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New Orleans daily crescent. [volume] ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, May 12, 1854, Morning, Image 2

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tDAALY CR1. ... !
S -T"her' ras; ewn~s It wi it fMy eatiefed b:
Sby tl
r eownarguo
ntO' ; approer, Opposthion t thecthemo
i f'ontar"t retu ain Railroad, no a
t 1 tof conferring very gree
r 'we advantages upon our city
eptcial nad eaorbitan
erel itors, which would so hav
ntid them whatL they were to perfort.
'_ r oitienfi, to whom it wks referred t,
ftitfy or not to ratify the conditional gran
moade by the Legislature, might well hove rie
Pted tao approve it, npon the original terms o
that grant. Stuh an opposition, we repent
therem nod we ourselves, as our files wtl
4.lt, were of it; but that legitimate oppositimr
. another totally unike it. unfounded
il , sted merely interested and selesh, ha
riber trken its place. It is no longer, thatis t,
n y. a pulic opposition, a fair oppositon, ani
mated by any aim in which the people pf our
city or of the country can sypathie; buhot th'
ignoble rivalry of individuals, who labor to pt-t
vent the aecoimplishmentb f s on enterprise the
most auspicious, only becatte they dread tliw
it may diminish the profits of another in whiel
they themselves expect to make or to bloat in
O.f sob ar ppWsition as this last, the puolli
w,uld swe are ture, he little tolerant, weroe
evuhgeeoaoerned in that whicth is in contest:
buot where st in this case) a warfare so strictl
.n;elh is directed against not merely a greai
privatne interest, sanctioned by legislative po
etiy, but one of such wide concern to tle
generatl prosperity, that to attack it is to attaot
the iomnmo good otf the whole body of our citi
zens, we persuade ourselves that the puaitli
will, when satisfied of the facts, be even toori
than impatient-be sternly intolerant.
We are satisfied that such an oppeosition as we
have described-such anapposition alone--pec
sonal, selishl, bitter-as little scrupulous of the
public good as of fi telity to its own pledge.
existes ag t the Mobile Ratilroad. Thusittios
Ii d, we proceedl at once to establish ith
facts and . point out the individuals i Un.
whom they lip.
The h.ed and front of the entire mrt :ie
gentleman somewhat diffusive in his pclci,
parts ; at, once engineer of Railroads and of 4 C
works, legislator. ossiataut-alde~orn, trand Prodi
dent of the Jackson & Opelousas ~iailrcad, Ib
mulccplhes himself among talents, power- ane,
offices; on this shoulder, he cnrries the ?tate:
on that, the city; the Gas-works on his back .
in his 'right hand, he wields tie J,.ckcon lladl
road; and with the lett, he smites down el
others of which he is neither .trecident nc,
engineer. In a word. he is or he represnc s
state, a city, a diversity of corporationse,s,.era;
sioenpes; is a legislator, a politician, mathe
maie.fan, orator, financier, practical chemist
atd,; besidea he*g the agent of so many othe
!ags, is the in t imnt generai of Mr Jan,-:
~nbb whom he. efat least cc fithlfully a.
if it were hefro nom he draws his triple line:
of pay.
O Acemnclating upon all these branchinrv
~onurs cnd emoluments that of chairman of tit
legislative committee of Internal Imprven,,t.
this Proteus of genius was the person who rc
ported to the Leg.a/oture andc .rclcrt< rt beib r,e
it that -very gcrant of the llobilc lui/rco,,
which he is anow Co strenuous to destroy.
We are bound to suppose thalt, s a legislator
he knew and did ihis dity: yet it gcave tou ' t
-PntchaIrrain roald plrecsely thi.-e wocrct. -ll
t.g.ouTis privlleges whi,i thile puiclc h.ts ,I ."cc
provd, which .cvcc dcsapl .c cc tin!d . tcl.c 1
,I;e , ctnptlOy itself c lcas yi cdde- I up That clc:1
.-. .n ht:s recu ncil, l eve, yh. l:y hiut hi1 wi
repsrted the le:Ic ! ':tive gc rant-ccevery'!.-,ly c.,
h t~ :tad hei tpriuc'mi t, Ni iv if Mr 0,,hh 1."
c'r-ei nicnlbly opposedt to the Mo'ble Riilc v,
on acny I rotna ewhtl:oe," he cichuld halre prcc
I.ents1 Mr. CnitlmphIls sualpcrting it: if hI
lmeely ,cjc'ts to certaicn crlcv.tg..u conflArrc
ou it, le houll have prohicoicd cc r Cc s r.e
ntlc-r.l ug them. or else oabc:+ldon his olic;t-cc.-.
n Iw tHat their slleged cauee has oeen r lnovc c .
lcth he .;ad CIol. Cca.lmniclnil are cstccppcdl : c ' i
cno only be ill obedience to Mr. liuHbb',, tic i, -
mentc that Mr. Campbell now licght;-i ca;;cn
that which hie advuocawl , in . 0c ccca tre :cj"
tionahlhefor: he is merly 31r. co's c-g, ,c
therctre': but the prih.,ipc . is hind y 1 l
acets ofi the Igentl; ncdll thcrc [ure l.,. I:b.,cic
b .uad to stand to what tMr. C. did in tire Legit
'Posibly, however, it was only to ci',,t i
t log rolling" operation that lo r C. adlvoo, t
this bilt: ihe did it. to get aocistanee for his ow.'
road Dut what then! It he di, not aolt h:,
estly then, he ahould at least act decently now
The stmpnle truth is, that there can be no excnsr
foiMr, C,'s conduct; for if any !tody was i.out
. to stand by the tlobile road charter, it was he.
toand by it even without the coneessions:
4 et he and his principal are now not to be re
conttiled to it, even by all the concessions nskel
andm I Evidently, they dread it, as likely
ed their own road, as the 'acek for
traovt, and are therefore determined
not come into existence on any
it is now too 1 te: they houltd
this discovery a little earlier.
hwewver, is not oll. We Ihave lbefore Iti
eviden t moot positive and most respecta;la thie
lMes~,. I* & Campbell hate, besides the
ill-condnot already shown, d rectly bro.kn 1tie r
faith with the Mobile Road Co : thait they (ni
gaged, if the Company woul, " submit a soatre
tuent ofsurvey, plans, estimates of cat, andii
pr:positio ufroti.respotible parties to tbuil
compltete anid eqtnip its itoad to M ile., a t (
dition it can receive the ore and at balo inillm
of bo[ds proposed," IMr. Robb " will cvk o no
opposition," and that Col. Campbeti-" will "t b
governed by him." it will be ritelirOlt
that these tednts slop far .,kort / it wihai t
Company has. i,.e done. tBat this is not oill
These protmises were betdl dut, to tait n p'o
cuniary.aid to.tyrde Col. C:lnmpeh,l-t election to
his pro.stt seat in the City Council: that, i;o
waI accordingly given, t to tih extent :ski i : !nl
*yet Col.Catmphell his p:iti:ly it;ited thalt Ith
Company gave jttst ihoat at tL defe,, hi.
election !
These fact look incredible: but orch is the
goodness of the proots on whiolt ey reet. that
we cannot doubt thiln. Those prots ;are lit tllh,
commandof the parties i lpoeated, lheuev r
they ask their publiotoy.
Autagnttirtio irf soejo Love, ro o:ioai OTC n
* powerui dppveitoo to tlhi worl.; t:n tpposi
Lion wltob is uaaomirtariuoa is io s aoo titity
a nd31 unoerupuloos in its tnotie of atta4*. 11.
'think, however, that this well porerte dlecidely
itt its favor should the Cotmmeo Coteiil pet'oi t
the qpootaon of the e't1,:erploej n by ti r;"; I
a toihaioi and a hil f tao oo;litul aitLk of t1.1
00931p to go tof ,re t e people- '' are o aotio.
LrdrOth wi rrqoitv watbiteoor utheAl
ttt t4 en", of the aft l omeas 'Ti
Clht, Ott~ eateentoto, unot4ir,.to
RA ill, ,to blind thte eyes00 ~
R)",rw ,iht paeat y,{uaint."d
Or en 'of cot mmoo
lThe diecat0o50 hent, woich
eattrtl ot,l 00 tttt bdthe
tb*;urtier iote tote CompbetpI
manking people naquaittitd
Ibs e ttlrpttae mati
htin or'the prospect- rrqlter the certairity
i iEs.laecese The 3 ,ard of Assistant Aldeo
:eeu O . Iappointed a meeting for to-morrd
55Oin. the purpA o of passing upon the
t toer a vot. of the people, and we hope that
,st and- cotmpretensive views, an emoinent re
id forg~ interests of Nw Orleans, will iu
l t..' decision and sni leat the designs of
idg opposition which has its foundation
houh t this o ceive aid from
Sei cit, as h the kasea and Opelouoas
aids !. Whl.e nn l e objection has yet been
.,ade which hasnot nbeet answered over and
ser aghin ? What can be urg against it of a
,rions liature which does not cqually exit withh
espect to the other roads? We know that it
its been asserted and reiterated that the con
itions, upon which it is proposed the city render
Sarnid, are unjust and inconsistent wilh lhtr
on rights; that t.o teltms of the co-p.rtuer
saip asked for will be unequal. Let us see what
ne company offers to cast into the crale intlust
ile $1,530,O100 bonds solicited from the city:
t otfers to surrender the earings of the prsecnt
oad (the Pocntchartra;in) to tilu cocstruction ~t
ie extension, which aiuotunt to abouit b30,(L00
.nnually; it offers to put in tue charters, eur
:eys, estimates of cost, nnd the grant of 360.00t,
:res of land obtained flout the Gcnera:l G(C.
oniuent ; also, to obtain individual subscrip
'ins oi the mnount of $500o000, ten per cent. of
ciich shall Ie paid in immediate cash and tl
rmait,,ler during the prnore-s of the wor.
Iad the city is asked only to iess, her bowl-
a thue we adv laost 500.to00 wheyIc
ixty fI.* thee.ad ar eoupileed and in
A cbese investigation will, we thlic, scltit
:,y person, however much diisp;ced1 to be'.ieo'
sherwise, that this enterprize offers to the cu,
deontages and inducemenle s for its: suid ope
-cr to what any other now .n view con pr:seot
cet all tlis, of course, bhut gives acddittoi--
.ue ifor hostility on the part of tihose who c(,.
pose it.
The matter, as before stated, cotmes up hefrbe
lhe Board of Assistanti Aldermen to-liorrot .
git, when it will be dcilced whletiher the qnes
s-us sholl be submitted to the people. We i-
miall doubts as to the result. Ten of our citt
utlters, we -blioee, will l.e anxious to tl,Ak up,,.,
0eir shunlIehrs the respunsibilty of dtel:riet:
t. the people shall i;tve n; voice in a m-ttte.
1, nearly touhicng their most imlortant in'lr
,t,, and wlhich the Lh..ig.istture l50ns dhcr".-v:
1- cl be pltc-d in their aruts. It muost , tl
Siu:tnI of- evetoy h.cat, uusprcju dicdIl l~on thttc
o i tie ilmperative duty of the City Council ro
-Ithmit the luestion in a r roper fso trm- to the
,0-pular vote, with as little delay as p-ssiole.
New Fublications.
We hlve receivd f"rm Mr. J. Cl ,lrgn, .i
n iige Place, the fliuwtinrgnew I bet:: ( icos
" An Art-Stu$inn in Muu,.h," Mcy \i. Mu ir
Iowitt. T'icknor e Co., t oistin. Th;s vhtuu
uiE uf le'f .min f'to htters writte fro,
Ih ich ,'u ing a c'i ,ctr itihere by tc e tut:!
Sth0 pliurpose of c r:ictiic study Tii'! cc lii.
[:ss Anna 1:ltry Hew tt, is the luh' r
I ir aucl Wiicum Howitt, su wic lIiy i wiu it
':rtture, aunI wwho hts hersel at-bt dinl stah
,rily s a' n artiot Toe wok is ict
inl hicul ill its c Lr cteri', cn'. j'st a ac l :il
,, ,r n sphy a" might bc c i,.,v.etd wi.c ,1b , ,
<ue 1fr, m the most poetic :l e':« per of ..
, >,:ti hi A , ;c]icrili .c tlic 'i-I i '!.c+ r., i,, c:..,
linee , ' t all j cts tilrou it : i ."i l, v
,.1,'d le(eitumt, Rni to ;i.v,. t ta lttan
ow 1 1,ppy awl i"te t ifull. 11 .i Ill
ll' 7011ý 1('" i fct -ce' CIo 11'..s> lite ,,e 1 h;
c 5 r," it . ill , . itii c hi
,I, " it"i l 'I . "ltl I U f] ' I ','U . ' 1' li :L 'i* - t''I
,,,, ,t ;' lilt,It , :' u ', ": 1 l t'. i1,l it-c m 1; .+ _,. .. +t .( I , ,( ]
"I i'Cc1. Vhiic I '; \ar::y c,''lv-,
v it. I ioi
i" 'f i. .I,.f'ti u ,ln ,,l" li.tl't'. ' ,y ,loc' i.
, ,, , D., of 'l-,. ul v,.r-i yv, i, .,
-,ed lby Ticknrt & fl : .
c :ict l it' t 'iio, ici .ii' itnl Nly it:i ..:t,
i-cec. chieiet , "t 1cf,,i.: iic'ii''i l'c cc+
Icie icgci licc vied mdci hr iqiii'
,':t , 'ccii thf I c rc'-it.ic ccc i c , it Li, nut
lie l ,,w's live ew f,, .Ily ,
]i +:. c,ill, ut .ou~~ l .•. I , , e l~;-" i 11,y ,:I' ,.
,1.1 c-. , in n ornin, , at _ 11 1o du :.
1 k . I f. . i' t ~r3" ilt,.' .:It, ], ,a e ,.I+' ;,:.',_ '"
!-'!' 111t lt . th . ut].,'.
I! i t Il~ l t)L'i :, ,."I` : +h , I , - . t' I l ,:S¢: ,1O +J:1 . tt'c
cv. t,P+l;Ilyr ul~t d.ie] nm rnin:+,. I+t | 1 tfcl[,,P I, t,
rt tI . :,)I " I 1'1:c ,110. +'}t,r r,:rtiet,>:l of rlte'{ .
and ft e a T'.. tre will : i. t (hi1 ' it. ,
, E f. I T 01 tDt:. L ill t, 11 , ý,, , 01- t;,,'
.L+;.eti ., -.i,;ht. T ),'1 ,'i.: ir te . : (, tie ". I'.,..
I Ubamtllounio" an,1 tI.. faree of t[ t. Itu,.l: t
.,a, .ire to lo! pterfiormted, M10na li s l,,]1 o" Th.
Freuch Opera (Cotnhly, has vwhlnnt!(,i l t,
ais'st on the occ.. a ion, ulal- will si t; ha f var;',
cene. We hope that lhi fTir benefi" try n.:t
have at good hou1e, aud indeed her polulri
with theatre, gurs here can n.io!"c cl:.el! o1
.+ ur,t:tt + ;I h.
W~e b' ru b" tb~eariu.tII
loto he. 8th ins', 1,0a er
(the diit,i which 1ti4 d ii'~ n '''''i ""
, lIt in tll. diiy [ci'1r: 5 r 1; the ,Ill',lCll l I
,`+out 1,'.,t\irtog 1,"r:, CantLI. to1I Ill thetn iWt" t., ,,,
otll, dews acrv t-" 111t;t! A lL'i' 'ii~n iii I
'Ind - 114.1 s ~n)·11 1) in or !li.lic A . ailui ,.:tul ?.j:,i
Lnti' . I,'ur'i, ,, l `
h 1I: 1
,iu gui ; 111I.'s ':"ISt il - t, ,11 i , '
Ivc- ii i," ui'1 e ii , r
vsdew nuei~o
its iod " i, i} :i i, t r ,_
T'i j (' l rk uof t?;, It ''ri.is. h'I, p~if 1 i
s is lisuic se d I ot. 4cr ub li 5
roteln hnnsi ej esh.
dcliii W Gen sa ii 's hiuanatgd fc c,. ctr
svl ~ N) due
Sprilaltotrepealnte at tot ('t tie l nee grenrutt.
i'Wasnr : rio . ihly 5. 1854
' The veto is still the suttbjcr of much cotinient.
-ImhI the conclusion monig pr::eticaL nevn, by
lh:ch I tmeann men who are nit mere politteian.,
ias tht the Preilent wo;ld nor hivre been so
gliltgent in seeking constittutiontl objections to
Ills great pi t' of ibelevoiletnee had the mnea.nre
oeen eneto'ully urged by dtmteroirts. It llus
teen allirmed, iin my hearing, that, the P'resi
ilen alve 3inss Iix tile most decideti approval
t f t tie timov'n'.ntt. would explain this, hmw
'ver, as he has alWady attemlptd to explth
Ilis " forkedl" ,.g uange upon the Neibraska bill
\lthItlgh the bill wao pnot.ied by unusually large
,ujrlt es it both branches. I have tohope t!t
,t will colmmand the .eeces ary teo-thirds to
carry it over the ie:lt ot' the Chiefalagistrate
'1 must Ibi,!tthe end ofhllis flaur years, t iLch,
tailppily. tne is already past.
Mir. ltidell's movenutnt in the matter of Cuba
witl not locvhe [lte colutennltee of the oiniote.
or even of the Cotmmittee to which it was re
i', rr dt: p-to .rs he i;,l not exonea it wohbl I
have ,d "'teon to b-here that it tol tite san.
i,l ' iil President. t but this will not give it
much, it ity, additional streuthn . Filtbuster
locki is hoLw par helre. and theretbve people do
itit se'e wh'v it pirt cuilarly coccrns this ca,
try wheather ulbat is .lfrieatniz,'+i or Chit!ntzed,
or whyl, ls we w le:ve grown, rea o vutlylv stroll
ld hIea:rty sitce we set out in ,our nat:cn,.
:areer witiout the p ,tsession ofI CiubI, we mn..
o, ''ntinue t t thrive e0en if our " i manl",t
I,-, ly" be difirred an:uther gcneratiion two,
"netll,, ;e:In be the next'locofeo w:r-cry.
'1'h re is t lo t :Lmalde of olclnbtls present by
w~hi,' It a!,ljurity of rsnoe half a doz1,n is relit -
,: ,,n ,r itiin i u p th ie iNebr k e bill on liai t1i ,o
; 'fut.-iy next. b, t hot, th lror io :;t :..
-e :y ;"1t .e phrelminses iuthor:zes any extr:aor
ily le ,b;t ve eclrse, wtcie w ttWou1 it h.
or h t e.1=tv:, , i vote of t o-thirdi s, the N0,,
r;, . t,! e (, be r'.tohed ;)r reek , eolne.
I'he" hru"s" led by Mr. Cottihg, v; N. Y., will
,pptse the bill. excepting ldibe WVal b, who 0,''_
"¢;'v mluO]! on his own hoolk, and occupies s,,oe
- ,.'° , 1 " : " t t ; " i n 'l]iu q, ' . (f '. i, , w oi:h t[hi I
,cc, that Alike is not dieting fur the U.
I'-,; hove l a ] ] 'in sTt nusing d:lousnson np}V :1
"'! e inl the "t'e~ii hill, givi n , '
i ll:( I l't '- rr t-i.n A pt: ,, tion V, s in'ri,
i n g wife. M I , Li. the 41, le t ,.h
,. li ei l ' on J e 6t, our / hri. l . t 't .
<h ,II ailly' , .I;::.oll,. ;l *l the,.* 11("tL : II , :,. I)
h ": " urg, i.it
·:- I. ,. \: ·. r: ·;i :'. . 1 ·cl·;; ,"1., i t :."r .'. :'' '!· ,..I~ .
I I'.'T c, ' iN IN , . " TTN t.N i,. I1t ti TIN _N
tIhe 4th :i . t tN It IN . I · ·
l,. ilit,, - , - s oll, II i;, ." i' 11 ! l'n l" . I;
ulll (l , I s ,., " i .y t' ," u ;" I:
W E I ucr : ';n;'I,.,: ,= a ,t,"', r It , tl i tr·. : , ..
- l I'T ''" TNTI
pltl,, f' :, t!:iui : , i · ·.:: I "i;! f iti~·,. ·
_ 1 it)... I . ý. :... ., t
I'. t . " .l ,t
.,, ýiu , tl, 1,1" :' I;·; I., . ,;. l,i t'.I' 1! 11
Ilc u : r r." 1." . : I ; ' . .I .. . I
:,II i : llI ;
I lIT [: l:t IT T 1,1'` "t ". . .
. it i . T *
I. IIi Y . ...1 It ,· .i 1,1z tit I it] . ···· ·;l
ti l".` 11,11.1 vv, t, ill - ll:,..; ~ l··j : i
NIT II 1ý NI-vr X T'.1 iIvtAT ,MTT I IT TIL i Jt 11.1
TiTJ~liTTTNItTIitI1T. , i .:'I1. i8.
LV-1'uciN'iTh 'II cv ., lT, T I. lA elue 1
l hazutI at V,. eraburj.1, Va., on
,ul i- 1'.111-lv" ti., c'fu l lt a i ..:I
± Aoon Suit .Wa Wilo,-'- A i and pen
stro ltdy has 3not pnst--hh i crInd in "the
weeds of -tr ndeot wo,'' d. btles she is ,,
widow. A tent to iotn.rle her history. II.
whom she t.n~Wi h:d wooed her in girlhood
There is a fragrant nok. where a river gurgles.
which she iveer remllembers sive with tetar
Iwherein love's blessed dratna was pirformed h
their fervid lips. 7'Thy trer' wed at last
iMonths, perhaps yeors departdll, and then the
si ado fell. ile blessed her amid the marchel
he night and in the morning went out with
lie stare. The earth is laden with sunh his.
tories. She was blithe ntl merry once. She
Inved the customs of society, and adhered with
a sort of piety to thu maxims of fashiolt. GaO
oand happy as tlie world in which shle dwelt
But 'tis a molurnful thillg to carry dea:ld het:ri
in a livin gho.,in It is a hbtter thiug for a hip
tt.,,d to dainties to feed otn ashe. It is a fear
f'ul thing flr the living tto wIito that their ottli
treasureis hid in the 'r. ve--hieauutti life--lif
'iit.dd to re!usive colrruttion. Her desires aot
w'rittet ul::n her ft"te I.ts epressiton tronlaiter
her utn;tred ytolrnin e ,l il lontgs to join it
the ta 'it anl tetrtr country him who ha
'o!i, If tire. t hlie welcot hour ic nearer tihan
'te thinks. They .aill soon iy hr lt.dt lhet
bur; ,ýli: ;dot. Illw louvely will ,so thait flying
smile, len the ptraye l lips shall close ai ti,
l tw of die.th'- c.-tl i .g'. (h ,td grant th:t
tlh^ d ,o'iroop l y'n l 't "trtt n may become a faide
leas allurlthit in ie:ven.
tLady lUwer, inii her lan tvll, " lehind tht
tet ilon," writtrt' " hetr hItthbitt , de:, ribes lie
hltro as " at solid ,loct of vico, 't ltl 'i.t with vil
laniy vtenc evl wit h vi tuC aunt higly trnuiaioihed
wia h ypourtsy.
N o m ia t (f ,tl-+". nr ,'.,if, , - ,t ·I·. L,,r tain.
In ful'-.r , ,i ". y r,, hr t, 1. yri ,
Lik, tk+ rt,;:,, ;,·,, . :r i, , hy .l, P ky:.
I ~,v b ~til , F I[ lu:iei. " .
.. . .. . . . [ontitoy.
B~~l~rI,' OF'' !
I '..tt'tj slill:
,till., r, r,; ~, rl,r1 t,, " ? nn it t ;,:n +:·:~: I .; ,·(·;: inl
rl f . r. I:. re ..il , c. :':? "ý l
i I th e ,
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rz! L'ln we adl 1n brate on' tIre
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it. C:" ; 11:1·. · ! Ii· ·· : ·; ··.~
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"i, c1. .t O w t:,t 11r i[,: w ! ·;
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ritrli' K n tPOP~ B~iltniit'I UB
tear ContshonagtreetGfterdaytby a
of rulik 's attibbed annd' a ten neat ll s 1
i Four' of rlese rsons, Itas. M. Beck,w
".unniig, Wm- . Rent pud Edmonldnl
corewere arrested and tloklr belbre Re
f reltas,. who required ;tecturity in thesull
luce. h for their a pearalce. Beck pro
h]rer but the others, failitg to do e",.
tted to the Paurish l'riaou.
- .eter Doyle was yesterday fined 42t'
we iaponsaerms for carrying conoelhd
of Matt F. Ward.
Wet(pyt, Delta of yesterday the car.l
b!this g', ton theo t " ,ditors of the Uni
thd whtales, g suspensioun of opinion until
laid brolre eta iven at tihe trial has b.een
Iaid elb.ore th1l,, 1e'
In an ordinjt"
I : ane acquittal iy a jury of
S ult bckto the acustted hit
sta:tudl and chier; but as the tcstitlnttl
linoabocs enivesl t a n
uti~et ttite : itectly and loosely in thit
;'ll'h' Jutll'ut l-; l'.olle r lp i tits in such i lllltll
,r at was ca ul i to prjutice the putli
iudgment, ato tlttatltiit;lg maore thant right
itht h1tts r' t s at ar a t lied ii tllt.
X 'hae titt' 'tt' tf kuortia g Mr, 1,tt'rd,
.tl reilt:ly ::l itcr.e::rvco that I.o oulti de
ly and stht e com it the eli,,t,
-:,c an is lad to hiat'a thie a - uspe.t
-it tt r tt
ttl-u t pinion until the lic -,tin.
( , , ' ~,- t 1 firtt .1: ý ot, ~, it, th ; u·tice t. c
, -t:, t .f. m, , . . .
.5 SrI HU. l iu.:t it. ..}
.. l lt,, vu i 3, :.+ l ," ii, ·,>'d. "11 u t: - 5U
veui,,, ,h tlil " -b-, 1 t.r'.,',, t,1' n , c .t , } . : t" l: tt.
. . . l, ' " lt: ,, " , , -t . . ..
..... il :h .·,. I;·iL ,. ;.l', 1. a :'~. .,VLlwi 1, ,1,.
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.... '":.. vI.., ,t'i.."L , ' .. .. 1 .
`·i;·r~ [};. 't" ,· : ,, .l , i , ,. .
.: .. .... .. , Lt . ..... ~ .'.,
i; , ,,", 1 " "", ' . ,- :t ; . . .... It ,
, 1.1• . .... i . · , . .. ,; , ' .,i
.,~··; ,, : I ·t - ,, , . , . , .. .. ,
·' .' . ;- ' J· . i,· "[ \ ' ,' : . . . ' - - . "
···;~ '. i
i·· · :
··· .
~· · ·· ··I · · . I· .-~ .·i·~.,,
II· ·~· ·~:· .:1.
·~·-~·· ·!····· ··~~·~·..~:
~· ·. · ~ I···
~v .. ~, ,. .il.F.I..(.1..1·
:e ··r
i)~' -· R.·
rn~li! ir, rrulir`, gj Cunp rlralr.
., Q 1'hen the body is subjeot to many
ýý n 11 ,llutira w tlirine. Sod I.. rb n G i hoo la
:1 Ir .ltl' lr x 1.DI W VE .E "J I t hl t n'lll ii h' ,.(i ,,, t thz.y I ,,t.xr
aar,,.. s, +, ii.,,' n nl: t "i - ý+ i , r tI I l ' h tnl lJ,: .i
.i , I h"r' rl: bn . ati z I+ at' r, M-r ti n . L t I*y ll,, ln nl " br
pr, ; it . Le,+. Sor0:t w u i ts r t l tY
' Udllp st J. , h,.I I , I W.lW l lSnhlm o h,+
C.1S('IIIS C ,ito m.-tU . s ruoo has tsh tn. or
.ti mpu,1 D·- 1t ;11 thr r"+ i, e Cl l hnt r. wer fond th Arr-ti+
Rurr or u sr.. + t-,, ", Le x urt,,,,,v, :. , e , -.
"r,11 [J r J. N'It 11witl u .'()., n; 1A l. '.nrl t r p :
t "! vsi' sul (:UJ(1 OtIS['A)- t I ,o; a t UIrs'lti VC I'.
tot I.'..' Ittr ,
arrivals at th Principal Hottls..". """" May11.
ST. VI ( ·:lEi .. \liJohn N ll'r'* , . J .. (. I'J Inul I
8i,·u l- ,.\ 1' . P 41 ) I' leeslle . I 11 55'
Ix, IV Si I 'r.l u 'xx I'r S II I Ix ·rvI ii N 1) ; J
` " , I J 111 ",".u. I-:1 s
ii , I'xxx XI·. } .II.x. .I x...
Al~. `Ir, x. . , -.11- . II) -'xxIi 1f It., .'.5
:111' IxI
xxx lx 4.. Y .`II S 1'.' JI 5',x ~ r
I· ··.- · · ··~~i·r.s
~ ·~r, ·· . ~:·...··. ~ `. ·' 1. \·:i·:
:i~:;r· E~t,,:cr~,·~t:
~~·.~~~~·: . ··· ·~...~. .·~ s
': "
:·-~~ ·~, ~··:·.·r . .
..... · r·
:`~ \- :L` ;···.~·;. (·
I 1. I ·
"i ·..I i~ ~ '· 1.
:~' ~ ··~··-i~
i· I-·
·.·.. .·.·I-. ·..'·-·~I··;. :1..
·i: . . i
Iri .
m aw;-1i r. ·· -ii
.,8iv<" < AN ''± :Y ilar ,5'v a ýB';,
'S *dbiaz-Jzt'ri'h
I ··' ;, F ' -·;r l ` ·' ·
('11t... Pd~iI .VE1 pl
1t; " 1. 1 I ,, AiI . , tIý'L L:.:t" k VIt ' (
OttA tl .II.u.NI "tV I-vt I * ul V. ' Iu
ti ý t~··:·: · i ,~~!ti e.
" i 1.'~ II1 L '( '·1· t ·I ' · - -. l.i , :,~ I·. ·
I: ýý ýi ' iE i:.l li? ·I: i
Idl i", St L~ ·..'. Loui Su·, . m!
.mils a l ·bý:vt Ix cý ; ·r, o 1ruu. m· ~t,
O)n Awolunt orf Iquidlltlon....Corda.lu, (',ura<na, Ab*ll
t nlh, lirnnd, AIotl'ttt", Uherry ]onllln.e, Whblky.
lilttuern, NWel O1 . 1 t. -Y I
I AATU1)A Y. Mfy 1J, at. 12 o'clock, will be
.ui- k N 5 L el bM" OT .K a& w0.1 ' a2Fu13 A
5 ,.1'l' 11LDA 3'ti \ lAIllE. 4ben.r . A&,3Y', 3331
7 .t OM.MNr.T'ItOM &, Y & CO.S 1SH
It A I1,33' al.lll.tY I[I 3d113
W1Ill, h, sold at AuotiAd, at Ihanks Arcade,
7. 'ý 1 ' 11 tr 1 C,,',rt,, ":u" '.' ~,h Yon:; , vr, . t -4
I ... l ' .' r,ýý Ih, ý .e r , c ,,tth A,A" tt, .......s
:Y' l ýi a r, at u. +.al t t 9 7 }l
etrai(t hotelff .E aV Otr.ans.
1 31DU13TION IN 113ICE£.
, . l' l . . F -' .... .3. 33. c3.. .
. .Fo SNle.
'r S nrt i :ed i,,, ! r .M i ,, te,! i, ' , ct '* . hv tl E.I , q ,
t i ; "e...... .................. ..... .... ~1.. .
.., , ~ n ; 'l rý ".. 1 ' ý , I' . ...o
" l , l · ·tln '*t ," 1. ·+.i · . , ýt.l u. h'u· n rl ,
d. t 11, .! t +l -A\ ,l F ' 1 I, 4 - I I, n
,. ., s· , e 'f .., arra ' .'ls ,( r,
.. A =. .. ........ in.n,
8', . . . . L .... ...: r , , : . , , :- i .', . : ., . . .
(tfl 13 ýJiji' C 4)10 Icing
P rT i I \ !'
36 A MI ST UPT 3
I _`; RI 'I I..
d i3',e'' lj''R 0 : .'. is ~ 1ies'
C f"
ii ~ ~~~ ··r
1)uF I 'I ' /J(
.Th 0 IIP'( t1 r! t;,
. r ,
. ý .. :i, .mt.\I "I !I[,., ý i !· P .\ ___,_ ,. :11tt. ý .,;· \ I :t
I' fiS S.:
(Ii1. ýf \ii nN AND) I' 'NP*Xf(N
y n , 1 ý. 1" .. } . > rý`. ,' ý ý ,. .
Li ,, iln-i, tut i ~ * D lL . '',
S"D-1 l·ibs in aarc-, for id, . la to lose
tiLJ tlisymLt tF L ll,ýio 1'.,11, tlt5L, c''O~,ytfojiialt r{.

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