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New Orleans daily crescent. [volume] ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, August 06, 1852, Morning, Image 4

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; ;, ' . fto -`! tW ORLEANS.
efi State .ofLoeulana, do ordain and
tIpLE I.
C se G1t .. ernment of-the State
fU i heinto three distinct depart
be wooded to a separate hbody
t1Waldel tboaren Lotte totee ono:
toeather,and those ehoch are
B wJte epal..eoten, nor any person
e thV hll etecise power prop
of the others, except inthein
h ireeted o permitted.
Ah poswer of the State shall be
.r.eese, the one to be styled the
e, the tbher the Senate; and both
of the Stateof Louisiana.:,
e of the donse of Representatives
te orthe term of two years from
- fthe ggenstea elections,
ohetbe chosen bn the frst on
yvre ; and the election shall
"A .e. seneril Assembly shall
i fd l in January, unless a
by w, and ltheir sessions
p~h heveeeseat.
$ iteta rnnder this Consoti.
til aisat ln te General Auembly ;
S be a Bepresentative or Sen
'shoe e of his elention, a duly qual
ted atlve or Senatorial District
hos y ' ,fr members of the Oeneral Assembly
dbm. O m.erstl rlection precincts estabtshed
isyw. ee ay trelegote the power ofetob
ta toe the parohial or mouniotpl
hot .lajentateon in the IHouse of $Lepressona
ttei b al nd nuniform, and shall bi regulated
u4 l by the total populatioa of.lteh of the
Sfth tate. 'E.hb Pariah shball have at
least- ive No newPat hol hl be, reatoned
with t`les than six hundred and tswenty-fie
ares dspopteadn les than the full num
htdr .ge etattve, nor when thep csation
tlf 'iteave any other Parish Without
to and aesent 'of po phetion.
'the Pealef an otiertle under
thine ea.s the yeas 185, the se
etht4idl thu sA e LyrM t i ter
v Aeeeblylhalt direst in what
hbe, tt6a, so that it be made at
of tenytsn, for the purpose oft
popdaten t e.oh Piarsh 'd oloc
Sof the egon r after the
the lisgegt m reshall atpePr
'i mn the several Palther and
bais of the total population ae
tee nomber shall be txed. end
D'.triet ,hall hare as many Ite
opulattn shall entitle it
seet ti.e.for any fraetion ex
Representative numb.r. Thh
lres shall not be more than 100.
epthite wenet shall be made. and elections
thel mnoe In accordance withthe toflt emu
the madeas direeted in this artole, the Rrpr
" the Senate and House of Representativer
remain uas at preent etabltshed by lo '.
he hlte of the Parish of Orleans are bhcrciby extonedod.
s i as t 9 h ,aae the whole of'the present City of New
leinStdintg that peet of the Perish of Jefferson.
ther'tit of Lafsyotte.
l s lhof Orleans whioh is sltuoat
an 0 eleeiceeh ippi riser hall be divided
the We not more than ten Representative
H ttil a•Sew apportlooment shell be neodl,
th rtflr 0en he to be taken under this Con
latih'' a of the City of NewOrOeaus whicth wa
e lq ' 'Wn te former limits of the City of Lalfey
h alt votfr Pl nators from the 'Parsh of Orlensr.
ee shell 8j lifa .nth Representative Distriet. and
heallteect.ti5 l Othf three Representatives tloo op.
tawyto the Parish of Jefferson ; the other
llnttlote shall r.nain as they are now
ia ll nuee of Representatives bhall othooe Ito
, loe s ihilte matler who has ttaoned the
egsfeeOfa two , andshohas been a resident of
tnheftt othe nextpreceditg the elhctlon, aodt
th li 0 thereof Ih the Parish in whiod ht,
ffeawe-weteand who shall be a citizen of lbh !'oeltd
S o h bhare the right of votitg. but uoo nlar.re re
m nieParih to another, withinthoe t tnSate.al
lese votu e oting in the former nutil he sltal b:,ro
aql it ltathsletter. tesltor' shall, In all cowas t -
septieeon, any, Or breach of the peace. be privileged
itdnrl. their attendance at. going to, or re
item beraunge. . " " '
1 Th~e Isglslature shall provide by laW, that rh.
aee d eaos ofaL e Omltlfied eleetor tof the city or'
New Ostse, Dist be reglstered, in order to entitte tboe
to 1000 baetthe registry shall be ofree of cost to thie
Ae. •2. No eDdder. seaman or marine in the army or
n.ye. s the unitedstates, no paoper, no person under tn
e ndader 'eonrvletton ofn any crime punirbebhlt
withlh tiltbao, shall be eStited to vote at any election
lpthin State.
Art. i.-.,itpeeon eoal bse entitled to Vote at any ele.
tlonhold lnt.i ate, exceoptin the Parish of his r(di
dense, ,ada eitles and towne divided tato election pro-'
clee ti ttta.edoatianpelnoet in whiho he resides.
et L .f thbalenete shall be chvren tar
the t Ogift i. The Senate, when ossenmbid,
seha #%s the poewee to ehorose Its offteros.
AXt. tThei cglslatuoe, In every year In which tlhey
alapportien repreosentatioa in the iouse of ILtpro,,en
.Satles, 11 dtidethe State Into Senatorial Disterits.
No PaidS alh be divtidedo tn the formation of a Senato
rialDet o ParilofOrieainsexaeeptod. Andtwhen-a.i
evors alt .'rah- shall be created it shall be attarlocd
to eieSaeeto l DiLstdot from whtoh most of its terrlitory
wasI i,-fi to another contiguoues district, at the di,
eretleoa:fthe eglelaturo ; but shall not be attached to
more tlhin er District. The number of Senators ehall
be thir..jywo, and they shall beo apportioned among tihe
Seel tolt Dlstriets acording to the total populatlot eon
tlsd in the sreverat Distrilot ; Provided. tlhat no Paris
shah be entitled to more than ofive Senators
Art. 18. Il ll apportionments of the Stale. the popu
lation of the city of NewOrtieatons shall be deducted frrm
the popetatioh of the whole State. and the remaiOder of
theOautation diviLded by the number twenty-aae.n, and
the reesult petduord by this division shall be the Senato
Aal ratio entitling a Senatorial District to a Seuatoto i
Single or oontiguoua Pa.sltes shall be formed into a
teile, having aspopontion the neareslt porsbie totho
he entlitUg a uittriot to a Senator; and it. in theip
portlonmet to be made, a Parish or Distric ftall short
of or exceed the ratio one-fifth, then a District may be
formed having not more than two enators, hbut nt other
wie. J new apportionment shall harve the tfftot of
ae6 ha thn te.e of serdloe of any Senator already
a the time of makting the apportionment. Atlr
ane ettmeeatkolas hoenmade as directed in the (eiglthb)
arttolepthdttaegistdarllshallttOttyons any loo until as p
lO.s0a li]pse atnlton tn both Ilouesa of the
. I:6 to te .ntSsson of the GeneralAssembly af
ter . itt tlon takes effect, the Senators shall be
•q ad by lot into two classes; the seats of the
Seasts of theleAt osms shall be vaoated at the rexpra
tlon. ./ seeond yeru of the second cladr, at the txpi
ratiton e the foi th year ; no that one-haf shall be chooea
veret two years, and a rotation thereby kept up perpotu
ally In tae suoy Distriat shal have eleoted two or mosre
8ein. ie Ld senatora shall vacate their seats repeoliv e
latY asnd o two and four yeaos, eand lots shall he drawn
hbetwee tihem.
At. 14.; The first etc.tlon for Sentors ahal hobe gecral
theoeebsht the State, and at the same time that the geo
rai elelction for Representktive is held ; and therotoler
there ehadt be biennial elections to fill the places of those
whoms time of seorle may have expired.
Art. I. NS lees thoa-a majority of the members of
ekh Hoorns t the Gneneral Assembly shall tlorm a quo,.
rum to do bhstaesw; but a smaller number may ad.
journ from day to day, and shall be Enthorized by law to
oompel the attendance of absent members.
Art. 2D. Eaehloueof the OeneraldAessembly shalljudgo
of the qeutfleation, eleetion and returns of its members ;
but a contested elalion shall be determined in such man.
e'r ueh ll" dtreoted by law.
Art. 21. .Eah liousopt the tieneral Assembly may do
terniqe therules of It proceedingso, poulh a member fur
disorderty hbbaol, and with the eaanurren'e or two-.
thirds eepriamemher, buh notesoonod time for tilc
mae esfenes
Art. I Sarh Ilouso of tlr loeevrl Asoembly shail
hiea unt pubhlbh wetkiyynjoclrun of ite proeccdino :
anudhoe y emel amys of ron" sembhreeon any queslhi 0
1rol,0te c ofany ta o of them, be entered on tLeo
art. 13. Saa hIocOle m0y poltoh by ioprisocnoent sncy
plerao,.not a meoahr, a ro disrepeoctful end ti-ordeloy h,-I
coylor in Igs hrre6hne, or ohobstructitng toy s f ttit ro
eedh aLcseul.h mpionment hatl 01ot exceed teac day,
far oay one offeone.
Art. 2. Neltrh'e lonoe. dccellg I ,· ,#.., 0ll tii !h. (boon
rsa Asembly t.til. without the' ,'o0l00t If etl otltr, td
joam frmorac th ro dib\,o. ooooo h,00 d. ,. plce
than that In which they may too 'lttiton,
Art. I5. The memiere of the 0eetl A:O, iy,,,,h . hol
reeive .rom tl~e public: treasury a elIlrloe tiin ftrlhO 0 i osi
services, which salrl be our dollars l~cr day dar~ingl (IIh ir I
attendance, gOing to and returning flU, tlt {tl~:i [.!l| Id
theirrepepotlv o howuer. Tbeo el0uelensoaioe mo y c ,o , it.
creased or diaiiniehod by taw; hut no altoratioo efhotl
take efiot dEnelg the peal of serovec of tti 000mb'".00f
the IgoUa of Ieprenotatives by whoa sua h alteraio
-halt hare been made. No ecotoon hchll eltend to, a pl
rod beyond sIxty days. to date from its commenc,,mlnt,
nod any teghtettlse notl had after the exphoatlen of to h
eiaty daphtha e null and void. This roavirioe Mdoll
not ytothe flg t Loegslature which i, to conreue
alter theach ion of this tonsitontion.
Art '.h• Tellhbra of the eneoraol Asee'ebly shllt
in all ac eepl trasn. fetlony, breeos of the pooe,'. to'
pcivnletg crom irreet derinhg theh" attendoooe at tIe to .
olono ol their e ZeLlactivd House. .d going to or retnru
tug eeom the sphaul fornany]thsh or debateoisonithor
eaulo the. . not be quesrtonedl th any other plae,.
Art. 17. NO Senator or loeproentatlve shall. dutioog toh
termforwhbahhewasteletod, norfor onrc y0r ttheroaf.
ter, be appolsted or electeto any civtl oftico cf proli0
nder.this so ate which shall have been recaradt or 00e
emolunssenteofwhtoholoot hafoo been inreaeeed durincg
the lime amhSenaterorl Rpreontgtire wse in orasell''. x
c-pt to aeh.oWto or appointntsoasoa moay bh ttttad by
She eleoteooo iho pi00pl.0.
Art 28. INo pereu nwh at any tioe moy hove Iren a
CotleotorofTaoe. or wnhe m;y bane beeo otheriaro to-o
arneUtd with pnudte money. whetoer oSate. t'arslh or 1. -.
nidolisLehat he eligtbleto the Oneral Aososebly. or t',
aayet eeeofpr ft or trust under the State Oocromoulot
entllLe aeilhni e obtnidnd a edol arge for tloe amoeunt
ofsuneh sollstioas, and ftellpobto moneys oitht owhich
ShesaI.nebn enareseitqd "
Art. thoio blle .qLorh e theToree of a law emlti on
moeesldayesttheroadoeeriannaoh llooso o1 the
sclAsies , and ftee dlnnsion allowed thereon.
...,,o. .ete-s of the Gone where
:.= ........'. i~lor- m it siodient to dIe.
rewene shall originate In
the , . 1.bulshes tienate may pro
jeas Ills preyldedthry ,eyhl
s. tW' otaer color of an amond
sh' ll Prguata by law.
Is hoheof eberlion shiell
te advice and eonent ofthe Senate, by yens and ays,.
*ad the mneof the 8enatolroting forad agaleanst the
ppgentmente respectivrely, shall he entered on a journal
feos kept fle that purpoe, and made publie at the end
of cat oin. or before.
Art, i. Retiuns of all eleetions for members of the
uenerat Assembly rhall'be made to the Secretary of State.
Art. 34. In the year In which a regdlar ieetleou of a
Seenator of the Uleted lStates is to take plee, the trnm.
bere of the (ileoneral Assembly shall meet in thie Iill of
the House of Repreuetative, on the Monday fllersing
the meeting of lee Legilnature, and ptroceed to Ib.' said
Art. 35. TIce Supreme Executive power of this State
shall be vested in aChief Magietrate, who shall he etyled
the Governor of the State of Louisiana, Ite shall hold
his office during the term of four years, and together with
the Lieutenant overnor cehben for the same term, be
ileoted an follow : The qunalified electors for Reprereta.
tivecr shall vote for a Governor and LieutenantlGoveruor.
at the time and place of voting for Reprersentatives ; the
returns of every election shall he sealed up and tranp
mitted by the g,rooer returning ofiller to the Secretaery'of
IStete, who shall deliver them to lthe Speaker of the House
of Itepreoentatives, on the secoad dey of the setion of
the General Assembly, then next ito he holden. Thle
embrs of the GeceralAesembly shall meet in the blouse
of Reprroontaticee. to examine and oolt tihe votes. The
person having the'greatest number of votes for Governor
shall be declared duly elerted, but if two or more persons
shell hbe equal and highest iu the number of votes polled
for Govneaor. one of them shall immediately he holsoen
Governor bhyi joint vote of the members of the General
Assembly. The person haviug the nrentest number of
votes for Liaeutenat Governor shall )e Lieutenant Gla.
ernor i but if two or more peronsa shall he equal and
highest in the numhber of rotes polled for Lieutenalnt or
eruor, one of them shall hbe immodliatly ehen Lieuotn
ant Governor by joint vote of the members of the eoneral
Art, B. No person shall bihe eligible tolthe oficee of hoe.
earnor or Lieutenalt Glovornor who shell not have attained
the age of twenty-eight years and been a citizen and a
resident within the State for the space of four years evxt
preeedlughis leletion.
Art.,7. T.e Governr shell enter on the discharge of
his dutee on the fourth Monday of .Jlnuary next ensuing
'hi leeiIon, nd shall continue in ofleoc until the Monday
anet succeeding the day that his nceeemor shell have
taken the oath or affirmation prescribed hy this Constito
Art. 38. The Glvernor shall bh ileligible for the suc
ceeding four years, ofter the expiration of the time f.r
which he shall have been eleetd.
Art N9. No meomber of oeg.es.e' or person holding any
ofaiee under the United States shall be eligible to the offlice
of Giovernor add Lieutenant Governor.
Art. 40 In ease of the impeachment of the Goveroner.
his removal from olffe, eatcb,refusel or inability to quil.
ffy, resignation or oanence from the State. the powers and
gutien of the office shall devoive upon the Lieutenant
overnorfor the residue oftheterm, or until the Gover
nor, absent or impeached, shall return or bee acquitted.
The Legislature ma provide by law fortho Coon ofremo
val, impeaehmentl death, reslgnatioa. dicbility r tefnsal
to qualify, of bohthteGovernor and Lieutenant Governor,
declaring whalt oftcerehad act as t overnoar, and such oflcer
shallact accordingly until ths dhtabiily bee removed or
for the residue of the term.
Art. 41. The liettenant Governer. or other offiler diae
chargingthe deties of Governor, hllii. durig hiei admie
istreAoo. receive the same compeuetir.tn to which the
Goiveruo weould have been entitled, had he eontainoed in
Art. 42. The Lirutenet oevernor shall, by virtue of
his office, h Prelsident of the ete. but ahall behavre only
ae astieg vaote therein. Whenever lie oball administer
the Government, or ohall be unble to attend as IPresident
of the Senate. the Seuatora shall elect one of their one
members as President ofitho Seual. for the time being.
Art d. 43. Whioe he acts as President of the enate, ithe
Lieutenant Governor shall receive for his services lt,,
oame compensation which shall for tic aeeoe periold be i
lowed to the Speaker of the lHousa c-f le'pr'enetatiive
and no mere.
Art, 4-. The Ouveraror shall have power , ioegrnt rto
prleorsfiollel o.ealcea against the F;ele, i;ld ce ept Ite
cares of ioepeahetent, shall, \iith the ,o'ne' t of tle SI.n
ale, have ipower to lrant palrdons and reoti lines and fil,
fliture, after eneviriiou. In case of treasen heo may
Sleut reprieeoe, until the end of eLthe next seession of tloe
eneral As.embly. in which the power of pardoning shall
be vested.
Art. 45. The Governor shell, at statedtimes, receirve froe
ehis eetvicesa compensation, whioh shallineither be increa
sed nor diminished during the toemt for which hle shall
haoe been elected.
Art. 4d. tHe shall be fommander-in-Chif of tGee Army
lud Navy of this Sltate, aod of the Mtllitil Iltr'.e,,.f. rxeept
when they shall be called into the b rriece of the Uoittd
Art. 47. ite shall nominatee aad by and with the advice
and consent of the Senate, appoint all offilcers whoso oimre.,,
are established by this Coneitutloe, aei wheltO appoint
moot Is not therein otheroslo provided fer: Provided,
however, that tile betiisltere shall have a right to pre
oscribe the mode of appointment to all oloer oflice o erteb.
lished by ia'.
Art. 40. 'flle (Gvernor sheall thove poeMerte lfill ente:ceiee
that may hap.n, during the reteo ofT ,leh cu:ate. by
grantnoleoommiiouee whieeb hIie l l xpieii l tel' ,pld e l
the ncxt esooln,. eleros otercoi:,p. ireidld flr in Ihi0
Constitltion. hut no person who hup o ,e n nbo ninatllr e eo
office, anl reljetedl by the Senale. -lall be apploint, d Ito
the same oflir duaring the 'cee. e e h .of tbe' tt,
All. 49. II- may require infornmatcolo in lee t elt'tf
tlhee olne'ola in the Ri/etieel1ce.peceeeel. eepoe oay- otd,
jeret celoe.i aIr to d.utice ,,of le, e x ,,r e,'.lclone a-.el ,
Art. 50. lie eball.from tillts to tlin,. give to tle - Ic le :l
Aoembely ienformaticu l orpetltg ihLe silLLeiicou of tilt
StetF, rind reeOlllene'ei to tll et i li oleidletitu)ll :.ub I.-e
ures oo lie mnay dem- eey,pdiinco.
Art. 51. Ili maooy, on extrenuroe ll:e l y ,e-eoic, c,'ee'ueVel.
thle General AeeAmbly at tbheer lci ' Ilovtrenleele . oo at a
diflfreot panre, if thlat sholnld hlre e ,eom Ilanger-oll:
from an relelye or from etpidlemie: and in er of dei-,
greerment between the two loeoc as to te lieea o0 f l
ejouruent. lce mnyoadjollrnthemoenel lir e i - e lce l.
think prcpeor, neo exoet.dingI four e ,,olh.
Artle. d. l le hall take ecare ithat ihe, I;not I." feitlle c
Art. 5;,. Iveele hilleil l whc ih li:eeha-. liep sel betlle Ii .","
shall he presente d to the Giovernor. if he approveI. e-bhall
sign it. if" not. lie shall retern it wieehe iets ebt'clioe to the
Ilose in weilh it orgilalrtel., which shall etetr the objcto
Lioos at larg olpoll its journal, 00ll leorrced to reonsilt r
it if ifler s'oeb reonsiderntioa two-Lhirdscofall tilenll
blers eoctlcd to tlot Ilouse shell agree to pass theo bill. it
shall b nt. ll be wi the ore eCti.nd. i Ito tIel' tllerc olle. l.'
lwhich it halle likewli.ee l)ie ereonldlerel. leand if eppreoe
by Itwo-lhleeid .l' all 1le lnlemoboe.rsl (''elel to thot Il oe,. i
tsll oe al' Ic. n o oI fee sulch ogses the vole of lloth lios; .
shall be .e.eeo.ifldby yeas anoov.,..... ,ot ......v....
the nllebellnc c voting olierd agalinste tlee iel. i be i
tCrcd ou tie joall/(I of each Heon's respectiv'e'ly. ]f all)
bill shalll[ hut be retulrlned by Ill, (fGovernor witthi tell tl 1^
(Sunmdy, exeept,×, d) altlerr it .,lamb have bealn preent,',d to
him, it eleel ic " I t bin lt like n nn eeol; : . ,,if i eec had eineeed I t .
Uloeets hle (Ieeerl AsiembIy bydj ,lj.illerolt. prevnt hs
r e.rll ; inl e w eeh eelse it Plall be mi.h. uee, .. ee'loet baek
tilhie three days afler tlletir llxt lcc:tleeg.
Art t. e'. Rvey order. resolntiio crete . to whlco l the
ecocrreurce of bolh Iloses may be ne'cesery. exejele on
oa gOeeeton of a IdjOllerllelell. hloli le l,-'scnt'ec-d to the -Io'.
eolelr. arid bh-f-re it solll take effect, be appiroved by hile.
Ibr leeng di.cacproveed. shall be re.e:scod Ily Iwo-thled of
Iio111 eeIeoloce roeAd to tUeolh ll.- ci f tih, (ieh.lerail .tse'eii
Art 55. 'l'here ,ihdl I," a Occr.cihcoy o ic ett c who .hull
hlold his o0lle-, ducrinig thG. tiet' fre whicll tIle loeerecc
hall hlave bee eleceh d 'lhe record. ofIII thilete.ele,:all
be kept and preservod i tllheoe ofled the Icc reteary, lhn
lhallc keep a flir rcgiterlel tIhie ,llcicl acts and proceecd
ilg ofl thle Goiveoruor. asid whoen i.eessry lisihl ottlel
lhem. ]lc Ihall. beIn reqlered. lay tiole ourd reac-tere end
al ppcle's, lminutea tld vouchelrs cr2l:tiv to hiseofliee. be
bro either ll.e ie le of the General Assembly. and uhol per
torm sech olher duties as may be cjoiniad ou hia L by law.
Art. 5i,. There sheball be 0 'f'renierer of the State, whu
shall hold ile office deoing thie tern of two years.
Art. 57 The' Serertary of State aad Treasurer of Stat
bhall be cletLed by thbe IUaiilecl ,etcee oftf Ihe Statle.
And in eases eof ely vacallciea cauedll' by the delahi, lee;c
nation. orabsetne of the Troc'e ul'er or e cretery o ey.talt.,
the Governor shall order stn electlien o till eild vaen,,y.
Art 58. All colnleis.ols shall be il tele nanllle and by
the authoriy of tbh S ttate of Ioico.ocad sll in
oealectl with the State s-uel and i0gned by the Govruer.
Art. 5c The free while ulan of the tatet shall be acrc d
and disciplihed for its deftnce i; bul. ehobe w lo be- to
religious socisties whoser lenets fobrbd lhem to carny anls,
bhall not be omepelled so to do. bt.illbll pay an ll rv
leout for pecrsona services.
Art. tO. The Militia of the 8tasle shall be nrgotized ill
such manner ans may be hlcreafter deemed moe. ecxpedienlt
1iy the Logieiiatore.
TITi.t lV
.II DIt('IA.t DE, h": R.l'I V::\'T.
ArtL. i 'Tho J oudieial power ha.ll bec vested i a Satlceelloe
'ourt. lee sucl lnferir e:,eurte is t0 l Io Legsiature may
from timet to (intee oler and estobliell, ald in Justice. of
the Pe-oce.
Art, t'. The ilel eaen. 'otecr. clet in eases hlereeoclt 00
proVlcld, ,hall hatl appelltel juri:clietieu only; wl ,
jeriediectlon .btli extend to all ease: whou the mantter il
dipul elooshll eaceed thrlbo rvc leocclcd ilodl'e; te l eia'
io whiclo tio eanstitutloo ity' ,1 bg, ty ofony h0111 e efo .
Gr iulpoM, whluatsutve,. rr rof antSIjl lll.,, lll h (rilnr Gr pclunit y
ilngosed by it nluniei tl erl' ~~athlre :.hae l e'e , ill occeope-eic•
iioe ' caed to oll e'rimieno c.cc',: ',L. ,,, i w, ni oil
oheLu lor t he OLfeeLo Chargedie icolcocoioble .with doathe i
eenporeooenOlclbn a erdbdlabororellt,, ioo focereedlec,
three' huieen d dcdllars is acetuelly loi,,eed. TI'fo Leorg-to
Llure shlr:1I~l ]mvU por to rrLtrit:t th,' IluRIsJ~lctO n of tII·
ul~lpr,,ll. C..tlt ill c~ivl 0 case to qltice etodl e. el'o 0only.
tll 110. The l1bereme Court ehbll b-, (!O111Iobeli of aeec ,
eob'Feooinl r uee .·llloceeo'1eoee 'ivleclulibtol fIloo Jl(j
Chief Jtss·ice:il·II an tol· ` l v. A lt·..iaeh lde-- itlt~l jl. v·I1I ,,rd
tlr'l.,J~ llu .] t[[ C lklitut : rrit , t u~nL ll. Th qhii ud t'.Jtt. it*. .
T 1{][ z{ i .]*.l· valaIr3,e lirix tlt ll.lon dolla, , allu i ,,:,*h ,,ft.
A".,~· )oeixlrae oi I'k.. y nf 0efi t'to-lle l tlioece i d--t,
d 'el, ' iitl·.,ihreIll ,o hrwi'i I-e 0000' 1'01 ,d11 ,y w 1T0
t'1! 1: (,,ir ? -;t,. U (h [rtt l {-U(· LIBI, II 1 )[,, i. ti,. · . -i;, . ,hd; t. i
ccc:;l.l~1; 1. lee..l .l JI Ii,, ~;I.10:lliltil(
."atrh' 1o ,'rl l i I" t .I Y.'tt',
1`Lil. ~, f , a~,,i~ · of lli· ri 'to ti rllei, ",''lice.V to t:,'
'eel '' , '.e',l cif cih,.'' 0~,.0 lht,~ 010 e'.lo~uee:lldeoecbc
;h'Ittltht nb\· Llle Dtrxicas, and teuailh I, liicdl ,,I ·cto'.
elect ( l.o'hoi e 'totrict ,h l nlccocor11',' Oetocco elo fI, .t.th
tbslr-ote 11111 -leclll'-oieelclc lor ilbl l~lleeee t.Iih· fl i~·
eacecee b CIIPI' oodtloopr
Goh t ceect, ei.eloohl I, did d intot. If, 0in 0 'ri
,llr. \uil tle,. Ie c.
st the ci'i. lrb (R~ if G rhqln on 1b r,· ht Ild ·it,."ntir she 11-1
oboue.."d totc Gee eprtioeo 'eeeeebe00-tooeeobe-'.r~l rr
00rp rvecrid tlo tn of he efo cotr, ol to v r
w~igalh lh, bow tbe i~ra, yt¾1t'hdllgP 1I lrttl l| the t'tp is
sirtoio~ ..'., l ig t h. mide ,,t J t at ir .t.c 1f til t .t. k
the, Nceeoeb 00 Ca al, 'od le te, 'co a'ol ad caol,
tiat pfe-t,0n ofe theo oily-of N'rceohee whc i. ot
ttdlcaceboetcl'ln'eneilo, amog ettlce, ' eloc te
hutlngt-v Ilui iBt uurnl. teN,0r ,f voe 'n ahi r et ...
dowI the t'Hrln l tO tll" ler.a 'u Flblld tlwr I',rithe, t f.,lr
deco,ur iee .J.hnth ol t. 1.0 '0lob. t, .s a -,,
'100 , er0 o0 . ; 1, ( l. r11,0r0r bcnc. iWet
i0,aol*letic car~ie e 1 bel 00
Cct. lhl. ea.. ' nIto J cre. IOe'tlc'.c-"oe tveetol!"et
IeIut .oo o'o.cueo. At y.'c.oe Too[eh.', teo 'elell y
The'' Pcocshese el'I''oct~c OO, etolo''''oi.oeSib~. Nae~noeeoo
oboe~q til.o ts000',10ad0 lto.-.'., elelil'o,t in ec'oe.]t, ci',' -
coil] b~lo'ec Oileeelolott coerotlteo.d' ,, Fan
e.:iieob boh.1de -eoi berr.:l eeld ieene
Arte ee The offiee ot co1eflof th, A--'coat' ,oloeoti hesbii
ion oacated at thoelepirteuetioohefcboc'ceed ye-r.a ef l
Ihco at the eapircatioe of the feortlb3.'ore ol' hird otlthe
eaplmlteen of the oliet year. oooc of teo hoerilrt at thlceo
plootion of floe eighteh yean--so the? rae~o of ltce .adgee ot
fle Poerce odetetrmiae by lot auoeg Lion fear eandldatee.
kae.Inib thehigaeot oontehr of roteo lo1 their respnetie
heotriobs. whloh of the Aesoelale estioces cleat ehall neerec
for the eerea of Iwo ycaoo, whiol hot obalere for the berat
of fceoo yreers. whoieh far tbo terle of rio years cand which
fortho teem fof ight yeoear noe lb te' t:,oe:e'neto sbolIl ooco
o'oelialolede ae-ccedteeyly.
Art. 07. Ant, racatoy itea tM eleepoo''e Ia obet CotoloItoC~
'r~l~c Pe bltlcelthfmt4 fl the brolei el I coe b o il ef b 0
mlech remnainder donot exceed one year. the vacanoy lhall
be filled by Executive appointment
Art. 68. The Supreme Court bhall holt its scotaen in
NewOrlceans.from the orst Monday of the month of No
cember to the end of the month of June. fanitoldve. The
Legslatureo shall have power to fix nhi" t stln c aewhore
during the rost of the year: until otlerwit e plrovlded.
the sessions shall be held as heretofre.
Art. OP. The Supreme (ourt. and oaeh of the Judges
thereof shall have owenr to issune rite of nharas emlu,'. at
the instance. of all ronot in nactuanl custody noder pro
C0se in all geawnein whiebh tby may have appellate juris.
Art. t70. Nojudgment shall be rendered by the Supreme
Court without tihe eoncurrencre of a majority of the
Judges comprising the court. VWhenever a majority eon
not agree, in eonsequence of tile reusantlo of any mem
ber or members of the court, the Judges not reruted
shall have power to call upon any Judge or Judges of the
Inferior courts, whose duty it hall be. when so ecalled
upon. to sit in the place of the Judges reeosed. and to aid
in determining the case.
Art. 71. All Judges, by virtue of their office. heall he
conservators of the peace throughout the State. The
style of anl process shllhot be The Stato of hoouisiana."
All prcoeutions shall he carried on in the nloe, and by
the authority of the State of Lonuiclan, and conclude
against the peace and dignity of the alt.o.
Art. 72 The Judges of aol Eocrts wittien thid Stale shall.
as often as it may Ice possible o to do. in every detinitive
judgment, refer to tile' pertcular law in virtue of which
nch judgment may le rendered, and in all cases adduce
the reasons on whabioch their judgmtent Is founded.
Art. 73. The Judges of all the courts shall be liable to
impeachment; but for ally reo.,nabloe ous., which shall
not be sumficient ground for impeachment. the Governor
shall remove any of them on the addrese of three-fourths
of the members present of each Iouse of the General As
sembly. In every such ease. the cause or causes for
whiheb such removal may be requirod shall be stated at
t1ngth in the address, and inserted in the Journal of each
Art. 74. There shall be an Attorney Oenend for the
State, and as many District Attorneys its may be hereafter
found necessary. They shall hold their oei:cs for four
year ; their duties shall be determined by law.
Art. 75. The Judges. both of the Supreme and inferior
Courts. shall.at tated times. receive a salatry. which shall
not be diminished during their continuance In office ; and
they are prohibited from receiving any fees of office, or
othercompensatino than their salaries for any civil duties
perflormend by them.
Art. 76 The Legislature shall have power to vest in
Mierks of Courts authority to grant eceh ordere.
oeld do suchl acts as ml be deemed n~ecessary for the fur
therance of tilte adminitradtion of jostice. and in all eases
thle powers thUts granted shall be specited and determined.
Art. 77. TIhe Jodceeef tie several ilecrior lcnrotuslhal
have ower to reocove the Clerks IhIor'of. for breachl of
good behavior, subject i all cast.r to au appeal to the Su
preme Court.
Art. 78. The jurisdiction of Steotioes of the Paoce shall
be limited in civil cases to cases when the matter in dis
pute does not eoeeod one hundred dolllare, exclusivet of
interest, subehject to appeal ino such cases as shell be pro
vided tor by law. They shall be elected by the qualified
electors of each Parish. District or Ward. for the term of
two years, in such manner and shall have such criminal
Sjurisdiction as ehall be provided for by law.
hoArt. 7. Clerks of the District Courts in this State shall
be elected by the qualified electors in each Parihe, for the
term of four years, and should a vacancy ocur subse
quent to an eleetion, it shall be filled by the Judge of the
,court in which such vacancy exists. and the person so
Sappointed shall hold his oficee unti let neot genernal elec
o Art. 80. A Sheriff and Coroner shall hbe elected in eaoch
['arbh. by the qualified voters lhereof, who shall bold
lhi.ir offices foir the term of two years, unless sooner re
t moved. The Ltegiiature shall Iave the power to increase
the number of SheriTffs in any Pr'ih. Should u vacancy
occur oin either of these ofllcce. h.nbeqellt to an eletion.
it ehall he filed by the tovernor :lnd the person e o 0p
pointed shall cueiuot' i otfide' untilhie successor oholl
bl' elected and 1:enlit id.
Art. 81. Theleodgces l the severnl ilerior coturts hhllc
b. sebeted by t-o duly ,lUllified ctor-ce of their reopetivet
Districts cr Pnrrrl,n'.
Art.'S2 It ohall I.' the dety et lice Legislatture t, lic
tho littlh fer holding .le]ctio.n fier all Judges at a tie.,
which ehall be different frmol tolt fi.ed for all other h lce
Art. S3. The Atlerecy Inroedrl .luiit he elected by the
inqualified votero of the Slate. natnl the Dlrict Attorneys
by the qualified voters of cach Diltricl, ool te day of the
election for cl'oenoer of ti- PlStae
Art. Si. Tho egI,,iature ecny ,lt,.r'liu," thic mode of
filling vacancies itt the offices of tlie iufcrior 1 dgee. At
torney coeneral. Distrit Attorneys. and iall other officers
not othi, r ise provided for ito this Crorltitn licl
Aolt. 85. The power rf impoeaclthe.t ,-hall be vho ted
in the Ilouse of Representativee.
Art. 80. Impepcehmbelts of the (.ivee'or. Lieutenant
fovernor, Attorney tic uralt. Secretory of tlhe State. State
Treasurer, and of the J.tdge of the iofieri,r Court.t JuPti
oe oI the Peace exen-pted. hail Le tr:cd by thI Sente ;
' and the Chief Justie of the Suprlmle C-"'tt. cr the secnior
Jurdge tlhreoof haill preoide lluri the trial of eueh hl
ipehelt cnot. Impeachmentsm of tLh Judges of the Su
tprem I'cnrt. shall be tried by the Senate. When
'I s in,!: s a court of Impeachment, tlhe Suontors thall be
o dom o.,th or nirtim on, and no plerson shall he convicted
' ili'oenet ll,- cencurrenee of two thirds cf the Senators
Art. '7. to'1,nl'0 tos ill 'c,:,, of ih1p5.'lahu lt .haul ex
t.lt.d onl trollyllilec.. l' 11.om. oIllic.oo di.u.o.llcftc'tiOn fr-lot
hoilCTeg pnoltPeic of :'oio drll t or c'ltit ude.rhi. tState.
tlic tl, pa' th. I ,t v ie tode c lcd . tc -vh rthcc'.'01 . . oo nljcc ,1
indiah vlent, tlialliaid tlltni. Illielnt recordin.g iol,;
Art .e All o1lthcer aga0inot whotl nrticeldof inpoal h
mlcntyl. 1'ylberefireCd. ilolll o be slc. plded f'om th'. co
''cot-, of'their funoetionq dcringlh lhe pndolecy o 'tnh iBf
peholul'llnt The' , nlrltinI ower oy. makeo a o roolf
Tion: apllloinltmenl to replIce alny 'uptell .detlecer onlli
th. h !itioln ole the imeepoehmlecI
t. '.11,. Th l, egiLtllure shall prooide iy' lahe Ic Ith'
oIcial. niishmo c lt a nt l ren'ovat l Tce le l fe nic' . f'' " ll ol, I't cli
crfrs tlle ':'tot. toy tnditlcnrete or oll.cvb:'"
.Al 00, .1.'Mboer of the ieono'dAo.'etmlby 00,d al ot.
{iTie-r. b, 'ie. tl-hey crter uplon tllt duties ,f lit''io tiie.'o
sha1ll I0.0 the followingoolth or aftirematinn.
S(A. It..) do solemnly swear (or Itfirll.) Ihll I will
pw" l'iL th ,tonsltittie of tel Untiled States and of tihle
Steic. aul ltuft, I will faithfully and i.mpartially disechrge
tand lo"rtl'o rm all ith,. duti's incumhlnt otit.a
e uoo"dingl tolthe e't of my hbilill:.' nd oundertancding.
lorelolllyo o the Cc olntiltuirnl nd laws om f tile United
S;ltot.e. ld of this Staoi. cld I 'lc fiurthrr scol'ooly -.wear.
(mI aioh.n,) hat otce the o'locptihn of Ihe precent Cocci
itctith. I t'hing It ecitioen .f this St.l.. hbec'i' t fought it
duel cith loltdly eapons wllllcn hli.., clatl. nor tlllted'i.
wilh i eitc.l-n of toio Stte,.:.rr lha., I seltL cor alc'ptod
:t cludlenge 1' t a 'dlcel 001, 11 oyl.IIly 000pn; 1 ith.
,tit::;9,1 of thil St'ate. nlor haw I ael,,d a, a c illrn f Tr
l'*lry , itt Chalhenge,: cr aided. do--. d. ,c a~::tod aqny- 1,.'r
1001 thus o'fegldig, 0o Il elp 'io ( ''d."
lo't. cl Ti',..t. ad.c inc t etic 70l0 I 0l1ll rrl- · 100.0y ill
Ilery 'in 10 0;0gliiloot i c0. b.rio .dhr'. ' tol ilt "oie c ·r
leg tlhem aidlllad comfort. No1 i. .O, l slll[l beII ,nrV4.t
of t' oc:loule, u II e, Oil thi .0ll.t y of two w it,_ll, e: to
-Ie I..-wo: erlll i t art. o r hi. owl l['.o r iol ill dlen - ll-,,.
IArt Il . hEvery o'ro c shall be 0di,0alifitlr, l|] i
1 0oy, fic. of trust r ', preIs in this state. who '1.'i1 have
birw convicted of 'volg given.o cr ,l.'crll . I0 -Libh to p'o
ri,- ehe". er eo, t.cutmcnt.
tol'o i'. Low. :!]l eo . ultecde to seclule frIom )elh -' . and
i" f!"I'M righl t of ,ull'tgt'. thes,' who sl!,ail hereafte,r lie (ol
vicetd f' bribery, lojtllcy. fiorgy. doi otllhr high orinles
or ulio.clpnelor. Th' privilege ,f fre o Llfle1o ,m.111d11hp e
lupported Iy hlws rp'gupl toccg tclcice.'clle orhohiiting
t ooir adlu.ccote pynalties all lndloh inllunl c thereoon.
from power. bIribery. tudlc or d the ihc prope.r protoe.
Arht . No nInt y ' hall be droowt frn the Trceaury
bd plert' ulure o t p.ci. i Itpproprllitioeu nmIde by law.
nor lalllay appropriation of eIItC' hclc madu for t IoInger
termldthalltwo lyears. A regnlar l;citomnto aleacounts
of the r'ceipts and expenditnr url'ofth, pblici moucy shell
be plttbli0hd anutlally, nllh m oalnur it shall be pre
01ribed l0y law.
Art. tie It shal . t, the dtuty of It. (;.'ucral Assembly toc
pa's suech Ie s Illlayl' be necessard tll d c prolel to decitde
dificul'ieb by dartitration.
bArt. ii. ll civil ofllcvto 's fo the Stale at la00e mhall ro
side within the Stai., ailndil DiStrict or I'arirh olfiieer
within tht~ir District, or l'arlsrheh, and shall keep their
i1 ollhat.cl oll p'l;.'e. p y therein ai ila e I.. ruired by law.
Art.!,;7 All MIvi o~fictrs, excpt the tiov,'rInor lted
sludge o te olerlf lll'm .aoud ilntlirior ('ourlt. elbll e rie
cnlovh, cl by an addrets of :, mcj,'rictv t,'. ln t, lb.rý Iof
both 110hua, except hose the r0mo n al ,f oyloe, h,11 b.0,1
olbhr\wi..e prolvided far by tflli Colrttllitialn.
lArt o4. Inl all election,~ iby th h, l l le lire1vote idlll be.
by Ia:llot. nodl in all elections hy thel, S(,oa[e and [lows· of
ItrephSelultives. johntly or oeparatvly. tht, rote. shall be
Art. t-'0. No melmber of Dongur. ss, ulr persOnl hlding or1.
e.1rrtioip ally I(tie of trunst or Il, ot iuldhr the I'oifd
Stales. or either of thele, or unlder soy f'orig pe,.er,
blall Lo, eligibhe asa lnelubr of the { I-herR] ? :ts ablhly, et.
hluol[ or e,ý,ltise aln llr 'e i ct a lst ( I "1il Illld.r t1he
.ALct, h. ~ 10,,11r1o1 [ '''0l",00r e l, 00llid llh 1 jldcid ald
h,1' Il 'l1. 'lllten l di lr. I t )h," Statv shall by ro
1 (111 1 1b11-1 1 0111~. . 111I tIl.l il· i 0. 1 0 I' It II~~
1 l~gld,.mre hell yel~lU '.' 1,0015, ag .t
100111. ho doch·i.'l och'. ho l'0'foco I .·: !II.coochii'o 1111i'c
i , t. i'.' illi'00it 00 ih .' Uic c .- ta t is w ritt .
/ 1 111.1 :131 l:i
co.t .111Iofrhlooou.,t11r01fl.,S.cl lo','o 0'r.f
IIHI-, ,4'lh, ,lr -I:.lntat l ·i~l'v->h-l I, *l Pl l-i~llll- \(i¥t i t ,,~l
0000 I1r-0 1, 001w.rellll'l. tnIc' o..o'.,,h ''Ilt.€I h~s¢l
I ,] ;,I" I Illl 'l ''0' I 0 .II"' 1 II 1 " J i 'il I l. ,' ,.r il ''llth, I'
il'.'co '1coic,'.t Ic i lt".l h.)loot.' it.V t ....,1 d 1 lllc ''" 0 ' li !c. -NI
all hu ill;d ]11i"·i~ l , I th ' )Ili i u l:,: }, ;! l. -i, lt ,P Ii, ! ], ,' .
li.,], ,I I biiilc ~·vorh]i I 'in, 'rl ''". ,1"r I '-ar lh ,II I.1(I il
1]*,'1;, ]1 [ II S I , i , , ,i + , , ' t t + 1 . V
i0:0 0. .l'oo.c.l I l') O' ( L .... . l(li" tl [ . :101010 111 0 -:,
of i , Iloc c'eet.' c ", h eroil t tllec lii. cloth l.c I. ' ,' l 11 00 I0I0
dvi..hoelio'rp,deilogen. t, ., ,otv.in
Aol.) ILtO II. No ilt~l.tttt ot\Ii~ I·jl be I coo to'.cl !?~1 c.3t1' th
cc che airy e o e.otie . drl ht l..1, I. ll cll tll- ·,;]l.'o' .101110i I'
it.ccnllcolhcooctcehardtobet, h"eooo o thclceoecl An' tton.
bly nor,.d the otg gelogei ltoctlci of lo;bto-. ec'.c itSlt lco
..1 t,. ,LiO. hnt . liabiulti epn h hty hlayll r,' lulr·?f ·l'· h it ]~
:I ,.l' mlt., i,,, .lnr tt,,, o ,.:., ull ,:atV,l· ) ]· l llJ)Tidl 'ine I [
'ieoreed nadnetbia nd uul, toh poeeodb·,. 'x Ie to'nh :in l.
can't deld taer eoc itt co,'o tro,. ptol I plc 'u1tnarid nen
ept'o rt. le Ictreoeo t 1.tlellt ed. ho1rt11 loly enotigitie,
fnurrclq -pe .,twite, auld pnhiid hr~til: s',tiul,'nshll on :d .u
..t an n ITS- Telre )the aalnruut ruor'bgt, uiliou ):,, cl-t,.rt.
doh~rcIltl~io a0d0.L.o.cIeOrcotc.ldg it.to.ott fo O hio' le. ,teott
; rt::y eo'it. d 0 fn thr L e ,. l tle ltti,,nl , , -
bll~ t ,l i'rhe ll , te o ottt . icrc [; .' ,)Tt. tl u.
hanll Iollars -, d,.,'qb ill |)B'r .,, ea. tb. ]'*ll'[. 'o~on
i(.r~r eoh lcurerll,n-.rI.-o t r llr ld. (, ! l,,t; .,I lilvr cs tl ,11, I;.
lil't'lit. XIlOt ny i~rl IIr[]l .) a i n Ic •t ]I Glq l* ] I~~ [hu l[N[ ,
llti t.ni lt p tOtct , it.'l rt'lilnt . :I',[ 1 tii II
And the said law shall hb lrrcpaltnble until principal
and lnterest are fully paid and d;ischargd, or unLsa th.
ropnling aIn* contain some other adequate ppvoision fol
the paymet of tlt principal and tlateret of the dehd.
Art. 112. TI Legiglatare shtI provide by law for a
changer of enne to civil and crimihal canes.
Art, 113. No ottlery shall bt authorizelnd by this Slate.
and tre buying or selling of lottery tickelats witin thll
State, is tnnhilbited.
Art. 114 No d.lnr.P shall hbe granted by thle Lgialsl
Art. 115. Every law enacted by the L.gislature shall
emn race but one nbjaet, and that shall ae expressed in
the title.
ArtIl1. No law shall b revived or amended by rfer
once to its title but in such Case, the net revised or sec
tion amended. shall be re.enaated and published at Iagth.
Art. 117. The legislature shall nvane adopt any system
recodn of laws bygeneral referenca to sucnh aystem or
code of laws. but In all cases shall specify the several pro
visions of the laws it may enatt.
Art. 11$. Corporations with lnuking or discon ting
privileges may be either recnted by spaninal nts. or formed
under generan law; but the Legislature sllni II hthll
cases provide for tihe registry of all bill, or nrtes issued
or put In airealation as money. mnd shall require :suup'
security for tha redemption af the same ia specie.
Art. 1a9. The Legislanture bhall have o power to peas
any law sanclioning in any manner. directly or ndinrectly.
the slspension of spele pyayments. by any person, as. -
tion or ctrportionpran iassuing bnk notes of any decrip-n
Art. 1200.n ase of insaolvency of any bank or hankling
association. the bill holders thereofat shall be entitled to
preference in psyment, over all other creditors of such
bank or association.
Art. 121. The Legislature shall have power to pass such
laws as it may deem expedient for the relief or revival of
thl Citizens' Bak of Louisianar, and the acnts already
passed for the same purpose are natifed and confirmed.
Provided that the Bank is subjected to the restrictions
contained in articles 11I and 120 of this ConstitutiUn.
Art. 121. No person aball hold or exercise. at the same
tinle, more thian one civil office af emolument, except
that of Justice of the Peace.
Art. 123. Taxation shall be equal and uniform thrngh
outthe State. Al property on which taxes may be Icy
led, in this State. shall be taxed in proportion to its value,.
to be ascertained as directed by law.s.No one apeies of
propertly shall b taxed higher than another species of
property of equal value, on which taxes shall be levied;
thl Legislature shall have power to levy an incomne tax.
and to tax all persons pursuing any occupation, trade oa
Art. 124. The citizeans of the city of Newrlloanc s all
have the right of appointing the several public oflicer
necessaary for tilt,' rdminlistratlin of the police of the ta'id
city, pursua:nt to the mode of elections which shroll he
pnrescribed by ti Legialatur ; plrovidedl. that the .Mayor
and Rllcorders shall be neligible to la seat in the Genera
Assembly : and thle Mayor. Recorders, and Aldermen and
Ainsttent Aldermen, shabll b commissioned by the Gov
ernor as Justices of thl Peace. and the Legistlature amy
vest in them such riminal juriasdiction as may be neces
sary for the punishment of minor crimes ad offences.
and as the police and good order of sald city may reqauinre.
Art. 125. The Legislature may provide by law in what
case officers shall continue to perfnorm the duties of their
offices until thlr successors shall have been inducted
into offioe.
Art 120. Any citizen of this State who shall. after the
adoption of this Constitution. fight a duel with deadly
weapons with t citizen of this State. or send or accept a
challenge to fight a duel witlr deadly weapons. either
within the Stae or out of it. with a citizen of this State.
or'who shall act as second, or knowingly aid and assist in
aa naranner those thus offending. shall be deprived of
holdnt any office of trust or profit. and of enjoying the
right sufralmge under tins Constittiion ; and the office
of any State oflficer, member of the General Assembly. or
of any other person holding ofisoe of profit or trust under
thls Constitution an! tlhe laws annde in parsuance thereof,
shall be hipsoef, vo wrated by theb fat of any such person
committing tile otfcuce mentionedin this article ; and the
Legislatunre hall provide by nlat for the ascertaining and
declaration of such foreiture.
Art. 127. The I.egislature shall hai powaer to extend
this aonstitutlon and the jurisdiction of this Start over
any territory Raauired lby compact nwith any Satn or witlh
the Uniteid States, the aFelu being dlnel by tfle conseut
of the United Staten
Art. 129. None of t. l. ad. granulted by C'onlg'a's t!" tII.
Stat. otf Louisiana far aiding it in eaantricting tlhe n'eca
sany levees an dratiu, td , recaim tile swanpa and over.
iluwed lands ill thi Stat.e, shall be div'erted from tiab pa.
posed for which lhey were granted.
Art. 1_9. The it..nstititioa and laws of this State+ 'lll
be p1ronnamirl'', ill tile faglish and french languag, s
i\'T'alnA I. Ill fll't'.i:['-.\'tO,.
Art. 130. 'There shall be a Board of Public Worka . Il
consist of fotur Commisioners.ia The State shall be divided
into four Districts. containing as nearly as may be an equal
numbnr of voters, and one Commnssioner shall be electedl
in each Dtitrict, for the term of four years ; but, of the
first elected. two. to be cslgaalated by lot, shall remain in
ati- fonr trwo yeano only.
Art. 131. The Oeneral Araemb!y. ai its first seedoa alter
the adoption of this Constitlution. shall provide for the aleoa
tLion and compensation of tilt. Commissioners and teor
gani atian of ithe loard. Tle onlnrissloner, first sleeted
sha'l a'ellihi or a day to ble appointed by law. and decide
by lt the order i which their term . f er.' irce l baIl ex
Art. 1^2. lbe C. mmns. ioanrr ýhall exercise a daligent
ad faithnful suairvision nv'r nla publi wrks, i which
the State aa.y be l',ieres'' . .i xr pt iln.ae nad'e by joint
, '"ca: e'mp.ni'a. T'f'h3'.lenena .unia ati to athetn enasmral
As.lrali.ty, from tinr t.i, tin a.' theinr views .oerŽuing tihe
a nl:. illad a a'anan:ucall leasures a s tlhey rnay d.'.en
n ati.ary. ibn ardar to tem|i'y to tlhe bra.,t advantac, auld
ier thsl purposes f.lr which ih.iy were ' anated. t!i, swamisn
anal oatl 'lowed land. eonveylled y ltha tlitaed Statet.,.
this i'tnab'. 'Th, y hall appoint y . t rseln rse o.*ngs on aahie
piu'li,i i'.lk. tlad btlail perfurfm uah other detie a- may
he,, pItverihed IY la-.
Art. 1:3 Tien l'aanmisaianler' may be rmsn'ld by th,
aaneaurrent vote of a majority ofall tahe mnlly o ere In et' :
Ito each llaica of the alGeneral Aehbl. i haut the cause of
tle remoran lh'l b, alntered on tha Journal of cact
Art. 1:.1 The Cla n ''rail tAsaably alail havae poae. by :,
vote, of three,-ifth:.of tlhe lllAtllhcrs sheetl to each I ocitlY*,
to abolish Saild tlhns'. wnlh.'lnv.r in thIbir opinion :, boart
.,f I'lhlie' trk laalnll no llonger ha necessary.
Aid. 'here shalll he electad ai Sa'p.arintaali nt of
Public dulatlion. who shall hobld his ,nice f.r the t tnrm i
two yearn . Ili. duties shall be preascribld by law. undi he
I .'lll receiven such compenisation as the Lgilatnra' ony
direct; Iprovided that tile lGl'ral An"ntibly shall have
aowr by a' vote of tle nnajoity of thle memlbers elected to
holi, Ilousea. Ito ab.diih tnhe said ollice of Sallerinta ,ndent
'4 Pulblic i.ucalOtiinn, wnlenav,+r in Lbrir opinion niahl oaice
dlall b no longer necessary.
bArt. lol. lThn'h (Iaa'nal A.aatl'y 'lall establish fre' P'nb.
li' SL]hools throughout thel Stla, a.nd shall provhla fer
theiir a ppelt by :amaral taxaltion oil propery or other
wise , anid all n ion.}y, i'o radpd or pr'.d'ilael. anll he di,
tnibutld to each I'ari'lh in liropoltion tlo tile unber af
free whaite childrni betweeln a ueh ageogasa a ala be tiled by
the f ilneral A ..mliy.
Art. 137. The proceaal.: of all lands Iaretofure graulad
by the Uait.d S'.na' to thi' Statno for the ise or supaport
alnialola., and ofall laud,' which aay hereafter be grantaI
or b:queatethed to the Miate. and not expressly granutcd or
bhnl',.athed for any other purpo..', which hereafter may
le i.piioed of by tbA Sttr. and the proceeds of the .adata tes
at doeasoed persona to whical th" State may become n.
titlahl by law, shall bl hleld by the State las a loan. and
shall le and rnmain a perpetual fund. on whiihl the State
ahall pay an am:unl interest of anix per cent.; which in
terel., together with the interest on the trust funds de
laiteld with this atnt' by tle United States. under the
ialt of Clongless approved Junen 23. 1830. and all the rents
of the unlnld lands nhail be appropriated to the 'upport
of sich schools, and this appropriation hatll remain in
Art. 139. All nnoaeys arising from the sale. w'hich have
been. or maay h.rcafter ibe made. of any lands heretoforen
granlted ly the Uuied Slatl.s to this Statl. for the use of
it Seinaiary of Learning. and from any hind adf donation
that maly lherlater b made fur that purpoe. shatll be and
remnl aa it pal'petual fund. the interest of which, at ix per
cent per amnum. ,hall ae appropriated to the asuplort of
it Senary of L.ealrning for the promotiona of litclnturn
adlt the arto and stienru., and no law shall ever ne made
diverting said futnd to any other ua e than to Lhe etaab
lishmpnt a;lli iprovement of atdil Slitnalry of Learnilng.
Art 13y. The Lnniver.iy of ILoisia.al. iu New Orleaa.
Al nor e.tatliihed. alhall Ih maintin!ed.
Art. I1. Til. Leginlnture shall hiaa, poer to pas sPih
laws ans nay )lo, ntcesary ftar the further rg'ulation olf
Ihe ULniv.l ity. andfor tnie n lom.ltion of literltnaltur and
silacel. hbut hnall be under no olligatioll to aontribtll to
the suppo'rt of said U'niversily by aapprpriati ins.
atltina Onl' lnE\ISIi. IlS CiN"lITLT'ItI\.
AIt, 1I1. Any amendlaeut or aaalandnent to this Con
stitution may lae proposead in the Senate or Iiouse ofltepp
ret,'ontatits, and if tal samU slall be agreed to by two
thirdll of the memnbers ected to each Ilouse. such pro
ptoi clnen'dnlmaent or analndmanlt nlal be nlltered on
their juurnnal, witn ti!' yeaes and nay.; taken thereoni and
tIahae nSeetay tf talte na hall eaaue t. sanae to be pub
liahda tbree aanlnhs baenal th' nxt .eln'ral el'etion tanr
Ila~p|asant'ivea tao the Stat hcgivhdt.'re, in at 'l. t annI
II1 ''nnn.a ill 'r''al a' and l E la Olinh illnaal'yani. ! a'ila'e
Stll ,. ltl II :lle ll t IiIew papt-r a ll · ill he III p h l;il:Ld 1 1· and sll
tot]Iv~:(. 11. p,+ol 11ieal 11aid ,,h (,lhmlindIt- it+ l- 1 d.rty1 fth.·1'
\Il 1,1IU II.
aln`1·" . .; a.In',t dlln.'i a''nn'lllanlaa'a, n'.'a n raly/ .I1.h
1..l-U 11d, 1·t1 4arn}. hi* Ihi·nh Ill- the saiiD. illt IaIi .LaeI i
'lif l]1+,·~! ( ,].ii l li,,ll Ii f i ll)iltI, h li i + tl tlllll·llt :L tj l*li. ~ III.:1 I
Li lll I' naa inn l ]'' i II.t y ll.' a Inn' lla '' h is..,
ill'llnt/~ l lh"· pt1' ,,pl t' Ii +' L·lil I,'1 I)··LI· ,,r. ,Il,. , ,he *,rH.,L1,i
, .1 lanaDU i"~a~n.
iSr,n. -ltuhIn lro I h ,,aatla r t,, Ill n ha a nr- taoy l,,t
,', nlr ,,t+' t, w~a i~l' udivi Aa d ' I ala' ,,i'.1 .,y' ,:1,
and all hII~v OTill 5.l, i h, tte (~l.flany Ill! n'' tain Iafatll
ntblolni tolt oll, a aa not Ile.ll.a.'aOlla I n th+ .llw o ¢r~ r _
alalltnasaa ianll al alalaa itllld Ina'h'll lay aap d ba
arila' I at tiha r5.... a. taaiho n I.. i rnsEaie.lig Iaaar
the .tlbiCics,,rtiet, in thki. ,~Ian 'a alh'ao 1 t' n. -n tial
thin.~ l],l,l ¢+tlh,- . i,dl n, u ,clre~vd..it +=Iv ],! h.w
Ia:lclu,; Ira Iln ial nata 1 1.! Ilp~t" llaih~rCsn r
dasni.. i .tl, srLa'' t.,lle dluti,, of a thdo Iy I th a.li'arn
II'.· Ilnl a''anirntaana arrlr~o llsi pnaaidntar~sltnaaaans
e1.~ iv n','.. nudie in'. ilon in L h ia.' oa l an1 an!ill nln
Ilirlllll l ha(: haa, aaao.sa..'a't ajllllll aO''''a a\lj 1I
!,wee.~ th(,ugh tfi. .I~llh' nheru~ cnl~rar ton thi.l :~ C l,mtlhtou
I·aa 1.1...133
....''a........ .. e ll' .. a... nn.. Sf ........ ..a h' a . . 'a t
a ntl thaa .alnrtiat ny l theal aln'Iantl' a'tla ','n 11. n It 'adert
o Slay u In ri
1he .lh. lt, ditrl .tnr the ]oatttiion of isis.o i[!.hl.
An'.;1,, Id" , il'l'loarsallaaantaaaa tlt ..ial~'h
-'.al +.bn'n. T staae flaa.of nar .ll .a li ,is eholcn bv
,nn'tnnnin'rtnrllni t.'iea,'".' tuia,.anln~n lbi. ,!tan I.lh,,lhad nn'
nilrnal tIn. a a.aal , al a-lla,'. h.I t Ila lta'a0lnnl y:
Iho '''''a Ina . ,r a'.
of Ntmnnn r next, for Iht purpom of tnaking the sense oft
tihe goi paple of this Stat, in regard to the adoption or
,,jection of this Constitutiont and it shall bn the dutty
of the snaid oficera to rective the votes of all persons en
litled to votn tinder the old Constititton and under thin
Cnonstituion. Each voter shtll exprIess his opinion by
d.tnaitlng in separlate box. tn hbe kept for that purpose,
a tick.t, whereotn hatll be wraitten " the Constitution an
cepted," or - the Constitution reJected," or some such
word al will distinctly convey the intnttion of the voter.
At the concnluasion of tile smaid elcton. which shtall be on
ductnd in every respect as the general State electio n is
noaw conducted, tht commtnissioners designated to preside
over tha same shall arefulll examinen and count ench
ballot to deposlited, anmld shnall forthwith make dut re
turns threnf to tle dSecretanry of State, in conformity to
et praviSiana af .tth.e eisting law upon the ..IjnIct of
Art. 151. Upon the receipt of te iaild returns, or on
the 5th Monday November. ifthe rtturt e bla not aooer
reaeived, it shall be the duty of the tovarnnr. the Sec're
tary ofat Stat,. tht Attnrty Genera, and the Stat' Treaan
urer, in the presence of atll Fith persons an mtay chooe t
attend. totompar the 11v taesa given at te said poll. for tei,,
ratification and rejectinon of this Constitutiot, and if
it halln appear featn said return thati a majority aof all
the voten given ia or rattitying ilthe C' titution. then it
shall be the duty of the vrnor h to a make pronlatnatln
of that facLt, ant thenceforth this ionstitution shall be or
alained and isttablitahed at the Constitnution of the State
of Louisiant. ilut whetnherthis t on titntion bhe acep.
ted or rejected. it shall be the duiily ilf th, Oovrnor to
cause to be Ipblished in the omicial papyr of tle (Cor,,n.
tion tie result of the polls. lshowing the numbir of nvotc
east in naah Pariah fr and against tte snaid Constitution.
Art. 1512. S.lollid this Constitution hie accpted bIy the
people, it shall also be the duty of the toavernaor firthwitih
to issue his proclamaition. declaring tlhe present hegisla
ture. elected inder the old Conntitutiain. to be dissolved.
and directing tte severail icersa of nte Stati. authorit ed
by law, to hold elections for members a at the General As
sembly, to hold an election at the places designated by
law. upon the fourth Mlonday of IDeaeuber na'xt. tar Gov
ernor. Lieutenant Governor. mnembers a f the (cneral .\s
seanmbly. Secretary of State. Attorney (iiattral. Tn-areure,.
and Supertntendnnt of Public tdueailua . Antil tit said
election shall be aconducted, and l.he rntitrns tIcarenflad
in clnformlity with existing Il ...ilp . . the bi..ct of siltut
Art. 153. The General Assembly elected uader lits Con
stitution shall aonvene at the Stiate ltoutt. in iatstn Rouge.
apon thethird iMonday of Jauuary next (15:l.) after tht,
elections; and the ioaveranor and Lieutenant overnar.
elected at the samet time. shall be duly installed in otfice
during thai't neet of their ee;,ion., alin beforen it shaill a
tompetent for the .aid Ginuernltl A tmtbly to proceetd with
t tlt trnmtntian of busillnaa.
Art. 15i. All the publications hlereitl ordered h;tall be
nlde in tile Official Jornall of tile Convention.
Anrt. 155. Tias Constittutiona atll bi publishedl itl are-hal
and Eglish in the Oflicial Jourallt, ( the Convtntin..
from the period of its adjournament until the, tih t Tuc
aof Novembern. 1152.
T IIE PUBLIC are informed that the offices of
the DEPUTY SUIVEYO£,S aulornted e fo lloa F:
A. L. LANCIIHARD Deputy Surrrv or for First and Four t Dtictd.s
M,,c V ol vmnia etreot, l,,tw-e," Nayn~tea::nd A04 a tr, ercw
I.A. ,IIIEMECOCURT, topty Surv-yor fir Son'Id end Third Do
riots, offic Ur.alie street, beweau- R. x nd l.ourbso etretel.
jru . . . . . . " I. I'I.IE, CLg So.vvr .
NxwOaa~Ln.r , Jun" 5, INS:.
IN CONFORQIITY with the provisions of the
lt. t ll IoeyitItlr ot ihe St .t., , llopr -ed , a 4, 0141, nlE
m itun Oa.ret o Ln on handR-
0EALED PROPOSAI' S O ill-o rOreivd l nat this oflpit lil FRIDY,
Ihe n.lh of St aglb, ]ri5], t noon, I. the anl ,,f BONUS of t, lato
1ni1lp0olity 'unllorb O De, tlo thle rrtt of FO RTY TI"OlISAN D
DOIILAIS. B4l Plro pal A tu be leuIored "'onlr l" Bon I of uet
iahtyi .ulmbter Oe.,"' nali t be o p-ld nod -.l apon on tha anal 11O1.
S,'ptby ta br, 1151, nt n aollan those B land rhllh, ll, , m . l ff rt nt tihe
I,, . 11Cra d nod ,reh d , olII out lO 0,,, fi s h. l L TSilY ,,ll f
All r[1n l l, rltry lllber On T, Crrt,,l by t , ud ,'. t of h A y "I, 1,.4l
A. D. CROSS,\ICAN,, 1) -r.
14'T . P, CONVEtI RSE Ch,,l;~ . , I,, IIt e
F C ane+ LCnllllC l ttt*,+ GI* 1oe l,+h rd" " f A11 ld mt t.
L. Il. PLACE, Chldrnlonll ofI.. 1I inr e
Corolr utkter of tlhe L.aTr.l 1[ Aaamsmt h rlAldr lm
4~O n4:L-orr.uhed, That tile Comptroller be,
anod ]:," is l.,,r, by at, Bu nd t., vd] at nttlIII Y'ý1,' ,r, TitA NOO 'C
Nl, 4. to tholtr e hr , on h U ontrat f.r 01l1ipnn l ity rt
,i;rl u ,nplatea - r brinld 1 hi 1I·t. it, ;n ý i t., a , 411 dan:t
D11 'A,, .- o'
t aot, nrr inme lontl roil'utiont l Cw, . , l
S0. 2op .3.-R u tI. C.. o ontr i
004" to aeordqtlneo with tihr forrelgoig ro'''
l u:.n no Sher,,b ¢ n th at I w , I ··I at n l. e" r .L ,, 4ONDA
.1+ m· I e~ii . t IN il. A'1Y1
[0, t, au , r nn do V, y, r.
P;. r ,onel .,::lmn te [ tt. RIFDR U Comttrvlh r.
,p Coolaori ict o hl r re. ro'',ln i. lrui, )rd1'i0 tor' ,t
N , O4'1 Ir1t r l rI. ',I . lI'rlr. T O. A ['ii.. t I , l' ,
''00111.O,',1011' ' . .11 F: ;:+ 1'S. 0 ' 0 ',
S.a o )owio i o m p tetr 'r ,ll d
[S,.ll0il'i i vl \..NA AlC FtI" ,
[f;1,l ] Crfrotr ,lnt r o .o : t.t 0 10 . 11r11tl:
Bri,' jP , l,
In occordlance withl trse oiregoing rcsole,
t :n, ]oti.c , a h,'.hre 0 -,"a th,,t I t ll, ..-11a n \ ti, ,,, .1 ,f htl. ! . l I
x,7() 20!.--Ifei,'ut l'qu le r t heComptrollerit he
• , .... . ,I ,.1.... 1' 11. ..
i..IIZ- Colat . ie o t it a ,qt; ,.*t,, t Io i n lre:,a,.. .
.__1.0.-.--Re.1'olt IITl e leii',lntrplrur BIt e,
[Sc'11·i 1 n111. i . t . 'I'L,"+. 1 ', , L", I",ý . C,1h.1 1 . w " . -rm .
!,ti ,n ,OI. tile.,11 . ' · S2 ,, ,,,, 1"" . .tG". . 'f i.. a id, t". I,,. ,»., 1.. .... . .. :,t
F,, i- r rd , t ,. ... r.l . m, , 1..I . a
S In accordatnce with tihe f..g, oing r,
O. 212. --l.le1'leu. ,1 lThat ntrenletr sulit et
•or. 1 1 at 1. I.' l,, th,, Ijr,',,y .' ,I . "' I.~ I , , I ,,, m ,, Iý ",tr,,... ..
,I Ir ikr , ,l f Sýýl y, , ". u. ' Gu t rr ,'t,, ,,} I. , 11.11 .inlll :,l , I, 11+ E ul, 1,, i n. ,
rSi..:l, d " ANC . A I rrEN n
['rF:,drm d,1 i :t B du r a .\,Idrm,nl,
at u ar It l " " :. he , E l . I th .'. ' ,, I" j." :.I ,. ,,I· . on11 ,1 L N UI)7, 1'
1tItrl It. ,o v ~ , ,r n t,' r . . .-1 ti,, ~ .'d , ,
JOSEPH II. MOORE, Commirsion Merchant,
No. 1071'.vdrn. atrl-t, SIrrer~ r llxn .
A rNDESON & MI ETALP Coammission anIA d
r yl anlins el· r ..nnL:. s. 73 fit. ci.n,I. , . ý [, ý,-n frl".un..r
Iý"iýCkA ~ cP MAN othrmll I ctors,Coln
11. JONES, Atl trup rut) ,AtuIlp rtisa
{ ·ý : · " ·; l ··' ·I ·~-'SS1 ·· 1 · - ' 1'1 'c ·· ···· I p· r · n av
('lam ,Ir'PF, 'rýl- cý.ý rrl.ý. '
e,.ll I cI ""ýýýI1ý . I. a L": ur f1ý'!'~'. I Ili i LA XL AIIXI":l lll il!
TVI'l'I h!! Irrr hr·AGET -Th
.I,.ll "lI rERTA I'.fl " u:: II
N X IIINf Rul 1E I.' 1raI IF I'll nr M.1III 's1 ;UMV N,1 IN
1- 4, tr"+p:. , .lill ll ,,,o rl i :1I . ......· I ýl·l. . l, , I Jrllll. l
C(t11 SI EI' N W(111 A COR7 BTO PllC
rn1.3 N ·) ,,.. T . 6. 'I IIIXIX 1 A.1 (\.ullAg.nI
X t.I, L.. I. tI AP II Sr, : R 1,~ll i , l ' n i alo u.ýl
X &1, p~n.ý is ,1 ..i 1·11 1 ( u. Iw. I lIr" r Ann r \I rI .IAI _ ·. l `, r
';"` I'' ·'11 I \' i: "tehl.:rF, to llllll: l iI.·li Llr. 'T"F.
I' ;r illine o J nr· ," u .mr l nlll ti u !; :.z : t f lo ..port, v
I'·l rlr b,"od t, ,.n r It e II inrr. .u n, :::. r, ..) - yrirr ·~u
A., ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ irl #1 tu.ra ~. rln, "I
C.I. `:. IýFý1t ...IC . I..
` An111'lIii S1 ELL I Piu"IsC nnry, \[iss
ý',I t ·l. :.1 .I "1' ~ 1."+ (n" I :ý I drn ":I,.r n d ,o nd nhal
s nhbott tour nulh ...I On e ol llug wharc tn.'< .Ir, ,n r .ulu' eel
" ".> "}" ,. :Irmo9;lru Ioth rtil. EaF~ii i· o h rl ~
7 0 ,',h - In li, t.. . \l t ll~ný I r (i :,rsn nt ;nlnl e.ýn llill n · o t a
' ,, Il t i an Iln ,I, a ,l~ l.t ,Il~:h t. 'l nnx
.rI I tirt t r . r 'nsn .. th atr s )o e li-ng
;olu. ,Bnd witnesB went ouIl In Common streel;
___ s still isidle tis. 1bBooB' Ifo a momnlt, when;
G ts b.55d Wi\5'iSB IHcled fIBS LA t sstelh. sli
ltime C.'l igBem casm e ou1 t an d ptB d II ndow
toe stree; BIs hirt bosaom wals Suyo bloody. WIen
mtih BLBBBBIthe coII bouIB ag5 Bain.ts. IIlN(Ir sit. o,
e B. floor. hlSBing pofusBBly. Witness recognaizIs
witlsit N the pIlrerll who wagHI props tlg g to t in Lir
l tAnll. B I
-nin m nPo lvn B",B Bel llty IBB CoBBIBBBBBBB
urgIt ofthe'lit 111I. II. illh·ted Cuuningh..ln n
nt reali a handror p er caatn{[ m or, etite ntlxhule.
+. I or tonll. AL tgeir rwln~lbhmm* t r ns Lr f M nxtn lmrnl o
ALL GENUINE PA ENT Bi5IBCISBB. Tire fBll.glgt I,', pri'n
n part of their neeurtmrn and ranl,'se sumBds l dh B mtc
nl froml txmntt to twenty-eer par -t F epnl uthioratan
Winn,'. 1:1 I s'Bs' " P" s MB.
bs's,,.,e AllbASi·'· Indio B tS IIaBB
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Pit-rrt ;.n,+,Jo 14. 1A4I.
Th1 Syrup of W7i:h Chrnry ald TAr ."A glva A grentA'7 iA'"AAAAo A to
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BoA.nAAoA A, h. J n. .r . . 1 .
We hove taken game tro'ble to introduce inr. Dav s Syrup" i t.', I1
Gherryand T.,r hArA, aIA d ha Ae Aold IAl wP rA , AA d fIAom pYA Iir. .
H. CookA s uaeA it h IA hie pp tce; hA Alinkh.e lAAly of theS.dllris«,
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"r the authenticity of v:hekl re once at I..' .L,. :.Iomt li rnpb!e
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'AI A. A. F. Fl AAI,,A, ' A I,,, AAAIAA, Alr AA* A.lA ISA
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A YcJ.: ;A ; e,:r 1:, A,\CW. PHIILL'PA.
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N Mtrt, c-,nth 30. 1.4C.
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Tar, nor, .mr, -tmn:t.y eorn:r.nr rd q-:eln.* ' · lr, and
hart'y. TAAiAeA A ntAAAAIArIA:AAAI r'. , ' a',nA.A nry T.
',rlahali:, Wnrrr:atr !o Ar.' , S k; l * :, i',. A It, n,'A1o-A Al]
n~r thl- r .lwtr. rtr p ?t,r lalx r 4 I'll rn.oel It ,u..¢l ,.den;,,!" ra
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'uil ,ption of rho texrt :nd !(: l."l,,it.:. u c L v -. d rrhrvud : y Dr.
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At tlila rimes, nr. Laris's Pvr , o; y d I T :,. r., :aI 'tar .1. r1, oc l
mended h, in.,. :n t.. ,r ".f n t .. n r1,r. r- o .,:dpai
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',Otle.s the re', h w, "'. * v u , ~I " . Ily ' , -,I h-a]O, nrl, I ,ar nffth
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ltr , OI. ,I "o -. r ; ' s,. h r e. i a. t i; ,,ccz.,Jely e· ;tr,
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A:A Ili I AA A
"wWL%;t. lt;:8 A:,f) i'A SA· l LA, TAAI, ,AA., . , A.
'A i~bll'A A"·'AA5ARI·IlldI
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I t *::, I ?ad on arl·l ,,,'.' , : I.D? f ,.v ., ...· ,,: , J t :., lr,,t . a, ITu
Sr 'z w . Ia eel , "r i ·' ( '" - I : a.,.
AAAt L i:AAA'. A1 l ". A ,"I I AA yl A- ',A , ,l' r. .I7;'A latr e.,
"IA Al ., , , , A lA A A ' . D " r. t ; , A , T,
,- a n ' m ~ c h l.'t :, ,," ; ,k hn- :. e rr r4, e l,
"A Al ,u .IAhAlA , ,AIA AA AAAAi ! Al{tm . ,,,, t: I - A' 1,1, ,t:,[Al,
. , i. 'e? to A a iA . A.' lAA A ,'r w r ' I. I l rt ,1 s cnm t
·.-.:a. I~ril: nr-·r.,ntzoll re( tl wLrY i,,.nid..)..
J H NA . DAAAA M. LAAAA' I, , " J,.'', P. Al o ' t.
AL Ir. anA A rAm A liA r :nA .AionAo oSf t a' Ai ,e The f oa
'%t.. nl .. , of ti, nluver:l 'p..;ilj ;,nd t-.y of Dr. Da ris's
. AAAAu ' und.r th!lr nAA A + A nI .,, A eA LA.iAlA A IA , rAAIAlA iA I lrtAAA A
I.',.' rrqu:*rly reid ,t ;1 cnol4h:iro tt..? Ii it r:.. o,,, Lr ,,'t' a utlsrtntln ];s
p-)c shoii.I ,e r.,t,:rnd,nn aind anl. ofi tiirm i.,.' w i an.,- Il.pli··rtlo to
retal the m'n J. '1 ~lu r, . v0m ea . I A A I . I t oJ inhr i. dA
, rplmml a g-r rar tz from or"lt nr .mp!., or , . we re in .fr",k , e
T rip+,fy,mý riu w lyell ..f wile = ,e t w . iruq" M1 ,: "y:., ";.,r : ; r1
FtO I,, i na. VAUle hAn r pit R isto.
AA A',rA SaA'l AS ShIA.AIAAory A a T , ,.AA A , ,tr . e it. .A .
IArASISIS ALA I, o I,, c,. AlA,1S4y .
yTr ar iA , II WII AA'AAAt AA'.AA I """r A.n . , A"" i ,. ,,
bl:.r mar·(ar r.r r.
.:..,I: evlJit+ ,: a, ii , n"p ., . r h.:.,l. . hI , n . 41n* r, r Ly l
.nctL anr ,ld r a rs rrd,l a d nt n the o.far.n t~ra T r.I ,, c, y npplH r t*op
.nr ~ ~ ~ ~ tu tC,,.:,l~ Is iliU ru.Lhl Iy'.',.l .4T.ll~
)!url.-r. Rrl~ls.~. Crrrr.* it CI,.--L r.ln i. Iv to Inorln vo~l that
I t hieh Dr. DIn b'n S-ry. i of WIII Chenrtry o: toim rnl." tk.L th.'].gd ut
en our p wert of t of rl,.h.ry'. :,m cat or It ir nq i . hlf doran holH. .
;nlla~c. I~rrul acl:Mla ,incl. ioDI.D.:i ),
-..1, JraIph I)Ari'lA I ,ori* Lini Vmet, ALM f I:avu tnken t~o li IIrt of
.-ti~ring for .aln geayfor ih. :ibover tv¢ RIII s f n.:· 'ernh,. you YOB so
pleD._ Irt, Sev rnp d trodd, m·e two docep nt , noth I nY"e .hon
bllA. AA AArA.iA A.Aly yAInraA A AA AAA , . A I-A, IPAIAI N.
,ion A iAA f h Ai I A , AAAA this A 'l::i t{ , al, A ' .other lumo.
B.vr m ere· cw ita ^l': wr 7u r.:cl h.nn' ronr e ant , r o "r a.rnonll ohsr*
w~tion. nod w. thr,nforr rrunb,·,.tri reri:mmii.,d ii to the .m1:eted. LEd.
n.Ji. wVeeklv %iaitr,r and Tenlyra,'c. F.ntc 6·!ll(. ;;.(rn ) Feb.) . IM.
Y"RON Mn. s. 'd h./Ay 8at T ;, F-;,,, , G.." ",rat,., c:,. Woo
Io t s and Statiy.on r c.! Yi o ..Il.l:;aire t l' n j;t'" 'h . rrala rý
'A. iI A.A ' 'A I
7oA ,l r ; f e y I A TAAI, I.A A-l. A, .-O i- r r. , e
;AA AAA tlI lf'¢AIA'A AAAAA A . If A lA 1 we.n11 ri '* Is l A':,! ..ri;!lr
FRi O ato, V. . bIAYEB. "
WI,. 'aAA, AA'AI r, tA'AA .,S eAA Aa'.
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uo th,;JL tul~y hnr 'lly :ii , n be,; ,.,, n'. ;,, ih.L."r !:.in, :',il<.-.,i )
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- cper t of !Lo .o..rr:, y :,nd ti it,) a ,:,t , in , I" ·
n. ru. h are noel:..,.r. not nfr,! - tor It.y D ,ri.f. ', frprom a m a,,:"5 ::;
l og fo ; Id D- 6 ' , . "r r I ,fi ,a h,,'h r h,, t ,,: 1 , :.r ,nrhb nte G r, of,.
tag. fo l i.: . I I, " r..n itn : h r.- !r.. { r . .,i o ( , -
Ll''f ,hA. I , ' 'olli Le Be h i, iA AAA AAALAAA. All.' A.
OlD-I.I~l·l~. 8rncrn. :.t t-ul x n T .' M woul IllMton
iA , A lAA:, A 'A Ail ' f f ] h r nr, '",.' ¢ v Ar,.
ffo'' and nx l ,, f ., r. ioo l· rern . .m mend it ' llh.¢ lr, . ...
M. J. l.t kyIi,,,:t r and Te, m :,,, . ".,.,' t.m.:, (. ; t. n,) lm' Feb . r ] l
t l Ahs A Ainr AAAAA hAA i A, AA.AAn ,'I : I , lAAA ,k rA , AAAAAA
-na b ,roshf alodf 'ld Ch-r n ,l"rmiU, I ,. " ", .rn l, ,K '
t of c ur, wav. h.i, If viprl' h' l ,t , of. . h h ý, % tl ern:
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i , p t. h ,P ,n hdt:, rv~q , n n P ^ ,ly t . .. ) t < f "r ,r t. '. . !
n. . L t ll,, , 111· r; , r .. , k (n,.-ht w,: , , t rche. ,,i " .'.
WAI AA AA I I.lAlll t IAIA... , L .)A. SI I !AAAA .. L InAA.i.IA , .AS
AAihS JIA A N i;[SI G C C . m,'1 , rA.rA . {A A
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• _-. A g,' nllcr r:Fnnre ti· lV· oha h, u ,
W l ( hr: v,: , n d r, r.' r :". t r . It _r, . :, .t d , . ,a . h a , ,i ', r t.
ltorr. &he ,ir .nrv nll: . a 'or f·I to try f l h, , o" i
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ht: r 1 h" r .l hr 1)p. it ,, :", r . r, rI court
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ruani: |t }n l et,' n "! k~ ~r,: ',7 o z.,' . . r . - '
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ntrlrey eurdmn.n rv mnther ~r.~' who. rI.u r, Ih rý.rihbulco [.m.r
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Irnl Sold wh I. *a lo r rxil by the G ner: I :e. fr. the "r I
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LUE LICK WATER, freshromn theSprinQsa,
Sfo' "^ I4v rl1.91 P. L. MARKYI
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if we ll rbbed Ipen them, will alfh~d relief end "WI vranent, evep
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toed y DALLY'l PAIN tIXTRACTOR, Lu wa.hA ,,, IIIHA few
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I. mip I.,.llrhInlly tnrtd that Ih~tc it no gAob (FLIBS lADrhs ma
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rýiJrI 1 \rl n, nt roni~llrp of Hn;ailt bln rcun ty nnd City of 1,116 -
:., t r I! It n l III 1 t l:L) mt I ow. to ihr commn..n., ly u Ibu t publirly
"'Lll: Ihnt I hour F .In tnuhlvr xtL rho PII.lL for Dtnut a DII rn sA
I:r.I iolhnvr, I·1I1 la uu I Inrplrr. i 1 P""Limir d to g ng worry, DALL) Y
w, i. I tp lr l u y K"l.D I. l to m n ntrial of "
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EFF`ECTING INSURANCEY on their hooka, ptppen end
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RTENTSTED SAFES, uu lhrr with thirt)".Sv nrlld.
J shwa hol har. saved MORE THIAN A MILLION DOL.
ISAAC BRIIN3E. 7 Me d.a treet.
ANGE-At sixty days' eight, on Bocl.
A. F.hirY COCHRAN & CO., 27 TchuupilotI6 Ilrwtt

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