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New Orleans daily crescent. [volume] ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, July 07, 1866, Morning, Image 1

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. ...- 0.. I - - - A1
The .Aew Orleans Crescent
.1. 0. NIXO)N, Proprietor.
The Crescent Job Establishment
NTYIA'-;S ORl l'II- H'.;t. I
Thl. CeillIr..l<-<l JvledMnnlufcUwwi-.
, .r-. i lE & ;,., .:,d l;0. F R, (SOtiIUN
,\r prepured t , , e, utv every de-cr;pLLo 01
P It I N T I N (, m
--Rlch a-- bu
I"IUIN'r' ANI) Jli.J I
S! Sope ·r,t. ';f.e,
ITC., 1T
C irJ ·e·~ rond styCI o5pC'rips aA ,An&; w oi a
- LLL. ' -R Wr1KE,
EXSW Sith OLIpetvh, and , the K arC S mK u
L wor0 wnfan.d to lve atisfac.r.
S Ordere atouad to wth di:patch.
B Prlcek roe.ouable
Crescent Book and Job Establishment,
a ..u N -whas na Pare.A
New 00rcans.
Hotel de Santa sabel,
havana Cuba.
.1 Card.
rhbm t,¶gnd, hb.1ig .1-M d bm~ bcn. anýU-wit,
m-flimaN t. T-. Dfll& -d -n,-d kioU--It -ftb
ý th.b CaIENPT. -1d ýobblbIY k fr hisbfttd.,
continumm q( thnt lilnl snport whbhb WY hn.e Nbthb,
®4uq Orleans pgailH Q( rvent. a
Jeta[l Alitelliclhqe.
j,' y fth e y r y att (A While U -.1
tei lv :Ab t
wn. r . r th. ai t !u to hAli 0mI i
q pwards of li o
t lo'rlo. ' ooi o n "y ,r fl' . 'lli. l ;," Cd ! pi
ri, ht:. "'t- l'" !0t-lof e rN h tt, ta1 t ],
itc'-! i,,. () tl ihIar I ts sh r Ir , I A l ,I s l' .
Carson, ucosij nel to ) r. Si ;orta t r AdaItit
rtah nhip'ted it irt:'ledirtt ly on thr lobio e 'ra. di,
rfichlathy are tfte aont, and by wich t'he cohrh
will Ite d liv.red at, Sl. a .. d I t I . n r. It if i
ipleari t to ro.rl o t t ,e to r p n of t7i1
' rht f100 troT tho tiot 1t taft St ,I .
will br anided on the \labama river, will lt cs:
,a re t. To Mir;amter, l arriteg it anl te Itct ,
chant. atte.odig toitrSatrg nothing, aithlte dra'
men of oar city, not to be ubeoid any other cla n
in b.n.volenc , ddllit te aling gratuitol y. It i
but jout thoir natoer should be given, althtough no
der I'orteu, Clony, IBeatty, ( I. finchr. JoTno
Ahern, P.Mrealrey, Jereminah Coleman, .I.agner
EIrpnder uanto C ,utA, thee Thi.s hco nre,
glveral b ntletme of the order of Odd Fellotws
hase called atpott ua to 0ity thtat the fraternity htel
themralves idebted,I ford tle preerra-tion of thi
warhive ed oft te rad Lodge fron the rcoll gra
hon tton dirn theoa cight, to thre wrtionhe of tr.
tenosry tir. groand rcreotry. that oertraan irootu
Capt. dalie Adar, Mr. thobert Stron, and Ser.
geant White rtd oathetr m .rsi of ttie poiie
i n benevolenc ae not alnoing. gratuitously. It i,
at jreat ri to tr irs livsh , rbe giventr tthough a e
knao several of them pro test against irt : Arilo exan
Severall gentlemen of te order of Odd Fellows
annil all thje ili,-hiv,ý ware r',,s(:nued.
tItnx of the O d-r o.dd . ello.
The membners of the I. 4 O. F. .h aso mbled last
evý,ninh at Mal ,hi: Il1l, purýuaut tl, a call i-;u d 1
by 'Ie a. N. G an ld Al er ofi the Order. Alter
the inecetn l, hitad bet e appro riaei y unp l-nd, ct,
eliaNwio .1 c Trr es daOl.l Man, t li te Mo. N2 . Gri edn
. ala< ,'r laread :I
day, op i c- . 1 M I cl Ia k l.K' R o . 1', :
w lr-ans, July 5, 1 ; , .
Oe,, r U E . HYq ,, Itm. rad Mao t 3odr,
ir on vi.w of thie great loa tou y l ; Older 13
the d la, Ct r hial l , " hi l h2 ornl g, c'ic ct i ,t r
a, i A , pt' A.Mo4ll T lo ue oft the mN ai. 1 all
an sol; unot, pi, d rooms on the sd cond felot of
the WMal 1-Id ai building, cr ear of St. C h
anti tPerdi sr .tsc , for ti . us o f roi ur '. n
Lodg ,i elnd hie eli .s ( tfithlbAssociation ' i- r
ever you -hldl require it.
i feel tLat I eIxpr s the general sc i eilt,: 'i
te.,, lai.iC : 'i I acL i ur you i1 hilt
and .: o i t \ hiet ful o !r.
ci tcpcty i bci· le~ n h rucc cc-iIe l ei
e cy utuilly your d rv
ti rz r 11. CL 0 PAN. Y Fn NA -.
Al , N . - Cs e Ju l ",
SNv.).e ournn s,, yhl'y B,1
J. ,e ;N. on irW . 1-- ndter , . . , S
I ec- e-e toret coamity toch
T, l " ,'niy n ne vo r ,ie t his dao t.oa, ,y ee
tio in to t P.1 . ) ., thlllo, %,.l meeti ul N l ou hI
iq, ul I wo t Iisu Inus i oy rWl-e inonp,
;nel. No.1r i, r ;,itdby, MiirBlir iyant, tro • ]
lae I" 11cc ll itT 11, 0
T thd 1Ie ,h iand Lote ti .
Over Cr-scenicci t uCca cIt-l etco.-onday
Union No. 6; Tuesday. , rlens No. 1, ; W'edns;
No. 1- ; Fridley, Tepl[r No. ; Sfa turdal , ,,no
neday t, Inden iznc N. 23; Thursday, Cr stI
cent No. 8; d aturay, E ole .el)ree No. 1. .
Tie committe on resoltions reported as fol
esoled, T hathecal and hrtelt than
tendtred thao . Ird "Ld ee F. and A. c .,
a trough t r. W. G. t . . d iM. Per kiis, for 'hc
poropNt ccd c-ccrcco ofir teded uc icn t
cAur of need, by a ttndter fthc bye lice c rooms ic
it', th o ily e.-anic cHlt , -:.Iall.
Rcb, od Tht crpy of this re ion be fottruly ycu,
0rded to t Ne . a. .,yd Muster.
O d'l, c. N,,. 7c. CAMP rT, c
Theall-n ytoir b rnevoh{uct assuciation by tiCe dcc
structlon oc Odd a elCuwc' ci.il by fire oA ahie ,4t
third floor of our buiyling No. 78 Camp streea, co
trance on Natwcc rcitret.) for the ceeticg of sli
ResIeitcully yours,
The tender of rooms by the flows and Crescent
Mutual Insurance Compuanies, by Washington
Lodge a No.y , and by Mestrs. Bryant, Stratton &
Chapman, were reaerrid to the committee on reso.
ing in the Iall, that they would meet, until other
Delta No. 15 ; Tuesday, Magnolia No. 22 ; Wednes
duy , C ope No. 14 2; Thur sday, SUtward No. 13:
Na.ycl; FcidaTo a N o. 1.
Over Pol cr cycdgs (Camp street)-tMonday,
Union No. 6; Tucsday. Orleans No. I t; Wednes
day, Commercoal No. 12; T2r3day, Southwesteru
cent No. 8; baturday, Eagle Icegree No. 1.
The committee on resolutions reported as fol
ifiolned, That the cordial and heartfelt thanks
of the t. 00. F. cf L,--isi-n be audcare hereby
teudeed to itcci Gna lafLdge F. and A. M.,
through M. iW. 0. A. W. M. Perkins, for the
t0 prompt and gt,ir s oiler extend ed u, in the
hour of need. by a tender of the ace df rectms hi
the Maccnic Hail.
Aeeioeimt, ThAt 3 ('rpj- of this resolution ho feo
Wurded to the M, W. tic cud Master.
Res.,iedl, That the thanks of the rd.er be and
are hereby tendered to Jemen II. Wheeler, Eq., on
pres'tdent tih tin e iome Insu"aleeeC Crompany of New Stc
Orie ane, for tie retooms gene ously offered us it1
the hour of olr need. th
Rtoelord, That the thanks of the 1. O. O. F. be
and are here.y tendered to Thosi. A. Adams, Esq., I st
preside!it ottthe Cresc,-nt: hi,uranr e Cempanoy f lts
New Olleant, ir tile guneroos ofer of a rooln for
ilo oceu' a e ycpl 'thl e It,tile rendered necessary t fl
Iy tle dPc strw ltion of the Ial' an
I,;olacd, ','l lhat the i aaecs' ci tile I. i. O. F. bI
tr ,; ilec l ereby tInerte t,.d . o Mertro'. lr)an, S'trac ti.
toe ll er Chaphlan fei thi olitr of r eems fit their eel
:ellel.,e ,i Carre , ,ele e-t t-, t. for tile *ie of tIi IIp
orde, .\_%,, to WVa trrne L tge No. 3, I. . Oe ,
I . the r flrat1, nac I lA r 1 , t e u :s of tic ir
et'" re e lyt lli , ,.trA 11 e '! t
oi t ,, 1 t l "!r.K, a ! uto rveat.;i ,a n a r,!ý e(;e- St[
I r 'llnu I te" i ir re rec ni e
S t i ! tee, l t .'ee , , e 'e. ..
1i 1 . ;· ? ,,q - .I l th l it t at w e tin. f e
ti,, haii lo en l c i;t h . u.i.lyci a n Istd Ito r ang i I
1;l! l 1 l;,q, n·2, ;"If"% all I e, a, .I
t'l - ia. r %t y,:: 'rou r. i itt. "tra loe r, of
'ee id '1eclee,1r a'elearee'dtob
t i l e n Tea. ti eh ail rid da nc eie. tee
'i enov.' l ; i , in the 'bd fi D l it
I 'r..he, 1 h1 t tlh,.e I oywraI "'re at r of ece
,1 r , 1 n e ac l,,, h as w ae Iry rand ItI r
I iei:. , ,ln ,b ta , ne'th on . t n he o r o
,Jtl h. ui l it, Ds itr eeta id ti be v
e. jt- m lat ath i ear I.rul tend peolet teler a
S ebede rw aarrt aedeie1e
VI Jple 1t 1 ev , at the ntacrn er of Seco nd t ad
i , t 4,i , Te: e B henet , aM t neo d wa oe nry t ald i ar
s cpin deI oe asesen'd, wh ereai reeabt.yearc ooef
, . t ip i,. ne ady eg.ng 'nditioiear. Thie corhe
er'- j y tie1uled that rdeatheiied fernrsegtteda t
S iterh:h. h o r.cl arrn d thr the er, n ies itreet
ThI p jhe, lser everlgn , at the intaner of c nir aid
I tt oi ler , tece Bene die, and ane pct edy Care'l a
tein rpydet msoetoaion ae , nei of ghreei neaeo the I
Jl, teinrtah J.at t .e a t the f n ya dr street s
I he enter ot the twro large u piyern, one pair of
o,'ernt inteoct oe file ard onne spiec wretcht
wehee herey inced en the nerultg ofrthe Foaurlt
Jiu 'at c al lire ono erades tireet, o reqans ei rd to
leave tihem a the fire alarm and poicer telei
lcraph office rooem No. 3, City Hall.
r The Attepted ualcide at Garry Oldie'..
We noted yesterday that an unknown man had
eiteormpted to ncommit suicide by cutting his throat
itn the water-closet attached to hGarrey Oldis's
t coiree-bouse, on Common street. We have since
il die'e!e'eed that the man's name is Edward B.
te ' . He representi that he is, or ha of theen,
She teof a British schooner named the Orienrtal
that he ii a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, aged
n ei Y etrs, and han been in the city about three
r- weoks, having come last from Boston, Mass. No
e e plaation has been given of hi attempted nell'
tlears beforeo. ie had one drinke there, then
r4 wensti h. and a few mcnutes after was ditcovered
lee mt, wieth a great woul d in dhi throat, the
raz - h whic, it had bee i flicted by his side.
Th '-etrg'tene at the hlileital deem his recoveri
qt rI ned' yetandior thg the severity of the
r2 the wer at'ahe W dttam Naylorl.
, o Cmmation of William Naylor
: . rity H e 'pite,n yecterda, it whas bfoneud
ate f r iiu s hw ch n ren eived in Miss
tho lioet n Thur oday nrtighet,
le;e er and a cereifnate to that ceffeet twar
wot ay oe n ast ergeoBc.
pa adeen Death. I
d rn t eied Wiei L. Mahon . a natli
I 's~'l e bef e ie'y-four yearcns of age, wh n
` hek y ve ei cee t liopital about three weee!,
Iy in ing, an ured. In a few houers after, he
wae ed gh, back t0o rthe bospital in a cab, in a vtery
Sw :w on, and whil e a streltcher was o beieg
Sbhr ugh" Lo onviey a h i nto thi e roune, he expirei
tpýs r.n wt+ 1ih shely was taken ef, and
. :. olr ing ian it lester , upony it, a verdict
` ' nl acute diarrhceea was ret rnei .
TIv' ',ee .Yl i thie n dlied from some iudis
a:rio . la7g or tirnihing, or exposure to tire
i in11d ot2h1 cit O
S., id l aul to tani a y
n. ::o :.y . S. :uA , I. vf i: c h ,red, wl o t
. 1 vio "l'aI. !Sr , wi tdia e t lith an1 Sj. Airo
Sii hlare o is l,te wnitllned ,,sin
['Ir+? ;, ch. r ;,!cy o ca rre l:n L1 th0rlei.slya 't0:`,
I. tb,:rl;ial aihueding the property 0e
T a:l ,. eol an 1red was discihargead.
! ioo wi a-.I:ault,3t iO>.An a hatt v t !e
, b y,1" moie bdcnrt l fr ict u arst oir tridal.
".. icirh nnd W cillialm ;"'.nedy, al;'p,: u
A- - l. t - In fihui (K-Ir wtfle intent tdL,- ill.
Aw tune-ft. l'lee h o1a wa.s -diohard d and
. llas y ev igat Mr.t <Me t:,,in the Dhir.l Th bet.
, lar, o h r. r, ws waa also cotmumirttet cfio
iwae. MiCde,. ac cdse of stealing pgeountl
.fm the i remises of E..i1.Hiart was discharged.
cEcnn Di.naeT rECORDEnR's CORT.---I. D.
SDonnlyn and Frank Taylor, a couple of coloired
vionatorsof te city ordinnances, werne multed to
the tune of $5, land Joseph Hardy, another son of
RHan, was c-tiretr t the pdnin prison.
Johanna White was find $25 ; John Pickett $10
and Charlotte, a colored case of insanity, sent to
SCapt. Fremeax for treatment.
TTiRD DisT-nec RECORDERi'S Conr..-.Vietor
-Masion, charged with assault and battery by M.
N. Einer, was held in bail to answer the charge.
So was James McIntyre, who was charged by
violating city ordinance No. 502, and J. Arnold
Thomas Sutherland, charged by the wife of his
bosom with assault and battery, gave bonds to
behave more decently for at least sixty days.
Patri-sb Powers abo had be(n pursuing the same
am;able line ofl eondun, towards hisi helpmate also
was made a member of the peace society.
Hnard of A-lS tant Aldermen.
An adjourned meeting of this board was held
last evening, Mr. McCoard in the Chair. The object
f the meeting was to complete the unfinished
businesn of the last meeting.
The report of the finance committee was read,
disapeproving the application of the mayor for an
tppreliration to pay cunnsel employed by him at
the time of hin sunpensiun by arder of the military
au thocrities.
. itoolutions approving the ndjndication of ,on
trut- to Win. Tlobiu fur 250.,000 feet of awharf
slank, and to J. S. Vose & Co. for 751,000 f'cel ot
utilr lumber. were adopted.
fne co:nsai-l,'e on strcrts and landing- rep red
resolutiunS, which were ado'ptedd:
'no allow t . Juliet to erect a steamr egine at
the gorner oa Orleans anld (laiborne itreeta.
To allow Niehoo.e &,Co. toereet a steamneogine
on Carondolet street, between Eighth antNinth
To repair the sell llrod between the moth of
the Bayou St. John and Milneborg.
STo sell a contract for the shelling of :ighth
Sstreet from Leven to Mas'izine, and someower
Sstreots, the names of wiich eeeoped lus.
r To exterd the tirme. of th contrac of D. P(
MI Cloo.ard for the conlplotion of the Anonauiaion
and Chippewa streets railroad.
AMr. ?Goldman presented a resolnuion dtecing
the strA-et comraission, r to repair, at the tncose
r of the City Illilroad Coniplny, tDauphine ard Ia
part htreros, in tefe ev t of tilhe c 1opnty ai GE
't, roako the noefeeary repaio. teferret tohe
r ::ommitte on otreet. ;n I landitgt ,
The conlmittee on police and health r-ortd' a
rI,:{; ,,io grwlwll, perm; -i ou to the vea'i) of
St. ' tJe-o tt,0 I c to totablith a ,-metetrj oeLhe
s ro b-nd, by (Caoo al. An-- hooy, io ado DEC
A ri :tn ;ii f the rextnnsiof
oor rl , lie 1i lthe e:<ter.ol ato
t00, 00e 1r- w0 ,dalopt0cd.0
I IAjeý l.:i.rjn to , o.tirttu the contract of
hi:ip Dram Ir the I.'unh Distlict ferry as
adt or to t
A. r(,,lti ol Ic. '_i z0 -oi.the , to Ta
I t tlnt.' M Jdi r h 1,t I o nt 1 U i ;l'" 1:i on pd t a .. Tof
hu InIIc'u Lic , ot fr :,-,ttol. ao% a- l ooKped,
0in, to prevent of ste ot wer atd ifjoroot o0t'O CO
M r. Mloumoý. II , ,I. ;, i ;a I, ,l tioul aul~hr'oc"
to r, J ht;,n Ni 0 hot -o &I C I v, oa e f e ain
t pety oi Mr. ,uhn ]}adI-o, ,]1I Poy'llaa SL.,".
(,o. Int e ho-1, by t-,, il'y, wao doypt,.
Th rIl th u shnel- roaids on the city, ast hat e ldt
inre to bt pr ent wa(tf, toct utoer nbo ry oitlrcon
!Jl II' olin ncl e c laMie d Lyi Il; itr workr o proy,
virin folir or aniziln ofh acodulidatioed oarto
doert 'ctol dirct t toe to coiper b o tuorcon
alte o0r h lnec paod ythb3 te c u or board pro
viding tor thle ~-ooranizatito of a ooorhloidated oria
aof totl directtorII, tile board to couso t of totoroly
Slour directors, six from each Dit!rict, was taka up
and concurred in on tthe firolt reading.
d The boeard then adjourned to Monday evning
lHAY'i9' BRIGADE RIo;Lob' SociLTY.-Membhe of
fl this association are notifed by advertismat in
another column, that a meeting will be hel to- b
night at 7i o'elock, at the Lyceum Hall.
.t Iesosr. C. E. Girardey h Co. have a vernarge p
d list of property up for sale thias*day, comcening P
P- at 12 o'cloctl, at the Merchants' and Auctioeers' 8
be Exchange, comprising book and other aocks, P
dwellicn-, building sites, etc. For particules see
their deFesrptive list giving terms, etc.
The sheriff of the parish of Orleans ilds at
of auction this day, at 5 o'clock r. M., on the leee at
h tile foot of Montegut street, Third District,i2,626
of feet assorted lumber and 2400 staves.
to -
e- WnTARrnorT FOR SAtOL-We refer persos who
would like to buy such a piece of propertyto the
advertisement which will be found in anther
column, in which the wharfboat now lying ,t the
ad Baton Rouge coal yard is offered for sale, ad her
oat dimensions given. She is well arranged i:every
I's respect, new, and built expressly for the prpose.
Ioe There are many points on the river where beping
II-a wharf boat is a very profitable business, nd an
oen pportunity is here oflered which may no' likely
al occur agail soon, to enter the business. tessrs.
led tlcLearn & Mason, wholesale grocers, lo. 125
lee Common street, will give all necessary infomation
No parties wishing to purchbase.
elf. ----~---·-
is IroTANT To TO Tx PAYRn.-- e inVltathe at
ien tention of persons who have claims for reirburse
rd ment of taxes or exemption under the ac of the
the last legislature in relation to exemption frol State,
pde. parih or city taxes for the years 1862, !63,64 and
" ' 65, if the property was held by the govcnment
te ithout reomneration, to the card of Mr Julian
Miche!, a!torney at law, No. 31 Royal stren,which
appeoaro io the ('C!ei.NT this mornitog. MrMichel
will attend to all such .aseswith zeal andintelli
r geno.a
Jiss , t, u VR.l., P', Ii:n' L ETATI AT A-CTION
; :ht. l- S, I :::... Parti ular attentiotu s cited tu
va tile sale at auSLion to be made thin day at eon at
tih Mer.:hants' and Au.htione-rs' Exchange Royal
strfee. Siid ýales comnori:ie: let--One thre story
lri,:k store siotuated nt the corner of NewLevee
i-l I.d.fry-t:, s;ree, Pirot District. 2d-Two
o valI:bl .. 1_,t f gr' r d,'wilh to.e buildings ad ima
provements theron ; one fronting on Histry or
ter Kerhro-c street, and one fronting on Pluche
he s:et.ieween itory or Kereree, Third Ditrict
0ry Por 0'art ::,clars so e advertisement.
-iV We ar-' roeoqteo to call the attention ofleal
nd ors to ti. l-t of meats and groceries advertised to
diet be sold Iby . FI. Morphy, auctioneer, at 91 o'ulock
lec. thi moronine , on the leve, Seeond D)istrbt,head
i of iooarraoks street.
oThe ottention ci gro)erý is calod to te large
sale of fresh grocries, licuors, etc., by D F. Mor
lhy, anloner, to tae'p!ace in thle Leissippi
Wa i'.h: +, a- 11 C c lock ,Iis mlornlirg.
.f i:%Vite attention t to te change in the aw frm
So :ri., , esr. inn r & )ilinghr.: . By
rcflrmg tj ' ,hi ,rd, ;n aliot'.i " O it , will
Co. d, of oi-issii a gmtieman
" CIIi ; ScInootL. oWe tovite ,li,
: a a' n , , o r er- t, , advertist 0 ,O [f
r00-$5 to e oc': ith-o il?.,oo]o ' t re Clocmt ,tc
Speerlat Ot:.det , No. I41.
i . 1ur !"1in. to instrIu, -týos fromo Hea aon:.rters.
U!itary )lviioo Wlt the Goulf. t.h) otlice o' Provrot
Marshall of Or.eie's i herebhy abolishe, and the
duities wo that olite will lereafter be per med by
the Assistant Adoutant G(neral, Department of
SLisiana. 1 punbtli property pertainilg to the
,thice of Provost Marshal of the Parihh will be
turned over to the proper Staff )epartnent; the
bo,,ko and records, and all uttinisthed budness will
be traiclerreod to tilesh, Ileadqluarters.
SMajor A. M- Jackson, 10th U. S. Colo-ed Artil
lery, (Heavy,) willreport at these Headquarters
for duty as permanent Officer of the Dao, and will
take charge and supervision of the difterent guards
connected with Department Headquarters.
Iy order of Brevet Major General A. BAtIoD.
Official :
Ist Lieut., Acting Assistant Adjntant General.
. essrs. J. B. Walton & Deslonde seol this day,
Sat the Merchants' and Auctioneers' Exchange,
eight one-story frame double cottages, four of
Swhich are situatedon Liberty street, two on Freret
street, one at the corner of Howard and Erato
streets, and one on Erato, near the corer of How
Sard. These cottages are in good condition, and
till suit mechanics and others wishing to secure
cheap homes. The same gentlemen will also sell
d a valuable square of ground, only one square from
Sthe St. Charles street railroad. For terms and
full particulars the public are referred to the ad
1 vertisements of these properties.
t An official order of tihe war department an
y nounces that Capt. Philip R. Forney, 14th United
S:ates infantry, son of John W. Furney, secretary
- of the Senate. has been dismissed the teovice d-.
rf honorably, by a couint martia l held at San Fran
,iIeo. May 31, 1I6t, for d Lohedience of orrr
and cuondut unbecoming a g bentleman. Thie irst
d otense was a failure to .io hiii commwond -wo n
or-terct. Tht oe-nd ow ),.q nru.u:,, Io ptyorent
of a debt, a :heok far $lt a batk in w2achhe
never had any foui-.
General Sweeny Recommends Fenian
Restoration of Statut to Va. military inditate.
Tax Bil Paueol, with 3 Cents on Cotton. r
Etc.. Etc., Etc. I
Etc., Etc., Etc.
I an
TAsaeirted Press DlsatchM.1
PORTLA.D, July 6.-Five car loads of provisions ac
came down from Boston last night, and are now
being distributed among the people. Large 36
amounts of supplies have come in from various St
places. They were greatly needed, as most of the gS
provision stores had been burnt, and there was sa
scarcely anything left to be bought, and our peo- g3
pie were living on bread alone. he
The Atheoneum library was totally destroyed. w]
The city buildings and customhouse blazed up Ip
again this morning. 5
Secretary Stanton has ordered 15,000 govern
ment tents sent from Boston for the relief of the pC
sufferers. $2
Senator Fessenden among others loses nearly all M,
his property. si
NEw YORi, July 6.-Gen. Sweeney publishes an to
r address to the Fenians in which he defends his rit
Scourse in the recent raid on Canada. He recom
Smends the reorganization of the circles and forma- bs
tion of the military companies by the members fa
under their chosen leaders. He dates the address p.
Sfrom St. Albans, Vermont, July 4th. 21
BALTIMORE, Jane 6.-Judge Bowie, chief justice 2:
y of the court of appeals, has rendered an impor
Stant decision under the civil rights bill, in the case
, of commonwealth against Somers for beating a
Snegro. It was contended by the counsel that ac- B
cording to the laws of Maryland a negro was not J
a cmpetent witness against a white man. The
Smagistrate decided that said law was null and j
void, having been abrogated and superceded by
0e the civil rights bill, and required bail, which Som
ers refused to give, and he was committed. Ap
plication was made to Judge Bowie for a writ of
it albeas corpus, which he declined to grant, giving S
on his written opinion sustaniing the magistrate. He
Sadmits there are doubts as to the constitutionality
0i of the billon other points, yet not seeing clearly a I
Sbreach of the federal Constitution on the partic
ular point bearing in this case. following the
usage and decision of the highest courts, he was t
to bound to assume that Congress had not violated
at its constitutional obligations and passed an uncon
at titutional act. The prisoner was remanded to the
ry custody of an officer.
re The statue of General Washington, taken from i
0o the Virginia military institute by General Hunter,
a. in his raid in the valley, two years ago, was rent
or back yesterday by the National Express Company
5b to Lexington, Va.
ct WAsoTsoTON, July 6.--Mr. Fessenden, in the
Senate to-day, reported the tax bill as agreed
upon by the conference committee. The report
I1- gave rise to a considerable debate, especially the
to item fixing the tax upon cotton at three cents
ck per pound. The confereence committee of both
ad Houses agree to a tax of three cents on cotton.
and having agreed oa the minor amendments, the
bill now goes to he President.
ge Nkw YOaK, July . -The convention of railroad
or presidents at Philadelphia have memoralized Con
'p gress, remonstrating against the duty on iron anod
steel rails imposed by the new tariff.
y Hteatuboat pier. 'T:Le t.!,il los exeeo CD0;),000.
a night, L'0. $75,t00! o $100,000.
ce fcrence committoo was qgr-ed to,but ý:au-d 4 su
debate. Mr. Saulsabry said he uricrto,.l thtl
when this bill came frwom the House the re was a
tax of 5 cents per pound on cotton. 'he cuom
smiLtn of w onhertences s ad reluced it to 3 cHrts. I
was glad of that ; but, considering the sitiation of
the people in that it.;on where cotton was grown,
reduced as they were to abject poverty, h crs ely
able t h get bread for t·hir families, unrepresented
in Congres, he thought ih t uSnjsi to singl e out olne
article of agriculture for taxation. Ile was totally
r opposed to taxing cotton, unles. other prlduct
oi the farm were tiaxee. The bill, as presented by
by the conference committee, was more favorabcl to
of the planters than as it cam frome the House, yet
the as the single artcle of cotton was selected of all
te agricultural prodats for taxation, he could not
vill vote for the bill.
Mr. Hendricks said the Senate was informed
early in the session by th proper departments ot
will the government that th itrdistion of the flonacer
rds lwas such as would allow very large reduction in
taxation. He was informed by Mr. Sherman that
the revenue from internal taxes might be reduced
$75,000,000. He hoped then to see a reduction in
s. thetaxes that bear upon the agricultural interests
of the country, but there wasno such relief. There
lay was an extraordinary tax on whisky, although he
)go, thought an experience of two years had shown
that that tax defeated revenue. He then spoke in
eret opposition to the cotton tax, and characterized the
to bill as unfavorable to the interests of he country.
o- Mr. herman said the agricultural interests were
ard better cared for than any other in this bill. Nearly
re all the burdens of the bill wore put upon wealth.
ell Articles of luxury were taxed heavily--agricul
rom tural implements were left free. Hle doubted the
and sincerity of Mr. Hendricks, when he said be did
ad not oppose the bill from any sectional spirit. It
would be within bounds to say that if Ohio paid
an- $10,000,000 of tax under the last bill, she would
ited pay bat $5,000,000 under this. Indians would pay
ty $1,000,000 or $2,000,o00 less under this than the
r former bill, and so of other States.
t Mr. Wilson spoke against the tariff bill now
tirt pending in the fotse. It was a Western measdre,
s" hlasseahusotta was e*tibtied with thie present tariff,
and he would vote against the bil if sent to the
Seatnte without modiicatifon. Masiachoseadth
protection enough. They had enough of this n
thing of potting on heavy taxes to protect iron
and other interests of Pennsylvania and the West,
and then charging it all to New England. V
Mlr. Hendricks would ask Wilson who was the I
author of the House tariff?
Mr. Wilson caid Mr. Morrill reported the bill, but b
men from the Northwest in the wool interest orig
inrted it. Whoever said the present tariff came o
from New England, said what was not true. P
Mr. Hendricks said that after the remarks of Mr. 1
SWilon !e felt sure the tariff bill would be defeated.
I le hoped it would. Ile would join Mr. Wilson in ti
0 !borin,' for its defeat. lHe would join with New c'
englaond in demanding a rervenue tariff that would
affird prodi-te'in enough rndeir the presentsystem
M. Wlr'con rsaid the high douty on wool 3ndd irron
was puton the tariff hill againt ilhe Wishes of the
,Lairinanof the committee.
In the lioure, Mr. Guthrie said he was opposed
tu tohe tx on cotton, acd anso to the tax on su-ar
rade frcm cane. Ili jstdgmeot was against any
tox on cottetn, ie felt compelled to yield.
'Ir. Pomery ai-d the bill dicerimninated against
'colton raier, except in lthi partirclal r i was
pecu:ariy ef vorablle to agricuitre.
OI UrrII. LE, July 6.-A Lexington, Ky., peciMl
reports the arcasination of el. T. Armant, fI.r
Irer!y of N.w OiNan: at iu residene in tlh for
Ier city.
VlR.suna, JuIly i:. -Passed up, nthi at 12 P .
Pa'.ed down. Louisville at 3 r. it., Mesenecr at 5
%. m.. adl Grey Eagle at 8 e. sr.
River falling.
MoESt.E, July ;.--Cotton-Sales to-day 125 bale;
B U1idling nominral at 30C. Sales of the week 850
bate . receipts of the week 1070 bales, against
i 1S bales the cerresponding period last week;
exports of the week 5 01 bales; stock in port,
;,avy; bales.
SocrnwleST PASS, July 6.-Nothing new since
the last repor t. The ehip Castine is still outside
the bar. Weather fine. Tide very low. Nothing
else in sight. Wind northeast.
QUARANTINE, July 6.-Arrived this forenoon,
bark Ida C. Yorke, from Havana, British schooner
Andromeda, from Marques, with a cargo of sugar
and molasses, and schooner Welcome, from Ma
tanzCs, in ballast.
Remaining in quarantine, schooner Salvader and
as schooner Flying Scud.
.w NEW YORK, July 6.-Cotton closed steady at
ge [email protected] Flour declined [email protected]; sales 5500 bbls.
us State at $6 [email protected] 15; Western, $8 [email protected] 25;
he Southern unchanged. Wheat declined [email protected];
as sales, 85,000 bushels. Corn advanced l.; sales,
0 360,000 bushels, at [email protected] Eik . Beef dull Pork
heavy; sales 7000 bbls., at $31 [email protected] Lard,
d. whisky and sugar dull. Turpentine dull, at 81r.
Ip Resin dull, at [email protected] 50. Gold closed at 154l ;
5-20's at 103; 7.30's at 103j.
C CuINorarI, July 6.-Flour dull at $8 75 for su
he perfine, and $10 for extra family. Wheat $2 [email protected]
$2 65. Corn [email protected] Oats dull but not lower.
ill Mess pork $33. Bulk meats firmer; shoulders 15c.;
sides 174c. Bacon-17c. for shoulders, and 2l.c.
on for clear sides. Lard 21c. Whisky $2 27. Groce
lis ries unchanged. Gold 152.
n- LOUISVILLE, July 6.-Sales, 173 hhds. leaf To
.a- bacco, at full prices; logs advanced 50c. Extra
rs family Flour, $11. Corn, 70c. Oats, 47c. Mess
Ms Pork, $33 25. Baoon-shoulders, 17c.; clear sides,
214c. Lard, in tierces, 22e:" Canvassed Hams,
ce 23jc. Cotton, 32c. Whisky, $2 25:
-------*--~----- an
Arrivals at the Prinelpai Rotell. Te
Rickey, Natchez; H H Hammond, Washington; J th
J Hooker and family; J M Haynes, Nashville; C of
Pindlay, Baltimore; G Mauopay, Miss H W Tracy hr
and wife, Miss Cannon, St Louis; D hay, Natchez; in
J Randall, St Louis; G J Adler, Fla; H W Buck- a,
oaster, B Morton, city; A Warwick, N Y; A 8 th
Mnrphy. J R Weatherley, J Graham, La; C H
Hawthorn, Tex; W N Evans and family, Bhreve- H
port; D W Payne, R W Payne,R Broome and wile, hi
N Y; Mrs Kelly, Ga; J A Street, La; J M Johnson, w
Syracuse, N Y; Mib J Holliday. J H Taylor, Me;
H W Finley, J J Noble, A F Chandler and wife, ac
Mrs P W Gray, Houston, Texas; Miss Brooks,
Chicago; Miss Gwathney, do; J E Blaine; J K in
Kezlep, U S A; W S Stanton; C Caldwell and ct
tamily, Texas; W t Ledbetter, do; A J Wiste- h
welt, N Y; Col Sharp and daughter, Texas; W J S
Mclotyrue. do; t; Butler and wime. do; W B McIn
tyrue, do; Miss Brooks, lHousto; Mrs FIller, do;
YaiR' Young, do; Mrs Young and Chdil, do; 1) W i
Bas, do: A S Richardson, do; D W llaryiza, do;
W I, Jackson, Natchez. bi
CITY IIOTEL--T H Danderson, Chappel Hill,
Texas; R Blum, nummit, Miss; E A Conkling and bi
wife, Natchez; J Lopez, Shrcveport; T B oop- ,
wood, Texar; D)r Hall, Lake Providence, La; W i
JTones, Shreveport; J C Griglgs Caddo parish; J U
Davis, Miss; W Jenilin , Lufauli, Ale; L Texada, d
lRaoides; A Dual, Bay St Louis; I-' lnval, do; Mrs t
Heddrick and son, Goliad. Texas; J S Shields, o
Gualveston; Mis J Bradford, Baton Rouge; H o
Armstrong, Ale; W Cartwright, Texas:; G Duf al
field, Galveston; J J Syduor, do; .1 M Mnndlie, t
l Texa.; C (Oaylord, do; C L Browdell, do; W Hu l,
e Hruton; J N Thayer, city; JC Barrelli. do; N A
Sadgett, HItuiton; McLn Bracee, Texas; F tJohn.
son, city; J W Price; J 0 Wall i, Galveston; A W u
i Scott, ttarrishnrg, Texas; A E Merchant, do; d
. A McClelltan and wife, Miss taggio Laird, Texas;
SA S Applelurn, Galveston; S A Jankes, Chappel
fill: hlrs B Oliver and child. Miss Oliver, .Ata
iCrwf tld, Bh iddlcton, J Ferguson, Texars: B
Gray, c iralw.str J A Hearrall, Houston; Captain ,
l )(Mii g, city; Gen J Huehl, T t o Crffin, A Cfii0 ;
SW\V Start. lhmiIton;i G( \VW .alea , Vi;ili-lievg: F M I
Gr.ay, Ti ty: H P McLean, Bora del Rio, Mcx; 3I!.,
Whiie, W i Fere, Denaldsl vieii e.
Sb'. '.AMEt8 IO'IELL--D ') Condfor, Natchez; D f
nIN Barrow and son. Jaction; J P Grooit, ir Cookt, I
i.J R1 Groom, 11lle il ;tt lb liariy , I. 1 l, e irirti , t
c. ant)lto Jd A Creth, eM. hp!l s; M i c Damniel, Ju
1~mith, I.a; Tn S Bizoiad and falily, Nwthelz; E 1,o
ith ,kiir, Ilitstoi; O Mallen. N O'Conley, cSE (Qir
tinl l d. lilioun. Natch»: - 'M Ioylie, Miss;
II Gillim, ity; E Hlkoili W Rite Fra.itort. K'y;
0 1 Hflae!y a!ld son, Bayou Be!ol ; it L' DUiily,
t'u; W ii hion, Mims; M U() Arihil andi wil. Blaton
dlouge; II A Brown and wile, S Cherry. lodaile; G
In alln, N C; U N Paster, Aroola; W 1' Ilapley,.
ShIrvt ip, i' I I' Tyres. WVa iiEgtm. Ark; Mc e h
J iN ry, Mila.i-iitl, Tex; 8 1t) lailry, M,NlhAll ;
J G Taylor, iity; Calvit Roberts, Mias City: Dr
t (hnertant, city; M (lldfrank, .) Eiseman, San Anti
riit,; W RIyle, Pntterstr, N J; H Kanumerling, Now
lirauesfels, Toxas; I Caevanaugh, t,CGavoin.hi,
y t!.grange,' Txes- T J Cooli, Alleyton, Texas; E
SKcei-Iirtnd, W B,Knreland, Shreveport; C Enuia,
e Ni B oung, Texase; G Burkhart, Matagorda; . Mc
y (reon, Tex se; %Ir MeLemiore, IMrs Helbhy, Cilnm
biei, Texas; W K Wallace, '.Texas; IV It Weillun,
J I lutller, 6t Landry.
S BRUTALor.l MuItr .-One ofthb most cold-blooded
v aid brutanl n atders we have ever heard of cc
It curred in tlisoltsipli, sonie ten miles from enm
u phis, on Saturday night lat t at the plantation of
J. H. Jones, Frq. It peemn that a Ulan came up
to the gate and knocked loudly, when a negro
nd oamed Clharles Itall went to attend thie aumnona.
01 The stranger--no one knew whether he was white
or black--inqiired tor the place of Major Lundy,
ad and asked Hall to show him the way. The negro
in man being rather fearful, asked himr who he was,
iat stating that he did not like to go with strangers at
ed tlat time of night. T e man said lie was a friend,
that he need not be afraid. The language used
5 was such as induced Hall to step out and show the
stA man the way. He had, however, hardly placed
ire his feet outside the fence when the man put a
he pistol to Hall's neck, and, remarking he would
show him who he was, shot the unfoitunate man,
w" who lingered buat short time and died. The mor
n derer madegood hi escape. and what is worse for
Je the ends of justice, no one knows who he is or
what way he took.-lrtMphii Appeal.
Sindsloey, the clergyman at Medina, N. Y., who
rly whipiped hit child to death because he would not
tL. say his prayers, and who wao released on $19,000
bail. immediately upon being set at liberty went
to the hoese of his brother ka-law to stay, but was
the tallowed to do so, the brother-in-law fearing
lid that the house would be torn down by an excited
It mob, and the miscrablet man han again taken np
Shis quarters in the jail at Albion, this time volun
tarily. bu, really to escape summary punishment
ihd at the hands of en infuriated and indignant public.
le Some young men ,while bathing in Mobile bay,
were attacked by lharks. One was bitten in two,
and then devourrd. The others acceecded in ec
V e:aplog. A large number of .l4arks are believed to
re.be visitring bl6hile, attracted by the refuse thrown
ff, itot the water. The young rman killed was tn
Sknown in the cily. He came from Charlestun, S.
0. He wa tutally devoured.
4 [Cftrk»u Uepuweoni.
OcACHrTA.-The Monroe Intelligencer of tlh: 4th
The river opposite this place ie falling very rap
idly. With continued dry weather, we may ex
pect navigation to close early next month. The
river Is very low above, and steamers cannot
feet water at Bpoon Camp, and falling fait.
The planters have had good weather for two
w ekhe, and have been enabled for the first time
h tiayear to ill the grass, and the crops ate now
needing rain. The cold weather from Wednesday
until yesterday has done much injury to cottO.l
a heinog vegetation and can ing it to wilt. A
half crop s al we may epect to be made.
Tn. La.oa r. r. LIoiD .--Two weehta siae
we noted our impre ion of the prospect of thn
i crops in thi parih, ashaving greatly improved,
and we are happy to tate now, from the ver
best authority, that that Improvement hai been
steadily pr.gr.sirng, untit at the present date St.
Landry lias perhaps the most flatering proasects
of a fdir crop, both of cotton and corn, oi any
parish in the State. We heard an experaeneee
(ilanter say, the' other day, that ader od rar
circumstances at least a full half-crop of sOtoin
*would be gathered, as most of the agar plantt r
tir,9s before the war are now being cultivated .,
cottun.-tiOpelousa3 Sentinel.
,ILiTAve RYui-E.-On last Saturday Wa. . ,
TIed. Eon., jat~sice of the peace of the Washlagtis
ward in ti piarish, was arrested by a captain o~
iror negro soldiers, who on Sunday moreing
i tarted with theirp ioner for New Orleans otn e
'e amer Ireo,e. We urnderstand that the hsargo
egainst Mr. Iead is that he refuned to enforc*
i some of the provisions of the civil rights bill, inn
razewhere a negro was wounded by a white mai
ion iayou Bouf some weeks since.--Ibid.
WIIITE LcAoR.-Several of our planters, di
kgoad with the lazinees, indolence and pretention
f the freedmen, have effected arrangements with
hb:e !hib-rer. Germano emigrants, to citivaTle
cotton. They have paned contracts with theam
eThe !.tNorrs hre to ltave a share in the orop pre
daced, advances being made to them, however, to
enable thefm to sonbi.t nnlil the crop is gathered
and oild.-[Ru.rali: (it. Ielena).
ST. LA.Di y .- -Capt. Louis D. Prescott is a ea
didite ftr the legiilatuire in St. Landry, to fill thL
vacnucy canued by the resiguation of.Capt. Joh
G. Ilayea.
The firemen of Opelouans had a parade and - e
bration last Tuesday.
0 SAvi.S.-On the id s of July, J. B. Price, Esq.,
t will take charge of the .ail line from Berwick's
SBay to the Sabine, in Texas. For several weeka
She has been at work purchasing horses and stages,
and securing the services of reliable agents and
drivers. No doubt the traveling to Texas sillbe
e facilitated, and at th e ame time a much more
ae puncetual system of mail carrying established. A
desirable result, as or mails have been somewhat
scattered of late.-[Vermillionville Advertiser.
VAGoaNrT.-Although planters are anxious to
n, obtain laborers, and are paying handsome wages,
er cash, to work their crops, still not a day passes
'or but what " reliable contrabands" are to be seen
struggling Abuot the streets, with no visible mean
la- of uepport; and to ear their living by honeat
labor seems to be the least of their anxieties.
d Three birds of that class confed in jilt for
stealing, escaped last Tuesday night by reaking
an opening in one of the walls of the priton. Tb
t time they hae passed in confinement will not re
s. form them-on the contrary, such mild punihk
5; ment will encourage them to commit renewed soat
Sof stealing.--[Ibid.
' MAvYOR ELBA IN CourT.--Hi honor Mayor
es, Elam appeared before the honorable Fifth Diasrit .
ork Court on Saturday as defendant in a ouit broolit
rd, against him for damages to the amount of $107lW.
. Some months ago the plaintiff wan bronght beft
the mayor on a charge of selling liquor without*
it; license, found guilty and duly fined. Deeami
himself unjustly dealt with plaintif lost hin tempW
and indulged in grossly insulting and contemplt
uous language towards his honor, the result«a
which he was committed to jail. The proseceatir
er. was on a charge for false imprisonment, whick
c.t was dismissed by the court on the ground that th
i-. case was one of exclusive jurisdiction.
ue- AscENsioN.-The trial of Perique Vegas for UL
killing of Francisep Docurro resulted in a verdict
o- of "guilty, without capital punishment." The
Ira prisoner was ably defended, says Le Drapeas, bI .
855 Gen. Nichols and Desire Leblanc, Esq; .
ea, The mail will soon be re-established betiem
us, Thibddaux and Donaldsonvtle.
EXTnAoRDINAorY AnBRST.--One of our citiieda
and a member of the present legislature, Jos. W.
Texada, was arrested on Sunday at his house, anl
is to be conveyed to New Orleans for examilnatiL
SP The public will be curious to know by what au
n; J thority a-citizen is taken from his home in a tis -
; C of profound peace and spirited away three or feur
acy hundred miles merely to appear before an exam
tez; ining or committing magistrate. Their surpriN
ick- and indignation will equal their curioasty when
Sthey read the particulars.
H Last summer Mr. Texada met one Daniel 9.
te- Haynes in this town and gave him a sound drub
ile, biug. It was a fair fight with fists, and Haynes
'on, wai whipped. The cause of the assaultwas ofeB
Il0; sive conduct of Haynes to the ladies of lir. Tex
life, ada's family during the second raid of Gen. Bask.
tka. Haynes has now, (ten months after the fisticuff
I K ing,) made an affidavit before Mr. Shannon, U. 8.
and commissaioner, of an assaoult committed upon him
vte- by Texada, with intent to kill, and Commissioner
V J Shannon, of the Eastern district of Louisiana, hai
cIu- iished a warrant and arrested Texada, who lives
do; in the Western district, and ordered him to be
) Ibrouglit to New Orleans.
do; Mr. Shannon may not know what he is about.
bnt it is well for the public to know under what
11ill, pretenses a citizen, living quietly at home, may
and be curried to a distant part of the State, without
DOP- color of right, t.and to answer for an offense whik
; W is cognizable alone by the State courts.
J U There are three separate and distinct bills of in
ad., dictment against Haynes on the criminal docket of
lrs thie district court of this parish, found at the last
ads, October term. Two are for "larceny," aud the
f l other Ior " receiving goods knowing them to be
Duf stolen;" and he has not been arrested probably
uine, because of absence trom the pariah.
Hiuer, tAclurlcta Deroacnt
N A Anotuer of our citizens, Archie Smith, has been
ohn- arrested under similar circumstances as thoan
A W unider which Captain Texada has beeni placed rn
do; der areat and taken to New Orleans.-[Ibid.
t",Xn, On fast Friday evening R. C. Smith was killed in
Welutrance hall of the Ice House Hotel, by John
o r Hays. The latter has been arrested and lodged in
a il to await his trial.-f ibid.
SThomas Buchanan Read, the poet, is in trouble..
I Mr. llallny concluded last week not to havoe a
art gallery in his new opera house, aB he had be-:
come tired of the squabbles among the artists. Mr.
Read thereupon wrote some rose-colored letters.
I[tting the art failure down in gorgeoun tints, and
to one ,f the letter he signed Mhr. Ilaondy's name.
The latter, on linding the letter in print, publiahed'
a card repudiating it, and declaring it a forgery.
tcad rejoins that it contained the gist of a eom
vorsati lie had had with Mr. Handy, and that na.
Nwriting the letter and signing Mr. Handy's name,
he had taken only a poetic license.
The press to Northern Ohio still teem with sc
counts of the losses of sheep by the storm, and
estimates of the aggregatj loss are being made.
The lollowing igures are not supposed to be en
r tirely accurate, but give somnethiug like a correet
e- Hhowieg of the number of soeep lost in the several
counties named : Lorain, 15,000 to 20,I0d ; Goea
Sa, 8,000 lio 1,000 ; Ahtlabnlta, 2,000; Trombll.,
f 2.o000 Pertagog. e.OlO; Lake, severeI thousand;
. Toscrarawas, 2,000; Huron, 12,000; Ahland,
n, Hirn PRIcE KiSSINe.--Htns Swackhamiter
was tined $7 for kissing Mrs. Katrina Sweihocken,
the otler day. Thle deed was committed in the
,d presence of Deilich Sweihocken, her husband,
who said : "I vas so mad as I never van." The
Saffair led to the perpetration of some horrible
poetry, of which this is a specimen:
P Mister, spare mite vrow !
Touch not her pooty cheek,
For it you kiss her now,
I hits you mit mine stick!
SThe trot for 54UOO between the Boston mare
SBlackstono Belle and the Philadelphia mare Fanmy
tAllen, which came off at the Mystic Park, Boftal
Son tle 2d, before a very large crowd, wa won by
the flcston mare in three straight heata. Timee
S2:2Ce; 2:30 ; and 2:30. A large amount of money
d ohanged ihands.
d The secretary of the treasury is now engaged A
preparing his report for the fiscal year ending Je
,.30, and, as many reports are to be received from
ir distant points, the issue of the regular moathl
statement ot the poblil debt for June, 1866, will
be suspended. The result of the financial oper&
tions of the treasury during the last month, how
ia ever, will show a duiinution of the national debt
Sto the amount of between ten and fifteen millios.
t A skirmish is reported between a small prty at
French and United States soldiers on the WB,
SGrande. The French commenced the disturbame
,d by making insulting gestures at our men. who ia
p Btantly ired into them. The fire was returned u d,
n- continued for about twenty minutes, when officer
at of both sides arrived and stopped the shooting.
SOur side lost ten killed and three wounded, and
five French were seen to fall. The extent of their
, injuries is nnknown. Among our wounded wa
a, Capt. McKnight. who received a ball in the area
8. while quieting his men. Much indignation is felt
to among our soldiers, and more disturbance is feared.
SMrs. Alice Bradley has been arrested at Louia
. villa on a charge of mortally wounding h.r hum
band, and l do o.il for t5f00. Cause jealpusy,
on account of alleged inconstancy.

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