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New Orleans daily crescent. [volume] ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, November 16, 1852, Morning, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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No. 41 Phlllplm keet-
FV0UR 0000L 10050 OOOVAOTS
EUOOO OR TEIN Yoiu ',.opO .06 wit 5.l0. 0t
*ppe0I he0.0l l. ,*lnI.
EBT TPJRSB WAN¶If D."-A heciy White
ar. 0..44 nkl crabob0I0 A Oasp e Iabndi At the
1eNbenra of 1. 0. 54000, , aao AnOOnOa a. .0 no. .0.04
ATA5gTED "TO HIRE-A first rate Washer
W eed IOiR-<lond rchrre. Appl et te cormof An
'WITANTED-5OO lbs. old Sheeting or Boiler
O. ý Copper for wlioh nb* * he pdd
NOOAW, LOIOOO S' 8,66an 6a C0rr0 1 et.
hWTANTED-A firbt rate Colored Woman, to
WV saodo r ron, .00000. toom 12 to 10 yebo.oli.o thl
hoa... Applyl" tisO 1 Iee Oibkly. D0105t0
ORSES WANTED. - The under- 4.
wk, bo t no0o.taateor Me bOyoled &eeth 00..
lholoaht,.o totod. h0r O,, wihk i, y myOi
.oryt.Ooto b ·o·OO.4;.ott 0.4 em0 por10lo0*
1,1110 04110.theelhy,.0oti~at.tUgbolgOO dP.tO~
them. lby .1o.mIt.., fronti1ertl.0.o ofjo1 son 1,0 .oo1ed so
free *O tests 0., 0.014e with ae n 1,llbtaotl,* otr0.11anflowting
awl 1 px nd foot free hom dnl or rrani is nrios nr any kdkationb
b·tolotoo. '1,ov ol 0be .u hom trh 1 f I, f .,lou. otOrti,. tub
TNh oor Inointofo. d p.1.04Ic 0 Ibee f .onm . S .,txllnt, 0,.
tiol o7 xperio,.o ettaooW tihtwonld Intar rc wi tba moos.
<ient tlrvlre !n tbs field.~ U'
Thbnaarferd tot W U1,, t tbx firer wt"", · e yrcnenk for a
pltoomint.gu 0 .nl14... an lqoo~rn,oo Dr. JErn ELL1OtT,.o4
ntr THOS AS E. G.18UH'1', tlthe ro.r of Ualon ayi Caradelot
etrect, lro ru f A. vand afte 4 r, wsurh u m be petld oy tb
houldl bo pprrllrltn at 11 A. s at tlg B, t o Cap xtrcet ollplte
.tooyrlw t.,0 re.,for .9.n. rti b o (lt.,mn of the no7.pd i.? 41
0f the psis' by 1600 0. a0 1..
01010 00 THOS. 0. HU.N000', A.Tlh0.00Q0000.0.0o.0
T 11 ADVERTIoER would be glad to meet
.1 rllh a partry r. quirlnl a UooK-EaaPa AF R HOURS ray
homh to 011. r. Hl. oo p..nt .mplpyor y W .01 all.b .tqoir0h
1mp.0,00and 101400.· Compo.tl.Oton mo 140. A40,OIOOOL
E WEPalt, at tbx om . xl
O h LET--A Store suitable for ani
ac lm- a.vaorymoatosta-.a No. k Pl.co... .aei
P'jO LET-The finef thre 8t fic L k Dwcel
'ad on er n , aaenarese, aking It dcolhable fam olya r
Payt.a.a , l.rlav
ovl . t l SHRERMAN'w, o St. Charle tlreat.
O.FFICE TO LET.- The Front Office,
.4.ia 40 Caopatrt. Porlo..logvellaaa-Ei"-IL
slaly, ra . Loderate. Apply front omca , toed flor.
TO .-Tho Lower Floor of No. 701A
oCmpt L .pblatog given Imm diA.tely. Aply to
nor? - O.C. BOtgRT k CO., 70 Camp ntret.
TO TRENT.-The two-story and attic
1OR R NT learge and commodiousal
I' Dw l./O. ; h treu welt suutod 'r
]'r..aiele ording owtl.agocal t.a.. Apply to
3o _ ,No. 10. O CA.d stroet, naa r Royal.
T".RENT TWtrf c Offices on the third floor
tlllmr: Heats. A pl to
olato J.H. APHBloaaP. A CO., a SaL Charles .atret.
" IENT.--Th two-story and aatticbrickl
iL+tuat ledt.+. on Clmu tlre, n betweeuCoumonm,
D. R. taRItOLI, ua Clmudelat str.ee Ulon R5a.
TORES TO RBENT-The three fine three
Irm. BtOlOKaBIl.OfsO NO,. u s, h6ad £6, ,froaia da
tournr or New L lvto s .d O orod at raU.
o.+ ,hrn 'cry BaRICt, BCIDINOr No. o0 Cirod sket, Jointg t..
,boa na.tloa.dltr no, No. sa Now La-r. Pa.do.uaa g Iu lt.No
a 1.a'nafrc.m~l KTOaRNo. 10a Sa.nsl.r. .t5t. Paa.
V. aOOO5000E. 91 Royal .0..L
O ET.--Front Office, Second
h.Po eyulocglu.on th e flr.tof Nq".
)a yooA .Et OLFF, oa tl. ramir.... tiaawt
Tr o RENT-The large and commodious
.1. .a..y BOlICKDtlWeLLNO HOUSE ar;nia.g twelve
W ', ,ilasat+ art Wa teorn rtl Jul. and Ba.,aa.avto. WiW
rta'n a , t ., Jld a amant. a
T+ ...TP. t 91. qO Jnii, reet, nest to the comer of Baronne. 1
good .U [ ,or uay l.lad o A bu a.ioa,
eeveni OFFIC+.t di RlX13I8 to toe Arade PeaOI. Rmt lo...t
g oa te-u-aa. Apply at 9NaI l..rite, ,p st.i.. oah
TIO RtENT-With immediate possession-
A.A finO lag BACI(KFFICO sa ir0 of 61L Caomamolanatr.a,
opI.,.iie h 'l ltl 1, A1ll` tl W RELLt & CO. a t
FOR SALE-Several desirable Building Lots
i. nrvyle, in good Ice.liims for f/wnlhng Apt Iqto
-13 1. G. W. OLIVISRC W., 26 S IOIndIla 0rE0t.
EIRVANI' FOR SALE-A very likely Griffe
lil L " M." O'. mtr mUI1I·II a·ler and I..." toal. oa n n·
*oo.Sla oooo. Appiy.1
ollr13 3TODD drWA0., 149 CaoI tre~t
A lor .' PRoNTINr's AIA'F.RVirAe ooiOeiog of
ONE AUeSILo~ EPIA,~ W.Aioeooo Polo~ltm
O, ED fI Pta S 0 Ii~. YONTS Os N505TAPEO
ULE;F:; LB~hS, etc. u -.II nearly .. g-dl
nn b , p h ar ~d ey low by py AooSg at No.'! ,.,h r irrat
' OR thALE-A highly inrprovedsqonre offi
A. Si Lon.. 1,,po /o.E M
Grl,ul" iu hr Fuulh ii I w ith crtnn ie mprsrrlueo 81.
A drairl·n, I A A ESIDENCEeSIOOANCE c',-noo oChip~po.aoad Br.
Aww1r;.+ ,,O 1{nn IOfiV0WLUt Prot5o O~~o
A tFo lt s L. -'fl HOUSE Couotener "troel, bas.e- .Ahlo
m Ai oht lir rir.,rnora.
Jnrl'- SI' · Iln. e -g11 RICK DWELLING HOUSES,. Inzin VN h S FO
betwo, r, (:au~I n lid Jar~ .e wtr o A E
A ~f L71 t' un Jagnz 1e .[est, W two Eighth end Ninth atrrrt., y
1.,I3 J.o . 0..I'4.iRSOob, - Eobph. P1·
TOR S ERV.- AThe Fchooner ISAL, As sply`
EJý" T' -0 Von11-n ,/rn LAOE S N' .P1 OEC
1 i . 1 LAOS VloPOIA m"vr oor Anvwg CAo o WI1SO n il rr "" .0
vsioOVi VA-AA It Ol r. Irlbl 4.41b. Ile rA n Le earnO0. ia .l , e.re
RTWOd., o ..OII1I·\ K'00 0, on Srosni" h,.1- Union A 0 C.
·Inrir , t w. um allpl , or at tha nd;B ni preneuct 19 r6Po- r~
.iil I~i rv9 Im
V. . SAV0IIAAO.Y OUS (A.,p.o P+trbst.
A u""+' A AoAA. IIl)USE o LlROE T0,O-. ORYs
Ji ofO, A. 11 1 . 1 40. L'\ O ,.o . t .tra ct, no b S
.tubo..AVLloso.,iawl 0 NL57LLoop .1,001, So
Tlrz' 'IKo-ST~tRI Ilr 11'SF^S in tfir roar of S[. Cfiarles Hotel.
TWUI LIR-.Li LI11K ( IUU"L9 ou D~slyphin street.
rOtH SALE -A Le it i reek dtreit.
.5. HOLOS My E0 IA,:ad.
.... FOE RENT....
A STORE m, r},mpetn·ln~t(
The SruttE :.+ Gn~ir~lrrt..t
Thr i u t IOUI1STIMIY M OREi Nn, In7 St. 0-111 s treet
'I h. h1N IOUL-S rTit Y :"f0't Y. porrr St, Cbo~rlal lotJl
oiýl eoSALoOE .-Juss t receivedS per schooner
.OoI!uleioor loan r.0111 0 hLboo. J, So,; a. No.5, PoLO E1m i5
Oclaf Ilulm! llnir Bridlles; L---l ~ d Illoin·; for s. le by
ourl BAR(LLI A CO., el Common st.
F Olt ,ALE- Counting-hiouse Partition and
UI.· \Yiudows, in sloe. o. 97 Camp ti-t, for..le by
oe130 J. It. A IB CO., 68 St. Obarla. street.
FOR SAaLE.-A. Lel;iiii a residcuce is p
Ca~.lllnat--Bod neebUN ttmeEDpothe~e
l.;l~tobnr. together it, l he URY TU ED
od arrnr the term rll be ne. omoodctiog,.nd imdna7o
aimgren. oe artrnnn, mlIrxabMs T. No.4, PorMmB. dnl'
R p EMOVAL.-M. BARnXET & Co. have re
from 3. to No. 3 MAGAZIN0 STRE31 , ou0 door from the cr.er of l
C0 ,al 3tr3,,. u 3v 3 0t .
I D EMOVAL.--S. Role & Co. have removed
. 3.r .rn No.3 3a3.vi3 r Itrce to No. 3OAGIAZ3N0 ST.EEI', un
door3.3e. O l3 3 ,ro3 t. IO33 bin
rem fromrn NO. qto No. 6 30OYDR0AS S3REET, -,t1 t0.
raor,.,or M,.aiua. a .oa. t
o, o nEMOVElD.-lR.H03T & Co., Morchont ]
dT.ilor 0e ha0ve 3i d Conmrcinl Pi0te to01 GRA
miT STREC7',,v shar thryw · be elanrdto ruooroortra rmlramlrir Ic
Md rl~.nm ir,_,, atm ll ms. now oce nes a e wtlllol to atl and try 51
tllelr work, which will not be interior to soy done in Oils eit
n3 l It. I. HA3 3& Co.
D LMOVAI--A. F. COCIIRAN & Co. have re
. drr,,,,I , to IIsh:t:Ou FULOURt of th6ir OCd Stirod, No. 17
. 33, 00UTOUL0S s0R300T. oet3o t m
iU r. 10, thdl.lr CLOTHIING ESTABLISHMENT from 30r33 of
IA! 333033 13n I .3311 r to 61 6 C03ll etr.3t, They haves 0 lt tee3 ld from03
Sr. i ilry, oy NewYlk, a fr. sh slekatof CLO HINGandFUII
NIS. IN 3 ;3IX3 IS. wl3 e they3 o3vr 3o te t3d. on lilbera terms T33 3
Retll· i'r, arulltnt i8 0o -rl-.ogd, goull.neu enu he fited with little
tru s t, 1.; . ,,lll .,,ri. ostl96 m
SOT[01(.--B.UILLI & Co. have removed back
tI 3333i old W, 1 Co I ornt t, Ol3l,3 3h3 thie City Hotel. o3t3 6
"I1hSOLUTION.-The copartnership hereto
frn c:ll billutllweell HORACE h BALDICIN adul DIARLIS
)BIAS0 ur114.,t1e llyle ot H.E. BALDWIN V CO. was di3s3lv3 d on
.h 30.,'ll3r n3ld.llo, tl.y havins d3 yolud ..r .hr t,3 to BALD0WIN &
Co~New,,r k N-wr J r,,y, t3h. Z uhuýsmer will bu moltnu.d by that irm
Cf1Sa .E3 1'UoIt S I= fully ,ml lrinl to Bqtdni.lnta the tlin,.a of
t 30o , 030 terll3. All 33raoll l 3ving3 3l33mn.3 .3Lg3uL thana,' re requ3.3ted
t pr -nm I1 'r nlrr uIIII for ir)myut , uill tholt indLbtLd will Illku im
r.1lnl .c luUemt. 1. E BALD3W3N,
m 11M0essrs. BALDWIN & CO. offer
f+ r tll". n t7 n slock ,fi the 1st- firm 1. E. Idwn &
3o3 3313' 3 33ST, cons 33i3ri of 3 vor' 3 I.. r , ..33i 3 of WATCl i i17C o
030I. 0313 YEIt AND 31IT11D CA3RE. 31.330Y t3
3333333'11, 333333tc. 1 11.t 30 33 30 33 3 0 3 3., 33 . 03 3 3 3
G, ,+,.,odllly ,oRt ( o1 1 anid eawiuu i reviou.Io pure.Whn
7 33. GF.RRY wil condu3 t on I33 own 33333 o 0 h RtePA3IRI3 OF
Net3 301 r3 ml3,1.1 . . o50 300 p).3 n4,
1 I -.oI 0 LTION.--Tlhe firm heretofore exist
'ri tiw·trn t: unamd,-rJtd tider the Sltye of A1ICHLEL.
E 60Et'A wa e I(I. rldisu're~l o the Llnt+'A of gS,"pkmmne tro
by Ii.,,Anuel. B. . MICllrElis charged with ?ut C, umat,.,o
litr is.tUh S.OC. q.ICIIELL.
lat 033t. K. G. BEVE.RLEY,
na.2 -- B. W. POW0LL.
ON The firm of Ml3uLr.3,, B.,I.LEY & CO.
03in3 dis3olve33 by I ItlZion. , T3E 'lIEN C. MICIIELL, ol the lt
Ar33 u1w centilnue 0l3 F0003O 33 0 CO333MISSION BUIISINESS
fo .d 011 hi, ow u is·c 1nL under the alls slte as Luretofore. Inv o f
(-OPARTNERStIIP.-The firm of SuMMeRS &
rSTAPLES is diolsved bY I, withdrawal therefrom. I will
3t333330 h3 OBACC3) W3' RC33OUSE BUSINESS0 (i the3 "0lre
rro. n" .loand " Aldlnndo," Varnho:la· ,) and Ihatu a ooted wlth me
my 3rth3r,A. M. SUM3MERS, ender h0 firm. of I3. M. & A. 3l. SUM.
MES33. 1t.3. SUM333RS.
N3wOrh0an3s, Ob_.300 . 3LS3'. aovl 3at
w . WILL3A3,33.of.." ° 33333 CO333 &33o33 a ber O3th3 3
,m 33 O. C 33UO333333,33 the nl ofuly but. Th3 SHIP3
binned u h.,reloore, nderl the m.ealo nlladlnn Ibrc neouot of the
mderri~ela0,I. 30GEOR33 . 800ERT,
..%wde, Septe3.3 mb3 r I tI339. FRANCIS W.W'3L3IAM3.
OST.-Lost ' e caro of the ship
locket stform Newv .'lo .].' ADWAREm, mk.d
1.33333 33O. 3w 0333. DIS3 333ed
\Ml. 80 ý- W
a 0 ccl1, with D. to
th3l0 .333 ri33333
will ' ·
FOR LIVERPOOL.--The Al fast sail-.
Its At moert*hip5 EVA Ote Phllhrook, is now r dlndk. n
and will receive Immlhsu vdlhvh. Faorfreight o 200 blei t
ba~leloqtt·upplzto J. P, W~n(IFY ittCOt, gsaOmp Ittret.
.cop tt., ...p,,,is I ..h.C . - 1 .Iop
CagS. aatlW
FOR LIVERPOOL.-The Al faet sails
.LgApttmor I hlp MOUNTAICtOR, Capti. t bIRl
now IndmgR amt wal hs W dl. t L For heiht of It
hal,. Cotin· applyto b ] P. W ITNEY k C., 61. Cajrou 6
F.r purse apply Ito th. CpIatlU otn o. notl
OR LIVERPOOL.--The Al fast s'il
riing Amldosrleae aip CAL RUTTA b.·Wb.r Isw
nowlonglng, rd will ha· ck dlmtrh. ha r vrelht op I .
beln Cottonapp a J. P. W eIfaTNEC k CO. 6t Carap t:reeL
Pn pIragsttpbly ta th. C.p. r. naI16
O.T te A fast salty n-5' A s
prClor p~re app.. lyW to th G Wn a o9 .1 . ..n W
FOR LIVBROO '~sd Ial gat
t~p~l Ir..··~rl~·pttansaarad. ol
FOR LIVERPOOL.-The AlI fast sail
Jn. Bramen Ihip PRFtLDENT t MIDT Cap t Metr, It
new Iomditg, ad will ulrtk dlgwteh. FOE frt|#ht o 300
ttldi r.m a .pply tOaO. SoI. C. Pa, NR.ALLD, assaoui.
. ( appla .P . WHITNEY a CO. t Ctmp ttaot.
PFor p..p cply to the Captan a tl nortd.
VOR LIELPOOL.-The Al fast sail- 5
.Lt ag5Saaimotr pORTH ATLANTI., CapFt. Cookip
isInow. In.C ltlve "ik ditpatch. EaIor. gI t
l60tIlesCottons to I.P. WHIT.EY&t. art Cat.Imp tA
F'ar ptlrg ppl Lyath. captIaia. hed
OR LIVERPOOL.---The A1 fast sail
ag Aaoamtt ship IIOIUZON, Capt. ThompfI , t nowa
lslit . and will byre gquotck dr h. Fre fr.lght or C0I
Fo. p...apt l to t !1e p.ia a lrbtd. t.
FOR LtVERPOOL.--The Al fast silo -
L ambr ch p 8 R ROBERT pF, EL Cs[t. Wl
hol:s is ,ring nd will bhanla med!.te djlnpkh, For
el'btot .,AlI, aotpot aply to
]. . W HIT NEY & CO., f 1 C am p .'r l.
Frp. tte .pply to the aptula , .ordt aoIt
FOR LIVERPOOL.-The Al fast sail
t. Amrican .lhip :UANDYWIN , Copt. M..r
l. a.u Indin.ag nd wt b q.allck dlp slt . r o. r ft ho
tt0 bdal apattatly to 3. P. WHITI CO., 61 Cemp at-t.
For paag.ttpy"io the ctptait n board,. 1o-S
FoR LIVERPOOL.-he fine fast sail
50 " HgchiBRluenY~!~~~:pn?:X~n I.j~~
n'g r1m Idp n R.t HAVEN Cfpt en
IW oadrig , and Ia l b q,,uickly dMthHd. PorfrfPlt h ,
0Wkl.Cotton ·pply to J. F. WHIiTNEY J; C. 61 Cnmp treol.
oar pang. apply o the apt.il on Loard. Iotl1
FOR LIVERPOOL.-The Al fast sail
Ig Amerolea. th p INTERNATIONAL CaI.ini Dtvid a. l
arowo avitg th. mos. of her crgoa elt ¶d,'i h enn imtoe- .
din"lcdteh. Fur freight o1 00 Wi e (* l aepl. ty b
J. IP. W!Itt'NEY a c., aI Camp rtrae'.
For pan e. appl, t Le tptlai a Darta. o1la
1,OR LIVERPOOL.--The A1 fast sail- .
i. InCAnsric. ,bEKUBAN IIINCKS. Cnpt. M~eeGlv,.-~
is now . lodiu- sud w:.ll hay u lok di.Ksach. For l rlht if--lu
4 0 bdha f:otton apply 1o J. !'. WHITNEY &O.. 00, amp 1lIr t
Nor peaege apppyb to the Watin on lao d. wm"l1
FOR LIVERPOOL.-- The Al fast sil- y .
..fAn ..od on shie CLARISSA CURRIER Cnpt .n 3 .'
Knaupq a s r , ,Jubo and will r icive lpromnt Jtspotl). For
freight of Wh at.| .ttbnn ..lyp to
J. F. WHITNEY & CO.5 6 Crmp ·tRe.l
For passage apply to th.e pi. a oWmrd. novl9
FOR LIVERPOOL.--The A1 fast sail
ing aremen b ,k .EO.US Capt. Lobbe., n.,ow lo ,d-.
an, dwlll .ruai Ilck dpnleh, For freight o1 00 lairs
utr,,nuor 160 hhM. Too..eo ·pplyy to
J. W. HITNEY k CO., fig (amlp sreet.
For ps. Isapply to th6.epteinm.nboard. - nrv8
FOR LIVERPOOL-The splendid A 1 To
'u" .ilipjAp p.lr,, .hlp WESYSIURPILAND, . A, F
D ·nn, maser a vowo loaliv for B·nbavo pure, and . dlg
Mo' " =l.,ru J, .~ill leave immud'ut d path. For
large port toder .,go .lr~
frihto 6 bt J. IL PAPPPiIU&Op PPCPPP.'PP T
nat3 JF IL rllllRIDGPI i CO., 63 St. Chnrica.,met. r
'OR LIVERPOOL.-The Al fast sail
tog r.krn. Mhip ARPATHPON, Cape, rylr Innw
luwling ul r P p PP.. Usos,, .ppl
Forl reigp1.&2s0s1klde.I. pIoor b6 lndopi
*lyl ]. PP. ASIPllPHIUOK&I O1..6PP°. PV1·l .-t.
FOR LIVERPOOL-The fuss saiing
Ixrger port of fahr e-, oel.PEed nod K-K on lnlrd, w ill Ir
m .amtsdlipatrh. . arr-ght of tun hnd. wwwco orr4 bi.. wav
apply to [u 08] J. II. APPPURIDGP U I'O., PP PP. CP·dlr,.
FOR LIVERPOO L-The newAliaht drafti
and felht auilivqq Amerirax.hipi IZIE HOWARD Copt~h~ e I
F1 s5 PBnr, (pnv 5kt s gr.,g , T
1 d.1I pquick [p.". For dip. Fs61x1 iMhnlsP ttw,3p pbh
atlB J. Ht. ASIIIRIDOEeL CO., 63 at Charlesl.t.
For p.s.es, Men .P.- acphi 5ommodtion.,applyth CaptainA s P
board, Pot 1,1lhird ti-id.
OR IVERPOOLSAL he superior nei-P
Immlate.dli.pspath~s For freight fpa..xsgs, o~s
L iad~h sssuh PAIPULLCCOl. b~ .Ptrll ~cppssP.s,
oet"16 JOHNh.F rrihlry~~~~ 16 B-1, Place.
FOR LONDON.-The il efst sailing F
ie. ehipA ship Ps q.Pp, Feoh. V, siudagh
and e W hovre gmrkl d3.prthb For (,el1[ or 266 hhJ.. To
Ior Ayl. i A. P. PVHITNEY e Cs., 6P CpmpWosol.
F spr 551155c n .pj. to the P.pPin nn hslw . noPPP
VI' l wit TUESDAY EVENING, November 16.
F . ORh.-The Als(IoIer V.- PHIeAl fnplo F ilsg.
le, a. wall ......t eua For freight or P~y~lrl im
AARi.,P. lux, cPFOUGIts' ~s.
gad Iv 1mo Ation ., n .s1y jn h hard, to h
P F CI6 IFS & CO., 61 Cohl..p. t- b.
FOIL GLASGOW-.The fine fas sailing
hAssrsrsP .p.y MAY Pl PP5PPICAP.Y~ &Crabre,PCPPP S
lotdivg, and w11 bito q- ldi.lat crh. For fres Rhl f It
t, b.!'a rotten nl,(, t. J . K"ITNEV drCv., 01 Can.p.VC'(
tB~rF, pY·EC apply b Ib* Captain on (ward, oo,16
_FOIL OLASGOV.--Tllc Al fast sailing~
CoLtten .1.0, to J. ('. \l'tIII`SRY a C'O., 6i C'emp e":, It.
s.'sssp.IssylI npp'ISIS tCPu CxpI on h rd. uPI lb
FOR IIOEPOA The Al fatist sailing
F l.p..,r Is :y ,lUP.EhIU:C iU. KCssI lhs Ius ssrlyI
sI PP rr or.p SC.s d, will baC s ina F i~pt PUPCF h. For
f, nrrbt ortuu 4 1e i' Ian 1.llllr to
.t 1:AHý,KI:N P IRCIIIIOFF, 76 ra .L Plxre.
or J. r'. t~llln`S EY k C0'61 lltrel
SFor pru.,Rr np )' I :he C'olAll nn bunld. arurl
FOIL: TRIESTE.--The fine fast sailing~d
lodu D wellhero wck dlneP r For feigltof
b.·e. Cotton, %olly to J.P HI'PýEY A C. 6 1 ".mp I set.
gST r "r e·lalne, n""yl). to ther Clp 010 on Wn~nl no, 13
FOR GENOA.-The A l S icilian cutteri
ox.ll oi au nIonl, r.l· u nlil i Inr·Llt l
thle bUL~uulk for w bitsl, or I;B~IL llh P) 6 ", Im 1111·0
eyply to LIav75] hnti a
FOR GENOA,-The A t fast sailing~
Amlerbnnl birr KIi: KLAND, Cnll;; Cork, Lntr'ill nrnrl)
all L."r cnrlo a .n IeJ, w·ill bore li ' t, I.r ib
of It n lnt.·Co.Wn, lylll to J. r. "tlI "'NEY&C&YSCU GI C'nnll nt.
t F Ylr pxee,ýr, ·l"F' l to Ihv 'W-lR ln hnnd. nur1;4
t~ F, r pa. al I *1I to Iln l;:t UIPI:n In 4:`nl. nu l
FOR IIULL.-The fast sailing Anlri-.F i
.h,..p JANZ E E. WALSHt. (`lp'.lu.lu h*\l: nrlu the '
Fnr S iglst ,1' SW I nlr. CotaE, spply to T
OP. WIITNECYE & ., 6 Camp eirrat.
For 5 n.ssag apply to 5he Cnp sin ,,sLhsd. Is, 1
FOILG CADIZ.-Passge Only.-The Al
f ta .nling dmc il Larklr SLAll ANE CIp5. Orr,
hlrviny all ur Inrll myngncd Hll WL quickly diqauelld. FrrrP
pnuaga Only, hsajsip · s5nor 5 uld'iO llr . a,%,) to he ly laptb on
Worsd, or o InoI 1 J. P. WIJIEN}EY A CO, 61 E ml, rrlt. I,
VOR ANTWERP'.-Tbho Al fast sailing~ )
A-ls.sw,.lhip FSPItNDOLA, Cnpl. 110~ww, 1
IOndngo , and wll rorntv. immrald ii -111,11t, 1, For Irolght
3W bore or Cott 1500,r 1W h0.. Tolasso pylr to
J.P'. WHIT LkI.E&O., 61 Caysp 'tr-.
(5ssor ,s..l 5pidys to haE C.,pI4 ss on b:I. 5,1,518
FOR ANTWERP.-The Al fast sailing
F Asarl i1 PYSAMID, CnEst fanalrran, t. no
londlog, nsd wli ro quickO .psssh. ýlrlfsirghsf lIl (K) L (
Eas,saa, sos 5s8 ~ls. EslIs,, spels ,
0. 0 l WWIITNEY&CO., 61 Cnmp .tr5I55
Fop a, aply to sa Cnlln on bIard. __ no l
FOR HA E.-The Al fast sailing cf
1-fin win a v. Prol, prmpt dl.lmn:r.l Fur freightt of 5
Fdu. Cott-.1,plL to J. P. It HITNEY A 1 campp~l trMl
Far caIs11l 4,"P y tohe C Iptiin o a W o rd nnpls
FOR HIAVRtE.--The Al very fast szil
fag Packet hi:, ISAAC DELL, :nlplnis Johown, isal , t
500 ibog.C.aB.. llon rIsp1eri a it . tI5 C nO fr.0. P. U5CIIS-EYsac e
PSs00al og. I glr to fas.I.O
F~lrp~u6·. Bn lC umnl cnllv unlhed itntn-rouln ac~olmmrra
lioas, I'YIY U'lo . Captain ou enr un 1,1~ 1
FOR HAVRE-Til Al fast sailing
A-iloo a hip JANE H. GI.InDEN, Cnpr.· Child, u~~~
ovS landingl for thu slord pp5.S l w ll a'l a iadisa di.
oIh. F .r rreigbt 5r 6W tb a notion lsr bulk ss,, SIPIP to
OEI1H J. It. ASUIIaR/DUE CO., 53 St. Clhnrln. I:NII.
F R BAL~TIMORE--The Al fast sail
&og bsagGsg. W. lIOI SSNs IsIIksrdI mI.IsOI sv. a5l
tar cargo engng-, will hnvo im,;lrdilt di. ncll. Forpvr
onlvapply to ýssrt] 5EOG5555. IY'ONg.5, 80S mpll I
FOR BALTIMORE-Henero n& Co.'s
Id a. Pekl. -TPl Al pnessk I.;IEL'N A.S
MILL15R O. 515115 5, sla nog prionl o bur cargo
,o-d, t ll t,,ssq111k5 di.055. For tmlanee rr t~ignt, or
.,ply to Ino,9l 515)1GH W. HYNSON, 80 Casp.tslI·1.
FOR BALTIMORE - Henderson's Linse
or PsskOt·.-Th. tort O flip{.,5,.5Ist A. Is . RIk
BALL, S6lspar, 55505,,.hisg uafrls all her rI. J
sS hn q uik Sdupagal. F5,r .s I.Ia sl resl. 15ur Plls.gr, apply
sS GSEsOES SE. IISNESUN, 80 C55Eap sIrut.
BOR BALTIMIORE.-The Al fast sail-k&
l sg ship NARlRsASGI55 T, Cnpt ,s l ag,nPI, .iSI155
to ·.ling for th li- pr Iort and bavInl( a Illrgu rv of bur Irrgo
slOpgad, all b sre smlssal't dlrs'Ill. FoP (yf, s~ghniglev to
or3aa J. II. ASISlISSE & CO5, StI. 101,00,tr5t.
.I.5155 TON,CsjI .iwa sII, . as Inallig for hes
w~liana daiw nll l. Yor h... at'f .imt apply to
-15l J. 11 SIIIIIill E n b., 69 t. Chnrlra et.
sls1t BOSTON-. Regular Line of Pack, - sas
nt..=rpm At a taKr~lllr parker hip DIRIGO, C,11 r,'1-f~
e I ningI 5I vgl,,,r1-o h r-rg5 ed wa d on hand,
will h- g ydirL lipplcwh. Ir..r Lalnnr of r11551,05 P55. apply to
,e0 GKORCIILsOW. 11555l1N, 801SIap s0ot.
FOR BOSTON.-Tlhe Al fast sailingt
i; ·biv MARY CRO~`KPR. Capt. Crorkar, to no' loading~d
for the auen p. r nd will hero lollnedwl ie;,at'h. For
adalah, .pjply
Iis J. It. ASIIIRIDGFE & CO., 67 St. Cherl. ltroeE.
F R BOSTON-Thea fine fast sailingf
hug p ab rh 5eargoengagod a~nd H goboeN, wr her
juiclk ilpdadb Sr Lha J.11 paox. bd tialutc of frui6"ht r I{lumLg·
..pplye a Leet) J. II. ASaIIIDaS a CU., ea t. Charlra at.
FO0R BOSTON.--The Al and very fast
I` uling pecker !,lp IFI`OI1AN. Cnpt. ftulnlumen,~B e
hvvlog Iho renwr Jarttl of he· cu aro .; nga6ý d Qotr ou
bad~l, '.111 bbs, issssdl~I. d.pstesi. F~sqsrsaht i5UI,. bl cssasn,
.stssds wgSl hassvg go 1d seomusstiosa, apply es bard, at 'at
15. Fis.I D~astlea51
sssl S. C'. CDOERT A CO., 70 Camp sstst.
Aerie's LI-e. - Th reguul 1 feet ailmg p acketl~t
.hip JOHIN CUbMINGS, H55,5, saats., bnviol the srtr
t oLf here .I- -9 dgnnd lao gs bssslsil vu I b eisk dibpslsb.
For roi I1 r or peonage. H o
[o [aov6J J H. , FDRIDOE CO , 3'ntOpp. Ch.oostreet
FOR VERA CRUZ.- The Al sChooner
IIIlONITAh, laI.bin Shi-, hvingthe reatr port of here
go engan-llsd lll have ham.N.ES diapa eh for th aov
ppoort, Forr~mirht oruu p having ga nsit-Issdo s, apply to the
Cppbhooabard, nt Mll Piceyuo Er, o o
.p51, I S Itmm ao,
I'M YARbL~l.ICstl 0
I'brig ADA~p, Cap. Wiiw Aot, .111 b. hartmed m tote a fight
Ibr wyy por. Apply b ~ e~L .( anm tel
north . RmEL A CO.,t0 Como stret.
Will *tCtMtONflMj Novembr 2 ,tlt'I. .
E OR rEWV YpO ,4. Direct-S8team
WILbLAM PENN,PWiwhrop Wet t . h tSr
hod, . StE ?tAltlIu t A.. Fes fht or h...g.t
s The BN FRANKLIN will ·ueosd the . P._dle ave wo
MONDAY. Deem INS., otat
ylp blids o t owsi. o
IbrUng do$ dnoghYPafitdand i.o t - drlonmr
tlagdam, wdanta to w. Ha alw~aowtolatal(naw having ps
the aerdgaa~willb promptlyottmlld to,
a10 lJOHN TooLE,ISNe*hISl.
ORMOBILE.-Daily U.S. Mail
Li..-Winter A,...t.t.-Tb. new end
).lsibid ,...2, p.ot·125 ss.. ONEGO C0 pt A.
Nief[, WLORIDA. apt. John Gnrt, CRieOLZ Copt
Smue Ht, (hsalo ben bo ll. es rely for the .Ake t IS I Lwi· E:
pprrror rremnodMttos.) ft.~ oft he.boresteam. wi !sas f
ProibrDt :Y BLRllrad DAILY an eer ,tbt ISkftedN
;Z.. an, gat 2Fs...I , an Walsehp. nod s.Ndq.
prls.Nde rrT sydld ,bt.Nbg.
WV..2m255.Bfo r tIL.L Lin sd Ps. Cbrd.I n mirk .q52..a
U The Way Letter eag for Mobill will I..,. Sb. o.11.. ,, t
A.,nt ., thbr o,',bb..t. tNs.r Bt of K,,.t, 2 oEs d all t
ln the mol. ['e, R. asnn: a,.rn. 10 IDOaabk ..
J1OR BILOXI and Intermediate
!ditWitrAN..e.,...2-StNms. ST.
OspI Cb..2,. WE l po..tln L4-de N., eke new . P
Pteket CR4E.-The gee, ubsl'etiales tere 8r·68
Cop. Carl W+knr iWgoo eoommodailiom. will tb· Poat
e nrri sir oad re hnnibg leave Dlo~i, u fellows:
tt~yti ere ..[Allot LRO1 mfrs.:
WEDNESS2AY, b !n lo .M., fa;UP 'RIAY EVrNINOs
W Gld. 11w. toor fro. Biloxi 1 in0nendiat Co." Landings,
$2 P.. S,,rrs.Ss ,, Cbildre,. *1 2.. Desk. 41 22.
Or The Wav Letter s¢ 11 ill the . tbs,. of the Age,5. nrl,
*t ' or.loek . on WEIDNESDAY, tsed UsInsc k .,.. Mr . UR
RAY. For lrslbei srp-sg..ps'lys
.or$ R. .E^DNS.Ant,2,OBm snPle.a.
Will i.~ TUESDAY, N".. keb 16.,' .a/ rls .b.
NELMA snd .111 -di In the ,ln , N,,R,.
4__troe e. IoNe tti-h" lll W drulpll. 1s-,ire p nsrbe. roam Mer.t REE, Ra.r" . m .*.·r
*illpai~ively !rave usbar. Fnr fret ht or Inew e tare itI . plislt
nalstt ooe, np fly o n board at the New Usrin, fellt rf lulr nnct,
orNto OGL2SNYN MACH ULAY 62 Tbho.,,it,,ll s t·ls.
C$' The lB iE now rN.eirlol 5igbs tit thI,, low',.idl, o the Casl,
oppadw St. Peal stret. _t16~
WI.v, WIN)NESTAY, Nsrrmb. r 11,b,, ..'dec r.2
'MOBILE Nd .11 ls.2inq. on the A , 5,,, Rrrr.
Thle new, mnrniflronL nod Iri! n....m p n Boger . x
S Lr OUISA. Cape. DuNll, wIll Ier.. u ubors. r ., 12g52
',r~pumgs, ·ppy oaborda
6( SIITh AFIMISTE. APren as, 15 Poyd.. SI.OI.
252.225 end all Inndi,,i on Ald..N.Ill-r,
Niqul AblsNms Ri,,r Panfke GE:O52QA-Tian .l.,.l r, sod
*eLoNeb built VpN.s2NL.,,Wrneir Nll0A, Clt. F. 2. NNII 8H, .
on or A i. Ir.Drida, Cl Ort r, wr!1 reed tie kr ';galalr 1ti tea Wo
tree a n n. r lbob rB laelringl N~hi n sd rnnr ne
2VERY ALTERNIAT: W2FI2TIN2NN. Shipp rS nmy Nlyo p Fo
frsjlNst o 1,252eh ,5n 25.2lp 2.n nn~di'nr,2np.ll ,
5.Nt !m 6,.LTNIY + MNAUIIAY.,, 1; TLlyimnl,, n.et
t TUIPK{-THIROUGL LINE, "i. Ne.w 51,,.
Th r [{rely waew nd ·Lepl ·i .c WF.'L' I
KAI A. C. OId.. eammn~rdio. (now Din. finished or Cn.~albmr') I
TUMIPKA ie.wll .,ldru'Ihu th[ule, being built LSprauly for it,
and al- A No, One
..pLS U hII n MEF.LA., JR., k CO.. IA Pnydra.n . r n.
ter b. nna been rltrkaAl an iv nrngtly
paired-11,11l, *,gin-· and Boi en-"lo the emirs utufuu~rwm w 11.1 :o
, .p stony I· per eert·8cat. hel"lx, he~r 'n"~ in 6 ,via¢ brrl naltled, newly
painbnd a l rifemieed in tlrr moat soul n la nyle, will crelllr her
FrIvtip{ i tbs abovn LIH4., Ira ing N teav. on Bret vl(.il on
A gA A'L. F~g
TUESDA, Oet.b, Y 13 · eceL e leC~dl r FkllAY wd TUliSDY,~
at 9 o'lork A. A.. Euing he- ISA4 ah.I dw ,E to Kei1 (n1
*1AR EAA RAGAS' CAEE L, AEEAI., ,Sa'E'IA trip W DeeAd.,'t A.
PRAIRIE. Forfirgh or pruuagE, 'pply ,m bmd, fESE ofAM. LA,,ie.L
t The uLAnit.me, h,.,.AE lth&Isny udaE thoAoul aLLI
the AIN.marJ. T. DASI'CLI.,C.pi. - - , E.l indnr Io bLa
in yrral ordr wrd well eonllitiuned. baying teen dorka and the aKL1,l
rptarnt am r~alfanlion and orhr our Imm-aiwn a irea.ian. for Lhr
PI.SA AA trSEL, 'L barrbLALy L6 It Sp'rAA or Ie AL.diEr or an
kiv nrpnv ov bvnr·J of h-i will be i.,maan at the ulual rate of pr
,Aiw.SpLy . b,,gdg~be Cu.p LLb Af A.l .EAy. -
RICH .RAIY,}Inpete ofHul.
oElIS JONLAIL LLAS1ET', bplsrtAlr of Boile..
7ýe \YýII l W"DNFFDAYY , oresllr 77 of ao'·!ori r.r
F OR J3EIF RIVER and all inter
e'mdilrlu I'A'. , m ulrcRi·,r.-n'r i new aM
N.YihrnEbAEbpE.AnI. staAer LELEAE..3.
W t .n ILL,.,. NINA' EEE11ae nw r .55tn 'Iw.Ib~ i o
gor, rtu [ooa IJ1 eII1TH ! FIMJSTR, b9 PoynMu " n e
Will leave MONDAY, November 22, at 5 'eloel r
TKINITY and uil inwrreiw. nnt iar n l.r
RIVnR-Ounrhil a~d F'nmlan l a p.waet t - TUN-t - I. r
,rd S'EE-A,.LLLht plEdnger F.,, r .,L S.., . CE TSA.-, L. ..ouny
will learn asturl. For /rrieigar pnup e" r nlgnv Lorrd, or t
al or SPEARED CSirCCiM P:Al Y Yl'clL Ipiionla. ·Ire*L
',II Leave TIEALAAY , Nmsuer 16, alti o'cLka x r.
I -n-rrli'rr r, w- r::d li~ith : u-Dt roomler 1'IO"s~ L~
T.1, 1. 1I i'arienc, mne'cr lll I-l~rL r linvn. Fur rreiEjb nr pu~eugF,
upI ,,, .IL. - I,, f,, t oA,. . iL vvilAl' .f r ur I .
nur 15 11LN. LLIALNAAN, I9 ConrE, rer.
n 1 e'1 lanniseaon the I.vkc-lleg 1~ Rdl Hirer P~e
PI'AF.IE MEILLEE-I '- ILL h I,.,tLLht . -al pnrL,,t t"I LI:
MIILLERR Catul E. Ab... wd."r r wdl -al·n i· i rYL· J lnrLt fnlken
,ultn with the pririlEo lL rtlAihppA5A. nK aEnl . EmEN.
nor 1 ASMI! LI AM IS` TLR. IE PyL 'atrek.
SSill Iseas.WEDESDAY, NAroNL'Er li,.t 6 -l5 k r.,,.
ILSALaL aNo,,LB'G TItL'L'1,,', SLA;K AI K AiR- n
AAA,,I,,raLE l',,,i,. CEEII'llA''IE .k -I'L , , pr
AAg. LLAeeging krLLt tlum¢LEA C ELLArlTILA, Lnpt i. Srrs un,
will Il·*r a aZOre· Per f'ilh or I';nxlq "e yli.Iv ULlclUI(
,a IA SMIITH I" IM 181 EA Ft, P~yan,. ecru-L
A ill ALmre ' W ESEE SDEAA SE. SNIF l & at 6 u'FLEIA EE . SP
Reenlll R'dlc Rivl r Pnek.r St-nlllr CDIIU NoOti EI~'RI~ B cniFb
The nux. ·nparior and sail[ ruvnilll pM-mner pnekel ettunln , . a l " r+"
No. -2, Cnptuio John Bmhnm. rill lens .e hars. Far rt-yll or Ilor·
no, llply onboard,., for SMTH & FIMI RRISON .4t Poydme at-t
W:Il learn~ TIIVRSDAY Vnranllnerltl, ea 6,'rlor·R . x,
ýýO1 t GRAND ECORL, NaTcnr- I I- b
7'l)H'f iG,AIJRtlXANDRh nul nht ittar-oi.i·
L..,SLE.-Lblug .IElEA'LA
ianding" - i roliirt l nr ~~i(Il·rlr~l~~ B
P.mmr · SA~LMAU, ~nS.. K yL, rtr iLlAl luu~aEaA .r.b
SILAiItAr EIEA, LEvAImiEEi P : nr l. on bAAI , ,r to
WYilli-~r TOYSDAY hor-mb 16, (at 5 o'sloek P. LýRW RIETN IE AL
CDI, FORT AI)AD!.I S l i,,x1li, ioa IDn.66nga- 1'h. U rt!· 4
pDu6DG6n· r J. MOMIoULIS T, Jeek*66,DD66. Al trig;
Zu)t6n plae of thu lGUIG, (w1Iih rate o )Jere teb NDW I:R\ G
to tears. Ut.~tll Lrva, ec. _,g rrigst. nII Utll I·.Y. w nb "c c
For frnight or t'orgy~o..uYY ate buolrd, bw of C~mntan rtrtat. Or In
nnrtY D. K. CAHHROLL, b!1 Caronrlclrt .(nnl-i [i. inn R ow. L
Willlen6y TUESDAY, No,,tuber 16,,,t,6 'el6 - Y. r,
burg P,',AI SG.',yr MAGNOLIAk -kGe mngniHý rat uen ·rl rw
olup L""·U"BDI packet Im-nlll M NAOOLIA St. Olii171 0 1111·Y1-, a,.
tar, rill leGe a,6,66bW. For sAi1It Ur p ""..Pl6v onAu.6I, ter t., ý
MAGNLIA Ib " t'I' FYIST. ;:I , i tdr:u, nu., t.
I AThGIAGNOLIA .ill by A' Ilyv· Ls hi. SAl.ru rD ,,g t,.
eightIad xaill tike ,1e1gn t fr YAU , Cf, y6
Se 1 There nill be n Clark on the I't earrly ou Sntuolny m.,rliior
t. ,,.,ale I S6yltU. .6A"11
intend diet. hndiny·--:Lll rrguhrr Virkrbur[, , kxo 1ic.,t'lllk.
lr~o'loelr, t'.ro·,Cfao i the ~r ll Fur "'oho Or pn···rr. nylply o"·
[$' Tb, SIENPIIIS ,iil tbke Ureghi6r 06 Noo Ri,,, wit'
pivgDlDO* fI ,ipping ,lt icksburg, DIl l i
InndyI,,6-RU,,A, Wenk1, Uellt' by Reeld PDUat6*A,,,,, F Ni6
LYON'--Tbr l ne pU,, ,, v DU al.6dD6aDtl FRANK LYON. I.r.
S "."' wrltn. ill Iaxv* ir ri..,hwra and .11 olntovnndi t. suillll In
EVUER FRLIDAN of ,Dh wrsU yE 6 o'lock P. w., troughout the Ae
Yo ( tl'R o I1 U ER S1IIR ROS~25 POyd-· treat,
t Th, FRANE LYOTN ill 6Dak eiyAht fIo Yuy RivDr and r
..bp 6D kuAn~r VDLANCT, whibh ADt wlOawailt the arriv-l of th01 6 .
LF '.urro r II be n Clerk e rl the Levey nt the ts , urea rearr..
ppy~muu Crmluwlo ore.[, early on I'rdu~lnd, loururyl gereg r'
I.3'U,, i U 16 '
GUi I,-.' ,n SATURDAY, Ny'u,,bar ,6Si. b.166lo D. 6.
Iuat IUT -,HER, lr--( I Iluek liull c·uLtlil tr
6SOug IiTIIIIIENr pwkut .Wane, SOUTHERN ULLth, Cul'l J. A
Wohir, wdl leaven. aboUe. For jru LU.[ or U..1'y' al,)·l oa Lo ml, or
to [in-6)1 MITH & FISI66TAR, 39 Mloy,,. ,inA,1.
SUNDAY TiUab166 P,,,k,.G,,y, II. D. Wk16GII1', ',"..
D. ClUark.-Tha uDDaysyd I ai"Un o6h-l nu', 11 66 66o-6h6 k'6
*on,,er H.1. WRlD(1TU C'pt. i. U. U.yk. ,rk ol,,,,,,,,,,,. Ug..
I,,,tipe boYt W 6. Breot of ,,,-be and w l II,,.'EV EGUGUN6 I
MOANIING, at Wn OCIYEL. LI.Lunlill4 nll I-Hx~e VieL·Lbllr l ·ra
WSId6~dIny ,,,6iog,6 ED ,le'd,Al. FyA,,irtr io,,'ciDl,n, ID6-,
- a 5111'1'16 Uilll1 ST6&Ui ITA PaD.G60,A,6U.
ALUUULEan all htoldN Intel u l tgdin Regllrp l ia ner 13
Prbo.Uk Pn Pnektodt S8-1 SABIIN--The ntr a NOluiigrt yu·qi.r
NALkTLU66GA TASAXON, bFs r, dwill l GUe fo, L.,e 6(66,1
Ptd FDUartvelinle 6A6dign o AXONTbaY. 9666 ,,, u.bg.yDl y. and
EVERY MONDAY the.refter G.,,,,j6 t tLa Sb ..s. For6 friylbL
p 1 PWY'O apply ov board,., bt
SSTISTHER 6 BROB., I66.66,45 Ps yydmy6,6,,.
fI3 T6 A 9. will takle 56ipi 56 ur Yssl o b6,,. UI, h t 65 pr61, ,, Uo U
mrhlpping at Viekebunrgau u will Lave a Clark on the Levee, foot of
Cana, a~rm.6 , 6NG.1tng f 6.ie'6lSrt.nWly mlowing. nul9
U. Will 1.,v, W IINUUDAY November 61,61 ,66 P'6Da F.R.
RURO ·M sU nrm'dudltl I lnIlsr---Regx·r Yea
Ss.6a9NRDE pt. 66 y, will lG,. , . M'1". For frrigl
h, -' SMITHh IFIITER, 6 FydrGl6ot.
p6665y rely ov6th. ISINGEE -666566 r6g,16ly durivg
Will lean TIIEBDIAY, S.*., 14, A I 'I AB r. *p, ftmIO*I
MEPlah IuxiA,HKLNAAPOLEOS and .11~ww
Nhv. I..dog.-R..n Hi.n Packet HR
t~i,. MA and IOI Bhdot, ,.ILroIn hg.MEE.7. IBMZSD. T.
8alhlunow bport mr~ !hsiht an wB u naeve F
0-11 u LE O &RAgO ALAY,6 TehIpteelIinr~r
WUIN.,y. TUPESI AY," mbBI4 MSo'Jd1kP-.
SWAEY-The r,, augand lIIIe ANtUg "ptrME WIN
SWANKLY, N. 0ow., mut*r, willAIno v e.IECE FE 1.1(11
age, bhal.· ,cry ;a. ·rnMmdrtiair. ,.D1y QI loul, a t.
IrN IOII N SWASEY will f , IC1 b1 rtI ellI.dig.. C,.
Af~R, .I h tbp.igV "a ippOH. 1111
and al fotamadiate lendlnp -So. ge na
teat VaenIII Perko' r ,.I~i Capt.IA .1 II,. I N
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Will leave SATURDAY. NaoC s, Ie
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TURF , 0 , R. OlOUIn, maSt-r, a no, fI. eon mCK- irr tt1 holy h4 ad
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dati ray applyr ov buar', or to
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Salu- F Ba iewflor IaeeugP,. "YII n Gard, orbt
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Will ,-6 W EDN iPDAY, Novber 17, .1,5 o'lock 1 Y.
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WRIT"A llu Ii.4.P ' ,i Poyd- weet,,
Dariob or S. G. ItpO¢Its.1I Pordna street, I
R'iR enve TH L'R.S~AY Ho""rtIbr 19,I at 6 " IoiL e. re. i
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kl)UB LIC SCHOI LS, First District.-Appli01
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S116611or 1.116. Fir1t Di6 1,, II 6 b r,,66l.,l 66.1 SATU11,iI.AY,
\orc.,lbur "t , cu whichl duy e.,nialitln tiar of u~dialr rill Iaka
666161,, 611, I I Su 11ri. 11 11,11 66 6, N1u18 OUP6 Hall, ei 10,6elor1 61 r
Pero . ds .,ll. ,lll.i1111'6 ,t11.61,611161,611·. n II.6 116'l 6te66or
diary ·rchu I"·, will n'w prerllp t66116.n,.1 for Il,6lnl,,io ,SATL11
DAhY, Nor.nlbcr xu, wrd oni SATURDAY, Sorrrebr 27, at the Room of
t1e Sp6ri61.66166t, 1l611666.
Alll nlpli 1nti 1.6 to 6e m 6le writin. g, e1d 161t 6i1111r 511' AR,
s-e - Ip.nnteudr u of the in U61rict Yublle School, in"ll 1,6
P UBLIC SCIIOOLS, Second Distriet.-The
6 11111'IIOLI , 11111, 1 1.,16661116, be ,II. 11 lot ,66,lh1,
1,16 MONDAY, No..llrlr 8, at 61, all,6l11dij1 iu li P Gala
6661 n1 I B 1110111.. 6 o 11161111. by 1. I"' L S Ihno ,6r 6.l
Dnlliliml e am.l oImonde tot hoSuperiue, ndrn4 r to lho
Plllslp o of the Schol.
R, order [t orn'~ DI-t-o-,
nor6 'f GOKF. R tOR l . BISSELL, SuprintPellanl.
D RE-OPENS lst SepI-Englisli find FI-ench
t , rPUPILS. No. 1611. ST.OUS STREET,111161111 d by t6e MIISSES
A *LSON, inmm Loudo. or the'l'rrnu, name. o hu rmfuuall.tD..
1'1, atl6 I-i', 6 66,t.n.
R, knm~nnca--Hun. Jlldbge hir;nlob,P eppident nkb. nuirernlty 7ndpg
,tra,, J. 51. 616yb, 16q., A C. 111666111. 11q.. It. L.61161,Il!t.A.
S.ore, Enllq on. Jul6,1 Slidxll, S;lllll ý. 1 Puir, E~ u Hore 6U ,66.
, rk. ý q., Earn UPry, .aq. '0!i nnsx 8m
L-,tiei . ST. \IAL wllI.- with re ,* oA SUNDAY.
:t1URH INO, nl. 10 '.lvrL, and a..n andaftr HUILSDAY.Il 1L C0
[he ll Cnlr· mill mr* re VA'ury ea lalax
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feel urhnent, er any lhar tnilrrs mi nrt d ith the o+ Al- Us·
N+,Mim, deeeaeed. apply ,,'. 5. BAKE WELL. Eserurnr. nr1B If
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truly ioi nmur and uI nlt ImIh 5 t 6 e. Y. to winter.
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L-rSumnrarmgto ronwne u [hthid andaytn~ebrrur)
.nil nd on th ecn londay to Novembe~r.
Z Th.5. Car.a ru sI1and Iroml the hpot, o, 181.-slant.isF
I.. Wkr, friom 5nyes1 ........y ... 5551 a.d 7 locik,
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after w11eh We Eln will lens· each krmuinua every PItLkea minuter
uott 9 1,1-k e. Y.
5. t 5., 05 ,10 . U 1 r. m., h )m t )n Depot.
.d 93,k d l5y P. s., 15.5 LSSIIttA.
Fanule annob. CLildrnn ender 1 EFnun, iilf pr;c·
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Lucia's Safte Unrlva ted.
0511rtuw cunur--nlvar 6. C., Augls 9, 155.
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mib to ettr e 1 th e meat rmlrr lt fire in pcnl+ IN Yol
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.. it IIIU. he .'lnllld th ,t the 1111 (E`;SAPCIALAC SIOCS TAL HL
II.SC.C\ OF SILICA, boa.. uv I .lpr+. lo tlo rt. value of 10rh 5
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.sCSS le.d 11 11 SInt.sI, .15"'t.
ib'ordLd'a .ldct Ceusspccoay.
HIE attention of tho public is called to the
1 t.llf ,o..I updnoci, f thntea over all &hr· r Our Salc
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W~lE hesitate not i se inr hxt reas Snfr+, wrrord with LILLll'r
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Rates r Saok Vault now in ol. They are ell the r~uA of locnnr at,, ý
Th.. Camtwýýunow prspurdb Irnish at bort otice SMLS un
"K VAUAILTS. of rui~maau·s for Suukia Inatitedoa+, rrunrll
tlrurdI-dil idclu-s-hl ht rllll· wmnted Unll and YOxJý
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Ahample oohs shore S's and :a ets, to,,. with DayANrwoll
chap! o~iBaao Look, can L. bases the o o 9 Cams rN,·
01 Trs cO.iAlDATiD oITr oNW Oxwo1eAs.
Eulogy on Henry Olay.
The following trbute to the umory of Henry Clay, I
which was delivered by the lon. Alex. M'Clug, and
pubtabhed byL e of the M tlwan ppt Legslatoue, Is eone
of thamoet el.oont and tlouohsog offýrg to the mom- t
oryof the great eateman we have yet eon:
Laoms ANo GeTs uas--We have met to eommemoae q
the llfe and uwtle.o of Henry lay. After a long life
after a long. unefol and ille.loenu me-- has Ipased
away. The fiery andt aep.tog rplrltswhomathlyllfea as
one long lstorm, has at lsegth nk toec Neithe prie
nor senmre.san now reas e him. Whobew habbghty se nt
pased awayfrom the earth. and the grave closed over bi
dlasrt. It also entombed tin the das and nrro ohamber
the bttlrneoo of detroetlon, and the tIger ferocity o
pnt, s hlot, with whih he had-to long Deatlh
has hallowed his name ad bunmished bi e lem brIsht
In the memory of hie count'ymew. We have met ti
epelea In h te nanr aaio the eatom of oar nonswi
hs entaiblshed, on.app eenlaton of tboa aeeeeea nua one
sense of his glory. We hae mot. not as peotleans or
frlende-politiesi or prmb-no-f tha illtrimow dead a
het as Amerioana dedreou to do eoeor to a grat Amwal
In attempting to diecharge the duty whoh be bee I a
ilMpomdtupou me, ehll aoTid tbnletiellpltateewltgy
which iedm. proverbhl blemish of obitasao eal eneral
dieoosnes, and ahll e may, however feel.hl, y..t. mt M I
Cloyashn wa, or, at leat, as heo need tio me. GreeL
belnge-- greand hum an oreatiee- ateee y.
tbruoolout ttme'tbn4ldbolpl ntetd with OVataIo; 'IW i
gleermluato driugo of peons dnowns mudlooM and
n eatnolese the .ne gpave, wheres none can diltlawh
between them. Whena the greatest of all Ug11iLohenn,.
Olvereromwellsat tothe platintrLneiyfor hi JOetra
whoa encl was addieted to fattery, he :ld: =atme
asI anm l; aeve not out one wnlde e or hlemih, at
your peril." He wLhed tolog to the world a he was;
andgreatnemls wise in wishing It. No maO the world
ever eaw was equally great In every quality of intellet
andInOveryworkofactlon. Allmen are unequal; and
it is tntesfnl wes woasjut to plant the palso wheen itl
true, rather than to drown all Indiliduality and all
eheraetor in one foJineg ohaos of enlo gy
Ilonry Oly was moseat emphalatloally a pecullar and
strongly marked charocter; lonparahly more pcullar
thn an y of those who were pWlly comadored his men
tl eloqals. Impetnoeusea torrent yet pattlettogeta hl
ends ; orerhearng and teampllung, yeta winning and aooth
ing ; haughty and fierce. yet kind nd gentle ; dauntlesly
brave in nil hinds of courage, yet eminently prdent and
conerveatlve in hie poliey--all these menl attrlbute,
antithetloal as they seem, would shine outunderdlffereot
pheons of his londuct.
I need not detain this naudience with a leongthened blo
grophical sketch of Mr. Clay. Tho leading bintoeraon
incidents of his lifeare unlveally known. He was bhen
in Virginia. certalnly not later than 17T7, most probably a
year or twoerlilr. Hls parentnge wa extremely humblo
At theo age of twenty, twenty-one or twenty-two0, he eml
grated to Lexiogton. Krentucky, wher he eundertook,. to
pursue the great American road to eminenso-the bor
For this career, it would have seemed at that time, that
his advantages were .mall, indeed. Young, poor and
unconeted, with careely ordinary attainments of edo
eotion, he entered the late with numerons and able com
petitors. Yet, tHenry Clay, destitote as be wee, of all
adrventitlos advntages, was not destined 1o etrogler
upwarsd along the wearyan.o lborious paththromn.h whb
I mediocrity toils to rank. The cedr imbedded In barren
I rocks. upon the mountain sde. with soaromely roll to feed
Sits roots, will tower abore the tallest of the forest; for it
is its nature so to do. 8o this great Genius at once shot
uplkesashaft. He roe tohigh rao k at the bar In 1790
he was elected to the Kentuckylegslature ; in 18015tothe
U. S. Senate ; in 1811 to the UH,ese of Represrntatives;
and there began his otional carer Since that ttme Mr
Clay has tlled a large spoce in the public eye. His career
e has been check-red. stormy and termpesrtuo.s, Now the
object of univereal pralse ; now attacked with very gen
erral coneaco; now oolminationg poo the oremt of fortone's
wove ; than doched upon the rotok and ovrwrheiled with
rooetndsclomoo. Itwas hlsfnteatperiodeof his career
to dralo to the bottom that moasore of retlonltn hate
with which mean souls resent tbhe imperial pride of
haughty genius. It was his fate to feel that donstant
I uecess athe only shield which greatnes and glory can
er aglinet the poison of envy and snander's venomous
He who ascenads to moountains' tope. shall find
The loftiest peaks moet wrapt in clouds and mow.
Ue who osurpasses or ,.bduee mankind,
Musot lok dowl ou-the bate of those below,
Though high above the run of glory glow,
And for beneath are earth and oeU spread,
eAround him are icy rocks, and loudly blow
n ontnrolog temprats on his naked head,
'thus to rewardthe tolls which to thosemlmitsled.
That strong mind was tried by every etreetity of for- OX
tune. and if sometimes ioflatted by suceesy t borne up H
by the all deathless thirst for renown, thteraod insoe- don
tive to all great tolls or gloriou deeds. he was onee de- abli
pressedhbydefeat He faced his enemies, he faced for-
uneo, and he faced defeat. with the same dauntlees heat; d
and the seame unqallinog brow. tn youth and oin age. h
regardles when or how heby ounJe, wht the peril00
might be. Yet when met overborone with calmny ;
when hatred raged ofiercest against his person ; and he
was most stained with slanoder--even at that time, to ene- it
inoe as to frilods. he wae an object of admiring reropect. an
WIhen lashed into fury by disappdintment. defeat ani op-. i
positioo. and tiLe storomypeoioaliof ir tempestuous soot . 193
raged like a whirwiuold his bittoreat opponents wouidgots.- i
owuiouely upon him witlh a strange mixture of hatred, fear bo
tad admiration Ili
Thhre are many phases in which it is necessary to regard ti
Mer Cly, toe reoh a correct estimate of his ohar.tter; f;
and iito accomplish tlhir delineation without a degree of ot
jmobllng confuo is ao work of some difllulty. As an loo1
oraltor. he was brilliani andgrand. None of blsontem- th,.
poraries could so stir men's blood. Noone approachud him Ho
in his mastery o0er the heart and the imagination of ie himl
hearers. Oi all the gifts o-Ith whioh nature decks her ot
faeorites. not the greatest or grandest certainly, but tile of
most brilliant. the most fascinating. and for the moment p
the moot po.rrful, Is exalt.ed eloquence. Before lt fleet- ol
ing and briof glare. the steadly light of wisdom, logic or son
philosoply pahls. as th star fades before the meeor.o.
With thio choice and glorious git nature had endodwed
re. Clay bhyond oil mna of the age. Like all naturalora- rho
tore. he was very unequal ; soometimestonklog toommon- dat
pluoe mediocrity, then again, when the octoolon rooued di
hia genius, he would sor aloft in towering majesty. Hle Lit
had little or none of the tinsel of rhetoric. or the wordy tht
fiery which always ties within the reach of tho rhetori- O,
oioa' art. Strong passions. quick sensibility, loflty senti
ment, powerful raolon. were the foundation of hit oratory. fat
as they arof o ll true eloquence. Paaoofiofeeoling, reason. K
wit. poured fortt from hls lips in a torrent so strong and fro
iurexiaustible, as to whirl awayhis hearers for the time in for,
despite of their opinions. Nor should it be forgotten. ths
slight and uuimportant as physical qualities may appear oh
in ouo estimate of the mighty dead, that his were emi- or
nently fitted for the orator. A taol, slender, erect person, g
changing under the excitement of speech its loose lac- lot
cidity of muscle into the most vigorous and nserved ener- ot
gy ; an eye small, indeed, but deep and honily act, and
flaming with expremsiono and last and most important of lo
all, a voice deep. powerful, mellow and rich, beyond ex- u
preoasion--rich is a feeblu phrase to oprees its round, ed
articulate fullness, rolling up with the , blimh swell of val
the organ-all theose together formed wonderful aids to hi
eloquece. And his gret and numerous triumps attesto
theilr power. Ile had the true memerico stroke of the ora- do
tir-the power to infuse his feelings into his hearers ; to m
make them think as he thought. and fooeel as he felt. hNo tht
one can form any adequate conception of the power of his a
iloquence, who has not heard lr. Clay when hi blood of
was up, and the tide of itspiration rolling foil upon him.
HI, words indeed might be written down ; but the flame
o, mind which sent them forth red hot and blaing from P'
its mint, oould not beh conveya d by letters. AS wolt gl
aittmpt to paint the lightning. The ertked. sogular P
line may be traced; but the glare, aud the flame and the l
roar and the terror, and the electric fla sh, are gone. mi
Stormy, vehement and tempestuouos as were hl passions d
and his oratory, there was ctill underneath them all. a 0r
cool stream of reason, running through the bottom of hist
brain. which always pointed him to is object, and held o
him to his course. No orator, so passionate ever commit- h
ted fewer imprudoncios. No potsiotes o stormy oaver left
their psiasor so watchful of his objlects. Reasion held hi
the helm while passion bloew the gale. ft
As a d.bater, it would not be just to may that IMr. hI
Clay held the same ronk; at least it may behaid with
joetice, that In all the walks of debate he was not In
iqually eminent. Ileo was able every where ; and it ist t
but gentle erlticism to ay. that in some trains of H
thought ht did not thine forth with the power and o
lustre which marked his eloquence. It appears to me. to
-.alera critical lstudy of Lhis speeches, thati he discused do
facts with oas much power as any of hiogreatest rivals. It dt
appear to me, a01.o. that he fill beneath somet of them in gi
the discussion of principles Ono .f the greatest of htis el
compeers taunted him oncl in the senate with an inability i
to analyze abstruse subjects The taunt w00 mo de oa
etronger, probably, by anger. than truth or candor would
warrant ; yetit seems to me to have been partiallyjust. 0
No one whol studies Mr. Clay's arguments u pn points of o
political economy. can avoid perceiving how rarely lie an
- alyoet the pritciple involved. Woe ee ta vast array of t
fasts. many keern atd thoughtful remarkhs about th re-in
mott of tho measuret. ht ao mdlytIo of its priootipl is p
sorcely ever attempted. lie doubtless uuodert,od the Ir
proteotive tariff sytem better than he did ary other sub- it
Jot in the range uof p.litiaOl eci omy; and no one can p
or.d his speeches upon thit question without being struck
with this titure It is sttll moroe marked whenever het
dicuseos the subject of fllu-to. A philtosophi discus o
tion of a principle, indopendent of the practical condition I
.it things, is nOver to he found in his speeches; and in tl
this he preented a most pointed contrast to his great |
rival who so short a time precededt him to the grave. It
may he soaid that this was the result of imptrfhet educe- d
tio. oand the barely hasty study which a busy, stirring|
lift oenabld him to bestow upon botuse subjects but the
better opinion sems to be that he was eminenti a pwre
tcal man, nd the bent of his genius cotlled him ay I
from the motltpbysis of politics. Mr. Clay was uudoubt- I
edly a fr gro-tter man them the Scotch eoouomost. Adum
Smith; yet it is rot probabte tohat any extnt oe duce-t
tion. or any amount of labor, or any length of study. ,
would hrve enabled him to write Adam Smith's book.
Yet wa. he o very greot debater. also. None of bhi com
peers arrayed factt more skllfully--noon urged them with
so much po.or. Il had tot the compact. clean cut, rn
tettoms brovity, which maorked somo of those the public
ranked as his equals; on the eontrary, without boing dif.
fuoe. he aboundod i episodes ; he inotroduced much mat
ter bearing upon his point, certainly, hut bearing upon it
indtrctly--not unt'requ.,otly, also, introducing matter
whibch did not much ielp on the question in band. lito
abtoundd in the argumentum ad hominum, In ptrsonao
appeal. In sarcasm. with much of peoutnl a'lu.iou mad
oircumstantial exptoatlot. ,often carrying him away frlom
his oubject for some tiue. to which, however, he toways
returod at precisely the point whore he had left it.
It is diffioult. amonig the great masters of oratory and
debate, tos.oetit one whom h r'losoly resembled. It is
not probabloe thot he hd over studied tany of thoem cloely;
and even had he done so. the originality of his genius and
the Intense pride of his haughty temper would have pre
vented bim from otooping to select a model. If he re
sembled any of them, ho did not know It,and he would
have cared ai littlh to abolish the points of reeembldoe
t to mob.k them. To Demosthenes, to whom he has been
often compared. he bore t lukness in his pas lon, his In.
tensilty: ad in hbit otuatloml want of iogLt t but he was
ouhetlJ t eedei e Heateisoof hie 1
Teo h~eeibe bon. to _ ilsseir ptn sy
asset toetr ate The peofoma d
hfIgeegeo.,lteeld em~etles .
4lee. ap d t as dewee. .: .; be'
'of pmitm, be met-FUeseehed Chi e$ fox. hee mant
rigi wlbresas tstolto Iis; e ;ýneýýn us eg
toboawayfromlt, themitbdeato-s eis
of mtet; the toes el'ditottet daw
hb opponent, t.aeltb - .ht'1i _E
qetlot vetohad " tie sd of ;
aboab wits eaerbs etie ens 7, d
rpsndnt te whto- etodeotheol eg . tpe ,
ToaUthem amaletet meott'eei . oeeistlte uItd e
Wuaof ksewwitg , of' ttbeie ttted
weokemem. 'Theegh it ma) he thot ewtbe _ .
thit fehheebad teereed ljttlttle hon hoth
1 bohhi~teokeehtpiotsaeuouhith
iesyU Ue r whie the ms M eteed I
storeel eeeti >tt # eb wed eu
t dmmy metoto ofs ýth.a
ti twee 4 b}e eheet
to . wo a '
powtr to hemad tert 4 e
oeoehittogotfirtfeehn b. rtitotdse
s~O'LtettDEUt.U etn pw
wbete~mmqa behlapieoof it the,
rate; Th iedera _sesi s
theeeoeodmetoIoeeaehtp bwtor ss
eadeteeggteng, hit peettetit Eteedf t g
kee bitsoe, though outof the oBr4 to ..
eetfn the dherrttmtd of thetten: .a
of tbhee. ttitedy, W. hhi tbtaghmhtnthe :
riteetUlthettel i ofoh heimteee.leet
Hed lredhtiOhoet (teeitln.py ehneMdten .$b 'o
I maidde evty uei th e , flete C
p',wer Rboated dehoootd.
'msiot..m telloo tbei dtteohehtiyeeet
lehhdeWhe the poetof tlthe ee
ý_Inaaoe doeltyaea ated edteoweetgeseegt*$e~etotpw
had braoght shutt a ser* at cbteb.
tie& ooeietywhich toboatotforbiýg thtet Oby,
tod ioetooeginh adootBoheeoat totedpt
torreo tedhoo gho et tnoot btpm `d
powr ay d disbeartened oteheltseewee e
betir of he oppoytion. fe4 ofre f tal oth that
oth thtttooort etet.
tile efftoewsi thD the tptbooot "theougothe tiotteof
% ad its stregth los But the firewlierdlhd' sores. .
thestrn andhighertpealed forth blfet8e oe t
rly, this brpoken roe. amndtare d h theodidwdht the'
d storigle. Topotled dCltty. her lu i oft aelltoeh woe.
t adtotwotoed edto~ettjo it thtuhetiedyit.
of ihslt idtter ooatest
He aterards led the oppadtion brougb the tense of
nj Icysle~ateuel eraabedl dfrfiliwte~i
daryite of repated detata ho still ntdatafi drbf f~ae.,
e meat raitenamised ediirattpbh fnsi wo ayknyhs
0ousage ls ohigh finallty. plensagewfeeLt meli{o
and unquretebbsa one of thel ]ghee and Or t
mornl qmlalea, It s the most essenttal to'a gpet populni.
lead ¢ most speeall the leader of an oppolsition - and
witththat gliugft nultets had endoswed Mr Cly top
eotremity Thersawsso politis espoosbIllhy wh ihbe
everevoidedto take; t;aseswa sopersol poer.whiehhb
ever ehuoned todareethrewas no raw In tme ppo
party whish he ever %illd to atiks. His etýi eve
filed him inasy etiemity. se met Mary eost4tmpt~a
ly anod at oneo, and in this ltbo.e a r.markble nue
to almnot every other politletlan of the age; oeoohie,
contemporariers approohed bim. in his ..ldunheeitlttog ?
promptuo.o. but the man of his destiny, his great isvt,
Jackson. with whom. In so many other point so elose a
parailel might be traced In demoeaseloe where the wilt
of the people must be the ultimate Law of the iand, and
uncertainty as to theirdeoision sleapt tolnduoepollt les
to wait od watch for ludislions of the probable neslt. D
The timid timeserver wll fear to move ; hse will free to
takte ground upon tnyqueston util some leams of lght
break out from the mana ofthe popleto show himl.a
probable path of safety. ea.s, migtltnge, nneosmin a
a to his pelraonal Intorest, keep him silent and still, .be
the msoss stumble onward to their decsion wit hout
the light oft leaden. But no fsInt-sersted do os
clouded his bright eye. when bold Harsy ilwayw iq the
geld. Like the white plume of Munat, amid the soott
ad the rear of the turmoilof battle his lofty ent w
ever gilttering in the van for the rally of his ht. He
waited for no indioations of poptolity. for he roeseved
his Inspirations froj." own mear hndmand dsinatso
hean.rt, tili oonitmWs re so strong. h el ods s'ongne
so unbounded,. his wll s o.andumtobe. hi ieveutoh so
rapid, his gronins so grand and lofty, that hie se.em too
bse. stamped pon hisrow, atuso'se patenttooomm ma.
P Ie moved among the partisas with an impaestst wer
doubtil, overpowering air of asthotty, w. hioh feel
tbletoreslt. Hitotsoutsdaolusubodiiltli.
oeoled to him- to bre lleotl. t ob. ,'e qt d
t dat.ho.tmthutewashitofttl,'A.tdemarvly ealidd.t
iohedieooe. Though' the powmtut rl y whehwaread
egaisothim amoonghtaaesoeatessta7810awd'4lWsft
toune tsornlhedthawer m toeathe.a.peoadnow 4taf
secret disliLke hi deepotl will had landed agelnithtie yet
it was generally beten dorwn to ebmlouo. His ablest
Sand haughtriet eomrades would in geoeal sollei)yobey
'. Wilriog to wound. botototfraidto strike." Whee int
S1832. he wheeleol .ort upon hiofoototlp. with his compro
mise bill upon the tarfldf, he cerried with him the great
bulk of his pertisans in Congrse. and the whole of them
in toe country. though diretly coommitted to the support
of that meaatro. In 182. he arrioeld withh hir sftimds
tfrom Ohio, Mssourtnd Kentucky. for Gtr. Adams. agaiqt
teo. Jaokonn. though with that otes. politieal destucatlton
loomeodup darklyin thoirfront. Nor was it necessaery that
the quoestion ehould lie in his path to make him meet it.
lie spote out bold and fre on al points Iao front or around
him. far or near. In 1822.he was Secretary of Stote ad
Snot eoeesariy laollovedn the ephemeral domestic polities
eofhi State. Kentucky wasboilitglike a mighty eauldro
t oponthe ubjsectofherrelieflws. 'froe to his nature.
ler. )'lay spoke out olr and strongl n bhaf of jultie snod
· sound policy against the eurrent of an overpowering ma
jorlty. U nder the same eroumstne e took the me
i reponstlbility two years "tersaeis, opoe the questiou of
Otho oldadasewourts. Thisuahesltotingaod honesttn
daucity neeessrily entailed upon him many temporvry
diater, but he away os.tme up agtain fresh nond sttsog.
e Like the fabled wretler of antiquity,he rose from his mo
ther earth strongrr In hie robouod than before his fall.
Overwhelmed with esalomy. he encountered a defeat in
- 18'28. shlich would have broken the hart and blighted the
y. fume of any other popular leader In tbhe nation. Even
Kentucky. the last covert of the ohunted stag. wo beaten
d from his grasp; yet he still mule head.banded his broken
n frces, and fur years afterwards again met hlis destiny in
a thesamuo man. oenoounoteredadefeattsreihlandover
0 whelmlog. yet he stood under It erect and lofty an . tow
er. Ite had now left the retiremaent, from whene as a
generalhe had marshaled his army,andhad eomedown
into the arena of the halls of Congress to strike, as well as
order. And tI the tremensdous trugglm of thoe stormy
'sessions, the battle of the giants. mott gloriously did he
of load the aosault. It is iasplitieg to see how mnafully he
x upheld the dey. The repeateddisastere which had erush
,ed the hope and cowed the spirit of his parstlsan, brqke
of vatonly upton his haughty ftout. Deftmee, st..and high.
to blazed in every feature,and war to the knlifa i every
at word It was sbrave hoelghtto see how gltty he would
Sdash into the melee, drea his srhlng blows gtb.t and left
o amonog VaBuren, Benton, a.orsyth and Wrght; trample
0 the wetcht.d eour of party intothe dstbeneath his feet.
0 tUd strike with all his strength fall at th toweing est
of Jao.son.
Nor was It only in the bold and stern quallties of thei
party leadrer that he exeolled; he could be winning and t
gentle too. While theres was any hope of winnling an op
ponoet to the support of a measure o man was more on
clliatlong; while his partians would obey, no mn was
more kind and gentle ; and his high stroog nature ren
dered his courtesy more attractive than the most dexter- l
ous flasttery of other men. As instances of thi sill. I lo
may mention that he twice carried through hisl ind Iill
galtust o dead majority In both houmes ; that be carried t
through his blloeou-l empromise, when at first the effort t
seemed hpeleses; and that he woon a passage forhis bank
hills in 1882 and '41. with a minorlLy ofiupporters In the u
first inetnanc, and with an uncertain, hesitating, nnaoiln- aI
ble majority in the lasot.
Ife was patient, too. and could bide his time. In 1840. ,
inteslioe commotion first appeared in hie party. and he
trot met formidable and olgansed resistanae tohls will. ie
lie had for years fought out every campaign. as the lea- i
ar of the oppoeition ; his tacotics had been hritlint. dex- h
toeue and admiuable. The party in power was badn ao
down. aud he thought he saw himself elaose upon the long- I
delayed Irultion of all hisl hopes. The brIght crown of 0
gluoy which had so long glittered before his eyes, but to
elude his groep. was now .within hi reach. But anothr
was seleoted to wear. when he had won it. Another ws
sheen to reap th. nereet, which hee ad worhedand 1
watoched, and tended. Then, for the firt time, he met,
what he felt to be. rebellion in his camp. Then, for tihe i
first time. he sow his standard deserted. His own appre
clation of the services he had rendered hlpaety., ws
strong and intense; and under so eshing a blow. a fiery
inmpetuous mann might be expeoted to commit somne ie
prudence. Denubtilers, his heartbeat tlhlck l a sense
lijustice. and his blood boiled in reuentmre.e t ho bl
trajyed nothindg of it. at least not In public. The gee
porty hleader koew h.w to bide his time. IHe two
gnraefully to the decision, threw himself cordially il
to the movrme.ot, and was still the reOognBied hief
of the host which mustered under thiemor of nathe
Ili was the power behind the throo eater thetha
threne itself. Four yearts afterwemde li reaped the foot
of his prudence and his patience. lewas supported with
neal nud unanimity by thse who before had struck t4
down, and eertnlnty nothing but the mine which was su
suddenly opruug beneath his feet. prevented his trinmphj
After close and meost deperate struggle, he fall aga
andapparently forever. Yet. even after this appareetl
r final blow, another effsort was made, which meet etrlkicgly
illustrstes his charotacter, and dlsplayed upon a broa,
ground his pradligihs powrer ere men. and bin hueyanO
confident. sauguineu, unbreakaoble spirit. When he wa
Sstruck down io 1844, It seemed that his raee was run. IIl
delteota had been 0so numnerous and contined, he had heel
so long iu the public eye. he waes so far adveancedin year~l
the rivias of his middle age, Adams, Jao u. Crawford
h- ad all patted away, adhe seemed to be of a former gno
eratioe. The publi heartfelt that his career was elosed'
I- The old make way for the young,. and a ew nce halo4
t- alrie. Taylore's victories bad arrested the public mlnd1
it and the veteranu tatesman of Athloand waes forgotten yes,
tr he attempted to stem tho tide of victory in the veo. fuUl
u s et.f its power. tIle cntrodoeer men was o prodigioso
it he betirred htlmelf s vigoroualy, he etelck mo hird aud
d trueto his mark. that. with most of his close friends di
r reely oemmitt, d aganst him, ant in spite of the generl
ye oose of the public, ho, cerely filed toa win. None butea
spiriet dauntlese as his own would have braved the
d truggle. None but a power so rean t cold have made It.
Is As staesrman, undoubtedly, Mr. Cloy was entitled to the
very highest rank among all bis oontemporarte, It hasr
1been gnserally oocadedthat hsleoa.nrgwaenotprofo.nld
cor variouO.f s0ci0aie In itmlmited sene, hi knew but
"e little, and of theoi tet and Its omportant branehes of
id study and aecm Wehmet, stdll les. It i saidthamhb
e oared nothing for litereture, had mevr usearched deply
en into hitoey ; and it is remkabrbe. tbt though at one
a time as mnlsterahnrad, and forfour e a Secetay ofl
as Stto.e in sonaeeit edttoa and lkees with fteeign
AI~ey, l E)~ sa d .
h s ..........~
rrwrr ~ alili ,J
all -ilt hi i
' rev. o. teM ti
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to itl too. s Iad
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barm .t. It l ssoeh to
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feerd. en a aes md~fm ".onolti' o
the A piel· ifom dratlite~atmd, of
hofth atoil o o f IMO z
h of
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h otod o binl bbiddoft0l.. lh1oj
o~onoefr.tbcm, 0000 both th. greatY~*
0*00n poopi bav. adopted the Obmoth~ao*9a'.~
poltia loood. . .' ....._
Aoabtieay soe portion fit MR ininm htIn uu nst
m~·nt of those perilous goes bona erasfb
moderate and eonservtlve-harneter" ro
that .au.jet, and from the peeeUa. of Jakl
wa native and a representatl,
never lived any when else .4 bIle n
Southern Btiatesyet he o ý °
Lbogbitoendeir'ot iute
Nilhe e"I nclmly
the m*gnyn
mso. Ite mtn the j .' o
ou both eeeeto athat th e-me tts
tucky, openly and vigom.ly.aontendigd ".
numerilea preponderance of the wl.te over L
thin State, rendered theirgredlg @&
moral Sato and easuly attainahle. At q
always declsred that he eouedtd ell ut b
utterly impnethxtble in t o .pk·tia.8
citisen area of them to
the nnmmbr of the blacs Yhi diý
sq~~od their.;o peslK
loosto the whiten. e fvtl , "In
,iontn . While frrthrt gith' be
impraticble. These views he m .
length. not only ja the d.e a
ow 8tot. but ci eonte noel)iu..
discudsing the r t -,p!
elaery In the Distrlct
and completely relative 9banet.
Doubtless. aS an abstrato ll.t,
s quencee of enactin. he
liberty weia toe pnio o r. his
hi mncutrymeu ware the Ile-t- jc nhstogtsldnlife ou
d his moral and Mons, ele i ina, 7Wbed
tyi hdtffert d indhis he.*t;
h urldi~innttpyeI.rsq hi:t
ntrieslprsrbln glul--.!.m.L
h(mm countrmen wl~elc
ebrain h thedomfouh aJ d f. · t
b d .ept . Wheannthtpyeh
dountid of ia cmven, the birthp~- 0p .
wpdety and liety-whenl glf hla w-ke
md mentatl e~.
nstire ZaLt-snd nalordoo. i-jý -
ft.ts otha & d.er nt lIa inderb.°.
aroa for the lan d w thic ay td h -aJ, y
slumbor~.re~r fage. and brt. N teklh..
th. w rd o Wherhalld over- the kie
the for west. as the greeting of the WwW
When Moexteo. saviour s44rr phIrftble.,
A uth, shook If the rotted y,ie .fh t
Ladfreedom'tfoitef . oebrttB f .o. [.
the pole light of the Southern Ctwt'w,.t
out a.nln to cheer and to roye it plti
g r Meenert.tdG .tdk €
t ueer--olL who would tttrikn.t
. in him a friend and sn adoooertd
t- swept over thpalinof Ia- tl.G-l•
t. from the r~ arthe Awl[ Re .
a and his bright eye ol itfor..v
I- midst, and the wlng rief'cal
f im, nod thepluueg. of rm
oiltlet, its, andu it.s o 'e
Or aroseof th lie. Hebistap
u riseethe ditge : wlth bhim "ht fln
By a beautifnl dueree. snd poetcal'
wpsufated that the last offeort (it teU
9- iitto hould l, a I h net
e- ,att extremity. IIH ill e
PI~reat Paefleat or. H~i# .Ii~Btu t w..
7, approprite to blip, Whap 4Qe !, of
at deep of the pu d. mlc M nd w er ino a.6 h up, flit Tee
wrep over the nror . tt ws teat .r `t to
r bttle, and the sotto vrieceu fongbt it, nk ' r
to. power and the re ot . prim 'he T· plt
Ire life. though llek;r te I t laet boms:bt* .
rt. fullness of ts meridtso lug",
he ofloUlAueet or gradtml deny, W il
alsua,ulsofery, ret caset In fhram
they fall at last, they fell at OmQ. i
not comtmlld to blanh for the"jar,
geat "champion. Age had 'not.e
dignity of his fbrm, -r-t es.
lect to the Imbecility of a d' - ." ,
away into to .eble twiliht ;' smt to
art--but sprang out of life in the bright bl
fullness. ie pette down lnto h -r v ol- ^0. .f
ant lath with all hid gl« prneiwl c er r.`eUrll
refrh caw green aroundty l
tit of his erest; not net T i gab. wO en .4. oen
ae It. ·The grad ougla lieswon, oeoad~i',34 l
Sear rung with the .pplaue oq his P"o'p.,
rdsane, of a ustioaht gatitud.: 'D.h ia .1
the empire in the heart o le.i4.ea eit.:ateys
e granted to the U~ln m·uthn h t 'u '.
call(oereed that thesflUt.l.,i oo bie niiOlod
pd its ast blesitngs wilt " looter absr
Sory needs no munen·t. qIweot. 6o `a
all stone or tmorb tO tompriso, ht teneed t,.Stir
,us.- nmid the tokes on. the folr~dem he. m~en
Lod iu tierd Oh, Whete the whhttlig ofthet w
[ the orsre.adoH :Uof th. mwrmuMg W -
] othe wild bWell--and il1 WhiCht rb po
ut he,,t hli .ete..l iuiaby P eee witI th
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