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cfdlaltetkheWaeVwe nienese s1
r lr.aT s, September 25, 1860.
:, . ; e or-. e city is ltlatg up by thousands.
sad eardi house landlords are busily en
1 4 s oiditg anv their gues. Every one seems
it l leLakMy e ad, and& the very houmse in
Ae*4esis la w a 1l4 of hlkaiday appearance, as
Sikt thqskt.aw thits is a proud week for St.
R- l,, Im the week is over, Lt. Louis will be
" a *a, ed wIth men, women and
e fry bot and railroad arriving is
heman beingas M going to &W aeir!
1frtredattle arotnds to-day at a quarter past
ad When I entered it seemed to me as
ih a whole nation was eapgrating. It was a
kpsC t aght tose so many happy bee" together
,- l-Espot. the prssands eide ea, of course,
: objeit af to the visitor. He
efi dtly aeren of green,
oreon of it shaded by the
flcfty, leafy oake, and the
a number of statnes, fountains
eaMds, drives, etc. Aronad the
a for the horses and cattle, all
Ma clean. Having glanced around,
v w syna. trally proceed at once to
Ona the -ntaide of this vast
tha iepromenadeareranged
elghty.id ior a nhmber,
sp sh t5 e ad eare. Pauling up the
of whieh thr are severel lights, the
is grand and imposing.
r p~. }y round and level, is
bellssof saw-dustof diffarent
stea landaws the pagoda (" a
4j& stony tower, where the
its sweetest tunes to enliven the
At jttaw, aperfeet gem of architec
S eak me uite, as Jean Paul calls an rchi
b t r,) stainds not far from the Amphi
Fadirtpaly designeaedfor the comfort
Sof the ladies, and is a place
e thet an ttePr attire and toilette. Be
there are the Fine t
feel Hall, Power Hall,
ithe tent for the exhibi- t
, 'bggles, etc., the large pavilion
the Gallinarium, the
.b ortiontural and Pomo
Sot . They all present their -own
a ab. 1 ~eIOmely-ftted and filled up
Ibentil and nare.
tt falt e thaeile Art HalL Thadia.
'llik ll thil is not quits so rtensive
to the annual exhibition
S , bting place now in
e 1, ootion of paintings is
a i .several works of the n
opies of old aned new ti
gie*g albeats uad masl worthy to
-A tos- at Paul 'Vroneee's Obrist,
*aK tI ,gf lnaln perferm the foot-washing.
i/y, bigalea i wonderfully. beautiful on a
ib ft lS o, that one feels afraid
lae sedbid . *.a , rain &it back once
I'ba t- 4 iilfret sýn. Another very i,
e lot j A gi u a co Lmeso's Bick Brother.
r the room loorfi looks d
t modesty and a]
Ta garret room, on a
sea oyooklng with pray- h
oaeel a attached to the
k e0 tlsteheabedtatti other boy, with
-aw q t estlgadagsritamteerrow. His K
t) , e a *5iaIeen, have often i
daavsts .a e seotlutiot. The a
d *ietaaketk h operau bedse t the fbr- at
oin4ae aen tary, the absence of it- I
peovert: The whole picture re h
or n ofd .e of tbeggar-pictSres of Morglo. B
rfaully steady and keen e
p iite coblors wonderfully som
not too dark; the whole
o le e Ia, to use a Shhakpearean
S of nature. Surrounded 6
dtic't fraes, thi piece S
Ss0ore particularly because its a
ibd: vh a hesnmonlzing. with the ei
the composltion. Thes ci
rroen 419g nlatets, thfo pie
eia . choly: napreesio npon its a'
eal wi.tlthtsoertainuanmen eth
ntitetimae comes over as to
a biat b illat uminateed ball fo
oiptlst the dark street below, and Yý
a telrand worn-out beggar, who
alnger and cold. That picture, with in
, pBgitgkepsuspgea.ks warmer to the heart Ju
ts nmset a well written book. Another very
Scopy is one of Robert's pictures, " The fa
q; attracted considerahle attention, and
eI exceedingly wellt copied. It is very curious
Rct lobert mostly selected Italian scenes for his
and the "Beapers," above all others, are hr
S'pon, I believe, as his chef d'osre. By Ns
oloking P.t ts oue forgete that there exists an un- At
el lande. f shahdows, and doubts arise whether i
earth'istnot, after all, the only and bo
S at g._ To be een on the picture Al
e q$ludgap. e of the Romagna, with an plh
evena i ,tkyi the center of it is a wagon,
twj krgebuffaloes harnessed in heavy ma
_lp*od by a family of peasants, br
ah peoit o miaking a halt. To
Ctalemale reapers on sheaves, reposing i
bjla a g .piper plays, and a merry n
njýthe nqtf themusie to his heart's he
e al ough yon could hear the
Wlt sete;e yokng and handoome
g ib alt e e, ,;owers, and loaded
Dore;p;a the samse side with
to young reapera, one has a vo.
on" "owneat look, and the
41 d iekle, buarpt out in joyous
etlwes t e two bufaloes stands a
f~who seems to be only a
who tes s efesta standing. On
W onlayd the grandfather softly
' eYin-ehnaisted looking old men,
i, leeads family wagon,
n yong looking, manly figure,
ag ,k of on of the bufaloes,
ealgaat the reigning power-the
heada. The highest position on the
Sb m th young aneed beautifl wife
~ bolding a child in her
i bad; and next to her is
of a youth-likely her
npreading the linen of the
I Q and your readers have
pitLtre often enough, as litho
Sit b'to be found in every first
'o Id'te tonderftl ,harm of
to riong and the architectural
"i dg. and grouping. The whole
ao ecese. Yet, not every one
~ ela , for whie I was stand
the beauty of the picture,I
Strht exelaim: "Josh, did
at nnatural harvest picture
, ever w such foolish do
h e wtond women are doing In the
Y' I okedate Crlile, and saw a face
pws o Odi muzzle, pig eyes,
M alf mile an obleke nonse. After
at hmn.I dtnt wnder any more at the
Speey one toi taut,:" You hear
epeaon in Art elpl, erotheere are
who know how to appreelate a
mari r. Jonesr lfr. Jenkfas buys
biea eeit looks well to have t in
o.he x bea-tifh l paintls, origi.
fl blutance :.A plators of Oa
lg ab autanc a beaautllfely worked
theark of dflbrent trees; an
by a girl I yeears of age;
ando otiU ean; a Venus
p phs by the million,
Among the latter
wau pig. Ae regards
axere eer to any
geis. are for sale j
by Merns. Balmer & Weber, the well known me
sical fin here. Fine Art and Floral Hall are thb
favorite spots for the multitudes, who constantly
crowd these two places. Many a fine picture,
flower, fruit and sweet face is to be seen there;
they all belong to one family, and make a very
handsome boquet.
The theaters and places of amusement are
n reaping a golden harvest during the Fair time.
m The St. LonisTheater, (only English theater in thi.
in city) under the management of Mr. DeBar, i
nightly filled and crowded by strangers. The per
t. formanee is accompanied nightly by the greates1
he enthusiasm and applause. Many of the spectators
ad perhaps, have never been inside of a theater be
t fore, and I dare say look at a fair actress as a sort
of a demi-goddess.
a The attendance on the groundsto-day (Tuesday)
was estimated at 40,000 people. Thursday will be
the great day of the Fair. The Prince of Wales
and his party will be there, and will doubtless at
tract the largest crowd ever seen there. A slight
accident occurred in the ring to-day. In the ex
hibition of his horses, Mr. McDonald was over
e turned from his sulky, though withont injury.
Later in the afternoon, while his stallion, Jim Row
ell, under the charge of another driver, was making
a the fastest time of the day, and eliciting universal
l admiration, one of the axles of the sulky broke
d, short off at the wheel, precipitating the driver to
1o the ground. The horse dashed madly onward,
at dragging for a few reds his driver, whose hands
were entangled in the reins. He was soon extri
C, eated, however, having suffered no dangerous in
1 Juries, though his feet were badly cut. For a few
e minutes all was excitement and confusion; all ef
I forts made to stop the stallion in his course around
the ring were fruitless, until at length, wearied by
Shis exertions, he galloped up to his proper position,
frpnting the judges' stand, and there stopped.
With these exceptions, nothing occurred to mar the
0 pleasures of the day.
Wednesday Evening.-The Prince of Wales and
his party arrived this evening. An immense crowd
waited at the levee to see him. He stays at Bar
t num's Hotel, where everything has been prepared
for his reception. The attendance at the Fair to
day has even been larger than yesterday. Not less
than 50,000 people were out there.
Before closing this letter, I take pleasure in men
tioning the Missouri Glass Company, who have a
splendid collection of flint and colored glassware,
such as tumblers, goblets, champagnes, wine de
canters, lager beer glasses, candy jars, coal oil
lamps, lanterns, gas shades, vials, syringes, pre
scriptions, colognes, tinctures, Saltmouthe's vault
lights, insulators, etc.
And now good bye, my dear Crescent.
Tounr, freere,.
o FEr GtSON.
I o'clock this morning a man was dying at the
northwest corner of Fourth and Main streets. In
the short time which has elapsed before our going
to press, we can do no more than give such de
tached facts as are elicited by the few who are
cognizant of the trasgedy.
Private watchman Lemonisky saw three persons
on the spot of the murder, tressling, as he guppos
Sed, in play. One ran away and passed him so
rapidly that he made pursuit, and the fugitive
Scried out: " I did'nt hurt you." He pursuedhim
into an alley near the st. Charles, on Third street,
west of Sycamore. Here he left him and returned
to Main street, where officer Hynson bad found the
deceased sitting in the rear door of Palmer's Jew
elry store.
Supposing him drunk he attempted to remove
him to the station, and found himbloody ; at that
moment two young men came up, who tell the
fllowing story:
He hadbeen out with a young German named
Kanabe. As they were about separating at the
corner, two men accosted them with profane and
insulting remarks. Kanabe wentback and retort
ed in similar language. The larger of the two
strangers drew a pistol and they all, including
Kana be, ran away.
He carried the wounded man to the station
house in Hammond street, with life just flickering.
He died in a moment after reaching that place,
without speaking. A hat was dropped by the
running man which they recognized as beinu the
one worn by Kanabe. [Cincinnati Commercial.
Signor Tonini, a young Italian engineer at work
surveying among the mountains which separate
Savoy and France, recently attempted, against the
advice of his guards, to descend alone over a gia
cier. The letter to the London Times, stating the
circumstances, says:
Ten minutes elapsed, and the guides, not seeing
anything of him, feared an accident and went in
search of him. Cautiously following his track,
they came to a circular opening in the snow abont
two feet in circumference, through which the un
fortunate man had fallen into a crevice twenty
yards deep. He was still alive, and called to the
guides to get ropes and draw him out. Before the
ropes could be procured three hours elapsed, and
in the meantime he had died of cold and of the in
juries he had received. The guides heard his
groans, but could afford no relief. The following
day his dead body was found in the torrent tidh
falls from the glacier, and was interred at Susa.
CAPTt-E OF Two MloaU SLAvFa r .-U Fvoorlee_
Hundlred and o ineteen Negroes oo Board..- A
brig, supposed to be the Storm King, of New Yerk,
has just arrived in our port and now lies off the
Naval Hospital. She was captured on the lth of
August by the United States steamer San Jacinto,
in latitde 6° Souoth i° longitude East, about two
hundred miles off tle Congo river. She had on
board when captured six hundred and nineteen
Africans. Lieut. A. K. Hughesr. U. S.N., was
placed in command of the brig, and alter I lading
cargo of live Africans (minus three who died o0
the passage) at Monrovia, proceeded to this port,
making a passage of 31 days, and sOnrrenderod the
brig to U. S. Deputy M'nrsal Thomas Nash.
On the 8th of August, also. the ship Elie oas
captured by United States steanmer lMohican, hav
aing on board eight hundred Africans. Lieut. Dou
nagan was placed in command, who, after takla g
her Into Monrovia and landing the negroes, was to
leave for New Yuor on the 22d of August. The
captain and crew, all Spaniards, of the Storm King
are on board in irons and will be removed to tht
city jail. [Norfolk Day Book, Wednesday evening.
SNAKE )fILtING.--A note from Mr. S. B. Cornutt
atis us in possession of one of the most wonder
Ssnake killings that we have ever heard of. Ou
the 3d of last month some girls on the Iron MIoun
tain, not far from this place, gathering wihortle
berries, were startled by the sight of an unusual
number of rattlesnakes. Giving the alarm, Mr.
Samuel Brewer and others proceeded to the place,
and eacceded in killing, almost at the same place
eighty-two snakes; seventy-four of the rattling
sort, and eiglht of the kind called pilots. Thoer
called pilts are new to us, buItit is said they are
often found with the rattlesnake. Some of them
were not more than eighteen inches in length,
while others measured more than four feet. Somae
had but one rattle, while others could shake more
than a donen. [Mountain News, Vs.
WIND WAGONS ON PEA1aot.-Andrew Dawson,
of Oscoloota, Kansas, recently constructed a
wagon furnished with sails, rigging, etc., propelled
by the aid of wind, with which he wrent to the
Pike's Peak mines in twenty days. Encouraged
by this aucess, other parties in the same town set
about the construction of the same kind of wagons,
and a few days since a party of eight started out
on the prairies to try one which had just been
finihed. The wind wans blowing a Tale at the
time, Ererythingworked ton elaarm. The oeu.
pants glided swiftly over the prairies, were de
lighting themselves with anticipations of a speedy
and comfortable trip tothe minets, when the veloci
ty of the vehicle created a lively alarm for their
safety. The wagon sped onward before tie driv
ing wind faster and faster, until the axle-tree broke
and deposited them all poo the ground, and int a
somewhat damaged condition, from broken heads,
bruised limbs and bodies. The speed of the ma
chine is said to have beeno forty miles per hour.
A MAN MrtorDED oB 000s 0WtVI'I.-In Burrinville,
Rhode Island, on Snaturlday, Lydia A. Phetteplacre
killed hler hsband, ir Ia Phetteplace, with an axe,
while he was lying on the floor in a etate of intoxi
cation. A son, about 14 years of age, clarried
information oi the homicide to his sister, two nmiles
distant, but it wans two hours before any one canme
to the house to inquire about it. In the meltinmr
the woman drew the dead body ot her husbanhd
into the yard, and washed up the blood-stains Ifromn
the floor. When the officer came to arrest her shel
appeared quite unconcerned, acknowledged the
deed at once, and gave asn'a reason for comnmitting
it that het husband was in the habit of ill treati"g
her, and that he had that morning threatened to
kill her. She told the Sheriff that there was no0
need'of taking her from home tojail. Phletteploce
was a laboring man, addicted to ilntoxication, and
waO abusive to hlu familv when in that condition
A Fneorn GinAtaanoAa's I'amnE.-A Dijon journal
relates the following incident:
A higinjegal functlonary on entering the Prefec.
tore during the Emperorse stay there, accidently
trod on thea foot of a Cent-Garde who stood entry
atlhe door. - I beg your ýardon," saidthe magis
trate, " I did not intend it. ' "Do not nmention it,'
said thea soldler. "I know as well as you do that
no man ever treads upen a Cent-Garde'a foot in
-or s-
Union Guard,
M0,+t .t ohd F.lla.r, Il, n ,, Err :,.
P'resident-A. Mazureao.
Vice-Presidents-First District, L. I. Place : See
ond District, A. Legeudre; Third District, Chas.
Culbertson ; Fourth District, E. A. Patterson.
Treasurer-Thos. Askew.
Secretary--J. H. Frobos.
Grand Marshal-Jas. Bleggs.
Assistant Marshals-First .District, T. A. Bart.
lette, W. R. Fish, F. F. Trinchard: Second District,
John Slemmer, V. G. De L'Isle, J. B. Soraparu,
Third District, W. Long, A. Larose, V. St. Ceran :
Fourth District, S. S. Shumway, J. P. Smith, G. H.
Finance Committee-Moses Greenwood, Win. P.
Vincent, John A. Watkins, Philip Shaw.
nllon Guard,
M.fr at t5, O,0r,,,, BaIl Run,, on F,.idty EFm,i, :.
President-John Yooennes.
Vice-Presidents-Fourth Ward, Dr. E. D. Beach;
Fifth Ward, Amilear Roux; Sixth Ward, Guy Du
Secretary and Treasurer-R. D. Hubbard.
Committee of Arrangemeets-J. B. Soraparu, J.
H. Frobus, Gustave Poree.
Unlon Guard,
President-Aug. Duquercron.
Vice-Presidents - George Clark and John B.
Grand Marshal-Chas. O. LeBlanc.
Assistant Marshals--P. Schomberg, S. D. Max
well and Benj. P. Leefe.
Secretary--Louis Power.
Treasurer-Val. St. Ceran.
Finance Committee--John B. Leefe. Chas. W.
Culbertson, George Clark, Charles E. Fortier, U.
F. Seicshnaydre and James Brooks.
Committee of Arrangements-Aug. Larosc, Jna.
BIt. Guost, P. L. Mailloux, Charles Morel, 1'. Schons.m
berg and Chas. LeCharpentoer.
Unlos t Guard,
President-P. S. Wiltz.
Vice-President-Robert Wynne.
Secretary--Philip Power, Jr.
Treasurer-Chas. Keller.
Grand Marshal-James Hoban.
Finance Committee-P. S. Wiltz, A. N. Power,
Jas. Hoban, G. C. Gottschalk, J. B. Joneck, M.
Hernandez, Charles Keller.
Committee of Arrangements--Robert Wynne, G.
C. Gottschalk, J. Hoban.
Unlon Club,
etat U, nion 1 ,1 . ,, J ,/e .i dcrit, oi Te,·,,,.
President-William Freret.
Vice-Presidents-A. W. Bosworth, John Living
ston, C. T. Buddecke, C. R. Pitcher, Jacob Staub.
Secretary-A. S. Phelps.
Treasurer-B. Campbell.
Committee on Funds--H. S. Buckner, H. T.
Lonsdale, E. Parmele, S. Shumway, A. Levy, D.
Adams, J. H. Phelps.
Chief Marshal-Hon. Lucien Adams.
Assistant Marshals-H. M. Verlander, J. S. Ber
thelot, Wm. Woelper.
Committee of Arrangements-J. E. Caldwell,
E. A. Patterson, B. Campbell, W. R. Miller, W. C.
Fossill Club,
M.et of Odd Ftell, SiT .. Frt,,y Erc.,;t.
President-J. M. Lapeyre.
Vice-Presidents-First District, T. L. McGill;
Second District, M. Barnett, Sr.; Third District,
John B. Leefe; Fourth District, Jacob Staub.
Secretary-Henry Bier.
Treasurer-Benj. Florance.
Fossils' G ltad,
,sul En'- +lar,.
Captain-R. L. Bruce.
Treasurer--C. Huchez.
Secretary-Chas. Thompson.
Bell (halSmplons,
uMt' at T-.l.la,hr' l Tll, (Lundet , retr , ol Fri, bry E'... .
President-Theodore S. Buddecke.
Vice-Presidents-First District, E. D. Hyde: Sec
ond Distriet, B. Tavaries; Third District, M.
Mount; Fourtlh District, A. I. Pierson.
Grand Marshatl-W. P. Noble.
Assistant Marshals-First District, J. D. ('lancey;
Second District, F. Bonito: Third District, J. A. F.
Brown, Jr.; Fourth District, A. Pierson.
Tieasre er--Otis Harris.
tlecoding Secretary--S. Vultee Iyams.
Corresponding Secretary--M . P Mortee.
Everett Knight.,
President--R. G. Lotting.
Vice-Presidcns-Firot District, George Burn:i
Secontd District, A. G. Baklwcll; Third I)istrict,
)Dr. H. S. Forwood; Fourth District, It. 1). Gribble.
Treasurer--Williiam (:ribble.
Secretary-Charles N. Frost.
Grand Marshal--George W. Helie.
Assistant Marshals-H. W. Bassett, i . S. Tor
wood and L. H. Gardiner.
Finance Committee--A. G. Ilakewell. J. It. Pic
ton and W. G. Coyle.
Executive Committee-L. IH. Gardiner, R. G.
Latting, E. B. Adams, Robert (:ribble and George
Everett GnarI,
10,, ,i thIir c its, r.',c. , rc.,if.s , a i,, J,,,,/ i'.,' , c,ri.,
President--W. M. Perkins.
Vice-Presidents-Wm. Northern, John A. Wat
kins, Theo. A. James, Samuel A. Shumway, I. N.
Secretaries--Wallace Hunter and R. F. W.
Treasurer--Samuel Sumner.
Executive Committee-George W. Squires, D. P.
Logan, B. M. Horrell, Samuel H. IKennedy, M.
Kirkpatriek. Jas. Turner, Hy. Block, H. F. (Given,
E. S. Keep, W. It. Conger.
Finance Committee - W. B. Bowles, M. T.
Squires, George D. Field, Samuel McConico.
Committee of Arrangements--C. D. Bunce,
Chas. Ballejo, W. H. IReese.
Grand Marahal-Gaspard Shrieber.
Assistant Marshals--F. Mcll Swain, Ienry S.
Whitemore, Loais A. Adam, Joseph P. Marvel:
Bell Knlghts,
], ut A Fhe ,t. Philip 2li! Rmon nn T F. ., 4'. z,,
President-Francis V. Duplessis.
V'ileePresidents--A . H. Kernion and M. E.
Secretary-Oscar LeBiane.
Treasurer-Charles Escoitier.
Grand Marshal -Alfred Cornu.
Assistant Marshals--E. P. L.egeodre, A. I). Ber
noudy, C. Everett, J. T. Beach.
C omittee of Arrangements-EF. Vidal, Chair
man; Louis Prados. A;frcd Corno.
Cozmmittee of Wavs and eans--A. L. ii. i.re
aion, Ch cirono J. T. Beach, A. Moral, Clhas. lo
pltssis, R. J. Du)ros.
Conulitutslio ('Slar,,
.v,.. ,, ,+,! o, 0 .l+,,,, PL,, h'o., . T,,, ./,y F.' r:, . '
OFFIss ('ERs :
IPresident -(. D)uplanticr.
Vice-Presidenit -llenry (aridel.
Secretary--3. It. Celnas.
iiteacorer--AlIrled Blcr:d.
Grand Marshal- IlilihI o'u,:hats n.
LCommittee of Arrangremens -[. ld Jordy. Alfred
Bcrsard, Emile liuipre, .1. K. liaily. Noma li)elery.
Assistant aritihals--I. r;lil-lha-, Jas. Vienue,
C. W. loy, C. W. Allen, Emile. Ihqpre.
Il31nate felsl of ,·),
President- -P. R. Msddlemis.
Vice-President--A. E. Dick.
Secretary and Treasurer--G. W. Neutz.
Captnin- --James Beggs.
Committee of Arrangements- -. W. Ncutz, C.
W. Grissan, Toby Hart, J. A. Brown
Hell IRanger.
[,rt at Eagy- llll ,l errrt To,,dy Brel,
F'F-'IC.RI :
President--J. M. MeClandish.
Vice-Presidents---Benj. Bland, J. S. Clark.
Secretary--Frank 1,. Clayton.
Treasurer-W. W. McGarrity.
Chief Marshal--Wash. Marks.
Finance Committe- I. N. Marks, W. H. Cook,
J. I'. Harrison, W. K. Day, A. Kearny, IL. Ren
Molnnt Vernon Club,
OF Tri: SE 'ON 1) AW V111
President--Thos. Murray, sq.
Vice-Presidents--A. Howell, Chas. Pride.
Secretary -lEdward S. ploolc.
Treasurer--W. T. .Stocker.
Marshal--John I,. (Gulrrbernater.
Assistant Marshals--E. Blessy. Jos. Laborde.
Finance Commilte- J. . W. Wilder, Win. (;rant.
lar. llencadon, F. W. Dorr.
Comnmittee of Arrargenlc ts--Mark Breeden,
Robert Artnstead, V. P. Coleman, l. Toledano, E.
A. Tyler.
Kelntucky Hell and Everett Club.
President--Jas. D. McMickle.
Vice-Presidentsr--I. B. Cummings, M. Williams.
Charles Florat, Thomas Lynch.
Secretary--Wm. P. Comstock.
Treasurer--Wm. Ireland.
Committee of Arrangements--Peter D. Zelley,
Ilenry Haslings, P. Holy.
Everett Rangers,
.I-I· rI!r A lrr·,-l.0,,i l . .1 .r1l aral n ,.,1 r ..- .. -
President--Lea F. Bakewell.
Vice-President--W. . G Dales.
Secretary--C. F. Verlander.
Treasurer--It. Yeatnlan.
Grand Marshal--Tlhos. Askew.
Metropolltan Cnla.
President--IHenry BPebe.
Vice-'President -. llrau.o Ki-lly.
Treasurer-RIobert Pringle.
Secretary --GeoW.W. Sira,.on
Finance Committee--l eo. W. Stoddard, John I.
Bradley. Iobert Prinkle, ludson English, .,- Per
lkiins, Ilanson Kelly.
Bnnker 111ll Rangers,
(oF Till: FO U0RTH W1.ARD,
President-W. J. IMaynard.
Vice-President--Victor G(aschet De L'sle.
Secretary--George A. Bears.
Treasurer-L. A. BUlache.
Marshal--T. E. Sykes.
Assistant Mharshal--Joseph Baker.
Finance Committee--Geo. Watyman, Jack Wil
son. James McCracken, Arthur Saucier, William
Rough and Ready Club,
O-rl . a. the Se. Philip a l Rl o.,,r - or.- y c,! Frl, E.,,,i.y.
President-Joaquin Viosco.
Vice-Presidents--A. Sarabola, T. C. Hoggarth.
Secretary--J. . FaWeysanm.
Treasurer--F. Sambola, Jr.
Marshal--Ed. Fagot.
Younllg Bell Ilingers,
JX- t the St. y B.ui'lin, .. ry . If, . ;~..',a,
President-Louis J. Salomon.
Vice-Presidents-First Districts, Jos. F. Dick:
Second District, O. Blasco Third District, H. N.
Jenkins; Fourth District, Wtnl. F reret.
Secretary--D. C. Canter.
Corresponding Secretary, Edward Sloan.
Treasurer--J. Watts Kearney.
Grand Mliarshal-C. E. Leverich.
Assistant Marshals--First District, Andrew Jack
son: Second District, W. F. todgkins, Jr.: Tlhird
District, S. C. Tardy ; Fourth District, Jesse Bryan.
Crllttenlien Guard,
rt3.t s ttim ! ll, , c ,te o ,,, I 1 r,,
President--Edward D. Turner.
Vice-President-John T. Block.
Secretary-Jos. H. DeGrange.
Treasrurcr--eco. C. Wedderburn.
iarshal --Samuel Alston.
Marshal's Aids and Committee of Arrange
ments--John Russell, Charles Montaldo, Charles
iinance Commoittee--Alfred Kearney, Esil., It.
C. Swain, H. F. Warner.
Bell Lathers.
(rfficers, time and place of meeting not published).
Right lBanlk 3ell Claplpers,
3r it 1h, . (',h ; r, n ,,,, l. , I, , . . . II' , ,/
Presidentl--A. It. Set .
Viee-F'retidnt Wiiiam Martin.
Secret:niy - . IA . I. larson.
'rea~ur-r- \ mit . tiz. i.
Marshal ti--i'hcrh,- E. I riso.
Commitltee on .\.y', ndl .I :-, No)rbertici Ti-
pagnier, I1) ,lite Fortier, L. WI. Ildge, Thomast
PRENTIC LtNA. --l' the people of South ('arolin
\rant to accdte, let thit by all mealUlns secede. Let
them go to l.llaund or VlII-i t or Spiainl or Cuba or
Mlexico l: wI: rever eti tilhv p1.alr. IBt tilv
can't be allowedl to take their trrit,ily with theil:
we shall want that fri the ucss of i better and
more loyal population.
The editor of the San Antonio ierald asserts.
not merely that there is a certainly, btl tlt that t'e
are several certainties of Mr. ltretlkridg.e's elec
tion. We protum, lin e really thinks so. 'Tris qeer
vdhat sort of people sometimes manage to get into
editorial chairs.
We hope our Indiana friends will heed the excel
lent advice given them the other day by our cor
respondent " B.'" They will be sure to come out
right if they take the B. line.
The South Carolina politicians are nrow boiily
pounding thire Cnstittion. Let them cease, ani
then they will be x-pounders aof that instrument.
We don't say that Jolhn Bell's negroes outnunlt
her the Breckiniridge ment in Ker.tucky.
We dnn't say that, but we do say that we would
much rather own Johln Bell's niggers than tile
whole Brcckinridge party of Ientucky.
Tie Democrats, with their divided allegiance to
Breckinridge and Dri glans, ar very nlucl it tile
situation of Capt. Macesath ii tile lBeggar' Opera
between the rival loves of Filly Pteaclulm and
Lucy .ockett, and mantiry of them feel like the
famous highwaymr a when tre sang:
11e tr in,. mair ' i. e win . ý,L 'r s
Wintlerp1r 1t jiur. i. Sh , It.· ,L ,,,.t , 1
Mr. Yancey never stood tupon ti platform lhat
we cauld approve. WVe presumt lie never will till
Ire is about to be hung.
Au Alabama paper exipresses its belief that Mc.
Yancey's whole porlilical life has bieen a curse to
the country. We believe so tore. We idon't wihI
Yancey dead, but we are sorry his iother did'tlt
refuse to hltace his father.
lGen. Joe tLae is not a coward.but no mani thor
oughily bIrave .eonldl talk abont Ilis WollndsRi ill pt
lie ispeelhs. thrllen yon lildl a piubilic spreacr:
paradirng Iisl wouln belfnr a l rowd, you layit
safely set it down that thelre are a gold ally
thinga he ti oulld rlitheti-r do thlan llght. Aid rtnn ,g
is generally one of thenl.
While Frtderieik Snydser, wrecked on the Lady
felt. " 1'lu:t rate : bilt i'd like a !olRoman ulinch.'*
wasn tihe rslpost. "A gin c:cktail wosid hIit
le,'"ciitlicl, droa niw nswe., anlr thile waves carried
theul apart, Snyder to he s t" ed1 to tihe ehjoyn o 1
ol" hiss tav' ite 0rae. +ind fie other to ente -
bouIne wherte lihtre ii o rtecord of the inanuritlc.
tlre of loran It I tinnichn-i
Tile steamer )irigo, CiptL. I.. I. l'ra ll, a ittied :5
iVinterport t yesttai iti ei-oit , fori: iite Wrcl
of tie steamtt er laungarian. M.r. linrtet t iifin
uq that good,d are being taknll al, to t!le amnloullt ofI
fro, Stil,) to i till ter i|:iy+ 'lie !ItnoVititi-- 'q l
era have becn hoi.,ed ul/t, and tile mllhtchinler\- N ill
betonged to ,. . ut:ett, el' this city, fohdill
htie Hungarian, werel bre rbru1.-Irt h -m in sia
t t g[1 aneor Wig, l2tth.
A placard, clmnanutiai tl,'ro tile P'refe'ecture of titl
Scine, rance, lhas been Stllck iii, till plirilnl-y
schooils, focrbidding thre distibution as prizes tt
children of hooks not ofillcilly Iapprved of; also.
thle recital by trheol di citcourses inot conlulrruic
ted to tie autihoritirs, andrl tire deliovery of addtres
ses by terachers, male or fcmale, without previoues
Gco. G. Evans'
Gift- 12 co:l Entericinso
Largest ill the 1World!
No. 4S9 Chestnut street,
Having purchased the spaelol s Iron Ruilding, No. 439 Chest.
nut street,a d itted it up with every eonvenience to tacilittte
my builness, pnrtieularly that branch devoted to COUNTRY
ORDERS; and havings larger capital than any other party
inveted in the buslress, I am now prepared to offer greater ad
I vantages than ever to my customers. A ew CaLsIled Iatas
logueof Books, j t1 itued, embrae-s the writing- of every
standard author in every department of lterature, including
over two hundred volumes of IIitory, Biography, Voyge. ansd
Travels. Advlntures, etc., etc., publibed by mytelf. This Is
the most complete catalogue of I~oks and itts ever p-hlihd,
and gives all the information rOaI- l o h hdtQ , 11 for
wbrsdig by 3Iail or lxpre.s of BIook orlcred h`or my Etab
lishment, together wih gtal ,recln. how to rema msoney.
I will furih any book (f," XaTl ih.aictrIpublihed in th
LUited State+, the regllar retil p ice of wihch is o1)e Dollar or
upwards, and gaiunte to ve perfcot ,.:,-[tciuon to my cus
.icieur Alh e.[Y In,,...o d il[p,.i (.- m vidthzll m. nt.
Stranger, cin hg 1'Ih I dv,,phia nre nvilvd to Blrl at FVANS
GIFT BOOK IHOUSE and Jdgfse fer hem clve>.
George G. Ervans'
--lral been
A11 the Leading Clty and Country
--aN rTun-
-Each of whom
-or Ms-
Benefits derived by p,,raimin g Book,
Geo. G. Evans'
-L.h ti., i ,; . ' ,Iui d~r .rd , (;x I,,,e- ,
Th.lt the , l. himIne,) of Gift Er -. ,f .hIri ,: t-+. h1 m,, 'a,. u h,.itl,
Mt,::--rt l 0 Olin l ft , can ) acoo: n cl Ph fii ltt] .. h~111 Ir liy,. , cluinh
n1. 3,I) I L . CTEIOF CT E, E OF I(13 T
, lr any o t ,'k that yo h: .nay w lne I., the, )i.::41 "'u.
ptce tog lth. rw: hthe am" u3tt r Ly ho p • ('"l .
tr hd ail] a--me o u that ire b< . LC in tofe t·,Jit.j ha .)uP.
Geo. Gi. Evans,%
Agenlts Wanted.
To whom gorP lIer i1huc.m'nt than ee: r ICare, i,, d .
iAny pn on, either lle ol k: ti f1;P.- i l 1 , rah.usof eIngag
reli1win ll ! ltine au1d no o1tl ty of (1nhev, ld by "v1hi1h
they Can out khin llTa i
lOr may other hoce a 1 rtielP s elnl lnrat ed 1 the Li. of Grfl ,
a 10 doa.o by acting at. ++ Agent or thi, a taibbih:,hment.
EI T IUP A ( Ll( .
I' (1' Cl .1.3 : n.1 . Ai e I c d .g,, a'h : .- 'l O.:...
George n . Wnant.
PE RnllCtRlentIy 1Locatt.
N i. 0 3q Ct.tIS.TNUT STRiI.,T,
Thil is the only Sure remely against Worms in the hnmet
trtme--thiugs tlhat are so faita lead destruetive to children.
Save the Children I
Iet mothers bet timely warned, and not allow these child mar
derersto rematin In the systemnl of their offspring. Remembet
will at once and forevere batih the reptiles, alnd tile young witl
be saved. Think ,f hits.
ColoIlel Vaeser, of thlsislppi, itn latter to e. W. Veney, Ret.,
of tihe Abelndenl Insrvtivet , thus winds lip hin communltlttlr
on thie valuet ol this mcdhln to h11 ownt hamuly , "Illy 'pe
rltnct hat conlein'ed me thalt, Inthe experlient I ilats mede
wtebb Winor's letdiait VIerinatge, it is due to sullllering human
Iye, s t all te to the mnlueecterer ot the medicfte, to mtkt.
public tle relelt of ily oeibtteitelie.
"[lgetdel W. I. VA\SSER."
Thie erudi'ec is for sale, wholebele.eandi retail, by
J. WIteiHT & CO.,
21 and 151 Uhartre street,
Sole Propreetoet.
Has unitverlity upplntedt all other ointments and healing ep
pletilonts. In both the Ersaern antd Western lterdlpheres, wher
ever Intemdutled: aid its intrinte mnrit is the tree secret of to
eaa, ie ll utieons l afetio lltl telrettler the camte he Sact
dent orstee Saee
Burns and SYalh
Are Instantly . il evedof thelr eangih.l h, pnd ad t ilB ammateei
by e timely applieca tin of this marvel, e healer, nd the Seth bI
renewd a if by a charm, no blemish or rt remeaining.
The Friend of the Nueyery.
Childree are fIrequecnt effureers from extteml inites, eaeel
tlly from fuid ad eamphone exllosioes, therefore eveey mother
Thoeld tlhav thbla helilng prFeparati.o. ,cstl anlyathad. It heale
seeo, breatsts, an riekly removes the Teltter, or Ringworm, e
prSevaenhet it eb ldren.
To Travelers by Sea and Land.
The machieist, the travelert, tad every other indiviellll whos
hi in lfe throw hIim tillhel t tee l ne t of acctidnt from etpli
ien, aire or cellbele tbeold beari, mind tlthat this b aie Eg
fr tllo 1 he l behit ande only Iticnl. It i both portable had he ep
Seole his ( ulr i etrl. Thr l
e eo nw thir s s t or t
Prims nerally,
" (, win ae Shot R IW ol5 h, r u li , o e
out e e, , e t tlh , CA i Scarf, et e
Scald i ieels , Sprtin, i
Sal l Pox, Tumons
Venereal SoreS, etc., etc.i
Rolis, bete tillr kieba
a prlpl ot, odwyNewYork,
YeeeteeteSe eeeei,. nee
end 151Ghatrtr street, Sew 0rlecnt, by
e nerael Ageent
Itt can el be obtelned oil retpetalble drGegietoe "td net
thdute thrtutghoutith Ubepbtled Glede t eleed bnele.
Fever and Age,, Chills and PFever, Dnmb AKne, Iermilttet
and Remittent Fevers, Liver COmplahit, Jan dlce, n
largement of the Liver, Enlargement of the
Spleen, and all the various forms of
Ths Invauelda medicine was prepared from ar extotndlv
practice of neeram years in a bil.ons climate, and I. nvkr now
to fall curing Fever and Ague, or any of the diseaeasborr
Those who are nifernbg from affctiona of this kindit ansb,
those who have becmne invalid, from their effects opon [be con
stltution, will ind the INDIA CIIOLAGOIUEI a mot inv.C l
able reme or ,nrilyiyg rho Mod, lit hor;uhly elemansm
the bhlman system can only explain its exlraordinary agency 1i
the speedly, torough and prm,'t:1 1c.re of Iov'er ad Ague
and the various grade.s of intermittent and remittn-t revers.
It has been tmted iu thollsands of ,rose, and it. pronounced by
all who have ntad it, one of the greatest Fever and Agne
BEre and s.k for Dr. S.0 00 D' IN 'lDA tIIOLAGOGI R,
as there ar6 m..,y eortntrsttity otf,,rvn for .ale.
For ale in New Orleans, wholesale and retail, at proprietor',
prices., by
21 ad 151 Chartres treet,
General AkgeutL
A pones, Me, F Y ,,)l;
AItN K:, Im .:,la ' i ly hcr,/;llcJetl In ,$11 r : _ of
1)Y : iNTEItY
I DI F. tili "r.- \s
l.,;'.,. 1. Fii5
l VA'lytSm)Algh.i'ig'Dg'prp ..1R
,..i thri,,d,,, Pi,,i...,,.,, ,, i , n by- ,,, ) O ,,b
1ai'e, i .and ldmlultedto ·declall , curdll ,I +g.,-ihn i , "- i y
Sg...., d.... an.. le ............ adap..... d Itha I't "t~malk. hr
,h ildSen,ybi
A~ no ,!herartile hll 1-11s cre t al is 1't:!, utpi .
Real Scheldamlt Schnlllapp,
h public c autroe d r )i d ptl) rchtaP none bit !higr., ,iiae nrtloig
Real Scheldama Schnapps.
Rluch bottle will bear the signature of tihe pr*piolor, amnd none
0that is yennline without it.
por anao in Neow Orleans, wholesale and retail, at proprictorl
J. WRIGHT & Co.,
2 ad 11 Chartres . trat,
--Preparod -
On the otrictest I'haana, 0lic, Pr tcipies, by nn of the ables
tihrmi·to of the ag, for rhoil lr. o
leutn g a1d hitricll Drpreion,
Daetrminlaron of Blood to the )lead,
Geerl Irri ll rpr '
. Restlemne+ and V
Absnce of kilcilur E.ickney. lee ness at Nighk
Lbssor' Appetie.3,
21 and 151 Chartres rt: cat,
Solu Proprialora.
DR. O VIs'
Un:llr it. influi ncc t(! , , ' ,re;.eron hl ih rrmnl d. l ,,,
ring tl' bloon il prey.ra ed,, the h;ý.:"h, l, i, rer~l.rr .d , ': . mio
t oyi, and teo In¢sel, ntn 8' e is s ., ,,"-dt f:.) n trn
.,. . c ,. . f.' ·,0, t;.,lC,+tmpth n to a n e:lthily ;,nd a ,otuo- t tb'
b' ,: ±1a ., N,mw t ',.i,, wh ,l e- . nl teteld, by
J V-IGIV A ,0..
..oli ....,r the Soutn,
to , it(d tob e lmCl Jl ,re .," ecl1l "nat e er used for
':e·le- rn ,lor of these troublet.nnl erlmin.
Sn ro and ask for WII: ON'S RAT AND ROACH DE
-'r )i IR, as there ., many spnlrio articlea offered for ale
tlr-,al e J. WRIOU T A CO.,
i. !mlW ad 151 Cbh mr. ritrea
so. 142 Cratlreet--Ine.rpor ted Matrch 16, 1066.
In conformity with Ithe requirements of the Charter, hi
lowing tat t,am unt of It~nti l al I publ habed
LI4,1 LT.42.42
Received6 from 4,119 Dep ltori, 21,76{3
llepl ............. ......... . 1.746,5^i 06
P'aid ill 1,109h drtl't,........... ......... 1,224 ,,9106
Anmu, t at re.it of I). pal turn, 3 th
('eltificate tl' )lep,, It1--Amoullt out
S. t ,litg : th Aprl , tt { i ........... 1 , . 1652
Totl of l lites ....................... ....
R.{lP,) N. o l'ily Il.-. eyn ..d ........ 6 .0.,'.
57dL0 St.R 'lrlc I ter rtgage , Inds
It,,ItOu (AnNhdttd citAlly Ho'lA,,...A
913.61EN)'itY .lP+hl. t I9,nCd to .ihto),'i, t J3,5Wt}
1 iul, l . ltte !. ....... ... . 1 N
:tll .hate, [,,ml.,ui~ htn. Hie; IJO ,+1+r.
ch uti , i'tl titt, l (it ity '; 152 l ink l
Tu.t.e of A '..... . n ..k ;
N'..lmld('' and T', hls.'; 77 ti . n. 73;
---- -65, 94
PerNonatti.lly appearet d l eflre e, Arthur i lc, hit7 t
he Phac. for tihe prrish of Orlea68, G. y URRIw DUNhCA
Trucanrr of the New Orlcan. Having. Inditution, who kly(
dul thwitrn, dipoulht [ the b l. .. emen.... 1 tr.. and a6s,
liurn to fd At t , t.6 . 1.. 6 I4 .8 d. M 10, 1l60
Tile Trustee-shave drhx"rlrd a Tvnth Hemi-.A1nnaul idmdy
r th6 of Mll IX PeR e'lNT ef r nnmrum, in nclenl nee thk
duly fur ht thi ,r Wite m pIlre Ithl I.t 7s4t.
Th, dvividend duel . ach 4){8.8lo will bn paid IN CAHR.*e
itIti, trerillt er cret dil a depo-itl on Lth It o. f b1,
Na. ti*Ul.6 iy tit UNlCA ,Tm2ll, 4
C wittd. . . ...r e ,. I y 71110 0
The ltlly wi.w ,rthe ix l tthe s,, a lol th !.1pany ta.
T nhe tti, iin r du~ e eawcth de:l,,-,h u will b. I4 teA 9 r1 l
_lt, I:Ie ht iiIr .. . r he ye- arr e fin y g , 41 ho
N~.tel lara, ... .. ........ . . . . .... ...g ec3y
N om.i bro n F, I lS. . · , 1 ·.....t........... 2 4
13l . ur Vl. e 4):, at , ..... ... ....... 117.'_'.') 91
Ie du, ontin . RH k Ita ... ........... .... ..) ! pa .
In * in ' o te , W rei y ile+:p d o " , ' 1 2r
1nV. .,1t86i , . ,. e... ... r _ . ... ..,~ ~ 748., W
Fu r. o , n, ,i .l ,, ....... ............. .. .. 9... 2 11
"r, a ornd treura + n fou r a ,e pear nodiug ;, 1 . . * th
C onh1. 8d 1 ,... ............... .......7 ..9%34, 461-1
On tire l mr ou ....... .... 9!:1,421 73
oa ..ltrh,e it" k' ............ 610,'.4 41
On River l..ks ............. 9,676; 3
-- 26,919 76
Rer,.rrneas, Rrpen-el, otc ............... 44.14l, 76
l.wn luteral.t, DlUount, Prott xnd Ilsma, 6e8., 19,627"17
Net .arnel ProP., Cur the )'ear endlr '3t0h
November, 11,59 .................................. 95 , 2 2. .
Tha (o6lrprny h.. the ro lowhlu riets, vi.: -
l3lll3 reeivllaln t short date for Premi',uln......... 967,460
Dlle fur Pre-l-n1- in ourse of cullection............ 44 542 04
lawsruled In Iask t.ek.................. ............ 14566 4
In cetl ll hi N,1,m.· cu r.e by Inrgligaeon Real Fstpte,
wurth dou 6le the 4lotnuut due thereon............ 32,057 57
Invemted ,l ,t, urod by ipldre of Ho........ 12,2'26 00
[nvceted ill -I tl mnorttage. cu -r`u-i"u Opul"u-- Hall.
roodl IRu d. . .................................... 1f.2l1 t0
Hrrip2 of 50,4lll l .urntlure ( 'utm p44 .. ............. 7,012 0
1:.1h on hu d .................. ..................... .2.144 11
Total rmountor Aletn ........................3 ,T 20 6B
SP - 0 , IOr 1,0 .1-R,
Pal i~h of Orl-,l,. coyl of" New Orienl.
110 It r-mem38113. 8,t on 8 , o8,,14tI dry of DcImbe,' 1859,
befor ,, th ei~ luilrrihrcr , Inetln" of til, Peace In and for t5s
Elty 8xf,o1111., p8I-1mllIy *1lar,18111 01r 1la lird, Pra14dt,
1nd AIdl. Nc.l .81. Srratn)y, o/8111 (ui 1' MRut.l I1,,,,.,
.1y, 11; Sow (lr li le anr, x ho tmmR du ly x n ccorCU)ding( to
law, du dc'poal· and -ay, ItIl the Oh,- nr . Kr e a o l st lad
I, It, and a cut rect tl smncr Ipt fro~m the honk, of nald Company..
0. 1i.lll.I,ARI, Iroirln,.
A, SI IIREIHEKR, 8.1110.58.
T18 orn to and . ,1 cri 11 .r8 m . t!,,8 .11 ly yy I5 cuHSS.
1'kntl Juntiee of the PI~ice tar the Parla of Orlealo
IIe Ildal of T11111111 N', 81o1 8ed to pay l'I, r cnt. RIs
tan~xI ou thle o.O:.l ill in0 'rrtl li, ale.ul 11rll t, ts, r the Sean Idll
anll l: fv1, ou pd afer the olelo5.iR)INHAiN ol o Febr14ary at,
The Hut.-l ~f Tru-ier, ho Ye x a 111-llnred a divIdend tN Ten
PL'I·(.n. O 1111 111 Iilillil]I·L· . the Companynl~nJ far the
yy ~r ,t hugl Nl.,Yein~lr'itii . IcQ. t lr ulllrh (`lerleaex tlll b.
IIaiied cu anud after Ihe oclli Ml INIS)~ in February nazi,
(loo. W. Weof R.?. 111not,
.2a;. A. WL151ny
5141 h,. 1I a, Nt l"" Jr~5
H1JP1 I U I, VIPenrfl tiO
J. Noel 1, A. il y 1,4
Ome (illa;rd.
RI uuv ,+t.,,R,. 112.7'6- 8785rlrofIh rs
'[51121) ,1N U.1 IS4,1114ME 22
L*I14p i8Ior.. ll~gloI·. l·I I! lr-p l,,18 s Illl~a clrt rta
H, El,,I·· 11.1?.! i· N8' 1148 82
18 H PE11 1 ,I1d ,S~7 41,87 CO 18A
('r ., ('. ..i 1 . ,, ,11 1'\ : 8.. 17 2 7 ,7737
In r··uI·' , rm r ··:! : I !· ,:,~ ·n·ao: · r "r.,·lr ·,,- "'" .a
13'~B 3
"+, :.r .i- ..·_ . .....: 1'21.1 1 ,7 1
Ru: ,o,118o,11 5.. 8 HI -k,., A8: 18 Y,o18ly.11,181,
.... 1 1. 1... 11................ P 1, II 8 l
Pre II , !..R .. l ...... ...111 11xx818,R I 813
111 ' 8,111118.1........If .1 1 3,2-,:3 1Hy
EI~s8ANT' l8o81 Iy.
81, l'x,,8l.m 81,, I8' .ut tri,1.0lnxl... l I,2W 0011271.18
Itctuni P lI'Iemlll· ..... ···· . ·......... l 1,6186-?,.9615 '
Amount,,f ,Ionoir l Premiums ui the yearr
.nallil, ax h l .. ............ .... - - - 1141,$0 1
Ill pa1llld Illo 1L1o1cllld, I Hl A l e1ir1:
On Fi .1 7111, .............. I, I404 81
O u MaIII.. I71,811,13 2{ 9 8
(,.I River It kka...... ........ 4,:L4) 41
81,18, I
15 per crnt.1 retul r cd to1 plio, 1,39 1
il~nnl ed ................. 16,1.,1 21
R, R8'0R8 I l IF D31 8
81yoeu~ux, lyle. 14x1."1. ,8........ 11,R1I P7-3,91 f2-77,7 711.
I, . 111 1,A ll ...........141111 FIR ..R 5 137414l15
0he 08185Iu 8111 18180814 I07-Iug aR R lycd
1il8 k 11 ... .............. ............. ..$125, 41'6 6
lnvcstld n Nli c cmclll l Z rlrtglq e on
Iteul K*;lrlr worth doublile the amountln
Inan,11 ti trw .......................~~~~~ 1(10,026i 26
Rlill. Rreiilb:F at ,hurl date for IPle
minm, .................. ........~ ~~~~~ 11.216 13
Ilinnk tok~r, cullt.......... .....~~ 2- 41r N
Duol for PI ~millm* in coursie Or' eoil t iun. 29,213 23
Goshal on handd ........... ............... . :s ji.24ý 39
Pal i al of. Orlemx, c (ity of sew oaaanl. f
Be it n ....I ed that on the ninthll day? of May, 14 20,l before
me, 110r Illider-:}lll' ij, a lie~i e of tile I'l.ier i0 nl HII he city
slblc- i id. 1 ''1 lolly app. ';lic rlinry I'relrhHI1d1 Proxident, and
I~nouin arnett, 1. ,,-,:ol: ,'f III. n fuII Il*IIIwle. Companly f
New O, Icunih, ae, l0 o, r e il dul Tw n according on Iaw do do,
""" and wI M) 1II1I1 to.; I.... ;0 ill arruunty n IITCjnnl and tree and a
Meel~t tnllirrrip:5o'i the Lookbol~~of Oul ompanylly
It. 1'01(:(11IJD, Ple~ident,
f,11f"IS DARNETPTI, Secrtary.y
Sa~arn Io and soh,.,.(. lhcd~ 11efn)11 me thin ninth a ny) of Shty.
TTiild .fu iise o the Peirce to, thle Putina, of 0,jean,.\
lald"' ~~oi~· uln·(1 I C-lllli.(I i n ,f )11:3, Cou'rIt Y, one of
chic r(il IICroillll)TO ,W, A,,;,,el T-Itlli f the Clue tler of -All
T,.n I" I I t. on t1, he .nl.,!l, Paidl in. Pay ably on dementl t
'!'" :t'r1,:. 1ý1111.. . c: jill 401, r;. ,1 clue- oile r~e on and afte,!h!
"I1 i.:1. ..od i· t . ,;. toLee, elt.1 .,:u iltx.!~n o
Ihe .o; tint lo. k uuPc)rh.rd
BUIDIU I~lrr IfA. I'I;"O'IAU, PlePWdent)
B1· Fcnln;;,l ·o ~ S. Pi. NýSAN, Vice Pre~hL hleh n
I~lnlo Whir nad YrloraR i-la Ile ARNEITP , Secre t,:.-,hl
S A. 1..^. si' , P. ] Flrch md
At th Ol Ra in, Ih corner prm otb Po O and 1 1r akl md
-a cnlnlrO au O .)NOMt, uc t

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