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tsnat f laetinon
rgrof tyranny.
to titOn. They de.
shallhve. It hIs
to them, to overthrow
of IdMsety eeafoands thgms
Sthemn tmmbhl
feowi. - 5almr.
whom and how this
ed arrow di~fcted
to us that General
o) after reading the first
his hand, asked a person
t the time : "How many
t 'This person replied, that
he six more, without doubt, to
Vpice q' the Cuban People,
with too much bravery to rise up
and bayonets, in the midst of
an i the point of the execu
also bay, that Ills Ex
tr lice officers at the box
:. nte cty, that at the sound
l lde, they should arrest any
t d dot any letter that ap
b the olerk lon account of its
th.h opened many letters, but
say, was assaulted in his
.osk pol. e officers, who examined
qandi hj i to their own satisfaction,
on him or in his carriage what
ninest of. The doctor inquired
was'ireatfal in this manner, and the
iepliel, that they did what they
Soctor then made a complaint to
O ?6iee, and this well-bred gentle
1t t go away, that the police
1 R lie seoest orders he had
chief. Here, in this town,
milee south of Havana, it is
S.i.reA has received orders
i t iholitles of the island,
o rfisent, to search all
bpison all suspioipus, per
s to the amount of '$20,(0O
t t41e nest of one of the birds.
the( truth of these rumors,
we advise His Excellency
puat, and perhaps he m.+y
ndGonzales, or Primeycs to
of his death and the ex
day to find such a mon
th n which exists among the
estroy it, is clear to the sight of the
.Notwithstanding this, if there be
in Cuba, we shall drink their blood
e pleasure which some day we shall
h¢c4. ipllhng that of all those traitors to
th~be~cctnry. Our Government convinced of
its injustice and arbitrariness
t on, espionage and in
ur oa it possesses to sus
anode to the memory of Gen
erl opz, which may be freely trans
the m·st profoundef Plumbers,
ye: s a without second,
valr is engaved forever
td with vctory ;
: If of Oelmbues
hases in a temple,
,arerst u s-a mornoble oexamplem ,
mrorw iets brilliant pyre. . [B(Lao:de.
Mtlsr tritos l
- -. -... . fVeOsl o Puaslo prtal.--tuines.
Oiltota1u.etiaa tranlatlon froen El Himno d.l rdes
++.olyw o ofte Ealse,"i,, by the Cubas poet
A4usge girl died lately in Wheeling, in con
squea eauf Jt psag the rope too long and too violently.
Theb' al: o Rough Notes computes the popu
S t:aty at ,000 1 or one mawman-an-child
to ', e on the verage,.
in Marysville, in Union county,
"4 a pole 180 feet high, and only 14 inobces
in dieaee t the ground;tneluding the bark.
Ai4 ( .'gentlean lately fought a duel with
his il nd, beoause he jocosely asserted that he
wMaslbem K a s rto hishack !
A eose eadet at West Point being asked
fo.e eanthe mu . beof calibre, replied at onoe
Ti "°l ee and King Club No. 1," of Boo.
tea, hrdefaeste.lasesolono expressive if regret at the
d. th4M. evht.er.lis.c-solutlotCwera o offered, dcseussrd
and . L-gt wn. soys a Nothhiuexa.nsge. ics
MIs, Dsbb said that the firet time a coat
sleeve edicaled her waist, she fel as if she was in a pa
-litoes.at of ralsnbowe, the eendow.eals of which were
op esetof, A.tim harps. That young woman should
ha~eqre Stat seakd.
The m Wheeling Times says, an Irish girl, fresh
rs ths sweet .cd, roeantly arrived In that city, beiag
sent to the hydrant for water, went to the grindstone, and
after turang along time, declared to her mistress that
she a.ul gne never a drop of water from the " ould by
Netlonsg since one of the learned counsel in a
small suitdeermed it neeesary to shako the testimony of
a Mr.5muel Butterworth by impuing his veracity. A
w.ltnes was-ceLed to the stand. "bDo you knoew Samuet'
Butterwrth?ci "Yes." "Whatisuttoworth ?" ..Twoe
and teapesnea apound, although some folks have paid as
high se three Daflttllga,
T TiHon. 0. Warren end Mr. Webster met on
t 4 qthe.th ult, on board the Old Colony train.
Mlr. . rom eaonversatlon apon general mat
erael tieed to the Seretary of Slate, and with
mISs es t 'sol ern exalaimed, l Mr. eWebster, I hope
It is ai-hat ia intend visting Nova Scotia at thio
i..'?:- .Ya~.dlVe4? inq tired Mr. Webster; "do,
sOy .lflhssaia-te weld dsgr reaith me?' .' No
sir, $g t "it iststth Slt Irene that it
. u oe te yrlihberty for so expert a flsher
ma. . ,thb caught near the 'three mile' lne."
Hro . aghed v'eryN hsae.tly, and acknowledged the
~iring the prevalence of the epidemie in Vir
lalm.'.'d1e9. thvegreee oo the different pcntatlonor be
ema'adt ulyr alarmed, and thought they would car
tnsly. g A wihit. Among otheri,l one of thie pootr
ounet was a negro boy, who, having heard his father
ny that the cholera would so be along their way. I.nft
his we one day, and betook hlmef to the woods. I lro
he was found by his overeer soon afer. fast asleop. I
tug tahken to taskehby lm for eIsaving his work, he excused
himself lthe ground that, nor being ' prepared in mind
toedte,l'hshellooetohothewoodsto kenedltate.'" "nt".
eadd tis oversear, "how was it that you wont asleep?'
Wel,! 4on 't know 'aokhly," repoanded tie negro, i. but
I speak I maet have overprayed myself."'
Anawoos n oPl isa Onar.-A writer i the last numnber
of Ittslr'OOtfglsie lays Mr. Olay related the followlng
neeoddt In a speech made at Syracusoe, N.Y. many
ymaro ako .
"Wlle I wasM abroad," sold he, 'laboring to arrange
the tow of the treaty of Ohent thero appeared a report
ofthsoasaotlae tt b eotta r mlatlve theroto ; and several
quotat from . remarks or letters,. touohln ocrtali,
stlputatitml n hb trtaty reacherd Keontuckry, ad were
.read by may constitnents.
tA h ibm was an Odd old fellow who went by the
name of Old .andusky. and he was reading one of three
letters, on evenolng, ata near resort. to a small reellonlio,
of the seigihbor. As ie rsd oo, I, rame aorrosh the se,,.
tead,, 'I meatbedenemed a sidne yes t ,
'What's aoio0 o? ohahol,.nly
,t.'dd~t'e ............. e,?' said a bnlflod.n ....y.
"Old Sanduskny wmo a litlth] ihehtred .t, firt, but hl;
good maense and natnral ohroewdnoo wa. fully o nnal U, :a
mastery of thn OIatn.'
'" inre-o-oo--neeo' a,0id 01hl and eky. reperting tI.
qnuestion very slowly ;, why. Sihu Qo No , is hrP, il:lot.l
in Pasmameuoddy Ilay, and HIarry Clay i+ thi l t manu
'to givetbom op NoSI N Qa lAl-, tea. be t. sy
nd he o'lt tik toit!."
A P.L.eln RAtLaOAD Bnlnoe:.-bheo. Sl,utglr Anurir:m
tatles that C. B. Huthbison, of Waterloo. N. .. h:a in
lented'and taken measnures to necure a patent for a snlu:
hie impsoveelmenh railroad bridges for navigable waterro.
The oR0*01of the Invention is to have a bridge perfTctly
openly iat all timesrfor vesseLs to bpos. exCl, the lfw
mlnutw'r~eq esd for a train pasing ovar. nd to carry
oafsrtr p i sonlpU t~lnua and safely. A certainnumbar
wifwhfr tbne a built In the river. with sp..es
hetwem for the pauaest of vessels ; instead of har
ing a dtoa patform or roadway extended acros
O th-m tlp'hs employsa flying or running platform,
whloh.ar.t gtha train. spanning Land springing over the
O.nusoes n sOss between the Io from the one side to
the other,. -iTrn e tracks of roals on all the pierso. and
Un the Lyin platform there are wheels to r on th
trak, like a loig railroad ear. The length of the flying
platform is in proportion to bhe width of the spaces be
tween the abotmnnts so that it will be imposlble to over
ba.nooe It while sprningi over from one pier to the other
like a ildlng draw. 'Tb flying platform ts ntationary atl
one side or the other, when a train Is not pan lug, It is
to be propulled acroes by baving stationary power on
itself, U to have it no constructed Lhat the locomotive of
lnhir,,ropnt it aoross. It may be collod a Olyiog
Awonowsr Or r.a MAYOo Or To. .o.n.-ltouri, tbe
time wheatWesley and Whilttld were gaining oe mny
covet l may parto of BuEgland, the former came one
day tolnprebtnatverton. This created considerable ex.
nitemosnl t'in tn tow tOr, and the Mayor. fuuriog some riot
.htges, tl ned his proelamatioq commanding Wesley
t, aait wu daongerons to peachl and good order that
heabos4 preasch in that place. On being remonstrated
witb! 'cn of hif!ri.ads, be madtheth fllowing laconic
'0 nO't al what roaao thero can be for any new
1veeto. ! Why do we want another way o"
when iro's so moany airrady Why,
.,i tl ] ehb, and the New Ohurob--tiat's
so ... -;'a Parna Ktiddell's, at the Pitt meet.
s Wemott's, in Peter street-that's
th..e Tiny'r, in Naewport str, I ibms for.
Palan ' If they won't go to
if Otiar tthen ways, by - they
slioot Uw*i1Wsmroai while! mam Mayor
CH4t tyW Rx"e~rrjrb t
Ire- end nl~r Lhie de I the ."le » be plhmt, prrsanu· n
mn lines In pearl, will b~ iayn aebly~ dt.·f
SIlk.......... ..b. tvi......... 11 k...
ytnn~erio" el m .. ............ g
1 1M»Idu ronntxlRM with th bi whoie rlib uby he ea
1d nedrorrdlbPtmoe·botmlr~ wlill fýY0a uhedne moc ODnd e ·bUe
rho Cue 0 ~ml poa a-rtluu mdium of mm
The mall failed yesterday Rom beyond Mobile.
Public Schools-First District.
The Beard of Directors of the Public SBehools of the
First Distriet met last night-thirteen members present.
The minutes of the two preious meetings weere read by
the Secrctary, and approved ,by the Board. After the
usual reports. a communication from the Superintendent
was road.
Upon a portion of it. recommending that certain nmned
teachers should be dipensed with. a warm-debate ensued.
A number of the members contended that the Superin
tendent had overstepped the legitimate boundaries of his
official duties, in naming certain parties for dismissal, and
that, fully respeoting andfultlydetermined to support him
in the regular discharge of his duties, they conceived he
was usurping the proper functions of the Board and more
especially of the Committee on Teachers.
After a warm dehate had numeronu and contradictory
motions, which made "confuslon worse onfusod,": the
eport was sent to thaat silet se.e--wthich is formally
announoeed oas laid on the table."
The ,Superlnteendent. a very clesecing nd itelliggent
gentleman.hes already had a largoe mount of paIronage
andinfluene plaeod at hsldispocol Same Fifty Thousand
Dollars per annum are almost absolutely at his order, and
the members of the iunard wore piainly ladisposed to alg-.
ment a singular and probably irregular assignment of
power-for the use of which the entire Board is fully and
incontrovertibly responsible. Thoeo wvlo Justly owe (it
was argued) should properly take thheresponsibility.
Communications from Mr.. Barnes (of Neework) and
from Mlesst Muarton & Griswold (of Louisville)o)the former
oftering to furnish Wiliard's History and the latter But
ler's Grammar, upon very liberal terms, were favorably
The compensation of the Secretary o rf the Bord, after
the rejec.tion of propositions for $504. $400 and $35U per
per annum, was finally fixed at $301o.
Dr. lart brought up the question of receding from the
resolution, requiring those who were able to pay for the
books used by their children in the Public Schools. A
very irregular debate ensued. and the whole Ioard. inalu
ding even the President, became rather more excited i
than the patriarchal dignity of position warranted. Votle.
counter-vote., motions to reconsider and motions to ad
journ were as numerous and as various as the colors of a
Kaleidloseop. By eight yoea and three yeas, it wa fually
decidel that education should be eo.irely free in NewOre 1
leans. Even those voting "nay spoke lilberally, and
aeigned strong (but to us far from ionvincing) recsors
for their position. This firing and cropqe.D.ing was Tine of
the livellest episodes ever known ln a holdy with so little
provocation to excitement Onea or twice. there were
even calls to order.
* However, the victory achieved, thIe hadowa passed from
every brow. The essential principle of free sehools-no
special charge upon any individual, no invidious distine
tln between rich and poor-having been fully vindicated.
the Board turned to other subjects.
The Porter of the Franklin and .armhall Schools, with
all necessary assistants, was placed at the command of
the Committee on School Houses. The other porters are,
by necessary implication, dispensed with for the vaca
The use of the Lyceum IHall was granted to the Clay
Monumental Association of NewOrleans, with the under.
standing that lights. porters. etc.. should be at the ex
peaoe of those organising the Association. The Board
then adjourned.
A Peocec Necosa-cr..-A friend, reaidiag in the Pon
talba Buildings, St. Anne street. prefers to us some com
.plaints, which concern city police and property interests a
In other quarters than that in which he re.ides.
He complains that booths or stalls for the sale of ar
ticles of trade, me permitted to obstruct the sidewalk or
pavement. Of course, between sellers and purchasers,
they obstruct free passage. To correct this is strictly I
within the province of the police: and for many plain
reasons, they should act decisively.
It appeors, also. that the lower story of every building
is rather indibsriminately rented out. tientlmoen, with
families. And other familiUs beneath them. and using what
were surely intended for places of business. an store
sleeping.room, kitchen, etc. They find them (these in.
habitants of the lower stories) cuing their yard, to the
serious annoyance of their families. as common property.
In the case of the renting of the Pontalba Buildings. we
understand that it was understood that none other than
dry goods. jewelry establishments. etc.. should be permit
ted to locate in the lower stories of the same. But as
usual with NewOrleaas landlords-the tenant was con
sidered only an animal to be liberally and "scientifically
Too Too I'a, .,-T the tax bills 'lou lith city of NewOr
letns, for the First District. are now on fil in the Second
Juttiee'o Court, No. 05 Common otreet. Persons in ar
rears fotr taxes will do well to call and o ettle before execu
Lion issues.
Rate Sublicattoans
'rom J. B. St1cl. CO Clpll street.
C.lAs BOOK or Pt. avr ; by Eliza Robbins ; 1). Apphlton
& Co., NewYork.--'lhis appear to be an excellent "book
of scleotion-ro and has t'I mrlltl of having all of them
presented entire. It is handsomtl-; published
B'nilAnL OF Il It nY C01.-This lill' poetical production,
from the pen ot our gifted contributor. Annie Bradford."
will attract attutioo n commalnld admiration. and well roep y
the reader. The fair author ;aw whatt she so touchingly
and nobly do'ecribes
Dt:erll or C.'r. LEulos.-Capt. A. Irving tlowio died in
the Marine lospital at Mobile, of virulrnt fever. on the
3d inal. The name of the deceas.d is familiar through.
out the United States. tiapt. L. who was formerly a
Lieutenant in thile Texan navy, w. conlander of the
steamer Creole, which conveyted the Iopez e.xpedition to
Cardenas in the osummr of 1050, aolnd alo cotmmandeltr of
the l'otpero with thelt ill-fattetd expeditllon in ahit IIondol.
in 1851. Otn both of tthet' poriloutt tocoslotus. Capitnin
Lewi exhlldted aIutio l o ill and ctoll bravery which re
tlcted on him t hghest higllt honor. After the retulrn of
the lrst Cuban expedition. 'Captain ti wis was severtly
wounded in a duel oltear the city. oith Col. Bunchl . wth
had hobeen a member of the expedition 'fhle gSallant Cap.
Lain will bo universally regr'tted.
1St Fooo tioint o' t'.ooo.'scoo.v- Ilotolos ILo
BRtotrd.--ltoyd'. Ilot.l at toEt t'Paoagouoa, was burned
on \\'odnt day tht. together with all the, out-lhousao tcon
neoted with the establishment. ThI fire lmke out in the
kitcheno of the hotel about h o'ltlock on Wedtneday morn.
ing. Trhe furnituro was oll dostroyod, but weot-aro thoat
most of ot' baggage and eltert of thell visitors was saved.
Fortunlately no pe'ron wo ' injured. alllough a largo num
bor of ftm'lions were at the hotel, the onds oof which tare
roolined by busin'os in town. The i"'ronery tore of Mr
W. 8. Dodton, adjoinillg thel hottl. wast destl'oyed. but htil
'I arditg-hotoseo was oaved . TIte r'a,lo, of tlh hotel ando
In odoin o 'onnoete, witl it is put down at ilott1 0 Mrb
VIt Ily,l had ait ibunrao o of 171to0 on his fCrnilure'
'Th1, org|in of therI fit i"nt n: ttaine'dto Thereo Itlpt
twrn sre innubordinationr min g, th~ servants the &h y
ber:,re, .uI .evl'rld haI b.ene dishubai",d : but othiu Ihas I
tw,'n , v, h,,l" ,I toshoow thlat th- ity, w toots n artidento l
l'o,,o 0 Mo,' -otr - ''he L].xint'ton (t1i 5.t).l"t- t,
of lt.oth Olt sas n', have jit t rotlnoed 'rom a t ri,
to tlh enthl eas'rn portion oal f t'a:rrll countlly. 1n( '. re
much plte.td with the app arane of the egmps. line
staid old faooo r toll ts thiat he would, tl ule his own lan
gotage. traise more corlt than hlit ktucw what tt do with.
add lll. cotton than he wanted. unlehs oomebody would
pick it for hibo..' The crops in that rtegien are decidedly
bettero thatn wle have o sen them on tlh uplaotl.'"
Too,: Cn.... Oo' DO 'tot..... s.-A communication from
Washington. dated the 30th llt. tnys: Dipatchts re
ceived fromt Mr. Welbter state that the fishing dtmoultlie
will be promptlo and satisfaotorily :.ottled.
The Britllh iouvernmeot claims no portion of the fish
ingogrounds. excopt where British i'orisdiction it unoquos
The loritih s,,lop.of-war tuzzar' ho. left Italifax to
join the lag e hip Cumlberlanl on thol coat of Newfoun,'
C 1I',. M.ll.l' o''a Cto oaI. -The AI kansos aIuner' statest
that poevious to the attack on Capt. Marcy by the Camau
ohes, they learned the fat that the coL, Ilnand bad bht'
three pe'rcusion caps apiee ' T'hey hald thouotuds of the
common size. but none of thell w, uid fit their musketl
A n'toTo on TH0i: lti l Cl.ar.-,I. J. Sped. a distilln
guish.d t altimoret lawyert is amoog those lost in the
steamer lienry Clay lMr. Speed 0w,1 distinguished for
hi efforbt in Maryland against repudiation.
WoHIO RALLY.-There w it a grand rally of the young
whigs of NewYork on Monday evening, the 26th ult., in
Tompkinalquaue. The Tribune says that thirty thousand
perlono were preent.
Aostaoos trivn.--The Little Rock Whig of the !9th
ult. saya ther were eight feet ail inches water in the
ohanneo at that point, and the river was falling. It was
falling, with six feet hi the channel. at Fort Smith.
I32 t$e Bnitrb . 0.. otio, atb ijeopie's lint.
New York Markets.
NcvwtdYn, Atglt 0.
There has been n geoo A&hdYbci Al hMte Cotton market
to-day, ane the hales reedh ~W bhales at steady prices.
Middlinm Crleans is quoted at 10L. and Middling Up
lands 10ic. ' it. Flour has been in fair request,
and L000 barrels have been taken at $4 ' barrel for
State brands. Corn is firm, and 18.000 bushels Mixed
have been sold at 65j!c. h bushel. Mess Pork steady at
$20 % barrel. Lard ll%e. ° lb for kegs.
Congressional Proceedings.
Wasisneron, August 4.
The House to-day has been engaged on the General
Appropriation bill. An amendment has been adopted,
authorizing the imposition of light-house duties on foreign
In the Senate, a resolution was adopted declaring that
the Superintendent of the Census is not entitled to receive
pay both as Superintendent and Secretary.
Liverpool Cotton Market.
NewYon a. August 4.
The circulars by the Niagara state that the Liverpool
market was very firm on Saturday, the 24th ult.. and the
demand active. It was estimated that the day's sales
would reach 20.000 bales.
Ohio River-Markets.
PIrrsvncnUl. August 1.
The river is yet failing. with three feet three inches
water in the channel.
CINisecnATc. August 4.
The river here is stationary. Markets quiet. Flour
$320 per bbl. Whiky 150; per gallon.
Large Fire.
Ciciscasine. August 4.
A destruecive fire occurred this morning at Fulton.
near this city, which has destroyed an extensive saw
mill, a large quantity of lumber and twelve dwelling
Further by the Niagara.
N',eYong. August 5.
i,. .-AeH - li the yacht raro which had
just omelu oil at Cowes. iIe of Wight. thIe lIeglish yacht
Arrow Ient the Anmericen yacht.
n, of I eiel.sn.-h-Th ne amount oI bullion i tile Iank
of iinglnnd. neeccording to the last weekly retlun. nmont
. ed to twenty-one and a half millions of pounds sterling.
IFa cr r--lonvlt:cnrs or I,,I l , N srlo.r.ov.-The visit of
Louis Napoleon to Baden In said to be a matrhnonial pro
ject. He is said to be seeking the hand of tilhe grand
daughter of the Duchess of Baden. ILe has decided to
visit Algiers. It is reported that a change of ministry
will take place upcn his return from his tour through the
Petitions for the re-establishment of the Empire are in
circulation in many parts of France. and large numbers
of signatures are already obtained.
ITlnc.-AnntesTs.-The Austrian Commissioners have
caused sixty arrests of prominent perons to bce made at
Congressional Proceedings.
W.c.Iccs i osv. Auguslt 5.
The lnouse is stilt engaged on the (eneral Approprian
tion bill. to which several amendments have been made
In the Senate the fishing question has been under
debate, and after a speech from Mr. Hamlin. showing the
right of the Americans in tile premises, the ediibject cwas
postponed until Thursday nest. and the dnrumnnlts re
lating to it were ordered to be printed.
NewYork Markets.
- Ncw Yeon. August 5.
The c'otton market to-day has been rather active. and
the sales embrace 3000 bales; prices are firmer since the
publication of the Niagara's acceeount, and Middling Or.
leans is quoted at 10'~e. F lb. Flour has been in good
requcst, and 14.000 bble have been sold at 14 to $4 12';
Sbbl. for State brands. Corn steady at (65ce. 0 bushel
for mixed Western. Mess Pork $20 S bbl. Lardlll)3e.
Slb. Itio coffee 81 to 9 c. N It: with sales of 3000
bags by auction at these rates.
Louilliana Interior.
Te Cfors.--The Ouaehita Register of the 27th ult.
ays : The prospect for a heavy crop in this parish still
continues very fattering. Sufficient rain bas already
fallen to make both early and late corn. The cotton crop
is also both very promising and forward. In fact, we
haer- now on our table a large sized boll. fully opened.
and of line style. It was sent us by Mr. Stroud. on the
21st instant. and was raised on iR. W. ltichardeon's plan
tation. four miles below this place.
The Planters' (Franklin) Banner says that the cane
crop is thriving finely in that vicinity. The corn crop
will be unusually large. In regard to the cane crop. the
Banner says it will not be large. but that the quality is
very superior.
Daoeae:o.-At Franklin. on the 20th ult, a son of Mr,
Charles Durst was drowned while bathing in Bayou Teche.
A Day Berov.-The Thibodaux Minerva says that
llayou Lafourche is receding so rapidly that it has been
suggested to fence it in, to keep the cattle from drinking
it dry.
LIen rlsac.-During ia thunder storm which paesed over
Thibodaux last week. the lightning struck the house of
Mr. 1Mathwin, and Mrs. M. and two children were severely
injured. A etable was also struck. and a valuable saddh
horse belonging to Dr. Beck, was killed.
ElvaensaaeALe.-It is proposed to establish a college at
llaoni.eE AtrrataI-A dispatch from St. Joseph. Mo..
to the St Louis Republican. cays that on the 27th ult.. a
Mr. Willard. an auctioneer of that city, was seized by
several persons, take n to the awoods and horribly mur
dered. In the- afternoon he was discoverad. together with
several of the perpletrators of he delt d. in a den-e tiicket.
by two young men Ihnting blackberries. ThI y had tied
him to a trte and whilpped hi to death
The alarm being given. a crowd otf citizens relired to
the pot. and found his body a hort distance frnam where
it eas first disceovereld ev tlcd with bushe The body
aee nearly naked and lhcckingly multilatlel Thl names
of the persona discovered at th'te spot are I.. . .tnes
atd .tandera,,t. They were arreue ted and laced injail.
SIhich had to be guarded all night. to prevent the citizens
from brealking in and lynching the prisoners. The effence
of Mr. Willard was having contracted debts without in
tending to pay them.
I . e., or I e ne : .Mou*v ,roc Mc le We:a n.ta.-A Paris
astrolnomer has publlshed tllle retutet of twenty years' ob
eervations upon the intllne-e of the: moon upon the wen
ther. From the new moon to the first quarter it rained
(during the period of twenty years embraced in the calcu
lations) 764 days: from the first quarter to the full moon
it rained l85 daysc; and from tihe full moon to tie last
ltarter it rained 71l daysa; and froml thel last qarter to
the old moon it rained l0ea days. Fo that during the
emoon's inereave tahere wtere 1tti09 wet day. and during hler
dlecrees only 14t--aet dill'erure of 152 days. This differ
onc e is neore likely to have teaac tetcihebltal than the re
rult ef ateey natuaal eta lee,. a11, ti. , ,',,llnhl.c, which we
ele upon tite weather.
a-l' L ---Ia Paris. netweithtamlin, the ole nr col
tinually oi the alrt, still a mtllltitlude of writings are dif
fused i all quarters. in wheich tlh ltlovernment is most
powerfully atlaeked. At the present timesverec piamph
lets are in eirelatintn whic'h t'ondllnea tihe proeeedlningse of
the 24 December with exeedileg reverity. and all Ienmity
Iuntil Iow lunklnown. ()e of these. I. ri (i lld 2 Ith(N-m.
Ihre. intrdctory to a pltnphtlet entitled ateehoe, Peti.
was written by \'ietor tellnt bnth,,r ie 1y P. liperat.
ialld gives a aerotat of the membare of tihe mixed Cm
mission of the De)partue nt. Ind the person eondemnled
by tell-ll. 'Tlhis hears tihe trealnable title of 71lte etc PIr,
,ip d I, 1.o ce Ihocnlell, ,l , or (r'Olde.tl . 'Thil, n R d
imlilar writing, are d'evouIrd with o cllll.h thie iwrs
enriity. ine, alll tlt the lvr,,oenll ,t alloww to apperlr
i c -. , alet ' :tet it ignilcee c t
the gauntlient th t it ct i etla-l aly It , , .i .... -- ;l 1 hl
~,-" Ib, l P re , tr Shl tel l- p tl 1ts r it .II
1;, e, , BI TL'.i .I ; . '.1I I'k i
t-eeielan-e, ill Žeecclnaten cAla-il :,ta.Ict-- el> i''
IrueIt e- lIy tlle Niagara stat- thai lht r'tltO l, t,:it,, tt ul
ito terdnsetLay. atee 21.aI p ct ele t thaie ele a.h -
d e eillt ptrice hia d lalken plce I t it, e l that el:ey'n 1e.
lt, i lel lied d mt tr e tul t - tilel i er'lltw Illir g
thie, n-iir tf,'c-. wi,"K a% largo ' l. l tiiw. , wa done atl
adtancat.d trea-.s The wl ek'T llr a It," tt.d oit lltl
blh, t t.f which r peculators htd [;knil 17.i01 aud exporter.,
7Ro Icd,sO So-. f thee broea t I'ttee :nr leatlns ate
0', tou ,:,1 and Fairt pland and 11~bi.at - il, I:, 5,, o ihi -
lb. The elnperts nf tie weeth ad h-'+n t7 0l 0 t thble. The
deeeand ler Flour had aten htodtirae, at 1 ee, 1 bbl for
Wsterrte Canal, alnd 21c 6d for Ohio
dteelihal a to cd cwdt.. with larg c.teec at Itie, rdeed
rates. There were no nane or p eotlder ,ft i the
market. laerd wa dull at nnchangr-l priees Mess Pork
wase quoted at S0e to 9el -bl.
iete. S 1, ceAeoss Dcrc e l--i'lo, I;t.e 1. t- gutea t e -The
Coroner's jurye haVe rendered a vbcrdiel of aice trlrgainst
the otllicer aed towerc of the a .cthit Ilenee t'la., in
eainreeg etld ithe deaths of ithe p-ec,--,ll;"- eati,, 'hout in
qellt wa. hell.
'tarrantl, har. contlU'nt eley. bceet ilIt.e hr Ihe arrec.t
af tic' aleu'rd
,r .aat.t e e N,--t eI- a-os. %+2Iitce -di'. .te1:cel- .I
Pirel rcetel aee note yet roeceited Irae tle elillrrdnt e e
tiote diatrictse hat enough is know teo reue I-c t mlir
c ertcein that thc- tedemo.tie tichet r a it
lee-c e. lceChd. The teariO"t adt caictr . t f ,t ;P '
eron the yity arec more dloubtfu'. ",olh I.'tlc ; cl'-lh , t ,.
tieo i ta-.lt -aanteir s-ePi - ' -1, -.'.lc-t-
are 3 teet tl inches reater in thetc! a!ncrtl. el-, h ri, r
Pittnlee- b, August 1.-The river hab fPhlle't 2 in.lo. i^:
last evening.
Pittmrgh. Augurst 4,--The river has fallen about 4
rechs during th last 24 hours, and there are now hardy
Sft 4 inhces watr in the channel.
fieciemati. August 2.-Thern is very little doingin the
markets. Flour duBl at $3 20 to $3 25 % bbl ; Whisky
16Ite y gaiaou ; Lard 11 to ItIro 5e l b.-- tRiver falling
Cineiamti, Augnat 4 -aFlour quiet with a few sale at
$3 15 to $3 20S bbl ; Whisky 15y . gallon ; keg Lard
1t.c * ln, [Eve. Delta
For tbe asmnl.
BURIAL OF IENt CLAY.... Be Axs*e heArloln
Q'eoy teo o'r f.dti; i;a light leaves
Of the nsacias n the murmuring wind
Nodded, like hearse-plumes. The while summer clouds
Swept like a spirit-army, with slow march
And silent; and the gn'y nhurch towers Iooked up
To the seren.e blue heavens. like mourners, while
A deep tone., like a miserre swelled
Along the trembling air. Across the streets
Blank swaying folds, from admbre tetdbshe hung,
Like heavy, skooping wings. From parapets
Entablatllres ald coliimna-from the grand
Emporium, and the humble huckster's stall,
Fell dark, funereal badges, and no sound
Of work-day life was heard. The thoftolghfares
Were thronged, hout not for trade. The clanking ring
Of nteoreits anvil.and the forge's hins,
The low roar of the blow.pipe. the swift whirr
Of busy shuttles. and the lengthened cry
Of carriers. were hushed. But booming o'er
The grieved and quivering air. came the deep roar
Of solemn minute guns; and on the streets
Stood fifty thousand mourners, while a sonihd
Like the low moan of far-olf waves, went ip
From the dense emultitude. the iuuflled sound
Of drums grew louder, and the music deep
Of many instruments. as on the wind
Came the slow. solemn dead-march.
SRoom: Makeo way:
Room for the mighty p'" And the heaving waves
Of that great human sea divided, as
The chieftninwas borne on. With drooping plumes.
Furled banners. draped in block, and arms reversed,
The soldiery came foremost, followed by
The patriot's brother statesmen, who had come
To pay their last, sad homage. Slowly then
The burial-ear. drawn by eight milk-white steeds
Covered with housings of black crape. and led
Eachl by a faithful slave, arrayed in white.
With mourning badges. Its full. sweeping folds
Fell to the pavement. On its top was placed
.\ white urn. Ilascsive and magnifteent.
And hovering or'c the urn. with outspread Wiinle
A silver enolr held within it booak
.\ pall of erape. whose gloom. redundant, Iay
A fitting emblem of thet deep dark woe
Shrouding our country, mourning o'er the doath
Of him, her seecnd Washington Bellind
Followed, with slow and measured tread, tilhe bands
Of mystic brotherhood, with symbols strange.
And standards weied in black.
Acmros the street
From parapet to parapet, was reared
A lofty arch of triumph. From its roof
Ilung in bright folds, our country's glorious llag.
Caught in the contre. by the glittering beak
Of a great, golden eagle: covered o'er
With the same gloomy drapery.
Onward came
The gorgeous pageant; and when underneath
The bannered arch they parscd, a requiem deep
And slow and mournful. on the silent air
Poured its full tide of wailing. Men were there
Of every grade and passion. but no word
Of ribaldry-no jest or osth erofened
The deep scbleunity. IHad the great helart
'Whlose powerful pulses strugghld and gave way
lBeneath the superhuman efferts for
His country's woal,-e'en as the faithful bird
That bears its mother over dark lagoons.
And noisome swamps. where stinging adder rcreep
To hlealtllful forests. and clear. shining lakes.
And then. it missiion ended.die.s, where tlowers
Are springing in the sunlight, and bright birds
Like fairy things are singing:-had that heart
Been kindred with each one asseobled there.
Profounder sorrow. and a weightier sense
Of utter, dark bereavement. had not bowed
Their patriot spiriko.
With majestic march
Passed the august procession, toward the white
And towering portals, opening on the slopes
Of the green, lovely garden of the dead.
Where the tall shafts of marble gleam amid
The ancient trees like spirits -where the shade
Falls with a deeper umbrage, and no life
Existeth. sare the singing birds that dwell
Like angels, guarding the long. dreamless rest
Of the unconscious sleepers. Through the gates
Of iron entering. with muffled tread
They bore him to a dark. grey sepulchre.
Within a shaded dell, where the tall elms
Sway mournfully, and sloping terraces
O'er which the long grass droops like heavy fringe
Arise like looming bastions. to protect
The mausoleum of the mighty dead.
And when upon the noon-tide air, the words
Of the impressive burial-service fell,
The bowed. uncovered heads. and silent lips
Of that great. patriot assemblage told
lIow a proud nation's mighty pulses sank
Beneath her heavy trial. In the tomb
They laid him. - earth to earth and dust to dust;'
And the loud cannon's booming thunder pealed
Like the deep wail of Liberty, above
lier best beloved and worthiest.
Ilenry Clay'
Strong, fearleco pilot, who amid the black
And seething waves of Discord. and the wild
And threatening tempest of Disunion. steered
The stately barge of Liberty. whose loss
Had been a world's destruction.-eagle.cyed
And mighty Ileimdal. who upon the bright
And s'oaring Bifruet of a nation s peace
Didlt with the trumpet of thine elocluence
Drive buck thle giant ohapes of party-strile.
Mlightier than Cicero; for. thy great mind
And God-like 'oul. and self-denying heart
lHave eo-ntuered every foe--nt in the grand
And c'rytal-domed Valhalla hast thou found
Thine apotheosis : but in our hearts
Thy temple is erected. and the Runes
Engraven on its columu', are thy deeds.
Anod the high praises of thy fellow-men.
Thy name shall be the watchword of the freo :
And when in listory's thronged Pantheon
Ages to come shall tread. thy plare will be
First in its adamantine halls. beside
Our own immortal Washington.
l Ifendal was a realurc ot No rtlern tlUol.,g ", f , (
ioe gganua stl itero, bon, 0n Iloe margn of the eart h. It is Ghiled o
hn Imht he is n great llstarlou- a God, who guards the Ihlrc, b he
Lbrg." to l-ea .-a (thie r.nol W,)ngainst the stakse of innat, 01:.1
S1P' ,it. T·T.yEoayrr -The Cincinnati Commercial says
that a man named Matlhew recently presented a petition
to the City Council, asking leave to build posta through
that city for the erection of a .peaking telegraph, which
he proposes to continue to NlewYork. and to the Eastlrn
and utherl n rities. lHe claim that per.on llcan con
verse through this nmacbine at any distanere. as though
they wer- niar together. The .,tand is condineted
through a t gutta p.rcha pipe.
Anom r 1o 31 ) ht Illm Pat t' .--Foreign papert state lhat
the French Ilovernment is abot to mallep the I'ope pay
for the military protection tlhy aford bi. II ustria
charges, andt a pretty bill she renders. sixteen thousand
pound, Ia onh. withll orastonal ixtras, running into
hundreds of thonusands. The French military polioe
thilk they are an much entitled to pny as tlh Austrians.
and they intend to present yt bill which will Ieave the
Polpe's purse rather empty.
Gerrosn o.l .--A new daily paper has been ntartd in
liotn,n the chief objeet of which is to war against the
new , lw. It is to be neutral in polilicn, to Ib well posted
up in :all kinds of new,. and take tbhe t rongest and m~*Lot
deterinlend ground for the unconditional repeal of the
law. as an itllcoIit~tiIlIntllal Iian dallg'rolln na.mlur A
fulnd hat been raised, probably by thoss intieredsted in the
lilrulr trafficb tlr tt I nluani dy m ultl of Iht, jurnitt albov
w Ii" l I',trr l'tIl,.i Tl s t'Ibn the It..l te hft r tltli, e
'fro I...... . i t~tt ys SIt h Lot a s.-It has In een anslr
.ti ··it, l th et tmhaI ot . mbeled by p 1pze . thle h I'r.k h ,f
b serF. North & t otl. of St Loui ii 11 h.::GO It .seels
he ,omnmencd the series of penehlliou tLhe seco'nd day)
hI wil inl the rollwern. whIen he took 1it. Ie, gradually
enir.gel lthe a.sl. until ie got in the habit of taking
lk'om u tSt. antd even at high as $a00 per w'er k It is sai,
that t he lst nlearly all of it by g ambling.
'llv I,i t on LA.-The loston Traveler says that an
attetmpt will Ie malnde thlis wleek to enforce the new liqullor
law in that, cIty. A eomplaint will he made in the Police
Court again t one or twoleading tirms licensed by the
city authorities to sell Ly the gh:,. This will bring up
the questton of the allidity of licences Thi complaint
will be tfor selling only. and no attempt will be made to
seize liquors.
Mn31, s, SuPIIsetl.--Mrs. Swishhelm. of the Saturday
Visitor. says . " If oullr bigger half ~tridld get drunk. and
tavern keepers reold sell him the umaterialsl. insurance nn
that pecitst of property would rise in this neighborhoodl."
Slill, she Bays she does not advise others to burn rum.
sellers' houses. She was only telling what s.., would do)
in such circumstances,
ll'7norl.. ttlE D.rOsIts.-tOmne citiz nn residing en
T'ine street. Cincinuati. brecoming itncetned at titto dlay
in remroving the content, of a powder multnzine in that
v ilinity, w.hich had INtwn ordelred by the t'nncil, brok,
into the tstabli.lhment a few night. since and took ott
v er-tl hundred ktgs of powder, which ,y threw intron
.os.otrlsx of THE Sit SrreSnT.-We learn from a
" medium" that the Sea Serpent has decided to continue
to cruise about the Bay of Fundy until the fishing difl
culties are settled, when he leaves for the Pacificin search
of the captain who falsely reported that he had captured
IHLat At rau -After the ire at Pascagoula on Wed.
nesday, an affray occurred between two Spaniards. in
whch one c t. Ie wan killed
dnosl .-In Prairie county, Ark.. corn can be contraeltd
tor at twenty cents per bushel
REttr:o.--On the 27th ult., the subscription in NewYork
for relief to the sufferers by the Montreal fire amounted
to $13,009.
Laaon loan.--The Barings. of London, have negotiated
a million oan for the Boston Water Company at 4.; per
Risn is tn non nI..--lt is Msid the price of nlackerol has
advancelu in NewYork, in onsequlence of the nppre.
handed fish war.
Os Dir.-Thetn is an on dit that Cateriiae Hlayes has
married her agent,Mr. Bushnell. The lady, together with
Alboni.is at the Clifton. Niagara Falls.
A MtIaRootoroo Amoo.s.-Thoe Mobile Tribune says it
has on hand and is about to Ipublih an address frotm N
II. Crist, now under sentenuc of death for the murder of
Theodore Nyeo,
Annt ,l.s , Pe^~ S.:o -There were no flower than sixty
three arrivals from sea at NewYork on Monday morning,
the 2tth tlt., amd of the-,. forty or m0re were ,luare
rigged vessels.
Mass Moarlrao.--The proprietors of cotTie-houses, bar
rooms, cabarets, billiard-tables, etc . will take note of an
advertised meeting of their numln-r. for busintso of im
portance, which appears elsewhere.
Dnltr" ao-o To s Pootya -A young oman who had gone
to Vicksburg. in company with his brother, to -ell soIm
corn, wrote the following laconic letter to hio father.
- Dear dad. timse is hard. corn are low. money are scarce
and Bill am dead."
A LAnonon Poo.-A geantlema at Varmo oth. Mass..
whose cow for several days failed to give the usual quan
Lity of milk, detected a pig in the net of suckling her.
Truly a learned pig and great astronomer, acquainted
with the milky way.
A LIro: 'l't-n. -. real live Turkl. born in o'onstantin,
ple, is sljournit n in Cininnati, and Iexpresse himsell
woll pleased with tllht city. 'Tho one wf.f. .y-tel. however.
het abhors as unoorthy of so greatt a country and so ex
eollent a govoernment.
0Co0.0t s .a.-(The tLondon Atheoomum. in a critique
on tIawthornem' new book called - lithedale lRomance,"
nnys,-it puts its seal on thel reptation of its author. as
the highest. deepest and finest imaginatlive writer whom
America has yet produced."
S00 0InE.-On the 20th ilt. the body of a young girl
named Mary Skinner was found in the river below Niaga
ra Falls. The body was in a state of nulit.y and it was
aspposed that she divested herself of her clothe: above
the falls and threw herself into tthe ropiLd.
Col.or;zoooO..-We learn from the t'olonization Jour
nal that an expedition of colored emigrants will leave
New York for Liberia. on the 1st of October. Over one
hundred applications, are already on the list, including a
number from Michigan.
Trv Fos:se No,.--lIt is said that lth appropriation
for the current year. in France. puts in commission one
hundred and twenty etssels. of which seventy-ono are
stelanors-this portion of the force being nearly twelve
tmlnes the number of stea.nler< bIlongia o the Itnitle
States Navy.
Monr t not , .Xo aotr -0-I00 the 2-th tilt. during the
proession ill honor of oIr. ('lay at liclhmond. and while
the Fayetto Artillery Company were firing minute g0uns.
a gun exploded, wounding two of thoe Artillery men in
the most shocking manner. It in hoped. however, that
they will both recover.
DI)ring thle recent elections in Great Britain. one of the
candidates for Edinburgh called upon a tradesman to
solicit his vote. " I would raher vote for tile devil than
for you,' was tile reply - Ilut. in enae yourfriend should
not come forward." .aid tihe landidate. might I then
count upon your ansistance "
Courr.otLevranr.-A Western NewYork paper, in it par
agraph, commenting on the comparative libehrlity of the
different railroad companies, with speial reference to tile
convoying of tHenry ('lay' remaino gratis over thlir lines.
says, very gravely. that the NewYork and Erie Companly
were - months ago deoirous of that honor,"
D~Toron IIr. lloan-l t. n-A o hburrictine passed ovr 0
portion of Minnesota on tibo loth ult, tihe havi-est ever
experienced by the oldest inhabitants Several buildong
were blown down. othert unrooofed. trees blown dIown. eteo
Up the Minnesota river. trees two or three feet in diameto r
were twisted off and carried some distance.
City Intelligence.
gatioi in this case .was resumed Lefirec Iecorder Winter
at e1 o'cloek hyeterday, and cwas ci'cludid at about two
John swain sworn : Went int' 3II,Donnel'scoffee-hoee a
on the night of the 21st. and aw thliere Mr. (ireen. Mir. ili
cardo and others : saw Deffy standing in CLommon sctireet.
near the alley; iaw Cunuiuigham rutch on Gren in t,.
Ibar-room, with an open knife in i hiud. T''homepo fol
lowed Cunningham. and thie.latter maeti a thruet atGreeni
with the knif.e: Oreen then etruek him over till. head
with a stick; Thompson made a grab ;It Capt. Weyimouth
when the latter eane up. and the li'hts were then h ut
out, Thompeon and l('unningham were aibout fifteen fet
from Green when they commenced adiancicg on the lit
teri. Sari Cunningham and Thompcnn in conversetion
when wit.,.s entered the: bar-room ; hl ulr Cunningmim
isay that Green shuull not hurrailh fir ?e:ott any " ri
When Cunningham pla-red wtness.l knife in hand. h.".-ail
" I'll e d--d if I don't do it " Thonlp"' aiiarced i, bc
trying to restrain ('unninghaim : when the latt,,r +tarn'I
away from Thnnill e tp Ie. i ,nk l cireni nis ram. first iap
proat' hing the founi.-r and thin ta'ning Inwards Greeni .
rh,,mp·-nn was foliow(inhlln;I111 'ltw· Thonlllpoll)L ma~k+, a
fkpas at Wseymonth , does n..t knolw what lie struck himn
with ; \Wreynmouth Wa- between Green nod Thlompson . tihe
ights were then pit out. n iw a'i-i '' oran. l'nd soel
'tlher persons near iGreen at th li ii Cunningham a(
namleed ulpon his. : belive,, Cunninglmnl fell upin Ili
knees nn hi.ing struck by Giren. Green was+ in r.one, r.I
tier with Mlr. .mithlrs at the timn 12uuninghant ;lvan.,,d
upon him ; saw Thomlpel aind iGren in the back yiri ,
ieaw Thompson mi ke several threls ii t Green with a inife.
and.ierkhim down : did not sle Cunninghram in llse ward.
The ier-keepcr was uinder the coiunter Thiiri whin aligbt
in the iack ylard. Witness was in the h:lll on his wayto
the yard. whe i ho heard Green exclaimt. "' For Gods sake
don't kill me % W'itne'ss caught htold ol Thompson'.coat.
and pulled h m around.
Witness v as standing lit the counteir whe:re the afray
commenced :did not see Duffy in the room at the time :
if Duffy hI. d rushed upon iGreen witnlss thinks hIe wohld
havee seen him: did not see Dufiy at i;dl the gas metre is
about twenty ieet from the spot whet+Ghtreen first struck
Cunnigham ; Gireen and his party left thi Orleans liou"e
first; CLnninghcamand party were inctheib:r-rolmwhen
(ireen and party hteft.
Felix Grundy sworn: Went into McDonnell's coifee
hioscion the night of the 2ist July: Cnnntingham antd
Weymouth we're both sitting ii tlhe ilhy lt tile time
(ireen antd his party were enjiying thltselvesi ineile;
u....ing..lam, wearlnt in. ndiropoposd ........ it,,ahetw .'.°nthe+
election: lrenii ofei reii to accept it ;is friini ; would
not Iet hlul. and some of i'nntningllllna'a friend, toni. hint
iout iu tie' alley Citnnilel'inlt saidi to Tilfcmpson. ,lei
mi, take allotler drinki and will go ]lei ;'' Ir. BeeIIherI
ob, jerted tol his going in. ld T'llrnli.ton also nbjectco : the·
latter afterwaLds said. • gi in and get y-ur drink id it
any onl, strikes youn I will knock him dolwn. and if you
strike acy one I will knock you dowt," IWhen (unning
ham wenit inside lie approachee d or e agger'. towar,
G{reen : saw (green strike him with hi, ,tiekt the Ilow
knneked hilm ullon his c l:tnl
Thompsie ruched ait (ireen aind strek him-- no::kid
Ilim into ti chair ; Weiyinouth canlt' up t Tl'holnpsun. huld
ieg out his i lltds t i ; Thompson seieed iiln hby the throat.
or eit 'llar ; WeIymouth wa. pushed out into tile IIlliy ;
wit nreSS went into the alhy ; 't'holpsi had hold of itil y
miouth and DulTy wasstriking him ; tile lights went out
at this timi did ntt see Diulfy have any wapon : witness
went tack into the room and heard s'lo one scllllling
near theI door of the yard ; F,me one remarked. "h ion't
kill iii :' ' tre-. Foer iod's sak din't kill me "''" Whlt'
first he:lrd tile enflilg. , heard the sounds of striking -r
cuttinge; rii tined itillh. iec n .bii t. I minute ; tomne.
onle' rimen, ill from thill alley. ILpasseId witeis and weInt
tn:wTrds thl hat. swearing : witi"l·,+ left the lion-,, and
w ient oult ii olllion streeP , hat I nlild i' n here abhiout aI
LminL t!. w' ll' n Cie lee ihlren ll I 'llliti (1 , pa.ll-ld Iu l. lii l th.
bo nls, holding hii I l'tI ' l'lo o : apptI ' 'i d to i .- 1ii,1 lin
so s' one lskedl hini if lIe wa- hart ., hi .:tiil no 'lin i, lilt
pi, iL- ,lVii ud th -trl,,t : hiliy lion y an. l reo' t of the
allay int., ln] tolhnil iii' , hiil l II o i ;i , ill haiinii ]
ronlllnl't Ite][ wll dtii it wiai.ci; i. . i1i 1 e iie ci hilI di)WIo
iy hi in til 'iee, i ,, i , - 1. B itl. if tne
tillh li:ht. wer, ihlnIg lh,, h <le :u.I wigif o- r, hurn. d io th,,
be, r-rnfltn
WV,.ylnnlh n i-ly.h.Z. inl ti,,' all. y, i,,,r"I.." 1., xit n..-, ; I:.l
sett ]hiin' i s eich ci l lliee 'l'L l'iii ilon , lirhe,
wase li itliig ,I ells il i'. c iyr hloodly. Dil lnot i ei V' c. -
mnlnlet ;it Gin l inll, Gree~n stroek t'|lhninghlg I) Witne.s
i. poDitivde that ( pllllll :1 Iithll a na-,' le ernei : l'i ieadi
ti co ll ila fe u ,r teiepr fitee 'rcc .i,- elr itc g.t atlhicnl
ThylllpEon Wls nea tIhe dlcor :tiiie th e[ t uined eeegha:ln a,
iroaiell I:reghen : tid ih Ce, any lie.ei,.ii)n ion the parit
,of Tholl onll. harlll* any difiqlenlty with any. ) Illy If ,
'ie c ltip cei.,rtioi tei keep i i'iie inicc ue t eif the
hunltre c)il.s liot know iihllhl n i'lccd t-icg pit hed iV(.y.
iiouih iout into ,ll· alley, or wlhethe t e hcey wtri net-ce'i
Gut lby other= Tiere. were tLhr'e or four perltons aronnd
Ithem. Did not see Thomdpson slike .peiidnuth.e; dioes
.nt know where. Duff, was at thau time Thompson wi, led
Wieynlnuth iiaw hinF ill th' house e revioucsly. Dlid not
iee Ieuffy and Thompson in h onvrrtti n at anyde time;
Dffy was not with Thomcson when hle and cleichur took
Ctminghane i out into the alley. Witness thinke thie pr
eng who pasiled hin t aneri', in the hiclte went into the
baklg yard. i itLness wae tanding at the F d i te f the'
eounter toward. Common :treet : it was very dark in the
hI.l.e at the tim., iand witnhls could not di stingui ish the
fnlgtres or threti of the ersone Did etot ee achy weapon
in |+nnniugltalas hands when he approua"hed Ortl n ; did
lte think he i proacheeid 'ellneingy hi Cennieng
nie otie hltet te o the Iat time , edit did not drink.
Si""s Ifetend, cethiet fight (he- ; peting;ieci of th i gas.
fg t, hIcCreary sworn : It fppear, that soitei ldictakh
hmdl tch n s nelte it en.!ig t ths -iensesh:id an him;ew nothing
,'f the aedeir
Edwin Johlllon swo.rn. lVya g.,i,. d wn t',qnmon
ireet on the ni:rht of tihe e21t uly. whe hei hedtrd sing
ing il lhe Orleans louse a ant went in : 31r+ Iticardo was
sillging; a man came utl and propnsed to bet. The d.
tails of the dvents in the Orleans lioue were much the
dame ac given by tihe other witnesgse. Did nit te1 CgnRe
Gingham at the time Green and party, of which witness
was one. left for M[cDonnell': house ; thinks Cunningham
and party had left; at the entrance olf Thelatre Ailey a
song wus sung, whcn the party went in and drank ;
witneas took a seat in the alley, and was sitting there.
with a friend, when the fight began; previons to the
,ght, three men,came out ; one of them appeared to be
much excited, and the others were holding him; he got
-way and went into the roonm rapidly ; witness heard a
blow a momcnt after the man entered, and witness. on
looking round saw him stagger back ; sw a seuffle, but
did int know any of the .er:oua engaged in it ; the lights
were put ,i... ..........llt ent o t o n tl'ommon . troel ;
.very lhingowas tillinode the houseo for a mnment when
a oash was heardt . Wlitn.ts clled fur tile watch. and
hbolt that time Cunanhigm m coam out and pased lown 1
Common street ;: Iltlshirt boluo was very t bloody. lWheno
witnoss entered the coffe-house fin h t saw unOreeu it- I
Sing on the floor. hleeding proflsely. Witness roe iconies
unntngham a theb. lr nru wiho wai prnposiltg to belt lu
the Orhoans Ilnuse.
Wattohmau y sworn Wal, t n duty in tCommon slrlet
o the night o te ilt 21t ilt. Ite orreated Cuoninghout n
Common street ,etweclt TCatrC hlloy andt lutlunn strtet.
lih testiionm did llott dillr fonm hlb atlllhdiit alrlady oy
publlishd. o
Capt. Forunn sworn: li testified tb findingl Cutnlng
harm' knife al the place where Fly arrested him. It was th
very bloody, i it still Is. u
Woodruff storn: a in Moilouncll's several times dlu
ting the night onf the 21st. and saw the parties, bhut did
not see the fight.
Mr. Rntrlius here unade ol mllll to niluit Couutingham
to buil. urging that tile only offoene will, which he lold
he charged wa stabbiung with Intent to kill. Mr. ItolelIse
alooexpressed his ophlion that it charge of onntslughter
only could fo a t l:de t:tinout )fTy anto Thonlpson rIIHe
toought it woultd bo better for lhe nee nsd t ot to oilloer tn
crvidene hefo re the iecordecnr.
The District Atutorny expressed a willingnss to isumit
the case willTout rguTlltot.
Mr. Watorold. who representehd a ffy. ih tn have
the opilion ot the Dislrict Atltorney n to thl grads oft'
offtencc with which the priouners mitll on. cloetrgl.
r. D)unn preferred leaving it entireoly to tlhe court
lir. Warfield then decided to call oute wltntsses on the It
uart of the defence.
Thoma KIline sworn : If acquainote-i with Duffy). but
dots not know the otetr prisoners ; saw the 'ommence
mnt of the fight ; saw one man kuoeked downt saw
short man, with thiok whiskers. get hol or ano'ther a Im .
and shove him out ln the alley ; Dulfy followed him out
os if to ketp peace: uaw Duffy In thel back yard; he
picked up a cane, but did noa otrite any tone. Sawm )uffy
when he first went into the coffte-hoou ; saw him go into
the Ibck yard ; did not keep his yeon Dulltty allthe time :
thinks Cuoninghnm was nthlokehd doten. a ld that he
knocked some body lse dowttn.
t'ross-oxamined,-Does not recollect what timtu of night
it was owhenu h went into the collfee-houi; saw Pffy go
ing out of ti bar-rom after othe lights wetn pt out ; tlhe
cae which hf' saw in Duolly's hand wao not a very lotg
ton : it was ll orditary canO : it was very dark in thel
toilt,h, when tile tlihtt were pul lit ut saw Dulty ill tI
atlly wplth tiek iv hie hotn.
]Juls McCall swornt: Know- ufttft :tat tit o efllol.
nll's coffee--lhse on the night of htlto211 Jlulty gtl thtto-r
Iln[ aot the fight otuMlnlur ed , whon woilet wtlt into t e.
oatt ti saw hltffy thorl : sow tn ln il the alley witol
an olptt knift ill hit hand ; t aw oie Ian colhTr onnthr
unear a door anti push bint ollt into the lley troe iain
struck ti oteo i t t ral times andl he f : did not
fDulfy at the timeo pI)nly did not strike tholtt ; tit Inil
who was seized hy the other was ototding near tt e dloor
at tho time. and was doing nothing : thinks Thompson io
the man who seized the other ant strltk him;l does nt
know where Duffy wa aut the time the mall was seized
and struck ; has not received or writtn lay ltters hi
refereno e to his testimony : none of Dulty's friends have
conversed with thim about it ; knows Tholnlitps,n by sight,
got alquainottd with him at to latko ; tIo t t i tun fallo t
in the alley and then left: after th, gas was lightdl iaw
huffy in the room looking at iten ; doea not know the
main whom he oaw with t knife ; thinks thio knhf was a a
bowbi kuife. about six inches long ; did not set any of the
figlhting inside the houao.
3lir. Watrfiefldaid he would submit the cae woithont
further tostimony, and Co h Field said he wouhld nt tntro.
ldue ally on the part of Thompson.
The District Attorney read the law touching the eas"s
fit did not think talt ttlmoy maolde Cunningoham re
tponsille for the oact of Duflly and Thompson In reglrd
to Cnninghaom, ht said that f in the t opinlon of thle t - I
coorder Ith" killintg ,f Beeon outhtll hae, bteen anything
less than mreor,~1ton oleh tlthe right to btil o in. Ill th
easo of lulTy atol Tlootp.ou. he thoughltt Ill tcorohlr
s,1hl not entertain a pr p,niition to hfil.
Ir tlonolias thooght thi- a fair cxpotitoon ,f tio bow
olid motle no remarks,
'The ltloordolr then anounoed hi.; doc-iun. otmunitbino
Tloootttn ndoll l)utofy o o a charge of murder, and rturloo
ing Clunninglllm ot l tile chargo of stabbing with a dall
g0tr,ut weapon with intlnt to kill. admitting hli to bail
ill tho slm of $25000. 'The two fir-t were .ellt to uti, Pal
ish l'rison.and (Cunulghtln.ttwe bt.lilov gttave tolt rqirc
Sl'l:t.ory., L.it.--T. CI. tDavid, lsoq., yesterdly
made the following aufidavit bfotre lt,rorhr Dentio :
"During the month of .une. 1,i2. a hoor,k cntaining all
the holw of 1h52. w.o stolen from thle onloh of yolur lp -
ntat , which book iv of tho value of $1. ani hab heen
found in the armoor of Vietolre .Laurent. in a roost aituteo
in Domaino street. between Dauphine and o uguotlny : and
aisn a mt;anaring roll belonging to Albert tie vallli ue
1 ; nd that tseveral other bkoitlof fik.. f shoat $5
had ,1iappeareod fron thilt onlie of your deponent witholt
his eo-cullt : that tlt.t ·til bnko haoll - Ibo ,n found in the
·:line pll:ace, in the sumo, anrnir : th:at durinlg or nabut
to month of M aret. 1052. yourllp ,'0t hald too- tool tto
fire franlle iice. r~ti th,' vouo.oof lUt Bo. to, the oail \ie
t~oirn, l aureuto to by a dozon aooo lo-k tr yon :o111 ti
soll Ith, aid V. 0Lotooot toos poiot iothto:n ,nt in ptlaying
,,oo.thorwise. and has rtf1o-ovd to ;, oouI f,-r it to' thio
A LEt; l-oot':l.--A 10nn's log wao fliotn yes
lterday morning lodged in the mud lt thfoot f Nttr
Dtmoe stroet. It oeemed to htav been t.orn from the blody
by 'omO-O powerful action. It oan ,.et to th, In met,,ry
DEAD l)tlot --TIhe pooiionadl ott.;tge arte do
ing thir wotrk aod thl molrtalily nnlong thle canioo ro e
is prctty xt,,o -lv, Sootlo .'tnpil.,itt I.tt t.l.n olt-ltle that
th..e whooe duty it it to rtoot ve t cd-arcae+., are ilti
doing tho:ir whole oduty
S'ril.\lIll 1,'EtGiTO~.klltO.--Attu in,ividutl tI t0
ackhnooloolgoo hiomoelfto hb the popr l,,tr ,,f the ,xtpntive
appetlaltiot et Joso: Morit Domitgooz. w.e yosterday "- eal
boodo'" by the lpolice of the Thirdl )istrict. ill et,*
ouenc of having oxhihitod it diopnsitioo n to aptpropriatC a
lot of voegetablo in tho Port lforktht which vltgotables
afortsaid nlooot poilivly didl not helolnlg to, im ,tote will
hatve a jotoicil ,n1int1vi0w with I'oloodo r Seen1 "t0 rela
l1, i..\---l A\0I.0\T.-Daviil Alc('lboy otltol ,lo.
1 ,Viltot el o ,(,(.ii-c ~r.d "! lts o 1 <,' i y -lo,.,ooy mtooo -
inlgl inl i :,il at tho r,,t ,.fita I ' ill, 'l,, - I rt , w.0. Thloi,ll o:I- .
tilh tw o ,,,-r l- 1- In .,[: t -,.· It 11.0l0 -100 .00.0.00tl00 , t,+ ot[:
I~" ll h l Ithie I' h 11 1 , 11',' _ 0 :.le I ll Io o ,o 11.l0. ot l
;It that h b nit- th11,y 51,, ,nboo totooloI.l, (ht ,
omtr-+. and loid yo fl lut.0 t tl o , 00 too',, i 0 01 0 0 I' i
i uor imlprt ant
ln ý r'h i.ýý ', llý ,' ý:1 ! n , 4 i. , ýt t`. r..: i u. F.· " r. r, III· Ill.
l1:. 11 """In sdn .1n W 4,`n t I... 11 r, f'Kl'I_
PY` iO ss MiEETrii;.-The proprietors of Bar
2nl t, I I P. t: I ,xs ,,iiii . i, i i.. ,o 'i1-.iDAY L F INi (. Ag,,,l ", I
+,', I,. A, rd Ihli Sl~l,1)0 11if .l r. .. l.n a,, e1,. " nlt,,, 0 ' IIIC " P, .al
An 1 . n.e , , " i I, I. + ; , In traI l.l . ,, I . .,p ,ý . e l lh,,l aH
d -t 1 il l 'I'] ',1 PII, .:1` il |Hook -Io -III II -.- No W.
Cl .: l lh I" 1 Ael I : h ll I.. i iin "-,i
P"i.iiCli'·: i liN I('lei 'i i F nD TI'liili,'ro I:I11 Ii u'' 1 Iiy 0n 1 ',i
Ir l lln.rx nln [10 B mli, ln it hy 4 hl , Illnt :, I.. iso nl u.
, 'IIIIT N 1·hn ._Tr E ..a ... ."' ' 1 Pe no ii t I_ iakl.,i
w,;d ,. J.mr .
oPi il r
Am.. rtla, lbllllld romnll, R .nn " * o n1.' ,l. I' ,~,o I. , i Ilhor , wi v r,,
.lt:llthr', 'Tlhn t all ,llillr- ni.·r r nll T-iri, r l ý .i Ill llii .l f
Pon, Iiv'h ' I'l 10." AM 01I: I ,
n Xl YJ., OE n,, : AAlTn.
60 Campl s Ftlr.e a 1 A 1.1:. ' l P ac
lD CAR.\IAL\IPPrTE Flust (MA tIPU.Ay NO. 31-
Pi i n IE 0n 00,IrtOAN a &C.:,IE0 S R, C I.s,,
sw err.p HU A
,vt~td4,d to att.nd a .l iuxl ld+r < on , VI\','I , Y
nw.. -,. I. .A\ ' .
.... i: TONr b( A N N.i t ,,I.I, / i 1
-, t I, ,I. i . . . . L Ir , . A I+ 7 n E , . ,, . . , + . r... . -
,, N. ll ·l ' I4 i li l tII iii . i t l I i +
Col Cfamp efreo't an ti 13 lh li Place.
S\il 'S CLA.i-i1 'AL IIAN UA I
SI\S IIA GT1 Nr 0[ EN ISI'I IAI'1E1 \'1 I'RE h . A,, i
P II. E :'S . -[II III.T. AND III6\(I'1:Y E ,i S"'R t, 1R I "Nel,
_ hh MLU ,\TiO HIIS , .1 ..I '1ti1 1..., "
.ANl,' . ,LO lnr,",. . , :,: t,111. ,' i I. I
8FFI-'E of the Crescent Mutual Inisurance
I) fHOR.ACE BRAN k- CO., ýImlgere.
P LACIUD'S VAI IIE'llIES.-Ilieefltovfwjdows
NIAIATY l 1 N IH.... f 1111A Y lA N ININA. A-nnA 6-P.,.
Isrlllnllrp will coax t of 1'oIIIly rd c IIEI.NlTlA ORANEEN III, F., lr
"Il' , lAhT11 Nll - EI.,bnl ,nl ,,lb l,. t.N. 516lr 1. aline Elliol AIIA
Ornlleman~l Anull.nerl.. . iIRl~h1l!N'S ADD)LILI t E:S, b Mr J. S. Charliel
NONd EOTS by NiAIAIA. lnlrat l n
(d Il rl a Alln nl II*II' lent ; Irmlllln ..aeIt S e,0.. h~. mlp
eulll'rier At llllnr UI'OIELAr CI. W. A.AArire,
wll II mxP1 hrr nrrranll F ellniun InND Y nNC1AC uo
,ifl leer J o'lock r. I, euc dn. Pnnuvnaar fer LlAodaullls. Lnwit
hrg earnl nlndixelrr illa will Ix+ Ixilded and nllcJl far n. worl.
E N In llau'lleA incllluding 6rkfE1l lIA DinnAl........ I Ill
Nl'16 leldI.ill,,lll .b . . ............... IN
l0A1 , W. L. CEAWINAi A CA., b6 Comlmlon street.
A ClANE'E !-FUR SALE il accoutnt of de
IIIrrrr" , II Iiu" S' (·tl AN I CIA'lIllti {S 1 l > AAIII ,Y AI0ll I.
It y', Ira Irrl ···n '""Irlr rllll Ir)... . .. 1.·1 nn n, lire pr lll~lll rollrr n
nf lrl rrr ,r t.,...1 ,i.ll,"rrll~ rrr l.ý ., ,ýr .ý gSh","-a rlr l1 n.,"e! illl· nrrrpar
IlllýI IL a I A Pll NEII of tilA"Ixlr citylly Who
)A TLD--lBy a resident of* thle city, who
all t LI rlll nulr.'e.-.llI I,) h · I ' · t ellopl.,cr x ituunio
Ih.1xll Iw lr " 1 1. " p "', 1(1 il Ir r lmml.rnt Reny R Is per Al.
.·uan lll,. L ... l n } ýn;n; nom of lalnll , x ll wll nct m any Eceperil;) I
li.·r rP n "v 1 11· rl""·n
Yf r- 1pl'ip a 1II, olirn, by- ir·!Lr nlllrlrrlnrJ to WY. \t'. Ir,19
OR RENT--For the summer or longerA
. pt r i,.I. Th *. m cit,1..u P., rt ]'., anll a ond utu a nllrh .ll d
W I+L 4 IIOUISE, tre1 tI ,, tl . tr, of ban neap-Nn. S Cara t
rre,"t, r.'a tr:ruu, nl"14 a +Iv 1tti+ Sto.llla dernl hat or nt No. S0M Ca P
tlMrl . ' " l II
OR IIENT--Board of Directors Odd Ff1l.
lo' w InllI A... .latt,.--'bI o S BRIES in t0n ElnwlrItl
( iryo th*,( Folh w.uo ' lhl( , lO.ehl ll nulnloo(I tlhre (.'o tiB n no p
rtel, our', ,nr g t ,1+ cn,,"r of 4'eltan ,td I~tP y,'l e .tit'+t. and Imrrn
+,rot . o,, I. l.,y<.tt, act tr,,,tlarx nom ,1f6r.d for runL. l+[,Ie ian Kir n
St July. bo- , tln++ .. rlr· , ,h't 1. -th r ,f Lha uutlErsiK. l',i
I. 1;. I.,'l'L I I 4, f . it tt.s1III eL rrvt
J. l1 RI q . i 11;.l \ r , (' + ,,, r. lt r nr.++, np y
* lO RENT-An elrgantly luruished Office,5
E utatlK ter n (lomBr.sonln ol.ro(ut. ApyIpl; W
Ehl itf 0AMIIUE. B'IO.F, $ Capeltret.
-Olt SALE-- Under fll gamrantee-A very
-o ' .po.,,, .: )a \ ,l.II I ON BY, , . ,+ ,,,,,( l oroEkmn,,. r
lIx1 Irll r n.~ l · ill .II 1 (111 i."111. II~ llr r ll I 1I11 Y ellrlr l
Sri t h r. ,ul 1 ný.A ,lý, Inth.. 'an h p ,nhlr h,+ hatmk 4o ul ..* ,nl •
o1,.,, atn Illn) ýI ,irin g th n . +. 111 fnrertte Ir t ltr ++ +',r r t, ,[ In r rlrl t
rl\ n r, r l. . 1 *+;,ry ý Yi 1,.,". l', r:; N .', le,', I'. 1 ·tll " f.I· i tm.T,
f'IOR SALE-The steamboat E. ).
i l ý T1a, n ,I rr oll,n mol .lroNOE l}Ir0mr
1-,, 0 ,, o;1 , oo, ,"p (' O lob+,i,. OoO,.,,11, ..
C~~~n 0rlr 101, treo~ (0
,,w rJlltlls Ill I , 4 ,Kilt trll)lp IalUIlll nnt i oo4 urdr. rJ , arl l
ml++ns+,ýý ,- p',ri,+lrtl,'ulars, a mV*
OBtPFI I IISO'ER. A( Pn n lral r lr.el,
1,'+ ,r J It. \l¢+ltltt.hl AL CO.
I OR SALE.-A Lease of a residence in
SCanalelrt.-K<d,,hh ,,oEl OFIRNhnrlO+ ut m O+r.! te-- , O the
ltOtob ( r to, le.thor wlth tlo I+U ,''TI: E P71 EDVINC .1t.
to,,l purmhllnc. the trnm wllti ho n..mr. ootl0ng, nodl ,mn,olit pn..n-
tion qrrvn. For iparlr rt l,,rx, ,,,llTrune I,,,1 T. In , 40, I' w offw,. drl
SOR SALE.-A second hand Double Cylinder
j.PRIN11rN: \ MAC'11NE l[,.1 .',, 1"nt, rln, V ",b: 4.d.':.. Ai-b.,t
n tw,"Ivn m :,nctho .i -'- yL ;,l,+ .+d ar, ty- tm l do arll he Il c . Apply
Ft t?, A e uo'me,
Keep Cool-hiaep Cool.
ET Ar, , . thI, , n, "I S, t -t EU .MM It CI.01 lNO for
' ENTL:11EN,W O A I I N BE, I Btt, t.,n 1iva ll prN li, xTh
:,,],-l : *+ ',+ ,,: , I ,·II ,r lh,' f! f ,1 a ,:, m l+, nP+. Th-·i
U N. . r,,,I Lt:', PANTS tI,,r o I , O +,i . t~, , .iý
'II, RT .+ I,,, n,l , ,r h" i,r h,:"1 ma l.e¢.
! r~ 1: ," ), rte 1,+ ·*,'+, , v,·tr'.+l.l+, i,, +x r s re l i.tL
LU r;NE PRI<: FoP. i;,),DS N 1) NO n ,'Al'rtoN, ) d V, 'pt,
Clothing .)lade to Order.
.,)r CLOTHI NG for 'l l o. rn ;.: r.;o, ur, w hll the ml~Irntandin tht all
NO11,, I 1, g, nto ,' .k'. th., r.
19 COah.,1. rt . 1and I 3. ronB.,lway, N w. rw.',k.
.Vorris 1' ray,
I',: L ",r the ¢hky Il,,l 1
I' ES SF I '"ll V.'IrIFIB S will Plll.lo
i lgY'I'rh, , '..t::t i. i n. ;1·.l +:, l-. . (U+.+ l. ,,I1 "..l~. ml.
(FIl, E i IFF J\R. , 5IF\R , F0.1 trent1
Paul E. Tlheard,
O.F . No. I1 EXl'IANGE ALLEY, b.Etwn" St. i,L oand (Bontl tS,
Ktsr )I.TIIIEARD ffre L,, · r .* 1., l.To ulBl:.B I , NL *lr* ll
I 1 u w:l: t; lntrFe (rll Enah,h and l ,,, ,Si h into Fr.nrh., LErTERS,
.ONlIE Is I.F e = ws, S. : ,,lE ,l 'N,' BE clW N , ANDTIET IOG E. -
EIN BIE..TINI.S, antl, :v trt, Fll kw,,G of ontom.. I..I.ti ,BB.l+
p",,+: rti,ý".e or A/l+* nrt.i.teln lr hnror lNt,- l.m·tt·;,*, r l'rcu:l. . ..
..p I. w i ,I, "o. h+ B,+ ningBl b ,,in Sokao I I ,OllmrN . l.d
(B +. hN "r . Ir, l l , aiM 4 I e". . p
Checks _
l 1 I..I I EI.III I , NB F10,l ,) J
N TATI N IIFt 15 , !:N hLEY CII.
r. I tg . ":. , I . ,r I.
lJar. .,AIE'a' Iuin'o (+r rcoal in .Ini
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