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New Orleans daily crescent. ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, July 09, 1852, Morning, Image 2

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.. ..tfiiqtte eldquence 1
ay which kew no bounds,
'peatiitg tie cause or Gre- I
S rW he.Aerscan Congress, as a
the debt whibh every v
ltwa her due. Sir, in the
of the'deapeaed, there
^oetmal n es pon which
t `wipi dwell-with ctis- d
fan bilk senmwlylte will jlresel'e c
1h; ng lusitreto future b
la inetheSpanish- e
isl th, .i -should not
ha n ti any thing to
What flubUt for a request s
endas of the deceased.
tto mourn him in si
le '`ther tongues topronounce
his I have no to say shall be
It is now less thin thre ;
I irst entered thin body. '
't _ numbered among its members
'the meot illustrious statesmen this
ever `Vroduced, or the world has
.V ;::Of the livIng it is not my purpose
to b itnl, that brief period death has
been ' t;' andd, as if to mark the feeble
nese s.uihia things, his arrows hare been
ee, the mnightiest of us all.
S Ca n. And well, sir, do I re
on that occa
eo I ho dfes an announced'
here`, ay) whea ser.0d his senior
in n.ti;=tlhs el the course of
no th.avepr him. It has
;but I.Iý I shall soon
to wa genios ind s over his
, i1d too surely dieting his
n ow gone from among us, and
l him behind. , That voice, whose
S gnunio" he. shid and still. That
le e is di.andlluhtreless, and that
breat'' ie i lourished evry- quality
whild ' bn aod dignify our nature, is
ol 'totr am a ver it , few
hoa agh . amt.Lhtte-hag--a change
for i i sglt eihaeindee, in some
g" pointhich, neverthelesst will
tstill le b. n with crushing force.
M.heart is now asking, as I did
pot ie1 I heard the first sound of the
? ys--ho pure of the purest,
.bat uphbld our bright banner the surest
1 100s our treses away ?
bl ua a people sow ll
44 >ertOigtheao today.:'.,
P'~Pesdeit, this is an occasion when eulogy
mnlatto-" ifbrm its oftoce. The long lite
wh Is uLoWcarded is a history of glorious deeds
too ~ighty fos' the tongue of praise. It is in the
heort i'of-hl5+eontrymen that his best epitaph
must be; written 'It is in the. admiration of a
world' that his reowsn must be recorded. In
that desplove of hils ountry which distinguished
.eer 'period of his life he may not have been
;¶pnriballed. In loftit.es of intellect he was not
witthouat -his peers. The skill with which he
touched every phord of the human heart may
have been equidled. The iron will, the unbend.
into r eas,e the'iharless courage which marked
hiseaharaster, may have been shared by others.
ott where shall we go to find all those qualities
vni tei, concentrated-blended into one brilliant
whole-and khedding a lustre upon one single
head, which does not dazzle the beholder only
beeause it attracts his love and demands his
woship? .
Xaorcely know, sir, how far it may be nl
lo po an caion like this, to refer to
p which havee wounds not yet
: I will vetiture, however, to
tit~t l'honld be a source of consols
tln tp.se friends that he lived long enough to
s~ q't full accomplishment of the last great
wck;;of his life, and to witness the total disap
pehrknee of that Motional tempest which threat
efad to whelm the republic in ruins. Both the
gretptie oft o the country have agreed to stand
up6' the platform whtch he erected, and both
of thaem have solemnly pledged themselves to
mninain unimpaired the work of.his hands. I
dodbt not the knowledge of this cheered him in
bhi dyIng moments, and helped to steol away
the, ak. lotion.
M.~~'P If I knew anything more that
1 cdi -ssy would gladly utter it. To
me .t wan sosothin wore than kind, and
In .fcalled upon to a private with a
pbl bo grief. I wi tI I could do some
thing to add to his a. But he built for
himsel a monument of immortality, and left to
l. ds no task but that of soothing their
o ow for his loss. We pay to him the
e' our tears. More we have no power
w *. "Patriotism, honor, genius, courage,
come to strew their garlands above his
d welt they may, for he was the peer
'f 41w AiQwLatnr reoa Posrntmosors F.o.,--A late aum
bt-o- Thoms D'Any Mciee's Oot,published at Buffalo.
tN.IY., Wine to notice anow clottqant for postbomous
06.MI I e statae In his history of the early Irish
Ai oatoa that Christopher holirs, an Irlihman.
whb Arrived In this country about the time Fulton wa'
bony, in 1772, at Phuldelphib, a oorios of Wt.
tp Oa' .e .hj of Look Navitona.and woo the ftrt
p .W who sugnrsted to the governmeno t of thio State
un Uadiprovmaenta on the Ontario roote. He wa
daredm a vlon.ty projector, and his plans
. aj.-p E . t with ridculo. and freoquently
S tIqth a. 1784.1785, 1786. and for several
ttlooad the legislature of thlis
a nad practioabtiity of oiitng'tho
.,t1 . Hlie waS, probably the au
Of.W _ ýbernaus'on the same rub
Sa it Newyork obout the hegbn
I &b 1077,n 174 he proposed to supply Ne,
• swlth' watdr by aqueduets, such as now boring in the
Crusd;, and ofwhblth e exhibited models at pubiic I.o
twoa. During the nst war he was the ' projector ind at
teudt.i of tli tlegraph erected on Casotlo Clinoton." Ih
diod In gbeourlty and poverty, while others were growi.g
f-au.a And talthy1 p.on the stolen ideas of his failing
w-~ ir=-~
TNO , 'oP n i' -The famine in the mooun
tjn yttrta ts of So.it n Gormany is yet unabated, and
orprieions snarce.aqd y.oes exorbitant. A letter to the
fnwYork Express, datem Prague. June 3, says:
Famils .formerly in eun e irumamo are re.duced to
mglOAmplOd to severe sufferings from hunger. ilater.
ollbbmtnaofrye and oat ben at high plouo ; people gather
Soinmmomn greo along the public ronds and highways.
and m.m n th woods, cook and eat it to appoeae their
oongc anldl prevent otarvatlon. Such are a few of the
onny glaring aatnrus of tho famine. not in the least ex
ae.rated bint1jpheotiocated by the olticial reports of the
lontl oaihorsitqto their respective Governments. Truly,
the wrath of G(odis nupon us !
Seva, R)lsueos.- The liasee Fos have been giving
pb eixhlhtion Of aprittul rappiogs at the Varieties Theatre
tsk $Louis. A wardrobe was placed on the stage, near
the feolMghta, and the Fane were placed in it. .Mr.
Pield then aequested the honor of a little chat with Ben
ainiam'Branklip and Bha.kepoare. The spirits of these
. m.taed io iva~lala happened to be in an excellent
inor snd they rapped away most lustily. Various
othesn eple aaflards glgnlfled their presence at the
pdntoeuanane. Dr. Bland .and another gentleman at.
I.app)*O gyTe teildeayon the subject of spirit rap
ItagPaally, btut the demuponay in the pit would not
'Ulgwalg.'tlrPP , end the gantlemen were compelled
-wtiPtld w. The edtlIr o the Union says the M~lse
. .m very a drenage, and he was unaler the impres
ti att. JalelO.rd, sae 9o twioe, a convulsive mone.
~nna t or befeet. He suggests the propriety of bhaving a
g.lte of lades appointed (0 aanertalp what part the
adpe.enu to the appoip.
orlc . J . S . Turaºt Er.r, C
este~DAY eu fNIe, Ueie i 9, at5e.
Se~tyy cannotm essetiallypa m *ly ou~er. edio;rial'
Wh.en the Delta announced tat Ar. Thran her
rnished ii.t what has since proved to be a.
falWe and fictitious Cubamproclimation of inde
pendence, it did at t whih we thought un
generous and u uise.l t pehi ed tahe ife, eimbs
eatd property of an individual at the tapricious
y of a power, whic it, itself deunced asher
cruel, arbished itrary at ad v since proIt gaved to be addi
tiopendenl color to did a typiwhich miwe thought might
gene object of the Delt plaed the life, limbsti
and propertbly to show that individualts responsibiat lity capricious
areal in the representations of others. In this
Softh a plaower, which itra, itself, denounced ast
rnel, arbof its statement of facts, it might havedi
found som color tof y ustiicaon. Bu might is not
entertained againsl him.
enied by thet journalf the Dlt the argt oted wa pith i
leonsiderate ofaste. It is not denied by it thatit
elievn the r. Thrasher ntaions an ardthentrs. In promothiser
view7 wils a plain demousclration of the correct
of the sameits cause it claimed to have so igh atve
denied by thcut journcal hat it acted with in
considerate haste. It is nat drniec by it itetit
believed Mr. Thrasher was an ardent promccer
of the anmcnicause it claimed to have so mue at
heart. In this view, unless held up as a traitor
to a good cause, lr. 't'hrraosher was entitled to
some plainly just immunities. A member of a
league has no right to vindicate himself by the
utter ruin of a confederate. A thoroughly true
man will not drag a friend betfre him, to receive
the shot aimed at himself.
But Mr. Thrasher, to pass Irois ans argument
upon supposition, denies that he did send the
docuasient received and promulgated by the
Delta, and that paper pronounces itself unquali
iedly satisfied with the denial. The amount of
the matter then, is, that paper was most grossly
deceived (as were thousands of persons) by an
ingenius humbug, and that 3Ir. Thrasher's
name was cunningly nsed to make the deceit
successful. But at the time it gravely presented
Mr. Thrasher's name as a watrrant for its incor
rect impressions ; the mass of Cuban deceits alo
humbugs had grown to such a mcountainous
height, as to suggest reascnable doubt of all pre
viously credited reports and apparent authori
It is true the property of Mlr. Thrasher was
only sequestered at the time of the appearance
of the Delta's article; but it is ni less true, that,
after the appearanceof that aricle, it was posi
tivelyconfiscated, and he. himself sentenced to a
dreary captivity. The Deltaratler plainly admits
that its article was ene of (if not the) leading
causes of Mr. Thrasher's severe fate. It, was an
ill-timed, unwise, and (as the l)elta itself says,)
an " ineconssideruatryI' published article. The
roparation cannot repair the wrong, however
Of the firstm and honest belief of the cndluctrs
of the Delta in the genuinenes" of a Cuban revo
lution, we have no doubt. 'ihe then proprie
tors and couductnrs aprlorve their faith in a style
satisfactory, if snot -anvincing, p. , every Yankere.
They subscrilb.l largely, and I.,t their moaiey
in that faith. We ha-a heri,lehre exlre.sed
ogr belief in the honesty of p-'rlo r, which setn
sted the Deltal iits iei rse in reference to Uin
".a.. Its self-interest in tlie s-ban canse wavs, at
most, only like a ticket in an nieldrawn ihIsOvaun
lnttery-moreliliely to draw n blank than any
thing else. If the conductors thought they were
sure to draw a prize, then they were s:o far inon
est that they must have Ibeie\-ed that the Cu
banese were ripe for revolt, aiI all in a fever
for freedom. Otherwise they never would have
done what we know they did--throw away large
aums, and force at soc of the isici toI aid an ex
pedition of a few hlundred men.
- But all this is not 5ermain ii , tr im elatt;r. If
Mr. Thrasher bhal r-eally 'enllt 'lie proclamaation
referred to, he made a diepsite of. confidence
which should have bee faiirly respected, isanl
not prodigally seatlerei throu_-gh the streets, or
thrown passionately at his heai-1. If ho did not
-if the documnent came in thei leart questions
ble shape-his emriuanily dlsgi-erous, nad even
fearfully terrible position should have claimed
the extreme of consileratio, n :ant lfrlearance
foe the friend of unfortunate ,\limricaus.
S* For Sheriff's, Constable's, and Public Auc
tioneers' Sales, see Third Page.
LA.e..A ..rve Sqtu'all:.--\ e haoe bl-.n repeatedly anked
why, in the recent improv"mnts which hbae Ieern made
in Lafayette Squnare, e'ats round tlhe' walks were nt in
cludedm.The SPuae affords o' of the l.o"t dltightft'l
evening prome.nad.s in sr about the city. . and we concur
in the gneral opinion hilt our cHity might afllford to place
.sats in it.
T lt: E-It.n. .a o a,:: S'.. I s.., -I\e oauld t.;ll the
attention of our ciizens ", the nrd a . :naptl. ('lark. late
commanderof tlh,, sta'nw mr L' .' 'a.. which will Lbe f'ouid
in another colunn I.., ak lbr it a .'.vhdid altd illsarth
consideration, whi h war:re n-,fi.dent it . ll l retivr
Tery .s.aI, rs a ' ' o-il .--A ' trand re, -ett;.Ily tLihe onthler
I'be'lt C'lulbco elll ' aT :t ."; a clllc II..: alternaolo , sat thel
Laes end of the 'Poltcartre, i Itailr'v t Th;rere prii:..are
ofure.l, fir fIre,. Se1nd. t1 ir a n o. tlll ille
sport i antlirilpateds Iler' ns gpint a w n iin thi:; o'clock
rars will arrive in tinle' to :witn. the start
Tuat. 'Pllli'tin I lsl.x . -P.r. -SII h.Crir Ih Io t 'L sl(ir
cur tlickep s y a al aa1 i a; n,, , I .t , .. It:'r ,hi:
nn tickets will I ' ,.oi, `!'l:. dilan ·': ., , .lt II ice :it III,
City lotl ytPipn Monda.4y s,,, .. l .e u,
tieman. unticed in ies r. of '., d:,y. ha--. e ,, i, -
fornmed, done hint great mjh't,, . "e', r.: hllue'tial
merchantala l csalhl ,n 1 i s y, *l;:y :ol I illllllltl 11; illt
aduring an acqnte intalnc,, . t 1,a:1., : Ic dI t l., p t
aCapt. Tre b.a. it, ha 2 . .tji ' l ,'t '..a't P n cl
lents t.abu andastrustworethy , r l .. et.
lugly that anything AleuI. hie f e' s.I it, ,ly into ,t1r
wolumus. calcuha.id to I d . in.ii,'1. tll U3 L,,, ly : t.au
Ibenlau. It is the ulisisetane ltt tl.. chll nitit - of d Nli)
events that they ares 0tu cl.hitll b ',, F s' ',r .it' i s
tion on third psartilel.- 5'.au tl , l''a yts d
backed by written f :thuda.,t. tbn. I1 .( i,., .a aourt. our
positionis r dered one f still greit ., 't, ars
owe aIre enabled to rsemldy the i I,.ry Igently dlly
l·e do it most chen 'ully.
S hIale reacivs d fo , a ti:, publ-hsua r the b l numiber
e ofth. Ne.wOrleans 31,uthly Mledical lbgietr? edited by
, s.--A eolniderable advain : in freights to New
Orleans has talen place at St. Lours. The Ev eing Union
of the lt inst. says the ,tbaliner l.iu.,i had llsgaged
Snearly a fual cargo on thb |ollsn i,:Iterys: Flour. 25c ;
e pork, 40e.; baeon, lard. etc , br'a. out, hay, etc.. oUc per
. 1 '" lbs.; cornm c. per sack: tosar. .ai $3:. :sal hniep. e5.
I- Tul R Rnetn WeaLLls..s-The swea!. "r Rogler Williams.
st which a short time since wan plaed in the line between
t this place and Mobile, is now ruuunni betrween Philadel
is phi. and Cape May.
Qrlcs Passtcs:.--The British bark E.. George made the
passage to Liverpool and back to thin port in 76 days, with
a funll cargo each way.:
d COnoLEKa.-The cholera ha, made it, appearance at Da
s 'enport. Iowa, and soeveral sudden de:.ths have occurred.
Annaassas Revns.--Th Little hock w hig olf the IoL inst.
says : " At this plaee the river i rising lowly, with about
e feet water in the channel it Frt Smith on Satlur
day last, it wac in tine Iuating order, and rising
3Mg ts Evirtttb . 0., 0 a. tr, net pgople's Lint.
Democratic Ratification Meeting.
l Bar Roocu.. July 8.
The IDemocrti Iladttleatito Meeting to-day was
rather a lemo affair. There we but little enthusiasm
manifested. Mr. Mo'ise wa very unwell, and made but a
few remarks. Ite was followed by rventa other speakers,
but their sappeehes were not very forcible.
E oas Corresponpbern t i tr tenrrrt
D.tr.eee' Porr, July 2, 1852.
E.,. toreseno-- aving a short time to spare, I will de
vote it to your sordice, although I have nothing of pe-.
culiar interest to preent. I came down to this very
healthy and salubrious " Point" day before yesterday.
from Indianola, on the J. L. Day. By-the-bye, sh is a
vessel that appears to be well adapted to this trade. She
goes up to the Indalnola and Port Lavaa wharves. there
by aving time and much expense.n lightering. This is
a very quiet and still little town; nothing appeors in
cinead to "kick up . or keep up anything like a row or
,oar. except Old Ocean." It has a way. you know, of
doing just as it pleases, it pleases to keep up a continual
and perpetual roarm-sometimes rolling up and. lahing
against the ' Breakers, like it might be a little ruffld,
sending forth a sweet and soothing lullabhy, by which we
enjoy some charming and refreshing sleep. fanned all the
while by cool and delightful breezer-no mosquiter--a
ronterpaneo feeling eomfortable all night-too cool with
out it. We have line bathing, fishing, fowling, etc.
This point is about eighteen miles south-east of in
dianol. and attached to the main land by a peninsula.
sixty or sixty five miles long and frm two to three miles
w wiei. I i witiafew hundred yards of the Gulf oI
Mexico. Mr. Deerow. the faunler of the town. heas nearl
completed a beautiful mansion. affording an extended
and romantic view from the balu:trading on the top ; the
Gulf, praires and bays are all spread out with fne effect
The town of FSalria is on the opposite .ile of the Pass.
which is some two or two and a half mile, wide. bSlurie
is on the northern point of Matagorda Island, which is
about forty-five miles long and from three to five miles
wide: it is commonly called St. JT"eph's Island. butt.
Sloseph'. lies immediately below ,Intagorda Island. with
only a narrow pass between. The St, loseph's Island is
about twenty miles long. tetwreen this point and Salu
Sriais the Pass Canals. or Horse Pas, the entrance to
t Matagorda and Lavaca Bays. Lavaca Bay is an arm of
the 9at gorda Bay. Through thie De t he Bay of Pnnto
Espirito, or " the Bay of Spirit." is reached. It (Es
pirito) connects with the Amnsao Bay. forming a long ex
Stent of beautifl inland navigation fir small vessels.
t This peninsula and latagorda Island are celebrated
r for rai.ing the largest. sweetest and most delicious water
0 melous in the United Stater. SIme 240) left here a day or
'Ithe news of the Whig notninatioeec ;rrived at Indinnola
just previous to my leaving; did not create murh xeite
nent: dlid not give general sattisfction. especially th
Vice tresident ; think he ought have been from the great
gtowing West. Beoth parties have given it the go-by.
At the time [ left Indianolt the cholera was still at its
fLtal work in the place, taking off from three to seven
daily--some say more. Sixty-five or seventy have died
of it. certain-some say a hundred. or a hundred and ten.
r a hundred and fifteen. since it irt made its appear
nce there. I think it will soon disappear, as the (erman
immigrants .re hastened off into the interior almost as
oon as they arrive. They have aflorded the most food
for the plague. A sanitary committee has been appointed
to have the town chleansed and pmifiecd. and all infecting
causes removed. Just what they ought to have done
long since. They labored under much difficulty, as the
tow is not inccrporated. Hlad the citizens adopted these
censures weeks aego. Indianola might nw. have Icen
wihat he ought to be. one of tile healthiest towns on the
they. Unfortunately for her. she is ueow the reverse. San
Antodio, Lavaeca Matagorda City. were all freet from the
pestilence at last accounts. There have been a few eece;
reported in tictorela. Seguin and New iBrantl;eel.
Gen P. P . t. Smith was still in Indinnola. 1ht has been
out cailing. and paid a sailing or flying visit to I'lilacios.
Matagorda City. this point and SalrS.a I think he de
signs tarrying there some days yet. Like a true soldier,
he runs not fromnt danger.
iHave ,irt heard that sione .cxly t'amanche Indians
came up to the liovernment train. between Fort Morrel
and San Antonio. three or foeur dlays ago. anei tol tithe
drivers or wagon mtste'te that they (the Indians) did not
want them to pass or travel that road. or w:y, any more.
ac they had not given the Government any permiscsion a
to d. teeor had the GovIernment paid them anything for
tle privilege of passing through their territory.
There were two IMexicans found dead at the Long or
Twelve Mile '" Mtt.'" back of Corpus Christi: about the
same time, suppoied to he the work of Indians.
The remainder of the materials for the light-house now
under way at this Pns. are looked for hourly., wien
it will be sp'edily enmpleted
Crop are seaid to be hery line in Weetirtm Texas
lreeclcfllily your., etc..
Co(., t ,ii .--liel have already nmnoollo~ ll that the'. n,"am
chi jet. wan lnltini fearful 1,:,-m allloo: her pit ;.(-uger,
A pi"·rion o~f tile pa'tcngerr- a~oirl d at Mlobile on Tuevdnyn
last, ill the pilnt-boat I:ulphettia. and the Tribuneo has ob
tained tht following informnnatio n from L. A. 1Middleton.
E:,'.. of Panama :
TIhole Philadlpbla departed from Acpinwall on the 224d
ult. On the nighlt of the 23d. two mncu were seIzed with
,'hol.ra, and died ; at sunrise next morning another died.
after which the disease spread with rapidity, and became
epidrmic. antl all classics of pao.senge..r were subjects of
astrtck. It prevailed tn a frightful extent.
On Sunlday. 27th. 11 v. l.. the Philadelphia anclhored at
qu<trntine in y of an-hvin. in the interim.
lout from ehoicr twenty-ight pa..' tirs. A fte wn lrs
aofter. Captain 3lcGowah was ordered ry the anthoritie
to tnk*. iris ld ) our-ide the harbor, The, am, her was
rltn 1ropid inmuleditly urnd-or tLe 1 u n of the Moro.
and p rmnll Cfut tn n w Lo c,,td there lu til st hwit u'loc' k,
ay allbout ther, hulot. At a:,out six. the o'ruamvdl, ]",m
pihe mliy. frm 'd wlorln an- hamv iwn ight. wleu thier C np
tain of t~h' frt order.,l the l'lad, Iplr tohet to. unter
way wilhdut 'Pay. whicll she did in luort tlnut,'-. hlro
loursc was then laid a'r Key West t huid afthr a thoring
there. .ll atorit s et , refuet t*od l et the: passengers lifnd.
but hadvis. r t hat the 'hip sho.ld go ,town to Sand Key.
where every nlesc<ary. excl·pt CoIt. (thernT being none in
port) would be ftrnished t't'u I'hiiadr i hui was ar
cordiugly o~ ahuihrl t d l t 0rll:, g 'ea talii ):o.| T Ntot
on ingr of t lan}:it,. city. 1, Ill t . Cana. teo de .le' ao -
pcamin;,' e. and dropp, it anchror ithil ,n on huulrri ya'd'
:he ri.f II d. he weuver, to reuive olt hoaMrd h ly of foh p:,-
peo i*:.,. but duril t , ,.onfo "l-: , il l, e v e lragi u 1 prl-o t
..llr; eac .; o idn afgtlwhich ie ... l. :igl led an.. . . aIndl.
ced ,ed on ler voy3,.,e to .N(,IYorl. Carp*:dn Ml'tliowtll
then Tanted all the Ipa.sosf eru , free ftroym discit--iabot
175 ill nnmn:b'r-on the Key two of whom. having I-,.,.u1
.Soized witha tinc ,pidemit. wore sent ah i.d ogi 4 At
nine oi'cgock, % vl. the prnpedler Win. Penn wa,. wignah'd.
but rfWuod too Ftie t asy of the opa l u srtnars,
Thut rirnumd a'elmd, 31r. Middlctoan anmd nineteeoothers
chart, r'd the pilot-boat I ephnmia. CapIt. Carey. ard .evil
ed for tlti,+ port on the 211th They- all arrived =00,ly yes
terdoy nno, Ip , thetietl he he t im of ir lin and Kery.
lfoty-tawo ro the piasogers of tile 'hildrde hlna luLd died,
:tnlseventeen wre downwith ter disea (.e. (i! th e
whole nnmber attacked, only two hadl recovered, niud two
out. n g tha even, eoe it, wvas believed wr-nld rcover.
Thd di-eefv asw th unn . Airullnt th type of A uliet bml·
rogica, rdly ti, .win: ti. o ftally withltt thre to libe hours
after the a ttac. Tw m r thriu fir,,di:al geuntlcman wrene
aboard, hut witht dl their art they could d, nothing in ar
ortlkngtht Pi-l htase.
Mlr. Middleton conld re"collect only it 'w of lle names
of trho drrem,:ed--his trunk and paper, whe'n we iaw hill
hoigll :iblulrd of the Floie milt. wavtivh grounded near
-' cou tryw i'a hs. lie r fporf ib I-nv t ing it , ih cu-ru tie,
311 ecis tippl: l', it . G larwood. Rahelig . N. I' ; I. It. (',,,,k.
Iamlmitcr. Ky.: Thfln ].. ; ilRdly. \Maury county,'JTen
ot,',,,e . .. ,i3Pksnn. T,,nu.; ir. Ilerd-.ll. I;. S. }fait
Agent. I'hiladelphh'l: Levi ll'elcoxsrull.art eunty. Ky.
31r. yt.ha.t however, promis,.d it ful(l particulars for to.
The uewsfrotm Califolrnia wao withoit interr,-t.
Tile ibollowing a.re tit,' pa: tzng.ers who atrrived on the Eu
ph,,mia :
Lei ideo.pmo;;WoL .fec,jn ti; l'+,utntfn llomlm 'Three .:i rhw+". K'y,; John Al
,hich, P'ro a Id, It I : Johnl W~t'l::K. .modpelier. \'t.:
lyl], In(hir. ,clly county t lhio; .hnIlll N Iollhie. do..
lW'n. h~err. I1tnlilt", ou I ':a(" N flu,.-m". Now
Yl'rk city: David Wlil~on,.N, wlrle,,ln . A ('larh,. l'"lifor
ni:i. ,.\l1c.rly. ID. Iawalrl; Simornn TI Illoodwyn. ".lrlr
IJ'31h'P;. I I, hla e . . . ,rrera. \cw tL!hlin " ýichfola: Dll ,til," ,to",
I'aromn: Louis l'ianlbld. ` llan ee; Lou! st 'atotte. do.; -l rlflph0
,>.,,. :n ,, .i,,.,h L' ...... ,.. . ,,<,nl,> do: . lpb,,
D.i ,Sl it t i1- il ,r,, Avll. ~ v s --Tb*" t I,,lirn. t
pl,Lliran has pu:-li'h'd It ta lltel ent showing thle' total
nulmlber of s·:;;oel.till)(*,it bot.::ll the recorded loss of life on
thelm, fro t , lu- hh ing of -testa : vhpigion iu till, Kest
up to tilt, year 11:2. 1uiiuat;, .lnit 5-.,; ; If whiih the total
oloom,~ wis o owl tohal o n t Tiiigi. llt g7,ll l11.
:.hut slltstiEic re\,ire ouly to , lat- .nnk by snags and Ii
oahvr oL-lrt,,t t ns. 'f ot liu andnh of hoats destroyed
ty lte i.;It ,{ total original c,,.t -"1011 -.4, Tho total
uuI cr ,,l" c:o11:1-ilot is _-el Srad thc ?'(,,i.hd lo" o|f il.
1.40. The uttgbtr f1" ,tloundd r:;s. The sul poc d pecu-,1
uiary I t i put : ,0,w , t +tholt '-_ 1lt ll, l'.'. ltitate of
pl,- u> k,!rl by .1:, , xp,.i',o,. ea h . to 'aie II p ..-nt t
e"t ctxe, '__,' *. Estimateo., ptd >oi++itrs iu .fd . g t ing
it t, eacb cae. 1,191, 3.Uls lo..d total. kill,,d and ucuuded.,
4.1,0. The r.. o rd of bc:tt:. dtstro)-..d I. c>lioieAos is,
sn t iehat Icomprises. a I;-t ot 40 boats.
.vh,,: e original cost was $5,;a 9t.S.
A Wtoo,'; F&.nLVt Poo,_oonD.--The .Mobile Tonbuue states
that (t Suuday text iug last, t titan namrd lPretlove', re
Sidiug at the coruer of laiue and ltamilton strrcts, in
that city. died very suddenly. and all inquiry reveale-d the
tact that ho had died from the effects of niO'rr cvid. Mrs.
Pretlove. who w'a. apparently wtol at the time of her hus.
Laud's deatth, WooS taken sick soon ft,t r, and died during
the night. A boy about ltc y,.ars of age. died the next
morniug. and James Carroll, a brothet.-m-Iawv of lPretlove's,
died the following evening. All the deaths were eawed by
eel,-ie at id, which is supposed by some to hayv. been admin.
istered. Various other rumors. though, are afloat. It is
altogether ta most mysterious affair, and at judiciai inves.
tigation should be instituted.
Tot: "'Mott:asta. Ati" }.lotlto --It is stated in New
York that M. Pulazky. llosuth's protato secretary. who
sailed for Europe in the Baltic, took w.ith him a large por.
t tou of the " material aid" collected by his master in this
-couutry, with a view of |nvo-tiug it iu lBriti,h securities,
ouhject to the Governor's cuutrud
(H. DEnoe NATIon.--The Cherkee Advcte al. ys the
prospeet for abundant crope in the nation is highly favor.
able. here will be more earn than has ever before hen
raised In one season.
AN EmrO RlrTIa.D.-Wolter B. Foster. for the last
five yenars. on of the editors of the St. Louls Time has
retired. Wm. It. Price is now sole proprietor and editor
of that paper.
A Ol.n Plor Dr.a.-Capt. Samuel Ayres, for 48 years
a branch pilot loBoeton harbor, died in that city on the
-27th ult., In the 79th year of his age.
DierH.-Thc lIon. John C. C. Sharp. Judge of the 12th
Judielal District of Louislana, died at Monroeo on the 23d
A committee of the cit council of Memphi have re
ported that Mr. Lonfland, the recently elected mayor, is
ineligible to the office. The matter has not yet been de
cided, and it is creating considerable excitement.
Iftene Re.-Uoeo.-A grand re-Rnion of the Irish Confe
derates of 48. who are now in the State of NewYork was
onsummatcd in the city of NewYork on the evening of
the 29th ult. A sumptuous "inauguration supper.' was
prepared for them at Tammany Ilotel, at which Mr.
Michael Cren presided, and during the evening, which
was one of unalloyed plecsure to all present, eloquent ad
dresses were delivered by Messrs. llutior,llogan, Coghlan,
' S$haughnuesy. Sherlock and lthere.
TIo. Fto'nTr IN MO.-eE.-.)cur Mobile frends celebrated
the fourth on the fifth, and a consilderable quantity of
powder was comsumed. Excursion:outof town. however.
seemed to be the order of the day, and aa larg number of
both military and civic parties were made up. All en
joye'd themselves to a gret extent.
A eorelen 31ce. Fhai.cac.--We have the plaeuree of re
cordinh another total failure of the moil from beyond Mo
bile wle presume the old carts which are employed to
transport the mails between that place and Montgomery,
picked up as many passengers os they could carry, and os
a matter of course, the ails were left behind. We are a
grest people, and we are doomed to be humbugged in
'ome way or another. We have not the slightest idea
that the contractor cares a straw for what we or any one
else may say.
y-.r: K oi t r ec ..--TheNewAlbany (Ind.) Ledger drvotoe
a large amount of space to the abuse of the Whig admin
f istcrtion, because it does not raise the price of seamen's
to wageso in the navy, so that ehips may not be detained in
port for the want of crews. The Ledger will find out on
- inquiry, what almost every one in the country knows,
that this is one of the matters to which Congress attends
i eselusivcly.
lool'a.av Ma.N: oaot.--Grat diffiaculty has be,. oape
inatd L on Loug tsandb in obtaining laborers to carry oy
'he usual farming processes, and large fields of grass have
a.vry sLaon remained unmown until the hay was nearly
vortblhhs. The formersare now beginning to use mowing
eohitnes, and it is said with perfect success. A machine
ltsa down ten or twelve acres of grass a day, shearing off
lhe tangled and prostrate grass with the same dispatch as
if it stood upright.
'lr. Lae.os ioT W:l.-The Boston Bae says: About
one thousand ladies who went to Dorehester, on Tuesday,
ahe 2th ult.. to attend the consecration of the new Ceme
tcry. got thoroughly drenched in the remarkable shower
that raged at that time. A friend, who was present. de
cribes them as most sorry-looking creatures. straight.
tall. slim, long faced affairs. looking as though they were
ready to enter the Cemetery In another capacity than as
pectatota. It was utterly impossible for them to gain
ahelter, and thus for two long hours they were compelled
to submit to the hydropathy af heaven. Beautiful bou
nets, handsome silks, fastidiously starched muslins, new
and rich de lains. all were soaked. undone, ruined. The
sex. so brave in dress. so beautiful in color, in one short
hour l1ot all its poetry. all its fine sentiment, all its deli
cious philosophy.
I.ol t:tge St A'o ColErooTIo--Beuao Ioath.. July s.-The
Convention otpened this mornoing with a prayer by Roy.
Mr. It:arrison It was agreed to haveo on oftiial reporter
for tib convention. by a votet ofS1 ayes to ,1 nays.
The eighth article of the Constitution was made the or
der of the day fbor Thuralay.
The lresidant announced the names of the chairmen
thet tanding commitotee, as follows :
oiho'' --ltandenll Ilunt. balirmoao.
fliuqalhueetl t cnd Rlnrral--A. G. Carter.
Gorcaal Proaririon--A. to l".mnl.'n
.doaelont--l, . Itt Todd.
Sohhdba+--.-. t. baing.
ldalio-a-B. G. Thihbodeaux.
Ehlcire Frenclsoie-T, Wc . Colluo.
D)ol'otaolaoon aaiaaas of oo ,rn--fma.n-t-S.. llrlra
Lr0slatolr Dmamaooeot-t-l. S' tluion.
E,,a: t'rOr lton.lo',ntf-Alextfnder DeIlotta.
'oo a Convention then adjolrned to attend the It0 me
eraia r mtitication meeting.
Scoot Acrmrsr so lln oo r·a oo-llal!baaa'. J000y -Tlhl
Native American Convention. lwhich :aseoaalded at Tren
ton. J.. on the ttlh inat. nominateld Doaniel 'tbotec
for tbe P'residency tand altoroe C. Washingto, of Yo . for
the \Vice presidency.
(ooaoo...lo Jooa 7.-The oa ate to
layS rOertled acod onrdtra l to he printed a bill flr tLie att.
or ocuority of lives and property. It io believed that t
The Ilouo' die.d''al the Ibefleien''y bill. and numerouaa
namendment were s .oncurra d in, including 'undrwaood'a
invalid pension clause.
ti e\,"a I,, aaI o.I'oi.::il.--'Two Ne'oYork hbamao .with
n, capoal of $40 00. ar. about 'tarting a democratio pa
per in W ahington. [to.. 'Picayune.
Nb:woo 'Oa Mitrs--N.i io,,ol:. Wedneddy. July G o.os.
There is no chango in t.he Cotton market, the sales em
braing 2oA bales at nominal rates. Flour has sold at
$4 2 121.($.1 183, a bd bl ixod tCorn GO5tto 'a bushel.
Lard Ilal. a 111. tlamo !oo1l l9 $l c b.
Dv)*:llt o (InCovluOR l'a.llo.o --St. Loalo. July 7.
Covornor Calhoun. of Now Mexico. taod party. have ar
riveod at taanoca from Stnta te. On the journey. the
ooveruoa wao 'ai:"o d with an illness. which was aggxavated
by fi.'igue and exposro,. aol ha:s proved fatal. His re
0ins were interreO d with omasonio lollom.
ann)111) , lt --Ci,.efhlaai July 7.-The riverl here ia sta'
tiOnaory. IMaret b oa it. Flour selling at $3 5,1i$3 21
0.1l. Wi'aikv oto'0e i9 gallnu
Ot,',t,,,gb. July 7 --The river hao fallen to four feet in
tl' ch.,lal..l but is now lowly rioing.
-N0o'yb,',lo , alt--N.oru oJuly 7 -The Cotton
marl,, t remaniao quiet and the rato' unset tled--ouotationa
noulillai FIlour he, h,:en in fair rc0uo,' t at $43 06'l.
'"4 1001 tor star., and $4 IONi l$4 251 00 bbl for lhia
1bra0l. Corn lormer, wilh tal'' of nlix', l WesTtern at
ootl',,2e'ti buoh, l. tiaoa 'orork thoady yat $10 12'0 0n$19 2t
"ll b iolos of laTrd at 10,ac t Itb. [I ve. Delta.
City Intelligence.
:N oitoour o llHo. ls.t.o , T. Plut'.o\o-.Iltfetiog
f thO..1 XoOrboo co io, --osteroday,at t11 ,,'elok.the mem
bers of the ewOrleao s Iar met in thie Supreme ourtroom
in order to pay a last tribute of respect to the memory of
the lion. Isane T. Prston. late a lJustice of thoe Supreme
Oourt of this Staot, and who was killed by the recent ex
plosion of the stenaer St. J.moes. On motion of R. It.
D)nit. EoI., 31 3I. Cohen, Esq.. was called to the chlar. and
Mr. John OClaib orn appointed recretary.
Mr. Cohen. on taking his ooeat. returnod thanks for the
honor done him. in tbeing thus called to preside. Ito had
taken step.. he said. to inform.ludge Itost-the only jndgo
wh]o had remaintd in theb iinity of New Otrleano-and him
he had expected to presio. : but unavoidable nircunotaon
res had prevented it. On the non-attendance of Judge
Bost. ihe had taken steh further steps as he thought
woold hv eunsurted tbho iresidir nof one better entitled
than himinel. lHe hald (said air. tCohen) been taken by
ourprioo, and was not prepare.1 to to juotice to the illus
trions dead and to him.oef, lut. to pay that tribute of
regr.t which the merits of the, decetnel deoserved, or to
throw around his acts that lustre of language which they
merited, hte would h, equally unprepared with a week's
not io, DPep feeling is not to bt expressed by outward
signosnor is language a fit instrument to render it mani
fest. q'he deceased was one whom we loved in life, and to
whom w, thould render fittling honorm when dead.
At the conelusion of iMr. Cothen' remarkt . Attorney
(ieneral loae nJohnson came forward and offered a set of
•r-lotions. whiht he preceded wilh some feeling romar'ts
Ie staid the intelligellm of the disaster of the St. Jamoes.
and of the deatll of the distingtnithd individual whom wtt
now lament, fell upon our city mournfolly as a dirge. It
had touched a chord in the great heart of thie profooion
that vibrated to their tooltl. They were there to lament
the ilntimely end of a cherished friend. and one who was
osnociated with thlem by the most intimate ties. On
Saturday lost, Judge i'. had oodloood hiool at ldecision ih
ohio ro:,oo-tho theatre of ltis diotinctiono and honorst
lie had otod here in the vigor of health, and in the primet
of his power, but ,ince thoen he had beet hurried from
luonug us by a nlost heart redling catastrophe. They
had met to pay tribute to the exalted worth, and to do
honor to the memory of one of their own brightest orna
To the members of the bar properly belonged the duty
of honoring thli man who had claimed so much of tlheir
loo e and admiration, and there was a pleasure in the sor
row with which they announced the high respect whiolh
anuhlmated them all. 1r. Johnson did not wish to pronounee
an eulogy, but he would testify to the amiability of charac
ter. lindliness of dispooition. and honesty of purpooe.
which had ever actuated the decesed, and which had
commanded the respect and confidence of all. If through
out a long and eventful life t ha d erred, it was uninten
tional, and from the necessities and failings of humanity,
and no man wo.t more innocent of an intentional wrong.
Ills heart lhad harbored no malice. but was a fit abode of
the atfectiono The bar of Louioitnt would not fail to
embalm his memory.
Mr. Johnson concluded by proposing the following res
olutions, which were adopted unanimouoly :
The last tribute which friends can pay to departed worth
isto unite in the expression of their common tyopathy.
and recal to memory the virtuen of him they will see no
more. Such i the ooeocaion of our presentn meeting. One
of us. with whom wre have beeo familiar for years, who
has beern the companion of the old and a bright and illus
trious example to the young, has left us forever. The af
thction to his family and friends was not alleviated by the
sad consolation of ministering to his la.t wants on the
quiet bed of death ; but he hah been torn from them by t
sudden, terrildo and ruthless blow, which onerwhelms
even grief. and leaves nothing hbut blank despair. Ateor
sucnh a calamnity, it becomp a nolemn and mournful duty
of the friends and neooiaton of nth departed to offer a pub
lic tstimonail of their appretiation of his high quaoittei,
not ontly a just tribute to hi worth, but i ttle beopn
al auto an expression of thesaysp
lght degrse onole the olrlef of his
The life of our departed friend, lL
lie youth to age, has ben passed ao.,
uclseddeurlng his whole sareer a
hr public counsels. He has lutie
eud erer perormed their duties with untiring seal an
rnergy, with honor to himself and profit to his oouutoy.
lte was dstingished in his carees at the bar h y an m
presslve snd ingenious elwoquencwhieh seldom failed in
ffaset because it always bore the stamp of sineerity, and
lhe vigor of a powerful andearnest character.
In all the private relations of life he was admirable. The
aost disinterested and generous of friends, and as a
brother, a husband. and f father, he alway brogt to the Is
domestlo ircle the warm gushings of a generous heart, b
shedding around him hppiness oand pleasure. ci
We deeply and einoerely sympathise with his family in
sheir dreadful and deplorablo loss, and we beg them to
acsept this expression ofourregrst.
We deplore the loss which the public has sustained
Is the eminent. dlstinguished and sealsou magistrate,
whoe warsm and generous impulsels, if they sometimes led
him anide from the exact letter of the law, wereo always
attracted by what he ielihved to be the honest justice of
the cause.
We respectfully request t the Attorncy Generalof the
State to present thi expression of our smpathies to the I
court of which the deceased formed a part and an orna
ment, and to ask thatit be spread upon the records.
We respeetfully invite the conductors of the press to
give publicity to cur resolutions.
Judge Larue then rose and said, that asa studet of o
and former assoeiae. of Judge Preston. It might be ex
peoted thatihe was there to pronoune e an eulogy. But
here, within this hart the theatres of his labors and of his
triumphs-where his acts were known, he required na
eulogy. The sorrowing heart w voiceless to mlhke known
that which most it felt. Judge Laeci seemed deeply af
fected and sot down.
The lione. A. M. Buchaero next come forward and reid
that he wished to pay his tribute to the memory of Judge
P. lie was thoeoldeost st nt of Judge i. and had been
hisi partnerin the practice of the law. lie could hbear wit
ne.s to hisi engaging simplicity and uniform urbanity in
all tle relations of life. But he had heen oult l in the
vigor oflife by the destroyer -stem ! To us,stoam sas a
destroyer ; though to others it was a creator and an agent
of progress. lie hoped from this sorrewful death would
spring benficstl legislative results. This wouid call the
attention of law givers to the evil. Suhel an illustrious
example of tle evil consequences of tlhe bad management
of this great-agent had never before happened. Judge I'.
was its first great vietim. This he hoped lwould awaken
the legislature to the neoeeityofstringent enactments on
the subject. iHe paid a flattering tribute to the private
and domestic virtues of thle illustrious deceased.
Mr. Whitaker then moved that the resolutions be pub
lished in the next volume of the Supreme Court Rsports.
Samuel C. Reid. Jr., Esq.. moved that the Secretary be
requested to furnish a copy of the resolutions to the
fameily of the deceased. Adopted
Mr. Whitaker. seconded by Judge M. MI. Reynolds,
moved thet the members of the Bar wear crape 3o days.
MIr. P. S. Wuroield moved as an amendment that thl
Supreme Court Room be shrouded in mourning during
the same time. Adopted. and a committee of three. com
posed of Messrs. Whitaker. Warfeid and lReynolds, were
appointed to carry out the objects of til amendment to
the last resolution.
onemotion of Judge hi. I. Riynolds. the meeting thee
BOAll OF SoHtoo01 )IDtnEt'ORS -.oi'ri 1Dis
trit,--TrThis body met last evening. Judge Rawle in the
It-. loarris. chairman of t special committee on re
trenchment, submitted ia lengthy report and resolutions. 'I
the principal feature of which was a resolution to coon
solidate the Washington and Jackson schools. makting six
femmle and six male departments in the consolidated t
schools. Mr. llarris urged that this arrangement would r
not only eofuct ot considerable sa:ving. a~bout $2100 per
annulm. but that the eohuscs would be better arranged and
the wants of the pupils better providedt for.
D)r. Lindsay made some obj.etions. and MIr. Camumerden
thought the subject of too mouch importance to be oated
on hastily. lie offered a resolution, postponing the whole t
matter until the 15th instant. The resolution was car
Mr. Harris then asked to be discharged from further
oervice with the Committee on Retrenchment. Ile said
he had devoted much time in preparing his report. and if
the Board did not seo fit to act on that report, he did not
wtth to have any thing more to do with the subject.
Dr. Lindsay toped the gentle.man would withdraw hist
request. Ie was aware that lhe had labored zealously.
but as the subject was one of great importance. he wanted
more timee n
On thequestioo of aolf otinog Otr. Ilhrris'o resignation
as chairmnn of the committee. thore wlre no aye::
Dr. Axson moved it reconsideration of the vote postpon
ing the resolutious of oIr. llarrl~ 'The motion was car
ried. The Consolidation reolution was again ospostponed.
and the others were read by the Secretary.
A resolution included in Mr. Ilarril' report. diopensing
with the mu.ic teacher in the public .choolo after the l-t
of Septemlber next, was tketn up. A motion was mad.e to
postpone. which wats s0plorted by Mr Ca.rrell. on the
ground that he wanted timo t to examln-i thloo queotiogt It
wasptolponued. as aloe w:L' the rsilution reducing the
salaries of Teahclrs.
TheoT re.onluton snOge d ting l uncil the iproriety
of. and refo tin that thatoO too M'ar:tall ald Franklin scho;l
houses be raised onel story. was adopted. as was ai. one
relative to the purchase of I,,ks and stationery
IMr. Crickard wioshed some information from tie (hair
man of the Committee on School-house relative to to
employment of porters and the manner of paying them.
The Chairman could not give any information Ile
stated that he had used the pay roll rtoeived by him from
tthe former Chairman of the Committee. and not having
had any vacancies to fll. he had not inquired into it.
Mr. Crickard said he ad learned that fourteen porters
were employed, at . expense of about $170 per month.
oeII moved an inquiry into thie chjectl.
A omotion was made to refer the matter to the Commit
tee on Retrenchment.
Mr. Hlarrio was surprised to I ,rn Li:Lt eo large a num
bIr of portters were employ.o d
MIr. a ommrden thoughlt Mr. Crickard the moot com
Spetent person to inquire into tht: subject.
MIr. Crickard offered a resolution instructing thie nm
,:olttec on School-houses to inquire into the oystem of em
Splaying porters, and report on the propriety of reducing
The Secretary, on motion, read from the pay roll for
April the names of the persons employed and the salaries
recieved. Some receive $15. and some $25. per month.
Som, discussion ensued in reference to which comntmit
tee the matter should be oreferred. Mr. Crickard's resolu
tion finally prevailed.
The toard then went into an election for Librarian.
On the irst ballot Mr. Sinoondo received 7 votes. Mr. Me
Connel 7. and 2 blank. On the next ballot Mr. McCon
nel refeived 8 votes; Simonds G. and 2 werel again blank.
Nine votes being nec.esary to at choice, another ballot was
tried. which resulted at ftillo.ws: f Mct'onnel o i.S imonds 7.
od Mr. MoConneol, the present incumbent, was therefore de
clared duly elected.
00 The Board then adjourned to thle 1th inut
BOARD or Ai.ltu:tt..xx.-There was a called
meeting of this body last evening, but there b'ing no
quorum present: those in attendance adjourned.
IoItoINoo 'rill;o Iltoo..--The case of Frederick
Tr'sea. Captain of schooner ltcrge Lisooill.t. toh Thomp
son.t Willimo tetmil and Charles wan. chargedl with hbav
ing robbed certain dead. hoolie. the victims of the explo
oion adl sinking of the steam'tt r St. tatne:, and which
bodies were iloating in the .ake, came apt for examination
)'este rfay before Rlecorde.r Winter.
'Oh' Jirst witness swnrn was louso P'ersons.who testified
as follows : I was on board titt'chouoor 0,oorge Lineoln
at the time we cain,, atro'sc the bodies in the Lake. I was
a passenger. When we first saw them there wits at dis
pete. and betting prtpoted ;s to whethecr they were
bedies or not. Oue of tbe pasttengers (O1itchell) got into
oo small boat with the Capttain (Tcresca'o) cnntllo t to t ee
what they were. lie was in my sight andl oear the ves.se
all theo time, Articltes were got, from tho, bodies Ind gieno
to Trcest. who asked t hao t he .thould dto with them. Ve'
told him to takec ttlo, to ttl Ic'aytune osilce and have
them lotbisheth so tOhat their friends might got them.
'Ohis hte did d). There wcre ,lesr tootloi- distocotred by us.
The first was not totlooed. buot the' other tLtre were f 'ree
lirt, we heard of the ,tolo iloo was fromn a hobdig smack.
Nothing of furtho.r importance was olicittld from this
witnes:s. BL
,ltlue.' titrltcell woro colid--t .a: at pat"onger on the
.rhoonlr I ;lerge ILinolen when slite eaUle satros, the Lake.
rtotte tiglhtt or ten mil..e frot the landitng, we went out in
thet somllltott toa-t , ttthe bodies Tiho tirt we touoth,'
thad evidontly been ovcrhatned. tt the pot llts weret tor. andt
the pockets turoned insitd, out. Tho b.toy wats d0ressed in
blu illet pa ootwite n thirt. htving tite naine 00 .1
11 ..ules of it. Ontltlbody I tlobservrl agoldchatlin. tand
tol t nlt ta wtith o,,t . oty of the crTw o. tookt it otLt.
which he did. We aloo fonnd oil tie body a .,I waltch,
eet," Illoootro'io. 1 ;0. n ,t aota note writtt n I1t E. 1. 'Pratt to
.1. M1..tones. to'e, 'ttoe t'rtt body weo pssott.e iohoott tooleth
tag. The third woas fodlc eot in btl(-t, ctt. bouttoned uo .
0tc. Ott thi botdy was laying t large brass ring. uuat
tchedo. This we took Ili plookoto wr.ot alot searched.
oandt we otbund, I thino. a overein atd aot ttal oIr some
thing of the .ort. Tile fourth woo coutlo noot otxatin'. tis
we were called to return by the captain (T're.oo,) 00
rtoching the vessel t g;tve ttile. articles to the captain.
who tokedt what he should do withthothe. We told hint to
ot.ke thell to the offiet of a newspaper in tile city. utd
publish tlem. This wits done by hit. oas loay hbe 0un by
reftre'nac to the Picayune of last tevtnilng. 'T'he captaino
thad nothing more to do with the matter than 1 hove relx
ted. 1Ve advited thlo captatin to give the O1 50 to the mon
who aided in recoveritog the articles. All exc't tlte
i,'tcwoo uee, $1 t0, twoa knoives and the sovereign, were
Crosr-xamined --I alll positive these wcre all the arti
Iles taken from the tlodict by us. at wtthclh wh gave to
the captain. 1 do not think ttl sov orelogloot 0 iven gito
the cat.tain. Whot tthiog he got w..re ia...diao..ety t.tid
on the table and the soveroign was notttLoatngt, t 0m. e,
Dr. It. BHldoor, awora--orroborated the testimony ot
the preceding witness. except as to the sovereigt. which
hhe never saw. tie only saw the searching of the bodies
t a dist"nce. The captain did not get the sovereign.
Apollo Oriflit. woro--oWts a parooaager ot theOtchooner
ad corroboratedothoo tatettao of Drt. Itlrd.eta. Atthis
staoge of the proceeoding tto tottrmony lotoed for the day.
tand the 00.as w a .djournocd to Monday ncext.
So far as the c0ae has prog.resod. there is not a particle
of testimony against Captain Tresen nor, in our view,
against the others. Our report of the matter yesterday
appars to have beeno fouided in mistake. and did great
injustice to Captain Tresca. Our information was derived
front parties in the police. who said nmuch nmore than we
ventured to iterate. WVe learn from the best sources that
Captaiu Tresca is an old trader to Tampar Bay, and has
hitherto -uattaiued ato irreproc.hable character.
One thing i eertaiu--that the bodies have been out.
raged by oote o an-leodos--whom, is yet to be diocovercd
A =. evolrninr Juty, y o tb77Ib Rev, M. Dolanroi c, JAME D.
Mist It A BM H8nrr , all of Woolly.
Died :
a Tbnnday, July 8, of Cholon, ANN. aged 38 yars, wife of John
U~r California }ope please mpy.
A Card.
On Tuesday, 8th into tut, I took the command of the ill-fated steamer
I. Jame.. The beat havring boon advartiwad to leave for 8ilori on that
ay, at 8 Welock s. U~, I hod not time to organize nod into the boat with
Moen and crow of my own nreithm. Thos. on bunn h ad Lean selected
y any prednrouor, among whom wait the most important d~eer, tb.
b~lef enginr of the beat, Mr. Wm. Collins, a an whom I had known
an ar twelve yean s u sillful amt careful aghoar, it an e·crllent
onl. The mooed anglla r, Mr. Oliver Rool, bul been employed onl the
time beat on the Misallippl river, and was working entirely under the
Ihoetions of Mr. WHO.in, whom 1 held .. ponlihls for the entire -.age
renat of the anginar. I therefore concluded to make no imme~diate I
1haage~ in that department. }laving previone r lonenn l wit Mr.
Bowate~r, of the Magnolia, and Mr. Andenan Marshl, of the P Iipao, two
non who stnmI pro-eminernt in their poteuion, 1 foodnr that Mr. Cnilio.
[goaod with those two skillfull oogloeoor In regard to the amount of ntram
pressure that mighlt be used with mebtt on ordinnn-h hgh-pressure bents.
Thea muimura of prc....u filed upon by those two men was n hunodred
end fForty poulnd.. 1 now Illrr mat poll118117, and will qualify the a.
-tirio upon oath- that the St. Join.. roaer Lent any time, to the best of
sy knnwlrllge, Inton thatl beat was unde my rommand, a greater at.,..
promise thans ono hanndrai and forty pounds-rarely oxweding we him.
dred and thirty-having mad. i t my brono. lo,, vuin, th...... gauge
frequently for my own mlilfncillll
1 will further state upon oath, that the St. Jnmea wait moor fluid with
otherr material the. the ordinary wood in the Iran, -,pt nnteall qn~t
Idiv of coal which 1 toluted ou boar~d and rued on her first trip to Biiloxi.
So elr f the u isomamco of lh,: IT, ln on the Jay o the llirmahhtl
duaatvr. It read. an fellow.
"Thant the said Jara~ n rnC:gCh In bo criminall pr-Wir of r dog,(
kepi W re p .tnrll to the lit glolat pitch, nerd t iring witlh roll the usual coon.lll
dents usedl ou such ovuasiuu l. W, ktuw the foe[1r, .:dr.'
l store farther that 1 rer· neve~r kept o l beard, or allowed to be use~d,
anIsy boat under ily -most ad, anylr otheur alturinl for rue{ than woad
or teal.
Th e, troll "In.liu dl puhlishel thant the· benlt was rapingat rho time.
plow ming? N-irh alhotorwhllu Ifso,i[ was without msy knowledgel
x r ro nt. If 11rn1 Last 1 Lll dilIpultioo to rnes. 1 reld hi,, datan ~
rot profitablyI,· IrvteringL Bilnri in rolnppas, with the SL. Charles and
t'nliforn and n luing my e11II1 a for the or s, of { env engera at Aliasi
srppi City, Pass Cllr-Unal, rod ling St. Louis; iarlalld of which I hos,.ol
la remains at ndnoi ,.IIIl the boat. warer mcllloannt -,a no for he.,[ a
to prerrent then poeaibilil of dusnting any ercilemoaltt oobntiny myell'
with picking up sort Irn~rlan anor s miht wart fo rm at the chore
reed dplaces~. When I ter cd at Bey St, {ura I oun boh te but
ut that pllacea. Attar bwmgn taken an board thx poi-iron whlo were
outing formem at the Lm~riein r lhnrr I ter sal rep to teIli- ,k~
whlarf, where 1 rsq dlla nnt heir inking wood, art be-ter" I wee In n.,d
.f Isore wood' r, ergtro plenlty on bend ntIlrllllI Ie ruin,, DJ 1L
tine.,o nits not to arrive M he railroad LuflIrr davlylighi
TII St- Charles .f, Boly St. Loui· s rn Y i'~, n nod almaaelilcnll
meelt have been about an hour Ilblna·I I ý ft ay S[. Le~lri wont ld1~
rI., eering the California layig at ila Lollisll.. lw1eelf1I After guttling
undenr .ay, 1 took my ua1111 roud. of the W.[, bolding nil Hag, ear
perwt attendinug to theair mepecrllrl duties, I notl down aver Samue~l AP.
Peter,, Sr~ who we. it, the tune e ruor.raug with trsy rem, Ir ertarnmr
friend gond Iuighborl, 1, T. Preston..
Af~ar, Mr. Paten mrriredl, Judge p PlImr and myself n reed onl nl
deck I"rlrapa nu Louur Illnprr, .,hen the,· jnlge" re rnrlurtl rf aI he ..i
ZIelliOg.1l.Vy grald -!;ld r e f we nt1 l to Ills with hen , uI..
go;-d it with m own handsnll, oust bade him souul testis B. t%, rllrr -
jug the he serLlluvar I IBrlcll lino n 11111 ter Ile- 1:di1· ( IILII. bat h,
errcu.,~ul illau"Il eslislisd r, Ih th....." the cleLIrk boot IC!I·.lia far Lin,
uu"1 de dool~d sirs ofiir. Alter Jaegiu 1'r. tlul r,·"lr,!Jnil lot Few pa~
rose .l rib *al te ,er. -- wly .1 ,. bred One prra re , h.
.rlr, 'I ra Ilan nort la- a e-uld , rte, eare·an·d ter luac, rrllwmuc IJ
da;·L until we toil paned fit. Juxep!l airul. }Ifs name. mt ..ilnrllll·
J yloll all Itrid t) nn l Snt r l q ;tl "Ilad d t I.' l W :u j
,y,,,o51dim«, 5'.' o.',A.l'. I5',',h'S t.i.p " '5lot, an ,h5 rrl .5'A5.
i···,· J 1.:, aG II( iln Iu l r u ý il:ncl 1 l I" I· " i u I lul, da n an I;ly, I n I,
,s,5's5'trgnný-lr .,' ::,, 55555 iS =;~ '' ~ l 5' wn oh i.,y le ,,
5'oc ,, s~t,t 5''55n 5lo 5'r n~ n" 5k n, I5.' la-~u" a,.,.l5''.
as To Ha o Os auuud H lrlp, IrI. : It. ),I lid o 1t 555',
5,,',5'he5"A5"O5",5'5'5' . dI otac JOAN 5''55' ,,.I55'IiiI or. ,15r,'1,",..
55ý, 5,,, Iof 'y the p '. alter '' I, t: "''y S 5. LInnI, 5''t
f1t., r al wu ,"o. Fi ' rsr true,5' n5 ' 5 trhe 55ht x t,'', l' 51 w'rs In.
Illy rooml on Ilhu blrriirnl dlllk, xhhrl I Illppoa~d wal l the C'rahlirilr I
I u 55'rertfwed n tLea;;ht ru r.;nl to the Ilhaluir. oh L nta, 5 '
t~ilt Iuerr would hel nay alnll· b~tw,.co Lhra '1 hat I L.· Luau I1IIUI1 and
re OI'ill I 5 th 5 ItI;;lrla 'esifitsni'sdlllx K uu.L, ra t 4 iua orsy I
thlurdtlu drd wrliln I wa nslrry" I ," -b,., ".tnmse, the Cnltlu n 1u
Lowe of ,;,enter , druayir r nod .jlr 1 iu d -]. nod ban:,, I.I 1I1)·U11
«n r and Vn rO). lrwCu ll o, it ~a ahnu; uq kwJ IIIII/·."C "I'll01
I,. i (tenor nrrerlurr on the Ltdalra of rhoI, St..lrllurr. 'h, ogit-urr
cLurrfn uP tirl Eo:ol: a ., ,a"I t 1B ·n..IIIOII urII 1, nnA h," n ,,ilnx ~IleaI
1ntillnllt to 7.1 nod rn u tarr t4,,, loer ilarrat lll 1,: ilrau cr.
Slncr L iuv. Wen, aolisrll nt ilr,,r,· 1 Iwvle Il:Rlnrd that sl~ p.ra=.,.
A ao. IS l r: rarut itrta n5., 55.5,00.la re
Intwg toI my h",wtrnrr -, I,:, a nd etia ný+t IrLrnllllr c n llil: Jl,**.l
n ILswso IriAen i.turms mu th1' 1 TI .wRtd [5'-lhxll Ir
Su,. anti nlahly llsxin up n Lmu to n n n the nyu:, Jira t.'iiO, iiR 5,...
.l11.1lin- w till, sane . '1", IDi.IliilnI." Su.b I -1-1,ur had bl · . F ,,,;
I., d Il ilcll, slirn I fiat Icnlmr llrr d n ths tridu. Thlr epo,:uri~a
ntrd, na duubf, (torn x sundxnt> rn lnll·r nnll .raw t L';· far uf h u.n;;
Leen n6 ;,-e in Locule x trwr ru lu u. e'n,1 ý"rlut r tle ir~llinnt. In In:(,
L ure rcl..mi~y I-l~ It n. col··" r u the lraoi~ ~e (:alt. Hallr, t a pen"..l
re oat r D11 41.11ll n jlr ilit d w all m.·. In rr·l'? Ir Ihre·a lul+rh~**I s
*irK ctlr sir Ixr.u* on rll daaiae pi'I III- , 1,vl of lI-l I brave I.,·*
Jxmea Iwa nnncrtdrut~ll hnpluntll m nln7 Lunt l euldlýr my co , null ro
vulrmgt II lone,,; n a liilrl · l.:, nlld ~ o r I !le LIlrrc rvm;" Illn n
r.Klrnl. o nttandcd more It,, tl}I to Irl) Ili)', [hen I ilid whsle rm
olnns8 of lhl tit. lnsll·I.
oTlahtherm fu=; o snhnlrlrd, Ill r.:ntlrial p..rrll·: hh son ha I, e=1
IIy the t oat rreprl nln, i 1· 4 lsnr , I I , Iml - nll:xl c uill a r , lt i
Ipatnll a, a . hit it " ud by false r,"pre mfnu,:,l an Hoar' 1 sae LIIVI
call who Lan herrn twrntr yeuln n rlllrlýrl r( Lllli a,.. n-..hit has routs.I
Ili::lli up t Il lrv I ,:t v, nnI '.o has · I",tl1II1 ! e w La[ x11 r:1 (1C e
., « an nn h<, et new , xnd m" w 7: ri .·r;,l ll ll llO rry i · TT I: ! l CI·I· EI(. w e u
rul· 1 · rnnghly n.r r,, : I'PI.. rt Oii d ,s ..,., .. lls,.. nn~l l r, .r ic.ýtin
f Vrl rn. lil .], ?
irl~~l -Lu~'I"}lug. .In.1R.·r
of `k wt-r ! .0 ann. .IuC ": d, 1- diri
FIRPDEVARTME ~ IIE. -A -T , ,'...... r ~ 1
li·"r,.lh .· --0.- -41 1, Fier u,· I·· rII I , · ill till Si y
n,4,,,riv r e u I..,rrx. - .r l., I r t ·II, v i rh·n · .ul
irf ell-lrnr ont St.Jwrvý+
H, ý , roe .U I\ C .1 C1: 1"r"d, I.ail
A. 11. Sl,.uon·, c,"er. +ar ;1
Il-l '-r'ý,,:' r t,. -po ý 1^ il - ;": 1 t
'AolrSoo'R.N Finn, (COMPANT No. 30.
n·IiR·x 1,xlA It ,.. E n,,.j..1,., ·; , ": ;- rn·ll et I .
d. ý,: . , :1t 1:ll nli r (I'l.:l<h. x"1111.:,,,,1 ntt,"OI E.ll~l 1+" xrll~ nl.
rcue jyl JoSEPH C I. RusE~, cer I,··llr) ·
.7lWst Be Solrl.
S U I 21 E R (1 T ii IN G
Carn, r of G,,M, lr It,~ 1..
nn Al, 111 arid"r to intdl 11 y."1)",~ i, w mt to : ,, li I r:!l haru rellliled
SACS ...................................... 3 50 ;', · 5·
I.ISLE:N IMITATION AND PIZI ING.~I'E ·FILK1..... ..... "ll t11110 51
SE:K.IgIXKEK R AND P11\1: EE SILK .1 . .... 3111) 1, 45"1
RAT DRILC SRNI ADCC 1l lA lA . ''.. -. . 1
10II COI AND SOLE L'EDAOIOAI.LIW:S ,,.,,I .0:11 ooot In, 4
dno. A.·. I.NI:." L, . 1 ,0 :
0.0 010 010'1101IO ALP SIOOOJA. . NO.0 ,t1 41".
1111NT Ef 1111 0( DS.I ll
TUEFN LIE 1111 F 01 1111 9I1 N'1 jilt7 Ai 1to SE I RIO
t:Al:U \IKIU1O, -:AUEllCT'I ON ANDlOI I. SllliA ".
O I TON- AND SILK U\0Wi: :I.1..\S, CA l'll' n""I I.I1111111TA:
3OTICNEVL11 per1ons Tir~e hereboy \o.1
0111 n1111111113,O11) , W ill," loll0,0 IO~Nt,
RA Il IhY I Y ES 0 1r 11 11111 I ,1 , 1, n "t ,11111' l. oll1lr· .i lil 111· 11? 1,
01.0 lrlnllldl~ llll.IA 1111,1 Ial, ");.lloli· 'loll o. 1
,Iw n crWit 01 iily "I111.nrv 18 5,.).
rVo 1I11IF FOBe THEl SUMMER-A~-- first ratel
IAE.NhIIII h S: III I SF. SE.100.00,,:"1 IOAD... . . . .
1"''p ". All, I ll. t 4Y -- h., --.op rn1 M~I I ll d rvl.N
IillAN DI VILL]I: HOTELI -Thisi Ilotel, 4f
Ný o.) i4, .-RO'Dl d Thll atl till t.III3Rptr u r.be
fo NAllV :,, , 00 .; LrLnl l.1103110111.1 .1 1. 7IIIR, I.li. 1,.1n.
" I'll0.MINI: 1 1. ill l eAl , 111 111101 301001101 1111:.1113 00 5 I II 00,1 Si ,
0")1110'31101·.i RI0,0Il 11111, 10110 1t31) I01101 01r11 110101 11,101.
1 enII(IORII RA lll3R.
I' In IRt~~t wIt the IhrgiUAgHDN ~h,
OAR -1' N..1 DAY .R DA.................................... N .1
.. I W EEO:Ii . ................................... R
R030 S3r10. U3 1I i. A CU., R. R.Elhop3, , .
NO. 14.-Ite.+solnrrcl Thnt thle Comnptroller be
A15011 h 1ORO31R3Rlt0ri03 d R,..Oo y i 1 , to lhu I1wavt bid
To,, lri I I ull n' 1 a 1J iu. Ill Zu , net~nr to nlj1;1:) · .III 111111 cutter rxloll(
·.ii Fualuu Itrvrr, , I I! )d.lll.(· 1 II .lr ,,!."u, o. 1)l, m 11 :, Sur
rayor'n umlr. All ul~jndlor liuls lul~jur· to tho ".w . l of\··~I tL. Cuuucil
r-uid lunl Iinum I . .1.vietl i Aldermn.
L ie RD 11 0bb Pra., t Rd Il r AldSrIC ho
ISA RIOd 5th Wuly, 1T511
1slgued] A. D). CROSSMAN, My-or
M)OMPTROLLER'S OFFICE, Q- o u N-Uotrr s,July 8, 1851.
jai' In accordance withl the foregoing reso·
lotion, notice 1, hereby III-r that oo JCONDAY, the 19th1 meL, et r
o'clock u., I will djudd-ts at my olli<a. t0 the lowest bidder, Ihn ubonl
mtni-11-tradeue(. j iy lot] O, Drl(UYS. Compt,.Il ,
LIME--1441 bbls. Itollister's Lime, now land
iRR rem Ualel SmI, -d ror eap by
ly9 STONER WALWOR flit, 8 Trhhllpiloulu ·Lt-t.
LARD OIL-50 bbls., in store and for sale bj
jeo STONB C WALWORI', o5 Tehuuy terS. sheetl
.rorris Wfly,
i Under the City Hotel.
Printed Lawns-Fast Colors.
Chlene Foulard Silks.
Fashionable Clothing.
-1 Tho nuderlna ed relpeocu lly iuvlt the noUce of p0 b5 erls to
Iheir large and superior Itok of
,mbrcing ellCthat is new and de.irabl., regards g9odl-, tyle ssoe
workmanship, i A
spl3 9p1f 19 Camp street.oppsite the Cty 111tel.
Ice Cream I Ice Cream !
t Th. xndaeoliga d respnctrlll bieg, 1,,'e oorloi his fri.eds and
tbh. 1" .l g .rUnlly. L th h., he: jour .n d p ened w ICE
ItRsn 1 aSAtotln.ted with VANIllA. LEMON, PINS APPLE
ASTREWI:RRRY s.,hA oth.. . IIOU- T C S'.AREI , e w.wa, will
aUrtd Alec, COFErCIOIINERY fT .lvery kid.
80 ,e Camp Street.. 0
L WC, hw tak.t. the room ower Oo.. W H.SIS , oet,, t of
Nat.hoe·nr i ' m ·tr. t, for the proweutin of the DAGUERRE
OTYPR OUSINVMS, x., oir rb .Srg.-biAg half the .t.W priel
i in., u I tom s t Ifo, a libsrl patronago.
- H' rr of operatg from V A..S . to stE et.
Ifld lnripimp' CUIITTOHIT A IIRADFORD, Arli.l.
13; Chartres street. 13
"r in dditon to his generd tock, h on hand
PRINTS, e,., Mc. ple 1f
Pa' Furi.basndl nad sold by
Paul E. Theard,
OMfi: Nn. II EXCHIANGE ALLEY, bLtwle S. Loui. nod C:ooll.I.
t' I1r.TI, I 0EAI0 ,ffr. h,. serri e0 toA he puhh0 , nud mnm 1 .e,
thalt h~ ll IreI t rnl" frollm fnghmh andl C pnnmh tean Frenrh L,-TTERS,
1 IC 1 EETN(;S, no1,t in lotn, Mll kin MM o x Ur w . IL, will oido rot,.
no.s Artlh i,. r Ad, rt:seemnt tatk r 1Ne.i p PI re, Lctternra, Ctrcu rl etc.
r. Iv Oll d,. o'+, h, A 0 g. to he *5ov 1 of Uombroinl 5 m,
James J. Cload,
..,.. 1 . K,{ R ART .ISTREEAT, 'rhr.'o 1,', , from .IaoCIl.,
S liuE;. Ieun to norl 1h,. t l ,:ir ne r,, , ±.. rl nh m," d an .id : thvt
,T, E Nprpard t,, (f·l. i.h a I ; FC;NE!tAL I0EN1 SI I ,ITE . t.ort.|
.o:lctesoloten l oIm, ,t ,oe,a Io b t1.r . G1 iEHII ACAI.L.
Lunchat theP Pearl,
From l pll pst 10 lto bno.. Ir 12.
L.t .A . .,\'. IArkTe. ilfly .Il.re..nte.I. jI T pI
N Lunch at the Shades.f
From hlf-prt nt to h.d'-p,,t 1 ,,'el*k. L i
r All the M' rkeI fvully rL pr .n. tl.
F. I. Knapp I. L 'handler,
104 Cntmon St-eet,
Oppoo.ie [e rW n. oo10. S.fi C r ittl.
r II. KNAPPC Ioom.or pe~T.ruf thI la:, 10 '.I F. H., C.-.
I,,I1 . S. ~nc p,,) :e u,,w d. vmtr c g Ino tiole0.01 .'I I nltv . ly to , hr
prp t: e ni,. pro:~tsc un n mty he conn,,did at the unle piace wh~l
Sh CP "1110.0.rr rny 3rar, pan. Her hI.oA onc.0.d ,ido hIS
Prartie Da.C sl in. -' .vno." an o k il! sd expnnonr«n],8 hlp Y,
Dr. Alleln's Improvement in drtl
flelal Teeth.
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P I I., I T ,' TAI IoN TlTII CTIIUM; A, oC, wh o , r 0 , them ao.
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Jas. S. Knapp
Oae I. I, r the,. l t i.f nII.y, ot is oalr 0o
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Boys' Clothing Exclusively.
No. M, Chsrtres.5trot, Newsrlrwnno
Lr.. , , ury d. rrlpyti n ,of
The (.bbI wal lL.b r an mind tLht our r.,:emea
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Alsoe,hr,, ('r , ivat, Hlindakerchu, . Iv,,. ,
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Mats, Caps, etc.
4 Oneh umirei rlro. H-ATS. F.pr 4r;.in ; ri e t, of
and CAMPES ACH IIATS, for rtale b
Boots, Shoees anda Brogans,
N w . . . ...nq rm............... ... ... ...... in t ...........
rnrtl.nt .f BUT IS, SltOESl ,ROSANS, HATS, 4APS,
.t.. 'm tfttn. 8lp u:ld with ,i'n RUa SEC T BROAANS, W.0L
'54 lowt mtrket pr-re, by
jyAl "dr ,V FROST k CO10., Lth0ir.s.troet.
Trunks! Trunks! Trunks!
We are opening very superior
h0t .1 Phil.l.l l o..m 1,nireetutd TRUNKS .1e
,. \ iI.S, n ES to w Li, h we i, vte the ot
, t i l r eavpi .i nll " Li.,rl. To he old tlmnoderetn |rIe a t N.. )
iARl VIF STRP.T ... 1'yN 1 . RO1,1 A CO.
wIorld's Safe Company.
T IIIE attention of the public is called to the
Ttourt.,. 1fm1 rI A a a r,
Rnl_ U L ht t' h .r yo f theP lie Pf o r Itho n ir. O o
l mallh 5 O t ",1iron 1. at i ts art o. o,.
j.h.llC'..t+l .+no b ls r r+ ra , rieVtl ur CO reow9 , tar i hae ir -
anh, wrl.r to r Im~,o i ith ,crl.ha I. reffrt thoun s w n r ell to
,e hr oI, O I, s;llll AR nl d n+t s iir tlrY pra l f wall.y d fo
C RIY' A Oc Ael
" H., ,,1i.t ,,P lo yng, thllA hI.4 e S1fP,, p e,.0l Oitb I. .iE'.S
S I.t ;KS nre ttn *l n-l," r , arm y a'cre ,lpot.tory Ilr mnohey or other valn
h i,. ",t, uy frrtl:·,., ?h,',re to ellittle security i.-.y a of t , no p,
5n:.s or Ihmkl. Vault. no)w in ne. Th s), rel th,: walk of umiitrl.
o I,n ,l r r Inko,, n, , xpri,ne ha sdemo .tr.
Thl Chll ,·3 I r . o 'lHilh f t 0hort notic SAtF S n ad
IRA NK VAI yýS, If vnritms sil. fur Bnnhillr II titUllol. , MP rclnlde
Tnil': , nonand h ,1h pllll--nI o wlr wll wl wrh rmt ed Drill0 ud Powder
1 I'r t, l wh en Tur nd with klli',' 0 l ork L soOSk.
A r lnple oithe .,ove Snfc:. nu" luEZS tog pher with DlJy New llI
Pnr..to pti. Sak lurk, La I +eou nt ,hn nmSe oM W. R', Wu0ae No.
H Oll:,r +. 1n l.Itl r ..C PrC. l Orl*h.A-t. 'S 1m1 ltrlt.l
.. 1 l.lROUHIT to the Police Pri son Firhst
S!,,r h , , ,, ,pk , uhN l ,u l: , .; en, + hl. ,r h , to a r . L n w w+, o lf B
I t1 F U N '"w, 1 .DOL ' 1 1.. .. . 11.0]S " 6. inch,' hh; . . I 1...
+ ' .. . . "' i . s " :clhu high, has
E I 0 1.1.\. 1 oll.., n,,) I '1t 1 , ,.Idh, Ilee[ I l inp heo Ligh - l lyo ,h¢
,lat"i~ u i,) ,'\I. Ii.lrr+' 1. r 0 1 4,r S ir ,Il1.
Thou wonrl will nleha ue eonply with the !aw repriing them.
J5. OWORALL, Warden.
SNowOelrnan .hlhi v H I 04 I's IlwR w
IA I R()W RIll T--ll0 packages, for same by
j" J lw ('ONV'.RRsh. 0I4 .. +1 'l'hnupitnulhw ntrrPt.
0IS--O0 tierce., Slag-. , Shay's and Duf
ONw LEONyERSE A CO.. 91 Thnapitms stlebt.
LrSA1 ~.A SA- E10 .1.. Nob.orl and 11hil1el
..S I w1 5EILI CAO. , T 0h 4,tlJnula [Ir,.lO .
rIT0( ItIE--AO MlEN SERVARNT, who is a irnt
1 r' ,4 1 ,o ]tr.A1 t,,14
irl+ C.OV1 E SE4 NAT &CO.,9 'al', lht,..lh ,.4 h.L.1
to LIVE DOLLARNS 1 EWAIL)--Straytld from
r to 1 ý he .t l 01 at lrlh, r r r our thou ri. it of thn i1h nlllnt, aL wht:
C ¶1L31 RII t W illsbrswe.sloL, adt ru'srp.,nhcrhorns. ee w m st
by , 17 r ,:,t o .ll.nl ?Jl,.v , ,llht C111iES'r1Nr F1l0..h
' i" {.rail1 hr' ,d .. . t,. rrl 11 1, ,. s + tlm. tlll .s
' ll" x11 rr,+'t, rl e lllic r ' arvl m I, a 1,. A. KinK '
1AN-;1-(I 0 sacks Bran, landlin osX steamer
Pl nlrch He. r,. orl :nr L. , h))
yfE s I'lN h'.& \tV Lt4'ORTlI, FI; T7/lllmll YuI.i rent..
EMONS--LEMONS--For sale, a fbw boxes
le, 11 r -lh Lam(,h.. AIply io
?° . .. ARRE! L! CO.. 71 Cnnmnn nIr**t.
' OLASSES--15t barrels choico rhobilcd Mlo- 1
1 lla r,. IIm store msd for lode in l1t: to linut. ii the
J3 5 CRIFI':SCE*NH r REIl'N I ..Y, NnS. :.., 111. ,ld lei {'oalmercs,
olnd Is'. Trehup lhllnb. ·etll ,
CUBA MOLASSES--Tt)0 bbls. Chtyed und 1tit)
hI.W.s. prtnu \lu s tvnalon Solxmwe, to rnv(, t'r &ale bh\
-_J0kL _ . €:yRO.\U tV fLI, & v., tPpgdn strer:t.
SEAbLMTRESS Dald OUSL+SERVANT. would prner ber lu go
;O- uut of tho city to wnrk .... A I n, ....
and hhe~ynt almat tuy work.
t Apply at No. 9: NAT0HEZ STREET, up.ItIr. Jen1 tf
.a breted Fruit, (PKACHES. PEARS, etr.,) willS.lt. I
ie 1 rece d othr thrro hoot the h ut . I
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