
precincts yef out and others incomple:o
Jay county goes to McKinley by a mail
plurality, overcoming a Bryan plurality of
over 20u foj years r.go. The entire Repuj
llcan county ticket 13 elected except pros
ecuting attorney, th.s being in doubt, with
chances favoring the Democratic candiJato.
Jefferson County.
MADISON. Ind., Nov. 7. No returns will
be given out to-night on Jefferson county,
which elects Roberts for representative and
the entire Republican ticket. Despite his
brilliant canvass, Nathan Powell has ap
parently failed to overcome the Democratic
majority in the Fourth district and Repre
sentative Griffith is re-elected.
Johnson County.
FRANKLIN. Ind., Nov. 7. Twenty-five
precincts out of twenty-seven in Johnson
county give Bryan 2.S10, McKinley 2,294;
a Republican gain of 92. For Congress,
twenty-one precincts gave Burke (Dem.)
2,346. Overstreet (Itep.) 2.003; a Republican
gain of 67. The candidates for Governor
run close to the national ticket.
Kosciusko County.
WARSAW, InL. Nov. 7. Forty precincts
o'it of forty-one in Kosciusko county give
Bryan 3,125, McKinley 4.319. The one pre-
Comparatively Low Temperature AVI11
Prevail In Indiana.
WASHINGTON. Nov. ".-Forecast for
Thursday and Friday:
For Ohio Fair In southern; rain or snow
In northern portion Thursday. Friday
fair; brisk to high northerly winds.
For Illinois Fair on Thursday and Fri
day; cooler Thursday In extreme southern
portion; fresh northwesterly winds.
For Indiana Fair on Thursday and Fri
day; comparatively low temperature; fresh
northwesterly winds.
Local Observations on Wednesday.
Bar. Ther. R.IL Wind. Weather. Pre.
f a, m.. 23.96 S3 76 North. Cloud v. T
7 p.m. .20.96 44 O West. Cloudy. 0.00
Maximum temperature, 49; minimum tem
perature, 37.
Following Is a comparative statement of
the temperature and precipitation Nov. 7:
. fc Temp. Pre.
Normal 4$ 0.12
Mean 43 p
Departure from normal 5 0.12
Departure since Nov. 1 20 0A&
Departure since Jan. 1 45$ 3 iq
Local Forecast OfllciaL
Yesterday's Temperatures.
Stations. Mia. Max. 7 p. m.
Atlanta, Ga 42 C6 60
Bismarck. N. D 26 34 2$
Buffalo X. Y 40 4ö 4
Calgary, N. W. T 2 54 42
Chicago 22 44 36
Cairo, 111 50 $r, 54
Cheyenne. Wyo 32 ft) W
Cincinnati 45 52 46
Concordia, Kan 23 GO 4S
Davenport. Ia 34 44 33
IVs Moines. Ia 31 4$ 2i
Galveston. Tex 61 7s
Helena. Mont 40 56 4$
Jacksonville. Fla t3 SO 70
Kanas City. Mo 4 54 43
IJttle Rock. Ark W 6G 0
Marquette, Mich 34
Men-phis. Tenn 50 66 60
Nashville, Tenn 42 C2 &4
New Orleans GO 70 70
New York 46 GO 6S
North Flatte. Neb 36 55 4$
Oklahoma, O. T 44 73 5$
Omaha, Neb 42 43 4
Pittsburg 44 52 44
Qu' App lie, N. W. T.... 2 23 22
Rapid City. S. V 26 46 3b
Salt Lake City, Utah.... 40 ct 5
St. Lnui 40 54 LI
St. Paul r H6 H2
Fpri:.gnld, Ill 3$ 5f 4,;
fnringnV.j. M) 42 fw 52
Vtckshurg. M!? 54 7rl 6ö
War Mr gl on, D. C 40 c; 56
nilxxnrd In the XortliTrent.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. Nov. 7.-A bliz
zard is bearing down upon this section. The
weather has turned cell and heavy snow.
sif;rrc3 are reported from various place.
New Richmond, Wis., reports live inches,
with the snow still falling and the wind
blowing a gale.
Stops the Coach
and worki off the Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Qulnine Tablets cure a
cold ta one day. No cure, no pay. Price 23
clnct out gave a Democratic majority of
forty-three in The estimate on thoso
figures leaves .Kosciusko with 1.1C0 Repub
lican plurality. The vote for Governor and
member of Congress, so far as heard from,
1? the same as the presidential ticket. John
W. Parks, State senator, for Kosciusko and
Marshall counties (Itep.), is elected by 200
majority. Levi R. Stookey, joint repre
sentative for Kosciusko and WhltUy
(Rep.), Is elected by 7G0 majority. C. C.
Miller, representative for Kosciusko (Rep.j,
is elected by 1.0U0.
. Knox County.
VI NCENNES, Ind.. Nov. 7. The entire
Democratic ticket In Knox county is
elected by pluralities ranging from 500 to
1000. R. W. Mlers, Dem., Is re-elected by
2,M) plurality to Congress.
The precincts already reported show that
the Republicans hava made an average gain
ol four In each precinct in Knox county.
Lagrange County.
LAGRANGE. Ind.. Nov. 7. The Repub
lican plurality in Lagr:nge county is Ö22, a
Republican gain of 10$. Every township in
the county went Republican
Laporte County.
LAPORTE, Ind., Nov. 7. Forty-four pre
cincts out of fifty-one In Laporte county
give McKinley a plurality of 118, a small
Republican gain. D. L. Crumpacker, joint
senator, Kelly, joint representative, and
Short, representative, all. Republican, are
undoubtedly elected, though the contest lb
so close that the official count will be neces
sary to determine the result positively. The
county offices are divided between the Re
publicans and Democrats, though the re
sults in some cases will not be known until
after the official count.
Lawrence County.
MITCHELL, Ind., Nov. 7. Four pre
cincts here give McKinley 634, Bryan 341;
a Republican gain of 50; Durbin 609, Kern
227; a Republican gain of 43. Mlers (Dem.),
for Congress, 305; Wadsworth, 603; a Re
pulican gain ot 37. The Democrats elected
their treasurer and sheriff in Lawrence
Madison County.
ANDERSON, Ind., Nov. 7. The Repub
licans will carry Madison county by 1,400.
Returns from many of the townships aro
slow coming In. Sixty-five precincts glvo
McKinley a plurality of 1.9S7 ad Durbln
1,315. Klttlnger, for senator, is elected by
c good majority. Tho county gives Cromer,
lor Congress, between 1,000 and 1,200. The
Democrats have elected eight township
trustees and one constable. In every pre
cinct the Republicans made gains over 1896.
Many precincts show a Republican gain
where it was the least expected.
Marshall County.
PLYMOUTH, Ind.. Nov. 7.-Returns from
nil precinccs in Marshall county, ctllclal
and reported, give Bryan 433 majority, a
Republican gain of J76. Kern's majority for
Governor z 4tt); Bower (Dem.), for Con
gress. 460. The Democratic county ticker
is clectedl Metsker, for representative, is
badly cr.ui.hed, but probably is elected oy
a sii- all majority.
Martin County.
SHOALS, Ind., Nov. 7. From returns now
In in Martin county McKinley gains over
the vote of 1SD6 over 218, and has a prob
able majority in the county of 100.
Miami County.
PERU, Ind.. Nov. 7. The result In Miami
county 13 still slightly uncertain, but it is
almost sure that McKinley cuts down the
Democratic majority of 200 to 13, and that
the Republican sheriff, treasurer, prosecu
tor and one commissioner are elected. Such
a result was never known before in the
Monroe County.
BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Nov. 7. Complete
returns show the election of the entire Re
publican ticket in Monroe county. McKin
ley has led all others by over 50. Robert W.
Mlers (Dem.) has been re-elected by about
2.000 Dlurality in the Second congressional
district. John W. Craves, (Dem.) is elected
joint representative for the counties of
Monroe and Brown. Robert G Miller
(Rep.) is elected prosecuting attorney for
the circuit of Monroe and Lawrence.
Morgan County.
MARTINSVILLE, Ind., Nov. 7. Several
precincts in Morgan county have not yet
sent in their vote. Unofficial returns give
McKinley 273 majority, with Durbin and
Holllday, for representative, following
close. This is a Republican gain of 40 over
1J&6. J. M. Bishop, Republican representa
tive, and entire county ticket elected. M.
II. Parks. Judge, and Homer McGlnnis,
prosecutor, elected by Democrats. The
Newton County.
KENTLAND, Ind., Nov. 7. Complete un
official returns place McKinley's plurality
in Newton county at 542, a Republican gain
ot 201 or eleven to the precinct. Eben H.
Wolcott, Republican candidate for senator,
carries the county by 425 majority and his
district by 900. S. Reed Allen, candidate
for joint representative, carried the dis
trict by SOO majority. Judge Crumpacker,
for Congress, is tunning even with the na
tional ticket. The local ticket was scratched
extensively In two or three townships
as a result of the late county seat tights,
and the Democrats elected one commis
sioner and the sheriff.
Ohio County.
RISING SUN, Ind. Nov. 7.-The official
vote of Ohio county gives McKinley 715,
Bryan 622, a Republican gain of 22; Durbin
711, Kern 620, a Republican gain of 21; for
Congress, Powell 638, Griffith 630, a Repub
lican gain, of 37; for representative. Mailer
(Rep.) 6K), Green (Dem.) 733; Judicial cir
cuit, prosecuting attorney, Stevens (Rep.)
KS, McMulten (Dem.) 612; county treasurer,
Thompson (Rep.) 6$4, Baker (Dem.) 521.
The county ticket has been elected by
the Republicans by 20 to 100 majority. The
largest township, Randolph, has elected
the entire Republican ticket.
Orange County.
PAOLI, Ind., Nov. 7. Orange county
gave McKinley a majority of 337 and
elected every Republican county officer and
seven out of ten township trustees. Amos
Stout (Rep.) is elected representative for
Orange and Martin, by 400.
Owen County.
SPENCER, Ind., Nov. 7. Unofficial re
turns from Owen county give Mlers, for
Congress, 330, varying little from that of
Bryan. The Democrats elected their coun
ty ticket. They also elected 10 out of 13
township trustees.
Porter County.
VALPARAISO, Ind., Nov. 7. Twenty
seven precincts In Porter county give Mc
Kinley 053 plurality; Durbin, for Governor,
4'; Crumpacker, for Congress, 1,100. The
two missing precincts will slightly increase
the pluralities. The full Republican county
ticket elected. Crumpacker will have over
7,0u0 majority in the district.
Putnam County.
GREENCASTLE, Ind., Nov. 7.-Esti-mates
based on incomplete unofficial re
turns from Putnam county Indicate a Dem
ocratic majority of about 630 on Bryan and
Kern, and Horner for Congress, Johnson
for joint senator, James for representative
and the county ticket have about G00 Dem
ocratic majority, which is the same as in
Randolph County.
WINCHESTER, Ind., Nov. 7. Thirty-four
out of thirty-nine rreclncts In Randolph
county give McKinley, Durbln and Cromer
a total vote in excess of Bryan, Kern and
Day of 2.430, which is a net Republican gain
of 4s3. The precincts to be heard from will
increase the Republican gain in the county
to over 5uö and carry the county for the
Republican ticket by over 2.500. Six pre
cincts of this city alone made a Republican
gain over 1S0C of 257 votes.
Rush County.
RUSHVILLE. Ind.. Nov. 7.-Nlr.eteen
precincts give McKinley 2,278, Bryan 1,513,
a Republican gain of 1C0. Durbln falls but
few votes tisrt of Xidllnlsy. The county
will give 420 majority on the national ticket,
a gain of 131. James 12. Watson is re-elected
to Congress by a plurality of 3,2u& to
2.500 in tho district. The entire Re
publican county ticket Is elected by in
crea?cd majorities. The Democrats capture
seven of the twelve township trustees.
Ripley County.
VERSAILLES, Ind., Nov. 7.-Complete
returns In Ripley, county give McKinley and
Durbla pluralities of IS. Twenty-nine pre
cincts give Powell 2.657. Griffith 2,700. For
representative Samuel Tucker (Dem.) 2,703;
Bovard (Rep.) 2.GT-0. Tho entire Democratic
ticket is elected except clerk and recorder.
Scott County.
SCOTTS BURG, Ind., Nov. 7. Nine pre
cincts of Scott county; give McKinley 60S,
Bryan 922. a Republican gain of 42; Durbln
603. Kern 014, a Republican gain of 45. The
Republicans elected the sheriff by about
30 plurality. The rest of the Democratic
county ticket was elected.
Shelby County.
SHELBY VILLE, Ind., Nov. 7. Twenty
four precincts out of forty-one give Bryan
2,323, McKinley 2,033 a Democratic gain of
seven. Conservative estimates of remain
ing precincts, on reliable information, show
that Bryan will carry the county by 475.
Returns on state and county offices are be
ing held back in the strongly Democratic
outer precincts. The county chairmen both
say they can get no figures. The vote for
Governor is not much different from that
for the national ticket. A well-defined ru
mor reports an effort made to get an elec
tion Judge in a Shelbyville precinct to alter
a tally sheet to change the result on the
county ticket. The Democrats claim the
election of ten township trustees, a gain of
three. Only the official canvass to-morrow
can give the exact llgures. Republicans
have reduced the Democratic majority for
county offices, and may elect the sheriff
and representative.
Spencer County.
ROCKPORT, Ind., Nov. 7. Complete re
turns from Spencer county give McKin
ley 2,S5$5, Bryan 2,702; a Republican plural
ity of 1S3, and a Republican loss of 110.
Durbln runs with McKinley. Hemenway
(Rep.) polled 2,816, Owen (Dem.) 2,732; a
Republican plurality of 114 and a small
loss since 180S. It will take official count
to determine the election of John Ravins
as State representative. The county ticket
is divided.
Steuben County.
ANGOLA, Ind., Nov. 7. Steuben county,
complete, gives McKinley 2,703, Bryan 1,517,
a Republican gain of 203. The vote for Gov
ernor and member of Congress is but
slightly behind that for the national ticket.
Sulllvnn County.
Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
SULLIVAN, Ind., Nov. 7. Bryan carried
Sullivan county "by 1.61S, a Republican gain
of 73; Kern by 1,700, a Democratic gain of
2Ö0; Miers, for Congress, by 1,600. Ira Larr
(Dem.), for representative, is elected. The
entire Democratic county ticket is elected.
The full vote is: Bryan, 3,970; McKinley,
Switzerland County.
VEVAY, Ind., Nov. 7. It is estimated
Switzerland county will give Bryan 100 ma
jority. Francis Marion Miller (Rep.) prob
ably is elected Joint representative for
Switzerland and Ohio counties.
Tipton County.
TIPTON. Ind., Nov. 7. For the first time
in its history Tipton county has given a
Republican plurality on the presidential,
State, congressional and legislative tickets.
The entire Republican county ticket was
elected by pluralities ranging from 25 to
100. While the McKinley plurality is small
it shows a caln of nearly 600 votes over 1806.
The Republicans had a close and compact
organization and the results are the fruits
of their efforts.
WINDFALL, Ind., Nov. 7. The four pre
cincts of Wildcat township, complete, give,
for Congress, Charles B. Landis (Rep.),
309; David B. Allen (Dem.), 304, a Repub
lican gain over 1896 of 56. For joint senator,
Thomas J. Lindley (Rep.), 313; Benjamin
F. Hoyng (Dem.), 290.
Tippecunoe County.
LAFAYETTE. Ind., Nov. 7. The figures
on the presidential ticket, on unofficial ad
vices, give McKinley a plurality of 1,700, a
gain of 72 ever 1S96. The county districts
failed to show as good gains as those made
in the city. Official returns have not been
reported by half the Inspectors, and figures
have not been received on the State ticket.
So far as received, Durbln runs but a frac
tion more than one vote to a precinct be
hind McKinley.
Vanderburg Connty.
EVANSVILLE. Ind., Nov. 7.-Thirty-flve
precincts out of seventy-eight in Vander
burg county give McKinley 3,617, Bryan
3,137, a Republican loss of 33. Thirty pre
cincts give Durbin 3.017, Kern 2,7.6, a Re
publican loss of 60. Seventy-three precincts
give Hemenway (Rep.) for Congress 7,786,
Owen (Dem.) 6,757; for senator, Crumbaker
(Rep.) 6.661, Smith (Dem.) 6.579; representa
tives (Rep.). Maxam 6.692. Miller 6,712;
(Dem.) Fairbanks 6,470, Freeman 6,409.
Wabash Connty.
WABASH, Ind., Nov. 7.-Full and accu
rate, but unofficial, returns from all the
townships in Wabash county show a Re
publican plurality of 1,592 on the national
ticket. The total vote is about the same
as in 1896. Every township gave a Re
publican majority for McKinley, but tho
Democratic candidate for trustee wa3
elected in Pleasant township by a margin
of 10. Colonel Durbln, for Governor, run
but little behind his ticket, and his ma
jority Is approximately 1,500. George Steele
runs well up with the national ticket in
the county, and semi-official returns from
the Eleventh district indicate his election
to Congress by 6,500, a gain over 1S96 of
nearly 2,000. James F. Stutesman is
elected joint representative from the dis
trict comopsed of Wabash, Miami, How
ard, Huntington and Grant by nearly
Washington County.
SALEM. Ind., Nov. 7. Washington coun
ty, complete, gives McKinley 2,134, Bryan
2.722, a majority for Bryan of 5SS. and a
Democratic gain of 1S9; Durbln .V&S, Kern
2,6b0; O'Connor 2,050, Zenor 2,668; for joint
senator Daugherty 2,040, L. Garrott 2,670.
The Democratic county ticket la elected
by from 450 to 500 majority.
Warren County.
WILLIAMSPORT, Ind., Nov. 7. Warren
county, complete, gives McKinley 2,269,
Bryan 1,21S; a Republican gain of 77. Th
State, congressional and legislative tickets
receive about the same vote as the na
tional ticket, but the exact figures are
not obtainable. The entire Republican
county ticket Js elected.
Warrick County.
BOON VILLE, Ind., Nov. 7. Bryan ha3
carried Warrick county by 2C0, a Repub
lican gain of 130; Kern by 239, a Demo
cratic gain of 44: Owen, for Congress
(Dem.) by 163. The entire Democratic
county ticket is elected.
Wayne County.
RICHMOND, Ind.. Nov. 7. The returns
from Wayne county are still incomplete,
but tho totaU on the national ticket are
available. They show McKinley's plurality
to be 1,7(2, a decrease of 115 from the vote
of 1S96. Durbin ran some behind the ticket.
The county ticket and James E. Watson
lor Congress received large pluralities.
HAGERSTOWN. Ind.. Nov. 7. McKinley
carried Jefferson township of Wayne coun
ty by 26, a Republican gain over four years
ago of 51. This Is the largest percentage
of gain 50 far reported in the county, and
is the more remarkable because the coun
ty central committee had practically aban
doned this township. James E. Watson, for
Congress, received a majority of 29, and W.
H. Porter, for township trustee, led the
whole ticket with a majority of 30.
Wells County.
BLUFFTON, Ind.. Nov. 7.-Unofilclal re
turns from Wella county give Bryan 1,400
majority. The entire Democratic county
ticket was elected by majorities ranging
from CCO to 1.CJ0. Judge E. C. Vaughn was
re-elected by a majority of 33. Tha Demo
crats cä) eisest a clean sweep ta ta
nine townships. The enly tovmshlo of
fleer- elected by the Jli publicar.3 war. a.
bupervlsor, who had no cpposilion. Wells
gave Bryan 1,316 plurallly in ltf6.
Whitley County.
COLUMBIA" CITY. Ind., Nov. 7. Unof
ficial returns from til of the twenty-three
precincts in Whitley county give Ihe Dem
ocratic national, state, congressional anl
county tickets about 6-0 majority, a Repub
lican gain r.( 192 over 1S36.
Election Return Itarred.
Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
FORT WAYNE, Ind. Nov. 7.-The Postal
Telegraph Company, was the victim of a
wretched piece of vandalism here, election
night. It had contracts to deliver election
news to a large number of points, including
Democratic headquarters, but someone cut
the only wire it had out of town, leaving
the company's patrons without news, im
patient and angry. The local officers of
the broken line, which in fact is owned by
local capitalists, and is leased to the Postal
Company, to-day offered a reward of 5200
for information of the perpetrators of the
Jubilation at Connersvllle.
Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
CONNERS VILLE, Ind., Nov. 7. Every
conceivable thing with which to make a
noi3e was used to-night to jollify over tho
election of McKinley. Brass and martial
bands, tin horns, cannon, ringing bells and
screeching whistles were given full sway.
The great national victory and the fine
showing of Fayette county seen to have
given all a license to turn time backward
and become boys again Jo the night.
Governor Poynter's plurality will be about
4,600, with the balance of the State ticket J
running close up with him. The election of
the Bryan electors is claimed by a plurality
of 2,000.
Ohio's PettiBrevr Beaten for Congress
Ohio Over 70,000 for McKinley.
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 7. Democratic
State Chairman Lang had no statement to
give out to-night. Republican State Chair
man Dick said: "Unofficial returns re
ceived from eighty-four of the eighty
eight counties warrant the claim of 70,000
for McKinley and we elect seventeen of
the twenty-one members of Congress; a
gain of two members."
The estimates on the four missing coun
ties makes the plurality about 73,000, or a
net Republican gain of about 22,000 over
the vote of 1896. The Republicans gained
in seventy-seven counties and the Demo
crats in eleven, most of the Democratic
gains being in Cleveland, Cincinnati and
Toledo, where it is reported that most of
the vote that Mayor Jones, of Tolro, re
ceived last year for Governor went to
Bryan. The largest rrevlous plurality for
President In Ohio was 60,000 for Lincoln,
but that was on a much smaller vote than
was cast In the State this year.
The total vote In Ohio yesterday was
about 1,100,000, the largest ever cast in the
State, and the vote for minor parties was
smaller than usual. The Republicans car
ried all of the close or doubtful congres
sional districts, electing Jacob A. Biedler
in the Twentieth by less than 500; Robert
M. Nevln in the Third by 121, and Emmett
1 Tompkins in the Twelfth by a plurality
of 16.
Republican Majority 011 Joint Dallot
Will Be About Tvrenty-Ttvo.
CHICAGO, Nov. 7. Returns received
from the State at largo , during this even
ing do not materially " alter the political
complexion of tho next State Legislature.
The probability is that the Republicans will
have a majority of about twenty-two on
Joint ballot, which means a Republican suc
cessor to Senator Cullom. It is Impossible
at this time to give figures with strong
assurance of accuracy, but the next Illi
nois Legislature will pn bably be about as
Senate Republicans, 31; Democrats, 17.
House Representatives Republicans, 79;
Democrats, 74.
The present House is Republ'can by ten,
and the nold-over senators gi $ a Repub
lican majority of eight in the oenate, and
the Democrats figure that with but slight
gains they will be able to have a ma
jority of one or two on Joint ballot ar.d
thus replace Senator Cullom with a Dem
ocrat. In the event ot their obtaining tho
control of the Legislature, !t is certain
that Samuel Alschuler, the defeated Demo
cratic gubernatorial candidate, will be sent
to the Senate. The Republicans, however,
claim that there is not the slightest doubt
of their having control of the Legislature,
and give plausible figures in support ot
their assertions. Some of them claim
eighty-five members of the House, but this
Is considered excessive by the conservative
members of their own party. Later ad
vices may modify the result as given above,
but present indications give the Legislature
safely to the Republican
Complete returns In the Sixth congres
sional district re-elect Henry S. Boutell
by a plurality of 599. Out of the seven
congressmen in Chicago the Democrats
have elected four Feely In the Second.
Foster in the Third. McAndrews in the
Fourth and Mahony in the Fifth. The Re
publicans have elected Mann in the First,
Bcutell In the Sixth and Foss in tha
SPRINGFIELD, 111., Nov. 7. Senator
Cullom, at the Leland Hotel to-nluht, nas
happj.- He figures on twenty-two uaji-rity
m the Legislature on joint baMot and per
haps twenty-four, and ha no dout of his
Later Returns Shovr Over 0,000 Plu
rality for McKinley.
DETROIT, Mich., Nov. 7.-Returns trom
the State up to 10 o'clock to-night give
President McKinley a plurality of 90.83S and
Col. A. T. Bliss, the Republican candidate
for Governor, 69,059. Colonel Bliss is run
ning about 20.000 behind his ticket, and
Mayor Maybury. the Democratic guberna
torial candidate is a corresponding number
ahead of his ticket. In 1S96 McKinley's
plurality in Michigan was 56,170. Governor
Pingree ran 20.0J0 ahead of the Republican
ticket that year, getting a plurality of
The Republicans have increased their
majority in the Legislature on joint ballot
by seven. The Democrats have elected
none of their senatorial candidates and only
eleven out of the hundred representatives in
the lower house. Senator James McMil
lan's re-election by the jext Legislature is
a certainty.
The entire Michigan congressional dele
gation is Republican by largely increased
majorities in most of the districts. In
western Michigan, where it was expected
the Republican? would suffer by reason of
the loss of the Dutch vote, they have in
creased their majorities Instead of los
ing. The constitutional amendment per
mitting the taxation of railroads and other
corporations on the cash value of their
property was carried by a large majority.
McKinley Plurality In Expected to
4 Reach 40.0OO.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 7. The majority
for McKinley In California continues to
grow, and the indications are that it will
reach 40,000. Complete returns from L571
precincts out of 2,190 outside of San Fran
cisco give McKinley 107.992, Bryan S1.243
The same precincts In 1S96 gave McKinley
96.367. Bryan 81,801.
Owing to the failure of a few election
officers to make a semi-official report, tha
complete figures in San Francisco cannot
be ascertained at present, but it is safe
to ay that the Republican presidential
electors hav carried the city by 8.CU0 or
10.C30. Tho Republicans have elected all
seven congret-stnen.
Th Legislature is Republican by a ma
jority cf 23. Tha etat 3 C:as.te centra 3
Republicans and 7 Democrats. Tha
Assembly stands: Republicans, LS; Demo
crats, 22.
McKinley Plurality Is 145,000 and
OdclFa About lOO.OOO.
NEW YORK. Nov. 7. The official re
turns as received are not materially
changing the results, and McKinley's
plurality at midnight remains approxi
mately 145,000 in the State. John B.
Stanchfield, the Democratic nominee for
Governor, ran ahead of his party's presi
dential electors, but Odell's plurality still
remains about 100,000.
Neir York Congressmen.
NEW YORK. Nov. 7. The congressional
it presentation from New York State will
consist of twenty-one Republicans and
thirteen Democrats, as follows:
1 Frederick Storms, Rep.
2 John J. Fitzgerald, Dem., re-elected.
3 Henry Bristow. Rep.
4 H. A. Hanbury. Rep.
5 Frank E. Wilson, Dem., re-elected.
6 George H. Lindsay, Dem. t ,
7 Nicholas Muller. Dem., re-elected.
8 Thomas J. Creamer, Dem.
9 Henry M. Goldfogle, Dem.
10 Amos J. Cummlngs, Dem., re-elected.
11 William Sulzer, Dem., re-elected.
12 G. B. McClellan, Dem., re-elected.
13 0. H. P. Belmont, Dem.
14 William H. Douglas. Rep.
15 Jacob Ruppert, jr.. Dem., re-elected. '
16 C. A. Pugsley, Dem.
17 Arthur S. Tompkins, Rep., re-elected.
IS J. H. Ketcham, Rep., re-elected.
19 William H. Draper. Rep.
20 G. N. Southwick, Rep.
21 J. K. Stewart, Rep., re-elected.
22 L. N. Llttauer, Rep., re-elected.
23 L. W. Emerson, Rep., re-elected. '
24 Albert D. Shaw, Rep.
25 J. S. Sherman, Rep., re-elected.
26 G. W. Ray, Rep., re-elected.
27 M. E. Drlscoll. Rep., re-elected.
28 S. E. Payne, Rep., re-elected.
9 Charles W. Gillett, Rep., re-elected.
30 J. W. Wadsworth, Rep., re-elected.
31 James B. Perkins, Rep.
32 William H. Ryan. Dem., re-elected.
33 D. S. Alexander, Rep., re-elected.
34 E. B. Vreeland, Rep., re-elected.
10,000 TO 12,000.
Republican State and National Tickets
Given Iiis Pluralities.
FARGO, N. D., Nov. 7. The Republican
plurality in North Dakota, will be 10,000 to
12,000. There is no question about the elec
tion of all the State ticket and the con
gressman at large, and there have been large
Republican legislative gains. In the State
Judiciary the returns show the election of
a Republican to the supreme bench and for
district courts the election of Judges Pol
lock, in the Third; Glaspell, in the Fifth;
Cowan, In the Second; Winchester, in the
Sixth, while the Democrats elected Judge
Fisk, who was practically without opposi
tion in the First and Judge Lauder, who
has formerly been a Republican, In the
Fourth. In the Seventh Candidates Knee
ehaw and Spencer both claim a victory, and
the result may not be known till complete
returns are in. Judge Lauder's fight was
the bitterest of the campaign. He was de
feated for renomination by the Republic
ans, accepted the Democratic nomination
and won out, even in the face of the land
slide. He carried his home county 1,600
votes ahead of his ticket. The fight was in
the nature of a contest between him and
Senator McCumber, of Wahpeton.
Highest Plurality Ever Given by the
State A Clean Sweep.
DES MOINES, Ia., Nov. 7.-Semi-officlal
returns from eighty-six of the ninety-nine
counties in the State give Republicans 266,
(66 votes; Democrats, 178,542 votes; a plu
rality of 87,418, or an average of 1,000 Re
publican majority to - each county. The
other thirteen counties at the same ratio
will increase the Republican plurality to
slightly more than 100,000. which is the
high-water mark in the State's history.
Every Republican candidate for Congress
is elected by increased pluralities, rang
ing from 2,300 to 15,000. Meager returns on
the proposed constitutional amendment for
blenni'il elections and for holding a con
stitutional convention show both proposi
tions to have tien carried by large ma
jorities. DUBUQUE, Ia., Nov. 7. Speaker Hen
derson's majority in this district Is 11,000,
an Increase of nearly 2.000. The Democrats
elect every county officer by majorities
ranging from 700 to 1,500.
Fusionist Will Probably Take Ills
Place in the Senate.
DENVER, Col., Nov. 7. Returns from
yesterday's election are slow coming in.
but sufficient returns and careful estimates
have been received to show that Bryan's
plurality will be from 30,000 to 36,000 and
may reach 40,000. The Republican man
agers concede the Legislature to the
fuslonlsts by a majority of 56 on joint bal
lot. Orman, Dem., and the whole fusion
ticket will have about 25,000 plurality, in
Arapahoe county Bryan's plurality will
be about 6,500, though this will consider
ably exceed the plurality given the State
and county tickets. The defeat of Senator
Wolcott for the Senate is 1 generally con
ceded, but with several aspirants in th?
fusion party, it is Impossible to predict
with any accuracy who his successor
Will be.
Republican Plurality for Electors
Will Be 23,000.
, TOPEKA, Kan., Nov. 7. Returns re
ceived to-night only tend to confirm the
early estimates of the result of the elec
tion in Kansas. Practically complete re
turns show that McKinley has a plurality
of 25,000 and that the Republican Stat
ticket is successful by a plurality of prob
ably 5,000 les3.
The Legislature will be Republican In
both branches, insuring the election of a
Republican United States senator to suc
ceed Lucien Baker. The Republicans havi
certainly elected seven congressmen, one
district the Third being still fn doubt,
with the chances in favor of the fusion
candidate. The election of the fusion
candidate In this district would leave the
delegation in Congress as at present seven
Republicans and one fusionist.
Republicans and Fnslonlsts Claiming
Minnesota for State Ticket.
ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 7. The only point
unsettled in the Minnesota election is the
contest over the governorship. Everything
else has gone Republican by majorities so
large there is no possibility of change.
Tams Bixby, chairman of the Republican
state committee, figures out 8,754 plurality
for Van Sant, while Chairman Rosing, of
the Democratic committee, from the figures
reported to him, foots up 12,000 plurality for
Lind. The present returns have favored
Van Sant, but his lead was slight. The
McKinley vote seems considerably more
than 50.000 over that for Bryan. However,
there are various unexpected things In the
returns, and the governorship will have to
be called doubtful until much more com
plete reports have been received. .
About 100,000 in Wisconsin.
MILWAUKEE. Nov. 7. The complete
figures of the Republican victory in Wis
consin will not be known for perhaps sev
eral days, as many of the precincts are
far distant from railway stations, and
will be sent in by mail. General Bryant,
chairman of the Republican State commit
tee, to-day reduced his claims of plurality
slightly over those given out last night,
placing his latest estimates at 106,000 for
Loth national and SCate tickets. Chair
man Warden, of the Democratic Stab
committee, said the Republican majorities
were a surprise to everybody.
Clark Still Owns Montana.
HELENA. Mont, Nor. 7. Fuller re-
turns of yesterday's voting in this Cute
confirm the preliminary estimates sent out
last nisht. Bryan's plurality trill b from
15, CCD to U.CC3, and Governor Tccls lrsia
the Ctat Democratic ticket trlth CO to
8,000 votes to rpsre. Tha Lcrtrliture.
which Trill elect two United Ct-t-3 c:n
atcrs. Li Democratic frcra 13 to I) xzizz
cn ;:l-t tzZlzl, czl ttOI cr:-t:7 re
elect Senator WilliA. Clar k and .some
other Democrat 01- PPV"sttlll vacancy
Thomas C. Carter and fill the v acancy
caused by the resignation of Senator Clark
last session.
Nearly 20,000 In West Vlrtn!a
WHEELING, W. Va., Nov. 7. In a state
ment issued at midnight. Secretary James
K. Hall, of the Republican State commit
tee, gives tabulated returns from every
county in the State, showing West Virginia
has given McKinley nearly f:
All four congressmen are Re publicans. The
House of Delegates will be coinposed
of fifty-one Republicans, rfxteen Demo
crat ts. one doubtful; State Senate,
seventeen Republicans, eight democrats,
one doubtful, giving the publicans
at least forty-two majority on Joint ballot.
The State ticket goes through with about
1.500 less than the presidential.
Rhode Island Returns.
PROVIDENCE. R. L. Nov. 7.-Corrected
unofficial returns from Rhode Island give
McKinley 33,521; Bryan 19.947; Maloney L3S3;
Woolley 1.526; a plurality for McKinley of
13.S74 In a total vote of 56,677. His plurality
four years ago was 22.978. in a total vote of
54.780. He carried every city and town t in
the State, as he did In 1S96. The LS
year is the largest ever cast in the Rate
In Providence McKinley -received 5,116
plurality, while the city went Democratic
for mayor by 1.771 plurality. Bryan gained
5.4SS in the State, while McKinley lost 3,616
lii the total vote.
Georgia and Alabama Alike.
ATLANTA. Ga., Nov. 7. Dispatches from
the State to-night do not materially change
the figures reported in those dispatches
last night. Mr. Bryan's majcrity in Geor
gia is about 40.000.
MONTGOMERY, Ala.. Nov. 7. Not
enough returns havo been received from
the different counties in the State to maYe
an ex.-'Ct estimate of the results of Tues
day's ejection. The vote was light, lho
Republicans carried several counties. Am
a geneial tting the negroes did not vote
The Democratic majorities will be at seaA
Vote of Kansas City.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 7. The result
of the vote in Kansas City shows a slight
Republican gain over that of 1S96. McKin
ley's plurality is 1,633, and Flory, the nom
inee for Governor, received a plurality of
1,544. McKinley's plurality in 1SD6 was 1,56$.
The greatest surprise of the local cam
paign was the phenomenal success of the
Republican county ticket. For the first
time in twenty-five years Jackson county
has elected all of the Republican nominees
with the exception of one county Judge,
whose district Is outside of the city. Five
of the six Republican nominees for the
Legislature have been elected.
Over 28 7,000 for McKinley.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 7. Complete, but
unofficial returns give McKinley 287,736
plurality in Pennsylvania,
Complete but .unofficial returns from the
legislative districts of the State Indicate the
election of 151 Republicans, 46 Democrats. 6
fusionists and 1 Independent Republican to
the House of Representatives. The last
House stood; Republicans, 127; Democrats,
71: fusion, 6.
Pennsylvania's delegation in the next
Congress, according to the latest returns
will stand Republicans, 26; Democrats, 4,
a Republican gain of 6.
In Washington State.
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 7. About one
half of the total vote of the State of Wash
Irgton has been reported and shows the
following results:
McKinley, 27.181; Bryan. 20.051. For Gov
ernor Frink (Rep) 23.C36; Rogers (Dem.)
22,764; Frink's plurality 273. Late returns
from western Washington have increased
Frink's vote and it will take a more com
plete count to determine the result. Mc
Kinley's majority in the State will be close
to 10.0J0.
Swollen to 55,000 in New Jersey.
TRENTON, N. J., Nov. 7. Latest returns
from the different counties in the State
Indicate that McKinley's plurality is 55,000.
The official county canvass will be made on
Friday. Corrected returns from Sussex
show the election of Roe (Rep.) to the As
sembly and he re-election of Martin
(Dem.) to the Senate, the latter by 90 plu
rality. The next Legislature will stand
as follows:
Senate Republicans, 17; Democrats, 14.
Assembly, Republicans, 45; Democrats, 15.
Utah 4,500 for McKinley.
SALT LAKE, Utah, Nov. 7. At 10 o'clock
returns are In from about three-quarters
of the precincts In the State. McKinley's
majority is 4,500; Wells,' Rep., for Governor,
has a majority of 2,000, and Sutherland,
Rep., for Congress, leads King by 1,600 ma
jority. The Senate will stand 9 Republicans to
9 Democrats. The Republicans elect 28
representatives and the Democrats 17.
making a Republican majority of 11 on
Joint ballot.
Texas Sticking; to 175,000.
HOUSTON, Tex.,( Nov. 7. Last night's
estimate of 175.000 nrajorlty for the Demo
cratic ticket in Texas is about correct, as
indicated by the returns so far received.
The only Republican congressman from
Texas has been replaced by a Democrat,
and the delegation will be solid. The one
Republican state senator has been defeated,
and the Legislature is composed entirely
of Democrats.
Tennessee's Vote Light.
NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Nov. 7. The total
vote cast In Tennessee will fall 25 per cent,
under that of 1S96, and Bryan carries the
States by 25.000 to 30,000 votes, McMIIHn's
majority over his Republican opponent,
McCall. showing practically the Fame fig
ures. Democrats have added to their ma
jority in the Legislature, while the con
gressional delegation stands the same as
formerly 8 Democrats and 2 Republicans
Bryan Ran Dehind in Arkannsi.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Nov. 7.-Complete
returns are coming in slowly, but enough
is known to indicate a plurality of 0,000
for Bryan in Arkansas. Neither Demo
crats nor Republicans polled their full
strength. In each of the six corgresslonal
districts the Democratic nominees for
Congress appear to have run slightly
ahead of Bryan, and their majorities range
from 8,000 to 15,000.
Dennis Flynn Re-Elected.
GUTHRIE, Okla., Nov. 7. Secretary Ren
shaw, of the Republican Territorial com
mittee, made the following statement to
night: "Dennis Flynn Is re-elected by 5,503
majority. We have elected a majority in
both branches of the Legislature. The two
houses stand as follows: Lower House 17
Republicans, 9 Democrats. Council. 7 Re
publicans, 6 Democrats.
3Ialne Not Done Conn tins'.
PORTLAND, Me.. Nov. 7.-Re turns from
the outlying districts of Maine came in
very slowly to-day, and tö-night there re
main 193 cities, towns and plantations to
be heard from. Figures from 314 eitle
towns and plantations give McKinley 58 51'
Bryan 372S. In ISC the same towns cave
McKinley 70,729, Bryan 28,163. ßae
Jones Lost Ills Own County.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Nov. 7.-A special
to the Gazette says: "Ben M. Foreman.
Republican, carried Hempstead county, the
home of Democratic National Chairman
If13 KJone' over Congressman TC
McRae. Democrat. Foreman made gains
in other counties, and McRae's IsuÄ
Jorities will be considerably reduced!
Florida 23,000.
JACKSONVILLE. Fla.. Nov. 7.-The offi
cial returns from 333 precincts out of 667
In the State, received up to midnleht t
night, show the Democratic DrrsidAnnoT
electors received 17X0 votes to the Renn
lican electors 6.200. This ill frtveBr
a majority of 23,003 in the Pute.
Extums net All In.
vrnrrp nrven junction, vl. kov.
7.- return cro uuly cl0T7
fllrV Cr;V"r-1 -ty-c rrll
tfrcHna Hates,,
ru cn,UrC'vI2r T.01
I'Utcs tai DWw
M wp. "I;.1
in to ir
Mantels and inmndpsrert
licht clobes. tJnm.n '
kinds at ---wiaa
139 E. Market Street
Stif faction üurnted.
ures from the other 220 cities and tn.
give McKinley 40.1.03. Bryan lICL McKh
ley's plurality 2S.112 -uciua.
Virginia 30,000 for Rrjan.
RICHMOND. Va.. Nov. 7.-The additioro!
returns received to-day confirm the report
sent out last nignt mat the Democr-t
carried the State by about 3ö,m snj
elected their candidates in every mr.
Xevada. Returns Mow.
RENO, Nev., Nov. 7.-Seventy-four pre.
cincts out of 163 In Nevada give Brra
4,977, McKinley 3J07. For Congres, Cll
lands. Dem., 4.7S0; Farrington. Rfp, jr.
At this rate Bryan will have a majority
2,500 and Ncwlands about l.SOO.
Vote of Wyoming.
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Nov. 7.Re:rmi
j from 174 precincts out of CM in Wyonsirg,
give a majority of 3.000 for McKinley md
4,500 for Mondell (Rep.) for Congref.
The entire Republican legislative ticket
with the exception of one is elected.
In Xew Jersey.
NEW YORK, Nov. 7.-With six countlci
incomplete the latest returns from Nm
Jersey show that McKinley's plurality 11
f2,920. The Republican plurality ia 154
vas f.7j6l&.
In Pettlffrew's State.
SIOUX FALLS, S. D.. Nov. 7.-E!fht
hundred and forty-one precincts out of VJA
in South Dakota give McKinley a plurality
Of 14,144.
Government Sustained In the BslUt.
ina for Members of Parliamest
OTTAWA. Ont. Nov. 7. The result of
to-day's election shows that the govern
ment has been sustained by a majority ot
from 50 to 60 members, on the basis of th
returns received up to midnight, and with
five constituencies to be heard from. To.
day's elections were in 208 out of the TJ
constituencies of the Dominion, and th
remaining five will hold their elections at
later dates. This, of course, makes it en
tirely possible that when the elections are
completed and when the later returns art
in the apparent majority will be reducei
In the province of Quebec the Liberals
almost sweot the province. Out of &irty
five constituencies the Conservatives will
only hava seen seata or eight at the tnoL
While all tha leading Liberals in th,i prv
ince have been retu.ned, on the other nml
all the leading Conservatives except Ilm.
T. C. Casgraln-Montmorency have been de
feated, and Mr. Casgrain has only twenty
six majority. The race an 1' religious ny
which was raised In the provinces against
Laurier told heavily In his favor anion;
all classes lu the province of Quebec Th
three leaders. Sir Charles Tupper. Hn.
George Foster and Hugh John MacDonall
are all defeated, and the question now s
who will lead. The likelihood is that a
seat will be found ?c! Senator Charles.
In regard to the Ministry there may b
new t?ood taken In from Ontario in th
near futur, and It is Just posflble tint
Hon. M. E.T.crson, who is elected in West
moreland. N. B.. will replace Sir Louir D
vles, but there is no likelihood of any radi
cal change.
Ontario showed great Conservative ga'r.f.
but they were quite insufficient to offset
the stamped of the other provinces to tie
Libera! cause. At midnight t?i. rduitii
from the province of Quebv inliute the
election of only six Conservatives .m
the sixty-five members from that province.
In the last House the Conservatives iul
sixteen members, a loss of ten.
Movements of Steamers.
NEW YORK. Nov. 7. Arrived: Kaiserla
Maria Theresa, from Bremen; Southward,
from Antwerp; Georgic. from Liverpool;
Ethiopia, from Glasgow. Sailed: Cevic
and Teutonic for Liverpool; Lahn, for
Bremen; Columbia, for Naples; Friesland,
for Antwerp.
QUEENSTOWN. Nov. 7. Arrived: Lak
Megantic, from Montreal, for Liverpool.
Sailed: Ultonla, from Liverpool, for ew
LIVERPOOL, Nov. 7. Arrived: Oc-ar.ic
from New York. Sailed: Nomadic, for
New York.
BREMEN, Nov. 7.-Arrived: KaLer WiU
helm der Grosfe, from New York.
CHERBOURG. Nov. 7. Arrived: ratricia,
from New York,. for Hamburg.
PLYMOUTH. Nov. 7. Sailed: Pretoria,
from Hamburg, for New York.
MOVILLE. Nov. 7. Arrived: Astoria,
from New York, for Glasgow.
BOSTON, Nov. 7. Sailed: Devonian anl
New England, for Liverpool.
SOUTHAMPTON, Nov. 7. Arrived: N
York, from New York.
ROTTERDAM, Nov. 7. Arrived: SUtea.
dam, from New York-
An exhibition of 150 photographs lakJ
by American women amateurs, whlrh
opened at St. Petersburg yesterday,
proved a revelation to . Russian P101.0;
raphers. The collection was loaned bv M
Johnstone. Its owner. The yh00'
were first sent to Mosc-iw from Paris.
Of Predisested Food.
'After having tested and tried every
form of predigested food on the market
and experimenting in my own farrlly rsr
attention was attracted to an article leade
Brawny Scots' Diet. mentioning e?gs and
Grape-Nuts. I carefully tested the new
food and finally began Its use in my famiir
with most gratifying results.
"My little boy at that time was a pa
anaemic child and very poorly nourlihed.
Now, thanks to Grape-Nuts, he is as fine
a specimen of infantile strength as I could
wish for. My own . personal experience
means much for me, For jme years I
was troubled with dyspepsia: that : K
could not eat bread or any VTirtiJ
belted heat flour, such as cake or y
of the starchy preparations, withoij l J
of indigestion, sour stomach. cotitenes
Asoon as I quit that sort of foodgj
ued Grape-Nuts, which has the ftarch,
-art predigested. I began to recover. T
XS; hali been remarkable. I former IT
welched 122 pounds and now we:2
;Im strong, hive more nerv enforce than X
'Cytr possessed, appetite
!Mundad can endure any aToS
it know exactly where the charge
fK and It ! frca your truly JlgSj
S?dcnderful c ichli worthy cf
highest commrniaticn. Cfcas.

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