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New Orleans daily crescent. ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, October 18, 1854, Morning, Image 3

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BAQRTti . m"'0. 8. ` E
dl[MýQN..s.,,..1ýNRA w,04.:......r.. I A
M .......CA1ºO~oAaon. ......... .. 14 M
OPELOUSAS AL.....ICE W. OZ o ...,....14 M
ST. LOUS.. .;L. I(*I 1Tt, BSM ......4 P1
ST LOUIS ........OW ..RjAL PALACE, Xd s. I PM
MSPMPIII......... ... eOLIdIs. Gou~s, .......... PM
1o1r iS RUbBOS....O...GIPBSStY I hL..... ........I PM
ST. LOUIS .....05 , 8 PM..........
ST. "LOU`IS ...........PRAIIS CI'r, fon o....m.....5 PM
LIT. LOIS M......MHIGAN, S muuos......P...... ( PM
RIOD (iR......S....B. It CLAR, S. N . .............5 PM
- flwgwsda, October 19.
OALUO5S'ON..... PS15SXVEIAMCS, vux......s AM
OCEAN SPRINOB...S .CREOLE. Pon ................... AM
)OIlEWC .....I...WW..sVLIDA, O s mI.....
'rAYOO SARA........ . W. M.ERA, Os s ........... PM
ASIITON ............. RANK LYON, R..........P.....PM
ST. LOCS:...........ELEPHANT, U mxxxwo,,..........; PM
ASPINWALL ..P.......RM E· CITY, I V...............s AM
AYOU BSARA......... NEW LATONA, GO,.. ........ OAM
COVINSTON ..........LSNORA.moO 1M.................11AM
MOBILE ..............CALIFOSNIA. Ixmt............... 2 M
A!`NorOou.-The bark C. W. POOLTIEY,
Oon...5,om.L., 0.omPoh0 dlpbl.0 dI. Ohe.gI gNt P,,0 19. YLOO Di,
5005 C-odgssstono sn y d to attend . npelPL or bsht Kin.
she Len~or they will hY rioted at thetr " nw ..4 ,16.b
025 O. C. BLOOLT r CO, EwC..mp sLt..t
JW Norw.--The paoket brig D. S. BROWN,
ffienhmqmetier fom PhllaoPlhla t or ducorging a Poet 46,
Mewl O i'et &MICrwsAran Wald n attend to. recept of
,hi0 [al{}] 0.0C. 0000100r 9 kOSCaePtb..L
-AM' Norson.-Consgneees of the following
5.di to P00d.L er bgl D.IL . BrwOn ,Ne P0. ena_2l, s,. LquwL.2
10 pmwt th , Bll- Loing o the h..Lo.e. oak t the I,
00 : Il~B. a 0100lar4 Bne Bank1 JýD. 0..1 hoqahed, l l ionl.
ol{ 0. C. B(XOgUT 4! 00., I$ CamP ·Uoet.
N o~rroe-Ship ST. PAreoci, from New
Yok, ,....dLowhrioeba ergo stPatLNo.o40,0..LOLho. Co..
srlraews wll plrrrr attend to the receipt of their gooJI in the rrr·,
stbe+*00 tb. will b. NoL.4. bl.r 1.005. a4 0L.0,
019 0.0. BROO.RT & 00., t0 0000o 5t52.
* NonTIC.- Cowoignees of the following
p.Od51trdsv ewr Alp At. OL.Lb..12.rom NewCYL.orb Lb. ,q.,,L
prset tei t bl. 1441.&t.Ill. pElreeitecahargingClark athe ,seal or the
...d.,,lll o sto,.d. ~OLbI ..P...oh a i·Lo.; H 0 2 00. bl.a
. m. -ill r. o m k00~ bburr tooce r 10 bra" Col ,H O(io dil--d)
l0b.lfab.in T..; JCROi4 oCj onLtoo.'fl h .O(dRu-lll Caw.
.0l9 . C. BOOLORT A CO., 90 .mmons,.L,,L
a Consignees per bark Victor, from Saij
mor, ofL0tedll ..Lbed.L"tor.,.2ll pl.... pre...t their bi2l or
ladin toLth. DIO..2.0 Clerk ono I .e : o.A 1350 B.. CLIge;
Id (M-odanret)tb) 41e Ilr~s . nark 779 bedR
P2LL.5L LISL ob ,0, .500..
P·19h and 8t. Pool, Cot~ep, B. Ong, s 84 B 01
522 J. O LI.¶. BB.5 Ll CO.
,l!Bark lVcro7o Capt. oodmanson, from
0.2lmo.. 2. d42.b.,e.,0 L2L.L Lrt 02t.2. bnt.s d DlbikL. 0k.,.
((nenrwWi· h ill pieces b 4 Men to , ,e reeeipt ofn t Nathir (eight-l~ the 1-6 a'
,Lh p... 5., it at their Loll, bb L2.
,W" Ship WINDResKaR,, Capt. Wileon, from
OM.L0.el, is no. ws. reedy 52.LI...lo Lt PmtL41 TP0,d 222. 'rt.
Co.LL.l~ss,5 0Orrbl 0025.4 that 5.,, .0 " mart 6e rLL.t .02i fo
n Lthb 2.sl befor, *w...l. All good. no p5rLLLeO.L1 ;h 0,.
du. w ill be stored at lOS Nºs sO epr.s. Lof thew..L. osm.
.10 - 4. P. WHITNRs AoL.. 1 cmp.L2.LL.
bB Brig MAY Quocr, Coptain Jackson, from
PbLL..l.pb25, O n.w d2..,giug herb.,go at Pat 1,0, 4 Ird D0.
2ri.. Cos..*ar22will pl20 uund .o the r...ip.L( l0i g.ad-.
.10 UhL). WLJdNSON & CO.. ¶2i Camp.....
SWoIDLING.-P. S. Campbell was yesterday ti
arrested, at the request of Mr. U. II. Virgin, on a charge a,
of oswdlldg him to the amount of $12S by going to the h
store of Ferd. Kennett l Co, and falsely representing to
them that he had been authorieed by Mr. Virgin to pur- z
chase sixteen barrel of flour. The flour was delivered to
him, and it is oharged be disposed of it and appropriated U
the proceeds to his own use and purposes, and for which ,
Mr. Virgin had to pay. He is also ohrrged wit4havieg g
proeurd a quantity of butter and lard from H. M Wright r
in the lsye way. Bail in the sum of $031 was required A
for his eppearance to-day, .
4.1r PTrS TO SHOOT AND STAB.--Watchman (I
GeOrge Jennings having recovered from the blow given ,
him by Sergeant Garrick, a few nights since on Julia e
street, was yesterday arraigned on a charge of having at- I
tenpted to shoot the Sergeant; his examination was ied i
for the l1th inst. He Is also to be examined, at the same
time, on a charge of baing attempted to stab Wm. Ma
lone, at the corner of Gironde and Poydras streets, on the
night of the 25th of September.
ALMOST A DugEL.-John B. Jacobs and J. k
Gallibardi, both of them pullee offceers, were yesterday 1
arrested at the instance of Capt. Ba!dwin, on a charge of
intending to violate the public peace by fighting a duel. n
The parties were thereupon arrested and held to bail for '
their future gocdbehavior. It iseaid that the quarrel
arose about conveying prisoners to the Parish Prison.
§ILVER GREYs.-A woolly-head of the dark- 0
est water, Thomas Remy by name, and a white woman
named Jane Todd, were yesterday taken before Recorder ti
Ramos to answer for violating the rules of public decency S
by living together in a house on Custombonse street.
They were fined $15 each and suffered to depart.
VAiGRLa TS.-- George Craig and John Kelly
were yesterday sent to the Work-house for thirty days, it
being proved that they were dangerous vagrants of the
Levee rat order. d
hITURBING A BALL.-John Kline was ar- "
rested in Camp street Monday night, charged with being O
drunk and disturbing the peace of the Barbers' Bell. in
Armory Hall. Kline was looked up to give h'm a chance
to get sober enough for examination.
SHOonio AT HIS WIFE.-A desperate attempt
was made on Monday night by a man named Sheep, in
the Third Distriot, while in a fit of drunkenness, to kill
his wife, Mrs. Sheep, by shooting at her. Fortunately,
owing to the unsteadiness of his hand, his aim was not
good, and the woman narrowly escaped, the ball passing
just over her head as she was passing out of the door, and
lodged about four inches above the key-hole. The woman
raised the alarm and had her husband arrested. He will
feel rather sheepish when he gets sober, no doubt. t
REMNE D FOR ExmgNATtoc.--Samuel Mar
tie, arrested for having whipped two men named Ship
man and Buekwoldt, was arraigned before Recorder Seu
snean yesterday, and remanded to the Parish Prison to
await an examination on the charge.
ly, whose arrest on a warrant from the parish of Jeffer
son, charging him with larceny, we mentioned yesterday, I
was arraigned before Recorder Soeueneau, and it appear
ing that his offense consistedof having purchased astolen
horse at auetion, he was admitted to bail, Harriet, the
man who sold Buckly the horse, was surrendered to the
authorities of Jefferson parish.
BOARD oF.ALDERMEN.-The Board of Alder
men met last evqeing according to adjournment, Alder
man Lugebuhbl in the chair. Present: Meeors Irwin,
Sinaott, Baley. Pride, Gordon, Gilmore, Luoebuhl,
Prague, Piere and Bran.
On motion of Mr. Gilmore, the reading of the minutes
Sof the last metinlg was dispensed with.
A meseuage was reeived from the Mayor concerning the
appointment of agents on the part of the city of Balti
smore concerning the MoDonogh estate; also, conoerning
the question'of leensing eoffee-houses, on which an elc
-tion comes offeon Thursday, the OLh prox. ; alsoo, concern- 4
Jg thp petition of Mrs Reed, of Dryades street. The dif
derent subjects were appropriately referred.
The rules being dispensed with, Mr. Sinsottiotroduced
aresolution, resolving that Mr. William Bloomfield, Sr.,
a/ving, on the election of the 10th inet., at a legal meet
ilug been elected Recorder for the First District, he be I
declaued duly elected. The yeas and nay beinlg called
on.a motion to refer to the Judiciary Committee was lost
4 ye to 5 nayl. The yeas and nays were called, on a
motion to adopt the resolutlon, and was adopted by a
vote of 5 to 4, the Speakerthrowing the easting vote. i
On motlon to transmit the resolution to the Assistant
Board for oncorrene the same evening, the yeas and
nays were callied, and the motion was adopted by aevote
of S to I.
- rronvvs. i
A petition from Louis Frsancis Damm, owoer ofl certain t
property on Terams stret, was received, asking to pur
chase certain city property adjoining his own, and was
referred to the Finance Committee.
A petition asking the ese of Congo Square on the 7th t
of November next for a display, for the Benefit of the
Christian Brothers' Bstablishient, was allowed.
A petition of Joseph Shawls, contractor for the fur
nilhing of rosne-ot gunwales for the Third District.
asking for an extension, was referred to Streets and I~and- I
Inge Committee.
A petition from the loesse of the Claiborne street Mar
ket, askinog for damages on account of diminution of
Dghls, was referraed to Streets and Landings Committee.
The bill of the Louisana State Repub.isan, amounting
to.$lld, was referred tothe Finance Cemmitiee.
A messge was reesked from the Assistant Board in
forming thelipper Board that their resolution eoncerning I
the elotion of Win. Bloomfield, sr., had beeniaid on the
table by a vnte of 14 toy, ad requesting the Board of
A:4erm n to mest them in joint seosien atSt 'oobk.
A 'cotion to acoede to the request of tce oad of As
sistant rMdermenlicited a great deal of discusion, and
finally a tdt tp oftheChair that the Board of Aldermen
had no right 0 r-csat their vote in the matter of an
election of Reoor. bhlsg appealed from, the Chair was
suetained in it e ad l- e.b veote oTc Msr.
A specialiCommittteeo Oenfeupe, consiting of f lesrs.
Perrterdon and Pre on the part of the Aldermen,
wee by resoitfto, appoinc..d to meet a committee of the
Aseietant Beasrd and take guusel conesrning thejoint
A petition wa presented by Mr. Branud against the Pie
tot GOale on .nandelet street,sad Ws referredto the
Police iLmblttes.
A reeolution from tbeLowerBo dretuenting the Mayor
to taks the nesessary stepe for au election of Assistant
Alderman l the Fifth Ward, inpaes of M, r.Lamothe, re
lgo;l.was received and oncurred in, and inspectore
and clerkduly appointed.
A resohulton introduced by Mr. Bailey, that the Board
of Aldermen wil meet the Board of Alistant Aldemen
in joint seesio.n this evening for the purps of finishing
the election of Becrder, bnluaBing eub . t.ecwaca.oiea
asmky exist, was loatby a vote f yoeu to 4 naye. -
A motieonbto adjoun was laet.. ,
A maesa from the other Beard encunleg Jtseph
Kepyete w reslvad, read and refemrred.
The Fteance Committee reported a resoelatia to pa
wasoad and, after'a rseces of ftf t minutee to alloe
OeNnoape" to pitts tine ly wins Pa oded fce
we inpish
apof4 li a .Ae F~t dteher. Adopted d aplet
Agl 10.. ,t~he heoeeM Quincde .inicdheed.a
,reuntion ene the places fo hlding the eietion
,whh Whih e e na .rthatd oli otitou as aemn
hewn folf ono mt~arihee
A m gee wasuenpouboed from the Lower Boanl. It
wa movel thbt theboard proceed withthe iý· bud
nne. The jmetioni c e dovtl. .
A report from the JinauoniaCommittee, allowing oundry
arins, wau read, and onljeted to by Mr. Gilmore,. who
waulold oitdf order,but nottinued d itolpng.-4ttaek
fag the expedieney of paying ndry bitbi andbhe rroper
.re of the Plitnce Committe. Mi, GordOn Chpiermeg
of the Fianoe Committeerepeedverye taey. M.
Gilmoro then moved to rrfeue the payment of ondry
bitieeported by the Finance Coamlttee. They were all
pased., however by a vote Yeas t0o nay.
Mr. Prague moved an adjournmemnt; the yea and nays
heing called, the motion wae carried by a vote of six to
BooiD of ASaeTTANoT ALDtouooE.-The Board
met lst evening: Mr. Place in the chair a qououm
A reooiUtion authorising the Mayor to order an eleotion
for ope AsletantAilderman, on the 80th inst., to fill the
,place'ade vacant by the resignation of J. H. Lainothbe
from the P.tLh Ward, was introduced, and the ruled beinig
suspended,d was adopted.
A mesueagefrom the Mayor informed the Board that be
had ordered an election for the 9th of November to take
the sense of the people on the question of licensing drink
log houes ; alno in relation to the will of the late John
That portion of the messaege, relative to the MoDontoh
wit, was referred to the Finance Committee.
In regard to the election, the Board fixed the places of
holding the election, and a committee of one from etch
Diotrict was appointed to ohoose inspeotors.
A commonication wes received from the Comptrolloer in
forming the Council that Mr."L. Pitcher. Collector of
Ievee dues for the Fourth Distriot, had failed to settle
with that oice, and was in default to the amount of $64d.
Referred to Finance Committee.
A mesage was received from the Board of Aldermen,
transmitting various reeolutions concurred in by that
body ; also a resoluntion doolering William Bloomfield. Sr.,
douly elected Recorder of the First District, in moneiders.
tion of his havong received a majority of the votes poiled
in joint session at the le t meeting-in whibch resolutioo
the noncurrence of the Assistante was respectfully asked.
On motion, the resolution was laid on the table by a
vote of 14 to 8.
A meenage was then dispatched to the Board of Alder
men requesting that body to meet the Boand of Assistante
in joint essioan at 8 o'clock, to complete the election which
was interrupted the previous evening.
The Board at the rcame time rescinded Its decision at
the previo.,e evening declaring the vote of Mr. Bloomfield
for himselif out of order.
A petition from the butchres, asking a repeal of the
ordlnancee requiring eelfee-houers in the vicinity of the
market to close at 5 o'clock in the morning,.was referred
to the Police Committee.
A petition rom property.holders on Front Levee, to be
allowed to lay flag crosings on that street and the Levee,
was granted.
C.l. Campbell, President of the Board, weas granted 80
days leave of absence.
A mesenagwe received ftor the Board of Aldemen
proposing the appointment of a committee of oonaference
on the nubject of election of Recorder. The proposition
was eereed to. and Menrs. Stith, Roberts and Tracy were
appointed, and proceeded to meet the Committee of the
Board of Aldermen.
During the absence of the Committee of Conference, the
reports if committees were ealled. Meost of them had
nothingto report.
The Committee on Streets and Landings reported ad
voreely to a removal of the Picayune tier. The Commit
tee was oi favor of an extensiono the stembst wharves.
but it oould not be done without Jeopard!eing the inter
este ofthe shipping.
A reesolution to pave Natchez street with square block
was passed.
Also. to regrade the gutters on St. Charles stree, so as
to prevent the water from stendieg therein.
The Committee on Public Buildings reported a reoln
tion to allow the First District Scheool Board to use their
surplus money u the erection and repairing of school
honuses. which weas adopted.
The Fire Committee reported in favor of changes in the
fire bells as recommended by the Chief of Police, which
report was adopted.
The Conference Committee now returned and reported
they had settled the election matter with the Board of
Aldermen by sgeefog that the voting so for as it had
gone in the previous session should he allowed to stend,
mndtheelection shoold commence where it-we lnter
rupted. This report was agreed to. and the Sergeant.at
Arms dispatched to inform the Aldermen that theAsrele.
tounts were ready to receive them. TheB ergeat retorued
and stated that the Board could not come just then--ior
(like Richard the Third) it was busy.
The Board waited about an hour and then dispatched
another messenger to the chamber of the Upper Hoard,
who returned immediately with the aotounding intelli
gence that the Board of Aldermen had actnally adjourned.
Filled with eurprise and indignation, the Board of Ac.
cistant Aldermen immediately adjourned.
ýmmm aim
ACCIDENTALLY SHOT. - We learn from the
Ilolmesville (MieS.) Independent, of the 12th inst., that
while the sheriff of the county was endeavoring to dis
arm a desperate fellow named Burckhalter of a pistot and
knife which he was attempting to use, the pistol was die
charged in the pocket of the latter. the ball pasoing
through Burckhalter'os thigh, and into the leg of a person
named C6nnelly. who was assisting. The wounds were
not dangerous, and the rowdy wao hurt the most se
An incendiary fire was kindled In the wood
shed of the Iousatonic Railroad at Groat Barrington. on
Saturday night week, and about one thousand cords of
wood, belonging to the Railroad Company, were destroyed,
besides damaging the depot building, and sweeping down
the large stores of lranger, Hill a Co, J.. F. F. J.
Sandford. the printing.oice of the Berkshire Courier,
and a dwelling.house. The losse is estimated at $50000,
but is motly covered by insunrance.
Ansnvere storm occurred at Ontonagon, Lake
Superior, on the 3d lnt About four hundred feet of the
pier was carried away, together with freight upon it from
the propeller Peninsula and steamer Sam Ward, inclu
ding maohinery for the Notional Ridge Mine, and sup
plies for the Ohio Trap Rock Company. The total love
was about $15,000. 'The Presbyterian Church wao blown
from its position. The steamers Sam Ward and Baltimore
were safe at Fond du Lac and La Pointe.
Several questions of veracity have arisen be
tween oomeer Reed, of New York, and Marshal Ruful, of
Cineinnati, relative to the mysterious escape of Kissane
ItReed has made an affidavit in regard to the affair, in
which he contradicts some of Ruitm's statements.
The first Evangelical Church of the Upper
Peninsular of Michigan was dedicated on the 17th nult.
The occasion was one of more than ordinary interest.
The church was a Presbyterian one, and it is located at
Sault Ste. Marie.
A fire broke out in the village of Great Bar
rington, Moss. on Saturday evening, the 7th, and property
to the amount of $90,000 was destroyed.
CaoncaEe OeocE. I
Wednesday Morning. October 18, 1854. J
COTTON .7..The demand was more limited yesterday
and barely 2500 bales were sold. Prices were firm:
Iferior ........... 5 @6i Middling Fair.. [email protected] 93
Ordinary..........6(a172 Fair ............ 10"
M.iddllig....... 8 (I8% Good Fair...... -.-
Good Middling....9 (.09; Good and Fine.. -00
Cualn--hrlr,, Tomlio ,--hhem
Stock on hand Sept............. 28,678 23,712
ItReelved since......... 112,469 1,249
yesterday........ 747-11.3216 000- 1,249
189,894 24,961
Exported to date ....... 47,168 6.028
..* yesterday........ 000a47,118 000- 6028
Stock on hand not cleared...... 9276 18,933
TOBACCO....We heard of 30 hhds sold, of which 23
Admitted and Refused at 6e, 6 at 6, and 1 at 5%4 I tI.
8JIGAR AND MOLASSES....Sales of SBugar confined
to, small lots, including 24 hhds Fair, of the new crop,at
4) i lb....Nothing of any moment doing in Molasses.
FLOUR....We noticed sales of 1200 or 1300 bbls, in
cluding 250 Superfine St. Louis at $6 60, 800 at the tamo,
and 150 Extra Missouri at $7 60 1 lb.
GRAIN.... There was no Corn on the levee ....Of Oate,
500 sacks St. Louis were disposed of at 514, and 416, from
store, at 524 F bushel....Small sales of Bran at $1 300
$1 85 s 100 It.
PROVISIONS....We notieedonly retail transactions
in Pork, at $115 25$15 50 I bbl for Mess, whioh was
held at $15 for round lots....Nothing of any moment
doing in Bacon or Lard. .
SALT.... A cargo of 8025 sacks Liverpool arrived, but
had been sold some time since at $1 22 1 sack. We hear
that cargoes to arrive soon are now offering at $1 10 $
sack forssor assorted, ind no buyers.
LARD OIL.... We noticed sales of 28 or 30 bbls win.
ter strained at 934a gallon.
ROPE....250 coils were sold on Monday at 82i%99
WIIIBKY.... We noticed only retail sales t 404 $ gal.
Ion for Rectified and Raw.
FREIGHTS.... A ship was taken for Bremen at 1¢ for
Cotton and 40s for Tobacco.
EXCHANGE.... Demand limited at our quotations :
Sterling................. 10901098 % and 109%
Francs ............... . 5f.tl.S11C f.l8 5 dollar
New York Sixty-day Bills....... 192% > at. die
Sight Checks on Nea York...... lDd% cent premium
JEeFFlEaoe C(Tr, }
Tuesday BEvenng, October 17,1854.
Arrived to-day 160 head of Texas and Western Cattle,
153 Hogs and 15 Milch Cows. A moderate sto.k of Texas
Cattle and barely 40 Western Beeves on sale, with a
moderate stock of Veal Cattle, but few Cows and scrcely
any Hogs left on sale. Prices continued in favor of
holders, and firm at out quotations :
-• aCe.
.nsr CATTL, Ordinary Western..... --(-- 4 lb net
, Fine to Choiee.. ...... -099.1 00 I net
.. Texas and Attakapas... .d,07 *.b net
. Yairand lee....... --68 lbnet
toees................... ......... --68 .$ tet
SBeEnr (in lote).........5.......... 0$5 00 hed
. (Choloe).................... 8 $o5 -1 head
CLt owsee Cew e................$0 ý00 0 0 I heud
. (,Oholon) e ........... dS 0 00681 00 i head
Oovn amneTnseeqe ........O... TO*8$10 60 leud
Drugs,.VcidictaimPerfliflI ',ecc
pm~nP~yer~mm)1.aliesto hi.wal r·I edto
.=.tm LD U Hl ~omN AN aM ell m v D a
W&73LR AND b(Uiolrbl l
biOM&I t
.NY uDwlrQ41W31 I D .Hrd914e
Om~t tt'PI~t-S 1aLP ON~uecsst.z
WedP rdav, Iltn*4s Oetobe 18, 1i5
Bbc-Dbrh W md HS., S foP-- Lao Stetjs
esB sob dteeB geltjjpes.ots.u* r7d~l X tesst b
B55oaht mhas , TLgtkem re~tsaaes, et a Sate ,tose eHaabt
Sip GOuMidig t1, Hale, Idday. lserm BtaM, to J P Whltmy L.m
Id dilect.
Big saMteS~r teotes Teayo,4 dway.bta Heceyfro Htes, Vecllseede
tddtrl. t.
B1e ohn Mts .ctt, e lg, 4 days fro m HCaeseu, to E Wooenges-
, d dlltHltt,
Cee.n Walkter em Oe, abile RiBz.
Heyepthosentdd, frem St L,,.
Bta It~s e~eeI tede .
7et ppsea , rCo. Pet H oe oe San. .
"ýowbust Otlivi P.o..r, Prom te Paso-ec--oad doesn sAd to ..
n the 6tlth tinsntsat a D 4Kit--boeght up ship H H Boady, brl
Johs S BsG tns a~ne 16t D yo.
ToWbeet AsBlo-, Stel. aoir the Paees--towd down and to sea
on thes 1lth haot .hip Hebers-brought uphip Guiding Sa,
bark Mego ad seh Mary Carolte.
Th.. stamer Carrier refor'l the Otaehito RBlesr fililg, with Itwenty
inchsl mwtar on Farmer's. Ba,.
The steonesr Hery Ohoteau loftSt Loutl. on esday ering, Oetber
0, repotie th following iesane in port loading for New Orlens: St
Niehbls, Sulit., Chancesllor, Sonars and Sea-k. Reorts li ftBee
Str wlant in the Upper Mslduipp, and st l et, ee the bne to Mee.
phis. P.eesd theo Itamor E:ltl agoound st Trey Iland; HD Baeon
it Pltmb Phlot; Gred Pririe at ilasd No. ti.
PENSAOOL&--Ieh Ge W H Hdisseon--n bullt. /
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e.. heats F .smerdes--Tootl 8,611i in speel.:
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Sdo F Rivs--B do, 5 pga. dl,, Iot fruit Poig, Mir Aco.
INDIANOLA AND GALVOBTON-Bisemship Chadrl.s Me s--1
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BAYOU SARA-Stemer a Lsel Hill--8 bsl eo.to Wgl homp
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Ilay ,Bi.eeoO Bimm..0 hbe d of LtttI, i ho.a , 1 hones and ..ndrie
or ordr.
Per teamship CsrlA. Mmgr. from GBaiatoo--Mr. Collil., Mr J J
err. Nise Kerr. C M Youg, lady sand bhid lo FPtsh and emcant,
rL lutebinel", hln eB Webh Cept Wlt), A Levion, ee r MeslJy LC
iehon, H t1t Bth. ittle B Mote.. AS , JAeteoBl o t, Hno
der.o B F Chandler, CF hite, ti Alexander, Mr hltbe w Hay
ml, iDADbr iJ Saltspsaon r Ilt ersog , R B Willl.n...,lt Brix
ee, emeCrcswfo.j.HM DirJ, Uyroe, M Antler, and e0 ondeck.
mO'Ipn every D.y and E11lG,, (e11031 Sunday,) fro A. is,
oreal-onal ccdc·
Ther, will be NO FREE ADMIEGIOINS, with the exception of Ex
hlbitoH and the Prate11, and nGEASON TICKETS will t cold.
The Crystal Prine ee a oadrrgm( the ..test..··ieoluntiona·
lad improvemef t., and is 41. fling4Isp wih l lgnttud intIb 010
"'Its, MACHINERY Y DE DE tfromrr ENrry tiered the world.
The PAINRYDEalTbIiT is cery rompleu, pu u a
fuse.umber of additional and ef riou, mahineibhowevlr. arndn pre
;,mio nd will find a plsin a few weekin the Exhinhica.
The dI~CTURE GALLERY la 111E07 lb. moNIonmprSCNI ner
luabti ccilleetion t¢ the Westr:Hophto
Th, SCULPTUI RE Co1 ibaildb l..embOfy m0,D0i 3c01.0 Marbl,,
,,,.,t of them m, 1, any of SIem original., and all of *ql init.
S.,LnuuoSIE. Mllny tobAe Stainsl. .esides, era Don1eIHSto 0fI
fhn Aalsuto has eompplsted ·rsnam b0the unrchrs eof i
.ooir ctl.ftion o Cf SlODEIe OF ANTIQUE STATUARY of great
A of the great CALIFORNIA CEDAR TREE wbch. . its
liforl, 0stoo THERE IIUNDRED FEET SIGH, leslurill
NINCY·TYSO FIE ill in llCmfI,11, and is e timatNd tram the
0Iot demo.Htrti interest slid 111, H 'SI full THREE THOU
YAD YERSE OLD, ha. S,,-driH0Illnthb Cry.IPalF.I bSyi.
pat IoI ri to.r
AI~qr Lhr, the Cgatrl Palace encloses, atthi moment, more and.
<io. of a ei, a~ltala and ionructihr Lnruutr,tan can ba examined
inierrral Jny 0th proper di...iminatiuM, and I .assantongmnt·
,ton, maii hi oonfidAntly ..lied u.lo.
An *11 ie t ORCHESTRA OF MUSIC willebO in n0le :chos tthe
Pat... nlnc arsy Moroingg, Aftema and EvaurnC.
The A. t.Dll.io 1.1. it Pl of a GOLD IO.DAL, .otinl Otis
T ofol . odllas, ter it. equtraslrt is cub, if p h~orr . , for the most
OelI.Nd I .ieI..l IqIanIEE or DisoeIrY F115.11 ll hars..b.
ploatutsdu reltoad in th United Bates· Psuurtr~irr laiilnrbhye
1n1g the fist dNIsite Dceber va0 , providD d only that . b., i.s.
p0.11on or DIeiIm E, by Uc.m.l model or prodFIII ir,,Alh A moA 1
lima bee r~hhilte n the CryvI Pat._e.
ya101. A GOLD MEDAL. , 10ing ODl ThSC.nd Dalli.or lt
.Iselin cash. tISth, Artist wl.1 , 0015wiliqSl bee:blbIImd i,
tho Crye nl Palu. d.n the three monthl rlualn onl the Ooo d frs dy of
I.1C1mb5.IIFIAI*0Algl b be d Iblad mNst EE 11 1c1h 101 monE1lf
Txlnn. FIVý MEDALS clelI Ol H110dr1d UoIllt.. ea, or
thrir equlsalro t io ntb, 't prrlalrrd, to the t u I rOoron n
Iiobl, in t15 various dop01 1111 of the 151 ol U rt..f.lp1.ntCHO.
t-rod ar eoveated wttt iv t yearsall axbibited it. the ryetn Peluo
.5115or l101l0ll Ilbjd oortby of lach tCCtimoHiIlenox
P00,1,1. FIVE IEAI1aS, 'aclls One li111111 DoII,,. eachS or
t'11ir e1051111 in plat, ,o if plnfarood he five rll.Sl..ho,
':iiyluel Woke completed eleste ispriWth of the Crystal Pulace,
al"l lf bH .lbild 0ll 1111111, ,bal b, ?i ,IIdJIG0C wlorthy oI
Allh d 111.tiobn blft a0o~r the moat ex5ll1nt u F soEld.
SIt,, b1,,t and mol0'.llpe0, llo a J10 AlJunes that caul ITHelOUT
h~rl be appointed toexamlne critiully the several articearclhiniled,
allUd UrdII. t C, pp ,. m Sed. T 11 D110ctor. shed proe,1 d
A, rly sC pratiablFto elect eIachI Wu.rybf11, flINlhopI toSeyabl
NE CS.1S.e the 311.1o, E-lita,. l or beloro the Irst day Tnos telt.
1 he AT.od~iun will, oleo, t t IGNirdu TItio¢,·rsrd FM.10Ior Mplo
in to the Exhibitors or Inventon of each article. a~e puvass man
.ufgtent W t entitle them to such du~liatfooo
All .rifle, whichh are deemed worthy of a plsce l: this Grand ex
051llo f IS,~ord' UIIEIISi.,..ldIS C,,o., m niS.IIdl ,IDI.E
AnblpoieotIPoli obl,111b15oost;,EInyH IeI llktllubl.htd the
I' mt ICre ii uId is plrbly 1111gticElel ehibLil~ bat the AIF.I
tt ieamsacuWLtyfrlso damage to such articles.
0R Umbr01.11. CCI,, atoI.,lll1 1let lFthl..tad near h.111 Ilor.
A. the CryEbl Palace ifl.l bood 1111111111,001 o be,
Aý trod toFlobe pacLkaelofper.lsly sb ib ovolh the b1ildin .
oy Checks given, wd ¢o on ra-ad·dm tted on theaeme Tickt.
Fll flE P. T. BAR11,1. President
illCAN ,RTIST1S' UNION1I would rsl l annoHr b. the
ciliuml of the United States and the SEredI,, that for the p0rpo1 of
uulivlt. o. .sst for the fine are tIhroughout the latently, and with the
w u of enabling rserv fen ily m brome pouesred t f " gallery of e..
*i1B, ,0 1s f1,H1110C1,.IS OYl ,lg.HE..GLST 11S IIld~tll
OoISIIII1EF,5aodrt rae110 ~151.01I., G1l. .015,h U~li10 11111
ýIms noot only giio employment to " terse :umber of srtLieend other,
bnI inap0IbCmoos:IIr S1trSFI.ISt for HwIks of HIE,0to 11
n.A the 11ellurr of their ISDgSaviIIIS UsIno S1. o. tlb. era soad,
.3',000 IIFTS, cf GIFTS.ni cost o, {IL.O0D.
e ,churehhaee of a Ons Dollar Engraving, Lbdl6fs, reaches no
"lllr nn &graving : irhly worth the money, Lot alto a ticfat which ea
u10h11 11 h1m> one of tIhe Gils w,, n tIiF yea distribuEd.
For Five Dollars u highly 0oirhad Eorsrio ' beavtif worth oft
fr, O,1, and Ftve Gilt Tielrt·, will t a ,cot, ·r Fi · D fit w orth of
11,110did EIg.i earbslrn S . 1 bor1 E1 h1.R be ,,I1 lo0
a ropy eltbr Cnulogc vie o this alssa Iecime of one of the En
11111, c.n be. .4n at Ili, e o! this 41.0r.
For Inch dal tar seat, an Elio 0000, actually worth that cam, and a
Gift TiIet, ll te l.1.,ElyIIIIorIWlI0S
The Commlltcs belteving shot the 'oorn of this Great National
Uuderl king will ba matmll)) promoted by the energy and enlorpr "a
,intellilgent a"ýd p1Lo vbri, g 1. is, line resolvd to tr180.with each
oClrho mobt IllFral t.rm.,
o.Zlar rlbbmg to become no sent, by eeodiog (PactwW){l
Iill SiGe Dy rte- ofmail. a ova d lll , .1 ta he ,b
lb. of the Bale, the 111, wi.yll pllnf the
hbmda of the Commilttee of rbsP -exlrr to be Dh·~ib dI doevdtire
o f hich will be given thronghoont the United States a nd he Consdae.
10 6larble Busts of Wsshipton, ct......--------. .)1o0 .... {10,00
I l, 81yy11.....................100 .... 1000
0. ..o WM. ................ 1 10 .... ,1000
a s. s Celia) u.................... ., too .... 10,060
I llD II I ..II ..I . 5 1........1....... . , 11 6,00
10010tegut OW tiglgrP9) cst.rb........... Il .... 6000
W 10 u1,5V11. EngHii.g1, bnllS.ti ,olord iF.il,
Lbh grit Irsmme. ) 94x80 in rchs ex....... .. t0 .... 6,000lM
10,000 Elegaa Seel pl." Engnravings, colored':n
oil'o the wWl.Liavi e luru·mlnya0as oshr·
0.W.Cta Fat oLSr0OrEg~l .10,11 dfefrse y T
(V Tbl, nowi. b0 Cas HHon 1, ,ud owned by IIi .
Artit0 Uit¢, oI the market vlue of I _ 60
at. 1 F bI such ............................... 41,000
x Pl-L DweIngI in its' street, NewYOrk
City ........... ....... ... . 1,00
99 Bidding Lots in 100 and Joist silicate Newyork
f0 ila Sto, eau Wning tech 10,0001q guu feti i
the aubinrh ulNewYorL City. sud comsd
a mag.Neeet view of tba Rod- River aa
Long Islad Sound, at......................... 600 ...60,000
9U Fardetunl L..nt 'ol Cash, without lItsreet oc
seurity, of...........................w.... 960 eah 6,0
"I 6 D .s s ·oh 6,0
960 90 · n each 6,.000
2000 " "' " " ' f each 10000
W Reference to regard to the Real Estate, F. J. VISSCHHEB d
CO. Rea~l E.Wte Broken, Newyork.
Orders post ,it Rh l~mousy eocloaed, te he ·ddrened.
S. . OLBROOHE. S rnuup, 0o Broadwnq N. Y.
6r- The Enslaving. is the Cataolo gue .. : ready for dellvery.
RHInO E Ifro Buf to q4 m Flla, via Lake Un ·.. tve[
Bit. L..w,,,, Tha Am.,ieaD *hisr f.rming the E&pr...a.d
Cuitad SM.. M Yll Lmea to 0rawo, Lsp eV~eaetOgdsnborprb. Llo
Ireal sod Q egerUwaactialgt OI~ssnbourh d (jap· Vincglt with
[alirlda for Net' York Bull/.glO.· U·UIP· lnry l qd Ifamn
and Mt Rohir.l with Athi.Ae ad EL L 1,,,,n, RnEI.d,ROS8.
linrrrMI and Champlain RalrEd, Ior PoI..a, WhieMYou· ih.,
Ibaln aad No York..
Time-9{hove to YURKC
BAY STATE,Capt.Ladyahi. NEW YORK,Crpt. CbApmm.I..,.p
,ARid Oo da.iy. TERNROt; 1. .50 7 IA. r., forI IA. VA...A
and ORlgbd iovatiqwt the River ttuaur·, liautogthe
·oliallarlh or T· TuladTd llndd··d the Rapideo tb autft.
St.L.rR1,R,, by d~ydigbt, and .rrir,..IM ,hi..l t6 o'hi k, r, r.,
,Nhiddy. fa i IA. .ANAR.boat.
par Negsn lgvlog Bpv le 1 o'lock, ý .r. h8..A.,.S IH.ad
tbol· L··rsll") o'clock i. r.,kave tour hoon· Nlaganpalla. The
I9' cloak ral of qn from , .8 .. ls· at I8 .IN m t ime for the
11,5. p0 tpgn tot Bgd...A ehA.,Lptae t..111'IAm , .I g,
liagal i srrlra at , BHIO~rg 1 half-put7 b If- ¢ezmoroivg,·nd
I.,, immrSdi1tly, 1rrl80,1. Bohtoo It Ahaf-p.H oS'cl, r ,r.
E l.,.. ONTARIO, 4a1.1. TARop. CATARACTCapai. ERI..,
8011ed, at h.( pip, I l 0It, r. r. LgINRYpED.ESR .,ohoun..d.
halt rili NiaRIA ,oll a io E1.,,Re, 8.18,1
H,,A,,, KEingso, y1RR1. Brockvllerand UIOO EORARI .R I,.with
the Rivrarltramen~p nlug Ib sonloatb of the hTotvnd lrlnndl
and the Rnpida o[ the beautiful 8t. Irrar. by dygyllbt,a.nd R.
oentink ilk the l')gdeburgh aad Borto¢ B~trmad for RNU4 Pofe[,
Burlil,5.IIS IA.0E11,Id AIIE the ItpntTtaI¢ of CIn ht ..ri
Ihii,,h"E1.d New,.,R dioret. II,, ZipNT,8I1,IICI,. El I ..
ThA. .abo Lii.a lrlr 8,1,1, dailyE.,,hiy..Nrp1.4,AR IA, Bu10
!IG..and Megan . ,5I B d 80dtAc.Slqlpt, .I.NRd
pentha pleaaa ofviai R11rethMgneat ee·r Ha bt
tla rgt W In BwpellmBride, nd ha p i egegaehep e th
Nh,.,1, River, AhrouqAh II MRI,..IdI,,I I..l gL.,EwE iItsII
pn Makr. w., gt p lena r tai fom t-tco tlagar
Fell. The 19 o'oioriTnio et ~srakam agato ýpo UZ. yy ip Lewi
light,¢apg ooL boat s q , p~.rdn a IO B· oa of th
TApp .1.8lS .:th.8 AroeA. d d lnl, thrU* iy h
..,.a.1,.loak.n o lthIe SIESR. -4nnu onlrtn
ThIES. t q Ares tln f a day. I time for Qveba'-pW.
Thin R tb· nont aatiful BDMMER ROflTO on tb. Coottoant.
TL· Iturn ·ftl· ~Lien · ·r eilte·prwl· for epecd
rpd eouttoK, kavipý ha sgf mwta !mnfi nt u nfr d, 6ppr,
otý.prypptl yn prA~p Tlak qAnd Di *lalakrmatm· L Oma,"I
andc n t a~i M Aid IS-~tpd tial topll r N Ig`
flfE IEATIW4LGROO[-Mesta n~
ADANIE1Z.t L. l~o
acmmiq, eto kn"t1..r oafp"I Mama7 º
h.t t ics Dh pr rat f Ibe
Dotyopa o twrtnosplr . hhr huagºI~~att ts
t61 L rr Iqa·a· ofu~aLptra LL
t t h#4arao REkSTAURANT ANDOY_ E
4 x. A. dJUDD ? m. I"
io/am tI ýýyhiil tbatM w y..· a867(TýA
W solBTBBSAIION at 3N.N tk. L7vb..tree
"L,,h.S ,b.ari·r mrp.atfUy l UI SkI .l tlst k.1
Iku~·nsa~ir r aalsk· yll ia. hr
4.11... .k. d thofmI I I FIS WSlm IIr I M TbO. oral
hAi RADU HO.lat. s Lo, Bh.r S. MoasuFr
trild.Iwlhalaoid F eµ,Ym hi.IL t mh atdFOWL,
Kty.lathotamr of 1 PiBH, WILD aW TAMBPOWlL,
BBLBCT WINf~·t.. rlwil * h1ld 1 .dmm,~ ll~u
,hm ~o rinl~, promu tbt ·ci. bhall L Li
nllIfeE wilh 4olilt or [M ow al 6. CRLIIN.
ýBOAD>8 HOTEL, 8. S. Moan, Pro- ·
ý Thohobouh· b..rlhoroa~hlTn·pind aN swlytanL if
THOMAB 3. MAITI4 XooI o.. lbd.. l.0..Nni
1otioty 11p1eLtolo eewm Lnbme to L~~r·n
smmmem~ite. * Or n Ian withP. P W flPINNIola
stree, will pw0. 02wt prompt toa, * H
FORE.-TO. T ob, ,ffo, 1= PIAN
ul OBoo o)B odun W saleC lc
.110..eOkhtfih .A",..eOd.e. S¶SARE ANDWW
IOUIDOI PIANO iOBTBi rom 1.t 'Nb.t.d
Cem stratir. E 9411D AI
iIjLRs. CAMPBELL, Teaohei of Music
Der r LKt*0t i 'o.8 l CoIIBelt*..t.tr .d tlo,. No...
Herie elree. 131CT·rlalJI per m0**0i trr)· lee
Mete t LECTDBB "it/Ccteltl~etrwt of f sweet.
?webslr b odred ews, cow lding hoa blpp Pns
eootaJ. W. WhIM and Inrasoa, ac far u on A DOrM
w. 4 DOVIDa ILO. A CO..
oil 41 MgA.i t, oyyt.000dte B.k *Ae..
17 C ouoolM.11b00 b1.hbo.yio1.d 1bet DAVID
TeYLOR A t: ( I* acloteeo Lr wv4 R i).; a)· gn .TRF ETo. gl
their o" w nd rp 41 ttA p-UZW ST IF~I
t dtt· Bank 4lad+.i· have o. band ·hrr. and camp'ete anrt
m fnt 00TSIIOEA ND DRLOYiA1 ."io f *hieb is ,. ed e
th, most Ilbol. t.0o·. [.11] DAVII TAYTOR k 60.
ZI 1AT NOTICE--Hatters and Desl- ArL
c[ f1ATS AND CAP dP6, ,ww lending Lrm6, t. Pat
,ikumpriig en a ailentaportment ediablr r Ciry-*.d Country
olt 41 M.gasio s Ar ,oppo. to Baoake icada
We a· l elrecellingg a the old stad of A. F.
Dunbar A c., 6s56 end d Cammn street, Iwrra
l44 wail wlemaý tock I. Lwg~taad and8 d
HATS, of o¢l 01.ods, which .og.Ohalith t to.. no hrod, make 00
PLAN *0 pfate. tA OOOrv rWDAbatttll do welNt, n1 CO.
13r Ic TATION GOODS o r stock Is nnwrppo- in tb h rttb·
ICE ICE! !-J. STAFFORD & Co., Wholesale
and HaWI~eaen a 1E, o. 1 Elsia Filds street, opposite
th ofhrri altdlePsO,I....,.td..
Na. Id hoortamit;
No. 7 New Lese etrest
2o. ,. L.,. ..C.5;l
No. 995 uooptoulut~et
TWO ICE HOUOEO.I.O..,,Ni-th sod H,,.,, o,..U, 7-O5
Distric. O5e NCo. 050. 1..,At.j. .In IT
\triili ovi:t:
Wholesale Drufiggisl, Cinciiciati, 0.
..1For.tal by DraPi&t. 6tallp.
myl66~Sph W J. WR661T A CO. 161 Cbhan,..tr6.6
D8ewareof Strangulated Ihernia,
with all tti torror8 22
SORYcllroablrcrity- tbe e·ty r/denl means of BbBLIiF sad
COMPORT-leb. thb 6ol r6 6d..oibld PATENT TRUlS'
la 166i~lbl m lb. 1666 6h 1 Me o PTURZ I 16l1 it.
I'll. 66616ilyl616.66iag [6 pop616417,616b. 6666 6611616 p6611l1i6
lOthbibfr16ld. wit b..,flt.16j'p,1666666d-1661 .o.4-.dich11y
eceby bh, 666 61
-ad Pre,6666,b i16.61y66,6,av4t.I6 approbation of hIII. C...
dif. Te,whil..li66fronlollcl.. 161.e ely gbthat V b,.6666.f..IlI.6
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of 1.6666 trf b ht i e 661 f6. popxdptl
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6b6yYb66tedla..6.1.witer to HEro,66.4. pbl6166 6661.,,I.,eofIk nue
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C6E! P.nen, w secthe Pt.6.tC..6R, TRU6SS.6 RUPTURE
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66h11 TOO, ^ TA 61 5b..6w 0I.6
.??ew Jersey Zinc Pafnta.
1W~ The Subscribers hav now on band, and will be constantly
loSIfied,direto fomo the manufatory .o a .EoIIEEI of Zion Paiint,.
ed., by the cilbrated
which thkyoRHrto th tho d, and Eonlu on acc 00mmodating r..
15, SNOW WHITE II. r u0irsy ll .oiono,.edgod to be..up.io
to leadto odin wOi.n..., oliao and d.,.iliti·ithis,.I r ihr or out.
aide use. It .IoIf ovr a msh r I t.er srTlu th eq.0. .0 ight of
lead, thu, r.ndering It moro ,owmomoki; white, bOng fre from aIl
poisonoesubEnae.., oth.sre of health it noel r 0commend itse
to everyone It all E,..00 .ith the deei. ou qEig iy of lpait maau
bactared from Iend.
The BROWN ZINC p,. ..p.o.., poo~etivO and . db.iA, gqo.I
itl., and I. a.o.IWly rNom00d for Iromoad olher molsOeo.o,.
faoo. The STONE COLOR 5E00er0 ,SimilEr prop.,oies to IS.
Brown, but tse color Is better adapted p10 paintingootb ldS 100. de
poI.,Iideo.set. The Company E.sO.r the PaiEts uolaosotuod
by thesmto bereS.,o d to k.p freshad oIt, for ooy reaonble
Limei,.iE syel io.I. ToHb,,dp,,,...IOike White Lad.
t Ground In oil, i kno. 96, S0 ad IN IbS., in sloreand for
He by O. C.OOERT CO., 9CEoOmp,0ea0 mys
J. Beni. Chanudler,
Cam' Office Hourromto yIRA.r.. and to.M.
ST References-H. T. LonosHI,, J. LindIs a Co., nd Cor0on a
0rm0tro o. mbEIylm
Crockery, China and 4 Easascar
D R. FELL & CO., 84 Common street.em
* E..OI.,., Importos s.51.,. WSoII.. . and
Ur floods ill be b off .d at low priayaasd eb..frr %) onaary
paceSd to thse ,Ots ma.ner. y90 E
D R0.oII.RI W. O,,E.E H R , 0III'0AYYV
S00RSO.OIApr 0HdSSIoIelgSIIik.IOIh~ 500e
aodoo EsDmpn of NpEOrleansOO and O foio b0 g
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wllib lrtr. I~ms sdrllaoslPCl~·r·, between
B ..o.ara-dD ;b awedo dorafr m Hdlmnthtoa/9Cmitrl.
b.e g0SooEd to fit i.r.y resp.p or { o4100. F LI.
(UIS~o~ d Lowo) forl,.. SIm{ o6Il0. 01l6 LAU
ITTLEJOHN, NORCON & CO., oorner of
bRNDIES-old N B,.I H trt, hU lnptat1N an iNr So..e
FFR-Moha Jaa. eron nd io
WHITE pp O4- ,La pwdrd aod
S RANDIES-Ol oonoit, United opo Vyd, Do
SSq,.,lLCo., e,. dq
WI02F"11a Ol d Port, 8berr, MIqOein, Chempatnst Clsn
11n5l Swe.11.h;
SCHNAPPS-Wolf e!ohaidam . cams
ISINW~NOl.N I..TE.y; os
IS I-SI. WIHNSN.,,d I..,.Iol cam;
200 bar.. ts,~ Caodle/;
UU~bff o do;
200 goa t r do do, L~dOB
III SI-I FI.IrbhI EH.. WbiI.Sy;
JISPLINI &" CSIIT~~~," N h,.plI..,l..~-~~:
20 RI, llter d ",doll;V4
-Liclis, Houser[ AO H I.Nsm~lk n ,,I 4F Bklirr maers, Sa be,.
almost( au triad of S pSEING done, or any kind fork ade op witb t T
oso bly by hld.·nd at VERY LA)W PRICEES. by irls ·rBarir d its
tU All biod..f SEWING lfo....ilis, Hotll, SteImboats, at.,
DLER, SPOOLS, SILK and SOTTON flRE4D..ldblI., a beadeo
for l.. Apply. IS BT. CHARLRS STIIREET,PlatI.I
s 5 1'B 4II L. H. PECK.
' W. COELER, Importer sad Dealer in
Iar:-SE thei S brrrt oled d..RSGispa dched l rri~uoe ~S~
Gýt*'.l*S..ISNrI.IH, ol.odhIv..
JJ IME AFLOAT.-.4,000 barrels Thomaston
lnd Rockines 810MB LIME, ..g.I h of bark. SplsSI e.5
oaf A DS.I,.. l Lq CO., 7It ·LrNe .,d.It
L ~T -10,000 sacks Balt, at tbe Algiers
ole 4.Oic5ES0A04IWCCA IS 45a.snr.e
AL U 6611 t bodow1itnya rPY
W1. 3s.
. E o ee. dt ·\T19tWZ iT B"[h*rty
?m6.r' .fN~NI
x0, & .--., IS, t· Q s·.L o
Wx or M.· SH'AW Noo. 46 Fu
YOTIOE-DPoR. O PHar ELLOT ihe sothe
I·~~ ~~ .b·4nd ~ 5dr t..3,130.bIMIOS fS.,
. who .tnt 3 too. 'elt WI, D, IE-.y
- ,Y h ilIIT.5.. it.leer Ias. Lk3,H.... r..
OdTh t,¢ 23.-nNsA'. r rla. But. IS r
*Ilnnroblir U.n t*I.M
eedd tobardp 'i l Ba~aomm W reý MB W. d
1 { a+ " f DALEa for h 00,11 tSSItpib I h..L.
NOTICE 16h .toga aorCluatrPEBnm~ndlTE IIS r HO btD
uIt ,t f4 isdr rat, - S TAR i'LA IM G M aIL S Nl e3 . a.
Btdo CHARLES BLACe N te tKpw Dr my full Pow
.1 A aq wi th a ows.. JyIC 5, OL EF.
Y" tS.C pt.I t7 d W da aof hon..
au" I. Sown wdEfadbiRr
IOTICE TO TSAX PAb.EI13.-4 33,111.K.1
TuOerS4Y tifTLNIG SIln '31,1S,,tmhf 15. Arister.,
Sy ..d.lf Int Cpp.5I3. Wsflwos . SO AI, ao fled .T p
PbOITEXT om At the ip,.3 Ntoe o emC DPlah3, 10314..
,1II11 b,, 0.5, h313.3, 13,.T A C0« f . MApltodMatS.,
1.0.0. F.-HOWAEI LOU No 1
. .* I5,'I3,l ,',I,k. IRMS.-.u·
roea6 ad I ...d, from tbo ,on·lb~ l
ooro.obet Rerr{ rlmbeq d. .4* at Hit
LNNINNE, about It hope pow- r lei t th
19 O m S TAR PtLAlllltl YILm. Ik, BYL
Mt CHARLES BLACK holds my fall ýPoW.du
AL 4ARD1-YYareMnayrdm toaal ,4I
W IUDNFEDAY EVENI~ioa o e.6 w rat Iý .'YJebCL o
I rmory, to wL o at. Cbhnbeoe. y ode
jsli & SHAWuw 0.8.
THURSLLIY ,.VUNINO, ct 7o'ricLI b· br,¢ocm·
oI Retie anld SL. Chwln raee, Yil (meter orlon,
By erderof tb"Crpsio. " W. IOZANT, O. B.. v
."Potl,7 TER, Attoraney aSE td N Pebhc, Cammb~to~to~u
M-a~ of the foitod trta Yd for tho State of hUI aippý u 064,
uNo.ist. Chmuln teL r
1. O, . F. HOWARDn LOMI No. 18
Xo.(Ell·U'LI.t~o'eloct.r c 8n
1to . K. '8.DI RI. if. .; 7005. BAILPY, V. G.:
B. DA gILVA Icreinry; TIIAD8. D. VAN ROANg, Par. Be~.
"r; A. DE SO~l,A, 7reirr.
COPA1fThEl HIIh0 s tC4..
N OTICE.-Mr. PAUL E. MooTnom became
" p.fl ,b,.innorb05h,,. fOs bA..
NOTICE-The Business heretofore conducted
i by th. .ddo.fI oodo tII FfOrm of tO6cOT, WILUANS
COO b. oO. f~ooob O,, ofO ,drond..lb, .0 of0.
C. 0010ERT 4 CO. 0. C. BHOOET
10..0l.., Oft. , 194. BOMEON NToV, JR. c4
this cy. lbo log bmmo .. .8.041 K m0, will 00.14...
the oswo Futorlo.g. cad Goe Co l.doolo.0...oodolthe o.,o.
,Ad.17l .of W. A. ANDREW a IOOAU.
Mom NW. A. ANDREW. Uiio.L
'l'HE COPARTNERSHIP between the un*
aerag..d ndbh rme pirmerchtrB~lpe. aieol..d.
be begsI....o0sty il befosdO Ossid sold p7 ls.1
heS5. re Abb. 1r be bhoppyloopp hit f0sdrs or these ho a
plss.d to .50.0t buodobo. flh. nooo0t sod Of, s. h w
.5... tlhe that a0 r or o Wto.laW..p siqcor oso cpidyll will
olsoy bI, had.0. W. J. A. OOERTS, ASasomo
JyeoS. Comp osloetNefls',Oo..
COPAIRTNERSHIP.-I have This Day asso
doted jith mo is bosio.. BENJ. F. HYNsON odd EORG0
W. WOoOBERY, coder tbs osyl. of 000. W. IYNSON t CO.,
aod will .ti01s the , OIlpAg.sooy ad Cselsbos Boo s. .. boes
befol. EO. W. 0YNON.
New Oof.o, July 1,S I il.
COPARTNERSHIP.--The undersigned has
r i this day uooted wth him Mfr. E0. A. TAOLLAR[, for tL.
pfrptos oforypises., .bsohooP.o.. Gooso8eCosool..soo od P.or
.osm Bd.ls..sa.boothe am sossod.tybe of ICh. OAIlOY 4 CO.
New rl..r J e.r1,4.C. M.DALEY.
t1 0.iE.A.TALLARIl1.Obbsrtsi Bmypotoooof.toeey..nd
is charged with the e.ILrlluntaf my old ba ioMs
NEW ORLEANS, May 1, 1864.-The under
olgood bro Tb,. Coay sotdintbCop..8.onhiyfo,1, poo
ppore o tlnnucri a eneral Commiuioa Soi(oeqnodar rtb
LAWRASON A UBAE. OBo,, Nfo. 0Copo0lt.
myl RICH. N0. OUBAOI, J.
008515ated witb meb5 boooin,. M1. JOSHUA JACKSON ender
th Dsoeof S. ILKY NNEDO &CO.
0 The motef my lat 0irm of KENNY A FOOTER .011 b.
lanar 1ý SML. H. ICENN Y
( OPARTNERSHIP.-The undersigned have
fortod " Uopobohiy.,.0,, Ib'. Oof lITF 00,0NOR.
CU O CO., for thtmsoo..Has oft geo..l Grocery 000 lCoLooslboe
buoio, . et thIeh co of B.,itr and Fb to,. othe laoat.
New Orleoto, ooty oyf 1,10s(4 fIcl If
. Loodo--In sume to auit purehaen, for p1e by
i. P. WHITNEy A CO., 81 Campstret.
. . hULFOR A t CO..st Y Ple.
L XCHANGE on Baltimore and Philadelphia,
janll m .H.to ASHBRIDEl WCO.. 5 Ht. Chanlstreaet.
NOTES purcased as te City eek of COCHRAN CO., 88
EXCHANGE-Sight Checks on Farmers'
Sand Eaehauge Baek of barleton for aule b
f. E. J. HARTA CO.. 107T.shopitouIaoatrt.
A DVANCES-Advanoes on Produce to our
frienod in New York, eade by
d8 tf E. . JART a CO.,I01 ThoupttoulWst.
ADVANCES made on onsignments to our
endriedino Philadelphia and on Yorek
dY G.C. BOOERT & CO., Cmp s.re
A. DVANCES-Advanoes to our friends in
dS tafC ra¢,WebE. J. HART & CO., 107 Tchoupitolus t.
SIBERAL ADVANCES will be made on ship.
m ,.nt· to our Sriend . ln No Tou, N SeYorL, B ,,timor, 3n.
Chro,,too. S.C. [r S] IoARELL & CO.. 61 Comnum t
SIBERAL ADVANCES will be made on ship
,nlt. to our friend. in 5.rillS , or . o other lpott o th
hl adoIruceaN O ULSS4 BA6kLLI A CO., 1 (Smmnn nt.
R EMOVAL.--. C. BOORT & Co. have re
- m nloved to No. 68 CAMP STREET'. 0l1
R EMOVAL-David Taylor & Co., have re
moved to No. 41 Mga.g.o stret, opposite the Arde. 05
Dy.,r,har nmoved from the orn.rof Trito Welk sod Carom
dle at ·b.·lt to ..O 999 J elia estee t, tstwLe Carodalet and oe-.
treats, where h. will be happy to see and carve his old frend. auld
the pthlic eneallny. .96 Im
M1 tn rofHaval Sugar Cgarn, Coffee, e., hra rem. to
4 M e.tuioba.tt. a7 cm
JOINER,asre,.ovad from HI UoW, ttreett
to 196 Poydras itret, where he crn alwaysb e found. Hsiee
terns thanks to his frieud-ad the publio for put favors and-p
Iloits " ontinuane of their patronage, an.6 y
REpOVAL--E. M. DALEY & CO., have re
R moved to 61LThoupltoOlu strict, o NGo p a dp.t-.
sn •. - . . DaLEr R CO.
R EMOVAL.--S.n & FIMISTER have ra
movd toNo. 16CANALeTREET, rot ontce. p mirt,. dl
Sv mrdwWe Cutlery, iA, aOilm etOdt., hIm removed from
where ne will ba pleued to Ne hls friasde and eutomern.
.ii it WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, No. 69 Old Levee.
.rtibelbhavet ow on band, and .wll be ontantly suppliedf rom
mtnufotroty, an ao.mentt of Zinc Paints made by the N.w
Jerry ZintoCompany, whbih the offr to th nradelond oelmet on
a.commodatlng term. Ground in Oil; inpsage 0 of 9550 and 100
b Y- bna. w. bite, Brownnd Sto e Caor. horpl e Mb
tyl G. P. BOWAOT 0 C.. 1 Camp treit.
ýHE Subscribers, Agents for the stle of
L E! ALl & Co.'(Philadelphio)PYinttod Colors, keepcont.htly
habnad oan t.ortmnt of the vartousdorlp oti , whichtheyoffrht
the enuahter e priaee. Tl'hea uar tnmot eonaleof
CI.OOEGR0ENlr nd i0 ha bl
do. YERLLOI~VUl do.; in U g
C' I SCARET -, in Oily
d1 E.J. 1, ORT t co 101Tohoupltoula .to..
P AINTS AND COLORS-The subscribers,
Agents for Lawie' m ufator9 at Philadelphia, hLveChrome
toree and Yello. dry ad .0 oil; ctioSAuS B1. Sarlets and Vermit.
lion; Pae Lamp Be, Black paint, Yellow dthr., Spanish Bsown,
Idtherg.Red Lad, etc. etc.
. J. HART 5. 101 Tehopttoulu tt.Ot.
M ADEIRA WINES-4 pipes Tenerife; 8
.1 lfdodo; 1oSquotrdodo; 4pipi. Por.JuloASoly; Rhalf
odoi; Sqouarterdodo; ftradeby
.is 8. WOLFFP. Camp stet.
- IME AFLOAT-2000 bbls Rockland Lime,
. cargo of bSak Spledid nor las .and for ..l by
o A. DELAGRAVEC CO.19 M.aga.l street.
AY-400 bales Hay, lending ex ship Mal
ysbar, from New Ykh.
ot5 J. P. WHITNEY t CO., 61 Cmpy st.,.
COFFEE-Rio, Java, Havana end Mooha,
to .ttt ood for at h SL~ttN, NORCOM a CO.,
Cot, egg.oi, ;' 0 lok eSSih Co.t., ri lump, in hulks 50.
tone Lehigh Cghl.gt ., is r-l lo ar.
LEMONS-60 boxes, in prime order, now
A. F. 0G0;501450 su...,
ASSORTED .SETS--A very fine assort
mant of I nl. okers to ·be sna M beard shp llomleheu,
fF I.t Gmremment WhirrThr intdes by ""
- J. P. WHtENZY t O0, ettup .toL
RHISKY--600 bbls. and 200 half bbls.
Vset. Ro. O.BNDY-tstosHttd 10 eigHAthth o.kLi
o .ot im s n CUe. r a mss.a C ,o
STEARINE-20 bbls, instore end for sale by
A. V esarsa00,o rd jm.ev
Wall -f lati~~·' ~ i;i
IP OPR &o TRAY1B8B Gximgesu, Prf
UwMkh*wet a 3AJEW* ow
ý"w a ..a su itat etL u*
Of- Ift*Ons F
tMnkr[ daE s ý
OT V. s. w*llY rrld W i luea, Ta sJýýarieo.LtJ k llYl~ý;Yt{tr7
AýY Of 11.5. Pelt .l..M . -4 .i Ma.
i RACPLCHq dtb· seLrtcaaea..efw ay~r
.. er ttta seclt7.e. «ýe a M. s or tmtfe
.º4"NAMý pe Neim teFe4.rtn A pq/IY,{ý !!ýMR
i1 o '1 .s
.90 - ]f I#i(Lil }N Qua [tri9iratc
j OR SAL$ OR-RENT-Oneofof
J UeT AmuvuD and for sale a
Irq. Ibi of 3.5. 1k.a NULlS.a ____
MOES&9,.t~ -~
HORS5d·-l.. - -~lt
IL H. WIIl~AANS a <H'A' 84.5.,
.1 9tk.ec aiR a~~cOy
IW...J&t,b4.asdloau~so.4.kul,..,mIgkti eb.h..5i6
C0., 6i Comiaa "tnFL
*Im cnt DA.II & .0 l5.4.t
jiR SALE.-72 RIDES, juot reseiet
.3. 5...5p OQ k.., H." T.,n C..s. k...by
e19 B.&RELU A CD., II Common .5.4.
nid ly '0311rEE A CO,.41 ysir"i
IFWýELLNN8 iao OoweCu To Ruerr-A
W- lul'oaoo a Hore Iuý g6 Ctmpatnet, anl·U· k fw
A Duel Cottage, with a t~ larelto hahqie.L AndeOO. .1et
bet Platie o Pqe e. amt C e...te..
A *h ..ad-.. I..br uDwellUng, wede twoban fsno en.d d- b.0
bevyo eIn ey Oeemlle Iokdo,0I..elel l
Two hrndame two-Nap 1 -Map toN.D noglllNnlerl lt rag
A Cotepp Dwellhg. with twoloan of gtol dar the RMA
tfoo CEy. Apply t
o16 tf C. C. LLATHOP, Agnt, V .a410eap1e*.
F OR RENT-Posseseion 1ae Octto
bae.-?be THIRD adndU&Ttt 0 ,TeO So. C.Gpr
.tre.L Appaple 0. 0. DOOIEUR 0L . 102..tp.
T~o RENT-IThe to-Story, frame Dwelrl
bgfome No." Pr~ta area, Wells a Wpont'N
u. 13 . T tnaOApply3, * D a Co., s osk Plo:..
,ee 9pp..& WBAaON a zoo lee Ce1p c oi;
FOR RENT-The two FRONr Oilross,
.' p epieele. a4 67 Tebkeepittela. . . Pore..ete.
tme.dletely. Applyt K. IL DIAZY h 0O.
F ORRENT-.SToew No. 72 C am tree ML I
0o o O. W. HlN.. .".CO O DD.l· sltIe.
FOR RENT-The fine new brick STORE
,od tr .elDWElJ;ItOltOUSI~omereeeeeele 'e.d~oeedege
leed mee yNO.ee. eventlert the hoe.OeeeIl. NtI
F OR R BENT-Dw,.rxo with STABLIS
AT nlacHED-Thet dodrable M)UlarHOUSE nnBP
Leberty.et.4 Fleet D4le,,.. bee... otNlle a- CBO
t" wty Then eoe t- 400 1.1te le for eroenm .. (two
doee ad twoalp .OIee;) Iernelte.ro; .leee UPb an dtale itle,
eeearedwith No, lueg Ief ktleeLe, el., tad ten Detbh eOsbek.
To e etaoeal 0tee l. the hol.·emee. will endet lO. Ap
fl b LWRSee 110 tp .*, Froet 3eee. ate
FoR RENT-The suscribers inteding to(e
for rentthe TORES t I o ofooupied tlumNe.t0 n O
eroot.-i.eetcog. ,feenteo with Ne. I Ceee.o.t .t,,. Pa.
These St* krs fot not two of Lhr belt badne a · llty ed the Ioee
tion is vetey deirhIene, eitbeeora I )·rle. Dry 00. o oAeeit
CoeeI..ie betle. DAVID VAIO0 a C0
ell ~ 1t0 emvoeed U Ceteeewnewet
QR BIENT.--Bbvera One OFFICES in
streetand bN ýdLP··
el 3.P. WHITleET 1 CO., 61 Obep eetI
FOR RENT.-Awell-looated and roomy Lot,
Omeor of st. Jowpb ·od St. Charl···vety or the s age of
Col, Slatbe, Oerek., A... Mlll beee.dIno. Apely e
STORE TO RENT.-1Immediate poseee.
º7ion given.-That lma feer .teby br0,0 toe.. (g..lte
lroot~lk-,u" New vw, between Nakhes A~lleyend Po
.reet, for ret.e To aged ad permteae.etteeethlbeelleerme wlba
grneud.PForhreele.,peeleelae. e.ppp
.ptl B00 LlL CO..SlCe, 61 Coonel.
STORE"TO RENT.-Possession given letM
Cetober 10..-The Dew three storl bplek toe I. Peleee.o
belt,...iroi and Net,. Dame eete., (eteod .tonefeemethe omer.
of Oleed te Breeom .tn01) eening tbeeughb feem FeI0t 0o Ne,
Levee aeste, hkeyLng lera. hoa-epeulegaee abo . To eaodta
·p..elst tt,.eedLB.Iibel Apee.leleoooIo
T O RENT-IgvzekloTa PoaaaEssoe O(ImoN.
The 10wthne..to.y oBICKDTORE In Fulton10, 10, Wtrel,
0i.da-NeadNole.Dam. ae..toe.0 a mit emee .0 oleerod. Ree-'
elngtlheee010e.om Foliosto N.wL.. ,te.l., a-d be.in O..ele.
feeettepaeeg ee 0.o0.
I-IS ABELLI t CO., 1 Common ,Inet.
rompllaii'eb noloox a ·w~mdbsln· thtm Ulasiwtleabia llhrso
B taken mmodenta dosesaed tbodie{ ·ký¢rde~edltqro, r ar l. curs'
0. etI.td. T0.i ..tgonthfohg estetr. dl y ..ttonIt. th. 0.
e .ird tuna of the Icom.r aa nodan the ll vr ewlry more pp.
.,onl. SO. 000 d.'rdio tit. LI'ii mtoybiotllbl toib o i thei
¢x, and trns mo are tyI~rls Ir~c
onot adoppt s itt *ff'iti riiitt Wto HOLLOWWAY'S .It
Tkey are alx the beet 8mllt y Iod P, oeteo
iY solo it oto. bLtthaP·tt.oy M.i 15o.ittOTts. D,4eat i
toevr Semple Ior lmadoo) oad by ·U Lhar talrD mgiat·· od
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