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Md, Blttedn and Proprtetor.
eEgrarptions, $10 - - - By the Week, 20 Oena.
Iid.etilaetntS i.erted ýt the usual trte.. A
Sseeel 4bkO. Dade to re.gel - tatoetler.
~ h*Weeksy Coesene te puIrblled etry Stbe
Itldl m. iuerlptten, $3-ltneariably iI cdveauce,
IpOm.inadmn, a rtiAert and others oa"=lio7tifA
kO entt y .oEeO ge t rito ot a h.¢Due side toj"er
ae-Today being the 4th of July, no paper will
beipued from this office to-morrow. At this time,
more than ever before, it is incumbent upon the
people of the South to respect and celebrate the
Day of Independence. We trust it will be ob
aerved as a general holiday throughout the city.
TA trite adage, "those whom the Gods would
y tbhy flrstnake m-Ad, is peculiarly appli
cable to the peopleo.o he North at the present
nei. :o it dle a appears to govern their
b ay, nor do they learn wisdom
em every prediction made by the
35 4 verified, in the progress of events,
toqhaj letter. Our claim that the North was
e apendentonthe resources of the South
ihe latter onrthe capital and enterprise of the
* rwas made a subject of ridicule-and the ef
forte which were made for the preservation of the
bIalon by many. of the prominent men of our see
tion were foolishly attributed to a fear of the con
lugaienes likely to result from its disruption.
'Whire now are those former friends of the Union
in thesoath? With scarcely an exception, they are
to bhefound in the damps or the councils of the
On the; great question now before us all are
niated. : The press, with one voice, is echoing the
geueal lentiment. Our women, with heart and
hied` are enlisted inthe sacred cause, and even
Sthe afldren, with their toy drams, are types of
- hat; ib` of resistance to tyranny which now
e, tltu glhout-the South.
W.. ls a helluinoation wonderful in soautllitarian
ai1 otrth cherished the belief that hostility
*o0 . heldiug'powsere of Europe to the secession
, the South wold be at once exhibited,
S d: i neemuti arroganttones announced that the
ftietaseis esdle, of England and France
P ottl ?uld be arrayed on the side of the
Swl:.truggle Which might ensue. How
he case? Not only have England and
Igee ailed to discountenance the iouthern
ibiintin sany way, but, so far as the temper of
ttapeopla of both countries can be ascertained
fron' thel nleading journals and the words of their
eihalg bmeu, the South has reason to expect, in
this neateet, equal consideration with the North.
.Itiwa said by our enemies, in the face of our
aseerions to the contrary, that we would be a
ivsided people at the South should the question of
decemelon be practically raised. It was said that
e ewouald have our hands-fully occupied at home
in artteoting our households from a domestic ele
isetsl discord, and would be glad to welcome
.h people of the North as our protectors. Vain
and iltusory expectationsl The people of the
Ssth :ar e,this day, more united in sentiment and
otlofithan were their fathers of '76, while there is
ai b eneaeef insuriectionary spirit on the part of
ou laves, although from many portions of the
.itll&rgenumbers of citizens have gone to battle,
lianoa iee confiding tothese slaves the care and
p'otot f their households. With these patent
fore them, Lincoln and his senseless advisers
pdo. on the people of the North a continu
anae.of the policy of subjugation of the South;
and, hounded on by the heartless crew who con
trottbe press and pulpit of the North, thousands
of pereenary troops continue to invade our soil.
We may otly deplore the fate which awaits these
misguded dupes of an infatuated and bigoted peo
Splebsfla l8 they continue this war; for, sharp will
b. ie.t Word, and quick the motion, when the blow
Is tobe struck. And, many and great will be the
blgeeingawhichwill follow the South out of this
straggle in which we are now engaged. Not the
leist, perhaps, will be the opening of the eyes of
thlsnt~re Christlan world to the fact that, while
in tbie enlightened age a condition of bondage
'to humanize and Christianize the African,
" A pdlit f 6liberty is ever most active among
theeie who subject this race to the precepts of a
MtsiowAwv NoTICES. - The Davidson Guards
Sleo-tae their officers last evening. The list, with
., suanmlnent of drill nights, thanks to Messrs. J.
h.J. OP.eideon, etc., are officially advertised in
~j e Cadets -and the Governor's Guards
l Satre'dtofficlal calls for meetings to-morrow
aeasl' Tsniess.-See card'of the Ladies' So
Sof the 0. S. Army, thanking a genereus
:Oqug fp money received.
S:apqe'es CimarrtALE Assooaatro.-Quarterly
- aeetlng of Directors next Monday evening. See
TheS.n Antonio Ledger reports the arrival at
that pity of three 32-pound cannon from Fort
S lark, on th way to the coast, to be added to the
"-deti4e of our harbors.
L atsn.aox W..sne'rovx.- The Washington
fr, of Wednesday evening, pats down the total
e of troops which have arrived there at
a48 efolneive of recruits, numbering about
i0,sapd everal independent companies, so that
tae 2aggregte Is over 650,000, without counting
JgegprsEI, marines and Disetrict of Columbia troops,
i leaetter about 40600 strong. It this is true, the
totel agregate of troops already on that line
~enodaintto between 10,000 and t7,000.
oa TALE.-The New York Herald has
jllg gnder date of Washington, 20th
T odpc ofthe Secretary of War will show
are tbe sneninthe fld.
iashown no disposition to rely to our
oteqProposition acceptlng ae Iaris Con
n nme subjec of hy p ring, and e this
bua itad importan neillitary move.
la nd naval movempents on our
S'ereeret designs appaeont.
odthat inatrotloonr hare been for
a navel Squadron to suffer no inter.
r blokade under anypretext what
watoh will be kept as to British
4iX50&ro Qyx .uite an original method of
ptIs tlkod In the last number of
$ maspeogq, a a 169tl, a large Russian
,r b ess tee lt~lfbl fort of Anef, which
]R~w 1a 4 pl', y fortified, and hud
ill:e ut S inperinu. No common
ue wlthIroa s e" n thp w oth i o Iail. In thin
ca ~e 9 eainag sklof reotuaeians was haf
aut, aeral Patrick Gnrdon the right-hand
the great, and-thu only oneaser whose
l a he ever shed a tear, holog deler
tt 'to a 'place at any coat, proposed to
my It w gradua approaches. He had
4sb pe ststwelvetbeasahd mun to work with
tie g op a high clrcumvnllatlon of
yeq adv g nesarer and nearer every day
t by throwiang' nE the huge earth wall
;Iftadvance. The men were kept in
d Igday and night, the earth being
The Confederate forces on the southern shore of
Hampton Roads, a few days ago, heard a great
firing of guns on the other side, where there are
large numbers of the Federals. They could easily
hear the report of the guns'and see the smoke,
C. and they naturally concluded a grand battle was
going on between Magruder and Butler. It turned
out, however, that no engagement whatever be
A tween the opposing forces had taken place. lica
Jane Butler was merely exercising his men in a
sham battle. It was done to accustom them to
the roar of artillery, the flashing of bayorets, and
all the excitements of the battle-field. In short,
it wsas a rehearsal-though, we predict, it is the
i, rehearsal of a play that will never be performed.
.ir One cannot help being reminded of the story told
by "Simon Suggs" of his finding a man in the
piney woods of Georgia, all alone, going through
ill "the motions" of a free fight at a cross-road grog
e shop.
i Butler, it seems, has discovered that his men are
so little accustomed to the excitements and dan
gers of a battle-field that they are too apt, like the
Massachusetts Brigadier at Bethel, to lose their
presence of mind. And a loss of this indispensable
articlein a fight has made more than one Yankee
Id officer come to grief already. It is, at least, con
li- solatory to know that however much fleetness of
at foot Picaynue's troops exhibited at the battle of
ir Bethel when in the presence of the enemy, they
m stand up to each other in mock battle like heroes,
ie fight desperately with blank cartridges, and charge
s, on their own lines with all the impetuosity and
as harmlessness of result that we see on the stage
th when a pretence is made of running a sword
he through the heavy villain of the tragedy.
if- Bitler's first exploit, after sallying out of For
he tress Monroe, was to capture a pump. His men
c- were suffering for fresh water, and the villa of Ex
n- President Tyler stood invitingly near. By a bold
n. charge and an impetuous rush against the defence
in less premises, the pump was surrounded and the
re thirst of the codfish-fed Yankees sulficeintly slaked.
se Emboldened by his brilliant success he then made
a foray among the chickens, pigs and vegetable
to gardens. - From this he began to pick up inquiAi
ie tire darkeys that, impelled by curiosity, ventured
d too near his lines. Then he commenced seizing
ns the furniture of deserted houses, and finally screwed
if his courage to the sticking point of ordering his
r men to give battle to the enemy at Bethel, taking
care to keep out of harm's way himself. It is re
a ported that hg was two miles distant at the time of
y the fight, wishing it well, no doubt, but as careful
a of his own carcass as when he failed to resent, on
I, a memorable occasion, an insult offered hlim by
e young Smith of California. Very likely, when he
e saw his five thousand men retreating, full tilt, from
a the galling fire of eight hundred Confederates, he
put spurs to his charger; and the first sign of the
battle to those left behind at Hampton was the
a sight, (in the words of the old song) of " P'icayone
f Butler's a'coming, coming-Picayune Butler's a'
Scoming to town."
since this memorable exploit, Ilotler has kept
comparatively quiet. The sending of marauding
parties around among the farm-houses, in search
of contraband chickens and rebellious pigs, seems
to be now his highest conception of a brilliant
military campaign. But, that the spirit of fight is
t not altogether extinct within him is plain from the
mock battles he makes his men engage in. Proba
bly he means by this to frighten the -'onf derates
on the other side of HOmpton Roads, just as Chi
nese warriors sometimes attempt to scare the
enemy by ringing bells and beating gongs.
The'next best thing to win a real battle is, we
suppose, to win an imaginary one. Butler ought
to get some stuffed figures, station them upon a
field, call them Confederates, and whip them regu
larly every day. It would be miore satisfactory
than sham fights among his own men. School
boys are said to derive inexpressible pleasure from
punishing with kicks and blows the insensible
books which cause them so much study and
trouble. Picayune might take the hint, and estab
lish an army of Confederate effigies, whereon to
wreak his vengeance and display his prowess.
We see that the editors at the Northt are berating
him roundly, and insisting that this doughty war
rior be withdrawn from the field. We hope not.
Butler is as "good as a play " any day. His mili
tary movements, it is true, are not exactly Napo
leonic in their character, but they serve admirably
to amuse the Confederate forces on the opposite
shore. But for the protection afforded him by the
guns of the fort, there would be no necessity of
recalling him from the Hampton peninsula. The
Confederate forces would have moved him off' in
double-quick time long ago.
Yesterday was another quiet, yet a very pleasant
day on the flags. No exitement was perceivable.
a The weather, though cloudy, was considerably re
r duced in temperature, and with slight showers of
rain, the day cooled off very well. In the inter
a mediate time, the arrival of the Persia at NewYork
from Liverpool, with dates, to the 22d ult., in faull,
was announced. Some rather astounding news
was talked of-the burning up of forty thousand
bales of American cotton in London. We could
not credit this no way, because there was only im
ported into London during the yeas 1860, one hunf
dred and ninetern bales of cotton from America,
and 105,040 from East India. If there has been
40,000 bales of cotton destroyed by fire, it is not
American cotton; but to cut a long talk short, we
do not give any credence to the dispatch. The
advices had no effect on the street, because there
was nothing to be affected.
We learn from a Northern paper that there has
been a new office created in L.ouisiuna, called tie
Loan Office of the Confederate State of Louisiana.
It is supposed that the following paragragraph alluded
to the opinion of Attorney Geoeral Semmes, in the
case of H. S. Leverich, of New York, and the
Mtechanics' and Traders' Bank, though not involv
Sng one hundred shares of stock. Tile managers
of the bank ought not to have had one dollar of
funds in New York at the date of attachment.
Though in the weekly return of the bank a balance
of inland exchange was reported, it was supposed
to be on other points than Wall street. The talk
is, that the money or balance would have been just
as safe in the vaults of the bank on Canal street as
in Wall street, but to the extract from the New
a York Times of the 19th :
The Loan Office of tie Confederate State of
Louisiana having advised the Meehanics' arnd Tr. l.
ers' Bank of New Orleans not to permit the traons
for of one hoadred shares of the bank from a New
York holder, who had sold it to a party in N or
Orleans, for value received, anor tlh bant havirg
pursued this line of action, thereby defeating acnd
damaging the New York stockholder, in the ordi
nary purchase and sa!e of the shares of the baerl
as provided in its charter and by-laws, the lat
tae has attached the means of the bank in this city,
in the hands of Mleosrs. eIatthew MIorgan & Sorns, t
abide the'issue of a New York trial on tre merito
of the case, which, from its peculiar surroundings,
promises to be an interesting one.
The fine showers of rain we have had for the
pastfew days have been highly heoneficial to the
growing crops. Very little more rain will be re
quired fot the cane. The general sanitary cotdi
tion of the city and country was never higher or
better at this season of the year, and the general
uselessness of an expensive quarantlinoe establish.
ment was never more fully illustrated. Our authtr
ities would do well to take thre twenty thousand
dollars now in course of expending for quarantine
purposes, and appropriate it to thro volunteer fruod
for the benefit of thousands of women and children
whose protectors have volunteered in deeouse of
Southern independence. Lincoln, S-eward .& Co.'s
blockading squadron possess all the requisites of
quarantine, and perform the duties thereof gratis.
The private correspondence by thre Europa, of
the 14tb, was received yesterday. Of course, there
were no orders afor cotton. The news of tile pre
tended blockade of the Southern ports htad been
received, causing no ueneasines, however. Bread
staffs were dull, and the harvest prospects ex
tremely flattering. Shipments of breadstuffs from
Northern ports must now cease, and with ai good
harveet in Great Britain, where will he found a
market next season for the surplus productions of
cereals of the Northern and Northwestern States?
The advices from Mississippi Sound, up to h
o'clock Wednesday. state that a Federal steamer
was quietly at anchor inside of Ship Island. All
intercourse with Mobile and some of tihe sea-shore
villages is stopped for the present. The authori
ties of Mississippi do not appear disposed to take
Sthe least step to protect the Sea-shore of their
State. It was talked about that some vessels,with
Scargoes of provisions, made it convenient to be
captured. However, the enemy is hold, coming
direct to the shore when it suits their whim and
d pleasure.
The further talk was, though the Confederate
steamer Sumlter had got to sea, it would boe about
as well to forward direct to the commanding
Sofficers of the blockading sqoadrous, and all other
d vessels, the names of the otlicels and the exact
t l number of men on board, as to mlake the1m known
0e through the columns of the city papers. The enemy
will know within forty-eight hours the exact
strength of the Sumter from the publicity given in
one of our cotsmporaries of her crew and otlicers.
SAll information of this character ought to te sup
Spressed. There are some vessels preparing for
excursions, but we deem it impolitic and lilwise to
c n1t their names t in t,h pa
e put their names in the (pa,'e.
e Parnticulars of Foreig0n News.
r The New York News of the 28th ult. has the fol
e lowing particulars of foreign news brought by the
estealmer Europa, which arrived at IIalifax on the
The Europa had 9d passengers and £190,000 in
s pecie.
The Europa will sail for Boston at 10 A. It.,
where she will be due on Wednesday evening
The next steamer advertised to sail from Gahswy
is the new steamcr Atglia. She will leave on the
2d of July.
GnEAT BtofIITAm.--Itn the House of lords, on the
13tll inst. thte Marquis of Northnby, in tile interest
of tile Galwayp Le, moved tot the retturs of
breaches of contract by the various mall packet
corpanies during tei first two yenrs of' their ex
isttece and the penalties inllicted. Agreed to.
In the House of Commons, on tle sn envetning,
Mr. PGregotry put intquiries to the Miniters on the
tsame subject.
Mr. Frederick Pee replicd that since tle Cunard
('oc1ny haoed betc establisheld thley ad n.t incur
red any penalty or asked any indnlgenace. A tre
alty had only been inflictedl oce on the 'eniiu!la
and Orientlal t'oma pln y's eontraet, while in the
t5oyatt Mail contratt, West Iniit line; consiterable
irregularities ilad occurredu ad penal'iea been in
t lfted in tile earlier stoges of its existence.
In the Honse of a'onoons, on the 14rl inst., Lord
C. Paget said tiat tihe Gosvetl'nent h.ld chalrteed
the treat Eastern to t convey troops to Canada.
Itr. lGregory mioved tile ali ioitonlent of a Select
Comnliteerto inquire into t le circumcstances at
teoldig tile Lerniatlio a of the Galway contract.
He charged tce tritish Governethnt with' being
[actuated hy an envious spirit toward Iheland.
Lord. dohn Russell said that Ice did not intend to
oppose the motion, and trusted that the investiga
tion would be satisfactory.
'rhe limes in an editorial on Aclericcan airnas and
tihe indignation of te Nor h towsrd the attitude
of England, asserts that tie Britash public have
given mone symnpathy to the Federal cause, more
than it ever gave to the cause of British sove
reignty and union in any of its trials. It cluims
that England will do her duty and leave the Fede
ralists to do theirs, knowing well that she could
not do them a greater mischief than by taking
their part.
Sixteen gun-vessels have been ordered iltne
diarte to joinli the squdroun abouo to be dispatched
to tile North Amlerieuan coast.
Tile weather in Egiland was quite hot. All the
croTls were olkoing erapldl lrogress, and breadstulls
ewere declicinl il atll ctoe otarliets.
FIANCe.- tlhe Corps I.egislt if iad finally agreed
to hold fo the budget, by a vote ot 212 against a.
M. Thouvellc e had addressed a courteous letter
to the Turin Cabiut t, exprecssig tile deepest regret
at the ideath of ounlt Ccrcvcr. 'file cilence of the
iFeetrite I.egielat!rce on the subject attracted con
siderable attentiotl.
The recogeitiou ,f Ira!y hiy France is near at
hand, and will he hicotene f by (ivrocur's death.
The .*Irno-T de p, 1an s pjoulbhes pan importaint
article, showt ilngo that it Austria crosi os e the licil,,
France ulust inevitably reoetrcen thrile tar ithter
rup'd in 159.
'l'iae Paris fol Are on tihe 1l:h inst. eas firm, and
thle Rentes closed at eif. 9 i5,".
I'Av.-l-The new iinistry ihad taken the oath of
It was stated that inoeKoutho was about to take a
termanent residence io Lonlcardetley.
Baron Rifaoli, in onntonmcig the formation of
the oew Ministry, said that no one cad lost their
faith in the destiny of htaly.
Thie olicy of the new r'abinet, he said, would be
tile same as that of Cavotur.
The confesor f Cavour ihad arrived at Iome,
tie bearer of a vmeyssge from tile deceased Minister
to tile Polle.
Disturbhances had takein pl'i- at Velletrie and
The Liberals at on;e had adopted a sign of
mournoing for .avsor.
Tue Pope was seriously iii.
AusTnlA.--hi tile liungarian Chamber of tDepu
ties, off tile 14th iocnst., the address to tile Emiperor
having been revised, it was finally agreed to.
SAix.--ThEe Spanish joeM nalm s publish adviees
from St. omiengo that tranqulility slatid entiusiasm
for the Spalish Government reign thlroghout tile
Dsr-x.An:.--At tile election of members for the
"Falketringe. . the ministerial candidates were
UINDIA ANt C0I0. -The mails frono Calcutta to
t May , from Honlg-Kong to 1 aly i, and frontl Mel
bIoure to Ahril 25, woere orswarded tre the Fca
ropa. Tim oews is lmainly anticipated by telc
f The United States frigate John Adams was at
Ioung-oong, and rlie :teamer Hartford and the gon
bohts Dacotah and Sagina were at Shnglhai.
Exchanrige at Shang hai was ts. 2d. to is. 2if.; at
S'long-lsonog Is. 5d. to de. 5jd.; and at Calucitta 2s.
:d. to 2. 2j.d.
Businesas was very d11u at all thie Chinese cor ts
except Tien-Tsit, where there was a fair demand
or imports. -
The seasotn's exp for tea was drawing to a
close, and tile stocks were very small.
fr. aing, tile Indita ilanoce Millister, was so
unwell that tie was about to return honle.
A NtEt StF.Ll.--The Memphis Aippeal of the 1st
inst. thus mentions a new shell invented by a citi
zensof M\emlphis:
tir. Benjamin Cowan of this cily invented, and
Mrt. I. (. FoI, of iuby & tlobinsou's foundlry, is
eolfpleting a new shrll --or se ot, if it is desired
to so use it--which, it is believed will, when fired
uroo a smoothl bhorse goi be equal in elbect to one
lietd from it rifled barrel. The shell is conical, two
thi0 picces of metal, each about tlreo and a talo
inches long, are loet into slits cst i tile sides of
the shell, but ranging oblicuely. Behcind thenm
are ispritgs owhic, whe the shel has left tile guon,
will pitch tliem forwrd suflitciently to nlaste their
width Iproject from its aide, As tlhese wings will
present au angle to tile airo tie latter iolnliguing
ngainst them is expected to give tile shell rotary
lotiolu after it leaves the guoo, su c as a trile borhe
gives before leaovig it. The resuit wsill lie the
sanle as narises irl' itld bllwing upon tle sails ol
a windmill. The invention is ine'enious yet sinmple,
tand will probably be tescel to10d:y.
QcnY IN R'vLA'orcuo To Tut: KissrsL-oo n c'.Voetn
ell AT BETIIo:..--.A coTespounicnt fl tile New Yorkl
Ncws of tihe 2:t:1, over til signdature of "Aoneri
can," malkes the following ouciuiry of Geeoral
Butler :
The people would like official returns of tie
killed, wounded and nicsillg at the bnittle of Big
Bethel. Please furnish tie oame, that the poople
cay no lohger be in thln dark, as I u ltdercland,
floom good autilority, that woe hai tto I ohunldred
tilled and woundcd, and lost thlts rcen itrinners.
NASrIvtLr.t.'s Bin l'OU Tn SEA orT Of" t:Ov:RN v-e'.
Tice City Counceil of Nlshville, Tennessee, lately
passed thle Ifollowing resolution:
iResolved, By the City Cnuilooi f Ncshville, Tllat
the sum ot live Iuundrcd tlhousand duollars be uand
thet sane is herely aitpro, n';:ated for tihe prpoise
of boyiog, bhailaing and hnrnishin g ita residence for
the P'residnlt of thie Cotnleedrate Sotatce togeth.e
with the falrllher suns of ttIo Illndlred and fi ty
thousand dollars, which h:,s hree already sub
scribed by tihe c:itzens o, th01: city for osimilar pur
loses ; and that we tender said Ule oi S..(i,00,ot to
thie ('onlederate Congress, tgC:tle" with the Ios
iltaolities of the city and all tile piublic buiiings of
the city, its offlliceslor the varilcsc l)eparcents ofl
our lovernluenl.
FEDtat\LoIrS AnlOlrc TO MovC l-'ocnwAnn. - A
special dipat:ch to the Neo' York icerald, under
date of Washington, l nu c 20, sass:
Tlhere is no doubt that Governmlcent .lca recently
dcterlenoicoedl Do nlocooc a orwrligf d ctaove ill 'ilcinio.
euole rc-ionent Oln the othcer.sile srO luld.-c r oolcrders.
Adlditional foct's are olnaoirog ncrous tilietl,' bht
stL:ndiily. it is ulear that a sttsnd wtil elt rly ice
taken in advance of tie preseot pco:ti~ of oecic -
A battery' is bierog tbrowus up a0 lt'let's Hill, tworo
miles Olis sidoe of F'sirfcx. ] is iltelCnded 'lS a cre
sort after a furward Inovoe::ol.nt t it evictnt tllnl
the Federal iorccs are conlc,-ntratin" by at lecst
lwo ditfercnt lootes to 00 ctarpers eForcy. -
Foot: OF Nclcl.ol o(.AcOLNA.--Tlbe flag agreed
upon for this State is an ekc'editcgly Itoeautiftll one,
nays tte State Journal. Thie colors are red, with a
sinoglo atar in tfe center. (ic the 01::er extremf e is
the inscriptiotn, "Mtay 25, ttf5,' and at the loue:r,
" Mopy It, l0:L.10 Th1cre are two bars, one of blue
and tile otlIer o1 white.
PlOCtLAMATlON or GE:. BRE. McCrtl.loclt.-The
Memphis Appeal of the 1st inst. has the following:
Citizens of Arkansas-To defend your frontier,
troops of Mlissouri are falling back upon you. If
they are not sustained, your Stante will be invarded,
and your homes desolated. All that can arie
themselves will rendezvous at Fayettte:lle., where
they will await further orders. All those who
Shave firms of the State will march to the scene of
action, or give their arnms to those who will not
desert their countrv in the hour oIf danger. All
oraonizrd companies wthetler ctavalry or infantry.
wrill report t Fayettreville, attl he at otlce torlled
into regiments and battalions. The necessarylo
subsistence stores will be forwarded from this post.
Rally, t>romtptly, then. citizens of Arlkanss, andl
let us drive these NO.thellrn hordes llick t rollm
twhe:!ce tthey came.
. ..gy- ti...--.
.. . . . + 41..- -
L , r, litf Co'llm ni ,tt % c I
Thelli l 1,"i lL' I.l lil l e o l iP,,ih N de. I, . J. 1mt p b
, i t IT P . uI I
t A . 1 . , I h : o 1 I l i.el l'y t y
us.I.I P.F eo , l in,,
J. LA LE" ENE.. OF il I-. Si.33 AR3MY 3.
J lohin Pem . r tu i T O l Ke
The 333.3t,3 n 3pui ,3d by rle Thll3 3 . o3,3 3 it the
,t.hi I ng". 2d of a[y to rII , Ll.u or TI , tri
lheiil Iho.be rs, billY obtint tire Too- 'l , .llolrcl, gcn;
tiollllt to r;·i i .'t' n~lb i ilil},ior hour eil.h o[ ,)l it on ili·iti i l..
mits sn, . n l be dli.p 1- d TIo nut!, Illi l ,.Itt l ·a!tnr by le" 1' -
nll of Cheir npO: r~ net ,1 i -, ih t ,· ll h e I ice of tle;r I ,1n -
T. i 3, Le3 3r . t3333 3 o3,v r 3.3 3i 3.
T.1 lr t P F a ir 'el,. dlln:o dF-k , R . IT. Sh ri t, .
A3. (. 3¾ 3 i,33 3t 33 3 .333,33 ,, ,*. ,,
J. 3, y t o ,t vle a3 l. G.,3, k, l n. . ' l i3i.,,, y
J", .l hlwu PP..l+ X [-eIhe
I O. . imin., ,, |33ton .,. 3. V 3,, .'
J3e3s, . ,, . . ,
33 " i 33H3ill 3o 3 a3l3 33r3 o e 3 I33I3k 33 f3
h,, t l e o " ha , kh, y t
ju -. t'. S aull r, i 1 . A. " :n. ,
Ladi. . l'Vo lun', i. A. uso i t .
33333bt. 33 3 3h3e, I. E 33.33 3 333i333 i3a~. 3
JThol I' YOlunte, r Au iA ' io n enL at t'or O K l 'f.
1:. 3If 3II n 3 3r 3 3:n.3.
jet at1 th Ci ComP lt tr.
To theF PulllE.
The [A, le' ,,l eity of til Cun!'ede.. t^ A mlsl deg:re toL) m rpiki
thle tiICowpiug M t emen:-
, brol:it OL': roo t l oult, ad glill r: ll n, n t! i pn. i ,i ,ro h-lut" fin n!:l.1
lin ld : aulrl, 11] c\-ilI dullll cla c eto! n ,lt ti:'tlde It-.tllr t Dl i.
3of P1,3 lilg to:ollii3 . l,(3 . ..I.
Whi the it e 3 E E3le i3 3 u n euo ent,:
3A33 l3c3 l.3,3 L, 3 ,n; ,, ,m 1 .,,, I cl 3 - , I
!L03 33 1,3 3 .It .,a .,3 i 3' 1333, 3. I333 13.3 3 .,
FI REulllr WO r.. i LOFll{, u--C o l. ,,K L I lDt
Pray lro idc11:'ie- !tYil i at lie (,,ilm . P|e O:., icly h:WA it,
e3 .3 3 ir , 3l th3 le :3 bj l l I
aiJ ýd T y )notr OlitLiOl !:. tP 1 i , rx c :,l .Ir. ], l t ('.ý.
m In h.i. ora li e A n , w , .l: githd r rl.in i .
Wto e rho t8 ;r :am I- ,:,tI.'..e ~c 1 lice r. tele,,r o"
nttonotI RII,, ~b t .rom n I., rue i , ,l pet d.1 t
T n th L t 1.111 Sn. i;y de~il- to ta ,'r I 111 w rn:-t tiro ll,.
b 3IT,(]) .nit n=, allel, 3 ::r lily 33 r, n 33i,3t
'3 ,1htr t 133 ,33333ll 3 3,i;3! ,-j. 3d I) m3 S,3tl iA.3,l3 T P. )3 ,
bit ..JAMES PI 13, President.
New Orleans, June 15,, la]. 517 ipIf
313 41h33333 5th3 o[' J33y, I , |'ol< "boot |Ie, 33l33
sine street, 3 e3w,3 11 Luc3 : 333 l ood33h33dren3 A l mili3ta3ry 333333
p tIi.l''. iI., ll l'e, l |+ i ie. .. I [et, Tl rr i . th .!l,] 'lLt
I of war, It n1- 111,r tin:,,,trio: c rnoti'e, jyl "pi t
i Pic-Nc at hecllCty Park.
Ladies' Vlanli,,E, Aid Associatioin.
Th P illie, ,'olntin Aid A-,bttion cP4] atk ton to rho
that Iln ee Pno)t b- . 3 l t 1+ .,l .. ' tI;g, , 33(,I.= ,Ii
,3,,,') or 3 3A3j3t .t 33t3 ,3( l 33l,3 33' 333 (3 .it 3 i3 y5 33,,O
* aIari Ott llathet (:lion,-piony Fire ni,
333 3 C3,oal oil3h,33'3-33 ,33 33,33 ,3 333,333 3 :'33th,33'33.utr , 3,3,3,
33333'3,, 3 r3333lr r o,3 n t3 e 33 ",3 , 3 33 3, wilt 33 ,,',3333t,, 3333,3
fl=3-33th e ( - iakn ihis nirlil io f orne.e ,g
wh3, . L. Whil.e -, r tine i 33re3t 13 R(-3,. ,
-I.Tl iI.lri.. fl',or l-csi b. iIp ol
331333 3i3033u 3 hehntt OFleet A1 .lIXo ,) 3,'33h333'3 ~i
jel5 2pit T . S/'LtY,3 37 3(3I,% r ~ t.
333 33333i 33[ 333l g33' 33,3 33
- - J'nar .tcws!
S.L 7l-nlc.oinle -LOl·ortmnct on 11uld.
,, W 1 8 w. r IS ,m , ' .
'The Souther n
OFIC C,, 7:2 canar' srn - r,, r,
1.1': (·i iS\;' O \R E A\;) N APTHA .\
\ : . N ,II. :O t... ..l-lt i .ti . -
AlMltIN Ti):,, 'V
Ti II 'ar
F l "N . : i . i ,II I "T tt, ' tot
T'iO+. l ( , , _ !... ... ...................... I
1'R I''; i. I; 1-: . . K I.S,1, 8,u .I, -,,',,),
ro. : ,,. O , nrr . , I:..xt w 1l ;,, .. l .. .t n :.
11. Iti N i AO.II N· I_: '1, 1::,',<- .I: lr; cl ,,
oIt. . . . . .i, t ,, :i Lm:. .,.:, , .- .
Mtlt. M.. .. . tiiN ON
. " i t:. .. , , : i ti o' "t ·''in t,, I,,t , i lt
T .I L .. I .Iý IT N f,:I + l m a n , -",ý i T -e d r
NL . I t TF it, i. " , .1 , 'T. ,I t .OOTI 1 Ii
Sit' i T'L. O,.
Jti + ',' ' ittt.. , ....-...... ,', .t- , t1tt,
Pu an on , .. .l. .....:i -. . ,. m t i , ,uaT , ,
8 onANS , Wool, ; i On.P .l l er,1 . ,N 1)wa lnlhr l ",,.
, .._ t ,, ,I.. , :. t :. . . .tf W A[ ,I
, P.IM ON TONY .il;.,
P b -"-- T/ilc IIl " -ar. -i
LO IIOTO IlY.t GZ 1 .% IV 3- V, [.13 1- 7
re iJ d y try and . bring i-to -e
i+ . ..:1", r~l"PEX . ., ,h+,: 1h<, -+, 'ha <.. F 17 , , ,
1.. IK I ._R , Tl ... . . ' ......... .- , , W
Wt(, l Ih . .......tl ..e Phw, .: 'rl w I:ir , i 1 .. ... h. u b.
T:y l l - ,p : i l, - , il l, ,t " i.,, ,,l' .. h , Ith h. t1 I.
B,,'I'ýunthoIIr wave te, ,,,, ORI)I\ N1'I pa ed p. % . 'n T t' DA h
t;,r (:,: hoIh), Ph·ý+ I l I - ·l tPhUII t i) I+ ' 't th .,lfrillB tihte S l
r.lC-iOrnigt i A ýT ld llL r, :T '! S, it, r,.
1,+''. :vICmF: :%F:
Southern Pacific Ranlroad.n
1,oo000 SLAVIES
Wo will plrchnne or hire, for it term of five yenrt Filve IPon
dr, or it 'lhll o 1-1s1nd 0ln Lorer s to woIk oil tho Soutihenn
lhifie R~lleodl, ih 'r-,P--halnmedhitWly we.lt or ShIevllo t,
lnl , I - , g loll .t'cnrre nndl par eCtCd frum in,,ltn, or Iulexha -
lion f rom thet ',ruff l wh eh shtll oil,- h1twe.n t es lik t. h.re
o , ti c.u utl, y 'he ollt y lffa u which the rokd pa,,- i.
Fanlir Y hca lllt.,ll i or te lstIIaC ' cu 4 n UU m 1 rl) nt1i"r
wei of Shrever,,,i t, ilt pien lrato o ne ot' ritu r o l llu r agicltllfa
Cnhw g r kn the ", en irt iur of Amwitta.
TIhl, rcmnpany" ha Ints lnl m '¢nt Iip lla natr tn from ']otelu i. .,
If Tit n . e Ths r e . [ rbc1, , n tud ILl, t,: uLy ý' lIh 1,,i¢,, 1~r
Ihud, h lntul,.. of 4ll} mzl r,* 1irem il S ! l\,) , r ( It h i t tr l.'r en , to l:1
.r;i. e I1, rlh, l.*c ,,iL',V CII!,,,Ot I','.,,.,,,l Pl,,.h l,, !I,,X (Uo, lll ,,"l oC e.CI
Ptro u nn flu 1e te ri l Il Inry-ol oT I) us. Th resat i like the p r
th-0c,, tl I;, any, Zi neL,,h uunt -11 t tf pt a f1 of tune v4nt' rent but
for ,n ter, of yen: ",,,; Ith '" or 1,y rtle a, :,:,fl put e, thin et mi
S,[ f lit hl-ownerato l is Kt.lulelk) , Mli.,,tll i, til.'ini, \lary insil
Sithll 3' f~li , or ,l~e.t c r, e for tilt- hilo or P ni~urcuis withl
payTnu,lnl in tb ml t n o alhnldoub:d ..c, tldih., of 511 or 100} slay"'."
"+nunrlit,, clre will I, oten, e ither I r"h e or 1y ipnrclt c .
T!he rcomp.LyI. l h rriIlcd to Ipopose llb1rd terms, cl1t xu>,, If tla
lnarifiertl'll o h dl: c1 !lnl.l oi "et ,a% nd I tli Ility to i ,arch .. Ih.
iranq I ultll r +hn .I.k I"" l ro t , le ire I .ll ait' , T-XiI,, " with I!t
cot~titn onm bLm. of the Cotxlmny, at rlie> ,tlmoet equal to ralh.
All th~e ]i hlt of1 thri, -ro ,,ay ,[IIVl , ll t'l andl %',istei b~y ll,e hatw/
of Tt, xt+. "lhi, a',Inp, sy hv - ~rd.ut I, th lym il.y b J .d trhe
o l >,,veNd e: l uit, , ,hi xil. ! fu l fn. "; r, i ln 1;o II11bhlnt -
ati""'ý " ! ltIII II I a Fl1lll ,,"e, .y~ 11. Po (t -1,;;-t i 11,L 1IIm l and h1
erla,,t--; rral It, of largo c,,pllul1 tv conmma reh 1"1ll mpoutl con
t I', t,)rq ¢, ll t.,L et t l ' p '|'1,3l· l I l' I , lta , -a of ho ilPlara I
Stittrl el t, -'d it ,.ill, It iJ, It-! xln ion, doLI e tilig lo Io 1 I, I..ll Yll ,
tllolulh Al ClJ,l> . X-111 1 1- no1id C l li Ilia, .-·ll1 13 ,llil J I
acro ,fL,tl , "tnd,1L n t,i,t:, of t11hrty-xix nmillion,' o!' dol>l x, to Ihe
rep id h I,-i o ll and miher olllllie lcr vit'e,. 'ITh 1111 il pa"M rho il
Il , t' ii Het·l. . ",l a lljl, e,, v1,:. ho-Ille~i n the 'I.I1 II -1,,I 0111 }.
/ut ld to t,"" ,,'n, at lat, i f ,or ,e "not of tm 'irad ity;. ntom tling yo.
Iierrl , ~", t;- r .ihnla,' I,, the , t lles I.
! · ' ri i I 'l iy .h. leL" 101-I . . "l , ;r C illn [ fil l it, P nlI1 r... l l
.i .,, l Ii . ll .II··1 l :lllil nll , tgl hlt. itttlalutd 11 .l olrl l t1ioid Iitl ll
tt.,, nil rtI 1,- , ,,,n.tl, .r\In1, l, ll rodll' l tn~'INi,',.n t , V
+ l t'l -,-"o 1', i 1" 1 . l ~ nll<h t "lleltn l rl, iI M .'lt *Jlho , 1%lt: , ,t I
I..):1:1 l·t..! >]l it'l-. 11!14 L·',;llih','lli, II:(· ll.,d0 o(f (1IIIFDI,1r·I ,Ltl,'l
'lire ll d ",r1, , ., ,"u tI , ll . ( tlni;.liY I - ,g , hie, 1 ,li : t nl will
'" ur "11, ~)Yi S
a I , -tp a l. ' If T l. , , r l, , , of o e C'
1.~~ rh1i,; .,xt, llitil)lh ,lcr h-lrb r oen oit: .At
r.,;, c,) .. ý . ",I . ,. i1 more - , lc lt !. wll u ih all~ll - IA itr - .tI,.
M I:I ," i,, the.... ! .,] , wo . . l k, rlt- my r l,-I l o ,
il ,l[1 :,1 t l,' " ,Ii l . ,[ ~l ut TeL [ " n [I.Ik{ rl , I t. ,tll llt ' r I..
,'.t tAfl"I. ~ f, lrmtl ,'.. lthe .ra u, the 1¢, ilD r,..- ;! 1,1
-t" - , . r,! u ,... , 1 eL ,- .i:, th ,, t mi , _et a. i nt d f ,Ir,,z lll ll.'im t pay
nAl'], .rpn -1 1t , '1 to ,',,di1, In~ T ! Inn , KU. SRH~ ,nn., ,,o"N
,11 i(+Z r I,!i[ i~ ,' , elD ,, lpt, , )- o[ el T " [I',A , . it, , ': - ,l,
ratil, - .r ll. t-, , g l t,tit, .l:. 1'ri y,~ 1f, e l',lit o[1"1 J.lll~t R . e"
(. ocn - :ap,.j) ?Finu AIf u .... Y-r .. . . .. . ,:' t ."[.d
o.ilitary G(oods' :
lt. FTO()-I. C'.. Jl'Il[)Ie lA I,.S,
IMIrIT anr 3 TJ To s,
7>L D LACi:. I0TC0
S 1. 1) L1 A 1 1- .- . 1'
Iri. IrAN II'
0'0 S',. re .0,lW1 T. 1 .' Y OR1 ) 1 t S ',1.'\11 , OF
FINE (.11 WINE, LItqu o S, 0TI.,
Nos. 13 ondtl 15 Stoyal street,
Hit, r'ow n re ,- . y ,: 1,oe ':ri m d CRF: ..""c: l'.
B'.,1 ;1 ,' I~a XH'A,;rE It li :'. ., -ho, , 'r ,,rat I.,
I " 1 .Rl r IE RD - MIK , P f P R 1 II IC K,
o,Ž1:t ii ,:oc I r 1,lke f , r rande, tr
KyS- ', ,'Th and Idn , (ld livRe, not nd ).,., L a
DIALS, ec. My ,s~al. a.,.rt c0.t of I. bl st WI NS, . h1 4 h
will ro, od on a reasonablot orm ahn . o lrother hou ne ein heciy.
.13 21, No. 13and 1. Royal0 , tr1et
Rlobert Plikti
-That hiS an:rtmentof
i NowS LS eo and 0.d(om bo, eO),ing every I rtc:a 0.
yio . 0*1i l0e 1 1 and Rtrang ors l ca.l.n 1 at hi i
Fashionable Clothing mI np)rlumi,
13 and 15 ............. .oAMIP STREoET ........ ...13 n 1
Opi,:to Ladle~' ntrance to City Hotel,
Will Tnd every}tinq ýnit. ble to their want mnm facrturen
and se!ected wOtL great ar, MAGNIF ICEN ;E and taste,
-l 2e. . 13 and 51oomo reo
.lr oalrdwr,. e.
RUod FF Bi. OT2 Sf0R 0.4c S .AVE. R,
43 Magazine street,
Otpol-Il 'ho St. J t..s1 ll,5 e., NEW ORI.. F.ANS,
Soreitgn and OonosHtic P.rrdwarrr,
Manlfacturerno RoIFLES amd D)F!RINGRi PISTOLS.
Inoertorl, of the N,0 Stee.l 01v1-Ee COT1TON 5t01,
Sole A.gent for R. P. ,Lffs 01Clcr o.od A 1l El.
SUGAR ,.KYI\;M:,:RS, I. 411' and PANE KENIvS.
0 N .ILS, V6 EN, 0I0.AI.. , PLAN1rATIOo TOOLS,.u
.lroolo loos0c! 000,000'.t by ma0l, 0u 010p00ca0i0o, y21 1p5l
, ierchants' AAotel,
Thop lesar.test sand 0most conyon ientl locbtd 5oo)5, t10
ie or C on^s.7
P er ........................... ...... ..... I 1 Ii
Per Veek .bo .rdo. ly)..................... 5 I0 0
Per Moenh .... ............................... 22 0
s 7 lyPropritr
fOASSIA NN'iS 1tON T'lo I.........IRON Tll,.
rd cekbrnted COTTON BAT.". TIE is tLhonly ona whlch
canbeolied with reaterrapolo,,hytIbf l p, Th01 o Orlens Cot
to0l0 Peat d."-- then Tie 0,tcl.l-lve"y ooor e.o'o,5lyrc-aiug.
1T 1ool n;.o e oll . t.dd.op .0e . IIq and inJuryt toh
For , e,whol,,loa nd ,' . rm , y
Ii. F-c.O,- 0A1 Ps C0 .,
And R. G. LA lING m CO.,
Ati.I, P1.PE1 ............ VALL PAPoS:',
J. J. E V E R 5,
615 Chartres street.
Wholosialoe and RetIo D.leor is F,-er.handA Arricau PA
PEI0 HANGINGS. Bordero, Corner0., Oaksarnd Iarbtle, in e.
eory variety.
,llYPartittlar atten ion p \Idto all work in hisline, d17 ly
I'ront the Seat Of II '* rf
The PI o l~ c Is Il saml.l l I's hotogr'allphl of
slllt er Size ioRave Invl ritaly Sold For.
s,1, ], A. v ",,,, r thm," h nl r. T + ' 1 ., ,1)n pa
hi·tkN ii ll I I oll: f g
th' eII, C I. ll '.(*X,'li >T!Lt a1(· 801 1 7 I INo ork'. h w, n(11 l [ l
i . . Fo p, llo 1( . [ll . e l i " ' l) l it ,ny u ll
,, t ll. , " '11t i7 i, ,,1. l. 1 .t i, ,.i 1, . ' c.I- lic !.-- iao
F, 1.. !I.. I, - ,I F. ] t. f,
tI;lu ! n lhl r.-: 1:.1:L*II CILS, hIHJWI.
Y ,,' l':. IV , Mum ,1 i l, , r , nl l
N '. 1 i. 5',n,, tr ,:" 11i, i,. ( ,1 F . . .. . I f F ,tl ,
, · : E , ,. i, , I: . .. . .. I , • , ,
\ o'.- . " ,1 % : iL + HI . "n 1 ,, ,., 1 ., ',D. \IIi c'Ie r,+,r
II , v
- . it , ..... i: l t: S rI - , r:. N u, ..,.
, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~I· .~ F :" :'. .: ,v -.=,,:, i.
"ý ,.,:,, ,II f .. T'Li . ,T :
J1~: i '. i 11.1 )~.1..- rI{'!. 1, a i 17 . i i)
A n' the17' xix lxlxIx 41111 -: ''i.ix,..xI'.x)I.
At I'::tP.S'S 01.11 IA)IF STOR,;, I,! I e 4,, a dlrg:
(1,?nL ,.III 11 (IA Iii, tF· mIe.. all IE
I I:,-1 c h: t ( Lr1 ::ý1 I', , t~ . r11'd r v .. }1t ii: nJ ow prh I
nn ran lý ·:Illr l rllrewl; .·ra
m14 2ix 412414!
: lllTITE SC'L'I~Ih!,ZI'2IWAE---_
XF'rcm tt rile W :: li·lr 8:.ii-u
Rt,"i' 11121· i:R OW"SrV, VIRTxPG 1
y~ 'J " }týihr~t r",1i ,..r_ rr ..c. .n· n .1© it
COAL OIL A .D LA}10% - -
1x l'kp, 1,4 I I i, 1.,
N,.x 1,', C.,,, ,,hei 17
Botkeenl l . 11,-I ,, i I).·.rJ .t, r '1,x N $. x' ' 01405,
OA, S F x I
'FAi O"x.1l i
BLAFi K~rrc·. Iron 1'.; , ", t lx l i i.. 1'. 1xS ;ixx, exo. 11cr1c11l
!.R W'1',F;, to1t1" ix, x'4',1lx I,xx ,
IIj-R,"`, r iurr--\ r Al, , u II IAii 1 , I . ,1 ' 41 p4,-I, E9 11,xlx
N , ~l 17
_______________ _....___... ........ 14 lxxINEERV
1 II.Ný :I
Po\VK nsr t. tl, r!::i
At Il ~C lclcii-c 1 ."7 -tof ItTI)II.1, P. L'A:RiISON,
i I I ' " . ' n n'riti 1 1. f.
CICN.SCE'i'' IAlir3LJ') 1.VtillKS-
\lollnn.·: ;: l T!··l·, Hniu HI"ul tier, i,, t'1..r9 Rcn Cenler 7a61e
Toils. t lllllter Slan ··. , il:,.:,i l"I,. J_ rlc · n.d 13"'to Settirl.
Coning o Bt u
iyp-'1'Tc trad I,,1ppl'li. mill: rollih n ii ni~m cRC(U. . l31·rb i
of 111'' ! 24n,123114D'n Cx,
BLACK 44 IIO Z , . Nn, ..41111;1211AS STRETII
ftxp O.1 1i x'xx, L xI.,
Inanuiicl arrrrln 1111 1)l al,- it, r~yl. ~ in anti Staec Ironware
and Stov c·, 0! t.l · llo t 1.PPp1~vrd I114.'1.. n,
S2'F:Nuft, 31 .110i[N,1 1'I, n'I'l 5, ;, r \iý1c h;.ntt l Man fail
[I r151} r.
..1 "t)ýiu u t~ enl l." nd ,; 1,old I
WINE S ETC.-i·-h~i·
l7 1 . ; . LIic ',Iu t lu ic I'.;c
51 .l or',
I'OI2IF:!;_~,, ...., F: Jll,'C i i' i ·I.P·ý ý 1Blllr
11' it l ilý \'-';i ilid ,, <)LI ISluý k,.,n
`21c11· e2~
X'"~LI ;.;
Fie, -et:Tr: 1 .t 1i , - , ..fr., k Co.. B~
A. 'C. L: 'i il e2 I fcb
WORS ...: a Inch.
,.''' . ' - ·' :i·l:.. an . in h.
tn: n: ra M.:ý I c +ýi*) rl'jý<, . r l corn; toi. l airr. ant? ye
f,4 -Y 12 U ui,-,nl,
fcl- ;?.1~ Ul~n street,

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