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. 0. *II XOW. Ealtt aa Proprietor.
.r . i06L CAMP STREET.
0pf I . O aed,m, Si$l ; half yearly, 6,
&, - at5$i. Spine, 10 mtas
s plotW ta um , 1 .tar iabl d i s adv a unce
OONmrToEAT DBaD.-On our sixth porage
"s -sbe found a list of the names of Gonfeder
ate soldiers who died and were buried in and b
mear New Orleans during the war. We shall
keep this list standing for some time. for the t;
heanft of those who desire such information
-sa it affords.
The letter of our special correspondent on
the Rio Grande, though written before the
,-.alittii'e of 'atamoros, will be found very
.....teresting, detailing, as it does, the events,
which preceded sad led to that result.
ISarrAr.--The Board of Aldermen, at their J
Z1uee ig on Tuesday evening, all but :romi
mously passed the health ordinance, dr-as up
u under the direction of a joint committee of the t
t ,a rld of Health and the city council, adopted 1
"by that joint conunittee, after earefl l ,co.nsider t
.-..ationand adaptation, and then passed by the
Board of Health after ample diseussion by a
-Sll quorum. Perhaps no less ought to have
"'been expected, in view of the imperative ne- 1
Sessity thereis now for the civic authorities t
..not relaxing those efforts to preserve the 1pubtli
health, which-the militawy aathorities of the
United States have exerted during the past -
four years. Still the judgment and firmness 1
with which the question was met, deserve
acknowledgment. The public health isa sub
ject not-to be lightly dealt with anywhere;
nbut there is perhaps no city in the world in
' "hich it more needs to be dealt with in an en- 1
Jarged spirit of liberality, frankness and de
.:monstration ttanin New Orleans. The Board I
-.of Heatthand the Board of Aldermen have
d.one their duty in the premises, and the A.-i
iistanti.Boardof Aldermen will doubtless .!o
' omheirs in the same spirit; and New Orleans
*will then be fairly started on a new career of
improvement which cannot but greatly aid in
selevating herto that proud position on this
eantlrlnt, to which all admit she must, within 1
-all immad purview, ultimately attain. It is I
annecessary to multiply words upon so trans- I
3Zrant a subject 1
TExas E.icroix.-The returns from thi
Tneas electioL show large majorities in neariS
, Yry county for Throckmorton, the con
o ervative Democratic candidate for governor,
a gainst Pease, the radical candidate.
'lezmt.Xa Wa Lovr.-This is the title of
a monthly magazine established by Gen. D.
a Rill Chattltte, North Carolina, the May
n'= asier ,o which we have received from our
nel ghbor, J. A. Gesham, bookseller, 92 Camp
stre et .he magazine has some very good
artil, .les, not-the least-interesting of which
are those contributed by the editor, Gen.
Hii~ himself.
Fr aoral Annt ComlERCccA, SUMMARY.
The G aid -market was very quiet yesterday,
and s das.at the .Brker's.Boarl as well as in
the out door market, exhibited a very marked
fahling off as eempared with the previous
aerage .. lly operations for some weeks past.
Bates co otinued exceedingly uniform through
out, how, ever, and the market closed languid
at the op, aing quotation, 1501i.151.
{ _'ro aoýoa Opaentiona in -Sterling
and Franc s have~lmost coae to a stand stilL
Sis n,'. ?.eommercial upon the market, and
Mates are .v eryirm, both at bank and at the
offices of p rusate drawers. But the demand
has very m alerifl1y abated, and transactions
o.annt be re . orted.as much better than nom
inal at preo , -es figures, viz: [email protected] for
B , tterli~g 3,[email protected] for Clear Bills, 3.35f.
@~ £ for flank Francs,-and 3.45f. a3.40.
forvttdadorTF MesC
o _ WAtic g, a oge-There is a very active
and.steady der eand.noticeable at.all the banks
- bsg g I senses fer sight checks on the
orhern sitie;, s which of course tends to
tau rates a h1ound. Out of door offerings
- ztee "agly lightlhowever, and quo
tabsooe ntinue arm, at per cent. premium
and @ Iper cent: premium on the
ei"gt c hocks on New York, Phila
anilloate e .
x tSf easld &ecares-The market
et at . s..t ..aanda still aipee our
a egm adls the movement in Un
a d tocks and Bonds. The
ata rea i #.Puppjli4et..bes, while
iis't anx ereediigly restriated
eharaeo thn.anhqasgi . bothi at the Broker's
N[th l dapoa iek Rsat.e,
VenO9n £aenmsapplyeontinue as
tfo some daygs past. Wales since oer last, 9000
bales, at previo'la qui %""i ih ti/ bkrekrrs
and thtors are anric t ly awaiting later ad
' iae c atetain, andi theeIassano hisiosition
to enter into rla'oay ne gotiations till after the
a".ni rsf the ~ e camranaeii3tato steamer.
uga r . se * -- rTh.ie has been a
dgiati gagieat oticei inT operations
.tj heas&.ainee oar last, but the market
in " enave, and rates rule
- a..Cise eoa .s r, eprpevlous rcvew of FIlour
IP p po -soe-4ebal yesterday were imm
ted t'" 1 . , at Tuesday's quotations.
-orna-4sin sAir. sapply at store but quite
.earce "'thie hitliang.- The demand, how
ever isather gsrr i nd sodiales' since our
at'ei.a~ e %oa=e ,tuedA.o700 -sacks at our
q~,}t d¢. . 9 sa $ machanged in demand,
aupply r prices. rin contiues 0 dull and ez
1y5 iul a thtlnsutay :ta wtable- lteration in a
. Pnslom--lprk ee 1'3aton are in good t
t ivcjail quota tieas, but owing to a
%se p e0t ; a 1irotrsselad erar In Ecrpe, 01
4 es have ;gsin aiesead their figures, t
' njids., for the time l,..ig, to restict n
SA moderate bu. ineas has trans.
oui r Jlat t however, butahe inarket ci
r ." p ,orresmpoadent of the Mobile tc
' pIli geirid publie dinner -asre- l
to Oeaneral Beanaiýgesd, in a
t'} libaa since been firther g,
Saeiowldgm aat of his supe- p
"sty engineer. The British pI
Sovertures to the gon- tip
. 4ke dikein If
4e Va s or Leo lahA.-The tele-.
<atngsptons t~anti aWe 4asociated Press v,
b tahisk Hnder date of teiad, says: on
iItayby dighop aopkie. a
S The inadutryv of thc Sunth leas ,.,inly ha t
eninelih to contend with in the -i!eor:nl to te~ilt
liit, atnd ashat, with t;:' danusing effeet ofa
A. J.~1a u bureaus and the pernicin illl
ence of cnsOgr'essionic l legi.dation the str:nggle
l: has been hard indeed. tin hv etofore 1e
have not had to complain of more than tlh
natural and legitimate Iesult, of the oppresa
sive and restrictive system whicl, has been
imposed on us. In sonme places, and partiie
s larlyin Loulisiana, invee the exodu,; of the
Ida Rev. Conway, the odhe.rs of the bureau h.te
tried to accommost atc their aetion to thie 'sreai
necessities of the case, and have thus, to eoiae1
extent, mitigated the injurious coneuenees of
--i a flse method. -lat now. v, n findl that an at
ege tempt has been made to nullify- the sahvtary
pr- provisions of the labor law of the Stet,.
ttd by invoking thbe provisions of that extra
allsordinary piece of leeilation lknown as
'e the civil rights bill. The particular case
0n appears to obe as follcws: In C(oncorsia
panrih, near Vidalia. too gentlemen naoued
ne Connor have been engaged in planting, and
the had emplorcd a number of nrertes, with
erv i anom they had made contracts, vwhich were
t's ratified by Lte agent of tihe biureau "r .luli
son parits. It appears that eighteen of these
negroes wore enticed away by a cert ain tMr.
neir John Lockwood and a Mr. B'Iscriner. w
uni- were working a neigbborin, phl.,. 'vis set
tip ewas a violation of the labor L,:w ~'
the the tate, and for its perpetration that
ted law imposes a pen:lty. The , ec' o:
ter- the freedm 'n s burean su:.tained the 3\I"-;;-.
it' Conner, and Getn . Laird oa'rerd hi ,,ri
a nate in Coueordia pari-h. Major ]Irnw',l . t:
are as-st those genttenetn iul recov-ering tlto . el -
ne plnycs. and direte, hi, notn i
ties the perpetrators of tht e on cunn--se l, I pI,
'e secuted under the St-ate law . .. l
the Mr. Lock wood was ac,crrented na t.o mpll:,a!:L
1ati of the Messrs. Connorn. n:!d w;i< vs , 1,in,]
tess before Justices (leo. W. Green and Janas
rve Norman. On the evidence given, Mr. Lock
vnb- t wood was held to answer bht'fo'e thl district
're; count, and required to give $500 bond iln each
in ease. Major Brown, of the freelmenl s ba :os ,n!.
en- thereluon returned the regroes to ltheZIt' s.
de- Cone-or. Mr. Lockwood gave the required
rd bail iand svs released. lie then came to N e'v
aye (tr!.ons 1 o sued out a warrant befo're 'Snit,,d
A.-t. tabs Commissioner Shannton, and on tlis
,1' warrant Justices Norman and Green were ar
an, rested and brought to this city. hnd haeS
of been arraigned for examination before the
i in commissioner,
this Now what is peculiar about the matter. is.
hin that even under the most forced construction
o is of that latitudinons piece of legislation known
ins- as the civil rights bill, it cannot be made to
bear on any point involved in this case. The
warr'ant charges the accused with depriving
the John Lockwood of a right secured to him by
;rly the civil rights bill, and "'of subjecting him to
an- a different penalty than is provided by the
or, laws of the United States for the citizens there
of" But Mr; Lockwood was not deprived of
any right secured to him by the civil rights
Of bill, unless indeed Mr. Commissioner Shan
D. non thinks that the bill in question confers
ay on him the right of violating a State law with
'or impunity. If the State law had discriminated
ap against Mr. Lockwood on account of color or
od class, and had inflicted on him a penalty dif
oh ferent from that imposed on other persons
n. accused of the same offense, then the civil
rights bill might be invoked by him at a later
stage of the proceedings-that is to say when
such penalty should be inflicted on him. But
3' the State law does not discriminate for or
against any person. It simplly punishes the
offense of enticing employes and apprenticeo
at. way from their employers. It is true that
the law of the United States imposes no pun
ishment for such an offense and therein "aI
different penalty is inflicted than is iprovided
by the laws of the United States for the citi
zens thereof." But neither do those laws
punish murder, or larceny, or robbery, or
d forgery, committed widhin State jurisdictitons.
Does Mr. Commissioner Shannon thence sup
Spose tlhat the precious civil rights bill is
vetoed whenever Recorder Ahern holds a man
to answer for a crime before the First District t
court, or sends a vagrant to the workhouse 'a
Are all of our committing magistrates and
criminal judges to be arrested on Commis
sioner Shannon's warrant, because they have t
a imposed on prisoners brought before them
penalties different "from those provided by
the lawseof the United States for the citizens d
thereof'?" Are we to have a general "jail de
livery " as one of the effects of the civil rights a
bill ? S
It is stated that Mr. Shannon announced I
that in his opinion the State law is unconsti
tutional. We are not told why; but per- a
haps at a fitare time we shall be enlight- a
ened on this point. Let us grant the propo- e
sition, however, and in what manner would t
the case of Measrs. Norman and Green be af- `:
fected by it? How would the fact of the
unconstitutionality of a State law show that on
'Mr. Lockwood had loast or been deprived of ti
any of the precious rights secured to him by
the civil rights hill? In
Of course, after the issuing of such a war- 01
rantit isimpossible to predict what course the n0
case ,will take before the commissioner ; but 08
we can scarcely imagine that the final result
will cortespond withhe beginning. If people th
who violate the State laws can do so with im- th
punity ; and if magistrates who enforce the th
State laws are to be punished for enforcing
them, we might as well dissolve our society at
once; or els call in a radical directory to
take charge of our affairs--to govern the Btate,
administer the city, and conaunt our private
affairs for us. Othernwise we may all be sent
to prison fbr Violating the civil rights bill. th
r The Washington correspondent of the Phil
adelphia Iress, John W. Forney, has discov
ered a horrible conspiracy. This timeit is not
a plot to destroy the Union ; it is not a scheme
to repudiate the public debt ; it is not a plan
I to hunt up all sorts of Confederate obligations
and pay them off to the supreme consternation
of "loyal" people ; it is not a design to cut the
throats of all the freedmen of the South ; it is
nothing more nor less than a grand conspi
racy, of which the President is said to be the
chief and organizer, to prevent the Southern
tates from ratifying the constitutional tnend
ment. A conspiracy to force the Mlississippi q
ito run down streanm--to make the earth revolve
On its axis-to cause the oean tides to ebb r,
a and flow would, questionless, be a very super- I
fluous sort of a conspiracy; but not more su
perfluous, it appears to us, than this alleged
I plot to prevent the ratification of the constitu.- I
tional amendment by the Southern States. ,1
If plots and schemes were necessary at all to
they would be required in order to compel I co
These States to ratify that amendment. Itis it
vesy likely that some such plans had been set lei
on foot by indiscreet members of the domi- fo
nant paYty who failed to perceive that the an
amendmn~t wao iatepded to P. a political th
Il'h t th i rldL'., aii t ,. ".1., 11 n, 1
i''-- ith--i
1001 / a lt. Bu111 t 1 w I : '' f.i.y tht .:y0 -,'r e,1' 1 lhttii lt ,
i11 orin i- tiv c U1l-"atlc . ii 1a,,q itI'-,- ' ! ,'
0 p t,, rp lll, tll,. ' ý.4it . Lt ll. (I h ,. I , :,i\'il : ,11";0 ..
a- ' , a nt- ' . at-it ar i lt l . , IIIi., 0 , 1 a II5
h..1c lh t ie 1"01 d 1n a llll ;I vl itill l l)l -
th. 11 r." ivm 1 th:1 t(%~ ,nll, it O ' 11,1," ft n .l I, ;'it
le ia u ntl at the ,tit 'a at tl - oinl. ivied X
preu .ly to lt e itetd in the 1'.1,i(l, ltli
tlnl- th11ý t~ afford ;1 pr. u". flr" d91cpi-riv
the thet Southteilli ttStis of ^ti itl- id ii
n.o i u:ng1i t 1,'r" e ss ni l i h l, ro -
ua j rl nlne of 1 putlbli .i1c ,an ,ll _~:1,1' >} ',1 1,e
t - rey - .se1 in .
i pissille that the mae''ifssy t llt
t- people will thenselv-n e !l li' !'t !l ai1,tl 1 , ili
!ry Li tter, an d refu se to r 'iu v th , pl an w a ,
t'. beon propoOsd to them l,- alln nun-11;,l;]10 l.,
r ta- c tioni : an i which, it' 011.',. i i . t
a, parts, will pro;y de tructive t1, publi1 1,hvrp;
tseas well at the North at at the South. All that
in the Southern peopleit catri ea i-i :i-at
eda tr the itluh of the contest in :l.e ' -c.al le
and "hlol" States. A ytar'si xtpe ri-nt, elh i-h-
ith the i that there i- scn thing isch ";cr s- 'than
er inug unreptest.nrted ill a , In ,.. i r
ese clctilnv reprsefI eintali l 1rh:e at ia, elol n
I mnia-ie, 'ta pith-ut - I" it'flit' ejitf
tir. could only e ai h cn nc -nitt c-h tt'' .ati 1
th i... if the t.0 . ,t : 1 1 I it u F
1c- reli .c. to - !,-t cxcl it i1-, 1' hi -1iii .
"f ' " t it l ,y a 'r :..'1 l L... i i , - - ,_
oft niths acynliit hit at --a .t i"r,-ittcit i.
he 1t :lta --.sh tct i ,ent a cic'f ' a. " l i-i ci
et"_ a i b d ii' lla1e t tt-tai i int ti- -- i ni .1
".-I.: 1..ty inl .hL'h th th , phich: i
a. ht-nat a. I t tb r t u. ,l- E .n - , ,i
1 tti n--t tI , a , icir ; i, -l I l.' iii t., , , ,
le acni atl e,. -i in ,10 a a a y int,. -a r l ., ,
le nlightanal, h v l .e .t . ; T y atit" v, , L,,ul, i'.
nk- m - o zre 11tha n , . oi r 1 , :1,, ,il, a : h. L., v v , 1
lct ".1e u- irm oplresa i v ,1ctr , 1:l'. ,,' i
'h '.a- 1 h -ltion of tdl kin ,l.. - 0, s it i, 1. ,i
1u.. of t .hi l.repulitn ipartyct, ianiti,,,;' n
Th~on fT ire. itiar. ianit a n1 oaitl ae -t'1 in py
aed opiion at th-i: No!, tt llll-.-,.ai i In ia
o preat i y ica l and ap, ;itita,, h.
.ld fr Tot to enb.rl ol tof n 1tr1 a i : of 'grl
iolithj a tIn the b llrnuithl n Mintn e j . a ti
ofe t utter'ly paralyze our te brt t. We, i.all
aldearor to . At-Cone rich ag.rn. w :i to a, t -
on tise g'(sat nlaterial agtllciv<, Whichi, d,'p.
n ing on energy. industry and in1ellica1tgen. t.r
ag NEW Otr"L l Io A='. in tot an S Lan l Jote -
t, NL.-We have to acknoiwledge the lrec.,ptioll
t of the July number of this 10e11lent ohl
a established periodieal. Its eotitents are
-worthy of its reputation. The fir t arti -le on
of he "Instincts of Races," by Dr. J. '. Ntt,
is s one of the most scientifically exhlalu-tive
and trenchant that the well known auth,,r has
written. The relation of the nefro to civili
h nation is grappled with a vigor that isgh,
to scorn all puny. dcl ,,ied, and d, prayed
0 fintasies and profligaeie, about his equlnhty
with the Caucasian race,. It is handm.mely
illustrated; and ought to bw- 1r'fally peru ad
Sand studied by evnry man who wishes in
accordance with the apot,-,]e preceit to be
able to "'give a reatton 11,' the faith that 1, in
it him."'
An exeeedingly vatu,:bl i ap, r is ... n,1
by that Ne.tor of the Suth1,rn u 0,,~l,,!
Faculty. Dr. Warrn Sn,11'. It is t;iml tit
t absorhing sut j1ct o ", : l. ; rF , t11 , hi,
Dr. Stone- does not b,-lie1 e i!,0 ,li<,_.1> t~ bhe
contagious, but lie takes entr, to pl-oelaiin that
th. lmiiehiefs of ohh-<: . will <],pw dit, a1,, yet
he is not satLstild tiat tLo exer, ments o,
patients are not d:,nlerou to the l xtnt 1,h1.'
have supposed. TLe trl i., le snow o" o "
know no-hilg of e es ti0l ,h' all}'
epidemic or contagions poi-on," and tll two
are diltbrnt ih their .:if..'c-. Br.t we ,'a io
no justice to the art1.10 weit!1,,t qloting mn,,re
of it than w. can here: in- it. To be prop, rl?
appreciated, it nlu110 1re cunfu'. r-U -ad ', I: ie- t
ginning toend.
The other articles, oriinal aid s t,""1, of
the Journal, are in every way 0,o"rthy of thlose
briefly referred to : but want of ('la' ' h'rbiis
our noticing them at even as moderate a
length as we have the first. Th-y are all by l
devoted and able members of the prof, sion, t1
and on subjects of great inter, st to tlh. prof, r- b
sion. That on "Modified Inoculation," by
Dr. Tebault, is worthy of particular attent;, n.
Those of Dr. Richardson, on military surgey,',
and Dr. Bozeman. on vesico-vagina! fistula,
are of eminently practical value ; and that by
Dr. Turpin, suggestive of remedies of great
value. That by Dr. Merrick, on " Marriages i
of Consanguinity," is worthy of all attention. V
A case of cure of popliteal aneurism by prs- i
sure, by Dr. Armalwl Mercer, with obsmra- t1
tions by Dr. Caire, and " Surgical Notes of the b
Late War," by Dr. A. I. Semmes, are no less
interesting articles. The selec,:ted articles are
of great variety and value; and the whole
number one of the best specimens of a medi- t
cal journal published on the continent
t We are under obligations to the officers of
the steamship Texas for Galveston papersof
the 3d.
The clerk of the Fashion has our thanuks
i for a late Vicksburg paper.
For St Louis papers of the 30th we ain
indebted to the courteous officers of the
Olive Branch.
The Southern Express ('omppany h.s our
tlainks for late papers ftronl varl io u larters.
We are indebted to the otlffih r of the Louise
,or the latest Mobile papers.
Thheoticers of the Nit. L].ouis ale ollr
1- tl.ks for a file of lleston papers.
Tile Southeru Express ('o,?pany last night
t brouaght 10s ('incinnati papers of the 3d.
Charleston of the 2d, Atlanta of the BI, ant
a Memphis of the 4th.
Col. Wan. BI. Stlles, tile radical member of Con
e reoss elect from Tenneecee hats Iud, a el er the
e d etiteasoet. Sewartd and oiiesn. ,ir whll, l his
iatra wat recntly sent up to ltheile lio i ,e
Sfor promotln to a brevet higalier griclt uraip,
tihe Preident took up his pen atd he, ; ,' ,
ioc throurgh i a Caseatihn r :ol. Stokts f.de
the rlebls io the sl,,r of btlatte, hle the L
nent faces them llOw iil the drawilg rcoon of tlhe
\VWhite ltoutse, and h]as o graltitdie ft,r a c Oloal
D-Ilo gave his new friencds suh terrilble blows as
Stokes did !
The above, from a Northern rmdical plaper,1
remindu us tof what the late I're tident Linctln (
uti.e to call "a li Ile joke." During the sar,
Stokas's cavalry was a fiamous military organi
zation--famous for always avoiding a fight,
and retreating before the Confederates. At t
one time a Confiederatce regiulcut summonedsihl a
town in Kentucky, garrisoned by Stolks's
cavalry, to sunrrinder, and gave notice that if a
it did nit, they would open on it with artil- v
lery. They woult, however, allow twenty
four hours for the remllovial of the non-coUllat
ant-- nd in this list they saiot they incltudedl
the c omnc, the clhilten, and roke.'s l':!:- !
.1 SVinud,'r IRC.fIted
: wh1,- o v , ,', ith t1 . 1,
I'l I . 1' '1li' "
Sit" · 1:ti hl. titn oolii.fdt t%:" on1. "11 the l..:'
'l 1l,' 1,' ~t -.iot tt t," ti I oiI .i
Wl ;nlm B. LedIp - lo idt l of tiet Iioiolldel ali,
'' t ..i I. .'j l .t h l ,t tio h i ,rt 1it! in v",,
;,,, ,i .,,. ,' . 1,' ,:i ....... 'l ..oo. i .ia.. Oli. ...,i
,,:'too + To, ol , h. t i t ti1,' o ,li, h ,o atl !.oIti-i
" +!-t 1" 11,tt I lo t 1 holt IoE oo ln olo -, t eio. d t i ,'lL , '
, ; a it al .'. ci ti!,h, t' f ,,m ,It u.,
I ]" ,it ,' r ar. ;I l' lt'.l Ieti J "I il lt!)lll. the
ih 1lt_ t . t :i
AI,.LNIe , wi . I:.Af uneC :,. '.
11t, r ,'"L-!cute yesterdaly evenin Kg, rec,'ivtedl
Ifrotl idge o t 'yan. t throu lh hev. ral l 'toi 0lll
(u'ha ln + x f'om1 you, 14 the etlec't that
In.ll t pte ol fit toi pario h l had t 'itto to) (o en.
'. ty . that thile "rtl u y a t , li- i 1 itali, hs hal d in -
dlcted it lltlllbel o f i I'ull l Iwen simply be0."ant
'' ley were Ui'nin nme. N.+t knowing the thither
\`t-l,"t by des- nl.ing men, whlle tonly mnotlve is t,
!, o, 2t1 ott I' te o to " tocop try rud r l L tl
,1" 1 i • o'lt.e c~uc nity, an ha;1at,1 h tu' a tlr r +d
't ' ,..hl rI ',tl h~hT a+lt o, l the! D' V.I n""w C
: t l.t w e .. ':." ? . 'r, l a.. I, er f . .tL, , ."
,, e O, . h ý 1"I . , .'p1r1;.t. t, ..i,
.I r < I 1' .!.' it , ' ; . ... ' 'he III
;1 ' . .. ,' :H l i.i. ! lie;
B .ýt
The Salnt. Jahilre-. Satilre.
n r the New Or tie T 're' :en:.
t A hort satiri'al poem, bearing :hi1 tit:p. and]
i re pnhied in paraphlet form, h s made it. appear
an e in our mids'. It may be inho! at must of the
bo,.-okellfers in our city. The author, whoever he
may be, has modestly declined literary pretension,
t by aonymoous publication. IHunor claims to have
oe detected the concealed anthorship ard accredlt.
ity it to a gentleman of well known ability and at
fly quairements, whilom di-sting oished in fields far re
ol :oved from the tield o o letters. We -hall not
in seek to penetrate the veil the author has seen it
be to employ. Su.tie it to say that tthe sword n:)w
hanging unol ied on ni, wall. thfuoh wrlathrn with
,; eil w ron lon dos, oom ay re! w .tio t diasm t.0 it
tido by 'id, w:th his pen.
d Tne anirie is dedicato.d :,t ao: ti.o snints iln 1d
the ire daho n's bash.: - . ~ht! . ,,he
h o Omcinbus and ohm-ore opir',. ., 1, 'r'1e l0und
,at -, grouped about i.e .:.-n Pull fo :o e
off Ii ot ti..i
of h 10,r, h-et the .nahr 0 e0. ' . :"'l' t 1 l I
or' I tl or t ery, f loo the I vo r .e a0lw y ooiold t
a ft ' ven» of 'anir n rigOr rn d or
0 It i (o i on'' to r e EaIOId IT dor, oihoufld :b no 1
2, 0lriho nod c lo u to o trilo e or i. p ' rlt :h;r i" t.
the ratorg to1h 'i.lr or>nod ol' 0 -' of hlra
y acr!!l, o h o'inh h tof" fonrnmoy orea'> orooout
. , r adown to te e s r t "o t p t. 'he 1, "Tli pl i n
al tec ir b!y rendcred-i .ni , r ,t c n;-, oD g,,tl ,l: ·ti
Stht~ral lines- and ulten writh .ufler, b:e gra e
,rf ver fiati . o r g'
o It is not to be expoon-o d is o fiare- -id e . it
wovld with correspondble steadinius of pthat pcie.
Onl y oth, or tgice rdo the dcviate fralways tr i.
'f trle e.saeile an d then at times i hereess d ti t ,h'ris
y ittigs ludose to the idea. some r naishold be notr
. the rich and florgi vestre o ionfal depertu ds fr
-ut riatrs dhe strong eablind : poati c al ca" t " of thn
acroat, whi t h hr tie fI haraorm ti.y e poe without
pein its moveme.br c
Our authve nort opos to a e kept th peten3'd:e iO
view with commendable peadine. of purpose
y ince orly twice doe hdcate r t oie rain> the licne
.f true tsalrte ot a net poem whic outhe tho be oht
a wi~ly read berortio ft may be aidely ituhe, fl
Tihe r,.eds of the scthor a dre so orrct allid on
ror us adhesion to estabior, thed poeubical sntion
Shere the hepresed by charateried. bypowerad
S We take leave of the suopos jet, t ourre or, eppror-en
ing the perhore ance, and recommendig it to the
anor ef the iterary puli. pur
pose Dui f reto ndicate t ote reading publict
Stie existence of a new poem whitch ought to be
widely read, U because it may e widely usefli
t hef vesis opp, the authort thef D frecand of '
tnored ith so m otvigoor, that publi sentiment
mus t be impressed by them. d i to
o'oWe take leave of the efoect, therefore, npprowt
ing the performance, and recommending it to the
olrw of thoe lit tary publi , t .
Tio e Duff Greeo o e ly coire'theyr m l by
trie of nMissis, sippi, iore ot thte Dff ('iet of
t reuton ot.' politicto bn,,t o'oiety. 0
'. Pikehe boh a public his len. .nd
n"et it, ,tinms- f or his n ew I to-oio on ofl" 'th
,Illt, i0t.o ,ad ' oo i nll n op0I0 0 '0l0ll n l l l ah t isol i s c t. ,
Tho o Ta';ll'haso n od r Snmtoer wer 0>e solat aue
ti"on in Lirpool, utonder otrder' fnom t te U. 8. t 0 '
prConsl, on the 13th oult. sthe imitr bnldliass
itfllod tiltf, ne d the Smtn'rr 11y00
A ('t in000 0ase0 "a, inhctieioo N on. t I'
A reitit tie in Vioinisher tit-. by tlrnwir,/ e
toroed the . ey to' the t l f ht emont of '000,0. A A
Illin reandrd finchi, hm ndcanl to tple omless.
'The Tip l .is and Siter were sl ato flord, aled
ation in Liverpool, under orders flom the U. nio -
Consul, on the 1r o Th1teh tu o lon 'allahass
A receto tior in Vioioda ('itv. Nevad o , de,
tr'yel ptroperty to the aooo unt of 0 $2ooo' U. e 1
aod red'oro focr odnd'. preple homcless.
at07 O'clr0ck {, 0 t eveni*o for 0' ltimore, vi Ha
ers 0 : 0
I:w~l ipt i F't'ti " ý 1: 1 .t`"C I.,'.I 1G-n c~ye.ý i
Al I . t n
olif'll to th . r , de vasu1 vlel ..(,I , la tl .i' tlt " , i t ,'fltllr'
itt is 't'l h, stlt allc.ry rt ,o ui.r ,-, to t l l,1+
wtitn aI't'id lt , I h n I t IhAnu ,rii,
d' 11[ ]1',l f[ i, I, 1a;11 ery c r n,111t .l
,i t !Iii d,"rilll t I ei and ! .!::Se ll, · d h l r 11.Jp,.
-t' tlt -I ttttttt'hti ,h'' ' ,' ! 1'',,t, I. A h ,.
1:1ilt"o (lls ta) C 'lo d wtrhe an .unt ~I lt
ti no e tn e . t t, .he ti wt 'I ,H,' g h l l
Icoulshw t ie dl ery ' t , nII iI, rahl ". in ,li it lt i
Pi l it t e eN·: H * ] l i
wold n h egroe wm e n b tatl'' rtitt' t t A Ar; o i
It is still a ArttlSAt ury i t't to he 1 A ds, IA iitn .[
in tl h "i favorite p."I", t." and 10r_,"9 t" 1,,i hutl:0
/'tr thell O si1ocr clll o ~tll th h al c.tl A tuti' , d ; ,asll re l
'the Preident A lillApirott t. Te sea tatnt A ttt
tiol of :'11i,.119 lr .,h i4 i,,llr LL 1 n ~het]d wil: di,
, in .tut lion of a I le, -itrnt' ;ile 11`4 g ,.,. . I.f,
a "t11 i es t'' l lA' n the ' Itp l r 'hl . i*I 1 i nitl, lt· l r, ti
'tl t-. At A lt t llu n A' de,.'5 ,.
Artk tttt' t le the iAt ty. T na a .
iI:.. lh"d A 'h ' '.y r, .. tn, i
' A'h A li l ctl . i ,,A n ., A f f. f 1 t ,,11 ', r .
i '1 t A t I. rt 1 , r , , Ii
l is to t morr ,
An' .I at n ty tt A n . i tt ".. . t ,
At 'n.tt AA.l.I , i . ... t ' i ., - , At't A
Atl',, h" tnh'' n,1 h n' t At'A' t t, hn
A i edit or a l t n v,,;u.\r , : A-Iic
ttlvln ll,ri'etlll who u re , i', in}l' ,u' ,,ghh r,;n- W toh ai
C I ,tirt fiiitw Oetiei te )
nf Pirtland, kitni , are itt Kt'ilatiou to Naui
Tt . . .uee te't,.t it ,Me ito'e rrite -, h tea' ,till, rtn
olen waal ga lu by an lfulltfated Incr. Two ethers
wer,r eern. 'itted to tjeit tt atwtie : tes nit tniot .
to fhre into Ihe crowd to 'prevent their ctiz:neethe
lilrtoners. The bail wounded one man hi the head,
clipping hi ear ,tft.
t A prize fight took place at Louisville on tfie th
ult., between two well-known pugiflito. After
ighting liftlen rounds, one had an ieye punched
out atid was uthtr\tiee .elttouily injureId.
bItL-iLLII I, :
Oin July ay, 1 R . I P Helnt, I. MILLER to
1ALt SUSAN S'1tttENID;R, both of ftty tity
On tLe Iilh inh t., by J. L. MlorrlN. EFN., at tile reaidene rat
the thnde'e moiher, Mr. W. M. It. NELSON, firenerly Edit r
p of ethe "Central Organ" and lat ie te "i oolel (tharert "
leat Lnuiaiann ' nitry,) to tenai MOLLIE J. M NBRIDE, of tie
parihl of St, Lnnlrv.
i t l',ef l e I ih.,' tt,; e 'ol , Ilii ,I..e , itni t tR Li. .e.N
1tl.1~0e t,.sixe 1. :a h "
hluii ! tit. i, l l l' ll n , t'l. t h rt lell 1 1.tr, . I,¢ e, i ..1,,, ·1 1
1 , I h - u h e IISA T , ,i ~n ofE l i i. } n, h l
tn , r al , tt-lJt, , I.n , 'i , Th'l ean.,
0 it NIE R, Setreta
Editsd by t n. D l. e. nILL, late o the SllthirN. Army
',.1·i t JX t il ,: i l I I n", ,ll 511 -lll
Jentrl Ai.t tlrcttA it' iitle ,IL I,
r.u ed tmeet , ar nda P, :r- t', err. lintel on SATr R.
A !,Il atte,'lnne t., carnemly rcf enr aes iia ,,, on greet
unn,orlatae -11 t o h ; I gl ibo'r r, te tire m etnio,
Y:YI~i.'IGYu.E IPaYraE;"-ltiL. -r "l vi i
rY l tit - ;ý
~1 1·11191i1)ý .1-V ,I . I .
{'- I LX. )-. BUILII V I, N -:I. - A
I- Xis-I- l: t 1!Y LIV ,",d VA, , I<. a ,,,r~-. '
I ssuiaa lien n tf "11te 1
r u
,ý ,"Il· ..c ·n * ,1 III : ii. .r1ý1 I, lljlI. I- Ii il/ , t , . ýýý y
111 ý "I', r le 1(111 1.· 11 I S r. 1: iihl11 11111(.( ·i i. I: 1.." ~l
,i, I I- ··'; l u .I ,h. n Ill . ·, . , I. ,.;; ii·] l , .. ·ll i..
IoI oay ETlh lola
I.V. -- ' --;.1. ...
-VV- - V -. -lf·
1,V IV I-VA- V IV) V '
,dCloth hig.
I'I` V1L i.1., IRAh I'LISii BA -, 1 c. ,. ,,..,, ," 1,1,. li, .,.
i't I A[ '<'Sy I Lav I·Irl.·e..
.1 i ttlalc. ettrtdalf
-d IL N R, It:
11e . r N t r', r. 1 ;.r R "Ie ,r. . r .,.. \ :
nv. n' 3Iii ::··. .I;
1111 ' I .., ··. \ . .
ýr k'- V F SO . R - ,e.e_. ....- K 7.. ,.,
., ('ard.
*'1". !. \1.! \ . \ NXO l LXI .
"' r F. 1 1r.ecl lyi N. L WiIIIELD
SII N I ,r - .0 ., I, A
entl m eni c l n with t a i .J I st "7 , 'x .
i I0 a Fl . , !om air. Tln ere :N 1 .F e ,t
In Or 'I' ",,. .
IIN0. I. NM. W1 .her MayINr f MI
ir-o-l n I .beh.I lN e "Tun,'on. ,, ,',Il, . rt F n InI ,
'n , ,,.,,I,"i r'.pectluiiy rea,,... u,t : ),,u .;1, ,:np,,, l: .; ":: e
a mirol-ll tr, l 'd ('r, ie-,ner 9 rf I lupa ,Uu ;Lab (, ittv:¢rly to
of J,,y, r the he xLtt ul th, NIVEtl e TY ( ' i\LA iY AMA
Vlery repectfully , N. L HiiiTFIELD.
r n TA. T. LWdA aitn.
S EN iyED DEALER, N e. Ill AN ol.Ch ?, y
A ,aentmtn- l-Bplanc ith he a, rlle.i ' appo: inta
le yu n, thc 1,-11e om i ", named, au l Ioh a t Iat y:la aJIl
T ien Art S T1ca: oII , ' F d n ti t
the 7th .I July next, for the bentdLt , t Ili,, Unlveraty of
i labtima. JNO. I. IhN LE ,
1,11 ,'t e1 I 1104011 41 yIF
T,_ ae_ fur e I )UIa II' Cahl d I. F:wi' . d,..and, by
Anti at ail Branchl (I.I, c,: ,n New O;lean,,
For Leoast
(irnd Ln odgqre, Il l n lol( ll:+ll--St. ('hnrlt' Nt.,
d.,,tt tlo ox Ncelll of th( S"ore aeonpied h M(' Ili o . v .h .l'
II r v! tRerm nlI ENTy "ar.- lor.E l(lo, b l . I,4t \", n - "ri I
Ai'pl ly LO b, r w b t h bV hit h
Nwne i 'oli T . EA . ..
7'"e An l E F "r t il AONE AI,,'R iAN E , 'r) BilN I
Gehld it rt* orris·o, No. 21 Camp trl.et, on .I O\. 11.\ , n th July
ueL froum 1. u'ocock , . to: o'chck 1, r .
Hotel de Santt kwa.bet
Havana Cuba.
.+l Card.
The n; derslrned, having cln,) d his husf ina s con nectlnn wltt
the o'Tice of the Tl'e Delta, and colneced hfimerlf with that
et the CRESCEnT, would raapectfu!ly as)k !rumu hlh ftrendv e
i,:,ntinunnce of that ~hberal support which they have hithber
.<tenled toward' him.
]1.1i ...:`-:,1-J~e- sJ··)II·' rLBD'OIU ~ m~r.-'·l ner· tom:. ';NnR·D vc 1
ti" ' '"." r"I Ir r v clJ( NI.I§C nlvir].) N ..I? ./I CWT...
t" ".. ial -·.ll,,l,lý l I1 :.lldl; . . r, , !. " " , .1 d, .me'~n
Iir \I. ýi...l" 1. I , it......'1 1 ir Il~i, I Ie,,,,,·; I.Ir, nhlU IrfL
ý .... :.ý," 1'I11I.1 I.1. '1 I 1... I 1 ,1111 111b 1 111111: Il i lll 1i(ltlll o
r, "" . r " ll'! "'I.' t -" nn"1 x. l-.I, i ! r~ied :I·U
i ~lll I,"I r" lll. ly I l l 1t1..1ý "xl (1r. ll. ,, II to I lllil i i(. in ;I a u
.. ,1.tl y " It r. r lt L l iililler tl! ( to 1-· (- , o pr .l Il ti-I. s
`)'I1·:: 1·; I'r..'- II x P ·eutld and rl· ,!ý ~r " ;d 1I II,II . 11 rl·: LI: C L
tits I..d c1 I(+. i: ,r Slut"' ./)1·101 Wlll I II" In d l..~ c l·
S.11I lll ..r j .1 l1 1 W nrr t.,e" ,d r rrl1l11 ll I... , .,u lIlil) l0
ý I."I ., ; tn . ::I. ill ~ ).Ir , tl ull r of wl l ". ... .I'. io I· li very
nlll. lIlil we Il .ll dc ., tL., in enoul.; l· 1 rl.ll, r i~: ra
n i .lirr I~ ~,,,~i,'1t, t .r t. 1 x .,nt but w , tlt log ,.re t!.o
'l~rm 1 111,, of t l·c I I· In rhC . ,u 1. 1 duo ie ;rn; b ~·
e 'fl1·11 : i. 1 * :1, 1 11 -,·. 1i · F.. N UT, n. h1. "l .. . !:.1· 111.(1 0
In r. t.,.. x~ I(Itl. t(l... w -,:id tii; ii. !I.^.!I me 1.(,
ýd."l `n.l i r [L, ýe x., 1 (11 , oth11r 11 I1-· ~II i I nv' l
i·.-lilM, ten "'d ". lýi. I , v,,,.4 'a
. ' ' .. ..t , .. . . , . ý f y
- I
E. ( arucr ('omupelny
fV I.) (I I ' , 1 -, ".
, ray's 1'tlrolcltnn '0ore,,
! No. lot·; C.51[I ' ST EIh :T, : , .
. , , Tir e ·, ,k 1 ,; . , tl e ,r. ·,i be, e i ·,c . n W ·, re:s .e
A 5 P SIFRhT, I P .'S :I
- A me,' _, w. , ., '. .t. d ,: rday n r ", yt ,_[ .L .h¢
2IEN' (iNA 'll.NIAI. A ýAA 1Iw(1 . T,
Lalte sttltr(ts of LuEiIIOIas.
All , A lI'IA D '& S ' AIE C.
.l1aison Blach¢e,
157 . . 'ANAL STREET IA57
Woflld r.I. lly il r t r rnd Ind the pA AlAC in
gAnrl tA A , un A Nl DAA Al V N " he I t ., AT Sy
will o th ir 1 re at I17 ,;o ntlmtre nt, n t dl ,r , I, imeA t''
In this ltt'r -- nht, t -tw ' . . . ... .
Wlale Llas orf Lo Ir ana.erve.,
l lEION O- T. n TATEd tr LEn Ivrr LAE, Ao".
FRUITS, I Ih pt ,:rA Iio,.Ail , FId II AI A rd PATEIl
back panrt [, the Sl, e
Late Latrw o1 Lo010iaarr a.
92 lamp AIreet
F. KELLand ca be ho c l
I. I. ThomIpsoHn,
C'arll_ IPaarthourst,
W.17 F..... I........r..l AR O SR L. Y I. ...1
widthsl an qu , i .es. MA TNII Elquhore , w i Y
,Ioa lh trtu5t Ilantt o. l A Ar avier lltrI wAindw ",hAodei. rbnbab
AoiliA'ln IAiis aA A helt i tA l, .E i A d o te tiA, Ao l h
lpatmnt, c er., srrll, l Gn ravir r ,,,tl
A.... IllhoSS E.Ai CO,
SAeAt Jc2tllt toilAtlr.Adt
T Re nnieSY, mE nuftrerY of GIREY S,(A'K T Bi"
TER N, and generAl deElETrs in
LWo ,ld respetflly iefor h m thgir (iiod a nd tehe pr li tIa i
althouAh theirad G e, No. AT1 GAier street, wa.dstrolyed by fll
on the n hO t f toieil, h inst, t"oI,, I A ttile ec l Allns lithe Sirt
Departmet tiA ir sfereA , , . N I tArAvier stret, is atll r eit Al
occupation, and the) will there coft G.. to manfacturE "
Olld sell WINES ANDILIQUOAIS oA al god At AA 21 IaJ at t
W d lrs fafturery of Ally ,.1,Ale Blltter,
a tLh ,Iii Stre yS

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