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IBnrcft 60=i11110i TaOw A UsM-Id HRR
71,1e ON FImm.
The OreatNorthern has hitherto been regarded
gea jpf the 4beno tar4Soa d rallway systemn
in the am, but at 4 koplt moment tant
e7.4te elmoet ~ ~ C by n disaster.
S ie Aseu t wIll, es e oabraotir of whi h is
*OtlirolgwtF4 Poot edentin the history oferail
VAL* k osotrY. and can onty had
lb $lIn hoa&lWa" whicbi may2 eatlmo
heard of on the other side of the At
hattbre he.veil lldde traiis of merchandise
S%0 I *fitoto each othqerj the middle afr ton
st at ltaneously, little more than twenty
mile from Lond6n; that .ech trains shkuld have
beOa i :.ta d by the fire from the furnaces of
ther=sa1Tthrnwi and 8h-ttereadlninp6.,d ._.
the toatel, whichls more t tiait"a mile in lingth
bhpjia peovertedAito aon hoge frseae, and
Sar Into aa specles burnig ertr, s a
calamity so 1t=mSieg sato ee s iothoinlddible
were no that it itoudidniatbl'tues .
Ie edaene of thi extaordtar occrreoT e is
t telwyn ta«ll odlirvedos beyond Hat
i un betM tt.,W lwanm junotion and
e, d e rraivre e the circumstances
co=l i 1ientll»»otbi i hortl' before 11
o'clock a train p wlif empies' started on
aturday niLght fot aejr g'i cros< goods slaton
gfor teohio ,nare of. e center of the Wel
wyn tamnd.s tihante h borsting of a tube, or
som oti.m.dmeav the 4tibeebinroke down and the
trait wasre. t to a slnd,. In this emergency
itvil ha een the duty ofE ay, tie guard.
wh.twasi.* lmrekltthe rear of the train, nt
haysAtoebakcot of the tunnel and given the
signal. This precaution, from a canse
oLezpLaeined, and which, in all probabiiity, never
wll e explained, as y, wth hi copaion, a ir was
lagently found in the break van dead, it ia
quite clear they did not take. This ocurrerd
abot f st twelve this (iunoday morning, ard
had eoely taken place when the down Midland
good train, the driver of the engine of which 1 ad
received no signal of danger on lthe London sid,
ra ito the tunnel and dashed into the rear of the
aleady broken-down Irain of empti-e.
The tiolence of the shock was'such as to t trow
the IMldlndet ltseeindthbeltnavy trai of goo.di
'ich it was drawing, and whiah, among other
merchandise, wa knelofn to contain several wagons
Aden with casks df oil and other materials of a
combustlible charaoter, over on to the up line,
pling them one npon the other in heaps reaching
ito &ls wnef Atbe Areh, and completely blockiag
ihediiahel. Wh (,g fom'«-eesterttmtion or from
negleot, no sigal of the mishap was given to the
oliglStem »t te' herp end toiwada Sitevenage,
and i ani ly short space of time the Seotch
Neatreisrate.'p,'btrnguing p the dead meat
frm the north for the enpply -Of the Monday's
XNewlgte maisdti, ithi other goods. This, which
ws a GretiNorthern trAin, entered the tunnel and
dadtd-hto the raine olne.alred y ncapAiaR Wid
lanKode. In oai w it tsf -intmtsabdinfilhd
thatthe ngie,f the Great Northern train had
trnesd over.a.in that the goods and wagons of the
MIdIansca ie lad'beoonle ignited frbm the burning
cat: claaa, of the engiane rmaes scattered
&w15UIng fltg$1f , both drivers and fliemen of
atilsesnginea had escaped aethe unhlmrt or 'wth
hbt is-jpri a^ d having signalled to the
B o, alp snd down, what had hap,
ftile Map taken was to look after the
4ee mphies, Raywhno was found in
thelI o BMie reak, 1rightfully crushed and
tedead ' Bim another man, a fireman in
'U f he Mer"oto4jlte railway, whom4it
.el-tt-he • *ynun ttony down
Appears- Itsewas ssyrt tla v down
theline to his home.w w ho fgd rnlte' dead,
wan In idYins c tyiag e ,d 1* not eapeoted to
srve many hors. The rd of the Northern
p-tlnin, L jr, was- found lying on
the L o Jr.l t most severely
hed. He was in the first
SteW hto town )16pa -er the Eare-o
Mr..T« lKwooid, fctB.Eoton road,
so t G Sahprg e Kdland com
ri a , ~um sbrng from a severe
o t urrence was
other ead l 'l rit in thoe,
at i .,0hd -J.- Clarke the
od t wnie ware em
p g~ t~.ednould, but the
a n ce t e and the heat
o J t .IIte en f the' carriages
WE .8valot thoelrorts being very
exception or the Bcotbtraint
tmlagr having beeoforwarded to
Lodaoad aboutwo *do'iook ibis morning Mr. gB
ent Wilts, with a gang of some two
r ldemen, rs d the ocene of the disaster.
By" thitime howeler, i{. ote wn that there
we r X <'siB«e ~or tr.oi, thirteen of
hli i i'a 4t1 downe Midland, all in a
VA". The repeated exploflonsmndered any st
mt to enter the tunnel abortive, even if the
iaW1d 6ke had hotprevented it. From the
r-uaft amoke, and.at lttrvals flame-although
e filty or sixty flet in height from the roadway
lt0he asmmit of ithi shaft-together with sounds
rMafdaling the roaring of a mighty cataract or
river, lndeiated the charioter of the conflagration
that was cunning underneath. The anthorities
Mhatv l&S eIneel, Jn the absence of water and
1BI pproach ta seatorfconflagration, it
w deemed a able ao let it epend ftaell, and
t p d Wgq ,iPad to enter.the tunnel and clear
the-usce oil fcoinso BSoon as it shbauld have done
The fire continued to rage throughout the whole
of the day, an it wasnot until6 P. m. that ithad
become SMflcently redoced to enable any one to
enter the tunneL At this time a body of men ar
r=ivegl h~rl amBBd of Mr. Superintendent Wil
lMna,withels Hartlfeld engine, ient.totheeom
PmUy by the Marqoia of Saliabury; and a supply of
wSaex Ibeen obthil tl, thh efigine was set tio
workebt the ruins wregI iU burning. Hundreds
of hnatie have arrIved, aei ig hoped daring the
to 1fcypl* e -ro*fetimet lle
W o1 c0.~ Uoar.Ped on along the
a'nd .ftli itohin, and the
S ranch ilre Emtemneailway.
itIse a rtcate oo 1mosen that the Great
iwrtgr rAt tewew -fe noa Scitfays I trivial as
-c areds »thath ;on wetskendays..otherwitse i is
1o* ulMttheGreat Easteonold have taken it
4119TOWMA dimeni tbhe PmunljMW
'aoUf,14 O~elaarmy,
.6 6 .~ O aftioons 248
S019 ksnb~tntee The first
*eea~ n a~ rans 8of
the tw re eltiLe, &1abanang.
CAS UM ** ABU, haW ·~cs
2 ialaftsD 16,000 o0111ere and~t
Jn~ o diiUnoe00,nnhp
oF dI~tesbae ee Trns
4 t V t Is moment b5eing
h *4Wtbenlst orf andwebr
e hles no one that known wil tell you.
see TENxx 'x oaes.-The
dY"Mftl 0"hetk inst., bav
in~~ :enf OomRitteetanlton in
Ot oeebnndked End
e at. At the
d litte
Of e
klAUS NOeW~th Motho
r the INAt
pop , , arewithin
from Pris
Te "'BouaoeMA."--Tho public is aware, or
should be that a "Bohemian" is a genius who
lives by his wits employed in literary pursuits.
His contributions areo more or less fugitive, bot
generally attractive, if not valuable. At the lie
tival of the National Typographical Union in
Chicago, Mr. Joseph Medill, the veteran editor
and pabiither of the Tribune of that city. cn
eluded an exqeeding instructive slid apposprior
speech, with (ie following reference to the "Bo
Une other benefactor I must name, and' his ser
vices gratefully aotnowledge, for withot his is
slstanoe I doubt whether old Ben himself could
sncceed on a modern newspaper, the "Bohemian."
Where will he notgo or dare In pnr"it of mate-i
rial far a sensation article? And when he catches
a good one who in the world is so happy; bt if I
he misses t, whoso miserable a he. When a bat
i is fonght he io mong the bulletl, that he may
better descri)Befthier sosnd and the scenes of
death. If a battery is to be run, sink or swim, he I
ventures with the foremost. If a mine is sprung. I
e goe up with the garrison, in order to describe
the feeling experienced in ascending and decend
And at the last great day, when the nrctl-angel
ahtll blow his trumpet and the dead. shall coae
'forth from their graves, and :lie heavensa hall br 1
rolled up as a roll and the earth shall melt wilt
fervent heat, there will be a " Bohemian " sitting
on each mountain top with a note book in haod,
vividly describing the tremendous couflagration. i
At each large cemetery will Ie found soae of the
uo'iruitous brethren writing gup a setensatiou account
of the resurrection of the gthosts, and tatking a
pnrely professional view of the scene, hi. ciiel'
anxiety being to beat the reporter of the rrill
paper in hisdescription of the affair, and to get it
uut aheed of the other concern.
A New York letter says:
In the ourt of cotmon pleas, the other ld,.
there was an insolvent debtor's cans on the cae'i
dar, and the conel for tile creditors denll ded
ren summoning oe a special jry, wthich, Iodt .
certain circumosances, our statute allows. Jl
Cardoza, in reopoase to the demoad, inarmd ol I
teen of our weailtncet itizas the the psof i th o ihe
selected from. Aiuond. them were A.. t. Ste,.l'
John Caswell, tichard Mortimer, WtB.Rt Aý. !
Francis Shiddy. Bradisol JohoTJoha n ).tvi
WiVolf. Auguso t "lel'nont, Logrand Lockood aý.
Shoddy Opdyle, and probably the oecgle o
raluatlulu of prpcrty rreyeelt'vd I illl, l
teeo men would exceed scv-.-ty-'ire mitlinhl lf
dollars. Sonic of tlhem felt too big to oba y tCha ,
sutomons, but the court gave them onte tote
clranoe, and if they don't obey, thley w;tl bo TM;
thlroogh for econ'empt of court.
A dispatch from Canada announces that ilict
neots have been found against most of the I'e
ieans captured during the rrcent raid.
The London Art Journal says: A geont!"ren
met an old friend the other day in Gro-Yemr
.qnaro, and inquired of hist as to his heallh.
" "Oh," sa'd he in reply, "I m getting qoite feeble
and broken down with age; last year I could w;ll
entirely round the square, but now 1 can only walli
half war round." " You Wak back again. oi
ourse?' was the qoestion. " Oh, yes." - Ex
plain the difference," was the request of the mathe
miteally-mlnded friend.
lioer gnte.Uigenre.
Saturday Morelin, July 7, 156W.
It continues very hot and oppressive, the ther
mometer still ranging high np in the nineties.
Business was tolerable good yesterday, the
steamers that left had fair trips, and those that
are up for departure to-day were receiving freely.
By a telegram to Messrs. Stevenson & Douglas
ie learn that the steamer Lizzie Gill will be in
portto-day, and will commence to receive to leave
again on Monday next for St. Louis.
The Indiana willbein this morning, and leaves
aga this evening for Louisville.
SWe return our thanks for favors to the officers of
steamers M. r S. hepham, National, Cleona, J. M.
Sharp and St. Nicholas.
The steamer Friendship and barges are receiv
ing for St. Louis, and leaves on Monday next.
Capt. J. F. Bnrdeau, No. 7 Front street, is the
agent of this steamer and barges.
I The Yankee will leave this evening with her
* ST. Ldus, July 3.-No change to report in re
gard to the upper rivers. Recent heavy rains have
swollen the Upper river, and it is now a fine navi
gable stream all the way through to St. Paul.
i Missouri is in excellent boating stage, with pros
pect.of a rapid declension.
The Illinois is about dead low. We expect to
see the Naples packet Belle of Pike withdrawn
and supplanted by a chartered sternwheeler. The
Schuyler, Peoria packet, has abandoned the river
for the present. The City of Pekin is making her
last trip in the Ilinois trade and the Amaranth will
run in her stead.
The White and Arkansas rivers are both falling
fast, but in fine order.
Heavy rains and cold weather have both been
e.sperienced up the latter stream. Business is
fair forthe season. Some four or five boats should
be here to-day from St. Paul and way points with
grain-the Petrel and four barges, the Little
Rock and barges, and the America and Canada
without barges. The weather is again warm.
The itroly magnificent steamer W. R. Arthir
will leave this morning punctually, being the regu
lar mail and telegraph packet of the Atlantic line.
She is in charge of the most careful and popular
men, and no tear need be entertained of delays or
indifierent accommuodtions or fare. Capt. Henry
G. Carson commands, and tir. Ben Congar oh.s
charge of the clerking department. The Lwady
Gay is now on the "ways" at Carondelet. The
"ways" are in complete repair and better ar
ranged than ever before.
CINCINNATI, July 3.-The weather was clear and
warm yesterday. At Plttsburg the river was fall
ing, with three feet in the channel here. Here the
river is receding slowly, with thirteen feet on the
ahqalest bars hena to Louisville. There are six
,feit in the canal. There are nine feet in the lower
dbo. The Cumberland is falling, with flie feet on
Harpeth shoals.
Mr. Nick.M. Johnston, late freight agent for the
Meephis and Cincinnati packet company, and
Capt. W. S. Getty, late of the firm of Getty &
ary, have eter d into Copartnership as steam
btaet agentos nnd'orwarding merchants, at 22 West
Frnstre'ound er the firm nahme of Jihnston &
leRty. We wihthe newfirmesnccss. They have
bed long experience.
SCapt. Gen. e. Anloke, late of the Darling, suc
ce da sMr. Nick M. Johnlson as freight agent of the
seanphis and Cinonai Hpacket company.
(apt. Jas. 8. Wise yesterday received a dispatch
fros Nashville, stating that the river was five feet
nd falling slowly.
Tr n, July 2. -The river continues !, re
e slownlyat this point, with only three feca in
channel by tihe pier mark tli evening. The
we thereontinues cloudy and warvo, with indica
tions of more rain, .
iesmtoHs, July 4.-The weather opened cloudy
.elerday morelng; began to rain gently ahout 8
c ock, and continued ty near an hour, slfficlent
to lay the dust, which has been exceedingly trou
ileaome during the last few days. Thi cropa in
she neighblorliood will doubtless be in measure
eved by the, raio. Tile clerk of the wealiier
b ourfhoisks for all such favors, however smail.
The rivei at this point Is said to be sliglitly oa the
fleine. Though there is some business doing on
thelasveso it ismosty confined to the metropolitan
ral on the mackerel brigade and greedy aock
ten. All these old cstomers had better put lor
their holes of esit, and pull them in as they go.
The steamer Indiana passed down, on her way
from Louisville to New Orleans, yesterday even
lug. She had a barge in tow, containing iwo cars
for the"'Southern Pacifio Railroad, and a very lair
trip otherwise.
Opr reporter is informed by Captain Walt, that
he had received a telegram from the agent of the
estate to which the steamer Von Phul belongs,
that he could harve her for the amount of his bid,
31,000. This settles the question as to the fact or
her plying between Memphis and New Orleans as
a cotton boat In the coming fall. Captain Walt
says she will commence runing about the third
Wednesday in September, leaving here every al
ternate Wednesday. The Von Phil will be com
manded by that popular gentleman Captain Frank
Hicki, and is intended to be worn out in the trade
our which she is set apart. She is said to be the
ay admon-pare cotton boat afloat.
She ludile Gill, Captain O'Neal, passed down
with one of the biggest loads of the season, there
being two orthre inches of water over her guards.
eThe .e stiames lly Ames, -psbed iup Irom
New Orleans to St. Louts a.." early hour with a
fair trip.
steamer Laurel Hfl; from New Orleans,
tJiLm Bo1 t s ar lyme pilotl ohf kth , Indiana,
has been lying up fr the last two years at
t q s _ 4eemuS ,wjtP bI x es, and 290 1
hhds «ug>. 0i ne wte1 trip, ott i Will b e di»
n ; ed, Mard htfhul:old fr a wharf boat r sorme
aoh p P11,0p0n B felnuaOUy. propsens to build I
Orh ett 0o 6e rtlse s eamie,bher mohinery
to WBAb new boat. ,, '
Mississippi Valley Transportation company's
tow at Yankee, with three model barges heavily
load , and two coal barges in tow, passed down
to Niw Orleans without lahding.
Th, NfibLa»fLoBaworth, Capt. Alex. Irwin,
pass. Wlt.l. .lle erly in the morning.
Lo reo-LL, July .-The river was falling
de r fast yestordtf*-t ebfet S incli'war In
tie l 4ia.,lllniVag by the -mark. Daring the
pre vpus 45 ntia It had receded 6 inches at the F
iead f the fall and 18 inches at Portland. The
wcatrer o.ntiaueg e Iar and dry,aud gradually
-- -. -r----` ....... ..
r getting warm:r, the theromomietr up to 80 y-.ter
Sdl )n; the falls last evening there were 4 feet 3
it iches water in the pnas and falling. It will be
- fialling, pretty tanst toi-day as it wa ailing at the
i rate of neonry an inch per hour at Cincinnati.
Tie W. dtrader eanre duwawn from Cincinnati
s rtertay and descended the falls to Portland.
Srhe Naugatuck, bound for Memphis, also de
scendcd the falls, and the Messenger was in the
Bend lightening to try the same chute. The
- Clifton. from Menriphis, came up through the canal,
- and discharged a lot nt freight at the 'head of the
I canal.
Bisiatner during the present seek han been very
a' dull. There have been four boats loading fr St.
i Louis, one of which boats vesterday received 300
f barrels salt at 0. per barrel. The arrival of tie
- W. P. Strader sent ireight to New Orleans down
Sto40c. per 100. The Abeona has been receiving for
SNashville, hut with little prospect of completing
Sher trip. The regular packets have had but light
. trips.
Se rHIMENTS Or Tonacco.-The bulk of the car
I rying trade of late has been in the transportation
of leaf tobacco. The receipts average about 90'
1 ihhds. per week, whe il e hit ipernts 1ast weoek
were 1522 hids., and the rweek previous 12a,. the
heaviest of tile season.
NATIONAl FOR i ED Ti ev.-The nlarge an
favorite passenger packet National, Capt. It. Sin
nott cor;mandor, and Mr. John T. tll11 in tl
aotfice, leaves this evening at 5 o'clock, flr all
tlandings aon Rted Rivelr. The Natniong l iO , t -
Syond doubt, ne or the ruost .it e an delrab
1 bpassenger packets in lied River. Her oflicer
i entlmen of wcl!knowa couctesy andl obhifin
,lispositiou, as wel !s .h:r'oJ gh .:ud etQ~cilt stc.-i
Olive lran d, C ain I,, d T. i.koil, ir d I
awl Mr. Jamnc R. hMa!er ., lIanet I at ,
this vcei i, forl aec aove, .onre i. lit t l im t
and Car with rairliroad, oltr al poietl:s East
aWest. nWe asure pass-eners pat, tn linl oi.
Branch it in 'vlry rospei(t an iir paiket, her c n
;- nifCat o hnn a.-r W. ain, wi M. G. P
onveri taoindlr ge-! rai! aljini. l oi ry
upelior order.or i point oal osed h i ! t a ,eo T c
ebeaton, while the welt known abihty )r ieroicenrs
tlnd ther aown inherlnt stauanchn- ; is on.ih i
reputaiona for sai-tn.
IN A FO ' to'a ir nI iLE. -The lar.e, -nrn,,
aS. Neal comeoander, and Mr. W. W. -o al
in the otioe, lel avs this evening at t o'clon k
for the above, connecting at Iemphis and cahtr
Swith the ailroads for all points East and
.The Idiana is in every respect a first-class pas
h senger packet, and has most popular and genial
officers. We comrmendher andthemto our friends
Sthis evening, and assure travelers that they will be
well take care of on the trip, with the only regret
a- that they are compelled to leave so much counfort
and the company of clever gentlemen.
ST. NrcuoL r s wFO BtaYOU SARA-l rpress Pas
senger tPa k-The nea , superior and fast passes
ger packet St. Nicholas, Capt. S. Heno com san
der, and Mr. J.C. Liano clerk, leaves this evening
at 5 o'clock torBaton Rouge, Port Hudson, Bayou
Sara and all intermediate landings on the coast.
The St. Nicholas is one of the most desir
Iable pasenger packets in the trade. Her
superior in all those thousand qualifications
Swhich, combined, go to make up a first
class packet has yet to be launched. In a word,
she isa " crack" packet, and the public know it
and patronize her accordingly.
fast and magnificent passenger packet, in com
Smand of Capt. John W. Tobin, with Mr. G. P.
Work in the office, leaves at 5 P. N. to-day,
taking freight for all points up to Camden. The
Vicksburg connects with steamers New Alice and
SSylph for Camden and all landings on upper
Ouachita and with steamer Swan for all landings
on Bayou Darbonne and Bartholemew. Passengers
who wish to avail themselves of her superior and
luxurious appointments, and enjoy a delightful
trip on one of the first-class packets, should be
on board punctually as she will leave at the ap
pointed hour.
FASHION FaVICKstBURG.-- U. S. Mail Packet.
This regular passenger packet, under the command
of Capt. D. P. Pratt, with Messrs. Ludwigen and
o Shaw in the office, leaves at 5 o'clock this evening
afor the above and way points. The Fashion con
nects at Vicksburg with first class packets for
Memphis and Yazoo river.
II J. M. Smr FOR LaFOURCHE.-This fast and so
perior passenger packet, in command of Captain
Henry Strenk, with Captain Dalferes in the office.
leaves for the above and all coast landings at 10
o'clock this morning.
regular, last and splendid low pressure packet
leaves to-day from the Pontchartrain Lake end, on
the arrival of the 4 P. m. train. Capt. A. P.
Boardman is in command, and Mr. -Jhn Otway is
the efficient purser.
3. S. MiEP-. m.-- Merchrant:' and I' ,oii's Line
-For S. ,Lonis.--Tis evenmng, at 5 o'clock, the
fine, large and commodious passengen steamer M.
S. Mepham,Capt. Frank Cayton in command, leaves
for the above and way landings, connecting at
Memphis, Cairo and St. Louis with the railroads
for all points East and West. No packet in the
trade presents higher claims to the confidence and
apatronage of the traveling and shipping comma- I
nity. The arrangements for passengers are ample
and complete, being all that is required for conve
nience and comfort. Mr. O. G. Cates ofticiates in
th office.
LouIrs ron MOBILE.--This new and fine low
pressure passenger packet, in command of Capt.
Hopkins. leaves to-day at 12 m., for the above
named place, from the Lake end of the Pontclhar
6 train Railroad. Agent, I. C. Harris, corner of
Camp and Common streets.
FOR TIHE WATERIN PLACES.--Th fine, fast low
Spressure stcamer Creole, Captain Charloes Walker
commanding, and Mr. Sam. Green, clerk, leaves as
above to-day, on the arrival of the 93 . H. train of
cars, Pontchartrain railroad. Agents, Lean-h &
Perkins, corner of Caroudeletand Grsier streces.
BA~-r Ara FOr; ST. LouIs.-- The superb and uni i
versal favorite passenger packýet, Bart Abh:. (Capt.
J. I. Townsend, commander, and Mr, W. H. lial.I
clerk, leaves at 5 p. a. ton-day for Natchez, Vi:k- I
burg, Memphis, ct. Louis and all landings in the
beads. Our friendý. Capt. Townsend and Plerk
Hall, are anll khnaow whearvr tihe Western waters
flow, not only as competent and ftaithful o-ltcers,
but as intelligent and generous friends and perfect
gentlemen. Do not forget the Bart Able this
Capt. J. T. Burdeau, agent of this line, will dis
patch this day for Memphis, Cairo aid St. Louia, the
-naiael Yanhen andi barges. Now is a '!hance .n
r or-r:hanutsto ship all freight, such as tlarpeon
tite, nampheue, poander, etc., and all freighl
that passenger steamers are prohibited froml
carrying. Call and see the agent, Captain a
Burdeau, 7 Front strlet, and make your en
CLs.ONA Pen OPrLOUSAs.--Thi fine and light
draft passenger packet, in charge of Capt. C.
C. Pickett, and Mr. J. B. Schmit in the office, C
leaves at 5 o'clock r . . to-day for Opelonsas
and way landings.
aRlllu* Inteflgtna.
Ci, lOCErOr Urrcx. No, k Coar Oi..Eaa,
tuO urNday J) 7, 160.I
Cleared TeCted ar.
Steamship Raleigh, Walker, for New York,
Steamship Texas, Stanton,for Galveston,
Hawes & Bowen
Steamer Mollie Able, Carter, for St Louis, Master
Steamer Virginia, Thompson, for St Louis, Master
Ital'p brig Pippio., Vasealo, for Genoa, via Cette,
Mx brig Paquet de Tampico, Gauzance, for Vera
Cruz, IC Bari Aco
B schr Morris, Fronty, for Havana, Joe Kelley
Ar-5rved lerterday.
Steamship Harlan. Lewis, from Galveston, 4th
inot, to I C Harris--lst district 16
Steamship Cov Murvio, - , from Iensacola, to
inater-4th district
iB. Ida M Comery. McLellan. 25 days from Bo0s
ton. to O A Fosdick-2d ditrict 26
iScBr R R Towlseud, Tuownod, from Philadelphia
SreviouAy rortd at Fort Jackon)i, to
A , Posdiz- -i't district 5
Friendship, Schuman, from St Louis, with V'ft
s TaAtBOAT8.
M S Mbepiha. Wood, from St Loos.
National, Clark, hrom Shreveport.
. J M Sharop. Streek, from Thibodaux.
Cleona, Pickett, from Washington.
(ornic. Aucoin, from Thibodaux.
Mary, M'yer, from Mobile.
le low-ComlnB Up.
.B Brig W Norwoold, Washburne, 2q dayA from
nIRokland, Me--Cargo, ice to A W Bosworth
S0 hip Castine. Thurston, 25 days from New York.
Bark Ida C Yorke, Yorke, from Matanras,
At Quarantine.
SSchr Flying Scud, Bryan, Irom Cienfuegos, to A 11
it D'Mezia.
Steamohip Mexico, Rickert, from Havana, ar
h rived at Galveston on tho 4th inst, at 10:30 A M,
e and anchored at Quart2o tione Wished to be re
a!,d ilv tl n, r iExpoirts ol tle 2d lost, at C d.
010Wou. 0 mlO Steal West Incalni.a, tohe stcaunsh
i otk. waAts bloand ro!u ;ran (' ua 'o New Or
lrso. TIe a S rcvenao cutter Dt lwsorA wLa
'e to Litl otr sc.isotllcce, ior toh purpo-e of rowile:
. 0 blls oJ ; c0 sks coffee
E A 'or Yerterde.
CO l.iu(ar On Id Moeryt '-iro l -s-tonh0 oI'0-1 .V
Sl'antic222 heaid catSSolei Mtcolid, Mcahh &co -
. Finrchi & da, erhoi b is ifnae 0-Hi, n . sim l
n OBIL--taea mr n r Mrr-- S9 Hies or '200err
d '1ir loo ,- 0erh1e1 & t b iogham---tO i . oo t . unimw
- b
O shr R Tonsend, from ,-Shiladethioa W
It H Mclllan- - tlanti attd Mis c S S Cio Wl P (
versa jr-- rroll, Hoy &co-l-E Hacrt co- Lab
- nauze--B ckner, Newmao &eo-Wl IH 17lbi'lertal
SD LIttlejohn &co--Folger &co--Levi & Navra- N
O & oJ Railroad- ey-l & Giffin--Leeds & o--M tn
& Duncklee--B Pif & t--NrNewna & 1Gehlbah 1
,u Slark, Stanfer &co-Taylor & Churchill-Rice o
it. &co--C H Slocomb--Kearny, Blois &co--J Gauche
H I Hansell--E A Yorke &eo--Robt Austin--Dan
E' Bwards-G A Fosdickid H Keep-i-H Tr Cffee -
or Wilson, Childs &co--J S Maunsell &co--A Eustice
it A Bertel &co--P Malo e-or der
r Per bri Ida M Toorner, from BoPton-Pdolh r
Sco--W & J dcCracken--C C Sampson-- A M Hol
i Atlantic and Miss S Co-Mitchell, Craig &co H
SUthof --J Gr Spor-D B Allcanty-E- W BurbAnk
n ElC Palmer &co--Ri0ce ros &o-J iC &orrios-e
. & Lurin, Pothier &co--A Eus&is--ontgomery B-ro
yJ Voelkel--order
1d PeeelDtr o PDroduce We s Mte ioMl.
SStark ST LOUIS-ffr -Steameror & Cepham-45bbl prk
5 Hska bacon to West & Nettleton-B5 sks corn to
r Sinnott & ACdams- -00 bb s flour Grace, Davs &co
350 do Bostock, Grace & Jones--h bbs lard 2 tera
lard 13 kegA lard 142 slk corn E Thompson A - lO
ul bbs paint 25 bbis whisky 20 kegs white lead and 3
e ks anish J E Hyde B aco-85 bble potatoes and
30 ls cheese Jno T Moore--197 sk oats and 500
sks bran Woods, Matthews &co--433 bbls flour 126
kegs lard Hy Von Phulc r &co-- l5 bbleo otatoes
p, d Bothkol-order
- ST.U eggs -Strman M Mrunpo--s do 1o2 bbls potsk
S5toes ilblr to& Wter & do 296 sks oats M Druo
4 bs eggs Stanard & d layba-k--9 bbls flo lour to
E G do Boesscnger co--200 do S H Kennedy &co
S200 do Keep lCaurlfdeld-- do J E Villavso &.co2
a 20 do tJH Oglesby &co--100 do Jwhi Pohlhaus &a
cr co--100 do Cpmmack & Squires--300 do Bower &
SGarnser--0 bls potatoes GAoW Byrne--32 do H o
Clib crd--17 do Giefers & Mooahn--25 o o d r00er
2 I ioe, H Goth--2 do F DelBondio-7i bixs .alnle
SKe lor &o Updike--100 s &tove- Rie Bbros &cor
25 kegs lard McLearn Ph& MaI on-- bxls Byrupot
-bxs candy F DRiekert--2 bxrs egs (o Zicl polat
I23 opks iern 1 bar steel 16 pkags mde S H Aby &
co-300 skes bran Prudhomme &ta Elliott 0 bxl s of
candy Shannon, Lewis &c0-20 do S syrups Ld &y
tB 20 idoe--52 & b potatlfels to ' EC Mahan l13 i '
a b0 deer J Zeigler-s-1 bi0s esLa eyH Torrly & o
20 c-sks acon Ober, m twateT && o--s c30 do Bop l
s nettr-00 bbs ime potarny, lo ais &oBy-25 eka
e co--10 bls pork 34 bbis flour 1 Whited &o- 7.1200
.bxe slitrch 3 bxs eheee V aPehn- -7 d b1. ,:.
to Schneider & ZUpduberbier- p do 100 b:s sBLtr, to&
2 I Adams &1o-! 10 do Mg a rlan, Strafight & Ao
t 100 do Al D t ril. 100o do F Avet & Cambon 10
corxs bacon to SGaward & (;yuOO ,-aoils rSO,l tba
is Shannith&co--30 Lewi-sbls beedr S idr & 1Zu
berbi e--ll bxe apples E E TuCi 3I b:h:s apleI
P G O'Riley--3 bblOs pwhisy to F W-1hitd &co
n ales cott on Thon hil t Roichardson 29 bateis
Scotton J Wart &co--o d A A corcen--s Wyle
Ici arlso10 er-4 J R iowe ll --3Io ich L & oaoow
Sbsorreol, ob.yl &co--7 Wc J soWn-ls,&a o- -4
ptr stoHine T Haerdi &c4-8 hhsdo toaco
SilAou os Yoc- ll do TBriB. s :rl a 'sog.t do
t00 do A)l;rt11 100 do P W esr & Carboo 10
B e o blakt-orcWoolnri~tge e co--2 i: N Wo'tnodn
I ebo u to r ard & y ondries torder
P6G Ohdioy19 tobaao whs t &
bS 1lVEI)tto T-o-Shll mr NRtiordon --01 baloe o:r
cottoa drren X Catt .for- - o do 1E - o e!y:d &-.
Sb W o Irbri swre J o--Rl-3 Pdohtrncl Mrosy 27
. Iorr Heett.ll rayle &,cs t t rols 'lo -4 his
pa Casroll, iloy Ic--o T HaWdion b't do tba, ýs
tlieko Aline I a l ids T1ar, l(T~r &oo-- do
r Blbo) rt-it" e--3 0 p0,oX r ,oo S'dl, (J N to ro N ,,'X r
itMdolX - Blooke 11&-- ' uo 1"1b r&i aps, d00, o
c CIaicn. Ilonti!Mgtou &co & L 5 P l-,l-id. ogs:l T
Koeady atte T droe:--1 tordo rteinotar eornher--.
o:ottot·l-'rol;s i :l01!0 1,.therolo- .du bhtter 10.t.
pka i 0 .brt Wes 7 bB-o3) msltvoros &lao 27
o Iyrneh sluriesI to order 'and Wiliadt & ZOrTr
I Hor seier & H lblr-8 E 'undla--A lopurla •
,I I) 11llir &co--S (i Bi,:ky--G W Howard- E\r-I
10Whinral-- o ll o ,erl-- , C Wcio1r'H (Wartor y
k7 caroll I foosy, Terr 0 &o--lo4s do C 1) &llakr
I: 1025d BOo Obto.- orn to
Psta lard Hi Slayba ek-- g175 do 3 0 B R-ro 'o-at L"e
0 &rtin--'s0odl, anld 1ba a corn M Drohan 10 55
Iks oeats t0t) s bran M DuTfy--TotaI 17,6613 1 n o&
aorsI 6;75 Ik oats bO0 ItS bran
STHIIODAUX--Rtamer Gorese--6 obly mole.
oilSW I' d J I)aiva & ho--9d1 0 stoves E L Schiff1 co
k7 ks seed sutton E W 7odd--3 ska potatoes and I_
pkgo eggs L TWrrebonne--9 do L Sorle--c do a4d
1i lr onions ap sundrield-s A F liicomIl sndriesd
Byror oirotort o o rder sod h'id.7&
, cotton o rolls leather J o Colre- bales cottono
A DeBlmarc--I do JHi.y. W BnrbHdge co-- do r
sChsrpetierl--1 rollso let Ce r 32 hides l BCarett-
der-Total 11 bales cotton
T1IBODAUX--Steamer J Sh-orp--2 cisterns
5 oks wool h B aoBeD-- f yks potatoes and studries
L THerrebonne-suncrier to order
Recelpt. b RuallnmA.
N. 0., J. & G. N. . R.-July 6-6 bales cot
ton J & G Cromwell-3 do R Pritchard--8 do to
W , Robson--5 R Bleakley &co-6 E Brown &oo
22 J Watt &co--13 Butler, Terry &co--2 M J Zants
11 Fulkerson & McLauriun-4 H Allison &co-5 do
Battle, Noble &co-'2 Summers & Brannins -4 do
Warren & Crawford-73,505 feet lumber J B Chan
dler-4144 do J Cndas--9 bbls rosin A D Hinkle &
co-I car cattle Warren & Brown-2 do shingles
Carroliton Railroad--2 bbls wine H R Gogreve-2
mules and sundriea to order-Total 90 bales cotton
N.; U., O. & G. W. R. R.-July 6-2-6 hides 1
bdl lidte 2 bbls molassea 9G aka potatoes lot eggs
I Surle -1 hdl hides 46 hides to J A Bonnafon--2
bales mosa E Gribble--270 feet lumber C McUlos
ky--65 head stock and sundries to order
cf iGroct wre -rll tinu.e e.ss.erilon d Fo.arOrdin
Brior at the rd Mitd. sJOW Ind 32 New LMoe
,U %. BO.IO ASTER & 00.
. T. AM.. ___ i.
COaiUn at nfvay a3d QIuostIownto land andbaOh MalMs
satd Paisenger . ; taking Coton, and signtig blli of lading
ter S at throuh rtoa ioi trepght heuce to SB Poorsburg,
Mol o, Rigt, llaturg, Br , tIWI Ai rp, Rottedam,
Gotahenburg and Havrm,
S eeraigo pawn- Ier lckets are ga yT d her by thi llneRto brig
pi.seUge-rom irerpool r quetown to New Orleas,
for $W i. currancy, per adult.
The tual port of deistlnatun may be either fixed on i glng
the bill. of lfalig, or delared by the holder of the bill
of ladig within twe lv hbursd ter the i .e asu o ariv
at Lverpuoli thus adufrdg the Importer me choice ul
Navlstlouu CoumpaIy Limited, will dipatcl the foluvlog lIill
poweral Iro Screw iteamlhp. betveeu
Sniling fom LnI'itPOOL auid NEW ORLEANS Mouth!y
D.eig toh Suimme
LIOUISIANA ............ I on..... P. JmIson, nptasl
MISS ,SSFPPI ...........1TI1 ton......J Cam-bell, aptIn,
FLOR DA ............... 1 7 .t. ...... k Flion, Capta.i.
ISSOURI ............. o ...... A. fl c , C pt .
ARKANSAS 135a ..... . Blro, o. ptain.
1 ~`ABAIA . 1. l9tonsy...... Wi. L. Menuoy, Cpt
,: MBIA . . ......... . j ,ns....... J. Graham,. npt-..
It..: .1NA ...... .... ii.. l tocs.....J. lairby, ,lV ptlain.
, L - .. . .. o ,n..... . PI. rP.. uo.ocho ,wt
,- o 5` ' ?1.1 , .,P7-1 r.l1 il i
,NEWy EW Ux.tY D I:tu(.C--,Xt r);(
5 5r.SN 'g.T. ..,.,li .lT . E.. ,!P SU , T
I'm lS .......... zsý(; .. ... u t n
C IERRIMACK ... ...2. . S....;N:, ,
"ARIPO SA l .......sullu.. o..u quick Is '.1 o 303 iu.
Thy ins Ihewn preo.da1 the ICympI uay ehen) o te
e hip awhih halimes eere buil. rine htecou ndthy Cor any b,
t notyexglgd by tbhose of Iy otheruoelng lol ye ord.
J, JI . lisus ' EY, CIs) ohs upu
W ill o i h bý Cen'p.ivedr IN 1-1, root p f . J -k S4we na rot
STo l :AYon SUN DAY, it, at a.
tia ndexlelad by thul of .. , In te Whorld.
Gey. Cromwell,
eave hefo r whei rt, willfoot Touloube se te, s by any Ditct,
Fist Cabin PasS ....... .
For treiigt or pasag apply to
&3 ( rarondlet Atreet.
41 C-riudetet tr-t,(
To ailt SArURDTAY, 7th i-t, at 5 P. s.
Suint Lout,
Haring . .un rp. ed acc,lnOm dationl fIr frst and Iecond W.Iu
pu-enger-, will adl !rom her whA:rf, 1,-t of rt Andref .ýtet.
Fourth Diitrii, prompily a dvcrisred
For freight or pia r e ,Ippll t.
T, sall n SATURDAY, : th ,n Ir : .,, ,d .,. -' .
FOR B.IBIe PAs,--V, B.-rHE1IE Pi:, ,l i'-6
ii K PU.TEl:r C ,
Freghtl 1:-I :ei~ •:A B . .. - , We
jOr ' Iaod. 'rp.'.ie1 '":r ,? ii ,,
PAKSAE)E TO iNDIANOi. ..... .. 3
1. H;-.lrr L
' Cr. 1OCKN-l, i.1-.1»;t
ý:--r -p -d C - re
Thes steamer , cDrr-ig L Ut MaU e p<,u y
B dire Atri-ed
T.-il..N ATURDAY, 71I Lst.,at
ýt -uig 'teamhi
J. H. HUCINS, FO. or
W1 isilposiol-Jy as abow, Irom Pait.7,F .ft D01tr1
i'or fre 1iht or pas*n ;e apply 1t
47 Carondolet Astret.
BonigU COrtableao. AOtýtfala.y and Mial RFOppi rivr--Th
fine, RlighANdrughtpOeenoertelmenr CleonSl. U. C. Pike1tt
mer, J. B. ehmn cler, mill lerae M lso Rt rn, iOg,
wl5 le1ae Washintoin every WEDSNnIDAY MORNING, at
10 o' clo. Pticulor Iat en0 . .i to caat busoners. Fur
rgh or pa y board ootof t. oul tret.
.. .. V ROINI8 C. DENTnEL, A5.drIt.Ing Age.t.
la.av. Nw. Orleana EVERY WEDNESBDAYt 5t r.pI
Sms1.,port Mouth Bayou Rou %e., and all Intermediatel
Xudi1g. on Bayou CoIrtableaud Am.hf.yIN-Th
rlatr Ne Orleanns and O5 lonesi weekly packt teamt
17Re. 0. Hinckley, mýata. r. KM5. .l1on, clerk, will
lae 1s0bove. For nelIht or tsinge a iy o boaNrd, ortn
J. Eý CA, LIN, 1 3 d Eesas streat.
VIROINIfU C. DENTZEL, Ad.vertllng Agent,.
N. M.--Th. -ilmer Iren, wa liked Pissengae at mny point
tt the -st
.as. e.ery TULSDAY at 5 r. X., and eve.ry SATURDAY
at 10 ,..
Steamer J. II. iSHARP--HENgy ITRECK, 5M1r. JOE
DALFERFr, Clerk.
FR ill, RiepoIvlli, DlIfldSo.wllle, a-d all .1rm1dl. te
ec..t1 Idu--WIU lIe.avc reIgarly -II abov1e.
The J. 8h1rp wil .p1.arii,-u'f attetion to oasti
.Nciflhtlýnd pz..=e.dnn,.o ,a,1il ,.l 1 N b . the trb a . erm. l
5.-%tl1. For fright or pt1 x apply -1 1-0,1.
P. .-- 8hil-p. in all eSp r . ar. rD," .pon0hil fw r toba pay1 e t
of freight J... . ELIF. 4 TolcupitouI.Tr 1 t1 .
V VROINI 1 'DENTEL. AEoaors Auao
Th J. M. S0arp Will ra.k I1 fEiioht Itro.gh W. LorIA'plL.
N1O)B 0I E.
Tchurhig at Bay St. Loui, Pas1. thrisbian ni d mi mirsippi City
Loaves RATIIIDA . July 7th, oA n tao ,rrial ol tl:e 12 V.
l 'tntctttli tiu Itlitroitd trtrtl.
GiOll MOBIl.E-TItil; NII Nt AT BtY ST. LOI11, I
1' 1 I', ,ha lp .iad Mi--n pp -
h ,cl and low pr, uratr t stam
t1 lit tl til tli lt 11 I 1<7111111f,
V11 B d -.l A A . u l I au . . A''rl w
Ls Il~u it, Aitnb hE I1:culc lS ' it V* wll i T I , !. l wlil.4 ,
Si A 1L tA , RI.
{l t tt l :l lt 1«1d B;i,<, .
hi a V X '.V I' t .\Y,' t i, s N L: I' . r %(F .\.
A, , W. ih
. O1 ii ll I N11 . I1 1T, . VI .Yll AN .
It llII"tht uil tG:, tl.1,,. 11 \1, 1.111--Th.
i.vepl d,+ p ressure pao,, eg. r Ilm r
C 1.ARLS <;HR R , omtnRer,
bK I I ply ttO i it VI . htttott t. il.l;aI
AISNIAlT: IiG lV<E R, Mt u,,e.
6t AMITE I E R C . .
L tl +li'to e.ittty WEDNEDAY i lI, \lt kI \l.,
A-h .,tii.llt t 0,si it ilnll] -ll
aOR O LITE W.K ortN t ILt A TO. II
W.,rt- Ml-d ta1 ...I G fI - P l'vi-a tA\a -y 1e-diup I--,
ePlly Tif UnS, A Y f- 0,- p ndSpl . m d-iYnd iwan
-1 rTIn ++DGDI & t S U it1 Pttt , A
I)A Ant N. A en1
II lA 7th lt, 5p. Lt.
F OIL It . - i. AT E CIY P:.I A. S, T
I 441 I I 3317 S EIA tL L . Commander
ST it Itý: t.r Ali- F.o freih - p ia a p t .
4E154 7 aREl LitLAtMt, Y AO CUT
train, a road tr 11nif rgil,, idy b landlln g aI ,j
t II .rD11 N OIiIeAn .. Al llp 1 ag wd.y t d-ut.t ,
Wildl - Enflay, Man w h.,r-, p o pa ds it+tef y
S AVA mad MallE . WA dKP R , ilu,
w ) ill (:evie gtue,,ryo Wk.DNE8 Y aight 5r pa 6,ag Al to
1Dew 1ro 1,-- At the LaeE v tarlo
R ,,z~i -ip l -e n e f ni n .ppi tolnLd ch, 7,-, 1...Jtram.
MIU'.II-'-y I.
'bUS ISP LO t.Eli'l'.\ ..I , 1;.' W SI/tA
I. UA'KIIM j ai 1- >
WED E:;.lY ]' N'lEr,
H.enry Anml,.,
ril] b T V N L 'Y, M' WIITE MI"
L TH- evy TUR D AWY, ORD. t 5 P -
LBT.eglr ,, . S . P P e
LevillI.- Cas lid,-, JP. M. WHITE., Moat .r,
"ir ,"'sIri A iw ,.A'PPIIB Rp, R A j, Ei,,s ea P
IBRA;IN A S C DI ENrPEL B ,Br:g 4 ,B..,t
Pi' i2 i-,R.: n iR.l ijP', w;es". I ; - ' H i ,' h i, -'ty ei
W E r. RITE, -% ami , / eN L
TITiDUS B& "()W TN T , I tP ,:, ,a ,, .A,.
Y'&lr'i·. For T '&lt t- O T.iih :1 T, ll-,. t-1 t..
i VIC stlIl i :It P'Z AND NisW ofl .EAN BEGU
LreB evRiy SATURDAY, at 5 P. I.
I- KW,,dny, i FI Adma yB Wi , , Nr. ort PudR AP BAL Nul
oe la q lnhae. DonldSonvillo. nD all N o atI cWlUAt
J0 i . mIIIE, Cu Ru Wnier
NpaBsn for aempdis and ts B eng- l Awith privilege of i re
tbrnrt p beId uP.a.a.. Ptr' t ab s bo irp.s' . =.d A Bn r
I er iLrld tilgP ,n l,, tive - o A .R Ri""er Fre freigh, atIor ona
b.grd or o TIT WART.
TITUS & GWIRTNEY. :1 iehoupitoulae st.
LLeap evrySUNDATU DAY WDNERAY,5 m. . .
PRAluBdon. Bati n RoAl, e N ltny i SDra, Fort AdPml, Nat
Fhez Waterpr -r[' it. Joseph e ,,ino y Grand Gulf Warrs If ,I
s I.rCid , h,,- :ld Vic, b.. -,-' -A p -'- .Nuie.i t paed' e -1
stelmr Bhoa P. Di PratB, matr, E L. ShsC and . L
TI LdwiPlS n i lerkP.Swill leST v, a. P boe. For s reiht or piai
aSge npply eu heard, or -if TITUS & (;WARTNEY.
Tc hfou it, "'ula stire
_ Vi P.(IINIU S C.D. CR51 B P. AdrIP i'iuNAgen S
i,-x i t JN%,r I... i. town Alrr. Q-.F! ltr, t-(.ill
rNlll l boue rd t.h Vhtiie S( a..t, l 'S-dlqy 0. aor t
N ZI, r.:-,mentile .li LLnd.2, 2vly .;
nT. LOlI,
LOu VIVtiBuaJu,; rJgSay'!ls <c;'AI AND
Ono o( the foH lowllg lfirt ceM puenger steamer, wltt
I.v . as ubve and for all inlrmediat.e I ndimAn EVERY
EVENING atl5 o'clck, from lm Compauy's wharf, loot ol
Hiedv l o strit:
Ituth, I.ady gy,.
-W. Dr.. A . Otle l lranch.
Atilnnti, Ilollle Able.
s ils , onnllnentAl. ,
L ..iilrlll'rv. Mary E. PFrlyt ,
,1. <*. N .%I- , E.ldwlrd l Wi lh.
N, , and ill retlort bl y Ansy . sOl t
F -" . liil ., -t IIIl t ll'i , Athe
S N . n II ,N M. C, ln li , IIstreet o ' ) s ,tet
s s .liNs I.n a UUU, lA 5 F il lL, I
fiSI'I1N BR IWN, P-reW l. -
,I N . N. U INEill , Sulelinte dcnt.
S 1, FIT 1 IZ , I.AI."D Ag CNt, lIlnm int
i S, MAll, LIN E.
TL DAA'.si: i t,lo.I C(.
F 1.Tr, 1441 I. IAII AN"DO UtI.MAND I.'l
I 'tl . so Ihltlm . '1,M i , MA. I .s A II HtL F 'Ka S .
- w av . .. >ATL '' Y . 'I ... y
OR t I. U, A L 1 ,1 A AL
l' i A5su isis ii UULA/s lDS. 1 'ront1 /
.. T INIUn Al DUN.TZ EL, dv.. t ini. . h.n.
HD) T \ 1 '.\D StIVERa . al,+'
I I , Al IIN A Ir IAI - I UE.D 3 l IK.o .tlT
% l o , Is Y i n, a5.Y. IR i 515Y5 . r liaDi
is OTT1 ls i I-si/i b, AsiA merpo s lsf :iss ..
I'N iLLA· i ýN A Ni., , SiN l/. s ,laT 'A L I.C'T LINE.l,
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TITUS &O WARrfTfEV,, . No. 3Ss :Tslpit-'Ni It

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