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«)ITV i»r lUII^PORT.
fVadnaadav iMtlai id. I*. IM».
W I I lit t: |%T.
Now that the cliorj lias p»»»eJ,
Mil tlio liaviiitr rtcor'lfJ tbur
ofcoict! of rulera, we rmn with jiropiiet)
difect our attention to matters connect
ed with Ihe Lu-in«*f"J intcrc ts of thin
community. Th« proBfu-rity, present
Bivi productive, of this Miction of th«
ITuti»n in an eminent degree,
upon tin: Unlitie* Mtt»rlei for rencbin^
tin Allmitif sen hunr't. It ih it-out
l«»iwly our policy, to fontor Mid coun
tlios« iinjrovein'*nU which
open up t«i an an easy communication
with the iiinrk*-?^ lor ui.i produce, anl
wben more than one channel of ti»J«*
in presented for our accommodation, to
discriminate in favor of that one which
•Bfewrvp* our want* the Lent.
At present, wtf have but tingle
riilroa leading tuwards the east, un
til we reach Chicago At that point
we may select between competing
line-*. The shortness of the route, tfi«t
permanent character of the aupeiatruc
ture, the ''oraplftencHS of its rolling
stock, an
Engineer and Itailroad I'resident, and
W* can Halely bear testimony to hia ac
knowledged efficiency in both posi
tion?. Hiii. his inauguration as chief
officer upon this improvement, he hai
established an enviable reputation,
while he I is given to the line a char
acter in public e-'imation, which it did
not piprior to hi* selection as its
actieg I'rexidei.t.
(Ince upon the Pittsburgh, Ft.
Wayne and Chicago Road, you are
necessarily led to the western terminus
of the Pennsylvania Central. Here
you have no cLoice of any other route
to I'niladelphia, n would you select
any other if you bad. That mode!
railroad runs through the whole length
ot the Kevftone State, from the Ohi
to the Delaware. The Pennsylvania!
Central needs no laudations from any i
on both aides ot the ocean. Its distin-
guifhed President, J. Eduar
road executive of the age. So widely
jlection of his subordinates. Col.
Thomas A. Scott, the General Super
lAteuueut of the Boad, has distinguish
ed hi'nself in the discharge o! his oner
oueand intricate'duties. The C- mpany
cuuld not have been more fortunate in
the appointment of a superintendent.
He has reached his present eminence
ty a regular promotion, and, if we may
jodge the futur.' from the past, we
ernment, the excitement attending a
political canvass would Appear to
threateu the very existence of our
institutions. But yesterday they might
witness the wild enthusiasm of partisan
stfife, accompanied by crimination and
te-crimination. The loud ami passion*
AlC threats and denunciations might
seem to them to be the immediate
precursors of civil war. To us who
have passed through many a fierce
political battle, all these ebullitions
Are looked upon as matters of course.
They are but the strifes in which
vntrammeled Freemen engage, for the
purpose of giviug* effective potency to
the will of a majority.
contest, let i'« hopef iliv look forward
for the exercise of a saber stiond
thought of tbc people, wl ich will re-
Tb« editor ot the Democrat a*u
Xkw« acknowledges tLo Laudsome
compliment pa? him by the late edi
tor of the Daily Morning Xewt, in
his valedictory to the patron* of Lis
paper. While thus cheered on to the
performance of the duties of our new
position, our fear is that we may not1
real'** the expectation of our fiienls.
Let this be as it mav. we will at least'
tndtaviirjuA. to dmappoint our well,
Mr. Johns retire* from the editorial
chair with the friendly farewell" of
the entire community. It is his design
to devote his attention to his profes
sion, in which we most heartily wish
him every success, lie has been a
faithful advocate of the interests of the
citiccns of Davenport. An opportuni
ty is now ottered them to manifest an
appreciation of those services. We
predict for Mr. J. a brilliant profession
al career, ilia talents auJ his i'/,erts
warrant us in doing so. We wish him
the adtuiiaMe management I god-speed in any euterprue in which
of its operations reader the 1'ittxhurg, he *ng*g«
Fort Wayne k Chicago Railroad the
favorite road diverging from that great
railroad centre. 'I II a -kins Ii. I'i r,
the 1'iesident of the road, is a
geatleman whose qualifications are
seeoi.d to I nt few as a preaiding oflicer
in the management of a railroad. We stamped
have known Imri intimately as Civil
The nation is again horntied by the
announcement that another of her i
publi. men hat* fallen a victim to the
so styled co«lc of honor, but which, in
Announcement of hi» nam ', us the di- of the quarrel, ilamilton may have
rector of the fortunes of any railroad g'*en the offence yet Burr was scowl
enterprise, is ..ulli lent to breathe life ®d upon as a murderer, Broderick may
and cnergv into it. I have been in the wrong, yet his sur
ln no particular lias Mr. Thompson vivor stands guilty, in the eyes of God
evidenced Ins exalted ability to and man, of having unjustifiably shed
greater extent, than in the admirable the blood of his fellow man. liis
may pr« diet that a higher position ia sideration, that the very existence o'
-in btore tor hiin. liberty is dependent upon a preserva
'lhe Pittrbiirg, Ft. Wayne and Chi- jjon
vai»: rHAKAt TF.Ki«Tir* or
ihHiN ii tni: uovEHftaai.N r.
To stiangcrs to our System of Gov­
The day aftkr an election is one
«f the proudest to an American. The
calm snbwiaeioa of A minority, to the
expressed will of A mAjority Argues
well for the perpetuetion of the free
institutions of oar beloved Country.
The capAcity of a people for self-gov
ernment results from this cordial
aobuiisaiou If victory has perched up
on our banners, Jet us bear our honors
modestly, remembering that our polit
id! opponents are citizens of the seme
government with us, And entitled te
the tame freedom of opinion which we
daioi for ourselves, ty on the other
Tbe ban Francisco
the code of blood.
Times says:
It appears that the quarrel origins
ted in the late political campaign, in
offensive personal reinatk* made by
both parties at public meetings. The
duel took place on the ltttb ult., in a
small dell or valley some two miles
from Merced Lake, near San Francisco,
in the presence of a number of specta
torn. I Ion. J. C. McKibbin, and the1
Sheriff of Sihkiyou county, appeared
an IIroderick'ssecoii a'id Calhoun I
lieuhaui and Thomas Hay*, of San i
Francisco, as Ten v's. They lired at i
ten |aces, with pistols, liroderick's,
pistol went off prematurly, the ball
entering the ground. Terry took d«
liberate aim, fiied, and Broderick im
mediately staggered and fell, having
been nhot in the breast. Terry im
mediately fled, and Broderick was
taken to a house and cared (or. i
At the last account published in the I
Francisco Times (hi lf past 11
pen. Its reputation is established up- i .. ...
M. September 1,) Mr.
i i i, i i liroderick was still alive, but hs death
momentarily eipected, and the
j- |,js jeati) js
doubt correct.
Judge Terry tendered his resigna­
tion, is known both in thia country and tion as Chief Justice to the Governor,
ia Murope, ah the most successful rail
days before the duel.
extended is his fame, and so firmly cord a deed disgraceful to our national
»u„ untie public in character and to humanity. We care
hts t-kill and integiitv, that the mere I
*h« hlntorian have to re-
'°r the provocation, or the merits
future will be a path of tiioma.
We have been impressed with the
conviction, that the people of this
country arc becoming too iudifferent
to the real importance of maintaining
a harmonious and brotherly feeling be
tween the several sections of the
IJniou. Outside of the paramount con-
cago Kailroad au«' the Pennsylvania tual commercial,agricultural and man
Central form a consolidated line. The ufacturing interests of the respective
same policy govern® both. It is em
phatica!!y tk route to the Kast—the
one certainly most deserving ot tLe
prtronage of the business men residing
ill this section of Iowa. The leading
considerations in selecting a railroad
line for travel or freight transportation^
are speed, safety and a low tariff of
rates. All these are tiered to the
public by the Pennsylvania Central
Ami its Chicago connection.
these bonds of amity, the mu-
divisions, point to the necessity of
fostering a spirit of union, conciliation
and compromise. We take pleasure
in referring to the following, from the
Philadelphia Xorth American
While, too, possessing within our
selves exhaustless treasures of ihefield,
the forrest and the mine, they arc so
distributed as to require constant move
ment in their interchange between the
various sections, thus occasioning a
vast internal trade, and creating great
commercial centres. The rul&tion be
tween the liortli ^rr» *nd southern
States, and, to some extc- that be»
tween the seaboard at.d the great in
terior, resembles partly that between
manufacturing and agricultural na
tions, and partly that between one zone
and another. In the extreme north
aud east, the press of population and
the sterility of the soil render a sup
port attainable only by keen activity
and compendious inventions, while the
accumulation of capital enables the
large employer to enlist this activity,
and utilize these inventions to their
utmost limits. Though it is true that
he manufacture of the coarser and
bulkier articles, which cannot bear dis
tant transportation, will gradually be
removed farther west and south, leav
ing the east to produce them only for
itself, and for a foreign market, yet
their place will be ste: uily tided by
the liner fabrics and costlier results of
art, for which we have hitherto relied
on Europe. This process, as before
hinted, will gradually bring the eaat in
to the sAme relation with the south
and the interior, which bAs, heretofore,
been borne by the old world to the
new, And will soon free us from aII de
pendence on the industry of Any other
quarter of the tempera*e sones. The
diflurent pacta of the United 8tAtes
will then stand to each other as the
nations of Europe might stand,
cenuhttd in one friendly federation—a
yast, united, self-sustaining whole,
whose parts shall support each other
by mutual consumption and supply.
From this general sketch, rude, in
deed, but, we think, prophetically true,
of the future state of this country, pro
«U)A/1 u .u.i
i ...
W« h«vo bow worsted in the] vided siull return united, wo* peas
to au c^ualiy brie? glance at tli- prob
Able advance of population. Its'
prec:se limits we cannot, ol cou.kc.
a»s »n or even approximate, since
many elements in the calculation exist,
only in the very future of which we
are speculating. The u.tiraate limit of
the population of the whole earth is
found in the amount of sustenance
which its land and water can furnish.
This is, even now, undoubtedly enough
to maintain from 100 to MOO per
square mile, or from five to ten thous
and millions. Even the latter figure,
though ru bbering ten times its pres
ent inhabitants, will not seem impossi
ble to those who remember the g'^an
tic vegetation of the tropics, and that
some ot its esculents are so prolific
snd i.utritious that one square mile of
them can snfttain several thousand
lives. AgricuLure aided by chemib
try, is daily adding to the productive
capacity of the soil, and that capacity
is as yet unknown. The science of
posterity rnav find means to reclaim
regions now deemed hopeless for the
reduction of wastes, like those of
Siberia, would not surpass the wonders
she has a.ready wrought.
suit in the triumph of truth tsd the
overthrow of error.
But dropping tl. i« wider speculation,
let us return to the United States. Its
people, divided au we have seen, into
four great classes, producers, consum
ers, sellers and carriers, will have as
sumed the very form promotive of the
In this country the density is only
10 per square mile, though in Massa
chusetts it reaches 1T»0, in Connecticut
90, in New York 75, and in Illinois
abont 30. The whole average will
increase to at least 100 without meet
ing any very serious check and if we,
with Europe, are still to be the work
shop of the world, as doubtless we
shall be for several ages, a density of
'200 persons, living easily on each
square mile, will be, more slowlv in
deed, but most surely attained. The
former ratio gives a population of 300,
000,000 the latter of 000,000,000.—
Beyond this population, which is com
fortably attainable by the known means
of society, as now organized, we care
not at present to adventure.
Coal or Uaa.
At a recent jiutilic meeting fn Glasgow,
the object of which was to oltain a reduc
tion in the price ol gati in that city, some
interesting statements were made as to the
price nt which it. lq furnieheil in various
British cities. The pr ii»-t,t cost in »1«8
gw in tive shillings eti-rlirig per thousand
cubic feet—fl.21—and it was rierranded
hy the meeting that it should he reduced
to three shillings six pence per tii^ui«.nd
feet, of attoul S5 eent*. It was stated that
the prices in compared as follows with
present prices in the three principal cities:
London, per 1000 ft, Ss, to 9 or about $1 TO to SI 18
Liverpool," 4t. 61 0».
(ilassuw, t» 21.
London, per 1000 ft, •«. n about 9T cents,
Liverpool. Si. ft I* HI
Qlasxiw, 6s. "$121.
Thus, while a great reduction in the price
of g*s iisa Lee:i traJe at London sinoc 1810.
and a conaideruMe cliAiige at i.iTrrpool,
none whatever has occurred at Glasgow,
and the public ot that city, therefore,
right'ully claim the attention to their rep
resentations at the hands of the gas compa
lie ooal csed at Glasgow is cannel, and
in elaborate calculation of ho cost of manu
facture, the (|!iantit v of tjo.000 tons of coal
ia tpken to make r0o millions of feet of gas
in days. The full cost of roanufacure
is calculated at Is. '.id. per 1000 feet, and
the selling price should he, it is shown,
2s. 0d per 1000 feet, or about 13 cents.—
This estimate embraces the payment of 6vc
per cent, interest on £350,000 capital,which
is still said to be i'l^o/jnQ more than the
(tlnscow works are new worth, though
their original cost was £500.Ooo.
Id discussing the subject, a strong argu
ment is made against corporation gas works
and in favor of companies. Manchester and
Paris nre lighted by works owned by those
cities, and the oost is larger than at Liver
MancheitT, 4i M. per thoufsnA feet, or $1 09
P«rl», l». 4d. $1 89
Manchester consumed in 1858. 7'28 mill
ions of cubic feet, and l'aris ",ois millions
of cubic feet.
In Philadelphia the city works furnished
for consumption 480,208 000 cubic feet, and
the Northern Liberties and Manayunk Gas
Companies works made a quantity of which
w« have no note, but probably quite soffi
cient to raise the aggregate in millions
for the whole city.
It will strike every one that the cost of
gas in this country is disproportionately
large as compared with eastern cities. It
is proved in the calculations submitted to
this Glasgow meeting, that if no interest
is paid on capital wasted in the crudities of
first construction of works, gas may be
furnished at less than fifty cents the thou-»
sand feet All th* great works construct
ed there as well aa here, are thus encum
bered with unprofitably spent capital,
whicu must be earned by the current use
of gas, unleaa old works are wholly aban
doned, and a strong point against the pur
chase by that city *f the company works
at Glasgow, is made on the ground that
the public are entitled to the earliest possi
ble release from burdens nnwisely incurred,
and that such burdens should not be made
a perpetual charge for the future.
We here pay nearly double the highest
pries paid for gas, aa the following com
parison will ahow:
Phtisiteipais, p«r 1M0 cubic teat, u
Nsw .rk, U SO
Nsw PttASk. of the Saw Juan
Thi Baltimore
greatest possible population. That
population can only be circumscribed
by the productiveness of its soil, the
extent of its labor-saving machinery,
and it« capacity thereby to purchase
food from less ingenious races. All
three seem, singly, well nigh unlimited,
and combined can doubtless sustain in
comfort a population as dense as any
on the globe. The average density of
population in Europe is about 70
while in Belgium it is 400 in England
3f0 in the Netherlands 300 in Ire
land '-'00, and in France 17u. This
density is in a ratio compounded of
fertility of soil, skill of cultivation, ex
tent of manufactures,' ami diversity of
pursuits. In Russia, the density is on
iv 30, although more than half of it is
abundantly fertile. That the highest
density given above is capabfe of fur
ther increase, is clear, from the fact
that Belgium and England are still
adding to their numbers at the rato of
one per cent, per annum and whoever
will consider the immense, unused ca
pacity of southern and eastern Europe,
and imagine the high cultivation of
England extended over the whole con
tinent, will conclude that it can subsist
two hundred per square mile, or 700,
000,00(1, instead of its 280,000,000 in
ty —The Washington corraapondeot of the
St. Lonis htpukhcan writes, under da'e of
Sept. SO
"Official dispatches received yesterday,
from General Harney,gives au entirely new
coloring to the transactions at Sao Juan U«
lands, and hsd they been received here be
fore Gen Scott let', for tbe I'ac tic, he would
not have beeo sect. In thete dispatches,
G^r., ilsrney exj ressea regret, as weK a*
surj ri*e, at the exagtrated rutrors which
bave b-en filli: a the columns of the news
cAper re*s, and assures the President that
there has r.ot only been no co'lision between
the troopf., but not the slightest apprehen
sion of any. He trests the whole matter
at if»ue a-i one of little importance, and ir.
no way likely to involve the peace or dig
nity of th- '-oui.try.
"The diepntehee of Gen. Harney were im
media'ely cmirint icated to I'residert !u
chniian bo (Jul. W. it Iirinkard, aciintr Sec
ret«ry of War, and it is rumor*.] that a
special messenger will be dispatchel over
land to intereept Gen. ^cott, and if poaaible
countermand his orders."
Commute* Aoai.v—'The
Reform Committee of Baltimore having
failed in their endeavor to enlist the Mayor
of the city in snpport of their measures,
bave turned their attention to Sheriff. In
a long letter to that functionary, the Com
mittee repreeeut the probability of the re
eurrence of scenes of violence at the coming
election, and call upon the Sheriff to aid
them in the prevention of outrages upon re
spectable citizens. Tbe laws which em
power the Sheriff to interpose for the prea
ervatioa of the public peace, are cited, and
an earnest appeal for corporation is put
forth. Sheriff Creamer replies, under the
date ot Sept. 30, in terms lees curt than
those of Mayor Swann, but much to the
same etfect, declining to aasume any respon
sibility, but declaring that he will cheerful
ly second any precautionary measures
which the Mayor may see 6t to adopt. The
Committee evidently make but a limited
impression upon the constituted authority.
houses were destroyed by a ter­
rible hurricane which swept over Kiehmot
county and Marlboro district, 8. on
10th ult. The cropsand trees suffered
A* old Grecian philosopher advises a.
men to know themselves. That't advising
a good many to form vary low and disrepu*
table acijuaitauces.
"Ye»," faid a kind mother, of one of our
city churches, helping her little son learn
his Sunday schooi lesson, "Cain was a fugi
tive and vagabond on tbe earth he was so
bad that he thought every man would slay
"Wh .re could wicked Coin go to
''Why, mother," replied thougktfd John
ny, "Cain could have gone to Baltimore."
The celebrate 1 physiologist, Magendie,
says that me licine is a great humbug. He
knows nothing about it, and knows of no*
body who doc*. He says that when he
was phyeician at the Hotel lieu, 3,0o0 to
4o,ooo patients passed through his handa
every year. These he divided into classes.
With tfie tir?l lie followed the regular dis
pensary practice to the other he gave
bread pills anb colored water. Sometimes
he created a third division, to whom he
gave nothing, and though they fretted, and
often made themselves sick because they
could not get medicine, they alwaya got
well. There was little mortality among
thorfe who had the bread pill and oolored
water, and the mortality was alwaya great
est among those carefully drugged accord*
ing to the dispensary. A hard dose ia thia
to those who take comfort in being killed
according to scientific principles.
*1 PTOll'l
o o i i Z a o a
Founded, fey Davis k Tipton, April, IBM.
8. 8. TIPTOIT,
Principal and Proprtator.
URN Will find, by pr .f.er inqnlrf, that,
lit grailn»tlD(f at tble Collepr, tbey will obtain
Very i:n .rta'ii a'vai)tape« over th-- Kraluatei of at
utber c'.miTiiereitl Institution in the country. The
or sn-ir romprlsen both for"ign and do
m*-!-tk I U' IQ' 68. nt) Mlbrac' A1TKR Of PaA( lit E
in CoMMEBdAL Sciraca and ART—wholly un
known toi:mm o teacher.—wtilrh, It Is obvluos
•11! gr-Atly enhance his rbao. ei of sneers* tn busi
Spam rnuN Pknmanhip—the m-'it B'auufn!
systen i :ln *nr|.!—is taUKiit *t thl« College In all
Us fi r" bull) iractic«l and ornamental. A Ooou
Bcsinims HAND Wan no is gaxrantlf to all vbo
«"milte the cour.-u re.
One tl^ie u h.* K hk! aa another, commence. Too
pay r.r ihe initrijctlcn su get,and not for tbetime
tonsnmed, »t thini-
A Baai'Tirui. Knohatid DIPLOMA—lithographed
on lank-:i jtr pap^r, wtii' llu- possessor can Mil up
and ji|».-e 1 1 his !ori monal''—In awarded each sr»d
0«t» Tim ip a nov. I and nnlque feature never be
fore introduced in'u a College.
Tuitli 11 $40, payable Invariably In advance,
tling tlie at[iici[it u a l.ife ftcholarclitp, which will
also be guod at Davis* Commercial College," at
Peoria. Sons of (Jler({yraen half price.
Separate instruction given ia Penmanship.
Bu ines-i men and friends of education are re*
spectfo: y III kited to call.
For CiTuiar, Containing fall Information, pleas*
enclose two poHtsge stamps.
Address, 8. 8. TIPTON,
aprS6-d&wtf Dawiport, Iowa.
St. Jlary's Academy, Intl.,
MARY'S ACADKMT Is fceantlfuMy slloatfd
on th' 81 .t .sepb'f StTer, two nilleF from South
xty miles fr ni Chicago, on the Southern
Mlihltaii ft and seven from Nlle«, on the Cen
tral Michigan K—a alace connecting thasa two
Koadn pas-es the Academy twkeaday. Tlieground«
are very I'Zteii.ive and beautifully adorned.
Ba'lnn?, ri Ing 011 fcorieback, and thorough ca!'-s
theotr* are ^o'ne of the mean* u»ed to promote tbe
pnyolcal development of the pupils.
The literary a !van!»Ke» are i.f the highert order,
th Institution poastiflng a fine L«torat'ry ami Phi
losophlcal apparatus choice and eitenUve Herba
rum* of Na'.lve «ul Koreign Plauti, and a carefully
selected l.lbrary. The Frereh and Oermsn iangja
gesare spoken in *hs Irirtitnti in as fluently as the
fngllsh, several of the community being educate!
ladle* fri Franc and Germany. 6rat attention
Ii pai! to mtS lc, independent of the private batons
re el»ed by ih« pu I s. Regular Instruction la gl»
en in clast-e. three times a week, in all the prln.l
plet- of v0calandln4tramcnt.il nunlc
Terms pa' Seaaiea ef rive iTIeatlia.
•ntranreFee ..^5
Board, Waahlnr, and Tuition In ordinary
•nglish branch's
P*r, S|
Ma eh
Glasgow, lii
Liv-Tpool. 91
It is obvious that we might improve the
condition of our gaa supply, and reduce the
heavy bills our large citiea pay for it,
without devising any new gas to barn, hat
if anv means whatever can be employed to
licht us at half the rates we now pay for
thia indeepensibie necessity, let ua nave
light apon it, and have light cheap.—Phxla-
ot $500
Do do do do, in*
luding Philobophy, Algebra, Oeoiuetry
and Chemistry..
U.'e of Philosophical apparatus...
French. German and Italian, each.
t'ceof Inttr im'Ill
Harp ani nse of Instrument
Pain'ina In Oil
Water Colors...
Dane mi »nd Ca'estheulcs
Boar ling In Tscatlen
^r 00
6 no
15 00
s 00
12 00
IS 00
lb 00
6 00
6 00
18 00
The let session commences the 1st Monday of Sep.
Tbe 31 tcstlon commences the first Monday of Feb
Plain and every rarl'ty of Fancy and Ornamen
tal NecJle-Work taught without any additional
Payments required semi-annually la advaoee. A
school for Deaf Muka has also beta opened at St.
All letters to both Iastltutions must be addressed
teSt. Maty's Academy, Notre Daase P. O Indlsna.
America Saloon.
Liqi OHS aATD 8EMR8.
^ARM aad Gold Victuals at a hours of the
Ftr Sale
Ii Shell «r Caa,
And Betved Up in tbe b*Bt atyle.
ooi-iMfcwtf Ow. rrtsl sad Rradv its
Ycaat Cake,
tm Itmu
Tsaat. Bay It.
M. Oaalt. BaMMWhaMaalab*
9. A.W V,
Usirtnv the suaaaser that h«» ,o»t pa«a«d 1
awav, tboutaiids of t-jtertrr from djK'u'-ry and
arr! 1 hav» b-en re ieT~l ty the r.»e of HOC
tetter's Bitten, a medic.ne wh'.ch li evide-.t'r I
i--tir.etl Vj msintbin a p*rm»r»nt piace In th* ptb
11c estimation. B:.llou diarrtaai it ooe of these
Jiseasts which lis# the skill cf the pbyslri«n.—
The medicine they admnUter t, a~t apon th« i.-w.
el- never seem* to reich the the *vl!. ihe
dlfflci.Uy la to fret a reme ly tl at win reach a 1 tte
digsetive organs, aad give th«m slooiMnecnsly a I
r-j*h of vigor, toriJ th'm»elv»« of this disesse.— I
Thlsprobieni is solvd b' th" Bitter.*, which never
fall* to co-qu-r the nt .st tub-orn cases. It l« only
fair to say. that during the
just ejesed, this
medicine hts achie^tJ more car?!, i.,en any other I
ever presented fj the pub ie. aal during the faU,
in whirh tha' territl» seoume, the f*ve» and agr.e,ls
s. prevalent, tbe Pittiri wi'.i train frt.-h fame.
!*o:d by .'rnt'rtsts and dtalem generaily, eve-y
See advertt^emeat la another celtoan.
$600 A TSAR.—Wanted an aonva, Honest
mac in every co inty In the Btatee, to travel and
canvass for the New Tor*Osihrana-a heantlfol
ly illustrated moDtbiy journal. To soluble, acti.-*
aiea, a salary
per year aad a small com mis
ston will be paid. address
0. P. Srittob, Publisher, 80
Beeknan at.. It T.
A Card.
The under lined, bei-.g aNnt to take up hU ahodt
at Arftie, near the city
ensLce', will refer all per«ons wh wish to get good
dwelling) cheap, to S Whl-i'r, ««q who l« to be
found in one my dweUlngs In lad's Row.
September 34, 1869.
*ep86 T- C. IADS.
BATCRRLOR'8 Wigs ana Toapees snrpass all.—
They arc el-gant, light, easy and durable.
Fitting to a charm—no ternlng up t»ehind—-no
shrinking off the head, tnleed, this Is the only es
tsbiiahment where these thing
1 are properly under
stood and made.
Jall3y-wlv 838 Broadway, New Tork.
2*®" 1
hroat Plague and Nora Throat,—
Tfcis quality of seizing hold and cansing Ihe cxpul
sh n of depraved hnmors. Is possessed by nuother
medicine than BaaNORaTH's Pais. Th»y operate
ly upon the tisanes Involved in, that ia affected liy
disease, in fact, they seize upon those humors
1 so much from preferenee as natural affinity, be
ie tfi' ir life ib below that of the surnindlng
"Is, and wbieh, settling on the tissues of tlie throat,
Is, arenrid the throat region, produces »ore
1 roat,
tore throat plague,
Jolyl-wl 88J Broadway, New York.
T\,1"0*FAT'8 I IP" PIMA—The Mgh arid envied
celebrity which tbls pre-eminent medicine hss
s quired
for its Invariable efficacy In a'l
of everv nattent.
which it 5r'f?f»ee to nre, has rendered the usnal
practl'e of f'stenta'lcus pnfllng not only unpecssssry
hut unworthy of them. They are known by their
fruits their good works
for them, and th«»
thrive not by the fal l, of thecredul us. In slices*
of cos'-lveres?, dyspepsia, bilious and liver affec
tions, piles, benmatium, fevers and ague obstinate
Vad„-hes. and
all general deranaem-nis of health,
ttae?e Piils have Invariably roved a certain and
spredy remedy. A cingie trial wlH place the Life
Pills beyond the reach of competition ia the e
's Pheeai* Bitters will be found
effliarious In
disestlvs rgans. For sale
all cases of nervous d*blllty, dysprp-
hesdnch", tlie slcknets Inciient
'ellcate hea th, and
females In
every kind of weakness of the
by Dr
Brosdwsy, srd
Medicine Dealers
snd Drug-
•lstsgenerally throughout the country.
The Whole World I nlted Sl«k
F'e* 'fhlsk SraAller wlilehf Aclt
Tou'd scarce eipert_ tins late day,
With Btartlmg cures a book to fill
This Is the case, tl:e million say,
With the cures of Herrlck'a Piil.
They cr ^ie from Kast, and North, aad West,
And with glad tidings the papers All,
Becanre they are the cheapest,•afest,best,
And superior to others is Herrick'sPill.
Prom Roots, and Plants,and Flowers they'cs
They always cure—they never kill—
Thousand* now in
theti graves were Isld
Were It not for Herrick'sPill.
Each pill with sugar Is covered o'er«—
rare discovery of matchless skill
Thr ir like was never seen herorn.
i^appeared in H«*rlrk'sPII!.
Por r^srs he's worked 1.. h»sl the sick,
elste his bosom
For tens of thoueends now rejoice
At tbe magic powers of Herrick's Pills.
FAMILY PII.I.S luve icnndatril the W(r!d with
their p-iiaritr. Over Ave millions of boxes sre
us»d snnusiiy, Klvlng rmploymrnt to eighty-flv(^ men
snd women to put them up. Their cures are lum
bered hv thousands—tlfi praises on the Ungues of
all. nilne"8 of Davenport and »l«ewhere, have you
ever us*l them Put up In English, Spsnlih Ger
man and French directions. I.arge family boxes,
29 cents!
boxee for fl. Sold evervwhere.
inch 18
Entatc •igent•,
/I nillea from city good house
\J e .ties and shed good well and 1 utern, and
'rnlt »A e« will tie so.d at s great bargain.
0 acres, under fine cultivation good house.
in. u, &.o of..y 1 m: from steamboat landing.
i- is on- of ihe bett (arms ill Scott .nnty.
80 ai res, all cultivsgeil and fenced
good ,uie
andstaiiei only 14 mil' s mt. Thia It a flna stock
120 acres, all fenced and under cultivation
hon-e and barn flat- young orchard near to
will b* seld fur only flO.
Wanted Immediately, Oood Farms br
Cash On.toners se»2S
Eatmte Agency*
Mickolls* Block,
tJ»v«uporti Iow*
For Saie.
amount of ihr but OITT
aad COUNTRY PRflPRRTT—Improved aad
vnlBproved—atnry low rates,
a Lao:
Beautiful Raatdeaca Lata at prices that eaaaet
(all to
suit pereoaa wishing a lot lora bome.
Inquire ol 880. L. NICHOI.IJ,
aprtl dU Cor Brady aad Sacoad st'ta
mur picture* IVamud.
I oppotilt WMkinglon Squat*,)
k IMOJmn
anstantly aa band all kinds QlsaMI
Avr^i afctef Slaaasa, Palate, OUs, aai
sickness, to nee that nr-d:cine which only exUngulah
es the dleeate, and leaves no evil (ffectn behind
Sold at Hrandreth's 1'rleclpal Offl'" No. 294 Csnsl
sti»et, New Tork, and by ail re»pcc i e dealers In
medictnfs. neplit-toc 11
Iltlr Dje—Htir Iji-lalr Dysl
Tha Original and Best In the World!
All others re mere Imitations, and should be
avoided. If von |sh to e»-a'e ridicule.
GRAY, RED, or RUSTY HAIR D»ed ln«lantly
beantlful and Natural Brown 01 Black, without the
least Injery to hair or »-kln.
awarded to Wm A Batchelor since 1819, and over
80,000 applications bave been made to the Hair of
his patrons of his famous Dye.
Wm A Batchelor's Hair Dye prodncea a color not
to be distinguished from nstnre, and Is w arbant
ed not to Injure in tbe least, however long It may
be continued,and the 111 effects of bad dyes reme
died the Hair Invigorated for Life by tbls splendid
Made, sold or applied (in 9 private rooaif) at tbe
Wig Factory, 2M Broadway, New York.
Sold in all cities and towns of the United States,
by Druggists snd Fancy Goods Dealers.
Cf Tne Genuine has the name and aldreas upon
a steel piste engraving on fonr sides of eaoh box, of
To tht PuhlUhtrt.
Bostos JutieSjtb.
OCKTLtaiss .—Tte box containing the view of
Mff'HT VgHN OK a rived ye-te. da» Ismgrest
ly obliged to u for this plea- n s^rim-'n of pnnt
lnt in cn crs whicb mor thaii aa other. endea»s
lt-* to tbe heart tne coui.t-t. i»0'thv of at
tention a- a snocessfa'. atteeipt to plac- rk« of art
of ibis kind within the reach of tb great mass of
the cjnunonlty. I rem
tin. g*rt!»nien.
With msoj thanls, »c
Verv resoectfu'ly yours.
A spleii'Ivi view Monnt Vernon, which excels
any en*raving of theplacwe havr h»fore seen.—
SetJhrrn Argh*. i'a.
It i« proneeie'ed to h-by far the mo»t truthful and
St':lt:iig representatl r. ol Mouut Vernon teat hss
hsen prese-,ti»d to thepoblic It i« egecuted i'j 'ii
colors, after an Kriglieh st eof printing, known, It
Is said, only to one msn In this country, and n»»er
bet re attempted
—fiorfik Day Book, I'd.
We hop*' It may adorn .the wail* eacb domic,1
In tbe land, and as It un'oids to the eye a cjrrect
likeness Washlngtvn's bome awaken fresh love
for hw memory, his virtues and his jontry.—Ml.
UoJy Hrrai S.
It w 11 make a beautiful ornament for the parlor.
PtterO'ui /•'•rprtvi,
It la a b»aauful view of Mount Vernon it has the
appearance of an effective Water Oolor DrawlcK,
and would richly ado in a parlor
N J.
it is
.--Fumty't Daily
It ie ehean at doutle the money —rniun,
Le Claire, at least till be
caa get a goad tenant for a
:yle Cottage and appur-
the beet one taexistence.—Port
ClinhintOhiu) Demtcrct
The are very brilliant, snl the picture lenot
only a str king one, but must become popular
hvn ioy Diqatch.
The subscriber* have jast issued a picture of
OR8, hy a new and Ini] .ved pr csa, y which p!c
taree thai bave heretofore co»t from $ to $5, can
be famished fifty cents The sls^ of our sngra
vlng is IS by 1!0 Inches, on super calendered beav
plat* paper.
We ave also just publish* I a view of the Capi
tol at Wi hing'on, tn tte name style at Mt Vernon.
f'itlv Ctnts,
postage tald to any part cf tne
United Btatee. J. II. BRYAN CO
111! 9ju:t. Third etreet. PhUaJelphla.
rf Agents wanted in every County tnrougtout
the Union Sen1 and get a copy. or"
jtsT iiceeirco,
A K E 1 E S O E
A laroi assoarMsvr or
VilMdM and
and the severe hetdsche
Ui fever. Within an hour after four or »lz pills
are taken there r«slt s pecullsr creeping In the pait
affscte'i, a sort off colluding np o» the dlseassd hu
mors ready for expulsloo. Itu hurt or weakening
bitect can ever arise from their use, because they
cannot act upon healtbj parts. Taken early they
prevent all erganlc diseases. Oh how lapotaut
Prime Rio,
Willow Wore,
Prime N 0 Sugar,
Muscovado ia
Mew Tork Craaked,
Belcher's (O) Sugar,
(A) do
Mew York Powdered.
Old Government Java,
Mew Orleans MoJaasee,
Sugar House,
Y ung Hyson, OnH np,
Imperial, RnglUh Breakfast,
Gunp-wder, Cbulau,
Warranted as
and as
Ko 1 Codfish,
No 1 Mackerel in Kits and Barrels,
No 1 Herring.
Turk's Islaad,
Dairy do.
Axs Helves,
Msrket Baskets,
8 S Almonds,
Pecsn Nuts,
Sour flsit, i»r packtnf,
Ballna do.
White B,
Brown do,
Castile do.
St Lonis Palm,
Hair Bushel Measures,
Nest Mea ii res,
Otrpet tacks,
Prssh Prun'S,
Powder Shot.
Burning Fluid.
AU goods of s reasonable amouul, delivered free
of charge within the city llmlta.
All goods
to lis aa good as can
bebonuht in this market. If not f|ii*ltothe recom
mends! Icu th»y
£112 Ann EAR.
TNI FRWaon. of Chicago, III.,
tht tmU
netit Ol 1 tki'l/ul Operator on l\t Eyr tmil
E'ii, whose reputation Is so extensively known
throughout the I nilel Utates. will errlvetn Davtn
porl, lows, en Monday, Oct' lit tbs Kith, and may
te consulted at the
where be win remain until Friday, loler the
only. Dr. I'. being a regularly educated Phrs|c|M«i
and Burgeon of the Old 'bool. »l i be found ftillv
con-pctetit t. p«rform anv operation cn the Bye and
Bar net eseary to restore lout Slsht or Hearing,
by other s lentltlc m'sns to remove any diseaaet
those delicate organs within the res' of snentifl:
ati human -.kill
Th- ejtraordinary and forinldable operallotia late
ly pel f..ruied by Dr. U. on S"»eral I a«es of Ileaf-
Dtiiiiiae-e, l.v
which thev were made to Hear an|
Hp«-ak, (an epcratlori believed have n*ver before
been utieti'ssfailv performH ty *iiy other rur.-eon u
the American ont|nent,) Is r«rtain:y r«1calated ie
create hope, not only In ti,os»simllaily ailictel, hut
to Inspire foil and entire confidence In the minds of
thoe who mSy h9«iifl"rlng from partial or tsI
deafni «s, that they can have their diseases com
pletely removed and Hcdiinp restored.
Dr. I will be provided with •efercii'eg of the
highest respectability, which win be furnished lo
spplicuntj wh"re requlnd.
f" No
charge for an examination an opinion.
sep98-d I er-wSw
if.f n s
w o n
[8 NOW RRCKIVIHG bts Pall Stock of goods,I
bss now in ttore
E k S I I E k
Set* mm «f Collare,
EakraMcrN A VileacituN Setts,
WM Stock of Dreaa Bilks,
HaglBBi BBtf Shawls,
Opsalag thia mornlaga*
Oppsslto La Claire HHM,
ll,HI BwMs ttrala Waalti I
ondsrslgasd, having the aae of theaew, Jast
finished and spacious warehouse aezt to their
(tore, are ready now to bay all kinds of grain and
produce, tor which they will par tbe hleftist market
We would a'so lnfona those fenaers that woald
pref»r to sblp tv ir grsln ou tbetr own account, that
we are connected wPh the very best ccmmli'Ston
houses North sad Soath, and that we srs willing, for
a small commission, to do bnalaeea for Ibtm la tbat
Parmers that sre ladebtad to oa either oa Baek or
Note, we would hereby reqaest to ooai la aad set
tle wttboat delay.
We will have on haad soon a large stock of aew
fall and winter gooda, whleh we aalflate to ssll very
cheap (ar caah.
Canada Liquor Store.
(Suetfuor to H. Smmtt 4t Co.)
A VI WO purchased tbe entire stock of H. Barnes
It 0o., I sbsll continue the business at tbe
Brndf Slreel, §9
n all Its branches, and solicit the patronage of the
eltisens of Davenport,
aprli-dltw W K. HOWARD.
join Mi nt A
por tor
W o e s a e e a e s
WiJTMS8, t.l. Qt OR.8
A LSO, a large and complete assortment of
Always on hand.
B.B. Oai! acd sxamlns.
Tlllrd street. Davenpc.rt.
coraar of leva nsd
DEBOLT C\ill AltsK.
Hol'ltS frcm New York hy the Auicucsn
Kapries. Also Oysters for sa'e In caus
ml lies supplied In any part of the city.
S-pl.lr.-tf KII.EY, Proprietor.
'I'HB midersifned .p..so to Issue mi before the
nrst of January, 1860, a work entitled as fol
low o
The towa Stale Almanac
Slatifttirul lor IfrlfO,
Of which the Copy-Bidht has tfen eecured, and
erraiiK' niems made rar theeaillest practicablepoi,
llcation aud distribution.
Th- Ai.massi.' snd Hi.(.iui.h Ik deMim)td i., em
brace a HIM ri- ai tk"tcb of lh" T' i mtory *nd 8ta' 1
of Iowa lists of Povtt no's and :-ilate «»rri r- and
Judl'lary, from th" "rglnirat! n of the Hiat" the
pi-eiii time tl,.- Loniher and naii.eiof (Jt,u .ii«s,
dit'-s of i rgaiiii/»t .ii.Oonnl-He.-its, iml popi.lntlon
ciainei. i ooot* Oflicer- TaM-s i.i t'enMi.. It Iihiih
anl Popniar V .iesof 1«.V 'ft!t P.^t Officer aol
Post-Ma-t-' I.ilr»rv and S k'e Ii,-titnti, o»
New-psper., ltoiln adx Oidem, Churches, BtJig
and K.pi. (. 'H a(forniH of »'nlitna
plS'.nt, bi'^pb s iniiuni' rable other conditions ti lift
whul,, by the a al-tate of a .itiit- kio.wV !k- r.
ef is' ol mmou iiie, they i» I .iliie 10 to i ci
late tiii-lr haliils of ilef, r.od with tr.e assi-taie e of
a goo I ton.' h'xii i- p-1 manent health. In ordei to
ax»inill»h this d-slrnl I.loect, the true ".0r-.e to
pursue is certainly tnat which will pn duce a natu
rsl state.,! things at tie I'a^l hazard of vital
strcngih and iife for I).is nd Lr U—teiti-r has ln
need to tin-, cotir ry a preparation t'arlng bis
name, which at this dav ii.,i a new dlcine, hot
one that hsst"" n trn-1 r.rvear", ^r. ing ^sti-fictloii
to .11 who have i.-.ed it. 'I'tir hitters operste p',w'r
fu ly upen th- sioma'h. towels and liv r, re.torlng
them to a alt hy and vigorous tion. aud thus by
the simpl" processrf »trecgihcn:.tr n.iture, nah.e
the syst- i rinmph over dis rse.
Porth" cms of J)yspep-ls, In tlir-stlon, Naesea,
Platilen'y, los.ot Aipttlt- oi any Billons C'-ni
alnts, ^ilsing from a morbid iiiactli.n of tb' HIom
ach or Bowele, pri.du. 'iig Cramps, I\s Meiy, C'-lie,
Cholera Mori nr, Ac th- Bitters have no i
arid alar amount of other II ston. hi and fltat .^tb-
*1 matter, wi i n.iv l.e of we f..r i'tate refer-nar
-biuetl., WIi t|,4 N Ili.o.i: Platf'-i MS, Pre»ideni'«
CabiD' and Judicaly of the U it, Mmbeis of th"
S6ih Coiigr..-s, Ac.
In ttie coiopi 1 ntl*in "f tiiis work, the clltors have
In view the supply of a want long f. It hy .til cl issee
of onr citlz.'im for a lonvenl'n* ni|. n iu n of this
chara ter, and hope In the prosecution and comple
tlo i of this 'ie-|fn, toseiur-an .truest ppera
tion throiighont all sections of the 8iat», and such
enroursgemei.t- as will ad lo a cMittmiaiir'- of t!"
A'msnao ar.! Register as an
of rr/erenre.
bought In this city.
as I
AH this publication w|!1 attsln a very large clfiula
ton In tbi-State, far ritrviii^i that of a ntbe
|e riedi'.Mi now publish* I in |i, it i ff-r- en mvsluai le
Miclinni for advrtisirg aids I mil-d nLinherof
Profi-sslona! and Bn^li.'s Car wl I liit—iielst
ttie iniiowiKC iiric (In a 1 \Mil t-:) Quarter page,
ha'f iag" $l(i full page, fjn.
The price of the Work has een fl«e.i attwnty
five cents per t-lngle "py, or T-*ertv Deilars ier
hundred and "rders econipanled bv the Oa»b,al
dressed to Ihe mider-lcned at Iowa City or Daven
port, will receive prompt attention, and the re
quired number of copies lorwarded
The postage en the work will be 2 cents.
T. 1). KAQsL, D.ivei.port, lowe.
H. HYLVRSTBR, lows City, Iowa.
sag! I dtf
S O W i I E S
Ia View of the fact that eke-v- in"n.! rof th" hu
man fanniy
mii imi, ||.,., rllbl'tte! |.. some IOB-
TriiMl«'e Male.
HBRBS8 11 tli* li
I lot six [•"»j
Dlarthses, dysei.t"ry -r flu», rally i on
tra''te by n w v ttl.-rr, sn -aus«d prlmlpal.y by
the change of water and dl#t, will I., fpeedilv rrgula
t»d liv a brief iiKe of thl« prepaistlon ly-| epMa,
a dtseas" win is pro' »l.'y more preval'-rit, when
tsken in all it, form«, thsn anv olhei, tbe causa
wbich may slways le attributed to r^ngnn-nis
the dige»ti\e orvat.H .no I em- I witb-u' f:»d by
using IHiHTtrr rtCR STOMACH MTTEKS a' note- With tbe ii.t'i st tl'i reou t«i t,' day of
per direct ioni on lti«- boUl". for
physn Ian will I" .' nur t. 1 till ere son,, kind, theD
why not use an art! le known to is' infadib'e Kve
rv country have th Ir l.liters as a prewutatl'. eof d|s
*ase and strenxiheriing of the svsf in gen rsl and
aW'"ng them .ill there Is not to I.«• found a more
I healthy people than th- Oerm ir,., from »b 111 Ihl.
preparation emanat hssed ti^ n scb ntidc *p*rl
ruents which has attended oadvance lb' de^tlr y ef
I this great prepaiallon in the licai s-al« of sci
KlvgR »kb A' ts -Thli trying %nd provoking
dir.ea.--e, whp flies its lentlem grsst nn the body
Of man, rtd n ing Mm to a
hba.'ow j. Jjort
spare ,,f lime, and renderlnr hitn physically .itii men
tally useless, tan he l'f".«tel and driven from the
""Stettbrs RtNo er
Further, any of th" above stated dis­
eases aannot be ontrat led when exposed anv or
'Unary'nndltlons produnngtlKm, If lb HI iters are
taken as per directions And as n ne.th'r creates
nausea nor oltendsii a pa'ste, and rendering unr.ee
'ssarj any' hang' i iiet «,r iuterruptlob to usnsl
puiaults, but pr-mof.s S ,und ileep and h'-aiiln 'II
gestion. th"e„m ilnlnt Is thus ran,'.. 1 as i-Illy
as Is consistent with the production of a Ihoroagh
and psrniai.' iit o :ro
Ft 1'ernmn in IV/rs, wim ar" snf.
ferl'-K from an enfe«-olod cots"tutli, »rnl tr.ftrm
body, th'-se bitters are mvaluabie as a restorative „f
strength and »i„o r.ar.d ti" or Ir to lie Irlsd tr. tt ap
preciated. And to a mother while nurrin^', tliese
Bitters arc indl»pet^ble e,pacialiv where th* m»th
et'a riC'irtshiiijut Is inade.j.iste to Ihe demands
the ehlid, (Oiis^benr I) |,tr strength -ma.t vie ,|,and
re It Is where a g'ssl tonic, sc aa H'etet tor's
Gtoma Bitt' rs, la n« eded to Impart 'mpt/rary
strength and vigor to thesyetcm. I^t|e« should by
all mean try ibis remedy for ad c*»ea ofdt binty
atid bef»rs so doing. a«k your pbyslelari, who If he
IS a rjutlbte lwith the virtue of tbe Bitters, w'l11 rec
ommend their u* e ail C.KC8 ,f wsaktiess.'
(•ailtlon—We caution the public agslnst tis.
ing any of tbe masy Imitations or counterfeits, bnt
a»k for llonTBitbh'h
term, and ree that each bottle h*s the Words Dr
•oatettvr's Httiuiarh Rulers'' blown «.n the side of
the bottle, and stamped on the metallic cap covering
U»e »rk, and observo that our autograph signature
Is on the label.
"nrf *°M ''V HOhTETTER
Pa, anil „ll ifruyijitU
genert/'j throwjtu.ut
Untied SUUm, i
Preali Ola
Hi nth A
atui O'er-
EVA MB, CHEW ft CO.. Agent*,
'k-'" Devenpert. tows.
ang6-dAwl v
AVKNCBItOanvassirig Agents wanted la all parte
ef theeouatry the "Comprehensive fleegraphy
snd History, (Ancient and Modern) ef the Wbole
•-nwmia* «Mas.« i.
The IO U 8 Saloon
••tliis »nd Cooking Appiaa bar |)m
Fin ftr Salt.
1 Cfl SCBBK, (enc la fear 4Asere lots, aid al
1 broke escept 40 sc:e» two a" y frame
house nsarly new, fonr reoats and pre Ijw and
•wo large oms above, re lar, eg.*d well at the
d'*»r. gool well atstsble, ettl.irz and other nat
hiiildiagsatpie O'charl In beating c'.errl a cur
rants, goo elierrles, plums, grapes, Ac tlaib r, lot
o' gtsd al and rc ck near the piacs. running water
across the fane Ma'd farm lie* on the Davenport
aad Iowa City road, ooe mile from BHverthora's tav
ern, in Muscatine lunty, lo miles froas Mcsestlaa,
and 19 miles west of Davenport, and alii from
WUioa. laid property la eflkred at $30 per acre la
paysaaata lo aatt.
Isv of (tct .ber. a n J-t
and Meiissa Ms klnio
bin w:r-, y
unto D«v, Hu
Trust, eonv
I eouity, I .*•.
men' "g st a p-ln'
e n.-r bl k N'..
ti umy. Ht»te of I ta. t-rot
a •. a- Trn.'ee ,. ,t,in |«,a'
10 -Ml Ti istee tie Ubd 8".
-Cilt'ii a* foil w», to wit: rowr,
'eet we»t th" «o .th w
rn'ira' t-1 in Jsm»s M«fr on
i Intr-SliV ci.nd »'ldl'i •, t»the e|ty ,.f liavenp Noil
rnnni ttietic- d' e ott'i tt.r. h-in tr. a-jd tw-r.iii:
(t.s'i t-f lb r.,e «n« w st :ee
!re^ sn I ts*t
ty (Hill) feet i thitx-e doe s .jth ttr-e hondr'd aii
wen tv 3. o f»nt h*nce doe a^t thr-- htmilr |j,
and twenty f»et. lo the int of t. ulni.ioe, o
-'gi.lt.g to n.! a'S three h'i::lf.| and tw-nty f* th
'.ue a so an-.tbei tract Isscribet] a« f-il.-ws, v tv.
beginning a mt i.r bucl-ed st -uu
i feet di,' we. Ol the W' -t mtH-r ill h'^eh Nt-I e
I flvei 'iy ,!l M*I «io! ,»h'-
All nil' II to th»C!('_'
o'I)sw npor U.enie rnntd ft d-." wst thr'e bet
dred N-id tie ty i- -t tniucertur north thr
hundred ai Ifinn fee', il'V't due eaior
teref huud.ei s-n twen y [lii*] fet, a' the' !.#
i dne i nth tl.'ee hnn- rt) mi tK-Jitv !Jo] fe«t
I tbe place i h'flun.i km'k nv v a »'{'ias'
of lire'- ui dre 4nJ is nit
al«". ail at
block tUhl pi «i.l .1.
lot ten |ie i'
I Hillock I,lri" Itfj 111 Mi:k I'l'i.ti's Stond Adlltoti
tbs it "f Ia». upori Will, ea) I otiveyanee I tl
m«d- by the ««U Jan.'-s M.ikMt. ih an I Meli-saof-
Mscklntwh, for th» pm osr of s« i.rm the payme}a
of l« -cert sin i "oiins-orj o .tes and the lot r.s
tt er- ii, rlsiit y said Jsrr. Ma kmt xih. dstet
the IK'h 1 n V i n ti r, 1 a.11 oil" pirat e
follies it.» three leirej soil s* V-n i-etK'T,
aud 40-10H |37S 4U 10lJ..f oat'- Oct l«'r 1. l"i
due and pay-fie n tti* 'th iar of Apn1 l-,V t
the order of on-ICKU'rl h. Barrows and whi' bi n
Is |ia! I. One otner n .te tor th- »um ti re
thousauil aad "lx l.'indre." (Jtiio] lUrs. of daw
Oc'oliet |^tI 1H57, du- and payati "ii tbe lit'i de »i
i O -'i 'er, Hid, ti th" o.d o( the said Kgt»rt
Ba- rows
And nowsald promissory hot.shaving heconieda't
ar I |.tj sr le .ii,,1 -h" said -Mac mt '. havii"
fain to p.y the same, I, f»a* 11 hnl.ivan. Trustee
af .r'-sslii. 1 h. 'ei gl is pibilo uotlc, that I
v.rtne of the j.,**' wbl l» in me ve»te 1 by sa Sc
Deed of Tunt.l will. Ha'utdsy the gfih day
Novmlx r, A. I. lHT'J at lh" hint tw.i c..",,
ill the afternoon of sail lsv, :d th'- Court Hoi
door In lb-eitj of tlavrnin.rt. eapos- and offer
sale, at poMlc and ion, ilo- p*ree|»-,f inn ah ve
crltiet, or S" m- Ii th-r-of a" stiail l.e n.-. ess»
to'satisfy and pa the amount of-aid notes w:
the Interest thsi'on to the day of tale, t. *eth
With all the coats and eipensen attendlns "al aai
ooets of this notlee and trustee's fees t'pon
»ill e stern lo a*
"all deed tf 11
conip't tion of 'ticii -tale a d«
oordance wlih th- stliu'd'on
Dated the rtth ley of t-br
ocWl Trustee.
Trunh't'h Male.
Y\T HgRKAS. on ihs is-b day of May, n I o»
Vf Janes Ma. Slot, ah ott «". ti tr and
annual it'irflan! work
vemtx r, A
of Iowa, rv i -.te I unto lavi ti. Trm- Tru-tr"'
ateri ti i de'd of tm .t, .n\' •, Inn to said TniftJ1
th' 1»:• I In Heotl uniy. Iowa, rlb'd as follow
Wit That! ill of *e tion N«. twenty f.or
in I •wmlup lew oiy.t lib north or rat.k* el
three [3], i s^i of Hi- nrth [Mh] I'M, parti uiat a
I«»*Tlbetl a« follows to wit e,,in„iniru »t a
ru!bt i-nj fe I fiom I' e-oiilh »t (..ti er
bock No his |i.| -f *I.t kinto h's tid|'/ii] A
lion to I lie It I Dave-I«itt lente running w
six bundled ai tlftv |tif.n] ferl thence eorth tht
bundle I and tweny I i| f.-at thence tat *. hi.'
dred and tlfn |i.»o) tret IIHIIC- suutli thru hni^
ind and tw r'ly (Willi fret to pla e of b"»inrlt K
Which said oin. jitn e was maile y tl.e naid Jamt
Maikintosb for lh P'.r Of sc i. inn lb" pat
of a C' rtain promis-orv imtes I the Int' ref' tbei., r1''
nlgtitr"! I.y Ihe naitl Jam's Maekintosh, dattl the |s|o
day of May, A o. 1*11 and paiaiile as f"!l ws oi.r'
for th" sum of right•' nhundred 11sixiJ liar* ea«J"
cut'd I ihe aid Jane-- Mai k! .i• ah I' oti'. John
I. date May Hi »•. IV»?. dn snd pa• at
.•it h'1 I it ti day of Mav with Interest el
i nt. p« aunnrii alier maim
An hjw said piomi"-oi note having tee me du"
and paab." aid the -si I iinrs Mack lot' sb I.i
fall"d to pay iIe' same. I, Dat II W. Tru •, Tnist"
aforesaid. 'o hereby Kiv* Ihl pul Ui rioti.e, tb,
Virtue of the w wl.l I. Is me vested
deed of 11 ust, I '.' Hi, «m Saturday the »,i
lw.'.'e,''at the hour of two 1«« iv in tl"
afteriKion of said day at theC init |f"ti-e or
the 11y of IbiV' np.it. "p -e an-t II for s«I-. a
pnldic and Ion, tl.' pur I i la al v dtn-r ibtd.o*
so in«ic ti th'-r' a- »tiali he ii-- "sarv V• »allst an»*'
pay Hi', aiii'iin of said ti with th" t/ "ither««nu
to tbe day of sale, toge lo Witn ail thr sta ,mi
pen»i S at Iiilin* sai I sal'-. e..«is of tins noll am
Truster s fc"«. Upon mpl tl iof mi »a a d' tt
wi,i b« c.v-ri lo the pan baser tbtr- of iii a ordancdi
With lb' sllp'.lali'.iis of nl I dsed ot trust.
Dsted the Mh day of l|t"ber A 1*6!i.
Oct II Trastee
Triitttrt*'* Male.
the Wtli .la or August,
Itjb. II. V. Sayn.ak r, of Peon Cointy'
Ptst' I wa, ea uttd uii'o David S, Tn
TlU'tee, e certain deed of Trust, eonv ylr.g
Trustee ill. laid 111 hcott O'.litv, .wa dr'-rril
follows. Ui wit Part of tbe east half'! 'h-.ulk
west |i irt*i "f s -tion No. twenty-t nr ^4] I'
ton nab i
de "tiled as follows, to mil. on io* n'mjr at tl
Dorih w roii.tr of "Sid s-l half of sspl fiuth
w.t |i, irtei of »ald tion, i,lining
forty (pi| -1 o i n er I a ».\t (di) foot road,
ll.ei.i S"Utb aloiY the center of sal toad'h
and cue-half (SI H) r.ls III'm- weal rir lo)
rielh tlience lertli thirty-one Slid one half I
rods lo pa' e of I eKioolog Who:' saldton.'i
was madeby th-- said U' .ry V Hlamsk r, the
purp .ssof re or in/ ih' pa\ in' nt oi -i* 11 i
iss- i y nr.' -s and the Ii ri. ,i there' n. ili'to i
sai i II V. Hlaymik' r, dated 'he _'!|, d.n of nos|
a tl IS'ii.of w!ip r, said notes foil,v. Ing tw
to tin unpaid at.d are le w di e to *H Ooe for tbe
sum of twe hundred ('."Hi dollars payable to th- oi
drrofA C. Kuiioii. cti tbe'jsth oay outlet |s:
and or,, other ,r th" cum of two bun'Irrd (i|isi) .1
ira paysl it Aegust liVh, K..~,t.. th- ord-r i A.
C. Fulton—e»oh of nald not' bearing Ir.t' r' *1
ten per cut pe'r annum a^.d om years luter»st or»
each ofs'ld Ooli s havl' u hi en paid.
il.ia Ko. re vent weight |i'l. n.nh rsos
|3|,'a«l of the hfih |f*tbJ M, put. .:* ly
Sr .! now Katd preiinsaorv te le» liavlns l^' nie
du-and payab e ami tbe said H'
having failei) to pay tl,*- same, I, I avid Tri
Tm a-- a'oterald,htti by »|vi ti pul l', no
tice tha' bv virtu-of the pow i wlib la Ir. M. vst
"I i miIiI I" .| Of 11
uM I will on Haturrlay ttn .th
n of NoV' Sib- r, A It, IK'.O. at the hour two
o rh.ck In th" aftern sin of »ald day, at th
Hon e do r, |u ti.e cltv of Kavenpcrt, at.il
oil' for tale, .tl pi n atHti.n 'he parcel land
at..." dij til el, or so much tb'r-of mt sha I
arv lo aaii-fy and pav the minimi .«|i|
^etber »itli sil theco-l, ami eipeneei alleri'iing
aa. I ale, ".-IS of thU i.ot|»e a:.d Trustee's f-«s.
I ill 01 roll.' Hon of S'l'h »ae a I"' S:.| Ir given
lo II." icicbaner th'r'of in a"ordance with the
Mipulatlou-. of said Dei ofTnitt.
Dated th" iltb day of October, a n ISVJ.
DAV1I) fl.TKI K,
octlldts Trn-tee.
ef JV.V
to JL S
aeRjTsi. 8rH*oa Bit
Heal Welch,
Sacqne Flaaaels,
agea to the present tlsse
•y 8 9 Ooonaic a, (Peter Parley.) Blegantly hoaad
aad beautifully Ulustrsted. Prtoe aa Bold oaly by
Agent* to whoas apedal districts wil he gtvea. An
pUcaala should state what eoaatlee they weald UBi
Par partlealas apply te
CaklM Flaaael,
8«send street, hetwsen Brady and Perry.
A BOOD, subetaatlal Improved herK power Ba
«Ws» and Boiler, nearly new sad In good order foe
sals at a grset sacrtdoe, for cash or approved paper.
U wtll aMwer far aay bualaeee requiring the above
Psrpartlaaiarsapyty by letter er otherwise to
Btats Deaoerat OBee.
es-aiwirt. Msy tl, IWt. dawtf
R«w TallarlBg KstabllikBeat,
yon can get year money hack la tha
shape of an sNgaatly CtUng g*rm»nt, mada
oat of the hast material aad at tha eery lowest Bb

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