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c OMMIRC iai i
Ycu knew what interest you
are to get. and ycu will be
certain to get it 5- per cent.
Minnesota farm mortgages.
We have dealt in them for
thirty years.
Low Building.
A. R- Thompson & Co.
Bankers and Brokers.
Dally Market Letter on
Stock, Grain and Cotton.
Constantly handling the largemt propo
BitioB in thr country we can handle
yourm. We act ron.su ltinl accountants.
Auditor. Accountant. Syatematiaen.
J O. Cil'l.LAM, Accountant for MM
IJJ SfevpBo. New 2259; C. U Ctttn 4292.
U. S. Government Bonds
and other
Investment Securities.
Special Activity U Noted In Builders'
Hardirnrf Linen Inrri-nniiiK De
mand for Wire Fence.
Wholesale hardware merchants report an In
creasing demand for builders' hardware lines.
Last year at this time there was a very notice
able fslllng off In the demand for this line of
hardware and during the entire season the trade
was of a light volume. This was due to post
ponement anl delay In building due. to a con
siderable extent, to labor troubles and the gen-
raj slacking up of business on account of the
tight money market. Conditions are much Im
proved now. and the hardware merchants are
predicting; a large volume of business In the
builders' lines.
The wholesale hardware business. In a gen
eral way. Is considerably Improved over the
same period last year and fur the first six
souths of this year leading Jobbers say the
volume of trade will be larger than ever be
fore. Price are firm and the few declines in
prices made since the first of the -ar are small
and are not at all significant as Indicating any
weakness In the market. Orders for farm wire
fences are coming in In largo numbers and the
general trade in goods for the farm for spring
delivery Is increasing rapidly.
Poultry and Other Produce.
(Prices paid by shippers.)
Cheese Wisconsin. 13c-. New York full creams
11c: Swiss. 16c; brick. 14c. ll-nburger. 12c.
Poultry Tom turkey. 12c. bens. Sc; cocks, 4c
capons, lie; young ducks. Ic; springs. S9$,c:
gee-, c per lb.
Butter Choice roll. 11c; Elgin creamery 28c
states 24c.
Eggs Firm at 2rc.
Wool Local dealers are paying for wagon lots
Good medium merchantable unwashed. 17c;
florae and braid, lie. heavy merino, io9l2c-half-blood.
12914c; burry and cotted, 120140
Western. 12c
Feathers Prime geese. 30c jer lb. prime duck
20c per lb.
Game Rabbits. 90c9$l per dox. $191.10 per
dos for drawn
Beeswax -30c for yellow, 25c for dark.
Oreen-salted Hides' No l, 7c; No 2. 6c-
Ho. 1 calf. Wc N o 2 calf. 9c. ' '
Tallow-No !. 3V I 3c.
(The quotations given below are the selling
prices of the wholesale dealers.)
( sndlei, uts. Figs.
Candles Capital stick candy (brie), 60 per lb
common mixed. 5c; grocers' mixed. 4c. Banner
twist stick. 748c; Raner cream mixed
Derby mixed. 74c.
Nuts Soft-shelled almonds. 15c; Brazil nuts
c; filberts, lie; peanuts, roasted. 78c, mixed
nuts. 12c.
Figs New Smyrna. 12c per lb.
Coal and Coke.
(Retail Prices.)
Half ton. Ton.
Anthrsclte (all sixes) $3 90 j
tmokeleis 3 15 6.90
Cannel 3.15 6.00
Bloesburg 2 90 5.50
Jackson (Ohio) 2.75 52:
Kanawha 2.50 4.75
Pittsburg 2 50 a : ,
Raymond 2.50 4 7;
Winifreds 2.5') 4 73
Hocking Valley 2 40 4.50
Luhrlg 2 40 4.50
Brazil block 2.25 4 n$
Green and Sullivan (lump and nut).... 2 00 37,
lack, smokeless 2.65 4 50
flaek. Jackson . i.gs 300
flack. Pittsburg 1 r;, - (l ,
Slack. West V-.rginU 1 65 jioo
Slack. Indiana 140 2.50
Connellsvllle coke 390 750
Oven coke , 1.90 7 50
12 bu. 25 bu.
leSmp coke. 12c per bu J2.00 $3 00
Ouahed coke. 13c per bu 2 15 3.23
Bags. 25o per t-n -xtra. ground floor or dumped
IB cellar; 50c per ton extra, second floor or car
ried In cellar. From wagrn. 2..c per ton extra
by wheelbarrow, chute or basket.
Alcohol. $2.510:70; asafoetlda. 40c; alum. 2,
4c. camphor, S0$Ä5c; cochineal. rhloro
ibrm. MOiic. copperas, brl. 65c; cream tartar,
pars. 8$JSc. Indigo. S.i. licorice, Calab.,
genuine. 3M$40c; magnesia, carb . 2 oz, 202zc;
faesnhlst. P. W.. per oz. $2.4S2.70, oil berga
saot. per lb. $3. opium. $3 50f 3 70 . quinine. P. A
W . per os. 31936c; balsam copabla. S4fiM h
1 ast-.le. FT.. Liaise: soda, bicarb.. 295c; salts.
Epsom. l0ec, sulphur flour. -'1r5c; saltpeter.
8ti'." . turpentina, 21t7oc; gl 16 Vu.
ladtde potassium. $2.4592.50; bromide potassium.
SKS&Oc. oblorat jtah. 15O20r; borax. 9912c;
olachonida. 294)34c . --artoitc acid, 27c; cocaine,
Baur .14 ii .
Dry Good.
Bleached Sheetings Androscoggin I 7c;
Berkeley. No. 60. ic. Cah. tol . 7c:
Cumberlan ! Dwlght Anchor. Kruit of.
the Loom. Farwell. 7,c Fitchvllle. 7c;
Wtaü Width. 6c. Gilt Edge. 6c. Gilded Age. lc;
111. .c. Mope. JHc; Uinwoo.1 .-, Lnsdale.
tSc. Peabody. c. Pepiierell. S-4 I'epperell.
10-4, Sc. Androscoggin. 1-4 :'tc; Androscoggin,
10-1 JSC
Brawn Sheetings Atlantic A. 7c; Argyle. 8c;
Boott C. 6c; Buck's Head. V- Carlisle, 40
tnch. 6c. Dwtght Star 7V. Great Falls E. 6,c;
Great Falls J. 6c, Hill Fine. T'tc. Indian Head,
To. Pepperell R. 6c; Pepperell. 10-4, 23c: An
djsoseogain. 0-4, 23c; Androacoggln. 10-4. 24c.
Prints Allen dress styles. 5c. Allen TR. 4V;
Ilea robes. 6c. American Indigo, .V. Arnold
long cloth H. . Arnold LLC, 7c. Cocheco
fancy. 5c; Hamilton fancy. 5c. Merrlmac pinks
d purples. 5V; Pacific fsncy. .; Slmpan s
ssournlngs. 5c: Simpson s Itertin soiids. 5V;
Ümpson s oll ünlsh. c; American shirting. 4Vc;
Hack white. 4V gras. MU
K!d-flnlshed Cambrics-Edwards, 4c; Warren,
A,", Slater. 4c; ienesee. 4c.
Tickings Amoskeag ACA. 11 He; Conestoga
BF Hc. Cordis .1 ac. 'ordls T l"c
Cordis ACK l2Hc; Hamilton awnings, 10c; Kl
aaooo fancy. 17c. Irnu fancy. 19c; Lenox XX
1 akla.nd AF. 4.-. Portsmouth. U',c. Sus-
ashanna. 14V. Shetuckct SW. 6Vc Shetucket
7Hc: Swift River. 6c.
Grain lteg" Amoskeag. $14 50; American.
915 v. Harmon $14 s-ark s
Ginshams Amoskeag. 6tc. Amoskeag drees,
Hfcc. Lar.-asirr. 6Sc; lancaater dress. TWc. Toll
du Noj
r lour.
Spring patent. $f 55 per brl; winter wheat
pat r- n,brls. $4 SO, strulitht grade. $4 In
brl low grs.de. $3 5t. extra fancy. In brl. $4 80;
buckwh-at flour. $6 10 per brl. graham, $444 45
par i.rl
Iron iiinl Steel.
Bar Iron. Mag horseshoe bar. 2.75c; nail rod,
Te. plow slsb. 4.50c American cast steel, fcöllc;
tire steel. $S spring steel. 4H96c.
Coffsa Good. t012c: prime. i214e: strictly
prime, 14l6c, fancy green and yellow, Uz$c;
V ot..
. Mi t rltet
Java. 284j($2r Roasted Old Government Java.
32 4 33c. finest Mocha and Java. 28'q30c: Java
blend. 23c. far.cv blend, lftc; Golden blend. l.".c.
Package coffee ("Ity prices: Ariosa. 12.75c; Lion.
12.75c; Jersey. L. 75c ; Caracas. 12.75c; Dutch
Java blend, l&c. Gates's blended Java, 12.25c;
Climax Java blend. 12 75c
Sugar City prices Crystal Dominoes. 5-lb
cartons. 7 10c; cut loaf. 5.70c; cubes. 5.30c;
XX XX powdered. 5 80c; standard powdered.
5.20c. fruit powdered. 4 S2c; granulated. 2-Ib
package. 5.15c. granulated. 5-lb package. 5 15c;
standard fine granulated, bags or brls, 4. ..c;
Rldgewood A. brls. 4.42c; Phoenix A. brls, 4.57c;
Emj.ire A. 4.52c. Ideal ex. C, 4 47c; Windsor ex.
C. 4.42c; Rldgewood ex. C, 4.37c; 10 yellow. 4.27c;
16 yellow. 4.12c; New Orleans tdark). 4c.
Molasses and Syrups New Orleans molasses,
fsir to prime. 2Sfy32c, choice. 38ft42c; syrups. 26
Salt In car lots. SS'S'SOc; small lots. 9Cc$l.
Spices Pepper, 17c; allspice, 15tflHc; cloves, 20
J'jc. cassia. 156 18c; nutmegs, 50$66c per lb.
Klc Louisiana. 4fi5o. Carolina. 6V'a-SVc.
Shot $l.4"'ql i per bag for drop.
Iad 4c for pressed bars.
W .od Dishes-No 1. per 1,000. $1 S0$2; No. 2.
$2': No -.. j -J N . $J
Twine Hemp. LfclHo per lb; wool. 6010c; flax.
203 ; paper. 15c; Jute, 12&15C; cotton. 22 25c
Wooden ware No. 1 tubs. W7- No. 2 tubs. 15
. No. 3 tubs. 3-hoop trails. II 69: L'-hoop
palls. $1.4001. 50; double washboards, 12 5042.7u,
common washboards, SI 85 1 . isj . clothespins, 609
6öc per box.
Oak sole. 32fi42c; hemlock sole. 28928c; har
ness. 33940c; skirting. 28940c: single strap, 419
45c. city kip. 0SOc; French kip. W5eu$1.2i; city
calfskin. 90c9$l; French calfskin. 11 2x81.85.
Nulls and Horseshoes.
Steel cut nails $2.25; wire nails, from store,
12 25 rates; from mill. $2.10 rates. Horseshoes,
per keg, $4.26; mule shoes, per keg. $4 3. horse
nails. $4ff." per box. Darb wire, galvanized, $2 75;
painted, $2.60.
Linseed, raw. 37c per gal ; linseed oil, boiled,
38c per gal; coal oil. legal test, llf?l4c
I'nn lalnns.
Sugar-cured Hams Indiana. 14 to 16 Iba aver
age, 13c.
Shoulders English cured. Reliable, 18 to 20 lbs
average, 84c; eugar-cured, Indiana, 8 to 10 lbs
tv-rage. 9c.
Pickled Pork Indiana bean or Jowl, per brl,
?00 lbs. $13; rump, per brl. 200 lbs. $13 . V; fam
ily, per brl. 2M) lbs. $16.50; fancy clear bean, per
brl. 200 lbs, $2'.fi0; fancv boneless pig. per bii.
200 lbs. $21. Also half brls. 100 lbs. at half the
price of the brls. adding 50c to cover additional
oat of package.
Lard Kettle rendered. 84c; pure lard. 84c.
Bacon Clear bellies. 25 to 30 lbs average. 9c;
18 to 22 lbs average, 94c; II to 16 lbs average,
104c; clear backs. to 30 lbs average. !4c; 12
to 15 lbs average, 10c; 9 to 10 lbs average. 11c;
clear sides, about 50 to 60 lbs average, 4c; 30
to 40 lbs average. 104c; 20 to 30 lbs average, lie.
In dry salt. Vic less.
Produce, Fruits and Vegetables.
Fancy Apples Baldwins, per brl. $3; Kings,
$3.75; Spies. $3 .25; Greenings. $3.25.
Bananas Large. $2 per bunch; medium, $1.50.
Cabbage Holland seed. $2.50 per 100 lbs.
Carrots 75c per bu.
Celery California, per crate. $4.25; per doz, 70c.
Cider Per brl. $4. half brl. $2 30.
Cocoa nuts- $3.50 bag. .iOc dos.
Cranberries Jersey. $2 25 per bu; $6.25 per brl;
McFarlln. $7.50 per brl; Howes. $8 per brl.
Dates Walnut. $1 per box. package dates, 60
lb box. 5c per lb.
Figs Smyrn , 10c per lb.
Grapes California rapes. per crate. $2 pony
baskets. 17c. Malaga, in br's, $494.50.
Hickory Nuts Per bu. 75c; shellbarks. per
bu. $1.
Honey White clover. 16c per lb.
Kraut Per cask. 45 gal. $5-75; per brl, 30 gals,
$4 7.". per half brl. lj gals, $3.
Lemons Extra fancy Messina, 360 size, $3.50
box. 300 size. $4; California. 500 to 360 size. $2.:0.
Lettuce He pjr lb
Navy Beans Per bu, $1.9002.
Old Pop Corn 3c per lb.
Onions Yellow, per cwt. $1.: red. $1.60.
Oranges California Seedlings. S2 per box;
Florida, 83, Navels, per box, $2.75.
Radishes :".c dox bunches.
Parsnips $1 per bu.
Pears Per bu, lift!. 25.
Pineapples Florida. Mr crate, $2.7501
Potatoes Northern stock, 75080c per bu.
Spanish Onions $1.25 per crate.
Squash Hubbard, 14c lr lb.
Seet Potatoes-Illinois, $3; Kentucky. $3; Jer
sey. $3.75.
Turnips 50c per bu. Rutabaga, 50c per bu.
Walnuts Native, EM
Seed clover, prime, $5 5004; English clover,
$6tft6.50; alslke. $912 Timothy, prime. $1.7592.
Fancy Kentucky bluegrass. $1.5001.75; extra
clean. 60970c. Orchaid grass. $2'u2.25; red top,
90cftl.75. English bluegrass. $2.
Sale of Block of KM) Shares Reported
General Tendency Strong.
The sxle of a block of 100 shares of Merchants'
National Bank stock at 1 was reported to the
Stock Exchange yesterday. This Is the first
sale of Merchants' National for some time and
the first sale of bank or trust company securities
this week. Quotation:
STOCKS Rid. Ask.
American National Bank 151 155
Atlas Engine Works pfd lOg
Belt Railroad common 109 112
Belt Railroad pfd 118
Brown-Ketcham Iron Works pfd 107
Capital National Bank 144V ....
Central Trust Company 130 ....
Climax Coffee and Baking Pow. Co 85
Columbia National Bank 109Vi ....
Consumers' CJas Trust Co 500 1000
Del. A Mad. Co. Telephone 45
Federal Union Surety Co 88 92
Home Brewing Company 114 118
Indiana Hotel Co. pfd 50 65
Indiana Manufacturing Co 100
Indiana National Bank 235
Indiana Title Ouar. A Loan Co
Indiana Trust Company 162 166
Indpls. A Martinsville R. T. Co 50
Indianapolis Fire Ins. Co 143 148
Indianapolis Gas Company 75
Indpls. A Eastern Railway Co 55
Indpls. A Eastern Ry. Co. pfd 90 98
Indiana Union Traction Co 12 17
Indianapolis Street Railway 81 85
Indianapolis Terminal A TracMon... 35 40
Lay cock Mfg. Co. pfd 75 85
Marlon Trust Co 220 225
Merchants' National Rank 196
New Castle Bridge Co 106
New Telephone Co 80 85
New Telephone, long distance 58 61
People's Deposit Bank 110 115
Rauh Fertilizer pfd 100
Security Trust Co 100 102V
Union Traction common 30 3:
Union Traction pfd 68 17,
Union Trust Company 228 V
Van Camp Hardware Co. pfd 107
Wasson pfd 102
Broad Ripple 5s 89 ....
Citizens' Street-railroad 5 !.' 107,
Del. ft Mad. Co Tel. 5s 90
Home Heat. A Light. Co. 5s 100
Indiana Union Traction 5s 80
Indianapolis & Eastern 100V&
Indpls. ft Greenfield R. R. 5s 103
Indianapolis (Jas Co. 6s 103 105
Indpls. Martinsville R. T. 5s 89 95
Indpls. St.-ry. bonds ils 81 R5
Indianapolis Water Co. 5s M 101
Kokomo Ry. ft Light Co. 5s 904 101
Merchants' H. ft L. Co. 5s 1024 103
New Telephone first 5s 89 91Y
New Telephone second 5s 8J :
New Tel.. long distance, 5s &
Union Traction of Indiana 5s 04H
With accrued Interest.
Rate on Loans nnd Eichanse-Clearings
and Dinronnts.
INDIANAPOLIS. Commercial paper, 6 per
cent.; time loans. "Vu P"r cent.
NEW YORK -Money on call. l2 per cent.;
closing bid, lttc; closed at 2 per cent. Time
loans eaav. slxcy days. 3'd34 per cent.; ninety
days and six months 44jU4 per cent. Prime mer-
cantllo paper 4f5 per cent. ; sterling exchange
irregular, closing nrm. witn actual business In
bankers' bills at $4 .8S.90&4.86 for demand and
at 94.82.1004.83.15 for sixty-day bills. Posted
rates. $4. 8304.864; commercial bills, $4.82S
MnrkriH for Silver.
NEW YORK. -Bar silver. 56V; Mexican doU
lara. 44c.
LONDON Silver bars. 27 5-16d an ounce.
Treasury Mntcment.
YV SIUNGTON Tuesday's statement of the
treasury balances in the general fund, exclusive
of the $150.0ü0.m0 gold reserve in the division of
redemption. hows:
Available cash balance $22., 295. 534
Gold 90.3:.2.118
Mone Hilten Vlirnnil.
l.-'Nl"N Money .! per cent.; discounts
363V Consols. SSftgV
I'XRIS Thr.e ner cent, rentes. 97f 72c for
xhf account. Exchange on London. 2.".f l4c for
BBBIilW Exchange on London. 2m 47pf for
he. ks. Discount rates: Short bills, 2 per
cent.; three months' bills. 2S per cent.
I ocal leji r intCs.
Tuesday's clearings
orreiondlns day last year
Balances Tuesday
. 1.017.8 01
. 306.246. 6
Break. 1 11 Miter liars.
NEW YORK. Jan. 19. -Bar silver declined 14
per cent in this market to-day, making a fall
of 2c yesterday and to-day. The decline here Is
due primarily to the break In London, but is In
directly attributed to the sudden lack of demand
frvm Inula.
nsilJKH vill i: 6BOWTI VOTKB I
4ii.i m or M lixgs.
The Market, However, Was ot as Ac
tive aa Monday's Transactions
Forecasted it Would Be.
Sales of stock, shares
Corresponding day last year
Salfs to date this year
To correrpondlng date last year.
.-,: 1 i.mm
1 1 .; 1 7. too
$f$gW YORK. Jan. 19 The promise held out
by the late stock market of yesterday was not
fully reallxed to-day. There was growth In the
volume of dealings and In the breadth of the
demand, but the animation did not hold good
throughout the session. The gains were yielded,
for the most part, before the closing, which was
Great hopes of an enlivened market were built
yesterday on the special activity and strength
of Rock Island and United Statea Steel pre
ferred and the second-mortgage 5 per cent,
bonds. These movements were regarded as evi
dence of s return to speculstive activity of
some of the leading capitalists, who have re
frained from any notable operations In the
market for some time.
The coming Issue of the new refunding bond
Issues of the Chicago. Rock Island A Pacific
Railway was supposed to account for the re
entry into the market of that party. The ac
tivity of the Steels was attributed to the stock
conversion syndicate, with a purpose to create
a market for their holdings of bonds resulting
from the stock conversion.
This seemed to indicate an element of strong
leadership in the market, the lack of which Is
supposed to have been the principal cause of the
persistent sluggishness of the market since the
turn of the year.
The professional and semi-professional element
of the speculation, therefore, came Into the
market with considerable enthusiasm this morn
ing. United States Steel preferred sold ex
dlvldend of $S per cent., and when the price
ros- to equivalent to with t$M MvMaadi
It became manifest that very many selling orders
would have to be absorbed before the price could
make further progress.
The same condition of affairs developed in
Pennsylvania when it rose to 120. There was
manifest heavy realizing In Amalgamated Cop
per, which carried It ofT a point below last
night's close, during me course of the day. The
.Rock Island Issues also failed to maintain the
buoyant tone of yesterday.
These developments in so important a group
of stocks had a discouraging effect upon the
bulls, and the subsequent speculation showed a
lack of enthusiasm. The growing abundance of
money resources seemed to have attractions
again only for parties of operators In stocks of
small railroad and Industrial companies, and
this class of securities again assumed the pre
dominance in the market.
The local traction stocks shared in the strength
of minor stocks. There was a late rise of a
point In Union Pacific, and the Erles rose from
1 to 2 points on the announcement of the declara
tion of the full 2 per cent, semi-annual dividend
on the first preferred stock. There had been
some apprehension that the full dividend would
not be paid In order to contlno the voting
trust. By permitting the dissolution of the
voting trust the dominant interest in Erie de
parts from the policy followed by the same In
terest In the case of Reading. In which the
dividend of the first preferred stock was reduced
In order to prietuate the control of the voting
trust, and In the case of the Southern Railway.
In which the full dividend on the preferred stock
was withheld until the stockholders had author
ized the continuance of the voting trust.
Realizing sales were resumed on the late re
covery and the market closed irregular. The
large dealings in United States second fives
continued. The market generally was somewhat
Irregular. Total sales, par value, $6,595,000.
United States bonds were unchanged on call.
Sales and the range:
Hish- Low- Clos.
RAILROADS Sales, est. est. Bid.
Atchison 14.300 6HK4 67 CT",
Atchison pref 1.800 894 89 89
Baltimore A Ohio 8,500 80 79 8OV4
B. ft O. pref 90
Canadian Pacific 3,370 117 117 117
Central cf New Jersey.... 1.100 163 163 163
Chesapeake A Ohio 2.200 33 33 33
Chicago ft Alton 3,80u 38 37 37
C. ft A. pref 900 84 83 83
Chicago Great Western... 8,4"0 17 lfi 7
Chi. G. W. pref. B 300 30 29 29
Chi. ft Northwestern 100 167 167 17
Chi. Term and Trans 600 12 11 11
Chi. T. and T pref 200 26 24 25
CL, C C. ft 8t. L 200 79 78 78
Colorado Southern 2O0 1S 18 18
C. S. first pref 100 57 57 56
C. S. second pref 700 26 24 26
Delaware & Hudson 2,ltK) 167 166 167
Del., Lack. A West 100 273 273 272
Denver ft Rio Grande 4.600 23 22 22
D & R. G. pref 1.800 72 71 72
Erie 71.100 28 27 28
Erie first pref 4.900 68 67 68
Erie second pref 4.400 49 48 48
Great Northern pref 170
Hocking Valley 100 74 74 74
Hocking Valley pref 83
Illinois Central 1,300 131 131 131
Iowa Central 100 22 22 22
Iowa Central pref 100 41 41 41
Kansas City Southern 500 20 20 20
K. C. S. pref 1.000 38 38 38
Louisville A Nashville.... 1.700 tatty 108 lo8
Manhattan L 13.300 145 143 144
Met. Street-railway 4,900 123 121 122
Minn, ft St. Louis 100 67 87 66
Missouri Pacific 12.5CO 93 92 92
Mo.. Kan. & Texas 2,700 18 17 18
M.. K. ft T. pref 700 40 40 40
Nat. R. R. of Mex. pref.. 0 40 40 39
New York Central 1.100 121 119 119
Norfolk A Western 600 6 57 57V
N. ft W. pref 85
Ontario & Western 8.400 22 21 22
Pennsylvania 24.800 120 119 119
P.. C. C. ft St. L 100 64 64 63
Reading 200 46 45 46
Reading first pref 100 78 78 78
Reading second pref 1,000 61 61 61
Rock Island Co 40,300 24 24 24
Rock Inland Co. pref 1,100 63 62 62
St. L. ft S. F. 1st pref 66
Ht. L a g F. 2d pref 2.700 45 43 44
St. Louis Southwestern... 600 14 14 14
St. L. Southwest, pref.... 3.100 35 34 34
St. Paul 17.500 144 1437 144 Mi
St. Paul pref 177
Southern Pacific 15.400 49 49 49
Southern Railway 6,900 21 21 21
Southern Railway pref 700 79 79 79
Texas it Pacific 2,800 26 26 26
Tol.. St. L. A West I 200 26 26 25
T.. St. L. A W. pref 100 3S 38 38
tTaasAsa I . i e. IAA tv? er. t o?
Union Pacific pref 400 90 89 89
"Wabash 2 0 2' 20 20
Wabash pref 3.200 39 38 38
Wheeling & Ike Erie.... 1.600 18 17 18
Wisconsin Central 10.200 21 20 21
Wta Central pref 2,700 47 46 46
Adams 220
American 190
United States 103
Wells-Fargo 2o5
Amal. Copper 37.7W 51 50 50
Am. Car and Foundry.... 400 19 19 19
Am. C. and F. pref 500 68 68 68
Am. Linseed Oil 10
Am. Linseed Oil pref 20) 29 28 27
Am. Locomotive 840 17 18 17
Am I co. pref 725 77 77 77
Am. Smelt and Befininx. 12,600 4 48 48
Am. 8. r.nd R. pref 600 90 90 89
Am. Sugar Refining 2.7"0 125 124 124
Anaconda Mining Co 79
Brooklyn Rapid Transit.. 24.300 50 49 50
Col FUiM and Iron 3,900 30 2'J 29
Col. and Hocking Coal 100 14 14 4
Consolidated Gas 1.2J0 194 182 192
General Electric 1.8C0 175 173 174
International Paper 1.200 11 11 nv,
Inter Paper Stwf 3") 65 65 65
International Pump 73
Inter. Pump pref 70
.-National wam 0 iu ssv 39 331
National Lead 200 15 15 15
North American 1.200 89 87 17
Pacific Mall 800 31 31 31
People's Gas 1.100 93 9g 9g
Pressed Steel Car 5"0 29 29 29
Pressed Steel Car pref 300 69 69 69
Pullman Palace Car 100 215 215 215
Republic Steel 2.3) 7 7 7
Republic Steel pref 700 43 42 42
Rubber Goods 2.100 18 1S 18
Rubber Goods pref 200 75 75 74
Tenn. Coal and Iron 70) 39 38 38
United States Leather 0)0 7 7 7
U. 8. Leather pref 600 77 77 77
United States Rubber 2.400 13 12 12
U. S. Rubber pref 1.200 49 46 48
United States Steel 4.800 11 11 nt:
ü S Steel pref 37.1K) 58 57 57
v estern l nion
500 S8 88
Total sales 573.900
Ex. dividend.
United States refunding twos, reg
United "States refunding twos, coup
United States threes, reg
United States threes, coup
t'nitfd States new fours, reg
United States new four?, coup
United States old fours, reg
United States old fours, coup ,
United States fives, reg
United States fives, coup
. .105V
U 5
. . 106
. .101
hlciiKo Stocks.
By Albert R. Thompson & Co. 's Wire.
Open- High- Low- clos
ing, est. est. lng.
3 3 3 3
W 33 33 n
1-' I-M4 128 i:n
American Can
Ann rlcan can pfd..
Diamond Match
National Biscuit..
35" SJi 39 3
National Biscuit pfd...
Swift A Co
United Boi Board
United Box Board pfd.
100 101 100 101
100 101 100 100
l4 24 2 2
18 18 18 18
Nev York Bond Market.
Atchison adjustment fours
Atlantic v jubt Line fours
Local Financial Gossip:
The Indianapolis Northern Traction Com
pany's 5 per cent, bonds will be listed on the
local Stock Exchange the 1st of February or
early In the month. The entire issue amounts
to $5.000.000. It Is not flkely that more than 1
$100.000 of them will be offered here. As there
is a large demand for high-grade local bonds
now and the market seems to be practically
cleaned up on these securities at present prices,
it la probable that the Indianapolis Northern
fives will find a ready sale. They are a first
mortgage on the Indiana Union Traction lines
now constructed to Noblesvllle, Tipton snd Ko
komo and to be constructed to Logansport and
Peru and a second mortgage on the old Union
Traction Company's property. The time limit In
which the issue is not to be sold in the open
market will expire Jan. 31. and It Is probable
that they will be quoted on the local exchange
the 1st day of next month or a few days later.
The Indianapolis Northern Traction Com
pany's 5 per cent, thirty-year, first-mortgage
bonds were issued about a year and a half ago
to secure funds to construct the line to Nobles
vllle, Tipton, Kokomo. Logansport and Peru.
The Issue was guaranteed by the Cnlon Traction
Company of Indiana, which afterward leased the
property of the Indianapolis Northern Traction
Company, then consolidated with It under the
name of Union Traction Company of Indiana,
and then leased this and Its other property to
the Indiana Cnlon Traction Company, which is
now operating all the property. It is understood
the majority of the bonds are owned or con
trolled by the Wldener-Elklns syndicate of Phila
delphia, which has large holdings in the Indiana
Union Traction Company. Some of the Issue
was also taken by George F. McCulloch, presi
dent of the Union Tract on Company and the
Indiana Union Traction Company, and those as
socisted with him in the two organizations. A
member of one of the leasing houses said yes
terday that Indianapolis Northern bonds will
probably be offered here around 90 or 92.
Albert R. Thompson ft Co. have the following
rather unoptimlstlc view of the general financial
and industrial outlook from A. O. Brown A Co.,
the well-known Wall-street house: "The new
year has properly begun with general retrench
ment, which Is always found necessary after a
period of reckless expansion. The example set
by some of the large corporations will soon be
followed by others, and the reduction of wages
and dividends ill Inevitably result in readjust
ment of values that will affect every branch of
business. Retrenchment is seen on every hand
in commercial, as well as in industrial circles
Baltimore ft Ohio fours
Baltimore ft Ohio three-and-a-halfs
Central of Georgia fives
Central of Georgia first lnc
Chesapeake ft Ohio four-and-a-halfs
Chicago & Alton three-and-a-halfs
C,, B. ft Q. new fours
Chi , Mil. & St. Paul general fours
Chicago ft Northwestern consol sevens,
C. R. L & P. R- R- fours
C, R. L & P. R- ft- collateral fives
C., C. C. A St. L. general fours
Chicago Terminal fours
Consolidated Tobacco fours
Colorado Southern fours
lit-nver ft Rio Grande fours
Krle prior lien fours
Eile general fours
Fort Worth A Denver City first
Hocking Valley four-and-a-halfs
Louisville & Nashville unified fours
Manhattan consol gold fours
Mexican Central fours
Mexican Central first lnc
Minneapolis ft St. Louis fours
Mo., Kan A Texas fours
Mo.. Kan. A Texas seconds
National R. R. of Mexico consol fours
New York Central gen. three-and-a-halfs..
New Jersey Central general fives
Northern Pacific fours
Northern Pacific threen
Norfolk & Western consol fours
Oregon Short Line fours and partlc
Pennsylvania converted three-and-a-halfs.
Reading general fours
St. Louis A Iron Mountain consol fives
St. Louis A San Fran, funding fours
St. Iuls Southwestern firsts
Seaboard Air Line fours
Southern Pacific fours
Southern Railway fives
Texas ft Pacific firsts
Tol . St. Louis A Western fours
Union Pacific fours
Cnlon Pacific converted fours
United States Steel second fives
Wabash firsts
Wabash debenture B
Wheeling ft Lake Erie fours
Wisconsin Central fours
Colorado Fuel and Iron converted fives
. . 93
.. 69
. . 7.",
.. 91
.. 72
.. 81
.. 96
.. 81
.. 58
.. 87
.. 97
. . 97
.. 85
. . 99
.. 70
.. 15
.. 9i
.. 98
.. 80
-. 75
.. 97
.. 7lVt
.. 97
.. 94
.. 95
.. 9
.. M
.. 93
.. 65
.. 89
.. 70
.. 9S
.. 74'
.. 90
.. 89
.. 73
General 1,1st Showed Increased
Strength 'esterdny with Steel and
Realty the Features.
A. W. Thomson
NEW YORK. Jan. 19. The opening was firm.
London bought about 20.000 shares. Interest
continued to be centered in the United States
Steel Issues. The preferred stock sold ex. divi
dend and was well supported around the open
ing price and showed a tendency to advance.
The sinking fund fives made a further fractional
advance on large transactions. United States
Realty preferred advanced three points on buy
ing for interests which recently became iden
tified with the management. After the noon
hour the market showed a reactionary tendency
and prices shaded off fractionally on profit tak
ing, but when the pressure to sell was lifted
from the market Its tone again became strong.
As a whole the list showed Inherent strength.
We believe that the action of the market glvea
With the Grain "Brokers;
Present Market Conditions
Ninety-three and one-half cents was bid for
No. 2 red wheat at the Board of Trade call yes
terday. This Is a new record high price for No.
I red in the local market. This was nt due to
increased activity of the local flour mills, for
most of the millers here are doing very little
business outside of the local field, but is ths
result of the advance In the option markets.
The local wheat market is a very small affair
now. the weekly receipts amounting to only a
little more than 5,000 or 6.000 bushels. Before
! ' . . crfi .. millon claimed thev
NO. reu gm iu
could not do a Profitable business because flour
. . f Uns w it n ln- W noa t
prices were away 01. 1 1 . n
market And the condition, from the millers
standpoint. Is even worse now. as flour prices
have not been advancing with wheat.
4- 4-
A. R. Thompson A Co. have the following
analysis of the wheat market from Flnley. Bar
rell & Co.: "May wheat has been exceedingly
strong without any serious reactions for a num
ber of weeks, and it seems, under any ordinary
condition, that we ought to have a good break
from present prices. But the present conditions
are most extraordinary. It is a fact that Ar
mour is long on a very large line of May. not
only through his own house, but through a num
ber of other brokers, and it Is a fact that ths
lnrse majority of the Board of Trade brokers,
especially those who do an outside speculative
busln.ss.yare short the May future. A careful
. anvass of the situation yesterday afternoon
J this fact to light Now. If the outside
Speculative public are short May wheat and
practlcullv all of their holdings are held by the
rmcur house, and the contract stock in Chi
cago so extmnely light, how are we going to get
a substantial break In the market? The nws
from day U day will cut no figure under the
above conditions, and it looks to me as f the
shorts will have to cover before we get any
serious set ba' k in the market.
4- 4-
A. W. Thomson. Wheat sold to 90c yesterday
for the May option. Trade is reported light.
Armour is said to have practically all the wheat.
Foreign markets do not respond to our advance.
The May option at Chicago Is within 2c per bu
of the Liverpool price. That shows how Chicago
can dominate th- wheat market. In view of these
tacts it Is hard for any one to forecast the mar
ket with any degree of satisfaction, yet it is
safe to say "that with nerve and good margins
one can take the short side. Corn. too. Is strong
and higher, influenced, no doubt, by the strength
m wheat. If the short interest in wheat shoul 1
be settled corn would drop back On any good
break, hawstrsr. I regard it a purchase. In pro
visions lard teems to be the leader. The foreign
demand is good, and this, with speculative buy
ing, may carry It higher. On sharp upturns I
think It can be sold for a scalp. Pork and ribs
nn.atn dull, and will be a scalp on the breaks
or bulges. Do not get short for big profits.
May wheat was a big bull market again yes
terday, without anything particularly bullish In
the news to mnke it strong, and the Russo-Japanese
situation a depressing factor If It was a
factor at all. About forty minutes before ths
close the May delivery went to 90c. another rec
top lor me uu). n 1 t-iig 1 11 ) rsu i a) ;i".u.l
have been of the technical sort again, partly
at least, and partly from Armour buying. Be
fore the opening Valentin, who Is the manager
of ths Armour Grain Company, said May would
be at $0c before ths close. This, on the face
UKI IIIf.ll r t.t . y mmm . , .i .1 111.11 n- k,
urn) V4C above the top price Monday. May
closed at v ' spilt, which is practically at the
. . W - J -. .Y-W ' - a
and Brokers' Talk
and. while this will undoubtedly prove of ulti
mate benefit, a change for the better cannot be
looked for until a new readjustment of values,
extending through the Industrial, commercial and
financial world, harmonizes the related elements.
A noteworthy feature of the monetary situation
is the reported difficulties of the railroads In
borrowing money for Immediate and future
needs. While on the surface the money market
appears to be easy. It Is said that a number of
roads have failed to place time loans, even at
rates higher than those currently quoted. The
general situation now is no brighter than It was
at the close of last year, and we believe the pre
dicted general Improved conditions predicted by
optimists are Just as sure not to materialize
as their other predictions of a higher and more
active market to follow immediately the begin
ning of the new year."
"There is no question that the money market
favors a hull movement in stocks." says Harden,
the Wall-street correspondent. "However, it Is
to be remembered that the continued upward
movement in securities has not served to stimu
late activity so far as the public Is concerned.
Stocks continue to advance, but still commission
houses report Inactivity on the part of outsiders.
The banks start oft the week with an even larger
cash gain than reported In the corresponding
period a week ago. In their operations with the
subtreasury since the close of business last Fri
day they report a gain of $2.200.000 from the sub-
treasury. Money continues to return from Tie
interior In Increased volume, and everything
points to a favorable bank statement this week."
4- )
Manufacturers do not look for any pronounced
improvement in the steel Industry during the
current year. They will be satisfied if they are
able to keep sixty-five or seventy of their plants
In operation. They say that if the Steel Cor
poration is able to do this dividends on the pre
ferred stock for the year are assured. The heavy
cash gains reported by the banks In the last
three or four weeks, it is expected, will serve
to help the Iron and steel business. Now that
the banks are In a strong iosltlon they will be
more disposed to advance funds to railroad cor
porations for construction purposes. The rail
roads, in turn, will feel more Inclined to add to
their equipment and, therefore. Increase steel
consumption. It is generally believed that the
United States Steel Corporation and other steel
concerns will make moderate concessions to the
railroad companies, although they hove not sig
nified their intention of doing this as yet.
It Is estimated that if conditions In the rail
road equipment industry grow no worse In the
next three months than they have been In the
last three American Car and Foundry should
show for the fiscal year ending April 30 next at
least $5.000.000 net earnings, after the deduction
of ordinary repairs and renewals. This would
compare with $7.o:9.902 for the previous fiscal
year, showing a loss equivalent to about 30 per
sufficient proof to Justify the opinion that It
will work to a higher level.
Meyer A xser.
NEW YORK. Jan. 19 Strength was msni
fested throughout the trading in to-day's mar
ket and at no time did weakness develop, al
though there were no very heavy advances in
standard stocks. Some of the manipulative
specialties were taken in hand early and put
up to fancy prices by the usual wash process.
The most important news of the day was the
declaration of a 2 per cent, dividend on the
first preferred stock of the Erie. This makes
4 per cent, declared on this stock with the fiscal
year, and, according to the terms of the vot
ing trust agreement, this dissolves the voting
trust. It is provided In the agreement that
whenever 4 per cent, shall have been paid on
the first preferred stock within any one year,
the voting trust shall lapse. The Northern
Pacific directors also declared the regular divi
dend of 1 per cent. Erie stocks were nota
bly strong throughout the day In anticipation
.of the dividend. Steels were a firm feature
and the Industrial list was generally well sus
tained. The Rock Island stocks were strong
and the. short Interest was very uncomfortable.
The tractions were well held, although Metro
politan had a set back in the early trading.
Standard stocks fluctuated within a narrow
limit, hut behaved very well. Realty preferred
was manipulated openly. It is a question
whether this sort of work will benefit the mar
ket as a whole. Foreign dispatches towards
the close seemed to Indicate that the Russo
Japanese trouble has been fixed up. There
was Increase In commercial house business.
Porterfleld A Co.
NEW YORK. Jan. 19. There was a continua
tion to-day of the active bull stock market.
The volume o. trading was larger and the en
tire list was benefited. Steel preferred and
Realty preferred, which is now controlled by
the Gates crowd, made good advances. All the
rails were strong. All the roads reporting earn
ings showed increases. Call money is down
to 1 per cent, and the banks are loaning
A. R Thompson ft Co.
NEW YORK, Jan. 19 There was a strong
bull tone to the stock market to-day, and such
Is the professional sentiment that we are In
clined to look for still further enhancement
during the week, some of the floor operators
expecting a five-point further rise on the pres
ent movement. They are well fortified with
arguments favoring such a proposition. Cold
weather talk was used to boom the coalers
to-day. We understand that the anthracite
trade is booming also and that it was never
in a better condition. We believe Reading.
Erie and other Issues of that group will sell
at much higher prices. Mr. J. P. Morgan is
behind the movement with his First National
Bank Interests. He is understood to be vtry
bullish on the coalers and the United States
Steel issues. A rapid further rise in inter
horough on the curb carried the traction list
up to-day. We do not know that wo care to
hull these issues, although It is probable that
they will participate in the general betterment.
We prefer such issues as Southern Pacific, Union
Pacific. Baltimore A Ohio. Atchison. Missouri
Pacific and Copper. St. Paul, to which we re
ferred yesterday, was strong to-day and Is be
ing bulled for 150 on this movement. We strong
ly recommend the purchase of all good securi
ties whenever soft. The market Is a creeping
bull campaign of a moderate character and will
be higher before you can realize it.
of it. would indicate that Armour was a liberal
buyer. The May opened at 88c and was strong
all day, stronger than the market the day be
fore. 4-
May corn went to a new record high price for
this crop yesterday, too. 49c. c above the
top price last week. Bartlett, Frazier A Co.
continued liberal buyers yesterday. It Is the
general supposition that this firm represents
the big interest in corn. They have bought
as much, perhaps, us 10.000.000 bushels the past
week. There is still a good deal of bullish talk
on corn, but the more conservative traders con
tinue to advise against taking the long side
extensively, as they say a set back Is due and is
going to come along one of these days.
4- 4-
While other grains have been on edge since
war became a possibility in the far East, there
has been singular apathy in rye. In view of the
fact that small reserves were carried over from
the previous crop. making stocks unusually
small, people in the grain trade especially in
terested in rye. think there is more reason fbr
excitement and a big advance in rye than in any
other cereal. The Blodgett Milling Company.
?fJarrviUe'..Wis ' ma"' of rye flour, who
take this position, say In a letter to a local
house: "Russia grows more rve than all of he
rest of the world together (about 60 per cent ""of
the total world' s crop), and is th world' s
greatest exporter of rye. shipping each vear
many times the total crop of the United Stätm
Rusfian laws prohibit the export of breadstuffs
of any kind the moment war Is declared With
Hussia out of the market as an exporter of
rye those countries that depend un her for
their supplies of rye must look elsewhere F"or
instance. Germany, the second largest rye nrn
duclng country in the world (about 20 p'r cant
Of the worlds crop) Imports each year more
than the total crop of the United State,, an 1 In
IS!" tunP7n r.Kmust cal1 your attention to
the fact that at the same price, In those, for-
SSUTSSt rJ'e d thC prefernc over
4 4-
There was a sharp falling off In shipments of
wheat last week from Russia and the Danubian
countries, only 472.000 bushels from Russia, com
pared with 1.564.000 bushels the week before, and
only 64.000 bushels from the Danube, compared
with MMN bushels. The Danube was rer-orted
froz-n over last week, which may account for
the falling off there. It is the time of year when
the Russian shipment? would naturally decrease
although port stocks are said to he'larze hut
th- bare liO.ililliM- r.f nr,.n . i V V
...i.K - TT, v ' "'luinii inieneren-e
1th shipments because of the prospects of war
gave the matter a special Interest. Shipments
from India were much smaller, lsi ono bushels
only, compared wfth 1.016.060 baaaels lat week
The American shipments comprise considerably
over half the total, which dropped nearly 3 000 ono
bushels from the preceding week. :..344."oOo' bush
els, compared with .232.0on bushels the week be
fore and 6.7fi3.000 bushels the corresponding week
Inst year. For some months shipment? have been
considerably neavler than for ths previous year.
G. R. Crowe, of the Northern Elevator Com
pany, of Winnipeg, one of the best posted men
In the Manitoba grain trade, says of the con
dition of supplies In that country: "We had
a small crop, as ever)' one knows now. and re
ceipts have been running light. From our re
ports I believe there are about 5.000.O00 bushels
of wheat back in farmers' hands above what
Is needed for seed to come forward the rest
of the crop year. With the stocks at terminal
points and in country elevators this will make
fc. . . C . .Art A.UI l W -1 M . .
: nuouv o.wu.uw uuanni ior export, unless the
demands of millers should Increase. Our prices
ata (i em a
TART KD iu i(- movi:mi:t.
overlna; by Short Holders Tronilnrnt
Feature of the Day's TrntlinK
Heavy telling; of torn.
CHICAGO. Jan. 19 An sdvanee of lc was
scored In wheat to-day. largely as the result of
an active demand for flour In the Northwest.
Corn advanced t4c. and oats were up a shade.
Provisions were unchanged to 7c higher.
The crowd In the wheat pit was bearish at
the start on an improved outlook regarding the
war situation. The peaceful utterances of the
Crar were reflected In a fair advance In the
price of British consols, which tended to relieve
anxiety In the minds of shorts. To give further
assurance prices In foreign grain markets were
As a result opening quotations here were easy.
May being unchanged to lower at RSSc to
8ST4c. During the early part of the session there
was considerable selling by the professionals
and prices were inclined toward a lower level. !
A support by the leading long, however, pre
vented any great loss. May holding to 88Sc.
At the end of an hour talk of a big flour de
mand at Mtnne.polls appeared to affect the sen
sitive local shorts Those who had sold on the
early bearish mws suddenly wanted the wheat
back, but found to their sorrow t.tat offerings
were not forthcoming. The result was that the
market assumed a bullish aspect and prices
started upward.
The market was further strengthened by the
announcement of a decrease of 1.190,000 bu
in the world's visibly supply figures. The
strength In outside markets also deepened the
feeling of conviction In the minds of many trad
ers that the long sile was the safe side of
wheat. In consequence an active demand pre
vailed the remainder of the session.
On the advance. May sold up to 90c. -and. al
though there was heavy realizing at that figure,
offerings wer well taken and the close was
strong at S"JT 90c.
Clearances of wheat and flour were equal to
G25.900 bu. Primary receipts were v Vi bu.
against 718,200 bu a year ago. Mlnneaixili. Du- j
luth and Chicago reported receipts of 46' cars,
against 468 cars last week and 427 a year ago.
Corn was weak early with these houses which
have been active on the bull side of late selling
on a fairly large scale The local crowd also
sold. Higher consols and Indifferent cables were
the chief depressing Influences.
Iater when wheat turned strong the market
rallied and a good many of those who sold early
covered at a loss. The shipping demand con
tinued good. There were more liberal receipts,
but the grading was poor. After opening a
shade to "4Hc lower at 494r494c May sold
up to 49Tc, closing at l $Q lr74,c. Ical receipts
were 560 cars, none of contract grade.
Oats were easier early along with other grains.
There was considerable selling by commission
houses and rricee showed some losses from yes
terday's level. Later the loss was all regained
on covering by shorts and on a fair scattered
ilemand. The strength In wheat and o.rn was
the chief supporting Influence. The close was
Arm. with May a shado higher at 4rHVc.
after selling between 41c and 41Tc. Local re
ceipts were HI cars.
Provisions had a Arm undertone and business
was of a liberal volume ana" mostly for outside
account. There was buying by commission
houses for Investment account and at the same
time a good deal of selling by holders with
profits on the hard spots. An advance of 5c to
10c In prlcet. for hogs helped to atrengthen the
sentiment, while the higher prices In grains
were a bull factor. The close was Arm. with May
pork 2Uc higher at $13. 20. May lard was up 74c
at $7.174. with ribs unchanged at $! 74.
Estimated receipts to-morrow: Wheat, 45 cars;
corn. 20Ö cars; oats. 113 cars; hogs, 47.O0O head.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles. Open- High- Low- Clos-
Wheat lng. est. est. lng.
May... 88 -88 90 S4 S94-90
July... 82-82 834 U-g2tt 34-834
sept... .4 754 7v 19
Jan. . . .
May . . .
May. ..
July. . .
454 454
4$ 4 -494 494
474-48 484
37 4-374
414-41 414
374 3-.S
334 334
Jan May... $13. 20
Jan... 6.874
May... 7.10
July... 7.20
$13.174 13.20
Jan .... 6.374
May... 6.70 6.724 6.65 6.674
July... 6.80 6.75 6.77 4
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour was
Arm. Wheat No. 2 spring. Vi 4 087c; No 3. 78
86c: No. 2 red. 85090c. Corn No. 2, 464c; No.
2 yellow. 48c. Oats-No. 2. -390394c; No. 3 white.
394041c. No. 2 rye. 55c Barley Good feeding.
40042c; fair to choice malting, 47058c. Flaxseed
No. L $1.06; No. 1 Northwestern. $1.1001 11.
Prime timothy seed. $3.25. Clover Contract
grade, $11.25. Mess pork, per brl. $13.05013. 074.
Lard, per 100 lbs. $6 9:4 Short rib sides 1 loose).
$6.274'ä6 324. Short clear sides (boxed). $6.6240
6.75. Whisky Basis of high wines. $1.27.
Receipts FTour, 33.S00 brls; wheat. 43.800 bu;
corn. 518,100 bu; oats, 285,600 bu; rye, 12,600 bu;
barley. 84.700 bu. Shipments Flour, 39.00) brls;
wheat, 27.500 bu; corn. 215.900 bu ; oats. 173.3U0
bu; rye, 15,100 bu; barley, 62.500 bu.
Available Supply Statement.
NEW YORK. Jan. 19 Special cable and tele
graphic communications received by BrsdstreAfs
show the following changes in available supplies,
a - compared with the previous account:
Wheat Cnited States and Canada, east of the
Rockies. Increased 290,000 bu; aAoat and In Eu
rope decreased 4.200,000 bu ; total supply decreased
3,910,000 bu.
Corn Inited State? and Canada, east of the
Rockies, decreased 14.000 bu.
Oats United States and Canada, east of the
Rockies, increased 200.000 bu.
The leading increases reported this week are
187.000 bu at Cleveland. lft.OOO bu at East St.
Louis, 146,000 bu at St. Joseph. 117,000 bu at
Kingston, 114.000 bu at Manitoba and Northwest
Territory el-vatnrs. 106,000 bu at Burllngtan, and
67.000 bu at Louisville.
Th leading decreases are 600,000 bu at the
Northwestern interior elevators, 153.000 bu at the
Chicago private elevators, and 56,000 bu at Depot
At That Time Arnionr Und the Mnrket
Cornered Ills Holdinars of May !ofv
Estimated at KMMMt.OOO Hnshels.
CHICAGO. Jan. 19 -Many bets were decided
between brokers on the Board of Trade to-day
when May wheat sold at 90c This Is not only
the top price for the season, but the highest price
since September, 1902, when Armour "cornered"
the market.
It was, as one trader expressed it. a "creeping
market to-day." Shorts, Andlng little wheat for
sale, were forced to Increase their bids. t'neaFi
ness over the political situation In the far Baal
has much to do In bringing about the bullish
tendency of th market.
But the most Influential factor In the present
situation is the congested conditions. According
to one authority. Armour has acquired a big line
of May wheat variously estimated between ! IN
and b'.ooo.OOo bu
Corn for May delivery told to-day ai 494c and
oats deliverable for the same month st 414c.
James A. Patten Is sai l to be running a big deal
in oats, while W. H. Bartlett and some of his
associates are said to be heavily interested in the
corn market.
Loral Wheat Priees lllaher.
The local wheat market ruled stronger yes
terday. No. 2 red advancing to 934c. Corn was
Armer. The range:
Wheat stronger; No. 2 red, 934c track; No 2
led. 934c on milling freight; No. 3 red, 9öc track;
January. 93c; wagon. 924c.
Corn firmer; No. 2 white, 4"i4c; No. 3 white,
4.'4c; No. 4 white. 43c. No. 2 white mixed, 45c;
No 3 white mixed. 15c; Mo. 4 white mixed. 43c;
No. ' yellow. 404c; No. 3 yellow. 4..V N t
yellow, 43c; No. 2 mixed. 45c, No. 3 mixed. 4c;
No. 4 mixed, nominal. 43c; ear. nominal. Ms.
Oats Armer; No. 2 white. 40c; No. 3 white.
39c. No. 2 mixed. 394c; No. 3 mixed. 39c.
Hay steady; No. 1 timothy. $11. iu. Nu. 2 timo
thy, nominal. $1'.
Inspections-- heat: No. 2 red, 2 cars. rn
No. 3 white, 14 cars; No. 4 white. 4; No. 3 white
mixed, 1: No. 2 mixed. 1; No. 3 mixed. S: No. 4
mixed, 4; no grade, 2; ear, mixed. 1; total, jo
cars Hay: No 2 timothy. 1 car: part N
timothy and part No. 1 clover. 1. total, 2 cars.
Com Old. 4"?.vc; new, 4'i4.V
Oats Sheaf. $S'al0 per ton. new, shelled oats,
37(i 40c a bu.
Hay Clover. $7.50'aR; timothy, $10 50ll; new,
mixed. $10911; millet. $9.
NEW YORK. Jan. . 19. Flour Receipts. 32.715
brls; exports. 30.633 brls; sales. 9.300 packages.
Market ruled quiet, but Arm and partly higher.
Winter straights. $4.1594 30; Minnesota bakers,
$3.8594.10. Rye flour Arm. Buckwheat Aour dull.
1 Want to Buv
New Telephone Bonds
'etcher Ennk J aild
mi i. in roM i v
3U-:tt l.nst Wash! iistosi Street
Absolute safety sgalnst fire and burglar. Po
liceman day and nlgsr on guard. Designed for
safe keeping of Money. Boens. Wills. Deeds Ab
stracts. Silver Plate. Jewels and valusbla
Trunka Packages, etc. Contains 2.U0 boxes.
Kent to ai5 Per Year.
WIIllM . 111. lit: . . Mnnnger.
Corn meal quiet
67c. nominal f. o
W IbAt-Recelpl
ssle.-. 3.2.t4)0 bu
94c eleVSt'T 'JitC
Duluth. $1.001 f.
itoba nominal f
easy on the ia
but meeting utroi
turned firm tMM
Hyp firm r . No. 2 Wt-stern,
b. afloat. Barley steady,
v v !u. exports. 7.194 hu:
futurt-s. Si t firm . N t red.
f. o. b. afloat. N 1 ivrthTn
o. b.
o. b.
e support at hl ago
advancing to high
in response to bad
points of th
croi news fi
4c net advi
924C July, t
Corn Rees
sal'-s, .' "
Season later.
m im um.-i , j strong at
ruse. May, l 3-164j4c closed at
' ' !-l6c. closed at 1184"
.ts. 2l.;.oo bu. exports. S6.SS0 bu;
u futures snd 4o.o90 bu spot. Spot
."6c in store &.V4lc f - l
firm; No
NO. 2 yellow. j.4c No 2 white. 534o Option
market opened lower with wheat, aft. r which It
recovered on exrx.rt demand snd covering, with
the close 4c net higher. May. j.,Su closed
at i.'c. July closed at tithe
Oats Ret . 1
4449444c: stand
464c: No. 3 wh
white. State, 4
Fe-d steady:
,-ot firm; No. 2 oats,
ilte. 46c. No. 2 white. et
, track white. 4.'.'i49c. treck
M,tl..ns nominal
t. . 4K'
Ci 49e.
Cll V
" ti.'l ;. Hay steady,
leather steady. Wool
Hops firm. Hlles firm
Be.-f firm, t'ut mests steady: pickled should
$.! ". Lard firm; Western steamed. $7.15, Jan
uary closed at $7.3.. nominal. Refined firm. Pork
firm : m - 1 ; '
Rl.-t steady. Molasses firm. Ooff ee Spot Rio
firm. Nc. 7, invoice. Sc. Mild steed v . Oordovg
frlS4c. Sugar- Raw rjulet. fair refining. 24c;
c-ni -lfujral. 9 test, ic; molasses sugar. Mfce.
Refined dull.
The market for coffee futures opened steady at
unchanged prices to an advance ,f : points on
buying eaeourafce.l higher French cables and
the continual light primary receipts, which. In
connection with teoorts of s better spt demand.
Is Igniting to predictions of a decrease ia
worM's visible supply figures on the nrst of the
mor.ti). There was considerable liquidation, snd
the market war only steady at the close with
prices net I points lower to 5 points higher.
Sales were iepirt1 of ll.00ii hag. lnclu.llna":
January at 7.207.23c; February at 7.30c; Mar n
at 7.Vff7.45c; May at 7.70C7 7V . July at 7 ;
September at S.ISO1 2"; November at 8. .100 & 3ic ;
December at 8.UfPi.4c.
Qnotatlons at St. Ionls, It 11 1 1 1 m ore,
Cincinnati anil r.lset here.
ST. LOriS. Jan 19 Flour dull; red winter
patents. $4 3.'&4.50: extra fancv and straight.
$3 9504.20, clear. $3.8003.60. Timothy seed nomi
nal at $2.2502.85; prime higher. Corn meal
steady at $2.40 Bran steady to Arm; sack-1.
east track. 804083c. Wheat higher. No. 2 red.
cash, elevator. 904c; track. 94096c; May, 854c;
July. M40M4c: No. 2 hard, 810814c. Oam
higher: No. 2. cash. 43c; tiack. 44c; May. 46c;
July, 464c. Oats higher: No. 2. rash. 33o: track,
40c; May. 404c. No 2 white. 41c. Hay stead v;
timothy. $7013; prairie. $509..W Whisky steady
at $1.314. Iron cotton ties. 81 K, Bagging. h
04. Hemp twine, 5c. Pork higher .' standard
nu-ss. Jobbing. $13.35. Iard higher; prime steam.
$6.70. Bacon steady: boxed extra shorts. $7 50;
clear ribs. $7.50: short clear. $7.75. Receipts
Flour. 14,000 brls; whest. 79.000 bu: corn. 140.000
bu; oats. 86.000 bu Shipments Flour, 16. oot- brls;
wheat. 60,000 bu; corn. 116. 00o bu; oats. 81.000 bu.
KANSAS CITY. Jan. IS. Wheat May. 75 49
75c; July, 724u2S,c; cash. No. 2 hard, 75
N 7 75c; No. 2 red. 924jr9ee; Nd
viv2c. 'orn May. 4'S'rf4Jc. July. 41" 4 ft 4JN,-.
cash. No. I mixed. 404ft41e; No. 2 white, 414c;
No. 3, 404041c. Oats No. 2 white, 39040c; No.
2 mixed. 3So. Receipts Wheat. 246. 400 bu; corn.
l".j v.i I,,,, oats, . .u Shlpen nts Wheat,
107.200 bu: corn. 52.800 bu; oats, 12.000 bu.
CINCINNATI. Jan. 19 -Flour steady. Wheat
Arm; No. 2 red. 9S097C. Corn Armer; No. 3
mixed, 469464c. Oats Arm: No. 2 mixed, 424
424c. Rye Arm. No. 2, 63c. Lard Armer at
$6.60. Bulk meats quiet at $6.50 Bacon steady
at $7.75. Whisky Distillers' Anished goods quiet
on the basis of $1.27. Sugar steady.
DULITH, Jan. 19 Wheat In store. No. I
hard. 88c; No. 1 northern, S64c; No. 2 northern,
S4c; to arrive, 88c; No. l northern. 864c; No. 3
northern. S4e; May. 8c; July, 874c. Oats On
track and to arrive, 384c.
TOLEDO. Jan. 19 Clover seed Cash and Jan
uary. $6 90; February. $'. 9.4: March, $6 974;
prime alslke. $6 40; prime timothy. $1 40. Wheat
May. 914c July. 854c: cash. 924c.
MINNEAPOLIS. Jan. 19 Wheat-May. 4c;
July. v-:4' Beptesnbar, 794c; on track. No I
hard. 90c; No. 1 northern. 94c; No. 2 northern.
86c; No. 3 northern. 790814c.
LIVERPOOL. Jsn. 19 -Whest Spot nomlnsl.
Corn Spot Arm; American mixed new, 4s 4d;
American mixed old, 4s 64d.
BALTIMORE. Jan. 19 -Wheat-January. 924c;
May, 934c. Corn Januar'. 50c; February.
LONDON. Jan. 19. The Arst series of the 1904
oil am tlon sales opened to-day. There was a
very large attendance. All grades ruled In seil
en' favor. Cspe of Good Hope snd Natals wera
firm snd sold well to home and Otrmin buyers;
snow whites at unchanged prices and greasy un
changed to 5 per cent, advance A moderate sup
ply of scoured aas taken chieAy by continental
buyers. M-rinop and hne crun lin-1 were un
changed. Medium cross-bred s were 5 to 74 per
cent, higher, and coarse grades w.-te 10 ;er cent,
dearer. Ther- were no purchsses for American
account. Following sre the sales In detail: New7
South Wales, l.'" tales; scoured. Is 14d?ls
94d; greasy. f4dGls. QueencUnd. 1.100 hales;
scoured. Is 4df?ls 4d : greasy. 740b'4d. South
Australia, 500 bales; greasy, 6dfjls ld. West
Australia, 1 'M bales; scour 'd. Is HWls 241;
grea-y. 44&114d. New Zealand. 2.90ij bales:
scoured. 4dfo Is 14d; gressy. r4'alld. Cape of
Oood Hope anl Natal, 70n bales, scoured. 9d4jls
Id; greasy. 64(10d. Buenos Ayn y, 1.000 bales;
greasy, 44T4d.
B ST iN Jan 19 Witl mal i i Mpj h. rhs
fleld business in th- wool mark-1 has been mod
erately good the past week. Th- rn.irk- t remains
Arm There Is s disposition to ask fur high r
prices, but manufat turers are inclined to hold
hack at any advance. The market for Territory
wools shows a fair öVmand, with values w-l
maintained for all grades For pulled wools ths
market holds Arm, with the call steady. For
eign wools are dull at Arm prt'-es Current quo
tations may be summarized as follows: Ohio
and Pennsylvania. XX and above. 84QM4c; X,
aOtfSlc; No 1. 32tz33e; No. X l32c, Arve un
washed, 23g24c, halt Mooi unwashed. 25926c;
three-eighths Mood unwarhed. 2U2$ . quart r
b'ood unwashed. 25&26c. flne wastu-,1 delaine, IS
696c. Michigan. X snd atove. 27r274c No I,
29 ''30c: No. L'H'a . Ans unwashed. llf(22o;
quarter blood unwashed, 25164' three-eighths
blood unwashed. 2543254c; half blood unwashed.
28926c: ne unwashed delaine. g2fJ8Sr. Ken
tucky liana, etc : Thr e-eighth l l"od, 2440
25c; quarter blood. 2492-V. braid. 224J28c. Ter
ritory Idaho flne. l.".4ylc; heavy fine, llfric;
flne medium. 16917c; medium. l7'-4Mar. Wyo
ming Ane. ll1fc, heavy fine, ttCtl4-. Ane me ii-
um. 164il7c; medium. t'tah and Nevada
Ane. l.'fofc-: heavy Ane, 15a 16c; Ane medium. 164)
017c: medium. 194t2 Lakots Ar.e. 154il6c. fina
medium. 144917c; medium. 19990c. Montana
Ane choice. 19'u20c; flne medium choice. 19930c;
average. 14 19c; staple. 194330c.
ST. LOCIS. Jan. P U.. stes-ly. medium
grades, combing snd clothing, 174j21c. light Una.
I'tl74e; heavy flne, 124 U V. tub washed. 3u
nutter. 4 hees- and I xus.
NEW YORK. Jan. 19 Butter-Receipts.
packages. Market
re.l ri.' r r n.
mon to choice. U
cieamery. Ü
ages. Market st
small colored. te
small white. IV
large colored, 6e
large white. Sep
airy. 144il . held.
"..J47 ps k-
ull reams, fancy
late made. 10'c;
late made, l-4c;
iste made. l4e;
H ba.
F.gss-Recetpts. .V.. packages.
Stat-? and Pennsylvania near-by
31 : State and Pennsylvania se
28930c; Western extras. 31c; Wei
Western seconds, 2&923c; refrtgen
in fair demand: extra Western
extra near-by prints, 27c. Kggs A
er: fresh near-by. 33c. at the ma
ern. 32c. at the mark: freh s.n
32c. at the mark, fresh Southern
mark. Cheese steady and in fat
Y-rk full creams, choice to fs
New York full creams, fair to gn
CHICAGO. Jan. 19 On the Pr
-I or in,
rage finest,
s to firsts,
firsts. J.?;
h Wet-
. at ths
cr amerles.
to-day the butter market was steady
ii&21c; dalrbs. l.'.'-rlSk-cases
Included, 26937c
Eggs steady: st mark,
Casse steady at 1"9
KANSAS CITY, Jan. 19 Eggs steady: Mis
sour I snd Kansas, cases retuti-d -14c; new
No. 2 whltewood- cases Included. .'.
CINCINNATI. Jan. 19 -Butter lower: cream
ery extrs. 24c. firsts. 2241224c; seconds 149
204c; dairy. He. Eggs steady st 25927c.
ST. LOCIS. Jsn. 19 .(utter lower, creamery.
15933c; dairy. 13 I.e. Eggs steady at 23c. c
OIL CITY. Jan. 19 Credit balances. $1 US- cer
tificates n . hl I Shu :.t- 1'. : rMvanle, 71.30J
brls; average. 72.2K brls. Lima. 55.946 brls; aver
age. 67.449 brla Runs Pennsylvania, 23.574 brls;
average. 61.707 brls. Lima. 13.4J6 brls. average.
42.375 brls.
WILMINGTON. Jan. It -Turpentine-Nothin
doing. Rosin Arm at $. - . Tat firm at $l.5o.
Crude tu:i-ntlne Arm at Z 50. $4.26 and $4 2S.
MoNTPEI.'KR. Jan. 19. Crude pstrsssnoi
strong; North Lima. $1 20; South Lima and In-
CH ARLESTON, Jan. 19. -Turpentine. 644.
Rosin steady.
SAVANNAH. Jan. 19. Turpentine and rosin
NKW YORK Jan 19 Tallow steady. Cotton
seed oil steady Petroleum staady. Kosta
ojoNTiNl 1L C.N 1'AGK 11, COL

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