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New Orleans daily crescent. [volume] ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, April 29, 1856, Morning, Image 4

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týi{}t41 1ispbliwhed 0 rnofoo tttwit-4tb
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bOO l h~toi I7,5 0600 540,020 00r
ý..4$twtuttt42tottttntoo askt, ala , I1o yr2* O
ceinT~er :.003 0,30220;
gy 120'e d, 00
pod ,ue. 2.num.. 2,4
On~arlak.y0140, 207
, r7antoiro ..-s .'7767;67700 .
.' 10 stos,5 ..$"}3 66.~htwh. 02.20
.. ~urea'dt~l' o~e 7 Gmp 7,50000020
.2. 44,606 76
ne' apmg9ng09000 08 ,11 tto 124tO 1
~ o ttltttttt704001
20,020 00
ofQeI City f nbee Odee
Ptbetuh8. s #isttbe f:tier th 1M ner2 tt, 8eed,
118.wtiom r ~utc ofe vM theeeeeeiee ine endt. r the raCtte
a~fteel d esosty perd yAieAX ndOPL8 ltv Pe r edtte l
C.dSoa H, JAPIL Sottryo WH;Etiee.Heeeeee
eaiO~auy 3¢3 dRRTII~d Prsianuuy
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oL }'rih f reans.
: "t '"8eeee.ee PteWeyeedt neipteCe ofixe
Benfl mt 0 of d reetseet the
atOXCDA he 1l t1 eit
Th Itaede ofý r n diidteed f Itee
coot.an ee ad M >g of the; deeeaeeay for the
yý#¢xxýýdocc~ty t a ý hieh eriieciau wil b
e tteeteeett e e e neeX ettte ettf the
ah r., dall ~ tet octh I~i ri at thaai ires'rte of
XX ttttOTHlER;t, Preedde
I 04E X 8 X A W, J -ee PSe te eid at.
I, , Wh . LLee
.L PeXXpA.beeee
d Lk A..at'~yt Philip A. Shaw,
Al J e.DeVimer,
XXah IRobert Dyne,
J Y Her%ýmt~eReeettlth W.H.Atery,
,Joeeteheeee .(. .k I. S.eIsenhoer,
;FAoDerty, JohneRedeuburg,
O AfldteemeeeX A. Q. Keaett,
7ýgyp;&Siih ri_;Jeebe Onrrv to, h, J.EEager.
"Yl;ýw · 7 '·':`rd": trnriiBr;C, tet6
N~~UL J36SURA3OCE 0031
'.' 19, -0 P (390 338 9 B97LD1NOS CORNER
31019,00197 A3IMP"fOR9 INSURANCE.-The Company
.44ustedalB 6 on property.1orth336,01600
Loa ban k 0 .:: .............. 8,366300
B00ills'0 f818 fo88397004400....04. 140,071 38
38003stedlnte 44800,0830ti 0,8ited 34tll08i0,300, cost 69,1440,.
D 97 000 484emtwos.i 44f44947113 s luw e. 60,303 65
10044 ·· ···i. v73,40.. W,36420
91800 A. od
437EO. JONAS, Viie-Prsiden4t.
John 4'WEE D. 71980.edes,
$r 97l ls 2. So Thos. 884deron,
el W 07 01 Ayendnroo,
., 4 1488o,- 'A 048 '831Dar30'
U:71. N ..t..' P00009 91 i J. 91,y,
3300>1. 48ne - 1 97090 P '3"n634'3034,r
.26P. &,,o634. 84 ..C8,93 126404,
rsnt;s,ýfntCFar~,laP A:uRANCE
273:0'STFY '1' N& UTUALB- oTJBANcE wt
At~t3t 48,t trh3tter 'Cht6 the e ctisshity,' 36 t2338 33g
Aeeetet'f.pre~fmht~e h yearot61t8p3itet l" 1833, viz:
t;;.582 384t 43
06 .el~~an ., 333,31 3
* O 06 3yeRl,....:.......4.. 1,41
573-b;1;$9D 53
L 3ess reurn prent m. 9,0 483
Loss 8ltminm ttrt t.{ 214,023283
13,101 45
Net earted tremitums 14,832...... 0
An ut Ba~ld orlosses u 318,4 343334 52,3668
On River8ik.'..... -...: 4,69&
On Mattro, .......... 6,46 811
';: ~ iG'iosss'...:....... CI:.. 353,252 66
Aetgunt tar lopses in course of setttleme $ 3
and n313tjt6ut ..................4.... 31,$0 62
Total lo3se3........................ 335,145 4)
t68,uM ~ 6333i te84ht83,h33)3
e hldh 34i coot. 4 return 8............. .. 133,05842
t· pt' d hpeeie 6668.hhte1::::::::::::: 43,.Wn4
I · eIeese i ruF8ndl those of the 'e'e'd teaie 2 1,506 9
---44;,350 40
14ctpm~ts fo;;the year endingg Slat Alas: 855....,.... 540,03$8 63
~Amount of earned pr~imimms s9 ave ................32828 0
le8s amount 35846 p ai4 4434. by thte, )
Mercrants' I2surnn3l81
ter ie-lneurlllg theft outudlug pall
,loo,'80 a wou 00)409 nbandonllu
tltelirlahbl to paran' ·~gurontr i .. 580,000 0
;Premuiums pol by artleS"?i ;hhh·el bt1;
dobocd their rights to sp8tb. L4 ctl
sal eratloq 64 ten 9811081. iniera 0, snp.15)2,21 11
--i-230,824 11
Balanoe; b ,ging1 0111ed pr,1e2es partlcipating in
S11,1111 5pr001 olf t 1on91ny............ ..157.36197
' The bompany hoo v thefolelw1lt g sets, 211
'B9lls receivable, 2t.holtll, for premi1us......$112,025 16
..111l11ecei2bl1, be112 17b 12rip 02on notes.. -..... 90,72713
Due toopremiums to COMM of ollection-.......... 661,580 02
- Deglyen c e stlue b o tlc0020I,1. 18,191706
Re1l-000610, 008011bu9d11 ......... .b $ 21,904 96
Gash on hand ................................... 6,046 WO
, Notl 2sst1.......... ............$377,68.'9
Pari1h of Orles COiy Iof Now Orle09.1
Bel tt.10112be2ed. that on the 12duof Jul .1803, before , o,
Ott, srubscriber, a Justice of the Peace J. and Po the city afore
11,1 ,211,11110 appeJred Jahn P0 m00rton 120, 0 11101ad2.
S10125100 se2ret1ry. of the Merhats' 10utual 12surI,1 Com.
punyy of Kew Orleans, be beindg duty swor...... difng to law,
do depose and say. that the above accounts are just and true,
and a correct transcript from the books of ,aid Company.t
A. SCHREIBER, Secretnry.
Sworn, to and subscribed before me, this 12thl day of Iomo, 1855,
·:i··0. P. JONTE,~
Ekondo~ Jusrtine o the Peace for the Parish of Orleans.
ýTte Board of Dlirectors have declared a dividend of Fifteen
For {#at. on the net earned, prenrtinms (participating in thee
g ·-pd ' U thUe year ending 31st May~, 1855, for which scrip cer
ttdcateo 661110, issued on and after the 1st of Auquxr, 0810.
A\. SCHlRF.IBER, Seceretary,
.0 ! I,,aeaa, J2 10$'018013
obl anhe B 0 Vgnoud, J. A. rand.
1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,,1,1 02211,20.
en l21oO0~bllbadbflGIaddy,11 Wo1012. Voe,,,,1
+ J,111,21 , Pierre Pou2 C O. Mitenb. 0
B;. 410o1. nt P. 1 12 p112, ( 2 2,13
Ascts, Jauiuary-,st, 1856, $,1,40.6O9 O.
LW. Thompmso, Paul .0Gdddord, SS,WS. Fllorene,
WssM. Gosdwin, J .sos, tereuS, LasCrenc Jounso
Geo. McHeW ry, s R. CrafoS ustavus English.
BQRl. W.TTingiep,
PssS FHNS Seretarsy aud Treasure.
g-NE S Orleans bsransh Office .o, 0S Camp street.
T0.e underigaed General Agent of the abiove well krnown
Compony for the 9ommfithern Sats, repared to reealro nppli
oatlons fc tnurance on thre lives of white pcrswos and slaves at
the ttbh, rates , aud by permtssion, has plaasara to submittingl
to his fiends and thepublic the tenoningR
D OARD O P ¢ C R9 0 E
W HLstoSWord&Co, A. f:l l~y x Co.;(., SC. M. Perkins,
SsCS, SsmdosCsS.O. Nelson S Co.; A, RI. Jees,
J. Buorsidse Cs., ,, E. deA.J s, Jonso sinnls,
C Gmmat tt aes Bmeast,
JSSPemberton, sidost i S~sh t,' Moostu Its. Company.
155CT Slo, Presidet t Sun Multos IlCCO CoCopmpay,
J nl..,Otlh a, Pr Presidnt N.on Insurance solnul
dn J CLor Prsidednt N. 0., JaaksoE and iand . S. S . C~.,
eSnry T. .LaEndal, Johs 1. lO, SExin FIoCCO
J. K Collins. TIemos nMOur y, 1aiSC Wail-,.
".-Poices slesand direSC from this Brnch OIce, Cad Lessen
Stbtd 5here.
,", -p SsspSplets, hlockformsstc~.,,obesobtaioed at thoeoice.
RIcCHA RDsooN,. 3 os dicalOEaminer J
. n attendance, daCy, trom IS C.. so n P. A.
S Am OX DO NNE, 0005551 tret
Srp- NsQ.Sdtromp oCt.
· lYORK-.Cash Capiral, $N Otai; Amount of ~assat, Sdth
Junea, 1SS5 $747,97fl 44 Amount of Liabrililfea, t,7 G3.55
CIIAS. J. MARTIN, President.
A. F. WILLIAMART9I $c4retary,
R. W`. RAYNE, Afoott 46 Cumop street, Noew Orleans.
The undetsiggae4, Agut oi' the above mslrlou..,ihl Conygils)
isduly autho-ilsd to issue Policies of Insuralnce on buildings,?
mrchsndise, shipp is port nd thir cargoes. Also, cotton ut
preQgat auul anger houses, Iwnsebold furniture, and personall
9D4p 44generally; o . n4t 1oss or dsmag b}" tiro iu his clfk
and In n country Ten pet cent cusp turned on pnkt neut of
$94924545. " I5saea 54144tbl y 541j44444 4d p44945 ( p44d.
4 1. W. RAYI97k', Agys4.
PI of New Orlss have this day 454an4R4 ope444
ti- ons, and arprepared to take ire, Jlariuouud River Riaia,
at Pthe usual rates.
MS. 54 9. A nd 4,29 ,,
Ale.D. 1227K' 11M ln liu
i.T. Lousd A. Rrv l~ahw
stgh W4lson. 994 RI. .4h,.
9.Bc~s 94.'94s,,1192
4e 5 2 44,J.77 (. sdines.
JAS. 9. D4NE(4RE 44, P44re4ideut.
SJAS' ED044 J , S9cret2y. .
'SXety 041477r, Jou.°1, 1&56. la: ly
JTUN. 77d E Im gzi e street 77
.e re of Ev-~ LmlLU(l bery ýartety for ..Is andd
:M ma e Iop orer to ad and sustial Laner. otqhah
Furn:li Bmiture wade nd repahted. Hotels, Shllm, Steiamurs
and So ding-houses, supplied with Furniture a d Redding at
the j2exlneagthe.
·N. B.--nving taken the large brick homeo on Jalla street,
,ot te a. agazne, be to of a eid to store any airantily of goodsr for
Fureeera Cate t hire nd mtoing ttendd to with-earn.
V9 ly,
7+$Prj OF OUR F'Irm. IS TOMS aAY
Now OdeNNE JanuI £.
11 Rex ddn ICC nag ieos-71 and 72
Steuntste - between PNydereeed Ln lyette Ntreetr.
Taro lanre o Ao , B T em.. stetl. I 1ouses, heed
Ntew Beeae, aed No. 194 emvle tteet.
Also, to Dnepot, No. t b5 Ee21e ailroad, n per side,
BppoNNe the Peergeer Baltoe, Neww Or eion. ýwe1 f
IAKIXNtSNo, 1411 Canal teet,--MISS DOWNS has
.. 45, ral ve:at hy Whe I,.t arriv I from .Eurol< a large
ISET St LOROTIRNS EFLATS and OIrS11s3 for alIjsnr
A splendid assortment of LACE aud SIL K EIANTLES, etc.,
.1hih 0s, is prepared to sell at pricos not tobe brpassed by auy
,her hohke i tLO city.
.a DREFS MAKING as usna[. m29 3m
16Pbdratret rNsto , ctfully informs the adieso of
Sew Drlcann that ctl, lts no" open a vsr_ select as.
FLATS end GIPSEYS o.All sý rh she offers on f asonab e
N ITtd es llease cnR llwd examine
fnCtion... o r S. B "
.t.Countr orders prOmNltly executed. .IY S
ne Y r a nl Carondelat streets linriag beens for
soma tSne eaged Ou selssSSs sofTSSS hriS SStoc
is owprepardeto suit her friends w15h a SSSlS
set u. ' and will tlhsrefn0Ss SPS on ' SNDAT MISN
STSi `- 5I7 lg srsortment f CRA.SEsand STRAW
'BONN'ETS, of SvSSSyS,.StT~eoSrttliT: " `T 1ýst
ý , .3ig5. 3ihNAN. rspectflly inlforms the Imdies
that se hasrecelred a In eii delegant assortmlent o
,Ladies'-and.;i Fancy LeesHai r. Girp, Disusonl and
S Ti hTRP bodL NeNETS.
3tesses'ý,e 5 S 55555 LSSS FLATS; Boys HATS and
CAPS .': ··-io
A 5555555l1Fient', FBIol'er RibbSSSSi. La1e Cells, 5 5.roi"
dered Filet G5ISSes 55S olMs, 55i55 Kid 155,55, ESSroidOries,
Pa555S1,qletltS trill by. ded on S sOUSSy, 25th lut.
Ooasrty ordrs punsttioy attdetdd t. IsIS TIy17
-MIrs.0. 0. ROV'ER, N,. 111Psy65ss, br-CU
Ispoae 16fo,. ths Ladies thst she is just openlsg
epln a5orment of
Velvet B ouascl d
Snttn and Plpah Bonnets,
F~rnLace Veils,
Dress Trimmings, etc.
rmrloth Itr R. respectflly invites thie ladlies and thle country
buyers4 to'cati and exmatna' n126nm
THOMAS J IMARTIX, on of the oldest inslrt cors
this city, will give Lessons'in tbis accomplishment to
0LadiesorGentlemen. His ability- istoowellkuowa to
equire reommendatio n
v 'bllt ith PP e o 1. WERLIIIN, No. 5 Cp strut,
wil1 meet with prompt attention. .0 r
_ -erresidrence, No. 22 Co -tlce street, end also at
No..0 oIeuvia strert. l--Terus-~`,5 per month, or
twee lessons. I° LETURES at 12 Constance street once a
wee. . . " fell)ly
1NEw OLE.So. March 1113, 156.
In conformilt with tle requirement of their charter. the
Companypublish the fol]owill statement:
1mont, of prenmlms from tie 13th11.March185 to
Sarh, 12 8,56.....' 6 .................... 1 . ....9 4981650 59
Amount of untermilmted risks, 3leh t2,1855....... 571,9 26
Total amouut of Premiums .................. .$55,939 75
iz: Premium oo Fire Risks............ 250,21 10 -
PremLum on Marine Risks .......... 181,973 63
Premium on River Rlks........... 123,843 l7
$502,,939 85
Less premiums on risks not ter
linated, reserved ............$9,40l 62
Les1 returnpremuns...... . ... 5,923 . 97,.183
Net earn',' prelums ......................... 5, ,614 1 7
T,.oss paid dining th e sane period:
Viz: Fire I hoeooe ..........................g ' 0 ,219 l 0
1 rail:e I.ho es..........l...... ...... 91,115 6 1
River Lo-vs ........................ 87,578 76
(5 1 026h,118 68 ,
Re-inu rlrae ..................... 1;,71 '
ExpPnes, iuter0..t, et' ................... 20,127 10
3:-- 4.
SNet profits for the year ending Slarch 12,1850....... 5151,7o2 -i
The Cempvny have tie following assets, vi:
Bills receivablo, bearing mortgage, and for lozns on
sto lks ............... :............................ $.0,874 11
Bills receivable at short timero " oprem s ........ 153,048 78
,7lilis receittble, being srbserlp o [email protected] ............ L ".4(,;0
Doo for preo!ums in cotrre of collection............ 31.:9 55
Duo from other cormlpanes . ............... .. 1l,11) t
Cash on hand............;........... .............. 41,601 71
Total amou23 of asses. ........................94t,4.2014 15
ParisE of Orleans, City of C ty Orleans
Be It rememhcred, that on the 26th Manrch, 1&56, before me, the
subscriber, a~ Justice of thle Peacee in anld for thle city itbrusaid,
persondl~ ppeassd Carlse s rigg., PresidenI, andIT. P. Jni
vter, 8ecreissy oC thle Louisiana ,Mutual Iitunrllur Courpany of
P511 O hnn, tasdil,: dIsC y snoe, aiiCOding to Intysdo de
li buRtd .ny. ihtt the abovoe accounts aret jusat an, y. and I.d
correct trauaatipt frum tha bwks of i Isidai Csompy.
CHARLES CRl1555, YrPSid'nt.
IL. P. i'vTI ll. Sectetlsrv.
ESrorn ta subssRl'ld bCore tae., thi, 26th ay of ]MaeCS
1956. . C. M. BRAD AID,1T,
second Justie of thg e Pesyssor thr Pin.is of Or5,,-s.
The Boardr of Tsi 6,5, have rc-ioied to pay) Six per cent. in
terest on the scrisp ,lileals C ' 1855, ,yalCie oC and fte, rie
second Jlondaa of Jn,? nest, and nave leclnre4l it rcrip Bihl
denld of 'Ia-enty--fie Ifet cent. on the nei eilrnpr pnrmillln* of
the Ipast vealySI which CerCif'catcS will )it isrllrl nn and after
psls first day' of Junle next, .,it tIh havIereserve th. e bnlnnc
at*the net prnih., of th sear ending~ 12th March. ti;A, to meet
Teadhtg LscSuEadjusted clp.' ns Against he SC I '15ul 5
'l'h Colnp to}- euomitlle to insjure againsat the perils of tite seas
and river.,a. RJ loss and damagea~ by tiro, at th. curlrent rate. of
Ofice, in Iron building, corner of CamSpanld Natchez ,5, ep
A. CARRIERE, Vie, IEsslesut.
H. P. JANVIER, Secretary.
A. Caisisre. OEs. A. Fosdick, A. R. MEntomeCy,
J. TLbssslill, S. 5. CCe,. Richard s Nncu, ,
WP. A A. Reichard, Win. Urrpthnrt,
I. sruricrs. M. 111,1,,, D. P. Lsssn,
Frank Wlli-itS, E. I. Pommy, W. A. Jonsa,
C. Pssny. A. LcousI J. W. Brbridge,
JoiSn Ps's Ti's,. BySrn, N.5. lcllssghi
C. Sssslent, R.C._CaSSSS5.,5, WIm.P5nS
J.. It.{,"sr AV l ,r A. C. 1ubltm.
C. Honold,~ F.n'. iiehIsI, IH'eny SisslE,
J.T. Huneman,. P. Matin, Altiai-CsSmmSSI.
m27 Ip
I"(- this t, enterall into A Iuport neehip, under the styleYI
of DUPERIER, HAYES k CO., for the part-s of trawaclrog
a General Ooimatssion, Sugar and Conttonl Factortuee buisiness.
oaOffce, No. 14 St. Zloul, street.
New Orleans, 1st necrmllrr. 155~5. rdlt
V si-iinnr PlRraranters toi Drufng can alwayils be supplied withr
a puro nrrlclo 1 12 59 per scelL. br nPpllying to
SICISH.A 43C., iinl street,
H. N. II300SN, I.' 3na33 3 3).,
E. B. WIIEEILA33'I, 43 MInoorio, Ht.,
5E6 Stu M. CANNON. 29453333 3) et.
attend to all H..33333333l business i SIt. I3nn133334
Aco ells, thREmaW b4e e 45fd to 3)is car.. Guile at ODE.
B34,erce4-Chas.MVii. Wtnerma,, hIt,. nr, m3e',133nt ;C. N.
Olvie4r, Esq.; Thus. 13. M3ller, ae3m E33.o, 3331133L30 U3,,. B.
SEngeItIo, attoBEeI-3Ela3; Nliroo si A .u, Crescent3 033',
Now OrleSE,, m2.
MISIlON M AEI RHANT, . C uhiCi ou stree, VicC-cbur ,
,lg-81111 se~ll Merchhandat nd Propertpof all descriptions
consigned to III-, Yndp a pd , ir dcesn 1drt'r the somle.
MesIrs. John Watt & Co., and CAddy, Brown & Co., Nea- Or
Bane. n:.SSply
ITIDnS, Miss., orty miles D , IIC Vicksbul,,,b,- IC droud.
Iluy ond, w lb, tour tulle= rrm thence liy sine,.
This noted 1Yateriný Place, for tho cure of (:bIonil. Diar~rhea,.
Errpepsin , Dropsy, N.iavl, Di,,re:r,. CIi loAlA, UicriilDD h
bility, otc., is uorr open for the re~eptrin of (tenors.~i
t,1h,,, IIS. l b 'ryg ,ieDDr.
I3.-It is well blown that IIe yellow fever tar llil t vnltlI
hove lost fall eridentlyy brought hero bry porlnna or 5051 from
an tufecled diitrict. Percous nrriving a the well will be struck
with Its clevartldloctionR, itoatd d m th piIn, hllR,l)nd ,lll
tilil to bee mopy local close for fcrcr. Precaution h oe bees' t 11,i
to hn·Fa thle Iwdlina used on th~e xcmsion pointedl out by the I ,il
lryplhysician, (Dr. .. i. 13,aeeley. l ld barD, ITs pEIDen Al
wltz~rsrs l, and their ceriilaD IIAbIirshiad. A tDorouDg rel, ov
tlo. is nou" ·.lii; on, and v Uit, ra I~e ,boil- arriving.rr I di oatt
detirI, nor tII I xpecAt, a very I A.ompuy rho '.'.hog sea
son; blt every ereriton willbme to rIndM: the WuridlIaoM.
m31 tf INMA.N \CII.LIA\1S.
ANK, of No. 31 Nntelie street, New 3Atta33. nlode . tile lat
of I iicentber 4, 1SS{, fe.k n itg tacn far bAl Woad all nlt tI 3113 se.
This Furnace mbints the ftt nwAtt qrliti, At fllty
th.'ttd in[t t ting otf StVEN CROPS TILE PRESENT S3144
N1-. It works entirely by natural dl~rnght, and without the aid
ro b Ft 4At lA f t l AAttt
Itt. It . iutn i n a 334,b r -tll r irt i h.th interi ar.
3d. It never ,antra-c n sluppaga of the m Nill to havre its 6*hes
cleat.. 011t.
4[b. Thle Bani·; se is never stirred or toadierd after Rt naivesa
t tt the IllrIt ilt
6th. It hlibn all the t aae, and makett s str 3in tnottgh to
run tba mill tgioa, i strm biaittery, and s pntpin- eIAI i i
Thia is iliaJ only furuxru Ihmt tut, taken U IICLVI n cr l. dni
Ao tomptinnre 411 Athe blln itfa citiditiots.i
This Fanner makes no ntetrn.,ion to batthn Itii3 i atone, and
does nut resrmblu my other 1 on,, re in u s ai.le 1'earurc~aC its
fe.m i illy priociipuu tutu rllrit it work-s, it Inl the ,chartst
11111 ch it t udurda; n ithc dies it ap~proach a rl is ofI a11
other Pal+ [teti i cittulatc, io the cotirrttl arl A mare
Viuidl ka~ t known to bo 1 hl-e by them who m al~ke
thlem, and o Clcidlatb t only to1 decrlFB thle nIltbl andI~ pl~dll off ar
ticle-Chat cnllucsmoistlwl?~w t'.tcirorrn mortis. PC; son willb
from e me; to: nd all mflat' prsttxtta hvig nlfll suchltui1l nrtba oritbywilnil be aefully.
ga atllitcd in ila ulldisturlwd Irau and punxscaion
SiT 3'ateut i~ornmca is a niptienlbllo o a train aP kettles as t
stetm bailers; and I amn Prepared m e Cullrrnc; m nll;,l it io, berm
Infi rho Ibail11r m boil ernle Juicya in tit canuuon [ruinL of kettle,
undler n satisfatory Enarsntae to ilia pnrehcl, 8ae l·. ty
A trc., I a t l de wihUIU snbh~CrL in Iuimlph dl for w~/!1db~·
high, etc., to be bad of ilia subscrilxr, be ijl mdl or othrwise.1
ja'S d tlCfm S1 Nttlhr i~twat. New ollruts.
relieveav FRIG 01 C 2l* 1'. is mte 1Ppi0rp , n, iith
DR. Al;1IS HRIIRTSATIC OI IRi, R'4 ATI~ i 011., Ipplild
17517tlly. Rh 11mn1.7ls, P'ah, :welling, ContrI tiTI and
I iuitol 11ne111, 3lusc1s or Jonth, Neuralgi.. or "i"thing of
the l.-1 nniiTe. AllII c TT rcliavcd, fre If chioiTa, hft
otTRiTeadIDepot of ) t11 2177hor RlLaio , No. 1117 Clintiou les
.treel, bet ro- can ii anld E'oilras.
.Prie, $LiJPerLotle.- All drs Tit.dlddto
III) dLy tliIfm Or. {751. 11011211.
Till 17et.0ctaITSI , St. J IiOP'll, C0)PPI TIN TL1) I SI lT
IRON WOIRLIJITL uIT now prIpared It do iT LAskin ds 41or
in their line of bisiueii, such As puttinigp Till and Copp" Olut.
tM Panepa etc. Also, TI ting oIT hopper, Tin and Zinc1 Ros
fual pa tyof the ehp atlmulcrnte pi-cos, pith P 00 e;' an de
TIIspmth. All kinds oI JII' AliTing nd 7t1 li, 111 att tId to with
IirtTatI. Ily strict attantion to all orders, IIT1III eItT merit a
no of 011L public po fotwgo.
Wi 1211gle 1 1 70 ef1r to the follillwig gentlilmen ITIsTT.
CroIier A I&ins JI,,SIn d:1IcIItaII, g7ok ,TMIorThouTIe IIot
ý t Hngbas, (] R'. Clmrchvb Thomtti4 Murray., Ioý+uc TIlnrcr,
I llier, nl IICa., .I. \ T-. IITI ewel Iy. 11 M
rl Rail'ad--:Immer 7 rr1ngtII Mall ¶1d Tiler
the lst dap Nof April ntha, 111 AI.W 11r and Ma11l Trins 011w1
commence the Summer ccbduie-leaving Ospka at G A MI.
xrri. I at New i Olluml at ll A. M.: Iraaclng Now Urlau6 at
175 P7. id arrivig at :O0000L 11i. 0.
m19 if IIITIIllSupe~I7i1tILdc
" Msaline stret, has constantly On bIned a eery exte ssve
PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, etc., which are of11rd0 for so in
qnl aities to sui purclhsero, ou aecommodating terms.
The followring is ot portfon of stock on hand and to arrive:
1000 ounces Sulphate Qolouine, French and American.
200 pounds Bde 31less, English and Amerla.
200 " Clomel '
200 Sfercurlal Ointment.
300 +'" Hontduius Sarsaparilla.
125 " - Otto Roe.
500 pounds Elm Bark, crude and powdered.
50 1Isks Sal. Sods.
0kegs sup. Carb. Soda.
10 " German Wash Blue.
3 cases Indigo, Caracas ad 3lanilla.
5 barrels CtIcupma.
5 casks Pot. and Pearlash.
10 half barrels Saleratus.
10 barrels pure Castor Oil.
5 " Peruvian Bark.
20 " Copperas,
0 " Epsom Salt1.
10 " Flour Sulphur.
10 " Roll
[2 bales Senna, East India and Alex1adrin.
I- I0 puds Gum Arabic, select, ine and sorts.
25jars Carb Ammonia.
5 carboys Aq. "
5 " Spirits Nitre.
25 Sulph. Nitric and 31artiat Acid,
100 pounds Acetic Acid.
200 " TSartaric
100 ounces Tannic
10oI pounds Arrow Root, American.
200 " B Ermuda.
200 " Assafetida, in cans.
100 " Balsm Copavin.
30 " " solidified.
10 kegs Pearl Barley.
100 pounds Simarouba Bark.
200 " . Wild Cherry "
5 barrels RetGed Camphor.
50 boes C01stie Soap.
200 pounds Cayenne Pepfer.
10 gross Copa va Cap.0lcr,
2 casks Cldoride Lime.
50 pounds ChloroforI, P. and W.
5 barrels Cream Tartar.
2 .. Fol. Buchu.
100 pounds Lobelii Seed.
2 barrels UVa UrSi.
2 .. Gum lyrrh.
2 .. Sugar Lead, White.
S.. Valeriu Root.
2 .. Tapioca.
2 .. Camonmile Flower Rom. and German.
2 .. Scotch Snuiff, iu blodders.
50 dozen Lorillard MIncaboy S1nd.
100 .. Roome's .. ad Scotch Snuff.
100 .. Grrtt's .. ..
100 pounds White WIx.
50 .. Dover's Powders.
5 bales IIops.
50 ounds Iodide Potash.
2 ...MagLesia, oca1*ned.
5 .. Refined BraI.
2 gros Iienry's Calcined .Magnesia.
25 pounds Oil Bergamot.
2) .. .. Pepplrmlnt.
20 .... Aniseed.
20 .. .. Cloves,
25 .. .. Cedar.
10 .. .. Cbebs.
20 .. .. Black Pepper.
5 .. .. Alnons.
25 .. Phosphorous, in pound bottles.
S grolas Shoemaker' Planers.
S .. Seidlilt Powders.
5 ..Sod
30 .. Sugar of Lemons.
5 .. Yeas, Powders,
2 bgs0 Columbo Root.
1 asak Gentian
1 bale Liquorice .
3 cases Liquorice Calab. and Sicily.
5 . Pearl Sago.
10 kegs Tamarinds, fresh.
1 cask ay Ruin, pure.
25 dozen ..
50 pounds Powdered Gauthaddes.
2000 poSld, Madder.
1 cask Pipe Clay.
20 ba=.rel, Englishi Ver,ntian Red.
10 .. Spmishl Brown.
15 .. Mineral Paint.
20 .. Whiin .
10 .. Parin White.
10 .. Chaldk.
25 .. LampBlack,
fi Pundie St,-e.
1 .. wdcroii Soap Stole.
5 .. P:, in bladder1 .
1,t12Lead; Crome Yellow;
'Vec!ilion; Chrom 3ree0
Prusili lIle: Peel, Gene,;
Dutch Pink;; TeilowF Ochre;
Red1Lend; Siecc,, I3. and 0.;
Tcuicky Umbir; Vc,,ynke B13c,,c
Drop, Ilcekc; Blick Paint;
Patent, Dryccs; itharge,
CopcI varnish; cin1eed Oil;
Conch .. Spirit, Tpccine;
Japan . Temnrs' Oil;
White Demur Varn~ish; Nentrifslt ..
Black iLeather Solar
Aspicnl3333 Lar
Paint l cheI,: Whale
WhiteIc Wah Bruhes:; Window Glen. Frnch sad American;
Sh3,3 Brushes; Oin0,met JIs, bl3,e nod white;
Blocking BedPans, me. t al ded3rthen ;
131 13 Wrting Ink ; Syringes, largcccaccortmect;
Cottonllckc,,' Ink ; Tru33cc
Gold Lef; 3A1rs. 3etts's Sc3ppetc,3,
Dentists' Gol3d Foil; Ap othcaries' Scalcsc
Olnzlers' Dimeeed, ,. PowdierBoxes;
.M1diine Cho.. ; Pill Boxec, wcod and paper
Mc,31icc3 S3ddle B,1gs Senriicalorsc
Phyeiicccirl' Seen ; Toh Forcep3 T
Amcmtcticg Inctruccccts; Tihtb aInd Spring Lankces;
Poket Sepen ; I1c"iex e d Cd(theter,,;
C eppiet Gisete ; ýippl Senn ;
Breast Uhi~sses ; Wetnter ' Bc;Lt Caips;
Pecfumcie y, Etc.
Col ic'cc Wate, cccma cl A rccc
Harri-o ':, Extracts for Handke~rchief.;
FlnrorinF .. .. ..
Fine Soaps
Llyiquid 330,,
Pu lT slsl
cir t 51c,,,3
Tooth lrushlr:
Cloth B13chcs;
Lyon's Ccchc I,,'
1{org if iniq true b7;
Tu)- Pilint Boxerd:
Tran,\l~nient Soap Belle·
10crv', Tlics EraMcco
$mei' Snair Sonp;
Reicc's oPrcine Sonp, L.e'ficccnWind-~c Scccp;
Yershm I~ntioll, t'o renderring the rhdl soft andl fair
Ryon'ccBrown,33,cccVV33 Soap rollccccc-,pcor ;cll
33,ciea !hulck Itc],3 hi,,rcc c. Tcoth Pastec
Dr, Lamme' Tooth $liei~ia ;
old Cren Ccc
{{'rigllt'a Odontino ;
Frirlauh and Aml·lean Pomadess
Pjctc,,c llccllcie c,&
Rwet Lip Snjvr:
Blrzin'x tiapunacelnlts Compound ;
PPttent '_1Iellelners. &c.
FAII3NEi TcC1{c VcOcilce, e;
MYINERcS (cccfug
BULL'S S, rxnnerill~t;
e..1 \ 1 t S 4nrnup-+ril'.n
31V RRISVN'S D'S lnparilin;
HOOF1T'S1) S Phcvninn Ritter,;
STOUGM1'NCS !liecc';
BR1YAcN' Pclmoci, Wa133r
333333'S 1335 00yC+ VIII C ,c
IV~ISTA II`S Belenim \t'dd Ci~erry;
DAVIS' 13il1 E'llcrr} RadTnI
C313 1.30313 3131, clcdei-c,,, (I,, c COn.:
c31) 113VE33 OI33, 33cc,,I,,, 1'r ctcc 3, Co.
33A3TIN33'S S3c3cp cI Nci'hlc;
J 1YN 33c E 33c Vtcoc,.
THON~PSDEN'B Eye Wateor.
WRI 3IT'cN Inbicn Vegetable Pillc
CH.II.B l1h" ' Fever anid AgllO Pill,;
slip PING rr)S'S Fever and Am,, PIILe
1333Nl'i'SS l LOOK' S'iI`;
LE F:'S aa;;I DOOR'S I'ill
J AYNE'S S::ttlvei e Pills;
I y~eI.A NF.'S Pill.,:
33033 3313S Tonicc33Mict' c,
SPEED3,'S Fci,chnicc
13IION'S 13ctncc.
RAIWAYS Rentyv R13.11;
BRO\Y N'S I .s.,enc of icp e,
hleNUN'S F Elicr of dwillm;
B1 TLER'S l ItSI , Scc,,,I 0 Po3der ;
TAI3ANT'S c rcciccl;
13LLEY'S Pain 31c,,IdcI.
DAAC h P13 l Iil33 c,13
3icALld*1T1ER'S Ollllmeul:
GRAYP'S Ointment,
DP.. MORSE'S Trdiago ling Co~rdial,
L Lih'l .\ Corlirll
JUN AO 3133, Dc,,
DR. Al3RR.NETAT'S Deterge~nt,
INF.iI.L1I.E (:iiolerr Rmnrdy,
EENIIALI, S 1 holctn Svrup.
J.313N33 3 Ilcic Tcol e . ,
WOLPE'D Aconc3 S.31eid31c ScIeccpcc T c
3A31313N' S 1,,1,"l Ink, 3,,
PAYSON'S Indeclibe Ick.
KIDD)1ER'S Indelible TnL-.
PURE) RAN.DY, PO3T 3 d S31333 WINES, for Nethecc
3,3 33,33l313+, constancly 333an1d.
,\ lccrchic33.. ,11,, I' 333,3 Phan IcIccr' orders re13333113ll0
303ic:3,. E13ry arlc c cr.ctel, lcch 'c, 33,,cilcc.
33.13. ý SRIS(cN,
feC 12 3;ccc,3na stret.
ERS-Thu uuly gauld-, tor , nl by
(. N. MORISON, Agent.
MP ?2 'Aasaomne stre,,t.
, 2eri2orqunl!y-t 5 O. s, feor le by
fo 3Sot 1: 25K+ . -ea
lI\t)YPL Ihltl,\",c~r fIumon Ntd 31ul-n-ine btrro. Lnle on irllýl uml,
n Mli re t cif Lc · fircirll and in nslUc ar
n\ nls geuel L~IUTIII olt 01articles cumlprisiub· iu sirr, uv
Ioliows :
IlL, HlrI l, R1,1,-Il 1L Le,
rArcs. Uhsilla, Seyiblse
Carpent~ers' Tnolr eom(+late.
Uo Atra Iooni,
An cilS, eU I ell 1,1.
LITLI ILId D ges, piLL,,iLI,
Gorden EnRlgines, I'anip,
}'longb;,l I, ut ters, c orn Sbtlecrs,
~giolill, rn Implements.
Mlill, Crosscut and Pit Saws,
Us Fokes, Ii ais, Siub·1Ftrces,
Turninc Lnlber.
E~ces, LRnmer, S s iani~lnda Pint: (Js Scales,
Audliilon, Feu ddtit, Eb mid Tuug Corn Silly,
Copper and Iraon Con:,l Iius, Cob Crushers.
I ~fc a e. tbll lllp D Cllnil
UUiluvre Uun-i, Inru Ihlrttalls,
}Sriln ,,1 Cotter', \ 1SSe
31znt Cuttcr', Soumillge 5t 11-1111
Stock I{e;tlev, Ye lt* orel
o!319 Seiucs, Nishiug tiesilc, ete.. etc.
11-1 oroiop * t Eg llen t-. to 1 vi0 the Ckito
aid Colb101o: di [lllst du ily- a, on hNob O
on 11., glmclt, and are yrd0reTL ob r
f , E IlOItBE Sm~ml of Gees, , ANDles,
naies eta., etc.. nwllirh, together with their "cell knan st ,fxk of
Builta~as lilma ire, of ercry description, G'rltcs, Tools, etc.,
etc., etc., they~- offer at most reasonable Prices and ou Ilceulmrno
ring terms. fpl-l
ORNAMENTAL WIO\liIES tr R0 0. N10 11
IS tlhrosi Lstreet; Olltce. bo. RI6 St. Charles street
(To ,l·ontaioi boo St. Chlittis Thear,) MaIvlfl~cc
toer of iihoboo Ploiibd p dO PII1 of lRilinBI \-e
toodnhs, I oor o, S Vurttrr, Tiollos, Bri,1o, Slooglht 0nnd Car -
11r S hirn, Store E k,11o (liRdt toid all rinds of CAST AM)
WýRORIOULT IRON\ MOiRE iLP' bbniiibiogio pOnLrpo
0g ROail,,0, thtstiods. oGo. 1,001 Rooo,0ll \0'1i0t i tie d i en.
tilatOrsJ for att. tit thO Uld 0tad, 110 St. Charles street, New
Orlea- t. o jy
,!o Il, Fo1 s l and F .Gtnnfnctorau of NI,,E ici l E anG d lANG
zonal Stru bNfes oiler, SN,N,. ikCcnn 1u, i
gn: Kerttler. (;inrrlirer. Filters. Stem-td Id lorre I'nwc Drain
it-g Jlnchines, Snw M~ills, in l'.carine, Iron t C.olumnr inlr
F -A.,s for Buildinsgs. Farm.- LI Suuthý, Grante Earsi, etc., and all
Macinerysc requiired for rhlo Snlrh.
We hate belen duly Rlllh 'fired anid urn prepared to construct
EfU NEWly rEEE I & CO.
l4 HARDY AREE, CiTDERE , htc., No. lA\INGneile and
10 'GEnriar streets, bahre mt nd, anGd are ,Harmtly
rrcbeirhY direct from thle Mauufactorie.:
Nails, Cn,:mgs, .1>es; C'Hrpuuler's TooN;
N,,i, SpC ,,UAhGEls; tIorN and ClTEN,[illl;
s nGd I.nSp -(Ihary Coton, and YnnilTH, Poe;
Fifth EN E,,'race ChaNAN i Mill, Pin ri TE s C ut, H nws;
AnvlEE, Vices and Gelo GEE, A,,Ir ad 'lnNlbor FEEair.
SIockiinti l Die, SretEates A(ndirn nW Ic
Hemmcm s an Ton;;s; Siorel turd Ton;:s;
Iried Stoneai, aIil sires ; Pttonl aG wool Curds ;
Hook, anE'Eiu NEG ; Iron amtI N N,,a E Nrel, I
Tin \are; Itedever'sC (.':alert
To, , yc with nllrgp assortmecnt of Fancyc (;nods; vii' nomhs,
Bruhes, 1 IAerfaNGn, 'I'n aer ,Nd ll,,,, li,,,,, tc.H, which
ITfere at, thlowest Deices foT h orTeft poice. nnH4EIy
No. 151 Canal street, I,llrrasn C+...... let an+'
I1:rronne street S\CtC lrl ,an. A ETIEIEILI.
TEF:'1'I iuvlciio iu Tli n, pnrriin sets, slicL,
for ssIItty, tility and Comfort to tihe S Iearer, RT ot bC erile.
OSEO, hrr rrmoRed E No. 11U U.nl.s ireAs.
.1 S. S. HNAfPP, D. D S., DUNl
stree[. jtly
aniad g·ill nt[«ud to the duties of his yrofe.~iuu cone f ollei l~ Hva tres. ,1,,
TALr SURGEONI, 155 Cnnill sir "c', ý,u+ re
iEC;Ce cit llycd Irropi-d to attend to
:y y nr ?rtilmlrnt of 11TSHAS' : o Or the EY u11 11M
PEIRFECiTIO)SSiO VISION' . \o. kill St. Chnurlc
street, opllacite lnll%,yelte Square, 1·w O, (envy.l
' _111 Snr;."ic l [lllerotim s for th IM, ian-I'd tio. Plrcb
orfl Face u~l l::,, 191 Rnmme'.4. ~^ I
G ""s & fLTEP OE, ATTORNISES-:.T \ I1 S'
I tulllu. Tc 7' Cn, ~vilt -iur prl,,,pt .Ifrci!:iun :n ci·!ecli iin
matle)- in any Illlu o thle Sur~tr, and nr a; nle.: :..r I'er-ou,
owniuq Lauds11, or atte nd to any f Boiiues-ýpertluuluuny t"ý a (iellreill
ALceiccr. n5 r
R A \'T \I) UFSTF.R LbI.OOT. , \, ,. 21,1A
of [ho sesdnn servedi~ up ;n thle mmt u~ppror l I stvl-e :.:."I 1-1-le
uo;ico, ae all hours.a Juoti reraivrl, a ii ut oIf fine rly tats, lilt ni..l
P01 D ICII.II):E \I 121 ILI lI 19 1
LI ,,13 Kri `"itl, II Ov burnt I lTI .n
upond~ t'or tihj ill:C')LnI1YdlliiCI f bli·Lrdei. m, a:,1 irCTr d L h:-c I''
POYDRAS I1OTTT T ^Ip i' I~f l'n R-tS 5T,
YIpecTt'Iu ibpfom [l=" p'c, ýý 'IIT -TI.:I/ I.: Ie !i t ctrntlp
Ruoni ;, Zmatly iinlrorrll , aunt will Le conatatlY d Il-l 1e1 ,ill[l/I Tl
tlnod iqulrora, mid 'sttonti te slll polite ilnr-kvepcrr, to n e it
o~it_ Til lre will .lao be Q -·*,d 1,-h pert z,·i iptivia igh, [nulli
al.;van o'clock ;n thle ruolllill
I1rn? il t -11 Aar,, to l0 ill*;11Ts. the prOPrietor llopes to rec
Iiv IberaI altars of pnbTii parr·,ne..
(22S t* .212L1I p1\>11 ,. Florrrl·tor
SAN1'S SALOON, lI1 ST. l ti.1Rl~t:.S
1 ?pR E E'T L t:Rill: f'llr il v rln-,u hr ql.L t, ýln
thero Ojlltl_ ' Otte) np tar t i)! c,ými ye t Ln e in
ssxntl y- 011 It!itn~, tr t . Lc 4 II:;cl by n atrrndautý.!
thl· 'r prilnrors ' l-o i elepi l Ili, I,ý,.t y Ir be a1. : it
HIOP'E 11 LL, Ži. No. ~ RT P1
E'1'12 KkT.
ItiTile under. lt~l tavin pnrcha~ed the e~itdl
lihmn. ;. .9199 S,. Charte., svicea, Intety k umvn~
SiiIUCK,) K'S SAL0OON, US ,h lSplrtelc -bll'lr and reran
,UteS it, has given it the Inme o UR II ttC: I(AI.I., rand rc.pect
lll i, ttn o pht, 'rietot rand [ho pot lir, t n"t tho ýý[ of
mankiiind, [hatt ha i.i prepared [o welcome t ri!em wit:; ryi:llu:: ns
wall t botoily cimf' vot toheir Imira sttiý-ictiion
Ititi BAR will be ctounl p totrni t-ie with the tot WCIN t
tool LIQUORS tholt on ho itopoototl, oa hht arottgonwnw I
tcte -illtoy l ne cunot be00 horpas
~tlo till hoot 0,1 tlioto.nl·; oi lt ,tolloratolrttho So~:ur
ool Nottttpot,,ht,,t t eott itclt l tlh ntiliUt lu ot
tits with 0111, lGAME, (tYSrRS:, lta.,
or cookepd in n a·nl~t;pproved cryle
,p'tu ho, t emp ttol ott Oligif oti~ttel gto, an thotte Mhn t
etnw the pntronl ott ttl ope ittil, "tot ro tooto tot Ie
atentio.nwill bh paid thtm tl thtu proptrot att to-iitot:,
till tf JOH1N J. BA1NII:f.S.
L' sý)Y LAUGR I;1', Inte a Il7.ntc% er of the Bar of l '11ri".
to Proleeeorof thur Frenchl L;LulSnnU R -4 F~ench Litelitilll
iu'the Ullirei.irt «f 7,mti-inn,:i.
Fu rench t 1- fo~r g1110-- nt j O oelocli, 2serr Car~nnc
nt bia alike, L'nivernity Bullldtnee, corner of Baralnne anal t'onl
mon street.,· m71) ?
REI)CEDARI III4ýTý-JI. ; : T RECEt EfV, ;It l at
Old lue~etion \I~lrt, 17 I:anll..treet, lilU I:E:DAR 1; 1 N:ý7'.i.
caec~n do·, ,ý wtlh rlfCl enf elrýl by ecolilni 0 i Ci.lm :rn 'cc.(
S A.- IIENUER~i SON s CO., yl:w \'sE ';'I'.
n :hoice1 +urorl-'nt of (7ILUGN:1271:d. nnrl itrite thLie illlienti~lm
compriii~ lý all the nrtlclus neudetl Tt ferfanily usec, or form --·]rlll
11Dti0,L MAGLDVF., M anl.nffnctuiul· o llilillr, Tin
andi She·el Iron {York, 1)."llclr I Ftlrc+, (`okig X Hae,;a,
Graites, Glitin;;l, ot,- etc No.°1:1 Cehnupilnnln l ,l nret.
Sthe Na- Yorki Fnir far tho 1-1~ CtilI ; and YI.II'I1ISI
DII I.I.. Th. 1 , lil -In'll-0 Id ) *Rlli te f; j (e(i\n u- lIlr .,in
ag- rar Rwon and 1)cclot, ''o. &i SXiitch r w-tr. Now
Orlky e~ý,"llI_,.i 5
R Mnnul',uror} I,, :er lreli fLim«. si:lcll flx . c.:r M akersir
oar the l * vlln XD iro fory tekn eol ;uiyi i,.: ,mute to orner.
Itn l l,,v ýh n , ea
snl~l irt'r~h i\(h, i I-od hrn
CtTRAIJI'S' P: ENT' CgRN k hr, Fl..,1l RING
IJ 31111, .ni! tlt le ),ýlp knwn tli ý cli uIitl cu Srney, :ý
1. Bent Hnut .et in a uo r iron fnunc
T Snir the i r 1[a B a ; ir n it l 'e1 rl l·;: the f:,I; in, 1
f uoa c l Il lhl·1;· to Le l- iuri ~ltfi
G. nil, c i, ýpiilo n oe u ý', fer i - e$ o mpte
22 .. .. 1 41. I)I(i l- rl::. Mn)
3.. .. .. 11+1. .. .. 1ý5.
n; ced, Hurl thie emnller one· . Inpr nuo I~ iin .Z. 1
fell d&XVP~m oi. :tl \ r; ___ýtirret. \', w ,lrir.f.
Wm~6. iv. x· \.,%voo-·D.111RRSI' 'i .\S, u%,
n Slm tl11 fl 2-d 1' OI.AW, 1 1 llbi;;a ii ill in l·:ino. li i.a~~-nI
Lca P11·c~l fr- 01--.'1 1, iCOI nLE Jrf : UF CLAl.. A1:
.!.EQTC)R SIC~ Cfc
ctrr ilnnn t nt, ent, n to al·e; ll U ~inll sll ntr till: to hr~s car:.-,. fi:
thr tlial". ,hart of Error, :,:,1 hrupurntsc th, S";id. ill t +.: r[ of
C l u u v , t o U nn cýý [ I e i 'i u 'i
N'ruc~i: A 'nbt Coet ' F ~ I II uls RgI~kT : IT n~e ,., U
...EIARS Tln. OrTT.
tt~CUTE Ciay pý
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bin c( allL dueitllinoi* on rl:~lit Moica andl rl-ouab',e r~l·
;n, os ]tlted uIp. voumit: r nlrade f {llarh llsilr n r )InhllFgilil
tad t`itesi n made rill ;epp:ilrd, llal F~nunutced fur one yr.i;:
GAS,,G1 CIAS, GV,-P114 94thUI; HI:l II\1ý·
olblllned Ille r "quirite p~rnliu!lal front clle (: t, t·i~s
pla" v ib- o annannla t l11 h is oa\ prcpnre4 to ruri~i-h ii:id
p Ht op lAs FIXTUHRES in t2H writ npprI2Hd etyc, :d u
HI Oltd, -all b14' at 0:3 St Ii, SUILBr- Fa;:Ld9.
\o II r. Cuarles strcetreet
dlli ly Ii. GCILI).
.GyII* .'}l, [ll'ttan P-gTOn."A a,. ('."AtrtcI~TI 'll, hal.o
don,, Bm-re to Pronmote the nlmlic hoaltlh, Uan l) othll" er oHi
enlo'e. There eall te -o tlltlutltiol that the ('herr")- Pee tol huit
be ita rhlnulilt I lllolnHid tlrnres of Co Isa, {l }11hs, .\-thlln,.,
Iiro·I } Ilullllltl, Brollmh itia, etc., "'y Illmal hcsSll ted lu ro"
ior [oltllr of d.Sethl " oI ll'llll *l }Lv .{liscn- lr in tlhisecllloutry, l'he
1'illl ,uae a ooll das he Poewo rl and wlll c'ure mLorn }u hlLdtlll[.,
Every hch" needs mnra or Icnv plrginii. Prtri' the blood
from it; in1 purities. l'lrgo the Ixwvels, Iiver il thu whola
viseenll sy,'tcml fruom ob.rltttlel os, Parlgu ollit tile di.eltsps which
f.lb[IIl otthe hod " to wadl: its diee'. B1ut for diaelse. wa
/lnllhl die olly- of nl age. Task lntt.dots unrl Ril t[Crut. ii
from tle system, Ieforo it is yet too strong to'yield.
Ayor's fills do tlirllst oat dleftss, not olly whllis It i8 wrak
but wrhea it bi.d tatken n sttolg hold. H theI tils iltolllldill t 8tteC
nrent of who have p}een cured b y them froln ctreln'u[
icr orln, Ilropsr, Ulcersl Skin irt nss, RhenmBmtistn, Iorltra
gil, ])yspelsitll lterl lPnilul Bilouas JolltilhtlltS FIltrlllul'll;
Iaahdne t;ou, tllll nlu, an s ]lalgalero a bUt stirl lhrentenllllg
ailmennts, HIIoch II Pimples Oil tfle fale, \".rma, Nero us IlTit;,
Liil I, 7.ocs o" nla petlte Irregularitieas 1IIzzIIens in I h ,ld
Conh[, Fevers, 1)y'sE? n lely ald indeed everyt variety of nom
Plnlnhlt for wllichl n Pttrgneivo ltell.dla" reLquirIIU
Thee aIle} io i.rlllon: |tllts ai .t1"emet h, bl o . "ut yell[ticntel by
own nei"liors a, d roar o"i1 lI ht1iicans .
Trytdlem once, nils -on rill w neverlo withoiltl them,
Pricy _, ets. peer Bow-r Ioses for $I ppr.
Pr b e by Dr. J.. C.1 A[ER, .hemlist, I,owcell, 3S.as., nnd
enli y y ll rnspeetable IDrugcicrr where.
f,-'J mdud45 J. R'HIU~'I' .F 1:1., '/\'holrai~l llgnlfi.
444o41t441 44143'n -,,s Medicines, whi1444h they oiler to 44444114
D avsyiars and Deale~rs Ilt r sogptvr'a lowest irlroluillle rv
4144p4144144144 Sp A4l Agency, No. 141 4np .1 41411144
alurret. Sen Orleansr, o'..
L'N:IiJ(IFCU II. Rchrdsn' cerry {ine,
{S'incW', 4 44441din4, 414 4hi41g's 4'44etn44 1)4-4llvpsp4
fo4a44444 n 444444411 4tohu'414414111444 Cskll44ll4
J byue's Tonic, COSJIKT1'CC
4.44(l' 4411144{1.14, Boy Water,.
B. A. Fnl44esia.W144, lurid4 44.4 4444444F444,
1.141,4'. 34,4s Lilly 4bi4e,.
BALSAS[ and COUGH R4M. SO4A',4 AND 4144A44S.
1";IIS, Lo's Browno sl, or,
rri tlc'a Balsnnr~ of rriidChcrry Joesc"hChllumicnl
W444W41441,l4,ll 44pthn, 444C14'.y J (1 Cnstl44
She-o14 ' 1. 4 mmb Am1,4 Toilet to, 4iy
)(icla \'s inn, ilnvi0rCrienlll r hl,· Coml,;md l
444. 4144lrl Ch4rr4- 41d T14, 14a1I1l 4444l441io44.
S4chenck1 I444.4114 4 Syr44p, 4
new EnIF tlll 4Cough 1,-,,p, li44l4t's Indin4 44cg444444,
Bnrt ).144144's E 44.44t, 414411444.44411, 4444nd44l1'4,
441, 1 ,alsnni, i 4.441',, 4434a' 4, .4 I44do4,
S v'444'4 Soup of 1 W I44444erry, Parsl, 4 4pp44g1uu's, 4ha41p
Ave r'a C"Berry ' Imrni ion',
Tnplor's L~alsun I~iie w~rt, Gai le Jny-ne's So native,
1441444414114444444rn144 44441414'41. J1444cr'4N4 1444
I, ei's 1',iccalilai be dc,
Rovers' 4.i444444444144414I4i,44414arb4(', All1i-il14444 Peter',4
di" e 1;4444i44,41, .144141411, 4444444er'44444444.444 4 (44144
Sturllar'44'brit} 41,4,414,4,4444, l..-'sll Colf l'4l 4 I4I44
i.ooilon'rI idi~iu do, irsns \lbsuClh
Dr. Rose's do, . li&"er'` Gentlel Purvantivt",
DlB1,11', 4444, 4 ia4444'.' 4,1444l 4441444
Dr4. 341111 '44,!
3. P'. Tbrvu~end's, .'s Ani-biliousUcL
b Tonvs r eusud'e, Lady's ];~lload, Ingoldrlsby'' Pile,
'i Cr~eur's ý a [s rCreiilllll· Filruli·L
Shaks,1' Re'sk '(,02414,, I41y'a Female4
44444-444'4441444'4 41. . 44di,44 444444114
414 344(2', 1.4rl444 Ag4 , 414 lla4444 ,,
4141441t's 1l,444g Doric4 ho. 4414444 44141441
PLASTE, ,o il',o . 34444cl4 4,4 I,4r.
{Veil's St1·engtllieniog, Il.1I11 I)SES.
F, -en's Sireli~:r~ening, I riii . -ir·, Ualelrlor's,
Jeur David's or Iiebrew r lnais ·tnines
1Jade;,ll'a. Bulb1:rr i'r Jude, Ilon.Pllk
I]nilpp's IndianJna , n sirl e India,
Alc ,ii'a Porou<, 4144 I.4441,:14.1US.
G 4111t,144 '4lh 444444 Dr.4 4or4e's Invigorati4 4 Cor,
4144, 1 l444lo~vy', Ar 4,m (2dial
Farrcl's Ara~bian, Tllrriutis Elisir of P. ,hnlr
Butler's .Peeve sad Bone, C'arter'. ppiolirh 3lixi~jrc,
liuut's. J oflllur' i Hriic
Flaye,'a, , Ma limp:,I~r llr
Tolois's S'eutina. ,ouolr' lit lleti Powrders,
K444441s Nrrv and 1444441l444.141441 ,4ur ,ll,
liellins l'., 1'h lpon'nivy+ Sl utec
Ciiullmcr's i1-intt' \rrolir iri,
Checroker. \fi:·illl'il i-:ll or oworelm
4444444 's. 44 v Redy
OIvoal", ilifnf Chceoy; ,,, Trr !I, Indlible Ink,~
Rownul',' Tunic )lisou9. Dr, Ficlls lioll tre-lers
niitll' Ton~ic sy up, r ie:,S ole r's
Rlicilol i , Tunicr Dr. ll)*l'b I)I·UI)RIR IUI1S
1egiutL~i Pebnh,_e. Lilucr'* \reilullin Extract.
c,.4444*,441. 4 4411 41444444 an4 44d44
4444141444,141,41444 44,444111. 4444414i
,ni,, Witten, dnes, W orni, ii,. Fit Cni·* thliilieonl
1'ni' Illiuu iri c ~~f ·s I I. Flha Plliniu
Ln1,1115' I'inlnoui- nL'nlers. /Jloiae'- C mpllulad srup of
HAIRF'I F:'.-\'Ittic 7"llow I)orii,
44444ll'1 4144.44444eo444444444141.,44444444144,4 I44'
Iilrey', fri~ oililcruu·, liraruri` N:-'ear's n of liinerr
IIcon's llnihlrien, JlU inin r's Rbauniliic Colo.
UurUle`· i-llcri ou Fluid, Ilrolld.
Phidou' ilnirLlvigonor, 1(rtinure's (`rdinl Biter+,.
144444,FrT., . y-r'. 44h44k1 ue,
DIII~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~III 44414.44441444.44,44,4414444'1.
i, far lnde .'r, Tcnic~llil~, IDerarc'ir Tr ilcs
111 4 . 11 44 4 IIlnll.lrpit 44, 4y,
Rndiva,ý', .\culttii, Jcai a' ciilll .diir iiy's CCo! ll1 li hoi
.1 E . T ii":ri , ll -.m
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44444T4?44441 4444l4,4 14444~la 4444a4444Inr "a144, hita.4r,
rrESZeI?, I lnl)rti.Vi hnm\r.Z ()T'RFf
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rile11'444 , 444 14144 V444, 4,4444414ai o44, huts44.44 41e .
44414441444444prr~fle 44144444114 4414.44441144444444
Ti4444 N.lr .. r 4444 Julcii 41l4 -Coi 44,44 ,,44.4,44,4444,
jD~I. i10OFL:11.l' U 'K N FIR ('(F'II GER' MAN' tT
F' ,'iB F, ' all ' other diFcair, a-iin( IP (sa \diFo:deNd LiFr
.1 or ·l lc.. rh
Sýýllsra. !·il~ lilllntm, I)i-t ý:, tur Form,
ot'rmn lt. mulorn. or ox iu inr illlllll , n- it cii goer F:;·lc
Xi I'lF'l g Fla ofHF 'kRF iLnl. and rl id F
[he rii lr, Bark, t 'hett I,in,',:, r:ceteirr.
P ud'IFAd ' FhFFhe, FIF IFent lturn
hIabt I i' l F(in:n k, of
IDcpreorlri of
The P wit~i·,, i n I. rnils the 'l- of i On n of the Phlin~i to thi,
" I i rt Fie 'l F1 do II' or Fy ' Fe i lln 1 fF (' F I F1 F.fo w in
11FF ~ ~ ~ ~ i FIR I[f~,[RAA F, FrbRA
in croneslc and ,!dalptatio to the is<.ý,.v for which ,t i, reco~:n
It in no new anl nhid notrid aricl, bllt one that hac stoodl the te.'
o.` x ten ,:;v'., Irixi hefoi:e the Ame:~rican pcopir, and it. relutitil
tieu and~erne i unrirA(led 'iFy any iler pr I'IFFnnn Kbmt.
TlFI(rF -l nu"' i, it, favor F:cen iciy 1FF mnrt FIFFI neni by d wrll
FlFuor n II'ciiu:, and l th, id-1 hr II .( Ih fthe llatr i,
lia.'' o, Tract real fecill , At hook .far Fnnerr n,l~ Fnmiliev, to
be lull 4r,:1 WE f u':ll the .\auf, for thu [lt mll, lil lIr l
,in lilijd ie uudn11 Jfilllilaetoty, 131 Arch ,tl eut. Pl~iialiol
SLSotrl mlolnlsnln :ull Retaiil by dr)IN ' IiT . t C
1! 'mut"+, c, ,, 1l u, ,an yD lryigt nrdy
nohn ~f 'i.tnt:r±, ]'il~re illl .ln~l 1"'amilie s to I~ia well 1ý.
E a-;lli of Whichl ull er;wllriiiri, mill Lu 01:11111 lilEýII allll
I.I-'ii 1:11 earl. ine I:.·)lli \illl d on era ·:ll):!llll tel~ln: 11tl
IHIXIA9 RIASh KIN, Prmiri l ApII- csk ,
o~iiy Coe·Ii~o, illlll and II-(y ia-trw,1*
IG, Iu IN Lrme UII SoreS. It i Na fact, SDtubl:,hrrl
rolld thle il~iltilna nI douilt, ty rho rlpciii;ulc all fcarlliiuiry of
·iii i. lr rt tr1, en[ p!, er l dio lii n ltig than tihrrr llrpi by o f LI~w
n rihI II,\ l r.
N;·1iil i i~l·, eNsiIS!, ~~Olllpl~i I I,-ll SN_( ~:
riecoI.ie:::iler no; illd K· or nI C":CP)1~l to nru·lhi·,r c I".
rr*ttuliý, tr W,--, but -;l", nc hats prncrr t emull m,, t
J. T~l\1"a-ý ;:: lnvc male lse trialof nl m Ilniul,,n
TIll;llir av to TITL T Tc.ll!· , Tit : Vurmh I. IsT
..n·s ....!", i:. i crii ing ei ilir · I. r to ntto Aleii fm
*TTTTTIs.T41.!TTT01f T TII 11t: T.l
1 ITT'y,i, TIerll TITTT use WINI T O AlT,~
ITITT S i T i', 1.1 s rcTTTT'TITTT wTllT'TT',TTTIT ,T'T escrl "Dae,
Uv: crIn.: enhue hv ee et oAensfo
RF PI IT.\T(I)t I1. rFVi7 ;GLyvDI) II:I;
.I1 Toy.. \. II . .Im " ' ! i Ni ill llli. I I. Fn IIXL IL[,. Q" I'"ý:
t7..nt t1t*r F'or lire Y': n. i n t f b:;c, u-l .: \ . LI iiil·ll ll i llll C
l'c nn:lr;-ý t, Br ui nnth 1cln( inti ý" co h~iilriiY r$ r; n ýn7ill
;nit in n : *lr cc x i r tl r h~e l Llr! C1) .l t l l (. Illnli ill
B RI ChF x .\ l DI (OXL.-TI t: 1nB1
.n u rd rt itlt ie. nt~e eil.11I " roy I:ercc 16,.e In eJri;,ýý it
IRIIIVYT NI V tIIWE IT. 3 ibic itilt.
D S II lii iad l e
l T~ilin_ that i lnm:.inr Ito otee hpit ,cs · 111:
secton,:tu f rn b tem t i~t te + f cle
Cold winle~ul and util by ,Mho liinonpl drrwl, t-:
r, . WRIGHT & CO.
-) AND 151 ('I|AR.TI.E,. Tili:.!; r. l I'l-
:-I.11 A'rlsH CAN BE, VUtI. FI 1 We\V now I.. ' Ir
tof u thIn eloebmrnle remedy ,MOT)Ii'IMHU: 311 1,IUMATI
UUJMPOUNDI AND Bl1,t0)(l IPURIFIER,i which It,, glined
q rell Bnt iolpr fot } ,re" iut r,,ducr, n f !" onlly
epecllic ktuown for trho efectual curý,: o' tlhis ltlit lll di
easc. '1'hix renmedy Ens alrclvd Elured thou1:sl,. of t'l.,,.
fi"lurlmbing every" ,ec ofi n torte oI' Ilsirralllaint, frolll 11,.
It (n "ne g' ftril, 1ttt{{. ,Id wit nwellhlt, and ell"
Iargemect oP the Jointsl toold chronl-mnes of teal to wveaty ant
thlrty ye'.,h salnd,. Thome wvo aln ', 'years "c.ort't to lhe
v'llrlous oelebrated nppr .. gs h trld allI fie linimlnts and exter"
nrlr ntlpliearln, and bce. under t,,e [,,',frnt, of' Hme of file
ablest pllhysaiau.s 'boh Sn thin co n arr ii rope, and were
prononuce. .neu.al.l.--atfll, afler nil th.st. efforts hod I) lhe'd, tblh
nlomponnd I13)UOUEDI) TIIElsI 3Inay te n o a been el'[p
ples, either Robbllng upon crutches or conllflned to theh" be m far
yeafr . certify to n eomp uto 1ud purmant umt ctno by tih uue of
thls remedy.
\ bla e, ill n neawspnperacleer isement, to insert bat
a enroll portflr of ti Rvnemulamttd evidence in its ohld f. J'hiv
evldenee conms t'roumll unrces whlcn must Snpira eolmti neu in
er rmydlb. Tb couductnr' o Ibigh-toulla pulibc vrannud, I\
pnbllsbed to tile world Its Wollderful Wrt bCnli ll e ebcts Iupon
tllbmscve. and those around them mnd it comee fueti cea speak
of hmllndlred of cure,, rylqlycns [lltn ive resorted to it. and c rLify
tbat, evenh inextreme.r.nun, wer1 coustaule.r x ba icon ield,
i ho e there ided utnr thorn were no ha1 ne* of reo ,e; ., cveu
hell, tley proellrtt this melicfrile ndill Iaanlsierecd it, mid it
etfBfeed complete cuTE, [binistera of vnilTlo e UlolfldloUS
bace wrltn mad I ubllltlhed wllLt Lt nILs dole Ifor thetnmx 'n noal
tbEir t'rlends: \hlie y.irchtlltm, offieers, nlmehalllmdc fi a id r.' ,e
cilzt, nv. havire v-li lumu. of evhle"'. o/ etile l
Sueu'aeter, sllh nv acc. ielllas ni oilier Iprelrs'it o ill li eticn
We \ ill give a cllort sg-wo ,sI of' atall i-ortion of tile eri·
dclen ttlltr rtIpIeMll l'tho are M liicted to s1onll to tlhe agenlt ami
e itt eirctlbtr, Ittll rea wlhat tllo 1ho were lo11,$ wlllicted have
saldl of' this reaedy-.
3h't. '. I'nnacnll, ore of tfir editors of tile St. ,o-lN (Si,,) ie
) blculu gives a loug.ditourfn ntatbnlghe nllietllns,: llons tilhlt be
wst, cored by this retnuo I. 'Pile editor oft St. I sl,oi lnteligCncee
nlou Lives notice of itt. silllfl eftflect if cIitll g se *vere cas le
of rh muic rhelrnla'in. . The e,(dior of St. L~lli, Urgan mitll Ite.
veille devotes n long edliorinl in lthal' of ithlv wonrful ett',el
in Curilg hktlr,l,t ,fv of clues ill thltt Eity. Th, p editors of St. 1ouis
Ame'ircan IilelF. Tflllperrtllct nlbtttery, St. ollio IIuIsnII
hnre all iwnrded to it unprecedented .'. lceuu. il curilo! tbis alin '
ease. T't ediltor tff Ibvihville (Ill.) Advn'fae writes nod pput
lishtes Its ntgiuel etl'clA ill corilng hhn Im nod Hllfll)y nround Tohhll,
T'he edkiorr or' tile tiaslqow Tintes, Anlerb'ftll BnLzle, nll o!ierr
of tile South nn([ WYef.t btre givn voillrwy e'ldelloe of their
knowledge ot' its "v rtte. Tle editlog of tfi C elle m Naltlon
t:3azete, published :t No. S, ,pruce ,treet, ill that elty ,f
New York, inder dote of epit. I, 1(52, gives the hintury oC
two i liOrt frlt ea~es of whilchehas personal kunowledge. thee,
the wie of n wealhiy rnercblllt, wlir hIX l for e n rml thle
sprilngs, old "dl tie treatlol.l. of tile inet mit"" lhyeii n,
of our coulntry trie'; rollr l c lfeet Ilothing. She wa- ndllieted
with rhronr,, rheurnuti*s ill It; worst ourlsn. Ile wav in-tru.
menreti ill nducing ni ttril of this ( amponllhl it elaid.rteI ai
rotnlyletr rr re. fll io states tensth t few w eekI'snew, heb bo el'
n bottle Ind cent it to a cehalman In -rlend of hld, wllo seemed a
victim to this disease; this one bl,, ch t rt hi'".
WVe might add editorials, and fill tsli entirohe Elt, ltu twill give
afewnlmaumsofproeu lnet pbyMcinua mcrchau tu rnund other,
coirl by it,
1:. r." W1te, i. P.. Im elninent prhyhluiail of St. Iouiv, werit,",
to in brother tnember of tfhe ptlofaseson, 1)r. Meese,, of New York:
'" I havle whnes.e tile effects of tli* oinpoullnd ill .e.e'nl ease,;
aad no suceesx['ul kave been its op nellcnols inl perl'lnrrlnilu nt H,'
feet cure, when every" other re~red hat 6een1lnelll, ctlud thati
woubt l hreshnte to recomnle~l or ,r\"cril)E it. T think .rlen*
ito vlrtules re avecrtdanld by the plrot'eiun , it wi]l -aperrol1
evenr other renledy i1 the irelaltent of rl erinaiafin. It ts ah )
tel toe" for:,, of the di*ell.ue Ianld I knl)W Iroa coal'lkalou
c 1 ra-in dl/~ll 'igts iie. hull l Iho be tllerlluy rd' I dly- ,i':,
",rhea -nv blced of Ilh,. efflh-cy. of Itrcnhql, lll c,. I, serlrrvlty
over all others. It Ieast for the sakeaot'bnn m'.,l ty tourre it."'
, o. y[. P 3usr, 17., vri.rs tt m [',loh ltr'oli·em,DTnnilvle, Ky.,
":hlllt a VoH g ll Ia :n em bel r of d1en Cllele, was so lnv, fIhat,
mil eollaitltior, lhe and other profte,,or )I, a drceid,-i that I:e
coulbl lnot rEcovEr. Tey' ihlldly concllluded tri this reeudy,
and to the i Ile; l 1r t tolbl 10t ll ,ell ol d o e r l 'r l], i,-1 II
tedl, ltlthough, he hod h~ot walked nt ni'p liar ,is i,,,¢tt~ A, re
.ioalns-; alldif ttlltt, dn in twentyrlive yenrv' praiwlce, l.e ilsltl
never het're n iitne-ei l a u l'lnrkttble eu]oen
l'rofe,.-r}f ti, I )tlll1111, yI[ I). ner ('uc i , t i. Vi0,ih,
in a certiflhmte for ulh'ttia r will) two ete, gynlel uf Le B.{ltipti
Cbure. smtatln Ibfe case of n ]iuhlby resIecnt',lil i:nlywb,.n .vt
for l*.hteen ll .tr, Itlllicted, anld hod b-,,-n hE61,e>-,,n o i
;all othl'r rltliet- ie, klolwn, iii well tus etc e sr ill o[" the III,- t : nt i.
nealt phy ýiei nnn, lu r hli ci, turd therre seemed n Io i:·ipa o ·.lri i
:mtil th-ey tt ally obarineitd thin remedy, alne d iit h ,.flr ,11 e
Enirýll a 1 -8.Clh
t',.pt.. tJ . t'arver, an old r.sidenlt alIr highly re-ll,,'t*,,1 citi
reln of !;i~tt'hllluli, ,tltlle. tbil he \ eel: h. i,'lrr i l? ,tflb tt e,l. -
S r e ar wie • r . , i -o . ra ,,n rl, .n r , al ,, q ,, . fi ,,,.
had ])enle· ,il?'j, noel nothilg gave relief until hiu gut týlýc~uu:n
pY lllld, ItTII iand ft . i .
\lr. p. P'rice, tnerchlut of New O()dnte, writo, tho·r he nv.
fenl y%+rlr nt Clfl ) ,e'otn cb,,,nSc rneomuati~m, and fore tbree yPrtr
0ol I1 s.,cl ocy. i* rn , 1 il-l - t, be d it ba, a1lntl -ud hiwl h,,!, "~=
tern. 11 ti tls-l all rcmen dIi- he co ll lwc'w v , i i1r, all til e ile tli
e l "lo iw , ,b y - c h Riu , . b u t l ll , ,l re h c i n t il l ,,'i Oe i 1.t. - in
,ll lo_ l dll, lmid it rrrd hii. trd et.,7(~1 . )V," m elll:t ""I ( llh
dred, of ..1urn cltue, cure'd' ilt,'.w N- Url'li 'Atl Rib]th, Seutl[
L~evi Mlli~. or" ():ta,rt. Lllnn,l, writes thit he -t,s .....re)y
afflt . l iee,i tir th:rly \ua r,. V ur~ l h l ·.lt,,i'-e, jen'e cr,- i l al ' 'i ,
wall:II n step. llie i. Th'' lt I:Id h k donr lit mb. I f". inlb ; th rnl
exiitnsirr ,'lf,r al u l bad ben rl t f ora C ,,r g bi 1 , Lc ,Int ],,-t
all hope of reeoxery. ,\Ak llinne l nalgn ill ,'It !ott a b,' Itr ] ,,
hit reed, hem..ft it nodH tOOk it home, nnuI p nev,ttld on Iv n;
tolou ne. Hecerti iest l it ca erll Ei ian..",.+¢,t ,,,lt . ,¢l: I~'fl ,, .
had i. reu I 1, llr ne i l ro , ) im,, wh ich h.rl b,.t',lie ,.I ·:;.$ , .tt.
W e d,"ndi.: l ,)e Ihotlnall a.' n r o ilrIilolaa
\', f yllL't -k- II e'hi V . m, tn ,dk e -r l tII .d n o fihe
a tl •rv ' "- u e a vrie,,. r l, " [rea, the hý.,;,".
ond ('erz'.ih:c a t " [{,"r. o,tl:sS 3itch(1, Itec. N'. r;. J~irry fol:.
Rr.v. .I. II. Lyo1,1, lte,.J.l . l. eIlly, key. R..1. eh: mt,u rid*
oth.,, ch r,t, llel : hlle we( ndd fthe nnllloll H" . . Sluflll,
]ate" ['reMi -ll O it'th hutnk of lithe Vnte or' Mi[.-mll: r( r,:,"zt'I )
...thorrt L "dlicer iloth, 13: n, inlS.lm!;3L*q- .rr I
i A. Rollnd. C' Y,1" , I.1. LV. 'hi:,'
,Tc,. "Itlack, \\:tb ther nrrtllluf tu rhmtll or St, I.otý
a "']..\,l t ll~jl:.u t i el C t ,l
fh ,i"1, n~, , i ll, ,, t t. e ife I,;,,, tr./ ;¢, l!:o~re
thN rr d ., .ldyvr t fir d tit; ,,lat ,d: ". ,tuld \,l.".r- , 1 t:. l
"uu7ll lu ve hi*2t'qt' , ,lit!s ;,t ~ t l,l-t tl, \, .I" ," 1> b . ,. :,,
tnr h,r ,' e rr , ,pcn, l n- h.'ir I r, t t',ntr',l 0:I 1 \ ,'r' + Ii ;1 " rr [
fr tj, ib n. l,rine wlle %[]I, he II pru 5+l is~ tr~lc ,l""i , . \`', "
'1 hi i, .;,r,,i, t.:d,/ ]i. i -tl ,/r , rm , ,pr p r , a . r -
7on.. n-]irt ei .. di"-+ -,: oleo+;. T/l,i. it ,, ;71, ,
'ýýce --,:5 par i , .I, I ut, or thr<., :,+,ntl.. far .:lrl,
W . V.. ALE}XA\NDE ) s{ ru. rit fr,",,,;,
N+o. I enct+, N. .1"+rw Yr.= ".;:y.
f, It _21 IT4Rio..] J W IlT f t2+ 1,,
57I: nll , "'l- "A:iil~l 1: 11 1lealr n an S:t R
lt., l:le "."I" \,,. 3l "tet'n p ,lre. o r un . .. the t ,,v II
Tulll ..; 1111 rrl .: r, r llh Jirlfil-!1 ; ili')\·lnl L ll1* l (I.I1 o S l ý, ii-,.)T1
,n a ll r.+in n ,ý ,"..t n,+.n;ýnýý;:+,-r of e,."r.++l,.-rr'ý.u ý; ý,: ;i"1,
Pir,'fir I , rllirýl·L 1-,; nn . (If,-, 55,1,k-. 1 1d- 11 iilli l
Ym ... F'iitcr+ýr, .1 ui ;I;oia~ili a! I u. li tin,,; ni.l *!r:; aniniu o
A umol; e :.,l n-ýn I. Ft mu rtll of iii c ste am 55 B i6 ua
C.,uk . ;'+:nl;._ C ;".<. i ;c., ~ne;;nic i;+n"1
Col. Y.. ,'. fir Iinjlu, tnirj T. llnrr: =..nl F. T. l'+,ruEX 1 ncnS
.t ITlorxl -, O:1 I , lI·I: ni n Il ti', n If. ýtnck hu;:, Oi A.
of thi city, o when: he ru
G llll? ii p;il..i ii I1\ C ii 1:\ l nliu ~ the l) Til?· I )lin l l i0
i',~cI; ýý_ .," ý'"r) ·l nnninl n ýmm nton L>r.," tieryx
,it. 1ný1 , ,ý"i,.i~y r.riiil ,.,r my 1'urnia.
I~ ir, r to n sn it lil, .~_~.. I""'! -A, iill llilt n. fur ili: [o
S.\Ill I ; 1.I) '
;ili· :-ý ,ý e, 1 ,i l liv l r ., et c. ,:u: ; ··ii,, :Irlr(·l iitr~nll l ii- ll~
eiLm . ''" e .,il lntnl ei i;,i cl, i i o rr~ý ý,n!i;;!ý ilt ily
nnl'·; ·;1f i.LlolT i:iill:11 III ite Pat, ]It 1.fflc,1·
Ir\ iVil for letn.I '\{ Al"', :ili kind, n!~i3' Ul",za-t
F u 's\ telui liftn n ].rli:"i.I'r] nýi!!ý
1\Ie1VG SEIT1'. S I lI). ANAýSORI'\ENI (i}'t'I It ýi'ýIli~i.ll:i
i..1)I E, otet 0 ,int.
m[ýiti II.1Ll.:l U.1 S' 3iYI)-1111.7..- -)l.\:;i I)
L' iei, e: InR,",.jjlll device, n, 'he calr l'!l 11"2, . in L'
verity', tl n n,:il, R)I. ill* into ll(. lllllT 11(·1:1 ;e the b un..n nt·O
w l1i· I th," .r e sv I.r ng-, Io a or ~r p np el nit le ·c I less
i jCifinll 1! m 1 e~l wh-d, ,ii i, , Own I he t t n racing ll: ' .ll
alid. ' lirtl i= Illný":,«"+1 to it. p twe sxrc: thel in t :n ~ii · .4si
innl p, +tion. +,: of t ll~r ir lId end, q ~ t'u il Iur·o tl the p i
STine of fc~a roi -,i whh t mech nics hove ao lon rerig v .,t I- in
tiier lli ~ wind l, for it . as f lly lrv th," rrillr fin n' a ,iiill Ir
clur i-rie iiel ;:l or "'an, eni'i mi. If ; rlt lilt; bre wel In«
elip, is r. III rlavoi l no care or ut[,; to lh rilal rti icl o [
11b1 311; 1 lU an why the wind for ;alio: e,;n l snc no ltf C ilii
\r;lly lall ;ri a 1, ,: ", or r, wa l foll hr wn t hr-h rc, o
teilf-iil Inla Ru h re. 1 1 1 rn pr '11 the L r ""no ulur
lic tn l. co i31n,-, w Ditheier p-o,.nu S in I~l eýln r
nn: Ths ndiuieltyi.now-"s,;i etirel ad [Ile bvino icud he Daly o
u ullnu or expw o unth wnde "1'< t tntoted
City of Orleans, Oololh of Malth 1I8l5
XT n X AC' of ant ordintottoe .,t it lottottol Loulncil
tot t.oy of Noon Oo:.ttatto oaltll .td oil rdl
ale concertting drwys, cart0, etc opornovd 0Sil June,
4tl. Ge irOhe lorained. TItfromlo and ofter Ith
pas-age of his arrillallce, it shanll bed lawfrul for dray
men tad oolmet to demantd slid receive th00 Iollnoolwi
rltes for at produce, m rch ndizt. and other ol~j..tt
looded, tonloprted todtd unloaded within the li0. s o4
the oolty: tr every load or trip
Not oxeloding in diotance Ivo squoars.... 80 .10 c1
Do !o do 10 do........ 0 40 c.
Do J0 do 19 do....... 0 60nc.
D)o do do 20 dou..... OO8 otn.
Excoedog do 24 do........1 1 00
Any doyoton or carttton chalilng more Uinta the
tbove r bos shall be liable to a lice of $10, recontblil
froto suds drooyon or carott, or ownttr of the dray
or cart.
Art. 4 A doter do l'adoption de 0ett0 ordonoonce, it
ooro po'is aux o ondnlo00s nlo ddaysot dotdol nrreott
de dooodor et recevoir lot pdix ou olr.totur t char
geont4 et te dedoltrgemolt de Ittu prodntito,o arohoa.
diho d s00100 objhto donos 10 Imi tdo Ito Yilic
Pooltout voynero a one dristance too'eoodo ott p -s six
Iletdo............................... ..311 , MIN
Deloilotoot o'onoodo ti pas 1.4 1I llts........ur cents
1)0.2 ilnto et t'etcdtttt al0 18 dtr.....1...0.0r10ts.
Deft ilets et 01onoondoll pas 24ilet1.... . 80010tt
024 jioletet aloo.doeo................ .... I iasre.
TLUL conductedI de doty od de co rrotte qto demuan
der aaIplnr qoe les prix ci-dess os sera passiblea d'ullr
0$etde do $10 reonono blo dudit coodootoor de dry
oodeti'h roOrtt on do proprieotire do dit doy ou do la
tOtboed] FIlED. UISSON,
Approved Stlo of June, 101).
[. tgnedI *I. FIORl1r,
Aatrue 0 Lact, aon'',O y.
G 4i' Lsts e't}'
Specifications for the erection of an Iroo Roalng
around the Statue of Geeral Jaekson, oni Jacekon
Square :
T.IlE foundatiotns halo be of Lake riceks of pl.e
Sbest quality laidi to mortar composed of the best
ehlerp sand and fresh Thlomaston lintm. They sitel[ be
1-O bricks wide at tile bottom,shall be laid to regular
nfo-ete oi'tt1-4 ilttts so as to be I I-'1 brick with at
tie top, aod shall rttest l two thtitteeses t' of soueood.
ilth tiaotoat planks ciosing cacti other and extendtng
4 inche, on each de doof tle bricks.
GRANxIT E vOR.-l .
Tihe base stlll be of tHulley ogranite, hewed and
dretssed on both sides as el as oil the ttop, but said top
shall be leveled as marked on the plao. Tile oast
shaot bie It intlctt hltgh above te ground atdo ' inttchet
ia s 1 o ORK .
The iron railing ehall be executed it oil poinel in
aoordtac e wtitih tile pitll of the City Surveyor. The
main rails and sd raolloit shall be of the best Etogltoh
iron, at d the ees roails of tie b "tTe etteste Irono
The maot rails sele l te of rotlld ireol 1 1-1 Iich tt dl.
otatlter, tIle ttthll rails ofrooud iron 3-4 ott r'a illnc Itn
dioatter, anod the eroCs rails of ftilt roll t It - inch
wide by 3-t t of a iact h thick. The tllain rails and some
of tilhe ealtl rails shall bte fasteed and settled wlt
ed t, thl granite bace Ill tIle bent oorklnaltLke mal
er and o as arked olan tilhe plt. o oro n ellat shal
be of the best cat trOll snd shall be fasoeted e the
ri tos t thle bet woorkmanlike mtrth er. A door 2 1- 2
feel wide shall be ttlodo in thie raiotin as nirked nt
tile plan. and sthall be well huttlg atd tastencd d -otilt a
good lock.
T'ih raoiling shall reeve tllreeo good olats ot hoe
oil oaint of tuch color a tile Sutto ort may t elect.
T'he groutd between tile hae of the monuttont ad
the trosll railng shall be graded smoo'tly, and toIe t llt
ing oil tile outitde of tile rmtlitlg shollt bo rtretovd ahd
hauled away by the eontraclor, ard sohaoh lh is pro.t
perry. 'The whole as per grades to be estabhsth'd 6y
tite City Surveyor
All tte material, otll Ibe of toe teet qualitTl , all
ebli e ftlrnlshed by tite contractor a wel as the la
'the woro; in all ite details, ehall bl, executed in the
test woortkllalolike tinanllcrl accordoance With tile plat;
orf tile City Strveyor, tld to the entire salierfctton of
said oTiuer, otherwise eit shall be reected, anitd the ItT
Sure)or elhall tlten toave tile tight to employ to ori
iliell tlid have \hltltever portions of the eaoi.o he shall
hae tluod dtefective, rectified at to e eolel-tie of dte
olt lrat or ar nd of his oeeuoity.
7The cont/actor shall be bound to bregil the work ten
daoe ttltr tho approval of tile odjudicttion by tile Ca,
tton Colctl, olnd io eolntp!ltohethlte ta nIlotoyt dul
after. under a penalty of ten doltlrt per doay to each
slnd every day thereafter it is nCOllt opeted
;ecurlt-ly t tll ll la lltn u t of f1011 emii be required to
guural~tee tile fatttlllul perform tnee of tile ron;ract.
Patymlln:r.t ill e/ilb on the roplnp!tioln of thy." work at,l
it: ncceptance by the City Surve)or.
Ili ca-e of nreglect no tihe part of ,he cntlraetor "o
Coalylt s'riicy with tile forgoilt.g opeoifi attorlo the
Conmm, II Co tht(lli reserves tlhe riale to declar00 e eCOI,
1t.hC0 io" flato, hoUl h ltd Void, witho0 t apply0ing to
cuurt u:'~u.mce anid without in!detullnttyling "the COI.
l3.d;, to heneiur tle wh:ole work rnt,iylte.
LOUIS it. thIe.01,
City Su-veyor.
Appe;oed bo " tihe Committee eon Streot a01d L-.hlo d
It,, o" botlh Bloaidt of tillt Cattimo C,t 'ilt,
(Signed, eIAS. I'l11E,
[l.,lld O titA.C TItA%'ER,
ew O.hlg,.aos, 1otth Aprtl!. ltt oG. a
.. . .. . .... .. .. . t.. . . ..' . ..tt ... .
City of Nm Ol Apri 0.1 1950. }
[ 1No. 203 1
R-ioid, lThit tod COetIN 1L..' lEid he lopire.
Nyutot,,'., I., w..,b afer o to drys' V noicto tot
00,1i for the erectiot otohe rtiling arot odiS thl k IRIte
fiel. Jackieon, on Jackeon S lo ot,,. saiild salie sub)-cr i to
the approv'" tl "1 thle Commonl Council, anid in ;Icecrri
tll h the pl 0._0tltd spYcificion s On fieleI, i th
L":lice of thle Surveyor..
[hi nlcd; V. L. TRACY.
1'reondent PCoand of As -wanllt A~lrierlneel
[Signed] J. J LUG13\EUNLL
Ifreeideut Board of Aldermen.
Approved April 7;. 1836.
[Signed] JOllIN L. LEW~IS, Maygor.
Notie is hereby given that on MONDAY, 5th Mopr;,
ihcxt. I wi0i adjudicate~ at my ottiriie, at 1,2 ,'cock \I.,
the abovO e contract.L
a29l O. D)oDCTS , Cotaplioiler.
City of New Orleans. flay 1. ThAt.
R-,-1, That the comptrollrt be. and he it hereb.
rutborirtd and rtquired to Cive notice. by a standCY, a1
vertinement in the offcial journal, that in accordance
waith the ninth neeonig of ordinance No. 14CE. ,pproved
51areb 30, 1854), the Council will not Day any bill against
the City Defoer contrated unde~r authority of an order
from: tbo Comptroller, in accordance, with the, ordinance
referred to. [Signoed] E. L~ TRACY,
Prisident Aoared of A,,i*tot Aldermen.
[Signedl L. 11. PLACLE,
AppodApr idet oard of Aldermen.
ll oe~p i2S,1too.
(Sigood] JOHN L. LEWIS, Mayor.
The attentionof the aoft~et of the city and of the
public is roepectfully called to te forgoingo reieolotioe.
mlef tt Comptroller City of Not Orleant.
CITY of NnEn ORLEANS, Apnl 2C, 1855.
[ No. 2769. ]
Resol2od. Thla the City Comptroller he and he t:
hreoby auholrized to sell to tho highest bidder, atoer
tirt y days' notie ioo the offitalcournoo atot rdi, g to
tihe la, the negro boy t.Samo" cant n 2,joboaving , bea
forfeitdto thjjis city; told stlo totoe )ttan for eaoh, and
suitlect to the appooi of the Common Council.
[Signed] E. L TRtACY.
Preside~nt oard of Aacla-ant Aldlrrmen.
[ igntod] .F. J. tU tENII(HL,
Presidnt Coard of Adoeroton.
ApproveolApril ;,2850.
[8igned] JOHN L. LEWIS, Mayor.
Nottot it Ihereoobygiv, that ont MONDAY, thoe 20,0h
Sto}, I will adjutdicate at tiheolice Jailo o'clock
P. 2l., Ite above nttgro.
optS 0. DolttYO. Cotptroller.
Second District Pound.
WI 7Acrought o hie Seccndlldc ,Iriet 1fIoud,iicar.
nuer of St. Anin anid cly srcets, es
in'6n wh (e and b!rownl Cre~ole Cnnr, no brand.ll
Oases I col c oa yello Creole ,lcr. no lrand.
Onle whille anld yellow Crecle hotlter, Bahl ear sall
nitcid dsd `(JT" ai thie right hip.
hiich. ic ccc cnic clt us ilwthii tend dy and the ex
[ten-es thereon paidll will b~e Ys·dd at publlie auction at
san pond o RIDAYc lihi 9th of Micyicext. a
iU 'cluckic A 11i
S treat Comnn-s in tier.
New Orl0anc, Apnii "c, 1ý5cc. ccc my8 8
ILc aie Cmoduii ac depot dec E~putcoe dc OCCccId
litici, eccncigccct dcs can, aic-Acici cc t erbigucy,
Une. Vacne creole blanlche et Brune, sansili etamrpe,
Uue Griloe creole, lollcdanehc as I e salt , etampe
Unte Genisaei creole blanchle as j tune, ).yllll 'oteltl:
dituiciccde e longueCI, at ictampi - OU a iiishandl
drat te.
Si les dci, its aitoco ai Poct pic recla ntcc laiss dcc
j cure, tis cl depcciic pcccccs, It 'cruet v~mlus, a
I'cccchcrc pcciclccicc, is ViINDII IE· it ncci prucltall,
a 10 ieurci A. K.
-'i-c.tncciiiri is c Rue;i
V'11c"O rlratls le ° _ ;vril 78S~i. "29 111';]
Fourth District Ponuid.
w AS 'rought to the Fourth Dieted Petted. dr k
eon 601 deetr~between Coutetauce uu~ld Laurel streets
ai rtrayl-
Onle roan Studo~ Polley, whitie in thle Cac ionr mars
aInd tail. [lie right eye wPhite, brande~d ',A"' oil the le~t
;boulder, shed all ruund.
Orne black hectic oal, white stripe rrund the body,
tt'ki I to curs, short horns.·
WhichII it not claimiled within tell31 days anld the cz
r.hn-es gJ:Ptre paid. "ill be Sold '' public auelicu, at
E;id p~oundl, MONDAY, 31.y thi illt, il-CiC, at 16
o'clock; A. M.
Street Commissioner.
NSw Olseans, April 24, 56 sdsio 2s0 5.l'1
IL a rir conduit au depLt del lipava de t Atri
Ime DisiTnet, ru Jackson. enCne s rues Coa, a
tablaqa,- aa Atdpt, o Ittne Lpa-e UI-o
ttPaetit a itala n ruuta, la M. ce blanche, Is criniere
rt la queue 10119"x.s I'ueit dr it blnllc etarnp '(A,"' ;t
'epnllle droit et Cerro aux quatret pleldI.
Ulur. C11ie nire., :,yaUG de. rtie, blanches .utour
du cornps Ics oretllls blanche, et ~ lea1 c ITIICa contes.
S, I. s Bits IIIIIaUX Ie auntl pas reclamers Jnlna dix
)our-, et lea depeosaes payees, It 'ellll vendut a Pen.l
enere publlque au dit depot~, It LUNCI 5 m.t pro.
chaiO, I t ateure t A. alt
AUG S . 3'1B)SLPS,
Cumntmsstire des Rues,
N'lle"Orlratts le 21 aril 1856. aLj 25 alJ3

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