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New Orleans daily crescent. ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, December 20, 1852, Morning, Image 3

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Z l~ito Di00-(r!-The NowOleonaneid
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$ine Oft >' tl en Tettoa Walk. Ihethlot, m ed by
the o Iepip hyLng I b thn boltng in to b.lOaeed, frnnts
an 7 TftuaIton i, n ing heok b 1 *8 0 loweetnsid Aptolo
M >tj 0)ttdrnd and fortyfeet On the rear of ~o
Ie the pýNi it ptoinetoeon eta fise proofichied
.for ts of tthbe re, wthie itylentt y ntiont ti
neusi*dt b th& etdotln,'ditlOkthe ooailig ouilles o0
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whaei ej dbe cnder the snpenintoedenon of M. John
S empleonr, the Vhi^fp3eT eeof to roat, aned will en
doubhthe of antytreof atdhttoetettthat will add greatly to
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acaepber meeem taas pproonce .a ace·n,
l T .-JThl. btilfieig, t the corni
of asid" p.i7a iine a.t. i the Fourth Distriert
14 In looth Doi : h der, ics a lofty cuid
et bwhld.h t to be devoted to theaeommodIa
*SB1 Bl teheooel. -The brick wor k haing gut. 1
,dyi.do ahpOdae hi the wait, the tl t o a
t-lVl pepteatof1 t1 rotg, un d sooniCe there.
,M liidbletbe workofa ios1.g the Interior o the
ptr berptoaeede with.
A1t, OP.~ L osis4 Geere.-SThis be h
teeleps g.va a grand Miltry and (vlo Ball at
Afptry Hail on latcrdylieght. Tb laee room was
tad with gteets, among whom was a large proportion
bTheud eere and men of the a Gre i" wie in
d iee, In fall dreu uniform, and mde fine appear- o
0. A graed spread of the season's luxuries was made
thaeupper room. The festlveltl of the evening wereA
. a.terled by the utmost order, hilarly and good A
hbunor. ' l
ROBBuYO ON TItO Rtvt.R.-Mr, NorrIs, 1man- B
'of the "Cailpbell Mintrels'" who name pvereenger to
oion the Oteedy Burker, last week,wns robbed of a
able gold wateh, on Thursday night. The thief en- C
his stateroom. took the watch from ueder his pillow
l roflly .srohhed the poketh of hlis pontalonsu and
but aned eiger ease ie his cout pocket. containing
r hundred deollars, entirely eaoped the kind atten
eof the rogue. Au attempt was also made to enter
ietaoe-room of another punruger, who, It was under- 10
had aboa t t l000n gold lohls polseeeon, but the
pt failed. We nuderetaud that t the request ot the
'gra e thoromgh sereh wasncadtuted for the raeOv
at the mising wtoh. bt thie reultw. that eno ule
he diseovered au to who pepetratedthe act.
SFIB. DlSTRluo--Pla.ing Posnum.-An al
al .tmred it10 a. c. yesterdcy, between the mate
the iat tlt Aerleoa ad a lahoring man, name n
wbhIch ele9 lathe knoeking doawn of hI. ntag. 0
lte eot. Tho ean "'stald kadobed down"for
.ime.andbore so strong a reemehauetot one who
- ed,that meesesg.Jswere d.to atced fer .affre to
,tee mee; whbo~uppoeng he had lain the manad
vn lea Sel for Jecurity bout betore the omors arrved
e man areand qtetuly sloped.
AcmcsTu.u John Donohoe, John and Patrick a
Wale h u nd Wmn. Barrett; ware arrested at I F. e. ester
d ty ont. Thomas atreet In the Firt Dietriet, at the re
Sqqa of Miles Stanton, for disturbing the peaee, and e
broking hi windows. Lockwood Miegett was arestrd
at 0 o'cloeh lst night for dieturbidg the peace of Plc
BaoRE Loose.-Seven girls, who were con
uiedte thelimitsl of the House of lefuge, managed yes
terday morlning to ffect their eascape, and while seekling a e
reflge o congenoiali to their idle and rvioous natnrese,
were arested and lodged in the First Distriot look-up.
RscdeRDc'e COURTr-Delaney Murder.--The
examinaltion of lark and Gibboui for the murder of De
lney, wautaken up before Beorder Winter aon aturday,
and after thce exaamination of witnesses the ee wau con.
Stineed overjlatl to-day.
Milehae l yhb, ot being sworn. aid-that be sawthe
man who utampid Delneyr, but did not know htis name;
aoed'probebly point hIm out. And on a eie-emmina-m1 m
tie byI Mr. Fl-idl, aid that the man boarded at his house,
and hl name we. ItoNulty, and that MNulty was the
same man .o behad been mentioned by other wltnees lu
having hld' . the awnulag-poat dtring the fight ;he did
not roe Clack cOke or klikDelaney. Lynch made an SIm
davit of murder egainet MeNuity. Mallory. who at the
time of the oeeurrmaoe had the two accused arrested.
swore that he saw Cienk lde his foot aL if In the act to
tck, bnt on aeeoent of thepugtehramg.eoid notstetee
that Clelrk did so lck him, hbut swore poitively to the
fot of Gibbohes havlg kied or o lteamped on DoleaY In
to-morrow'€ edition we wi glivo the resultof the affair be
fore the Reooroer's Court.
ASAUrTe BY A Ni.leo.o.-Samuel Stevenson,
f. m. e., wee oreating a row in Theatre alley on Friday
night, od on attempt by officer Lynch to arrest him. he
aeaunited and trueck Lynch over the left eye. drawcng
bloodfrom him. Acuced was sent before the FPirt Di
terict Court. where it ic to be hoped he may learn that free
nagroes are not allowed to cut as large a swell in this city
as they are in Cianinnati.
ASSAULT WITH A KNxIFE -Elijah Thompson,
for nf aeault with a knife upon John Owea, committed
in Baseaoa street at 10 o'clock on Friday night, was on
Sturday enteanced to pay a fioe of $10.
wauat a low mark in this District yesterday, the arrests
being mcuty for small otffences, tiote, drnkuneesa et o.
On Saturday, Thomas McDonald was arrested for an at
tempt to oreate a ' strike" among the laborers engaged
ha eleoftoi cnd wideing the cal Carodrelet. MeDoa
aid anmd others objhet.d to the price at which the laborec
wen employed. and threatened. others with vloleneea
Unless they stood 0out or $8 per day.
Jim WLn on. for an attempt to piek a gentlean.'
pocket, was sent for trial before the Feet Distriet Court.
Cuacu BuRwED-tInenodiarisil.-Thte new
andbeautiful church at the eorner of Moreau and Eng
hiaen streets in the Third District. was burned down on
aaturday. It had a school house In the becment and a
elleahlelibrey attahebd. The Ore was diseoveredabout
So 'eloek in the morning, but before the fire department
oaid reaeh the rpot, the flames had made such progreresc
that all efrte torre.mt them were uuavaliag: It-was a
beautlful building. ofa oe tle of arohltecture and oeu
taned much valuable furniture. The apartment in the
usaement. devoted to the purposes of a Sunday sehool.
we beautiful room, attLnded on the 8abbahb bpabout
one hundred ad difty cildren.
The building was insured for $10,000, being about two.
thirds of its value.
SThe fre is suppied to hare been the work of eIncendi
aeres, certain euspilocius persons having been seen to ome
out of the building just before the fire. Two women and
a man have bden arrested, charged with having caused
the ire.
S WINDLIrJ.-Tlie drivers of cabs Nos. 488,
acd;t.8, aod ofdeay No. 423, arce under arrest i theThlrd
DLotriou, harged with having swinidled a man out of a
l rageem of money by means of false and ililegat oharge
for removinelg certai goods, etc., from the Pontchartrain
Itairoed to a steamboat. They were oompelled by Re
corder geasnc ean, to refundtioe whole amount recened;
and as the prseeetor reides out of the tate, the probe
e;,e . th.t th.t the ooe aderw will notbtoe further prose
Uit.ys that that the oandere will not be furete prome- e
auted. The arrest.in this Distrlot yesterday were for
al ofenseson, and important only to the parties oon.
FIRST DIhSTICT Cocor.-The following sen- fr
taneE#elO pg osouuto d in this CourtonSaturdly: n ay s
On Wm n. Kenney, B. Kahno harles Greenhllt and ,h
Thomas ubks, onvicthed ol arcoeny in steeling $1,000 e
borah of gold dust, sentenced tu imprisonment oe year a
sach in the Parish Prison. ILa
Tbh ppleonere Being asked whether they bad anything
to my why sontenne should not b pronounced againset
th em, fieeoohlr answered that he was only solerk in them
employ of lony and Kn hn, and if any offence had beenn
committed by them he hbad no interest in it, and knew
'nothing of it •a
er irynee spokhe In behalf of the prisoners. and made
Seloquent appeal to the clemency of the Court contend
ieg thao the qonillon of the prisoners rested in the en
.apeo* tedtetmny of an interested witness. 15
In th eases of David Nagle, conoioted of forgery. a newa
trial w*as refused and his sentenae postponed until Friday
Andrew McGuie, convicted of laoteny, (this being his
rat.faee) was sentenced to rix montths' omprisoement
in the Pariah Prison. 10
, aIT FOt DAMGES..--In the case of John u .w
"ieneer es.'tb owners of steamboat Florida, in wid
plantiff laims $10.000 damages for an injury done to hio
lg,by means of a plank baving been thrown against him e
lbs desk hands of eaid boat,the jury brought in a cMs
edl verdict.
TWo Mlen toUaeaSnn . sn lMelelero.-On the 7thlset.,
nay the Natthe (]ourier, John Edwards, a boy of about
eighteen yearn old, had some high words with a man
namnd Samuel Aiken, but parted without an altereation.
hotaiy ater,l he told a comnpanion that he tht.ght ' he
would go back and kit the d-d soundrel" ; whereupon
he did return, and in the language of an eye-witnoss, "' de
ibenatlntyproeeeded to ut Aikeun to pieces." Aiken wan
lining on the 9th lust:, bunt without hope of recovrery. Ed- I
wards got off without molestation !
The neat morning nfter this outrage, the unole of young
Edward, John J. Edwerds by name, a notorious desperado
S who had ged from Alabama a few years since for n similar
eesshe started to go with hie nephew and placo hips out of
*asdh of the taw. Passing through Deisalb,he induced
,to. osi. .Sime.na very respsctable eitinn of that piece,
&o..anopany$ him. and counsel his nephew In regard to
than.atter. While riding together about eleven miles
from ylatb, and .onverinsg amicably with eabch Other.
Edwanlb drew a pistol, and without aword of warning.
ashot .,throgh the head, from behind. Sims lived till
nept &ap when he died in the presence of an agonlied
wife ad'ftthnr, leaving two childres. The doUtrdly tur
dee was 'ttuesedhby elemnteFrtnotom
Thie iqab Ganette, t.ens whishwe gather the foregu
ie et K ttiwaorn, does not mention whether either of the
itshrity vitiaus had beon captured.
nsoreoe.--Mr. Jobhn O'Keefe,n old oetlerWof w aeon,
aGni,., asmlt|Itln Alh e stret of that ity afewdaysngo
S 4ieSa nineet Ai3ntano. Thebasueof the asult is mit
beep Qensnne-J. Entansouri, a native of the West
' er I sise, wns lotst oneebheerlrO~O the barktLnJse, en
b110'2Oth of ttevember, In tott 2t. 9 9 s0
,lliete to li eunal ya{
t. I ;s-~'Ripbonrats the~ni~rirf t ý+(ºvy
AT Q 8ARA..... ······.· (.U O f "
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CINCINNATI ..,...."... ý"" .. i .
oultetlt r "" t .'"":.1 F
O rrAL UnVILL " No
ST eBURBH'. {`
'GRAND BCQRE..........Pi11T No·rtWlT ..S. "" 11[[
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NEWART atn. . orA
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SlID aT R.- W1aSeethsem
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X1WTO e p.lndid IaHndA i f tbt r 5,1
Depu.Nr NIIA.HTO. m. 5. hIC II*1 NIN a
d.20iA,.I.Rd .i.T j[.ýD.w . p M re, 11 P.y&MI,# b
pir-h rular weekly packet steamer
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AN.N II4 . S . s . AN I. N m.)NMN ° 1(R .
delATB.. MNDG . AIN. (?O ... ..D u. ,1.
AHERW .)......... "::Dro 18. AYBRIC 8". Bo·· 19 6
PBAL.H . AAPTII S I. If. Y..... a . 11.
KUBOPA (Br.)....... ý 9. 6 (B.N. Y.... t1
NIAGARA C (Br.)........ ..>; NO (N AGRA(r.N Y... Bt.. U 1(.
~ Her enila wreekl plackeatame
ANN ~ ~ ~ (Am D98.RRL No.1dI*O.
Dprtur.o 0nr1 Rho Ciln andY Canar Itemi
A YRIO t rJ)........... ' d. (1ýA ... Y....··p . 91.
C ADI Br.).......A... M ° 1
4 LjAm.)........·. I U. cOLAIN TOY7..Y
AIR r.)A( ......
Barr. and Bremen Uteamers.
INSSHARN .......N.. NI. HSNWANN........M
FRAADKIIN ....... . Ho . F~NI. P INL(..:.. B..D.. IS.
MooR.? Noss,5, deso.5s 151.5 p
COTTON-TO. '4o.tS 0, by t bAr., w..0 .ppa..d 840,4054441 a
Sst.rdtys33wing..10lr74R hdo .to. drs.ai their.pNkO soS- N
r3.1300·MoI g h 1bay... .o.. foo.,d bosp sd took (lly 11,050 F
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44Mrrabr a38337 .O3O IF4...1... ..-f5I1
Cotto.-4oI.. T~b,.O.-..3d,.
Steep, Io d Bt Pl.0 .pLI,1141...... .4.. 44.U 18, 4
Hw~roda· .....d ......R67,'I' 14.016 H
"p d............. 141-711. 0441,904
1.0o .4. 4488,1 64,44
85.. .... ..B..,... A/,96 1145,
SaL~ tadwt y d............... )lg 11,01 1I9S 1Et 0
TOBACCO-We did ,,lsa of a5.3. .
U8GAR AND OOLBTOPRg-Than 44bfrd45554d15545WLr,7
..1.so T000 hhd.40iyq 4'{.a 5sP.1 SO olly 70ir..... 34.444 wi k
.Aber 7oi33,Sad b447ly lilt bbl0.ldu*3433t454844 gallon, SIN 4.4.1
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P31JR-ThO.4.0485op1 ed 04th0. 0..70p.04534W1r345a4a.Pqht
ate. wen Saner.510.11.10. a1A pan 1140 bM. $440 yl at fe
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ORAIMN-T004s70453id54487d for CC.,.3wi th .1 . 854.oo,
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GUNNY BAGS-Fir, tod40b 0.1'4 tLa t0140.
SPIRITS TURPENNTINE-6 bbs.ST 4,oGod at 68.+11 44
WO BKTY-.W. 5C43A0'y .48031 ",oWe 88Rrsod .84.45 glal..
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. deghtChaa.n .dicet laty day Bills .....S 0.····I I t. dischd.h Bydy1i1 .d
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4547~s0804 CITY,
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Aoi,0d 1106 head of T,._.d W3480 C3A.31. 14 HIop, 400 S8.ap,
SCO Co., sod 01 C. us.d T.uliOa.. Th... ison t.opl. .41.0,1
luog. Weqgo%, -PRICES
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(T,.s..odloqh) - 80 50" a3.
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LIVERPOOL, NSSSSL Ss 2...SCOTTON-Thi Lea b as. th· ddb~
auk iIn Cotton that hu oecuthd on m.oyy son be, the insplnity and
dey-uon +. being o Errn that it topuuibb en gue correc
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Fel Uv aad i7d; iddng d d Inferior as ordinay, 6Y to
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.nl i..lHIcn l Ia.l. B5ock 4ll ll boI.' of which 54SI,S0 .m.
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Holltesbead, ene A Cu. ay: Ws rduce gnM lotb0. e[ Amc "'
olllg ukeo Iv 110 ales liridg the last three week a emae.+mo of
buts. Oa i. tinIem limited tr a ..hurt state Ioaggar will materiall
5455.4.. T.h S'b othe .tacLk IbI r Lnds d ap~. T.
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LIVERPOOL CJS k1ARAET-Tb.O OofmmkrLat Lllro»I.·d
held or 1 1.11m l HSSgb 4I Why rat CElll w
Culadid Four, '50,6. W.....b dt O tore-ie Pc als MO
LI . L PROVISSON MARK, -Hd.. ljlfldHl.0iwatlln
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th- blyrrs.... Y.. l paI ina of Pratt Balsr have bits Unea for
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LONDON. MAMETS-Nut micl HtiriS t CulSIS or Fll.ign
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*1n~-Vary 114.. of H50 mksCa lMiiSC1I ffered, ly IS portiSI
sold 6 t 9a
TURPSNTINE-Heat'; rough is wolls SI. 61&11.1 Bplpri 48b.
18 cask* mtolun inbulk soldat 116 {d New Yorkbob anmw hel
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HA~iB NAA6TThsalr of the weak to the (Id I-L iUalrui a
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NOTIE.-All perhona hving claims against M
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NOTICE.-Neither the Captain nor Con
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NOTICE TO OiNSIGNEES.-Conoigneee of 9"
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G. C. . Lnar",sa, T. N. Bkka, J. Folder
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