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-h, n ai c Bo Youz, Septeaber 17.
n re r a fair demand far Cotton, with ale of 1100
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45 #ti 7"bb. . ira gpm oune Aod extra State
S. lp 3ZS farmsuine Southern. Corn is so
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Ohio Dier- MarketS..
Smiataoa, September 17.
a our~fe ttbreee tusaheso a nheaiendadnd
` t Olecosua'n, teptatber 17.
t >a , t ae oosi o faawlg atowly: Saioi5SN1OUe at
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artj 0.rue~.aSoohttaaI01hait ra shot the
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onThea1itnni~ thedadt vaahttaL Par
SM"ý hs~al 1*4:;
': ,er dgre.OtpteemhOr 17.
baa ha beta etiee dor
lt S" , 'a the salsa reach 2600
olywpz" tentdafoy. aod the qoota
o of 10,pddling rlsao, nd 10
r.Mlr1VSll56 UpOla.a MIxed Cora hoe
-ran" at bi to e·ao. per lb.
r Tn:she friends of "Old Chip- I
ot.ke a note of the several club
; the Chuaibusn o Club holds a
esting, at the Hotel.
ek corner of Levee and Louisa streets,
(lO ee-flouse, Third District, (Ninth Re
ttie District) a SBoott Club will be or
Atf tleQbrder of Orleans and Marais streets,
the whigs of the old Fifth Ward (First Munici
Pality) will meet to form a Scott and Graham
Kindle the camp fires; and then, up, men,
nad at them, when the word is given-" for
understand that, yesterday, eight miles of the
NewOrleans and Jackson Railroad, immediately
on this side of the plantation of Hon. D. F.
Konner, were let out on contract to Messrs.
John Coleman and P. O'Shaugnessy. When the
eontraots are given into the hands of such re
liable and responsible gentlemen, the public
iave the best guaranty of the practicability of
the.be 'ahd of the intelligence and energy of
theDirectory. Whatever Messrs. Coleman and
O'$hangnessy (known for fifteen years in this
city as faithful and scrupulously exact con
tractors) undertake, they will do.
oeats itabing Part 'iaboag.
Fer a list of'stesmboats advertised to leave to-day, we
would refer to the regular card on the third page.
THE aLs..--The eastern mail due yesterday, failed as
M.al. That of Thursday came through, bringing New
Yoek dates of the 9th, and Washington and Baltimore of
the o1th inst.
Tea Tpus Isas.--The last number of Major Kelly's
paper wasa capital speelmen of a campaign battery
Sopor bright, Major--why can not we get two copies ?
. Are they sold out so fast that you can not spare us but
i one
Weare indebted to the steamer Norma dor river favors. be
"Taonixooa osues.-The Louisville Courier of the 10th
inetant gives the following items: it
The stamob new steamer Mary Bes, just built for i
Capt J. s: Montgomery, for the Mobile trade, starts to
NewOrleans Saturday.
The Cincinnati Commercial of Wednesday states that
steamboat runners have again ommened operations ion
that city, and calls on " the committee" to put them gb
Bohs aSoln.The steamer Memphis was yesterday esld
to Captain Borden for six thousand fie hundred dollreo.
as she now lie at the upper wharf. She is it good repair. t
and in condition to receive a argo. and will be apeedily
placed in the coast trade from Vicksburg to Napoleon.
mouth of Arkaneas.
The Joah Swaa7y, belooging to the owners of the Mem
phi wausalso sold yesterday to a Mr. Oweu, of Memphis.
for the com.o fourteen thnouand dollars, as she now 1ies
at Cincinnati. The boat was purchased for the trade be
tween Memphis and White Itver. t
vrsTtaeno Ornuaw.-A day or two since Capt. lrice. a
haing had a foe, new low-pressoro boat built, concluded
to suspend his tripe between the end of the Pontchartrain
Railroad and the wharves of Maaderlle, Madisonvtilte.
atc., uantil her arrival. However, the ocompeting boat hav
toing immediately raised her rates of pasage., Capt. G. has
been induced by those who believe "competition is the
of trade," to resume his regular tripe. So, the beau
tiful gpheia, with her popular commander, will be ready
atfour r. a. this evening and eight a. et. to-morrow, ash t
usual, for passengers and freight.
The lion. R. P. Letcher, our late Minister to lMexico.
arrived yesterday in the brig Tehunatepec, after a boi
terous and disagreeable passe of twenty-six days from
Vera Crue.
THe FAhie or Stbs.-Notwithstauding the iaclemency
of the weather, the 'akir had a fine house at the Varie
ties last evening, and his entertainment gave universal
Satioeatboti. His powers of ventrioqulsm are indeed
wonderful.and the exhibition of them is amusing. The
aknir appears again to-night.
Tee aa Sgvt CIan.I-This fine company of iquestrlans
continue their performanoes in Barone street, near Poy
dose etreet, and the canvas is wel filled each night. IM.
I 'dame bnan and Jemmy O'Connell are the bright perticu
tar stfrn. I onaddition to these, Edgar, Harpiere, and
dmith, are performers of much merit. John Gomsiun the
Alownef olOpn, is still engaged at this establishment.
bItla.etl worth the price of admission to see and hear
iTun Sanrs.-We canunot ay too much for the lunch
at the Shades to-day. For variety and exoellence it ehat
S tIges compettioen. Par the liquids, nothing need be mid
Leun Sran torres.Hovsa -Mr. Henry Klays, proprie.
torof this establishment, willaccept our acknowledgemenl
of the eroelpt of the ine bowl of punch, sent to this oill,
yesterday evening. It refreshed ai the anti-Maine liquy
id t meo about the estoblishment wonderfully and tempt
Sus to recommend all lunching gentlemen to walk into No
SBank Place, at half-past ten in the moring. ia full on
idence of finding a ierst rate lunch. the best of liquors and
Spolite attendance. __. .
id PuaHs rmost lHavaeN-eNYork. September 1t.-The
slttrs received from lauvaa report nothing new respeet
Sleg the trialsof the polutieal prisoners. Some of them
b however, have been liberated. Other arrests for politreal
m- causes bays been made.
All newspapers published In the United States re pro
hbibted entrance into the Island except the Washiegton
National Intelligencer, the xNewyork Express, and toh
- NewOrlerans True Delta
S tTh Ltalu (leneral notified the agents of the Amert.
M n, te one purser of the steamer Crwesent City. will
w be treated in the same way.
, The crops in Cubhhave b.nu mueh injured by rains.
o, (Picayune.
I oT Roe Corroon.-The Natchez Courier of Tuesday
ne has the foellowing: "The complaints are extremely gea.
ral among planters, of great inroads being made apet,
i the cropbythe rot. We were show yeterday, ad hry,
e now at our ofoe. talks from i field in this county. whehr
every boll is utterly ruined. Smples fromn a field boe.l
h- Fort Adams, in lWilkinson county, we have also Seen, wher.
cca Like injury haso been sustained. All along the river, u;
D as high as Vioksbhurg, almost every overseer gives th,
-ame inforuxtion.
"The rot appears tbe confined to plants from the Pro.
r le. Prout. l'ruvlan, and other seeds of the kind
c0 Plants from the old Mexican seed do not appear to hay,
. boen alfeoted. The distinction is remarkable. A fielad ot
e -Mexican on th heside ofthe road will be perfectly frte
while a feld from fany seed on the other side will be
f greatlyinjured. The injury appears to be aeeomplisher
Bc withgreat rapidity, three or tour days serving to bligh,
1. eomplitely very fair prospects for a full crop. In ona
Splantaltion that we could name, where ten days since 10e,
ales were expected to be made, not more than 1000 wi;
-hba piked. Planters, where flelds have been effeoted
speak conldently of a loss of a quarterand a third, and
t some even of more. If ita ouyway as general a injury
i as is supposed, united to the inundatiou and storm it
re Geongia Alabama and South Carolina, the defolt to th,
eoposted crop will be great Indeed."
1 Ooevuoe tr Bafr.--Oo Monday last, at about half-past
ef ..-.aslk hoin the afternoon, the cotton gin of Mr. Ilstb
r onlm ' ayoau Huff power. was struck by llghtuing
I The ecttrc fnid having set ire to some picked cotton.
p. the. Lames burst forth with great vtolesce, and in leos
than tno hoeam the whole structere was completely roo
ji m--ed, hr .nwlth the cotton, amouantlg to come
,. ,b es: 11 i th theird time within the last ton
editn lkthe thisb' aepot hanhs bee estrod e
Sts. Its tellta (La.) Yttagw, fibthImt
I n n -.t theu W. Uootie o4e C Meankt of
o ou a l t6 Aeepuied ha t t
IO $ l was td t 8P ld,
the 18th inst ir the West where h intends stumping itd
i-A dstrou l ire o.A p rty d at inole Indllan reo.,
onl b, to hold the 6th be Proesiden the amount of
$10,00 asee dut~edei d.
Ssn TIHIu. so.RThe Mon, John P. Hale left Boston on
tro 1ttint. fhors the dest, whare hd intends stumand hg It
fora few weohso.. __
b.oeoae Ienoote.-A pnrty of Semnlole Indians re
eently puesdthrogh Charlerton, on their way to Wabh
Ingito, to hold a' talk" with President 'llmore.
THe TROosoew Hoenr Mowooca -The oelehrated Mobile
trotting horse Maedooh has reached NewYork. and hst
been pitted gainst Lode Sufolk and Lady June. Much
anxiety to felt as tothe result.
THn MASo. Law o AosoTnsot -The English Govern
ment has pt the Maine law in operation among the miners
in Australia. Grog-shops are burned down as soonas they
are dieovrred.
Muanen.-A man named Low, waylaid Jas. Gray near
Jaoksonvlle, lls., last week, knocked him down. and cut
histhroat. The murderer iin jall. The diiculty origi
nated in a game of marbles.
AccIr.oT.-At Easton, MId., while some workmen were
engaged in unroofing an old churoh.the rafters gave way,
and all went down with a crash. Strange to say, only
one man was injured, and he not seriously.
Tosacco COor OF K..roUCY.-oenslderable discusRion
t going on as to whether there will be half or two-thirds
of the usual crop of tobacco in several counties of Ken
tucky. This does not look very encouraging.
BSoto.o or Too ASIA.-The Royni Mail steamer Asia
moiled rom NewYork on the 8th instant, with 71 passen
gers and $7I56i48. The Governor of Bermudd and
family, and lion. George Maffat. of Montreal. were among
the passengers.
A USE Foa ALO.Elor.-The Providence (R. 1.) Journal
says the chief use of Aldermen in NewYork is to lot row
dies out of prison. Formerly. when a fellow was nabbed.
his confederates sent him a 1ie and chisel ; but now they
a enodhim an Aldel sa
ToVc BL.. v IDRo T'cEL --A Westorn correspondent
of the Petersburg (Va) Intelligencer states that thM
workmen on the eastern side of the tunnel have peneti
ted about 600 feet. and on the western side about 060 eet.
The whole length of the tunnel, when completed, will be
300 feet.
THe NeW MINiSTER TO EvoiaOe .-The lion. J. it. In
gersoll, our newly appointed Minister to England, sails o
from NewYork to-day in the steamer Arctic. for the scene et
of his duties The lion. Abbott Lawrence will probably a
return in the Atlantic, which leaves Liverpool on the d
2id inst. 0
EAnrTHg.ua AT PonRT-A-PRIwCE -The schooner Surf,
arrived at NewYork, left Port-au-Prince on the 25th alt.,
reports that there was aheavy shock of an earthquake
there on the 1Sth, at 9 o'clock, A. a.s followed on the next 81
day by two others, one at 3 and the other at A. or. No ol
serious damage was done. ri
MARRIEnn STATISTCs.-From January 1 to September p
1.1852. there have been six hundred and nine marriage U
licences issued by Curren Pope. E lq., clerk of the Jfferson
County Court, in Loulsville. The Courier says that these h
statistics account for the very warm weather which has c
been experleneedin that city. d
THe ALRoTnO.-Wo learn from the Quebec Chroniclele
that thesteamer Albatros will be sent to Australia. The
Chronicle says that the Australian fever is raging very t
high in that city. " Old men and boys. old women and p
girls, are packing up for Ophir." If this is the case in
Lower Canada, we believe it is much more so in the U!p
per Province.
DaneT or L. P. Marcn -The Louisville Journal of the
10thinst. ays: Our whole community will be greatly
pained to hear of the death of Mr. L. P. Maury. who has
been, for several years, the frst clerk in the Louisvillu I
"We never had a more effiient man in our post-offMce
Mr. Manry, and we never had a better man in our
THE RECENT DUEL AT SaoAvNAH.--The Savanoah jouer
nals notice a recent duel which came off between two
gentlemen of South Carolina, Col. E. M Whaley and E.
E. Jenkins. The parties met t Major Stark's plantation.
opposite Savannah. and after a slogle exchange of shots.
the challenging party, upon demnud of the other, ex
f pressed themselves satisfied. and the affair terminated,
but without a reconed.li;tion.
Aeornoa Vncrnet-At Cincinnati on Monday. the 6th
instant, hirs. C. Milleham was examined on the charge of
lunacy, and sent to the asylum. Some lady who professed
to be a medium, induced the poor unfortunate to believe
in the humbug of spiritual commueloating, until it inally
d destroyed her reason. And now she is literally mad, and
leaves three little children with not a relative in the
world to provide and care for them. The Louisville Cou
rier asks, ' cannot the law be made to reach the knavish
trickery, whichis thusrfiling our mad-houses, and making
childesn motherless and homeless i'
NswYonK Fsr:, DPErn · so :e.- Mr. Carson, chief engi
neer of the NewYork Fire Department, has just made his
annual report, from which we learn that there are in that
city 43 engine companies, 54 hse companies. 08.:00 feet of
hose, 1hook and ladder companies. and 3 hydrant acompa
nhils. There are 2731 men in the department. If the
companies were all full there would be 3358, being an
increase of 1070 since the last annual report. tDuringthb
year ending on tat August. 13552, there were 320 fires, by
which the loss on buildugs amounted to $320423. and on
wares $1,558,803-making the total loss by fire during the
twelveonath, as nearly as can be nacertained, $1.879.246.
being an increase over the loss of last year of $1.171.760.
which is attributed by Mr. Carson, in a measure, to the
scarcity of water and the severity of the weather last
winter, which froze the water in the hydrants. lie ree
ommeuds that hereafter hydrants be stuffed with straw.
THa ExasaCTro TFssna S6sr.--Mr. Rufus Porter, the
proprietor of the proposed flying ship, reports progr as
tie says that the most essential part of the apparatus is
Sradyfor inflation with air; the longitudinal rods. rud
der. pulleys, replenishing pipes and saloon wires will soon
r be adjusted. The engines are superior, both in construe
tion and style. The flotr of the saloon is twenty feet in
length by six in breadth, and consists of a combination
of upward of one hundred and forty pieces of spruco
timber, and strong enough to sustain forty persons; yet
its entire weight is only twenty-flve pounds. The floor of
the engine-room is arranged to be ind.pendecnt of the
main floor; and the engine and boller are so nrranged as
to be at any time instantly disconnected from the wheels
and detached from the saloon, should occasion so require,
for the purpose of repair or otherwise. If the weather
continues favorable, and no unforeseen misfortune pre
vents, Mr. P. expects to gratify the friends of the project
in about two weeks time by a successful demonstration.
Caesran Ptat.lus.--On Monday. the 6th instant.
Sr Brown introduced a bill to abolish the rectories. ca
Stabhlished by Sir John Colborne. On motion of Mr. Mc
SKenzsa, an address to the tovernor was adopted. calling
fora return of the public moneys expanded during the
last four years. in payment of certain missiansto Washing
ton Oty', Halifax and London. The bill to amend the St.
Lawrence and Atlantic Itailroad art. was read a second
time. The object of this bill is to en blle the company to
extend the road fourteen or flfhlen miles on the United
States side of the line ; but it is provided that neither the
nI f addressing her Majesty. inrelation to b._rapipj
lavigation act of 1845. Mr. Merritt ofared sundry reso
lutions. the tendency of which is to sk the British Gov
ernment to impose unch duties on the productions of for
-ign countries as they imposed on those of England and
s ser colonies. Mr. lrincks did not think tihe resolutions
staiwouledhave the desired efect. but th would not oppose
S hem if the-Hous desired their pastage. lie was of the
,pinion that the closiug of the canals would be more tffect
uat for obtaining reciprteity.
Rntstoat Accm:anTas.--An accident occurred onnhe
New allven Railroad on the Sth inst.. which fora moment
threatened to be of a very serious chtaracter. It appears
that the switch-tender at the llou.utuonic Bridge. near
Bridgeport, on goig to his dinner neglected to adjust the
switch at that point; and when the morning express
train from Boston reached that place, the locomotive.
as tender and baggage-car were precipidhted over the side of
he bridge. Fortunately, the connection between the
lwaggage and pastuger-cars either broke or was loosed by
s.dsame one-otherwise all the passengers would undoubt.
, 'Uy have been dragged over into the river, and resulted
in a dreadful loss of life. The engineer and tireman, on
discovering the approach of danger. sprang frcm their
i; posts and escaped with slight bruises. The accident
d caused a delay of about five hours in the arrival of the
d asl.ngers in this city.
SAnother accident occurred on the same day, on the
ilarlem Railroad, which resulted in two horses being
killed. According to the information obtained, it seenm
hat a team of four horses were drawing an empty ear
through the new tunnel between Thlhty-secoad and For.
It 'eth streets, to the depot of Forty-second street. and was
s nmediately followed by a locomotive. the engineer of
w hich, not perceiving the car ahead, in aonsequence of
the tunnel being full of smoke, created by the express
rain which had just gone up, r with great force against
the empty ear, and drove it over the two shaft horses
killing them on the spot, and severely Injuring the lead
er, beedeN demolisbing the car.
-,' .'T ewYikot ald h-U the' tllOwie tl.eap.ilo r
paorkoý tih ptoooodtago of th&#olhom'a Righots Coavto
t[ bed a, yraaeele hat tat. Itis ·tai io
Mate ttt too
s ti roaa.O OrnA ,oo, ETC.--This founlStn
m hi-rns at ten .etoctat the CIty ISIll, au.
w.tmrn t .rf 0antied y the appoiotment pf Mtrt
Davis, o providence,- R. I., as Chairwomtln. 5n
Mit Locy Stone, of Mane., waO appointed Secrestary, and
roead the call of the meeting, which enjoins upon loovely do
woman, with her own right hand, to care out her des-ta
Lsroras.orM Ma.s. RAln, Hlca.t.R G a tmo, Ec.-Alet- t
ter was read from Mors lugo Read. of Eugland o also a TC
Iltteo from Horace Greeley. which was well receivedd and
ton whihob he said that broad lhes at the foundation of all p
moral and political roeform., including Woman's Rights.
mittee was appointed to nominate oflcers After duet B
consultation, the commilttee made the following report : t
Prsident--Lueretla Molt. of Pc.
Vice P'oeidnot-MSr.5 E. Oakes Smith, of N. Y.; Mors.
Paulina II. Davis, of R. I ; Glrret Smith, of N. Y ; Mrs.
Clementina W. Niohols, of Brattleboro, Vt., and Sarah L. ol
Miller, of Pa.
SeIletries--Susan B. Anthony, of Rochester"oMartha b,
B. Wright, of Auburn ; S. J. Myo and Lydia I. owler.
The above report was adopted.
The following were then appointed as a
Business Coomlttee--Mrs. oarah L. Miller, o medicalt
dootress ; Mrs. C. M. Soreraoee, of Ohio; Mios K. lunt, 00
Mrs. P. IW. Davois, Mrs. Eiasbeth W. Phillips, of Syra
cues and Mrs. Rose, of NewYork.
The President addressed the meeting at some length.
LoTTEns, SoETCH.S, TC. -A letter was received from
V. G. Ohaoing, in which he says that a little boy 0t his ft
died-a very pl:mp. spirited little oreature. and therefore s,
he has no hbearot to write toyhe Convention in r.ferenoe to Ii
its princoipleo. ti
In the ocourse of the morning a letter was read from G.
W. Johnson, of Buffalo, enclosiog $10. T
A Voice--Is the writer a moan or a woman i
r Mrs. Davis-A woman. 8
Mrs. E Oakes Smith wanted the names plainly given In
full. In the beginning of our enterpriset r want all ouro
honors and privileges. (Laughter.) g
Mrs. Wright read teaddress of the Convention heldat
Westhesrter, Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Nichols soggeoted that if the popular eleotions
were not proper places for the women to vote at, special t
places and days might hbe set apart for them.
aIteroa oFt TH0 E BU0Siess COt IITTEe-O. Thoe following
rosolutions were then submitted by Mrs. Rose, on behalf
of the Business Committee, as part of their report :
Inasmuch oas many of tha institutions banded down to
us from the past. like heirlooms. are felt to be, though
time-honored, hiodrances to human progress. or to the
sprtead of that Divine truth which gives light to the
iResolu.d. That it is our duty to examine these institu
tions and to aocertoain which of them are still worthy of
1 honor and support--which we should seek to reform, cud
which to cast aside.
eosolled, That it Is the right of every one holdiog prop
erty as a citizen of the republic, to resist toaxatio till
t such time as sohe is fully represented at the ballot-blox.
Fr,,E Err.nsslv or Oplvlors--It was agreed that the
o dicussoio. should be open to all persons, whether opposed
a. or friendly to this cause.
A ScorT Motorai.M --Tie'-Ptdi°K of Ithe Scardltes --It
is understod' that a resolution will be offered pledging the
0 Convention to GOeLeral Scott, GOreely end Seward. Agents
are here working hard for this, but Oerrit Smith willop
pose it.
a. ApPeAr.oc nF THt AoSSoooBLG*oo ETC.-The meeotig il
inot as yet -o y umrnm Oooit was lost yyear. but it I very
orderly oe d eo.huOlatite. There are veryfew of the mas
0 oeuline g. ader 1 r .ot. Thereoo .. ooly two Bloomer+. but
lya great mr y i .ommg pretty girls and mrriel women.
lo dr,.se in a he pink ot faohi,,. Mrs. Davis and Mrs.
Oakes Smith 0re particularly fine.
The Convention adjourned at twelve o'clock, till two in
R 0.00Non. SESSION'.
The Convention .-,.assembled it tou o'lock.
dFntlT SrenH's drl oet orF Womtno's Rooots.'-Gerrit ]
Smith reported the following resolutions - nn
Resolved. That the demand of women is not for prinv
oleer. nor favor, nor employment. nor honors-but for Ing
rights. his
Slrred, That the rights of human beings to their own
to their own earnings and pr perty, and to par
ti:reipote in the ehoice of the civil rutr. are rights which
belong as naturally and absolutely to womaon as to man.
Resolved. That we beseech womanu never to conoont to
oany of these great sacred rights in abeyance. norto Ly
sconsent to exchange any of then for bribes and prii
"lge, or favors and flatteries-however alluring and se- Lot
bson.oo A'lotuet Or T'pt-IIONOnE u Ct"RTOoS.-MIrs. F.
Oakhe Smith adeodnted woman's right to resist taation. th
She said. we convene to disorgani,, time-honored int l
tuti er. Let Syracuse. which has become the Thertno- the
Spyhe of freedom. be the place for our struggle. ,Squalid.
a ignorant foreiners may be made voters, but half our o
pulation are disfranchised. Mt. Smith oonuclded by m
mooing the following :
Ieeas, Woman's society is such that human freedom. S
in its boet sourt'. can only hoe increased through pecu
niary independence : therefore.
Riol, ed, T'i fr Pvl"iy enan n.hould engge herself in for
Slitertur the flue dart. professions. agrioulture. ono- --t
mce or whatsoeoer hotnonble ocupation .n best adapted
.0 to her apomitiles that she may th in removet the stain
from labor. and wtok t t hi e own emancipation. T o
,tr0l futberl Reosohd. That it ir the right of every
woman holding property. to resist taxation till such time
tr as she is fully represeoutd at the ballot box. th
Mlss STo.ae O '.oi. Oo TemoS.--l2ucy Stowe made anof
eloquent spoech in ftvor of Ooerrt Smith's resolutions.
- and ixpressed her odium at the lw which gives the hus- h
oand his wlfe's earnings and property. a0
No Jostec Fen Wooox A e WotsE--o Miss Brown said
women were trhid by juries of men. not by their own
hpeers. Guilty womd n ct n ot get justice in our courtsTrc
Ignorant womso en rofoer in eilence oathcr than endure ex
pWon ol' 111... t. St t....11.1.. .. MAo'. II'....liR tono ont h,
Mrs. Rose soid miud knew no sex. If it did. man could p
not represent both sexes. If it did not. then both sexes
haove il much right as man. Wosne hugs her shuackles.
hMen admit we are right. and what does woman say? c
of Why. meon wont like it. 0ppression has become legal P
ed and therfore is fashioonable. She urged the removal of
Sthee unjust laws. b
o tVWoarsu TO R:oto u .e Wo v.--Antoinette Brown said
ywosmen had no part in this Govnenmet. for their consent
nd had not beenobtained. e wouldnotsond women into
he public life to become men, but to remain women. t
A t CoAsr AFTER LOST ilutrmtnTs.-Cltmentine W. Nich
s ols said she was introduced as a monster of womanhood.
a political editor, and that we have hoped that though
og the rights of woman ar now suspenoded she will come out t
and be a live woman yet. We are said to be running
after the pants-they have logiolatured away our skirts.
gi- and ar0 about sitting upon them in courts of justice.
bit They must not comphdif i give cha.se after them. Mrs.
Nicholse concluded by moving th" following :
tut Resol'ed. That equally involrod as thOey are by the ordi
of once of Good in the natural relations which lies at the
p base of all socity. the sexes are equally entitled by ori
Sginal elaim to til the rights which cover means o t he
dilcharge of the civilities involved in those relations
tn ALAS 1IoAon.t t Wooun.--Mrs. E. O. Smith moved the
tho following resolution
by Resoloed That as the imbrutcd slave who is cotntent
owith his lot and would not bh: free if he could. (it antoy
the such there be.) only giove enidonce of the depth of his
degnradation, so the womant. who is satisfied with her infe
04. rior condition, obsrvinog that she has all the rights ohe
i00. wants, does but exhibit the enervating effect of the
th swrongs to which she s subjected.
The Convention then audjurntd till this evening.
last The hall was crowded to excess during the afternoon.
dOn re-assembling. th. hall wao more crowded than be
fore, and still greater excitement prevailed.
tho S) tPATHvo.--Mor. E. O. Smith read a letter of sympathy
"e from John Neal,. of Cortland.
l Is is 'r.itT SoToolt'e Ioo o VoIT.-- Gerrit
od- Smith said the women had taken great liberty with hit.
o righte in gettingu speech out of him. Woman was not
an angel; she ws only wotoman tie did not believe in
rUc getting her to lraven before her time. Give her b n dir
t in field, and critiocise her when she fails.
tion Luoy Stmne also made an eloquent peeeh.
dc OrosiTloN rto TAoAoIlO.--An addreon from Mtrt. Stan.
too was reod. advocating tthe r:fusal to pay taxes.
y Mt'Tonv--Pi'.tHo.tn Tn of TioI McoTo.r:a --J. I Brig
o ham o nsaid all thi noise about woman'st rights was got up
i the to bring the speakersit into public notice
,d as ierrit, Smith cited the Scripture case of Abimileh.
holti. t oaid ho should 10ave llrighon to he slabin by -
Luoretau Mott. who castigated Mr. t. severely. and
ire, turned tb laugh against hilo. She invited him to dis
th cuss this question to'morrowi, with Lucy Stonte and An
pe.- toioettoe Drown.
jelt Mr. Pruyn and Mer loowlett followed on the same side
Thoer' were loud clls for Mrs. oLucy Stonl. hut slo only
On. epoko o t'nw words. She said she lacked faith in God.
God made us women,.and will kep us osuch. o.0's workt
'loto. cannot be blotted out till he is blotted out.
h.I. It ias intimated that the dicution would be renewed
.c- to-morrow, the 'Prsidtnt havhlng invitedany man to meet
tthim in open dioeouoion.
At half-past 10 ,'clock. the Convention ,iljnourt'd till
g the to.morooe o rning -
St. AnoorHEo Ctoneao 0.oa 0 t HE PtoooI'n.eT.o-The Soluti
roend ern Blights p0arty of AlaoUama oe't in Collocntion ti t Mont.
. gy to gomery last week. oid nomimtted (i. 1T. 'rot. E.,t. of
c toled oorgiao for P'residentt ad (ion. Quitman, of 1issisippi.
ethe for Vice President.
Tr 'fhis was a State Conventlon-o very mearo e one at
oirt d'Kl- l ool o ounoties were reproesented by slxity-two dol
. . ntr l Iy-unhe of th.m oltnlto from Autauoa. Mlnt
reso- WAY(h Ia .t.,.....ý_-A,.., -"...0 beort,.Siodiey : 'Mobilto
v- one. Iussll one. alld Barbour one. It seems to have been
i'r tty mucoh t Montgomery affaitr.
Tff- hio noowoiment appoiaro to hlave been prompted very
1 anu tol'rogly by Geo. Quitman. of lislsioippi. A letter was
l.0r0d frol bile. extprl'ssing tohe opinion that the Soethllrn
pl Oiglts organie.,ttoin ought to be maintained and canodi
dated s nontimtl d,. and riecognizing thl sentiment tlt no
F the person ought to refuse the nomintion if offered. So ho
oot-will hie sure to aceOpt the nomination and play out the
role d soigned him in this fa:oee, for. witbhot tny disre
slpct to hinm, w. must say it is a very farciaeil proceeding.
u e ot is oald to be highly proohbi. that doe. will
nt not accept the nomination, os he long since retired from
pears publio lif, and is now nearly eighty years ot age.
dt the toonnoior E ot:cIoo'.-Weo have the followSing additional
pess details of the late eleotion in oVesuot : returns from 10I
it.e, towns give the following result of the election in that
do of Stateo: For lovernor--Pairboanks. whig.13.702: Brainard.
the free dem.. 4177 ; Robinson. dot.. 245. In the same towns
d by the last vote stood thus : Wililiams, w hig. 13037 ; Red
ubi- teld. free dom.. 7254 ; Robinson. dem. 4240.
ulttd In the 31 Congressional District 23 towns gave Saline.
wo o hig. i33S3; Adams, free dem.. 2S93 ; towe. doin.. 102.
teir It tle 2d Dlistrict the rvote in 40 towns stands--Tracey.
dott whig. 77 i: lenry. free dom.. 3S09 ; FloloLer, 10]SO. Tra
I the cey's majority, 1114.
In the Ott District 30 towns give Meachamn, whig. 3408 ;
the Tucker, froeedom..1033: Peirpont. dem.,1281. Maouehono'
ting wmajority 1114. In half of the State the whigs have elected
caw 064 Representuatlvois In the State LegiF autur, and the op
position 43.
o II- sELT OF Ctetrn -Thio following utatoemes t (says the
i was Charleston Mercury) comprises the deaths in some of the
r of cities for the wn.k ending September 4 eand their
0 of proportion to the population :
Deaths Population. Proportiot.
SBosetoen ................ 6........ 13878....0.1 in 1445
tinsf New ork h ........... ....... 57.849...... 1 n 948t
orso Phlwldelphio .. .., - tu...0 ...-3,,30.000....1 in 1715
- ltimore ............. 116....... 160.025...... 1 in 147
nharleston, . 8t,.. ... 41014...... 1 in l4
Savannah .......... l........ 10ooo......1 tin 8S.
FeroM auccr4 t oerceepo deeta thwer Mtinal 1.
atears, wtin t atio Maplectnn athe O .rla smi
tteesletheecla, m sthvod sutrbecrttlsr fro hextilo 1m
an hl.tw i ig before trhe dty. The tewa tinIt&eope. corf
as l '. e he purport of this visýt: Villa det.e, and
tgeiem rh lth ' Mo r, steam }r4g 0; lane whq
steam f ;rta to tmfrigate; the latter two Of and
50o and the foer of t60 horse power. The
Yesterday was opened, with great pomp, a naval dry- did
dock in the mrilitry port, Into which a shlp-of.th-ne-le
wa safely introduced. It is a massive structure of lava P
tone, and Is the toly one In the Mediterranean east of oat
The electric telegraph has also been opened from Na- ap
pies to Gaota, and is now bhlg extended to the Rmnan
frontier. eMs
The Toledo and the parallel street of Monteoliroto are ito
laid for half their length with foot-paths. This most de
sirabic improvement is pushed forward with such rapidity
that the whole work willbe inished in a tw months more.
We look upon these things as qulte startling innovations.
We hall them as a long deferred rsignof an appreciation of m
modern discoveries. Gen. Flilagien has resigned the So
office of Lieutenant Generalof Sicily, and the Count of he
Trpai. the youngest brother of the King, willprobably di
be appointed as Viceroy.
ToE O ULUPS FA LV.-ThU NewYork Tribune has some mc
nteresting information respecting the Orleans family. It C
states that, much as they suffer from exile, all of them,
except the Duchess of Orleats, have resigned the hopeof we
returning to France. The Piince de Joionville is exceed- et,
ingly depressed. Ilis hearing is affected, and he suffers h
from a disease of the liver, which prevents him from all
serious exertion. The Duke d'Aumale spends his time in DI
literary work, for which his library, with its rich collec
tion of interesting maneuscripts, offers abundant material. Jr
They have reason to abandon the idea of soon re-enteringr t
their country. The party which once supported the D
of Louis Philippe's family Is reduced to a very
small fraction of its former strength. Its chief menhave
gone over to the Legitimists, and its rank and file to
Bonuparte, and every day sees ncw desertions. It seeme
evident that Napoleon has annihilated the pretensions of
I the house of Orleans to the French throne. His only
remaining rival is llenry V., and, among intelligent
Frenohmen, the opinion is general that this prince will
fcome in on the dissolution of the now impending empire.
RoeoLT.cco OerTaao.-The Louisville Journal of the
10th inlst. has the following item :
We learn tbat a married woman, from Jeffersonvlle,
-wa outreged a few days ago by a white man and a negro.
,f She had been on a visit to New Albany. and war on her
d return home. She was going across na fieldtoget on the
plank road, for the purpos of meeting an omuilus. A
white man. who pretended to be also going to Jefferson
vill,e accompanied her On the way he attached her.
bruised her face and hands horribly. violatetd her person t
and lelt her lying on the groundensrelens A negrocame
d along subseqaently and repeated the outrage.
The whito voit u is iucjal at New Albany. The negro
t is yet at large, and supposed to he lurking about this
city. -
Pn e Co.o. -Teams. heavily liaded with cotton. are
daily passing throagh our town on their way to the land
i ing The cotton crop is abundant beyond all anticipa
tion. and although ther caterpillars increase rapidly no
tear is eotertained of their injuriig materially our onor
It mouse crops. [Marksvlil' (La.) Villager. 9bh inst.
Mcs. Ex oE.Nar Prv l0-0 -Juldge Mason,. of Burlingtoe;
lowa. recently purbohced frm a NewYorkcetmpony tho
. tl.lf Breed tract oe land in own, amouutiug to seoveral
ioc,,cded thotanod acres, ond come handrede of iots in
Keokuk, Iowa.
it To PERlsoxS RUPTe:rrDo.-The many perma
nent and effectual enrets made by Dr. Sherman are deserv
or ing of more than a passinog notice. For particulars see
his advertisement on neorxt page.
Something for Every Body.
There were 4,571,400 pairs of shoes made at "
Lynn last year. L
The potato disease is making great ravages in
Lower Canada.
A false friend and a shadow attend only while u
sun shines.
There are in Wisconsin about twenty-five co
thousand Norwelgians.
Thomas F. Meagher, Esq., it is said, will
mate a tour ef the West in about six months from this. l
Congreve rockets were invented in 1800, by t"
Sir Wiilnam Congreve.t
Like all other popular highways, the road to
fortune has a half-w.ay house; and those who stop to
something.' seldom get any farther.
If a poor man asks you for a dinner, give him
plenty of wholesome advice, as it will not bring n a pleth
o.a--cpecially in his pockets. e .
An old sailor at tile theatre said he supposed '
the dancing girls wora their dresses at half-mast as a mark
of respect to departed modesty.
During the present year there have passed
thrugh Iowa city about 40.U000 emigrants Sar Californi.n.
and 10 00 for Orelguu.
In the Diocese of Alabama, the 1'. E. Churc'a
ppears to be gainig ground. Baptiimt reported during
the last year. 42 i confirmationse e communicaents. 81.
A project Ihas been on foot by the friends of
cpalthy. in NewYork. the establishment of a h*· i
in that city.
A villain, named Edward Boughton, has been
arrested i Connecticut and ttakes to the Litchfield jail, for
placing obstructions upon the Naugatuck raiiroad. i
" John, I fear you are forgetting me,h said a
brlght-eyed clquette to her sweetheart the other dsj.
" Yes, Sue. I have been for cetting you these twao yeara.'
tThe cultivation of tobacco is increasing in -
Algeria. Last year there were only 440 hectares under
the plant. Thi year ther ae 1095.
In less than four months the Baltimore and I
Ohio Railroad will be completed, and opened torope ration
Sto the Ohio river t Wheeling,
A contemporary says, "A fool and his money
are soon parted.'" and a brother kindly asks of him.
""swhat he has been buying ?"
On the first day of the NewYork State Fair
at Utica. one hundred thousand persons. it is estialted,
woere preeent.
Dr. Joel A. Wing, one of the obiest and most
ceminent physicians of Albany, died at Ilerttlrd, Connec
ticut, on the tlh.
o Itf you nake love to a widow who has a daugh
ct ier twenty years younger than herself begin by declaring
ythat you thought they were sisters.
S Thei Republic says that about four hundred
- land arrantes of the diltfrent denominations are issued
te daily from the Pension Office.
Tle Te approximate cost of the Louisville and
Nashville itilroatd. its cquipments, depote, etc. is fi0e mil
lions of dollars.
A stranger died in Columbia, S. C., recently;
who stated b.filre his death, that he had murdered a
manin some part of South Americat. te said his name
eewas Young. a tinner by trade. and was from Philadelpbia.
A violent thunder storm passed over Wash
cit county. 1'a., on Thursday the 2d inst. SIr. Monin.
i g.er had twenty-seveno sheep and two hendred beeves
t lt lled, and J. Quail two horses.
Thelarge library of the late Gov. Morrow was
e sold at Cincinnati an the 4th inst Cal Juhtn S. Bucking
baa purchased the larger portion of it; for an Encylo
1aelia he paid three hundred dollars.
A letter from Florida states that during the
recent storm tso tide rose to an unusual height at Ape
l- bchicola. but that there was nothing like a gale, and but
up lictl damage was sustained.
cll. Mr. Greenough, the eminent sculptor, has
purchased two late on tl bhill at Sewort, I. I. On one
Jd be intends to erect a residence for hlself and family.
lie- and on the other he wilt build a studio.
be- The diving-bell is ahout to he used to raise
do thb Ec glish line-of battle ship Alloteia. which is O.ctober.
ly1807. foundced on the coast of Jutland, with 1200 men,
, ,helttly soldiers, on board.
ork Stephen A. Ilolt, Esq., a well known citizen
of NewYork. formerly thb preprietor of thtl United States
wed litel. died in that city on Tuesday night, the 7th last.
tact in the 71st year of his age.
ti The nets steamboat law does not go into op
eactiou until January next-etonsequently the last blow
up en the lludson rsver doe. not come under its juric
- dietion.
,tb . Father Madlhew, who, when It left this coon
try cctas io wretched health. hat been perfctly restored
of isee wontecd vilgor and actlivity. Long may he lire to
ppi. acjay it.
The Boston papers gravely contradict the
aat tate-me.t thit the 3layer al that city had " - crbidden
del- he dlivlery of baked beans from bake-ouses on thet Sab
l- batht. . ,- c ounce,, of pure geid. which he
hile badc obtained from the UpatD diggings in encezuela. Ile
treceiveFd £4 per ounce.
" You are no gentleman," said an angry dis
et putoet to his antagonit. ".Are you %?" qiletly aseed the
eenbother. -Yes.I am. sir ' " Then I am not:" was the
dicaustic reply.
c Welonlg Fun, a young Chinaman, from Ilong
Ihe lng. has carried off the first prize in the junior diisi~,n
the of th botanieal class under 'Prof. Balfour, at the Edin
e- burgl University.
10e Mr. Leroy Spring, a merchant of Charlottes
vill ille. N. Y. ou his way to NHework. had his poebet picked
rum of $17oo00 at the Baltimore railroaed depot in Philadelphin,
on the 8th inst. The thlieves escaped with their booty.
The Detroit papers state thlat Capt. Ward has
,nal 'ommeneed legal prceedings against the propeller og
t101 debnsburg, fr striking the Atlantic. This will bring out
hat tile whole testimony, and eahow where all the blame rests.
or ought to rest.
we; Congress came near voting $100,000 to the
Washington Monument; it failed by only a few votes.
led- More than that sum was voted to pay for the books of
lsembere, many of which are esld and the money pock
lee. cted.
The Official Savoy Gazette states that the
cry. race of the grape blight lately rscommended. consisting
- of a deep incision to be made il the trunk of the vine.
close to the root. has been extensively tried, and every
where with success.
It; On the night of the l15th of August, the Pre
b8fecl of La Doedogue caused to be placed in front of the
Ited Iote de Vitle of Periqueux a transparency. bearing the
- fallowing words Itn lance work : Diu fit nIapolen et se re.
puos; God made Napoleon and then rested himself.
Gen. Cass once said : " There are two things
the you can not teach an Indian-to fear death or earn r
te living. Whbile Caeto could not improve their stoicism. all
teic the tax gatherers In the world could not add a particle to
their industry."
A prize fight, arranged to come off on the 8ti
8 inst.. on Barren Island. in Long Island Sound, between
Sctwo notorious NewYork pugilisats, for a purse of $575. was
47frustrated by the police, wo got wind of the afftair, and
4 proceedsd to the Island in'time to arrest the parties before
88tl the fight commened.
an y Inxtamgao&
Arraunrto Baoo A PoLtICwUM.--8ergeant
igbhes, of the First Distriot Poline, sade an aildavit on
thtilth inst., that he arretliS Shmearstieeap:an the
cor(-°v of St. Charles and Pdydrs stre.ts,for being drunk in
and• litsrbing the peace, and forosesttlng the watchman ts
whq..ttempted to arest him. Hugheswenttothe rescue, ma
and the acoused attempted to shoot him with apistol.
The examination was fixed for yesterday. The prosecutor
did not appear, and the prisoner was discharged. a
Sundry prosentions were dismissed yesterday in the ti
office of Recorder Winter for the same sause-the non
appearance of the prosecutor. This may be all right, but
honest citizens and officers lay themselves liable such
oase to to be suspected, by evil disposed persoes,of being
improperly influenced not to give their testimony.
A FEri.sUoi MAASCtLlE. - A rather fat,
vmooth-faced iodividual, who was dressed in the garb of a o
man,.hbut had the features of a woman. was arrested in the c
Second District on the night before last, on suspicion of
being drunk and of being a woman in disguise. The in
dividual bad a sort of " bold " outline, full breast, broad
hips and long hair, bundled up after the fashion of the
modern speclmen of female. The prisoner satiesfed the
Court that he was a veritable man, and was discharged.
COMvIITTED FOR TRIAl,.-Isaac Depass, who
was charged on the 7th instant, by George Schreiner, with
stealing two watches and a double-barreled pistol from
his premises. on St. John the Baptist street, was sent yes
terday, by Recorder Seuzoneau, for trial before the First
District Court.
John Davis, for stealing two five franc pieces from
Joseph Saradat, at the cornor of Elyslan Fields and Love
streets, was sent, by the same magistrate, before the First
District Court.
TiE TRUE GRIT.-John Sandrook was yester
day examined before Recorder Oenois. charged by Officer
lIanrut, who alleges that he was caletl in to arrest Sand
rock. (who lives on Royal street, between St. Phillip and
Ursuline streets.) for being drunk and disturbing the
whole neighborhood. Deponent says that he saw several
women who said that they had been beaten by Sand
rock. and that the whole neighborhood had appliedto him
to arrest the belligerent. Sandrock was fined $50, and in
default of payment is to be imprisoned one month.
Swoitus.-Atbout tet days ago, Henry Huard
made a complaint against Joseph David. in which the ne
cused was charged with having attacked with a sword and
wounded complainant. The afray took place on Royal
street, between Burgundy and Dauphin. David was ex
amined yesterday before the Recorder of the Second Die.
trict and committed for trial before the First District
BLtOOD AND BRICKS.--Jhn Dodenday, who is
charged before the Recorder of the First District, with
having assaulted and struck him on the head with a
--brick bat." from the force of which blow deponent woe
vseverely cut, and charged furthermore with cutting the
same individual on the head in two places with a knife, is
0 to be examined therefor this morning.
A CANNIet..-John Cokedale was arrested
yesterday. in the Third District. for hungering after th,.
; flesh of one John Maboney. out of whose cheeks. it ie
0 alleged. Cokedale bit a piece large enough to bait a cat
fish. The accused was sent to the Parish Prison to await
his examination.
ThIll S 0 E4. ag. te. ,r no,tlve ,f Doe t ,, reas, T or,
TOIIII··l. r y ~ m nnag S m Telr NI at 6 k of hN l r, S. IM I
or TlE , Fr.l I'r n l ull, . No 'I.
p fli. Ir.' .l n n, n wintnn n, tl I ro Daurnlm tt Sen-.
re'Iv. r-r n ' o , I. I :s f'.t,,ral LTI S I oi CNlt, nat o,'ý Io(k. ý
T .am h er m. 8 . n . .. h. I u,. L T. 'e r
S|lVR'1'at Ikx;:.. , .". 1~n' t ..' ,,,: t ,r ... "Lst l,:aen glenre 1,"
eNtl t, .l 1 51 , . c It. ISd
On h.'rha-J ev g, 8 !o,:, ,L,'r Ile' at J oL'deh, Mk, ADESLINE
COISA 5IBLE, wA l 5+ s..!..
,'nThu lnv Itlrl grgtularer Ie, ' ES, 1ackt 43 -er, ttalort
O n ThuEV ,lny I Do/il.Y. Sthlremb er I s. at m r'h L, of ('h ,lo , F 'td. r ,
,n I.dnlor. y ai nrt , S. i loel.,r i 1, t pt 1. W' 11, li, C. OHt S II AI. b n
COl'0"l . .n~ ateof .br, I-Al. ..IF
III TCil s I.TR8CT, Ninth RepresentativP rI
ri111 .--T r \h:is of tlC Di, trloS are r TrgYult ,lu 1Il0t, I'n SATII-I..
[.%\ EVENING, September 18, at ball-ptl.' tt olok, at lhu I "Stote
,,e('atp .hnu ',",'.r Of It.Be and Louisa :trarte, fur the p.froae o,
orgmll nga \VWrd_ Chlb.
A1 .r. AN . METINLt, I. - t. C:hruu,
N. ,il , , hll.I,, so l~ bill \I. 01r 1 Na-d+..r l
mlhT e trg l re. e.ic Il
RA.NI,;R. -Th h S t RSnct rs are r s pifully Invlt,:t B" th
('I.I IIIU R (IlUSO t'I 1 11OF CAa tO AN to N otl . -ld 'RAN
VS AYJe.TINGJ at lhelr Clulb ,tsom, C IATRUI hUA o ENa. NI.
SptL.mbeAr I (, at o'clocko
,. ly ,, CIt\It I.ES M. O V.I TfTIC 1145N, Pr-1h tI.
uit th, t 1'Cr,, ion L CnCt .
I I Tlrohe r egular weekly packet s teame
ll anEVERY FRIDAY thereafter. Shipipers nuuy rely on th,: F. L. run
Atoin , m the t ICr C dnll the ."a-II .II CC I I1 I
1 "2 ,ptf A TItI O TIINEf & A rS, II ..I ,,, A45 l oydraINr.
ICREOLE FtI ' tNIrI'aNo. O -The.
1. 5 511 50.1 ' , 11., 51 h LC,.lD) 1 Ills .511 11c INI , .
I ,' rSlno r the SFtmral oT A.TeuIdAr
C i. IARl D SAI IA NES, Serr¢ Ar.
sIU.l. 110,1IlS 101. , i'.i" No. o II --TRT.
I r ur llu. [eLl+l'J .iII Nl GITI EIt, Fornln l tl.
on SUNDAY FHLO N NG S" t (llbrI'', t Mo itN Icres.l.
m to rll u , ll r nlll ,r Illtl, lilT, E , of Parled Imd '1',trhtl
p i¢ E+ rvin, ry - rd red t , 1b;lt Y
Jo.t Cnn,,., , O, S. [s-'pl F LF. hCLL, (,pmnn.
J hrrrSlU o lee Id o Stllull~.n 1h .It r D:,bts f th lrs orlr l n the
gr{l, A,,uEry l EV ERY T'IIUr SLAAY Y \'ENIN( t 1 d,+k.
youa ite hereby ourdred to atend the red-,lnr Drills of th,
Crnlun v, h d an ,he un.nhouse, oa EVER1Y AD,1 .1' AY
EVENING. U t l Lrt -rot-r , lrr, le Drlnl will Inmur ably
"e,, tee pr.riallI it t o' kl0. I FRItDAY atRtllDlAlll(· e ix l Hrtl.:lll'lry
I- reulltneld . Sylln.nl'l llll re ille nll EVERY FIDAY E EN IYU ut
R. BANNI STEIR, Lieulteant ColtllndtnK'
\'. :11. WCAul. , Orl xly SI-19r-lt. au'J6
tP The Builders
A. r,'p t flly informed that we hnra on aInd a g-o!l
n ,ortlnnt of every h Ibis:; mt th
nx . a ry fur thu erection oL Buildings.
pot uIp at +, low"est tl· .ex,,at No.. 53 atld h1 CIRCUS STREET.
I. Ie II, I II
Fuall Goods.
2 iny tblr. hie,. honor to iolurn their fri-nde nol customers that on
IliMonday, Sp..iber 13, tlhey wll b1 ready o ITr for sale a most
stdendhdl ntsvrtmeut of
jutt riv-d froem France by shlp Sea iagle and 1 uel Dyer, vi:
FANCY ¢rlL:.N' S'N AT K- .D !iSI:;;
IADPO.II 11 ANSI) EN S.h ,'I ULII ': N11' ;
Suible for F;anily and kla nlat l use.
*rpl IIpf A:IQUEL A JAIIASON,, 1I , h street
Jforrifs ; Islay,
Have rmoved tempoairily to No. 1 CAMP STREET,
drIU h 1de4r the C9t IetAEl.
Lunch at the $hades.A,
Frm hlf-past t0 to htlf-pst i7 o'clocrk,
s a All the Market& f.lly representod.
IF. I n. N nap & I. Chandler,
104 Canlmon melrs.e 'Qi,
Opp Mio l he R]ina e n.R St. ChIaI; lloel.
i F1[. 1KNA1IuP (1nior i rtor .,, ae,,,r, Into
,I. i. i., C. S. .A d d. S. s.EppI,) N vow deftWogol is wIIho ,,i
hulurly to ue iraclce of his * OL.S. on, a.nd may be cooaulmd at the
lmepla e- whir hI hhas o.euP, d for Emnyy ern pal. H. h~ s so
s.trd with in prnct Dr. CHANDLE, a gentletmm of rkill nud
experience, -Izv .-I p
LASKS-Qurts pints and half pints, 160
me, m torn and for lal h•
..pis R J HARP & Co. 19 Trhnanitnllln. ·trrt
WEET OIL--100 baskets, in store and foer
ý ,a es b, J. HARTA P). 19Tehnepintu.t,., l eplI
ASSORTED CORDIALS--400 cases, in 'store
Sd for eals by
-- IS E. J. HART & CO., 79 Tchoupvlteou a treet.
ALLSPICE-100 bags, in store and for sale by
sePpL8 6 J. HAKT & (70.,7Tehourlitollu lattre
(RUSHED SUGAR--100 bbls. Philadelphia,
8 tfore and fer tale by
p.I8 Ea. jSART A CO. 79 Tah.Oapltola.lnt-e.
EXECIcfVE OFFICE, BEarn cEEt Ang.wt1,1Sl6.
WHEREAS, The CoIEntiEER I ately .Elhe OAE plate " nd
in t.h town of Baton Roge, for the pErpEu of 1lEIbgE tlb CostE.l
lt= o the State of LEIIEIE has EIdEI ne "ThEtbEiInedEIIy afSE
hse EIajE.ElE of thlb. C ,.Ebon, thE OwRHEor shl tIlE hIepIlS
Ittill dirEctin the vernl loelE of IbisESateH, .9IEIeIId bI lE to
hold olootion fo m..hlll of the Oetlenl Asseembly, to open and bold.
poll E. elery prish of the State, at theIlse desgntd b511 uPOn
lbh FIRST TUSBDAY OF NOVEMBER a, frS tbheupose tl tia
the mms of the good people of this Slob to "geld to the doplioo Or
rej.e.son of thb. Co. dpEoiE Ifd Iti. b1.1 bthIe dESIbE ofd olll to
reeslve the votes of I.I pera· sentitld to sou Bad., the std Cau(Lt
EEand under thsl CIInitiII .n.1ch sotsb ll.baily II .tld hiR oIES
byedelpEl htEEi1p Iesiabo, to be L t for , ha.I.. poCe, alil
.h.rsu.b.bll be wri1111 'THE CONSTITUTION ACCEPTED' O
'THE CONSTITUTION REJECTED.' or tomE s u orEl as iUi
dlstielby con1ey the ite·inion of the toter. At thE cnlusiolE ftld
electon,1 .hich .bell Ib .,,,1setEd to IYEIT respect the bE ErEl lat-t
is now conducted, the Cummiesiomoor designatd to prtlsW -of
the 1 m5111111. Es uIS mE4 e. and wlanteaEcE bIllot s dIopEEd, and
lhull Euit .lwtt mbklyolletu tlheeof to the SecrePta of Buse, m
. onformity to th Ipro.i SIS of bthe .Wig bwEEpoE eEYI iRet d
Now, therefore,I b, fIe thought propr tol sE ibis II PEIIIEEEtlI
noltifyin the qlIieJd rEIEI of the StIIe of the oldiEmw of tbE Coo
.mica o afo l1151, lnd furthermore ItbEoll,.diEEIEIEfllEI, Comlls.
nEIIEr of ElEioIE. ,,d all other lbic.r therein eEIE oed, to notifE the
people to ,suable and .ise upon the meeptlltl ooarJ..tnoo th.0oc
1 solutillnupon the abesEaidl FIRST TUESDAY 0F NOVEMBER mit,
IId that the prsElldbgE bt oondllltd, endrIIEtN tereEfEE bIemade,I
conformity to the orldinlace .r edlbh thE exisEIII EIoeI the Isuject
ofollcdionE. B . RheEEIIor, JOSEPH WALSCER.
C ...E. 5.,t... ,, BSI. of BEdI.. MOplE
BUREAU DE L'EIICUTIP, )r.ls Rnne, S A04, 1852.
ATTeNDU qua lConvn.tion, dImlAremat nembl2 .a capuitlde
'EDOS, an In'till Io BRto.-Rouge, dai. 1a bt de chSolCC It CRDCtjh
rio de 1'Os t de In LousI.iss, a .OHof que : " m6dOiABnt erSIS
IIt].... mwt It In Cmv ati, S, 52Oa555ar pshli.5 155 pral·t
tiD den. saqu l II ord2505 au. dale s505555 de B'EIOS 555555 pa
Is sI1 d gnal... 1'6lSetisi dOs asbs5. OS I'ADabl5 SOI,.I.
I'ourrie 55511ru12 d55s055q52 paolees 0. I'Etlt. ,s0251tilt.dlq55
ssItssSpeoples I 1Os IDI.or I'5dloption on Ie ,Jst dea sIts C2{LshEo.
ll .eradu devoir du It. to,,ier. do ,.erol, Is vote. de too' sea rol, so
-tot de I'lteisu a Cnuelttetion, .,.lost I. droll d. f t~, 'S ft to
tau. qul to posideatet Iv ,ar do It pronto Oolt·(bn. Cbnclu·
3isetrur fomlularn w epition ea dppswt duo tae bolo distllKNr
uductfe enrlullememt d ,,I tags.. b,,Bedn e wrest Indoor' nlmoprt
IETEE,' on bien toutwtsr tome a~prlountolirsmstl'laaelltind·
II6lecteor. A I. .lbtn de salt .1O..I, qii s2N leu row .. 1.4
OPPorts toes.0 ten Usaltss sfisnl5Is d it, i5 smis O5rO' tie
,.tuna p,6.id6 aramiaeront ares win et coluytantt tow Iea bulletinI
i ipof o I pale Be endtrsdI etlrwt It rp.ul.5t o Sw51121. d'bt ea.
Ponnbanen au. dillprdrIats de la W a ll la. urN lee (Iactirrr."
tin lone'q..na, J'a urn r~meanblu de looser saol, ma praltt1 Horn,
utilnnt le. vownnli g... d. 1'Emoda l'nrdutntc wds s .-'td ls dntnti..I. I,,UComi ' 'Eatin.e
·u et.-flit- quo A. t nara sudedonuraal..lr d , lde.- -
Ossrlsos sselss s .ss* rnspiis e pa slA. 255s~~l·o bi. 015010.
I,, I t d, ratelr sor I'necoppmlion au I. .Jet do I. 1-",utilutO', LE
REMED'IER MARDI DE 550 Is RE prusID555 o5RoIa I OIl pis
nut, et ties lee proecddom· whet conduitee et le' ratwn fats ocofllu( ·
05ss55 I'oA snmcuut nu:. li lpos 1 io5110 loloirl slln wr l55 ' fltl55
Par 1.Ouuv~rmlur, JOSEPH WALKER.
515n. 5 Er.DO t, 8.... 115 d'Egts. w,10 We5 5
To the Holders or CltyObligelti 1
Cro os NeS.O an*,A.g. 16,1851.
E' NotiAe i. hereby given ,1IhSeAfel ·hS of Ula motored obl!SEREt
.A the old city, of t e o Mounicipaliies and of t ate city of L.
% c~r bat the 7rr mory I. now prepared to pay all matured Ibilg.U
ulnn , and thr n mlre.t will be allowed on mrtured oblig~ido~ hor
~n .Ihsr lasth iminat.
.luxDelenteura de. Bonsde1aSrlle
V"" n. N a.-ntIuas 18 Aodt, 1869.
Im Tviao., Ir 1. p111t pIHnnY IB dItEIO 1,1 ntES dowob
'l, a ill, . e.11511eipali,, lB t de Se.-rll. de 5, SOet l
the Ic T.,1-sert mnintannnt prdt u payer routes 1·· obligations dousea
1 rncu uintlret sera attend me I..bons ou bilt.dbu tr do
do d. ronrnt. (Oln WM. II. RLANDR TrtLD riE.
Paul E. Theard,
Sa' MI,.THEARD .gbar hi. UIABiIE to ISh ppblS5.Ed Areed. h
Aet he will trmllOI* hl mE, liSh and Sp,,,l inRF mlhEII l
..IC SIEEWINSR, ndA in fa.1al kiEad of .Alto. H. ,,llSI coR.
nea Article or aclv.rium·.t· fur Newspaper Lstte, Direllarelc,
FI.wll d,,Ol hl EInnioI to the BooksofEIIy Rom merR IE .
"t[V Ounce S.. fIrom 9. Y k- a . w. ERS' loRl
Day ande Boarding School
-'D~crfrn By
8 l, Th O l hAI S too Ira, pered ire TENTII ANNAL SESSION,
n BAR ,onoy t.o ri O plOle.
Starltl t 4l ol. re plai.d n,,ll to 0 1r moral UE oiog O to thb mIIBI
.actual clu..npmr-nt and phyelrsl went or We pupil.
Fe terms, apply t. prIaB, or by In1er, at thsAnnlitIAO, TIVOLI
Mats and Caps at W'holesale.
FF0I!. I jIi IC ICieCIIl th.o IatstI IlBA rom tbe NorOll,11181B
I wairal arlsctad 0,,,k of
hy, 6l. the, 'R", l, rrnlltry mar bent. and 6 y Julern at lo~r price vrel Ime n ~rtet hihhsb..etrd ihga
.h,·,ml,, t-, nl Itg tyllle , .d y uBterB, , and ooo oliI to pal of IhA
IF'S IIIOGCX SI I.K AND UCR IATS o ell y.liti.Ran bhopes
t' roles anal hal-;r·
AlN'S, WOOL IIOT All .olor aend .Lapel;
ILOACO CAlPS nA l q-,oil p -lOA-aal.l
'.AED CAPS oflA01 .bIOO* aad hope.l;
011,5 CAPS Al olll 5AllreelO eBhp,,.
S ACO., !SOOcAElnof ,Taylo & Ray.y,)
·au11 gulf 46 C..tomhomo direct.
Boots and Shoes. -
r- The underia;med h I- rn, ei-rd within the Iot fewI
wuks, nod hawv ou the wy, over 1O0,000 worth of
of e.ery dce-cltion p Ia.d 1lIty, .AlIerd wi. h gre.t are from thIe
nario .,storieA of iAS ton, NcwYorT and PbllI.elhpi..
r.VER OFFERED IN THIS CITY, and cmmtry merchants od c5 y
Ialers would do well to call and exame before purhaing ael.where,
,. ,hen g;;ods are uflered a low pricesand on ayoumodating terms.
To e.utry merchants, more IImruluIrly, who rontmpUlate Ilying In
iher fall .15 ,, welo, fi. Int. ry oumel thliO .tock, sa.d usthbe,
to call nod emniSi fur thm,, ls.I..
(Suear or Taylor & Ray.,)
_ep13 St .t 75 cu.tomhue tr. ct.
AI MHats, Caps, etc.
A r ohe hdred a.e. HATS, compriing aB gatra.i etyo
.Od CAMPEACHI HATS, fora lll by
jyl8 9pd.W SROST& OA .E 01MBioi* t.
Boots, Shoes and Brogans,
Now IndIg from hip Norfolk, and I store, etas.
.k. Pmntt,...upplied rwith pime RUSSET BROGANS, WOE.
theb loswet market price., by
IygP 2pO* .p COST & CO.0 M.gaon .trtes:
50 an--l Street 50
s.F9tf 60 Canaul treet.
Boys' Clothing Exclusively.
No. S, .hartre s.treeS, NeSIorleS
Delesn I every d4esriptiot of
The publl will bear In nlnd that our aortmaE
1 f 5or
Also,Shirt., Cravat, Hmolrchich, OlvetS ,I
pemden, HlaIry, atc.
. .5. rC. SOdpf
ewNI ttzxI I VYAN RENSSOLOA22,0,,od.. No. 1091.
BY VIRTUE of and in obedience to an order
22 sal 0 i.0 Sep2.210, 285'2, to me Oirecte by ths Honorable
the Fu ýrth District Cuurt of NdSwlrleaus i the sbyeeatlltld matter, I
JI proceed'" to II e t public ""'o i tba IRoclud of the City
2rbn V. O t St. iLoui . 200t, b6twe ,, 12n. Royal J02s 222,
'V022AY, Srlo.2 r 98, 1, oo.2o at 19 o'clck o , or accou.t of Bld sO.2
OKO.TAIN ACCOUNTS AND r,.AM2 belo.ngin to this 20,502ion,
"Il of rtlrilb n liar will be exhibited al the tie wwl lrso of sale
Terms .2h ,n the spot. 2AME, P, 2RERET.
01p00220 12 98 Seriff of tho P* P h of Orlens.
02.20. D02562200Cnvar 02102.B(0.0000N 02 THE LATE ROBERT
e NsioOso,.. IlL T2L242II2AN DECAS0ED....02. 5612.
BY VIRTUE of and in obedience to an order
0221.rono a OA,2 200an~tp A89 to 0frdlot.0 byth. 05.,
the V ....0022 D,1tr1ct Cou,,2,f2 2rl.. ho 0..bot s th .062l2d m26,er0
01272prwee2d to sell It 2221 a22iio, .theso, .l of .he0ty 0.
eneS. i beI otbtwe hrtres andl Royal street, on HO~N
DAY ( rto er lx, I b r at vo'ocr r., fur ucroullt of esid sucrresfat
The siev man nmed 0OR, CreV.,, .Sd.bon 612 yean, n OIkI22sary6
and2, 02,00 2y rinds, belonging I .odd aA...6-.
Terms· rash on the spot.
Aoe0.o2.,O:r 06j22252 2222h,,por p,,..ch.,, before Wm. Mnsghen,
Esq., Nomry 1,b2ie. JAMES 0. FREET,
a+PIl 97 ulrtd 18 8herig of the Parish of Orleans.
2,.oxo Dtso..oCooo,2 OROUSSVLOT a L060ENO0020262 JOHN
CHUB. OF STs. LOU18s.... Va. 3906.
BY VIRTUE of a writ of Geri facias against
02 obo P. Kirw2, to m 1 dir2ct0d by rho Honorable th2 5 2 ee2nd
Dutnc2 C,,6226 No0,2,22., in the above 20ti22ed .02s0,62wll 0222
ecd to .ell at ppubli uction, in the Rotrnda of th City scPhaq
St. Louis street, Gstor Chartres and Royal s2r650s, on MONDAY.
0cob2.8, 22, 809, at 9'2o21c e.
erbann I.RASR for Ihe term of ten y In iron[ the letday of E
0.01222262, byy Edard Ch2apmn 3 to Job. P. Kir562, p6226 6e
fore .0o.,,,2.o ,,, Notary Public, by m22,2 I022 o,2 Aog t. 12040. of
2OU2 6ol ,gro ,,.22..0 0,602562, 2, ,,202 A CERTAIN PORTION 00 0
bOUND f,,,2. to r20,6,2 202222ill,20tre0t a,0 V.56 0205 Alley
in t2o. oq2222 ron.prie.2A woh the E2eh26,2 Alloy, C22.221200, Royer
soi I~ionri u trrrs, and lu~uurin more or inn, to Amorlca. measUre,
2j o,2t fr.2on m al o uvill6 strt.., by one b6ndrod std twenty-ri2 ht
Is· tiIn depth and frontl on '~d Exchange Alley, with a8 the lFUILD
9. All the rill."hr tale annd , [east of aid Johi P. Rimn li andl to
.'r' t. n LF. II ior the ftarm of ten of yen Pmm the let of Merck, 7817,
It, State- r rF.Idi Prienr, mowx i rlll emonier, da-.uod. to S.
R. A . N. U« ,oully, pureed beforel T. Ouy·Oll Notary TUllp. on bo
,beh August, 1 1 and ·Ilhullllcnt transferred to geld J. P. Kirwan
follow-ing l>"arty, pnppcy, ro rit: A CERTAIN PIECE IYI
. r tw lye, ronlitiog or onn lot meansu nýýite i tyyd Fnu fee. an by,
de hp~ of one hundred and ave. net, with mil the BUILDINGS AND
8ein1 in he aboveset. JAESP.FRES
Terms cashon the pot, I~PP.g8T
..P18 21 418 8heui! f the aii b a erA,.

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