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New Orleans daily crescent. [volume] ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, October 31, 1854, Morning, Image 3

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tbeolfo t1he week foteing asn elaend , ray.
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refey .... 0 .. 3 -
'atieeveobwe ade deereee-of four-In the tota ad one )
to Jetlpvw fever capes on the report of 'ne previoelno
Taa )iw OAeyp DlrFPcrti e: -It is rotty
couu, apo. th0e 2.Or.eib lthet tbn.d=eo of the
in ponelon of the new Casnal fid BL,44,Rd4 creeatl
oesde~able exoltement hi ou_ eomoelobi communit,
an the phdtla ei badeom.rtdedt to.peth navlgatiin of
the .Canal, .nd to this end had built barrieadee on the
abosRAoMagild idreteohed chlas aoros theo Cenal. A
dlhidIty was expected; o lt..o ti.'thought the -vesels
going out of comingtd elptpfhe basen would force away
the barrtedesnAdwi otherbbetrtwtiode. On BSnaturoay
Ie , very late, an lojunction was taken out by the
iEdants, issued by Jedge Kemedy, of the Third 01
alototar's directing the ShBdil to plitde thilge as tnhe
were. The"injueotion was issued too late on Saturday to
abe rn4eptr 3,7the Sheriff, and dringthe night we leare
thle byafi oereotoe thr e toed wore burnt down by
ome poSon or persons unknown, ald thle ibaetree
movedthb leaving the lanun free to th commerce of all
tUb piopfele The sheriff wllrdoubtles exerede the nr
of-the Court thib morning, and peace will be restored t
Oi traoedhbtwateor ftine ttogQ ui. .
ptititincE o0 THEt BusT Cntwse.-.The Fits
rerun hureh, deestoyed on ilondaZ mornings we4
',wonl I..-]His ,nor; theMayor, yesterday
bes it39I am3 te~deotory ]
1:tt ; rew ted Recorder.of the First Dis
trnag tjd0.,ln a L probability, te.3p.ewJedge witt'
the f0 ais b elo4 foeH o fe.
)ff ;f woenn tly t e k of the dot el d wt
a one entered on the dh ' the dtleddf
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tast mbabn hea t palte ar Meb't. a oi, s.art of
ther wfo ith relqly beating his adldes house, o.qlts
New Leveeetveeteio*WtW 103090117pinred by the fllt.
feihnubnt p4 laof jtjeaoo perfect hien falong te
wdle It po ibM e hter d fth delsino lDatr0et ig41ot
bthe whole course of ther window. l . e oeeed w
hi ieglo fbieb ,ln f ittek No .. ,otr , ...Dp
14!! ee t itth!t Wrtt4lee o red woman n e
(esrnj iif yitderfdibbOplestd, 41W a eoOeanowarrant., altt t
d~nt f8,0a~ii~f11e'O tb s t, ettatvee
ken kaerfdhe eta 05de rl Vi Bne lo h Zhr was re:
of lfnýovbtr.--~ g > · I ttiebutal
±rjarairadn a te eb;pzoibrersble,.bo memorof the
4pt T TT mT.T.XoLL"".P 9'l.Pi B rnn nrr09t {88
h....303r347 rtUdal~pdnih~itiatn , lorala.Beber, ebeer
~Inu her with cruelty ebeanb sles,.'ixellOoei
Inais hi' 3epp.a 0 portoot vixon ao ng x h b
*3.feoisathed Rer , who
t et 9 Cp o l p o a e el l ok~tO , 3 b o g ilu dn ba mni e t fr e h e r
thewho boteonse of her ilfe. ,;,.'.,
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edtalsaslls jheic q the motf wthea heatshi
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derv, apad th n , g the sherdm. his
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h olf nhou. pantalains. alo frosi. MWe... sjrsprenht
resfIdel h im entiryl-P ewaeh
Prick. 4ielg oft 4ifd ywnalteiidis ihee'Uttad Wimn mcn
tledit ,e poeeland une.thrsettog hie hand let noe
acedr t he. y.e f t et, Int which weeas Some.
J) pe re than d itydir ..b bhohit.t hati abe enot
ms t erydeohi other vleanee, but tdrahn r , .b
Iewallet ne r hue lr a r pe t eten It w-t. o
ma takena*Oii jim tt the ;i Iyibiin Anet
ptrip hd'im.. Thýan rt wro eded to nee em . t..oith
tfle b tuhed to fr. and andftewiar oeehime'b
daraioe. eg4Fist hP rbQ or. In ths meantime making
some dirgueieg-por t ich1 Waltsty and aeteeg teal de
graes oeel n It se but crectosay that some
'ofthsyong mawsreLsliquoatthe tme.
sin thee ndluil e r. B pot asked to speak.
a sid, ".irt Ls hrim." Bett ianlsst cried, "We
'thall sot'he hchrd.
Then they let him go, snqg Bo~ld i5s ttlistt he should
hrae fIren minutes to ia a.icernd ashed him *hat
reply he had to manete thahi.ý ie , " Al's right!'
Bet he nent hert4l her. $e. tr5,bouee, where hy the
s odf greae, etc., } ,tibob i etj oeewas fully remove4jnpi
haif an boer. Hq ww t ashriouhtdbbkeeceftihmcht
intending' to day'asefle ea-he 9elltelnw, he washy the
e ospiei5IE redlca aon aetali t&ilOni. Is lepteone
urtog the.lqjl heIndamuoh, eliolted,. The-neit 4y
belaptaslefed tsay he neefred telehcsslsanddwevlenl
Csrvieq in the chbaief at iihwdth.; d be fhettnead
,to ihie city.
Ar. Bapet lsa eatlveaf Swilerldiand and not of Italy,
aseMated yeeterday, 'Eels a cultivated man, ek mielhile
vlews, ad of ueqiigdoktrehbbd peeeemtai d 5*eids.
We RI ar it saited that uti legeitily ailed town eiet.
leg In lilimortheafter ,oiint-tkht'tbn.45wn'sb55ld phy
the expenses of a certain law-enlt gReiegout the
school ,ineptlienthrjv' one slidqf'whab siethulOd K John
`Iiap't had' eepousid, i :wee vd to offer him ,ersonal
violece on Isis neat:-ish toaompel him enmmsrily to
leave the town. Itna, udeelatihic wdirahl than the eel
enns of Saturday eveslfeg prsefeld.,..
The report which wis"Nan recd 8d' $"by tele-.
graph *ae of course incrreot ''"
gg"a X aIBsir$c-- DEca ol Sipb'oa rd,.-
The packet hip Jacob A. Vestervelt, CoapkOept . feom
Li, arrived atNew Yetrk, on the O1et,ulth O00
.ete.e 6i',. She had thirty deattih siAg thee
.. 1e of eiober, when in let. 4416, lon. I, ho
Ia w*(II ta8 reeebo l *Wl~t:Y or: 600, tqo butr.
' ný p ll~per iAt d blak ·winth a"hote oe the
mart. Bhe had.a.lnlet2 h lllt out like the'it. Jokes
r" qttuebec e. ifet ,;were.0n boat on booed. She
had whkitemonel cY. U her port aide entire. The
boweprit ad j lb-bh owece n pprentlygood. The foe.
mast had gone undethe top, the mantnmet close to the
deck, and the mingemt ashout fifteen o-twenty ftet
above the honuse on, . $ hA.ep.graje -toabjeenho very
recently abandoned, ald lbated tqute lflgl. She oould
tot have had mubh ·irtein her.
Mr. Edlin i'WTllI'aoe, ant.attache of
Herald office;dted at his 'lddgings inhi Unot P
Itotel in New York ,on the ost instant, from an usttak
chbo SP its most aeo 'gi ted orim. 11 woas a fuetl
writi, sand an induetroua comhpiler if etatialleas~ aid
othei oreks, which have mnade for him an enduflng repu
tatton. _ _ _
EiMnaxti P we Yo g Moen's Chris.
telu Aseoation of NewRork, a few eveniogs eago, una.
moppsly puesed reeolo'e. in favor of the suppremson of
tle,ltqQg trofoo and theatres.
A tomnan's righls convention Was lIk fall
blhst-in Philadelphia ath.g. th. They did nothing bat
Gov. MoRae, o~ tMliep sippi, hi. ardoned
Geo; N. Green, of lh el etyf who wa UinWler sn
tesn ofdo eath ?____'
A man named Nodrtbi ti 'beeoo IRrested in
Wayne county, aMilsippl/;hainl !er 'tigreeos in hi
seesesion, ruppoeed to have been a ole in Rankil
unity He was committed to jail b17 h~ n C. ..tton.
ask:s40tstp lt i ih'long been intfted by a gang of
rogues, who. keep nearthe State tline froniwhdnodc ty
oa 4pprdaf te ot the attiseona of Alabama and ttsieeppi
atpleaepre and then croes the linfe ot 6f1 eio1i
Agoonvietnamled Hantlton madlehi l pat
tfrn the Jail of- Mriono Distrclt, . 0., last week, and
'Ifod Mr GkieeAn thlejailer1 who attempted to arreet
SThe NewYork Herrtttt nntratande firotn very
e.iellent authority that the Government ta'thitnited
State at Washington, aend the Cabinet pfbid Imperat.
Highness, SBanta Anna, have already laidtbe balti of a
p~e treaty; Whioh is .tie pre ant mory in pr oeese of
negotiation. The treaty will, it rsi4,d,.- entite)y of a
:dptoeroret natuee_ ___
-he NewYork Herald says it is reported tbat
some ofit.te Pennsylvanls ooa miners hnve resolved to
suspend forewhile'their' cuppnes of coal to the market.
If this experiment ohqald 'be tried, the very first let of
Congaees should be, and we hope Will be, the absoluti re
peal of the dutyon coal. Right, says the Mirrorelet u0
have the eoal duties repealed. This will bring the would
be monopolists of Pennsylvania to their senses. Let
every oeal onsumer be. ready to sign a petition for coal
duty repeal when the paper comes round. The doe-
mentoare alreaedy oletatig.
t sp l~
The Richmsonid Iispat*. of the 2dth gives an
an aeeont of n ietralrdlnuyairdh aring bhlleoonoe5 -
ion mad4eyi Mir. 3eorge Iltot, tfom Slaep 0otloat on
Thurpday. ;~Ellotnoliting sabe at.first to get higher
t.ian thi ttop of trees, tiily, to l|gbiten the burthen of
the batcOn,aye thesiop eteb,r effoRlibat, coat and
his boots, and then cut looiesi Lcar, s 't~ re* that aside
kfe j oil the endd of le yvery 'isof coe orse hblic bad
Sbeen uea to attach the ear to the balloon, and seating
hlmeatlsf'on these cords, (thera.re r three of them)
and at twenty minutes before 5 o'eloeli, b.le the mul
titude adieu and ascended rapidly, in a plight which,
for per tand diseemfort, is without parallel in he sl -
tory of ballooning. After 'being suspended between
theaven. g. earth fer about thti- slx minutes, and
angering reatly from .the old win; he began to pr.
pare for a d roont but to Islat rise found that hie valv
awe., theoondenstion bf the dthfrdi'doe
of-theballoon. Fortunately for him thle'lt0sho, rse
sult took place aboit half- paest on'clok,, 4ast at tea
nipoutes before B Mlr E. made a safe.desrorent in Mr. teery
Vouler's ploughed f.etd, about tWo miles east qf the city.
The T iau n Qaette states that a few days
eb.e on p tfh lnnates of thie onatlone ylum in that
to;i ;esped fre* ehi bondage, and nothing further was
beard from bhim util on Sotwspay last, whqn the person
idwhwoa chacle he h&d been. pisied dlscovered him, as
,e thought, in a tralat f ers whicth topped at Taunton
on their way to Boston. lie, immediately called a hachk
.an, and entering theler, the ito dr.gged the puppoeed
b.to ,he piO *ltfori, where en anm tealiteroatlon
took place, the backmancinsistingc ttat the prisoner- was
ssne a -nd p oper just so otifoi iylatilag that
. aiunn must be inrne: At lenign tja praaonger
widstthb w eieat oonotttedS ly ehoseid Shal he
ri a 1g Ty raspontebteaolnegyr n ei *wee,' en hli
ay to preach at ih.n.aelh, the exi a,.
.4 i Qe i XBXNo, -In the I odni
.imens apper the two following advettisemeili,
ot k ediately after the other:
otoawz frnm a rlll in Pt. JotEn'c W,ýf$1t oets
ollation is indt t will tolt for
hoepw tbhee ~taPdtor. Whboremi5ltleaiht is
to a attnt Ao ng- t.iandt - to d eturn it to ,t#t
e gehu whti pay a reward it th
Addreo ese D OPP Td roe na Pol
neAo4p ' Wa0O.
ntnis as welt s-by Its y_ "p- NO
- I t atit fa . ., . !A
f guta~l PR.-, felt ,mr. PO- .
4e A.au dal apr, rolearkicig itn4i ?w
isPtp y Itk' fr' ·
aeo, em~pI~o htubw..
darnn ntaIA oa. w hb wYx t~
;At?4ý~b 1' 'th p
B1g'ýierytin ' hý stdai Itna~ettUe j
the sfoulder ofailook;b estefyinqý 4 point
2. Gunpowder s.tuld be oaise4i o a k,
or if loose 'In the p~dt., should :Ibt be . d
Wlith maiohe. A. a rale eoporteniaq qght
to awouke,
8. Before blowing dowyonosarfIof a nn,
It is advsirsbeto ee tiat tbebther frnot I4'a d.
To ascertain this, look tioedId; : ' of" ,o ap
with your toe.
-°e jt f rettf6 af p
Maq.ajociaents have~resul _eo lam Ito- -
':.b.., .lwa tsun e dfot *firing.
8. ever oarrya l aded gun osfllookr or
izontally, when aTrlead is walking before ,ou,
unless you are sureof the thiokire osoj)s or
7. if a bird sho.gd4se betweeztt g potafen
ijn directlineboth ought not td fte ati oe.
8. If aorack should be obsrvedajou i, r r
rel, tie t firaly round with a bit of string, for
feoary 8ipoident =,jDiogenes.
An Iish peasasnt,'seeing a rtrirdge.wen
sllt tin from aysonsiderable height, pisked It
up, and running with.Iit bo ohe*eorteman *ho
hbad killed it, oriedout: :Anrabs ybt'ihb.or,
you need not: hahot - it -the fil would. hve
Ord y ...".... ... lOa.sda*-rr
. Tuoeday a norntnOPtotber4 'Si0.
'COT ON....Thre .~rs rather at Uvrtrs nd doane
day, reulting in soloof 000 bosll s . es' fle W0rwi
any change of moment:
lRw Onc.wao OLAnnlnol'rO .
Infeeint ·.·r.::::e..et50K 00102)iia kale... 0010+
Ordinay......... '.7s98 Fair........ " 110
8tiddisgk n hn .....ol0I% . od air.....o
oO MidlingCO....Th s emGood and Fne. hhd, º
COTrOIeAND TOeAt00itA2 W7 Ti., b
yb, 5 at 8x ,ad choice selections a1 " ` ]b.
eloeived sc..te.n.. 187,682 ,8$,; .:`
.. s oteaIL MOday. . ,...h177,116 00.-et
E gportLedin dateo .61013. 757'lh
yestaitory... .wre.1000- 82,5 000-o.l 7
.rMBACCO.....The onlooe . bred 52 hhd,i of W
o Iogs alt 0 adIahetltt datrige 2n h Iard h .1a
71 l5at 8, and 5 choioe seo0ot ont IWn0 b.,
PO O N.a..Theo poral p ...o irse oPt waettred
da arnd for ngor dd350 bdaM se sold ofi
0o Ba galnt i4 frttore slight rednotion.
.a1000 ble, inlutading 0 r o afldoe S t. Loerie lIotn at 0
$8 to'iebb'hlt Eixrn. .
G.NAA.;.. .The only sal0 of Orn that ir an sd Were
lots at 05; T, bushel-a large adraqoe.... .Brad .5
highers; aTnd0 mosh wreo takWen p fat $o . 10 -
the Levee. '
PROVI8BtNO.... The principal mles of Pork were 1to
.bis euinspected Mes at $14 and 100 at $14 60 bid.
Of Baoon, we noticed only retail sWes .atpreviourates.
HAY..,.100 ltoles Northern wet shul at $25 toa.
ROPE...Ahof 400 nolls was soldon private terms,
said tosbt 014.
COFFE .... Rio selling lamnd lots at 10.ll10%30
LISIB...;A oargo of 2000 casks Rookland was solmd, t
arrive, at $1 7,and n Saturday a lot of 1000 as at
the .ame.
FREIOHITS.... A ship was taken for Liverpool at 30$
for Gotton, and 2000 bales shipped at 4%, oon ignment
girven away.
EXCIANGEO....Demand moderate aou.rqnotations:
Sterling ........ .........100(010034'
Fanoce............. 1f.O45905f.3l $0soliar
Nrs York Sixty-dy Billr.......10402 0 at. die
Might Chsoek on Naw York..'... 3;434% eontpsntin0
I w PtLEAa.,8ATTZ0Z xARxmT
Jo _. l- rrr.
ttoMlay N olatng,[email protected] e 10.18g. .
Tlo* maoakot ntlo eao jh of- Woatdryd Cattle, goody
lIege and: Bhotj,bot a fair oleppy Of TOEI a nd Aittla
pasCatttolt.o Itrecelpts 80oaxef Tex and Attdl
pas Cattle. Last prices in favor of holders at oag iqwet- '
bione.. ...
Beta'Cam:I, OgrllU W~oterna ....8i( 09 Nlest
Fina ato Choice.........# - ýlbhe
'peias and Attakaas.R. ,tb a
".aoo, yalr-aod-Cloolada ll'. 11 e
soagir'eloeto) ý........ ......0$3 60fi$45tV bead
(Chieo).... ...... . .. '.:.05*- 9 bead
Mo~e~ooO..$fl Odt8t00 bead
(Choice) ..............MO 00(0 0011 head
(ata a rto Yeoei( e. ate.... eomi. ga 6001'00 M chead
.Bewtireer f l91 ,geetatedHerMa,
witA all ite .Horrors,. I
LllesTlruperyle (b· o I eelo olulm ulu.apl 4mv·rr ,d
COlMOZ-7iath.L{ b,1d i wn dib P&TBNk TRBU
'~B~hva y MZlrAno ir$3j ma
$' beeoigiel}Ihle meabe rU Ibe "core or `Pti la, ·11 in
Larm n~datyioehithbng U populr.,ilrya Ib oVALU .dtld ptlu.U
b h, iTd wthýr1 ljo, f m od- q~uadtakai
The MedtoatU.1T ot'~tpeges a waif t {{{aq
naalVraw~hraniverlye(ir~doP r pl tliljr:
EdibeI Dh..bonho . NI {
;gloagrhe agatU~tln oith runthat{hauototgate m t tok
"curythsyy mettok epy· uinah toV crrec tpptatio b
of q tm{ i bwr ,ttoed wll .b% tr~li, ea D. lawnare. Lli aebI
bbttldltnli n imr n Hami4 ulp vpalht N a gaaikd }alte
it·Pa o bmeltln eorrrllt· yryýý
rb~lome~err pedllpop}~ori'('eryygqM
Tkeeaapp,ýrnene of the rop letrduthie dtdfi tiBrlwLed Ren*Tjrij
who k .,,, Ib rmd l . ysa, the tady a tm ip'glef ltutorr
'AplpHueabl t onera eedq Nif }elns ommbrJ L*1-fn ·ofd e riqkl
ora({r·M nMhnlrrlre h ·
YLA J'att rngid'hyrq.u I
T W..r reeoizinrý I y hipr io'ýni BGO raI
d 90 Joa Mrpt HIg.. VoY." ed.
N. i 1n~1 '~lL.t
So.,.okok..od` 1.H.; N.. .0 .0.0 SB~ul~d.
TNAMkNg IR NWORKk, to.o0.
`oP. 'F.yk~ aEm.d~ klr ki·· l iud
uid orold[u!wz
1'e pLwb 4
4.i.... 4..
UAGf~a Los.. , L aT p.Mhi. 40.4. 4'-""
to ox alol i'. '9''~
we.qo. 44'LE0*-f.077
0045 08T ~ ý
<00094.. :ii :'
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` J ~61 - ' Y
MA.ý U1. d 18A i.k4.rlf mA B
per E dRRk n88S
`. .rýL ·' r";nr I lo
X'c+u.. A:Blr..ta~ ýý Ub d f:i
8808.4.ti4 b1ml-88-8 (.dm. r m. 8. ,
A8..-Cmy,* A *..---~?.-·. A
BoEOI Jps aia :,1 tU
r ur-fo td: yewwe sTrrU.
OAGBTMik-J888yI.8--T ' ' ·
ýY axii M ý 41
ja W 1.88118-M
W O8,..- WA Il- _ 4ta» "P al~
Pwrogasor .ismr ri
1 _ P BlihýB bw foe
< Ha, 4881.A.W481 CToDo
a, 88.1- A PAd~r&-eJ - 4'
A0" .408.8 A MANN wa- t t
WA 8448488»~r,. .
W1 ArUlp-O db K88..-BrUi p.1 P1". A" '. -86H l
*lmi888l888p.-88 c. A
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