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Alf bhis ,th reg-ola idoefllleoeebi ble rendered monthly.
A suae isthe spaeoa-eopied byte lite sold ag.t
Xt'Pitbllebet tevey Scituday meteting. Subscription, El
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Onx JoB OFICEs is now the most complete and
extensive establishment of the kind in the city.
The. type, presses, material and entire fixtures
are new, haying just been received from the foun
dries and machine shops of Conneor & Sons, G.P.
Gordon and B. Hoe & Co., of New York, and in
varlaty and beauty cannot be excelled in the
Bolth. We have connected with this department
on of the best ruling machines ever brought
South, and can turn out all descriptions of job
work, ruled, lettered and bound, at the shortest
notiae, i the most workman.like manner and upon
ostt reasonable terms.
In addition to a corps of experienced printers,
We have secured the services in this department of
Mr. W.W. Briabin and Mr. Charles W. Clark, so
averablyknown as job printers previous to the war,
ander the firm of Clark & Brisbin. Their friends
and ours will bear this in mind and send in their
5lt Nlews fuom WYashtagton .
We find thefollo.ing intelligence in the Chicago
Republican of the 2d.:
WAs.x.rooN, July l.-The opinion gains ground
that the President will veto both the tariff act, the
new freedmen's bureau bill, and the bill to insure
the early conpletion of the Pacific railroad, all of
which will no doubt be passed over the vetoes
before Congress adjourns.
There are no arrangements here for celebating
'the fourth of Junly. Very few members have gone
away. C(nresse wll only adjourn over from Tueday
aftlernoon to Thursday. A large number of mem
bes and ex-offliers and soldiers are going to
Philadelphia, to attend the presentation of battle
.lags, byreturned regiments, to the State.
1 ", "lE SU e aEOEIhTS.
t. '~e tre receipts for the fiscal year ending
J-un. are: Internal revenue, $307,000,000 ;
Sme, gold, $169,000,000; miscellaneous, t50,
oo; total, 2,ooo00,00o. -
It is reported, opon pretty good anthority, that
theRousean.Grinnell committee will make two
reports.ouesignsedby the chairman, Mr. Spald
ingitsad two others, in favor of expulsion, while
Sr. Eogan-and one other will report in favor of
oenseuringboth Rousseau anod Grinnell. It is in
testimony that one of Rousseause backers went
armed with a revolver, to use it, if necessary, to
protect Ronussean in making the assault.
Torn BPkesn smotootN.
io gimiored that ex-Senator Hale will be op
poteUnitod'Satses judge in New Hampshire,
an tho missin to spain will be tendered to
gestlee who ha not accepted the mission to
TheL Presdent sent an order to the postoffice
d t yesterday for the removal of seven
n thee twenty-seventh district in New
Ageneral removal of officeholders is
- s . on as Congress adjourns.
105 C t? bof5o85 os nun SMENATE.
,..i rtl aeth n g ting executive
r t of ethefr Mieade onfigmed. 6
SollL . IksoerWn k thelr intentions of
wo fotr n o An Irlp was appointed merely
b 0b: EjSa4giee.t e0d sustained the,
'.7s 5'. 0.5 _ op et*mo cBO;i p on redos i
toese, " ' fs tsr t.he loseing It
-s.tters,' te.. nl af whlls wiere o
,e5)OrenoOO4i5imitt o n the new freed- S
's. lw agrseedpceaoretoelyto report e
! t,' oidboa en the tlis f de vsloped
opposelon to.It pon the Us ion iode
f -s nlr. Aorevec from Iowa, and
9'P0POOOO0t agrloslteral inter- I
Itthey could hehi, pro-.
ity $e8iosg out British I
to 4etp4 to rebuke Union esem- a
fo Wien aetlone dononiron tl
e t be0down from physica w
w p aew Were adopted and thelv,
10h0e consumed in nom- tii
"a is
Gen. P isito mcceed Gen. Hooker in coio
uin.o:f fie iqepsrtftoe1 Of the Mt. Gen. Han
cock will 0000844 Un. Pepe 4o the West, and
Oaw. JehaAL4Rd& U £ who hmalateetned
from Eu e, .aU he ýieisr o toq.eýlrer; t
The total Wsroeipts baia iternaI revenue, coo
a 4n hten o p onde
hss4 lt. o, p 'over
o .V ppQi toona 120.
p ~ao a ebopoeo6,ooe. ' of
heOabitar P('pded. Neither
oo r rIape6 ý oOn, remotely Aug.
f ,ieu~e'n teilr'e Oh Wetire
W ·ashington special
ays. "It is stated on good authoilty that the
se l ont radtoils-at- Washiugto have, in a series
4~atgmd~a.j~i Coil, a Oosneotlon of
wstledywinel hos4 eternione
i)t6nlf%~' j "tptho2 resfdeoit
8 bobuoor t.Pcg~aldeatdohnoso.
4lo~L #Qhh~ nalpr.Wnade
o.lo edad petit 5orieo
4o . tl84 fbi other ptrpoaes,
fstwG'o tha 84simlittee on lef.
ns~t~ds *lt etlseooalst of the United i
tpew Pnea as rors~ to
ftley . 9ted froo the bodyt
tbatthe Unhted I
B ft*s84,at exeete r
aJltprn~m a ondrdrsm"d 1then when a judge r
Of Any dtltA,. ei aipt eor ditowed, loto
plane may he lpi hsed by- any af the ,
,dlans; that a citizn. arievt, by tI
actnl af a jalti-a ot tI!e lcace or ptra.hat
.lee,io:s by balot,it 'thiell be unim.«n- f. att
h inc.l S. l tule and a ix mlonthlt ' im lrisoalnelt
eanl in Utah is lpernhblicd. Ram the laIrs relative t ,
it aniilled. Tile seecion rclate i the nnitia re
quires the enrolling and mastCling of tthee, and a
report fronm til e comuander-inchiefto o tile erc
tary of war of tih United States. Alie!ls shall not
be enrolled. Marriages shall be solcmn;ued by
justices of tile supreme court, and by nminl- ters of
the gospel regularly ordained, who are re alaired to
sign and deliver certiticates withl the names, ags.
aid places of retidence.
The Senate, in executave session on the r0th, con
firmed the following nemmations: Charles lioln
ter, to be a commuander of the navy on tlhe re
tired list: Charles Davis, to be snrvceyor of cus
toms at Na.hville, Tenn : A. G. Glaut, to be post
master at Jefferson Barracks. St. Louis, Mo.; T. ,.
Cuthbert, naval officer at Charleston. S. C.; M. F.
tConnway, of Virginia, foraerly member of com
gres from anus,as, to be consul at Marseilles.
The bill recently reported toem the House com
mittee on tie judiciary, for tie estabtshnlshent 0f
a national bureau of insurance. makes tle boureau
self-sustaining, while it offers security ill the matter
of insurance, by requiring all companies who may
the amounts varying according to their clapital
stock. No party is permitted to transact tire, b nt
rihe and life insurance at the sane time. The ob
jet of the proposed legislation is to give everl.y
company an opportunity to shaow its solvency, i
nrder that the public n aa be .guarded nagainst
ifraud the principle being similar o that nfw an -
alien to national banking associations.
Tile June report oi the Agricultural Cornittee
Sgives a eomparison between tile a pnlot of raw
coltoun inported from the United l taes into t(eInt a
aritain during four b moths of last year. and he
four eorrespondthg rlontg s of the rentair year.a
It exceeds the quantit rra iortetd to ran I ynd Iata
almtnost one hundred per ce.t., and naltknst ex.ctr b
equals the total from all other localities. It isi
equivalent tbo p0ap2n balei, of Io)inpounis eanl,
The report san s halp a willi)n of balens u ;on e
months and St Oan0pb.Ot are retapctabie tidoras tn
the trade with one farein uatioln. ect u aoa tale
a almieat days of cotton slipping ir,,l te pa ts a ia aT
the UnitedtStates. The replort also shows that'
Great Innltaln buys this seasontea tnimes as muachia
wheat tront the.ia as trlan tile United States, al1l
from Farance nearly sixtinea an t n.lilnh, )la a a
little more than four por cent. of her re r:tl 7ii
lions of huudred weight are i)roaght hront the
United States. Tile comnmi-sioner of interna
revenue has granted permissiou, free of t:lax or
explense, to hold a national gilrto11e ,n tha e 2tdt
of Aanuat. in WaShinlfton.tl for tile benefit ,, lie
Soldiern a and Sailorst National Orphans' t oante
WASoI.',T1OZ, Jumne 30.-The House went is:::
committee of the whole onata theate f the aUnio
and resumed tie considerat tlon o the talilt ' bill.
Mr. Hardiug objected to taxing tine lnto.le oti the
West for tile benefit of Eastern an ulaiacturers.
Mr. Kielley itPa.) argued that impost duties did
not have tile effect to increase tie cost of article.
Mr. Haarding ridicled the assertion. He in-iatcd
upon a reduction ofr duties in behalf of the West.
Cut nails could be made cheaper if the duty were
taktent tf.
Mr. Dawes (lMass.) said that, under the influence
of the protection principle, cut nails lad fatilen in
price. The people of tie country ha. profited by
protection. Compettition haid saprott up We
aere no longer ndpendent upon England. The
tariffbil could be framed only on one of twb o riu.
eiplea s: layin the duty on the raw material, or the
manufactured article. The effect must be to bring
in th, manufactured article, or the laborer himselt.
The article must be manufactured on this side of
the water, or upon the other. If on this side, the
laborer will enrich the country, and Illinois nlore
than any other State. If Illinois nwants weath.
ahemuat havelaborers; and siae can only have
them by giving them employment. t
IMr. Moritl's amendment was adopted.
Mr. Morrill moved an amendment taxing railroad
iron 1 cent per pound.
on cent per peens.
of Mr. tVilson (Iowa) moved to amend the amend
so meat so as to make the duty 70 cento per 100
y pounds. He referred to the reduction ot the in
ternal revenue tax on railroad and pig iron, and
thought that oughtto satisfythe iron-rollers.
tsr Mr. Griswold said that manufacturers of railroad
iron had been losing money for three or four
years. Mr. Wilson's amendmentwas a blhtw at the
manufacturing interest of the country and at the
best means of securing general prosperity.
go Mr. Raymond gave some statistics and figuores
showing the effect of the proposed amendment.
He wanted to see the time come when manufac
tnring establishments could protect themselves.
eHe did not desire to see the railroad9 saddled with
ienormous protection to benefit the iron-rollers.
Me r. Garfield (Ohio) said the iron interest of the
of country should not be destroyed by the interests
esof foreignmanufacturers. Those who desired to
see the iron trade forever secured to England
might vote for the proposition of the gentlemanl
tg from Iowa. In 1750 a bill was actually introdoced
or into the EBritish Parliament ordering every irn
sy mill in America to be demolished, and it lacked
a- only thirty-two votesof being carried. A pr po
to sitin wnas carried that no iron miilt should he
le erected, and no trip-hammer erected, to be run by
water-power, in America. The colonies might
produce the raw material and ship It to Euglald.
There was the same sort of issue still.
g Mr. Dodge spokle in favor at increased protec.
tion for railroad iron, and predicted that under it
' mills would spring up all over the West.
Mr. Allison favored a reduction of the duty. The
iron interest ought to be satisfied sith the lresent
it duty.
Mr. Stevens (Pa.) said ttlathe regretted that the
t. South had not taken away with the tree trade
edoctrines that now seem to be located along the
fMississippi. Thirty years ago. before there were
n any rolling mills in Pennsylvania for iron bars, of
it thiskind, the price of the article imported irom
aEngland was more than three times what it was
five years ago, before the war. The reduction was
caused simply by protecting American interests,
and yet gentlemen cannot see it or understand it.
They are blind.to everything but a theory which
cannot be reduced to practice without crushingý
Sall the interests of the country. England can senos
her iron here, because the price of labor there is
only one-third what it is here. The price of iron
consists of one-twventieth capital and nineteen
etwentieths labor. It is at labor, therefore, that
a the opponents of the duty are striking. It is labor
Swhich the Free Trade Leacue is trying to crush.
a Mr, Wilson's amendment reducing the duty to
70 cents per 100 pounds, the present rate, was
agreed to by a vote of 50 to 49.
Its opponents, however, rallied on the next vote
and Mr. Morrill'a amendment, to which Mr. Wil
son's was an amendment, was rejected by d48 to
52-thas leaving the paragrah as in the original
bill, making the dat 1 cent per pound.
On motion of Mr. Griswold, a paragraph was
Inserted, putting the duty of 4 cents per pound on
railway frogs, etc.
On motion of MIr. Ames, the duty on" steel was
increased from 45 to 50 per cent.
IMr. Elridge moved to insert a paragraph as fol
lows : "On all bonds, certificates of stock, or -
other evidence of indeptedaess of the United
States or any State, brought back or returned for
payment, sale, or collection before due, 10 per
cent. ad valorenm."
On motion of iMr. Dodge, the duty on crinoline
wtre was increased from 7 to 10 cents pound.
I Adjourned. V
IThe reported seizuare of a whisky distillery in
New York is confirmed. It is stated that about
8000 gallons at whisky were found concealed in
i building, all of which will prohably be confiscated.
I The alleged proprietor of the estahlishment de
alqd, when questioned by the officers before the g
smeiure was made that the premises were used for -
a distillery. A brief search, however, showed
that the statenment was untrue. All the liquor,
which is valued at aboat t1t,000, was ready for
delivery. It is of a good quality and was distilled
lrom molasses. Therevene nagent has discovered
that a large number of wealthy capitaliste have
invested money in the manufacture of illicit shio.
ky, owing to the vast protits arising from thle busi
ness. They have employed partes to act as the
nomninal proprietors of their establishments, iu
order to shield themselves from the cousequucaces
of a prosecutiou for defrauding the revenue.
The Vermont Democratic State convention met -
at Montlpelier on the th, ansod made the same
nomainations as last year: For governor, Chas.
F. Davenport, of Wilmington; for lieutenant sgue
senor, D. O. Linsley, of Burlington ; and for treo s
urer; H. Noyss. of Hyde Park.
fesolutions ro-afirming trust and confidence in c
the principles of the Democratic party, comomneodl
ing the reconstructisn Ipolicy of P'resident Jchl
sop, in favor of taxing United States bonds, and
commending the soldiers for their bravery and en
durance, were adopted,
Tthe St. Paul Press of the 24th mentions the ar
'eval of a gentleman at that place mwhoi came down
frdm the Red liver of the North in eight days,
and announces the coming of the Red tiver ox O .
trigade, which is compused of over one thousand tr
arts. loadedwithmore than one hundred thousand
dollars' worth of furs, now on the way to fit.
Paul. The Red River settlement Is 500 miles north
of B at. am.
General Wilmot and Seaver, late of the Confed
erate States army, with several oficers oflower
rank, arrived at Galvestone from Mexico on the ai
29th. They describe a terrible state of affairs inis
the country. While near the Rio Grande, on theus
Mexlcanside, they-were attacked by several guere. il
rillas; but, all being ermed, they succeeded in
routing the assailants, killing two of them and i
wounding sevesraln.ore. ,
: o ,II s TIr. -,!r Il'' · 1·I I li· R, W.1 iillA1` J. It.,l.
I It' 1 r
1 ;f* lit ,riR ", 1'` ', .2. '
11~i.71 , 11712, 7 1, 2 n., 212 1127 21
''.2 ' 2711772222 tl 2227222 ,72 . t 17d .2122 h .I I, n
I ,I_ 72,7 b'ný ,A' he1L 272 22 7
cll·*fot \1.r; IIII;i. i~ TX·
,`Intl777 '":I 1 ,1111
1727rN1 D'2 227, LEAl. 117,
Sn 7h,7, r 27 .tR` I. 2 1, ,1 y, x
27 . JI: n;; 1 ,,, n ' hi". . 22 7i,,, 212il Lot.11727 2 1,2,
ul3 irnete": --I a nn 1, t ctit ;MllIrths tor.h.ý
Ind AIN le 27 f277 c a ' I I2, lti7 , 27s7 :
no t' Inner of ,.:,ie nud St Nnr nrrt nt r."t. o N* dl
(rout .is St til harlain er Ilr: F I.,: ,llell ciI Dl in f e`o e n
Ilrre liar iia "'C it from rrt NO. 3, xd 2: titr 6'. Inches ,n
w ,l22 l. - the rro doedly
Reint'; thex:111 I,(IT r)F C .nlpSi. · ltp the , lseadiin b T ,
e 7, 227, 27'bbnr , 222227net 7.7,ý IdcOnl~ etrC E . 1 7 1t:.
k ~22221277b1,27.2 22," ~y, pw""h day 22 .727227
"Un't . Pe Lt u I ll S12221172.2 722S c . 12 R 2 &1 ,
pa rirL- ic o r S: Inmeý, iu the x:,u re "n c,::e r.,^_.e, l 'I I pr ceed
serst, I n the Sec l. H ·. ;. .II.r I~il 1I·1;I· tic I, i SA l ' DAY,
the se,.11t i dap 1t~inl y, !iitP K at 1. l'iiii. i v., i (li f Yl Lhl·
n nnt: emenr tidll;iml(. d .."I,, IT., la., to !i'C eipa1 lil1 \n
t I. -e 1 lew Lc ··lic :, n n11I;:il r. nul d 1'u n , l(·11·)1:111
l.tr Z1:n· nne i a. \,", 2 v I, ,d to , t p,,
r., 1: R Irlcl~ls eln bite x c._ ..ý} l: :,., . L lilpr ur d e1 rho
: . m r nme~b ll B e n n th e fi 'rr 1 - 4 1 "di lir, m t h e o ,l?, Iro n i o i
Larir e[, et, ll " frsr ,, r tu 1,-Ib.
Lora y "t Ins .,, p,: ":, t`, ,:>L 0 .,. y puehsr
f ti Jll' e-:t Rii nn, pe srl pl~*r ;,,rust f i- ll nd -1lt
i'1 ,to +ý 11 p~iuha n , 5 C 1 rd Ira~y ~ . , r Eeri e, r:~r
r rid , ilun b otryyrole n [i cty.unrh 21 .p
rd an :,r :- r t h~ liný, ý,l dt.
.. tsxaJ-- nir the r' u::y Hri ot 21
1"r'reniMeh :re ei~c_11"y ;e titr el Ir~e;:rr,. Tn
100 totNo I,59 lCurt of New Orlean=.
III- BY VIRTUE of and In obedience to an
n by the t2,n 0222,1I 9l S22tb DI.,., (lool,, of ", i2'2iM,
in the adoreF entitled matter. I will proeedd to sell nt publici
Cad at.o9,, at 9the 2erc2ants' and Au2 ioneers Excbang. Royal
Our 93. m i3,9b3.ween .249 aiid Ci'02lub,2.3. 131 iii the 290c,'
the1 t 101. f thi9 ciy , a in JTRDAY, the -SMb day oP July,
2 cl,.ntlo ccne er
the The 9btmouer C,. W. CHAPIN. together wlit ail her Tackle.
Rise ," etc.. 9,9ahe now lies in 1he 12,ýiripyi. at the tout of
Te9 U~ to `n treet, :n thu Tblrd District of tilts city,
ire M a- P20i-C . o i the 9204,
lac. Shriff 2,! the P2ri,h o, 2iM,,
739. SiHII DieeH.9 t i'2'1t9 ,29 911 J .5.IR (liOL '.'
rich 1y L IH -oi 1 25!1. 11, .p R aO s
BI V IKT C E nnnn In btbedlencct to nIordrp
at rtlr rrrden d.Tunlr 15 116a{l, no~d to ,,,eL directed by~ the
'lie HHon ibc S~x[I D,,:r, "t t',:rt ,f \e,: CI ;en' in the lMi 1
to ' aTLRDA0 212r OOENTi DAY 09 Jl1.,
]ti6, i5 5 ý clock e . .r olu the L~lrir. at tfir foot of \Tom,,u li
lfftl I"'tt)y·r~ ru ch,, :,,tut -Ir hr.udred an~l !,tent)'-=,s ,ý!,i) d7 -"ct
Too '.innnil ,.r 'l~e '.1 1A Stacey,
ro012 -T-.1e-Cai9022 .2n pot.
0p- _ _ Fhr ail Rr_ h -
heFI)H DI `RT:T 11 ED1t21f
by iS WIRLElN', iJ2My- 1)0001
l No. 5.1 , J1 ' ''i J.1 i.
11. B2221221.93 of wriit of 2Ncii cln, Ot
he 2,,2 ire,2,2 1,' 12 Fi2h Diet.!..krntr
N1 e wiou,,,, N,, an, in toe n ,,-e lnlld 229..il2 I "N, l p,~eed t .el
BC- a4 p O'k, .lusti ou, Ht ;rta Starch sla and llr tlllliclrr l BI
heit i00the Secaud U2i2 ri2' of this ti LliH, IlRIDAY,2ih.'2. rd du}'
nt Anen=[. 10, nl L: 11 ·!O. i( 1. the fuliJUIIlli desCribedl
ye 11"in iity dii 2
1 "."i ofinl~i the h,!1~win alter t, sce! ,, [c. w : lur, r No,. nll,
he 2222119, 2i . ,ir2i il l1.,31
gnom1 21i , adlolo. 2.', 1.9) 2llllr ,9 "1e.2 li lli 22 2i12iiunigib,9
9~ 9i,; ' C ilih 1)9,9, 92992 i rlr lriall
de *ecl d I N,.. Nine, in' l., lnr h~n N.. Nine, of Range No. F lt,'en,
he Fall, in the tir L'nisba rg Land Di I! tric C1 al L~ni)inua, c dtlintl
're i ae4~ll on l nda Y m eghy-in ^ lllace. t ;thr ~I
all in u~dii a d iil- uvea e ", s w , ll, chmpryrin
arp u s id alo her nn nte onco t he reunto l lrl vglg.
2l9 Pei,,r ,, lrl iyl2yL,93 RIO-- s NLLSHNDC.
3:1 a,6Y now ctr in fh the Falbl trillof au d. ~~ret (lo ro
,TS The ,Id io da were N ce.9 e iii2 222 1 n ud RAND N, , W l5i. n
.Tay, from [ he by rri State+, iu part by Patent Nudl~r. 1773,date
It. Seirer l iu t1: e a!,:uvr `,tit. te oilln; ' nlr ~ e
tionrerl' L-Vasil u ,, al tret.lrae Cn n 1lrlm
Si'2i'eCh HiRR T. HAY,e9,,.i,
tohoarl She tercn D~riff of the rity, c of Od BS
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Ae th between pnnnlol lilies of 159 feet l inches..
la by purcha bese from ,a o' icess n fthelat J . B11,ppe ne
R Seize in the above snit,
MGR- TERM1-Cued on the snot,
8heriR Ot tip Parish of ,lrlexin.
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Dea l Ii. I I 2ae 12xtures, 31 9210,
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Orders dli in Bo No. !R ichaelc' and D.l n' 2. e.... w11 meet ith o ma ok' r
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ýs the. largest paper publishd in Eastern Tessa , and is ens n(
inlls ahles newspaer . obsbment in th State. Its Facets.l~cs
Bussnos. (lord, will be I 'art d in one square for $ O per o
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TENN~ I, UrR ONe Orle N
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Age n iTot t sli. C tii lbn · rlr Funema ln a:',elni Ir t "ion Ttes :ýý
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1o ....n.l ,,... ... . M S E, T . . .. .. ". II '- ,. . ý ... . .1
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Th , lr le , : lh : r d P t e 1n..td nished, i-.
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O MNl. Il- N irN.. l, e ,ER , .tt N n .
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th r e. M,,Lth t , Ot I t. '-c y iClhe . e tc , r
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bub I NtNeNi N rN, . tp, J , N I b nl : e IrN , NA Ar N Nte r I - c
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bolh r o St.e Ch rles. and Co mon re se, e
u e h, adtr d b r ut c pl-tu, [lati lk d"L r- .
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1LO1r.f . HOTEl.,
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11 I I ii~u·. 99~, dO :l.--: r, L',LU, "F.-. t,
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No ,:; W I . ..rL ,fl .t at;e \-a' .,
II. :. l te ll, .ro{rl e '
L ·. - '. N.-4 VELL ,v t -, ,
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'Th -, the ·-· ll· ., -- ., . ,. . . f - . ,
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f 7',,,,t.;' ' ' L " . . I
Y, l 'l r Nl u It i, , ,.: " - , t. :,ti , ,,eIr - l l .
12" lo:todwny, eor Molldten Laune,
cAl.H ll I .. . . .. 1OO,O
U. 9 and SW t l i ra r .t 2,w7 ; i
t' b. n nl r : , t , ,,l l y Z , l ' l 9I
1Min el L iu,
i e ed o e... . .... .... .. 31,.L; I
'r TTI Al ISlh L. } , iES,
NA 1 vdend AiEr STSIr T 'dOW OdLrel -B.
Al.O. n intet ,l ,ill na ND 1B er cent. on Dl .thli Li ,.
SOrip OIIynble 1Ib VA I r l, In I-I.I
A Irs(), Scilt, ivid..lrnd , TwPr v per 'en! rn tte I' rnr i
OALde eL? .L c LraIr
t\, ar 1, ne .\,' t,,u pr ,* t r : i'L tnr l -
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H,, ". - ()r:" ; .sl. n al r I rOT ,
. ( ( A1,,, ,&D . . . . . .. . . , -
M LI r ........ ..... l . LB ...........![ i ei
J~llt arriced from Ktt nltrck, I:5 tf he finest mnlen e, r
h tG 111 thts mtrk e:. 1'ma lern and na rch ft $ t.W w netM a
.f N.o. 1 etod W[lll du we1ll o enx1 wt once at l Birnune ntrrbtt
AIII. l)bI.I .y-
Omle, No. :173 Jllll St.. \,w Jirwlu.
.... x' x te11'~l-n . ........ I .......: l. . " 1 ........... Order, for
Lun~ulr, aýIl:i e. r[[. 1,-lllj d at :ili or oily.
L '')".L'L N . 2I t DA..r ·.
It v. "I lr. t II. tt Lll U~t toa ltl t.e':
'II· hi) SIT(' 'IT T F( U S. N/i GREEN LUM It 1, R
:`l T!hN( I.I 1;l1I. :l n,, e !r, .r t tii nton *I riI1 " "y' o t,ý uxIr.111 1 I ,
. \., (i it ji. i.: ký,e" tllt.il; i ie tin ll( BIL It II.
- InJ\lt . 1 . . t," ,c , ;ý inl. l It Y t,ý 11 tl,,? I
t. ! ull woo ' rytl ui l La itI1i" ! t "a 1'
" i 1t - I(! I ii "i,111(1..1
n"t n ý: ul t.~naJitonctnu ,1,Ih p't. o" t . tt 'n IIfx i I e " :tIa ' n ·' ýtwlr ',.t ' :llt, ;, ~ trnt\'att
D r 'l u ý. n \Y "ýl , '!..t1 ý ,1 :Ittt·li .. U
I~tt I~ iu a 'an sa ; 'I , t l,, ittl r n nt .I jH t y
F·1 tllr\-llll-ll Yl) -I·1
.}t . :ý": rt·· . ýý`~. _ t .. al::,, .. ;,,
1 A - 1 it~· ~; i l
IN" t I Al
'I""' ·I,
JUG 11:T I.
T'r i K. I..6tI {rlIt r
li. · 1 i .·r .1;-·i Y k. 1
ytt t .rnt :aD' r .
Frnm W. It. .:rng y
Sin.;n ". ' rr: ~ r "~n K
1..".rý .:ý"ý:wr e Kr ,ý p s t itý 'itr a II .r· ;
rtel it It t .ru'n t. "1I . ~ 'r l ._l ..._ t.ý
From .T II. ".I , n)-r.k jr. U. i
From 1l oor I" lnlrlo.,
.. i'Fe* Ha NIItde nl t t" \h," 1r, nt the Ple·J.3.tclllli
J \ (i. 2'. LýIf D, Du;, t 11. - ·.: ..e .: ·rný 1 31.. :, ery
Laird 1'. t rlI(L. bi;" i \I.."a, . ..,,1L~.,n Y, ,. .:.r , ,
fro~m C`. F. "Illeo,
n r· t',nr,.,._:,: ,.,.,,,,, _ ,.!,,, ! ,,,~,,,,· ,,,:,,
: n I·1I I~~t.~iII fuel. cmily xt
*:'!IIr:·!ýir T Wil kllllur :e lutll r ,ý" t. t ,(.I.C1 ttu1I) It:~
C nv d l~! i.. li ·re .l llra lt :1 u i! ill n bee x'x ýI rJ· :
From Wllltnm .lobornn,
Fnremmnn ';ru' ýýrk I''·o lir:l HRlllri, ad l illp* :lnbhro. N
From S. J. Ilny·,,
anperintrnldrnt ut 1l nacinnery. Ill ut n:, t'cutr a'. R I!,, r d
..tl~iher kr~u and e ili l tluld ," ..n nire, 1
From 9. (:x "o ec
5::peril ttnndrrnt ,I C., 1) t,ýt Ilr Ih lacr n t'en tml Rn:lread.
Ir,,,..l krr ii i arr
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]rnod Liia u, 1· li· h ltl4InWee, ( ceef el)1-1.
From 11--v, RmI11h .t Co~i~e~ .l~jl~rl ii ilf
rarylui: aaiir trI he k d Lt riknnlo r. fled It iudirppv-llble
.From Ilene .t Tttolo,
Sumtl yt, Lv I 1 toil, "I,", n Illt f,~r tar trW ax, - d Iried In
threehaa tnm th n itH.u I ha e been. I! 1,,. r1 bee.n ,t e;,r
nil! a Milt t o1 thle pel)n air. \Va h- W -II th ullnluC t es. *nd
find1 t!,e;umie dvea nurt ehrvlr I p.tt lcnu af ricemiu. Irvl
From Iluxxe1I l Co(`., r
1'n urr* ýep1 Plnllllfl NI Yt,ill, n. Uhrn
Thei let th· ~,sr i Irin lilp kdur Hil -rll c ~~l. Fil
to is n .u lam .. i llor~lliar lllac the " til ýýe tkkrn Fr^,rl
From IlIV .lcill ···r i. at I I11I I,
R'e h.'': e I ri rr :f ,.ri, ý i t R-. '1 let eI· i I :, eat D ver+. 7.l~fl
~k. " ·I·I· . t·l ii-. N· e t r ailr. -n r I·,; it lir b l li I ,Wt ,..,
ý: '! , .. · I:I 1I l- ··l ilr In :.,:, sou " u, il ~ ~ ' Wi), 1
n i
1;1·:1·1 ý - .I taro c a rt,.I It.
ICI ný h F ,,," 'eii t i ii t , - tllfl v. -T uer.
tiiller . lr ·Ii,. ler .:·I i ---:n re ui ii ·:; ljl try, a r IIil I·. '. .t
[i. the cl·uter ill i iii~n nu lnt;~l Ii rrlihll ) ý it "pliuu ,.f iti~le.t
From C (. _I ltltntan at ('o /
tllinn -f rrer ,, 1., :.I nk U Reaper and SCI1·I!(!·B (ant-, o..
~-e . 'I Inr11I ILI r,, 'l,ý /l i,ýpliC , .,u L n: Ial Pnt: three
dna s. 7'he ) ·I· r··· r ,ý e Irc t e cl l e dy t ok y
tha~n t!.t t'I ! lr a L,ý( x ,ýr, a ".,i tIl lele I. urln. r
IL per (rer dl) "e... a. j ·r r rI: IIIiiil *Ilih·
From Th ti Irtru · rC Co.,
Slanlllactnlrpr· ~t Buckeye Grain Drillll+, Y,-itsbln Cider and
Apr:: nfirlu, ntllll l di ai Iin 1 i±. rri rl~ii: nl i
tct ln ,d lla· t her is hill .t, tlne X a h dl~nB fin d in the ""a
nel in tour dy . herre. ~ctelrrr.u
From K. L. Ho-ardlld
JIitinflctnrer of H trd'e Irnp--ed Renpe lrpri, \Ilaaers and
D ,nl h'.ar yi
n~~ ~r· 1~~~ ·~11.,~,,·,·,, i .,,; ,,·,.,,,,.,,,i.,,,,,~r ,~~:
WPL·T r -.r , Snit Rakfll n, lpB nH IEIH FR'
'111~" 11. ic. 1' l ru" · r of 1"e"1 i1.u. r" l,',; 1'.. 1'".q
, . I i l , . I I., i 1 Iý ý _ '
· ··~I I· 11 ~ .'1 ,.. .,.r.
t, Ili.,
: ' I '' '' '... it . 1- I
1 i iii!. , , i r. ~ . i 7 `,.v.. ^ n In
T.. l,. 'rr.ý,,.,I,, tl, 'rr ...~ n ýýIr," t : .. . .'. ;, ..I·: i
r·· · -:.;· .:- lii r i l.,. l , r
It l'\( i f l 11:1 I ·1)(1\11 I \ ot iii -
·1 l1s1- 1· I ., 11.i 1. 1 7 . '1111 .11--1r~
f "' ý L : I -1 11 \i i .. , .I I _·· /
\ A/ rt ou+ I7.-;1d ai.:Irr 11 1 .1 · 11-1 1-1 (L 1 l I .l ·· 1I
GRIM AI 1A S 4 I:!.tAZILIAN I;·11.1· \.i.1
r; I' I A ~ :1"" LIL, 1\'D 1.X,17. i (, ll~lil· 11 1 L1 !: 'T O
t !. .,., t I I [-F/·.- I1111 I 1I11· / I iY l - l
' lic IlElNl'i'I' l'Tl'i(,t(' I' *.\ I-,lE,
,t, .EtI L 4 ,PIL
I 1 R. ' l . , I . i i ... . . ' Par '.
ommi..,r .ion. r .. l Deds, Oc.,
F iir th d iita s of t
iiew id , I . " l'le lilp,',le {", l: i p,'" , ] r,
AM FI ht MAo iL;AI'RM AM'. t llpn I. ,, EI __S
"o. .2(i C rndrlet ltreet,
Fr iiFFPFFI IFFI'I i tll,, ,i : I,
r i .,,F i, ' , Vill, . I'.f rl+ , .l I,,,I ld. n1
,I~ e " i , " - 1
L ~'s E EicoNte' m o] L-
.OT1R. PU1-1 AL A &
N, · I. A:, r I, ,, ,,XV, ll..p l S tu l Lap, I, l
S e -etrooege o M,, friends re spectlrnl solicites,
"No. 1141 HL'L arlll ne sl treect,
All orders left ;t A. E. .LACKAR', No. 167 C ,,l us:.
-.If AsoAN sN
wIl, e F t s,, ii ,ld tnl "r-. y
.Yo r plrl h .l ,l Cn Ne n hud s hl} - s t I ,_ 'k- , v: ]hvo.
s.* t Omhlen itreet7
Iofer ncle--Tho (Fo! ".ertlhn t+ vrlll+-tlr .
1kE , ýRAL A(;EN( "- A rND CO( LLECTINO O: iC/
,l o orders l i.t at d. g. BLACKMA[lt II~" No. 16, Ca ! i t/ne1n:
. -ý . wll Be . roi mptlg atly + i led to.
"n]l ..-- 1 )i .r lll i i1_1
lc' ,,dIite. L5d+orl ,i . itio s ] , -,·iht ,. 1, i t r
"" " I C 1 1· I v I , , : L id" ll!· C 'c , ' ' ] ] 1
S"LU ;'°c L.r _I : \ rod [<1lu lh to nll s li L, ,t h

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