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Daily State sentinel. (Indianapolis, Ind.) 1861-1865, September 18, 1862, Image 2

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Tili itiiw m.i ifil lll.ll m
pyjicraljc UülonStätc r Ticket
. ro wacatrraav or .TaT,
Of Marion CoaDit.,
ru cpjto or IT ATI,
Of Fountain County.
roa TaxAtkca er utat .
Of DirieM C entt.
o ATTORN KT itXftaaL,
Ol Deatur Cotntr.
. mtroTr.R or rzrtut covar.
O Poll ll Count T.
foa vrftaiivTt tiT or rtiut imtuctio,
Ol Alten C'uniT.
COfiltKilfOt AI .OTflATlO,
11 DstrictJOllN LAW.
3-1 - II. W. tI.HltlNiTON.
4th " W.3 HOLM AN'.
7th I) W V00Ü..IKE3.
!Uh DAVID lUiil'IK
1'h.h " J. K. KDSKP.ION
iith J. f. McDowell.
The I'nrandlllonHU" Sot satlfiod.
Upon the lecptioit o ih newa ou A.'oudaj
t-'ght that the Armj of ihe Potomic w,: driving
the enem from Maryland and had achieved ev
Tl decided, t-uete!. the ntinost enthusiasm wa
manifested, and the firing of Cannon, hhI bon
fire, and the ringing of bells pave evidence of
t e jinpithieof the pep!e. Even the Journ tl i
f r a ra n.it b;ims emlnd title au 1 on Tuet
dy m niinr il could fitid courage to rejoice over
;ai tr'mro:h:t of McClclla and the Union Arm
i the I'otonnc. It mid:
TuKÜai DsiGiircxijia! Theclou I of loom J
l'nv h i4 reritiu um n uin for ine inoniha Im
a; l i.it beim di'pebel. .imI the ua t vi;trjr once j
nrre hire ouire;leiidfntl. McCIellm h t (
beon-l II il'iubt, Je.'eitel the armies of Lee on
the jr i't)UMC. routing himI t'emor il z nß j
them curnpletelr. Tbflr Ii?e re hevj iu :
kille!, wimmle.1 ;in l miiiii?. the republic
rrjjice! Öull reuer ficturie will lollo! j
Aller a tlj' retiectiou it dicoTereJ that thi 1
rejo.cin,; oer McClillax waj not in the pro j
grtiue of the "uiHruiidttiunat." and the Re !
publican central org m t;uk the back track. In
iui.4iueofVeJiel.tr it liiu pitclie into Mc
T.id ue4 lit niht ieirror MfClcll ina big
ricitry u 1 o ir h in hei uuiih of ' Irv uiteilv.
Tlie division Mile4 t Hu per ' Kerry h- ben '
denritl, t;e lionerl kibe-l nnd $1 ,Ol),HH
Worth of iropertr ietroYe-l. Inpliiu Kuglisli,
M.'Clell-ta Im u.TereJ a evere of not dismiiou
deleft on one win.: of the Mrmr, 4 ml the firul ff
feet of the l: victor eem- to le nothing nut
Ui4itr. It i iitMtut time thit Iving bulletin
were eo'lel. Ppe lied In in -eil into iuiainy, Mc
CielUu in lol lowing him.
McCllllax dhl all in hl.. power U relieve and
reinforce Milkj. T ree hours' mru time
would have prevented tlie di-iter At
Uirper'j Fenjr, but 4 it wa the enemy
wa4 compile I t retire Hcro!i the rotoiunc
without rctpin the full dvantnes of the'r
teaipomrr victory. If the enemy i driven a1
all poinU fro i a M4rjl.uid, forte"! to retreat in
to Virgini.i, with he ivy Ke, cert.itnly no one
can question bu th it thi achievement of the
Union armj and it gallant committer, is h
inl aitd gloiious triumph oer the rebel
forcei. But the Journal cm tee nothing in
all tSi4 but di4troii.4 dcfe.it, beciu-e the de
tached ton-e at Harper' Ferry wa teuip-jiarily
overpoweiel, when McClillax'a irniy was dri
ving the enemy nt .ill other point. Notwiih
tiudiug the utee-te- the Journal say that
UcCLtLtA.t is following Fore Jtito infam!
Governor Moktum iudores this attack upon
McCtKLLA and the gallant army under him.
Li hij orgin of yeuerliy we find the following
Csurt Nikuouuiemeut :
The ilu'e oi. Monday ntght over tlie victory on
the I'oUuuic, W44 not ordered by 0 v. il-jiton, m
li iipjxe.l
K , no. it will not do to rejoice over the
triumph of our army. io matter how glorious
it results in tieleNtii g the etiemy, un!e it will
eiiute to ih beneGt of aouie pt of the rudic.iN.
The Abolitichi-t are determined, if they c tu
prevent it, tint MoClillam .liail not hive a vic
tory, and they fouM rj ice wrh the iebe!s over
hi deteat.
A IHctntor ItrcaiuiiiendrU.
The lodi in jMlis Dti'u African, n prominent
Republic tn org in, in un mt'u Se lnm which e I
CAiracl Hie ivliuwiit, iil-cc Ue ihe ulxditioti or i
tout disregard of the Ci ii-tiui'uui, ami the poo
Itmitiuii of martial l.w, which wo ild tiecesnarily
reuil in the H4umptioii ol power by a military
dictator Read:
The tlay i not low iu coevnt; round, in which !
wheiber to do good or to hunter evil, clear as well J
a & livfiv cuuv iciiotot and ruertUc volition be I
come itKli..pen4ib!e in (iovermne nt. I'laiidy the !
lormj ol civil Uoverumeut winch are aooptt-! to
tiui4 ot d Miie.lic l fate and concord me iiiMitli
cient lor limes ot civil war, and the dem md of
uch an hour is thai clear and lolly convictions ;
and ei ereitc volitions are to assume the pi ice ot
the jrfexribed form of Uw, tliouh administered I
by gooil ense, moderation m d ability. j
' We have tiled majtrit'mn iu this end war for j
ixtrrn nNnlhs. (loo'i $rnt ability htvej
charactertmi the Administration, rroaker to the
contrary iiotwith-.taiid.iig, asum:ng that the war I
must be carried on ou con-crvAti e and con-titu-1
tional pnnciple. Dot the time Ins come, in nur j
opinion, wImmi faßy convictions, rising f.r nboej
the voiueptions ol a Coititunon which no mre :
cooteatpUie! aucb a crisis than il c ntemplatfd !
the di-iurbitiive of the ws of pMritation, j
iiould be embodied in trrgiic volitions, with r '
wrthout the lorm of l.w, jihI beirm lon nil '
or Utilized ai d in raii ztl 0)0'iti'n, o.k only
to lh ruppressioii ol t'utt p-iriy a hkh, cit-reg ml .
iig nil lw or CoiiMtiuihoi ami ern i!n U of
ctiliryJ wnriare, is ynrpltng tur nation by the
ll.roai intent 011U on iu dertrucliou. Lite iics
above :oite!tttii4l ua.e. It would ! vrry
iniproper iu tinier ol tuiet to enter .1 lady's (.-lumber
without the uual tornta.ilic. but if her
houe is ou tire ibe kiuK-k'at the otn-r, which r
dtiiahly wouid b very gentle and oiervatie.
houhl le with an ax. energetic, leivin polo
fcirs aitd bluhvs to Ij tuIe alter the tr is n
tincuihei ai d the family saved.
In holt, we tl.ii k ti e limr demand of Mr
Lincolu or some ether acknowledged leader, such
kilty t wtivivtioii a to dec. re ihe nation in a I. It
ti dcMlh truw't;!e, aud to take ho hi ei ercc li
cally ot tvery aypoarance thai c-n aave it M r
Lai Uw hould be proclaimed at viae over the
hoit u.ttivu atd ettry nu' Itumi e rhould be :
mvle ub?ere the ;ieat woik ot atiag the na-!
tiou.- Ejections houid h iiidrÖnitvlt poUMnel
a ttd every businea. tiol euUl to uec c in ;
war, aht u'd ! -rxiilei .0 tar as it interleres '
will Uvotioti to the t-uiitry. Tolhia w mui '
cone. IVrlM;r ,we hate i.t lutleted enough
)Cl bT OUI tcüilt.X.Ug al.d CU.-CTatae pollt l 10
make ihia pvjl.c .cei.ttIr , but we will u!ti
a4iel. Till Dai -The returns to the Coinmi-ionrr ;
front iLe evrnl count'e au! the ie;jru from i
tl.ii War Drpattuaent a.4 to the condition of the ,
ok rgiment how that ottr Sute will only le
cKeü Ujion for itboul rii lhouaid more men lo
fill utir tjuot of troops The return will lej
publirhed iu full iu a few ti t, and iu the mean ;
tiu:e that number will be considerably reduced, 1
a recruiting is tili going on. Thw even fix j
thoinMid w ill make the fsrr rentage very light,!
and thedratl will not be ao tetr.bte after all. A 1
week or ten d delay will hit our quota with-1
ut It.
Speech of lion. Iloralio Soymour,
lief ore Ihe Drmorrntlc KUIeronrfn.
lion al .lb..n, "rpitiuhrr ly. MI
ta llrrrirlu; Ibf . at 1 11 . t i o n far
Mr. President, luting unilormlr and dec'dedlv
eipte!ed bit uu iliir..ne- to hold anyolli.ul
sj:tiori nt this time, I did not ex,ct tnjrji tru
w!d bs lrowrhl bfrs thi CMtve.loH. Tis
nomination you litre mt'le ul.jecl me lo great
inconveii er.ee, wbiteer imy be the re-ult of
thia election. I came to- thss - Convention ex
pclirtfi; to ai i in placing nt ihe hc-d of the t.cket
ihe narne of one whom i feel to he more fit thn
myaelflor tlut honorable pjilion. liut. sir. what-
em tnty be tlie iriurv t ) my?clf, I can not re
iu.e a nomin itioii made in a ra oner that touches J
my heart and fall ne with a u!l tronj:er ele J
ot my obhgttioDä tolh. greitand p.itnut!C prty.
In nd litjoii lo ut deit ol gritttu! Ut p-irlicuir
friends, I am impelled by ihe condition ol our
country to sacrifice my personal wihes and inter
est to it good.
Two year hive not ptel nwvy ince a Con
Ttntioni remirkible for its number, patriotism
aui intelligence, assemblel at thia place to avert
il po-iib!e Ihe calamities which alUct.oul pe ,-!e.
In rcpoctlul terms it imph.red li e leaders ol the
political party which had triuni; liel at j recent!
eiection Vt fiibmil lo the feople of this country
some measure of conciliation which would save
them from civil war. Il nked that before we
slioull be involve! in tl.ecvih aal liorroMof do-
oieiic oloixlstKil. tlnwe upon w hom it would bring
bankruptcy and ruin and into who-e home. it
would carry o'tsoljtion afiJ üc.ith, hould be I-loe-l
to ipe.ik. That prayer for the righo of
our j-eor-le was deride1 1 and denounced, an I laNe
as-urance were givett tint there was no danger.
The storm caruw upon us with all its fury and
the war uo constantly and tlenly loretoid, deso
lated our land. It is caid no compromises wouM
h ive satisfied the South If we had tried them
it would not now be a matter of d.scurdmt opin
ion. If thec oilers h ut not alihed the South,
they would have gratified loyal men ut the North
ml would htve united us moie perfectly.
Auimated by demotion to our Constitution and
Uufoj, our people raliivvl lo the Mip;oit of the
Government, and one ye .trainee showed an armed
strength that asionUhed the woild. We again
appealed to thoc who wielded this mighty mate
ri.l power, to tie it for ihe restoration of the
Union and to uphold the Constitution, and were
told that he who dnniuel lor the constitutional
rights was a traitor.
Congress assembled. Inexperienced in the
conduct of public alfiirs, drunk with power, it
beg in its cotir-e of Agitation, outmge and wrong.
The defeat of our urmie at Manassas, for a time
tilled it with terror. Under litis inlluente it
adopted the resolution ot Mr. Crittenden, de
clar.ng: That the present leph.raU civil war ha tefn f-rcej
axm tbe country by the di.-unionikt of ih- out!.ru
iaiea, now iu arm aaint the Cou-tltutioual liiiwrn
turnt, and In arms urouinl the capital; that in this n;i
tiaul enierctncy foiitie-, I in-Im. all teeLnicil m re
pss-ion or refi im nt, wiil reculieet "lily it Uuty t he
whole ountry; that thi- war is nut w.ied, 011 th-ir part,
in ant c ia.il of ipre.iii or for uny n xm- of cnnjuest
or ul',uxa(i.r., or nar;te f overttjrowiiijj i.r in er 1114
with the ri'jt i r et il.iu l lii-iiiutiii- of the k-laie,
but t defend and uiai' tjin hi Mipretiury i f iLe Con
MHutiuu aril t tie-rre the 1'nioii w tit all ihe tl'uiiy,
eju.!ity, Uli ! ri(ii' of the M-verl !tat- uiilmndireu, au 1
that a- ; 0011 m tLi-se objects are accuuipboLed tLe war
outit to r -e.
Again toe people rallied round the li te of the
Union. Hut no jtooner wete their leirs allncl
than they bewail anew the facliout intrigues
the violent li-cussioiis and tlie unconstitutional
legislation which ever brings dciett and tlisgrtce
ujsn nitioi.s. la vain were they warned of the.
consequences of their follies. In vain did the
Pi evident implore forbearance and moderation.
No act w s omitted which would give energy to
the Secessionists, or which would humiliate and
mortify the loyal men of the South. Every to
pic Calculated lo divide and distract the N'oith
was dragged into embittered deb ites. Prochtm t
tions of em incipstion were urged upon the Presi
dent, which could only confiscate the property of
loyal ci'izens at the South; for none others could
be reached by tli power of the Government
The confiscation act h id already for fei teil the le
gal rights of all who were engaged iu or who
aided and upheld the rebellion. These were ex
cited to desperat? energy by laws which made
their lives, their fortunes, the safety of their
families an 1 homes depend UHn the success ol
their chemn. From the dragon's teeth, sown
broadcast by Congress, hat e sprung tlie armies
which have driven back our forces und which
now be'e.gucrs the Capital of our country. The
acts of the National Legisdature hate given
pleasure lo the AbolitionUts, victories to the Se
cessionists. Rut while treason rtjoices and tri
umphs, defeat and disgrace hive been brought
upon the llag of our cuutry and the tiefender
of our Constitution. Every mm who vifited
Ynh!iigtoi bix months ago could .ee and feel
we were upon the verge of disaster. 13. set ir-1,
jeilousy, envy and virile pervaded its atmo
sphere. I went to the camp of our soldiers. Amid tlie
hardships ol an exhausting campaign amid suf
ferings troin exposure and want amid those lan
guishing upon 1 ols of sicklier, or tln.se struck
down by the casualties of war, I heard ami saw
only devotion to our Constitution, nvA love lor
our Country's Flag. Eicn ee biigluened as it
looked upon the National Siindml with its glo.
rious embl izonry of Stirs and Stripes. From this
scene of p ill iotic devotion I went in'o our N
tiou 1 Cipitol. I trat erred i's Mosaic pavements;
I gaed up n its walls of po!ihcl muMe; I si
n;n its ceilings nit tint wealth, lavishly pained
out. could do to make them suggestiv e of our
country 'i greatness au I its wonderful wealth of
vmie I piiHluc-iions. Arl h id ex'a m.-ted itself In
piituitig ind sculpture to make eery aspect rug
t-et'ivw of h'h .md noble thought and purpo-e
Full of the associations nbich ciu-ter about tins
vast Temple which sho'ild be dedicated to puri
otim and tiuth. I eutereil its Legislative Halls;
the.r güde-I w;tlis ind gorgeous lurniime iid not
contract more sirongly witu liio rude scenes of
in irtial lite than did the glistening putrescence
and tliii: lacquer of Congressional v irlue contrast
a Ub the tderiing lovnliv and noble relf-acritice
ol ur country's dr- enoers. I listened to debates
full of bilUriies ;lid stii'o.
I saw in ihe camp a hen tfelt homage to our
iiatiouil Üag a stern defnnce of tho.e who
d.!iel to touch its sacred folds with hostile h mds.
I heard in the Capitol threats of tnuti.atiou ot
its embl tz uirv by striking down the life of
States. He who would lend our National stand
ard by dividing our Union is a Traitor. He who
would put out one gotteriug star lioin its azure
field, is a Traitor, too.
the rar.st.NT condition or oca cointot.
Let us now confront the facts of our condition,
und tiiey sh ill be stated iu the language of those
win drought this A'lmuiwtr t'oii into power, nod
who now ate politic 1 1 y opposed to the meiniiers
of this Contention. Alter the experditoie ut
t early one thousand millions ot dollars, an 1 the
Men hoe of more thin cne . hutultel thousand
Northern lives, in the language ol the Kettling
V hat ba been the rr'jlt Our arwee f the Vet. the
ci-t It ticlrs ef t.rt l ci.tl.-oii ai.l l.itoh, tv M-til ri-U
ho tha'. no tu n fciiv iht ir wherewt cuts, w U ! lU tot
tlitt w-re M-t; tu di-js-re -a bun lrel m l-ia their re.ir,
ihr-. et..rii th? oir of TiWtwtr an I K titu-k. and
tun Iwtciiu tos jrJ ui.e ot the i.ri.c p.-l c n u rr ai
c.tit of ttr l.t-e iatc. 1 here is no ieatv f hip, no us:,t-
f ron.tnan-!. ) p. i ty no pliii or concert t ac:i--:i tu
ti e fu;ir rt kiuit - hav- uk1 riik:i t hM an I io: .'.
At th a'ite t.me. o r r.nj ..f th hat, nu.at.eri k 50,
0atrt.i. ruby rin-d i.l e4-ai,'i U a:i l aJmi.ably du-c-piitj.
U. a'ttr u;vt iig th cp;;al ..f the eu. riy, ha-
ti it nvf a t es i. i' oniial i"ioua ta iVi.ntMC,
Jecniat'-l tu nunilci aaU ui.rtpril t iuae a kiügi
vioruu a vtujiut Iu Advance
And it add?'.
Now i: i utif s tv" ft'M rur eye tf th? fact that this Is
a fsi urr, ungraceful, Luui.Lat':i.-, ac4 wiul.
The Erttiinj Jaumal, the acciel te l orgin of
theSecrttiry tt St-tte, now admits the truth ut-
ten-J in this hall when we assemMeJ here in
February, 1561; truths then derided and de
n-'ui eel as aLsunlaud tre leornble. It sn:
Ttir ha been a em acictma-T-r to tt reon'e f
tLt b-yl Us bare ietrcri Iba h-hy if an.ii r-
t.:i: our t neuro, w have ler H that thry are eiusl
ly Ou eua ly trv!y. e ,u.!y jU es w i;trU. ev)u ly
er. lc 1 !u tn irttal qn il f . f w:th oiirslv. . Wf I vt
leaned tie) ir terribly iu cri,ct iu their filTU 19
achieve the r iu.li.
The NVw Voik Trän te declares that
TL roun'ry 1 in perl. VWwed frta the Man 1 pwint
if lb pu:i: ei.u! i f ".Le m-uaUvHi," ti S. I . evtn ma
j t.l. Ihe icL ! etiu lo he pu-ha lot ward thoir frce
all alot-T ihe bordi r hne fr.-.u tlie A Ußt.C tu the il:
.un Ibyare threatetiitiit the l o . iuc a..J tiie tibio.
TtxTar tr.kin at t IiIh.k., C!rcl:.i.at. tot Uin.
voir. 1 h nti!u!ti:eoa movern-i.i lnth I rin i; .t.
rui'U'iiCiii;. it 1 Uru'tK teeau-ettrvuh ihr tiuoJity.
inm.iri.c) , er Ifi'.j of Iii' le.nl Owen n.ri.t, ll tust
lec.-iue t.uiporanlf orreful, i:1into tbe tue a lu
tneni in otu- portion of ihe free M.eahn a tna) reiju r
weaka to treaa Cp.
Iut ii is ad milled by lhs who were opposed
to Li ihst debt and defeat are not the heaviest
cahtnitiea which weih tu do an. A virtuous
people ai.d a pure Got etnuient cm ber up
a itsl any amount ot outward pt euie or phy a
icl calaunly, but when rottei.tie-. a.ni contiptHui
ervde the legislative lull or executive Ue;utrl-
ment the heut of the r-vtri-it f int n 1 hri rm
wither. The ornn cf the Secie'.-rv of Sta'e !
ad ml-:
' There have be-n tn-Mikc. TVre bar We rrolt
IK..I-. . r.i Bt Ii il m- ..raevd -d a-d Ui'-tl I e t e
i r rl tu I.-r-un--. t. I .,! rm h- nilDlii'i
fa Jb .d.ei.'u rr hae l'-ctel tue r m.tw i f
pf;4te rv n Ü. at uer ra. or have inckcl a's't tLe
iiat..uai cubital aid ;.iti.t for rr). ihercut if
tbr I... 1 t g.(hi-revl l Ul lite urc- k! t- r ai.J Or
Ced tb'Uj by it rrt'a. ollen. ve ilor. There ha Iren
sujuiaa.ui'Xt Ja. tLe . depa.'LOi ti; ..Ciini4ia.cuici.t
wnereer rr at la be ta bert -perfCTtTned a4 areat re-
poiitihns Ueilin. leu teu t'rti.Jeui ami Ch-lu-t
occrt a-H t'jaa ut-la. Otueralih erred be
cue ty eid 1 nut ra-p ih full iuiieaneu et ihn
drama, aid btu.e tbry wrn couipcllcU la tr.ae vul ou
ontroddeu paU.. tc Jr.
Hear the roice of a leading Republican orator:
I decbtrt u apon my rapon ihty a a Scnalor f the j
t'nihd Mate (ii Joha I', liale) that ths l.terues of j
thi. country ar n Kreatur duirt-r to-tlsy front tb'' currup- i
tioti aitd irom tb prollijtacy .rc:i -el in t hf varioa u.
parment ol the li.vertiin?at than they arc iruuitue urnn
etietay 'n tb ft. Id.
The New York World exclaims in sn agony
of remore;
It U w.ta ditnay ar.1 nnpeakabl bame that we. who
bave i,Kf ievl tue Aiinoiortraoo t frvui tbe bvg.iui.i..
o serve Ha a'iuM of il ruf arreat. I here u nuucu j
thin a. either Just.fy tior estenua in 1 comiuct in j
thi particuUr. tvery j-n: eiylr f AnM-ricu losrty,
every repaid tor the lot a I rtu-e, eei) ei.in ei;t ot J-
t cr, ery unpul-e of tn.tnLood, f nea out axa;i.l it. 1 Le '
man abu llil.k at al 1 al"-oi..(el (Kerinl that t!.ee ;
tbin taute. TLey M-era l.ke aome hi teous drcm. ttne j
can almost f,tiC) that MephiitopSiles bmiKif La I Kot ac-
ce-a into the Council of tbe tJoverninent. and Ly n-t-ae
deeice, fre-U fr.-m the p t, bad Uivrrted t' energies from j
th- reprei'u ol reuelhon to the nupprrsiou of liberty, i
The New ork Timet dem tnds a change in the
Admiii'tration and iu the conduct of affairs. ,
I hate thus carefully set forth t'-e declarations j
and named ll.e iu.e-ees lo this awful indictment, '
ig tint our tuler. for we niMii lo prut eed with all
the care and ei:.dor aud all the solemnity of a
judicial tnl unal.
It is with d sorrowful heart I point to theeil.wk !
lictuie.s. notdr.iwu by journals ol the Demot-ratic i
party, (rod knows that as a member ot tint pat j
r.otic organization, us an American citizen, I j
would gladly efface them if I could. Hut, !Ia, !
thev ate gmuu ie 1 u;u truths tint can not be
giiiisnd Ooee more, then, our Keriublic.iu fel- j
low-citizens, in ibis clay of our common humili t- .
lion and disgrace, we implore you, as res;a'ctlul!y j
as iu the hour ot vour political triumph, listen to !
our huge,etions. We do lirH come with reproaches
but with eutietties. Follov the pathway milked
out t v" ll t.oijiii!itin anj we s-n 1 1 be extnc a- i
ted from ot.r peiilous position. On the other'
h and, if )ou will still be governed by those a l:o
brought us into our pieseni condition, ton willj
learn too late that there aro yet deeper dtoths of;
tleiadation ttel'oie us, and greater miseries to be i
borne than thoe which now oppress us. N'av '
more, the i'te-ident of the United States appeils ,
to us all, in his cominuu. cation with the loval j
men of the border States, when he nays he is j
pressed to violate his duty, his oath of ofhve and j
the Constitution of tlie laud r re-sed by coward j
ly and heirtless men, living faraway (torn the
ecenes of war, fattening upon the we Ith coined
from the blood und inisei y of the land, nn I living
in thoe localities where oliicial inv e.-tig it ios
f.jow that this people and Government hate been
robbed by fraudulent contracts. Such men de
iiiHiil that thoe who have suilereO i:i t in this
contest, wlio have hovn the highe-l and fdire-t
patriotism under the tcnible trials of divided
tamdies. of desolated houie-1, of ruined foitune
atid of blood st lined fields, elmuM have a new
and further evil intl.ctel upon them dy the h mds
of ;t Govei nuient thev are -trugglino to njthold.
IS y the help oi (rod and ttie eop!e we wiil reiiet e
the l'ieioeiit from that pres-ute.
jttctssiTr r.R r.tKTT organizations.
An attempt is undo to clo.-e the ers of our
Republican friends to our appei!s beut use we act
as a sditical orgattiz itioii. Coi weo otherwise?
Would not the di-peision t-f this ancieut party,
identities as it is with the growth, itieatness and
glory oi our land, be looked unou as a cilun lt,
eten by our op,oneiitsT D.d not a sh.uj-.y fill
upon our country when it w .s torn npirt :ii
Cltaile.lon; and do not men of all parties point
to its disruption as one of the eiu-es of this un
natural war? Is it not just we shoti'd have a
iepieeutatioii in the State and National Govern
ment proportioned to ou:- contributions to oumr
mies and the ticisurt If If we elect all of our
ticket Ml this time, we hall have no mote linn
our proiKiiiioiial h.lle of p4litical pot er. It may
be said we hould meet wit;. out i eg ml to rxthtical
organiz itious itntl nominate ofheers. This i!e
stroys the objec t ol such organiz iti jus. 'I hey
would cea-e to be protections against abu-es of
porter or ihe inroads of corruption. Let the two
great pa i ties be honest and honorable enough to
uieel iu fair and open discussion with weil de
fined principles nud policies, t hen each wilt
eerie our country as well out of jotveras iu
power. The vigil."cc kept alive by party con
test guards agam-t corrupfoii or oppression.
This watchfulness is mot needed when unusual
expenditures of money pie-cm unusual tempta
tions lo the corrupt and selli-.li.
For another reason we can not disband our or
ganiz itioii. The Union men of the bolder and
tu ue southern Seite, without distinction ot par
ty, iiup'oie us not to do so. Tl.ev tell us a tii-
umjliof our party now would be worth more j
than victories ujxiii the bittle field. It would re- J
assure their Irienda, it would weaken their oppo- !
nVuts. Every advantage gained over Addition
ism puts down the rebe.liou. While they and we j
know there aie nnnv jut aud pattiotic men n j
tlie Ken-ibiicin p.utv, it is still true that its sue i
I cess give power and in ti aence to the violent and J
lan ilicil, and thai their party ucmn always goes
bevond their patty platfot ui. j
Eveiv lair man admits there is no w ar of cor- i
i feting abu-es but by a change of political lead- j
eis. The Repubiicati party demanded this theii j
they ch ngeil abuses upn Dem cr alio Adunu- j
itiatious. They thould concede the principle;
now. . !
Experience hows that framl pncticel by po
litical friends me not punished by men in poaer. '
ll is concealed that gro.s Irauds have leeu com- j
milled iu ditlVieni departments of (toveiinncnt; j
that iliey have brought disiiess u;s.n our sohncrs, I
deieat upon our arms aud disgrace uimoi our te - '
i pie. Hut not one m in has been puni-hed or made '
! to feel ihe piwer of that preiogatite whiih is
j claimed t be an incident of war-con irJtion, tint i
has done Dune to destroy tlie national power th ai j
armed lebeilioL . h is cone un-caihed. 1 hesenti- !
j nel w lu slept u;xn his po-a, has been sente.iced '
; to death tlieotlici.il whoclo-ed his eyes to frauds
j wh'cii destroy (H ai ndes, is cjuietly lentov e.l, by
I and with the advice of the Senile, and lepiesenls
i Hie n it ion's ehiraetcr at the capital of a Iriendlr
powci! Citizen of loval State who heirtt.ne the
ot'jecls Of suspicion to of nialiguanl Hssauits, hav e
been seiztii in their homes, dragged to d::i:t
; pi isons w it!, out ti i ll and without redre.-s, Idle i
i eich convicted plunderer walks fieelv and b ld
1 Iv among the people he Ins i-obbe l and w r onged,
j M il.iiiiiuiis.tnitiou demands a change of Adumi i
. islrati.'H 1
j At this time issues should be faiily and boldly '
' made, ll is no oi-hoiior lo ie mist iken, hut il is :
d.sgiacelul not to be outspoken. Let this .ir at
le i.t seitie q'ies'ioii.s of js inci; le. A lea months
will tieciile w ho rii lit nd w ho is w rong now, as
the j't-t tw. eirs h n e .-liovvu who weie right
and vtlu weie wrmg he et 'foie. We me in it
v.-rot the lih'.s of the St ite as weil as ol the
Grhera! G i eminent ; e are in favor of locil
se.f gov eri.tneil. a weil a the national juiis
diction wah.ii it pioer epi eie.
Wiiile we thus meet as a politic il orgn'zititvi,
it is t ot for p H i's m purpo-c- We can best sc.-ie
tiurcoutrrv in this iei uioii-Li;. The I'le-ioent .
oi the United States will beo witness tht lie has
not I. t n ie-seil i r cmb at risel bv us Weinte
I jiaiir ie.tol 'led to eterv call m t.Ie tn us by ,
i constituted euthority. We have level ail or
i tiers to re'n or- e cur armies When ue weie ui
jsotr f ueiioiiiue-l the higher law iloc'iine
j ihe principle th tl men ini.iii et up the.r mil
; ag inst the .-ts'utcs of the lano ' tie io;i il e. ;
' We denounced it when uiterelby Noithein men;
! ! touibaitiug I; now wlieu it is u-er'ei by
! the re'.e li mm S-'Uth. We repuJl ite it by sir ,
' m ttii.g to ei ery tieunn-1 of cur Got eminent m t ic
with. ii the l.ntila ot i igl.tful jui i-d.cliou. T ! .
cbeilienie hi not teen ton-trained lutt cheeriul-
1 1 re.ejei ef . ei en ii suj-port f party and policy
lo whit t we nieojtjsiM'd. Wehs-ve stnu-glcl to
8t.sta.ii n-t only the !et:r but the piiit of our (
;ius. We l eel i that we have set nu example f
. lot all V that will int be lo-t u;ou tho-e ojioseil to
. us. Hat ing d"iie our dtity, we now demand our
iti t a
lights, slid we stun ui in:s time sei ju eami ana
feailesjuuginetit ujsjii the eoiniuct of our ru'ers.
Out elnll n--t be li e Imgütce of discord and ,
vio'enee. Weilepboe the p-tsswonte and eir.bc
tite a-stjlts tf lead ng Republican journals upon j
thoe tioldii g ei t d or ntdimiy laii.ua Al-ne
all, we protect in heb ill ol uurintum ni ciuntry's
honor and dignity againt the r iuuerluta.e i d
tii-ie-j ecfnl ian.U'k towaids the Pie-ident of
the-e L'ni;e.l States Sui h lanu i-e w re. k ti e
t su'hoti.v if Goyen.iuei.1 and tends 1 1 anareuy
I and public tli-OivJcr.
j For another ri?ot we cvn not di-hard our or- j
; ga tii za don. No olher p.rty csn save il is coun-
try. ll alone in tieti iy ceil neu purposes ana
well tuled jtincipie.
ll ha been weil aatd in
our Congre lornl Addre-, that nn'.er iti gtiid
r- mfl- to 11;.. n. fc p.rn'4t: Ineri-a.ed 'o th-n.v
re,;; .ii. 1 r- v.la t a i u t xl i..ti hc. 1 a .
f -ir gu war- wer u. re-1 illy p. o e u ed. w .tli a m Mer-
a r i l4j a; -I ni.li anrj ,i..l i. n,a.l w il"t l!.r
ujii-i .ti "i ti, t. ,ws ,.irjMi, 1 1 t-st . i:..re tin
f tue Co ft ii,; ..n: hi n. li eti. n t.rta:;. a if iir:
W..U .1.1 uj'0'e-t'.rf a tA. W l)i iu
: without in i- lv .
cuiUi.!!.,! oir.r; :... -u Irma tu'U irrrd..n m tt?t
pre--, r f (,-eeh in or out of Onre-, but Sti the I
' (.. ,f ,v. ' , . , ,i ... .
m,'it cf tto r-se.-t slu e ul LoiU. ail a iihoutlh ar 4
in, 1 nie r; i:....u bin t ru L
r4 W I- -tr.-tor.- tjixa the lltnfö d toine-1
a; ourmic oi.e oi tlie war, and in tlie otter e a "or
Imited tie nrny t V'reet rcir rtiuc?rrr wtru Ll oly
Latals atvi wknte them to hc.piut.e Ktsve '
lKirir. atl tbi litae wealth n-reaed. .u:ne of all
kind, mult pi ed, pro-perity emil'd rn every kie. taxes
Wrrs low, wsifx were Ligh. tLe North s'xl the So h far-
r t.hed a market 'or each ober product at ro"-t ( rice,
public l.bery was secure, priTita nht Ui.d.nrurlM-.);
etrry man's hcue wsa Lis castle; the courta w- re epn
to all; tio p.-irt for travel, n ecret p-le. t.u pi a,
n ii-former, no batil; tt.e rif ht to am?'Ie eea
biy. the rUht ii tii on; freedom f relijr'oii, tre dora f
rech. a f.ee bl!o. and a fre pre.; aud all tL:a lice
tue C.-n-touiifu ruainlamed and ih L'uioa ol the St ate
pres. fi e.i.
Cot Tkt.
On the ether hand, the very ch trader of the
I. i . , . . . . i
iepubticaii tag imz Uioii makes it incapabeol
i .- .i V- i Vi f I
conducting the affiirs of ihe O verntnent. For
a erles ol years it hi practised a ay stem of co- j
ulilii'D.. with men differing iu principle, until it ;
can hate nowistinctive policy. In such chaotic
misses the violent bate most control. They
have been educating; their follower for teat-,
through tue pi ess, not to oey laws which did not
accord with their ie3. How cin thev deuni.d
euomis.-ioii irom wnoie commtiniiiesi, wni.etnev i
, . .. .... i , -.
... e , , . . , ., i I
contend that individuals may oppo-e lawsopjo-ed
to ineir consciences i i ney are mguer law men.
They iiisi-t that tlie contest in which we are en
gaged is an inept edible one, and tint thetei'ote
the South couid not avoid it, unless they weie
willing at the outset to siiuender nil thai toe t
olitionist!) dem inded, To declare thai this t o i
i . i .t..i ,j k . . ..... ...1... '
-1 ii ir l c-mir, uro-ilTTi i.o.1, vul miiv.l.s '
. . ... . ' i . .........
I'm me i a toveri ment wmco couio iioiiiiu i
Are such men the proper guaid ans of this (.,v j
rnmenl? 11. ue not their speeches und nets!
giten etiength to the rebellion, and Inte ihey not
airo enabled its leaoeis lo prote to their Oeludfl .
loi.owcis in it me contest was au urepieisio.e
Rut their leaders have not only asserted that
this content was iriepres-ible, umcss the S uth
would gite up what exiieme Rcj nbüc.u.s de
m ind, (tlieir local institution-) but Mio-e iu pow
er have done much to ju-tily Uns lebellion in tlie
eyes of the world. The guilt of the rebetl.ou is j
tietei mined bv the character of the Government I
I i . . r, , . . I
against w Inch i. is an. tied. ihe n.htoi revo-
t - .ii . n . . i - !
lution, in the lanuuae ol Fie-ilcnt L nco'n, i-
asicied right when exerted against a bad Gov
We charge tint this rebellion is most wicked
because it is against the best Gt et nn-cnt that
et er existed. Ii is ihe excellent e ol our Goteru
ment thai makes ies'oUtice a crime. Rebellion
is not net essai iiy tnon. It nmy bean act of the
li ghe-t virtue it may be one of the deepest de
piavity. The lebeliion of our fathets is our
plot. det boa-t the ic-I.ellioti of our brothers is
the humiliation ot our nation, is our national dis
grace To resist a bid Government ispatiiot
i.-in; to ie-ist a good oi e is the gieite.-ti.nilt.
The first is patrii ti-m. the la-t is tieaoli Legal
tr. bun. ils fan lilt le.trd re-isi.-im e of laws a- a
ciiine, but iu the fuum of ub..c -entniient il.e
cliir.cler oi the Got ei nuient tvili cieciue it ihe
ait is tie i -on r lairioti.-ui.
Our (Jot ei nmetil and its Administration ate
d lieient things, but in the eyes id' ihe ct iiized
wotlo itnu-es, tve ikness or folly in the comtuciol
all'aiis go far in justitt les.slance. 1 hateieol
to Voti the tesiiiuoitv ol Messrs. Greelei, Weetl,
Dry ant, Ritmonil and il Hide, eh.iring "iraui.
eon ui'iioii, otr.rare and inco.n; etency uooii those
iu power. Those who si m l up to tcstny to the
incoiii eiency ol these lepie-eni itit es of a dis
cordant party to conduct ihe affors ot our Gov
ernment ate politically opposed to us. Heir iu
mind that the etii ioi .iS-tnenis of I'. es dent Lin
coin grow out ol the eonllu ling view s of Ins po
litical liienos. and their habits ai.d nnc p es ol
iiisuboniinatiou His hands would be streugth
ene I by it Democratic victory, and if h s pni.ite
pray et nie mi-w et cI, w e w dl lebet e him Irom the
pre-suieof philai.ihropi.-ts w ho ihiist lor liioo.l,
and who call tor the' extei inin ilion of the men.
women and children of liie South. 1 he brutal
alio blcoily language ol paiti-ali eilitors and po
litical pi etchers hate lost usthe sympilhy of the
civilized oriel in a contest wheic all minkiud
should be upon one bide
Tinning to the leginlative dep art men's of our
Govei nmeiit, wh it do we see? In the history o
the decline and I a li ol intions, thete are no m.ie
utriking ilt.-play s tf iinuine-s iiinl lolly. The its
peuiblage of Congress throws gloom over the na
tion, its continu nice in se-sioii is mote di.i.-Tous
tfian dele it upon the battle field ll excites alarm
and il.sgu-t.
The public are uisap;oiutel in ihe results of the
w ar. This is ow ing to the dilVerin objects of tl e
people ou the one hand, and l.n.aii. i'1 iigitatoi-in
and out ot Coiigie-s on the other. In the aruiy ,
the Union men of ti e North and South b ittle il.e
by side, under one Ii ig, 'o put down rebellion and
uchold the Union and Constitution. In C"i.gies,
a fanatical nt jority mikewnrou the Union men
of the S uth and sttengtheti the hands of Sects
sionists bv words and act-- which en 'ble iheiu to
keepalite the fl lines of civil war. What is done
ou the ba'tle field b the b'oodand treasure ot the
people, is undone by Senators. Half of the time
is spent in factious measure designed to destroy
all conri lci.ce in ihe Government at the South,
and ihe re.-t in annoying our army, in ine.id.ingi
with its oner. itious, euib wr i-iiig our (ieneral
and in pnhli-hiiig undigested and unfounded se ui- j
f . . . U
Hal. u;ie p my is seeKihg to tiring about peace,
the otl.et lo keep alive haired and bitterness by
imiTicrch' es. They prote (lie wisdom of S do
limn, when he said: 'lt i an honor lo a man lo
ce'-e Iroin s riie, but everv-luol will bu med
This war cannot be brought to su,'-e-fu'
conclusion or our coun'rv re.-toied to an hot or t-
bits peace under the Republican lenloi-s for an
other leii-on Our di3i.-teis are mainly due to !
the ftct th t . they h it e lt d dared to toil the tiu' h
to tle coiinuaiiity. A system of in srepiv-eu j
tition hid btfea practise I so long ant so sue !
ce.-fully tint when the war burst upon ns :hej i
i .. I... .1... 1 'l :tJ i..lt . : I
ci CI lo lev mi; 'C'lnc : ' n i. inn oi niiuii,
, . !, . 1 . .. ' . .'
ano iney persisieo in a-suimg ine.r i. lenos tu n u ;
was but a passing exc temcnt. I hey -till a-eit-ed
tint the South was unib.e to in idiuut an j
carry on u war. Thev denounced a traitor j
every in iu who tried to teil ilie truth, and to1
warn our pc p!e of the mignhuJe of t tie con- 1
test. 1
Now, rny Republic in friend, you know thit;
the mis ippieheii-ioiis of the North with iegrd
to the South has drenched the I md w itu blood. ,
W.is ibis ignorance accident il? I anjetl io you.
Republicans, if l r c irs pt-t, through the pies
and iu puolicatioits which have been urel upv;n
vcur atitnti'di by liie ciders o; vour pirtv, ton
' , . . '
liive not been taught to de-pise the pweraini
re-ources ot theSjulii? I al 'e.tl to you to -iy
if tins te idling Ins not been a pttttd ihe mi-
ch'.tieiy bv wtocii pw.T b s i.eeu giiioo? I .ip-
pe il to you to aiin i if tiiose w ho tr e I to te u-h
ttuths now .id tu ttel liive lt d been oeno'iit ed?
I MptM-il to you if a book, beyond ail oilier-,
t ii-e, bloody au I Ire isoii ible, was not -ei.t out
witu ihe iodor-cineul of all y our m tu iget s; and
is it not ti ue that now, when men biudi to own
the. be leve l its statements, ih tl its autit ir is
h n reibt .in olli. ! slatioii? It :.' no irec'y
con:e-el by you ill tint jiu hive been ile.eittd
w un itspcvl to tiie South. Who deceived you?
Who, by la.se lc u huigs, intiiieil coitempl mi l
Ii itc int j the iioods o our pe p.e? W ho staioe 1
our ltnl w::!i b'i d? Wnoctu-ed ru.n and Iis
tie-? A I t!i -e things ate wittnu tour own
kirn le !rc Ate their author. ihe le i iei s to re
tue us irom ou c il ituil.e-7 They sin ink back
appille-l irom liie m;sc!t ei they li.it e w rought,
an I ted you it is an :i ie;ies-ib e contest. Tint
re ioii is us good f .r Jeilei son D ivis ; for them,
1 hey attempt 1 drwwu retiecli.ui by new ex-
ciieincols .irtd new apie.il to our pissions Hav-
ing aiieuly, iu legislation, g'die fir beyond the
l.m.ls at a Inch, by the r le-olutions. i.'tey were
pleiged io s.op, they now a-k lo adopt ineasuiet
which they htve beietofore denounced as ut.j t-t
and uncoo-ttutona'. For this retsou they can-
not s ive our country.
As our n ilion il calamities thicken upon us an
attempt is ni nie br their author to avoid lhe;r
te-'i-oiisib lines by insisting that our failures aie
due to the f ct th ; their me i.-ures aie not carried
out, although Got erntuent Ins alretdy cone lar
beyond it p'edge. j'lie dem ml of tlie-e men
will never cei-e, aimply lie-.-iu-e tl ey hope to
save latins ves from coif leuiuatioii by hit oig
uiisali-hea demands. At the la-t ee-t-oni C
pres. not only bol -bed slavery in the L.inct of
Ciumb a, but, to tpret eta in nous men, au act of
Couh-c ttioit atd eui incip l.ou was te-ed, wh ch.
in the o-miooii of leading Reptttdicans, was un-
Con-titntioiial and unjut. H th s act the rH-e's
hive no proj ert - not even iher ow u In es aid
they own no sl.ve-. Rut lo the astoui-lunent
au I dii;u-t of tlio-e wlu be.iete oi the (sdicv of
litutes iitid pfiK-lamaüon, the-e ret-et still lite
and fight and bold their sUvett. Tbe measures
aeem to hnve reipimated them. Thy hs.re a
euees and teiklf- way of appro: riJting the r
lives und jitojeitv, whlcii by ac t of Cotigre-s te
eg to ih. iu -u,;Hrt of the r eiu-e.
Hut I he- e I - it iti a I men line le in ed tint "t Is
nr e-irv I i:n victorv be I ore I bey tivi.le ih
s:sils iii.l a hit do thev liow pioase? Atiev
cu iot take the tro;eitv of rt bei bevoinl thei
ret-lt thev will t ike tlie pro; erit ot ti.e ioaluien
... , . , . -i i " i . .
ol toe border St ites Ihe vio.ent men of mis
. . - . .
P"'?. as you Know irom expertence, tnr cmeT
vative Republican friend, in the end have the.r
way. i hey now detmnd that the 1 resident htll
i-ue u proclamation of immeiiile and univers!
ectancipntioii! Agt n-l whom is this lo be di
reeled! Not against those in rebellion, !r they
come within the scope of the a.t ot Congiess. It
cm only be applied to ihose w ho h ite been true to
our Union and our flig. They are tobe puni-hed
for the r lovaltv. When we consider their eiiller-
ings and tiie r cruel wrongs at the hands of the;
Sece-stoiii.-ts. 1 he? r reliance upon our faith, is not
lins propostl blick with ingr ilitu-le?
The scheme tor an immediate emancipation j
Mnd a genet al among ot the si ives tiirou Imut i
the S'MOh, is a propo il lor ihe butchery ol w..-
i .a, .i. , ... . .. i ... , . t
tin ii ,iini iii Koco, 101 vecors Ol I'l-v nnu i.onn ,
.- i . .. ...
ot arson sind monier utiparal.e cd tu theh'sbHy
of the world. The horrors of the French revu u
lion would become tune in com;arimn. lisef
lects would not becou.'ioel to the Wii's ol cities.
but there would le a wide spreid scene of horror !
over the v.i-t exp.in.-e ot geit States, lttvoit iug
alike the the loyal au f el.ii oi-. S ich milig-
..i... .... I ...... ....li..AH...1l ...... .t... I '.A i. ... i. .. ......
no .11:0 con a ni ice ou at iiiu'.vc i.ic i.nn mrm c i
oi i.n intr i r.iinii e. inuin lens m ineuies
I L ir- . ... ...II. ..r .1 I
. - .. . - r . ...
kiuole.1 in the name ol leugioii, of atmcittes com
tnitiel iimler pietexts of order or bbertt; but it is
no uredthal -eenes bi.nxl.er than the world has
yet i-een eliali be enacted iu the name of ph. Ian-
thropy I
A proclamation of central and nrmed emanci
.ttioii at this time, would be a cruel wrong to the
A rieaii. ll is now ollioi.il: v declared in Ihe
t i . i i .
I ie.-i.iciiti.il ollies-e
e-i..ci.t id aibhesse-, vhi'"h are fortified b
Cotigies-ii.ni I action, that tlie negro cm not live
in the enjoyment of ihe full ptitileges of lite
among the white race. It is now admitted, after
on- infinite loss of bloolan l tre isiue. th tl tlie
gie it i.tcib.etn tve hive lo settle i- not the slat ei v !
but the nc.ro que-tion. A teinb'e que-tion. not
springing from statutes or Usages, but guiait.g
out of the unch uige .ble distinction ot r ice li
ia discut eiel at thi' late (1 iy, in Republican I M i
Hois, that tl is right to orive him from its soil It
is discoteitil by a Repubiican Congress, fter
convulsing our country W ith dt-cl nations iu fat or
of li s iiiiil rights, ;ii d as-ei linur that he was
. , J, . ....
be sent aw iv Iroin our land. I he is-ue is now
. ....... la. I a?...,... . I.. . I ... . 1. .. 1... . I..... I. I
changed. 'J he South holds that ihe Anicuiis
tit lo l.ve heie as a sl ive. Our Repnb icaii
(ioteri.ii.ent deires that he is tit lo live heie
at ii I
The Republican party can nots ive the country,
lceau-e through the powerful pi ess it teat he-con-tempt
tor the laws, Constiiuiiou onl cousiittited
authorities. Tuey aie not only destroying the
Union, hut they are sinking und we.krning the
whole sti ucttires of State as well as of the Na
tion il Govei nmeiit, bv denunciations of eterv
I iv sm I of .ul autl.oiity tint st and in the way i
ilieir p issons or the r fnirposcs They h it e not only
ciriied di-coul in' our -h in lie, au.J legi-1 itu e
hail-, but in'o ouraim'es. Lt cry General who
igtees w iih liiem iipun tlie so' j.-ci ot si i very is
tij'he.d if every act of i.j-u KUtrn itio-i aritl -us
t lined against the cieuest proofs id" iiioun; c
lettce, if not of coll uptioii. On the other Iimd,
every eotnin mi. ler who ddt'eis from their view?,
iijioti the .inu!e point of si n et v, is denounced,
not only for incompeieocy , but c instantly lepie-
! ei fed in evert act. No man is allowed to be a
C'.n isti in ; no in ii is renamed a- a st itcsuiau; no
linn is Miil'eted uumoie.-teil to do his duty a a
soldier, uide.ss he supjiort-. me n-uies which no one
dared to ure eighteen inohths sime. Thev iu-si-t
that m.riial law i- superior lo cotistitul iointl
law, that the wills of Generals in tlie field aie
ahoty ali resiraiuts; but i hey dem.ihd lor thni
.-elves ihe ri-lil lo oiiect and control the.-e Cieu
era Is 'I I ev elai'.n an influence hig Iter linn that
they wili aliow to the laws of the lind Ate
the-e displiys of iusubordin ition and violence
s de at this time?
The weight of annual taxation will lest severe
ly the loyalty of tin people of the North. Repu
diation of our tin on ial obligations would ciii-e
disonlei and endies m -ral evils. Fecuniary
rights wdl net er beheld more sacred tlnn per
-oTtal riulits. Repudiation of the Constitution in
volves repudiation of National debts, ot its gu ir
amies ol -ights of property, of person, and o;
conscience. The motnvnt we show the world
th it we do not hold the Con-tit utioti to be a s a
cied coinjiai t, we not only de-troy all .-eu-e of
security, hut tve tum aw.tv from our shore the
vast tide of foiein itiim gratitm. ll comes here i
now imt beciu-e tin re are not other Kkies -s
bright and other lands as ro luctit e as outs. It
seeks heie seeuiitv for tieedom for tights ot
conscience for immunity from tyraitic.il inter
teinices. u.d t "i -1 1 1 med liing impertinence. The
homo and fireside rujifs hetelolote vijtted by
tlie Ameiicaii people eijiyed under irotcclion
of it written Constitution, hive nude us great j
am' prospen tis. I eiiMfat y.m :g :;u. touch them
not with stereliuious hint 1-! W e are tlueateued
with ti e bie.kin no ot our social system, with
ihe overt brow ol S. ite and Nation tl (hit ei n
nients If we begin a war upon the compromises
of the Cotisiiiuliou tve must go through with it
It contains unity leairatuts upon our natural
It may I e a-kid by what r"ght do ire s:x -m.ill
New iiu.laiiil Siile-, with a p pul.ttioii um th tu
lint ol New l oik, h ue six times its -oer in
the Scui'e, ivh.' li ins bejotne the conti od:ng
br iiic: of (. it ei nmetil? Rv wh it n itural i luhl
do these Stites with their small unite I p.. pu a
l.oits and limited ten inn .e4 h dam e the (-ow er of
Nea- Yo.k. lVnnt Iv.tnia, 0'iio, Illinois, ln iima
Hid al chigai ? The v.t.-t ti bt glow ing out ...
i Ins war will gie i;-e to ne.v and angry d;scm
.-ions. It wi l bu I. el I alin.st exclusively in a
few Atlantic S ates. Look upon the irtip of ihr
Union and see how sm ill is the tcrritoi in w hah !
it will be om.td. We .ue to be dit i-ied into
ered.tof and debtor States, and the last will lute
a vast pi e. oiulerance of pow er and strength Un
fottiiu.itcl v tlieie is no liXitioii upon tl.i- iiili u
.tl deitt and its .-hue is tlmmii otT upon othei
propeitv. It is held w lieie main ol the G vei n-
. . , t ,
1 ment contracts hate leeii executed, and where .n
sotuc itt-taiices gloss ti tuds have been pracu-td.
ll i hci.l largely wiiete the Con-'H utu n gite a
disproj oi tioii il sh.iie of toliiical ier. With
II the-e e enutits d" discord, is it i-c to itaii
coit-litittioii.il law, or bring uihoiity into eon-
If ui; t I? it yalc to encourage the loiunlioii of
in e-vons'ibie committees, in nie uti of iniiert ment
men, who thru.sl lueiii-tltes into the conduct of j
public iillYis and Ii y to dictate to legal i ulei-? j
Or w ill vnii toicrtie the enrollment, ol ai iu es
which ate not constitute I or org m zed by proper j
nutl. i line-? Are such lliinus ju-t Utwaros tho-e
il Im li . t m r.l in. I tliie l,.iliii.a iiitl.b.t.i1..li
- ..w af. V. a a a a a . a. a a. 'a i.i.i j .,. a a., .a.ai.v. a-. .
, ' , , , v
the trot eiiiineiit at ib. s ct i.-l-T
We imploie you do not be deceive-1 :igain wi'h j
this syien song oi no inger. Tuere is dinger,
gieit and eiu.i.eut, ol the de-ltuction of ,il. Gov
ei nuient, ol .-aiety l r hie and propeity, ui.'e-s
ihe i.u'v of obeijience to law and re-ts.'ct lor au
a - .1
tii 'i.tic-. and ihe leu e-t suppoit of tho-e iu tre
pi.b'ic eervice. ltli military and civil, aie
titiglit and enforced bv all means ailh.ti our;
Control. !
Vv'iili u thete is no excuse for ret olution.-iry j
action Our st stem of Government git es peace .
t ia I leme-hes f ir ml evils iu legislation. j
Mr. Fte-aieii! : It will be a-ked what dowej
pi..i-e lo io. We mean, with .U our power- ol !
iiiind and jieisoii, to support the C iiistiti.tr ii and ;
u,4m..i n,e Lui.iu: to ui on' tin the laws, t i re- i
sen e lue no d" ; taiili. We in-ist uptn obcJ.etae j
to laws aid respect lor cou.-tnuiional authonty;'
wew.il deiend il.e rights of cit'zen-; we mean j
lint ru eis and eu'ijecis hall respeet the I no; j
wewill put down ail revolution try com in l lee-; i
we wiil resi-t all unauthorized org an;z iiions of !
armed men; we will spurn ndiciou meddlers who i
aie impudently ptih ug thcraseltes into thecun. .
c Is ot our Government. Poltticnlly cp.aed to!
timse in autlfiity, wedemiid they via 1 1 hebeit-!
ed v.tii iltv respect due lo their positions a tne :
repie-eut ait es of the dignity and honor of the i
American j-c;p'e. We do not try to s ue our
cumin by ab Heloning its G ot erttu.ei.t. In the-e i
tmes of tri tl and d mger we cling m ie closely!
to ihe greit pilnciples of ciil and religious lib
erty and of peisonal righ:;we will ti tn the de- i
leu-es atnl barriers which the Constitution lluows :
around them; we will retire the cournje audi
stientheti ihe arms of our loyal men by howing 1
thetn they h it e a living (oict titnent Ijodt whn Ii
tonilt; we wiil j-mclom amil-t the confu-ion j
and uptoar of civil war, w.th louder tones ainl '
hi iner voices the gie it in nons and principle! of
c vd ibsrti, order an 1 obe fence. j
Wint h.s pen-etutiel the gteatne of tint '
nitioo korn which we uerite -o unity of our,
maxim? Not it t ictor ujsui land nor it ui-:
tun n uj-n the sets, but its firm ndherewi e o
iu trtdtioiitl f-duv. Ihe woris of Coke, if
Ciiudeo and Man-field, have for long jerod of;
time gnen etieulli aiwl iubly and ttotior lo iu '
poc ytem. white hitt'e hsvetst the'tirTo-l
ßcatue. Wl.ei Etiilatid u ritt. el iiy the
ihroe of vi.tlei.ee wtirrt t-ie --it of ihe K tig
w a ittsii'te I; when I .rliamei.t w .elegel by
Iilolis tn oldened byb'ofrt; wheir He I If of'
L--rl M in-te d is e-..il.t t.-a.oi tel l-m t C-. !
and his J.ou-e was burned by im enoi iry lite-, !
then he ude ed iho-e words wiiicli hccae-l at
Once unlawful piaer alul ie-s v lolrto. e. He j
ile. l ticl tint eterv lit zen was entit-ed to hi j
. , .. - V I
rijrhts accstnint? to the known procestures I the
I (ltd. He ühoaied to the world ihe Calm and aw
tul nnje-ty of the law, unslnken amio-t Ciinrul
aions. Self telni t in its rengt!l ainl puritv.it
w is driven to no acl which de.-troy tne spit'l f
law. Violence w.i rebuke!, the heirt of lie
nation wtt reassuted, a sen-e vif je.-uiify irew
up, and the storm was tiiiel. Loteu to Ii 1
w ort! :
Misrsl'le lathe e-ndiiioa of In. vHual-. dn;ertsi i
the Cond ii on i f the a e Lere there I tm reit-du law,
crwh4t I .he -ata-tldn.', let certain aim t i trat ihi of
law bv v tiKb iu l.v.aiaal ta .y be prlevteU and tbe Mat
Ba.de -acure.
Thus, uh, will we stand cilmly up amidst ,
present d. sisters. We bite wameO tne pi. one
that eterv act of disoUclietn e weakened iher
claims to protection. We Inve admonished our
rulers that every violation of light destroyed
seutiiiunt of loyalty and duty, that obedience
and protection weie leciproctl ob igatious. He
who withholds hi- eirne.-l and cheer! ul uppoit
to any legal denn. id of his Goto nuient invites
onpre-sion and u-urpitioii on the psri of tho-e in
authority 1 he puolic. servant who oversteps bis
jurisiüctitu or trample Ln the rights, ersou,
proi-erty or proceduie of ihe goveme!, instigates
le-i-t-iuce nd revo t.
Uiuler alu-e and detraction we hive faithfully
ciel t.(Ku iltese prwepls. If our purose- weie
factious, ihe elements of disorder me eveiywhete
within our reacli.- If we weie as il.- le bent to
this Go v ei n men t und as oenom t a b.ty f it-ot!i
cials as those who placed them i.i jajwer, we
could make them tremble iu the.r ie I of ptaer.
We hate been otusbent, loyal and pa ent. We
sh ill continue to be so under all cucutn-l hie.
Hal let ui mm urtake tins deio".. o to our
coi.nuv and Us C l.stitutioti oi t.nittht fe..r.
We hate no greater stake iu good oroer than
oilier men. Our arms me as strong, our endur
ance as gieal.our loititu le a unw nenng as ih it
ot our dil.cd opponents. Rut we seek il.e
b!e.-ings of peace, of law, ol older. We ak
the public to muk our policv mid our position.
Oppo-ed io ihe e ectiou of Mr. L noiln, we bite
loyally mi-I lined hm I) ilermg from the Ad
Ill iilstration as to the ci'tioe and the conduct oi
the war, we hive clieetlully ri-spn.el la ruTi
i.emmd m o!o u;sm in. Today w e are putting
forth our u tu s eii'nt to leanorce o ir atmie
iu the field. Wdtioit condition or tin eats e
ate exetung ou.- riieit- to -tieiitlien the h in s
of Got ei nuient, and to icplace it in the eon -ui.
indium po-ition it held io tiieee-ot the wot. a
befoie itvetit d:.-a-tt r.-. We -ae p .urnig out oi r
blood, our tteas.nc-, and oui me.i, to ie- ue "t
Irom .1 p.-sition in tt Inch it can i.e. (I.e. propose
peace nor conduct Miccc-slnl war. And ihissu
jHirt is freely und genet ously tu corded We
wi-li to see our Union s i t el. our laws t indicate-',
and peace once more le-boed t our land. We
do not claim in uc virtue or inte'.iigem e tlnn we
at. 'a id to our op; a mi ei it, but w v now bite ihe sad
uu i bloody ploot that tie act Up '11 sounder prin
cipe of government An m.icd bv lite motto
we h ue placed ujnui our bitn ei "T'ne Union,
tin Constitution, and the Liws" tve go into ihe
political contest conlidenl ol the euppoit id m
pcpie who caiiiot bedcaf or blind to ihe leacii
ingsof the l.i-l two ye.iis.
ilULb t)U Wfiltu sdy itt.'r.iii'gat u' 1 qU, i.f C.ip'he
ria, Ilarr. J., Mat o; Jacrh It. aud Jain t iull, aed 7
jcar- an i 3 un-nths
The funeral wall bike front t'.i residi-i c of ilr. Mull.
233 N.-rth ll ii!.i. j-toit. th.s a terno-n at 4 o'clmk.
S-tv ices hy It v Mr. Nixoa.
t'iTv 1 t Ast hta's 1 rune s'ept 17,
jVTtlTtCK is hcr-by tfivru that the chy iaxe- fur the
iA .tear iMiJ -rj le w dae, and he d i'hc.if placi-d in
in um l tiT c.ll.c i.iii. Pt-r-i.ns iii'iehted tu ihe city fur
t ix- ill plea-e call aid "-ttl il.e fame
Ifi-Uw Jus. K. KNt.l.lMI, City Tri as.
pt I.ADIK. ilh iKUOATK ilKAl.TH KlMf AlHKL
5 'r.r mi a; i.'ii, i.r to Ih.i-rl.y wh.ipt an incr.-a.-
f.inti'y is from my r".i-.ti .iU.i-.-tiiiial'h-. ttifi ndrrsiirne
ivi.ni'i oih-r a irei.rr.pth.il which I- tU- t'v rsiiahle mni
sate, md which has Uei-ti .i-e- rihod in varna jart !
tl.e aid Vorl.i or t he av-t .-eutury. V!thtiKh tl is rtk-U
I - veiy cheap and iiriple, y t il hssl-eTi put up in hall
pinl ottlc- and .old a-rrv wfensivrl) at tbe xherbitanl
price of i i-r a-.it t If. ti-.e atidrrsitifd prujui-i-. ' t fur
!iih t he -fiic. fir Sl,ly t In-i.sesi'!i ol wl.ich eve ry
Ivly can supply ier-M w Ith a nerfect fetruard, af i j
drug -tort for the rit'ina -uni of 25 rent- per year, tin
p'lysirirtn r lniic't-t willtell you it ts terferMyair'nl. .,
thousand- l (stinio:i5ali. ran lie procurer! "t 't t)ica-v.
Srnt lo my pari 1 the world ou receipt f 51, hv 1 1 ire
inc. IM. J.t'. HKVKIlAt'X.
I'.". It ix, So. JX.".. Vew lUvn.C nnortlcut .
ilr'i-dAw 1
Eoll UKSTI" A Rs4 reaidria: u-n niili. a-v.a
rovra. CslJ u ihe anar.litd, Xj. 3 IWacfa
k. I.eptl-d3t) C.aLt.
ii :,. tt rat't
Holni-n y.iiouJJ'pi-r.i Troupe!
Secotl nutl f r.rU.iM'Si ejp-r f.rr.R t f
"La Soinuainbiila'
Inrrtvaocne all tbe b r.rirul UtVS.f l UftRl.
wrnrnr Tm-R' w:n. Tite:n:- a wt.
wir i k thm: , Vfl l Tin:r ? .wt.
Wtlr.KK TltKdh's A vv . Ll. Tl UK'.- A W AT.
Csti.Tfi.ci-rrow ereni ig K- t rf.i of 1 1HLE JtJJ3
A I) V Slt 23 CC I
prrj hrv-rve t ea .15 cent-. Cii'.Jrco balf-prica.
bJ vdi.e open fpu 10 io 2 o'clock
ii a s o a i c; II A 1s Is .
Tburs-lay, Tri Sir, aid 5atunJar.
Campball Minstrels,
tfm Adnilssl-n tj Otit. mJpJ
epils-JU tilth 11. r.hi.MU.V, A(frnt.
V, O . F I E i: . T I A I. .
ylm; mkn vtiu) itAvn tx-
Jl'Kl I them-t Ire kt rerlain -ei ret
hal.it. hi h uriM them lur bu-in ",
.leaurv ..r tt.e 1uti t narne.1 l;te ;
al-o. ft) d.'.h arel and old tneti, at",
I r.-nt the loll of ycib r other oatiwe, frei a dehio'j
in advance of tl.eir te.vr-, l-efor pltctt'C Ihrin-elve eti
ler the treatnii tit of aj.y one. -h.'-ld T.r-t read
Mirne.1 Ivd etaw i I WTn mmethlnf f importance
i.enisni' " Tm -vckt Fai!."
fiiMit lo any address, in a eealed envelope, on receipt af
("en tVnls.
1)11. STL" VKT CO. can otii-ulted on all .ti-a-e of
t private or confidential nature, from H A M. t VI1 M.,
; sundaya frm ft t 11 A. M ,) at their ofiice, N . liv Kat
third -tn e;. up-stair-. iK tween Main and Syca'nre, op-n"i-iie
the Menrie House.
A t res DK.CHAS. A. 81 CART t CO.,
Ttchti-dawly-la.'U-J Clnrlnnatt. )
TO TIIK AFFl.lC'l Ktil
DOCTOU L.VU l.F.X.'K. nfter aa exten-ive practice of
o n year- I t lial iuiore, which he le.t fur a t ur
ih otirh Kurojie, w hrf h" retu iuel two j a-, i-ow re
tu'iislh hi. et".! r chly inroif w iih c eiuitic Iihw
f 1e wil ri-ffair h. 1 he Iir-t cu rttin.l h- was s4-nt in I ha
I jerpM, la'.rm.iry ior d-s ae id the eve and ear. after
Ilten he availfl hitu-rlf f a thor-auL n urw of 1 v -titration
iti the (yueen' ll-.n1, l.oixt.'ii. whe.e Ihe rnwt-t
wondfifnl fiir- a'e caily etiec'ed. 1 h lit-r treat
mo ut et O rotiie I iM-e-e i etitire'y d.ilVtvtit t'mthat
n'srk'd out hy the surraimuated father of niedrin, ao
c.-illil It is tiia oa.t'f.ed o tlie rout ne f!rnt of aey
l ieced ptrtt. hut la-ratr a ysteui r.f practice, u.t
i.iy sound aixt raih.'il. hut truly .ctfl.lihe iu it Uiraa
ure. After ni uiv ohcita'i.ii: Iroin phvsici-ois and other, of
thi- State the Doctor ha cui-ent.-! to inke Ihe Ma e of
Indian Li i-entiaueni a'xsle. lie will vuni any iwn ia
tlie 's.te by r'U'ie-t ef m it more of n citiiei.n. and
reat all e.i e j re-etced wiih a -u rrso seldom atfaitied.
His examinations will he ma le w ii h rret care, and loa
nii-ti given lnlyani tr.t kly, and iTtinfT ctao,
thrrehy hsvi.iK expense, and eati-lyinjr the tuitelsof iL
.V'm lafd frrrleia.
To la lie nli-i are incapal of bearimr healthy r.!T-cpriit-',
fom deforini y or therwi -, will Hod Ina advice
iiivatuat le Olli r tt.trrt stilt an l inijM.riant adrjeewiil
be Jf ' Veil to marrt-d ladies, a- h i.ppnrtU i ies have lr-n
such that all the intricate Ca e of female rnntplalnft
have hern fully Comprehend, if, iid tt.e Cau-e- f the dis
eases truly a-cert anted, render'n? hi .pmiot.- corroct
and hisai't'tc simI pre-criptions ralaatilr.
."-er circular f"r particular, w hich w dl.be d-trni.tel
in every town and htn.h t iu the Mate. IP ad'Urtrra
Seieer 1Iouim, litdiaiiapoh li.d. jyll-dtui
Ruger & Caldvell
o. OS i: V.ishillL'ton .il.
f1nJ)o. Kut of ' hit WlHfi' Hill. Inttl.
nni1flt, IhdllHil.
(M) KUiKF,H r'"ruix nnnea Saear,
nAKKELa-SCni.ted Sti?ar,
ÄAKKKLS Telluw Sugar, varioua brand;
J n.tlir.H Golden filnip. A Nu. I;
j j BAKItKLS Honey Sirup;
ItAlir.F.LS Stewart S.'rap;
JQ llUDSMola-,-.;
In t ore and for vale r
6-S Lal Vi aahuigton at.
V O. l at.1 ' ; Mackerel In Darrel, Hair Barrel, teil
Q COXF.SIItrrinr,
For aje l"W
tS Kat W a-htngton at.
11(1 BC Rio CoÄr
JfJO B0XK8 nrourd Coffee. Do. In fa
T f I BAUS Koat4 CoTn
Otflfl C,irsT'rMl '' Chest r.anriw-der. Toaec
rv J f Iii", H ) ison lu, ad Od -fig Tea, very
Vl.nCF., I'a la. Dote. COinamr. and a rrral
-"-eim-tat U S tr-e .oifaiU f.-r retail trade; Kiack
kiMlCaii.n- lprir lurattelow I.
kl'GF.K k CALtiWrLl,
C-S Kaat Wahiotoa L
VLMlliF. a- d well a leered anavrnl tf GrrrVa
now rernvii a a d f aal a ! aa al at t-u
in the We.t Cemtry Hereb-1 ait C y i.r-eerstnrited
te-aa-tr-e-ireocll. Itt'GFK k CALI'WMX.
Je l3'(2-dAajl S Ual VV.hUntca. t.
. -.,.,.,
f KICK FOtt Allatitr. f
1 HtUXMXsiM k TltSCZ.

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