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- Programme
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On the Ooasion ofthe Inatugur*tion
-or To
Thvureld , Aprui 1a, 1600.
Thb AmreagloOOna P theo Day will be tsdeo tbe directtot of
the (107 Mo tO1ttW Asaoctattee, the Speetal J.tldlat omtt.e
of lb. Coommon Conll, and tbh GOaod Ytahol.
The Oolatot will bhs 4111000.4 by
The Dtdloatlon (01oo0.01 will he by the Grand Lodgeet the
S.tte of LoolartoeaF. aid A. M.
Nltlotul0Plut .1 of Tbblrty-etboosalwll beofboed by the Or
Icons ltoltllon of Artlllry on the eve of the 1l2b of April, at
onset, ond on theb ortnon of the IlM At 000410, fromth Obehad
of Canal streot.
A salute of Tbitolhb Re=. a1.11 o'clock, as a' sigol for th1
proot.10olo ooeanoasalue f Tblhrty-thoo. si.et the
mtomentto unoofnooll tbtiontatuo. Will be feedhy the Woebblg
too Arttllery.
IL Is reopetofolly ont eorneotly roetotd that all plo.e. of
pobWle kod p.101te bhodoe. be closed dtng the day;
That te ow so n propr elortoof publio a t pitv ateehiles,
Mr 'il cattlel lh vehtatb,4tbopekpt out of the tlowiag oaoed
otreets, to -bhibh the oeoe101 dillsbos wlil loom., amd throogh
oeblob 00t0 proceon Ut.o pm, olet (kiM eteooet, aaMeo e
0tree0. Coop stOot, f11, COhl, 10tre0t, CbooOoee aod Royal
Thatt the owoeol and nosoo0 of wreNts, stemboats, aet., the
proopllora of the varoioupnblle buidldlO 1. toe 010, sad toh
Coosols of d18o..etpdione, will dlaplay theoe colon ldutog the
day, fro. mnotee tIll soatte;
Tha bthelsy authorties wlll oca s all obtruoultlon to be ho '
mooed lomtohe b.4te 01upon which ts aavot dtotltia .00 to
toom, sod throu ohh bt the prosto 1010 to pwli
That the persoba hailtl otoai o'tbh obooch sod Aoo alerm
bellt, wil ecause lhosth A .ook lfo thotpa c0 t 0f Adtatoieotee,
be aloOlni upon thea001l0t1 o the stela.. t0. peotse thIee of
which wil1 ho asmamottp ldhp yt a NtJOe*Babte to holoddfroo
the hood of Can stsoet.
The Troopst of lb. Fist Dpoiont to trOpspm the oieoo and the
c000eal Ord01 , SectarieO, AoatOttol, atad palete haaoltosooba,
wblhc are to parttotpltoin tathOOA010t0I0 10 O tlgl0Old to a
leobla at sooh plmsa they soy .oapaottvoly appotot. sod re
pait to thpe pocee Oassiogd them 0 th. programmo by 10o'clock
A. 1., asths hedof thep ooetmteo'lcot moeo pdittay, pro
laoly at It t'lohto A. It.
Onchsoble of the itOOm nto.lnthe tOat mltl, apaoe
of of bt huadreod Oflaty foot, to apeoalIF lb i f8 to lb. PhI
too,. Th.aep oo aoorond tho halof the ateM) tsulltS apooholty
resorpool f the Grand l~odsotehe heots of Lootatt. F.5and
A. 1., and lohordioatOe LaO a, who 510 to pooboo sand ast
in the ceremonoy of dedott't0.
Tlh platfoorm faIng the lb.81t I. 00100011 ho thtO Orator
of the day, tlho Cloy Mlonnostal Alsosohtton of Neat Ooloooo
tb. Dolegolat 00rom the Ntttool C117 )ly orootolt Aawolotate,
the Jaocohl Moosoutal huooeluthon, the Mayor sod Comotoo
Counciltlto CGootr oo of Ibh tote ad Btate ool(00, and the
. gtlogoIhoo iuvtotd g"o,4o.
~ he Eooootbso Commiottee of the Clay M00wetoaoll Asooools
ooliog ln oonolotlooo lh the Joint Commttoee tofthe Cot
m" Coimieil Lave appolutt-d
a, t: ad Mtohol of tho day, 004
tt.,. J. O. 131.001, Fl1,e Asiaotot Oraod Matootl.
hod tie following noted l gooolemo tote been sle0te1d as
A.ololtot Oloabaltlod Ahl to Ine OGrsod Moetrlo
,:OL A. WF. lOSWOtITtI, Aoolnlt Gtralod Mnrahst. Floe:
Division. "
v'oXI. CHAS. 11. flFl)BhX, Aoohtont Gaood Marshall, Seond
TIHOMbO L. IFEltS, Toq, Ao`olant CGrod Maoboal, 'Third
NLORtlfIIT T1111'Ao;NIER , Re., Aoloetot 00and M.0 1 -h1.
For lseo -All1)0
.1, 1.~ 11llhnne, Esc , Joe. Youear, Neal.
I Clorko, 0.:. ; Cho. W. CultOtro,,, R.oe.,
IlHoo- Dotoo, oW, Wesfoot BelMti, al.,
Iinolho TIoeol, I:,; :, C!olo'on Hlut,. Foe.,
.0.0. Booe, Coq., , o A. ,0ant, PA.,
e lt ooeye, (1'.:.. boli. Oloo etlold. Esq.,
t le.. loteobboO, 110, t.l:C . T. Nahb. Fay.
Tihe We.0 of the t'ros^·.i.0. eompooel ef the Yotoloor State
Topf. Ioaloogng to tho Fiot ttloveoo, o,0 troops boon other
:hiesr, undhr theo,mo:ontl n: M olk.Ooneeol I.le, will be
foro,,d ,the northboet rid oJf ttnal street, rigbt rntitnl on
Tho Proooooho oll ho diioded into fo oodGrad Dltialot, each
onder rho dlol.atinn of 5n .,lsOot (,4nd Marshal.
TI.e !lrot DI:ol.uo will bl0o frod on M000101000reet, right
estingt on Canal ,troat.
The Seond,, Di loln rhio bte formed 00 Ctmp o treet. tight
,o.:ly oCgtelnetosteet.
TIe Third DM, htio lloil boW lronod o:: CIarltre street, right
r;',t~,, or Ciutnl asses:.
The Fourtol, Di,10n coil: be foronod oo It. GIuolon stre1,.
right reoItn on O*tXl street.
The I'roteoiiot will move prectitv at I o'clock, down Rloyal
strect to I:tplVtIe street. up the lower etdaof SEplatade street
to ChLrtre, street, up thartres, Camp and Prytanti streets to
Thalia street, down Thal istreot to Apollo street, down Apollo
!treet to St. Joseph street. up St. Joseph street to St. Charles
street, down St. Chtrles strbet towards the interbectioll of Canal,
St. (etries and Royal ttreets.
Upon thle tead of the Prooes tn reaching Poydas street, the
State Troops and thie First Div.ion will mov directly forward
down St. Charles street to the Statue. The eond Division will
w heel to the right, up Poryd. st het to Camp street. down Camp
street to Canal street, and will take postiton on both sides of Cs
nal street, between Chartres and Camp streets, and the line of
Troop etablihehd to preserve the spae assigned for the Cere
Tile Third Division, In like manner, will, at Poydrt street,
wheel to the left, down Poydras street to Oarondelet street. down
Carondelet street to Canal, whoee they will be disposed in same
manneras the Second Division, betw en Sorboln and Caronde
let streets, and the line of Troops established as aforesaid.
Tl Fouth Division will move directly down St. Charles
treta Canal street to the line of Troops.
Ench Diviton in torn will be halted on arrlvneg at the po0
Uons assitged them. where they will be extected to remain dure
ing the perfortmeae of the Cetemonies, the commeeement of
whlch will be nnounted by the unveiling of the Statue and the
tfirng of a National Solute by the Artillley.
After the ceremonlie are concluded. the Procession will be
dismissed, until which the Grand Marshal requests that the
music attwahed to the sevcral Atioeltions and other bodies in the
9resion will et directed to alstin from plyintyg.
-ol. J. B. Walton...................... Gad Marsl.
lION. J. O. NIXON.......... Flst Aslistant GCand Marlshal.
C:ontioting of tihe Loulsiana State Troop of tihe First Division,
and vnlnniter corps frt m other States, tlrited to participate In
tUe ceremonies of the day, ctmmaltded by
-as roLLOWs:
"The Lot..hoiita Ltgioo. to which will be attached the Donald.
sonville tannoulers, under the commattnd of
ittig. Gen. II W. Palfrey.
The First Bripgade, to whl'ch will he ntttched, The Mobile Cadets
and The Mississlppi Rifle. of Jackon, M..ll ., under
con:mnron of rlrg. Gen.
E. L. Traey.
First Grand Division.
COt. A. W. BOSWORTIt, As't Grand Marshal, First Dividson.
Edward Toby, Esq., Citlo. J. ltoyt, Rot.,
i. W. itnotisngtonr o q., G. S. . Itarvey, Esq.
Clay .Monuoentl Association.
National Clay Monumeteal Ae.eclalon of Kentucky.
Jackh on Mon:etnttal Aiwoutlton, in a carriage.
Thte Masonle Fraterno y of Lmuitstna, il the following order :
G. W. Ra.es, Grand Marshal.
Escort of Klights Templar (mounted.)
Entered Apprentices.
Fellow /rafts.
r ". Master Mttons.
t etark )Intee.
Past Mastore.
Most Exetllhmt Masters.
Royal Arch M i.ans.
Royol aod Selectl Mltteor.
Eecort to Grand t onRitto y of Knt hti i( do-h, W 0th Degree.
Knights Rose Crotx, 18Ol Dglree.
Members of the Grmad Consitat,,y.
Meetere of the 33d IDegte.
Rear Escort to cGritd Consistory of Knlllght Kadoth.
Memobrs and blere Grand Indto of Itu sanas, F. & A. M.
Rear Eoco- of Knights Templar.
Orat orf tile Day, Wt. it. IIUNT. Esq.
Poet of the Dny. J. W. OVERA.LL, Fa9q.,
Scnltlor, JOEL T. IIART, Esq.,
His Honor t-eront Sith.,
Mayor of the city of New rtrleans, accompauled by his Sers.
tarln, In a Etlrllnr..
Recorders of the First, 0ee0nnd, Thirndand Fourth Ditricts of
tle doy, in a eereoet.
The Board of Aldermen and their SLeretatry, tpr ceded by their
Sergeant at-Armo, with helr Ptood .t pio tent.,
noe. B. . II 'RRISOiN, ea thel head.
The Board of Ass'stat At ermen tnd their reeretary, preceded
by their Sergeant .A , m., wtllh hetr President,
at their head.
City Comptroller, T.elterer, Fe veyor mtd Street Chmmieseoner.
Chief of Pdtiesnd IJeten muts of Po' ,e.
Hi Exeerllney TIhomas O..loore.
Goerm ·r orf the State of TenAldla,
tHi tants eneral of th e t i ed tGovt . sno 's Statamontted
S Ileot.tanr toveonn:.
Secetary of State, Ft a Trll ,re: Akn,:lnte Genetal.
An,:1 t r of Pnltli¢ Ar antll.,
Snperhltend'nt of PIubI'r tudllrL:e'n S I . f r yrinerl.
Members of.the eAts r .na. _.d Il.,e - ,f Hep, antat;ves.
Vetaerea of (0(4-tO tn 0eado es.
Maor neral Thwlg., U. 8. A., ad Std.
Offcn of the U. 8. Arty,
Offi of thoU. R. Nfay Iad RtemR.Seete.
Foegtn Coroalntt Oout
Mjer Gment W. W. Wood, Coe.mmadag the lFit Divieson
Mtolodppl nittiS, m end Se.R
OIceeoh3Cd Militia of other Stuleto Uoiform.
IMaor Goteaul Joon l olasi tad Sta.
Oiem of the ouhuan Mlitia.
M . y dad ounlt of the towno of Ctrrotltoa, Jeffmeron City,
Algirta ntd Gretna.
Judges of theMlpeme Court.
Judgeoef oth Dhitrict Courts.
herff of the PFarh of Orlotneood Depotles.
Distrett Attorney.
Clerhs of the Supreme l d Distrect Ocmrts.
Reodrder of Mod rtggee ad (o.veyaones.
Judstlce of the PFce and Constables.
Judges of the CIretiIt cad Distrlet Courts of the Unlted Stalte
U.. Marshal ad Dpures,.
U. S. Dlttict Attorney.
Coieettor of the Port, etnrveyor of the Customs, Naval Officer
end Fret M ler.
St.tlmntenenut and Omfcrs of the Mint.
UC. Navy ad Pen.oa Agent.
Chembeo of Commeoee.
Port Wardoes and Harbor Maters.
Ship Ageats and fhiLp Maters, wh HMloroeo Ship on ecr
derwn by four bonee.
Bteambott Acoats, Mateu , Plot anod Moutneem.
Booo of UCdercetere.
Fire Woedeot.
Boaed f Heaith.
Clary, in aicelsm.
AdmlottMtor of the Unlverity of Lodaltua.
Metbe of the M Bar.
Memhrs of the MedfOel Soetety.
Aeademy of BSlacen..
Hamboldt Acndemy of Natural SBteoeee.
Law Patttty.
Medical IFaetty.
Admlnetrators of the Charity Htopltal.
Invtted Guests and Distinguished traoen.
Seeoad Grand Division.
CAPT. CHAS. D. DREUx. Aasittnot GoMd Marshal, Seeond
Walter V. Cronch. Jame E. MeOloaey,
HeB y L. Clark, M- J. Melprt,
Aug. Dulg6. -
Th.u Divtion will hie fl od on Cmp street, right reting ao
Caoal etreet.
The Fire Depotment of New Orleoos, Algiers, Gretna, Ca.roil.
to end otneburg, In uniform with their banners.
Mtchantic' oclity.
The Printing Pros, on A a drawn by four horses.
N. O. Typogntphlal Union.o
United 8hooooakct' Seoloty.
I ,nlndan Soioety of Geormn Draymen.
Society of the Bakher of Now Orleans.
Joitner Mtllll ttnevolent Asiocation,
Society of W.orikng ,n in genral.
Third Grand Division.
THOS. L. IEEDS, t.oq., Alsloant Grmnd Marshal, Third
Wm. A. oll, Eq , Francis Rawle, Eq.,
L. crrenlcr, 00q.
Thni Dirtlion " Ill be formed on Cihartres street, right resting
on Canal street. I.
Benevolent Asoeciation of the 8mo of ioutl.olm.
Now Eu.land Soelely.
Keystone Assocliaton.
Empire State Assoo a ion.
Yonttg Mon' Ch istian As'oiation.
Conf.deration of Young Mn'sa Chritilan Association of the
L'['dtel States nod Brflthl Provinees.
Ca('thole Institute
Sonlhwesterln Biblo Socety.
Souotoweswern Trfet Soietly.
Clristalln Beothers Sel',ol..
St. Alphonio'n School.
St. John the Baptist Sthol.
Sole of Temlemnce.
Tomlpl of Honor, . of T.
B.B. of ,0. Y ., Lotlolot Wfige mo lost. I and 2.
Jkson Benevol. lent AtsihLio.n.
Young Men's Boene lent Asccal.tln of New Orleans.
E. Marc, President; A. Dudoussat, President; 8. O. P.blo, Pree
ident ; L. Dufat. President : A. Volin, President: Jts.
Gardette, President; P. Peteij n, President; M.
P. Avela, Presidet ; C. W. Sers, Pres.
hlet ; S. i. r'oen, Presildent ;
I.. Cu.teom, P-seident; L.
Simon, Prcsident ; J. S.
A\odry, Preodent;
I. P. !ual.,t
Preoidcl.t ;
Fourth Grand Division.
NORBERT TREPAGNIER, Ebs.. Asslstant Grand Marshanl
Fourth Division.
This Dittsion will be foined an St. Charles street, right ret.
Lgon Cal stret. M c.
Srewmen'ts lenevolent Aaesocltion.
Lousdianian Benevolent Association.
Itebrew Benevolent Astoclmtion.
Lusbtanun l Asoeolaton.
iSpatih Benevolent Associaltion.
French Benevolent Association.
St. Andrew' Society.
Italian Benevolent AsoMciatlon.
New Lnsitano Benevorlcnl Aaociatilon.
Ulited Laborers' Benevolent Ascelation.
German Dlymen's Assoiaktlon.
Getmlan Emigrant 8ociety.
German Union ocilety, First DiMltict.
German Uniot Soci!ety, Seosad DlItrlet.
Societyi of Gernmn Fraternity.
German Tmurnec' Socety.
German Manufacturors' Society.
Geormtan Mmiuol Society.
Socielt of Germalo. ot all trades.
Thalla Club.
True Brothera' Society.
German Brothers' Associatlon.
Swiss Asoeiatlon .
St. Alphonsl Beneficent iSoiety.
St. Aloysius Benelienat Society.
YbOro Benevolent Asso.ieltion.
Menorqnina Benevolent Association.
Directors, Teachers and Male Pupils of Public Schooll .
Trustee , Profestors and oppils, Commercial College.
Orphan Boys of Asynul, Third District.
Orphan Boys of Asylum Forth District.
And Strangers Generally.
Body of Oty Pollce. a td&W
W ~iU mea. ldoetoowm. ase..
A spply of CREME DE BOOZY CHAMPAGNE, in qert
.ad paintnually on d,ntlly on head, which is eqeal to the that
eomm to this market. Also, other brands of inferior quality,
BRANDIES--Ssrac, of the tvinuge of 17tl, t17 ad t8., and
oher brands. WHISKY, of all decriptons--Sootch, Irlab,
Bye and Bourbon. ALE and PORTER, in pints and qua.,
A*ln had, my .al sortment of the bet
Wines and Liquors
in the market, whh will be old on a resoble term a smy
her bose linthe city.
of Dly eo. and 15 Royal slret
BrusT Brother 4 Seaver,
S.................... WARREN ST.....................4
New York.
urvrNroa or THE
--40L sox moa
The lobbbng trade upplied by the package.
Me.. contently an hand. lytil pIy
Soale "Warehouse,
dll2pif No, e. amp street.
S1 4ums oth 3 E'rtsud.
To-day, in the presence of thousands and tens of
thousands of the people of this city, of this State,
and of other States of the National Union, the citi
zens of New Orleans will erect a statue of Henry
To-day, also, by a happy coincidence, another
statue of the great and peerless Statesman will be
Inaugurated in the capital of his native State, under
the auspices of the ladies of that venerable and
illustrious Commonweal~th
Thus, at the same moment, nearly eight years
after he has passed from earth, two effigies of
Henry Clay will be erected, intsdlistant portions
of the same land. The State wa lh gave him'birth
and the city which, above all othen, delighted to
honor him when living, are to-day engaged, with
out any concert of action, in the same holy and
patriotic undertaking. an
Virginia gave birth to Henry Clay, andpentucky
adopted and honored him; but Louisiana yieldsato
neither in admiration of the great and heroic .onal
Ities which made Henry Clay, in his da, it
among the foremost of the illustrious statesten of
ourland. Many years have passed since the peo
pie ofNew Orleans,in countlessthrongs, welcomed
Henry Clay to the Crescent City, under the inspirit
ing eloquence of the great orator of Missisippi.
But though the idol of that hour has seen " the last
of earth," there will be thousands to-day whose
hearts will beat with high enthusiasm over the im- I
posing ceremonies of the occasion, and whose love
for the incomparable statesman, kindled by the
glowing recollections of the past, will burn with I
undiminished and unquenchable fervor.
Henry Clay was born amidst the perils of the Re
volution. His birth may be said, indeed, to have
been heralded by the echo of the guns which pro
claimed the declaration of our independence.
Amid the exciting scenes which followed the war
of the Revolution, he received impressions which
gave that form and mould to his character which
made him, throughout the whole of his eventful
life, a marked exponent of American nationality
and patriotism.
It is needless to trace a career with which every
American citizen is familiar. Everbody knows the
struggles of his early youth-the fierce combat
with poverty, that he might receive an education
the indomitable spirit with which he fought his way
to the bar, and the brilliant triumphs of tihe young
advocate in a forum filled with the firstjurists of
the ase. No one need be told of his rapid and
brilliant advancement into the field of politics-of
his promotion to the Senate of the United States
when scarcely eligible to the position-of his warm
espousal and eloquent advocacy of the American
cause in the war of 1812-of a diplomatic mission
crowned with glory to himself and to his country
of his services in the Cabinet and in both Houses
of Congress during a period in the history of our
country bristling with great events. To recount
these is as to repeat a thrice-told tale. In the
humblest cabin, as in the costliest palace, from
Maine to California, the name and the fame of
Henry Clay are familiar as household words.
Nor need the ci.izens of New Orleans be re
minded of his services in their behalf. He was
earnestly in favor of the admission of Louisiana
into the Union. The improvement of the naviga
tion of the Mississippi had no more able or zealous
advocate. The guaranty of the exclusive navi
gation of the Mississippi, which was secured
through tir. Clay's exertions in the treaty of
thent, is a privilege the value of which the people
of this city can never overestimate. The protec
tion of our commerce in the Gulf, and our defense
against foreign invasion, were subjects to which
he gave all the aid of his masterly intellect. New
Orleans cherishes the memory of Henry Clay as
well in reciprocation of the affection he ever dis
played for her, as for his grand and glorious
services for the nation in all of its parts and
It is just and appropriate, therefore, that New
Orleans should honor, dead, the great orator and
statesman whom she so much honored living. She
to-day places, in the most conspicuous plac,, upon
her most beautiful street, the image of one who
would have been distinguished in Apy age or in any
land. For herself, she repels, liy this .significant
act, the reproach that RepublhCs are ungrateful.
When those who participate in to-day's pageant
shall have all gone to their last account, the Statue
of Clay will still stand, a memorial of the love
which a free people ever cherishes for an unselfish
The flags of rue Carondelet, particularly the
sunny side, were partially deserted at an early
hour yesterday forenoon. The sun, in the absence 2
of rain, is becoming rather too oppressive for the p
usual gatherings at this and that corner, and after
today there will be a daily falling off, not only on
Carondelet, but on other great thoroughfares. It
is hardly necessary to say that the weather is
tolerably warm for the season of the year-dry, b
dusty and warm are the features-rather too much
dryness for the general good of the crops, or for
the seed now going into the ground.
There was some talk regarding the accounts
brought by the Galway steamer, which arrived at
St. Johns on Tuesday, the 10th, with partial ad- E
vices of the operations for the week ending the t
31st ult. The famous Persia, which has been s
(about eight passages out of ten) the harbinger or
bearer of depressing accounts, is anticipated. It
can easily be conjectured what the Persia will
bring. The advices of a depression in the English
funds, and of a decline of simply an eighth in the J
price of the funds, so called, ought not to be re
gardod with any consideration by the frequenters
of our flags.
The telegraphic dispatches, published on Thurs
day morning in all the papers, were wrong. The
error in figures was so flagrant and palpable as to t
be at the first view discovered. What we particu
larly allude to, is the quotation of Middling Orleans
cotton at 7jd. It stood out in bold array in the
flaming list of quotations. It is well known that
the quotation should be O.d. Though fully under
stood by the habitutes of our flags, it may not be
so well understood in the country, or by our coun
try readers. We can, however, talk, or say to our
country readers, that their agents and factors, and 3
the New Orleans Daily Crescent, will give them a
correct and true position of the general cotton
market; that a telegraphic error of id. i lb will
noon be discovered and exposed at No. 70 Camp
Of course, it is unnecessary to allude in our talk
to the immense crowd of folks which will appear I
to-day on our streets. It will correspond with
the great celebration of the Jackson Statue on the
8th of January, 18560. There will be very little gen
eral business transacted to-day. The public offices
of the State and city will be closed. The Post
Office will be closed from the hour of 10. o'clock
this morning to half-past 3 this afternoon. We
don't know what they will do at the Custom-House,
not having heard from there; but it is presumed
as they invariably respect public or municipal re
quests-they will fall into line and close, as Cna
tomary on gala or holidays. Therefore, if there
are any vessels to be entered or cleared, or other
business to attend to, it will be well to appear at
the Collector's office before 11 o'cluck. It is not
expected there will be a general suspension of 1
business on the levee, yet so many soeietiei are to
be represented inathe great procession and cere
monies, there may be a voluntary holiday through.
oAs we ar crowded for room, we t.
As we arc crowded for room, we must curtail
our talk, with the remark, tii with the'exeptiou
of some talk about tobacdo, which may end in
something blest Mas ho, and so large transac
ions in exhange , detald in the' aal column,
the day dlesa 47 Ma der onad rable quiet
Master rBll at slue Yrtans of Loainsllas of
1814 ull 1a 1n .
We have been kindly ftrnished by Brigadier
General H. W: Paift r wththe names of the citi
zen-soldiers of New Orleans now living who were
engaged in the campaign of 1814 and 1815, on the
plains of Chalmette, on the left bank of the Mlsais
sippi river:
Muster roll, March, 180, of Capt. Thos. Beal's
Rfllemen (61. men)-Charles Patterson, private;
Seaman Field, private; A. W. Gordon, (now of
Mobile) private; John Mitchell, private,
Planche's Battalion 1f Orleans Volunteers, con
sisting of five companies, effective force 515 men
aunosel White, Captain of Louisiana Blues; A.
tanaux, 6th Sergeant ofCarabinfers; E. J. Forstall,
6th Corporal of Carabiniera; H. W. Palfrey, 3t
rporal of Louisiana Blues; J. B Lamothe, 4th
; L.S. St. Cyr, 5th ie.rgeant
of Chasseurs. Musas: A. Fernandez, J. B.
Faget and Edward Trdmd, of the G(arabinlers.
Privates of Carabinlers, Triooa-P. Lanaux St.
Cyr, F. Dapleasis, P. DeBoys,J. B. D. Voisin, J. B.
Perrault, Louis Garidel, Jacques Desforges. Dra
gon a Plods-F. Correjolles, M. Barnett, J. B Ray
mond. Company of Frances-.. Toledano, J. Tol
edano, P. D. Henry, B. Toledano, P. Landreasx.
Chasseurs-G. Montamat, C. W. Duhy, J. B. Le
pretre, A. Meurner, - Gervals, M. Metllenr, P.
Deasdnes, L. H. Lapice.
Ogden's Company of Cavalry-Alfred Hennen,
private ; Henry Johnson, private; James Hopkins,
Recapitulation-1 commissioned officer, 6 non
commissioned officrs, 3 muscians, 82 privates
total, 42.
Besides the above, Capt. Chauveau's Company
of Cavalry (about 30 men) and Majors Lacoste
and Daquin's battalion of colored men (about 400
strong) were also engaged in the battle of 23d De
cember, 1814, and 8th January, 1815. Several de
tachments of city militia were also stationed at
General Morgan's lines, on the right bank, at Chef
Meutenr and at Fort St John. Several persons
were also employed in4bst Paymaster and Quarter
master's Department in the city.
It appears that there are now living out of the
576 mustered into service in December, 1814, only
42. Maunsel White, captain, now known as Col.
White, resides at his plasdltion, in the parish of
Plaquemines. E. J. ForsPtll, corporal, is a mer
chant of many years standing, and is well and fa
vorably known in financial and commercial cir
eles. It. W. Palfrey, 3d corporal, is our citizen,
Gen. Palfrey, now commanding the Louisiana Le
gion of Citizen Volunteers. We also notice Chas.
W. Dahy, a member of the art of all arts, the
typographical. We believe he is now occupying
an office under the General Government. There
is also Voisin, whom we observe at the counter of
the Bank of Louisiana. There is J. B. Lepretre, now
engaged in the cultivation of sugar. There is Ca
simer Toledano,whom we meet occasionally; Sea
man Field, of the old firm of Field & Morgan, long
a distinguished merchant; A. W. Gordon, for many
years the chief executive officer of the Bank of
Mobile, in Ioble. There is John Mitchell, our hard
isted builder, who looks as though he had a good
many years in him yet. There is P. D. Henry,
whom we saw passing our office a few days since.
There is Charley Patterson, the old hardware
dealer; we met him two days since, looking ex
ceedingly well for 78 years. Of Capt. Ogden's
Company of Cavalry thiere are three only remain
ing. Alfred Hennen, the distinguished counsellor
and lawyer; his gray, flowing locks, venerable in
age and dignity, we observed yesterday. Henry
Johnson, ex-Governor, ex-Senator, has occupied
the most elevated and distinguished positions in
political, agricultural asi soolal life. James Hop
kins, it is presumed, can be known whenever seen
by his stately and commanding form, his generous
and free countenance. It would afford aus pleasure
to extend our remarks on the very interesting
muster roll of the veterans of 1814 and 1815 before
us, but we have no room. At another time we
will return to the subjept.
s nuna s aesagene on engma page. ev
"Po-ca-hon-tas" is still growing in favor, for the
house was larger- and more brilliant with beauty M
and fashion last night than ever. Mrs. Wood shone s
as brilliantly as usual, and the others gleamed in th
their proper and peculiar degrees of radiance, la'
Liss Denin, Mr. Davenport and Mr. Morton being Ti
chief among the luminaries of the evening. In to
" Woman's Rights," the preliminary piece of the FI
evening's entertainment, Mr. Morton's Sir Andrew
Bruley was an exceedingly clever performance.
Few actors are successful with the Scotch verna
cular, or brogue. Miss Denin is delightfully pleas- . 1
ant as Widow Blandish.
The Rnmsey & Newcombshad a fair house at the bh
Amphitheater. No other troupe of minstrels, we ,
believe, could hold out so well, at this late period
of the season, as they do.
The Wambold M!nstrels had a very meager at- he
tendance at the St. Charles. ea
SAILING of THE DESOTO.-The steamship De
Soto, Captain Bulloch, sails at eight o'clock this dr
morning for New York via Havana, with $50,000 in dc
specie for New York, and the following passen- le
gers :
For v n i'rl,.--'. w. D iav. . Crawford, d . iliolck and
ITdy, S. Siviviski,. P. MEcDovUeh, M. i.aBn18c and child, e5
Iis P. Iaelle. B. ia~n!.e, J. ii. McGnw, l. nia.ie. 1. N. Den-.
tha. F. rey, Mr. Sullivan, F. Gllloan nd fh irlyA. A. all
and c.Clvy Mrs. laser, C Moiioncuet, ol aod dog hcer. Mr.
lohne tilglt saned fmi. Mr. o. o. Hll, lady, seven ehildren
nd v.,v MIrs. Sinlvan, hLe elildr, n and serrnt, Mrsl
iT.HoEv, Oils. OHALEv , M.s. Jaci bol, Misc ,lstreoi sd ian IP
nonc. eivJ. N. Aiotli, Mhs. A. N on rd fammoly. P
i,, Ihterll.--leoe. N thn A. lOrclih, Miss A. Silibre, t ,
\iir llvelvr, i. Montcord and ls,, J. .Clard. e d
TeE AuuiLTHNETGE.-This is the last night but Mt
three of the Rumsey & Newcomb Minstrels, and a Ci
ne bill is offered. To-morrow night Mr. Ru msey c
is to have a benefit, and of course the house will m
be crowded. C
THE ST. .CHIAlges.-The Wambold Minstrels an- e,
nonnce an entire change of programme for to.
"There's more in that fellow's head, Sam, than d
you imagine," said Dick, of a seeply looking o
flow standing by. "That may be," said the
other gravely, "but I always suspected he had i
'em." Sr
FIPE CLo.THI. AND Frassioniio Goonso-At the '
avcr e clothing stre of riMeay. Alfred Munroe A Co., Sto:ry
inldig, corner of Caml p and iommon traect, thero is now on d
Iasndone of the larirest nrd c net aeonmeuts a ofr sasonble, '
hionasild vosve nl oea,.vlvl lv lo vig avea disvplayed in ihe United M
State. Tile boys' clohhlg dI.i.vamNci is cas ,'umideliy and T
hoieicly stocked c de mevn', ciiil goos" well ndncsyllihly i
toie, olf hinmdoeie and dvlable fbris, w. hich will keep th
yonvg gentlerscn omfonetble, mid make them loot asn mt
neat as incipient Amerlcan i over ocfgnhold. Of flrnltmia,
goods thee dealers hove vast Wertm and thoug tihe t
toek of all articles i f ll. yet, perhaps, the ma.er of hirts de
orveo a particular reference. Jastee what i mid ahbout enm.
, nen's linen in oef the advlitisemltts, to which we direct
attestio. aR
MEcss. ALFRED MUWOEn & Co., the great.cloth. M
sng dalers, announoe ibat thaeir "palacs cihlng Coe," in the i
Story Building, cornrs of Camp and Comon streets, wJU bh
clovlc at 1 o'cloch tlodsc. T
"THE BIBLIcAL. IASeON WnY" is the title of a
sew acd elaborately illustrated booka. Just pih d byk Disk I
Fi'ler5ld, and for le by bokmiep'ers genersly. It is a hnsd.
book for biblical svdecov nod .Na.dy-sehpl teachers,moD a
aide io family siistnre reltng, and cii in all respeti an ablI.
iable wsork, , is 5 .sured by teoicousos of the highest ehatue..
Ier. Weire frsadvertisemeoln. I
FREnH CAROLiNA Cow PeAS are advertised for
tale by lccrilld C.~, 0L Commo street.
Genedeeriteon of Yens5 :m'eW a
Wansma., Apr8 11.
At 12 IL the Convealton was called to order n.y i
Mr. W. P. Mumford, of Bichmond, Vs., who, Is the
absence of the President of the last Conventi.n,
proposed the appointment of a preadding ooeer,
.'o Ltem., and a Secretary.
Mr. I. C. Gilchrist, of Charleston, 8. C., was
nominated for President, and was chosen by ac
clamation, and Mr. John Wanamaker, of Philadel
phis, was appointed Secretary.
The exercises were opened by the President an
nouncing the one hundred and eighty-third hymn,
which was followed by an appropriate prayer by
the same gentleman. On motion of Mr. James H.
Low, of New Orleans, the Convention resolved
itself into adevotional meeting to continue for an
hour. The doors being closed, Mr. Low announed
the first hymn, which was sung. Mr. Duncan, of I
New Orleans, stated to'the meeting that a recent
letter from Troy, New York, adenppliedhin with
the gratifying information that a revival had fol
lowed the seeting of the last Convention in that
city, and a number had been addedto the bsles. -
tian fold. There were many persons present at
this Convention who attended that which brought d
about these benefcial results, and he hoped that a
like blessing would follow the New Orleans meet
ing of the Associations.
Mr. Duncan's remarks were at some length, and 4
were followed by singing; after which, prayer by
Mr. J. H. Poinler, of Louisville, Ky., and the read
ing of a portion of the First Epistle General of St. I
John. After further exercises of prsaor and sing. c
ing, a recess until 5 o'clock was taken, that the
Central Committee might attend to business. The 9
benediction of dismissal was pronounced by Rev.
Mr. Walker. c
EVEIrNG 9sgrooN.
The meeting was called to order by Mr. R. C.
Gilchrist, President pro tern., and the exercises
were opened by singing the 33d hymn. After
prayer by Mr. G. H. RSaussy, the minutes of the
morning session were read and approved, and the
roll being called, it was shown that twelve States
were represented in the Convention.
The following resolution was offered by Mr. A.
G. Bakewell, of New Orleans, amended by Mr.
Chapin, and adopted:
Reswored, That the editors and reporters of the
press of the city be notified by the Secretary of
this Convention that seatsle are provided for them; t
and they are cordially invited to be present at all
the deliberations of this body.
The arrival of the St. Louis delegation was here
announced. Mr. Low, on behalf of the New Or
leans Delegation, asked that they be allowed to
retire for a few moments, which was granted ; and,
on motion of Mr. Wanamaker, the Convention then
passed a half hour in devotional exercises of a va
ried character. After which the presiding ofBcer
resumed the chair, and Mr. Howell, of New Or
leans, offered the following resolution, which was
Resolre'l, That the sessions of thie Convention
commence at o A. H. to he occupied by devo
tional exercises until 9o. A. M., and adjournm at 2
P. M., and in the evening assemble at eJ o'clock,
The President announced the Nominating Com
mittee, so far as filled, at the hour
Leonard Chapin, Charleston, S. C.
Dr. J. D. Smith, Macon, Ga.
H. S. Forwood, New Orleans, La.
J. H. Palmer, Louisville, Ky.
It. D. Penfield, Chicago, Ill.
Milton Saylor, Cincinnati, O.
Ed. A. Shaffer, Mobile, Ala.
John Wanamaker, Philadelphia. Pa.
Dr. W. P. Palmer, Richmond, Va.
Jas. L. Sloes; St. Louits, Mo.
Rev. J. T. Duryea, Troy, N. Y.
Rev. Jas. A. Proctor, Washington, D. C.
H. B. Nason, Beloit, Wis.
J. Platt, Jersey City, N. J.
C. G. Stuart, Indianopolis, Ia.
The invitation of the Clay Monumental Assooia
tion, to participate in the celebration to-day, was
presented and accepted by adoption of resolution a
offered by Mr. V. A. Proctor, of Virginia, as fol
lows :
Resolted, That the invitation received from the
Clay Monumental Association be accepted.
The following resolutions were offered:
By Mr. J. A. Pugh
Resolved, That we proceed to business for this i
evening according to arrangements made by the f
New Orleans Association.
By Mr. Robert Gribble
The committee of the Confederation of Young
Men's Christian Association of New Orleans re
spectfully ask whether it is the wish of the Con'ed- I
eration that the opening exercises appointed for
this evening should be proceeded with, or be de
layed until a larger number of delegates shall have
arrived, as we know they will soon be with us.
The steamer Queen of the West will be at our levee t
to-night, and the Emerald on Thursday night or
Friday morning.
The resolution of Mr. Pugh was adopted.
Mr. Penfeld, of Chicago, offered the following: t
Resolved, That when we adjourn after the exer
cises of this evening, we adjourn to meet at 60 P.
M. on Friday.
Mr. Forwood moved that t6 to-morrow evening
be inserted instead of 6A P. M. on Friday, which
was carried.
Mr. Pugh moved to take a recess; carried.
What is entitled "The Welcome" occurred at
half-past seven o'clock in the following order of
exercises: Hymn-" Welcome Brothers," etc.
Reading of the 40th chapter of Isaiah by Rev. I.
J. Henderson. Prayer by Rev. Dr. Howard. Ad
dresses by Rev. Dr. Walker and Mr. Gilchrist. A
doxology, after a benediction by Rev. C. C. Gil- I
The Convention then adjourned till to-morrow
Tf'. CU BIIF.-M. Ce}a. ,inn, A.. HIlPnlehe. (Ihe e lie. .
Th,.g i I iiepot, f, Act. 0 R flleR. H liy, ey G
Pl igeeaed edy. B' C'Kn . dwiftJ R HimPlle.pe Je (fil,
(IF (1i'l611 . i i Ferrill, W eeuni, Ala; ,Jlf'de. J L qu
M1Crlx, Dr RAI tIFruy, B( R C'eIaa. RFP King,' C , U a
Dessn, CO eaert. Jiee eelisgnH P Mery, ColJ C Wde
L.eeetower, PI i ledo, Or llxnet J imuleh, R th, OK
Uoble eeb.3 Btth. let I ('tenvi, .T A[ Yon.e, J (l odele
ColJtUunct. J(I etLth, ltM~'Pbhe, Dr Veeghee, NfleAlt the
Rewld. Mlle P RoetB. J Reld, F lleyenet, Wm ee.rr. MIx F
Hoetne, W HI Richardson, Miss F C it K. lu; T . Aallivan,
U H A ; Wem erallate, MeWhlie. W HIRanelllW m ,'leegl. S8
M CoUleor and adl. N. P Nieeoleu Ter; M: Rt E J Ilc;.;,lM
ill eBC; OFo ey. R A akee, iB lR'aeed laedy Ilelete. I
Illon, Tl lHall., A OC,,uIfl H effu d. A U flr roeI
lldy.y C Adalme~. JPemhee. JBAEIcI.llM J ee y unn..elalddve. fWO
H 'f Ppl C' 'eeele.WO ee.e Utlleet Iletee lilt,; l o
fdeeegelliee Ate,, Mix'. CryJ i ,1edell. flaIt Reedell. Fiaet;
8 P Fsetn, Mieei',exee, N) r) J A eJ',ee, Mi. l1Jotet, eta
J M Umadetrdete. d ('lerk, N ll; A W (feedlee, I.Y.
CITY IIOTEle.-l( F'I lUtl3l. AG 0, .., W BURaiBol, f R UP'
Flnwebnolle.. Rd ad , Joes Mies Flrvullen. Min. Thom'.sonl, Wo
I) 9 I~lagllu and Ilulr (1 W'.na., ad I.ldr. l Mat;~ and lady,·
Dr J M Foter. J W 111, t hoomonJ J l impln, J arri y ou
O P BIgleem, Ifft'eel. H Cucmin, W WAN .hew, Dre Burt TI
J lee. W H Tmer, R QUI leJ. 31 Mfetehe, Ala: A
fedyr.Gons, F el..e*etr ti lf I rt', 'IF Nichlfn and the
ladylf(. Ql , A lP flle,, W I 0.1,, l H
HNr len, W m Rnee, )S'J Telels,,fee'eeA AFIewe, Clf talt
White, W Preico .BB YP VIdeA. R OlHoward, J te 1, I the
Phlips, J'W Meerry.'D.'elJeD f. HifH Bcklc. Keeetml,, C
RW flee, RTl emeee, Job" ehA, kC e.lery, ix; OWItDuLket Na
eaedlady. '(J 'Bomiekd, T K UK fnene'i. 1tTlernll. , R !e
lfnrt, I'f71tegiouglae ITe blg. WVif Hal,..e'eer, JB tto
Laet),, JteHeeon RaIlford )ti Beteltl Wl l Wt)ifexie, M
fello., iC 't .'et, F tWleile pall elt. W iitllet, Mlaeie IeRy'
Mlss R fIaeerlx".iTy, 'Cl .l.eiee, iiFif',,,ee, i. ('umnhutl. I, eel
Tlotmeu. I. H t'ee.de. J D,,ee, ,W le teety, it.U W te. PS
ifl iler, lisx F Hl te,, W F Hleimmaee,'. J I.'Ihn,,e,'e, H eC
ilelee"lt'(etemeen; J i Frete. e. Loe I..te. ,J ' rry( Vae
BHlei, W '(.iyn Ut$eHei.'( ree iet'e ln.. J l 8st.e, tsit oe
'Keen. fel',tll W- iiJefeoR I lleke. f W iUHee Inont P"
"bfrlay, d . F.'(Be lee . I'fe T n Ie¢,e D e V hIfek'
andldy, Mfreed , O Mdmfka, R C C1 ib;ln. RP {D
Buller and laNlyy, RJ 8u lr, B C1 J onsmoke, hil: J pti
Sawrb. J A hed6a; , W (I AeleJy, .t JnbeeNe tie
HUJ Able , J a Olen, eeet (sd Iel WtAeflh·eei H be
Underir. O Rdmunarn, 0a1; J 1. RSln .. 1W Bcnmlrs. Ma H
SPenfiole enddlaly, Chtleen; Mrs Pehlne, W Fneeihfl. JI. ge
Rnber, J WileeeTe; .IW lee. Filch; 'e Mear J eIle. of
lee; A Wtleeoei. NY; O M'cee eeul feey. Fe; W'; elt "
RT. (,0018 -T F Bucko cad t*dg,- T, Mat DO .i a IM M
Md'.otC.ý H BJaL~knal ntl. R$ ." W WI ~
Ma~smn. JJamr~k. lr Ne~eB RRA-y A iOR 8 W
tirlwrn~rf, Hon W I} Bals nr iDItrRAsrt. ,' ow
B W WadeM, HreEWee.e, It Welfe XLtWV Bep. a
nlecer JF Read' C L ' 1 _ ';tiIA CI
Teehed{ r HI MeBpw . k1tai i k~ I, wy.
m r and lady, M Ilst A VoR Ol J SI
Cy Maas . C nmpb d C H MvM 1{ 's a o Y
'Dinka, LA Jnb '(ehe V iekfelU' W te . Joe W I
Ihalelcee b.M Vt F, I,% tI i
1W YF F , Bi:"4' ti'
lnie C hfieeloe'.e l.Hiht ihede. B(,.eeeeeIei~telo Alel
tr~~l~ ~ ~ fIjeyee Dla~: ~st
larli: 77.a . T d.0,) P laao" Bu pe; Jonr, no1
Tae; W8i Flehetkeý 'Fe; I1. tcK»e, (I.,
To SUGAR PL.erelTE. -.t cFtpelfeB Bown Iedyer
then'r e a beUeeuule aee Rteet u' a etgtr pFielht eQ
6 r o ?isaesw oara A o o
-+:M • '.-z +' - Bi-i. ... ..
..rn err*A ggage cgrPl pr-+.3 r ,.
I'L . .T A Ba . r CIS ins'' sm, ýa. ,,
o. Jonas'., If. ., Aprnt -i 10: 26e
I Och Abewe the eseway Usmew sorgte'
t portlast eenng, bring the lloing ad
..t ..eroo, March 33--- The* Idp**{ tt.
tations by he Brokrs'OKreearsPatr Oria '
I.; Fair Moblea 184. `l nog U sl . - i + . 6
ietota etoo. I0 now in the part of mt erpe .
stimated'at 84.0,,.0bale., Eah._0aieof hase =
[eprooe s eeare, s3-The Sin ae l o are
tvis quotatos, -l
uldan Corn lel. Yellown is goiete at
.-. G&tor 34 ed.; white is selilig at 8mb to 38s.
he rSepooS market sh for Provi&L ls ll 'lo en*
R.. ileardson, Spence Co ,'port Pork
ek. Bacoren closed dn l the t~ idae by
here was verb y Iti lift(ry Ja lar G, knd
prices closed weak. +,r ++
ot+ are still favorable. .
The demand for cloths and yarnas cotiedi as.
, d the market closed flrs at p atio psdos a
n prdu)ction.
hAveE, March 31.--The sales of cotton durng
past week amounted to 10,000 bales.+
he market closed generally quet. Bas at the
mmencemed t of the week advanced I f., but to
vds the latter part exhibited a downward ten
ecanO, QaturdayEvening, March 31.-The Eug.
h Funds continue much depressed, and a further
line of I is reported. Y
onsols for money closed at 94l i to 94.to l.
sd . General Intelligenced . o the
ihe general and political news received by the
nee Albert possesses no features of lntere.t.
Spoet wnee amounted to 10a.01 bates·.
ST. Jon's, N. F., April 1L-The steamship
'rince Albert brings the intqlligence that the O
teamship Europa, of the Bltiash and North Amerl
an Line, had arrived attrverpool optms 20th nit.
The ship Sir J. Lawrence fromi Savannah, laden
rith cotton, arrived at Liverpool previous to the th
ailing of the Prince Albert. hq
Commeraial Iatelligene. ed
LrvareooL, March 31.-The Liverpool Produce on
narket closed generally quiet.
IMessrs. Richardson, Spence & Co. report Sugar
losed heavy, with no change in prices.
Coffee closed quiet, at the quotations by the last
Rice generally closed firm; an advance of Sd. oi
ook place during the week.
Rosin closed dull, with no variation in prices.
Turpentine closed dull, at the quotations by the
Lovnox, March 31.-The London Money market he
Ssomewhat more stringent and closed firm with a
air demand. by
The bank rates were fully maintained through- og
at the week.
The amount of bullion in the bank of Ingland
as decreased £95,000 during the week. tlt
avaes, March 31.-The Paris Bourse is much de Il
ressed and continues to rule dull. he
The Three per cent. Rentee closed at 6a8. 85
entimes. eh
General and Political Intelligence.
The general and political news, received by the
'rince Albert, comprises nothing of special in
It is generally believed that England and Prus
in will act in concert to maintain the rights of
It is currently reported that the Republic of
witzerland, will protest against the occupation of a
:hamberry by the French.
Rumors are now in circulation that a Congress
n the Swis question will probably be held.
Advices received from Paris state that France
rill assume one hundred and seventy millions of
rances on the debt of Savoy.
A dispatch from Berlin says that the answer to
d. Thouvenel's note energetically supports the de
nanda of Switzerland.
Prince Carignan has been appointed commander at
of the military and naval forces of Tuscany. be
The Central Administration remains provision- F1
ly at Florence. 12
The services of Ricasoli, hitherto Governor- bl
leneral of Tuscany, have no longer been re
uired. at
Tie Ministry has beet discontinued.
The army of Tuscany Is to be incorporated with
bat of Sardinia. do
The Sardinian squadron, having on board the at
lardinian troops, left Genoa for Tuscany.
It is reported that orders have been received
rom Paris to suspend the departure of the French so
roops from Italy. Advices received from Rome
tate that on the 20th alnit., General Daries fired at
paon the people and that over thirty persons were
rounded. Great agitation is prevailing through.
cut Rome.
The Kiog of Napleshas declined the invitation from
he Pope to occupy the 1'hpal States with laepolt.
an troops. It is supposed that all the .roop ipa
he Pope will garrison at Rome. The troops of
itples will probably occupythe chnuroati order
o prevent a conflict with the army oat s.
It is generally believed that the Queen of pin9- 0
will be anxious to send troou t'thv apel States. d
Nothing of great importebsihas transpirea eon '
aerning Savoy. '
In the House of Cimo eoastroeg eobrita are be
ing made to obtainftpu eaase aboelltienofrstre i
tion n hipplug.- An address to that eabet has p
been eit to the Crown. The Traus-Athintio Tel.
graph "Cmpany has determine.a to raise £25,000
on mutgade of the old cable. st
It is reported that the long peadig dleielty,
which has bees exiesting betqec the Ua.lted ttatest
and rglanud regarding theb San Juan aned
claiLped by boih Gvernmeaus, will be sadeaWl
The pren. fight betw t the iensleI Roy en, !
the Chhamplnle of Ic$ iisE l id I.r ls bunmet
nan And Tom .svp..vbTiu 1bo eep the s
peace. - -.
Advices received frown' YVlesa state t tha h
Government oat Astria bee sent to the Germeel
G to si~Li"FcIS
ranting eaahpower teq
rovldiig fr e
The bill wee Anally
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