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Street, nearly opposite the residence
Judge Lockwood
Army, for some time engaged in selecting sites
for Hospitals on the Mississippi, have select
ed St. Louis as one point, and purchased the
requisite quantity of land,—that Warsaw, at
the foot of the lower Rapics, will likely be se
lected as another, and the third be located at
or below the mouth of the Ohio river.
The Burlington Gazette, in a long article,
proves the insufficiency of our present mail fa
cilities, and urges upon the people to take
measures to secure privileges equal to those
granted to other portions of the country of like
importance. We are confident that the Post
Master General has the disposition to extend
to us every facility consistent with his office,
and that we are in need of a great increase,
we all too sensibly feel. In the Iowa District,
which numbers near, if not equal with the east
in population, there is not one hundred miles
i of stage line in operation, while on the cast,
stages are run in almost every direction. We
do not mention this because we think the citi
zens of Wisconsin proper receive more than
they *re Justly entitled to —indeed, many im
^provements ought yet to be made there.
In this District, the mail from this place to
Burlington, passing through several important
towns, we have but a weekly mail, on horse
back, and that frequently fails, being one of
the contracts of A. Philleo, and there is now
more mail in this Post Office than can be ta
ken- in three weeks on horseback, a good por
tion of which has laid in the office for three
weeks, for want of sufficient means of convey
ance. This is subjecting the citizens of this
part of the country to an inconvenience which
palls loudly upon them to take measures to re
medy. Let them hold meetings, draft and
send on petitions for the establishment of mail
stages three times a week, and then we will
have no more than we are justly entitled to.
Our subscribers in the Iowa District will, we
hope, bear with us, and make all due allow
ance for the irregularity of the mail. We have
several times heard that our paper had failed
to reach several of the offices, but we will in
form our readers that every number of our pa
pers has been mailed.
MISSISSIPPI —We were too soon in giving
this State to the Whigs. Claiborne anjl Ghol
son are elected.-—The former by a majority of
1,383, and the latter, C52.
.NORTH CAROLINA Ilie wings carry tne
TENNESSEE.—-The Nashville Banner gives
the latest returns from this State. Gov. Can
non is in all probability re-elected by a large
majority. Win. B. Campbell, Whig, is elect
ad in Peyton's District, John Bell, Whig, e
Itcted without opposition. In the 8th District
A. P. Maury, Whig, re-electedr James K.
Prflk re-elected without opposition: In the
lith it is thought that R. Cheatham, Whig,
if selected over Cave Johnson but this is very
dfthbtful, as all the returns were not official.
KENTUCKY.—No full returns have been re
edred. The Whigs speak confidently of the
•access of their candidate in Colonel John
son's District, bat the Democrats are equally
INDIANA.—David Wallace, Whig, seems
most likely to be elected. James Rariden,
Democrat, is beyond doubt, elected to Con
gress over McCarty, the old representative
MeCaTty was once a Democrat,
Although we hear constant complaints of
the hard times, yet every article of consump
tion in the mines continues to command the
""SfotovAL—The Officc of the "Iowa highest price. Flour is from $12 to $15 por
Xew*" will, next weok, be removed to j^bl., Bacon fr0m 10 to 12 cents per pound,
a newly finished Imildin* Locust!^
is the intention of the government to treat with On the 4tli of July, the Democrats of Mas
them for the purchase of that valuable tract of i sachusetts, to the number of about 2009, met
country lying on the east bank of the Missis-'
sippi river, from the mouth of the Black Riv- ciples, at which the Hon. Alexander H. Ev
er to the Wah-tap, a distance of two hundred erett, made a speech full of worm wood and
and fifty miles. The Sioux Indians inhabit- gall to the Whigs, and for which some of them
ing this country are few in number, les3 pro- are out upon him. Resolutions were adopted
bably, than one hundred and fifty families, expressive of tli6 sense of the meeting, appro
They inhabit a country capable of supporting ving the measures of the present administra
millions of civilized men. We hope the Gov- tion in requiring specie for all dues.
ernment will succeed in extinguishing the ti
tle of the few savages who reside on this land.
If it is purchased, we do not hesitate to predict
that before ten years elapse, a population of as
many thousands of enterprising and industrious
citizens of the United States, will make that
"wilderness blossom as the rose."
&Q and all other anicIes
in proportion. Labor is from $20 to $25 per
month and boarded, and yet not enough can be
had. Almost daily do we hear it said that
works calculated to benefit those employing St
Maj. L. Taliaferro, with about twenty-five of
the Sioux chiefs and warriors left Galena on
the 23d inst. on the steam boat Ariel, on their
way to Washington. We understand, that it jthe country, arc stopped for the wantof hands.
Bunker Hill, to make a declaration of prin-
In our columns to-day will be found a copy
of a letter from a gentleman to his friend in the
east, to which we invite the particular atten
tion of our editorial brethren and readers in the
east, confident that the publication of such
facts must induce some of those who are there
suffering, to better their prospects by emigra-
In passing through a portion of the mining The writer is well acquainted with the
country during the past week, we observed an affairs of our country, and we think it fully
appearance of general activity in business. All nierits all that he has said in favor of it. That
the smelting furnaces are actively engaged in this country possesses advantages over that,
making lead, and large Quantities of ore are fpr laboring men,
every one who has any know!
being raised. Notwithstanding" the "pressure
is somewhat felt in the territory, and money
•cry sac re, yet the energy of our citizens re
mains unabated, and the current of business
flows on with little interruption.
/'We learn from the St. Louis Republican,
that the Board of Surgeons, frem the U- S.
edge of both countries will at once admit.
Pittsburgh Saturday Visitor, of August 12, we
pcrecive the advertisement of a lady, in want
of a husband. She says^he isajout 20 years
This he has a right to do, but we certainly
"The Hon ~Lvtle~Tatel v challpn«»od
Whiss carrv the'
but turned!
his coat and took shelter with the Whigs, for
\Nhieh he has received his reward.
.. The health of our town continues unimpair
ed. But few have been afflicted with any dis
ease,—Doctors we« long faces:
'~Y^r v ,*•
The Governor of Arkansas has called an ex- [demand at every point along tho river, and is
tra session of.tho Legislature, to meet on the
first Monday in November next, for what rea
sons we know not.
Du lluque can boast. Could tho trio of the mill, and make money enough in a short time
Lake, or any of those other mushroom towns to reimburse alt his capital, (leaving a surplua
say as much, it would be heralded from Maine
to Louisiana.
Mrs. liutterworth, the lady to whom I al­
have bad frequent opportunities of witnessing
day.—The result of the first day's election is
given in the Raleigh Standard. In the 3rd
District, Stanley, (Whig) is elected. 4th, as
far as heard from, gives the Whig candidate
a majority of 25. In the 6th District, the two:
Democratic candidates received 2,848, and the
Whig candidate 762.
her on yesterday, a tavern si'n with
the naked eye, atadistance ofa hundred yards.
On the 3d day of this month, her son, Mr.
Alexander Butterworth, was married by the
Kev. Mr. Muzzuchelli, to Miss Mary McDer
mott of this place. There we enjoyed "the
feast of reason and the flow of 8oul""in reality,
when "with gladdened eyes and hearts elate,"
we beheld a lady of 10(» dancing at her son's
w ball. Then who would not dance.
And so toe did
"Trip the .light fantastic toe
In buoyant fairy fashion."
Mrs. Butterworth's- age is thus accounted
for: At the ago of sixteen, her parents, who
lived in tho town of Kildare, in Ireland, with
drew her from school in the city of Dublin on
the very day on which the battle of Culloden,
in Scotland, was fought this we find was the
day of April, 1747, consequently she is
in the 107th year of her age. She came to the
United States twenty-five years ago since
then she ha9 lived 13 years in Baltimore, 8
years in the State of Missouri, and four in Du
All who are acquainted with Mrs. B. will
admit that I have not exaggerated in any of the
above particulars. To see her is to know. She
has lived a comfortable and industrious life,
and is likely enough to live ten years to come.
August 25th, 1837. C. C.
MES8RS. EDITORS—I have understood that
the building in this place, used by the county
the Methodists as a meeting
house, was built by contribution, and that it
was designed by the contributors to be free to
all sects of Christains, without distinction.
Any of your readers acquainted with the facts,
will much oblige many citizens by giving in
formation on the subject.
To the Kiliiors of the Iowa News.
GENTLEMEN—Enclosed I take the liberty of
sending you "Copy of a letter ffom a resident
of isconsin, to a friend at the east," and
should it bo deemed worthy a place in your
valuable paper—with the benefit of an editorial
remark, calling the attention of your exchange
brethren to the land of our adoption, you will,
I flatter myself, gratify more than
Du BUQUE, (W. T.) Aug. 16, 1837.
Dear Sir:—Notwithstanding "the many let
ters I have already written since my having
settled in W isconsin, describing to the friends
and acquaintances left behind ino, the great
advantages, present and prospective, possess
ed by this favored region, still must I contin
ue to urge upon you all, how much would you
change fortlie better, by removing hither.
I have now resided in the Territory nearly
twelve months, and every succeeding day's
experience only tends to confirm the "opinion
formed on my tirst arrival, in relation to it, I
viz: Fhut isconsin presents to the enterpri
sing and industrious, a combination of advan
tages unequalled by any other portion of the
Union, I have ever seen or heard of. It is true
that those who come here expecting to find
with our infant condition, a state of advance
ment which at the east, scarcely less than e.en
turies have been required to effect, must as a
matter of course be doomed to disappointment..
And yet many such there are, so profoundly
ignorant and inexperienced in regard to all the
world not embraced within the sound of their
own church bell, that they come here, and go
home again abusing us, because where yester
day the Indian was sole possessor of the soil,
the white man has not to-day completed cities,
rail-roads, and canals, such as they have pass
ed on their trip hither. And yet, supremely
extravagant us these anticipations cjuld but
seem to one or sober judgment, and only ac-
customed to the gradual march of improvement
of age, middle size, handsome, and genteel i tant travelers but deferred honoring us with
in appearance, but poor, wishes to marry a their company for a few short years, even they
man of from 25 to 35 years age, gifted with at ^e at
moderate portion of e'ood sense, beinr of a re-
witnessed in former times—had oursoi dis-
i aii»
et money earned in this way
."-[Alton Obser. fig^'and' o^crpr^n^ enjoying!
'Tis sgiid the editor of the Alton Observer, I a country unsurpassed for the purity ofits air
Pe2 hang a
uiaii. But as it is, will any man of common sense
spcctable family, and in possession of a con-: pretend to say we have not much to boast of,
siderable fortune." The name, residence, &c. when it is recollected that only twelve months
of the n-entlernan must be given in all appl'ca-1 have elapsed sinco Wisconsin became a i'er
tions, and addressed "M. D.» through
"tory, and vet be able to present to the world
her thriving towns and villages, some number-
Pittsburgh P. O. Here, bachelors, is a chance jng their thirty stores, stone churches, banks,
for a wife. You that like the terms, send on handsome brick buildings, and splendid steam
your proposals. boats—her smiling firms, proving how admi
rably adopted are her soil anil climate to the
"The Sangamon Journal continues to insert' production of grain of all kinds—her inexhausti
advertisements for runaway slaves. This it i bio lead_and cupper mines—her numerous fur
has a right to do, but we certainly do not cov-!
'r HnioUinnr theac minernls---her. ship
yards—her saw and grist mills—and her Intel-
on the 4th of July last, walked the-streofs with and water, and desiring nothing but to tsharu i «is. The cabin passengers spnak in the highest
a couple of fret negroes, (or runaway slaves.}
ii i i interesting trip to .. t. 1 Lt. M, \Vhero the^"^v-j John Littleton,2d Lnzineer.badly wounJodin tne
lvdo not covet such company. 1 ernment has concluded a treaty with the Chip- |ie„d by
^eWa- '"(1'anS^
oneof 11,0 few arlici, s
For the Iowa New:*.
neral Lytic being denied this satisfaction, re- bounds with line timber, and water power on] ,..
venged himself by calling him a poltroon, a navigable streams emptying into the mighty G„„rgn jj'try, do
x. connnrr im!f?pfinn«nt. ntnv purchase a- wwwu iimu, vmcui
scoundrel, and a liar. Rather tough i Mississippi, passable at all seasons (except- FI-UNCIS I'laajant,' Ij colorodinanj
to swallow, Charley.- '"2 th« wsntor,) for lar re steam boats up to the Henry A. Carr, do
_1 I falls of Kt. Anthony. Pine Lumber is in great
vvitl' whicl''
to pay for his land whenever it may come into
market.) Or if his means will not, at first, en
able him to build, his industry will soon ren-
into, uuuuvvuiui, uie mu y 10 wnom i ai- able him to inula* ins lrmusiry win soon ren-1 .r i
lude, is a resident of the town of Du Buque dor him so, by raftin" loos for the supply of I
for the last four years, during which time I the different mills a!o"ng tho Mi.sissippi/al-1^ /'"JfL°'
with astonishment the extraordinary and acute i know on-raVed in this business on the Susque-! fV.l'nd
powers of her sensitive faculties, both mental ha,ma and its tributaries, who, with tho Jus.
and physical. Often have I listened with do-. try they are.obliged to use there, to aflor-.l them:
light to anecdotes of her youth, to tales and i a bare living, would here speedily become
circumstances connected with the death of
George the Second, tho revolution in Scotland,
the exile of the Prentender in Ireland. &c. &c.
I havo often seen her thread her needle, sew
and knit, even without spectacles, with that
neatness of which many of our tight-laced
Belles would be proud. If you see her on a
Sunday, she is at church or at home reading! Pittsburgh, Pa., whence to Du Buque a steam
her book, frequently without
spectacles boat will carry you for ten dollars, and you
rich! But you are afraid of encountering tho
distance, the expense of traveling, the Indians,
and a thousand other ditliculties, which be as
sured, exist only in your mistaken imagina
If you are disposed to come and see for your
selves, you havo only got to find your way to
will find when you get here, that we do not
see half a do/.eu Indians in a year and thatas
to the apprehension of any danger from them,
the idea is ridiculous.
Nor are my remarks applicable alone to
lumbermen. Farmers, mechanics, and labor
ers, to one and all of you, permit me to say yoUi
will never rue the day when you may be indu
ced to settle in Wisconsin. I know farmers
who arrived here this spring, and whose wheat
crops are worth at least one hundred dollars
peracre! I know mechanics who ge'.from three
to five dollars per day, and laborers from twen
ty to fifty dollars per rnoriih and I know more
over that there is room enough here for as ma
ny fresh emigrants as choose to come and a
vail themselves of the benefits held out to them.
The land on the east side the Mississippi is
surveyed, and most of it in market, fat SI 25
per acre.) That on the wc3t side (beinz the
mised Land" of America, and this too, whilst
k°.w'de and fertile west is throwing open to
their embrace her beauteous bosom uncondi
tionally, and insuring a reward of an hundred
tolu for only ordinary industry. I hnvp not now
the time, were I possessed of the ability, to
indite a treatise on political economy—but
whilst every Tyro is in his own way account"
ing for the existing "pressure," or suo"j-estinar
some remedy therefor, I may perhaps ^be pe£
nutted, respectfully to suggest, that Congress
*at its approaching special session may possi
bly worse employ a portion ofits time in devi
singways and means for increasing the public
weal, than by digesting a scheme for "the en
couragement of the cultivation of the western
prairies, by securing to the industrious but
poor sutler, ihe gratuitous possession of a linii.
ted portion of our immense public domain, so
long as lie or his heirs shall occupy and culti
vate it. It strikes me that were a law enacted,
based upon this principle, it would be difficult
now to set limits to the benfits that would ine
vitably follow from its adoption. Would it not
be insuring to untold numbers of our fellow
beings, the place which they could call "H
sweet Home"—a name, oh
which their poverty—their
hitherto forbidden them to use
to aught belonging to them.
promoting the prosperity ofthe
by rendering many creators o
now consumers, yielding no .. ,. ,„r.
—and by the enhanced value which their labor "nco
will have given to the public lands around
them? And lastly, would it not be realizing
what every true hearted American and friend
of humanity might be justly proud to boast—
that his was the only country on the face of
the earth, where the poor man was sure of find
ing a home he could call his own, "without
money, and without price."
Almost every day adds some distinguished
name from the eastern States, to the list of
citizens of Wisconsin, than which, no more
honorable refutation could be desired of the
occasional misrepresentations of this favored
country, which prejudice or ignorance may
choose to publish. Amongst others whom we
shall soon have the pleasure of welcoming, I
am happy in being able to mention Genl. W.
J'. Smith, of Bedford, Pa., and Dr. Smith,
of Cambria, Pa., and I trust their example
may speedily be followed by many of their
1 loping the contents of this long epistle tnay
be some compensation for the trouble of peru
sal, and with full permission to hand it over
to the editor of your paper for the benefit of
our mutual friends.
I remain, dear sir,
Very truly, yours.
In our last
,n s, iv,,,.* vvl.nm il.o ri™
i,l° ,Purcl,asp
promised to gii-c a further
the steamboat Du Bjquo. Tho statement
ko"of V!-'_ics
have given only the names entire of the sulfer-
prosperity with "those we have left be-1 terms of the conduct of Capt. SMOKER, subordin
hind us.'• I have just returned from a mos- ate officers and crew ot tho boat.
OI 1110
,b°-i fireinnn, Pittsburgh, badly scaldod
jdyof fine timber land—cont unitig also im-1 Felix i'oj.-e, do. Kaskaskia, do
the editor of the Cincinnati Gazette, but Char- mense treasures of lead and copper. Cmi's. Kelly, deckhand, Ohio, do
ley could not toe the mark choosing, as the To those who have been accustomed to the! Noah Swain, do do
Alton Spectator says, to sleep in a whole skin lumbering business, a most favorable "oppor- J"hn «n, cook, colored man, thrown ovor
,i ,, i tunity is now afforded by this treaty for lft- board and itrow^ad.
ratnor that one vith a i/urit-t noic in it, Oc
"'e na­
ture of things, the market cannot become over
stocked. Common pine boards nre now sell
ing here at Fifty Dollars per thousand feet.
This is an evidence of (he profit that may be
derived by engaging in tin business. A man
has now nothing to do hut proceed without fear
MESSRS. EDITORS.—I have often been aston
ished why notice has nevor been taken of that! of molestation, and "make a claim," etiibra
extraordinary instance of longevity ol which
cing limber and water power, erect his saw
Mosssr. sccotid cook* colored man* Chicin-
Jamcs C. Hamilton, DuBuque
JO3U,I!I Brad), do
John Biiland, New York
Joiiiah Lay, Clay co., III., [died at oY.lock
fi. B. £nms, do
Murtin Hhouhnohoy, St. Louis
George Clise, Galena
ftlichaal Shoug'ina sy with wife nnd a*, infant,
which died about sunrise—Shoughnassy died a
boui one o'clock
David I-'aancour, Franco.
Public Meeting.
A meeting of tho citizens of Du Buquccoun
ty, will be held at Harrison's Hotel, on Tues
day evening next, to eonsult and adopt inea-
a sum of money
ready in operation. Ilow many persons do 11 oQ ^.!!^
°f this place, as
A general attendance is requested.
T)IKD—At iii' ioiiati, on the ftth inst. Col.
JAMES EVAN'.-', Ke^ter of thn I,and Office at
ialena.» Col. K. was (or (several years a Senator
in the State rc :iol ilnre from Morgan county, Illi
iioifi", where he became distiiiguisncd, both for the
talent and industry excicisod in behalf of his con
stituent!!, and his gentlemanly conduct towards all
with whom ho differed on subjects of legislation.—
At home, as a neighbor, husband and parent, none
could be more kind and hospitable. Since his ap
pointment as Regi-tO:-, lie has been truly faithful in
the discharge of his dnti ", and endeared himself to a
larga concourse of friend» and ^cq'taintances, who
will sympathise with his bereaved wife and chil
dren, and mourn hi* untimely end—being cut off
in the midst of his usefulness. —»_s
St 9. 9.
a. w.
twelve months time (or more before being re- packages of Goods, sold for and on account of
qured to pay to Government hie *1 25 per a-! ^ccrn, being damaged o„ the voy
r„, (V/r,.. cirnr.u ago from New York to Galena, on board the brie
rp* -1' k ^Mn]P'e* Mary Maria, comprising generally the following
fhe philanthropist cannot but notice with
deep regret, the daily accounts with which tho
the authorities in devimng some plan for reship-,
to r! ••o
lilack Hawk Purchase" is now'undcrthc fly Campbell & ^lorelftOUSe*
hands of the Surveyors, and will probably he "«*riLL be sold for Cash, on Monday, Tuos
in market, wholly or in part, sometime dur- day and Wodneseny^th, 5th, and 6th Sen
ing next season. In tho interim, tho settler teniber n«xt ensuing, at li o'clock, A. M. each day
can seat himself down upon any unoccupied and each succeeding day until completed, at the
portion of it he pleases, and avail himself of
M9 Sat. 03° r»s° S Variable
ao ^un. A)° 7'.in .^5° N W Cloudy
Mon. 70" w s w Clear
22 Tne. W 70" w i
23 Wed. W 74° lirt" w u
Thin. 50" 70" w (I
iih Fi id. w 73" 79° w Shower
of JIKZEKIAII II. GJ.AK, in Galena, sundry
:_An assortment of Hardware,Crock-
ery a),(i
eastern prints are filled, ofthe thousands upon Pnimleaf Hats Straw Bonnets Silks Ribbons
thousands of our fellow-citizens on tho sea Woolen and Cotton Cloathing Broad Cloths
board, who are destitute at the present moment Caseimeres Sattincts Flannels Drillings Lin
of the means of support fir themselvas and suf- ens Prinu Muslins Shirtings Sheetings Silk
fering families—and foreign emigrants, who Cotton Handkerchiefs Cotton and Wool
arc accumulating there so rapidly as to fill to
Glass Ware Doots Shoes: wool, fur and
f!?,er/,'. VM'
ping them to those scenes of wretchedness ana fjingeetj Oil White Lead Mackerel Salmon
misery in their native counties, which thev' Cocifl3h Herring Kaiiom, Ac. &c,
bad fondly flattered themselves they had bid-1 CAMPBELL & MOREHOUSE^,
den adieu to forever, in exchange for the !'Pr0"?| 3fug, 5S6. It* Auctioneer*.
Twist Sewing feilk Thread
FWe Groceries, Wines, and Brandy
•Ai, .•£.
jut ree'd direct from New Oneans, mid
for sala, the following described Grocories:
10 boxes New Hetlfo-d
tiU bbls Sugar
5jhhcl. do
20 bags Havana Coffee 6 do. Sarolines
6 boxes Cherries 50(H) Melee Segars
15 baskess
Champa igno 1000 Ugues do.
5 box. Muscat Wine 1000 Quintiana do.
AugustS, 1S37.
Y virtue of a fieri facias, issued from the Clerk's ,.
Office ofthe District Court Pof l)n Rutiun ,.ra?3.
Jame» Cab
G. VV. CUMMIXS, Shnr D. C.
Du Buijue, August 10, 1837. 11-1
V Foa'lmscs for Sale.
ITJIJ be sold at Public Amnion on Saturday
tho'Jtitli August, inst. at the \Iit['io(|uotoi:5
Ferry Uou!r, at 'J o'clock 1'. Al. tha lU'ino ripring
Claim in the valley bcuvaon the liig Micnquetois
and Wapsipinica, entered and recorded according
ship, and is the oM»et claim in this beautiful val-
ley. AUo, the Miooq-ieiois Ferry, and the land on
which it is situated. Kach of tho abovo claims
contain a section of land, and lay immediately on
the 'l'crritoiiil Koad from Du Huque to Farniington
—tho lorry Claim cannot be excello.l, for water
power, by any place on the Micoquctois, and is
situated in the heart of tho mineral kingdom. A
ny person wishing to view the premises previous to
tho day of sale, will be acconipahied by one of the
proprietors. JONAS, BOONE &. CO.
August 13,1837. 1,3
ment of tho circumstances attending tho accident
bllt liu,c IVom l,,at
August 13,1837. JF
S. IIEMI'STU.U.-, Att'y for Petitioner.
located himself ill tho town of Do
BII'LUE, his prut'osMOiial sbrvicos
to the inhabitants ofthe town and the surromid-ing
country, in all of its branches. When not prt^
fosdio.ially onsagod, can be fHaad at the atora of
Mr. F. K. O'rcrrall or at his rosidencs.
P. S. Du. I. O'FKUBAI.I. ha^ supply of genu
ine Vaceino Matter, and will wait upon all c*lls
who may wish to avail thoni'iilvea of tho pr9tection.
Du Buque, August 1~, 1H'J7. 1 l-£ft
APPENDIX.—Scnsiblo of tho deep interest
wlii'jh mum be felt throughout the Union in the
proceeding* of anew Congress, convoked by tho
new administration, to iirtiit ths extraordinary
emergencies which havo arisen since the close of
Oenaial ,IAC:CRON'S iRrm ofsci vice, tho undersigned
have already made preparation* to furnish their an
nual report in the form of a 'o\e it f.shonia i. Oi.oui:.
As these successive public,ilions comprise a full
and faithful record of nil that is dono in Coivjrcss
—sketches of tho attendant dtscusion?, with an
AI-IM:NIIX, containing the finished opeechei prepa
red by tho member* themselves—they are suited not
only to gratify the curiosity ofthe hour, to inform
the distant constituency of tho part performed by
their immediate representatives, and tho result
present demands, the maintenance of manufactures
and tho regulation of commerce. Every thing of
pecuniary interest to the government and tho na
tion will be involved in llio discussions of tho next
Congress and ii was because the President would
not havo those all-important subjects left to/Execu
tive discretion a moment btyund the iinif when
full Congress could bo summoned,' that tiie Septem
ber session was convoked. Tho machinery of gov
ernment, of geer, must continue to work but.whcn
disordered, its movements may bo driven in a wron
direction. Tho Representatives of the people are
alone competent to set all to lighlJ. No .Demo
cratic Chief Magistrate, would continue, in the con
dition of things at present existing, to substitute
Executi vo'cxpuiiiciits
clearly defined law spring­
ing from the public will.
For the Congressional Globe, during the first two
sessions of the 25th Congress, $2 00
For tho Appendix to the Congressional Globe,
during the first two sessions of the 25th
Congress, $2 00
Any person sending us the money for fivo copies
of either of the above publications, will bu enti
tled to a copy.
Payments m»y be transmitted by mail, postage
paid, at our risk. The notes of any incorporated
Bank in the Unitod States, which did notsuspend
specie payments before tho 1st of May, 1837, will
be received. But when subscribers can procure the
notes of Banks in tho Northern and Middle States,
they will please send them.
To insure all the numbers, the money must be
here by the first Monday in September next.
(£J-jYo attention will be paid to any order, tm
lete the money accompany it, or unlets some res
ponsible person, known to us to be go, shall agree
to bay it before the session axpires.
WieHiMOTOS CITV, June 94,1837. 11
BBLS. Dried Apples, just ree'd by
A SACKS ofeorn just received, and for sale Mm away
4 box. ('Immpaigno do 6-boxes best Cordials
5 bbls. Brandy 10 bbls. Whiskey
1 bag Pepper 8 cjr. casks S 31 Wine
1 hoxCayf.inc do. 2 bbls. Almonds
4 boxen Lemon
J^UST lev. (1 per steamer Wipsv, a kir»e
1 Y 1 _\ ult 1' of every rlfisrr-* Inn
... —i description, purchased
Spcim Candles and comprising in part the follow-
Colli us' broad and chopping axe?, foot-ndzes.loa
chains, a^s'd patent corn mills, i- doz. weedin*
coffee mills, cow bell?, tea kettles, plough
nail hammers, steel yards,
shovels and tones.
5 bbls. Molasses
2 hlf bbls No 1 MackrI 23 baskets Amiseite
2qr do 2 do 3 bbls N O Rum
7 qr. boxes Raisins 1 bbl. best IToll. Gin
8 hlf. do do 1 qr. cask Mad. Wine
2 matt* Cinnamon 8 boxes Soap
Also—a .splendid assortment of U ARD'tVAIlE,
all of which will be sold low for Cash'orLead.
hoes, coffee mills, cow beU?,\ea kettles, ploidh
nail hammers, stee'
handsaw-, Manilla leading lines'ami bed cordsl
twine, ass\l rifle pistol and gun
nd painted marbles, brass and plated
Cotton line
flints, white
?.'Jsand paper, hide
hips, pack pins, horse brushes' niiil'saw^ra't tail,
pii} t:ipor hand
.•hi. f13"and
mola«sc i gate
hantl SUW horsc
1 ,,i «/. », i3 ?ml
an atp
(near Carlton, Du
Bit'ioo county, W.T.) to expoaa the same to pub
lij ?u'a to the. highest bidder. The sala wiil^be
continued from day to day until ths jiroparty afore
said is disposed of-
to the Articles of Association of Deep Cnu-k town- i "e7aU'^"a's'inalKnTiva^'V'
Bt a Sma11
rasps, socket
chesl"*u"k h*S
cast and brass but#
®r.lltan|! and Iron tea and table
spoons, a?s knives and forks, assM pocket butch.
k i V e S
a n e a
th nml
I .. aiul wood shaving boxes*
clothes do._
naflls bridla bitts, tin'd and mul-
r, sneclm hooks and eyes, hand
*1111 CY V3« IINMI
mirrors, Indian glassos, toilet and Italia do Web
ster's {-.polling books, Walker's dictionary, day
boo*s, lodger.-, and- blank books plain and ruled tet
tcr papor, plain and cap do. account do. asa'd
quills, inkstands, paste board?, saalingwax wafen
black sand pearl, vest and shirt buttons metal, pa
per and 1 lorentina vest do. coat buttons, metal do.
neck, side and tucking com!*,
pocket do. dres-
sing do fine ivory do. (lint locked rides, single and
double barmUM shotguns and pistols,
Togcthor with many other articles too tedious
to mention. Arsons wishing to make a bill at
Wholesale prices, would do well to call and exam-
9Cili"S wholesal°
August 6, 1837.
e Petition for Divorco.
NOTICE is hereby (fjven to Gene­
vieve La page, 1'hnt llio Raid Bajitistc La page
has filed in tho office of the Clerk of the District
Court in and fir the County aforosaid, his petition
for a Divorce from tho bonds of .Matrimony, and
that ha will ask a hearing of this said petition on
tho third day of tho next term of said Court, to b"
hoidon in the town of Du Bmpo, oil thp second
Monday of October next, when and at which place
the said Genn-'iovo Luptigo can bn present and
make objections if she sees piopnr.
0 ,0n
BBLS. Sugerlina FLOUR, just ree'd and
for sale by SCOTT & TAYLOR.
Auugust G, 1837..
BBLS. Old Rectified WHISKEY, just
ree'd and for sale by
August 6, 1837.
it} HIIDS. BACON, just rtSc'd and for sale by
gust (3,
new to-.vn, destined to rank with the first
1.1 far famed West, is situated on tha
maqunkoin, three miles l:otn its mouth lm*
mediately on the first point on the bluff?, nnd 25
miles from Galena i» Illinois, nnd like it is acces
sible for steam boots at almost any stage of tho wa-
its adjacent line wood lands and pi re sprnvs, ren
der it atonce a dcsiiahle location to all t.'iat look
lor rich soil, health, and convenient materials
hinlding, Nothing further need be taid for thll
to.vn than that it must become .the depot for the up
per t-ade ol thn upper Mafpiofcf.ta.e-ouiury^ojust
ly celebrated in tho groat garden of the West.-
I^BB I y{ llicWmonfl 'aware that to
niWig new towns have of latfcbeon laid oil of mi
nor importance, and cro-.vded on tha attention of
tho pooplu, that they respectfully invite all to ex
amine tor thamselvpsi and they pl, d-c themselves
ogtvo all reasonable encouragement to actual set
lers. KILI\ AIcPHLIiSO^ Richmond,
J. IIOUTON RO.SE, Bcllview,
Aug. 6. 10-4
CIVKN, to the claimants
ol the tract ol lau.l known ai tho
on tho west side of tlie Mississippi, in Wisconsin
Territory, that a petition will bo presented at tho
next session of tho Legislative Assoinbly for said
1 erritory, asking for tho passage of a law, to ena
ble the owners to make partition of the said land,
between the claimants upon eqitablc principles.—
All persons interosicd arc notified accordingly.
Mineral Point, July 7,1837. 7-9t
the labors of all but, we doubt not, ttliey will be
found permanently useful as tha most authentic,
complete and convenient parliamentary record ol
our tiine't. This undertaking having, with these
viewB been liberally patronized by the public, Jit is
our purpose to justify this early and continued lavor,
by increasing the strength of our corps of Report
ers at the next fall anil winter Sessions. The Fall
Session will bo looked to by the country to setlle
all that has been unsettled by the overthrow of tbe
systems of Deposits as established by Congress—
tho overthrow ol tho currency as estublisnd by the town, a Crow-bar, near six feet in length
on-titution- and tho overthrow of the system oi —The abovu reward will be paid for the recovery
revenue,, both as a means of adequate supply for
TJVIE subscriber lias just received a
JL supply of
Uowand's Tonic Mixture, a certain
cure for the Ague nnd^'ever.
Worm Syrup, a Hupcrior remedy for
'children troubled with worms. /•.
SwaiuH Panacea, Lamon'H Cough Drops,
Whiteheads IVK'UIICO of Mustard, lor
tism, Sciatica, Lumbago and Columbian Vegeta
ble Specific for Consumptions, Chloriit Tooth
Wash, Tamarinds &c.
Du Buque,
July 1$, 1S37.
from tho stone quarry, back ofthe
the proporty and tho conviction of the thief.
July JOS. T. FA LI
i RADUATE in the University of Leydett in
Holland, having been solicited by several of
hifriends to continue in the practice of Medi
cine, begi leave to inform tho inhabitants of Da
Buqu3 and tho neighborhood, that lie inay be con
sulted professionally every forenoon from 10 to 13
o'clock at Dr. Mason's Store in Main Street, and
at bin present residence in Water Street, dutine
the icmuindar of the day.
Dr. P. wishes it to be understood that he limits his
Midwifery practice to the town of Du Buque and
its immediate vicinity, and hopes that the experi
ence »t forty years will entitle him to a share of
public patronage.
DuBuque July 20, 1837.
A LL Persons indobted to the subscriber either
jt\. by Note or Book Account, will please call
and settle the same without do!ay,as no further de
lay can be given. WM. MITERS.
Du Buque, Aug.3, 1837.
Uliners' ffank of »u lluque.
N election for seven Directors of this Institu
will lake place according to the Char
ter, Monday the :Jd day of October next. The
election will be held at the counting room of B.
E. LOCKVVOOD, President*
Du Buque, Aug. 5,1837. 10-te
l£«4ray Horse.
LARGE Sorrel Horse was brought la to m*
by the Indians about the 16th July. They
represented to me that they found htm near tbe
Theborse is
a large eorrel, 16 hands high,
a smaff
star in the forehead, hipshoviathe right hip,elgfet^ fc."
or nine years old and clumsy made. Tbe owner:
is requested come and pay ike ex
peases sad tafe*
'on away. ASf. TUS CLA1H&
Davenport, Axp \5, 1937. MMf
is? jv

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