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An American ie
York,) fV\'?0„e Victoria, was shorilv
it wa* aan.'.------1
The roi:o^»5«rtd«
di for lite i ,h8
•d to
which is to
B3 dOtlb
ed any
escaping from the stoop.
ed tit
were Ion ti.isday one yea egoat
jtbey now tear
•the mo
Jt«ad quartet, cspeciajty
Mr. \Vhari'n- This is confermable to tee charac
(JJ of the nation, an i tji
iu cause.
From the
The President adi'it'-rim*fthe Mexican Rtpui/hc'^^
article of the law of the €iVi of Ayfil, 1830.
April 4, 1637.
The America,, vessel Champion, carri.d into
Metam'-ra* with a ca*o woith from $50,000 to ^.t if
mand, and that prompt justice willIron .er any
ofour leiiQrw Citizens »•/«.» mc ...
thc^fiendhhcruelty of the Mexicans,
AiAefican citizens. We begin to believe "tho
•#Ith the schooner Grampus, are to sail this
from Pensacola fur a cruise on the coast
•of Mexico. Com. Dallas ought to demand ab
the least, the liberation of his countrymen from
4he etatehes of thoee Mexican tigers at the"
toouth of his cannon
deeeasor has acted
eonfidence government transactions.
have left no money in the treasury, and their
B|M for several months to come.
ilnet council was lield^last night,^ where
i 1 ».•
A revolution broke out in St. Louis Potost
«bout two weeks since, which I lipar is daily
becoming mom formidable by new recruits,
flioy hav° r«»M»od a eonducta from the mines
XfMM^f^ound toT«n»yito, of a large amount
-amf thef have plundeir«4||u|g40
rn all this, aliboujrh his person is wgat Man-
E I O o e a v o Y o u a n a v e n o i e a o i e e
fth# Am» Eliza, of New bemi^d by all, except his
of the
l£S wh5ch haTe
Tne fol o*
ed on co
-st that
induct of the Commao-
after released.
^-"^^ed^th^Unent, a',W
direction from ths
bjsi. trans!*-
Executive. -hich hare b? ii tmrisla- guinarv struggle may be the resu
to fas Diano, ral Bustaoieate
lVo!n £ia-io,
first of
which is published so ,be has nothing
3£rf5ofM«*ieo, the lavtsr at Mauunoras: japprehetid ihey
of the Ur-'eet, *nd
B.-nz« de Santiago,
Y'esterlaT thirty jmcni. ^3^/2
E^tfogalK influence" to excite apu- moastriw the feet
lar excitem?r.t in favor of Santa
.^1 Bummea* can keep the troops onh.^ide
i If he -'.ot-id reciiv? the riignte*t encouragement
jhi„ ci,v
to the inhabitant*: uawme| boats of the ship Natchez, '»«'l of havm
Be it knnwo that" ihe General Congresi has de- j,"4' bau'into Bn Anitncan merchant ve**ei out- i
creed the following: side the bar. The shamed* conduct of th s man
enough, always, to fulfill «he promises made to those ih.ee more arc expected
Who aided in curing our independence, and for h« Vicufia
the bou.iiies and co,ce«io.i«ihai Congresi mayjle-j^^^
ofTexas not resardJ.i- y lav.
5 Mtuofat en%rt-
•d relating «»conization the p:ov
rew rfavs
pMled, and reinstaiing the pjohibiiipn_ofthe 11th 5^. JH„,between Lieutenant Moore of the sloop
0f war
llot t0 me asll0.e.
4100,000, has be«n ctfhdemned as .1 lawfjl prize j,j# »hip if it was only a request, he would com-
by the Mexican authorities for bemg on a voyage
•r American ve--sei« captu.ed by the .Sloxicans. A 'csrghad ssni the guard through mistake, and that
nuiscngirr is on hi* way to make demand for re- i ,twas not hit iniention to offer aa insult.
drtss in these and all the other cases of outrage up-•
0Uf readers will be astonisucd at the new and _____
unheard of barbarities inflicted upon American
.*rJ_ vv.. Ir. hvlinv* ttin have suffered much have bsen in a room 20 feet
Praaident hS convoked Congress as much on W"~15 ',ert0,":
rreaident nas convoKeu 00
mRlg t{W
Thev cont'.nued three days.
llc/ {toin
of e
only resources, the I of General-in-Chief. We «lw learn thillhein
(lllille(i that
•ting by degrees the useless and immense pro
u ,D /Jho most licentious i retored. The insurgent*, passing by tne mines 01
robbed of the superstitious and infatuated poor.
If Bustamcnte has resolution to carry out this
jpaeasure, he will retrieve his country from fa
patic&l degradation and misenr.
others, in
St Louis, of a large quantiw of plate and mo
bowrnmnt iiwm
troop* fropt Mc^un
demen,the N
ht at th«
|ach\to, i»
The iicuten.nt observed,,
was a pctitive order, he would re,»rn to
wldieis would nothave dared to offer such indigni-
Prom the New Orleans Bee of Mey 1 lies to a foreign flag, unlets they had been encour
MEXICO. aged and instigated by their officers. Hnch un
VAGU MATAMOBAS.-Evon after what wc "»«?. «",d tfcMardi.v
eitixens captured on tlie high seas, as they are following letter,
which w«• received by a gentleman
described inthe letters and other articles which
we publish to-day. The letter from Matamo- the Wood to peiuw web accounts as this, of the
of May let, and that from Mexico, are horrors committed on our COJ.UIyar.n tfy those
from authentic sources, and their details may monsters, hnlf man, naif tiger, tt.o Mexican chiefs.
lMnlied on. A complete statement of these The Champion is an American vessel, and was
transactions has been officially communicated ^ke"
A A-IOSAI. UA,».-'We have already adver-
E w k n
to tear, but there is reason to
bDce'at up by the church
Bos-.on some Mex r*n soldiers. I h-t
The authentication follows. Mexican soldiers directed the seamen in the boat 1
Deing to iand a, the Bras^s, «vera
•r.a nan o it
boasting of having fir'd on the
fV»« CZrt
-:*r imt i: t- with the advice of the Coan- i n-.-.u- exec.-ated. I »dr. It was for farmer's boys of al! sges, tai
lrete_ r,at
c#n!e a
the men to remain in the boat. The com-
the blockaded ports of Texas. Th9 Julius Ca:- -nandant of the fcriat the Brasso having requested ^^j'^ife'was a Yanket—he must havs invent
•ar will probably share the same fate, and allotii- ^,35
menihou!d slay in the boat, that his ofiB-
00 the United States by Mexico. ashore to get the despatches of the American Con
Hopes are cnte.-t'iine that ths good sense of e
day the boat having again come
MW President v/iil dictate the answer to thisile- jcanJ rfe!»cer»'leci from the fort and look aim at the
he bar, three or four Mexi-
w'elch" wj.""ev°T abau,in:'t
w# have in
V. \\T 1 I iiroe of the prisoners, whos? iQwrings are de
W the JTernment at Waslungton and we do,
hone that the moat prompt and efficient steps 1
wSfiTbe taken to obtain satisfaction for outrages MATAMO RAS, May 3,1837.
the most causeless, dastardly, and iniquitous, Dear Friend:—I am not allowed to. converse
perpetrated on the persons and property of *Vith ,0i"
p^jeMion the original of the
arrived vester'tiy from Penn«acola. It ftee-
American flag on the h.gh sea..
thiJ are' feraale,,
have ra'J,:n n,LVe D3en a
t0° lnumerous'
room teet
,he Uve
'u'»e'r0,11 to rne.Uion nothing to eat for
60 hours. I wisn you to publish our .ituauon the
oeeount of the affairs of Mexico as
currency. I first Opportunity. They have robbed us of every
.CongrWS alono has the power to
declare war. thing, and God knows whether we shall ever get
:The frigate Constellation, the sloops of war clear. They tay we should have been cleared if it
ton and St. Louis, Concord and Natchez, i had not been for the Natchez sloop of war. We
tha schooner Gramnus. are to sail this W* miserable. Publish this, ifyou please.
In haste, yours,
To J.
"be now administration have set to work on ieiiigence
Master sehr. Champion
April 36.
mastar of Rob Roy.
The new details which we have received from
private correspondents in Mexico, confirm ihe in
ellieence which wc have already given. Tho in-
Cmneill matters, a difficult task, as thair pre- epilation of Genera) Bustniuente, ai P1e6ide.it of
in a manneT to destroy all tho KepuUic, gave rise to public rejoicings which
Referring t3 our difficulties with Mexico, the
New Orleans True American says:
"Commodore Dallas has taken the thing in hand.
Wo hear from Pensacolo yenterday, that he had
sailed for the coast of Mexico with four sloops and
a Schooner of war, to demand the release of the
lately captured American vessels, and reparation
for the injuries done our commerce. We do ear
nest'y -hope that the Commodore yvill not leave one
of tbe 'Mexican vessels of *var to tell the tale, if
hfg demands be not complied with. The bragging
Dons have had their way long enough. What
thev have do*s is ample cause of war, and one of
the aiost Uf6p*ureg that Mr# Van Buf&n
eoeld mv.dect, would be the declaration of war
rJWkinw tho Mexicans. The wJiele nation would
ecud by Mr. Bi«le,jt«d exwcUro
i o o e
e b]
iaejl a a
thai devil in human shape. subject of an article published in Onpaper
wh.ch nara more re- *d"V^ali0i,.
thai the eiaaarrasSiuertU wnicn
a.td :o ee the people into submission.
.03Bw:i co.iu.-le.icc in me intelligence
of tJ€ ea,
„, sickly. Th..dry o=..„ •c»~,.
mass of OJ citizens, aad
[Pemi=}V.aa»a lopfrter
When Gen. Tallmadge was called o.ifora toast,
ia Ulc COurfe
The war with Texas is literally
on, of which, Faeaii *ecLTS.-Wc hare obu.ned some par-
when conflicting with the present, wholly re- i uculars of t'ne aiTaii that took place at the tfratsos
or THE
pounut! snu --6 few rfay. The war with iexasts llietallT The the ship, the loom, and the eagle as cured by theeffoitai o j"'pa^t^tion°betweei» the
CMein ftvorofihe tribe» of indigenous nation*, of few rtay^.^a ,plough,sof
,l€U, agncuiture, commerce and manu- together. As tne.e P^.tion between tn^
•oil ofthw who may air? in the re-a-tabi!i ime^t
im aad
iactu:e», ft-jided by the Artt. s*d33 of »o i
his he maiiUainef! w
forfeited hii prrrjd e
be hj# txcioi1.c Pms„r_
ed a plough. He would have been sadly wanting
in sagacitv and self respect, if he had depended
upon the spade—as there were no Irishmen, in
those days—a circumstance inducing me iobelie7e
the spade wa unknown."
Gen. Johnson in reply, maintained with equal
boat wino it firing, which so exasperated tlie A-i,natl but could bring as substantial evidence as trie
tion of Congres-a! the so^^io
1 of ."^eoteinbsr unne-: .v,'.. i,. i ... 1 .u«. A .!o..
1 u'tts 0 ffoiirh'm/Tn
at D.snssr iniu i, and promise'! to
iftthe Gulf of Mexico.—[Globe. the offenders. It is plain, however, that private
that Adam was neither a yankee nor an lri9.i-
Col. Stone offered the foi'owingsenliment:
to pi event the sterrility of »IATI 1 and of MI\D.
In ihe course of the remarks of Gen. Johnson,
he gave—
the statesmen who neglect it,
be neglected by the elector.
Our Ploughmen of the Land, and our Plough
men of the tie a.
Tut Putes—Uoawed by power and uacorrup
ted by gold.
PRE«SURESOP 1S19—1833—1837.—'
ic papers oeght to place befoie the eyesofhu read-:
er». ..
g[i0Wg liiat we haTe liali
Mutainoras mentions the arrival
nc.nl Filisola, who ha? taken the place
who had risen in »t- roiosi nau
place for the neighborhood of Victoria,
A MB-1now exist in the bafine* ci.mn jn.ty, and Uiede- ^Europe".^ "Vvho that has travelled
_*.K- .««».«! MMtMi ot tas itatton, V .0.)e
i ^--.msst of the tnonied concerns 01 ths nation,
of a desp laid plan to o.cnwe int
follow'mg 'J®*
"^hed, e«itlcd "Incident
A a a a a a
..oa Bank. rn scheme «a- an American, is a beautsiui and «ri-
e o y
of the effect of General Jackson s
elevating the character of our
jjtrv in Uie enima'ion of foreign nations. The
I^o/ha* justly said, that "he would rather trav
untler the name of an American than w :tii tn}
A?iai 0r
Alrica, has not felt ms patri-
oiisoii his love of country, wa.tn at the proud am
tade which every step in his has taugh him
:o feel the administration of General Ja~»«n had
for us in our loreign relations}
^iopiiig TO fMCi'
sar.s resoned to ov i«f crameA
ted to
icap in the o'd city ot Cairo, and shouted the old
gathering-cry, 'hurrah for Jackson r»
Oa Friday the 2»'.h u!t. a ploughing natch took great sin which is new most apt to
A1,A^'UTS I'on5 Ieia" *,™r set the banks in the United States, is
was .101 his purpose. But tie Institute
i U»e sjffsrers lor want of moncj
a sure rem-
is strongly induccd lo overdo
re»sj:e of thfetpresent lard times, parallel period of OUT history
ze.i=, un
Otners wo-:lii explain the causes of the jresent dis-
sometimes effect a cure by the very same process
fo till the ground, be then be- (drying up one lung) and it is the only method by *nd orosoenty. I
farsB#f. Anti if he was as sensible and which a cure is eve? effected. 11 this plan sue-
take hi... to have been
cecds It Will be the greatest discovery^ in the art of
frsaling, In modern times.—[N. Y. Sun.
Tho British agents headed by t'ne Bank of the
United States, are now organizing for a desperate
and concentrited effort to evisccrate the West of
its specie. ... ..
As a pretext for this plundering expedition, they
publish ths most false and absurd reports of tlie
vast accumulations of specie in the West, making
out that it is the real El Dorado, where gold and
silver lie piled up in vast mA'ses, which the West
has 110 use for, and which ought to be surrendered
to the British agents to be carried to London. As
a specimen of this mode of exciting an oppetite to
devour us, and to justify thair own design to plun
der us, lake the lollnwing sample, which got its
start in an eastern U. 8. Bank papar, and has
since made tha grand rounds of the whole Union in
the papers devoted to that institution
"A bank in Indiana, of $ 200,000 capital has
$703,000 in gold and silver belonging to the Uni
ted Stales piled away in its vauitf, oppressing the
little bank with upwards of three times as much
The ^This precious paragraph, in the course of its
following article from tho North Carolina Journal jrcuirn,avi„ation, arrived in Indiana, where the
of Ap.il 27th, recals fact* which every democrat- i
of {h°t fim rate
1 awe
order has mada tne ciisuessoi ISJ/, ann
tliat nothi
iing can relieve the distress but the ro- i
charter of
The article rom wic .nwm -m.k-
0 etfen
ether mot
involved commerce in the^ fate of the English
banks in 1825, when aaother dituest and pres
sure came on.
In 1833 it made the panic and preeure on pur
pose to scourge the country into submission, and
to compel the restoration of the deposites and the
renzwal of its charter.
The pressure of 1337 is the fruit of reckleas ad
venture and gambling advent ire, hatched into ex
istence by the enormous expans.oat of the loans
nd the circulation of that bunk in 1835.
Facts pro e that the Bank of ihe United States
is the main cause of the four pressures that wc have
had since she was chartered but to those who
vociferate for her re-establishment as a means
these pross ires, it is sufficient to re-
the memory of the fact that we hare had lour
1 thcuo pressures during her existence!
i count ihe Bank of the United States
as being still in existence, for the Pennsylvania
law continues her as fully as ever, aud Mr. Biddle
1 declared at the acceptance 01 that charter thai the
The insurgent*, passing by thymines of ffanh V at stronger than ever! Such was his own
declaration and we all know that it is mora
to rne.u.o i nothing to eat for I 1, ha. hr... the main cause of fj*t?oii to-tand the panic and pressure which th?
veiUillg it
has been
eaeh ai
cvery 0At
and more fatally bent upon. ,(T|0i$
The Alton Spectator states that Gen.
Jratiot has arrived at St. Louis, for the
urpose of taking measures for the re-
I. of uaving and our exemption
is owjlV
a very interesting and agreeable jook t. .1 [j diver from the East, and tliffu
.. "Incidents of drams tne gold and .iner
an over-
Being rid of the necessi-
notes in specie—being expo-1 lgrty
[Richmond Enquirer.
ha3 mpsared in one of the Wall street journals,
(the Express) by which it seems there is soma hope
that the consumption may be cured by surgical
mean", (in any case whore one lung is affected)
in the following manner: An incision is made be
tween the rib', and an orifice opened to admit the
air into the cheil outside of the diseased lung, so
that no air will be drawn into that lung through the
The lung will collapse, and re-
main perfectly quiescent, and in that state can be
its or(
Col. Stone succeeded the President in a very an- action, the other go-s on with IMi orni y adopted
ieaMnt speech, which we have not tion«. The operation is neither difficult nor pain- tnree y
anti may
u, wroe pertina- last stages of consumption
hlV6lUot ot lbe
,er than one in robust health,
0l)l!ratl0 bol 0
pio-.»6h. person in tnai state w oulub.ar the operation oei
i the Specie Circular, which
gea it through the West among the people and the
banks, enabling tnem to meet their engagements,
and redeem their paper, and m.part.ng life and vi
gor to business of every kind. How reckless must
be the man who would blast the unparalleld pros
tyoTL West, out of blind d.vot.on to his
partv, or hostility to the admimst.at.on whos^ mea
aufcs have caused it. Yet the Journal and almo,
,• other Federal print in the country, are louci
Our late countrv for the Bane oi vc*nj
lions they have been making for the last eight year,
of the effect the administration of General Jackson
would produce upon the country.
::ied to
republican paper, the Jef-
published at Richmond, coolly an-
red as follows: '-That there was but one bank
It is IIOAT vociferated by the ban* whigs, that the |iujiana which was the .State bank, and thai it
Treasury order has mada the distress of 1337, and ,iad
|even'branches, and that the whole put to-
branches, and that the wnoie put to-
her bank and branches, had but $1,-
tha Bank of theJJnited States. iOi(.O'jt) in specie at the same time they had $1,
irticie rom the North Carolina Joorna
Government dsposites, and private de-
foUr of these pressures oXsHca'aiTd 7i'r culat'on to tlie amount of a few mil-
.luring the existence of that bank, and that so far, be^lcs-'and that to put themselves in a con-
„f them. I bnnk "whl wert ge'tting up, they were lessening
The bank was chartered in 1816, and by iu ex- theii-liabilitia 1, and laboring hard to increase their
pansioos it made^ the disastrous convulsions and j#lWcie

de«.truction of banks and property 4n 1819. This was their answer and we venture to say
By its connections wtth the bank of England it J* *Hjg
not a
bank in the West which has a
jj,an -,t necessary to protect it from the
run whichwill inevitably be made upon it as soon
as the operations for withdrawing specie from the
Weet ehall begin. The Bank oftiie United .States
will itself give the signal for the fun the momont
the hasgwW our institution of iu specie.
The Illinois Republican, published at Spring
field the newly selected seat of government inthat
i State, speaks in the following terras of their pros
perity and exemption from pecuniary distress in Il
linois- There the beneficial operation of the Trea
sury Circular is felt and iurepeal deprecated in the
strongest language.—[Ame. Compilation.
If any portion of peculiarly blessed
at the present time OVIMUJokers, it is the Western
country. Every payiftAiBlii the Blast is teeming
with complaintMftMHrt times and failures in Eu
rope, anlj* fhe,A|)aiitic cities. But these tales
of dUMH^ wheiher false or true, salute our ears
liM^Se dreams that pass through our imagination,
f|(e%rlo be realized. The West is enjoying the
bounded prosperity. The produce of our
Oncers, "heir pork, beef corn, horses, and every
thing they have to sell, find a ready market, and
command higher prices than ever at any former pe
frtod. The mechanic of every description meeu
iwith constant employment, and better wages than
ji„ any other portion of the country- The merch-
novol of the sand bar in the barbor of anu are bringing oil and selling unusually large
hot nlaee i /stocks of goods every branchof industry is amply
iidi p»vv. 'awarded property is rapidly advancing in value
It is estimated that 5000. flat^^ bot- (and every department of business is brisk and Jivc
otned boatsannually descend the Mis- i |ly. I' maybe asWH«»hy this astonishing differ
OHieu uu»i» r* between the West and the Atlnntic cities, and
issippi. Their tonnage rackoned at jl European coantries? Tho Eastern papors at
i-.- -V' I emharrflMmaittl in Avar.
trMMte- their pecuniary embarrassments to over
tradlOgt aad speculations, both in this country and
in Bartp*, by Vbich they have involved themselves
Rimer has refused to
convoke an extra-session of the PennsyhaniaLo
gislaturc, to take into consideration the state of
«w»w at thi* ensis. nee
Prociamation on the subject, the
and sensible reasons for the couSc he has thoaght
proper to adopt.—[Ainer. Constellation.
xtract from his ™le
se than diminish the real riif&culties
»Authority to the Banks to issue notes of deno
minations less than jive dollars, would bei the in
fliction of a great permanent evi), to s»lle'i-iaite a
I temporary embarrassment, and would only be the
substitution oi the lower deuojninalio.is of a c.rcu
lating medium for the highw
same, without withdrawing a.i
evented, and thus inevitably depreciating the ac
tual value of the exi.iting representative curreivry.
"T»epass.:ze of a law to sate the forfeiture of the
charters, to which the banks will become subjec
by continuing
-a dangerous facility of ob
be ended 111 peace
has been yet decided on, and what spe­
cial efforts or arrangements you intend to make for
that very important objeel!
Let any one stand, as we have done day after
day on the wharves, and see these boats and a fleet
of sail vessels, loaded to the water's edge with pas
sengers and goods, all Sound to that western coun
try which must, from its wants and position, pay
tribute to this place, and he will not think our ex
pectations of future greatness too sanguine.
[Buff. Com. Adv.
AN ORDINANCE to prevent the discharging
circulation, or giving'to the"o.ic"any stiong^r claims
on public ,c0'lfi'le,,c®
t^'10,!.^e 0
by continuing to refuse specie for their notes, would
only increase and render more lasti ng
the mischief.
aiuiTulnous [ncrcase°of'the bink now''Jfrcuia'! market. The last ccnsus in Massachu
tion—a correspondent diminution of its^reai value
I would accustom our ciuzsns to a «.sreg^rc
{regetany unforeseen accident which might reduc
him to want in hi3old age, &c.
It affords us pleasure therefore, to say, that the
rumor of hie having a draft protested in this city,
or of his losing a large sum ot monay by the failure
ofYeatman, Wood & Co., of Nashville, onn any
other way, is utterly without foundation. We have
seen a letter from the old General, in which he
savs, that for twenty years he has not drawn a draft
upon any person whatever that he is in no way
responsible to the amount of a dollar, for any per-
or nP«n.,s. exceDt fur the purchase cf two or
||larv fulK. son or persons, except f^*
tion is neitner mracuu nor pan.-
w 01 lounoat
setts s lows a
the business—to! in case of debt, besides aggravating the eni,
son and that all the
dnif lu3
!,.ar the oueration bet- ow of foundation ul tium. It aflOLda us pieaauu.to
s, llemcnt
plan appears
j.ortjcoiture and fiorticul- I to be feasible, from tne very f-ct that nature do.s ,.
for the\easons before assigned,
\ire(l Executive of the United
CoJ. & Enq.
and prosperity.—[N
Secretary Wood­
bury has addressed a circular to the cashiers of the
suspending banks, asking an explanation of tne
causes, &c., and notifying thein that no farther
deposites of the public money can be made with
them, if they have actually suspended. 1 he se
cretary informs them that he willdraw out the funds
deposited with them, oy wurrants and uanffers,
leasonable in amount and time of payment—which
it is expected that the banks will meet in asatis
factorv manner, among other reasons "to exoner
ate themselves from injurious, inevitable and un
pleasant consequences." The following queries
are propounded lor early answers:
1st. Whether you expect to resume specie pay
ments soon, and what mode you propose to take
fully and seasonably to indamnify, secure aud sa
tisfy the government and the public credito.-? for
any breach of your agreement and bond!
2nd. Whether, if you do not expect to resume
specie payments soon, any particular lima fo. it
are now
on Lake Erie forty-two steamboats in active em
ployment. Besides these, are six yet unfinished,
which will probably bo running before fall. In
18 J5, the Superior was the only steamboat on the
Of the profits made by these boats, 0110 can judge
by the following:—The James Madison, a splen
did new boat, left here on the
!th for Chicago.
The Gazette, printed af Erie, where the boat is
owned, says she will clear this trip, $ ',000.
What an idea do the3e facts convey of the bu9i
nessdone on Lake Erie. It is yet in its infancy
what will it be when the immense and fertile fields
of the westare thick'.y settled, as they will De ere
Legislature of this state
convened at Tronton yesterday, agreeably to the
call of the Speaker of the House. The House or
ganized and adjourned over till to-day, many of
the members not having arrived. We give tiie fol
lowing extract from a private letter dated May22d,
"The general impression here is, that a satisfac
tory and sufficiently liberal bill will be passed au
thorising the course which has been adopted by the
several banking institutions.— 1 here are perhaps a
few members who have already come in, who do
not, from their position, view the whole ground in
the same aspect as it strikes others who have direct
ly observed'the financial operations of the country
in their present untoward course, or who are con
nected with trade but there arc very few, if any,
who do not admit that to drive tho banks to paying
specie, or to wind up their concerns, would be per
fect suicidal, and disastrous to the varied interests
ofthe whole rommunity."—[Newark Daily Adr.
NEW JKBBEV.—Asuspension
law similar to that
passed by the recent legislature of this state, was
reported to the lower house of the New Jersey le
gislature on Wednesday. Petitions for a suspen
sion of the law against the issuing of small bills had
been presented in considerable numbers with what
probability of success, was a matter rf doubt.
[Albany Argus.
to the amount of about one million of dollars, were
made by the Commissioners on Saturday last, and
at about J60,000 leu than the estimated prices.
I.aborer* to almost any number can now find em
ployment on the different sections of the line, and
receive high prices. Several thousand are wanted
immediately.—[Chicago American.
fire arms in the town of Du Buque.
Be it ordained by the President and Trusts,
of the town of Dn Buque. That from and 'aft
the Fourth of July next any person or persons who
shall fire or discharge any carabine, fusiI, musket or
pistol or oilier fire arms within the limits oI th
town of Du Buque, shall, upon conviction thereof
lie fore any Justice of the Peace of the county of
Du Bnque forfeit and pay to the use of the iok«
the sum of five dollars with the costs nf suit fo
each and every such oftcnce. And if said o^n-o
shall happen in the night time, such offender«hall
be fined in double the above anioum. And ifth
person so convicted in either of ihe above cases'
shall not be able to pay the fine which shall be im
posed he shall be imprisoned, not less ihan five
nor more than ten days. Provided, that the dig.
charge of fire arms by the Militia o« days of'pa
command of then offi™* ,r
celebration,"Wall not be deemed a breach ofthU
SEC. 2.
And be it further ordained, That in all
case3 where minors shall offend against this ordi-
debt, in the name of the Piesidbiit and Trusteag of
the town of Du Buque.
THO. C. FASSITT, Pres't pro tern.
Passed June 21st, 1837.
CoRKr.RV, Cl'k.
A wagon load of girls for the west-
ern market lately passed through North-
ptori) Mass. It has been stated that
fbank notes with-1 there was "great call" for the com
«^amou,.to^pec eor property re. dity at Chicago and other occidenlil
^.^tuenc. marts, and we doubt not that this con
signment of Yankee damsels will be
taken into"first hands," so soon as they
arrive. There were only seven ia this
waggon load not enough to overstock
surplus of about 14,000
women, while thatofthe western states
further increase of t'ne mad spirit of spe-: shows as gi eat a preponderance of men.
temptation of extending their dis-1 c(Jiauon—and finally,the incurringofarealamou.it i 1'Jie young men of the northern and
increasing their dividends—and be- Lf debt, which must afterwards be paid in a.c ino- states swarm to the West, and
ZSTS^ hv. the y^jg women at home. The
JU=t COnsequence
is an unnatural state of so-
wilf do'tith'elustico to «member' that'ive'evel COXCOmbs, and viewing it in a philo
,• «r nekton bsinz
eave publicity to the rumor of Gen. Jackson being sophical light, \VC would advise young
a bankrupt. We did not do it, because, as we have
repeatedly said in private conversatitw, we s ou yment somew
the western men
anting wives, and theeastern women
anting husbands. Leaving all non
.sense about this matter to dandies and
to emigrate tothe west. They
ought to seek employment somewhere,
and will find it as easily by dispersing
themselves over the new states,
crowding into the eastern factories and
cities. Female labor of all kinds must
necessarily be in demand at the west
for where none but men are to be found,
who are to keep their houses in order,
and make up their linen and other
clothing, keep the minor schools, &c.
&C. In addition to this, every respec
table young woman who goes to the
west, is almost sure of an advantage
ous marriage, while, from
the supera­
of her own sex at the
of commendation. Go to
her chances for it are not greater than
those for a disappointment. By the
laws of nature, this is a primary con
sideration. The young men of the
west would gladly visit the east in pur
suit of wives, if their afiairs would per
mit, and all who can, do cross
mountains for such purpose. But as
multitudes cannot,
can find no sub­
stantial reason that should restrain wo
men from going to the west in pursuit
but many in favor ofthe
We therefore say to the
women ofthe Atlantic states, form as
sociations or companies for emigrating
to the west. Unite your means to de
fray the expense. Offer yourselvesas
tailoresses, seamstresses,
school mis­
tresses, &c., and you WILL doubtless
become the wives of respectable
thriving citizens,almost as soon aiyou
reach your destination
unless you are
snapped up on the way so soon as you
pass the Alleghanies. There is noth
ingin the undertaking of which women
of good principles and correct
ment ought to be ashamed. On the
contrary, there is much in it
Chicago or
Detroit, especially the former, which
is pronounced She-cargo.
JPhilad. Ledger.
Norwalk (Conn) CHF&iicleof Wednes
day,says, on Friday last, ten
double horse wagon passed through
that place, loaded with men, women,
guns, rifles, boys, girls, babies, and
other nicknacks, all bound to the FAR
west. The girls will
r&mjprg ML&D53 mmfsess®-
snbscriber has just received from N
York, a large assortment of Clothing, w**'
ing in part of Blue, Black, Brown and Olive U
and Frock Coats—Bluo Black, Brown s"d
colored pants.—Brown linen and gio«
and roundabouts—Irish linen shirts whit
Biown linen pantaloons Black, Bla«i Velv*
fancy vests, for sale by ,„mnTt
Junejl7,1837. E. LOCKWOOR
Partnership heretofore existing J1*
the undersigned, under the name 'j b«
HUGHES, is this day
mutual consent. B. M. HUGH«*.
May 24,1837. 1 F. K. O'FEgg^—
u-Hrti or Catue
those wishing to pasture Hoi*®
can be accommodated, by PP
subscriber living at ^g^^ ^cRANEY.
Dn Buque, June 15, 1837. 2-*L—
received 10 Kegs Blasting
June 15, 1537.

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