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'1T-II)AY MORNING, JUIL 10. 1866.
DLsast-'2i i Lefeat of the Imperialists.
Tweir e Hundred Taken Prisoners,
Baijm] O.,cpied by the Liherals,
,TrC +i.) - ) 'I1ENOIAR OF [AIATAiNi2
Op .1:f I ; N- P1 ~II 'I'`1 60 ('INU V" "I
Tu, -..· n, ura",g, rosy hae broua-,h!t you the I !rSt
ad:. ,.. at,; , ggelatead tlport ~ cl,re Ibatt:,-e
. . fi e : It sec, it ' bpethal , b t that I gt
the' .. tIt ta"ll' cc trgF t , f' ca n
g :a , cc i n'a now g l;: lt.e wh. : '' of it in a'i
t': 't IJaze ai wt, e rtVed by Cti, or saln lter, ll t
a lw: li .: .,.' " . , i r t t , r , at tof i Au strians.
251 t' L ,nrca n;ii rilao ( or,, ttly A iueri l ,, 1 and 111
the :nc.t M Ai alnl; w't eight p~ics of arti v
lery. TIi'e train l trrhed Carnli.go on tile 15iti
SFr,d w il,. ;,out c,v:na n , tctrrt, ,-rl., 'l iIa obst ill:
iI udll ,d clln tici icycSt
t( -at.day mo rnint, hte 10th, anon after the
or i ne d its noarch, sone cix or eigh'
mll~e ie t: neclrgu it- was etcoun tered annld at[.
gtae' s,, I.; ,te ciclary ee, an d etir hlluad iea u I
:nLI:,' I ., ;sding terdal' tea hupnlhed Amet oi o
can a Is . 1n.,i tcl c'an c u, ,t . The, wfre tiec weu
'Ini cco tile I hlaS cvi ti.r 0r11 te talc b1anile off
co tre ..,1 ! t o f t s 1urilla<, b l, e ai a'l l b., Narak ,ule
iad, Tr,,vd, tntie r 1 tvlng eli ll cn l d cgan o t
teie lr.md w l.- pigd l, gt h rot position for t :clui - al
tnfec,'l,- . oe: raltsl f .rst tackid d theri , Ic otl an en
fue,-t ,at t',l; retariahl were repuic ed; but ht
i till imc frl lt't' In escapfed to the chap fltti.
fnon tie wi .cI r , .to tic,. in aectit c, on lsecaitnd - ci
etara. After ,tal bldt aed ti,-pait Me iaht o l about
ad' hc Ic ral c hi ihictoryide, tarnhed ct thei .ancr ti
O a t til e late e r atl materi
;c 'aet, a ili as er retrdere aced desllert awithd r
.atd ',i leid, amd the cnud.t and valuablt wagon
train, il the handa ot thcs' oheteolf h eiro a n
bceide som eight hnarTde rcatte red nes ieludl ct
the wounded, llnd ol r htillned thers, cdvilians, te
teanlsters, and the like, belonrieata the wagons.f the n
IDring the battle, probably abrt two htundred te
aof twe, nll erictd, and aed to the chapparand ef
After beingh the treatei: decationrct e
retr nttlion ot Imperialist iMa'ter to tdde Imply- f
driais:t, s td eitrieally sidelo turned thordr, reia M
nt a rittede on the Mberal victory. IOne coan yt iln
uhdge how like a tundttaion,t it fell tpon d ertoic ta
The Imrol. Thelo may ths vbl e su ed oiciupg : capmo
the2000 ; lean populatin; but tescape laut e Europen otire
and va erica pl ation T took it ter te onthewie.l nt
(iloom and consternation were to be seen in all mt
likthem r again.ces.
The nLib ejia was in command of the citys with Li
a gertait of, ut it was or s gevenandted that fns, tr
ciert tile ibersls wbrald follow uop their mountedoy y i
acomin down eqpon the city-thand made theircoast being cleanr or
fot them- and determining on all the defense in Li
hiudge how i he ent for the rboltiot dadfe upon eroic
the Mexinfan populatitnee; but the large Europeane, P
ike Americane of doubtful loyalty quite otherwise.
Tooese troops left nagdad on oday seen inteamers all
and ral Mejia was ioros on command of the cinty, with
Theya garrison of some sixby oar seven hundred of Mxicaes,
residents of 1tagdad, who were alnreted at the a!
idea of thbeing loft witoute protection. Tho chief ei
except the Libexican Awolcalde, foltowed uvictory and
soon there wore hardly any white peopl le lft in
fgdd. Inthe- the aftermining upon all thevel fense
hi powicers rode nt for the gatown and took posasession t
of it drawing oup papethree of hundred Mexicnt with the
Alcalde and reaining citizens, and gtir pled.
In these troops left Bagdad on Mondfar, thiby stgreeo
ment has been honorably observed. p
The evac ationam of tos whitesday from atmoro ning.
becme general on TBaguesdaday, who were alarmed its height onthe a
Weidea of beisdy and began tohout protce dctiown Thursday.
Fami police, Vtch tior Iuprat, and his eds, evacuated
chaccdiee of oll h \inds, isiched op the frry landiog
day and night. There has been an iclnax of from a
three to ufour thousd peopl and toown funct ille, '
anepd trcbhdise o an lde, follous amount. Thed
Freooc were the harmost neasy of all the refugees, in
ltaniog Mcutaoiov to the foal wan.
agdd.ll tn tharm was rno onday)e belief that Libe-.
ral officers roded into the t, and tookhat, in th possessiont
erof it, drawing up paperls of agreement withe ctye
ALcalde and renminia cung ciwith hizens, offieand gving ped de-s
thcided tt neither person nor proprcity, on condition tbe hat rmed
and hi garrison be permitted to retire p eaceabe-ly,
and that no iolence orably osffered to persons or
jThe evacuation from the Stawhite.s from Matamorosning
general of the northern order, uander the Jight ren
government, and of course ha was the legitimate
thofficer to ureceive the ol ted rowrrendr sille,
and omperani ise to an enormous etty, coamouding the
UF rench were thie mos t u neasy of all the refugees,in
letamoros anod held a lengthy conference with
Althe termhis aolarm was tatued bty the belief thCaraat. iGe
wold giurrender only to hemseles cobedo, and wopld
flage. ut the deatish before rendering to beany one
after holdiGeneral Gcounciletty was prhiesent, of course, ad de
ided to rreneral Mthe cit and oferred at lengtha withe
and him. Thgarris con ferene endrmitted into retire peaceablyg to
arendr the city to arviolence be offered to persons or
General Caravnjatil the arrs inal Brownsville, having
just returned from the Stat who deemed it thbe ranking
general of the nt forthern border, under the Jarez
governmentjia m and of course he was the legitimon to hate
ficer to reei the proI wed surrender.
accompaniedhy preneral Getty commanding the
fight tr, the death before surrendering to any one
OaBturday three steamers, two of thktla United
,Sates tranprrte furnished by Gen. tGetty, were at
th. MBatalmors landilg, to convey Mujia and hise,
tfolowert to Bagdad, there to remain until the a
Sonora should arrive to take them to Vera '.ruz.
In the forenoon. general Mejia. with Genernal
Olvera anrd (tioel Ii voan re elvced in a room in t
the city tall, Mesers. Imrilio Velasco and Suave- nr
Idra, the repreentatives of General Garza. and to
thern fimrally eorreedered the city. General I
Ot ia and his ssti then rntered carriages and t
s r. toi tLe steamrboats, the loop, who had vul- '
rrrt-,rr irreer a'rrpaany ihier hairini atreaeiy em
rhark-d. 'They took with tiheta their small arln
with ammunition v rld two little pieces of artilleery.
Mire of t!lth-e trtoops vohlllnccrr to go wilh tle I
treleril !all t rpeopll r xpected to ree, tlrouglr a
g-;iodly lambhrer reriaiedr behild to go over to the I
lihi-iri. Whait few Ausatrians and .:ontra-iiuer- ,
rilla that er.'apJed fro. the battle, accompanied
It ltilthe;,,rnoo n tie boeats left: ard ro endled
the pire- on this border. t" Sic transit," etc.
evn. Mejia shed tears of regret and humiliation
upon leaving the city he ehad o long garrisoned
and deended. But he iett witr tihe cordial syrie
paiethy a kindiy regards ol everybody, Iriehle
and toe. In nll the tiae I t have beetn out here oei
thn borderr, have never beard an il! word spoken
,iriiret hier. tie is respeterdr as i pol hed anrd
Ierteet getleroan, a brave and gallint vol
ier, anrd as a lenient and humane laadr and culr
ruer or.
Thterer was inrediateev a great rush of Libierale
trrol this ride to M utaunoro. and os:uniderable
rine t theerd , s tei rrllo int artid lare hIar
1 i e ' ,e, ed - tinere ing the -.it,- ta ier,,Ired' t
trrm h onter Nt% , 1 . ay L e a tert l _ d to il:e ti he
. '!tl t i, olit-t errml iio r a en thrn rr.0 w ran
t tioartins· a'esei -.o t. aTie (:, rt Or, a, 2rn th 0tr Hi z
., i i,,:a t t ,e ' - a tre r'h a d e ,a itr- t, loh'
; -t h. . ,,"r 1. a i e.re ,'.wte rl h
i . !'rl : It utr:i :i t irtl,,nr' I ,;, n..J*:at l et rr r.bi
itn a t h . l, ti " w s.
1 r', a . , 1.- ~ t, t , ., , i' , ,rh,, otl,. y cavalry
1L, - . T. he] adl,,g the re t pd e. o
.- , i , , h r e P, t t H t , i r,. n i t to i ni(ppl l ,
,t h, l, 2 b, t and i tll tUeiey t, I h, e i--, r l't ti
U.e w teilr a t il l l h (i: Or errd c edld r
: ,,., ,, ;..., t ;,i o-r - -r w - rt -,, , t '
a r. ,t Me hl: i r tiaethe: -lý-hino- a
, fia t ree d.- s, rar ia tr of tcceti ard o
!rter: ': ie (,ta t i- e l i -l;, P.r iom an -ie
I ,-a , rricn , ,in , ,h i r hl,: ;l:e, hoa i t 'l"ing t'er it
e :lr" c'ihnd otlei"r nrt igue' B'l their er.u . i'e
Sthe wise. .a side,
t'h,.. '",il ,.:litr i tf !be rai ls t i.sr e t'i , a g iee the
,,rher ,r" ,a teitali te heo oterey, ahd thl e I,
-tarm-d hack. 1", t}., h uteear ot h ths' te:oy, hr.r
garrzon a~t P_, :.tr-,? amulatlt t to 12st 0 e ien , o
woe,, 7. weere t:.ar ,h. S ; erai rr uaar we- at
:ý- r it:, 1',o,, a:., 1as not retrn ewaith it c t vng te
Sive tr it :, , were t d e 'rpl,. th e r rv t r ,r t , t, e
tl, i:: in-, tereeoy wore meetl yef r rat. l
S..e 'urTyiofl tta irea who went tioc to
'retcrrto treat with E~cobedr for the reatosa
l~e att.rdere to in Matahresies
"i I.,-d ar c reir trai, it lad t ac nltrr , remaiw-::
c l i'v,-o ree"a t , ir a ed it drch ! rehrn ad rover te e'ar
h-.i eale ine td, eaIstiUve.
itse tn rctlar .;hesoat uo.ns ih-teras TrevinO and
It a airsd sr i v-e eldi. d gef a ad t h ae e ight pieces oi
,I-t:lla'ri captured at Cav:ierg, ard in their Ialde -
Aeevr, :., -e , :er, 'ar hireI t,", who oedy thig In
-a - el', a. T ee trhs el thida urdythder were sarhhe
BRWnow . - t.ie, Texas. June 27, 160.
All is qrilet in f atalInoros. and things go on
sntottlhe o'ider the .lheral ru!e. Busiless is ree
sou.ed, the city iolhs lively, and many famnllie l
that ub1d to IBowesvile in their alarl, are reltrn
oing. Carava'al and Garza both have issued pro- 1
i clamatioos. assuring tie people of their kind in
tentions and their detetnnnation to preserve law A
and order. Esneoiedo is now in Matamoros with k
i the rest: -ut as he has issued no orders or pro- i
elnamations, I presume he waived all pretentionsto 1
comnmand of the city in favor ot hii su0ori0
officer, (Caravoaja, nutw ithstauding Mejiaos o hlpoit
tion agailst the jotter.
tlthe irst thig the Liberals did in the way of au- i
thority after entering Matamoros was to levy a I,
forced loan of sixty thousand dollars, to pay the a
cost of the removal of MItjia and his followers, tl
and other expenses incident to the change of gov- a
ernment. I
The next thing was a demand made upon tlo'
t chief priest tor the keys of the Cathedral.. Ii is
reverence refused, and stoutly maintained his re
t fusal. Thereupon he and all the other priests, six
Sor eight in number, were thrown into prison. I
d Yesterdty morning, however, they consented to o
d give up the keys, and to sign a document pledging
themselves never in any manner to use their in.
tluence against the republican government o
Mexico. Upon this they were released; and ca0me t
d over to Brownsville, a very melancholy looiking h
tt crowd indeed. Their being Frenchmen madett r
c them particularly obnoxious to the Liberals. The t
church is yet closed, but will probably soon le a
t opened by some of the Mexican priesthood who t
were expelled from it In a former revolution to t
1g make way for the French priests.
Matamoros is full of news favorable to the
Liberal cause. One report is, that the Imperial
s, troopshave evacuated Monterey. Another, that
,g Tampico has been beseiged and captured by the
y Liberals. And yet another, that 'era Cruz wast
or or was about, to be beseiged by a heavy force oat I
t Liberals. t
o. General Caravajal says he expects by his
e, pacifiatory policy to overnome the dislio e
in which he is held by the Matamoriaos, ome 'hat
rs in three months time he expects to have an y
g. of 30,000 men on this border.
te There are over 300 troops in 'Matamoros now ;
oe and as the city is well fortified, and they captured
ef eight guns from the wagon train and some thirty
ed or forty more on the fortiflcations, they can wtaoe
os, a stout resistance and hold the city against any
od opposition that might come.
in Where Canales went or what he is up to, I can
oe- not tell. Cortina has not been heard of in a loig
on time. 0. G.
Te BAGDAD, Mexico, June 30, 1866.
ed Those of your readers who may be in the habit
;e. of looking for my letters, are entitled to some ex
planation regarding my apparent remissness, it
on not furnishiug earlier accounts of the late import
on ant events on the leo Grande.
ny. It was altogether owing to the impossibility of
er- knowing wioen the steamersleaoe. The steamship
eg Crescent, i was positively iaformed, would leave
stm on Mondny, 17th inst., yet she remained a day
le, longer, and was thus enabled to take out the first
he news of the battle near Canmargo, without my
es, knowledge at the time.
The next steamer to leave was the Admiral
en. Foote, advertised to depart on Wednesday, the
ost 20th. 1 closed and mailed my reports up to that
ty, date, and was then informed that the departure of
pit. the Footewas indefnitely postponed. 1 then made
out a reportdaily, until I was informed that the
jia, steamer would not leave till Tuesday, the 25th, or
de- next day. I next went to work and condensed all
he my previous reports into one, and when I took the
bly, letter to the postoffice on Monday morning, I found
or that the steamer had suddenly left Brazos that
morning. The postmaster the evening before re
ing ceiced a dispatch, giving him about ten minutes
ing time to close his mail and send it down in a govern
rez meet ambulance. Thus my labors were left dead
ate on my hands, asto any freshness they might con
tain for the readers of the Chesce.r. I need not
rza., sa how very much all this vexed me.
the The places where I am in the habit of inquiring
ain about the steamers' departures, are the express
with office, the postoefice, the quartermaster's office,
r on , nd,as i the case of the Fonte, the agent's office,
IHe all in Brownsville. All these places were at fault
ond in their information about the Foote. Others be
one sides myself were fooled, including pasen
as a gers who want down to Brazos too late. What
caused this abrupt departure I have not been able
gain to ascertain,
with Hereaf'.r I shall not depend spon any
gte steamet leaving on a given day, but
nand when I get news, will jot, it down and mail it imme
This diately, from day to day, as the case may be.
at tr The hope is universal thatharmmmy will continun
r . e among the Liberal leaders, now that they habe
that achieved such a brilliant suncets, but the fear i:
Care- general that it will not.
It is expected that Cortid. will pop up enddenli
tited and do aomething doesperte before a great whiie
t e to noody knows. H a I tnve t
Sbelore statetd. in outlawed by both the Imperiul tl
a nd Liberal govcr rmnent. it
Ierrl at',rl. ( ahiere I find it necessary to
Stay for toy ho:athll I can re.eive and forward aRny 0
ordinariy news a~m n mll at Itoownili ; and, if I
Sneo saory, can go up there.o p byn o ,ge in i half a day.'
0 I nlumo Ioto foreot to rtorl Ly th.Llllk to llr.
F001 logoge, o N Von Owoineaen, an] Mr. I~ouYton, c
the polite agent in lOr.awnsviii for "chalo in" v
Ime whernevr I have o ccas:on to iopas over tlheir
latar: he. f ne
htl:nsr. Pie rroe & T cry, t1- h''o oot-lil1r 4. in
oorelpre.ooo t nvrn of ihfnoCo fo'oor: to'o.: tir, ther.,, 0
0awho i 000,00tant pootmaoo0r 0i0i'.-, @0's 0 00wn ,-o.
extra lavrooo n tiie l'tlo way. I . say yor 0
these gentlemen that 0 hn.y 0 :1.p ai opular 00 n1
10well Fork,.d olor lv o d p+.,t, ror ait , mi eivo lii,,o
I k of wd,!, le th =, ' aM1 that I have never
ohealood any' 'ouopoaio tgaooointthe i.o'Jwnaiile pot
Soxplert I owe your prihtero an opology for
1writing in poncil oi late. iSeveral week agu, in
tnttanioros, a thief entered my roon one night
when I wI asleep and rifled ty pantaloons pock-o
0 itso rf nall they contained, inclointg my dchtiaherd
gold pen and pencil case, which I had used for i
Stwo years, and which 0wa 'orll an good as new.
Since thenl I have taken to a patent pencil. for I
cannot write with either nase or rapidity with a
sleel pen. The pencil mark I believe to be plain a
enolugh for day tie; but I know its glo i;ne )
rnlders it inconvenient to read by gas light at
night. t. 00. t
.iecud orre ondero e of e Na w le, .r t.
-o n, ,ouoo 17, 1tti
' ,,0;0 . d I 11000 .] 1 nay -,y, ui' ;, a 0 0:t -
000c'n-,, ,I,: of th0: w ,, ,,tr ,,t 1he wrl 1. I; [
tý:aha ,d i , JL ,, ]n ova a, oh ;0. ;-;t
:ýg cr-aturi c.o all i kh.l ;ti, t,! nlio 0 0 ; y I
1 f lh . dl· ; ll tr .y , "000 t.e en h0 0:
' 0oh a nd0 er0 r0 0 , ; to thi o o 000 , a 0 ' ..,
.h; tol ts[ t} ne ', , .t-to ] ,r,,o ,:0 tP i O 10' t 0O
the otr,:,'ht line of tren,: h;,!:, ^ t r;r ,1-] b0,ugh i
t l oW o in velant lux riou-n o... overheaot t'.
obi ,l e thr : 0 thy r~:nOig .o 0,t to appear
n eare1 the toruth tian - lkely at l:rt.0 to ' , iet.
m m ' ly v.-li to th sl;,w. .o-, of noat::e i:;
• [ t. , n,) at th:u t time th," .tot- totol tut l?, [
. .,,dkenin;g . 1o[Itheir lng wicthy ci t ep and be
e, m:ri'c r,, n,-' , of th,, -,, p ro ,a, n ,f flowery M. ,y
0 oooin h.:.ca-,t o o' ,fo 000 ,, to th00e 00l
- . th i d +y 5 w rt o a,. ! : n e rg y is ;:t , ,oe , w Le ll ]a -:
oe arol :aoglor ovtrtlntl the tram'e : an] when
00000t r , .Ilt oo1'o0o earon th brei and it .....0 sh.O l
ct, ,- It-ie t-iri.g; the -l;ruin,. des Pu.-,t.- ,e vier,, on
,tfr sidet all;eu h t l; - ll to rthe ri iht, a soece-sae
of sheds or ra'her ore long ',ed. ah ut twelve
f eet higl, dlvid.-d lilnto ompn rt ents six or eight
feet wrle, a:il f, ed in tarot wiri irron barsi : or
the otLer is si r e at irid i ule a iri terval s a id a: dli
lerentdistancee en.tlo.ues varyling in size frhorm
ten to one hunldred feet in lengtlh, by twelve or
fourteen ai- yari .n a sirrornllded as before, by
an iron rence, and c,,:!tining trees, rock-. eaves,
ritei-d habitatiii, o ii tii r i--rqI ,l ai and
liT-i- streami , -i i t-i -: lciit di iii Is. Firt, n
ile right ide, !iI tile ,lr-artliie t fior Ii'.J , and
t, htt . .ollect:onl From the petite hummining
;rd. that has more lile a:ppearanee of a larce fly.
throt h al the r'a-n , ,th tu e of ornithology tip to
the large an, d(9gust1g ioukinp vultures, with
their e, 'l i. e.nti,,n-:r eie. e l i', dlndin g one of
irhe 1,pes. who, wth their r'evolting to,-h three
ltmei imad i loatihinn, the hbanlqlet of rEneas and
hi, 1It, rane. Seetnbclgt every speclte of thi
featlered tribe has its representative here. I1'r
rots white, parrots green, pr,prr ts red : parrot
wth ,shits bodies and yellow tails. parrots with
irll bodireraid red tails, are groullled on the sari
ree, and cnbilllg wlt claw and Lon lu:on
the lolping branches. Ducks, variegated
as the rainlhow, and from opposite quar
ters of tile world, wim in the sarne
pond, aid dive in the same stream. It is an old
provers that ' birds of :a enther flock togethetr."
but here aire fould - rwls- of vi-irv hiue unlder tile
atgin--lro tile drove thfiat Ilitght iihe olive biranch
hack to Noah, to Edgar l'-e's raven. Passing
along thie iveled walks, hichi re always- eowd
ed-g-enerally with thie rost comlmon class of
people, who are themselves one of the curiosities
of the place-in turn are seen the large Llama
helepl the tapir with his long, hoglike sinout; thile
kangaroo, sitting sedPately on hi hinid legs, while
tie other two are used in defense, or to convey
loid to hio outh t the ant-eater, the ostrich, tile
antelope, and, most uncomnl of all, tlhe little
American jackass, with his long grey ears and
-luiet looklig eyes. Passig alli these, we are at
traeted to a large, high, ro rld-top-ed building,
ltllateed with :roll ars, around whi;ch stands quite
a crowd of people shouting and laughing. It Is
tile home of the monkies, in which is seen iti s deni
aluas cliubing thile lattice, walking the bars running
from side to side, sliding down the iron nprigi:ts.
engaged in dispelling the eiiaii. and, no doubt,
outside makes a pass at him a with a ciane. endeav
Soring to catch his tlot in the curved part, which
mliter mlonkey a ids by a quickii jumpl one saide
.irid -mediately afterwlards tries to suath away
tile stick. Then, feeling is though it were below
I lis dignity thui to tlille, he walks slowly off and
e runs u tihe dead tree, where, eizing a hraneI
w lth both paws, he shakes it violently until
e a pendant bell rings againd Leaving the imonkiies,
tl,e elephant, reaching out his lhng snout to a epec
hmped backs ; thei hilrppopotamus, with hif loose
-jointed, leathery hide, looking as though hie had
ii on the elephant's skin and it was too large for
it him ; the hears, stretched out on all-fours in the
e shade, their eyes closed or only half open, and
s their jaws only sufficiently apart to catch the nu
it merous bits of bread thrown to them, which, if
they do not fall precisely into their mouths, they
is do not take the trouble to move their heads to
:e reach, and suggesting the thought that their so
t rciety might be unbearable were they outside their
y strong prison--all occupy our roving eyes for a
time, and at last the tigers are reached. They.
with the lions, etc., occupy a series of cages.
id raised to the height of a man's head, and iwa lking
jy up and down their twelve by six, they glare
to at the spectators and seem to fret away the
fy life that should be so independent and free. In
one cage is a dog with a leopard, following his
n- fierce, striped companion up and down, back and
ig forth, turns when he turns, yet never seeming to
disagree. Here is the American panther and
Congir, the immense Bengal tiger and the leopard
of Asia-ai d Africa. In one apartment is a hyena,
it whose white grayish hair and known filthy habits,
x- give him anything but a pleasing appearance.
in Striving every now and then to dig wittl his long
ft- dre paws, it brings up visions of desecrated
graves, of freshly buried bodies unearthed, to be
of torn to pieces by the ravenous maws of this world
prenowned resurrectionist. But in all our ins and
ve outs, our goings to and fro, we have walked a
ay good deal, and after casting a casual glance at the
rat department of plants, rather surfeited with sight
y seeing for one day. an d urged by fatigue, we are
iglad to ate p into our renise, and tell the aocher,
Sri e ila maison."
S Between the Jardin des Plantes and the Jardii
hat d'Acclimitation, there is a wide difference : one i
of sitply a succession of cages or enclosures, i
de -which the animals are kept, and probably ther
the are a great number of specimens, and really more
or to see in the tirst than in the confines of the
all second; yet outside of the creatures themselves
the there is nothing attractive to the [eye in its sur
and roundings, unless indeed we enter the departmen
hat of plants, which, however, is really a separatt
re- and distinct portion ef itself, though within th
tei same wall. The other, on the contrary, is a pleas
nei- ant resort, blooming with great shady trees, swee
rid scented flowers filling i-the air with their fragranci
on- and greenwavy grass, wch make it really
not charming place, and a spot that waild be sougi
even were there no curiosities ta draw the sight-seel
ing Its broad walks, and cool, winding alleys, amor
i-at delightful opportunities for a promenade, or a set
ice, under -lts breezy shelter when one is fatigued wit
ice, his journeyings round .t. limits, and tired of lool
tht inag at strange, unco'J animals, and feels a rest i
- objets df nature, and those of her features he i
hat known from chilhoi d e ; when this feeling of s
able felt and cravbg or repose overcomes fine, he
glad to find aone sheltered spot, under the prote
any tiou of sore. old oak, ans closing his eyes, wbi
hbut Iis cheeks i t re fanned by the soft zephyr and I
iie- ars filleta, with the pleasant sotnd of
sotngiimi through the topmost branches. fi
inue relief from sights which only strain
have wuuier. The velvrety verdure of the gri
ir siuneri foot. the refreshing and differenrt she
g'ieei of the leaves, in whose midst the whi
lenly red, purple blooms that soft, wooing May has
-ile. I ticed out, and which fiercer June hal not yet i
tured into the infant fruit; the light green mra
that has gathered on some of the trunks, so miimi
in its rozy, light particles as to seem but the col
of till: bark itaself, or nearly irperceptble, to a
pear like a thrin hiazy vapolor tiroigh whici tie tree i
ii seen : the ltsdden, onliandi-l cry , aof nv iratu
red dernizen of a far ofl shore, tran, .rted t rom
iJs d 'ott home. to thl-, e'oight, r lano to ex ,
change :his hir: of liberty fort a f:;lht ro u.gl the i
wiroe network of i prisoni, sordnoira e tifrohroroto
th, bougihs over head; th houm of the beeI as i.
hovers over the petals of some sw eet flrwlret, orl
sipsl thie honey of somne golden blhsoeo--all co:
el;e to give it a dhloghtful a-po.t, and io plre- :t
Sareabrle thou htr,, for the olinld is alhotel by t
rc l rinrz. and in proporto, a they arr har- I
unor rl, and if n symphtony, or ranih ani jalged,
i r..it experience haptpiness o or lpain. I at.,i 1
StinLi of r'op~e'd essay, i he:r he says :
" Fthor kind ntlra ly opat lrkenial tere for I
oratblrr each herb>, nd rpleadm out e; rrj .uw r
i loal faor r Iae tl t g erape, t be ro ati renew.
Ft., :. i 'r»et rel 1 a1h lr I, xlniiy d-a ; b
r- me ti se a tAhom n trall.r.. b in l:
,eat rcolt to"s l ma r. u nsh , it hlioRht m n ripe
sly l,ot.tnol ; earth, my canopy Intl nklre."
S ut though tihis lovely spot awakens interest for I 1.
its own natural and cultivated beaoties as a grh . v
delr and a grove, the object of its formatior r l, thecp
rep-rcintatives of that anrihal rmgdogla fur whoe
reception and aeommodation it w detagaid nor d, are
as yet rurnsero, aond thl: palace beinglarge, the on
fro to, lr reseennl:lrruuoi, it Ibehooves one who
wishes to hive a loaht llt and yet reach home ,r
time f,,r a five or oix o eclock diroer, to ;ose as few i
inoments as possible, or hi, examinations will be
Lrriesd and incomplete.
:E't-ring to the ritlrt, we lhrt direct oar step-r
tuwarus a houee that is not apparent, but wich
the vwi llnm"z ',f a shady all'," v o'-rai brit or ut
In iigin t ,f. Hiner i.s seen the ro Is t V. "t-l r, g n. it, v. I .
.1 apt, e ,; i I<nt to re--v,' ior is ; o it, !rtio rliy o
sei le ' .ili -i u iotola, a rif t o tic ;rr 1 ' y 'i .,
, . litl rer th an tle, r ut in h ir ilpr: ':.r .
" , 111 hl "veary-day hiy . If , i a s !loty le p :rizJe~ a y
Iver the preatd .otoliira hf eat('leaVe, al rfl r
leie ut :. : -,,on.~~lno h]e d e Iy ,4 .f o l t ed
g.:oon :.,:rm a;, inch hin a itsb a hs t ie, L 't 1.
wiun ae, 1 .Iton , the cihy , d bulirstc ilim.!
1 1, h Lp +-nre in the g lady r:l,,r' ,f thin e a ,utt+ rom .
f ,,Op oo. r .a r'ýI r . .. ...t in their b rim:ra .
: p ;cie of e t n .. ill il "',r i o st,-el. t .o arc•
t n th e eal.,a ra sf ei.r. If 1 -, |+e tha',t~
,r-"l e.ti lg lon ( 'rr toi;C lro s 'r-':.d of' the iiot.
:sad- o t ,tbte th;e fa thL1att ::;JtlU p. ', I tr a "laidt l
ire- up itpred a out. olf eatir tihey -tird it dni- ri
:e iu.tle, ie orfrm ti0 necealidr ol eration, r !id
a we ienr`c; teist tLo ur tani pai nclng thiec b1,
toie girdien sile, tiltye ,eepe a have to 0n
our '-yle, thet F enrl and do c a:r foy r i the rh
nl., aitho, : n thed, as i t adepartiosg fth~n
l, eae ile alrdU d it t ret o ieda irot berds api
d lar olred il'ol ad ste hr ans;d of the angarooty.
i porrpine, olte dr.o.u edariVe, are not n re to u i
r oe made tgroir ocqiooiittanioc 0 our Brtt vist toi
o Iroeir oomitra.iot 0 f the larger zooltgical garden.
o. p The rt(ect ottoractirkon of llaetural history athog il
leg u"" t dl wa',:r ' ra c:rrL ,l, w b ,u, hile the str+.r
-;thv ro r cr:enta .ler, aniid ellrth ne visrt. Itib
e in stdedi a oi, o 'pt ltents fy ar feetoblige., foce
SwiOh pglor suroa this necerletly operrarntion, ah
-rcu rfepr-e~rtnt the bottheom eof h seave o in
t- an itt it undh sdol, rc e for t e
t- do a without p i thae bileast departo acg rotled
th toruth, it is safe to ray tat both their legs ad
e ust be four feeto d co lengthed lakte. Neatl
d door a staitidh las fa-teoed the nauckmio
r- oiets of ng white snatte aems to the prejerions
ie d tides of hudred diiatre rockin ad birds and
Id in qite t ior ease, is ad swansb foe all that ca i
or said to the comedtr aries, a oar nfort nble sit, u
e indful of their ctric eel tt ourigglest his lt to
h length alono. uIn touchiug the gloas, anoo soisinga
og tthe surace and sioriag aguis to the bottoon
- Anotheir comarrtmfeorl slurger a lobstergia garde
r orshisig freiiioi in thle coners aioag the rr;cbs
a frthers ft athe half vegetable hafistory though,a
i se has y open, the aquariu ths to taoccup its a
e ose to itsll. and is truly a beautiule keeps itwell a a
le pane. Further ona o0ste, cllms and mravisle lie
Stre -eating thedy bottom, it i the iddle, ro rier
or hrtoean tbo rorbe is reen the owla vibrating
Sdc fitted with aeab oh oil, rodks and submarine
, round the s partiularof the habitaoes and mossestand
he tou lno the tips of their tiny noses to tht glass,
iobaaciea swim abtut, not ga bit alarmed at their
iiqueer posit ione is eo oiloted lake. Nextad
I coints of hbindreds of specit of the dprellera otioe
dep, atdes ofed a few into each little iberi m
. ug ite tided omi eae its taking, for by all thatiion
h on eitoher side. There are comfortable sie, tod in ti
tg daob the onl ligand desiends through the water.
so tloras nrabiog foplaioo atopanasot all itu aostente, ted
ne other ilteot mptinst iows a lobplster who has l
v- akinteng hi poition the Emperor to hanve at the great k-;
ah shiitionas of next ityear, an aoariumth one takhundred
e, and ty eeottlong doubthilesi ill be the grmiddle, fterot
Sroundf its kind evers bilt, sand attract muche at
at them. Tio. e house s se sixty ct long, and
Comparing these two places, the Jardii des
Plantes and that of Acclinitatio,. we find they
Ihave each their attractions. The first is a zoologi.
cal garden par excellence, devoted entirely to the
subject of natural history, and far exceeding any
thing else of its kind in existence; the second,
though bounding in curiosities, has the added
1 allurements of greattrees. and verdant sward, and
a feeling of freshness and pure country fragrance
that the other can mate no pretence to. The one
Swould attractthe sight-seeker and curiosity hunter :
its companion would find favor in the eyes of a
I lover ot nature, who would combine the marvel
lous and the pleasant.
lout to leave the animal world for that of human
ity, let me touch on a subject dear to the ladies.
r The moon does not change oftener, nor its phases
succeed each other more rapidly than new fashions I
appear, and old ones are altered. The bonnet
which was only a triangular piece coming down on
each side over the ears and stopping at the water
fall, has been replaced by a little piece of illu
e lion (and it is an illusion, for it approaches as
s near to nothing as possible) or lace and flowers,
s resting lightly on the top of the head-a mere
d apology for a hat and seemingly only tolerated
o because it is a sort of necessity to have something.
Looped dresses are undergoing a variation, or
d indeed are vauishling from the world of fashion, to
be replaced by a skirt cut very short in front, and
, very long behind. Summer's sudden appearance
is bringing out thin fabrics, and white lace veils are
beginning to be seen, especially in the carriageson
d the drives. Htigh topped hoots are not yet obso
lete, but hoop skirts are growing beautifully less.
d About a week since the weather suddenly
,d changed from comparatively cool, but pleasant
a spring, to what seems the commencement in
he earnest of summer, and the recently noticed spots
t- on tie sun do not seem in the least to diminish
-e the force of his rays. The gentlemen are laying
r,aside their thick broad cloth, and appearing in
white pants and vests. Tie cold baths of the
in Seine are open, and the cafds are driving a
is flourishing business in ices and lemonades.
in Affairs in Germany seem coming to a focus
re and in the diplomatic contest which has been
re going on for weeks past Austria appears to have
to obtained the advantage. Thirty Hoilstein deputies
:s, made an attempt to meet on the 11th inst. at
ýr- Itzhoe, but the Prussian authorities interposed the
mt strong hand of power, dispersed the representa
to tives and at midnight arrested and imprisoned in
he tle fortress of Rendsbourg, the Austrian commis
as- sioner, who of course protested in the name of his
et government. This act is a rupture of the treaty
ce, of Vienna, and the provisional convention of GIas
a tei, and gives Prussia the character of aggressor,
ht in which light the Austrian Emperor has pre
er. sented the case to the Diet, and demanded the
erd prompt gathering of the federal forces to anake
at good the peace and security of Germany. The
ith vote upon this measure is fixed for Thar.day the
oa- 14th, and the result will be importar,t for sis
tin weeks since measures were taken for the immem
liar diate moving of the federal eontiagrents whenevee
has required. It is the opinion of mac,y that war mat
sr- be considered as already begar, that this over
is act on the part of Prussia has opened the bail fo:
too it is notalways the one whre strikes the first blon
bile bathe who makesit neersary, who is the casn,
its teuffel are marching o, Altona, while the Austria
fd force under Gablear are retreating on Hambur.
his Wilhelmbonrg an, Harbourg.
ras By a decree of Jane 9th M. Lecomte Walewak
eled member of tise privy council, is appointed pree
bite, ident of the corps legielatif and Messrs. Schneedt
s en- and Alfr.',t LeRoax, deputies, vice presidents.
ma. -A aTo.
* o al untellulence.
P.reparation. for Erbnlldlng Odd Fellow-'
!Mr. Richard Swain, preshlent of the Odd Fel
laws' Haol Aasoetation, has let the contract to
Smes.r. I. R, Edgworth and Ienry Leith for tear T
ltg down the remaining wails of the late Odd F'el
:lowe' Hall and removing the debris of the build
ing, se that the ground may be ready to commence
he ecrrotaion of another edifice. The promptitude a
with which tie contract has been made is an
ectrre. that the new hal- l will rine ip much earlier
than the public had reason to expect.
AndaionCn Outrage. ýiI
As two respectable white women, Mrs. Elize
beth .ictlreil and Mrs. Elizabeth Garrett, were
vwalking through Cliseuom Square, about 8 o'clock
on Sunday night, the former was seized by an ath
letic negro, who threw her down and attempted to
violate her. Mrs, Garrett doing all she could to
jprevent the brute from consummating his villain
onu design, was severely handled by him, and was
still struggling with him when the cries of both E
aomen.brought to their assistance police officer
.Joseph W. Bradley, who, after a hard encounter
with the ruffian, succeeded in arresting him and
bringing him to the lobk-up. Blflire ie was se
cured he gave Mr. Bradley a severe blow w,th a
r ,lb he had.
Death or Captain Inaagerty.
S('ptair Pei'eer fItggerty. whto came to this city P
a= a member cf .ene;ta I. F. Butler's staff, and
eeas remained ]hre since. died siddenly in his room.
No. i77 Lafayette street, on Sunlday, of al'o
plexy. He was a lawyer by profession, and ie
said to have been a oan of superior talents.
Attemnpt to E.cape from the -orlkhouse.
A n, gro ecoread in the worki;hoee as a vagrant
made a des-perate atltempti t rescape from it.
":z:ig a bar hof i:',n he h trutcki the ecauter black
-mnin a isecre blow on tihe head, inflicting a pain
15, though not a dangerous wound, anld then en
Sdeiavred to mah e his way out the gate. The war
I ';rn were too ,icl,:k er him, however. Drawing
* tie.r pistols, they compelled him to surrender,
adi n be wa then placed in irous.
Smull Pox.
Th' plic e report two cases of Emall pox. both
negro., one a man at No. 371 Bacchus street, and
the s-corad a wotaa in n a house on St. Thomacs
r " street.
e A man, whose name is not known, was taken to
tlih Charity Hospital last night in a dangerous con
dition, eufrtring from wounds received by falling
into the hold of the est.amer Louisville.
. * Arre,.l Yenterdny.
o In the First District--.argaret Hawkins, for an
r asault and battery on Thomas Eagan.
W. Bohn, charged by Col. Leon Van Zinken with F
d ibel.
J. Himan and J. Behran, accused by Winm. im
a bert of stealing a silver chain.
W, illiam Davis, charged with the larceny of a
Skeg of butter from the steamer Louisville.
In the Fourth District-George Slessinger, ac
is cusd of having in his possessioa and attempting
1 to sell fifty dollars' worth of stolen rope.
r Inquests by the orener.
Coroner Delery held an inquest on Sunday upon
id the body of Captain Peter Haggerty, at No. 177
irLafayette street. Verdict, apoplexy.
t On y. sterday, upon the body of an unknown
ia white man, found drowned in the New Canal, at
u- foot of Liberty street, afed about forty years, and
i , dressed like asailor. Verdict, accidental drowning.
" Also. on the body of Mtary Ann, aged sixteen
, years, at No. 87 St. Thomas street. Verdict, iner
a tin- of the womb during pregnancy.
-Board or Annistent Aldermen.
s This board had an adjourned meeting last night,
ec- Mr. MlcCulloch in tie chair.
ie Tle ordinance frou the apper board providing
for a consolidated board of school directors, was
taken up and concurred in, and a resolution was
adopted inviting the Board of Aldermen to a
joint session this evening to elect the directors.
e The board then proceeded to the consideration
ad ol the health ordinance prepared by the Board of
BHealth and passed by the Board of Adermnen, and,
after some discussion, the measure was referred to
ad a special committee of one from each district,
ie namtrly: Messrs. Kaiser, Prague, Prados and
ar The resolution approving the securities offered
be be Mr. E. Stark as counractor for repatringballast
roads, aas p dassed.
d i Toe board then adjourned to this evening.
.eorders' Courts. o
FIaST DtoTsTlCTRECORDER'S COUaT.--fr. Joseph fro
Duvigoeaud, member of the Board of Police, yes
terday madea an ffidavit lcharging Mr. L. A. Dn- ar
vigneaud with assaulting him with a sword cane, chi
on St. Charles street, on Saturday evening, with col
intentto murder. The ecase has been set for ex
amination on the 17th.
The case of Tony Adams, the colored boy as
accused of arson, alleged to have been committed.
in causing tit fire on Dryades street, on the 3d P
inst., was exanmined yesterday and was discharged,
the evidence tailing to substantiate the complaint.
Willis Johnson, a colored boy, charged with at- tri
tempting to violate the person of a negro wench ca
named Harriet Beggs, was discharged, the prose an
cuter failing to appear, and the circumstances
showing that the charge was false.
Francis J. Gastner was arraigned on a charge of a
buying harness of the value of $30, which bad Cs
been stolen from the premises of John Cline, 122
SAnnuncation street, and which, it is alleged, he
BI knew was stolen when he made the parchase. The th
case was fixed for the 17th.
Nicholas Nash, a negro, was arraigned on sus- re
picionu of having stolen agold watch and two-hina
cups found in his possession. He was remanded
to await examination. let
A large number of cases of vagrancy, drunken- ti
ness and other petty mindemeanors were dis- xi
posed of. jvt
Thomas Karre was permitted to choose be
d tween paying $10 and a residence of five days in Sa
the prison, it having been prored that he had die- P
e turbed the pence of OD Levse stree2. HR had lb
n sot nmade up his mind at last accounts. in
Wom Johnson, iwhokicked up a shindy in the
. quietregioas of Gallatin street, was fined $10, or W
n default of hIis hnaving that amount of currency W
it it was decreed that he should be furnished lodg
n gs in the parish prison for the third of a month.
Is The lodgings were furaished.
ih Mary O'Neil a feal e rowdy, was sent to the C
g workhlouse fr sixty dys.,
ir Madaoe Elea Byty and Virginia Files, two
ie pugilistic feemiines, were fined $10, or in default
a of payieg up to be locked up for tea days. They
were locked up.
as H. H. McDlougall, a white man, and William
an Mitchell, a darkey, were both served in the same
ve manner for fighting and disturbing the peace.
es Bill Harrison, another citizen of African origin,
at was served in the same manner.
be was Eliabeth Kane, who took a little too
m- much whisky in her water, on Sunday afternoon,
in to be able to maintain her equilibrium.
is- Caroline Ann Kate, a freedwoman, who kicked
al up a mass on Customhouse street, was sent to the
Ip workhouse for thirty days.
as- D. Lecouvreur was seat to the workhouse foer
ar, ninety days for being a " rag." From all ac
c- counts Lecouvreur is a hard case, and the streeta
the will be all the better for being rid of him.
si and battery, was held In bail to await examina
se Mike Hennessy, a case of "drunk,r was fined
nyten dollars. Peter Clause, another of the same
say sort, wee mulcted five dollars.
Mee L. Robinson, charged with cutting with in
for tent to kill, was held In bail to await examination,
tan- Ann of tile colored persrasaion, was given her
ian choice between paying fier dollars or going to the
Urg. poi-h prison tfor five days. fhe chose the
ski, Dan Sullivn, a be'digerent, was fined ten dol
ires- dollars for kicking u p a mnss.
eder Fra.cis Johonso., charged with having set fire to
Dr. West's hsue on Jacnkson street, was held in
!a. the parish priaon for examination.
Italian Defeat at Custozza Confirmed
Suspension of Collection of Arrears under
tae Tax Bill of 1861.
General Grant will not be a Candidate
for the Presidency.
vn Proposed Tunnelling Beneath the Mis
at sissippi at St. Louis.
Etc.. Etc., Eto.
IfAetelani Pra Dlesanthhe.l
NEw YeOR, July 9.-The steamer Aleppa, with 8
Liverpool dates to the evening of the 27th of June b
arrived at this port to-night.
Garibaldi was successful against the Austrians b
near Brescia, and his volunteers held excellentpo- 7
sitions in the Alpine passes. The general looked 2
to IMunich as his objective point.
In the battle of Custozas the Italians met a se-.
vere defeat. General Villers was killed. Prince e
Amand, of Savoy, and General Cerale were a
An Austrian official dispatch announced the re- 8
sult of the battle as tfollows:
VreNNA, June 25.-The Arcbduke Albert tele- t
graphed from Gorizir yesterday evening as fol- a
lows: "The Imperial army debeuched at daybreak I
from Verona, occupied the heights of Sangninetto I
and Somna Campagna, and attacked, with a I
change of front towards the south, the enemy's
columns, which were advancing on the line of So
lesino to Sumna Campagna, in considerable force
and with much artillery.
"T'he Imperial troops repulsed the enemy at all
Spoints, after a very severe, and bloody struggle.
bFinally COstomas was taken by assault. All the
troops fought with extraordinary bravery. They
s captured severalguns and about 2000 prisoners
and are animated by the best spirits.
" On the 23d inst., the garrison of Mantua made
,f a sortie upon the enemy's corps of observation at
d Caratone, rapulsed it and took several prisoners."
2 The following telegram has been received from
the Archdukeo Albert, dated June 25.:
" The enemy's forces, driven back by our army.
I- recrossed the Mincio yesterday evening. The Im
a perial army is in the best condition and in excel
lent spirits. The battle of yesterday is called by
- the Arehduke ' the battle of Cnstozza.' The move
i- ment of Gialdine across the river Po towards
Venice will beehecked by the result of the battle.!'
There had been serious military revolts in
Spain, connected, it was supposed, with..oneral
Prim's conapiracy ; but vigorous measures adopted
d by the government had prevented a spread of the
insurrection. A portion of the populace joined
with the insurgent soldiery. Several hundred
y were killed.
g- The three 'livisions of the Prussian army, com
h manded by the Prince Royal, Prince Frederick
he Charles, antl Gen. Kerworth, have advanced into
Bohemia. No important battle has yet occurred.
Bo laden has been compelled by Wartemburg,
alt Bavaria and Austria likewise, to join in the war
ey againstPrussia,
em The States of Northern Germany have now
we withdrawn from the confederation and accepted
In the Prussian plan of federal reform. This in
c.udes Bremon and Lubetk.
too Prussia has officially intimated that she may an
on, nex Hesse-Cassel, and is enrolling the whole mili
red tary strength of Northern Germany under her su
e prLeme command, thus depriving Anstria of fully
one-half of the federal army, on which she re
for t.ied.
Livm ePOOL, Jane 27, Evening-Cotton-Sales
for two days 18,000 bales, the market closing
ard quiet.
suit LoNO, June 27, Evening.--Consols 87; U. S.
ina- 6-20's 64i.
FORTRESS MooeNRO, July 9.-The bark Aqulta,
ned from Rio Janeiro bound for New York, which ha,
me been lying in this harbor for a few weeks, ha:
in- been placed under bonds by the collector of cun
Ion, tome of Norfolk, upon information received fron
tary Capt. C. W. Usher, inspector of customs at thi
r place, on the charge of an attempt to smuggl
the numerous bags of coffee and several cases
liquors not on the vessel's manifest, which vie
dol- discovered secreted during the exaoAnation of t
re to vessel, and the collector at New fOrk was .eppria
id in of the discovery.
WASHImNTON, 27--[July 9?]-It is stated th
Gen. Grant will in po event he a candidate for the
presidency, and the use of his name is unaathor-
ized and deprecated by him. He has no serious
objection to the constitutional amendments, baut
thinks the Southern representatives should have
been admitted to vote on them. His views Orainly
agree with the President's.
J. Edgar Thompson, Col. Talcott, and other
leading railroad engineers, whose roads center at
or pass through St. Loafs, have endorsed a plan
for tonneling the Mississippi river at St. Louis, in
stead of bridging at that point. Consent is asked
of Congress to construct the work, which it is es
timated can be completed in three years at a cost
that willnot exceed $3,000,000. If the consent is
given, the work willbe proceeded with at once.
SWasINtoroN, ,July 9.-The President was much
indisposed to-day, and compelled to decline re
ceiving visitors. The hot weather is too exhaust
ing even for a vigorous constitution.
A marine guard has been sent to Portland, by
order of the secretary of the navy, to aid is pro
tecting the city from thieves that have gathered
there. They were sept at the citizens' request.
The Senate passed the army bill reported by
Mr. Wilson.
The House passed Schenck's army bill, which
will necessitate a conference committee.
The memorial of the New York chamber of
commerce, protesting against the passage of the
tariff bill, was presented to the House and re
The tariff bill was again considered and various
sections were adopted by the House. One amend
ment adopted was to suspend the collection of so
much of the direct tax imposed by the act of 1861
as is uncollected until January, 1866, [1867 I9 Mr.
Morri said he considered this one of the best.
measures of reconstruction.
The tariff bill was reported from the committee
to the House with many amendments. A motion
was made to recommit the bill to the committee
on ways and means, and another motion was made
to postpone the consideration of the bill until the,
next session, pending which the House adjourned.
In the House to-day, lMcClung, from the com
mittee on elections, in the case of Koontz, who
contests the seat of Coffroth, of Pa., reported
that Coffroth was not entitled to the seat, and
Koontz's [claim] was laid over to consideration.
LOUISVILLE, PA., July 9.--Daring a storm last.
night the lightning struck a gas pipe in a well
which communicated to the tank, causing its ex
plosion. The oil ran down to BennehoffRan, and
the flames reached eighteen or nineteen large
wells, which were burned, the tanks of all ex
ploding, and causing the heaviest loss ever expe
rienced in the oil regions. Upwards of 20,000 bar
re!s of oil were destroyed.
WAsntoonon, July 9.-Gen. Sickleswillrbe in-'
structed by the President to obey the wilt of
habeas corpus which he had refused to compaF
with in the case of Stowers and others confined at
Castle Pinckney, Charleston harbor, charge.
with murder.
Gov. Hamilton and others, of Texas, have issued
an address to those styled Southern Loyaliast,"
to meet here in September. The projectors atf
this scheme are in the interest of the radicals.
The Republican Senators and Representative a
meet in caucus to-morrow night, looking aft sr
their party interests as well as legislative matter .s.
There is scarcely a doubt the President will ve to
the freeemen's bureau bill.
Nw YORKn, July O.-George Peaboldy mdt ith
a warm welcome at Montreal on Saturday, but de
clined a public reception.
Advices from Porto Rico say the slave pol mla
tion is rapidly diminishing, and the esgar and
coffee crops are not more than half the ft ermer
SNw YonK, July 9.-Arrived, Morning Sb or and
George Washington, fro--New Orleans ; B ally B.
Souder, from Charleston; and Flambeau at - d Leo,
from Savannah..
SocUTWEST PASS, July 9.--Nothing s' .v since
't. this morning's report. Arrangements bar ,e been
made to lighten the ship Castine, lying outside.
The ship Estelle has anchored at head of passes.
It is blowing half a gale from the i setward.
Weather rainy and unsettled.
QUARANTINE, July 9.-The Setames Admiral
Foote passed up at 5:30 this afternoon.
Now Yonu, July 9-Evening.--God closed at
152J : coupon5-20's of 1862, 106 ; do.o 1865, 105 ;
treasury notes, 2d series, 100h ; Nor th Carolina
6's. 851.
Cotton closed firm, with sales of 1 00 bales at
[email protected]
Bank statement: increase in loam 3, $6,650,000;
specie, $2,668,000; circulation, $589,! 00 ; deposits,
$1,442,000; decrease in legal tenders , $2,281,000.
NEw Yome, July 9.-Flour quiet ; sales of 7000
barrels; State at $5 [email protected]$10"15; t Jhi) $8 [email protected]$13
75; Southern drooping.; sales of 350 bbls. at $10
[email protected]$17. Wheat very dull and , leolined [email protected] ;
sales of 21,000 bushela; new choe co No. 1 Milwa
kee $2 40; No. 2 at $2 15. Co rn declined lc.;
sales of 190,000 bushels at [email protected] c. Pork buoyant
at $32. Lard dull. Sugar dull. Coffee dull. Mo
lasses firm. Naval stores quiet , Turpentine 780
800. Rosin $2 [email protected]
LoursevLsL, July 9.-Sales 56 hhds. leaf to
bacco; prices fully sustaine d. Flour $7 50 for
superfine and $10 75 for et a. Mesa pork $33.
Bacon shoulders 17c.; clear sides 211e. Lard in
tlerces 21lc. Corn 710. Oats 480. Whisky
$2 25.
CoscNNarT, July 9.-F-l ,nr dull and nominal,
with but a retail deman2 I for trade brands at
$9 [email protected]$11. Wheat greats y unsettled. The sam
ples of the new crop are very sperior, anth
yield is larger than was expected. Crs stealy
at 63c. Oas dull andde lined Mesa pork li
gold'demand at $32 72. Bulk shoulderasaetive;
sales 400,000 1. at 150. 122,000he s.at 17tc. Ba
con [email protected]~c. Lard dr lll ando omlatl, at 21e.
Sugar-cured hams 22rc. sold 1n a
s. Lous, Jouly 9.- our quiet at $8 to $060 fo
single, and $9 75 to $10 fordoub etras Wheat.
snchanged at $2 205' E2 50. New eorn dull at
0 t 8a84. Oats firm a t 4$e. Posh. bason and
whisky unchanged.
. U1LIscnetD LovvU •r Tro.ay V DoaoS.--We
invite generalt a tli in to the card published in
this mo00ing's Cuan s;ar, by Mr. Peraka, State
Auditor, in relatioe to t.e purcha se o6a ttery
tickets which ha.e o ot. his atamp upon them, going
Sto show that they larove paid the State e. A
Sthis tax goes to so pport the Charity Hapital,
a everybody is interes ted, in its hemg paid, and
should not eneoarag e those who do not comply
n with the law.
all - "."w--
td Mess MaY Wohe an eon BoSur Sntes.-.-Thaetold
e saw is very applol able to the hundreda of young
ed men in this city w Io re ambitious of one day be
d coming heads of hoe see. This ambition is highly
commendable, (and provided they make every
e- effort to attain the ir object, we see little case
k why they should ad a succeed to the utmost intheir
to expectations. B5., they must " make hay while
. the asun shine. 'That is, work hard to fit them
selvee for the pa sitions to wh'oh, they aspire, for
ir ignorance and a abition make, but poor sampan
ions, and ueves: lead to i ocess. Dolbar ComG -
w mercial College -one of the best institutious in the
d country for Preparing a Y/nung man fee commer
- cial life-will be open t' a them all the summer.
when they have ample 1, asoure, and if they do not
a- take advantage of the opportunity thus afforded,
i- they will only have th nmselves to blame for want,
u- of success in lile.
l The Augusta, Ga., paes are inugi evera
snit brought by a colored girl againslt a negrc
e swain, for brea, Jh of promise of mnro.lge. Such
Sa prosecution t .as never before been known in a
Georgia court
S. List of pa asengers per steamship W. G. Hewee,
from Indir mola and Galveston, July 6th and 7th:
i, eel .Dr J J Caldwell, D C W , WIon. Hub.-. J,
as uur,. Thom, Mntss. L Oliet HOll..s tese.
has D'AgibotcloaosCOa,0F-u ek.cr. as' taClld
ba a l.drena Streun L, AI dlrm, g M ieu oaoing, i a,
[r' A ?A n. Van t.eun.e 8·ml De B Wes l rtt eat
i , a.ht on btnguha, w wsgmta, . I aj
om a el, u isOlrd. anIon o fau:nsaAeued. Pagul. tu
Ad t ii nts, 0 we Sut salead la, O nraP s
tb5 Yle BettsJ Waike a tty, cairo s ad dsen4
eUnderwo teod, mJA Brens SevM,
gle itlefld, J A Sm r OeUkwr, nBredJ a Sse
lady dsoun Cap J , aG nett WILo ad A ..J sadt
of s a HMall, Mr Bsette h N e Ca gea tha aeim, J h hN
lere ldy and r-mt, O. pt ml, r c.d tely, Juaob Leis, Mra
Moetgom.ry, L{"Wlsba u Statel and r.ait t ast g S
6 the M Jarder, JobaWhite. Freraod. W 0aGu. (fs W
rised w M.a, M Ginu, J B AUlen. s ,e t a.soda , A
JoysO, Dr MeLo l tdads 7 I entr sand M - Y
R5i5hma, R D Bnyto-J ihie.t b.,M e OObse.
11mrusn. F Schss, oMayer, J*.J Jotlln a smnar a"Kni
that Ison dmc.

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