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Gccrz ar. J Mattle Aver. 1ZZ2 Olive street.
Virzil and P.o-e Pmris. Villa avenue, boy.
rs? nnd Moilie HarrL-on, 1514 Sj ruoe street.
J- hn ir.J Ert:m Whitehead. 5 4 Fh"f!M ave
r :. sir!.
Sidney an t Mary Ptnr.ick, 1214 College avenue,
ller.ry ar. 1 Lizzie Arche'.e. 21 r...st Wi'.kins,
John an. Mary Connor. 517 Goodlt. boy.
l'at and JUrT Lrnth. 52. XV- "t N-rwr!. 1-oy.
tar.t.-.n an.i Nettle Jor.es, 2" 27 Yan-l-s street,
Thoma. and Josie Delar.ey. 1213 Spann avenue,
Rcsario and M?cell. 4Ü0 South Eapt street,
J..sph ari l Parties Williams. 27 "W eghorst
stre-t. girl.
J hn anl LIM P.iler. 2212 Tanl street, bov.
Owen and Minnie Kvacs. 11 Ma;!e street,
John anl 13a Wright. ?1h Yandes street, girl.
Dent life.
RoU-rt HufT. sixty-three. 411 East Walnut
street, congestion of towels.
Carrie Fuhrst, fcrty-seven, 3'.8 West Pratt
street. tutereu!o!s.
William ;. Powers, forty-three, California
llnuse. gastritis.
John It. Smvk. three, 433 ;-i West McCarty
street, diphtheria.
Uli SuUrove. sixty. 134" Parth avenue. gastro
ealmonia. Anna H. GarTett. fvnty-flT. Ifi23 North New
Jersey street, cerebral hemorrhn.
MONUMENTS A. Diener, 443 E. Washington.
Tel. 2525. IJranch works K. entrance crown iiui.
fim:hal lmuxroiis.
embalmers.) Can rhlp diphtheria and
scarlet fever. Lady embalmer for
ladies and chllJren. 32o North Illi
nois street. Telephone 41, new and old.
cid c. e. kregelo.
223 N. Delaware 6t.
New 2W.
Undertaken. 134 XV. Market at. Tel. 21.
By virtue of a certified ropy of a decree to me
directed from the clerk of the Superior Court
Of Marlon county. Indiana. In cause No. C31",7.
wherein Indianajolls Lod;e. No. Ö. Knights of
Pythias, is plaintiff and (Jeorgla E. Pott et ai.
are defendants, requiring me to make the sum
of thirty-two hundred and peventy-nlj.e dollars
and elKhty-three cents i29.ki). as provided for
in said decree, with interest and costs. I will
expose, at public sal to the hiKhest btJder. on
between the hours cf 10 o'clock a. m. and 4
o'clo k p. rn. of p;jld day. at the door of the
courthouse of Marlon county, Indiana, the rents
and profits for a term not exce-dir. even years
of the follow Ins ieal estate In Marlon county,
Cornmencln at the Fouthoast corner of Arsenal
avenue nd New York street iformerly Koller
treet). In the city of Indianapolis, and running
thence east alor the south line of sail New
York street two hundred and nineteen I2D feet;
thence south one hundred and fifteen (IE) feet;
thence tet two hundred anl nineteen ilä
feet to the east I'.n of Arsenal avenue, ar.d
thence north alcr.jr the east line of said avenue
one hundred and fifteen (113) feet to the place
of beginning. It bein intended to Include and
rover all of the real estate owned by (leorjcla K.
Pott November 5, 1VJ1. in section six (6). town
ship fifteen (15). north, in ranjee four 4t. eat.
In said county, said real estate also beinc known
and described for purposes of taxation and levy
ing of municipal assessments thereon as Lots
1. 2. 3 and 4. in Rogers's subdivision of a part
cf the east half of the southwest quarter of
Section . in Township 13. north of Range 4,
eat-t. in said county of Marion.
If auch renta and profits will not sell for a suf
ficient sum to satisfy said decree, with Interest
and costs, I will, at the sam time and place,
expose to public sale the fee simple of said real
eotate. or no much thereof as may be sufficient
to discharge said decree. Said sale will be made
without relief from valuation or appraisement
Sheriff of Marlon County!
MaP.Hd A Denny. Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Ily virtue of a certified copy of a decree to m
directed from the clerk of the Superior Court of
Marlon county. Indiana. In causa No. 08:83,
wherein Penjamln Richcreek is plaintiff and
Ellen Leary et al. are defendants, requiring nin
tr make the sum of one hundred and forty-three
3.-llars and thlrty-neven cents (143.37-1n). from
the sale of Lot six ',) as described within, as
provided .for In said decree, with Interest and
rots. I will expose at public sal to the highest
bidder, on
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4
o'clock p. m., of paid day. at the door cf tho
courthouse of Marlon county. Indiana, the rents
and profits for a term not exceeding seven yean,
of the olkiwing- real estate in Marion county.
Lot numbr six (8). In Yandea'a subdivision of
the vast pttrt of Outlot one hundred and twenty
Sine ill J). In the city of IndtanapoiU.
If such rents and profits will not 811 for a suffi
cient sum to satisfy said decree, with interest
and costs, I will, at the same time and place,
expose to public sale the. fee simple of said real
estate, or no much thereof as may be suthclent
to discharge said decree. ?ald sale will he made
without relief from valuation or appraisement
laws, and in satisfaction only of the Judgment
against said lot six.
Jan. 25. 1302. EUGENE SAULCY.
Sheriff or Marion County.
Carson & Thompson, attorneys for assignee of
judgment against said lot six.
By Tlrtu of a certified copy of a decree to me
directed from the clerk of the Sujerior Court of
Marlon county. Indiana, in cause No. 63131,
.'herein Indiana Saving and Loan Association
No. 2. is plaintiff and Charles Perry et al. are de
fendant, requiring me to make the sums of
money in said decree provided and In manner and
form as therein provtdel. with interest and costs.
1 will expose at public sale to the highest bidder,
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4
o'clock p. m., of said day. at the door of the
. courthouse of Marlon county. Indiana, the rents
and profits for a term not exceeding seven years,
of tho follow las real estate in Marion county,
Lot numbered five (S) and twenty (20) feet off
of the north side of lot numbered six (6). in Mc
Kernan & Pierce's subdivision of the went part
of outlot number twer.ty-seven (27), in the city
of Indianapolis. Fifteen (15) feet and ten (IO
Inches off of th north side of lot number two
(2), and seven (7) feet and nine (9) inches o.T of
the south side of lot number one (1). In Mo
Kernan & Pierce's subdivision of outlot number
twenty-seven (27), in the city of Indianapolis.
Fourteen (14) feet off of tho south side of lot
camber two (2), and eight (8) feet off of the
Tio-th side of lot number three (3). in MoKernan
St Pierce's subdivision of outlot number twenty
seven (27). tn thi cty of Indianapolis, as recorded
In Plat Hook 2. P&ge 12, in the recorder's oltice
of Marlon county.
If such rents and profits will not sell for a
tuflclent sum to satisfy said decree, with Interest
and costs. I will, at the same time and place,
expo to public siile the fee simple of said real
estate, or so much thereof as may le sufficient
to dtscharge sal 1 decree. Sal i sale will be mad.
without relief from, valuation or appraisement
Jan. 25. 1301 EUGENE SAULCY.
Sheriff of Marlon County.
Means &. Ruentlng. Attorneys for Plaintiff.
By virtue of a certified copy of a decree to me
directed from the clerk of the Marlon Circuit
Court cf Marlon county. Indiana, in cause No.
l'lS. wherein Percy K. Chevalier is plaintiff and
Fütabeth A. Miller et al. are defendants, re
quiring me to make- the sums of money in said
decree provided and In manner and form as there
in provided, with interest and costs, I will ex
pose at public sale to the highest bidder, on
between th- hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4
o'clock p. m.. of said day. at the door of the
courthouse of Marlon county. Indiana, the rents
and pruflts for a term not exceeding seven years,
of the following real ebtate In Marlon county.
Let numbered two (2). In square numbered iwo
(2. '.n Hacker's subdivision of outlot numbered
Hin (!). went of White river, in the city of In
dlamipolts. If such rents and profits will not sell for a
uffictent sum to satisfy said decree, with inter
est and costs. I will, at the same time and place
expose, to public ?ale the fe simple of sai l rral
estate, or so much thereof as may be sufficient
t discharge sail decree. Said sale will be made
without rtllef from valuation ir appraisement
Sheriff of Marlon County.
T. ;. J-'hnson. Attorney for Plaintiff.
I3y virtue of a certified copy of a decree to me
directed from the clerk of t!.j Superior Court of
Marlon county. Indiana, in aut. No. 5nil.
wherein Mary A. Rlanchard Is plaintiff and Jacob
Ehr'.s-ran et al. are dfendant.. requiring me to
make the sum of thirty-four hundred and eighty
six dMars and lnhty-four cents Jl..xo, as
provided for in sail decree, with lntfrest anl
costs. I will expose at jubllc sale to the highest
bidder. n
i -j
between th hours of p o'clxk a. m. and 4
O'clxk p. m.. of sa;d day. at th dior or the
CO'rthou of Marlon county, Indiana, the rent!
and profits fur a term tiot exceeding teven years,
cf th following real estate In Marion county)
Lot numb-red te-n il I, In Ilanna's heirs' addi
tion to the city of Indianai-olij.
If such rents and jr ri:s will r.wt sell for a
'.ifT.cient sum to at!fy said decree, with Inter
est an l costs. I will, at the an time and place,
to publt? ale the f simple of sai l reai
estate, or so mueh thereof a may be sufficient
t.j discharge said decree. Faid Ale wil," b- made
without relUf from valuation or iralxemeiu
Siieri.T of Marion County
Harvey, Tlckens. Cox & Kahn, Attorneys for
IIC A I j FSTATK List your real estate with W,
A. GRKYER. 4-5 Majestic Rldg.
ioit s a i.izM i s ci : l la i : ots.
For y.VLIv ("can stock general merchandise ,
invol- about II.""". in manufacturing town of
' line f urrour.dintc country, plenty natural
' gas ; d'-irit' cah busi.Vess; K""d reasons fur sell
i in. Address C. XV.. care Journal.
FOR RENT Fee list at 131 E. Market; ground
floor. (jUKtJUUY Äc APl'EL.
f 1 1 1 1 1 1 : t m i s c i : l l, a i : i i I s .
FOR RENT Typewriters: high-grade- machines;
r rl. reasonable. 'all on us. UNITED
ment place.
WANTED A salesman call'n on country dealers
to s.-l 1 our irv goods specialties on commission.
Oool pavinjr hl'ie line. FRANK LA LAN NE Äs
i 'o.. Fhila'lel'.hla. Pa.
WANTED Three floor moMers and three lench
molders, accustomed to all kinds of machine, !
tool and jobbing work; union waives paid. Ad
street. Cincinnati, O
W a N T ED Fo r CTS. Army, ablebodied. unmar
ried men, between atres of 21 and 20; citizens
f of United States of good character and temperate
habits, who can speak, read and write English.
For information apply to Recruiting Olticer, 2
North Illinois street, Indianapolis, Ind.
WA N T i;i) I EM A L I -2 II E L I.
WANTED A girl; must be a good cook and able
to furnlfh references; no children; good wages.
Inquire tZO N. New Jersey Et.
WANTED Agents wanted in every town to sell
"Hunt's Round-iolnted Pens." These pens do
not scratch nor si'urt the Ink, the points being
rounded by a newly invented process. This is
an American Invention, the first Improvement in
steel pen-making In seventy years. Put up in
patent boxes at popular prices. We give large
profits and liberal rash prizes to the liest work
ers. In every town you have an equal chance.
Write for terms and full instructions on how to
sell succesbfully. C. HOWARD HUNT PEN
CO.. Camden, N. J.. the finest and best equipped
pen factory In the world.
BUSINESS CHANCE For Sale A $7.000 stock of
Jewelry; established business of over 2'J years;
a golden oprortunlty for any one with capital
and experience; parties desiring to invest should
act promptly. Address ANDREW S. ORR,
administrator of L. A. Davis, Greenfield, Ind.
Iii S INESS CHANCE A legit imate,permanent,L
and cash business that's a monopoly is offered
active party with some capital to invest, whre
with ordinary labor .".00) can be cleared yearly;
no schemes; bona fide business opening; owner
requests careful examination. For personal in
terview address Box löö, care Journal.
V. E. Kurtz, Pres. H. A. Crossland, Mgr.
l'-L2.i S. Penn. Telephone 1313.
BiORAGE The Union Transfer and Storage
Company, corner East Ohio street and Bee
line tracks; only first-class storage solicited.
Crating and packing of household goods, a
shipments of household goods to Pacific coast
and other Western points.
NOTICE Tin, galvanized Iron, steam, hot-water
and furnace work. THE ROLLYN HAWKINS
CO.. 114-116 Virginia av. Old 3363. new 366.
N O T lÜEJ OS EPH GÄ.RDNEU. galvanized iron
cornices and fkyllghts; tin. Iron, steel and
slate roofing and hot air furnaces. 39 Ken
tucky ave. Telephone 322.
NOTICE South Side Cleaning Works. 810 Grter
st.. S. E. All kinds of lace curtains, rugs,
mats, dresses, slippers, silk curtains cleaned.
Work called for and delivered. Gloves, Sc and
l.V pair. Old phone, main 2SSfl.
NOTICE If in need of second-hand building ma
terlal of any description call on or 'phon; THE
av. New 'Phono 3."DS. OLD BUILDINGS
All advertisements Inserted In these columns
are charged at very low rate of 3 cents- a line.
No additional charge per line for blank or dash
lines. Telephone 2J3 and your ad will b called
INSURANCE Insure your borne in the Royal
Insurance Company. W. A. GREYER. 403
Majestlo Uldg.
LOANS Money on mortgages.
127 East Market street.
FINANCIAL Money to loan; long time; low
rate; no commission. D. W. COFFIN, 42 Lom
bard building.
Financial Private
money to loan on real
Ith privilege of prepayment. W. A.
GREYER. 4u Majestlo Bldg.
FIN ANCIAL First-mortgage loan on improved
Indianapolis property; lowest rates; privilege
of prepayment. SPANN & CO.. IIS E Market.
FINANCIAL Reai estate loans; not less than
$1,000 promptly .made on approved securities at
favorable rates and terms; large loans solicited.
O. E. FIF1ELD. 1002 Majestic building.
FIN ANC I A L A general agency for the State of
producer; permanent employment; bond an
erence required. Address H. B. AHDEN, i
id ref-
tary, 52 uroadway. ew xorK.
FlNÄNtjTÄLMoney to loan on farm mortgages
anywhere in Indiana at the lowest rates of in
terest; full partial payment privilege granted;
larg loans solicited; correspondents Invited.
CLEMENTS & EVANS, CrawforJsville, lud.
By virtue of a certified copy of a decree to me
directed from the clerk of the Superior Court of
Marion county, Indiana, in cause No. f0'.67,
wherein the Marion liond Company, trustee. Is
plaintiff, and Mary Taylor et al. are defendants,
requiring me to make the sum of eight dollars
an-1 thirty-two cents (SS.J2). as provided for In
said decree, with Interest and costs. I will expose
at public sale to the highest bidder, on
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4
o'clock p. m. of eald day. at the door of the
courthouse of Marion county. Indiana, the rents
and profits for a term not exceeding seven years
of the following real estate in Marion county,
Lot number nine (9) in Melkle's subdivision.
In outlot one hundred and sixty-four (1C4), in the
city of IndianaiKiIis.
If such rents and profits will not sell for a suffi
cient sum to satisfy Bald decree, with interests
and costs, I will, at the same time and place,
expose to public sale the fee simple of said real
estate, or so much thereof at may be suf
ficient to discharge said decree. Said sale will
be made without relief from valuation or ap
praisement laws. EUGENE SAULCY.
Feb. 1, 192. Sheriff of Marlon County.
S. M. Richcreek, Attorney for Plaintiff.
Ry virtue of a certified copy of a decree to me
directed from tho clerk of tho Superior Court of
Marion county, Indiana, in Cause No. 62I5S.
wherein the German Fire Insurance Company of
Indiana is plaintiff and Katherine Ernst et al.
are defendants, requiring me to make the sum
of twenty-nine hundred and fifty-two dollars and
twenty cents ($2.132.20). as provided for in said
decree, with Interest and costs. I will expose at
public sale to the highest bidder, on
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4
o'clock p. m. of said day, at the door of the
courthouse of Marion county, Indiana, the rents
and profits for a tetm not exceeding seven years,
oi the following real estate in Marlon county,
Lots numbered eleven (11) and twelve (12), In
William II. S. Noble's subdivision cf part of
Outlot numbered nm- hundred and eight (lui), in
the city of Indianapolis.
If such rents and profits will not sell far a
sufficient sum to satisfy said decree, with Inter
est and coits. 1 will, at the same time and place,
expose to public sale the fee simple of said real
estate, or to much thereof as may be sufficient
to discharge said decree. Said sale will be made
without relief from valuation or appraisement
Jan. IS. m:. Sheriff of Marlon County.
Florea & Seidensticker. Attorneys for l'lalntlff.
State of Indiana. Set.: In the Supteme Court.
George W. Brown et al. vs. Llora White ct al.
No. 177.
Appeal from Marion Superior (0-'.C) Court.
Whereas, it appears by affllaUt filed t.tat Ida
E. (M. coappellee. is a nonretident of the State'
of Indiana, and is a necessary party to aid
Now, therefore, the said nonresident Ida E.
Odle above named Is hereby notified that on the
3')th tlay of January. l:2. the nald Georg W
Blown ft al. filed in the tlerk's office of the
Supreme Court of Indiana a transcript of the
record and rmceedinKs In a c-rtaln suit Appealed
from the Superior t'ourt of Marlon countv. In
diana. In which said Llora White was plaintiff,
and sild George W. Brown et a I. were del
fendant.s; and said above named nunreliient Ida
K. (tle hereby notified to appear at the
Supreme courtroom. In Indianapolis, Ind., before
sail Supreme Court cn the. 27th day of Match.
and defend sail appeal. ele the same will
be proceeded upon In her absence.
Witness my hand ana th seal of said court
this 3'.st day of January. 112.
Seal.l BORT. A. BROWN'.
(Merk Supreme Court.
Carson A Thompson. Harvey, Piekena, Cox &
Kahn. Attorneys for Appellant.
joucval iislm:ss DIItCCTOUV.
PassnKtr and freight. Repair and supplies.
REED V & CO. 'Phones New 2170; old 227Ü2.
New No. 2,1 Mars, av.. 22S N. Del, st. Tel. ?40.
ROUSE & MAYHEW, Practical Opticians.
10 Monument place. English Hotel block.
E. T. SILVI US & CO.. F3 N. Pennsylvania ft.
Free pamphlets and consultation.
THOMAS R. PELL. Consulting engineer and
patent solicitor. 64 lngalls block, Indianapolis.
V. H. LOCKWOOD, pamphlet or any general
Information free of charge.
41Ü-413 Lemcke Building.
STEGMEIR RROS., Oyster and Chop House.
Ii N. Illinois st. Both 'phonee 706.
HORACE WOOD. (Carriages. Traps. Buck
boards, etc.) 23 Circle. Tel. lt'37.
New 'phone 24'C
II. C. STEVENS, New Style Wall Paper.
Low prices. 330 N. Senate av. Tel. 2 on 2552.
N. Delaware Ft. Tel. 411. Lady attendant.
New York and Pennsylvania streets. The Rev.
Thomas J. ViJIers, pastor. Bible school, 9:3o a.
m. Preaching by the pas-tor at 11 a. m. Topic,
"Made Nigh by Christ's Blood." Communion
and reception to new members. B. Y. P. U.,
6:.i p. m. Services at 7:3. Pastor's topic. "The
Opening of Lydia's Heart." Music by quartet
and chorus. Midweek services Thursday even
ing. The public Invited to all of our services.
ware and Walnut streets. Rev. Allan B. Phil
putt, pastor. Music by quartet. Services to
morrow at 10:45 a. m. and 7:43 p. m., conducted
by the pastor. Sunday school at S:30 a. m. Chris
tian Endeavor Society at 6:30 -p. m. Junior So
ciety at 9 a. m. Thursday evening prayer meet
ing at 7:2i o'clock. Everyone welcomed to all
these services.
Services held in the Temple, corner Delaware
and Tenth streets. II. C. Meserve, pastor. Res
idence. 1411 I'ark avenue. 9:30 a. m.. Sunday
school; lu:45 a. m., morning worship, with ser
mon by the pastor; 7:30 p. m., organ recital by
Mr. E. B. Birge; 7:13 p. m., sixth Illustrated
lecture on Tissot's "Life of Jesus" "I'assion
Week." For further details sec- advertisement
on last page of this paper. Seats free. All are
ST. PAUL'S CHURCH Corner New York and
Illinois streets. Rev. Lewis Brown, Ph. D.,
rector. 7:00 a. m., Hojy Communion; U:3o a. m.,
Sunday school; 10:43 a. m.. Holy Communion
and sermon. "Two Years in Indianapolis;" 3 p.
m., St. Andrew's Mission; 4:30 p. m.t St. Philip's
colored mission; 7:C0 p. m., service and sermon,
"Christ's Footsteps at Sechem." The public
cordially invited to attend.
CHURCH Corner Central avenue and Twelfth
street. Sermons at 10:45 a. m., by the Rev. XV.
11. Halstead, I). D.. followed by the Holy Com
munion, and at 7:30 p. m., by the pastor. Rev.
H. W. Kellogg. D. D. Topic of evening sermon.
"The Fast Young Man. Absalom." Sunday school
at 9:30 a. m. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m. All
are welcome.
CHURCH The pastor. Rev. Joshua Stansfield.
will preach at 10:45 a. m.. and at 7:30 p. m. will
deliver the annual address to the commercial
travelers, "The Gideonltes." Sunday school at
9:30 a. m. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m. Mid
week prayer service Thursday at 7:45 p. m.
aware and Vermont streets. Sunday services:
Preaching by the pastor. Dr. C. E. Bacon, 11
a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Classes, 8:30 a. m. and 9
a. m. Sunday Bchool. 10 a. m. Epworth League,
6:30 p. m. Midweek service Thursday evening.
Pennsylvania and Vermont streets. Preaching,
11 a. m.. by Rev. II. C. Mlnton. D. D. No even-
Intr service. Sunday school. 9:43 a. m. Dr. De
Motte's Hibie class for deaf mutes at 7:30. May
er Chape! Corner West and St. Catherine
streets. The Rev. Samuel Sawyer In charge.
Preaching at 7:30 p. m. Sunday school. 2:30 p.
m. Edward P. Matthews, superintendent.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 7:30.
TABERNACLE CHURCH Corner Meridian and
Eleventh streets. Rev. J. dimming Smith, D.
D., pastor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:43 p. m.
by the Rev. D. I. Putnam. D. D.. of Princeton,
Ind. Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Young people's
service, 7 p. m. Rranch Sunday school, corner
Senate avenue and Twenty-first street, at 2:30
p m.
AUCTION SALE Of furniture, carpets, stoves.
etc. Will be sold this (Saturday) morning at
9:30 o'clock, at my room. No. 243 XV. Washington
St.; four elegant oak and walnut bedroom suites,
child's oak folding bed, cupboard safe, stands, a
variety of rockers. Singer sewing machine,
couches, oak rlnsle and double bedsteads, brussels
and ingrain carpets, fine 6-hoIe range with reser
voir, cook and heating stoves, cotton and cotton
top mattresses, all wire ind woven wire bed
springs, dining chairs, pillows, washstands, ex
tension tables, and a great many other articles.
Sale positive. Terms cash. G. W. M'CURDY,
Ind., Jan. 14. 1!)2. Sealed proposals, in tripli
cate, will be received here until 10 o'clock a. m.,
Feb. 3, 1!2. for one "Doctor" pumping engine at
Jcffersonville Depot. All information furnished
on application. Right reserved to reject or ac
cept any or all bids, or any part thereof. En
velopes containing proposals should be marked
"Proposals for 'Doctor' Pump," and addressed to
J. M. MARSHALL, Assistant Q. M. General.
She Oivnii 14 Acre, "IVhleU Is N'ovr
Leased I'reniltun List In
cr onset! to JfSn.OOO.
The State Board of Agriculture met yes
terday to make plans for the state fair to
be held this year. One of the iirst acts
was the adoption of a resolution to bring
suit against Mrs. Mary Smith to compel
her to sell 134 acres of land inside the pres
ent fair grounds that she owns. The board
has had an option on the land since it was
leased seven years ago. The board offers
to pay cash for the land at $.T00 an acre.
Mrs. Smith, in addition to this offer, de
mands about $2,uX) in rent due, she Fays,
since last March. This latter item the
board denies.
After the board had given orders for the
filing of this suit It set about to arrange
the premium lift for the fair. Secretary
Downing yesterday said the board had
agreed to increase the list this year In order
that much better and larger attractions
could be secured. The extra amount of
money, hd said, would be placed on the
speed department and in the equipment of
a horse show. This latter exhibit will, it
is haid. be one of the big attractions at
the coming fair. The board will appropriate
about $25. n) in premiums. The board also
decided to engage Sousa's band for two
days lurjng the- weok. The members of the
board are very anxious to have the band
play here on Thursday and Friday nights
of lair week.
The OIl Hn il Fence.
It rove.- the farm ail over
With awkward-stuping feet.
llre cloe beside the clover.
There Just beyord the wheat.
Along the fallow fragrant
For woodland wavs It makes.
And many a sylvan vagrant
As boon companion takes.
It loves the woodbine tangles.
Invites the ir.ilkwod joi;
Ar. 1 all its sunny angles
I.aueh out In goMer.rrd.
Rer.eath the crevice J rl 'er
The cricket shrills close hid.
And from the stake belde her
Complains the katydid.
The squirrel i Its In-er.
And unafraid and fond
Are bobolink and plover
Of the genial vagabond.
Of all around, above It.
It lias the confidence.
And n an and nature love it
The homely old rail fence.
Charlotte Whltcomb, in Youth's Companion,
AVeatern nntt Central Traffic Associa
tion Line Fnll to Ascree on Pas
senger Rate Division.
Paul Morton, first vice president of tho
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, was in In
dianapolis a short time yesterday, en route
from New York to his headquarters. In
conversation he spoke very enthusiastically
concerning the business of the lines he rep
resents and their future. He says the
travel to the Pacific coast from year to
year has become phenomenal, each year
showing a large increase over the previous
one, and this year promises to eclipse all
former records of travel to California and
the Grand Canyon. The latter is fast be
coming an interesting country to visit. The
present year the Federation of Women, the
Shriners, the Knights of Pythias and the
Independent Order of Foresters will hold
their annual conventions in California, and
in arranging the trip expect to visit the
Grand Canyon. The increase in pleasure
travel has been as remarkable as in any
line, although a great many Eastern people
are moving to Los Angeles and other cities
in California, and the passenger business
of the line has a bright future. Mr. Mor
ton says freight traffic on the Santa Fe has
kept full pace with passenger business, not
only in transcontinental traffic, but in its
business to the Southwest, and he thinks
the road has a very promising future as to
Its freight business.
To Adopt Uniform ILntes.
The New York Commercial Advertiser
said yesterday: "An agreement binding the
various transatlantic lines plying between
this country and England to adopt a uni
form minimum freight rate on grain and
provisions was signed yesterday by the rep
resentatives of the various steamship lines
interested. The freight rates are increased
on all grain and provisions ' leaving this
country for Liverpool and London. The
minimum rate on grain is lixed at lVfc penny
per bushel of sixty pounds, and the mini
mum rate on provisions at 10 shillings per
ton of 2.240 pounds, Increasing the grain
rate 33 1-3 per cent, and the provision rate"
10 per cent. No maximum rate has been
flxe-d. The lines included in the agreement
are the White Star, the Cunard. the At
lantic Transport, the International Naviga
tion, the Leyland, the Dominion line, the
Philadelphia line, the Eamport & Holt
line, the Wilson line, the Chesapeake cc
Ohio line and the Virginia line from Nor
folk. At the offices of the Chesapeake &
Ohio Steamship Company it was said that
linea to Manchester, Hull and other English
ports were also in the agreement. It was
learned that the passenger rates under dis
cussion contemplate a minimum of $00 for
winter travel. The same lines that have
signed the freight agreement will. It is un
derstood, sign the passenger rate agreement.
Negotiations over the passenger rate are in
progress with the continental lines which
have been left out of the freight agree
ment." Nevr Line to California
The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific's new
line to El Paso, placing Kansas City nearer
to Mexico and California, was completed
Thursday night, when the last rail was
laid at the Pecos river, In Texas. The new
line, it Is stated, .will be opened for through
traffic within thirty days. Through tourist
trains will be run to California, beginning
at once, but the more extended system
contemplated will not be put into active
operation until next fall. Expensive equip
ment for this line la now being built at the
Pullman shops, near Chicago. The building
of the Rock Island-El Paso system, now
completed, opens up a new transcontinent
al system, and when the new Missouri cut
off, between Trenton. Mo., and Belknap,
la., is completed the Rock Island will have
an additional advantage of eighteen miles
over competing lines between Chicago and
Los Angeles, and will have a short line
between Chicago and Kansas City. Vice
President Parker stated yesterday that the
Rock Island is preparing to enter Kansas
City over Its own tracks, and that It would
use the Hates bridge, recently projected.
If completed.
Dlvlalon ot Pmnenger Fare.
Charles F. Daly, general passenger agent
of the Lake Erie & Western, returned yes
terday from Chicago, where he went on
Tüesday to attend a joint meeting of pas
senger officials of the east-and-west lines
to consider forming a new basis of a di
vision of rates between the lines on through
business. Little was accomplished. The
Western lines demand too great a per cent,
of the rate, their demand being consid
erably in excess of the present basis of
division of fares. The question, has been
agitated for some years, and it was ex
pected that some basis acceptable to both
the West and East lines could be reached.
The question has been dropped for the pres
ent at least, unless the matter goes to tho
presidents for action.
Personal, Local ami General Notes.
The Southern Pacific will reconstruct its
terminals at Oakland, Cal., at a cost of
The American Car and Foundry Company
is delivering new cars to the Pennsylvania
at the rate of thirty a day.
Owing to a blockade in the Pittsburg
produce yards the Pennsylvania has placed
an embargo on potatoes for a few days.
The Pennsylvania is purchasing addition
al ground at Logansport preparatory to
establishing extensive yards at that point.
The Rig Four and the Erie are said to be
now handling the largest tonnage of any
winter season In the history of the lines.
John R. Cockrun, general attorney of the
Lake Erie & Western, returned yesterday
from several days' stay in New York city.
The official records show that the Monon
had the fewest late trains into Indianapolis
in January of any roac: running into the
Export rates T.ithdrawn Jan. 1 have been
restored, and 13 cents, Chicago to New
York, Is the basis on all coarse grain ex
cept oats. . -
Trainmen on Northwestern lines say that
the agitation for higher pay. started in Chl-
cago will within sixty days extend over the
I whnlo Vnrthnt'St
The equalized wage scale of employes In
shops of the Pennsylvania Company be
comes effective to-day. Skilled mechanics
are benefited by the revision.
J. J. Pratt has been appointed agent of
the Hocking Valley at Morral, vice L.
Rrodbeck, resigned, and A. R. Lyons at
Orbiston, vice Pratt, transferred.
W. K. Vanderbllt and W. H. Newman,
president of the New York Central, have
been in Cleveland for a couple of days in
conference with Lake Shore officials.
It is stated that the Louisville & Nash
ville has purchased the stock of the K. S.
Rogers estate, which gives it control of
the Nashville, Chattanooga Sc St. Louis
An Eastern paper says J. L. Frazier, re
cently appointed general manager of the
Toledo, St. Louis fc Western, will on Feb.
10 become president of the road, vice Ben
jamin Norton.
Judge Field, general solicitor of the
Monon, was in the city yesterday. He says
the company has the least amount of liti
gation to look after since he has been con
nected with the road.
It is claimed by the passenger officials
of the Chicago. Milwaukee St. Paul that
the new ticket the company h is adopted
cannot be manipulated by scalpers with
or without aid of employes.
Orders have been received at Great Falls
directing that work be suspended on the
Rurllngton extension from Hillings, Mont.,
which is intended to connect that syrtem
,with the Great Northern at Great Falls.
George R. Chesborough. passenger agent
of the Iehlgh Valley ro;ul. well known in
Indianapolis, who has been seriously ill.
has so far recovered that he was at his
oflice in Buffalo for a short time on Thurs
day. C. VV. Jacobs, the English engln-er, who
has b-ien connected with the Carnegie Com
pany for some ye-ars. will return from
abroad to-day. anel will at once begin work
on the Pennsylvania tunnel enterprise at
New York.
Col. J. M. Schoonmaker, who succeeds
W. 11. Newman as pres'!cr.t of the Pitts
burg & Lake Erie, has been on that lino
in an official capacity many years, anel Is
said to be a railroad man of more than
ordinary ability.
George T. Gunnip, general agent of the
Santa Fe for this territory, was in the
city yesterday looking after business in
connection with the associations which hold
their annual conventions on the Pacific
coast this season.
The Rig Four Railway has secured an
option upon a half square between Green
and Washington streets, at Crawfordsville,
and will erect a $20. OX) passenger depot dur
ing the coming summer. The property se
cured will cost $15, OJU.
It is rumored that Oscar Murray, first
vice president of the Raltlmore & Ohio, will
tender his resignation and accept a posi
tion on a Western system. Mr. Murray Is
now in Hot Springs. Ark., and the report
could not be confirmed.
J. W. Sherwood, general superintendent,
and T. M. Schindler, general freight agent
and superintendent of motive power of the
Detroit Southern, are making their nrst
inspection of the property since appointed
xo ineir present positions.
Charles Mordaugh. who represents the
Chicago. Milwaukee & St. Paul in this ter
ritory, fell on the ice in Cincinnati on
Thursday and split the bone of one of his
legs to such an extent that the surgeons
think he will be laid up for several weeks.
At a meeting of the board of directors of
the West Jersey c Seashore Railroad Com
pany yesterday A. J. Cassatt, president or
the Pennsylvania Railroad, was elected
president and a director of the company, to
fill the vacancy caused by the death of
Senator William J. Sewell.
E. S. Vansant, coal agent of the Balti
more fc Ohio at Chicago, retired yesterday;
also, W. W Daniels, holding the same posi
tion at Columbus, O.. and all coal and coke
traffic of the Raltlmore & Ohio Is now un
der the jurisdiction of W. L. Andrews, of
the lines west of the Ohio river.
R. E. Smith has been appointed joint
agent of the Vandalia and the Erie rail
ways at De Long, vice C. F. Apt, trans
ferred to Butler. A new agency has been
established on the Vandalia at Auburn
Junction, and F. J. Russard, formerly a
Rig P'our man, has been appointed agent.
It Is stated that the Wabash when it
gets into Pittsburg will build a short
branch which will reach hundreds of acres
of the best coal In that territory, as well
as extensive tile, brick and enameled ware
works. A survey of the branch is now in
progress down the Raccoon creek valley.
Passenger traffic of the Toledo. St. Louis
& Western has so increased that to-day a
new department Is established, that of ad
vertising agent, and it will be in charge of
C. W. Mordoff, assistant general passen
ger agent. The appointment of T, J. Cook
as assistant general freight agent is an
nounced. On Saturday morning R. L. Scott will as
sume the superlntendency of the Muncle
Belt Railroad. L. A. Clark, retiring. With
the change comes an opening of the Reit
road to all Muncie railroads, giving them
equal access to the important South Side
industries. Mr. Scott was Rake Shore yard
master at Toledo, O.
Special committees have been appointed
to enforce the agreement between the
Western roads and the packing centers in
the West. Although the Chicago Great
Western is not represented In this commit
tee it is stated that the new agreement is
sanctioned by President Stickney. Tho
chief provision of the agreement allows
lines to make reduced rates if openly de
clared to be in .effect.
The new branch of tho Wabash line, the
New Haven and Butler, which will be
opened to traffic to-day, is twenty-six miles
long. This new line puts Fort Wayne, Wa
bash and Huntington on a direct line to
Detroit. The new line gives the Wabash
the short line by eleven miles between To
ledo and Chicago, funning westward over
the same tracks used from Montpeller by
the Detroit-Chicago division.
Before the spring and summer traffic sets
in the Pennsylvania lines will receive sixty
locomotives now building at the Baldwin
locomotive works, In addition to those be
ing built in their own shops. All of Its
passenger equipment is now going through
the shops as fast as possible, ami the com
pany will purchase 100 new coaches, twenty-two
now being in process of construc
tion at the Wilmington car works.
The Rev. W. P. Hines, while traveling
ovtr the Norfolk & Western, lost his
satchel, which contained 200 sermons. -The
loss Is not disputed, but the railroad com
pany does not value the sermons as high
as does the preacher, and a board of arbi
tration will fix their value. Rev. A. K.
Owens, a Baptist preacher, and Rev. H. M.
Hope, a Methodist preacher, have been
chosen, and the two are to select a third.
Reports of the organization of a new
company to be known as the Union Ter
minal Company, capital $.000,000, to build
railroad tunnels across Manhattan, from
New Jersey to Long Island under Four
teenth and Forty-second streets. New York,
have caused another burst of activity tn
real estate, says the New York World.
Counsel for the new company has an
nounced that while no actual purchases
have been made, $11.000.000 worth of prop
erty nlong Fourteen street had been pledged
by the owners in the form of "consents,"
to support the tunnel scheme.
The Persimmon Rrlgade Club will have
Its monthly meeting at the home of Capt.
J. Wirt, 1Ü7 Marlowe street, on Feb. 4. All
members are requested to be present.
After having conducted the mueic in spe
cial revival services at Greenfield, O., and
Shannondale, Ind.. Mr. John A. Allrson
has returned to the city for a few days.
To-morrow night at 7:30 o'clock the Rev.
Joshua Stansfield. pastor of Meridian-street
M. E. Church, will deliver a special sermon
to the mor.ibers of Indianapolis Camp of
Gideons, which is composed of commercial
The County Commissioners have notified
Kincald & Leggltt. of Columbus, the firm
contracting to install the new elevator in
the courthouse, that the job must be com
pleted immediately or the bond forfeited to
the county.
Calvin Wilson, 1427 Spann avenue, re
ported to the police yesterday morning
that his home had been entered by thieves
early Thursday evening during the ab
sence of the family. Two watches and
several articles of jewelry were taken.
George Smith, colored, who was arrested
yesterday and Charge! with petit larceny.
is said to have been Implicated with
Emanuel Kennedy, also colored, in robbing
Rubbell's butcher shop on Indiana avenue
several weeks ago. Kennedy is now serv
ing a term in the workhouse.
W. S. Blatchley, State geologist, yester
day received a copy of the Vanderbllt Uni
versity Rulletin, which announces the ap
jolntment of Prof. G. W. Martin as State
entomologist of Tennessee. Professor Mar
tin was for several years a teacher of sci
ence in ShDrtridge High School.
The; county is threatened with a damage
suit to be brought by George Armstrong,
colored, of Irvington. He claims his home
was quarantined for a week because of an
eruption on his daughter's arm. and at the
end of that time it was raised. He said
the quarantine was because of a belief that
his daughter had emallpox.
The police have been given orders to ar
rest persons found operating slot machines
for gambling purposes and to confiscate the
machines. Similar orders were issued many
months ago, but of late the machires have
been put into operation because of the de
mand for opportunities to gamble. Many
complaints have been made lately regard
ing such machines.
The fifth lecture on the TIssot pictures
will be given at Plymouth Church to-morrow
evering by the pastor. Rev. H. C.
Meserve. Nearly half of the live hundred
ami more paintings of TIssot are con
cerned with the events of Passion Week.
Among the paintings to be shown Sunday
evening is the famous "Ecce Homo," one
of the best known of this painter's work.
The nominating committee of the East
Side Republican Club has posted the fol
lowing slate: President. J. A. Sweeney;
vice president. W. II. Snyder; secretary,
Iee Mever; "treasurer. D. S. Reil: lirectors,
Elso Keller, George Fate, S. S. Roberts. J.
H. Furnas, W. H. Cooper. It is said other
candidates will appear as Independents and
that a lively contest at the election, March
I, will occur.
Pollee Jnde Censures Strikers.
Hernie Cole, a nonunion workman, at tho
Lauter furniture factory, was ned $1 and
costs In Police Court yesterday for assault
ing one of the striking union men. Judg
ment was suspended during good behavior.
Judge Stubbs censured the union men for
congregating and interfering with the men
who wished to secure work at the factory
and did net belong to the union.
CnnrcrU nt (Irtic 31. I'. Church.
The Mary Gilbert Company Rave a eon
Cert last night at Grace M. E. Church,
Market and East streets. The entertain
ment consisted of a series of comic and
dramatic readings by Miss Gilbert, several
violin solos by Miss Gülw-rt and Miss Maud
Rrookmeyer. and a piano duet by Miss Gil
bert and Miss Rrookmeyer. They will give
a different programme to-night.
New Pianos $165 and up at WulfChner.
Increased Demand for Dried and
Evaporated Fruits Grain Market
Continues Exceedingly Dull.
On Commission row yesterday trade was
quite active. The weather permitted the
shipping of fruits and vegetables, and home
trade was large, preparatory to Saturday's
business. With this, prices ruled firm In
tone. Irish potatoes are in good supply,
nearly all the commission men carrying
large stocks, and some of them, to effect
good sales, will sell below quotations, but
the Journal's figures are the ruling prices.
Apples are moving more freely and prices
on choice fruits are well maintained. For
tunately the supply of oranges is the
largest ever known on this market, and
they are fast movers as a result. Canned
goods are moving more freely. Prices are
very firm, especially on tomatoes. Dried
and evaporated fruits also are in good re
quest, most of it being of California packing.
The wholesale grocers had a fairly busy
day. Rumors of a further advance In the
prices of refined sugar have not as yet
materialized. The raw sugar market Is
fctrong, and as a consequence an advance
in refined Is looked for. Coffee, in the pri
mary markets. Is weak, with a tendency to
lower figures. Flour is unchanged, with the
situation lacking strength. Reans rule easy
at prices quoted, the supply being larger
than had been anticipated. Rutter, eggs
and cheese are firm at quotations. In
creased receipts of eggs are reported, but
prices are not affected as yet. But few cold
storage eggs are in the market. Provisions
are firm on most descriptions of hog prod
ucts. Cereallne products, with the weaker
prices to wheat, corn and oats, are easier
in tone and are meeting with better sale.
With the dry goods houses, the boot and
shoe merchants and milliners, it is rather
dull, being between seasons; still liberal
buying of spring and summer goods for
future delivery is In progress.
Indianapolis Grain Market.
The local grain market, as for three days
past, has been draggy; Inspections are light,
prices weak and all markets unsettled.
Track bids, as reported by the secretary of
the Board of Tra2e yesterday, ruled as fol
lows: Wheat stronger; Nor. 2 red, 87c track; No.
2 red, 86c on milling freight; No. 3 red, 83 L"
85c track: 87c track; wagon wheat. 87c.
Corn strong; No. 1 white, C3c; No. 2 white,
63c; No. 3 white. 63c; No. 4 white. 59-f61c;
No. 2 white mixed, 613-ic; No. 3 white mixed.
61ic; No. 4 white mixed, 57ifri53;c: No. 2
yellow, 62c; No. 3 yellow, 62c; No. 4 yellow,
55 60c; No. 2 mixed, 61ic; No. 3 mixed,
eiHc: No. 4 mixed, 57t55'.;c; ear corn. 63c.
Oats steady; No. 2 white, 4Gro;47c; No. 3
white, 46ft46Mc; No. 2 mixed. 45U'S453;c; No.
3 mixed, 44iiii4514c.
Hay steady; No. 1 timothy, $U.5012; No.
2 timothy. $1010.50.
Inspections Wheat: Sample. 1 car. Corn:
No. 2 white. 1 car; No. 3 white, 6; No. 3 white
mixed, 1; No. 3 yellow, 2; No. 3 mixed, 1; no
established grade, 2: total, 13 cars. Oats:
No. 3 white, 1 car; No. 2 mixed, 1; total, 2
Monthly Inspection Report.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
Jan., 1902 9.750 4SG.750 73.2ä)
Jan., 1901 57.750 511.500 53.750
Jan.. 1900 10.500 662.IKH) 34.0oQ
Dec, 19Ö1 26,250 506,250 67,500
Offerings yesterday were larger than on
Thursday. There seemed to be a better
demand, and sellers found less trouble to
get near the best quotations during the
entire day. But few oats were offered.
The range of prices as reported by the
wagon welghmaster was as follows:
Corn 6SQ70C ber bu.
Oats 47349c per bu.
Hay Timothy, choice, $12.5013.50; mixed.
tlOSU; clover, $910 per ton, according to
Sheaf Oats-$10312 per ton.
Straw $6Q7 per ton, according to quality.
Poultry and Other Prodncc.
(Prices paid by shippers.)
Your.g turkeys, 10 to 12 pounds, 8c per lb; hens,
7c; cocks. 3c; yo'jn chickens, 7c; ducks, 6c;
Reese. $4. 80 per dosen.
Cheese New York full creams. 13c; domestic
Swiss, 17c; brick, 14c; limburger, 13c.
Putter Choice roll, lltfl22c per lb; poor. No.
2, fc'flöc.
Kkjis 21c per doz.
Beeswax vOc for yellow, 2Zc for dark.
Feathers Prime g-seee, 30c per lb; prime dark,
20c pr lb.
Wool Merchantable medium, lCc; burry and
unmerchantable. 3tf5c less; coarse grades, lie,
fine merino, 13513c; tub washed, 2CQ2Sc.
Green-ealted Hides No. 1, 7c; No. 2, 64c;
No. 1 calf, 10ic; No. 2 calf. SVc.
Grease White, 4c; yellow, 3lsc; brown, TVic.
Tallow No. 1, 4c; No. 2, 4c.
(The quotations given below are the selling
prices of the wholesale dealers.)
Cnndlcsi and Nuts.
Candies Btlck, 7c per lb; common mixed, 7c;
grocers' mixed. 6ic; Banner twist stick. Sc;
lianner cream mixed, 10 11c; old-time mixed. 8p.
Nuts Soft-shelled almonds, IVyL'oc; Fnjrlldh
walnuts, 12tel4c; Hrazil nuts, 10c; lilherts, Hfec;
peanuts, roasted, 7ü&c; mixed nuts, lc.
Canned Goods.
Corn, 83c(( $1.25. Peaches Eastern, standard.
3-lb. $1.7a!ii2; Z-lb seconds, Jl.4uyi.6y; California,
standard, $2.10tr2.1'J; California seconds, ii;saZ.
Miscellaneous iilackberries, 2-lb, Si&ygc; rasp
berries. 3-lb. J1.2.Yi "1.30; pineapples, standard.
2-lb, $t.5j.iil.ao; choice. jrj2.1y; cove oysters,
Mb. full weight, &:cfljl; lij?ht, n.öc; string
beans. 3-lb. $1.10: Lima beans. S1.2yil.2j: K.-as.
marrowfats, yöcyjl; early June. Jl.lyyi.i5; lob
sters. $l.S5'y2; red cherries. Wc'ifl; strawberries.
8Vfc"9uc; salmon, 1-lb, cy$2; 3-lb tomatoes, J1.3J
Con I and Coke.
. Anthracite (all sizes). $7.21 per ton; Hlossbun?.
$5; smokeless. $4.75; Jackson. J4.25; Kanawha.
512..; Pittsburg, $4.25; Kaymond, $4.i; Winlfrede.
$4.25; Luhrlng. $4; Rocking Valley, $j; JJrazil
blo k. $3.50; Greene county. $3.2".; Indiana lump,
$3.25; tlack Rmokelesa. $3.25; slack Jackson.
$2.5'); slack Pittsbur. $2.i0; slack West Vir
ginia. $2.1.0; slack Indiana. $2; Connellsvllle coke,
$0.50; lump coke. 11c per bu, $2.75 per ton;
crushed coke, 13c per bu; $3.25 per ton. Pas,
25c per ton extra, ground floor or dumped in cel
lar; bags, 50c per ton extra, second floor or car
ried in cellar; from waon. 25c per ton extra, by
wheelbarrow, chute or basket.
Alcohol. $2.622.73; asafoetida. 40c; alum. 2UffJ
4c; camphor, ffc'a0c; cochineal, 5o55c; chloro
form. .8'i'5c; copperas, brl. 5oc; cream tartar.
Straight grades, $4.601:4.73; patent flour, H.Zdtf
4.75; spring wheat, $5.5(. 4j5.73.
Coffee Good, 10yl2c; prime. 12frI4c; strictly
prime. 14 16c; fancy green and yellow. lbTiZZe;
Java. 2Sy32c. Roasted Old Government Java,
32Vu33c; finest Mocha and Java, ivy 3uc; jak
blend, 22c; Fancy bic-nd. Isc; eioiden blend. 15c.
Package coffee City price.: Arlo.-a, 10.25c; Lion,
75c; Jersey. 10.25c; Caracas. 9.75c: Dutch Java
PP-nd. 12.5oc; Dillworth's. Pi. 25c Mall i'ouih.
'j.'toc; Gates's blended Java, lue; Jav-u-Can tlO-j
friction top tins in basket, ll.Uc; Climax Java
blrlld. 10.2..C.
fcusar City prices: Crystal dominoes. 5-lb car
tons 7.27c; Eagle tabb-ts, 5.6;c; cut loaf. r,.G7c;
powder-d. 5.27c; XXXX powdered. 5.32c; stand
ard pranulated. 5.'-uc; tine ura iulated. 5 7c; ex
tra fin? granulated. 5.17c; granulated, 5-pj bajfs,
5.22c; uranulated. 2-lb l-axs. 5.22c; cubes, .4jc;
niJld A. 5..'2c; confrcti.meis" A. 4.s7c; 1 Columbia
A. 4.72c; 2 W'ndsor A. 4.67c; 3 Ridewuod A.
4 67c- 4 Phoenix A. 4..2c; 5 Kmj Ire A. 4.57c;
Ideal Gulden Ex. C. 4 5-V; 7 Winds, r Ex. C. 4.42c;
5 Ridpewood Kx. C. 4.3-c; ! yellow Ex. C. 4 27c
1J yellow :. 422c; 11 yellow, 4.17c; 12 yellow'
4.12c; 13 yellow, 4.07c; 14 yellow, 4.o7c; 15 yell jw,
4 v'.c; 16 ye:luv. 4.t2c.
Salt In ear 1 .t. 'J c'ii$l: small lots. $ 1 1. 10
t;ic'8 IVpptr. 17'vilrc; all.-plc. lOjlso; cloves,
E'ilSc; caia. l.Vde; nutmi's. I 'j 0c per lit.
r.traits I'rime marrow, bu. $2. ll'ui: ptlme
or navy. bu. $2'u2.1i; prime red klaney. bu. $2 75
tfj3; Lima beans, lb. 6Vi7c. ,
" Molases aril S)rjp-New Orleans molasses,
fair to prime. 2(23c; choice. 3"s42c; syrups.
i 2c.
Kice IxuJlana. 4Vr;Glvc; Carolina, 63 SC
hot-$l.C5'i.'1.70 per bur for drop.
l,-ad fl's'u c for preked bar.
Wood LM.h-s No. 1. per l.e--J. $22.:); No. J,
$2.:0'o2."5; No. 3. $2.'-C;x3; No. 5, $33.25.
Twine Hemp. 12'Jlie per lb; wool. s'ji'Vf; fax.
Ji.'.30c: paper. 25c; Jute. 12 a 15o; cotton, l!i25c.
Woodwiwate No. 1 tuba. $i'j6.5o; No. 2 tubs.
$:S.50; No. S tubs. $ö4.W; i-hoop palls. $I.W;
pure, uu;. iuuifcvi "vuiac, uaian
genuine, 35'u40c; magnesia, carb., 2-oz. 2rar'c'
morphine, 1. At XV.. Pr oz. $2.45T2.6J; madder,'
141U6c; oil. castor, per gal, $1.15'ul.25; oil ber-
Udiiiuv, k 1 i v. . s t uiiniit, i
& XV., per oz, 31tj3Jc; balsam copaiba, r.5'-j6oC;
soap, castlle, Ft.. 13"tfl6c; soda, bicarb, 2yc;
salts. Epsom, Piilc; sulphur flour. 1-'.j5c; salt
peter, U"ii4c; turpentine. 4y-i..5c; glycerine. 16Vip
2oc; iodide itassium, $2.45' 2.5o; bromide iotu
sium. 55r.i6(c; chlorate potash. 15'y2'c; borax,
12o; clnchonlda. äMM-'c; carbolic acid. 3i'a4c;
cocaine, mur., $5.055.25.
The Sunday
Four-Page Comic Supplement in Four
Adventures of Gason, Alphonse and
the Katzen'iammer Kids
The Bzbies of Indianapolis
Profuse Illustrations by Heitmann,
Wildhack and Other Artists
Alert Accurate Artistic
Biggest, Brightest Best
Clean Clever Complete
Order TO'DAY of Your Newsdealer
Price Five Cents
The Sunday
Jdipman Uro, present
'.ents now read v.
TUESDAY, "WEDNESDAY, Feb. 4, &-Mat. "Wed.
..13. XI. SOTIIEK:
if i were: lUNG."
Seats now ready.
ro a jvriFASf1IONABLU
Mr. and Mrs. Robyns Cook & Sonora
llaby Lund 4 Probyn HIstc
Wenona & Frank Mile. Chester
Hlograph and
Matinees Dally,
Prices xoc, 25c.
xoc, 45c, 50c
par k: to-day i s ft
Greatest Sensational Drama In Years
Tlie LnMt JSeiitonoo
NEXT The Rays in "A Hot Old Time.'
Wabash anl Dataware St.
One Wcolc Only
Commencing Monday Matines, Jan 21
Prices of Admission 10c, 15c, 23, oJx
Next Week Irwin's -liKJ SHOW."
FRIDAY, Feb. 7, 6 p. m.
State Intercollegiate
Oratorical Contest...
ADMISSION - - 50 Cent
Ticket9on sale at D. II. Baldwin & Ca
Music Store. 145-149 N. renncvlvariia St
2-hoop pall?. $1.4:Kil.50; double wasnboards. 2.3
4i2.7ü; common washboards, $l.üi5jl.75; clothe
pins, 60'y65o per box.
Oak sol. S3Ti"7c; hemlock sole. 27J??-5c: har
ness. 2 1 'i P'C bkirtinB. 204 c; single strap, 41'J
4.V; city kl. WiV,c; French kip. Wcftf 1.2ij; city
calfskin. yucfy$1.10; French calfskin, ll.yjl.&i.
Iron mill Steel.
Par Iron. 2.5oc; horseshoe bar, 2.75T1.V; nail
rod. 7c; plow slabs. 4.50c; American cast steel.
'Sülle; tire steel, Z'iiZlc; spring tteel, 4'ii;j5c.
Linseed, raw, 64c per pal; linseed oil. boiled.
C5c per gal; coal oil. lejal test. fcjllc.
nil hikI llorsrshora.
Steel cut nail. J2 C'.; wire rails, from store,
$2.65 rates; from mill. $2.65 rates. Horsenhofa,
per keg. $4; mule shoes, per ke. 4.50; hors
nails, il'i 5 per box. Harb v.lrc, galvanized.
$3.25; palnte-d, $3.1).
Hams Susar-cured. 13 lbs average, 1231240?
12 lbs average. 12'12'c )
Iard Kettle rendered. llc; pure lard. He.
paeon Clear sides, 5o to 60 lbs average. 10e
3) to 40 lbs average, pj"c; 20 to 30 Iba average!
lie: clear lollies, 25 to 2 lbs average. 10c; n
to 22 lbs average, lie; 14 to 16 It- average. HV.C
clear backs, 2i to ?-0 lbs average. P'2c; 12 to 11
lbs average. 10'jc; 6 to i lbs average. J0c. la
drv salt He lea.
Shoulders 18 to 20 lbs average, 9c; 1( lbs av
erage, Hie; 10 to 12 lbs average, 10c.
Produce, Fruit nuil Vejtetnble.
Malaga Grapes Heavy weights, $5.io
b Cranberries $2.252.U) per bu; $.7537.m r
Rananas Fer bunch. No. L I1.75Q2; No. 2. $1.15
til 50.
t)ranires California Navel. $2.75; Florida, $2.7$
ner box. ....
walnuts. 5"c.
Shall otts v southern green onions) cte per Jos
Persian Dates r.O-lb boxes. 4Vj5c per lb.
Vacoanuts fc per
CIIt-O-75 per brl; $2.75 rcr half brl.
Rabbit 75c per doz for drawn.
Seed a.
p.-ed c'over. irltne. JViviO; English cbTer,
tvjü.5); AlsiKe. IT'üS; Alfalfa, choice. $.'in:
Crimwm clover. Jeii'jJ. Timothy, prime. 1
a. 15. Fancy Kentucky b!ueras. $l.2..li 1.40; ri
tra clean. 6I'70o. Orchard glas. $l.f il 75.
top. H'C'u$l.75. Ensllsn tlurras. $2.253.
A SuKKestlon.
Washington Post.
Then Prince Henry might brin over en
or two of those drop-frame Herman Joga.
Dogs .re Rood enough for present fx
some people
Lemons Messina. W to rox. choice, $150:
fancy. $1; California lemons. $3 per box.
Potatoes n.'.y.HK: p-r bu.
Onions 11.4 per bu; tanlsh, $1.,5 per erat.
Homy White. 17 per lb; clark. i5c.
Cauliflower tl.5a r-er dox.
Apple Cooking apples. $3 50 rr bri;
lng apples. $1 per brl; fancy. $l.50'a5; Pen Davis,
l'(,tato-s Kentucky. rr Kl. ttt
r.ol $3.7'; Ladern Jersey, $4.
Els-New- California $1 fr 10-lb box.
CabbaKe Danish. II 25 ir brl; $1 per 1M lbs,
Camt-$2 25 pr bri
Turr.U s-l''.il !"r .
Parnips-tli-'?--" ,rKtrL
Lettuce-12-VM.. Il,-
Clrv Michigan. 2. g4'Jc per bunch; California,
relerv r..i' Pr t!uI
shelibark Hickory Nuts-fl.M per bu; Mack

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