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New Orleans daily crescent. [volume] ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, July 19, 1852, Morning, Image 1

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LEGAL x rNMts.
M IO aat j end
22, 222gy02 *22o 2250 two noun
Wlmu~l uouar n d D
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2J12!2220 222 2 Is ,4p 2222r of 11 Rmq It 6 coeu rn
YvdýýtW ýreýý',e i fit' 1ýEy' that wegh lip Yf· r th
I. AUtOUN }ym~imn
0j222 2P222d~t W.2 R. WANTO 22222, .2
AV222202222,es i i s t dtk nommd2
werta d ua e Le de 1'[w. 9acatd lkmr d.Dido i I l Il-·NI nn
ppwa nnrtr de , me de 4 C oIuo, a A I'slulmi del m
j n .4 N 20202w, .22 I2 rue142*7i at
ppour hHllm nl us nnse xehalto j ln t U ea lin ens et dommuge0, at
esahen l h re~ee n tlsoe leg ern et 244. 22y doA 2.. 02t.tw
M$ 222522224224 6·1.1 22. .6.y ll. 2206po .222 22
ki . bursars do Rrcrer qe din Imwdna Ceur d DlA, let, no
prosere de 411pr me de4l.munrur d*.p~dlilprdplrml adl
qa 4Wsan ponrra Otte ·sminf, mfoomfmsnt d la lot, per tot. "dtu
qtl~b·'· 22 '22 et l 0.,22d.CCmdr I. 02.2,2.2 '.2 , i22pr 2
40- qua rm2.022n 2,.ri, 220.n pe d pnn2t o.*., 1. lit 7'22 .22t..2
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bete w Iwnnlpl 1 him a ora pr forLL d dne 1ld dn pi jouu..ra.
tC d4A,222,2,o22o pooto24 de sett. ooo;
2. 2. 222TH2 222 221. 1220.
J. 22AL22002 SCm,O2...22.,
jyl ibPUltd W2.242
0221. 0200020202202220222222,224, 22. 2TANTO A CO. .
5.28.2700022u2.Looa, 21222. 20,22222lp 02200282AT2.022.202.
SN OBEDIENCE to the command of an Ad.
miraltg Warrnt to ma dintctslI in the lans..tHI.~L Iait, I Iwo.
2.the 220nm222l22CIN082IYA22, now h2.l by J. W. ants A
Co. In the rt", mare of es. t n tei R 02I224O220.842. n.2o2 .r 2
ill sod 2,a222d 1 do hereby stn or barig, and s2dmo22 2 t a 222.0
nll ant everyy othat person per o. toa · bari o L
uy r ghR W or tonnes n w n to h··M· o be mot aplanr at ar
2O.2d oy Court 220C20 United 20tel p20. fo lri22202,22, 822222,22d212t22I
don t222 020 e 02 20227 2222 h 02eor2c2rs, 0227 2222 s2i2 222022
o20h52222NT22 l22224422 -n 2222222222d 222l4200022bly otesprayer
o2 the libllant..
U. S. Marsh.'l. at.., E...om 0. 2ot ao L 2,o2. N220ho02..2,
J2.0. S1COTT,,
W5ST0RN R2AIL2OAD 20 ....N0200nl.2o2., 22.22, 2022. j
WOTlHERtEAS, It is prov1Lled by the 18thi seo
. " to of oh ,.,rte, of this company the It any uIberiiur Idr
lob~hll bo toted b y Icus of an law e Ldt or Whlpaymen
of 1n oriptions mo the pty, tie shall h~re the right of r deemioq
tfttbe hie chime h % nn e nps2o to tiwt of Cho tee m im
.b22202202g022,nlht mw2022 2.,d otth thirty duy240222 t2e d0 n
of2 the 200 or 2rdl0422,22.020222ah tihe It 222ll 422220222,2. A224
200.2.22o,2 20dl22220 2tmitl2021 t224 t22210.272.02hi. o22y ha.s02,
duly rad.nl anA olt vet ppnlllllwri made a olsr on the r\ inst.
NaT;'& is ar t rirtlbs lh B~erm th e ebbap el tb . of '.
cootppae }", ho~elr· n Irail tlnmrnt o the r eeriipmioo· a u ti te dood o
this oantpnny oa or before the 9& JnIg Wert. nndsru( UI. ,,lo,.
3i22 2+.022 22. 0. 022N02201, 2,cr.2nr2.
222001-22 12222-2o0222llrof a 22 2220 by 2020222222on 22222
2220 5220 of 0220022.., dire ling 0222220222022222242.202yte
ou. and Vlcrory .11114 npppmn!!rd let ruryrilaaS"I-nvura 1e hena n a
22222. 422202220222224 27....9f1,22222224 u ,und- r 22 022272.2
20nd..2 of the 22 2222eo ,5227222C2ty, 222 be2722220, 224 2 .
VAL A 020227,2 A22222,00, 22202n p02m 2220 HOI222'1S ad OB
S0uc22loN022222y0.2 m22id 22422222 th222202222 th22202.
T.rM02wh. I.2Y0. 1 A. .D. CR 2AN0. 222200
N O. 148.-Resaid tIhat the Comptroller be,
Ynd he n hnrejren · to t acly..o r the lonret od
.220 2020222,2 222·'0222, 2222 222022222to mply r7220I.2a2d p22tt2r 2222
ter l Fat o 20nr2 2222 the 22022220222220i220. n2 N22o.2.,. ern 20 22
mid Fatl on ·Irra i --d- with Iii, ·m~rnlan on tile I. lhln Sec
t ryor'e mrr All djudicatma subect tothe ApC p or of di C-61
LLlgned] .,he ANS. ALPURNTE
PrralAW Doug ofn Arai Man Aldvrsn.
Slgveodl 222. C. 2. 22L222288022
AD[irsPo22222 A. D.0 ROS2 2A0, Mayor.
COMPT22OL0 2'$ OFFICE, 8 5C oo N22O0.L.2.,July I, 2,22.
jg' In accordance with the foregoing reso
inaou, n .ice I hereby gR o2 that oa 22510Y, t2213th Crat.. t It
o'ebek w., I willa jdindire a t mY nfeato the lowest Dlddsm, Cho store
2wu2222042220ru22. [200 222 0.DaBUV0.C2202o2022.
02202222q J22e 2, 2222. j
T HE PUBLIC are informed that the offices of
the DEPUTY SBIORV EYORB an lootad .etoil...
A. O. 22,2NL22(22A22, p22y22200222or far2Fi02t4and Fourth 7020tric2,
2522 Pol222222222202 2220aa 222 N0227242no! Ap22I22 202.
4.A. 22 2222252002 Deputy 22.2,72 00222228222 2.trat 0d.
trict.' now Urmhos ·trny brttell yi an H. uboHlal
j., 28 f L. 722,2LI2. C.2 0222ryor.
T OFFICE O 00022.22 42222,2222.
Nmw0.1..u, Juae 6, 1861.
N CONFORMITY with the provisioni of the
Art o0 t21 L222 2..802222 t22 2 t2 , 82 pr22 o d Mo 2 4,141., and 2
22t 0 0a8 o2 oa t o eabg2n h'2d-2
SEALED PROPOSALS rl be nuairrd at Chico80u raid FRIDAY,
t222e2 22, 2222202 ,t o,2 n, f2 202 e222 o7 ToJ20022A2
Mmlivli l br 1w wtb zeu of FORTY i'diOUSAND
MLPA Si Proposal. to be eadaad "Off., of Bond. of untri
p&itty umber ne," an to beopened and rated upon on the said 1th
88pmo .L69 tnon reod those Bue· hich ay la aRirru at the
grartsrt lis~cnot, apnd rLirh tall dun within thehc)y eat .Vd,. A,.l
,duo ^iipality Nombar ne, ere:ýu ear 11 a e or nuyimig 47. d of
WOI H R TrD lr~~rnen.,
will. P. (X)NFERSIL Chnimu. of it
PPinIILn Camnmltee of the e oard of Alderman
L. If. PLACE, Chainmun of the Pinangs
Comndttee o[ Ooa.,d of ruilsllt Aldermen.
A. Lahr, IaatL·Jg. Jos tlthsspl
002,2,22220 202722222020.22"02222422222
Ftmr Din rm.C oo6lt MILO JUI00SON,00SUBROgr0ED,. LEW.
o, Nxwo5t6 ,t. )I Is&2HYA4O...Na.,. o6oal13.
BY VIRTUE of two writs of fieri facies to me
diretod by t.he oorable the Fith Di5tlet Court 1of New
Orlen In the above entitled saue, I will praeed to le at povbi auc
ion, on the .tomfe. Thbmpitonl6 .re6et, b1tw.an Natchez a.d
Povdral stret om FRIDAY July 73 1 9, at 1 odo2& k A. to. .
An ,r tment of LIQU001, eo., In pipes and 0a60, s per tre.try
on Il e. y tom*.
eeiud in the bobs wits.
TO..a--Thn belp. the . eo0d end last auctl., o d biddor, frt, 0
wiB be dnBatbtireby aal dated to tWa bhhest end lat bidde[ r rh.
6t Wthy wirll bing, 0t twelve month6' r6dit. the p0 62hate0 furn2hi0g
lend wv, go,=l and l ent securty, beltng fiv,. pere M. in.eroet per
aun. from dBatntil .l po).+l. JAMIES P. R''CEC..
a ) 1 n R9 heriff the Peris of Orlnm·.
wo~rn D.6ratoEoyo JEAN PRAW6 vs J. H. SATAILLE.
00.,.,.,e. II No. 000.
BY VIRTUE of a writ of feri faciaa to me
direcbd by the Hoeor-bl the e-0 Dfnn irce C. , m o w N
1rle0n., in tie abo0ve 6ttld .u6g I 6i6 I' 2 p , - l o p,,lio al6.
lioe. in tetr of the She6if2 ' ofr, 0n6ar J06k0En E oo:, 1 rAcA IhD
tretr of thisd r. CATRIPSDAY, J'd r715.a5clock o y -S
FIV BinSD thRe C nsd F,)OKR 8ORFS8 and nrH A RNrfiS.
Seized m tha rbove eat.
Termsi cu on the .aot. JAMES P. FRER6T,
jy11 Y Y4 91 haMronr th PnriaL nf Orl DaH .
F0mrmao t .OCRouotPll. & 0. REILLY A CO. Ws. WALTER
0NwO N o.oo. II TURNBULL.. ..No. 5543.
BYI VIRTUE of a writ of alias fieri facius
to me dracted by the Hoorble th. Ffth Dtct Court of
66,llw16n, in the 0boeantitled cne,, 1i.ll proced to . |l It.opub|i
utton, mn the pat6il+ O, W5EDN512 A Y. Jul; 4', 15. t 111 o clock,
To HOUSEHOLD FU66T[I1RE, o6,.. 1mtan1,0 in the home itnoa
tId on D. lord str.,et mtweeu lsao.me and Comp o srC6, peor in.n
"t,y o file in mv m.. adl whuib will be exhibited II Ih+ tmo and
)aae of eels
6Seied i. theooo suee t.
Terms ec.h on the spot. JAMES P. FRERET
j,11 Yn q4 99 Bheriffoftbe Pariah of O'laane
or NOwI- a.V II DECEASED....No,651.)
BY VIRTUE of an order of sale rendered June
n 8',6652 to mdirectd by the 6lI0or2bt0 the 6Ood DiOttrlt out
of Neworle e in t 1 00bo4e l.titld mattor 1 will preoed to sll at
]i". i.,6' lion in Dnrdrre street,between Cmul and Cult rehouse sta.,
on HW,00 E-D)AY.. nhd,,,d1 1ot haEt,,o'co 0 2r.6,-
SA LO . OF I.It0O-S0, 'VWINos, et. Also, A LOT OF OFFICE
FURN T1U0, t0,a par 6n.+roy" mn file in myooe2 and which will
brI. xhiblted at the tlme and e on agle,
T6m,,, oe o. eh ,pot. 6 AME1 P. FRFRET,
ii,.+0 13 t . . . .. . . of tht, erish of Odense.
P.,,U Dlralt CootrnTIEIo A DAVEONPORT, wife of MOlohael Fr
ov NaOo.Ts,. mlr, v. MICHAEL FARREtLL, her bueOod.
No. 6916.
BY VIRTUE of a writ of fieri facias to me
udir¢ted by theHonOrlble the First Di5tri6t ourtofNewOrleaon,.
a the shoe enUd cas, I will pro to ll d a111atp2i1e utcOlm the
Rotund0 of the City C eiy00l e ,. Louis street, betweeo Chartre.s and
Royal itreetb, o SATURD5g.1 J uy 91,852, a1t 9 o'clock r.
1. A VACANT LOT OFOIROND itu2tol in the fbouorg Ao
nnociation, in the *uro boundb d by Benon, Eutrpo, Libery and Tarp.
ciphers streets and the diei. nn LWe of -- suburb, and Itoei4L bid ee
lot numier sixteen i. lquare .uber Iourteen, on yl1m dwen b. Geo.
T. Dober, Surveyor, the Ist April, 140, nod dopt0ed in the o0ca of
A. MOturea. Notary Publ0e • said lot meT6rsT thirty-two 't reen on
Liberty streets by one hundred and tweotdy-Bav fast in depth, I-tw
p0t6ile2 lines Iing the eine p2oporty w2leh Wl aoq ired b vt. Fer
r0ll fro l M. ..tnourJ.by e t d re J. R. Bers Not6. PoUld,
outhe lth April, l 9.
9. A L T oF GOR'UND situate in the aid suburb Annun- a
elation, in t0h M0n0ci aDy No. To, m qun61 r. umber twelvo,.
boTd1 , i by W2hite,. M y .ome.e Tnd Bnton strotante, nd til d-ýi
bionluW between suet suburb Annunida. n ad the suburb 1ro. .r
desi-at60d by the 6umber lour, e p6r p0 0 u1 Plo nne0 62i 0o n 0 e
pi.d bheo0 e H. 5. Cans2, Notryy Fublic, Jalu.ry ;, 9412sid ,lie
melnurin4, in An.reieun me.ntre, tbi v-two ftet fromt on Melp7m2en
.treatand thirny-two feet elvt inch s andt sld linen in the ramr sn
ftet on te line of dirininu afuresmi. by a depth of utnetl- bre h, et
f 0ur in6hes and fie linm all tits line Ibat diev06 e it from tt nmb,.r
three0 ad ni26t10 -ine f. t nine iunch a o ntl tour lin6el oh. lint e Lha .IA
.iA it tfrm lut0 6 ,-r five6. To 2ter Ewlhy 6 TWORM ' ORY FI20A
0being the 0me p60prty 6e2 ire0 by 60id M. Fall, by an set pa0e6 bo
before.,B. Cenu Notary6y blii6 da1ted L110 1J06nur, 18412
SBeil in t e above lust.
Trm6 6666 on the spt. 6 JAE1i P. FERRET,
. jlT IT 5l tI 5hrl. r, the Parish of -rleanl.
pFo0oter Do6m Co6 ,lIUTOH MURPI, 0 0 . JAMES SOE0RS
26N566al66. IIANI ALEXANDE0R PARK....No, 601.
BrY VIRTUE of a writ of fieri facias against
A.eander PFrk, to me dir6eted by the Honorable th6 Fourth
Di2tret Cou0rtof NewOreaa, i0 the 1bo6e ent6ed 0 s w, w ill pro.
666dto W6 61 at 0pUb 26 auct.on, in the Rotunda of thC 2 Ea0yehme
St. 6uL' aet.T btween6 Chartres and Royal str1ets, on 6A5TU DAY
July St 19b, atet 1o'toekru.-_
SwdCERTAIN LOTS OF ROUN D0 , togethr with all the OBUILD
INGS 0 ad I1MPROVEMT NTS then 6.,6situae i F06002urg st. fry,
Mmivici It No. Two, deigvatod by Iota Ne. tbree and thor, on a plan
1raTmbyy6.F. Zweple. Suriyor, on Lt 61th January, Ix66 6ti. lots
ntealure sach in Amenria mseitre, thirty feet !ront an soulth-etern
side of Circo stret, between Poydral sad lfvbia treets, and extaodiog
i. det between 6 railel hloe eighty-four/eel0 two iu0he6 s id on e line
been ad on the bide net to 2oylr streel by 6 ots N26 . one 0. d t06,
ad 6 the 6 ther 6 ide by property no0 or lately 6belngin0 to Siklbl
8h6m06 ; hwhich bIeli·e 0on6i6t of FOUR TWO-STORY BRICK
S7l0R.i a FRAME 0 KI6TCIE. 1 o . ach0.
Saied 2n the 10669 cu2t.
Ters6 e.ah on the spot. JAMES p. FRERET,
j.6o jylo 1 61 6heriff of the perish of Orean,.
o66Nnwno0.ar66. II ,88, DECEAEED....,Nu. 5885.
flY VIRTUE of an order of sale rendered July
, ,180, to m, d0lAtod by the Honorable the Fourth Dstriet ,ort
of NewOrieanm, in thea bove entitled mantr [will ro esd toell at
labie saetes, on the preties, on MoNDAY, JuIy 6MN6,65 a 51ok
61266 006120 OD5IT5O oo26,o 6fi, 106 0206602.
o. r 06
rbt of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, cotained in the bour ne.
to1 While seet, between Thalia an4 grate stoet, as per lovenmtry on
1, in ourts and of which a copy wilR be exhibited at the time and
plebeof role
Terms . h on t0 spot. JAMES P. FRERET,
j.i116 ,15060Sh 21f of the P6arih of OlRe,,.
os 0IWOI602I. It A12RMSTRONG0...N.. 4462.
DY VIRTUE of a writ of Bfieri faeias to me
J3 d6e1.6t6 by th. H0onr0ble te Third District Court of New
d-. , nr~n.- ..u .++.,, .,:++e_.+to;,t .h, 1a.
S2l6, Ro26 d o66 t606666 ty6 2 666m5epage, aTo. . .0., bo.
t6wl6Ch6l0T5aRd Royal6eet6, on WDNIE6DAY, July , 1860, at
19 o clok r.-
AU the rihttlue a Intret of the defendnl, Charism Armsrong
7 mo-hJlf m ard to the TWO COFFE.HOUSES 6it2te0 and
0frmt.g6 t6466 Al6loy an Royal t etI , between C62to12ho6u and
ca.al am".n~. at
Turmoa ~ 36160050 ITO05ZTeBIF
I=ssP he ;Z LIJu iisr.l.RE lu.
T om . t Sheriff of the Ptwhh of 0,1mm.
666 0606006 T6STEMENTAR5 EXECIUOR 06 A1-0
*60 0R , 6 1T OAR0D,0 Ha HUSBAND.... No 6411.
0 of a writ of seizure and sale to
ny . . p.,. . th SeeoadDiotr1NCotrt of Now
aLt b 6t206a 6.66d 6.6 pgi . 1, .to 1ullat pole
;ock.In the Reaof trL· City'cfh~nssSt Leai·etreut,_he wee
C6mr 61 Roy5 l tmTt6 , MONDAY, Au21u0 16,1860, at 266o e60c
gin1aýDII . LB ulatto, apd 626 24 y.eaI 31$ 2 aI.
, .ht9 • I , .~ w e +e9
CM66~601,O06l 6,61200
066666666066066 q5
loS r ~. ao~~ogT6Cji .w
VOLD V. V. MONDAY MaON e, Iam LY 1, Ism. wvama 1E6.
L~OR MOBILE.-DDaily U.s. Mail
Lba,-ftmtpK "Armm· am l The F
(109-4 a Sg VERO, . A. HaS., 015555, NA g bui
of she pboera 0teamen wll Gar thePo Re. il Al in
Saao yvel atthe Jsel f th 19 dekte a, n; dily A Ba
8t" Ln-is, P- Chrlelttoa ad P cuml a nd r tld l w8 sop
a *P..,..gona, Psdhtlo.AVRad asbqyq..gS9. d E~b
i!. . swauge and kmidee ith sie W',"ail. Rt G godown b
she I .'lookA, r0,g bats w .S.Wll ptD seer atp wyfright
p' FrMtgh, fo· aAt. .Lodi. andIP5iCmrist onght b be snt fr
.los..,.OALIPORI.5!A or MQILR. 1ea~eR M dS.
the olln of the Agent a 9 mBgot. ppa eleven o loe f. ate
Jeth.R, t. DDWt, Agmt,l1amt Place.
Peeket a-snrer CAIIýF~rOIAIA~k Th. hTitts w
pm 1,un Lae Strrnaa ta.d.,b ooF.ppI.A . P. .tOd r
fdl or ehe UnY trade, with fpmdid accommodallatv~wt7 1·sthe
EYVER TJEtIS[DAY 1Y08Ni5 ..............y ths 9 .'Yloo Ca.r,
..SATURDAY EVESUING7.""."" 6 .. .
T The Wsy LsSaet Bag wll leave ths o225, of the Agmt osvay
8,5, y, Toned., oa Thundsy masornig, et B -'"lock, and ever
Saturday sv.555g at 4 Yd, S.
For ý ,htar eplgra npplyonn bard, or to
jeds R, GgbspDEB, Age2py 7s-k Place,
NEW LAKESgTEAMER.-Thu eupst..5r -14's1f
tonntn! a-amen OPIIELIA, Wane-Aa. Grla, masbr, nsvtug very
·I-girt ·acommodr one, ,rjU rBn r s ngaW packet -t tko soova,
MONDAY.......... r u., MODAY. st.......... .. l A x
TUESDAY.......... .. EDAY................8 .
TURSDA UY ..... ". ". THURSDAY ......... e
FRIDAY....D........ s Y ". ": FRIDA. .. "
SATURDAY. . A RDAY..............
(s ESn SijiDtYaR th01, ill A ake an EXCURSION
TRIP, l1.25 tgts Rsisad w the arrival -f the e'Sl',Iac5A. . can,
anA ritur 990 b"°° for ehe 7'clwkr. rca -th cty
Cot" In over -2 kep the Bo1t m pslIret rnditias, IE a safe an
plmnnt persr galenamrshe will nuke no trip on Wed-eadaya.
li" P menyan for Covingtonn wW du1d good caveymcama, hm of
hITa msdfom ad~ls.5hAI5W 2.dp In.
A Alt.Ba S ll befoudat.d the ., os oIth A Ah.,
iS WIt. L. CUBHING & CO., d6 Common .15,1t.
THULISDAYV w.k...eg Pectet Dt..mas .S.SrAfy,,,Ait;u
E.riSoenlad swift running p...1.nr peek" teamer U. S.SLAICY,
Gplt. ], M. W hits wHill mmmamce his regular tri W .. in the wee-.,
a A dt irnvra EVERYt T:.1,1. AY, t 6 o'olnvt r, a. Rnidmtog,
will Ixnv. Vi: kburg erar Moony t ti 'cloe r. u. h-ý.rfu doarr s.
ticalD,, apply to [Je1t] SMI'lS PIMATERS3 Poydrset.
F' ORT IACYnJON ami all intarmodiat· plnnta
tunsl -The regular a11 Get F rri parlnngernem
IPARSlION, Cap" C. R Fmuoswill (rave far th 1,2. dal
lDnA.ia Iandiuag o A SATURDAY, Mnv sn at10 h- A c .x
re-roitrg nt nesit 9o. Toenlly, s (5 a. Thi t l~at hasrer11 purchase.
s,.1m.s!Y for the tradeI betty-2 N-OTI rlend the Belies. It a
eulalila.t g1122.1e to ehx pl..ten d shAparsp that s hewill rewi,
throutful Ih thn .nr ran us a regutbr packet, leaving the city every
SATURDAY MUORNING. For taight or passag, aply0o board, foot
ofSt. acas serIt, m to
.0S6 tI STEVENSON A CO., 10 NesLse. stre.t.
jIRi jILIZE- On Saturday May
16l, rIat,'slok +.5.-TThs-.m.,rJ. T. ORUt
WELL, Cnp. Jus. 8nliba, .KIasommawc h er.
*2IklA trtye soII 05 llseand aI Intrmdlsl I .F sad w I1 u
tino6 J th u tr~u during the Bmunner. For heiidhl ge~a, loving
ge e ArnunAda,-C .apply G the CapI. . no ard. Fa2at Si
8tsllr BEE havin aae rhA.115 ed by 0, W
HeSwOd, fur aka BAYOU SSE TtE TRADE,
wd cmmaoce hnr rsunrelrtr u awn es the we-r 85 permit, an
ramnW isthe trde donag th waue.. For freight or pueage.apply to
T. B, a\11TH M P-Yy X Ietntrst
leas rA. G. MRUSIDEAL"X. la Cnati~tre· t
BOARDING-Several Families can obtain
,coos , eves[ .1, be' Ol',tOem i, by ipplying SN'. IIm 14B
e, r 01, . - e nlie ,A agr,.ba'e ..nd
mm,,rteblOrom,.._ __ nitly
,main greatl EX w l yl tatlsitabtmlsnt othe
trai io [ha South, la list oppan d e
M,. Wsl, pe er o, 'non u "SAM," ha. been NIae.IaQ th the
patinen m than airy for the lis~it alo ^ar, Kanng comntsned with Mr.
Pif.boob, .bds bh. ObO',buflith l rat ^ 5loj. is thb 5,,iAd Mn.
Eiyipally,,remNA,.A .th him till his death, sod ruecutt.oadatthe
bsemeee ever ainee Witb mch em rrparisn, lnuaduhneemi~oda~r
tvioatio to verve Ute pablu faithfully nth the beat iv hl. Bon "Sm "
oli":ik of hia numarma f ienda a hure of therir patromuge.:. area
hbisken . , odAd A 5ttOigp [ha SALOON and y,',ei1ia AR
wih tanCIOICssT LIOOR h io ban h. pryooreA. S VANTa,
wall koarn GC t ihsi src (rant onaaitio.. Ln~r Omen emplyed toued
the vayybetCok.7e LARDER will ela b lbr red ith the
rained eaolusirely fa Wk stablihm..t " m ekrt, voepdfno +er rul
wll bW.spAred Ao redelr thin S','n oort'b. the pytrlo. of thO liberal
m lniAous rommo ' ,bty. mhlS i!
lb. Coo h',lte.) CONTI STORET, betwe1 Ch.rtr0
.an Old Lave..
401 y V. DEBERT, aga',L
C OMMERCIAL HOTEL, situated at the
atror sIoD n .' NEW LIVEBSsTREETs.-Th...U
?',',eA l.,,f th e ab. se H otl tbankful to his riends ,a A.
W ESTERN VERANDA, corner Julia_
.0º T'bo'ml Mh.e..d-Tb' ,o .R o u.' .ubhbamsl
hhtsnj ekene3 vnd and nnderger-e n rarelan rennvatia q
withiwoAb o Dlyrss.. tA i pb, rb',,.,ould ip,' r',.etfAl'y
be t.`b+t Lbey em Momm to Permennt and Tianfent BoaPrirs
~u ° :ytye not rvrpeasd in the toty
"ay deo arena-er than he ýeR o! th . homes w rape. to any. the
loth. m`, ,aloe r. a., rider the beat of memagement,-it famished wit
.ol ·hior Vineaa.^d Lyiuoet
!ago it wrOA r t~tfmPPr prrittrm.
B LAUGH SPRINGS will le open for the
11l> erpron Of v sit n tan the firer day of unr. Brimlira
,'oypro ofant i h i'. ba ', made dunog the pbb t S.AA r, n+1 40 ..',,
.. sons,, br ry',,Oe',bly .y10y'od'Ard. E5Mrirc ,.rom.'', by.
.rl,.yid, and F' x iy'Nhlbtor patter t'emeef' aa ibhat tIfe are Ib .l
1eI0 hI',' sled to bi's a 1',,00'',, thin than ny '',.iou, e alo. ta
erertione noon their pert wet be aimred to render eadsty of them who
nay fnv r ihe. with the[, v~mpany ppleant and agreeable.
jO oYr i( CONER A H'ORY, Proprieto,.
fLý Kein. been recntly puwi up and fumilllad i now lw
the iiy,.ion of vwn. Thre TSi. ARTON PIN oLIIAib
OA'TIIINGI OUS r',yb',b.', and .11 th',y by' .y', tibAE may ,b, N.u
aidaten loalleot. It is bat two p rate-' 08 frm ihn ally-Z. a tenmera
prying b','','n dAily, a.d t'o mlybe.',mtOy.5. cents Tb' FISH are
'o ed ',', .d up' by 111", ,s a'Ad h'Ad, .'d ithe BATHING I. the
be ton rite Lake, no otherr pleas neeeptd. ,uituble acramnedntiove
for families nand rival-pa~rties. Terrlmodrrmty.
BOARD-IPER ,Y.4..........................c.. l'y.'...s
lyy 3m 7.. RIIfY' CO.. PiooF~ctrs.0
I ACHELORtS' HALL, Biloxi, Miss.
opyp.',Ato re,.,O AORDER. A go',dOTABLE will be kept, and she
VAR suppied A ith the beb t of LIUbiRO.
laodganda Lodgingy, We"....' ...- . . . sIRS
P'r DayS............. . . . . . 1 0
.14 N atawlm
as Iripbr pacing warued the shore HO tel, wil Opa th94le in
,10h ~th lust. Having keg.e and it, R H~me, h will ire ablo to so
,''mndte families ii a very rc,,,ore by', ni,' . As n is his intention
E" kw~p hie tabe anpldird with erory delirncy of the deasoo, he hoposto
meat a fair share of patrn,;.ay. The terms for Board nee
b",Day ............................... . ..
Per Wrek ............................................. 7 W
Attached i n the Hotel 's'BILLARD Rbf 00yf, TEN PIN ALLEYS
and BAH ROOM. The Bar will bra suppltnd vetol the bart of Ltgnon.
myy' 0,, A. ARIRlAE MciSAY.
BILOXI HOUSE BILoxi, Miss.-Thepnb. f
Vnee red or the up Iio of rttitotn fee the lnnnagamev
NbXON,'.IkIrsA ydaf J,',. A,',', to thaeiouA i wil~l bfounda
The TAILE 1yiI *b',y. be suppliAd Aith the dAlic',,y'of the Sea
0',mi the New Orleei,.lplalke. The ho.,e I, .'rrouAded by Ilage
and magnificent Lilo (1., Mulberry, Hi'kory, Sognb.,' and OayT,',,s
.gerijb om the eye a ty,' robpect '..ell u ,i' in' a dem' shade nao
whin 5,ae sun ie mut vertical. (Phis Hotel oItan etrwger ittduremunte
to families and rL~idr.. them uuv other bona.e on the scust, onsevtof
im wesnla in tot the are. of which I. about twso e...s
t-ý A libnral darlnelipn ,It Wb mvi. to femilil. my18 3m
M AGNOLIA HOUSE, Biloxi, Miss.
Mr,. C. bi. SEVER r lpelliyy ilf'rms her oldA frtnn
emit pumavn, anti the pnbhc genaerally, that this Hotel to .
paq for reenarptionaf iuiion. Thiel,.... is mt inforior mntbe p nut
of fertlity and accammnd·the· to any howel on the sea roar[.. The
BALL b(bbb b..ua.' is dimAb',,',.,'y.,' lar mom.1" Bilooi, and i.
Admirably yA'ptd to BALLD PARTIES a.i ppbyile gatheringbf enue.
ally, . hich-.in. it willl be let.. to-..l1.l term.e. 1. addition
t. thle a~ll Ropom, accommodation, are prepared for at taust fift pereons
lb',tTABL6Eit will be her b''oo''aore to prfvide amply with the
poet tint this and thr netghhuringg rkek afforB~d.
Fin', and roomy OATH HOUSES rao adjalcent to the (loan(, for the
:onranrunca of Boorders.
1 he BAR Fe ·upplied with ebntce bipr.o .
byO. iCE-CREAM SALOON als.oj ii , ',bi Hotel.
A LIVERY STABLE y. .Lumbb'd m the otel,.
IL',EOUI'E BOATS In',oy ',~p ,y ,adi',',, s i', s
7'hetklhl for the Itberal kpnntrnaee humiuotorel etzaodcd to her, she
rsupretfully ruaoelu, wha~t it _11 L Lnr efflrt w dust-., a share o pup
li1tiors wai' be lualed ab the Wb',,e, lbhe Hotel, if bley ..oify the
Elypni' of rbos ,,ar of ty i b ob',. Biloadi,bmays,. 0800 O
l' N° charge for',b' y ge.
j'REEN OAKS HOTEL, Biloxi, Miss.-e
SThie famed and popular Bu ranee etrent, a° anerally~
A',,' thr', ghout tbi South rb,,o','y, u',,r we mib,'s'
mant of Mr5. ELIZABETH PRADAT and h',e a,, JOHNSB. PRADAT
titnnI'd about one mile distant from the vtllnge of Bilozi, willba opened
e the Ist of Jne f'r Thu r,'ap'i.', of viailn.
The " GREEN OARS " is b'o welt knoi n w .sa' d ao e05 ended no', ,l.
nor sl',' years the popy,'. ri . obyIe 0, bl ,yhm', bhis peen o .adily
in "teal g. T6 tnana .PaU advantngee'l commnndicli. e e Inettnoe
proeneet t o. Ik Lake, and receivig the pan a mit raver ae I Bowe from
the Qulf, hnva not failed wo imprnsa &rornhly Thu many viaisnfrom
NN-Orleauo, hl~hila fine the lurrmrmdina county..
Dnlingg She Win~er Lhe proprietors hnve mode y at.po~m·t
end addityon'. Tb, OAR ,Ad BL.IARD RODAIR Irre thoroughly
anued and Stusd up, ant SAIL DOATO will h rat all times rat Ib, ..e
r t villtan, tree .f Ohnrga--alo CLAR(ET rat Dinner.
CARRIAGES aod HORSES may b6a ra'urylo 001 ,, moment.
l',',Adli',', th celebrated BRARS BAND of NlLOrleane i, .i gag'd,
'amt n BALL may be :b'a.', twice O',', it'.
Vialilbn. islbg to ltop 1t Ibe GREEN OAlS rNylquested toAno
i fylt*Cybptois..b tbI 'Omen, wbo will lbud them at the ,,b.f ob
,he H',l..
Pe W rk............................................ 11 0
PerDn ............................................ 400
tDý Children and l',,,', pbf-prinO. mO pfire
HOLLYWOOD HOUSE, Eastern Shore sfl
C ,Mobile Bay, FREEMAN A ORIbTH, Pr,, cure.-ThLSY
ty',Obahm'b.', s° ll an.5 fn., n', ye kowsn for li buy',. O AS',i. y,
(ared and airy lo'AAio', its f ie i'Hes, b, 'ady , ova..lbpl',did ',owA
f'the,',Ayo ', r bamb,'s wtlh its Itofi'.dy botou b, -o11.eroade
r ering to various directions, with the ultrae abeelrs of norm um,,
renders this one of the pleuratamotlimu m imed the warm a-. W he b
found I. the Sunthelm on "tr. The fact of its havng to crowded
t05m three to four months evergy reume. from the beginning, I. good
bfid.eo' of ,y' being the right .met of) b plp lf
SThe poet two demson, antarne half t~ epplicmte from the city of New
Orleans lone ntlold no awb'mmtd ted.
May altrratons ad wldittont he, a timarude daringlhe put winter.
rho., DINING RA~ is much anar.·d can now meat two hundred and
ary 5f.yona. A OILLIARD SALOON Till 5e added I' tSb other
amusements. Several more SLEEPING APARTMENTS have Ib.,
The prprietan will be nothring In their efforts toPlease. Thern Is
e iase A dly EOmn..i',A b y swam ',bh Mobile, ..i shortly a ve
townsman lensso at will he . t he r° W, and make I ral trips a day.
LThie °atblli hmmu t i now ready for -iit..a
Holtywouel Baldwin cooty, Ain., 3fy 44, tary. mg~r 3ntm
REST, N0a.~dl, hw juet roculsed a new end Icrg e
wwmeot M Bnw c Iu, ...... isee ; PaI cudu Lif PumC;
gear Pump, ete, eta.j Cooing Rageea; Bethiny Tub. Z o
l.,ho.rJ~ g d np-ring Lead Pip..; Sholt Leal worLk of eve
Ship yyw 51,mmheM wok promptly pot opW npeled, Allarc
i.ggipN Wuddto.
m44w~~aa e.
Officalt Rep'ort.
SaeTwo or Tunoasc, July 6, 152.
The Board was to meet this day, on a convo
cation of the Mayor.
The members present were Messrs. Burke,
Clark and Stookton.
There being no quorum, the Board adjourned.
Cnas. CLAIBORNE, Secretary.
Srrmo or JOtv 8, 1852.
The Board was to meet this day, on a convo
cation of the Mayor.
Memberspresent: W. C. C. Claiborne, Presi
dent pro tern., Messrs Burke, Clark, Labatut,
Lugenbuhl, Stockton.
At half past 6 o'clock P. M., there being no
quorum, the Board adjourned.
CHAS. CIAoOnAO tE, Secretary.
SIrrno or TUEnAov. July 13,1852.
The Board was to meet this day, convoked by
his Honor the Mayor. At half past 6' o'clock
the roll was called The members present were
Messrs. Burke, Clark, Labatut, Lugenbuhl and
There being no quorum, theBoard adjourned.
Cuas. CLAIBORNE, Secretary.
STlTIrN or JULY 1521852.
The Board met on a convocation of the Mayor.
Present, Hon. James Robb,President, Messrs.
Burke, Clark, Labatut, Lugenbuhl, Sewell and
The reading of the journal was, on motion,
dispensed with.
The following message from the Mayor was
MAronaLTr or NrwOILe.As, )
July 5.1852. f
To the HonoraWi Preidenl and Mml;rs of the Bard of ql
dermen of the city Of NeOrleans :
GrNTLE.ae,--I have caused the convocation of your
honorable body this day. in consequence of a resolution
passed by the Board of Assistant Aidrrmen on the 2oth
Joune. inviting your honorable body to meet injoiot coun-.
cil. for the election of such officers of the city as arecalled
for ly existing ordinances.
Very respectfully,
Your ob't servr't,
A. D. COoseoLac, Mayor.
The following message from the Mayor was
read :
Maro.aOLT or New OcLTs.oo, 1
July 6,1852. f
Tb the Honorable Presidents cd Members of the .Board of .l
oMen, and of the Bord of.assistant A.lldenen, o the City
of NesOrtele :
G(inrL .s--It is with deep regret I have o announce
to your honorable bodies the sad catastrophe which oc.
cureed on londay narning, to the steamboat St. James.
by the bursting of her boilers on her return from the wa
tering piaces, by which the lives of many of our most vol.
uaobleoctioes were lnst. amongst the number, the Hon
saa T. Preston. Judge of the SBupreme Bech of the State
of Louisiana. This melancholy occurroence has cat a
gloom over our city, and kerps in anxious and terrible
sspense many of our eitzens Withthe iew of render
ungsmeh aid as might possibly be given, and to relieveas
for as praetieable ourcitizensfrom this mdelncholy'sn-.
prsne, I immediately waited upon Mers,. Geddes & Co.,
to'obtain the ue of one of their mail boats to viatt the
scene of diaoeter. These gentlemen with proaptuess
lained the steamer California, Capt. Ensign. at the dispo
salof the chief authloritiesl. The steamerleft about three
o'clock. accompanied by the Chief of t olee, Captain You.
eanes, Capt. Orivot. and a detachment from the Battal
lion of Artillery. with a large cannon, and a quantity of
blanko cartridges to fre in the viceinity of the accident. for
the purpoe of raising the bodies of such of the unfortu
oatos asperished.
The California returned about 9 o'clock last night, bring
log the bodies of two females and one child.
Mlesre. Oeddre & Co. placed another boat at the dispo
pl of the authorities this morning. for the purpose offpro
ecodlog to the wrecko that such bodies as may be found
mdy be brought tothe city. The promptness with which
Mters.. Geddes & Co. respooded to the call made upon
them. deserven the highest commendation.
I trust the coarse which I have taoke in this unfortu
tate matter will meet yourfun approbation; and as there
will be some expense atteading 1t, I hope youar honorable
bodies will make arrangements to meet It.
Enclomed 1 hand you a copy of a protest. made by Mrs.
Marie ElizLabeth OGuillotte, wife of Frederick Buison.a as
well for her own account asothers represented by her.
against the late city of Lafayette. now Fourth District of
the city of NewOrleans. for the illiegal taking of a certain
portion of ground cailed '-Mlarket Place.' which will be
more fully explained by the plan annexed to maid protest.
and to which allow me to call your considerotion.
With great respect I have the honor to beyour ob:t s'vt.
A. D. Caosscoa, Mayor.
On motion of Mr. Durke, that part of the
message relative to the measures adopted by the
Mayor in connection with the explosion of the
steamer St. James was approved, and the fol
lowing resolution adopted:
Resoldn That a vote ot tbohanks be tendered to Mesares.
Geddes & Co. and Ohat the Mayor be requested to trans
mit the same.
On motion, that portion of the message in re
lation to the protest of Mrs E. Guillotte was
referred to the Committee on Streets and Land
The following messages from the Mayor were
July 8.1852. f
To the H'oe. President and Membhers of the Board of.dldermen
of the city of Ne Orleans :
GNTe.Ert,oN-- hove caused you to be eonvoked this
day at the written request of Aldermen Clark. Blurke and
Otorkton for the objectof which t refer tn said gentlemen.
Very respetfolly, your obedient errvaot.
i. D. CnosseAe, Mayer.
MAvoalnary OF NW Ow.nase.
July 13.1852. J
To the Honorable Presid t and Mems of the Board of .l
d.r.nen of the City of New Orea-n:
GeaTLnsn.-I have caused you to be called toge her
this day that you may act upon the several rseolut ouu
waiting the action of your honorable bodyfto go nt:
effect. Also, for the transaction of such other general
husioess as may be brought before you,
Very respectfuly, your obedient serant.
A. D. Caosesen, Mayor.
The following message from the Mayor was
read by paragraph: That part relative to the
salary of H. M. Bry was referred to the Finance
Committee. That part relative to the letter of
1Hugh Grant was laid on the table subject to
call. That part relative to the necessity of
selling the contracts for repairing the Wharves
and Levees in front of the First, Third and
Fourth Districts was also laid on the table sub
ject to call. That part relative to the resolu
tion passed by the Boars of Administratrs of
the Charity Hospital on the subject of small
pox patients was referred to the Committee on
Health with power to act. That part relative
to the Engine House of No. 15 was referred to
the Fire Committee-and that part in relation
to the returns of the Commissioners to take the
census was accepted and referred to a commit
tee of one member from each District, to report
on the basis of representation.
The Chair appointed on said Committee
Messrs. Burke, Clark, Lugenbuhl and Sewell.
July 13, 1852. ,
To the President and Membros of the Boad of .dld ensen and
of the Board of dusistant .3ldersme of the City of New
rleans :
Oei.TLEAssn -1 herewith transmit to your honorable
bodies the following rcommunications addressed to mea, to
which be pleased to gie your attention :
A letter from U. M. Bry, ENq.. dated Monroe, La.. July
7, advising that he had that day drawn a draft in favor of
Mr. C. W. Phillips, fbr four hundred and ffty-six dollarsa
balance due him as salary for the year 1851 and 1802, as
agent for the city of NewOrleane in the bequest of the
late 8. Girard.
A copy of a letter from IIugh Grant. Esq.. dated July
7, in reply to my oommunication of the 51h. requesting
fronte him the plan books of the late city of Lafayette. in
ace(.rdauce with thle resolution of the Common Council
advising that he woold furnolh the same as soon as com
A ltetter from L.. It. Pliu, E,, Saurveyor, stating the ne
cesoity of lling the contracts for repairinlog the wharves
and leves in efront o h the F tirst Third and Fourth Dis
And the returns of the Commissioners fortaking the
Census of the City, made to me for the Third and Fourth
Districtse showing the number of votors and populatioo,
white, colored and slaves. in maid Distriot., si, : The pop
ulation of the Third District, (per Commissioners' Re
port herewith.) 263,744 1 and Fourth District. per tableauxa,
Alsos, herewith enclosed, you will please find a letter from
II B. Const, Eeq., Vice President of the Charity hlospital.
enclosing a copy of a resolution passed by the Bolard of
Adnlulstratoes, advising that after a certain period, small
pox patients will not be admitted into mid institution.
This is a suaject which should claim your earliest and
most serious consideration. In the absence of a perman
ont provision for eases of this kind, some thing of a tem
porary character should be mads, to guard against the in
trodnotion of this loathsome disease into our oity. The
frequent arrival of vessels with this disease on board, and
the refusal of the Hospital to receive them, makes it im
perativdthat prompt measures should be taoken in the
premises. to preserve our city from its infection.
Ou Saturday night last, a fire occurred at the corner of
Basin and Conti stretsu, by which the Eugina-house of
No. ll5 was much injured. The building was but recently
taken possession of by the Contpany. and fromm the injury
.ustained It is not in n it condition to be oaccupied. I
must therefore, urge upon your honorable bodies the
necessity of direoting its immediate repanation.
I have the honor to be,
Your obedielt servaut,
. . bo, ( eutg, Nayor.
eThe follo.ing mi lsige frm the Mayor was
blofaOLT! exwOnaLS00,
dereisn of the city "1 ttwr y f 1
^,sc i, Oo.feRTIOrSe •os
Onet..-Io hae deemed it e0po f the nts.i
of the ity to enwes Jor eonvocation t t day, that you
nmay ta nto esoniderstion the Vrou mbjcts eon
tainedt myJversl eommunleations to yyor hbneomble.
body. Vss'reen p etpoly nt
A. D. CiSl.,uo , Mayor.
A petition from property holders on Canal
street, relative to the location of a cnb stand
on both sides of the Neutral Ground, was re
ferred to the Police Committee.
A letter from Mr. Laroquns Turgeau, Secre
tary of the late Third Municipality, was re
ferred to the Judiciary Committee.
A petition of Mr. L, Mdderio, on the subject
of a tax paid through error, was referred to
the Committee on Claims.
A letter from Maunsel White, relative to the
removal of obstructions on Benton street, was
referred to the Committee on Strets and Land
A statement from the Surveyor, giving the
list of persons employed on public works, with
the salaries and wages paid to each, was re
ferred to the Committee on Streets and Land
A petition from various inhabitants of the
Third District, praying for the constrUction of
a plank road on Louisa street, from Greatmen
to Gired street, was referred to the Committee
on Streets and Landings.
A letter from I. E. Tauris, praying for the
reimbursement of a tax paid through error, was
referred to the Committee on Claims.
A letter from Mr. Newbeger, Recorder's Clerk,
offering as his security Mr. Peter Kaiser, was
referred to the Finance Committee, with power
to act.
A petition of Mr. Martin Falkenstein, enm,
ployed in the city watch and coifined to his bed
by severe sickness, praying that his monthly
pay be allowed him as if on duty, for the sup
port of his family, was referred to the Police
A letter from Mr. John Slemmer, Wharfinger
of the Second District, wae referred to the Com
mittee on Streets and Landings.
A letter from Dr Landreaux, claiming the
amount of two inquests, was referred to the
Committee on Claims.
A petition was read from the Rev. C. Mona
ghan, Pastor of St. Peter's Church (Third Dis
trict), praying to be relieved from paying
bill for 180 60, due to the contractor for the
paving done in front of the Church on Marigny
street, between Casacalvo and Greatmen streets..
On motion of Mr. Burke, the following reso
lution was adopted :
Roa/seed, That the prayer of the pettion of the Rev.
C. Monahan be granted, and that the Comptroller jsuee
his warrant'in favor of the coontractor for the paving of
larigsy street. f b* the sm of one hundred and elghty
dollars and ixty eesnts being the proportion due by the
St. Peter's Church, for the paving done in front of said
Church, on Marigay street between Cansealvo and Great
men streets.
A petition from Thos. C. Poole, praying for
the enlargement .of his ofice, was laid on the
table, subject to call.
A communication from P. T. and L. A. Lig
niel, machinists, offering to furnish with water
all the gutters of the Second District, etc., was
referred to the Committee on Streets and Land
A petition from Fire Company No: 15 was
referred to the Police Committee.
Mr. Sewell, on behalf of the Finance Commit
tee, presented the following resolution, which
was adopted, the rules being suspended :
Resdaed. Thath1e Treasurer pay the. following sums
upon the warrant of the Comptroller. via
To D. C Vsandegriff. for ereices as [eaith Warden frome
20th September to 20th October. 1851, thirty dollars.
To Jame Williams, for cleaning markets and removing
dead animals from river bank, in Jne,s1852, thIrty
To Geoege Lugenbuhi for atla fees, thirty-fler tdol
lre and finfty cents.
To R. W. Mlbank for laying sidewaln on Water street,
two hundred and sixty-one dollars and foray-one cents.
To Henry bculinn. for four .odsa pine wood furnished
draining machine, twenty dlanrs.
To Lyall. Davideon & Co for slates furnished Engine
ho.de No 5. sixteen dollare.
To D. J. Wassor, for earpenter's work, etc.. on Camp
street Canal seventy-five dollars.
To E. A. lichel. for cab hire, one dollar.
To L. L. Buuesdet, for rfreshments and fitting up polls
during eleert. 14ianne. 1852, fifteen dollara.
ToiCommreoil Bulloetin, for notice of death Of Hlenry
Clay, three dollars.
To Alexauder Levy & Co., for stationery furnished
Moyor'n ofmee. twenty-two dollars and seventy-five cents.
To J. Kilsella, for lighting lamps in Third District, in
June, 1852, four hundred and seventy-one dollars and
forty-eight cents.
To B. Marigny, for certificates from Conveymse fflee
furnashed to Assessors, two hundred and forty-three dol
lars and sixty-six cents.
To P Poutz, for lumber furnished for wharves and
bridgese three hundred and eighty-seven dollars and ne
teen cents.
To MI. Becker & Co., for plank, thirty-three dollars and
eighty cents.
To A. P. Simpson. for lumber furnished for draining
machine, sixteen dollars and thirty-fie cents.
To John Grant and Miehael Powers.forserviees omitted
on Surveyor's pay-roll for May and June, 1852, one hun
dred and sixty dollars.
To Thomas Buckley. for repairs, etc., to gutters around
Treme Market, thirty-five dollars.
To lenshaw. Surges & Co., for hooks, t. for hall, shaut
tars, et., ten dollars and fifty oenas.
To P. A. Lanaue, for hardware, seventy dollars and
se venty cents.
Auguste Brusie. for stationery furnished Council Booms.
etc , three hundred and thlrty-five dollas and forty
To sundry persons, for tolling bells, by order of the
Mayor. for death of Henry Clay, nineteen dollars.
To hark. Day & Steuffor. lbr rope for nuisance boat.
eighteen dollars and thirty-eight cents.
To F. Sevasseur, for sand,l fify-seve dollars and twenty
To Corsan & Armstrong, for stationery fernished Our
veyor's offie, one hundred and fifry-aight dollars and
seventy-two cents.
To steamboat Belleville, for towage of dredge boat.
twe.nty-flve dollars.
To P. Gardner. for painting Gallatin Post. ten dollars.
To the Daily Orleanian Offce, for advertising for part of
year 1850 and 1851. and suandry items (paper No. 11), three
hundred and twenty dollars.
To A. Duvignoud, for refreshments at the Seventh Re
presentative District. twelve dollars.
Mr. Clark, Chairman of the Committee on
Streets and Landings, presented the following
resolution, which was adopted, the rules being
llersolored, That the Surveyor be, and he is hereby. au
thorized to have posts erected, and a chain attashed, to
extend arorssSt. Anne street, between Royal and Conde
streets and the Keeper of the Courts Is hereby author
ized to have the streets closed by the chain during the
eession of the Courts -
Mr. Stockton, Chairman of the Police Com
mittee, presented the following resolutions,
which were adopted, the rules being suspended :
Resolce, That the Surveyor be. and he is hereby au
thorized. to make a plan and specifcationa for atw story
brick building, to be covered with slate-the loawer story
to be finished for a stable, and the upper for a keeper's
room and store room-to be located on the lot next the
corner of Coti and Franklin streets. and to front on
Frankin estreet. Also. specifications for the repair of the
Engine House of Jefferson Pire Company No. 165. located
on said lot. and recently damaged by fire.
Also. specifications for pavlng, with square blocks of
stone. the sidewalks, and thelaying of iron bridges on the
gutters opposite the doors of said Englne-House and
otable. both on Basin and Franklin streets.
Resodeed, That the Comptroller be and he is hereby au
thorized to sell at public auction, to the lowest bidder, the
afor-mentioned work, afterten days' notice in the official
journal of the city. Terms cash, when completed and
accepted by the Surveyor.
Rlsolverd, That when said work shall be received by the
Surveyor. the Comptroller is hereby authorizled to issuear
his warrant on the Treasurer for the amount of the con
The following message from the Board of As
sistant Aldermen was read:
losan OF AesacSTAeT ALDFoRaes 1
New Orleans, July 6,1852.
To tee Hen. the President mid Menla-ns of te Board of Jl
dremen :
OEoTLEsEv-I beg to return to your honorable body.
in which they originated, the followng resolutions. and
notify you of the concurrenee therin, by the Bloard ot
Assistant Aldermen. vin :
A resolution authorilzing the Comptroller to sell at auc
tien the contract for the laying of a Plank Road on Ely
siean Fields street.
A resolution authorizing the Treasurer to pay three
hundred and fifty dollars to Jaekson Fire Co. No. 18 for a
Hose Carriage, and twelve hundred and fifty dollars fora
new Engine.
A resoeelution authorizing the Surreyor to put Jeff reon
Fire Co. No. l6 in posasession of that part of the lot in the
rear of their stable, and fronting on Franklin street.
The ordinances passed by your honorable body grant
ing a Charter to Creole Fire Co. No. 9, and concerninag the
Street Commissioner's Department. have been concurred
in, with amendments.
The resolution authorizing the Treasurer to pay five
hundred and ninety.one dollars and thirty-seven cents to
J. Armstrong was not coneurd in.
I am, sry respeptfully.
Your obd't servant,
WaLosea H. PETERs, PSretary.
The amendment from the Board of Assistant
Aldermen to the ordinance granting a Charter
to Creole Fire Company No.9, striking out the
last laudse , It ir well uoldemetood that said
empty shall never be composed of lesees than
forty nor more than eighty active members,"
was concurred in. -
The amendm ent from the Board of Alstant
Aldermen to the.dinma~e concernng the 8treet
.Commissie0r's Department, strikingo t the 4th
section, wad not coneurred in, and the Board of
Aldermen persisted in the adoption of the ordi
nanoe as orlgnally passed by them, and the fol
lowingoresolttion was adopted :
RecPessd. That the Committee o ctaeend.taadlnp
be coentituned a Commltee of Cos4oreeets enfer with
A like coasitte from the .rdetint tSed,aym the erdi.
melee ooncornlngthe Stre Con 0deeloaey'u dqeprtsaat.
The following mitapges from the BoLed of As
sistant Aldermen *tre read:
BeIsn ox AtseAretnv Atasss,
New e the as, July mph, 1 ol2.
OAmrLeneHerewth Ibegto return to yOehmhme.
able body. in which they originated. the following reseol
ione, and Inotify yon of the earerroe thereo the
Boerd of Astan Aldermen tl wit :
A ;.eoltion (No. 271) authomlslng the peymentof aer
taIn bill.
A resolution authorizing the payment of lh thousand
and tee dollar, toJM Lapeye. assignee.
A re ution (authprln gthe payment to Ai ti ehrl, fo
cab hire and lee fnraphed to the Board of Aldermme, hes
dollar and fifty ents.
A r.olaton authoriing the transfer of a onteet for
lighting from P Willwann to F G Altman., I
A resolution granting permalon to A $fowa C to. I
rert a manufaeture with steam engine..
A resolution relative to the ontet of Knapp l Totten`
'A resolutlon instruetti theeensns takehto make their
returns to the Mayor.
A rasoluton nthoridzing the Treaemmr and Comptroller
to appoint their chief clerks as their depntles.
A resolhtlon relativ. to Phieei Fire Company No. 8.
A reslntlon relative to C re ole ieompai y No. C.
A resolution anthorlzing repairs to the hose.,f Fire
Company. No. sb.
A reeolution authorizing the Surveyor to pnrcue a
ire alarm bell forthe Parih Prison.
A resolotiuton authorizing the Surveyor to. remove the
feore in Benton street.
A resolulrmlonauthorizingthe layingof a pln banqk to
o th west side of Brunton street, between hsi.iop and
Emto rieteevl.
A resolelon nauthorising James Bobb to ereet a vran
A resolutloc authorizing the ale of eontraetfor openlng
and learing of Orleans street.
A resoluton (12) approeivgthe adjueloatlon ecertali
eontracts. I
A resolution authorizing the purehase of a lot of ground
for the use of Lafayette Hook and lBdderomlpaoy. No.1.
The resolution appropriating ..i for the use of rcom
mittees was laid on the table indeinitoly.
I am; very respectfuey, yoe, obedient servant,
Wo LTa .t PolTe , 8ecretary.
BEoaD or Aemaraeo ALDEnerF,
NewOtle•.,s Jn y 18. l962
Tos the Heoral President sald Memer ofi the Beordofd
Gereen- beg to return toyour honoreble body, in
which they originated. the following ordinance snd rerao,
lotions, and notify you of the oncurrence of the Board of
Assistant Aldermen therein. to-wit:
An ordinenee providlng for an appropriston of fonde
for the support of the Public Schools, and speclfying the
mode of distrlbution and appliation of the same
A resolution.lstreetlng the Surveyor to prepare It plan
for an iron railiog for Washington Square, Third Distriet,
(with an amendment.)
A rersolution authorizing the porehaoe of a lot for the
use of Eagle Fire Company No. 7.
A resolution relative to Vigilant Fire Company No. 3.
A resolution relative to the payment of teo. Cronan for
the paving of Levee street.
A resolution authorizing'the payment of $d053 to Fran
cis 8oulet. being th asseassed value of his prpery neces
ary to the opening of Euphresyne street.
A resolUtion authorislng theComptroller tosell at pub
lie.auction all the buildings and improvementshid the lne
or Euphrosyne street.
A resolution authosing the payment of $e800 to John
A resolution authorisig A. Mnrae & Co. to. erect a
A resolution granting permission to M.' Lon tos en
tnlue the construction of g vea nda.
A resolution directing the street Commis.loner to have
the Magitlne street market: In the Third District, daily
cleaned. etc.
A resolution relative of abseome to Th.a It. WpfO, City
A reso.ution reltlve to drinking houses, restaurants, ete.
I am. very repectfolly,
'oor oh't sert,
WALTER i.i. PEoEre, Secretary.
The amendments from the Board of Assistant
Aldermen to a resolution instructing the Sur
veyor to prepare a plan for an iron-railing for
Washington Square, Third Distiict, was concur
red in. The above amepdment consists in ad
ding after " iron" the words " and wooden."
The amendment from the Board of Assistant
Aldermen to a resolution adopted by this Board,
requiring all specifications for contract, to be
let or sold at auction by the Comptroller, to be
published five times in the official journal prior
to the day of said sale or letting, was concurred
tin. The amendment is as follows, "which spec
ificntions shall be approved by the Chairman of
the Committee on Streets and Landings."
The following message from theiBoif- of As
taut Aldermen was read:
Bonen or AsseeleANT AoLnsusn
New Orleanas. July 13. 18s2. j
To the Honorble tle Presided and i ber of theM Boord of
Gsvs.nu.es-Herewith I hegleasbto enclose the follow.
gtu ordinances and resolutions. passed by the Board of
Ahsitasnt Aldermen, In which you are respectively invited
to sonsr via :
An ordinance definig the duties of the keeper of the
4 o ordinance relative to Public (arriages for hire in
city of New Orleans.
An ordinance relative to the Coroners fees, etc.
A preamble andresoluton, relativeto Thomas Francis
A preamble andresolutlon impeaching Stephen O'Leary.
A resolutirelative to the licensing of drnkilng shops
A resolution establishing nuisance wharves.
A resolution authoringth e sale of a contract for iron
plates for bridge tops.
A resolution authorizolg the sale of contracts for
repairs and construction of wharvens.
A resolution authoriing the employment of five me
by the Warden stthe Work-honse.
A substitute for the resolution of the Board of Aldert
men, relative to the securitie to be given by persons eo-.
trscting with the Mayor and Aldermen of NewOrleaus for
any wor tobe done and also by the officers of said o orpo
The resolution relativeto the contrast with F. Marques
for the grading, ditching and paving of Metairie Ktead
from calunal Street to the Bayou Bridge. which originatesd
in and was passed by the Board of Assistant Aldermen on
the 18th of SMay last, and not adopted by the qonstitutio.
al vote required by the 18th section of the Act of onsoli
dation, and which said resolution was returned by the
Mayoron the ith of June loat. for the further rosidera
tion of the Board of Assistant Aldermen, in vIes of the
above feots was taken up for reconsideration and adopted
by the required vote, to-it: fifteen members, you are
therefore required to perfect the adoption of the same.
I aln very respectfually your ob'tcer'ct.
WeLTr:e I1. P'ssee, Secy.
The. following ordinances and resolutions
adopted by the Board of Assistant Aldermen
were concurred in, the rules being suspended :
An ordinance. relative to the Coroner's
fees, etc.
A preamble and resolutions relative to Thos.
Francis iMeagher.
A resolution relative to the licensing of drink
ing shops, etc.
A resolution establishing nuisance wharves.
A resolution authorizing sale of contract for
iron plates for bridge tops.
The substitute from the Board of Assistant
Aldermen to the resolution adopted by this
Board, relative to the securities to be given by
persons contracting with the Mayor and Alder
men of NewOrleans for any worlk'to be done,
and also by the officers of said Corporation, was
concurred in, the rules being suspended.
An ordinance defining the duties of the Keeper
of the Court-house, passed by the Board of As
sistant Aldermen, was laid on the table, subject
to call.
An ordinance relative to public carriages for
hire in the City of NewOrleans, was read and re
ferred to the Police Committee.
The resolution passed by tihe Board of Assist
ant Aldermen, impeaching Stephen O'Leary, was
Mr. Lugenbuhl moved to refer the above re
solution to the Judiciary Committee. Lost by
the following vote :
Yeas--Lugenbuhl, Labatut and Sewell--3.
'.qays--Burke, Clark and Stockton--3.
The Chair voted in the negative.
Mr. Burke moved to refer the resolution to
the Police Committee. Carried by the following
Yreao--Burke, Clark and Stockton-3.
Jh'ays-Lugenbuhl,Labatut and Sewell--3.
The Chair voted in the affirmative.
The following resolution, passed by the Board
of Assistant Aldermen, was read :
Resolved, That the Comptroller be, and he is hereby anu
thorelod, to sell at auton, to the lowest bidder, after ten
days' notice, the contracts for the construction of a new
wharf at the head of Esplanade streets, and at the head of
Independence street, and the neoessary repairs to the
wharf at Post 23, all in aeordasce with specificastions on
file in the Surveyor's Office ;the sale subject to the ap
proval of the CsoueUl.
Mr. Burke offered, as an amendment, to in
sert after the words" Independence street," the
words, " and at the head of Ninth street, Fourth
The resolution as amended was adopted, the
uales beiss suspended.
The 'ollowing resolution, adopted by the e
Board ofdAssistatnt Aldermen, wesr gd:
Rrshesf, That the Warden of the Wreek-boes. kbe -
theslsasn emeer, te.estpi ly. or nont tht.e'zeglrdee
Mr. Barke moved to ameind by adding, The
Committees of the Common Conneil on Work
house ad- Prisea .t make the appeointsIetts
during the non-action of the Coes il."
The reesoltion as amended was adopted.
The resolution relkttie to te aentract with
F. Marqunes for the grading, ditehinlfg ei panlt
of. Metairie REdoad fgraisi. Cott- - n t he
Bayou Bridge-sent.to the Board of Ahdervs
for concurrene, after having been adopted by
the requirea amjority-was reed twice, the
rules being suspended.
. Mr. Burke moved not to onesurit the tbore
The yeas and nays being called on thelso.
tion, gave the following result :
Yeas-Messrs. Burke, Sewell and toek
Nays--Messrs. Clark, Lasbatut and Lage
The Chair having voted in the arsvative, the
motion was earried, and the resolution passed
by the Board of Assistant Aldermenwas con
sequently not concurred in,.
The following'message from the Boar of As
sistant Aldermen was read:
eosre or wmi e Atonsm., .
oewOrleans July & iS f
To nte oan. the Priests end aesster of the0Bardo p
r oa p " "P
,ns.u.er--I beg tohandyoutheiblsseedl.sae,;
and resolutions. adopted by the Board of AsOa.s Alde.
me. to wih yoh n ae reeprelfully oeitoil toeossntvi :
SAn oriaan fining the ry of the Drauhtman i
the luteoyor.
An ordtnmse asthoelothheapponte ssesofafIdlett sa
A rtldotio. auethorieig the epssi t withe Jhaitao .
aells for the eleotug oareeta in the Seveathsai Rgth
Wars ofr the Third District.
A resolution authorizing the sotraset wtr Martitn t re.
derick for keping in repair and conetsro tg weens
bridges i the oturth District.
A reilution (No. 304) for the payment of spendy
o rhtis.
A reoltnion relative to the Common treAt Shei Rd.
A resolution aMuonPng the payment of $. ' nto John
A ieriesaol iutthorie sig thepament ofnlrat 00t ieph
Patteron. L m. e.
A reiolution appropriating s60 to Peuaeeranee pca
Co. No. 13.
A. reoluUo appropriating $3 to Ocane he Co. No.
A resolution appropriating $650 for provlstonsrstbe
City ork-housoe for month of May.
A eslo.tm eappropating $4Ofar e.o l, lumber, hrses
und,etse.,foroCly Work-home..
A resolution relative to prioners In.th Third Distslot
and the ofdcena in eharge of the prson.
A resolution reeltive to the ionse oreetsef foi (irae.
A resolution appropratng $300 for the one of Be
fuse for Girls.
A rosolotiou instructlg the City Attorney to attend to
the habeasemeps and other legal proceedings of tbegome
of Refoge.
A resolutions aethorinlpg repairs to the Houe of iEd
A resoluto relativ to the dlstribution of ps
A reoltion relative to the Crol Railtatd cmO
PAenyuottleo autdhorirng the ue of a eet te to
Thomas Hou Ies.
And a substitute for the rsoliaono of the Beardof A
dehen relative to the appointment of a Syndlc for the
rural portion of the Third District.
I am, very respectfull. your obedient sorvasnt,
ee.o If. PeERas. rcoretay.
The following ordinances and resolutions,
parsed by the Board of Assistant Aldermen,
were concurred in, the rules being dispen~ed
with :
An ordinance fixing the salary oftheDraoght.
man to the Surveyor.
A resolution authori'ing the contract with
John Kinsella, for cleaning of streets ist the
SLeventh and Eighth Wards, Third District.
A resolutin nauthorising the contract with
Martin Broderik,;Tor keeping inrepair and cos
structing-wooden bridges in the Fourth District.
A resolution for the payment of sa 4ryac
An ordinance authorizing the appointment of
additional Deputy Street Commieaoers, passe
rby the Board of Assistant Aldermen, was refer
red to the Committee on Strets and Landings.
On motion of Mr. Sewell. thefollowingresolu
lotion was adopted, the rules being suspended:
ResoI.ed, That the Plotie Jail of the Third Dtriet be.
and the same is hereby, aboliobhed. and that alrllaves and
others confinoed therein b removed to the Polce Jail of
f the Second District
The following preamble and resolutions, of
-diearby'Mr Lugogsmhlewewe-sdeptado rns-les
being suspended:
Wtt'reo.a. many valuable lives were lost by the explosadn
of the boilors of thelteambat St James. on the th last..
on Lake 'Pontehartrain. and which txploiios ls.thought to
have been caweed by the negligeuet or imprudence of
thoe having charge of the boat ; and wherea thre ause
of humanity requires thit the matter should be fully and
I impartially inveetigated. that the guilty parties may he
brought to juon.tioe; and whereas, this Conncl can dot
look on with indifference at such a great scrifee of o ife, 1
he it therefore
EIResooid. le the Ceseonr Councilof ths City of Neewe-,
(ecas, That the Utited otates Distrtet'Attorney f"r the
Eastern Ditrict of Louisiana be. and is hereby. uequoted
to take suoch immedlate measures as he may think prper,
to have a fulk and impartial ienvetigatio of the innse ofp
the exploslon of the boiiers of the steambat St. Jamesr,
for the purposer of bringing the guilty partes (if any) to
immedistlat justice.
irteseled farhier, That the Mayor be. and is hereby, re
quested to transmit a copy of the foregoing to the .. .
District Attorney.
The following resolutions, presented by Mr. t
Lugenbuhl, were adopted, the rules being sus-s
pended :
Retolrel. That the thanks of the C unells are doe. and
are hereby tendered, to Copt. I1. P Eseino. ofthe steam-.
b.ot California. for pis noble and Ihumnoe serrirel in.
saving the surviving passengers and crew of the lar t
steamboat St. Jamets. whichb e.ploled her boiloe ou the r
5th inset. on Lake Pontehbrtrai,; s also fir his prompt-1
nesw In conveying to the soeno of the eatartephe the clay
autborities and tlends of the deceased and tlo sa to
obtain andbring to the city the inbdie i.f the dsid. 1
Reahend. That the Mayor be. and is hbrrhy¢ r. qtested
to transmit a copy of the forgtoing to Capt. Entilgn.
Resoled. That the thanks of the Commmon Counoll are
due. and oare hereby tatderod, to CeptalnChaos, Waiber.
of the steamboat Mobtl. for bl kind and humane aer.
vices in conveying to the place of the spleolon of th
steamboat 8t James the city authorities and friends of
the deceased. and in sselsting to obtain and bring to the p
city ninaetere bodies ofp reeous wh had lst their lves by t
the said explosion.
Rernlvd. That the Mayor transmit a copy of the fore
going to Capt. Walker.
Ilsoedmd. That the Comptroller ieehstawatvsnt In l favor
of Jlohn Youeneas. Chief ot Police. for one hundred doliars.
for the purpose of paying uc persons as may have been
Sengaged by him to recover the dea d oies of thoe who
havetlost their lives by the exploeioun of the eteamboat St
James.' t
The following resolutions were adopted, the
rules being suspended:
Resahed, That the Comptroller be. and ishereby.author
ized under the instruction of the F.nasre Cnmmilttees of
both Boards to issue hi- warrants in favor ofJ. p. Freret.
Sheriff. for such sum, of money as may be due him in his
said eapsaity, during the adjournmcet of the Board of
Aldermen, as per letter and prayer hereto mnsend.
Reoolrer. That Peter Rich be, and Is hereby. te,.pied is
surety of Ed. D. White. conteratorto keepl repaire the
paved streets of tho Third District as per contract lately
adjudirated to him by tho Comptplner. c
Rosoleed, That Eugeno Limero be. and is hereby. ac- o
eepted as securityfor Joseph Oesoio.jr.OSecondClerknof
tho ireordner of the Second Diotrict, as also Widow Most
nler as security for L. Boniers First Clerk of the same I
Retolmed. That the Comptroller iooe his warrant infa
vorofJoseph Couoie, jr. for thesm ofi 1evntty-Ovo dol
ltor, for one mntha's esoiceo as the Second Clerk of the
Recorder ofthe Second District. from the est to thelth It
June, 1052. -.
Mr. Clark offered the following resolutions, I
which were adopted, the roles being suspended :
Redeleed. That the Comptroller veli at auction, after ten
dasy' sellnotie, the oontract for the repairs and rebuildlng of i
wharvee and levees In the irst. Third and Fourth Die.
tricts. os per planosadepeolfcetions on file in the tSr
veyoros offnce.
Retoierd, That should the bids sod seeurittrs offered he
eatisfnctory to the Floanee Committees. then the Mayor
be. and he ishereby authorised to eoterrntothe neosnary
contrasts for the oonstruction of said wores.
Mr. Burke presented the following resolution,
which was adopted, the rules being suspended:
Rroir-d. That the Oureyor he requested to furnhr to
the Hoard the probable cost ofa paukbrosd on the Mdtai
rio Ridge. from the Breton Marcet to the Canasof the
Cassl & Banking Company.
Ir. Clark presented the following report,
which was adopted, the rules being suspended:
The Sperol Committee, to make arrangements for the
proper oelebortion of the Anoiversary of the Isdspend
once of the Hnited States. beg leave to report. that owing
to the very emalt and trieling amouot appropriatedhy the
Common Council, the oonmmlttre were unable totake any
steps for the proper celebrhtion of the day. They have,
however, oicurred the following eapenses for eshute,
inemui, etc.. forthe military.
sBattlion af Artilory, alute and mourno........$1419 so
Woshoingtos do do . ...15 00
usoie for the Wa.ohington Artllr-......y...- . 00
Mns cfor Legion... . ... t .. o} 00
Sespeetbily esbilttesd;
Mr. Lugenbphlpresented the followig rao
lutions, which were adopted, the i behing
sauspended :
oE-rt '.r
)IOaay1gi& a
frwatbehfr NI!
naseee> "w} >lr14ºl
btee u. WeMW a II **Ik in
,ed4nt A I .dt
vL of ' ^T ý j '}'
.. fIQlr~re;gaelý :r '
to LieAklM tllr;
6 e lom h.4wb4ie E
AY hrdu#7.e j1
IeirAudter tio ' a
jaid Ieinat isMakýJUftd - r
1ibaaoqt uWt kb
1I Id
Amsrotrm yrriii
Of qkdlj ilftwi*.
*~ BZo*~~&~~~~~k~~
Themb W,~
Tht ftvabo wo~ p
Pi.Iufýle or
Ltet ail
fia*a bmc ,ý ý; . .
8oaa i·ori sasac CM4Yp1,. _'~
'1+Q be ar, rdi 9!e!, g
A water Wbo o thol:i
'oPes,at remetly m.as,,,e1eal
land, a man who.hbdli qeh Alm
tralia, uad whog a arrshda a!i airns
turehn the k
language; -
continueonuene tie
and b uh-ratul a ens as. .
ries in Australia; bit wea
the colony, the e~wea ver d
Black tribes, fiourips bi n
bands of. angry wIves, when e I
about likemi ia n ynos d Ass
the bush-rangers, ' were
servants, too lay towerh,er dlvesu the
oruelty of oejust mstere, bhd iedttl b
to avoid repeated fleggmg, and Ltved by pla
daring the stations or by lifting na s- s
heifers used to be worth tee ite
pounds, it was worth whiloe t o g
that is, catle seteler; butwim1eye leanc
shillings, the p'oceltaw rob . ~plsiusl w as
not worth-the r.s.
." A that time, sepmaf them tladeltse9 pr
ties to 'o out andthtep the ,dra Psoeae u e. -
quented roads, or rob pes enger etn ;
while others, who deaired bte thbotinsttie
privilege of poeketing thbgl san dm den~
perate enough for the adtatuetqgs i
But a good lorin formed~inamter i t sM
bush-ranger'n eqolpment,- elvdut rodat
thief in his own ight, er s&*hbeada.tr of
sable banditti.
" Desre to save my: prepat:rtorandra
plunder, caused me t pay sp a I&
to those follows. When. my daEymwc e to
travel nearly twohuanded mll .e+ 1sw biM
road, used to-reniud the nUlles dbltto that
if they shoauld meet with any ican. s reoad
in very argent want of tea or dI tby had
better he good natured, send nppiF them
with a little. In thise .wy *et.mvawsveled
safely, when then f u.. hm nbesa m ,rE ,
and when even their dray era tey
backed over the edga of.ensoe1
no doubt, wen chiSV, due-to the :hi.: al
paid ; but I- had ma.aged to he g gte l. I of
these fellows, by earnieg s. baas ih
"During the snigamn et flat I w lapwr a
flogging master. If. a.manwase smae..tl me I
might p.rtape knock hin-domi, but.a ws a
preceediag taken inugpo i eed ertý. f the
looked upon it an a erydiUjneahlngis
taken before a magintrate a f
of liberty.
"One evening, when .eturnim t., e
dayse' journy, I found.myeelf tw3l ºnjIj
of my station-at that timem
-on, the extreme borders e~a, las.d.
,ly horsewas exhausted, fenw te-ee-tra
cling eince daybreak. ~dI lind s, ad
was steering by thu Southern Cis, ntil'I no
ticed the reflection of a. fre, and lemarda eho
of rude laughter in the nelghbserdenod: Pre, I
thought, are some bulloek dieaewseped; I
shall lightmy pipe qd unat o atet :tea; .. I
passed the shadows of titr ,an
down impatiently to light pipewitb.
mates, how goes it' aed b -
ed muskets of a eouple of iggy .
ments wonderfully patched. Four9 o.s g
same time ran to their arms, but
puffed away at the lighted brand,
concerned about no greater matter '
lighting of my pipe, and noticing, that
my horse was exhausted, they their
proposed warm reception with their t for
'Hallo, stranger, where de, yntsiove.*ei?
Have you any tobacco?' 'I au I said,
'to my station on Pelican Creek, I have
been up to the CrownlaihO m.eioaer to ee
about the boundacli-t amy ~ m adr I have
plenty of tobacco, lIt i, a ilaroiek .of- tea or
sugar.' So sayi.g. IlmtI out- my tobaeco
pouch, which I had tae toe suly well
lir itis the beet oaw t.new -ema y is
the bush; and then. nt Iiamy horu'
girths, threw ty addle d'o bel te the dra
To have quitted my maw Mends Upol atired
horse would .have been quite imleelMpmy
safety lay thereforein trusting thesM ele
"The frsthing towhishth yateadriwthe
filling of their pipes mI4tom my t -4hetit to
which they attendeds.: .
They then inhaled and. a
eagerness that I can. S
with which men mshll.-"mt
ney in a drought.
Presently they ..lh
preparing for th.
my blanket, After.
auiend ofwhi the

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