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New Orleans daily crescent. [volume] ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, October 19, 1854, Morning, Image 3

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oU ..a.,p f i +F7 oia.rr
Inate.-Sk·.'.ede.-A slave named 3ej6ii
.To n .sns';t, tat-n eirngiyo !aat. o n
paro ". ,, o who .ieside o Bonagen streti. the Fdouth
pots gone et aty m i. A , lth the P jey ottheaaa
oatu a"gr olwytan e Wa tr bCby Im iow t ver the
heacd 'wih.hotabimPaita his skuml W an m was con
iitma, who aw eliry sudentlht on ter tali(tihe nand
_ t Ptteei sd.eUS s ~bly reco4r. The Ope 7 wi
Srh~,hr-t, .a tkls le th. for up the rlye oondsteur
A tdr nqWet wan hneld yesterday onthat bo'y T. a
little ,tar boy ami ed AeienBader, egald 4gbtent the
o ap qSy anf Mr. ,. W. Wil bion, who died velry and e
eatTtsday)'in t.a tlani thought amLeghret have been
poined by sone4, ranllwayle pek, lut pponpe atro,
lees eminaten, it weis nd that ins death wan thes re
etilt ef 4eeee of th$ heavE, beda verdiet to that effeet
.A Su3oU5,AOPAIL-Ofl Tueddaynight ala.
Shosng mn wh.edeaon Reseae wtrpe t,. thle enrth
e~Lt got lnt.ti'li4hy h~ th left shoulderf the stel
boeat ay Foleeyand wa etenekby him ablew over the
head with Gelubteaetoeg ibn skull. The. een wason
idth sl hln ne'a ad'nd ot epeeted tordeeoer. Agen
tiemowhbo 'saw h %Ilbnlght itates that'the man is
epdeohlee and seembnonelbly recover. The site wan
neot ereeeed, r tlhe beet-tft for up the $ye eeeeeater.
Itunnsle.-Weleamned yesterday thot on Tnes
dni eveaiag,xbIa BE eoder Seunedeenand a gentlemen
4f hij aequein~Luse,Mr. Petttblon, were taking a ride
t'eteeday in a oerdige on Greatmen street, the hoean
goe d dgbhd, renoaway, struek a lamppost, andtheew
tegthe twogentlet n ouatast theonr n tondlously
injured bow. Bowserdr Seoseuea wee badly met in the
head, eithMr. rstbiibehhad bin left ehoulder dislocated.
11 flT DInTRIIT.
A. Aetliig Recorder Bloomield was unaroida
biy ab t from his Counrt yiterday, attending p a wit.
n,.a in a.enae befre the Fourth Distriot Court, no bust
an wea donet dIs Court.t
T.zIvis OFr T. .-HugibGriflin was arrested
at the reqest of H. Barrett, on Tohoupltoulas street, on
a deltrgi of oBl*tng stolen a watch from his establish
met. The watoh was found in his po~eession, aqi he
waslooked up for emination.
The slave Hamilton, belonging to Mr. Leveer,
was arrested for bhaing in his poesseslon a watch which.
lie beenprevitoelY obtained on a forged order from a
watehmaker on Teohopitoule street. The one awaits
an examinaton before the Recarder.
CInaeO oP FELONY.-P, 8. Campbell was ar
reeled yeeterday eveping n TehoopiuliU street, for
breakia g into a stote with Intent to ommt a felony.
The nature of the felony we were unable to aesertain.
Rossanmr.-nMaggy MoGuir waae arrested for
robbing OGuane Campbell of $100 n gold, on board the
steamboat Bt. Nlo ia ing at our whrf. hq awaits
a bearing before Reoidre Bloomfeeld.
Pxoi-POO.IrT.- William O'Neil was caught
In the aot of piebl the pocket of Thomas Sheeban, on
the Ihip landing, anI we arroer t and ote.d upe.
Fes NaboZia.3l -About forty free negroes
lwe beenarrated within the last two daysin the Second
Dietriot, for having beep found inioffee boueee at night
gambling with Oaves. They altl await the action of Re
oprder RpoM eo their e555.
Ba-Dei Or TBpTr.-An individual amed
Hanlon was yesterday arrueted on a charge 'havling
defrauded Hypolltf Liatoad of $25 by colleotipg.that
amount from a steamboat captain, as the agnt of the
prseeeutor, and refusing to turn it over.
Woxs N T. E LION'S DEN.--A part7 of the
Third Dietriet pollee went into the Lion'e Dee,a grog
gery on Elysian Fields street, and there arrestdtl num
ber of drpnken tid disorderly females, who are accused
of being lewd and abapdoned. women. They wese all
lookbd tp for en alp6tin.
Liar -yr - a3 Josefa Rodriguez, free
woman of enr,'... Sarested on Mysteay street, by the
Third DIe~rle pobehlaebarged with stealing $7 from John
Bealer. Sha ited tination. - a
Tbrarr v:e .-Charles Smith and Jacob
Sohnel4er#i 'Slbrested on Mandeville etreetdabrged
with havig ttetd' an aesault and battery, with in
tast to ksilSmt.t~ aro1o k. Theywll probably be ex
B$tTllsneGf LBLIAtD TASE.u-Jobn Adams
anFnrs$Rl were arreiedpnINew Levee street at an
early hotr this pornin, chaed with breaking the bil
Bard kie$fAir Pierre Peron.
Ii ousr Ablee through thise qusief Distriot
ystenldsy, we p re upable to an item oef Ay qter-t
whtevr, either. oer ont oof oourt. 4 .rnml) ~oteD
triet Is the PoureR.
illaWION RIOTS >n rarEoBt.-It may be
:wen berb d that!stelegrahio report, a daby.or
two sinee, stated thai munehfighting had taken
pioee.aj the munieipal eleiion held .in Balti
coreon jbe 11th inst., and that several persons
been shot. The following, in the aun of
S12t, is all that we find in relat ibjto'the
Yete- rsyan efray took .lae oepte the
So- oe' -eisghteenth Ward. It appears that
t. o g bmamed David ttehterton got into
,r. : ,;,yg t:'; b2f nd took refuge In the hei efg hise
a li. wbsrenpouOffiler: Jonathan Pibswmlan,
o tparehnt" . 1O1w d ifn with a crwd .fr the
of thst .*eswi 'g order, when Brotherton
Sa'revo r and fired. At the seie tem
rof Tthe., -l from. o o ne , ola
anotherwas E tterg h pd
vryery eve..ed pa.-en. attacked and "beaten
rotheryr .t".,was "te "thi h t blows having
pietty lcto erthe e it'h the butt of a
reovner. Te"ffier,,--however, eucceeded In
Sge.olne.. , akingc to .te Westq;Bml2oice
y: He is doot.'charged with havlng fired
eoffie M.P~w wancthelnks it wa aoi
onsoge, : on taeok' the pistol when it
o thlthe Sintrebtion of*nd
s W 5 tbses during which streetne
ý -to Tie I.roim ohlock, and
k was also a ref ksith street-one
L.. 1 ' : dsa whor
y " ; x s s r al r La.
.0 i
MUxDaR.-A man by tho name of Peter Via
was killed a few days ago by hise son,William
Via, in the edge of Franklin county. The
maw ow eteres'
&i'a, o tel,
as wa s ine
htibri ý& ,r ip·s a In*
^"a 1rmb t ramelrleantp bja e et pgA the
pt A k, y; 4 *6pw led
homeso~« rgnetr azdelara he i uld
tlpped~anywartveoe uu2ldt seareassun
temper. But the btoify * di t in or.
pose; a after prqeoripg a le and
digggwgtogImselfp rve, he got g.ar~, aty
ta edttto'a'te, and aetually being elf
nAntthe wasdeed.
.0n 1onday evedingr jo h,Uq;h env Valo
manpan employe of the Wlmingtlon n a
leigh Rltilroed Coopany, while i5 n o in
toioatoiahattlpiit1hatrsok o thed ?A me
ta~n or tw~l1$4ailee f~imt eie ianintdnlC A
run over )y 'liO trail). I ti .. `14O'b 1I6O at
nigt i whe theacoir opdo $t ^. e~t rm
we taken off bblow the elbow, and hi ght
hind.above thaeeist htig maerely by in
Hishead iwas elightlyf atoed, and he .. red
aftelojurIes. :lie bae glie4ed.
A .map nap , 4inp; .at .pted to n a
tain of cars whila under way, in Bat .
%he lOth inat.} and ;wasthro~pn tr act`th
4d' Instantly killed by h i*e1le p bver
The Wtnelinenerean Chnrokfý in- 6O6 of
ereaoiorist Wee , Ohio, fil on the 7th laal,.wlih a
4.#rlilae. e ra waaý ,em i1hJfWý wSb~n.Il , eo?.
ytnuyed o :Rlwl, towb al lwlvaqo
Between a ix and seven-hundred wasktnln are
DOS eauplyi4 t jbe , Obpziultea Navy Yard opm t oew
' aObbiip: la-jea kib be pallai lb. OM¶Ilan~. Tbe
laiay tlhihari .1'Ar hburll, ~im.e ao'mar.b tbha lbit bad.
Th.-Oyaae la Inidelppxa r.ma)x nO & oktc .bta
pmace. k -,
;OeW York_ý7 hr9 L
We yeaterday morning received the New Cork
Price Current of tae lth instapt, thrcp P in
course of mail. We extract pretty freely :
With acare active de.end for $iney the ltl
trade erhoel ha been fet with locreaeing rlg. . the
date of our lst, and huesnes fll kinds very n
retqd. oThe~nibennement eOnele.t .po Pro
Otmoted stlnepncy In the Money martet, andt eet
frauds lalrns.elal circrl; c T manaifold, and planle vie
irA In. Ap ctd d oeud r o d fisedse and thalitw-rates
iat whih ktoks re sellln, nefstotee r.t hsa that e re
gardedda, psý.eeeplclon. Gopd dlildeand-pySOyl IBoet
prne;t eewmelhstasds, sO5In; at cheese discoelts em
the paervise, and sie atthe low rate . eratteIs
butlittle d eltled ,maifeeted. to epeoenlge the
preoinetd OtWIWallt t. The appicalttoion athe. a
are, if anythiog, inereeng, and scarcely any p rip., an
-asttie ho prlme, ha$g 'fier two mop;he to wptnre.
can be aeotited at the BLoken' ofies on better tere
than one heroent.. mort, and we bar of someirvery
ood partie pay one and a hilf and two per ent.
L in.,n of neeesifty 'eontne dull eo loe$ the
Money market continuas tohus ntringel.mt. One .atifylng
featreln our propetlve financial condition. however, I
the ateril dimutione of our Impaorts of Dry Goods.
The .],t ani d unsatisfactory condition of the trad for
the pest sin meothe hua entailed heavy loeses upon the
Importers; snd they -a now very wisely erctlaingtheor
The eew Areny Office on Well atreet oominqgteedee
tloes yterday severne depostes of .eolfern..
Northern Light wefe roeeeved.- The Oofe hat ,ores
enoogh to malt and refine daily about half amtlllon's
oirth of gold, which is three.fourth of the power or the
lhdladelphia Mint. The vlue of the deposlt is.eer
taleed in one.ay.and the depolt64 ean reelve,..th day
aftor mhleto tbeir depoeiten worrootfor tIpe ioii tShi
In bar, coin or oertfloates-the latter taken- for dptelre,
or payable at the 5ul.T eeoeey.
Under the head of Freights which are einueu
ally low there we find the following, bshowing
that we are going to have the old Dramatic
line here, ships that before 4h;-eie" ofbesam
were looked upon as the macsters of the At
The shbpplng Interest cntlnnuee much depressed, and
there is an unusually large number of dgoa.d4 vaesels
In port. The unsia sotory condition of tige 5 ugiB
trade Is having the effect to restrict ship bulldtig,both
here andat the Eastward; meet of the new vesels now
on the stooks In this Oilty and Vicinity were contracted for
a year ago, before the trade became depressed, and when
Money wau plentysnd materials oieapoer. Builders gen
erally refuse t take new contracts at the present low
rates offered. We understand that three of the ships of
the Dnramati Line of Livespoolpaekets, va : the amrrioek,
Siddoes and Sheridan have recently ohanged handa and
will be emsployed by t.r. T. P. Itanton in tbe ner Orleans
trade. The vacancites In the Dramatic Line wrIll be short
7 Iolessl by Lbs. uddl a.n ef .n,.ol new anod sert oen'a
vessels, two of whioh will be ready in a few weeks.
occro--We notice a slightly Increased demand since
our last issue, mainly for home use, and wIthout any no.
tu lemprovement in prises there iS moretore tothe mar
ket. For export the demand sontinues light, owiong
mainly to the fact that our quotations are above the par
Ity of foreig. markets, partleuht4y that of Liverpool.l
The sales for the three days include 1800 bales, the mar
ket closln firm at quotations. Reepts at nll the Porto
sdnce fl.t'.eptember. 84754 bates,' -gaist' 67,92t last
year, an increase of 27.662 bales. Total export' 'oId the
same times, 5.007 bales, agalnest. 4,10 last year, an in
orease of 1887 bales. We quote :
0.dlia'y. Middling. MidIlln Fair. Pel,.
Upland ............ 7% 0? 03o 2._0(;
plorida ............. 7 % 9 6/ , 2;.
Mobile ..............7% 9 0% 11
oNewOrleans & Texas. 7% 9 , 10% 1%%
Siuoan-The demand for eonsumption. tnot large, but
as the stook IS now mduch reduced nd'.ladnally .dlin
tehlng, full'prlices odntinue to be realised-sales 7ahdd.
Porto Itclo ntli.4 onts (n bend) ;d quba 5%adý%
o20 Porto etiee, 08.4j;l Ne; Oý 5li 30.
boeoe Bron .nd Yellow H.vau*%t nd White
do., 7,'fope months.
Mor,2,I---1be market is veryq'ulit ' ltd bd po1rto
Rio aeldat 2%a30 cents 60 COuba Museornde, 8 8 250O
bbls.lIs Orleans, Ial2; 115 do., 21% andd0 rsbtlesd
de,,0a. entbn.
OteScereT Oz'epxo,
ThlreeY Mornl , OetoheI 19, 184:)
UO*T089... The demand wie rather aetive yeqterday,
and sulted i ee alepof flly 8010 b4§,, PriodeewFte very
fell, 'Beleelefly after the publie4a gd Ddhe' ac.
eougtein the evening papees. We quote
E 6,06 btld Fair.. DJA D#
8tok o.n hand Sept. .......... 8,078 '2,712
Aedehed noine....:... U..2 .6
e' esen.......ý i,,8 6.i . - 1,285
- 14,970. . 29,97
"Exported to" :... :47.1699 "" 02
-Ifc yoh d ...... 2,88.- 50,0 -.04
ltd t nn handno cleares d r.: t}.. i l8 '- 1 90
TOBOAOOo...We4didnPOt .e8r- oawl. s
sUGA> 4,70D Y9iOLAR8Ei9... Nothing qtcy momen nt
doing In dogar.. .01 Ofl d4Ou%1 i0.isdfobic ne* 'crop
were sold at 280, and 150 bWl OQleas l4nery at 1494
gue .Alas, on Teuesy, 40 blp p 'orp at 284
SLOUR..:.Th deoinand was rather oetter, ana we
ntiond'5aledS ngatly '1600bbcI whibt2 200S4 e OibO
St. Louis ipvsreO lots at $7, 000 ayno at $p7i2 800
ordtn.rnintra at abont 29, and 10. cho.oe ican at
$08' bbic lVery lliin'9peran5 offering&'? " "`t
0ý 1 ;ý, jy'c iwoo illt hssdearce;Slleld at ,7207909
bushel,.... Ots were... . ..ep T fop s i ...
and we . notied s.eas of 60 oX,. .bns b n , at
i04,100 at 1, an some small ýots at thei a uiceddat
ofiib l upeoL o. i'ess
0r0*44$1i29r$6190$10 f9 tllgt f any c moment
HAY....72 balesprime estern were old ata 0 9
0400.... ,The cargo of te,'cG. L. kchoito, *4iLr vnes
was below last erenlogt,ld mnmotlj bPendyltln .
0O16 U.;;.Thlos sa 'embra440 ulsQ19 0. he
Osa1e s ohrgo,at 114, and 800 old a0 1T
W .. We noticed. nalii in a at
BE1w1RTS....Sti.l tending dow 4 oo tles
of' .attiboyie;lpda ifor L4verpool at *O'
EXOlAl0GL... Demand II t4 atour
d h . ....
Tkrw ola1- -4di ~ iiiP
Ani 4vo4 d142 woe.tn Vattle.I Q C2.lvi
with a fuyit nply9 ýs aur 'omm ll g
.tooko' %wt, nlMte but 8heo.r' arr - -=` i
P$t'4lE M rn ....: net
Y d newt
g 's:.` i t
. .. ..... -.c.. ... ..rws
F ;a: - ivon
053 e~a !ts Di Ostois ], ]96
V 0eto ut19, 186L
::YYý ltr alat 071 fom IeWsýeo,
8ýWpiae Qrs"
Ship lzp St. u v, IS o i mstw-ft
Rohr 6}aH aBYý ý i i
8 ff um M i. M1.fr lr~rpa l Ods bfdfe'iu
r iA in the oAn -atrr-8ttdly. MS I
Ship HtiSIn ~ s*5 hUMiht. k.n ,a..-i~4!
33,BI~low.p¶·a Up.
tybois,. S.
Jx [W - ic foitt~tthi'i Hod.
ipt.tithutithIMSS Citik S " W .
Si M Loop. ýf
iahI" ces. ro S
--- oeata tree - homag dnilrr Q
11.4 t h6i. f.Iuttg,..lho t Mt P t
to.t iptpti4
tmd . rap ah tpa ramrs. hder 'and rLF o~i~; C~ipmt
Tow Ioan t w tw, Aadnwi~h km ,.. W vfd M " t lbivL
M Otis`rs, I)I~ Tebs W IC' ýuh$;:d q to
Th. slower Poll= left Ale:.ndrt. oslhkU;"
Wpt ddaoel~daalisiisptttea~p~id al~r ad ieo m. ,'n
m.-dNo 34.,'
bbh bL, doapok 5 8 awW b.cyl ukkWr~P 4.d 1ee,100
rrc 510040...I(RP~P(~. Iy
PEiW MAA "4doW 5,!`QMw4h5 Adoe klt~, 500. t ,~40b
1dYERPOOL-SW O 64wý 29,6 b-- o01 e, 367 bbl. d 14 in
lard, W 1070Uarwad 6 Mr6 dhr16 bb. ode, 5000 re.
PEN Se - WltaM- hb. 1f0, S R bb B JL O $k
1.,5 ofe oboxe. wap.ua5raoc ,
00KW YOE E,7lSbigP p[ *0iul--Ak A s.Edh ..
KtYW1Orciar 4hiPoaas866w. H dsaahro ddir
NEW YO1000-St sss*U! `lnEWpio .-AISNO.d s,.s~odb.s~
FENRACOLA-4A5 E' 1 bpr 14..,lS plfrs2sb, foAP
Simpylo E..
BOSTON-Ship 5..-A5515hd s..d.Skbls..
503TQ00.-*ilp. Y00,k}ss~fr-~Ai55555 51000b45A..
Boý,"y4A~ler>,w-7186 d0 IYL{4 (6 LU k.
Par Whip H.AA., frm Pbll. d lIpIHAIH- L biI-.BrlhHm k
BuokhdAAm-W~ H L.Ha~cAm &,.-~&AU, 0Iob&L-UO NI
&.tkte* T H ddd.ep p: n-k. rti ld A OUar4-JW
Smith .-H~genon Pule-BnprtBl*·i r~rer+-0'e 4 kksI A
F.rdl, PhitbAh &.-A W#Mi& - HA...,or. Hawed 6ro-C C
W en Ya YPaarta·*'k Cliin- ByIon-C J Mrqn 1:
cc--Wllllmn Bthu»l ta sft&u . s d ord-,r
Per .hlp M IL of OrlA, Iron N .w YHa-RW Ad..mrJ-J Abbrt
Am sr her»-ý4tatder-L·rxam f ietaH-r~mArml*ror g.-J B
AttkmA-B Awl,.-- P AdlI.Ha.H-J AdUNH..-P B.er-A,,
,Iu-I r-7 A ruW. >HIA· INAU=Bri C-eBr...H C.
tide kro-"Bags lrol AB Avery-H lHulark*-8 Beooet at F
Burkertt:W Banb-- mnrnw i A-8eohneunoCorto11 CloF W
wa!-- Wm kf a- e iw &IIt, , iller aca-C T 8oddrts ioo-
Beekmr, 8/antee A Hewmaa- rom ap a H Carter AMA~
Cohea-Cael; R- A. CanoD ý'rlkkaN t a+OiliA, dg Oor
mane Ire-A Ciciyappk. p B Iyd-Gwrgs C'anlll CII
H Unmao. ·r-D-Or4 ta a ro -H DLau-Ds.AA-W h D_..-,-F P
UaT'egrav a kw ] M Dwmaa &a-4 L Delba 8 D.ýlI-t P
Si Sflip. h.-FH H aHAd.4.HHH-F iA-P D&.,- H Fh He.-F F
F 1'O18 A:N-&"ten k Hioddb .-N C F l Bra-P R Fe Ato- I F
FoIg.r o-OA.n Fb.. Aeo-N C Folg-r-Pra.t &ro-GfqAI
J.,,HA.-H.. b H.ne-JAAAA.---h H....BedH.. HsB 11
AlA pI HHPk Bw-HAA Krmp H..-H. HaR k RIAH,-H.. HAArHM-P
A la. -HJ Hn..rtAI,.-JeT H -.H..-H.,,ae BH p..I-tA-A
Th !,ao-1nId--W- o Hfodnoa T ed-"14oHil- 1= A. odf ael-nekgle SS on Burly aeo-7J
BeW-ýrSn-kdbii.V W..kh f tmanLl- hl Ro- s H,
)·h-lt SIWU-KI119-*J.H....H.H-Gd Suo H...·
..-.-L k But.H..-H*IA9 FHA.,-8 H K...Bdy H.- ALB...nH
K....Ht, Ix HI-H C..t,.h·-L A LAtAA-'-,,.. & HC.I-L..
t.. are o-F Lno.....A-Ig LghAn H B..".-W $ L...AH&cA-P
ATNlard-R' H Lel hford aco- L l S L nq-Iwg~a C erl)(nhJ
SIak. Aco-J P -IAADd-M.CnA.A-UCAA H..l H.-D H'A 4mD
I H,..,.H,,HBD..l H lr(c-H.L..,, CA,,i. &,-.H D
Mr ,intl-MrtaAH S..M-MAA. HAHar eWld,-M -MIHAI-J
S _:orth bc--kls~l aytslto.Jt Myy r oe lkI MileU
Oa -e H Ir~~ Bwrero--i Nibol eo-H N
A!...-mg" y-Hfrpa & ,ii-Hd AA..A a., H'HT-Th O'D,. Pt
A M~tenbergor kco -Pa le a Herh-Te la-I er
Penn ABIlasI 6c,-Perllw. _7ropbll~ano UA Pllsndkao -Fo il
1ý8 -W C HHy i,.AA-P a a R A-'-M RHid.--4 N Robert .H.
Iisberths B Meiosn.Ut-Rohatean B Olrod-Romeo a Eenlba-S
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J. Bo. Chandler,
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AZT M. SHW, No. 46 Fulton
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SIGHT EXOMANGE on Newyork, for eale by
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I IBERAL ADVANCES will bemade onejp.
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