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Water Works
The rafcst securities now obtainable paying
fair rate of Interest tre water wo.-ks hon Is
conservatively Issued by corpr-i'-lon owning
good water tems an.! liberal franchises in
thrifty, solid Western eitle. where good rates
Insure good earning and steady srrowth injures
constantly increasing vaiu-s In plant and fran
chise. It Is possible to scure moderate amounts
f such bonds paying 5 to C p?r cent. In com
who capital stock piys 6 to V per r.ent.
sv.e Interest on lV-nds. For details address
Contractor." care of Lord Xt Thomas. Chicago,
Savings Department
3 per cent, interest paid on de
posits. Sums of $1 and over re
ceived. The Auxiliary Savings
Banks are a great assistance to
systematic saving. Come in and
see what they are.
The Central Trost Company
Office;: ISO East Market Street
4 and 5
In large and In sn ail iams on Indianapolis
Improved real estate only, Cirantlng privi
leges of prepayment, either la whole, or in
Insurance, Real Estate and Rental Agent,
127 East Market Street,
(New Building.)
(3afe Deposit Vxlt:
3G East Washington Street.
Absolut safety against fire and burglar. Po
liceman day and night on guard. Designed for
safe keeping of Money. Bonds. Wills. Deeds. Ab
stracts. Silver Plate, Jewels and valuable
Trunks. Packages, etc Contains 2.100 boxes.
Rent ?5 to f 15 Per Year.
Changes, Dot ever. Are Still Some
what Irregrular Local Trade In
Unusually Ilcnlthy Condition.
At Ner York yesterday money on call was
steady at JliS5 per cent,; Iat loan, S'.i per cent.
Prim, mercantile paper, 44?5 per cent.
Sterling exchange, was firm, "with actual busi
ness In bankers' bills at $4.S43 for demand and
4)4.WTs for sixty days; pouted rajes, $4.81i anl
IU:i;i eammerclal bills. SU("34.kO'i.
Silver certificates were 646r; bar stiver, eiTfce;
Mexican dollars, , 50!ic At Londor. tar silver
sold at 23 9-lCd an ounce.
Strength was removed In the New York stock
market yesterday, but there was nothing like
resumption of the speculative enthusiasm of
last week. There were more stocks that moved;
strongly upward than Wednesday, and there
were fewer that closc4 the Cay lower than thej
left oK Wednesday nljht. but there was never
theless a continuances of the irregular tendency
In the market. The joints of strength, though
more numerous, were still somewhat Isolated.
anI the market did not at anjr time show perme
ating and vigorous strength. The gains- seemed
to b due either to the Operation of speculath'
pools working for an advance In special stocks,
or to causes affecting the Individual stocks.
General Electric duplicated Its gain cf Wednes
day with another six-point rise, carrying it to
HO1 oa the larse earnings reported. We-3ue
das strength In the - coalers became largely
localized in New Jersey Centra!, which was up
at one time 4H points on reports of a coming
Increase in dividends. The movement of broad
est scope for the di was In the winter wheat
grangers, which advanced between one and two
points all around on the good weather for the
crop In that territory. The movement n Great
Northern preferred and In Union Pacific was at
tributed to the reports of a working agreement,
looking to extension of tra-nc Into each other's
territory. Northern raclfic, after a rather
slight advance, fell back to about Wednesday
night's level. Consolidated Gas. Continental To
bacco. People's Gas. Tennessee Coal, Brooklyn
Transit and some other rcialties were strong
lt the same wy. London bought a small num
ber of stocks on balance. The .professional pres
sure against the market was relaxed, and there
were no fjrther signs of urgent üqulJation, al
though profit-taking was in evidence at some
points all day. Money was appreciably easier,
and a favorable bank statement on Saturday is
beginning to te discounted. The subtreasury op
erations have contributed about $2.500.000 to the
market by reason of the falling off in internal
revenue collections and l.irse disbursements fcr
Tensions. There have been light currency thip
mcnts to New Orleans, but Chicago exchange
rose to par. Reports from Interior money mar
kets are cf easy conditions, due t& a process f
tmlooeeclng after tho election similar to those
which occurred in the New York market. Ar
rivals of over J3.C0O.C0O In Australian gold are
expected In San Francisco in a few day, which
can be made available by telegraphic transfer
through the subtree suries to the each reserves of
New York banks. There is a feclinj that the
large war loans Impending In England and Ger
many probably will net b offered urtil early
next year. The statement of the foreign trade
for October gives Increased confidence In the
country's financial resources. v The total ex
torts, as well as th excess of exports over Im
ports, are far greater than these for any previous
month in the country's history, the excess of
xports showing the astoundln; total of i$2,472.
t'JS. The.Lor.J market va of the nim character
as the stcrk market, showing strength, but not
at the high level of last wk s activity. Total
sales at par value were f2.?6o.XX). United Stats
refunding twos snd the three?, coupon, declined
S per cent., and the thiees. registered, and th
Id fours l4 per cent, on the last csJI.
Following ure the day's share sales and th
cN slny bid prire.-:
' Stoo'.s. Sa!e. Rhj.
A:cJslsuu , r..".,62T ?V
tcrtion rrf T.'.Jrt 7!
Jäaltt-nore A Ohio 15,?0 Mi.
Canad'an Iacln? ,
Canada Southern , J.io ,"...
Chesai-eoke & hio 5,tv ."a
IMcsgo Great Western wvi n1,
Uhlcago, lluriln?ton & Qu'ncy .... 21.700 1:137,
Chlraso. Indiarapoli" & lxuisvIle .V) :'
hlcago, I nl. a Ixuis. pref ,
1 htcaso Ilastern Illinois z V5
Chicago Ar Northwestern :
Chicago. Rork Island C Pa llic ... r.. v .
.'.. '. A St. I g ?a
Olo.o Suthrn l.!m . f.i,
t U-radi Siuthern first 4ref 41
1 ' dorado Southern .second pref 1;
plaHr & IIuon
w ire, Urkwsnim - Wt-sttiu 1 is
Ylvr P.lo Grande i'-ni -j;-4
1 ," l1 Grand rf 1.V)
ir.-. zi-t ji,
Erl flrt pref ,. 1, .(.-.( ;
Great NortnMU pr r z., p; t ;
TTOCkinrf ck1 T: 17'.
llo-klog Va'le- - ..
Illinois Centrsl 4-K ir.'
I ij w a t an . m I ......................... i 1
jowt ntral ref .................... .... v.
Lake Krle A Western l""t n'.
Lake Erie 4 Western pref 1 m vh;
Ijike Shor .tl.i'i
I.usvtlW St Nashville , i.r 7'7
Manhattan Elevated 1-
Metropolitan Street-railway g.i lrt..
Mexlcau Central 4-o ivz
Minneapolis & Ft. Iau!s 1.2X tu.
tftnanAia A- ft. Iu!s rref ::.
Uiasourl FacUc 13,;vj
12. VO
f.. ".
v2 M
4' V ,
St. louis Southwestern
Si Iuis fouthwtstern pref 3.()0
Paul pref
6. "00
St. Paul & (.maha
Southern Pacific ..
Southern Railway
Southern Railway pref ...
T xas f.irtnc
Union Pacific
Union Pacitlc pref
s tcaS ts
Wabash pref
WheVlins A. L&Ve Prie
Wheeling & Lake Erie second pref'7x)
Wisconsin Central 2,000
American ....
United States
Wells Fargo
American Cotton Oil
American Cotton Oil pref
44 Vj
153 i
American Malting
American Malting pref
American Smelting and Refining ..
American Smelting and II. pref ;..
American Spirits
American Spirits pref
American Steel Hoop
American Steel Hoop pref
American Steel and Wire
American Steel and Wire' pref ....
American Tin Plate
American Tin Plate pref ..
American Tobacco
American Tobacco pref ....
Anaconda Mining Company
Prooklyn Rapid Transit ..
Colorado Fuel and Iron ..
Continental Tobacco
Continental Tobacco pref ..
Federal Steel
Federal Steel pref
t.eneral Klectric ..
Olucose Sugar
Glucose Sugar pref
International Paper
International Paper pref
I Jiclede Oas
National Riscuit
National Biscuit pref
National Lead
National Iead pref
national steel
National Steel pref ...
New York Air-brake ..
North American
Pacific Coast
Pacific Coast first pref
Pacific Coast second pref
Pacific Mall
People's Gas
5. B'0
Pressed Steel Car
Pressed Steel Car pref
Pullman Palace Car
Republic Iron and Steel
Republic Iron and Steel pref ..
Standard Rope and Twine
Sugar pref
Tennessee Coal and Iron
1 jutu a 1 riiur .........................1 ....
United States Leather 12.300
United States leather pref GOO
United States Rubber 4,000
United States Rubber pref SOO
Western Union 600
Total sales ...
Ex dividend.
refunding twos, reg..
refunding twos, coup,
threes, reg ,
lllJCf, tUU)'., ........
threes, small bends..
new fours, reg
new fours, coup......
old fours, re;
old fours, coup
fives, reg....
fives, coup
Thursday Rank Clearings.
Exchanges. Balances.
New York I2C6.S22.847 JhMSS.OSS
Boston 24,17,32 1.829.C21
Chicago 26,63R,0)S L352.)34
Philadelphia 1.14S,367 2.737.J01
St. Louis 7,294.834 14.308
Baltimore 4,l83.m 427,503
Cincinnati 2.-79.010
Trade luiprovlns; Under FavoraMe
Weather nnil Financial Conditions.
Not In many years b-s there been a time when
merchants of all classes wero more on .the alert
for business than at present, and seldom are
their efforts crowned with more success. The
dry goods houses, th drugzists. the leather
dealers, the hardware and Iron merchants, the
tvholeeale confectioners, all report trade as ex
cellent. The wholesale grocers, who thought
that their business for months past was good,
are surprised' at the Increase the last few days,
and the eagerness of retail merchants to stock
up to advantage and their promptness. la meet
ing bills, many discounting them in advance. In
fact, conditions could hardly be more heali.hr
and satisfactory. The produce markets are very
active, poultry, butter and ejgs being very firm
at prices quoted. The demand for poultry is
increasing dally, and prices have a hardenlns
tendency, especially on turkeys. Tropical fruits
are la better demand. Bananas are scarce and
firmer. But few Florida oranges are yet on the
market. An early advance In the price of flour
need not bo a surprise. Provisions are moving
freely, with prices tdeady at the revision of
Monday. The seed market Is quiet. The coal
market Is active and prices firm, as revised on
The local grain market Is active. The Board
of Trade inspections range from 60 to 110 cars a
day. Track bids yesterday, as reported by the
secretary of the Board of Trade, ruled as fol
lows: Wheat No. 2 red. 73'.c; No. 2 red, on millin"
freight. TZVsc; No. 3 red, aQTl'ic; November"
74c; wagon wheat. 73c. '
ear corn. 24c.
Oats-No. 2 white, TS'.zc; No. 3 white, 24Hc No
2. mixed. 23c; No. 3. mixed. 22;c. '
Hay No. 1 timothy, $12.5K!il3; No; 2 timothy
Iiii-pectlons "Wheat: Rejected. 1 car. Corn:
No. 2 white, 1 car; N. 2 white, 14; No. 3 yellow
C: No. 2 mixed, 12; No. 3 mixed. 10; no etdab
llthed grade, 1: total, 44 cars. Oats: Rejected
white, 1 car. Hay: No. 1 timothy, 2 cars; No.
2 timothy, 3; total, 5 cars.
Poultry and Other Produce,
(Prices paid by shippers.)
Turkeys, hens, 8c per lb; toms, Cc; hecs, 7c;
cocksy 4c; ducks, full feathered, 6c; geese, full
feathered, $3.40 per dozen; young chickens, 7o
per lb.
Cheese New York full creams, 13c; domestic
Swiss. 17c; brick, 14c; limburger, 12c
flutter Choice roll, 11c per lb; poor. No. z, 7c.
Eggs -Fresh. 20c per doz.
Feathers Prime geese, 30c per lb; prims duck.
20c per lb.
Peeswax Zc for j-ellow; 23c for dark.
Wool Medium, unwashed, 19'2lc; tub-wrshed
25.3oc: burry and unmerchantable. 3J?5c Jess;
fine snerino. 15&17c; coarse braid. 17c I
Rabbits $l.Wt1.20 per dozen tor hunters
Creen-salted Hides No. 1, SVic; Nc 2. 7ti
No. 1 calf. 9;c; No. 2 calf. 8'ie. M''
Grease -White, 4c; yellow, 3l4c; brown. 2ic
Tallow-No. 1. 4c; No. 2. 33c.
THE J()IlIJIr. Til A DE.
(The quotations given below are the selling
prices of the wholesale dealers.)
Produce, Fruits nnd Vegetables.
Bananas Per bunch. No. 1. n.73i?i
Oranges Florida. $4.23; Mexican. $1.
Lemons M-ssina. laiu-y. 3G0 to box, $2.
Potatoes $1.5 pvr brl.
Swei Pota,ts Haltimnrc SI. SO per btl; Jense
sweets. $X50; Illinois $.73.
Cabbage Domestic, $1 per brl; Holland seed
$1 per !w lb.
Celery 15'u2jC per bunch.
Onions -vs- ier bu; red onions, 6c per bu
Spanish. $130 per bu. '
Honey New white. ISc per lb; dark. Ho.
Persimmons 75'4 90c p r 24-pint box.
Crarberries Cxl, $-'..r0 per bu. $7.50 Pt-r
Chestnuts 12c per lb.
A pi les f-3 i er I? i.
lars--75ir9)o ier bu; lirtlctts. $1.23 per bu"
liiefr pars. Zh:(t&)c per bu.
Grapes Concords, I'-Ib baket. He; Delaware
5-lb basket. 14c; Tokay rapes. 4-basket crate!
12: Ulmlra grsps. $4..Vt6.;u). according to weight
Cider-32-ssl bils. $1; half brls. $2.4). "
California Prune Plums 1-basktt crate, Jl.
Holly X'cr.ncs5ee, i.:,i) po.r ,-rato.
Coffte Goc-1
Lloa. ll.Z-A;
.'"iVt-y. 12.7; Uuracas. I2.'c; Dutch Java b'Vri.i'
l.i.V.c: Dlllworth's. 12.75c: Mall Pouch. l!.7i.'i
i m l.i.n.1.1 Java.. 117.- Jav.iinh. n e,-
Sugars 'lty prices: I.minoes. t..l7c; cut-louf.
6H2c: iwdered. 6Cc; XXXX powdert. 6.07c
standard granulated. 5.SV; fine granulate L
5.'..'-: etrA fine granulated. .Crc; granii
lateJ. 5-lb tags. .e.c: granulated. 2-lb
lagv. 6.f2c; granulated. 5-ll cartons. 6.02r:
rubes. 6.y7o: mold A. 6.17c: confcctlon'Ts'
A. 5.7:c: 1 Columbia A. 3.7e; 2 Windsor A. S &2c
3 Rldeewood A, 6M'c; 4 Phoenix A. 5.47c; 6 km
piro A, .42c; 6 Ideal Golden Ex. C, 5.17c; 7
Motile & Ohio
Missouri. Kansas & Texas
Mi.vuil. Kana Ac Texas pref
New Jersey Central
New Yorn Central
Nrrfolk ii Wüstem
Nor'i.Ik it Western pref
Northern Pacific
Northern Pacific rr-f
Untarlo & Western
Oregon Hallway Ac Navigation
Oregon Railway & Nävi. pref ..
P.. .. C. & St. I
Heading first pref
Reading second pref
Llo Grande W stern
Rio Orande Western pref
St. Louis A: San Francisco
St. Louis & San F. flrt pref ...
M. Ixmis Ä: San F. second pief
Corn No. 1 white, 37c; No. 2 white. 37c; No.
3 white, 37c; No. 4 white, 33935c; No. 2 white
mixed, 36-ic; No. 3 whit mixed, .".c; No 4
white mixed, 22f34c; No. 2 yellow. 26'c; No 3
yellow. 36'sc; No. 4 yellow, 3333c; No. 2 mixed
SS'ic; No. 3 mixed. Sölic; No. 4 mixed. 22fi!'
w 7 r - ft
prime. 1 4-t ; fancy green and yellow, 1MT22
jart. 25'a32c. Ro.sted-oid Government Java'
MViiC'ic: GoIJen Rio. 2o; Bourbon Santos. 2(--'
i:ü".,m1 t-'anto-i. c: I rhn Santos. 22k?. I'nr-v . .'.
- - - w - " 1 IV I I V
. r . if v
Windsor Fx. C. 5.27c; & Rldgewood Ex. C, 5.17c;
9 Yellow Ex. C, i.07c; 10 Yellow C. 6.02c; 11 yel
low. 4.7c: 12 Yellow, 4.92c; 13 Yellow. 4.52c; 11
Yellow, 4.s7c; 1- eiiow. .ic; 16 lellow. 4.87c 1
SaltIn car lots, $i.i;i.3J; small lots, 1.2U I
1.1".. j
Flour SacUa (paper) Plain, 1-22 brl. ier 1.000. j
1-14 brl. V; ; fcrl. : i brl. $1; No. Z
diab. plain. -ZZ brl. per l.oo... si.zS; 1-14 orl.
5C.;Vi brl. Jlo; K, brl.lJJ: No. 1 cream, plain,
1- 22 brl. per 1.00 H: 1-!S brl, $i.7j; h brl. Ill.i'):
U b.-l, $.00. Extra charge for printing. 1.10Ü
Spices Pepper. K'glSc; allspice, l."flSc; cloves,
EftiSc; cassia, lSlic: nutmegs. SoSftOc per lb.
Beans Choice hand-picked navy. $262.23 per
bu; Limas, California. 6$7c per lb.
Screened Beans J2.2-ii2.40.
Molasses and Syrups New Orleans molasses,
fair to prime, 2$US2c; choice, 2CS4oc; syrups. 2-1
Rice Louisiana. VtVzC, Carolina. C&sc.
Sho tl.ffiLM per ba for drop.
Lead 64-'?7c for pressed tars.
Woodenware No. i tubs, $7ft7.23; No. 2 tubs.
l;J6.2i; No. 3 tubs. $'.2:ü5.50; 3-hoop palls. $1.75;
2- hoop palls. $1.51.): double washboards, $2.20
2.75; common washboards, JL60ÖL75; clothes
pins, 04i65 per Vox.
Wood Dishes No. J. per 1.000. 52.2."4J2.50; No. 2,
$2.50if2.75; No. 3, $2.7;3: No. 5. $3.2i3.50.
Twine Hemp. 12ifl8c per lb; wool. 8floc: flax,
iiUZOc; paper, 2Cc; Jute, 12015c; cotton, 18023c.
Canned Goods.
Corn. Tr.cM.2.". Peaches Eastern Standard. 3
lh. $232.25: 3-Ib seconde, $L'J02; California,
nandard. $2.1ü02.4O; Callfarnla seconds, $LJ02.
Miscellaneous Hiackberrles. 2-lb. KfisJc; raap
berrlee, 3-lb, $1.2S1.30: pineapples, standard,
i-lb. $1. 85fl.90: choice. $2Q2.10: cove oysters. 1
lb, full weight. $1.05(1.10; light. 6065c; strin
beans 3-lb. 501J9: Lima beans, f 1.20 1.23; peas,
marrowfats. 95c'a$l; early June. $l.logl.l5; lob
sters, $1.8i'S2: red cherries. 90c(r$l; strawberries.
fi'&0)c; salmon, 1-lb, S5c'd?2; 3-lb tomatoes, 85(9
Candies nnd Nuts.
Candles Stick. 7Mc ner lb; common mixed.
7c; grocers mixed, 6c; Banner twist stick,
8Ve; cream mixed. lOJillc: old-tlm mixed. 8Hc.
Nuts Soft-shelled almonds. lSi52nc: English
walnuts. 1214c; Brazil nuts. 12t15c; Alberts,
lc; peanuts, roasted, 78c; mixed nuts, 13c
Coal and Coke.
Anthracite, $7; C. & O. Kanawha. $1: Pitts
burg, $!; Winifrede. $1; Raymond. $4; Jackson,
$4; Island City lump. $3; lump coke. 11c per bu,
$2.75 per 25 bu; crushed coke. 13c per bu. $3.25
per 25 bu; Blossburg, $5 per ton; Connellsvlll
coke. $6 per ton; smokeless lump, $5 per ton;
Brazil block, $2.50 per ton; smokeless coal, $3 per
Dry Goods.
Bleached Sheetings Androscoggin L, 7c: Berk
ley, No. 60. SVic: Cabot. 6c. Capitol. 643 ; Cum
berland, 7V4c: Dwlght Anchor, tic: Fruit of the
Loom, 7?ic; Farwell. Vac. Fitchville, 6V4c; Full
Width. 6c; Gilt Edge. 6c; Gilded Age, 6e;
Hill. 74c; Hope. 7c; Llnwood. 7He; Lonsdale, 8c;
Peabody. 6c; Pride of the West. 114c; Ten
Strike. 6'4c; Pepperell. 8-4. 18c; Pepperell. 10-4,
20c; Androscoggin, 8-4, lc; Androscoggin. 10-4,
21 e.
Brown Sheetings Atlantic A, 6c; Argyle,
6Hc: Boott C. Be: Buck's Head. 6 Vic; Clifton
CCC, 6c: Constitution, 40-inch. 7c; Carlisle. 40
inch. 6c; Dwighfs Star, 7c; Great Falls E.
$Hc; Great Fall3 J, 6c; Hill Fine, "c; Indian
Head. 6c; Pepperell R, 6c: Pepperell. 10-4. 18c;
Androscoggin. 9-4. 17c; Androscoggin, 10-4, 19c.
Prints Allen dress styles. 44c: Allen's staples.
Cc: Allen TR, 4c; Allen's rc!s. BHc: American
;1dj5Ä ,ic: Arnold leng cloth. B. 8c; Arnold
JC. 7c; Cocheo fancy, 5c: Hamilton fancy, 6c;
Merrlmac rinks and purples. 5ic; Pacific fancy.
p ' t ' " - s iiivui 111115, 1 9 chilli iy ja i o
j solids. 5,2c; Simpson's oil finish. 6c; American
V-.. 2', i-' "iacK wnue, 4.c: grays, svc
;3nIshei Cambrics Edwards, 4c; Warren,
Sc; Slater. 4c; Genesee. 4c.
Tickings A moskeajr ACA. lle; Conestoga.
EF, . 13c; Cordis 14). Hc; Cordis T. llHc; Cordis
ACE, 11c: Hamilton awnings, 3c; Kimono fancy,
Lc; Lenox fancy, 18c: Methuen AA. 10,ic; Oak
jsnd AP, 6c: Portsmouth. HHc: Rusquehanna.
13c; Shetucket SW, bic; ßhetucket F, 6V4c; Swift
River, 5c.
Grain Baps Amoskeasr, $15.50; American.
$15.W: Harmony, $15.50; Stark, $18.
Gingham. Amoskeag staples, 5'4c; Amoskeag
dress. 7c: Bates, ßc; Lancaster, rc; Lancaster
Normandles, 7c; Renfrew dress, "c.
Alcohol, $2.53(32.70; asafoetlda, 25f?30c; alum,
2ltW4c; camphor, 7075c; cochineal, 50ü355c; chlor
oform, ESfößüc; copperas, brls, 90c; cream tartar,
pure. 3033c; indigo, CöSOc; licorice, Calab..
genuine, 33tff40c; magnesia, carb.. 2-oz, 20(ff22c;
morphine. P & W., per os.. $2.35(2.60; madder.
14M16c; oil. castor, per gal. 91. 1501.25; oil. ber
pamot, per lb, $3: omum. $3.7553.90; quinine. P.
& W., per oz.. 434Sc: balsam copaiba, f.."(?rß0c:
soap, castlle. Fr.. 1216e; soda, bicarb.. Zy&".
salts. Epsom. lH?4c; sulphur flour, 25c; salt
peter, 10Tl4c; turpentine, 475."c; glycerine, 17
20c; iodide potassium, $2.632.70; bromide potas
sium, 65(?i60c: chlorate potash. 15S'20c; borax, 9(9
12c; cinchonida, 4043c; carbolio acid, 387243c,
Straight grades, l4.20; patent fljur, 4.209
4.45; spring wheat patents, $5.405.63.
Iron and Steel.
Ear iron, 2.50c; horseshoe bar, 2.75(330; nail rod,
7c; plow slabs. 4.50c; American cast steel. 9ty
lie; tire steel, 22Vic; spring steel, 4V?5c
Oak sole. 32'S23c: hemlock sole. 2S032c: har
ness, 32240 ; skirting, 27-41c; single strap. 425?
46c; city kip, Gttfi85c: French kip, S0cß$l.M:
city calfskin, 0cö$1.10; French calfskin. $L203
Nails and Horseshoes.
Steel cut nails, $2.63; wire nails, from store,
$2.6j rates: from mill. $2.60 rates. Horsesbo.
j er keg. $i; mule shoes, per ker. $4.50: horse
rails, $45 per box. Barb wire, galvanized, 3.2S;
painted, $3.10.
Linseed, raw, 74c prr gal: linseed oil, boiled.
7.-.C per gal; coal oil. legal test, H144c: bank.
47500; best straits, 5oc: Labrador, 6)c; West
Virginia lubricating, 2030e; miners', 40c; lard
ells, winter strained, in brls, 60GOc per gal.;
half brls. 3c per gal extra.
Clover, choice, prime, $3.5076; English, choice,
$3.500; alsike, choice, $78; alfalfa, choice,
J0O7; crimson or scarlet clover, $;S6; timothy,
4 lbs, rrlme. $2.2iXft2.40; strictly prime. $2.10(2.25;
choice, $2.252.40; fancy Kentucky, 24 lbs, $1.20;
extra clean, 60073c: orchard grass, extra, J1.2)'J
1.50; red top. choice, 80c$1.73; English blue
prass, 24 lbs, $2t?2.50: German millet. $1L75;
Western German millet, $J0cöJl; common mil
let 80?Cc.
Hams Sugar cured. 18 to 20 lbs average, 104
fll0ic; 15 lbs average, 10iUc; 12 lbs average,
llftHMtc: 19 lbs average. ligil?2c.
Iard Kettle rendered, 8?,c; pure lard, 84.
Tork Ban, clear, $18.50: rump. $15.
Bacon Clear sides, 50 to 60 lbs average, Se;
3") to 40 lbs average 9c: 20 to 30 lbs average,
ic; clear bellies, 23 to 30 lbs average. 8!fcc;'l3
to 22 lbs average, 9V: 14 to 16 lbs average. !0c;
clear backs, 20 to 23 lbs average. 9c; 12 to 16 lbs
average 9c; 6 to 9 lbs average, 10c. In dry
salt less.
Shoulders 18 to 20 lbs average, Sc; 16 lbs av
erage, 8'c; 10 to 12 lbs average. 8V4c
Fourteen Transfers Made Matter of
Record Yesterday.
Instruments filed for record in the recorder's
office of Marion county, Indiana, for the twenty
four hours ending at 5 p. m. Nov. 15, 1900, as fur
nished by the Indiana Title Guaranty and Loan
Co., 129 East Market street. Both telephones
Henry C. Bakemeyer to Roman Catholic
Knights of St. George. Lot 11, Bake
meyer's subdivision of Lots 2, 3, 4, 5 and
6, lUkemeycr's south addition $350
Joseph Habig to Emma P. Fastlaben et al..
Lot 9. Boswcll & Fleming's Grandview
addition 1.CO0
Frederick Fahnley et al. to Herman Wein
berger, part of Square 13 10,000
Georgo v. Stout to Josephine C. Ropp, Lot
21. Charles M. Cooper, trustee's, Prospect
Ftreet addition 112
Carl U. Paulsen to Ijouisa Paulsen, part
of Lot 23, Ingram Fletcher's first addi
tion 100
Dime Savings and Loan Association to
Laura II. Malpas. Lot 23. Fletcher et al.'s
subdivision Outlots , etc )
Joseph Kimball to Elijah Jones, part of
west half, southwest quarter. Section 21,
Township 16, Rang 2 200
Mutual Home and Savings Association to
Bertha B. Hughey, Lot 298, Mccarty's
south addition 000
William L. Rybolt to Catherine Hilgen
berg. Lot 1. Block 23. Beaty's addition ... 1)00
Hortense F. Webster to Nellie B. Rose, purt
of Lot lt. Osgood's North Park addition.. 3,900
Isaiah A. Finfrock to Jennie E. Hanna, Lot
5i:, A. M. Oglo et al.'s East Park addi- -tion
Hannah C. Haughey to Joseph W. Wlble,
Lot 3. llaughey's Marleton addition .... 500
Joseph Hablg to Theresa Hablg, Outlet 22,
Kappe & Naultner's South Meridian
street ndJltion j
Levi Sohl to Nora A. Prescott, IiOt ?,
Sohl's subdivision of Lots 11 to 16, Bruce
Place addition i g.
0 !
Transfers, 14; total consideration $24,202
UulIdiuK Permits.
C. A. Weaver, barn. 1409 Steel street, cost $130.
Peter Lieber, frame house. 409-411 North Noble
street, cost $1.500.
C. Hedge, frame house, 242 Harris avenue,
cost $.
11. P. Wasson. repairs. 32 and 24 Circle, cot
Explorer Baldwin In Newfoundland.
ST. JOHNS, N. F., Nov. 13.-Mr. Evylln
K. Haldwin. who, as a member f th
Wcllman expedition, spent the winter uf
ISi'S-W In Fran a Joseflatul and who was a
member of the Peary expedition of is:r.;-yit
arrived hre to-day in search of steamers,'
men. doRs and other requisites tov Iiis iro
jectod north pole venture hext nimmer,
bi-rked by the purse of William Zioler.
He will f-'eeur a seullnp slt'Hmfr rbr to
next spring's pealing voyasc if possible.
The Journal's Ileduetlou in l'rice I
A runf: impression s--nis i, j-.n-vail
nmons certain of the Mibscriber.s to vlie
Journal, namely, that the recent reduction
in the subscription price of the paper was
onlv temporary, and that a return to for
mer rates would take effect when the ca;n
palen closed. This I an error. The present
published price of the paper will be per
manently maintained and its high standard
will in no way be Impaired. Send In your
subscriptions to us at the published rates
or have the paper delivered to you by oar
sjgent in your locality.
Corn Stands Alone and Helps Itself
PpOat Firm and Unchanged
Good Gains in Provisions.
CRfi'AGO, Nov. 13. Wheat, having been soi l
to a standstill, rallied to-day, chiefly on proQt
taklng by shorts, although there was some news
of a bullish hue. December closed Uc over yes
terday. Corn closed a Bhade higher and oats un
changed. Provisions advanced on light hog re
ceipts, January pork closing 32Vic, January lard
15c and January ribs 20c higher.
At the beginning of the session the talent
beheld a paradox, the market steadying on bear
ish news. Liverpool fully reflected the decline
here yesterday, and shorts, taking advantage of
the liquidation, which was renewed In a moder
ate way on this fact, covered to insure profits.
Thus, December, which had opened Ho lower
at 724c to 72?c, rallied to 72c This trifling
rally brought out more wheat, with the result
that December dropped to 71ic low price for thi
crop. Here the market gave evidence of having
been sold to the last speculative bushel, and
prices steadied with a jerk. The long wheat,
which shorts had sold at the start, was less In
evidence. An Argentine cable reported 40 per
cent, damage to the crop of that country, and
while this was denied by others biter. It had its
effect among shorts. The opening of recently
closed mill3 at Minneapolis also had its. effect,
and December alvaneed to 72g72?ic, around
which figures the market held steady the remain
ing hoar of the session. The rapid accumulations
of stocks and the prediction of a good Increase
in the visible and in world's shipments militated
against any radical action by bulls. The trade
was largely local throughout and no heavy quan
tities of wheat changed hands. As a result of
the December covering the December-May dif
ference narrowed to 31?34c. New York reported
thirty loads taken for export. Seaboard clear
ances. In wheat and flower, -wer equal to 378,000
bu. Primary receipts were 719,000 bu. compared
with 837,000 bu last year. Minneapolis and Du
luth reported 359 cars, against 426 last week and
7CC a year ago. Local receipts were U cars, 10
of contract grade,
Corn was able to stand alone, and did so.
helped by a good shipping demand and the stiff
backed attitude maintained by a young operator
credited with being In control of the market.
Country offerings from Iowa, Indiana, Illinois
and Ohio points were freer, but the estimate for
to-morrow was not suggestive that thers was
any rush among farmers to take advantage of
the excellent weather for moving their holdings
to market, despite the premium No. 2 corn If
now commanding in Chicago for delivery this
month. The market waa not active, and tho
bulk of speculative trading was for the local
account. Receipts were $44 cars, and this num
ber being 24 cars in excess of the estimate,
caused a shade easier prices at the opening.
December sold between S5i36Hc, and closed a
shade higher at 35Vtf36o.
Oats were quiet and Arm, Receipts were only
106 cars, 34 cars under the estimate, and the
estimate for to-morrow gave no indication of
Improvement In that respect. The shipping de
mand was restricted to prices at which business
could not be done profitably. December sold be
tween ZVa22c and 22422&c, and closed un
changed at 22c.
Strength and a fair amount of activity held
sway In the provisions pit. Packers and com
mission houses were liberal buyers, largely to
cover shorts. The market was influenced by a
run of hogs 7,000 under the estimate, and by a
sharp advance in prices at the stockyards. Jan
uary pork sold between $ 11.62'. i and $11.824, and
closed 32Vc over yesterday at $11.824: January
lard between $3.83 and $6.97H. closing 15c higher
at $6.97. and January ribs between $6.20 and
$0.35, with the close 20c up at $S.35.
Estimated receipts to-morrow: Wheat, 123 cars;
corn. 325 cars; oats, 105 cars; hogs, 27,000 bead.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles. Open- Illfh- Low- Clos
Wheat ing. est. eat. Ing.
Nov ... 72 72V72H 71', 72?
Dec .... 72U-7SK T2-72i ?l7s 72H-72&
Jan .... 731s Vi 72i 72?
v ... 29 -r.?i, 39; 39 29' S
Dec .... ST,s;-35 36i SS-U 23Ti-28
May ... 3t',i:-26Si S6i-2C"i C6a 36
Nov ... 21ft 214 21v4 21ft
Dec .... 21-22 221 21T-22 22
May ... 22Ti-24 241, 227s 24 i
Nov ...$10.20 $10.63 . 10.20' . $10.63
Deo ... ILfw ll.S2i ll.C2'i 11.82$
May ... 11.70 11.85 11.C3 1LS3
Nov ... 7.12'i 7.20 7.10 7.20
Dec ... 7.O.. 6.92 7.03
Jan ... C.W 6.97U C37
May .. 6.53 7.02,i 6.90 7.00
Nov .... .... 7.00
Jan ... 6.20 C.33 C.Zd 6.23
May .. C.271i 6.40 6.27 CUM
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour dull
and eacy. No. 3 spring wheat. esQ73c; No. 2
red. 73&73?ie. No. 2 corn. SSVJc; No. 2 yellow.
S3',ii?39ic. No. 2 oats, 23Uo; No. 2 white, 2Gc;
No. 3 white. 24j26!e. Fair to choice malting
barley. 5CfiC2e. No. 1 llaxseed, $1.76; No. 1 North
western, $1.77. Prime timothy reed, $4.23. Clover
teed, contract grade, $10. Mess pork, per brl,
?10.621,ifx 10.75. Lard, per 100 lbs, $7.20fiJ7.2.
Short-rib sides (loose), $G.907.25. Dry-talted
shoulders (boxed), $3.C2U$I5.73. Short clear sides
(boxed). $6.8006.90. Whisky, basis of high wines.
$1.27. Sugar, cut loaf, 6.13c; granulated, 5.75c;
confectioners A, 5.53c; off A, 5.40c.
Receipts Flour, 13.000 brls; wheat, 139.0C0 bu;
corn, 227.010 bu; oats, 83,000 bu; rye, 2,000 bu;
barley, 41,000 bu. Shipments-Flour, 20,000 brlu;
wheat. 560,000 bu; corn. 462.000 bu; oats, S67.CM
bu; rye, 36.000 bu; barley, 30,000 bu.
Steadier Tone to Flour and the Ce
realsLard and Sagnr Firm.
NEW YORK, Nov. 15.-Flour-Rcce!pts, 19,333
brls; exports, 17,770; sales, 8,730 packages; market
quiet but a trifle steadier. Rye flour steadier;
rales, 700 brls; fair to good. $333.20; choice to
fancy, $3.253.60. Buckwheat flour steady at
$2.1032.25. Buckwheat quiet at 67i'362lic. Corn
meal firm; .yellow Western, 87c; city, 89c;
Brandywlne, $2.13J2.60. Rye steady; No. 2
Western, E6c f. o. b. afloat; State, 5132c c. I. f.
New York. Barley quiet; feeding, 4245c c. I. f.
Buffalo; malting, &6g67c c. I. f. Buffalo. Barley
malt dull; Western, 62'S6Sc.
Wheat Receipts, 43.223 bu; exports, 191,992 bu;
sales, S.SJö.OOO bu futures, 200,000 bu spot. Spot
Arm; No. 2 red, 79VsC f. o.b. afloat; No. 2 red,
Hic elevator; No. 1 northern Duluth, S4'(ic f. o.
b. afloat; No. 1 hard Duluth, S$;c f. o. b. afloat.
Options opened steady and uncharged, followed
by weakness under local pelling for both ac
counts, lower English cables and bearish outside
markets. Talk of export business to Lisbon
started covering- and prompted an afternoon
rally, the close being firm at 'c net advance:
March, SlU'gSlTse. closed at Slc; May, 80;
8i4e. closed at SPic; November closed at 77'iy;
December. 7S'a7Si2c. closed at 78,,ac
uorn iteeeipts, du; exports, 293.S23 bu:
sales, 20,010 bu futnres, 40 iJU gpot.
firm; No. 2. 4Jic elevator, and 47ic f. o. h.
afloat. Options were steady to firm all day 'on
good cash business, mall country cfferlngs and
local covering; closed firmer and ie nt higher
May. 42 3-16?i42 ll-16c, closed at 42fce; December.
4:. 43 ',o. closed at 43c.
Oats Receipts, 43.400 bu; exports, S2.320 bu.
Spot firmer; No. 2. 2Cc; No. 2 white. 2SUe; No. S
white, 2Sc: track mixed Western. 25'i27c- trak
white Western and State, 271tö33c. Optiens qut
but steady.
Cut meats easy: pickled bellies. $tfil0..V:
pickled shoulders, $G: pickled hams. $S.75rd9 25
I.ard firm: Western steam. $7.63; November lard
closed at $6.63 nominal; refined firmer: continent,
$7.75; South American. $S.50: compound. $6S6.12'2
Tallow firm; city C$2 for package), 43c; coun
try (packages free), 4S6"'C. '
Coffee Spot Rio easy: No. 7 invoice, 7Tic; mild
quiet; Cordova. yölS'ic.
Sugar Raw firm; fair refining, 2c; centrifu
gal. 96 test, 4?c; molasses sugar; i,c; refined
Quotations at St. Louis, Baltimore
Cincinnati nnd Other Places.
ST. LOITIS. Nov. 13. Flour unchanged. Wheat
No. 2 red, cash. 71c; November, 71c; December.
71Hc; May. 73Vtf73lic: No. 2 hard. 69Üc Corn
No. 2. cash. 35'.4: November. 3c; December.
34Ne: May. 3.".Tic Oats stronger; No. 2. cash, 23c;
track. 23Vj2!c: November, 22c: December, 22c;
No. 2 white. 2fit I'ork steady; Jobbing. $14.
Ird nominally higher at $7. Dry-salted m-at.4
higher, boxed extra shorts. $7.U'4; cleHr ribs
and clear sid1. $7.37'j. Paeon higher: boxed ex
tra shorts. $.22ft; clear ribs and clear sides.
$,.27'r. Timothy heed steady at $3.7.V34.20. Com
n.al tdeadv at 12. Pran dull; sacked, east track,
Ct'ah-k-. Hay strong; timothy, $'il3.fc; prairie.
$..'.m:A Whisky steady at $1.27. Iron cotton
tlese. $1.23. Bagging. 7ffS'-.t. Hemp twine. ?V.
ltt--ipts Flour, i.ooo brls; wheat. 32.0uO bu: corn.
4.1xii lu; oat. nort bu. Shipments Flour, 6.;
brl.: wheat. 15.0oJ bu; corn, 41,000 bu; oats. 26.-
BALTIMORE. Nov. 13. Flour juiet; receipts,
12.4 brls; exports. 'SA brls. Wheat stealv;
si3t and the month. 72ü72,--: December, 7?i'
7JV-: May. 7Si7:o steamer No. 2 red. 63','
K.V: receipts. 7.6) bu; Southern wheat, by
sample. 6yfi724i'; Southern wheat, on grade,
7"-x7-t4c. rn easier; mixel. spot, old. 42
HiY.W-; new. 4'c; the month, old. 42my;; new,
4J,v':ri-vc; No ember and December, dw or old.
4lVü42e: Janusry. 41'44mc: February. 414
41l': sttamer mixed. 4vv,tt4"'c: receipt. l"8.4S
bu; exiKjrt. 127. 14 bu; Southern white and yel
low i-orn, old. 44if45c. Oats firm; No. 2 white,
27Ml2v; No. 2 mlr.ed. 25!ig25',c; receipts,
8.45-1 bu.
LIVERPOOL. Nov. 15- Wheat-Spot steady;
No- 2 ted Western winter, 6s Ud; No. 1 northern
spring, 6s 44; No. 1 California, is id; future
steady; December. 3s llftd: March, 6s d. Corn
Spot quiet; American mixed new. 4s d; fu
tures steady; November, 3s HSd; December. 4s;
January. 3s 10sd. Lard American refined steady
at 39s 3d; prime Western steady at 3-Ss. Bacon
Long clear middles. light, firm at 4"s 91. Cheese
American finest white easy; colored easy at 33s.
Tallow Australian. In London, firm at 27a 6d.
KANSAS CITY. Nov. 13. Wheat December,
Cc; May, 6S4e; cash. No. 2 hard. G5Wr67He:
No. 2 red. 6'a7lc. Corn Deceml-er. 33'4c; Mar.
34ÖS44c: tash. No. 2 mixed. 33 Ufr 33 sc; No. 2
white, 34Vi-&34,,c. t)ats No. 2 white. 26c. Re
ceiptsWheat. W.S'Ki bu; corn. 21. 0 bu; oats,
7. om bu. Shipments Wheat, 57.600 bu; corn,
6.400 bu; oats, 3,'Xx) bu.
CINCINNATI. Nov. 13. Flour dull. Wheat
steady; No 2 red, 76'i76,4c. Corn steady; No. 2
mixed, 27Vi$Sc. Oats dull: No. 2 mixed. 21".
Rye easv; No. 2. 54c. lard quiet and firm at
$7.5-. Bulk meats firmer at $7.02l2. Bacon
steady at $S.25. Whisky firm at $1.27. Sugar
TOLEDO. Nov. 15. Wheat active and steady;
cash. lbe; Deeember. 76c: May. Mfec. Corn
dull but strong: cash, S'sc; December. 271c;
May. 37c. Oats dull and firm: cash, Tie; le
eember, 23 Ü c. Rye, 53' c. Clover seed. lSJd
prime, $6.30; December. $3.97i; March. $6.92.
DULUTH, Nov. 13. Wheat Cash. No. 1 harl.
77tc: No. 1 northern. 75,e; No. 2 northern. 72c;
No. 3 spring, 65He: to arrive. No. 1 hard. 77Tc;
No. 1 northern, 71c; Deeember, 7lc; May,
74c. Corn. 35Tc. Oats, 23'o231c.
MINNEAPOLIS. Nov. 15. Wheat Cash, 73ic:
December, 75S'5i75c; May. 76c; on track. No. 1
hard, 76c; No. I northern, 74?ic; No. 2 -Sorth-ern.
MILWAUKEE, Nov. 13. Barley lower; No. 2.
60c; sample, 4759c.
' Butter, Cheese and Eggs.
NEW YORK. Nov. 13. Butter Receipts. 4.072
packages: market firm: creamery, l&Q2c; Juno
creamers-, lS'dic: factory, WdU'2c. Cheeee
Receipts, 6.346 packages; market, steady; - Sep
tember, large fancy, lOic; September, small
fancy, lie; October, large fancy, lOiölObc;
October, small fancy, 104c. Eggs Receipts,
7,771 packages; market strong; Western, regular
packing, at mark, 21$f20c; Western, loss off, 27c.
PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 13. Butter firm - and
J4c higher; fancy Western creamery, 26c; fancy
Western prints, 2Sc. Eggs firm; fresh near-by,
26c; fresh Western. 23c; fresh Southwestern, 24c;
fresh Southern, 23c Cheese quiet; New York
full creams, fancy small, 11'arllUc; faj,r to choice,
CHICAGO. Nov. 13. On the Produce Exchange
to-day the butter market was active: creamery.
1324?c; dairy. 124018c. Cheese active at 1Q
llc. Eggs active; fresh, 27c.
KANSAS CITY. Nov. 13. Eggs firm: fresh
Missouri and Kansas stock. 174c doz. loss off.
cases returned; new whltewood cases included
He more.
CINCINNATI. Nov. 15. Butter strong; cream
ery. 2226c; dairy. 17c. Eggs, 22c. Cheese
steady; Ohio flat, 11c.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 13. Butter steady; creamery,
20325c; dairy. 18320c. Eggs higher at ISc.
WBL.MINGTON, Nov. 13. Spirits of turpentine
firm at 41S41vic Rosin steady at $l.20(gl.23.
Crude turpentine firm at $1.40 to $2.40. Tar
steady at $1.55.
OIL CITY. Nov. -da. Credit balances. $1.C3; cer
tificatesno bid. Shipments, 96,191 brU: average,
99,803 brls; runs, 101,851 brls; average, 9,795 brls.
MONTPELIER. Nov. 15. Indiana and South
Lima crude petroleum, 74c per brl; North Lima,
CHARLESTON, Nov. 13. Turpentine market
firm at 42 Vic. Resin firm and unchanged.
SAVANNAH. Nor. 13. Spirits of turpentine
firm at 41c. Rosin firm and unchanged.
NEW YORK, Nov. 13.-Th principal feature
in the market for metals was the rise of 90 to
100 points in tin, prompted by firm advices from
London and good buying orders here. The close
was strong at 28.029c. Lake copper, though
firm In tone, was not quotably higher, closing on
the basis of 16.7517c. Spelter was again firmer,
owing to the light supply, being quoted at 4.22V
t?4.27ttQ at the close. .Lead continues quiet at
4.37V&C, while the iron markets all ruled dull
and unchanged. Pig iron warrants were quoted
at $3010. The brokers' price for lead waa 4c,
and for copper 16.S7VsQ17c.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 15. Lead strong at 4.25;.
Spelter fins at 4.174c.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 15. Poultry quiet: chlokena,
6c; young chickens, V4C7c; turkeys, Vac; young
turkeys, 6Hc; ducks, 7c; geese, 6c.
NEW YORK, Nov. 13. Live poultry wsak;
fowls. 99Vc; chickens, 9c; dressed quiet; broil
ers, HQ 14c; springers, 10ViHc.
CINCINNATI, Nov. 13. Poultry asy and
lower; chickens, 7Q7Vo; turkeys, 6&6Vc
CHICAGO, Nov. 15. Dressed poultry active;
turkeys, 10c; chickens, 7,,i'S8Vic.
Dried Fruits.
NEW YORK, Nov. 13. The market for evap
orated apples continues firm and quiet, with a
fair jobbing business in progress at old prices.
State choice was quoted at 56 6c; fancy, Cgj
6l:C California fruits were Inactive. Prunes
were nominally quoted at 3:4QSVic per, lb. Apri
cots Royal, 11014c; Moor Park, 15016c. Peaches
reeled. 1620c; unpeeled, C3?c.
Dry Goods.
NEW YORK, Nov. 13. The market remained
unchanged, with only a moderate business in
progress end the effect cf W. L. Strong & Co.'s
difficulties apparent In certain directions. Trices
remain practically unaltered, though In heavy
brown goods there is a little more disposition to
meet buyers' views. No cren reductions are
quoted. .
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 13. Cotton firm; sales,
IO.OjO bales; ordinary, 7V: good ordinary, 8Vc;
low middling, 9'io: middling. c: middling fair,
10 1-16c; receipts, 17.50 bales; stock, 250,919 bales.
NEW YORK, Ndv. 13.-Cotton closed steady
at 1-lCc advance; middling uplands, 9 15-16?; mid
dling gulf, 10 l-16c. Sales, (10 bales.
Indiana's Fine Average in Corn,
Buckwheat, Potatoes and Hay.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 13. The prelimi
nary estimate of the average yield, per
acre, In corn, In 1900, as published In the
forthcoming monthly report of the statis
tician of the Department of Agriculture, is
23.3 bu, as compared with an average yield
of 23.31 in 1890, 24.76 In 1808, and a ten-year
average of 24.10. The indicated yield per
acre in Ohio Is 37 bu, in Indiana and Iowa
38, in Illinois 37, in Missouri 28, in Kansas
19 and in Nebraska 26. The average as to
quality is 83.5 per cent., as compared with
87.2 per cent, last year and 82.7 per cent, in
November, 1S98. It is estimated that 4.4 per
cent, of the corn crop of 1893 was still in
the hands of farmers on Nov. 1, as com
pared with 5.9 per cent, of the crop of 1898
In farmers' hands on Nov. 1, 1S99, and 7.25
per cent of that of 1S97 In hand on Nov. 1,
The preliminary estimate of the average
3'ield per acre of buckwheat !s 13 bu,
against an average yield of 16.36 in 1899,
17.2S in 1S9S, and a ten-year average of 16.8.
The average for New York and Pennsj-l-vania,
the two States of principal produc
tion, 13 14 bu. The average as to quality Is
90.2 per cent., against 88.4 per cent, in No
vember last, and 83.2 per cent, in Novem
ber, 1S9S.
The preliminary estimate of the average
yield per acre of potatoes is 80.S bu, against
an average yield of 88.63 in 1S99, 75.19 in 1S9S,
and a ten-year average of 76.6. The average
as to quality is 8S.1 per cent., against Ö5.4
per cent. In Novemler last, and S1.7- per
cent, in November, 1S9S.
The preliminary estimate of the average
yield per acre of hay is 1.2S tons, against
an average yield of 1.33 in 1S99, 1.53 in 1S9S,
and a ten-year average of 1.28. The aver
age as to quality Is 8.7 per cent., against
93.8 per cent, in November last, and 95.3
per cent, in November, 1S9S.
An estimate of the wheat crop will be
Issued as soon as the individual farm re
turns are available for comparison with
the reports of the department's regular
correspondents. This will be not later than
Dec. 10.
Object of the Meeting; of the House
Ways and Means Committee.
WINONA, Minn., Now 13. Congressman
J. A. Tawney, of the ways and means com
mittee, shaking of the meeting Jn Wash
ington Nov. 30, says:
"The object is to consider the extent to
which the war revenue taxes can be re
moved and amendments to make the law
more satisfactory in administration. Th
problem as to what taxes fhall be re
moved will be a perplexing one. I think,
however, it is pafe'to say that the stamp
tax upon instruments of eonveyanev, iiich
as notes, deeds, mortgages, inheritances
for charitable and benevolent purposes, will
bo removed; possibly the taxes upon propri
etary medicines and some others. It will
be the desire of the members of the com
mittee to remove just as many of tho
stamp taxes as possible, but like the re
moval of the stamp taxes under the civil
war revenus act. this will probably have
to be done gradually, to as to avoid sail
ing too close to the danger of a deficit."
(;iti)i:s iv nil k sti:adii:h.
Hoks Active and Five to Ten Cents
II iuher Sheep Steady Condition
of Markets Klscvrhere.
n. Receipts, 1,1; shipments, 3. The receipts
of cattle were again comparatively liberal, and
consisted principally of stock that was below the
requirements of the trade In either quality or
flesh. Although there was a continued dull mar
ket for the bulk of the offerings, buyers were in
cllned to make further reduction in price The
lest 1,100 to 1.200-lb steers, however, sold at a
little steadier prices. The best cows and heifers
were alßo about steady, but a few export cattle
and hundreds of common to medium grades of
all kinds remain in the pens unsold. Quotations:
Good to prime steers. 1,20 lbs and ui-
ward $5.10ö 5 C5
Fair to medium steer?, 1.Z3) lbs and
upward 4.L0Ö ü.10
OcKid to choice 1.1j0 to 1.300-lb steers 4.501 5.15
Pair to medium 1.150 to 1.300-lb steers... 4Mif 4..V)
Medium to good 900 to LlOO-lb steers.... 3.71'tf 4.J.0
Good to choice feeding steers 4.10 4.5o
Pair to medium feeding steers 2.504 4.0
Common to good stockcrs 3.0Kf 4.00
Good to choice heifers 3.6i&r 4.50
Fair to medium heifers 3.25 S.i-0
Common light heifers 2.50 3.00
Good to choice cows 3.04 4.25
Fair to medium cows 2.50 3 53
Common tdd cows l.Vit 2.25
Veal calves E.OOtf 6.23
Heavy calves 3.00Ü 5.00
Irime to fancy export bulls 3.65 4.00
Good to choice butcher bulU Z.2'i 2.50
Common to fair bulls 2.50& 5.10
Good to choics cows and calves 20. 00 if 40. CO
Common to medium cows and calves. ... 15.025.00
Hogs Receipts, 6,000; shipments, 2.0O0. Tbs
hog market opened with a stronger tendency,
and soon offerings were changing ban la at Zc
higher prices. Stronger competition developed
later, and the bulk of the supply sold at nearly
10c higher prices than yesterday. Towards tlie
close the demand was not quite as urgent, but
a good clearance was finally made at the ad
vance In prices. Quotations:
Good to choice medium and heavy $l.9Cfr".C0
Mixed and heavy packing 4.SO51 t.M
Good to choice light weights 4.Jvr4.15
Common to fair light weights 4.7.t45
Common to good pigs 4.00$i4.7j
Houghs 4.2Cil.:0
Bheep Receipts, 400; ehipments, 200. The re
ceipts of sheep and Iambs were smaller, and
with a continued good demand from shippers
the offerings changed hands promptly enough,
and a good clearance was made on the basis of
yesterday's prices. Common to beet lambs sold
at $5 S 5.25, and sheep at $2.752.75. Quotations:
Good to choice lambs $1.50?;.25
Common to medium lambs 3.00t 4.2.'
Gcod to choice fheep 3.40'i3 5
Common to medium fcheep 2.50fj2.23
Ftockers and feeding fcheep 2.00i3.50
Rucks, per 100 lbs 2.O0Ö 2.75
Transactions at the Interstate Yards.
OLIS, Nov. 15. Cattle Receipts, 400; shipments,
220. The receipts and shipments do not include
about fifty cars of show cattle that were en route
to the Pittsburg fat stock show. The general
market was very dull and prices were lower on
all grades. Trade ruled slow and some common
stock was left unsold. The closing was weak.
Gcod to prime export steers $.7.30ft 5. CO
Fair to medium export steers C25Ci 5.50
Fair to best butcher steers 4y 6.15
Medium to good feeders 4.25j 4.00
Common to good light stockers 3.0u 3.75
Good to prime heavy heifers 4.00 4
Common to medium heifers 2.oou 4.75
Common and old cows .Zx6 2.50
Good to choice light veals &..7K(r 6.30
Common to medium light or heavy veals 4.ootf 5. 00
'Fair to choice fat bulls S.&w 4.5)
Good to choice cows and calves 25.ooi 50.00
Common to fair cows and calves 20.0030.00
Hogs Receipts, 1.400; shipments, 1.270. The
quality was generally fair. The market opened
active and sharply higher. The bulk of the sales
was made at $4.S531.95 for light to Kood heavy
mixed, with best heavy at $4.933. The closing
was strong with all sold. Quotations:
Good to choice heavy $4.?r(j5.'y
Good to choice light 4.&WZ4
Good to choice mixed packing 4.&vti'4.95
Fair to good light 4.xor4.S5
Fair to ood pigs 4.25&4.5
Common pigs and heavy roughs 3.304. 50
Sheep Receipts, 200; shipments none. The
quality was only fair. The market was steady
and unchanged, closing' quiet, with all sold.
Good to prime lambs J4.30'fir.
Common to medium lambs 3.2.Vd2.73
Common to fair sheep 2.!ni3.d)
Ftockers and feeding sheep 2.0hu3.o0
Rucks, per head 2.00'a3.0J
CHICAGO, 2ov. 13. Cattle Reipt?, 9,000, in
cluding 400 Texans and 200 Westerns. Good to
choice streng to 10c higher: poor and rough me
dium slow. Natives: Bet on sale to-day. one
carload of yearlings at $3.fc5; good to prime
steers, $7.40&3.90; poor to medium, $l.Cf.Q3.30; se
lected feeders Mow at $3.7504.25; mixed stoekrs
weak at 22.50'33.60; choice rows higher at $2.73
4.75; bulls steady at $2.2304.40; calves about
steady at $445.75. Texans: Receipts, 400. Pest
r.n sale to-day, seven carloads of graspers at 14;
Texas fed steer?, fl3: Texas gTass etters, J3-35
4.73; Texas bulls. $2.50 3.25.
Hogs Receipts to-day, 33.000; to-morrow, 27,C0
estimated; left over, 4.0C0. The market was 10c
higher, closing a shade easier. Top, $5.05; mixed
and butchers. $4.703.03; good to choice heavy.
$4.f0(93.05; rough heavy, $4. 5(34.75; light, $4.70
5.024; bulk of sales, $4.fc."G5.?0.
Sheep Receipts, 16.000. Sheep steady to a
shade lower: heavy ewes 10c lower; lambs 5c to
10c lower. Good to choice wethers, $43 4.30; fair
to choice mixed. $3.7?4.10: Western sheep, Ub
4.25; Texas sheep, $2.503.60: native lambs, $4.35
QZ.Z0; Western iamb, $3f 5.23.
KANSAS CITY, Nov. 13.-Cattle Receipts.
5,700 natives, 2.000 Texans. 1.500 calves. Expert
steers and good butcher cattle steady; common
grades a shade lower. Native steers, $4.7CQ5.tO;
stockers and feeders, f3.25$T4.50: butcher cows
and heifers, $3ff4.23; canncrs, $2.50!53; fed Wtst
erns, $3.74.73: wintered Texans. $3.6034.10;
grars Texans, $3.15ia3.50; calves, $C.50Q5.50.
Hogs Receipts, 16.300. The market was Tory
active, with strong competition, and l5 to Po
higher Heavy. $4.904.97Vi: mixed, $4.1334.95;
light, $i.S0(j4.!2VA; pig, $4.504.73.
Sheep Receipts', 1.400. Good genyal demand
at steady prices. Lambs, $4.75??3.2o; mutton.
$4 40; stockers and feeders, $3.254.23; culls, $2.73
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 13. Cattle Receipts, 2,000. In
cluding 1,600 Texans. The market was slow an 1
steady. Native shipping and export steers, ."f?
5.63; dressed beef anl butchers' steers. 4.1Si5.r;
Uters under 1.000 lbs. $3.60ß6; stockers and feed
ers, cows and belfere, $2$f1790; canners.
$1.2392.73; bulls, $2.C0J.75: Texas and Indian
steers. $2.2501. E0; cows and heifers. $2.43il40.
Hogs Receipts, 10,800. The market was 1V?
higher. Pigs and lights. $4.7004.83; packerr,
$1.75(34.83: butchers. $4.WIf4.K.
Fheep Receipts, 1.300. The markt was steady.
Native muttons, $3.904.25; lambs, J4. 253.25;
culls and bucks, $12304; stocUers, $22...
NEW YORK, Nov. 13. Reeves Receipts. 2.070.
Very little trade; feeling steady. Cables un
changed. Shipments non.
Calves Market especially quiet. R.xelpt. IV?.
Vtals steady; grsssers nominally wenk. Vealf,
$58.50; little calves, $44.50; fed calve?. $3.50.
Sheep Receipts, 6,040. Sheep jn liberal supply
and a Fhade lower; lamb steady. Sheep. $2.50
6i4.23; lambs, $4.753.f5; cull, $t; Canada lamb?,
$3.6553.?.". .
Hogs Receipts. 6.6o2. The market was steady
at $5.2535.50 for whole range.
SOUTH OMAHA, Nov. 17. Cattle-Receipts.
2.800. The market waa steady. Native terf
steers, $4.25513.60; Western steers. ?4H.73; Tex. is
steers. $3.254; cows and heifers Pk lower at
$3.10x4.25: earners. $1.50ft3.0D; calves. $ö6.
Hog Receipts, 6,300. Th market wa 12'1?
13o higher. Heavy, $l.734.9?; mixed, $4.8C&4.f5;
light. $4.6C$J4.i3.
Sheep Receipts. 8,500. The market was steadr.
Fed muttons. J3.S5ff4.10; Western mutton- $3.70
4; lambs, $4.2505.20.
EAST BUFFALO. Nov. 13. Receipts-Cattle.
23 cars; sheep and lambs. 12 cars; hogs, 10 ears.
Shipments Cattle. 23 cars; sheep and lambs, 6
cars; hogs. 6 cars.
rattle The market showed no change. Calves.
lmba Choice to extra. $3.3303.50 sheep,
choice to extra. $4.2'4.73.
Hogs Heavy, $5.15105.30; pigs, $3.23.
CINCINNATI. Nov. 13. Hogs higher at $2.C0
Cattle weak at J2.231i4.7r..
Sheep steady at $1.503.6". Lambs ttreng at
Pensions fur Veteran.
Certificates have been Issued to the following
named Indianlans:
Original Newton Smith. New Albany,
M f es D. Mitchell. Abington, $.
Additional -Adam (Joobler. Indianapolis. $10;
Martin 1. Real, New atle. $10; Christopher
Strasburg. Fort Wayne. $1.
Supplemental William C. McKlnney, Rich
mond. $4.
Renewal J no. A. Wiley. Indianapolis. $ii.
lucres David F. Taylor, l.lhertyville. $11;
David Pearman. Dana, $b; Wslv Itw rente
Lebanon. $12: Charles S. Clark. Oakland City. s
Oscar F. Hpacy, New Salem. $17; John Diju-,
Ewlng. $17; Venal Dupuls, IJgonler. $17: lor
W". Mumms, Hecla, $10; Samuel R. Johnson,
RIoomtngton. $1!; James Comehson. Marengo.
$14; Joseph A. Oils, Albany, $14; John 11. llarn.
Lump and
yTELllj'A. 15 SLf fLHD IAN ST. Queers Lacgi
Manufacturers and Re
pairers of all kinds of
Ufflcs and Isctory, South and Illinois bta.
Indianapolis. Intl.
W. B. Barry Saw and Supply Ca
132 8. PENN. ST. All ktnds of Faws repaired.
RESIDENCE 13 North Pennsylvania street.
OFFICE 713 South Meridian street.
Office Hours to 10 a. m.; 1 to 4 p. nx; 7 U I
p. m. Telephones Office. M: residence. 417.
Dr. W. 15. Fletcher's SANATORIUM
BIcntnl and Nervous Diseases.
Diseases of Women aud the Rectum
PILES cured by his safe snd easy method. Ns
detention from business. Office. 31 East Ohio.
thus: Daily. 8 Bleeper, P Parlor Car, O
Chair Car. 1 Dining Car, t Except bunday.
jBIG four koute.
City Ticket Office, No. 1 K. Washington H4.
X3rt Arriv
Anderson accommodation ........6 44 3 .50
Union City accommodation M4.&o
Cleveland.New York Roston.ea s..4.2$ 10.40
Cleveland. New York A Boston mall.. 1 00 6.30
New York and Boston limited, d s..2.ft5 S.IO
Y A Bos - Knickerbocker. d s M S m.O
Benton narbor express 14
Benton Harbor express, p 11. is
Warsaw accommodation 4.ftO la
St Loa is accommodation 7.83 8.35
St, Ixjuis southwestern, lim, d s 11.4S e.l4
SH. Louis limited, d s 3.2 J AO
Terre Uaate A Msttoon svecom Ö.OO . tu
et. Louis express. 11.20 4XS
Lsfayette accommodation 7.4S
Lafsyette accommodation .....5.15 10.4S
Chicago fast mail, d p 1143 2.40
Chicago, White City special, d p S.SO 6.1 0
Chicago night expres. s 12.03 tXS
Cincinnati express, s 3.4$ 11.4S
Cincinnati express, s 4.1l 11. 05
Cincinnati accommodation...... 7.1$ 7.48
Cincinnati accommodation 10 M 11.1
Cincinnati express, p ,.2.ßO 3.X&
Ureensburg accommodation. Ö.30 1 00
Cincinnati, Washington f 1 ex. s d...6.SO 11.43
N. Vernon and Louisville ex. s "1.43 11.45
N. Vernon and Lonlsrllle ex 2 AO IL9
Peoria, Bloom Ing ton tn and ex 7.25 8.4 O
Peoria and Bloomington f ex. d p ....ILM C.08
Champaign accommodation, p u 4.10 10.
Peoria and Bloomington ex, 11.6D J-3ii
Columbus and Kpnngneld ex S-4S 10.35
Ohio special, d p 3.O0) ".U
Lynn accommodation G.I 5 lOAa
City Ticket O If ice, II W. Wash. St.
Cincinnati express .4.10 1141
Cincinnati fast mail. t... 8.21
Cm. and Detroit ax. p.. 1 10. 45
Cincinnau and Dayton express, p...r3.46
CincinnU and Da j ton limited, p d..4.45
Cincinnati. Toledo. Detroit 7.07
Ticket Office, 25 Weat Wash. 8t
-a:- chi'go night ex.s..i2.M .so
Chicago laat mall, a, p L. IM
Chicago express, p d U.50 12.4U
Chicago vestibule, pd t3.35 4.37
Monon accom f4.QO liacc
Toledo. Ctscsri and Michigan ex t7 0ft i0.2i
Toledo. Detroit and Clilcano. Um. .13. SO 1 4.1ft.
Munde, Lafay'te and Laporte spec.t7.ao 110.23
Decatur and t. Louis msU and ex..Mrs.lS t4.4U
Chicago express, p d.. UlJO t 4(
To sco La accommodation. ..M.........t3.4ft flO.40
Decatur 3t tot- Louis fast ex. s c....ll.lo 4.0i
Ticket offices a
station and
corner lUlaoa
and Washing
ton Etreets.
trslas fcua by OaaDai
Pniia.deinnla and New York ..... 10.3U
. altimore and Washington $-54 1.3
Columbus, Ind. snd Louisville UO 11I?
Richmond and Columbus. O tT.l Ü-
Piaua and Columbus. O... t704 tJ.&O
Columbus and Richmond - t7.1 6 i
Columbus, Ind. Madison fHun. only) T O.IO
Columbus. Ind. and Loolsviiie, t5.44i
Vernon and Madison TS.O 16 40
Martinsville snd Vincennes 7 20 6.UO
Dsyton and Xenia 8.23 CM
FitUbarg and East S.2S flO.SO
Logansport and Chicago U.tt 3.3&
Martinsville accommodation tit. 30 13. Ä5
Knightstown and Richmond.. M 41.95 tS.M
Philadelphia and New York K.05 13.10
Baltimore and Washington 3.05 lt.lO
Dsyton and Hpringtleld 3.0A la.lO
Kpringfleld : 3.05
Columbus. Ind. and Madisoa t3.30 Uo.tx
Columbus. Ind. snd Ixuisviile 4.00 ll.2"
Martinsville and Vincennes 44.15 10.)
Pituburgand East ..oo H40
Philadelphia and New York, 7.10 4.au
Dayton and Xenia 7.10
pencer accommodation 6.00 : . 1
Columbus. IwL and Loalsriae 17. IO 7.00
Logansport and Chicago 12.29 114
Terre Haute, B4. Louis and West . '
Terre Rente and L Louis accom 7Ja naoi
lsrre Haote.Bt.LooU and West... lt.lö 2.55
Western Express z.l
Terre Haute and Effingham acc ,...t4.uu tl.zo
lerre Haute and bk Louis fast maiL7.00 Iii
fl Tpu-s and -Ml Points Wast HJJU ".C
Ckrmont. $S0; James H. Smott. Ilttsboro. $2i;
John K. Roberts, .Veit port. $24: llelvln Kprarue.
licnville, $17; John W. Fiddler, Redford. $12;
Nathan Tobey, Hartford City, $12; Jackson
Smith. Chriney. $12.
ReisKue Richard Williams. TVllliamrburg. $14.
Original Widows, etc. Mary V. Fuqua. Hand
ford. JS; Mary tlrube. North Manchester. $S
minors of John L. Pears. Le-wls. $12: special
accrue!. Ort. 2L, Julia A. Cumrnln. Carlisle, $S;
Margaret Reed Moulton. Indianapolis. $i; Re
lcca A. Paughman. Anderson. $S; Lovina Mor
rison, fc'helbyville, $1S.
Jennie and Porter Colder, 1312 Illatt
Ftrect, Ctrl.
Mr, and Harry Llnehan, 100 Brignt
street, boy. 1
Florence and J. T. Jenkl.n, SIS North
Meridian street. Irl.
Lcota and Joseph Smith, 413 West Ohio
street, girl.
Hattie and Joseph O. Lo1ng 1S20 Yandrs
street, boy.
Lizzie and Luke Andrew?, 7(.C Darnell
Ftrect, boy.
Katie and Herman Willmorth. 1123 Har
lan street, girl.
Fernle C. Mabbltt. three rrionths. 2722
llurton avenue, ccllutls.
Margaret MurdH-k. hixty-nlnc. 421 North
Davidson ttreet. acute dyKcntery.
Florence M. Mapcmson, two, C12 Djugh
crty treet, marasrnu.
Curtis H. Kemp. Mventy. 413 llait Wash
ington ttreet, heart clot.
Marriage Licenses.
Alfred L. 4 SthuknlKTS nd Ua M.
Henry Conrad Wulf and Matx-1 Shaffer.
Charles A. tchulx and Myrtle (. Loader,
4'harlcs I-ivereng and llmluia Marth.
Jacob H. Dre-eendorfer and Knie I la 2.
Homer Cox Hardlns and Maude Fielding
A Ilase Calumny.
Jlrooklyn Life.
Mrs. Flannlgan Ol hear thot Mhrupj-ln
rf. Q'Uourko rules her husband vid a rod
av iron.
Mrs. Finnlgan She do not; she towld ma
bersilf tho; all she Ivcr uses on him tx a
rollln pta.

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