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A Tale oj a Mystery and Its Solution
i 5
Copyright ly Little, Brown & Co.
SjnopnU of Preceding Chapters.
'J?1!?1 w0ninwlt5 ber youn on took l'vJplnss In a little village In Brittany In
SVih v- -?r-Ji?r.huSw.and- who.Tra ln a Prison a few miles away. Bent there for a murder o
iwfclch h. i wife believes him not uilty. An ancient rmlc rlnS. which tradition aal J ha1 been
made b OJIn. fipurea n the quarrel with the murdered man. and this ring the mother one day
howel to her hoa. Then she told him the story of his father, and mad- him prnrr.Ue when he
became a man to find the real murderer and clear his father' name. The fame nisfct the runic
ring was stolen b.r a masked robber, and shortly after the convict. Kric Marville. haln? e.
v m 'r ? n Was rfrCPard In his wlje room, and ln the flyht accidentally i-hot and
u . r" ftiK taken bark to prison he was rescued and carried off by friends. This Is
tn rrolog-ue to the main tory. which begins -with the return of Marville to the h'ui. of his
father, the Earl of Ormsbjr. who had not known where his son had be-n. A. his father's death
ha assumed th title, married and had a son. To his first wife's on he gave no hed fr noine
unexplained reason, but later heard that he was dead. The second eon returned from hi travels
after completing his education and brought with him a mysterious casket, which a wakeful
jruest ln the hone watch! him convey secretly to the lamiiv vault. The earl wished his on
to marry a your.g and wealthy cousin. Beatrice, and he reluctantly consented. It was this
cousin's half-brother Godfrey who saw the casket hidden ln the vault. At this Juncture Mris
jdarvilie, the earl's son. supposed to be dead, came to visit Godfrey, who was an old friend,
bearing, however, the name of Break 5par. the name by which his mctiier had been known Jn
Brittany. Neither he nor Godfrey knew of the former's relationship to the earl. Mris had come,
however, to follow up a faint clew concerning his father. He had translated the Inscription on
. the runic ring, a copy of It having been among hi mother's papers. It jointed to a treasure in a
tomb, and certain indications led him to believe that this ancient tomb was rear Ormsby. In
company with Godfrey he made a night visit to a mound In the neighborhood, du? Into it and
found a tomb containing a crumbling skeleton. He brought away the skull and a piece of tapes
try, but found nothing more. A beautiful woman. Lorelia Reviere, whom he rescued from drown
ing, he discovered to be in poBsessfm of a teeret concerning him. but the refused to give him an
Inkling of It. He wa greatly attracted to her and disturbed on finding that she was on friendly
terms with Lord Talden. son of ihe Karl of Ormsby. who was really his brother, though neither
knew it. It was accidentally discovered that the skull taken from the tomb had been pierced by
a steel Instrument. ths showing that It was not. as supposed, the skull of the ancient Viking,
who came to hi death, according to tradition, in another way. A bit of steel that drops from
the skull proves to be part cf a stiletto hairrin. Later this was found to be modern and. there
fore, the skull was not th.it of the ancient Viking- Idris made love to Lorelia and learned that
she hd been married a. year before to Lord Waiden. Lord Waiden was dipleat;ei with his wife
for disclosing their secret. She demanded that he make a public announcement of the marriage,
but he refused. During their conversation the fact came out that Idrls Breakspcar's name was
really Idrls Marville and triat he was in search of his father. Lord Wa'.den was visibly disturbed.
Lorelia read a play written by herself and her reading was so dramatic as to thrül her hearers.
2ext day Idrls accidentally came upon a scene where Beatrice, hypnotized by Lorelia. was de
scribing the death and burial of the Viking Orm. Then she described the entrance of two men
Into the tomb centuries later. anl the murder of one by th- other, but passed out of the hypnotlo
State before telling the name of the murderer. Lorelie. by herself once more, rereads an old let
ter from her mother, ln which she is told that her own father, Noel ttochfort, was Rullty of the
murder for which Eric MarvHlle was imprisoned in Brittany. Through her urgency he rescued
Marville from prison, but this revue made him an outlaw and he had to leave France. After
reading these letters Lorelle poes to Lord Walden's house and demands that he openly recognize
her as hi wife. Reluctantly he Introduces her to hia father, who receives her more graciously
than was expected, but is etartled on lfaminer that she Is the daughter of Kochefort, though he
does not acknowledge having known him. The earl learns from his son that Lorelle suspects
that he. the earl, is Eric Marville and that he murdered her father. She Is invited to po with
them into the -aults beneath the tastle and suspects that they have designs on herjife. but
he consents ta go. She tella them, after arriving in the vault, that she has told Geoffrey where
she was going ar.d that he knew the way to the place. The earl and his son show her the
tombs, with one exception. She demands to know who or what is in a certain eothn. and they
reluctantly show her a mas of Jewels. Jeweled cups and vases. She discovers that some of these
are imitations Hnd realizes that Lord Waiden has substituted therefor the genuine ones, but this
the earl dees net suspect
Local Man Passes Examination
Successfully One Other In
diana Winner.
CHAPTER XVIII Continued from Yesterday.
"And the irterest taken by your father
In the runic ; ring, the heirloom of the
Ilavensars. proves his pesrage to have been
the Earldom cf Ormsby."
"I fear jdu are dealing in fanciful
hyjoothesis," s,miled Idrls.
"Your likeness to the family portraits of
the Ilaver.jgci.r3 Is very remarkable."
"Merc coincidence."
"Not so. Lt is as certain that you are the
rightful Earl of Ormsby as It is that the sun
Is shining." J
"Hut nowrl in what way?" cried Idris,
impressed, in spite of himself, by her air
of conviction,
. ' . -i
'. V ,
1 v , . '
V "
i A -a.
t '
J i
; Ii.: :'
4 :: '
"That I caunot tell. I am trying to nnd
I thank you, I-uly Waiden, for Interest
ing yourself in my fortunes, but supposing
that your surmise should prove corect
what then?"
"You will take the title and station that
are rightfully yours."
"And in so doing deprive you of your
position? No, Lady "Waiden, I cannot do
that. If. as is implied by your words, you
are seeklbg to prove that I have a claim
to the Earldom of Ormsby, I would ask you
to desist. Let matters be as they are. I
am quite content to remain plain Idris
Brenkspear, and to leave to you the coronet
of the ilavengars. I do not believe that I
am of roble birth, but ln any case I will
do nothing detrimental to your position."
"My position!" thought Lorelie, bitterly,
as she recused the atttmpt made upon her
life. "Heaven help rn to escape from my
position! But she said, aloud, "you are
doing a wrong to your future wife. She
may not appreciate the generosity that de
prives her of a coronet."
"My future wife!" smiled Idris. "I shall
never marry."
"And why not?" ;
'Ther do not love who love twice.
Lorelie, knowing his meaning, trembled,
miserable and happy at one and the same
t,"ie"am glad he continued, "to have this
cnortunlty of saying good-bye. Lady w ai
den, for I leave England soon, probably
forever." liV
Lorelie received this news with disma.
Whether the feeling of pleasure derivable
lrom Idris's friendship was a right or a
wrong deling, she had never stopped to
inouire. but it was a pleasure, and a sense
of 'desolation fell upon her on hearing that
she wan to enjoy it no longer.
"A friend of mine has received a secret
commission from the Indian government
to explore Thibet, the tour to include the
forbidden city of Lassa. I have agreed to
accompany him." .
Loreile was not ignorant of the perils at
tending such an enterprise.
"You will never return." she cried.
"So much the better," he answered
quietly. . ,
She danced at him for a moment, and
then her eve& fell, for she understood him.
Involuntarily her mind was led to contrast
thp hsuband. who had sought to take her
life Nlth Idii. so anxious to keep her name
fair before the world: Idris. whose love
was such that he was willing to sacrifice
evervthintf-even his life-for her sake!
Sh could not hide the tears glistening be
nath her laches. The situation wa3 a try
ing one for both, but fortunately at this
moment ü third person appeared on the
" rr.rir. TTiprced from the garden porch.
and Lorelle, averting her head, essayed to
thr. tr.irrs of tears from her ejes.
Beatrice gave her visitor a glad greet
ing, but there was a subdued air about her.
due, as Lorelie Knew, 10 suuu
thought of Idris's departure.
"Has Mr. Breakspear told you that he Is
toing to leave us?" she asked, and receiv
ing au affirmative, she continued mourn
fuTlv: "As this is perhaps the last time we
shall be together you must stay with us as
we are just ;u'ut v.
Impulsively. "We will persuade him to
give up thi3 mad journey to Thibet. Lady
"Do not recall my unhappiness by using
that name: besides it is not justly mine.
Call rne Lorelie."
"Lorelie. then. I will come "to Ravenhall
and live there with you."
Lorelie's smile was like sunlight sweep
ing over a dark landscape.
"If anything could make me happy it
would be your daily companionship, dearest
"It is not safe for you to live alone at
Kavenhall." continued Beatrice. "I will
return with you to keep watch and ward
over you. Together we will work and make
what discoveries we can. If Idiis really
be the owner of Ravenhall we will do our
best to establish him in his rights."
The light of justice shone from Beatrice's
eyes. There should be a righting of the
wrong. Since the earl and Ivar had not
hesitated at murder, let them suffer the
punishment due to their guilt by losing their
rank and estates.
"And when that Is done," said Lorelie,
"it will be for me to retire to a convent,
and for Idris to place a coronet on these
tresses," she added, touching Beatrice's
"Ah, no!" replied Beatrice sadly. "He
will not marry me. Idris never loved any
one but you. It is impossible ior mm to
have you, yet he will never love any one
Lorelie was touched to the quick by Beat
rice's look of distress. She felt that if sho
herself had not appeared upon the scene,
Beatrice might now be happy in the love of
"Beatrice, believe me. I would gladly die
if my death would enable you to gain his
Beatrice did not doubt the rlncerity of this
assurance. Brave-hearted and generous
the little maiden harbored no resentment
against her rival.
"He will come to you some day," said
Lorelie, kissing the other tenderly. "He
has been with you long enough to know
your worth. He will And a want of some
thing in his life when he is away from
vou. He will begin to ask himself what it
is. 'It is Beatrice his heart will answer:
and he will return and seek you."
Beatrice shook her head, refusing to be
lieve in this bright forecast.
"Have vou told Idris of the attempt made
upon jour life?" she asked.
"We shall be doing well not to tell him
of it. He is hot-blooded where your wel
fare is concerned: his rage would lead him
to horspuhin both the earl and Ivar, or
p Hi HJlf CHI!
Hi fnj CI
Fletcher B. Wagner, son of Dr. Theodore
Wagner, of this city, was one of two from
Indiana successfully to pass the examina
tion last April for the Cecil Rhodes schol
arships to Oxford University. Young
Waener is an Earlham College and a Le-
land Stanford University student, and also
a rrndnntp of Khortridce llich School. In
all of these institutions he was a success
ful student and carried away many honors
in literary work. He was regarded as one
of the best debaters at Leland Standford
and won the Carnot medal for his work
In debating. Last year he was on the Har
vard debating team that defeated Yale and
the team this year that defeated Prince
ton. While in Shortridgo he was one of the
founders and the nrst editor of the Echo,
the high school paper. He is twenty-two
years old and Is at present taking the law
school course at Harvard University.
G. E. Hamilton, a student at Earlham
College, was the other successful candidate
for the scholarship. The passing of the
examination, however, does not entitle the
winner to a scholarship at once, and the
Indiana commission must yet pass on the
one who will be allowed to take advantage
of the offer first, as only one student will
be allowed to go from this State every two
yt'ars. In addition to the successful can
didates Charles R. Robbins, of De Fauw,
took the qualifying examination. The ex
amination was held under the direction of
a committee of five presidents of Indiana
colleges in the office of the state superin
tendent of public instruction.
One hundred and twenty candidates from
different States and Territories ln the
Union passed the examination. The suc
cessful candidates from the different States
Alabama. James H. Kirkpatrick; Arkan
sas, Neil Caruthers; Georgia, lt. I. Brooks,
T. H. Wade: Illinois. G. E. Beggs, John J.
Clifford, Robert L. Henry; Indiana. George
E. Hamilton, Fletcher B. Wagner; Ken
tucky, Clarke Tandy; Louisiana, Ralph
Many, --V. K. Read; North Carolina. Wil
liam A. Arrowwoo, T. P. Sprunt, Henry
Trantham. J. Horner Winston; Ohio, C. R.
Alburn, Carroll II. May, George C. Vincent;
Oklahoma, W. T. Kendall; South Carolina,
Wilson P. Mills, E. S. Towler, W. II. Ver
nor; Tennessee, John A. Hardin, G. C.
Scoggin, John J. Tigert; Texas, Stanley Ii.
Ashby, Louie N. Bromberg. Newton J. Mar
shall. Harry P. Steger; Virginia. A. Paul
Bagbv, H. Lewis Brown, W. A. Fleet; Bev
erly D. Tucker; West Virginia, Ervin L.
Anderson, Charles F. T. Brooke, E. It.
Seventy-Five Miles Both Ways on Interurban LinesForty Miles Both Ways on Steam Roads.
Where you will find the largest assortment of the rarest and most beautiful selection of staple merchan
dise in the various lines indicated below. Make up your list of things needed and come now.
OCT AS it FOR A REBATE BOOK, only sf tfta Stores of the Mcrnbcro.
WSay Not Your S
. jl f? nf 7is
a ...
a a
a ""
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a 'i
a " a
L. S. Ayres &. Co.,
Dry Goods. Cloaks. Millinery,
Shoes. Rugs, Draperies.
Badger Furniture Co.,
Furniture, Rugs and Draperies.
D. H. Baldwin &. Co.,
Manufacturers and Retail Deal
ers of Pianos and Organs.
Besten & Langen,
Ladies' Suits, Wraps and Furs.
BliSS,Swa.n &. CO., (The Progres.)
Clothing and Men's Furnishings.
Wm. H. Block Co.,
Dry Goods. Cloaks, Etc.
The Bobbs-Merrill Co.,
Books and Stationery.
Feeney Furniture and Stove
Furniture and Carpets.
Albert Gall,
Carpets and Upholstery.
Charles L. Hartmann.
Furniture, Carpets and Stoves.
Iske Bros.,
Furniture and Upholstery.
Paul H. Krauss,
Shirtmaker, Men's Outfltter,
Kahn Tailoring Co.,
George J, Marott.
Charles Mayer &. Co.,
Silverware and China.
W. H. Messenger,
Furniture and Carpets.
L. E. Morrison &. Cd.,
Trunks, Traveling Bags
Itubber Goods.
The New York Store,
Dry Goods. Cioaks, Shoes,
pets, Furniture.
People's Outfitting Co.,
Furniture and Houselur
Rink's Cloak House,
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Furniture and Stoves.
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Men's and Boys' Outfitters.
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Furniture Co.,
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Vonnegut Hardware Co.,
(Retail Deri.) Fine Cutlery and
Plated Ware.
Julius C. Walk & Son, .
Diamonds, Jewelry and Silver
ware. H. P. Wasson & Co.,
Dry Goods, Cloaks, Millinery,
Carpets, Furniture.
When Clothing Store,
Clothing and Men's Furnishings.
The Merchants' Association of Indianapolis will refund the ROUND TRIP
FARE to persons living within a radius of forty miles from Indianapolis upon the
purchase of $25.00 of merchandise from one member of the Association or from
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will be refunded.
fulfillment of the above proposition.
For Further Information Address John Tm S&UltOr, MtinaiJCr, IG Em Washington Stm (over Columbia Nzl'l Bank) Indianapolis
......................... .......... ...............
o ÄpÄ'SNÄ Äif'S. u Hears Twenty-Four Different Cor- Firemen at Intervals Will Allay
t .1.. ...11 f I I ..... . 4
lunchron. Will you noi jm
Icrelie readilv assented, and went up
stair wifh Beatrice to remove her hat and
mVou are not looking -very well. Lady
W"No!DDeatrice. And I shall'never be well
a pa in.
hrnrt- hp puessed that Lorelie's unhappl
ns arose from Ivar's ill-treatment of her
Mini UM'tl iri u
rrt I..011I fll T.1 CP v :lh
Alle I-CHII."". T.,.-Js, h,
Ti.ressicn sr. mi?eraDie uui i.
rrvi 'en ot eighteen, involuntarily drew the
SarrlSl voman of twenty-three within her
arms and ki.sed her cowolinKly o. . though
the vlscouutes were a little chiM. Anrt
Lorelie glad of such sympathy, clung to
Beatrice's embrace.
Ti.Mtr;ee. sne sam i . .
fhouM h'w that I have slipped from a bat
fi St on the roof of Havenhall and d!s
Tted m? neck or that I have lost my life
W falling into the lake in the park, remem
Vr th "t this event will not have happened
bv accident.
"What do you menu
Hinktne that Lorelie
"l.ei j uui -.i ...nt. of the
Did ne ana it? -v v "
1 . I wrk '
crasped Beatrice,
was tontemplatin
whether I am
phial that I
."ir.r n, of Strychnine." replied
i S rlght." said Lorelia with a
. lhe" i .Jtr .iAth -O. Beatrice, the
fare p.s "viiiic v , , ...
eur and ivar uitu f" " V " .u.
burst of indij?nation.
It was against
, . . 1 ...Ith -
S31U Jieain. "---- th.,t irelie's
A V 'll.tfl&7) kv
. ....... 1 1 k mill i.- -
ii ... - . , .
rv.o-ht lf. Sne CÜUIU II-
more circumspectly. We will lull them into
fai; state of security, and then, when
thev least expect it"
"What more she would have said was cut
short by Godfrey who, standing at the foot
of the staircase, asked whether he and
Idris were or were not to have the society
of the ladies at luncheon; and thus ad
jured the two went down to the dining
Godfrey was much struck with Lorelie's
pallid look, and determined, before letting
her depart, to take a diagnosis of her state,
and prescribe accordingly.
Though full of wonder when Beatrice
began to tell him of her Intention to live
at Ravenhall as Lorelie's companion, he
made no objection, surmising that there
was a mystery somewhere, and that she had
good reason "for the course she was tak
ing. "I shall be sorry to lose you, Trixie," he
remarked. m ......
it is only for a time," replied his sister.
"By the way." said Godfrey, turning to
Idris, "1 attended an old gentleman yester
day, one enthusiastically uevoiea to ooian..
and a little "toucnea, i lancy, utr ma
favorite pursuit. He told me among oiner
matters that he had once sown some man
drake seeds on the northern side of Orm-
feil with a view or learning wneiner me
..iani u-nnM outlive the rigors of our
t'KlllV ' - .
Northumbrian winter, ukui wu in in
dignation to find one cay tnat me piani
had been wuiiuny piucKeu up uy i iww.
I did not tell him that I could give the
names of the guilty persons, but contented
myself by suggesting that the renewal of
his botanic experiment migm nave muic
success. if confined to the limits of his own
caruen." A , .
Ah! then mere is unc ijäi" "iiu
observed Idris
But there are otners, remaiheu luitr-
lie "which you are leaving wmuu muuiveu.
rannot vou persuade Mr. Breakspear," she
added, turning iu uwuij, uuuuuu"
his expedition?"
"O Idris will come dick caiei, unci-
fully responded the surgeon, who did not
view the enterprise with the same fears
as the ladles. ."He will return cor "
irlorv He will nave aaueu u. aiuauic .uau-
ter to geological &cirm---, ouu v..
write a book." . 4.ÄÄÄ .
"Of surprising uunness, mitijttitu
Of surpassing interest," corrected God-
frev I wouuer juu iiri iw.v
thorship. for you have what I classify as
the literary neau.
"Don't! My vauuy is sie.. cuuu6u th
ready. 4-.l-.. ic nr.
Did you not Know mai vinc. w u t.-
,,art in rhrenolcgy? asked Beatrice.
. ... .1.1 moment lint thfl news
rr tiii I n !( ii. will' .v. ' v ...w ..
A J I. n . .
Ama Virv Ul'liui .UNri.i . io.,.. j
nn.ifroi- irive me an introduction
i.irU Rreakspear. .uuuii'uiuic .au....,
and let me have a true account or my cnar
iia rltiral. and spare not!
dt. It i. -.'- . IIHj'q hnmnr
nl Godfrey, respond i"-
nrn.ip(l to make a study
TaKe my
porations and Adds Eight to
Last Year's List.
Fears of Audience at Shortridge
Similar Mishap Occurred on An
other Structure, but No One
Was Hurt.
The Marion County Board of Review met
in its first session yesterday and listened to
representatives from twenty-four different
corporations of the city and county. Eight
corporations were added to the tax list this
year. The valuations of property, as com
pared to the valuations of last year, made
by the board yesterday are as follows:
1D04. 1903.
Advance Veneer and Lumber
Company $17,500 $17,30
Alaska Gold Mining Co
American Coal and Coking Co.
American Boiler and Sheet
Iron Company
American Box Ball Co
American Brewing Co
Aetna Cabinet Co
Aldag Paint and Varnish Co...
Aldag & Coonse Co
Abendrath Bastille Co
Allison Coupon Co 2S.310
Atkins. E. C. Co 43.670
Aquos Distilled Water Co 1.3-X)
Aiax Taint Co 5,10i
American Water Purifying Co. CoO
American Color Co )
American Buncher Mnfg. Co... 75,ö0
American Chemical Co S,0"0
American Construction Co tJ
American Press Asso 4,ii0
Realty Investment Co S1.G50
Indianapolis Llgnt ana i-ower
Company .jiju.wu
Foster Lumber Co A(M)
Bates Forge Co -,wo
51. 300
Blake Stone and Detective Samuel Gerber
were made defendants yesterday in a o,ouo
suit for damages tiled by Davis Schneider-
man, a merchant tailor on Massachusetts
r. .11 .1.1 .1.-4 4 1U
avenue, scnneiaerman ciauus uwi ai mc
instigation of Blake Stone he was arrested
and walked through the public streets of
this city to the police station, wnere ne was
soon afterward released by the police au
thorities. For this alleged raise imprison
ment Schneiderman claims that he suffered
grat humiliation and distress of mind, and
for this he atss aamages.
To allay any fears which may be felt con
cerning the safety of Tomlinson Hall in
case of fire, arrangements have been made
with Fire Chief Coots whereby firemen will
be stationed at regular Intervals about the
building to-night, when the regular com
mencement exercises of the Shortridge High
School will be held. The precaution is
taken in view of the recent agitation be
tween the state factory inspector and the
city officials, which has caused many peo-
3. pie to place an uncertainty in the safety of
the hall.
Until the late agitation Tomlinson Hall
has been considered reasonably safe in case
of fire and no hesitancy has been shown
by the people in attending public funcUons.
With firemen stationed there will be no ne
cessity for any one to feel alarmed. The
largest gatherings of Indianapolis havq
been held In Tomlinson Hall and there has
never before been a dread of fire.
As a result of the letter sent by State
Factory Inspector McAbee to Mayor Holtz
man and referred to the building inspector
Mr. Stanley made an examination of Tom
linson Hall yesterday afternoon. He said
last night after his Investigation that there
need be no alarm felt, as the building is one
of the safest in the city in case of fire. The
corridors, he said, are all fireproof, and
about the only combustible material Is the
floor in the main auditorium (and that is
laid in cement) and the boxes which were
recently put In.
"Few buildings ln Indianapolis," Mr.
Stanley said, "are as safe in case of fire as
Is Tomlinson Hall."
Mr. Stanley will make a report later glv
tT.fr his decision as to the importance of
making the changes recommended by Mr.
..O.M 1)
The partial collapse of two buildings and
the serious Injury of one man, accompanied
by the narrow escape of fifteen others, was
the record of an exciting afternoon in
building circles made yesterday.
While carpenters working on a small
building, in the course of erection at 613
Russell avenue, were preparing to strength
en the roof by adding extra collar beams
to the rafters, it collapsed, throwing Jos
eph Ilach, of 315 Sanders street, high in the
air, as the portion upon which he was
tinned to the ground. Ilach
alighted on his left eide, sustaining injuries
to his head and severe bruises all over the
body. The City Dispensary ambulance was
called and the injured man taken to his
But for a fortunate circumstance, the
collapse of the inner wall in the new Turner
flat building, under construction at 133
North Delaware street, would have been
a far more serious affair. ; The collapse
came at 12:45, just fifteen minutes before
the fifteen men employed at the point
where the wall fell, returned to work.
This wall was supported by three six-inch
steel columns, and these were snapped off
oo thnnsrh thev were straws. It is said
hat a vein of auirksand is directly under
the brick piers which supported these coi
mnc and that the nicrs began to settle, re-
Biiltine in the collapse. No less than 125,000
pounds of bricks fell with the wall.
The damage to both buildings was
mated at $2,500.
on Gas Ran
i f f;E Mr
-J-r - Tr f
Lilly & Stamaker
1 14-1 16 East Washington St.
Only 42 Licenses Have Been Is-
sued and Mr. Dunn Will Get
After the Dealers.
Daily Illustrated Joke
of his head.
Miss Kavengar.
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record my wicked characteristics. Now.
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she asked.
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as nine, ji
Next item, please.
rjo Be Contlnufd To-morrow.l
Drujrcists and grocers who, by the new
liquor ordinance are compelled to take out
a license, have been given ample oppor
tunity to pay their fees of JloO. and City
Comptroller Dunn is now preparing to
bring the law to bear upon those wno have
failed to get the license.
Yesterday forty-two of these dealers were
registered as having paid the fee. How
ever, there are many more than this num
ber in the city who retail liquor. One thou
sand notices were sent out to grocers and
druggists the day before the ordinance
went into effect. About half of these. It
is estimated, are selling liquor and should
have the license. City Comptroller Dunn
savs that after this week steps will prob
ably be taken toward making those who
have not the license pay the fee. All po
licemen have been warned by the comp
troller and arrests may ionow at any urne.
Mike Traugott Is Charged with
Several Things, Including
Wife Beating.
T(n(f no? Oliver avenue, a sa-
loon keeper widely known In Indianapolis,
and better known to the police, was ar
rested yesterday afternoon on charges of
4,Bi.nrMa nrr.fanitv . and assault and
Ul UUÄViliiv'-l t
battery on his wife.
Mrs. Traugott told Officers Samuels and
Morgan that her husband had been drunk
for a month, and that he had recently tie-,-oiT,
n tendency to beat her on sight.
When the oificers arrived at the Traugott
home they found Traugott in a towering
rage and his wife, with her head cut and
v.i0hc- rowerinc in a corner.
When he was connned at the police pta-
i h.. nirsfd his luck and wept by turns.
Traugott has been In the I'olice Court four
1-0 times on cnares ui i'jwuhs
'L 44 , v.
liquor law.
lhe Perfed
Gas Range
Sold at cost; delivered and
set up free of cost. The
most economical stove in
use vith artificial gas. Call
and see them in operation.
The Indianapolis Gas Co,
49 South Pcnnsylvaiia Street
Baseball Suits
Made to Order
Call and Get Trices
Eutchers', Bartenders', Bar
bers'. Butlers', Wa ters' and
Cocjcs' Jackets and Aprons.
Physicians' Ccats and Over
sleeves. H. L SANDERS,
206 Indiana Ave.
Established 1459. Phone 2561.
Holler Feeder, fire Pump,
Pumping Machinery lor all
poem A
First Strong-minded Woman I hear that
you allow your husband to carry a latch
key. Second Strong-minded Woman Yes: but
It's no Kood. lt don't fit the door, but it
maUea him reel good to carry iu
The special venire of. sixty from which a
jury was to have been selected ln the case
of Mitchell S. Meyberg. a well-known ticket
broker on South Illinois street, charged
wifh forgery, was exhausted yesterday and
a new venire of fifty was ordered to arpear
In th" Criminal Court this morning. Most
of thP venire yesterday were farmers who
According to the statement of the build
ing inspector for the month of May there
has been an unusual building boom in in
.uananolis this string. During the month
of May there was a triple increase in the
,Ant nf money expended on buildings
atiivuttk -
. iht nf the same month last year,
t ..,t month Building Inspector Stanley
Iued 41$ permits representing buildings to
co-u $T33.1"o. In the month of May. In03.
rrmits wore issued, aggregating a cost
of V C7 This shows an increase for May.
thNscar. of JlS.Si. Mr. Stanley said yes-
terday tnat tne lncrfras tau m iuuüuu
bv the fact that the
building laws are being enforced more rig
irfiv this year man
that the ngures
The Tonic
.ar 'y
II is highly recommended as t preventive cf J
V Colds and Influenza I
V and as a t peciCc remedy for ,
Y Typhoid J
and iMalarial Fevers, y
X. Z. F0UGERA & CO.. 26-30 s
Ycur paper Is not delivered
to you regular! 7 and early
enough In the morning, ba
so kind as to notify m,
that W3 msy rsmsdy thi
It should miss delivery, a
telephone message will
bring you a copy by mes
senger within hilf an hour.
ThB Indianapolis Fire Ins. Go.
5iad, Crosscut. Batcher, Fiichea aii Mill Si.
Capita! paid up in cash, $200,003.03
Assets January 1, 1904, $482,557.63
Surplus over capital and
ali otner liabnties
January 1, 1904 . . . $104,734.32
John ILBi liiy. ?ri5.J: v. A. C 4r:i. t
show that the
He Faid
were excused because of the rush rf farm
work at tnis time 01 n? j - vt - - Is ln a flourishing condition
ffiti5loColi Le UkCa UP I ide.tiarnUoU3 is firowltB rapidly.
73 Middle Drive. Woodruff Place.
u"rtor ceorr.mo.2it Ion for chr&cla and
Reliable Gas Ranges
1ZU-12 t:iT VA51IIGTO, ST11KCT.
SoJda Jcraal, bj Ihil, $2X1 a jcar.
; f.-
. !

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