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T IF. t'MiS IT Ml
MOKNINi;. .! N m.
i lie .rn. rut . iull
B - th bratVrie of tu Lea?iU.turt will aaaeni!.. '
r. UM rwataK-i-v. vumr M it) v villi j
loniiaf. Nrn 11 of lb Bttabera br ar j
rireit rn ttw rtte. sn1 n Ii pnrxW tv orrnTa
tot will ba pr .pOy eifert. Lat eveefrtp
the Democratic member of both Hmw met
ni iowinuni tbe eejMttJataw for th ofllcaw for
ea h hrncb to b ro'fd for m tb iiirmttealiin,
t will t elkl M tbt proceeding publish
rMMOT of another mi1'i n of t'.e to r
in tue H . ! t an rpone of ibudt hurt
drei millions of doll in more In hört, it var.
in iL inception. nfeeliv jrx-e uU'l fur the
au;pie. -.Ii uf tie re'lli..ii upon pnecjjtfet r..it
a t-i;t with the C' tittte-MMi mhI in: u itr- ,
tr. haa be uni, to a diguffnp rx'ei t. n w ir lr
U) abolition uf alavevv. proeruiel in the apMt j
of VJHfeion," rwlhae Umm true rmtrietiam . and '
chararterized by vacillating imbecility hitherto
unr r-eilentoü In the history ol civ
In this great emergency of our country, we i
I rm iliingion
iatoi batio or the Rm. ur KiriM is
M ..! Hi Pa I Til AW HM'B I TBI
N vTi" Pi im i i A i. IT Kol u Si. Ar
i i ii r TiHi-l iig I'm iiHvt io-
UM ihi i I uHriu Fa.tm or Tiia. Nah
1h. Uju x.a iitiujt tu ti. MADi, SiCUtiAl
or W .. Yc . kc , 4c
W ah : vr.Toe , Jan 3
Tw ii. rrrra of Imlmni.
TUu ComniUee, .u October iwt, had the bun
or to add re run at so me length, by war of
review nf the controlling eaue. and cnnpratula
tion upon the aiMpiciaua reauli uf. the Ute elec
ti i. a moor HMte- fttrrre that date, other And
powerfel Mut have noWlv reminded tv and
imitated four example, in crindemniiion ( the
r . i I .m 1 revuiultonarv rnMurw Uieu inauj;
. .'e.1 not thre-.tei.ed by the .-iduiiviintration ot
Prn iM Lincoln. The evt grwtifjiag evi
- e i eppereut everj where, that the people,
the tiu outxe et' plHioi puwer. and it only
ante cuutudiuJiw ( r4tUe-al hihI religion libertr.
an" )ecuaiug tnoniuhlr rrtui to the enagni
lu te of the dinger which threaten to overturn
a id eopotant the rnle of the Constitution, and
the integntv of the Ut. I bey have acted on
the fierun truth tritt "Eternal vigilance is the
pr e oj L'herty "
In cuiiiemptuou tliarwjjanl of the recent j ex-pre-i.o.A
ol opinion by the iople uf th a and
other State, the party controlling the Federal
Government continue to nenoit in in ratiial,
r uftmiarv aud dieltoneat . ;ir.-er - .1 r.-; -.se-t
to acirept the jkjuI ir letiuke aa aMreed to
thet, or worthy to ecure their conideration
It .I in ! drü ii. i i.-..re tlie voice of the country,
an ! ileal to the ver lict of coudeinii tuon hurled
at a- he.n It advocate Miid iologist .it
Kaepi, bv II naimterol dieinenuoua argument,
biAd epon fIe prerni . ml cin-eli attaining
Hie dignity of reeiectebt preteitn, to ei plain
way or qeaJify. or utterly to ignore, tuat rehuke
Tout pirty u ilaily LvaAteniu on vtuli of the
ii - in -Hievinu import, the injurious intiueure
ol which m i v no' cejue to operate kor m -uturv
t - 'tne They deeply imp nl the pre-ent nml
future nropr.iy jf the iietiou, and tUc van ea
iA'Mic tjf earr eeuet eheriebe! righte and lioertie-.
The Ktecudvcuf the country, .1 if iu mlem:i
mo- rvci v ot couAtitutiun.il luuiuiiuue upon his.
j. .wer ind am'iitton, ind of the plntne-t dn'tatew
of ju-uh-e and hum.inity, ha. declared 'fie'"
three mdlioiiA of i -uje t lice, and invited them
to a-ert their freHou. heroine iheguelAut the
natfon, to he hirior and protrk'ted and fed at
the enpawiae of the tieople of the loyal St tea
Thte gilt of freedom to th it r ice agiinst his
own rfex-lnr ti i. of w,nt of powei- will become
fruitful oulv o' id'.enea, deiuoraliz itioaj ami
misery to the ue.o a most pesliierous and dia
gUAiing hurthen upon the public ofeerity, or the
h-ipleM vi uuia ol the eah.uiHteti atieuce ol the
win rue In Ida v. tin attempt to elevate the j
nejrro, the oporeaion and degrndittiori of the
lnte I ibonng man will he the nicked result
a policy which cries to the nation for a bold, manly
and uiiyieüliug Opposition.
Men of Indiana! You condnnn.ed that scheme
ot piuiider of voiir.Aelven und your ehildren m the
beliot tiot in f)ciuter, hut your servants nt Wash
ington have dared to overrul your decrees.
Will you submit to the "Abolition Confeder
tajaV tioui Doiqlai denounced, aiul will you
.nil- i 'kv,. i le-i r n to Ah are the soil consecra
ted to the dignity and glory of the white race?
The decision of that iiueiion is yet. thank
l!tvii, in yoatr own hand-!
Krom the beiumug nt this rebellion, the Pies
idem und hi iliAer hrve utterly ignored Bad
n.;ie.-ted 'he ure it duty ol ptcihca'ion or 1 1-m -ordile
adjustment No wise government, found
J n the vereignty ot thi'eop'e nnl the -o-reignty
of tne States, can long disregard this
great conservative prfticiple of the ptiolic peine.
The contrary principle has fieeti pursued by
Mt LiMtots, and, with urn try iiur "passion und,
re-rin ommiI ." every avenue U cumpromie has1
been . . -el i 1 the face .I the people in both rr
- I
tion. Every tiling has tieen done to produce!
greiier rntation and straiigeueut, and to mute ,
an 1 Aireii)ttheii Has im .le ol the Soutt -n their
reiteihou agai.iat the IT u mil, to an mein whii h
e could never h no lern itlaigi hv them.
Heie we paeee to pontetnplate what, under
aimiiai :i um tettCteJ was the langu iye of a'
ti i ii lie-in. in ii. o .AiiMi in I "A.i nen the
liulbbcatioii act uf South Carolina wa pi"ed,
ami ihe NaImohiI tii.i ennieni v prennring to
rnf irve the tataT lawa uodet ton Je) I Haw if 1 .ui
mmiAtr itiou. fhskv Cut, then in the Simile,
steppe! torwir.l as pectlVeer and to provide
..r A-i-eliil -e'lleinent of our llteii etiAting
diltuultie With hi heiri lull of kiuduesA ami
viii alii) MM "11 the Suites, he appealed to bBSI
A.ii'i'ii.liitmn to Alay in Im ml lib tioth pailui
could talk over the unfortunate ihAngreeinents.
That illustrious mm thus invoked the afafM of
ieace to his beloved country :
It there e inv wh.. m ml civil war, who wnnl
to ee the bf hmI of ai.y fsution of our country
apilt, I am m.t one of them I wish to see u
oi no kind; nut atoveall I do not desire to -e a
civil war Wnen war tie.ns. wheilier civil or
loreign, no huniAU sight i comjteut to ti-ce
when, or how and nheie l : lo tei mit. te Iba
when a civil war hall be lighted up in the hosoni
l ..ur owakavf)py land, ami rmie uem u 'i
am) couiinabUc. i ne h.i-.h 'oh n i.-ne- an i
fleets ate in motion on our coast, tell tue. if you
can. tell me it any human betim can tell Ha .In
ration? Cod alone knows where such a war,
wewM eml In what a taie will our inetf tut "its
te tell? In w hat stale our liberlie' I want no
and above all no war at home
1 llH V 1 1 (in i.l. r i,f .I riia v f t r
ber lewve agwiw to ertpeal to the pe-pfeof M'p,,, of the AdtomMratHm swye.in -;iklniof
badswel ceneer retire opinion, to come to the the Preside. aV fro. -I ur. nur g v-ing I reel-. m to
reaewe. awd md. m eeery poeerbfe end rrgfatfwi H he slaves in the . Thliy Mr Lin-
. . , coin ia MaUuratel aa bircai I'le-i-wolid lire
manner, to snatch from impemimg rum our crom KepuUit. hTfo he u been PreaideoVooIj
Ur, her sacred inatitution. and the liberties of m mm9 Hemel irih his adunniairali u will be
the people. To this end. we respectfully hut hi owu, and it wi.l be inaiked by a line of on
earnestlv urge von lo assemble without delay. -C of tieft tin, emancipation pruclamatmu u
. .. only the initial act fhia language, authorae-l
aid to reasaemme irefueuny m c,,,., . .o , Lineoli. hi i,eit.nl v ronfirm- h U eve, v
of ChriAt Tn other pood works he wa also
a ' mhI Hivo.g lost a favor te d u.h'er tv
en early dei'h he eras led, a a m niiittia to her
weil. or v , it Ii iii.l-i.irtt oiiihtis in the i..n ..
A' eutn.i uf it as a eonn .'i for the in-trw
v il- ft is kn wn in s the
1 1 " i no rn rtaJ he n e
ml the bei ejrien e uf ' ri'
i one ol thepiii.e-t ilon.s Mi t
ad war, that a man so endowed, aid
Of inch extensive and netm u.nt ueul
ness, should peridi in the milt ot the leoJ y
st.- jo of the hnpJe fie'.f, -.ui fill 'vith hia hind
uj iXled agaieet the rightful Government of the
and neighborhood metinps. ao I, like men yet
free, consider the condition of your country, and
what iu welfare denaaoda from you and your aerr jnd heaeold bieMefr. I I and aoel, . preciima
ii'iii: ui -..' 1 1 rn oi ine lauer ne 1 1 i .-. .- mu ms
one here ki
has now de
re, namely: tliat Mr. L.1UC0 n
iv cut loose from all le-traint.
country . o far as he m. to the Abolitioiiista In
ant the frawi'tent. Give sueh public ex feaifti
t your eonvi r- ns as shttl entitle them to ertn Iii inaugural addres. Mr Lincoln solemnly de
skleration. Organize your-elvea into Democratic . 1 1 are. I that he hul neither my desiie. n or any !e
rt vi i . .- 1 I. i I are! rtebt. to interhe with -I i erv in t lie St ie.
Union (I uhs or Asaociatnuw, !or the cultivation A. . .. ,
I where it en-ts Hv his rKoclamation i--ne.l
and dissemination of correct lolitical opinion , teiVv, he abalishea -Uveer in every one of tho-e
and intelligeTice. Pruie - ch doc 'l menu a-
shall e UAeful in prodm i: j healthy con-erv -
tive entimetit, and actively in fetfwf of up
holding the I ivetnment of your fathers nj;iin-t
the destructive tendency of tue Abolition end
tyrannical do triree f the -e celled Re: etliuau
party Have qualrfled (axkeia to a klrt'sa rami
meeting, and let every member -ueak biaeetll
Thee Clubs should be the ro-truins of the p(
pie the school houses winch -halt -end forth,
fnui the humtilest walks ot life, orutnr nf con
ttihttinnal Iriviorn. Hail loin mlitinos i-
TO all Invite your op snents to attend y u
meet lic.s. ai.d -i ve them a hearing I.e- youi i -cusniotis
te free and en t i'l wlio wib p i . -.
pate in them. Truth neei.s n concealment I he
Government is upon your shouldera. Peo lc u
Indiana, and if your Union and Coi Ititution t
rescuevl from the ruin which iuiind. over it. In
People the enpoechaaed freeaaee of Ann...
mint be the .uchite. t, of the i own political s...
GEO McOiTAT. Ch m, 6th IiM,
J.J niNGHM. "
.1 AS I) W 1 1.1.1 . MS, 1st
M c K I : I; K , id "
M. w sHiKf.ns, 3d M
(;K(i HIBBEN. 4h
THOMAS H) 1.1 NO, 7ih "
J. A. TAY LOU. :ih
S. W. SPHOT I . I'M), -J.
K. COf PROTH, Hth h
Democratic State t'entral Committee.
I M'Ia.napolIS. .January I stid.
By requet, we republish the following,
from the Cincinnati Enquirer of yesterday :
I In I ii a in mi la((isliilure and li
lion. Jiivi' I Knallt.
We hav e, on iiiorenan one tsion, ea presse j
the hope tint the Indian t Legislature woeld, a
its appioachiu' --ion, elect Mr. liritrhi i ti!!
the vacancy ol hi unexpired term in the Senate
at W ishinton. Our de-ire in this does not
spring from anything pcr-mnal t.erween Mr
Bright and Otireive; for. us our readers well
know, we have trenUil him with is much tOwgl
ness a he has un with his opposition What we
did was not out of personal malice, but what we
considered the best intere-t of the countrv ami
the Democratic party We are now moveil t v
similnr iinpul.ses to desire his re election to the
Senate. The more we reflect on the subjei I
the more we are MreiiKthened in the convic
tion that his elec'ioti is due to the great DwwM
cratic party at the hands uf iu brethren ot In
than a. m
We would not obtrude our advice or our wishes
upon the Democracy of Indiana, on anyordinu v
occasion, in relerence to the i lection of its own
Senitor; tint wre know the leep interest their
brethren elsewhere teel in the return of Mr
Bright to the Senate lo till out his own term
They everywhere djajf it; thev everywhere ex
pect it I hov lesiie his return lo tue Senate
to v indicate tile sovereignty uf the State ol In
disui, and the manhooil, honor and di,'iiif
the 'i eat Democrat i mii I v . which It is been as--aileil
through theerAon of Mr Bright
Democratic friends nt Indiana, erb! do von
aupnoHe the Abolitiiiiiisia of Ohio ait lodiawa
would hive done, had a Deinocr.itie nnjoritv et
pelle! the not inmi B wade, of Ohio, or the
scarcetV le - notorious Joe Wright, uf Iinh.ni.
thev would have done what the A bulit ioni -ts ol
M .s ichu-ett did when Brooks caned Sumner.
Ttiey would hive raised a howl m heb. ill ol
the mm who repre-cn'iti their 01 in ntkaH,
an l-.lied or vimlic.aiuu of the parly ibroalgh
FeUow DearOCntU, remember the blow w u
not nme.1 at Bright, tint al you. who ent him
to the Se- ate Not nie of von hut woii'il have
sh'ireil the sntne f ife In returning him to ihe
Senate to till his own v.n ai.cy you vindicate
y . Miraelves, and that ot the rer pert) mmi repie
seiil The election of inv thei iverMfl for Iii
term cure iiu moral with it. It wwwtd look as
if the Democracy hid crown week and tiniid,
and. therefore, ii dispoeeu to aeeeei the aeewbood
that is auidi a noble and prominent trait of it
rbei ictei .
Mr ll.oin, niie of the Bcuhii.-m Scnatnix
from New York, mil who is i'ha unni of Mie
CoiliMiitlee to whn h w is relerred the resolution
to expel Mi Brich, am. I, in an able epMob Op
fMismc it. lha he exja'ctisl to ee hun rt turned lo
h s eat la the t eople of Indiun The itDflCU
inn ! RMMided on the geoea injuwtice of ihe
who'e nioceelini;, his kiiowdedce of its tin idul
terated pn t in-h.p, and the c Miviction trom the
previous practice of the Demoeraev . that thev
would not vertuit ibis wrong to cn unredressed
He. therefore, spoke with the conti. lence he did
of the Hn d reo.ilt. n c iAe the Sen ite wnuhl per
petrate the Migrain injustice involved in the
adoption ot the resolut, n ..i expubwOM
We iticeraly tm-t M Democrat will permit
h:a n line to he ued l"t Sen it.u , f.ir the uneip.Mil
term, iu opposition to Mr Bright, until it bee
been offered to ! 1 he reei ' is one ot the
tiitieA, and this u proper civ t..i the sacrifice ol
individual wihes an. I pers. i al (irefrrencea
Sine s-.iereicn'y. ihe hinder, p e-' ge an I
manhoovl of the ere it Deni"cri c mrtv. the
tee except Deli. are M riind. Kentucky,
IVi.iie-.-e iimi Mi-sour He ma ordv proclaim.-.
tieei.otii to the "Uie. bet he arti ul y ien ae?s liiem
to rise at iiiidnikhl, to bum Um Limine- o the.r
m -.ei s the. i he is, ui cut the throats of their
uii-ters ntt ii.fi; ma-tci-' uns . thv run IruaS
the tl me-. ind to re.ei ve the ..ebcate wives and
loveiy dwujbten ol the r maeferi lor tbe gratifl
BetMHi of their hellish lusts "Be teatle-s," he
snys in effect. ,in the poeamiaetoa of tbeee
enmer j tnr I have iaatructed mv officers aad
aoidiers to do nothing toward iej:e-iti you
while th s engaged " And then, with bla
pbdeii 'ha S i ai biaeeerl w..u'ii ihrbrlf froii,
ill s hnntMt Abi ih mi .l ues to invoke ihe blesa
inn ot (f-iil utMin the commission ot ihee he'l-
bi itr -citie! I
Wben i'oiire.Aa mee's sg tin yo will heir the ,
aajajtimeut ol the c .nntry in ic; ml to the kind ol
Wat iii wh ch this prod a m item will cause our
eoidiers to be engaged. It ibe i it tea her that
b k- the e unei's h ick : i ud this protda m i lion is
the l ist te ither I he pe -t !e have borne ihe load
ot unjust an t grimtuig laXalion winch this ad
Him atl I til Ml h a laut U,. i. ihem; thev ha e borne
lie eac dice it Uie ; money, polllCvl out .mil
sw mowed up in a e istly .m.l Iruitless w.ir, the
hivetioine tbe agony and an uish that till- tens
ol th.ni-m.l- oi once nappy homes All tMf
thev h ive home; but there i- - onetirtoj that ihev
will nut le ir They will not lieir 10 In? made
the instrument in the h out- of this wickeil ad
aabiietrattoti of cwrryiae tut eiiitnijbt toeeb, the
it.igger of the ia--ai. ,.U'J thenaneies
ot rapine, into tbowsands ot home- in the South
em Siates It the war is to lie waged for tin
peepoeb, i' has ot lo ie atopped, and the people
will stop it I -iv there are metnlrers of Con
ic- tium every lo.al S' ae who wdl have the
UMiibnes mil courage lo utter these seiiliments
a- soon arv t'onuie-- i e.is-etiihle.
During the progress of the war I hive kept an
account ol the io.-ses in baltieon both side.-, cui
Lyci nb' the Öuic bj oSetel re(Kits whenevci
liece-s.try, mil in .ill cases avoiding exaggeration
on both sides The whole table is ton loii; foi
a letter, but the ;:rand le-ul- abowaihal the L'-.n
lederaies have lost a litl'e over 100,000 met.,
while the lo-- iu o ir armies toots up to over
150,000 Toreetnff tbe UnUni, the people w ould
gladly .-.icnhce iSO.bOU precious ves more, and
t n of v ,
' V. v C.
of I ibr
citiaen i
ed with tt
Jl" hit AtI, a qaj" ' i-etnre melt. tt
lature, tor larect r N w Te
Ju tv-efa !!. i.!urr f-T the I. . Nw Albany tad
Ch io l: . i i i; iai. i , -ii - - him aa
h at bi ir. CtyaWi-.-r . k. He . a paa
llrmotnt, ai d i'f hAppjr t j for him that ha Is
well Quauncu, rntrgrdc, acd will diacbargc hi dfdf1
f ')
" I .'
Maw. i
k -f the
for rn
I he .reut p i I of Hon. Henry
la) i ol Kcntiiri.) .
Sinv.ii no I'mtid SrTt. FiBKtAkvT.
ljy lit Ptfi irtti in Umbti or thi Hi
l.KO IN Till. L'.MXkn SrvTL 1 NCi'MFATlBLl
with thvt ok tue Wim a He PainnTS
OlT Wea As mr Rout r tit Aboi itios
OTSCF rt.PA7.FK VAIryp, of aimc.wnr, ai a
candidatr for Doorkeeper ol tbe Hu. ulject to the
Leal'fartre cancer of tbe Den crit c tnembera of tfc
AT Tlir.
pi K
conaider tlie .itin.Uiitl liven weii :ent. but to
cootioee war wbktl) U become a mere cru..ide
aflwlwet abtverj. and wbtcii eon unit result in the
eternal -e; .nation uftbe StetOI that : ijiiite an
tither tbing, u Mr Lincoln arid lii r.nlical ad
gtacra will qaicfclj dlecover,
When Teftwa was aimexril, in 184ft, it vvnr- sol
t'tntiiy stipulated betteten tbe (uen ment ot the
Doited States (we bad : Oureieeeeait then) ml
the Governmei.t of Texas, ihit, at some ul-e
.ue:it ten ml (when the i.til:itnni ol ihe newlv
aiiawille! State houhl render it desirable and ex
peilient.) eeitaiu new Jstato li.ti'd he lot med
out of the Territory of Texas, ajai tint each ot
thee new Siaie chuuld be a.) mute t inUi the
Union on ihe ime tetins ,t.s tbejej fof Uht ed
msiou of the original Stte I TwSMJ and th t
thue of ihe new States, nut excee iitu lour in
eeaaber, wUicb ahoold ne eaeitb oi a cert do ht.e
ol latitude should be admitted w it h .1 a ve.-, if their
people, -it tlie time t tbe adnalaakni, deuired it.
In one of his best and must etoqweeri tpeejcbü in
ihe Senate, deliv ercl in Ifo't, five years a t"'
war!. I) miei vTebster wet forth the fad of tbfa
stipulation, tu w hit h t'.e I aith and Inuior of the
cuii'iy hui been pledged, in tbe eaoet eeepbetic
jkaanner Daniel W i-tister waf no tt i-r?t in alaveri .
Hut he was the jre ite-i i.ueMii in ind the great
est ci ui!tit uii. .n.il lawyer that the countrv r i-
eeee peedoced 0 Ibeoeeaaweri te wbaoh I luve
allttdeil I remember it well, lor I he ml
lum say it, j he declared in tbe Senate that, when
the time eime t.-r the rdmisioii of t howl four
new States ciirved out ol 'I ex a, the faith und
kooor of tbe tetfcai erae pledged to adaeil ibeei
n lave St i tei ;i their people desired it Te.ia
prodeeei ix million Inles of cotton every treat
Sbe bee neveu millions t acte ot B)d on which
the sugar cane be and is actuatlv urown. which
ie capable of yb?kjhtg UaTtd tbjafj ee aBncb sogar
as ideenlere consiinipiion nf ihe Dotted St it
Ibit Pruvitlence has decreed tint this cotcM nd
Mmar an . nl le ra ei Ov ile Ininn ol negro
-laves Who is Mr Lincoln. I hercloie, that he
should fly in the lace ol Prot It lence, atnl rept
.liate tin- -o emu ..hliyatioi s of the im em ment.
iiv et iug tiee ii es.iveot Teges ad abulia biftg
aMtreri In Ibe whi le Stele ol Teatnnl
The coin t-.mart ml lr t he In il o (on Porter
and lien M ll.iwell inll drai; their low length
aloni; here. I'welve 01 fointeen M j 1 OetieTalt
..ick.pl away 1 1 llieir detbat at Ibis i-riticil
perbid, 1 1 ieveetieete chaigin th it have Im. ago
been exploded as entirely b sele attd fbunded I
un ly on Ihe in.ilu e o the ee u-ei In the I
ciise of ticti ri.riei.ln Btilitarj reoutatioti will
- - -I ...1. ... 1.. I.. . l. ... ..
1 .-nil- i.-i.ii w.i.i i j .1 riiuri 1 1 in-. iv- 111 .in- i i-
11I tteu. Mclnwell, tbe ifoeumetltiirv evidence
luia iibe.nly exonei itiil him Ii. m ilt CCOVAU
L.liiv fni not ioininjt Mid ell u 10 tbe Penin-mla,
w bile it ha-riie.i upon I. inc. .In Hid St a II ton the
dum 1. mil on I ol 1 ne en tint: I ha 1 jonet mu . but j
alao of ea Being tbe failure ol tbe whole Peninau
lar c teipaign
There in a tremendous etb.it bebag m ole here
lo 1 1. cute mich cbaugew in lfieC.ilniiel.isw.il
: ie a -eal in lh it body to the Initial all 1 l.e .-tly
butler, w ho 1 now In tic- ny So conti. lent . in
1 ce I. ate the i idtcala ol tne sue. - ol the etl-.n. 1
that the poraiawjH id Betlee wbewdti tM.ist abet
the PtajebJeag bei eteeteed them thai they might
011. .lei the ihittg dot. I- It is.ertiin that tie
Tie- .lent icccived Infu w.ih Opto arms, Willi ill
piMavible in .ih of Pwgard. and a ure-i Irtm tint
. I HO II I I'MI IM .1 'lilMl .ir I.III Itri Ml ll.r TOIMI , I
... ,, . 11 , 1 I I . ,he entiiei ,u.l vv imlv unniovnl ol tlie whoie,
o Mr bnirbt. a dem ui. tint -el ion Id te . . ' , v A ,
. . . 'i-oumeot l.i oliii'tn-tiaiioii t Ne () le.11. in
ever particular and that he had onlv recalled
Ha ma the Rt.ite of South Carolina been eM
oi the 11. 1 mbeis ,.: tlua Cuiou "111 the day that
trte1 me .' oii'-T' Hive Hot her .1 intur
'it a 01 i e our anre-t..rT Have we nor
. . 1 ;i a on Uag ether mat v a prloeiou- Lit' e
Il wr hd to go into a civil nr with such a State,
bo wou'd it terminate? Whenever it should
luv tei imitated, what would he h r condition?
It iib should aver return to the li 1011 . wint
oitki he the con 1 (mu oi her teel u and gfbc
tbms What tlieaUteol the heart nl her pei le?
She baa heeu with ua before, wheu her ai.e-tra
Bimgled in the tbeoen of battle, and a 1 hope
oi.t pt.atenty will m ntle with hen. tot ace ami
.1 1 ur e 10 t-eme. iu the ui ited defene of 1th
ritv. and for the honor ami glorv of the timn
I do uol w tali u. aoe her uegrasled or deuced at a
inendter of tbU eonfeiieracj.
Vt e place in onpoa.nmi io ihe inaane erv t
"No inmpromlee- no peace." the noldt word of
Kentoebv't tufty patriot . Ihe gallant old Wing
leidet , ami if the idiot and madmen who rw'e
thi beer beve the power to nun tbehr beloved
toiiulry.in the face of h ' u.u a irtnng, let
ptaterttj jwdgr who has been feilt ot tbbl great
nt.dtl tub lie Wedea.ieto ear ee 8 ate de
traded or defaced aa a member of tin I 'on fed
avac ' We are f'-r lha l uton aa ii and
V wt... sie not wa denounce aa Uaitdr to ihe
1 nf mnftitnl
Ihe nit on ia alroadv well wigh hainifW hv
re ai te rteeaeatr eapendttorea ol ihe tbiv
ernawetil awd UlO unHioabed p oideiu... id
orti er, aettU. . .iitr 4.! 1 (e abl al-ti bp
and n t ;-opoarl that we aball baaoiue tha
h.tni-he-l Innii the presence ot thoe hi. her aud
holier iteptilaee, which confer epoe hetJaaai ea
ture the impies ot divinity The Dem. er icy
ev try where will think far mre highly ol the m 111
wh aaigbt, by persistence, have tuen nom ntfed
and ebeteedi ami who declined in fame of Mr
b uht, than of lum with In Seniloriil voie-i
aioui h tn They would reineiuber him with fa
v or '.tt.l ; 'c iure
t . 011. .lei iiion t lian ih.i-e w have pie
aenttsi t,ii aegeeef ibeetaelTee to reaWetbxg Den
eeret-for the election of Mr bright We aball
not continue the subject We know we.lo no
tu reTrnvn etpre tbe Bl vcr 1! de-ire ol the De
0 v niitanle of Ind1.11. 1 tor Mr bn.ht'-re
tt.rn to the Senile, md nothing but the tjteil in
terest thu telt wmtld have Induced us to üiy
word on the auhject
I'trann Rriwu'ow tad Ihn Wnl
be 1 er h 1 e tor s mir time been running a race
In pro! in tv and eebjai'tv In vu'-earitv Brown
low ceuernllr geta a little the tat t, but . 1 r t
is up on nun aiviv in proianuv moinow.
t'leveUnd. it a full nei k ihenlof hi nio e
piiliabed tuend ami btolher in the lnl He
"There are eight regieteeilt ol reoewaj K t
Tct neseein in Roaecrnn'a army He hned
w'. in thev M tnri ist to the 1 native rec n. under
the miiuMiiil ol tl a' ihrer, they would le able
In grwaae hell rort) unlew ii!i the Aut fat of
in the ciiv of N c
rii a- a
tn .n utd
t w irm
w hit h he
.-ion. In.
pte iv tiod a 1 tilea.in 1 nntit li. t. the
tit Tmlet the v-tem nf compenaetod entOOci conteat ot the forum v ht,ht llaj bt fowed
. & - - a . a . . .
p. 'ion. ud vabi'in; ihe Uvea at an r. e at inui.t w neievei 1 ptaier mee- tn; wa item, ex
o three hundred dnlUra each, it would tt
teert Ihirti one milhona of dollar to make
Mkta-iUII a 'tee Stti
Uf 1 here ate now
sich of th. A Uhain ,
eighteen men of war In
lotting Ihe bieti.i .-1 amlpr. Witn cii.ei lo
lie aav ed
I Klenllmea. 'c ihr a'reet ..rlhewn. Ir agofi
bave fell hit band tea t gestly upon thtkreru
ui. I heal! loa 1 nice f II nei v t.iaees hint fbem
I-. . ..me to le-ii- thai Uten Im.rtn ueMed It I U
ei.ii e il n' , Min) Ihei went with Inn, to the I
,.t lind tut lined lum In the Im e nd er I 0
N LNCK vv K. l'loairvti, A Knx rminty, aa a cau kiau
forPreslr! -m of the rkrd of Ootmui-"r.er of the Str.k
m r un t. ahjct tatbadacuKMi cf tB lasalvtive Caucua
oftBe tVinot ratio members of tbt Leailature.
Tra de Palace,
II It i: H W MI-hN.
him in onler lh. t he nuiiht do m mu U loi In
a.iuiiiiiatratioii liete aa he had at the South.
W bethei by MbereM Mi Lincoln mem el Wah
i,oi.. oral ihe North i:-nefally. rem una to he
seen; but lh.it w 1 the Wold I e tiiel.
The partiwana of butler bobtl annoamee Ibel
hin cotir-e at New Orleans will be the couftl
winch ihe Adm.n -ti tioii will heteafier puraue I
evei vwhete, and ihete 1- n. te -on lo dowbl tbwl
the :-cik the truth II tin- lie rtwllj -o. tneu
t COatrae butler must he t ut into some high
orti' heie, 111 onler that he loav carrv, ritt the
new rniancipition pro.- 1 nt me c.rwnc. X
Fi mi t.. Ill hiteilaa
Ileal Ii ol I. tie rul olib.
The en imier announce ihe death of
,0en T. R K Cobti. of (rM. brother of
H w e'i L'ot't'. t nnei i v Seceiat v t tbe Tre-urv
Ota Cobb wta killed in the late battle at Fred
I a t a
erick-t'ii-c . v a tie waa ruanir ei-ier ill the
iau t'huteh 111 Athe'ia. Georgci, mi
win. h met an me veara ag.
I Irleins
lie wi well known thrnugl
leadtit Iii w 1 er and prominent
was a. widelv knn aa a e
heuted Christian In the 1
iratrled in the prot .e nf h
cottviik' haile! b t m intera -tnd the pen
Extracts frum the .-!pech
The other cause, domeeiic sUveiy. happily the
ole remaining auae which 1 Ubwlj 9 disturb otar
harmony, coiituoio to exist. It wa-thi which
creitetl the Uteteel Obel tele itd tne mot mix
ious solicitude in the.e!iherxiirti-of the Conven
tion that adopted the cenei d CweatitutkiO. And
if is tins sul-ji ct that h it ever treen re irde-l with
the Oeepe-f .mxiety by all who .ne ..inceiely de
ai roiis ol ihe permanet'cy ot our U11 ou. J tie
Kathei of h I (Jouutry, in hit iat affecting and
toleniü ipte.l to his fellow ciuzen, depie. itd
as the ewlamitona event, the geographical 01-vi-ions
which it tjigbt prodttei The Cotvaw
tn 11 i-elvj left to tbe -avcr.il t no- tin- ; -.er
not net es 1 ry to the pi . 11 of fjniou w hich if de
-e !. and a one with wh elt ihe fJonera, QllT
einiiH'ttt ootid not be inve-ted witltont plantinw
the t iM nl detru, tion Thete let it teeiain un
hst ui bed by any un!i tllowe l hand
So. I am nil in the habit ol -peaking lightly
of the pos-iitility of dw-aolving this happy Uofetax,
Tbo brraege knows tbat 1 deprecate alluioo, eat
Ordinary we a u. te tti it dreadful tt nt. he
country will testily that, if diere tie tuythiiiy n
itte hie tori of mv pwbHe career tortby ol recol
lection ir i- the truth and aJpKreiity ot my anient
derotiot to its I itin preeerratioe but we
ejoetd bt ratae to our allegiance to fl ir trt dial
not discriminate bet ween the im 1. 11 ary mi re I
il inera by thtch vie my ie as. leal AbO
litton honld no logger be tea ir.led aa "it intwgl
nary danger. The Abolirlonbte, let nie aonriott,
uc eeiled 111 tfierr pteent aim t uniting the m
h ib t ints i t the bee State 1 OM man, aggittet
tbe inhabitktrfl Of tbe -lave States, Union on
one able v dl beget Union en the other. And
this procCM tl reciprocal oojtaolidaiofl w dl he
ttended with all the viulent piejudi.es. em
btttered and i replica bit tioinoine, which ever
degraded or depraved hdman nature
A virtual dissolution o; ihe L'nion will have
tiketi place while the l-.ru. s nf it-, existence re
twin. The most rateable c ement of Duion,
un. mil kindnes., the reeliugn ! aytuattoy and
fraternal I .nd, which now happily mute u, will
hie been ext 1.11 he : hnevcr OoC MCtlOII
will Mond in menacing Uoetile irray i'tint tbe
other The collision of opinion will pii.klv
be followed bv the cktefa of arms 1 will not
attempt In describe the tceeee which WOW lie h ip
pily twneenled from ..ur v let Ab iiitioiiit
themseives wot, i.l in ink tuck in ili-mav aajd hor
nr at the cotileinplat.ion ot deaubvted bebla, Ot
Sagreted cities, m order ed inhabitanla, and the
ovettboM of the fair eel fabric d human gov
OMiretaV th"' ever ro-e to atntiiite the hopes of
etriiteed nnn Nor abonld Lheej kbolitioniata
Hüter theinel'-e that, it they can succeed iu
their object ol iiiiitin: the people of the liee
State-, they will enter the coi.tet with .1 num
ber in superiority th.it mut insure victory .
All history and experience prove the beitfd
and uineitaiuty of war. And we are edtBPO
i-!ie.l by Ib lv Writ lh it the race is not t j the
swift nor the battle to the rttotg Hut if they
w e. t to co quet , w hom Would they conquer? A
foreign toe one who had inulted ou: Il ij.r, in
t jaded our shnre.s and laid our coutiti y e tell !
No. sir It wnuhl he a cowqooat without I.uiri'l-,
witboet gljrv 1 self, a cuiciihtl conquc-t a
eoiHoeal of brothers over biofhers, mehiered by
one over at other portion of ibe daectwdanta ot
common aticeatora, who, nobly pledgieg their
fortbuet and ibtir aacred honors, h id fotgbl and
hled. ilc by siiie, In m mv 1 hard futtgbl battle
on land and on mean, -ci ui e. .' .ur ooenl ry from
the Brit iah crown, and Citthlitecd our national
Ttbe inbwbitaeti of the i m flttttt eie loitta
t.tne acceatd hjr their Norii.erit brethren with
dteplaying tbo attcb reehnett and atavubtlity to
the operations and prvceedrega of btdittoniate
but before tbt) can he judged, there tbnotd bt
a levereal of camditiotui Let tee tnppoee thet
the people nt tlie slave St I tea ttrt to form so
eietiea, aobaidle preieea, mike large pecuniary
contributions, -end fortti Ii'imer 111 mi-ion tries
throughout all their own boi ler- and ettet into
ma Inn . tion. to burn the he iis'ilul capitnl, de
ttrofl their productive ntanu factor iea and sink
itifo the ocean the gallant ships nt the North
ern State- Would ihe-e Incendiary proccedinga
he regarded . neighborly and Irieii.ily. ami con
ti-teiit with the fraternal ftutittenta enich bould
ev i-i be chei'iabed bv one portion of the Union
lOVard another? Would they tXC ft lie en.
lion? occaalofl no MoUbetationii ul dkajetiafiic
tbitiT not leol to any acta of retaliatory viol at
but the itpj owed t iae t illi lar ahott of the actut
one in the most es-enti tl eii ciitn-t mce. Inno
contingency could these eapilala, manufactorief
end -Inp- tie in rebellion ,nl m.i-aacre lite in
habitant! of the Northern St iie-
I am. Mr Prewldent, no friend of tlarers The
Searcher of II heut knote that every pul-a
Ihre ol mine btata high ind ttrone le the eauae
ol civil Hhtrty Where ei it is -ife .iii-l prn-ii
eible. I lc-ire 10 tee every portlttl tf the huiiMii
faterly iii Ibe tttjoy et! Of it but J prefer ;hc
liberty m mv ttneeet Idthtl of eni ihei i te.
The trbertj of the ileceii-l ants of Xlriei in the
Uniteii St iter 1 in orepatllde with the aefttv and
liberty oi tbe Suropeati deeotntlaida Their
ejavtri hums an eictptlun rettltltg froti
terti and inexotab e iie ity to the general
libcifv ui ihe I'nitisl States We did Imt oji
liife. not . or we ic oii.-ihle for thin ne. e--it
l'i t t liberty. If it wen peaeible, could onlv be
eateiiliahed nv rlotelrnp the InotHibfelibte potetra
ot the 81 itea, end of aub verting the t'n on And
bene tin the ruin- of tlie Uniot WOUld be biliieil.
toot IO! laj Itter, the Kbtrtl ol both toes
but if one dirk -pot ex t on our poldaal
hoiion.i- it tot ob-c.ie: by iht beight aid el
fulgent -md ditering llghl lh bteitt all trven I
u-v Nx t eete people before ao bleated et we
lit, II tine to our-ee? I. tVtf anv QtbtT
1 it ion coiii un within it bueoej te wuiu tie
no-iit-oi proaperity, ot ereatiiate aud ol gtory 1
Our oidy red ilangrr lies de id, con-picuou,
elev ited, end vlaible It w t- ebjarly dnartrued
at the t -oiumeiii etaeiit . and di-linclly seen
brUghotll out v h de oeei Sli ,11 vvc iv.mt nly
run u 'ti it. un1! de-tioy ill the, glorioua antici
pat lobe ot the hih di-attny that awaits n? I
beaeet ft tbe Abolrtbjeiittt ibeeettiret ttletnnlt
to pause in then m d ami fatal co peaO Amid-t
the infinite variety i objeeta t humnol, and
btiatvovttict tbich invite tha eaTaplovtMut ol
titetr eieifen, let them e'eet soiue one more
hniiile--. th.t oe$ not t l.reat-u to deluge our
tuuntrj in blond.
1 call uoii that amall pttlltt of the clergy
which hi- lent it set to the-e wild and ruin .1.
achetnes. not tri forget the holy tiatin e of the
1 v ne mi- n od the Founder of our Religio,
til to, r Bt bi Hit ptacttwl eittnple. lentre.t
tli t p"ii .on nt mv country women who bare
ptivte thet oonten mce to Alxdition. to reinem
bei tht' 11117 ite ever mot loved md honored
when moving n ther own atpeopriete and de
lightful -phere atid to refle t tlntl 'he lofe which
tl v ahtü itt uh-cid.ing with ti-eir fur hands to
A al ' 1M1 Petition m iv prove iiut the prelipie t
the tbedding of the blood d their breUtreit I
t ure ah the mil ib t int of the free States to re
b .ke and di-oountenain-e. bv their own OpinioOt
aii i their tiatrplo me kttftj winch mut mev it
ably leol to tbt m t cdimitous entetitonroe
A i t let ii- II. a eoini'ivmen. ta irieinU md na
err , 1 Itvrish u uni .diu: mvun.iv il.e moto
Who litnire 1 ur ainCstota tl iumpluiitly tuioutfil
al ti alaot the Hev .(liliort ne t .Ihe-r-l (0
it wdl rood uO their p.aterin hrouib II ib l
mu hi the fi: v.a ithn nl I'rnv i tence he .
Iatlnirht but two of tK relebrmted youwg Tragedian,
j an d-'lm ii
n ill be 1 re-enteil ihr thnlline Ire. ma of ihe
Corsicaü Brothers.
To riK-lu!e van!, tl..- I . r f
1'hitt Unit al 4git ttflftw.
To-iBorroW ev.-iurif Benefit and la.-t appearance hut
CHV of J. Wdke'f it... r Lt
It. an Circle and Peitjetttt 60 'ent-.
Lartv att lii-titlcnrm 7f "
- " Kach ;idaio..nal 1 adv 3ft
fial erv M "
Private I oxes 04 0
11. Prtv ite 1, -JpJm
lio.irsopi'ti it7'clok Perf.rrmanc -.in-nniieea
e-oi.n urn Ala imik
. H . Iff. II ! A .,
BtbttBal House i i 11 r
jai.T .t v :
lia I I 1 1 . r-i a mi
r.i.ifr wkixn sti.tks
Dress Goods
TILI Vl I'll KB.
I 400 Ealmoral Skirts.
f f s i'l HS !
lit .hI.. Ill lea'N mv, INI) WUtl AN h V HI.K,
:. 1 'A
WE are now offering for aale our Bice Bork of New
Goods at
,,1 ..i,l-r 1 j. .-.-:.. -I nt:. ti-'tl ei : vi-itiim tbe j
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kaa Berel ort be u, mm) aarreawta pMa 4 j
T' . rt r.-ri'i r - a t 1 . flic looti ta r t ntljr been re? i
Bttett tkitettnaj f. (i VfttiC.ltT, Pr. prietor.
iecl- !:im
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Hader from th countrv prompt Ir titled.
nr. 1 -dii-'aa
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iTJCOfn To-,
W a c k
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um W il x tisliirtictun Rtrtatl
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lam ) parr,l I na mj rVirrela an-l lha rturdir frn-
r IM Tili cm , Piit tx errpKs tun,
1 a ti a iiai.ii 1 v
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er al- . '
1 a 'i
Mrf IB
l, v Ki 1 1 ii IC"M' M v Mi I id I I, tit it a t v
( ...,t,he t.., an ntiir .a,earfl
I , ' , If. ..
Ill .11. vi l iTok M I I iv ,x 1.0. INIIA. v

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