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S eiatetwrei and aountrymen n hisddress
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da at tletiee . t Nhe oentry, but who thLafayette
d to a'hia en thin aoeiould note tellwspel namey
Ia tea-en way nativteetitiancew who had evIdently
tcltl etea d thither by a tve ofrthe casme whihm Itra
tleA t ate. le g.etl t egrxitly.ed Reprt haesenting
i ~ineefeatieow knowledge t mignhth,,he could not
Atrt tin aemltployptator. a few moments, befoee be
d, pounc ied adth tttnthebdreeeto hi eountrymen in his
e tbaib i n l that ay waeepreedaotegast
lithttct dittgb1 dinaes'roee the nauntry, hat who the ene
pdenatine w dtltt ha hn Iti htl etuld not tiel. Ilia name
h&~apeoh se wia~th then repertatf some demonaten
tiimme dt& ittfe uae~aele and usinetly connected
tanehe 'dteaaand. them mast explcitly. Represeating
jls to intererre with the internal
.hie n Aemerica had alwtys shown how
hpower to settle all Fach affairs for
lea sh ente, and ohe would tolerate no suchaI
t any quaater.
etlt ,epotie.xl pl ere a. ery different matter.
t"ertia tOi, ie upon which he might very properly en
it was a grei t topic.
e a the Kings of Europe ever ready to help each
er when republicanism presents a threatening front, or
rwtiiner'the cry of freedom makes one or the other of
the tyra4ne tremble on his thronet andit is natUral that
they.lif l ddeoo. It is equally natural, and it is more
aevoQight, and a matter of duty. to way nothing of safety,
ethat r.,flnepubltliean Government should interfere in
thevaa f liberty wherever it may present itself. Re.
[lahieaa 'ah hould evechbe protected byrepublias against
mand etomm against tyranny. This he con.
' j dthtrenattidtleie of non-inteirontion.
Sllmrwtaidnoname in Erope when Americaaa
oait poaitve'de.isoio to'thepolicy that they
det: Asgeateteeggtle ut to take place, in
lvight t Ininmmefar ealetiatoln, and which
hn a iwnit ati : wonienation canhbe a quiet
Tihae, Aidad w isthe time to prepare
a tai t eakcr, Iam here for
i e, ;been;, continued he,'audd it has not
eye. that, yqu were engaged in a eshilar
a. " etruggte" doubttful in its results, for a long
-Ya acrdeid lelpý and you found it from Lafayette,
al Ktaeenas and-1 will not forget my own country
t-f rn S en. who partly formed, and mainly
i young armies. In this struggle, also, you
tfrm a Government-you had aid from France,
St4e m t ia eective kind-mon(es. It was the nine
.lliob:i al dollars from France that enabled you to ptro
log thewii r that led to the glorious result of the esti.
blelalment of y r libertiea.
I will now ask one question. Have you forgotten that
stirggle t have at oiforgotten the support that you re.
e otie' a friendly powet, and would you forget your
II l ,e, Il the approaehing struggle in Europe, of
lieppbetnaee against tyranny '
'Tle~ePa eorwaes frequently interrupted by the enthusei
ast.l.ppilaueof lsahimaense audience. during his address.
life age was good, though not elevated. and his man
.aas gpesturee quite pleasing.
e .a'>ned but a. moment at the close of his English
fud . he bounded into the myrterle. of the ther
i#.t.s COURSE RAcs. T-'he regular Jockey club races
,aeueance over this course to day. the race yesterday
th ping' bee postponed ol consequence of the snow storm
of ta.previous, There are three good eitries, two
isfle iaests,and a fine day': sport may, with confidence, be
anticlpated. ithees commence at 3 o'clock, r. v
Thanks to the cerk of the steamship Met cor, fog a Oal.
seston papec.
We are indebted to the steamer aows. arrived yesterday
morntlangfor late St. Louis papers.
Thanks to the ofllocls of the steamnr Childe Harold, for
St, Louis and OCncinnati papers.
NailP tousa.c. lteesaiesuwnee-Mrt. IB. F. Uhristman.
bnatBrter and mantufaturer of .Mlusial Instruments, and.
ilsd,1 mporter. of Gaus,' Pistols, etc., has opened a hand.
y sufpplttwd store, at No. 81, Canal street. Those de
ayheittelesin hisline, will id aLt his establishment
gr tivatrlety. f ee advertisement,
a.'T n Laims-Messra. Sua ltn & Co.. NO. 12 Chartres
trewt, tOfer inducements to the ladles In the way of ricl
'.t..t m.lbroideries, etc.. sufflcient to induee them to veil.
tary out, even in this cold weather. Their beautiful pat
-ena and fabrices are unsurpassed S.ee advertisement ti
allother column.
Dax lo.'a Craosa-Benefit of St. .h 'sr.' Cht,tch.-With
the liberality that marks every thing that Dan Rice does.
lae has set apart Thitsday evening for a benoeft to this
n.ew Church, stuated in Suburb Treme, and under the
Retobrship of the tlev. J. PM. ILefraue. We Iope the
amountroeceived will be worthyof the olteet. and grat
ifying to the generous donor.
T'. BlvenR AD W TaeTnR.-Tfle ."teamer Iowa. whioh
arrived yesterday,left St. Louais on the 6th, and Cairo on
the 8th. She reports seven feet water at the latter phlce,
ind the river falling. Weather extremely cold, anti ice
formiug. 'The town brought down from Jeffrson Bllarracks
t00panlat,D: HI, and 0, Mounted IRiflemen, under the
aemnnandof Ctptaons Jones and Lindsey, and Lieuteanut
tansom Thehre are 200 privates. These troops are en
trotte for Texas.
. The Vickburg Whig, of the 10th, sayathe river is rising
rapidly at that point. The Memphis Eagle of the 7th.
soya tlherver had risen two feet at that place.
Mlsasova Rven.--The St. Louis Republican of the 6th
eays: "The steamer Kansas, from Boonville. Missouri
riler, arrived at our port last night. between 7 and 8
tetlook. The Kansas left Boonville on Friday. the 2dinst.
tier OMore report the river still blocked above Arrow
IRook, atp scant three feet water from Boonville to Jeffer
ou9t ty, the river being very full of floating teice between
those two points. There is no tee rnening below Jefferson
City. The steamer Fayaway has juit gotten out of the
Ilaueonado. where she has been lard aground since the
month of June last. and Is now lyhlg at Hermann. The
steamer Lightfoot is lying at St. Charles. Tree and a
lpltto four feet scant of water ae reported in the river
ferp JefferSon City down. The Osage and Gasconade riv
rs, as well s the smaller treanse. are said to be falling
Lias. Na.ma.rson-Steamers are now running from
i leveland to Dunkirk, affording a direct communication
between the West and NewYTrk.
snvisao DIrrcts.ecY.-The Louisville Democrat of the
,th says.:
.ester.ay another disturbance usesd at the Catholie
ChU' bon Green street, between Jackeon and lianeeck.
The'dlf.ulty grows out of a misunderslaanding about
olt pnelisae t. y the Benevolent Atsociatio in which a
aaemberO e.tlte Assa.iation was buried, end which the
fpJ.rehs ie lat i le tertbecauseon the property is not
t.as¢d opfthe.,nBloh in trtut ifo the Catholic Church. A
aotidrtbte reud ha been gonig on fore me time. tee
fey the etuls met together, and a, sob well nigh oc.
atseet.tt ith, m A ltage body of alttMane gathered
atensdand the polee were on the apot In their strength
At ompp.t.. t e1n Oto.p poaeedings. One of the letlser In
iht dtseuiato was arare.b. and taken to jail.
.o daSuriaton.-Genea C.ollhege (N. Y.) mIs been made
f hi-tlai ie..lyg no oalasgo oadl to etudents for either
ntft..tW . Pa re M thIr to the first O ase of the kinda
ti'belaeve, Inthai world. The saendomet by te State
aspea rt sl.rinteto pber4.tts profetrs and the iciuidelnal
efithesba f the l stututon,.
Aonr slee pB -4,150 has been introducaed into the
eutueky La ~ elato f or th1 organiatlion of a tae Beoardt
Tap lestaas. . ttit-i tate thate. -m about oae hendrel
Ioaemoln wi l1a IP.$t Louis early In the epritg, for the
doli Lake country.;
as uew ounty has lJst enfipatl.d in Georgia, by the
tate Legiklature. It was sins Pooik county ; and the
bill to rteem It passed by a vote of si 40!'
Ain applnptrlatio of e$2t0.10 has been made ay the Ten
oesseLegis dature for the completion of the new State
STcTi Bena or Trasenst:n.-The State Bank of Ten
uDeo has realised 8 per cent. profit on the actual capital
f thebs lank, from let January. 1848 to 1th November,
1i1, and has now over and above, a margIn of imo0 to
cover all probable losses. The toss last summer by the
teller's defalceation i t16,00t amply steeured by his en.
The oldest inhabitant in the Cotmeresat losptal. Cln
einatl, died there one day last week. lls name,was
ichael Carlo. He was the first paenona that catered the
insltutlon, after Its comnpletion in the year 182, and with
an lntsesrmitsl of a rfew weeks. calined there until the
day ofhis death.
Z ý t. retitmsl 'Nxa in
iue irik A_ qt teh lttye oftotithig, telling him
etht h would ried gothalteiasitn Boston They told
imn also that theyr had takena negro man and ttempt tom
fm .O Orlka and 4entthem to r aulada. They owen
alend teavily,and not being abg. to pay the viouslym. had in-we
sntqeeled tobesold within fifteen days. unless their finet
were paid.
Pano .sTHre Cae.s.--The Journal of the above dato
says : 'We hve just learned from our correspondent at
Austil.atht te ' Bil-to be entitled an Act, providing foe
the liquidation and payment of the debt of the late RB
public of Testal' has passed the Senate by a vote of 22 to
1. and is on its thhid reading in the House."
aenaes.--The lHuntsville Item says: " The Mexicaud
residing in Grimes oounty, who were recently suspected ol
being concerned in the murder of Wayland, got into s
quarrel with some other citizens, in relation thereto. it
the course of whheb one Mexican was killed and two
Americans severely wounded. We lve not yet heard any
more particulars.'
The Item also learns that a few days since a man was
shot dead wbile eating, in the town of Montgomery, by
soma person unknown, and who immediately fled. The
name of the victim was James Ford. We have heard
since that he lived some six miles below Montgomery. and
was at his own table when he was shot.
ELEcnts.--Cha. F. King has been elected M3ayor oi
San Antonio.
MovEconTso or TROOs.--The Houston Telegraph says
that dispatches have been sent from the officer command
ing Fort Brown, for more troops, to enable him to prevent
parties from invading Meoaic. The San Antonio Ledger
-ays that troops from Forto lnge and Duncan, have been
ordered to Fort Brown. In the meantime parties ofvoluu
teors are daily collecting all along the Rio Grande and
are, apparently. waitingfor some new expedition to Ibe set
on foot. A large party of Americans recentlypenetrated
to the vicinity of Monclova and returned without mo
lecaution. Their object, it is sald, was to recapture runa
way negroes; but it is supposed that they intended to join
Cartvjal if he had been ouecesful in his attack on Cter.
The anmauches, taking advantage of the disturbed state
of the Mexican frontier, have made a foray upon several
of the mall settlements above Laredo. and carried away a
eonsiderable nusnber of horses. Between the Indians and
thecontending forces of Carvajal and the troops of the
CentralGovernment, the poor people of Tamaulipas and
oahuila are in a deplorable condition. They dare not
side with either party and are wholly unable to protect
lemselves against the invasion of the savages.
Peoo.rts. OF GEosERA BlnLEsos.-The funeral obse
quico of the late General Edward Burleson, were con
eluded on Sunday last, by consigning his mortal remailas
to the grve. A more imposing and solemn scene we
never witnesoed;evincing in a striking manner the strong
attachment entertained for the illustrious patriot by his
nelghbors and countrymen. The proeession. composed of
the Masonic Fraternity, State Officers, Members of the
Legislature, and citizens, extended in length over half a
nile. andthe entire concourse around the graoe must
have numbered over two thousand people.
Ctoases Reteaust.-From a corrected llyof the ceus.
returns before the Committee on Appointment in the Le
gdlature, it appears that the free white population of
Texas numbers 1680,074 and the number of eleetors
Asaons.-The Matagorda Tribune says the schooner
Ellaa.beth, Capt. Webb, from Peneacola. bound to late,
gorda Bay, lies stranded on the Peninsular beach. She
dragged her anchors and went ashore during a gale: a few
daye since. Her cargo consisted of 8000 feet of lum
A~querrto.-- . B. Walton has beeni tried at Marshall.
for killing Edwardst and acquitted.
THE Bazos .AND Tauele.o.-The Brazos and Trinity
rivers are reported to lave risen oeverol feet. with a
proepect of a stil further rise. Both, rivere are nou said
so be in good navigable order.
3t.ToR o. Horaro.--Dr. Moore has b-eecn elected 3hayor
of Houston. ile had no opponent.
Nosw l'.lt.-A papler to be called the lleralid of Liber
ty, is to be started on the Trituiy. by 3lesro. .'erkine olnd
ACCIDEeT.-A woman uamed JohUsoan wa shot at lau
Antouios by the accideutal discharge of arevolver in the
hands of ltr. MlcGeorge. Tihe bull lodged agailit the
=pine and cannot be extracted with sefety. It is not
thought. Ihowever. that the wound ill prove mortal.
a1.oate.--The Masonic fraternity celebrated St. Johubs
lay, at San Aatolio, with becoming ceremoni-a . A ball
lnd supper were given.
ScorA.:n.-A lille of .oitfels , to bte sllted bPteetel Polrt
levsoa and Aooihl. m ..
Louisiana Interior.
Tf!o: WloI:ATIE-The Mind1,-n Ioerald of the 1e Py. :
" The weather. during Last and the fore part of the pre
.ent week, has been warm and rainy. Tuebday nighlt it
cleared away ; and we now hlave c.ol. pleasant days. with
heavy frosts at night."
l3lotoPUt.-T, he Maion. of Mindeo. I urned o.u str1ng on
Ihe auuiversary of St. John tile Evangelbt. An addro".s
was delivered by ero. James K. Belden.
Pns.rv:t-llao,-Tlhe Miuden llerald stateo that tl.
houses of teveral Jews wsilding in that rillag. have been
t,ooedon several occasionsof late. bThe perpetrator. of
thelle outrages are denounced in strong terms.
lieavr Wlxo.-The IIHerald says: "W"e understand
that in tile northwestern portion of this parish some
damage has been done by heavy winl during the recent
raino. Whole forests were laid low. kenees blown down.
and in one or two instances. houses woer.e uptot und their
contents cluried away."
FaoR SAotTA FE.-The San Antonio Ledger 'of the 1st
instant: t a- :
Stevenson Archer. Peter Brady and Thomas 1ife.
arrived in our city yesterday..31st oilt., ringing with
thllen tle mail fronm Santa Fe. Calptanl Skiluan. tile
contractor. was at El Paso. at which place he will rematin
unutil the arrival of tie mail from this city. whenl lie will
proceed to Santa Fe.
They report that I great quantity of snow fell in the
e.hborhood of thl Veo. a that Lhupia. Thby wore
tequently stolrped by the Indian., Northern Camanclest
and other tribes, but after i fiiendly convere were per
mittod to proceed without any aelbous difficulty.
They found it neces.try to travel with mlch care.
believing the road not in tile oafest condition.
They suffered uch for the want of food--gane oeing
ncaret-and their anuimalo t ffered mst seriouly, ao the
Oittle grass that might have been obtained was covered up
by snow. TIhls has been on extraordinary winter in Ilant
section of the country.
We have Santa Fe papers up a to 'o. ti. 1851. copi ou
exratr from which to will give in or nelt. Want of
Tima forbids it nnow.
The Santa Fo Gazicttet is at dagge's point awithl tile
heads of the 9th Military Department,.
Major J. 31yelo. former Quartermaster Boundary Con
ission, we are informed. will be here ill a few days.
Tltro are too troops stntionedtl at lii Paeo. all having
aoon ordered to Fort Fillore. fifty-six miles above.
T'olnel Sumnner. conuannding 9th Military Deltrtment.
io seems, has rendered iimsatlfh ost parthcullrly obnoxious
to the citiaens of that seotion of the country.
Robt. Brent. ono of tile most wealthy anId lunlmntial
nmrchnnts of Santa Fe, wIns killed by the Apacheb above
Bolno, 0,1 or about tile 5th Dec.. 1851.
The Memphis Appeal nays that about one huudrtd and
fty laborers are employed on the otleltlhia and Charleston
Ilailroad. between the former city ond Laogranb.. 'TIte
work Is progressing rapidly.
THa COMPLIrINTa OF THE St:AtON.-LThe holidays Ihave
commenced illt Indiana. Atlndianaplndl. the Legislature
is in settina. and the Editors their no.tloasing tile pollli
oalooomplimaonlof lthesea. l. Tle 1 Sein,10t l touI b wo
to the Journal :
•-We have neither time nor inclination to Itonay epi
thets with the lying and cowardly poltlroon who edits ti.
Indiana Journal. lie commenced hio caroer it Indlana.
by staadertng the Indiana IRogimlent. It a little • dog f.n
nL'" SazCtte, which 1e published at South lend. lie i
was mtad to eat his words, and hback olt f0or 0 , vile
Something for Every Body.
There are fifteen thousalnd Not'wegianIs ill the
State of Wisconsin.
Hen. Robert Dale Owen dteclines to accept the
office of Superintendent of Contmou nl hodos of Indiana.
John Ward, convicted of anotdcr at St. Louis,
hllas been sentenced to be hung on the 13th of Febrnoary.
Mi. Veron, the director of the Paris Constitu
lionuel. has been made ln olfficer of the Oraer 0 " the It -
gaee of Iotaor.
A stone house weighing 400 tons wa lmov.ed a
distance of forty feet. a few days go. In termantoown.
" What is the occasion of tthat hell ringing
Tom!." Weoll. I premone it inaa-onlioted by sotebody
at the end of the rope."
The Governors of the Alms-Iouso in New
York. reort thll( the eily hat now 5.278 paupors ill the
variou listltutious to sopport.
Hlannah Moore said to HIorace Walpole: "If
I wanted to punish alaln tmenty. it hold be Iby fastolening
on him the trouble of constantly halting somenaoldy."
There is a Bank casltier, in Wall street, wltoste
ivoce Is eallvery thaIt his worda rapidly palos ftor S10ish
doples with hIs butcher. baker. etc.
Greatnets stands upon a precipice; and iif
prosperity 3ary a nao never so little hbeyoud his poiel. it
overrtars and dashesa hint to pieces.
A late parliamentary return shows that Liver
itnti the fist enoaaarelsl city of Englandl. Ilerexporlts
tnst ypawere c8 £bOl, while thosoe of Lottdon were
Women are formed for attachment. Their
gratitud is unimapsechable. Their love is an uoceasing
foumtaln on delight to the man who has once attained.
and knows how to presna it.
I tellotitgfls in love.0 p Ithlnseo f will have n,
B.ie a hermah of l May lave caught a
ucw flh"' fourteen feet long. bhey ase" runnnll" it on the
edulousas a juvenlleS Searpent,
' Pa, how-long does the Legislature sit?"
pire or four mtnibu, msy eon, . Why, whlat a et o
goesethey must be ; our geer only it five weeta !': "I
e getting late, my son, I think you had better retiro.:'
>A lawyer on his death bed willed all his prop
coty to a lunatic asylum, statinag as hia raou for so do
tug, tliot wished his property to return to Jhe liberar
la of people who had patronized im..
An applicant bfor a oustom house office, in
urging his olaims to the place, wdd his grtandfather did'nl
tight iu the revolutionary war, but he gusssed hie wrouhl
have liked to. if he'd been in the country at tho time.
There is a School of Design for girls in Boston,
Orat opened In October laet: by 0 i.J. 0hitaker. tie hat
but seven pupils. nod before the td of the first term ther3
Ilad increased to thirty. The second toya opened with
dxty pupils.
Astove bhas been invented bfor the comfort of
travelers. It is put under the feeot and a mustard plaster
upon the head. wirlso draws the htet through tilo wilon
The Emperor of Russia has been obliged to
pass a law to prevent his sntjets front mutilating thloem.
eves to avoid military servicl. Stxtele hundred perso.o
hot mutilated themselves. to avoid erolmeoot. hetween
January, 18,50, aml July. 1851.
A friend in California writes uo that they have
re-flies obe large in that interesting State, that they use
them to cook by. Theyhang their kettles on their hindel
lgs, which are bent for the purpose. like pot books. Great
country that
Notwithstanding the difference between the
Oultan and Louis Napuleo , as to the treatment of Kot
outh, the French Rex-Proesident has presented the Sultat
oith a magnifcent dinner-sot of Sevres 1oorcelaio. and tlho
doltau. in return, has sent thee ole-Presaldeat six Barary
hlorses each valued at eight t.t.soo.td doars a
Spoons, ialf overcome with sperrits, heard
some one reading a list of pictures. etc.. destroyed in the
recent burning of the library of the Capitol. Among
other things. there was mention of a bronze bust of Wash.
ington burnt. Spoons want home and told his neighbore
that " a fellow, named Bronze., got on a bust t'other day.
and got burnt up; ondasw for eie oea going to quit ! "
An old fellow, wio had become weary of his
life. thougoht oe nilght as well comomit aoicide. but he
didn't wioh to go olff without forgiving all his eneotieo. So
alt the Inst monleut. he removed the noose from tiri nech.
oayiog to himself. " I never ale or will forgive old Noall
for lettling the copper-head snakes get into the ark. 'fltr
have killed three thousand dolltrs worth of my cattle.
and wilen he and 1 mneet tbere'll be a general fuo."
" Those who have lived in Florence," says a
contemporary. twill appreciate the change which has
come over it with Austriaon rule. when we give them, frone
the foreign news. the ineident that "a distinguilshed bot
anist, Signor Baroni, has been flogged by the authorities
for stutlttong against au0 Austrian officer in tile otreet."'
One of the young lady " school narms," who
wen out to oregon o shoot the young idea writes thus to
thte Ilndianapoliost Journal: . A pauttior was killed laoO
week near my school room. lteasturing seven feet from the
tip of thle earor to the extrehoity of tile toil. and eroven bck
again, maktng fourteen feet in all! ':
We see it statted in some foreign papers that a
spyglass has beeau exhibited in tondot of oo greater
diameter than a wailnut. yet so powerful that the lileo
menuto ofa personu' face cau be read by it ot the ditoaoee
of It lamle and a haif. It weighs only oneo t and t half
oeunces, and gu easily be eorried in te poclklet of a goen
tleman' vest.
Prison, in Paris, is beginning to be looked
upon as simply board and lodging without work. A
writer totho Intelligeneer says: It has ben foutnd thatl
tie adult oulprits it severnl of the great jails conceive 0an0
,affction for tteir residenoce. and, after serving out their
terms. causte themselves to be comnittted anew to the
oame oages. Seventy-one of tle birds in the prison of St.
Lazar". were aseertaiuod to belong to that .oiagor-.
Two young men, escorting a lady home fromnt
a ball on NewYear's night. had some words of controversy
in relation to the separate custody of their fair charge.
when, in the heat of passion . breathing vengeance and
dsetruction." and forgetting the reapect they owed the
lady, they commenced a pitched battle, and fought with
determined fury-the lady, in the meantime, pursuing
her Journey home, which she reached probably before the
contest had ended.
The N'ewburyport Union says a marriage wao
ocently conoummated In that cil. under the ftlloing
olrcumstances : A younng woman called at the house of a
widower to obtain a situation as hoUsekeeper. On makling
inquiry. the gentleman replied that he was in more want
of a wife than a housekeeper and itf she was willing to
take the former situation ohe oould be intalled at once.
The young lady made but little hesitation, nod they were
soon ui.ted.
.austi ant tetj Drama.
UaiLt.e s Ttcarnas.-We would again remind the leeure
oif nuoie that the mlagnificet opera of "LeProphete " is to
be pcertirmed at this house to-lnight. 'his opera is one of
the beet upon the stage. and it will be given in the best
M3tie llilariot, the brvorite decen ecof 'labcide'- lat
riuter. in iu Nashville.
Milrt V,.t nu .--iUlle iLcnldi and lroupe arrived in
eiuciunatri benlt Louisville on tie 3d illzt
City Intelligence.
The fblloutilg are extract. from a conununication re
ceived recently by the Mayor of this city. with sundry
resolutions. purporting to hal e been passed at a meting
'fb keellln , t ('oeiffee-bhoues. ('nbarets. etc.:
' If theillc Gneral Council dces not wish it rcpetiticte oi
the scenes of riot and disorder that digraced our city ont
the nighti of the '21t of August last. let thetm repeal the
,obnoxiou law.
•-At that period the property of a fctw citizens was de
stroyed by a tsetdiltiu crowd ; the exetiton of the present
high lieetnte. so oppresive lanld unju-t. will bc' iujuriou.,
and the property not nuly of hit who pays the license,
built the prnperty. and I may ay the livte. of those who
imposed the ttsx. will t in jeopardy. As it is. these geu
Ilmen who ill ithe General Council impow'd. by their vote.
this odiouse and opptreiive law, ought tI. look ,ut for thll"i
personall satfety.
Ati tile majority are b.ttrmlild to resist. venie by fore.
the eollhction of the lieuse. I have uwt d alL will colll.
ule to iuse, as tllr as I am coucerned, all y inlltu.nte ti
prevent such ac ncecurrence."
T'l: Svo .--The sleiglling. which fir some time past
Ila been so good in our utrcets. is getting no better very
tirt. The dray.. and ecabs and other wheeled nuisances,
cut up the snow it such ai ti.lttion it, in many places to
tresent almnlot a aure .urface of thel pavement to the
ieigh tulnners. The negroes, too. are so nunnerou,. and
the lioys so industrious in the nmnufaeture slid applica
lion of snow balls. that thile depth of the snow ill some
places is reduced to barely six inches.
While on this ~tbject. we will observe. that the science
of sleigh-riding hbas not been properly cultivated inl this
city. heretotre,. hut we hope to se ore oeattention paid
to that branch of education in future, as wtell c t reform
in the art if sleigh building.
Unect's;Te.-A coroner's ihquet was yesterday held at
a houe on I.Levee str'ut. betweelln uioll and Bagatelle, on
the 1eldy of a free colored manl. named honore Dutilhet,
who had come to hic s death trom inhaling carbonic acid
gas. produced Iby a coal stoen in hi- ibed roi(U. Verldiet
A second inquest was held. on thie bldy o c a nale childc
found proerved in brandy in a glass jar, in at house on the
corner of Homanl and Hlspital streets. Ti'ie jury had
onuly the evidence of two ieermans, who knew nothing of
the matter that they were swearing about. lnd brought inl
a verdict of infanticide,. nmtnig the womantt supeposed to
be tile nother and the murderess. She was soon after a.
rested, and her statements. which we do ntt see proper to
give. eorrespoinded precisely with the upeearanllces of thee
case. There had beet no infanticide. If there had been.
Sjar of brandy would have Iren te last depository that
tie guilty nmthelr would have selected for the iremaic n of
tile little victim.
ltonnRTv.o-dhn Ilaunon was robbed of $8U. at hli
btanrding-house ill Foucher street, oni Sulldday night. ani
susypets a ftllow bordler. named Rliehard Benhany. of thit
robbery. iBeLahay was yesterday Ierrnigned beforn
IRecorder Caldwell. anlld pldecnd not guilty. The cao wial
set fior examination on Saturdlay next
itREon.en tiroels (Ot'Cl.-Numerouc assault tlani bat.
tery cases yesterday came upi for adjudietion before IRe
order ti'loit. land were disposed of fi the uuatl ltac erly
mlluer of that distinguished nagistr'it,.
F. Moore was strongly suslecteid of having swillndlie
eomebody. and there walies a suspicion that ihe wat cone
vettleld ill a lloulle. or under a ht'tue., or behinll It houee,. e r
abclt it houe ill Itoertson tre't erc Jackson street,
.A war.at. to searell him nut. was issued.
Lrvcrec itaccn LAec n--We have receivc d the
27th annual report of the Board of Dirtetours of the Mait
Oirphnu Asytlum ine Lafayette. The repoirt ennticinsra irite
history of this excellent institution, which was foundel
by an assoeiation of benevolnct citizens in 1824. and .n
account of the operations of the Baldl durlng the past
year. The results of thin whole charity lnave thus far beet
aI source of just pride to our cilizens and we trust that th
liberality of the eolumunity will never allow the Ihnev
olent wotrk of the iirectorsc , fhctlllen circumeoribed
i'e umakee the following exnracts from thei replort beforeuen
T" The DIiretors en tte tee happitue 1o keow, tlnat teere
Tlnhave heeitc s fnm f tllt Asnym whel thel, reac hed th
loet Lonorabce plsiliott l e citlt-ei . y ine . one a ren
teehtuble 3tieicter of the Gospel. Two have Iteeomne i,
ttguishetd neavigttors-c- ,e t.iug the 'onlmmander f ct.
'tche leargest pieket bcetween this ity and France ; the
othertiyytun)ger. but bid equalln y fair to Ieeoluce ll e ron
unct to Ili profeeseion. cld ie enw tile seonUd omCIeer of
inen cssel.e Another tsa lawnyer, lenl Intely. icy the coufe
,ltenee of his fel'ow citizens, has obeen elected by a very
niitteriug vtce. a membeer of the State Ingistattire.in'd hab
ite hnappines to be onee of te present Direetior of ths
IBoard. Othen are rcteepeitabhe merehaucet' clerksi and
leany adorning. hy their industry and nsagacity, a variety
of the mechanical tnrades i our cityet wcile oil ,I.t Iave
Ibe.laenednc witl hoellct fncrlers i n tihe .' tl. ante fron
whom w" hae agreetn ble accounts."
There have been 37 atlulisioun during thie paft yena
and AR orphea ns n nremain in tine ytlunm.
Tin, receipt fro alnil soereeo. during the yesl. tlatt
wene 12.173.2t. and tihe disbursements i 11783.it.
r'Ae Dr. W. K. F. FR in, Inldian Doctor,
-bho has len bn.n fncn.rom l, i .;r n it . rl ne t ,' of tiln, ha. returud
nid wllel"Irt'netll cth tf'c ill ten. My a o, thantaer wait
rnatrecd b m3ei tnc foIr tteir khtlctcbeh , dhren io c le .anid n t.
tonrn. ol herd ine., chetroih which, e ec r kn da- c m e u en.ppon,
h-a peuesl wilh au -Mnulllrd rrpntatiln. W`. K. F. FRYER,
it[Ct pelcrn 1it piec c tte ote ine snd cu, I bll to ith. cel, cte
paymleet.i Intit
*~Arrivalstt the Prinoipal Hotels.
VERANDA....11, B 11.3mb,, IMiIr Bald., Mi.; C B Cbhia, rr
MCanhl.. MOI,... Mo , s.11 E .4 lehes, M o Oarr, 18 K O nIJ
J Oode W Cotllx, Ia " O I~y, J L Orgy In Carry an two rhl
drew BiT MUorrhmt ash lady Mi. - Col lbion'sa` srvant, Oa i Mn
Hard,J 3 A H.- W R .....4, To-; R H YaI, 11,0Ie E
.Gra Ilnl u11y, J H Laennoy,,PAO,,,, B1,,i .B Hyde, N Y : ,gNOo
A 33 , WIn.sto R , A,3s1, r ,,m,. JoPhl; I3 itl;
11, Il, lA 53113A H Sh.pn F W.on, TI,; B A1nnrl., D M, i, R
OPe rlh31;,ýLou, 3Jk M MoN, Ten.
O0:e....IRPW Lung. , $ ..yAwell. N O1 J.. FM. It W,,1'Wxum, ,,
I.,; R B .11111, A Ne , I A Mn1,DAPll.op. Al.; Bas I
tnnl F Bntterworlh, B B Hyde, Y; W H (Frnynon, R L C"I n J
IlJ WlIW ,1I.; H A Jo 13., Ohio; 1.3. Saine, AS, INlA3..drI; G C
L1STOUIS... Alv.a Norton. 11oWS 1,3xt11.3 .d; Chl. s ,lou
Pit113rg111 A.John-, AN .3111, Nmt Ib, .I I J111 A. HliYOENIIEl.31.
!I Mr andpt AlroJW .iluduy" ' U CS {.da J F al nv !aa Prrmn.nSerrn Phil; lai llR uddarun
UANN; A TEI,.-; Lx.
11l,,ALlt.Ag.3,l ,,,,1,3,,YIrA.'.
~1) J1f Er ' 5tA itetb TI TIN (i on.- S l meeting cl
Or A N1tt,,; 1 A 1 3311. pr3. O.;3.; hl.p.,; .1311333311., Ya.1 .
EI;11at" MP ShulaI.T1 , AOP NEW oIIIAt, J
CY)NTI STREEET VLI(INDA...WWm Di ti, t Jmurul Pul Chsrr
N'Lile, Thi t. -i; Join 3bl, Me11 equ,1C3 of 1111tanr LStOU .EC AI
ootI, Be,., .Sun; . . A Y1133,
·, E WEa it ud lad, L, ; J N Murrell, ; Ol1Mire. aId la, cOio
CO,1;,ERCIAL..... ST11ll, E N11,0A . TeNN. H F l ..l,;.g,,IV
13nul1,111,plPkll lw,,l AAI., jl. .lrl3,..;,,.I51p,,;1,I1'
D3 1 Ll Cu DEl didNY, MiC ; N .I fillllrda, Ship island.
TUFT`S'.... P B plrrle, Lori rngk., B C S1·,Kart I ·.* Il . tl
W.WWIt. Al.; R TH11NBi yC, Chao ,ghu;, Nallhlll,, 31111. -
rmltrg.M.: N l l~hors. Kr·
Married :
On bob.,lnr J~n aary 4. hrlho Ron. W. S. Stake.of Aeualylins. Si
Ii DE1SICK K. g..ll4NO CVV RISR and Jllr. IIAIIY . YOUNG, .ll~
On1 Slmltn r lummý" n, by rho Rey. 7'. Clpp, hire ADr.IIAC and
Alia, I%.1FTI'PL1,AI, 11. b 1,331 otlhll f lE1,,,l,
(hr 01333111,1 J 1113r It, ANN 11,A, it*llnl, ud,,,1 11,r1,,
Ou the ,28th D,"rember. 1361, HENRY If DRIO;I:S, ftrmrrly Nf' Alolllt
lorria, l~iringetor, Ionm r, N-llYork.
7.W' .o Yok nmll Boatoa pxpen plenne ropy
_A&- Em MET C;LubAnDq.-A specialR meeting of
the Ent, rt (illnrll* was heldl at tltl,ir Armlory. on AIUNDAY EYENINOI,
the 14tH inst1., Li-ut. (:ul. Eirclllc of Ott, LuuiW.ll llffiinll "- diug, f.,
llo hrloa pnr e. llle, y a Cptain, to fill the wnllrc caned by the loath
of the Latu Inmmenlrr Cupt. Ineyllill. llr. (:gOHFi : PK('F; being palt in
nomimntiml, ,,,,,,d.. on Illr fleet Linllot. the sate, of .11 the I...III .I
- A CARD,-Ml's. MARY~a S'I'U.IIIT respect
four et..-nrera In her fried. a nd the publllic geese.,lly that Il~r BENC
F'I'I' wil mkn placer on FRIDAY EY ICS~, NINI:,.-" l, en .cbil'a
uncnion Ur. NEAF'IE will perfnnn thes par t o IIYLOCK it; the N(KB
I:AIANT OF VENIC'E' and h. will ave the la'n'e of ·pipoaring Ia ftrn
them as I'(IRTIA iu [list flayn; andl in THISHE In a new IDlill never
I"rrlonued ill Ibix city, 01nd Ott- A CTRESS~ OF 1'ADUA.*
1954.-V\r. JAMIE ROB(B, Hul Peridrlt of thn ·I~ll( ollur
P 9rilranl o1 -tlN placed a~~l t my liir* II.I1'\O) .I.HOI·SANI AR
POOR Ub' HIH ('ITV, ien., pol.ort it. want of L.I, ... wh nay. be
r' r Mier, hetrrsl the 11·*ln Ix "i . "t. and 1". u.
jnn14 A. D). CROSSMANS, Mayor.
ZLP oTIU'E-In consequencc e of an injnnc
IFint ci-iru n,.'_ ' am of lril eaIn~mrla, illtlr w ae r.. f Eapllru~in.
."iiwlity N·I T-- r N swOrleanl, I11I is of tLL1. ATTURY. { T1:4 In
Wonat of \lowq,,,lplily Nn. TIV a .tlllonCI until furilll r ll lien,
,1. A. BEARD k AIAV,
J'lllr hlrlill.·r r lhlr sale. of Ott, Rll lr..
Wi\ E, the undersigned gentlemen, com
marnding *t-beat, conning : n Red Ritter, do-1,c pledu. otr··l'r not
to vmpluy, or am., to to, mpplarld, or allow to work for nothing, that
rhear of me. known as STEAMltOAT RLINNNIIR. It i. ·b ·Pwdl
Ihnt unr boat hIrreiu -vened vio lating.L theabrm, hall, opal e ·ufrisut
plroof, be Fublihh. t. nuwnrtlr the .Ad..,. of W tvrumrrlnnit'. We
.Iw ogres to par to oari re·pecti'e agent the sur of t)4 per month acoh,
.Iuring the lime wt rennin in Hts above reds ;this land, If not othor
also disposed of al the npiratial of it,, soxaoo. to It handed to the
-Mayor of NeoOrl.·.I I tbr the C..11 f the Or ,,,LauA. Lmt. We til
.1m oliet the aid of innrrhroll and. hipper. l app,... Ihs evil or
nolewee eontmonly knowt a Staxluboot Runners,
.Vcrprralcl, December 11, I951.
B. JlcKIN'NEY pli *·r d na
L. W. COPR ~paamnof ta rCmJUormie
JOHN DUNN, Captin of team, C ft
B. CROOKS, C. Inof steamer Pwt or
NM, TOC AYCa·ptain of otrwrin 1'.ur.
S,. F .RATBCY Captain of .tea.., Echo,
S PLOAE Captxlu of atenmor St, Cheriee.,
JOHN A$EN a" of .reamer Sunh Gordon..
GEORG~E R. REFRCaptain of rteullcr Fahien.
Jnul t+ SCOTT AR I$Offr Itramrr Lury Roblnla*.
DAY JR.run5,1 - kSI, -- ,
.IOCSY.Y CLtB PURKSE (J . .-- ace ocome
a th o'¢1ockd a. v.
I .... . .. AI r h, r. LA VRA. HR E he True Q ra,)
S ), imp. So...s -ign, tlxm \'r.s'P II Pa, r. CIors-
Dar, 1I5.., I'Op .,d Jak . '
r..i. I'. J. ,.A.I. o l..IIr. C.triil.l . h. fil J A DE IAN, 4y, so,
. mr. Albl.. .am Tsh lPt.
h..... fI ll &Nummhl " uam< o . m. T1'TI.1 ' r .... "'ll I,. r:r," Kagle,
, anm E , Jnnkm .
PIC -The ue
SECON ) D E 1SA--JuNar, I Lo. l.5 I,--Je. IN. #u'Pr 5 -lbhlsr. Ii
TIIIRD DAfY-J-3n, 7,r S s, l --Joi. k1 Clu, iru r 9.$ --fLr ,n ile
FPURTIT DAY--Jnuar . I '5--Vrr r i"sIV . palrr.. $S ,.--rul.
aeats. thr ee t l in fir ..
lTI DAY--Jn uu rr 1, 144--l nllrmap rncr--thr.r no h nt.t-
for th SI.t LoYie tit.. I l l 50n.
r }:ntrn,." S plr reno., nld . ed.
\Lnl hr ts n ,an tam thlr t n dgr, o, ae .. ..¢!5
Slnmgcr 1 hlg9 ,,, Piing th1 piirilsegN of th. C . our and ntrnnr) *
tand dring hrke nl*OLt..D ..... o0
I' CS mss. . rsi . nd any.......S. .l
.I' nk . for 0 .. . ,,, , : s,.,,d ............. ............ t
I.. ....... ...s ... .. . .. I. TE ]RI CK. Treuurer.
)oI p .. . .., ,
I R ARDING--A few Boarders can be comfLr
tsls sul.. od.t,,id ,i Nc. CI'lIlONDPIVET STRVKT. SAl.
TWOTIt'E.-The partnership heretofore exist
1' ill undr the style ot S. A ASPEREAU & CH. !., bv nmuhma! con
.:lt, dia ,lved nilueO Jtnuarr Il,1x . Tb. uew fine ofi K. "NA TRE &
O. s hared wit the eeltlement . # th fu rn of Ihr Int. coneru.
1r lp' SD. YES N
VR i g. t S. AI, S or N CO., hia,. rv at R a.D d
' ';Is.lnr o ph I.i.bo D, o'iI. 'S under dSes o' Ju La5rv l 1SII. ," nr.,
Ni SNI SNrrlh, andr thI hI.l'.N 'ISAUTE&&Y n., . "SiC
rt initn«' vf th 1,tr ultm ut+. In. u .-l 1 o on th « fill of thi an d r -,
'N r'N. lE TRE,
A. C. Ca\pSEIt ha E,
Ne5 Orl555 , I, LuurAI f4. »5I. S. MA15NP j. ES IE I CoTll.
Ijnb NI N a D. I: ERIN, mll.m.
,'ASI uN.\IN E' . O hSS .Al.,- AV NE o l.' .'IF PAR.IS SIM.
Ys.,15.E..D'. J. 1505, HAIR9. iasS te
S AVIS, AI MtSLIN O R ES whirh, toellher with Their !lr ge nt nk o
V UESI. s o IRIC SslI IS AND loT I .ER tF.aS [Y'. SI THEY x. . .
EALED PTOPOSALS will be reSadceived by the
D u - 'ut"t' MONDAY, Jnunry 19, a1 t I4 'IhIk v. Trth
j 3ts _ ___ lpB.. i YnA_ ' S_ n, ' Sp S,'SI d,,T .
SFolunch athe Shadesln Of
I Is Gol. r, rsd PeI s. L Fs,
, pri r gin frSomi
I}NE to1 T1IIRTY DOI, +1 A R,:·
•r 1'1N FNS ,A, 1111L,
YI lrn in ' ..I\'S.t.Ch ,, I b w I , ,+ nd Ytnp Articles,
j R,I; b ".;p lt s.s. .A..MPs..S..I,.s.Ei..st . R .
The.[I , Following Goods Selling OS I
Yoys' A.ak, I I- ,Y Brown .and ONi. C loth Froek.
.. ..E ... s5 ,s .. P.k. . ;
.. YNv Cloth Jk Vl BS S N
FDre, .h and S DotDE. ']'we+d J ket A;
Black anLD Blue Cloth Cloaks &
Childur.'s Bluck nad FanCy Colore d Cloth Suit.
.. .. ulo «B ro nd Ilr a lir« Polka Ja4k. t•;
B.. Wkte Sad Col.r- , fhllr lVtt.
Blak, .Vhitl lan Cel.rd Kid Gloria;
BlNaDk aul NVhTle Silk
N uas hmere, . ls rils o n. WI.i.l. Thr Tad Gl .v.;
Fine. H t.rr luck Knappm Diffre.Ct sindl
,iUSPENDERA, of ario, EklNdl.
Illlae aIdS F lll p s , Silk and Satin CraSatI
Itxk 'llm n cr'enDa., rom" 50 to 4 DI i Sll.;
Lin+ and Slk tianlk,,rDhid lE
\.Shit sn.d Color, l Linen Sonrord imdkn rhi ,lIs
B.It .Sltalf8lhl ., India, l d ant d Pn , etc Silk Il.nl.li, ,
UMIIREL..AS INDIA RUBBEIII (;GODS, I eDr ry d, a npllY u, alr.
I-5 O.0 I'P0('0 000 GOODS AV/ND ,o .rIAVIJlO.V _
11B o ('harles an ,Bot,
als eorer of 1~ra.«tt Sun.r·.
S Jas. S. Knapp
It RE <,V.i 1t.D t E. . .E . r .i ........ ....
.,ordinp to tl o bst'of hi. Whdit; at his o&, .n1
rISl . R... o. lI UIAROl NNE ST..S sRIII a C.l... .
INn'omPllttoni Ith IQJlO' np-lFs. Trmseig . nd li,
s. H -. Knapp ' 1. C;ha ndler,
104 Con~lwOt .trcrle
' Opilsit< the Rdinm nr the ,l ("h. a ltl,1
It Il. Ii. RN'\Pr . 1-nr IAsrtlrr of thS Into arm of F . iS .,c.
re Knd . .) Ip now d rolins his whole time elhmlv,dv t .h
.rtirr ,f hi, p rroesion, nnd nay * ¢olaltt. at the aname p w a hvl
r h:.so-epig , d 1r0 many Tear past. IIi h.an I.ni fated w Ih hin, in
.....l!, t .=.. L` .I . f;ntl clnu a nnafkin and~ pr·nm. j.a , .
Ha s, S IaRpsUO, Itl.
htOne b ldrrd aatra IIA'I'S. ompr ag 5 re mr<are n'SILK,
t.. "h'y .l. lJVILT A T & CVt.. 19 TDlOssnine trut.
L A n f ARDTS, SOE- lO RopeAN SFren, APmer
ate. Plaatatit ý la lid with ,rimr RPSSE'P BROGASIINS. WOO
\LEXICAN and S .[A.W HIATS, at the lowelt nmrkot prices, by
:jy1_. F.. ROSS _ , ...,0 ML.6-ie mee_ t -
i.TINE AND LIQUO]{gForeign and domes
Saire, sd ,'h,,rgi., or ..I. hBy
S. . . 1. IHART-P C'S.. 19 Td'b piloluan. .trr.t.
P nIMENTO--400 bags in bond, for sale by
j,,.15 . . _:IHAR AI, O. , ' T+h.,lpit mdll,# , I___t.
.-W RAPPING PAPER--1000 reams assorted,
Tor .ale bhy f. J IIART & CO+. 79 Tchopuitotld n -ilt.
LETTER AND CAP PAPER--20 cases, for
L sle by K. J. HAgRT & CO. 79 Tehm pitlae straeL.
LAYING CARDS--100 grce French, Amer
irI a.d S070h, for Wla by
j.l1 k1. J. HART CO., 19 Teboapitola. Itret.
J.C. . MeMorgan's Literer y epor,
RXCIIANaE PLACE, odj.oiLn the Pel.ae...
rr The PRINCIPAL ROOK p.bll bd In the UII|ald alS d . lnhel
with the REVIEWS, MAGAZIIS, IOVELS, e.., w piompi.
a.lld 1 t.b sa le e.tablI.shmt l, .o I (.nad ft. tbhe phn
Al.o, the b. I&lt.bh nd Amerlao. STANDARD WORIKS .. sIngy.
kept laed.
.-.Cuun 4 S(SL er arIe rlI.Nt lly Itvited to ell,
.Ord.. t. ray AMERICAN OR POREION BODLY r...sled .nd
t+d--__.: _+_ __ Ihr . p
Pantaloons and Pests.
CIIKAP1 tFf ' le (.I el P!;!:
Fir. Thou.,.d Patir Fbey C(.oir, A llAlh.;i
Fir. T.lh ,lt d Palr 1l.'k C-lihnr.. la 0 s.nht1 PMII'Ollrs;
Thre, Thoulltlnd V ls... o Af r,u. kiI, ;
All male1 i tl tits atest hnrh tun : nuttu u ., ;H'I ,0 , l". i"I h..llipti0 _"
No ipr h.s.-r an now rumble ar pI, as. ns groat lIrgain. will let
jiao I m AI.IiIED I MUNRU:. MI.g.ae slret.
4000 J'olunnes English, Latin,
IF TPb. MAo.l PRIVATE LIBIRAIIY, lb. p1p.rly . Dr. L..ob,
km. A. It.mt ab Ioik k d pl-adi in te .A..th. 1olAmy. i m
oPAfrd I A.. di.rib.tri.ely, or in .spans. aulbo, to suit pnonhos..
Nn, but Stadard Work. he. hobn pla.d A ALAcil.B.do, hl.k was
ado. Europe. Thb at Wi.im %ave bea hou., m1iy ar. 0y
rr.,.ad Ill of .Onc wl.dy urIIIs.
g= Th· isan moppotunity uchmes wa never fore known in New
Orle.n.. prahak.rs lr r 4 qeelld to make an ,arly .ll, at
Fashionable Clothing.
THOMPSON & NIXON, No. 19 Camp utreet,
' Iarl roeeivd per wL.ufl.d Sett subu addlilt.l Iol teiAr Ieck a
to rnder it A. romplolt, m.rte.. i
CLOAKS, of BIk F.u..h Cloth, XR , n d fll .IIodr.
OVER COATS, of rt.Aou qu.liiel d all the , swent tylI.
DRFSS CY)ATS, oBabor Frerh Clot, /rivusalilit.
FROCK COATS, ol Blaok .nd oolurrd 0155h..
BUSIN S COATS, of BlACk nc.Id olod Vl)th., Drot n.nd mise. Cn
PANTACOONS, of Blank and lloy D.Lkin anlI C..imero.
VESTS, of Canl., ro, SPtlio, Wootl.n V elIet, eIak and VYa.y Silk.,
anl Whit, 2.·raeil]+"a, niag, xnrId donble bren.'e.,
SHIRITS, of Fine Lmen anld Linll Itoan.
h)SIERY. of Shaker FIl1nel., Merino, C(almel,, blik and Cottan.
Fine Cloth Dress } Frock Coats.
iE5 WS. h.0e,.,out Th ounal mot (I.iTIII)i.S .od tR00CR
COATS ob had thani w, o..,. S, will .I, I..II hlleap nphl to
mtlt'N the maB eronomit l.
ju 4ptlf AIORED MI'NROE & (CO., 4 M.grine street
'l'The undo nii ,al, Hal. Aget in tII,. market, ke.l . roneautly
lurnd ka irk sto~k oI the elaebmlrel DIXON CR:I'C'IBl.l,. s, long Hl.l
'nAotulI known IR Bms POie.od.
.d0 Imt0,p ALLE.N h1. , Ni . I. 0 B.rou......r..
Icee Ice!! Ice!!!
Just rerIrOld pe r s.hi, Blle R.0k, from lloa 115 toa Of ICE,
.br 01 by dE1 tt , 'I'AFFORD A
,Gcw Fall and I'fnter Clothing.
Nu. I Main er (:nl street.
+E+ By .steI..mr ( gi.i, Union and Winfi.d S10,tt, nd oher ronI t
orrlrl, w. hSe. r rBi,.l . .pllo.did .sto.k
mahlectrrll Crl iy for the b .,wlrlr ml rr l t lAt.ln, sal which, no
Plltrill, worhnmnmhip and style, ,ll romps. With un. w e th nP N S I l ll .
l I.- , o .l.ltt., in ltrt. , o obllo.,,:
NlAk, Bin,, Ilrow and Ohlt Cloth F.roth.
S0ier BI.kh Cloth DnA Co0.e;
BlILk, IEn. and Brown P.letot (An., (Cn,.
.. .. .. Sa1 , r o .r ,, ,;
ht' b, Br....Io I OLy+ R)eo...1hir 0nr0 to rl Lmts.
DrbI, Lnd Blne BI al At
Drb Case Phietet Sark. Had Short Soalk,
Frey P.W hha Tnrn Cwt. l to Cant. Ir ntes.
FohI., tripod and ChOdr C ... PINnC5
Sl.. DaA .0. ClothnS
I oy, Blak .,Wed anl DLb Twe I
Bn0 0nd BIoIk 8.tmt1
oplm Icoth Ce,..r
I.,Ia Blalk SoAIn ,ESTS'I;
.. .. Cl-.i rer, and Cloth V PIN
, 0 mbroidor.i CR.. _.
}'gnr++ 44-.L 111e i,. . etLleAy fr'ntsl)
Innrr IIlkiand C'i.Lr , ..
Dr Cml.o ro. ,l TA 0l0
roih. fo ' s d h rens
is.,yd Blank Cloth P IRcKKS:
I Il-,red CAlAS I'AIII:t.'ONIP anl SACK .
IF'aey Twed SAC. stld PALET. ITrh;
|lacyr M'-.,d ,nd PhW. C lm-,r. Ptr I I,
Ste'l-mired ndl Gsr, tn l-t .,
B,,yi l.iuro .beam SHIRTS :nd a tJl l·1'+ DKU-,a
Our Itok in. IM mI io lu. plot in rwry Irtiet., w+·rl. . - ge.tl==
Suer Arm.nius --l ]L.in. t'IDDESIIIRT, ad DRAWERS8;
\Ibrtoe slhI (l.",tOn ILA LF-H .I SE; ¢I:.I)V . ; f'Sp'Y II DL : ;
,hlew I-,sra C'au ! sari nd SILk PorkLt HAN DKVERC('IEI-.
S.",Or Blk and P'anly bdk CRAVATS;
I' ' The .boe ..1 tgood. r hae l mnltlu.et red ndllr *ur ,, wt 1u.1r- .
Iiu n+ and In nwt re aulrir. We r tI.-tftlyc ,nritel ,t,, t snim of
the pshi.h, .atlglnl that our iow peer. ·nil -.I m 4d. g_+i, w,!1 yr.v
n _lh .,iy N. . . \I \ nl,"l,:. , re. st,+ ,r.-(An' . l.
Youlrths', BOys' aod Clhlldrens'
W TI . ulln ar now in rnrrilt o:' , bhois. ssmt"rtmltal
YUC'rI IS' BOVYS' ANT C"IILD3.fýEN'S t'. ll l': 11 I, .,*.r,,,r to any
hiole, t1 \Wdlitulal t., New. ]olk, sn'[ -bllh u ,. n+,,r at +:tdu,'ed p err.,
of L m.p F F AIi :. S (:Il, :AN..:P ealn . rlrect.
sentliumte'ulaa rseFrniihgy GOOds,
l.inen and Cotton Shire, all, lualitlrl;
Wtlbt. Irown and Gra" C'ottou So,,ks nil ,t.uhu.rr
ReIll, 1'ton a I hirt, AllI quWlit 1s ;
Cek and Cott hkALFr, and Nghlt S ii .,i all qlanli d l:
Ant A,,I and burrr RihL.l h. irt.;
.1 It llilno* (f son, UIla TW hru"d and F hunol .wll-rt :
ra and ce Mrino ed nderalnrt
Blu d and Wamlt lannl I umder hirl
CottU , F . l annel n E Pla n I. p uslin Afhirts
rawerof al th s bo r c d arierptien.
Clothing ! Clothing lr
hu Sl-ru No. 84 MAGAZINE: SnrRKu'.
SIdeaon al bon O rcoat n
TIC.er NDOI.' S1 ' AlT 11(1' 'LIIT!INN.
old bnini drironl of rrdueing It a Irlnleh l. lpoibl,. bufre tha elou of
Sn llndl the alentouf ai all wh Sill to lrhA ll..
L-no (C'll nol ,.Qui,. tll. · mauor .nl and prl .i, sal all rill f, 'on.
Did Gd that
!i.4RG.41'NS (:CN NOIV BF IlhD and NO VINST.I hK.
Oreroats ! Orer'oats ?
er Bla i At l)r. , B....err M ..lee., I'llet Cloth Orr . -a1. FAn.
k in d of O r-r o-t. ua wo w b o bug h t aa t lri . t Row sr t i tau r . lr before
,ffcr,.d in NewOrhrl an.
O ar . mto terk ~f Iv esrrou i m lnme. 'ln'ha mU.t r r1o 62. .
jal6 p At A III ED MN ( N .1 E a N 'A, 84 MagtT. ll' iE t.
Damaged Goods.
I oJUS1 T N BOUeIIr T at nleurwrir' .IalA . l I rgn 1"n of D, RY
GOa)l, dlnnged, irinillly by water, n t the Fir urnr at' ('ud indo
Ityl l reete, oll Saturday, the 3d in.t. D.,r
1,.th when perfact Thirty (1nt,, will 0old 1for
FY1. KNt)3LE.I'.k,, TSA E YA L',rIL. A. l , byI
ljAlN I _ A TT..'MlORGA , . :'"- larn_""lJni mg lh~ peat .,".
Y;Ncr" Nnxi .p.Afn0hl gpt E NAorlmINul of
1 I I'' rl. II IryI.. ndal. P.p1r. I ath,.r sul .IA . hTAnl.
I'.r ads, wbhl. ah nd rati rt l, by
T lfAl II NN b A l I1.1.,
A l,, l in Wl atchAl, A )m',nAl, tunlp PiaolSd l:lSAy Ari, taw,
jAA O 'AN d,6t A ...Tl ........ .... . ._N'AA bl' :YA lR E ET.
Guns A tnd Pistlols. -
tl II II 1'. o -I'l" uL Oe I tu f g d l'd fl..
I I' S,
It NF LC:- S anl
I'dr n la, wblAa i l lad c yratal,- h A'Pl I -
k-1r1t IA . iA l .. 3't.. l, l, 1,r Dimon.l trd Fanrv Artl]:,,,
JAA10 l' lAl i, CAMP STREET.
E W! A U I C S TO R, r. BLR T7 S ' A A N A L i
Ti F.. L, IIRANO('t OF C' IRI S S"ANS F II l '.IA .iOy , .
No. 44 P, WEADL A S., NE7W NAIK . T
The eubLrlber lint ·Itahlial a Ilra'rLh of the ahnre HoS7 Nt): no
st"Zest norlrgo.nt ,II.tu.' .IF, SICAND MISIC(A! INS" t .n.'ENTS in the
RT aIo m.i L ith l hoAu. ar thirty y IaIiI, er e it, he 1 ,i
Iaf ordA I inm feTA illAre bileb nA.d ni Aldli i..d cd G a antnd . in
e iori rI illlidfromlll tile yprpt
CI'I-.LED", togthc wl a gl nrl a0an tmanlD,,r t MUSCA. INSTW I
'qF TS I,"Iect.,l ha lller fiO in tIt. ptff ion.
M-lr h tM end other will e fn'h jratified i elln llin hie a o .mrk p
ui to plEuhn.i uc alL s| ti C aNnd \.q.L SELI. A'I Tl M A LSLt I.I...'
Vir A iihral deductlon imld, to Profr.,or and SeA.In..
'i21,l f It. . . t IIRINTMAN.
•RAND CONCEIVI',-An i1ppeli
,ERT Indel) the liCrlr d- the N it(elwnn ily of II h L
e, the OrlM · haStre wil he a, l· Mmoreuue oi IntlIDR
Alt right hIn' f AN t mdlnlmor by the uridntl d lear g' of I rans TAt
IWel, on rWDnESDAYn JanuaryIo a or the BENElIT OF Mrl. KUF -
I RThi. ii Coneert will on oMe o athe wREAThy r hiES CAL rin
,non,. . .. .. .. .. " jnl It
pOWCHON- TEA--20o half che-st, in ttore
rot fur wae by F. J. IIART At CO., 19 Tehoupitonu atreot.
4100 bbl., Iundil eand tr nit
Jal4 .OtN "AY.-.N a LC., 916 Ma'ln. str~ee.
D LACIDE'S VARIETIES, radvier street.---"
I THURSDAY IEVNIND, 2'..,", 16-Will I .reealed l I
Coml'dll.la HiAPPIEST DAY OP SIF tIE.-RlIAM. HM,. 1141
Dudley, Mr. Dunldlon; Vinrmtt, Mr. Dar.; ChnrlenM M. Wihthl;M ra
DCdle., MI. Hoo.; AVlilI, SI,. 11. nonrd In.,a1, Ill. Ilu.'.yi
1n. hiclkl..A,, IM.. Sl .... Anf,'r whlch IS. ,11,1 H.CATAAIVA
Arni e, n;*. ]l oonn. """'i.1- 1nc tiro whuln Ironpn .rill nnsar.
'I' conc 2'de ilh the Farce n ALPINE fIAII'--nSrl . HNIlleii
Damn, 1 .1n. IA,,n I
ýT. CAIIALES 'PIIEATRII-La Ht alight but
f) the l 4lRr I·Uxxttlll ' It NIARIIAPIP w wlll2CPfApeerl. ll
T'... T .1 !A o RIAI4OIAMMD....yn. VVUIART ,. CAIRJA2n..
S'dmtnmx1114 H3 KVF.NfN ,Jwunry in--Tim T .I7 o MOIIM1LIGI)-
Y d, Atn 4 ~r. Nanlir ; ISuylrllt tr. rerr·· r· Mn.h IN DOW;.
Itl1·(lr. C'm' lr.AI. milh; Daimler, Air. Shw;tmlyCory Mr
Slm om n ilyy Mn. Dmmrau.u
o 7n. I lTlK (ICT OF' RS5 STUART.
w u ýrtil D~\'IENPPIlt' , if" 1.111 I;III.0l Actrauu I pn-nig I -I
_ 3 I peel·ngpr.
o ILEANS THEATiIE..Thnrday evening,
lgnlm'y 1 n-Thiel alght n! lhn rrlbrelodgtlmn p a in 64
. nhearwl, a unw q, m, in, . at., Cllod I,2 IR ONTCNC1.RIN2.
.lI:SnIn2l C, y.,.l l A. b R,.i,,i. Ci -
ice I'xrlun r," wl (u lolmmxlli · ui ullllatl l 7 l'edurtk
AN RICE'S CiRCUS, en St. Charles street,
J ppl..' If 1A,2l,-.-Og. t Rut ISIi RP QCSTRIAN INIRPI,
f Eqo liiu t rInu audit F Ttlg AA and Tlonxa, and a pnenl.r unonnl
,,f Eyarlln w, riymmutir ,,it ro ~or atir Inlrlll than nrrv other Tronlw i.
tnXur u . l boo. A. A. 2.OA, p'.ICo, Rut
EVEINI.l1e E,.I CCIln SA 'CL'Ill ,112.21,,2.
Ir tun tblp· L toosllrcnII u'cul
if.r ullirr Dyru rrl, r Ilry, Irva 10 l n H-.at I '1 a'lork, whr hr n
lice Orvo. Circin way he "-r-d, a~ nd nwhlr. bill. nmny W preualiIl for
!,,,anet. dU
IIIICAI ANDI 'ANFY IIAIL. will hI, ti- '.' th.k a1boe Inm.,.F.f
121 AIISIARI HIALL. 1IIII)p 0,11, 111 SAI'CIID.A21
'' ; Y It the AR l. Is,·
.I~111,t Msl F°
CindrI;.Rik, .I,(' Arlxlllnu, Jnnuph Dr "foul.
Ilal Urupllinl·, Iirurgx Ilrlna, Jnhu A loflll
1.5 ICtT. A o2- 1Nr 1'l.T1ina.I
1.,1o'IA. 2 lrw,,. Arl lAWJ, . Ghlal.
Ilnrrun Ix,4.. L. il B ,~ir J. L. 1,ntuoL*.
It ndnn . Y. F.wNild. . .I, ~ 1B
t', d . 1. " .11. 1Nma . 2
1' . Uu,!xn Kdw.1, t'l li k '. un hesdl. ;
CV lCNIll11,. I. 1.. RII. , Dgri llrr
Hi. J. I.D A- obrt- o. SnhnBwrll,
(4.0l ,II o I, h l , I A li nll
nmlli 11 11. 1,111 S.,A1*I1f,~ 2)~1.2112,,
\II:I. RIh,"txcu Ven .i.I lxll, omy . Irr rv.SS.
t Int I A 111.r m ý1!. '1'irkinE nu L~r Iw f l f h ll. gnle~
P3- die uIsr r n" ".1 to bring y1· fr nritnllou., nl Ilo non em Mb
,ulutiltnl will 1. 3 tdla 1.
sv/ ( I.Ic AND 1CI"C1Cn SALR.-b 11.IAN R__l
will Lair ;aH.· nl tLa l\'alliltKlo l Armory HnH nn SATURHDAY~g
1121121 2IAIIAI;I4I11.
Zý'' 7'lrkrl· 11 each to W* hod of Itn r~trtl, thu "I il.tiwu Ullna it
UIC, at ihr YIIalr Nlld }look Store., nod ill the door. '
I- ItlR. 542, 1, lu. ,nl, 10,,,,. A. 1 Iol
AInj.A,,I,, . 1 .ILn~Il.m,, RF.niy
Rvl. A. 51.., 2. SM. .I, P. 21,152,
2.IA,.-. FV1 . 1,S, Nnj. .FIIA
It, I. II;,,, , IF. SOA,, 2.. C ,'. A.
pAt. 11u , '.2 .W.DL~Mtim , Owl. hi LISU
INut. 1ln1,
:apl. ell., ('opt Fnrn, .an ('.,niothamr
F~ Le, TM A.D. B\~n '21. '.& fa.s
Nn. IA the fo ('li;" l .""' Crmrtrr ( Ibl ( 'ilnpIol.
\IAUI} T.LCu,,lnret nn ATCR.IYNI(:rl( tl
luap \. Yrs
irre, M.J. triyr: J.11 -y
\I. J. aunmnunh Al. J. If..... nn. C'. F. I(·IIh+
S. himx I' , 1umrr J V.Ur. r
Wto V.T--ill 1t. Mli Jnl" a Vngdr 4.
George eihmumnn, C.A. Smith, Urrn ('nelpwlI.
A. Gamy T. ~R. Nirklrumn, K. Cmnr.
H. J. Hyamr, \"m. EI COUtploll( (i·Olp· dm·UI
e. A. Rlunta, JhrJM one J. F. Hand,.
3. A. Y.r as\I~l, p Holinnd,
J, Hnrk, C, iaverk, l.our Co~rr,
!{ 1 it, E. Roder, J. M furlwi7,
11. Mnr-e ran-e N'ixh4un m. 1f Co."-vc
H-. J. Flvmm-, 'I' r7irl mo, nh Atne
Jlfh W-, I, A Iln' Owen Cemlpheili
C. A. 5n,!Ib, PF. }' lne. F.H.Flx
FrankR od. r, I- I r{{:: 51'abgNlman. II.J. Hlni.,
r.U N kr ,n, f. Albmro , Y. 1[olldsni.
[$' A."i iYrl·ni tier Dollar. ~
tT l"11 itate Ah'ti; ,I , ."he ," n/1,...r,,, . rt I) tri
dnn·r, nn t L ~r r. n,~q of ti r W Ili:
(ý' Iali"". am rrglar-( ld V. bri tli. lorlslno., n, rr.·ln will h+
,drnitt""d rlIhmai. iauL sZ13111ci 01
ýAENt'I 'G ACADEMY-By )IeA.r1. G. & A
RI) St: r*IIrrill If , of .fin lalla· . d < Chur,. mlsn, o. i "
A·runMI I huml Iknlnnm'a Annaun. .'1.w }'n ehx at Nnwlt I
toge nx l Irvin her ..rent im, lu ilozi, ixl Lnl r i nr dds ro",rl a1 he
rhrrr r liil Nu. hall ( moxl Id , +I,~l Ihulr r· erdid i. roy.d·.
r +,l for the mzep"', n( el who -1, u, Lx don,-,1 of Wu. derl.
RIarllahna u(tn llx r unnyrl i. 14 1 Ilr ar i hrraolog I11 Palm..
IRndldxn.R Lrt,Innmnr of Canla l u r Si. bu the :r L·.rO. li w
", tn 11 ( n",wknown 'l I« lon r-r -u", ! Mml u Inm n - r
iluOduu;,: , ,u d her r nmu Unt~n sto w 21·uYn >L,, hnan" r·(-n her Ihr
rri uurscr "I l ll('n nnlir]r r rrrt. Irt , aloe ,n ll L'l..l Y..dt·
}"«rel·, Irar Iht nn rrpl~ nt II: n ut xllc· *r ý l 11 bn "1 ,t In i r.. ldlrr C
I.;o~l, Ilns y licr in ) i. city W u, " l bur ic?,llý( Ilr Lnx nrrl nund hr pear31
,n N if1_ t'wilri r fndun and l x D..l lii for F IU fhl-n. i.4 G*:
I'alch-mrakers, etc.,
No. 8 Cnamp street,
bi" 11-r carllhl [.1 en hn alwe u tore, -r epd .xri g y ths ir okrdr
1r1g.., c'rne n...... e· , r , line WAT t W f'I'(:1H S for Idlr oer O -
n'~ ", fully wnrnPmll d. A '.,,, I.V. uooro ol, l 0t .It EItAlY CRot
I"Nbolillr, 1..lor nd 0lIl htoI'ACt L WA , , ,l.S PLAte TE WARt " ,.t
ta. 1h o n , of i n' r ofp.r at1 m,.r,,Lr prife.r
i$ Paru,,o.a r a tl.trivon lnt y. ,.,.r I. rl'ann0. e1l ku, , 1
Hyde # Goodrich,
ao. ti CHARTRtK.1 STREtET, (t.jal t ,h.d , th )t , . t !
oIN I: t.o'S, IIt L00. PITl'OI .lO At REVOIV.ERh.
IAMPS, (I.t.KS AND t til , *11RANI0011. AND MANTE,.
\III''A .Y 111 lA t St. 1F OL I. % IXE ; L , 10010011,.i..
"APInIIR MA CIIF. WARE, .rl na ler Ilmorm fu
\fa0na S aureralof SI tI L T I :.\ I''S, FlI(At ANDI Si'N1.,It IOII
.LE00, PITC!IEti0, .,r . , 'I :m.- '
Elegay t Books for Presents, .i."
JOIIN BALL'S, 56 Gravier street.
CH Amonl0 lihl I... umy found the follow in,-
ITALY-.4 nsiralo, H torical.n d Piurreque--lllneraul d i1 I 0. . -
.it by tho leaing lnd-capo I'anter of Grant fIrini0 , .10
1HE DIA WIN0 G It (t M I'TABILE BII K-ELlttLed byAhy"o].,t, .I
|}+'mlli ilsuitrutd,
lIt. UiENS OF ENGs ANl i --A E rirA of l 'rtrun, lo ditli .i".,l ,
HFeme SoIrAE ipll. 0 t itE0 l by A1I, S"r10 kl, d.
IHEI BOOK F lOMiL BEAUTY--By Mr, ',riakhlndl, hith 'el,n
HIOMAE tXOlK F TIIE IPURlSQEA. Amerlanbeeery, Ar. IE,
I~it++ratn,.m I+ b 'l'lurtuen En eraoingp cmn xte by in+ not eeriet:.
P'11E IIRIEROINES IOF SHAKSPEARE-Corm Priing ther pr;n, ipul F',
rl.ls C_'hara .rq hl lhe Phluy of Illr " :".t I'obt, Ingruravd .,hllr Ih,,
I'HE ilIAKSP:EAItE RALLAI P t--I tO1iunh 1 0110v
I 0URAL IIOURS--Iy n Mady. Col.red platr..
WASHIINGTON IRVING'S Vt O )|KS-luN irt. llI ilhi. i lr,tl.
M'A,,gI.m nooSo,10 on lo
wAAILN Y 0 ovEtS-1.'111 .01-1 ,1,ltitou i I,,N i ,bh',.
't role.
IIYRI --111iAltranl t Id.
HAKlSP1A Re,-nI ll.l0 ,4.
It001N S--l t Ptt011 0 o A, t,. a
LOO I-I - l 0htRtiR, Y1d0
piM.,rd. lii, .. J In l .O IIn.
JAMES'S (OOK o]" TILE gPASShNt.l--i llutdrt ly ilhrlltr el.
d111 rlirl Vra. r0l-t'Ill tO II, Fi o.ll . of ( Poriu.r . nol Ib
Alle]-Nor l n i nlt l to hi ..lE Ie t l lln, -tillla , w cl T i- L
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LEAFLETS OF h.E.MO}RY--An Ilhllnninodl Annllfor I .l,. E :
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3- An eI pl.l and I.r- .. i.ortl _.ll of 'ItlDi REN'' BOOK.S . NhS ,F
GAMES, rtr, AlNo, ht teepee t,,'k of FAN{' \ GtODS, milahlx ,,
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Wi Imfoorl-r. ta,1 m hol*,.ide, -a11 F(.tuil D,,ler· ,n :lRO).l( ERY enJ
,IIINA VARES, eneh u. -
,'Vg1(RED DISHES. 'I'.,IIL" 1 "al onaun
SOCK T'R}7.HFENSm. '1TA TI.\y.
:o \LL-s. BRITANNIA d11
f01 L-mE BRASS d.
Together with +g..ml .......enl . f HOUSE Ft'RNISHINGO Alt
"ICL[J. all if which will Le geld .1 the Iow -t r.b-l.
IICOMMON CROCKERY, bIy h,. ,rub, or ,-packed ter tI,
countryteed, a n.. o,. Ll. a"

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