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New Orleans daily crescent. [volume] ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, August 10, 1866, Morning, Image 6

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Einusrt eeneUs as Warrtabars.
P J as'lm r- - L ow, O n ., n ms
AND Xas -" 06, FOE BUN W7TLER.'
mi eeting assembled at Harhibrg,
P l hi, on Wednesdayevening, . ti inst.,
th - ait* to an addrees from that "tfayt .South
ti.ar,' tamaton, of Tejas. TheOellIwg 'report
W.i .Ivsoma e ideaof the temper of the meeting,
ndtlthsrartcSer of the oratory with which it
,sg'hSatto nflame thea. against the govern
imae 4d. He said he was
rlep.esent on so shorta
.angoetle. action. He pro
a bad man, and faith
suem, to his country.
Tym peal asd honest negroes
Jsntdblood after the rebel.
'awt pf/ white men in Sooth
cant the votes'of the negroe who
Every leadtng trasor should
Swe ought to aenst -opon
'st. avie; that trhasonrhould be
b4,dneod boy. Hamilton, who said
tmatoryears of war to seuppress a
l.a14e n hanrsted In favor of the go.
aab.t eogtdthat after the victory the
would ither arms and pay respect
' e lberW lera tm ent but nowo we as
nthe owhbo ban been viotorioes,
?tba W x.U th bbe]. When we coometo
theionedatoab t01t the 0ountry to-day,
4jtiu uddhow the war has been settled.
hual preomised to remaio true
'eD I 4 O~ f e ,patrty that placed him in
S-iit elee to recil his many patriotic
erwehave sadly changed since
h tiheae woe when thre'. was no difference of
4opitoeaho pubfl =aparty, except among a
law' leatalia, nregard to the disposi
oa. iouso rebels, and the
ite ah . s scarcely eox
't ek pwould be made. Look at
'a' deolaratonn in this conec
loteund to ring the changeo
- that thie Republlcan party is par
ebtag aparty; the charge is
aetb -n..e tavor of lberty for all.
~a pdý 'athet.ideom at this in a
falmont, m a thse, wulbr cense in
MktltaEiO 40,qtlibri fellow-ojitleno, a
tt'ngoverntreno, wihoul respect to nolor,
3biad ziaJio aea uded:
SP ateden romsed to bethe Moses of the
"iyl# not get so far os his
ee4 bfs anegro friends
t-.: oe have' the intel,
U . lU e men In New Or
o e dogs in a'kennel,
W dardntof:u Wet the
. awe T elw Orletn
n Btlderin New Or
J hi a r la to pre.
;'O -II nonvention,
t ythert.jnry 'for
teinen do?
. h ert he hdas'n
ý,ý itdio ;rýtbs.: dipta
lb: aine urdered -in cold
a b16 r$ Cthought
e1Op4 jt: tg Wite HouSe,'
sef ~ant g o , oaeiqs~n,
,o e talks; s. e e
w"Agrtjetterlathm JohnsOn Wie'
poeedsitoi Hi d t -enselafed thBl very
to o e -4lmaaniol;a 6dente follo: eksfh
-Watehab+ed eloe.t.ye "RIenetidit
pOet e+b4 t m oe powe'tbban:
1''w00 proienttavwoermcyse'r
'Lra beppotntad .nearly suery.
i €Slbato~ tabta.,taait of treaon,
4heir leuorection did not
unkte atlem:Ics butthbe Supreme court
diuite-'tf ad taltk about., the'tates
esUroon and out of the Unlan,.te., 'is
lhltoddot Johnson had gone Beoo,'h
s lt diate the term h bn
~o~aeaueao and.jireaod that-dootrlte,i his
PonI ow4 ýe ltacbtet;,on. ta plnion of
'14 dqwisht' God he hed `gone. (Ap
I e w ...tttidr the, circumetances, the
,gob-eran leitbaswthevolhe dictate the term, ton
-w" ebhE *aatet ahould be admitted tolthe
g{IotI bnat rebalheir Congressa ad
dicedelfee odintJyenaeolve .that they wo
Ty.ng. - bai~k oll ooy elrconmtaqoeso
" 'gM verztaeonl *tfd o-Wwnnas anit
deeon, bet It made and enforoed lie own
ba the power, before the trms
o oeluded, as eommander.in-chief,
, sgovrors for the tenipo,
,of Sttea; but pray
eo.dhepower and authority to or
goydFments of the States? Wbat
teip o shall vote and who
tsjrealdent ha. got to
hho.ity In' varbsu ofcers
want to arralgohim, fo
evn. These rebelehave
i5t they were out of the:
mOa;. into it undoer any
e ,J it :t4 , 4, cIte,
?r o th he W t
t snweits~asesal the fart th6' tihey
he rebel debt. They ar.
wage m els war against; the
*111, .Ai ake asn;
}Rr e.Uaek th way d
In 44h sod they will hesat
Q niYghts Th
bhextanest diotae 4
A ve teoea
ý obbgfree.
Y b : vhav~e seaes
~ tars.i~
k., have let
oidbthe ot
a a
c , on . .. wir o.
ýlq. e I
S; r .;xh'
ft U fbi? AND U 31It i UWOK assts.
'l i Wft
tuukb;.t~uiif ODLTAI
*.Um. mm;g:p
-.~l~yri*eursaw OBLMANLr*
Or New Orl0w100.
STATE or LootooSI Plorso or ORLEANS:
Know a0 sah b7.ohee b ptsnt, that we, the uoderslofoo ,
whom aaasara hereto enbscrniwd ae Corpor.o do ho ereby
Sormw folW rl'i- and such othert as may become s , ho
Moe, naon~~. lds, the Truer 1 Ioa of this Ftate vI-,
vidtagibr thoorasniaaoon of Corporations and Liars agreed
eppýýmm the foil-log eupnlatina to So- We ama, ne taahe
Charter o the solodorortion:
rancLt riRST.
i. Th. demohn of th. Corporation Is hereby established in
the ctt, oofh Newl hoa'. Pari~h of Ofrles, Ma.tefLo"ij
ana. end ht Shall be de1gnatod and krnown udo~ the nameof
1 Itlh lshl ommenc bouinobo.- or about the Lrst doy of
S~eptember, lb0dd. andohaol exist for twenty-llrf ears f om tohe
date of tols ha, ter, unless its ooOaioohnoold be boo 0r liqui
dated and bottlod up, by order of to(-thirds hofthe f ote of the
3. It shall hare a seal. and the device ripon the same oooo.
be the injoolgl, .JuItic," with the name of the Uooupaoy
upo¢ the margi..
SL The Presode¢t or, top his bobse e, the oVio-Proidentoo
Secretary, shdl he oth p" omoloro upon whom to to oooe oitu
tton. in all Bt. against bthe Compaoy.
The objects and purposes' of this Company are declored
to be
1. Tokmake Insk.0nu on Dwelling Hoors. s tres and other
butldiog.. Sotoshold ornoltrab , Oerohldise and other prop
arof OB goRt lOo or damage by Oir,.
b'To make Marine Io uranoooo ponooooosseo, Freights. Stonm
hoot. Goods, Wares, M.echadise. Sodi., Bullion, Bills of
lRxohaaga, Oommisslons, Profits, bank Notes and uiher eci·
detroa of Debt, Bottomry, and Respondednn Interastn, aed to
..site all ooandeoloJ O o' appertloning to or c000000±0
srfth Mark.H or Inland Tnosepooolon Sis
& To cause themseloos to he oioe ad against antyRbh
nDO¢ whichl that have made ar .bail mako Inlllranra
1. TOheCastal Stock of this Camany is hereby dxed at
ONE IMILLION OF DON LARS withthe privilege ofinoreas
lto it to Thnee Millions, divided Into shares of One Hundred
DolNlarseayhN tobe bi d for at the time and in the manner
hNN.N prro ldeM for in Article FNurth of this Charter.
- TbNN ompunN may eommenNe business aN soon as Three
HundredhNonsand Dollrn shall have been subscribed; but
each feINoal year shall end on April th.
- No nNFMltmto of Stock shall be issued until the same is
paid in full and no transfer of less than one lull share per
mtied, eaoep(t t the pleasure of the Trustees, the transferee
Nsaminbg Nll indsNednens thereon. N
4. Trasfrn of Stock shall be made on the books of the
Company, at its oen in the city of New Orleans only, but not
tNNNIN sayn NNbtednNIN to tNe Compan)y exists NM the part of
the hlder.
N. In addition to the Capital Stock of the Company a con
tingeunt fund shall he rented, to consist of all tuinret re
ceived, ofproftN on loNns and nvestments, and N f ail n moNntn
reneired from other sources than premiums. From this fond,
-fter the current expenses of the Compeny have heen
paid, dividends of interest shall be made to sIoikholders.
& At theeiose of the fiscal .ear after deducting the ex
.NNuMN, eNN, from the contingMOnt tund, an interNNt iivided
af tee per cent shall be decuar d on the amount of the stock
paidIn, and from the date of its payment at such tiuea[a the
'nestses may direct; provided that, if the contingest fund
houlNd be found insfNcient to pay the said interestN then the
de•floney shall be made up and paid out of the net'profits of
the butneun of the pear.
SThese dividends .hail cover anl pparticipation In the profits of
the Camnsop, excep as heremsfier pronidad for in Articlc 5,
$eAeHon i~
Any excess of the fund after yayment of the interest
dividend above provided fur hhall accumulate, and shall nut be
touched, except forthe payment of losses, after anl other funds
ofthe VompyJ (except the Capital Stock,) shall have been
eghausted; and shall always ke held as aprotectlon for the
Capital Stock- until ale same shall amount to Five Hundred
Thousand Dollars; the surplus beyond which may be appro
pp eýCý. from year to year, as the Trustees may deemex
aer:cuR roarut.
i, Alli pllrsons who have snbserlhed, or may hereaftor sub
scribe tothe Capital Stok of this tomprny, shall piyon or
beibre thllrstbuainess day of tl,e Company.ten per centu or
Ten DollNron eaeh Nhare, n caNb, passniNtNMer notes well
approved; to the Company for the remalning ninety per cen.
or nlhety Dollars per sh.re, payable at such times as the BZoar
of Trustees may determine.
s2=Sid notes shll contain a clause to;the effect thaitif, in
t he Judgent of the lrusteae, the necessities of the
NONM iNNN N itON these n
Company lret, hese nowte, or aby portion of them
, 5 b ,h d ee and pay ,t st o tch imt , ,,ad at sch times
Athe TrnNes may dntemine, after a thirty day's nNtice
thereof, paINNN.M N n the N IN!NN Journal ofNthe NN te of New
OrNN NrN Ned that not leas than ThirN DaN s shNll interN
tene h~s1Pa Eherime of popment 2r esuh instalment.
LN',Oe.eNNNp'ImlNt of MNld nores, or Instalment. on same.
'+.. {b. .Jded at,, ghall forfeit the entire Ltock to the
- fh `et'adi¢I"nio tbereirn, "od It
Interest orbtmsd thereunato bDlong i., provided that the
Trstoes mNyeNtNNd sNod pNymnts NrN anoh time as they may
e.I), 'lMd NyNbe PeaNdant a. d Secretaryn ilsh be ilsued to .
ke~dtsrs'raknole giug the amount taid.1i eaah and
notes gi a, wjorh-ipt, shuall besurreudered to the Com
y- l o. VtHuII .t tes of tituck, as p osidad for)a. SeCe
.. SbaIcniptlu. to thN Capital Stock of the Company, ub-.
-.een" tNOttrganiNtNtN n snan heupoN the same termN s sM utN
,PntNNl Ithehol. tNlN ilN'StNk Is tNaken Npfth! unMMerNp-.
#ldtt obLk hroll remsin open. lot hew auhacrluara throughout
.te Ny "MbanI bNeONIad MtS NNkholdersM during the .ast N
itstm l each tled yeas of ,the Company.
T. nNtMkh ldet ballM in any event be madelNablN for the
3 df tht.' Compauy in any larg.r sum than the amount of
NINa" I NoNt suN _MciN os thhN MNNpNital Stock, and ohiN
ONrNor thrm NamNNdMnN I N thT, Nomphny. N
'e The moro efeetuali. to crryl out the objects nd plrpose,
of this vororlor.n, It is elreby decreed:
I. That the Capital of trie Company, or an- portion thereof,
otma subaeribed. shall never be hsed.t oth llqalqdation of
6losses, or for any other purpos, untd all the other avaldable
rveenron or the Cenny sbh ill1 have been first exhsceald.
W hnevor it e~i Ih,.e been necessary to use any portion
of the Capital ot the Comaahy. for the liquidation or louses or
oths"O, no divldond hall be declared or paid, until said
iqse shall be made good; ,,ut all earnings Dud profits, frees
.I. ts er sources derived, shall be reserved until the Capital
i rereasblihsed.
1. That ll dividends declated, p reyded for in Artele III
and tog eti 4 t ArLce Vof thin Charter, shall bemade
NlY&M.,tOtoe rtoekholde.,. or their legal 'epreeenlalnvese in
1, ofh. dlero the Trustees; provided, that no d ve
n sr; Se paid while there existsanymatured sndehted
neo wha rtever kind gainer the holder, but the same shall
be pu to re credit ef said inuehtdnesn untd aatliefed.
ip .itlr. tmeonth of b ay, In eah and every
yea, thepalnal Itatement shall be made up to &prl [h01 pre
eddgtn inclnelve, in thefollowin manner, towit: 1 8how
tag tt ameant of premiums reealved on Fire . Iver andi
Yrn , rhsks, each. dealactng therefrom the ,mon[ oi
wmum sot termlhated 2. 8hewing the amount of oeaes|
p. Pi Fr, River and Marine risks each, rsaran:e
rtlemplmlhma and cuh return, aaa eavln gs Thebalance
willahowthe net proflts on premiums for the year. From
this balane the detloeeucy, fy --s pro'ided .or in Section 6
Article Ill.o li t horder, m.alt flt be taken, the balance
then pnm ogball be dyided among the Bdockholders of the
pet pfns i d trta on the amount o' earned premiums by exe.
.lihtwltelnt he eer, povided that the amount sodivides
P1 tot In any onyear exceed rrventy Aive per oen[ of the
tfapxl Slteekertlte Company held by eaoh, on the thirty-mat
dayofriauary ofeaeh yer, ad that any 4utpltt oDer the
ntJh..alrepsr cnat. allt barred ..o the credit of the coo
ttlg; ndovlaed that no slim of teas than
Yefina.nr n ae l ParsI l of Ten, ofDlassals
plu oran y Ulectl · ums Sall li carred I.jlli a
to . bied t lt ! sams el. be rls the credit
-. X41 '. .d~eatdod IaWd shall eat Inteut. nd that any
al~I In~ltel.rn tenp oftheeyer from the date
twdeelsd.-red, a~lu.e forfeited to the t mpany end arried to the
. ,9fthe onmlingsat fgadietr the pub]]eltcon o , the same
gtsha w Ir - w aleeaveltV In the OCfiaal Journal
..r ity.. ef N ,w O tleeu
Pt; p .rtileerImrng with ti6 Comper. who ar not
detpth.e n, may treeie .uch a eesh return as the
v tgg',. trom tima to timn d.ter.lfna, " that any
- no| a rreceiw,, saold cashreturn, shall fort It edlaim
td anf further peoestiepou %u the, prof of the company as
•7.. Tbd for in ectpeyon { of thu artile of the Chartr
7. That all prsm itgpi sr a.e due 40 priybleln ealh. under
the rube and regola from time to time adopted bythe
-B-ard of T ,
r; s.. wethde. . tho(ve6, agd .eryV 7ea.t ere.
tti [email protected] dh~ . e to a made t statemen eto the
f-- prnod f Ooms mtay, s provlds for In Notlon 4 of t his
taetmi and shald cans, the tame to he poolb.ed In at I ast two
Us s fpl or4 one 4th, tb4eJ w stat met st
r f bi. o. the Oompaay, pnan hie 6n the portion of came
hich IIs in cnh. and ,he ..lon thereof Ithrtea d in reeurhlusd
sedtl alttum t e T publication ahalr made under
ah'..of the reseidens aand sarya, sod shall be cnclusive
and ba-di-n upAn aU pesons Zel sid.
l¢Trr.a I.-·
LAb the tooom~powers ot the sold Companoy shll be
17 be ud o Thuse, and sulchotilrooiftol 10ad
tgve9 L whom a aq form r pero on bs inn
(llhl0tfot qhtootm for thl. trnoocooio of
bas·Q·'es '~j·o be., bs c ~ yi beao'eect prll olisae
7 lu.Jt sle place lb of N10 108000. thei Board ol
t ttt merca days rom," : f whch h tha President r·1U~
at ast riotott doayJ tloet..oat bet Io in tooot the
= for y. the tat db oy o owtlo
oobvepýwtr otto00, tt lmtwdoit mft 08Th-t
Me til = tolsctd an to tiaLl thir leatt
fivt.Phllotd i Ydtau .. Cf otehllOIi belo
ust lto ilpoisitors,;po
Vbooth stlftii Jsotc e oother ctttl.
toSY tk1n1tnt days tlbh r Obdoof..noot10e of the
60 yavrs etI n Til ooo tdll molri polf tht pubic lt00liilgl
,tf~ ootl~l ao,. .t U ttiltttollootltot00kopoo
pfSll, 00801, altll . olAtl bt.Iot thl
t" The oardllit~li lbst/ tboan0 tite,] 00at0 their tln , met;
100se11 r nd Vih.Yraytelt thd shalld oh their
t e4oýpp s I i Buad o, Trmtam, a nd
t t o th OutLitlbch 10tgt,on rf elected
SThe. Pre Moolt sh ptde l t all meeting. of
eta ai'Ftltobl o pt ott to tilot o ttb OttoelO~den
of b4.lIOOny, ad ohdl.lyndact the Doaloep o the toot
ilouilthaeo tstoo ortha o ilb. 000 ti lti,
Ibdtha b summae tM tiPsiniracA j, aba oi eg ehl coign
an poitollt otltha campers]
T. 1"he rrnaosl~h0l 0 the 11100sai0 of al ficer an
elblI employed lr elCtted bo I bod cmpoty.
& 7Nu` ahdl ·h l the praollt. tll Compiny Itroo time to
time Y hen~nrtter provide for. TheJ IhaU hyv power to
l-opb ouh b Wla tta o may doom ovtilit ilt. oouvf
Wlps biL1 the 1111t Atrt,, a11d ttld 111 the . 1,10 tf Itot
oonlru~ to lhiacbular or to the of utthea legilataurs ofthll
gtot proridsg for the orgaulcalico nd rcgu~latn fT cori -
raaoaa, approard Much', , th. 181 and IEu. h 16h 1W
J. Napp ron·Pl oeaers be a'rtt- o this o!·mpany aiho Pons
trm ii61d[he nq ba mm rat lastthe o o t h l rrmcsl tt too terof
. PEthad ece,7 $totbhlder shell be entfaed at electloo.
skaeointypsopr. pa to hul k It on each and every
If ytitgd,`bhtouotilo only 4stoc to him, ma)e or W e e
' ttayttedI wth stn matt. Motlo to add daclo.
.y X4 ~l hltswal the Treates t invest the capita
"osssseons alwtr otibr Company to bonds and mor
Ot o won M a. ad Jolbown.to
aver etw tlk ield4WDrea[ o thecaptalHoc; kedge
Vrh~efs elk wotth pll It theamuianth looa
S A oho l tootte y a lootO twpooe
U rnaý[ Ybns raoecae y op s tt um, or fthis Sta~e. or
" satttlti cgeto. k al
ILIIwUto ittts el wl11.
u In the r u~~~- rir~(~uu
us n qno' nt roaaaywouddpro
A kava_ ~lk to
ws F M a
lmly o lat iiiiltOýda 0 1o mlOpqOtr
'. A mt atia#IMI fr· ~ i rtl omlshaln(Bnr
101 mtdooil atstlO itO di till otgltoO foob tltttooooto
lddioiolsadgtitlpo..tr meui eoyoloitt.hi hto l i. is
IbPto 1111010. os a gallttolt1 todoeu I0OlclO0 tOe t010B0
tll.{r nsmbsr, sod Lana nlJ to W and perfor ed acts sa
thiingsnot herein p F.vided for whih laity b "o-'y to carry
nto lull affect the IJcatt ld purpose, of this corporxtiull:
James Hwittlt J. D Dhair,
Jo hl'yr. Wt. rI. lltg.lb
W A. JUbntol, Willi. mB. all.
J. Wh h.rbridge, HRohrt pill".
J.I Noble Alfred .. Fitso.
"el , h htleen lw hi i . S. V t tlt t i
Alfred Htutiut oni RichaA hMllikpn,
J. t . Brth n, B*pilhl E. Mh, ore,
John lhelipl ldm. H. ionnittd
,Farohall J Smith, H. McNeilVance,
-lyhT'ic 1- Wdtyi~y. B. Otullis, i
HIlili t120hL
John i i Hlugh McColl.
Ji.t H. TerrytLE
ARTICL·E nlnro.
Every person w~ho shall eR ct insurance with this C mpeny
shenll pay the rate, fixed upon b. the I', unless, xddln prmi ant
so po~d shalll ever be withdrawn from said Company, except its
herein provided, but shell be liable for all the leases And ex-l
penses iniurred bt the Compatlt
At the erplrstioa of it,. Ch~rler, or sooner, 11 ordsrrd by
twity iIr F-ithe votes of tte St ukhuldrrx, [he 1, of th.
CNilmllny shaIl begAidt , it dJil, pF i +Ili tds ih l ba.
divided nmunE the Stockhuldrr , pro raa, o anu the 11101)11111cy
each held ofI paid or, stock, under The charge ,md snperiutend
once of three cola ai bs. ·puita Ly e s lord of Tres.
tees for that purpose.
T'his Act of Tncorpilrstilln can e altered nnd.amendrd by.,1
veto of twcfltlircl of the* Capiital Stock rrpirmrentad at ant?
l~enernI Meettug of the Btlnklholder*, cxlleA folr that purpose.
Done annld exec".ttod Ibefot nlv, the t ndcrigned Notary, +n
Presene of Delia (rri Jr., a d Edgar /:omit , .II)C1tI
Kitnree. rll, who Lute .igud rjlll n'+li Subaeribers .v Illa
Notary, [hisl. Tnrent. -fiiirtli duy of July A~. D. Oue Thaltsaud
Eight tlmtddrd ancd 511r) six.
Lorig~inel sib odd JA H. IIEIITNSh C
IIA . S etl;D LLCD.
Are pp 'P 0 STARK. of he Public.
of o oiro or reof hef enoiint ctexen Om ARSW cs
New UrttitI, _i1th July, 1566. Notary Pattie.
CHANTE .......... ................CHARTER
For Disabled Soldiers.
KNOW ALL MEN by thee. presents that . whe, wo names
ergp hereunto subscribed o eorp1turs1, beinga desirous of .
' g ring tied enjoying the riphla. Dowrs od rivileges of
body corporte, have and do hereby form and c tlFsitute aFn
,relves and such other persons..a may become assoc~iated
lith et either b Fnb'cription, donation or e o aot, Uor
porltion under the lal bl llf the state of LIonsfo lite,
cfeatifi, and hyoS u i a tbariltl i , Per p!ONA .provd MarTEh
IJ.185, and have agreed opn the hllowg drdliti n of its
abe1.1, and lpotles and upuu the tnlo winpettipoVtiil u 1,00
regnlIlidls .I' leonsgitudoa of sid Coootont to govern
the pame . to-wit:
,RTICLF Ilm i,1 0to
SOLDIERS. Ds l lomill is hereby tod in the od, sh of
O)rleans, state of Louisiana Tha .aid C'orporation eball exist
and coutitue during [sent}-five years from the date hereof.
The object and pnrnses lf thistAI-oFiDtion are htreby de
lared to be: To lurF'.t odrficatl limbs and medical and sI
pical treatment toall,.,ldfers olthe late oopodot~der States who
may eed the soma. aad to ,Ibl idier. from any oher piart
of the Uuitlo Sltea, Itr prom Foreign coFntrie, who ot y t e in
like circumets eor ca of n ued,, acndh its my ded b G r p; and u, y dira
Folpoln orf'peora ldEo. llpohog.Iybe oti,onnl dlsl
bled or car f ts d with i¢ icuobunble woulnds m and disemssee. t
Any Person or persons may become members of this associa
tion uFPOo P }went of ttrenry-tive dnlhtrs into its treasure, and
subsea logu hie or her or their nxtel in person or by proxy,
the books of the 11rp1ratil, or to thesi articles.
All the oorp. Ite owerefth, corporation obeli o e vested in
aF' todEalsr t bolo d of Thirt,-Five Directog, wih shall
Telec.od otoet first MondIyIof April .ltF l year, at the
Hlospital o te it sties. .. to serve Ior n.s year from s·uch
slection and anti[i th,,r seccessons are elected (except the drat
for heareinappnlaed) ,Yotiepof such l eleti; n sll Kllp
for the ten days inne l preceding she um.iatls~
tWel"&Iwo the nawr published in the city ol tew Urle.p11
The Hoard in ofictr at Elie hime ac 11g .all0 t throe mqm
be31 as inspectors to pre.id do. Duch WpproaF I., electl,.
Hi7Tae reraly,,WIII.eO.I'iFlr 0o MIIIn Ot ai inpecio,
n foriihernfthm, the President olfthi Board shall appoint
others i. their stF, fT
Ai nccz arrras.
All cita ons, notices ltd othehr logs Ioroleel to wlhiih the
corporatlbn may be a part- may be stirred on the 1 ,resident .ot o esdn
JIe F).r lfirtt'rs, who i1FFhe offier hereby designated to
rrecetva the tom
The inid roryorII Hll FEll have seal with the fllt ,w .
deri,,A,1 ElndEl soldier Inclining arynst an oak,, Id l
femal yyeabentinf him wit. a cap of water; with the Inscrip
tion "(tratitrded ' and the name ut the tarpon ian
The Mllmving 550515man are hereby constituted the lin
Raztdof-Iistmorn, to sates until tbshe 5rn Mnday in ARM,.
1567, and Until their successors bulk be elected and qualified,
MJrn O.jTI. I Beanrtgao, Rl chrd Talor, Ed. J. FoAitn1,,
James Hewi.ttp J. Ned.1 Dr. Gina rn stone, R . Uih
n, 51Dr. W Newt~u M 0 rar, r,.on Watt, Randall !ent,
Harry T Hays, rim. 5 Pss, J. O.Nlron, Dr. L. T Pim,
alo bciyof tiea Olleanr, Ntxte of Lroaiana; Freak
Nicholls, l' tae prish of Assmnption St Job. R. lidderll,
of the parlah of CatabonlsE (,,o A. Rilliirisen, of the parish
of Cedila, al of the State of Ltnistana; J. B. Hod
anld Frantic It Lsbboek, of the Statet of Tesst.:
}amin Oi. Hnmb~hrsye, : tb. s Tt ssipeple
.John O. Bron f h taeo Tts. James LnL'
street and W J. Herded of it State at Alabama; S. R
Buoolrer end WnL Yrsetou, of the State of f Slilr cA
Teacie W llsd. fihayStxta of of oobef nbat E Lee x d
Jos E..johoaton, of the State of Virii, ia; J. Paeaon Ander
. ur of thle state olf Floria; noa~rll Cobb, of the State of
; IV d. of atthe natlttpe of one State of Sout ech ýarolina; 1).
H. Hill, o h ti f.ot1O;:n:adec fsi
States represented in said Hoard shall be entitled at all tines
to a repraeentatio¢ I. one of its citizena as a Director in said
B~oard. _ --_ _ _
At a s..letngs o1 the members each member in person. or
byeh w e nt ease ase Dlaronce, shall be entitled to one vote for
by r them respet vel, 1 oas the f ece may bo,. gall
elections the ' h' dvttaha· l be ill ballot, in othvreases votes may.
be given either by yeas or -y.,~ or in each other mode as the
meeting mry presler be t leantTwenty-flvo Members of the
Conrporatist shall be nreenesat to constltuto a valid meeting of
the members; and the decision of the malority iu members
Bud Interest, present or respnae.Led ^.t any general meeting,.
shall he requisite fr vn~ln ty as a corporate ecl, except for
electionf, apt at all electors a plWlty of votyb.es. shall
ARTIfL b mareI
1- 11e.5 fle- env case. an 10etle shllnot be- ade oan.
day appointed there1,r, then 1t shall be cs dory of the Prei
dent to order ·1.t.br eIection to take place bIthln ten days
tberealtlr on giffng Wfe lif notice refquird for tbh fi.
-Te Board of Directors sball at their first meeting 1. each
year, elect from among themx.lves a President and Vice Presi
dent to serve until their .......ans are elected and quallf~ed
llessl. J B Hood and d. B. Bucknerar, heoby ,.,d. and
appoilntd ,.llmctfy, thb said Hood, Prfldeob, .nd the said
Buckne1, YVic Pesfident, to se.. lff t.oo1.dedby tae
,flln to be elected on the tootMonday In Aprdl. 1867.
Five Db.tors .bellconstitute a quorum of the Board of Di
reetore for the transaction of all bualness. 7b. Board of lli.
rectors hall hav power to alfoinf lob suc een, Sr sere
and Pbysldfb, l.ounblore, Secretarie-, Treasu.r1, CTlbrk,
.ad.,, pla llee. sall b ne.essa1 y for ondutin f dg thg bu.i
ness of sold Aesod.[iolr, and toordam etch hales and t codu
fixes a. the? may deem necessary for the beat iuteresl and
go1ernment If s4 A..sociabon Sad Holsbl11,provided the
lafe shall ta t1111eo ntn to the bIns of thi fState and of the
Unilted States, sad the t.usintent and meaningq of this net.
They shall ax the compensation of the .2 cons, surgeons,
physicians, counss. clerkars and employees elected or rm
pl.yed by thbm if th. *If0vce of the Aslb..11, and s.bll
navepower to f111l1 alld aoalea wloh may blodcr li their a.b~
baror to the Prasid The Buard of cstore shall have
aBe oaerta donation. to ape dissoclanono, from what
...r aoume; to lusorab end improve its property; te enter into
any 4ind of cosielt ;tle of real *b.l* excepted; to bty,
build or, ease .fd 1bl. bl.fflb for teb Ibjete .14 purposes of
the Aeeoolaion; to purchase wrrrslarlss and ail medical sup
pl.ai. I.etrmmeut sd dtlfltbo, and g.nar.fy e.Iery
delbt. b ltt b. fqld1it.. lnd necssary orth. o.111
stdm 111.lmnf1.1.fvs lblb lf te pDy Wlbthe oblflgttonf.s.d
antstata or mal be el de bJ yd Aauodatf on and to receive
tun acgaittwe fort Batas and to seasad ýmplesd d be
imple~ded In all effalr and action. whatever, before anysawoan
If rareeat.l..ljffladfdtf the slul. Irovlded,h.oelovr,
1. le well tmdr r~tood that the unit Board shall, io no thirum.
WARM whatever, rotor Into any contrac for the payment of
moTby. t60 4mo1! t of whlo. df ot Wlb. in the treasury.
.he y1 41,1 oDiretor, dln . pftbll .e an te of April lb
BakTar , ellall tese to be Pnbliehed, to at Ieast ate of tbs
mewapayers ofthis olty. an exact ·tatomn) of the aQ t of
lb. A11.1batib. lb. tams of the dlb te and the amo.nt
*.tn by oath Doe; thb .vlue and Stns of pmperty,
both .111 and If,1,1.51l owned and dIlmed b7 the bAs
tayiytta" a fathnul aooant ofthe roealpte sd y tbnrsement.;
alw she ramt y and obristlan name of .Soh and every soldler
who ehall be admitted taco thy Iopltal, too military organ·
..lb.. .blrh~b I f..flooged, the charbcter of bis 1.1nd and
the batletjo wbhlcb ILwas ro ,lt.h the ag1sand SLbLat f
dltvlt4, flow long he remained It 4he . pital, 1hen cured or
itteshar s, or when rack ms died Suit haw any .till remain
In toe Cap1ital, std ech other 'lbormatom l u m.y be ft the
interest of f the asb ciati.n or of bo 1.111 n medical flil lb
This bft of I orpuftllon mal 7 l modif0ed, al5111d or
amlnded or thf slid floIfbbIObd dtll .14,lyt a geeral meet
m` et' tbs metpbers, to be cnllrened Pot-a ools, alt
tf1) d11I' notic, (1t1h J.le .1 fie 51 0Sllhed I b f.llast o
of the newspapers published In each State reproseoted mn the
Board,) and uppon its diesolntion all the waste, money,
[Olg1rtI and g.S . of the llstciation shall be and 1s h0reb.
given to the cit of bow Orleans for charitable purposes
Executed beets me, the undo nigroed, Netap labile In ando
for the oily of New Orleans and he purth of Orleans, State o
Litutalat. an ITSs tenth dayl of the month of Jnly, Ia the
year of oar nrd one the ...it eight huaddsd end eizty-aia, to
ptroseor of Felix Orima. Jr., and Edgar Orima, both compe
enot N altar ..by hereuto sign with said urporaLun and
one NoterJ.
[OriPginal lgned.] JOHIN B HOOD.
1.1INT. PIN.
WI. I. P115
F. ORtS A Jr
T..O SATAK, Not, Pb.
Nr. 1111Ans. lf.1 18th, 166.
I .14111D e .11.. slb. 4 1tr1 1 Atto..ey .1 the Fiat
J Dlt l1. tal of tlyWafl. 111.1 J10lb DlaI hafl
axamiood the within not of incorporatio of the "Southbern
itesp itu Aeselatim or dittblo wldiers." and am of the
opinlynltha the parpobes and 0t11t of thycoroonIfon, bi
,0. in ..id ac, m legal, hat none o1 the provision
onnn ntnnd art contr y foie.
(Signed~.) O. H LOIIIIBBRO.
DWrlo Attorney o the r in!JudICIW DttMrit,
8tUt of ILwlE~anr
I eerti the foregoing to b a true and correct coPJ of the
"I'prova ace hanmg by e sod of leoord in my Office and of the tDteDlRKtrtO AtusyAtI_ý
'W~'" '~S~ PdVR~:tt a~a~tata~'~ , Naotar7 P Rtlle.
·rose Orman. 18th Jly, 1866
B 9[trrI... . y...... .......b....... by . h.UsxDt
byL ...dn A
TENT C61dlDIRATItbUnin t A I 8 blo
eoroma.. o.( {.pni. .odd ,s& ..bo I Wl .4 reaý.m
'I" Tort Y,k B..iH. IA,.loorl, Ham,, flrdy4e .ind tb.
WtIdl.hib, OSCAR BNROllS,
N.. 59 M.g..l..tq.i up §,pl.
.'IIA IUPI... .
Clrl lcPlrleallq.
BE IT KNOW'N thgt nn thin third h1*y of J ,Iy i f
of our Lord one shnnssnd tliht bundred .s.d H l-y O,
Befre me, OROHEKT JOSEPH KKR, sN'ioay P55blikt
nd for the city of New Orb,.- an nd :It at ifirraaid . m yl cll
ssdfsl hl sIi ad quaified, a fisSd.s pt arnc i u n"'wltue aae urr·
.sftsr n,,sd sad .d, lgssl,
Yen oraslly " qute slid ppsemd: The paries whore nTs so ere
heronnw xn osrrlbea xh w clnl-I that, ,.ding n l Ulrmnlrea ..
the pro,..ions of 11,1 I~rvh of it", Mato, rebhtirs to the orgnuli
1.sIbi f-ppriltdh, in t 55s litate, for w isss.,lhl nlp
u it and other iurpo bsq they Pssg povess. 55 and greesd,
s,,,I da bhesb rsrnsi ssad agree qnd bind bosxelr and
[Clar's h h"m thy m iay r spr sseu s to lorw qd so*lll~h, nd d.
Iheeby Slisi,1W, iai nor + .atin r 55,515 corplrxt for 55 ýo nbie
and purposes,,asd ss(ýer It e title, sibiiglisss, eupuliou.s an
regllltiUob IM-nigIB to w.[:
The nasm qsd title if 1life oimpany shall be "Ths Pomnesr
is-ixsm s t ' our,"and Is on dhrb S 5.555I s.is.la
inl the city~ of New I rlý.ms. .t II rll conlltinuo and~ e t h)Il
tseps.-u i.hssipr :,shdt i l ,.ifis"5ssssss ,ssdlss
,hsse o ue 1Nius isl sonr o si sspnss Itl sbfsis i
-rpo rgtc eesl . having for d dticn I"lnllneerce," lad for xi
utsenplt.on the name of thre Coumpany-, and the dot of Wina
SRcrion i. The oljects lud purposes of t' a Company are
hereby declarednto i'e:
I. To wirke iis-uren'es nron dwelling homles. stores. cotton
presses sud every other d .cripdon of hulldings, househbold
tuirnure, good,., waxes, u ercilan e, machinery and other
property, ngainst lous or damage by fire
2. 'o make tnsurances upon ships and sea-going vessels.
steamboats and all other vessels, freight goods bills od
exchange and other evidences of debt, comnissanln, profit,
buolns or monoy, and aas inst aid m ritime and inland trtns'
purtation rist s, bottomry rand respondentia interests: in other
words, to effect fire, marine, river and inland iminnrnce, oa
any kind whatsoever, with privileges of exercising all or
either of said purposes.
the Cmpany my, cso.e itself to be ren..ured against any
risk upon which it Llal; have made inurance..
SRC. 2. The Company shall sue. and be sued, in Its corporate
name; and alt cetatlons, and other leg+ process, shall be
served on the President of the Geom any.
.Cc. 3. bhe Board or Directors statl have power to invest,
fromt time to time, the money and captcal of the Company in
bonds and mortgages on nnoucmberod anid improved real es
tate situated within the limits of the parishs. ot Orlean. and
Jeffe on twhich. In every cae, ah. I be deemed wlrth at least
do his the amount loaned thereon.
They may also invest the profitl of the Company In any
bonds or stock created Ity or uadr the laws ot the United
States or or thin Santa. or of the corporations of this State tr
city, or make any loans on pledge or any of tlie a oresaid ae
enrttie.% bonds or blocks or anry collateral or bill or hIding
Provided, this iuvestment sn ell not int[ roere with the prompt
di tr,btlton llnett earned premiums fi,,the eutlent year.
They shall have power to dispose ,f m.llagee obtained by
way of security, or nf -t- fito p-eld tbr ecurity, or of property
cnureyed to themr in astnoseation el debts prevhluly w utract
sd, ur purrhaied at public saale uoyn jtdn;meots or orders ,f
seirure obt~ined by said t:ompy..If or l any property, Inovblo
rlr immovable whll, icy hGvre ieen pledlged or abatndoned to
svid Company fur or conc.ring th:e ,perithn.O of its busbies. ;
bit nothing hlreht c<,t«Eiur d shall be so coantrued ae to au
thorize the aid 1uo1pny to dite uul neg alnnle paper, or to
do ayotherbxr ing builness, nor. either ilrectly or ndli
redtly, deal or trmde in bilt ia or selling noi-,ble or immovatble
property, :-I, ifwles or erchandise, irided oiso that
the C,,mpniy ,khli hnvr the richt to pn lrclle a property or
building:, r the purpose of estbelh r, ing an, dce theretor
They shall fix tile c<m eda tlln ,,f the oi,",rs, clerks and
employ-er elected or emplhoyed hy them in the service, I the
oupanfly. and 'bkt "INo hnve power to hl, all v.aanclne which
mny occur in [neir number or to the {,.tdency.
T/hey shah h.tve -n wer to addersuoh.Jalles regulations and by.
laws, a+ to them 'ital Term Le[t. fbr the truanxetl¢, of rho husi.
ueo* of the "ntmp.ry: provided trle aimrse shall not callict
with the trure latent and mean ng el thi act.
SeCr ov i. All the e,,rporate powers fI the Company shall
be exvrclsed by the hoard ,of twernty-ve Direet, rs to be
elected Item among tthe .tockholder,; provrlel, thatt a, er the
election of Directors for orgazatiou, no st.,(kholder shall be
chigible who doe, out hold in iEa name'or that o his firm, at
least fifty shares, whlh stock .ithall have stood in his nmanc or
thatoflhiarfrm, on the booki of the Company foratleast
three mnmths p'ior to the election.
hin. Direct,,rs preac: at ani raetig shall constitute a
quru- for business.
SECrTOX1., The e pital stock of this Company is hereby
fixed at one r Olh .)f dollatrs divided into ten theusand
shares, nf one hundred d,.llara rash, subject to he increased
to three mn - is nl dol ar. under article tweIRth of tbi, char
ter. and tt is hereby lluthonrtzed to commence I,uppers as seenm
as $300,0Lo cayi[tl shall be ubecriibed. The stock to be paid
The subsetfbe, to the sald stock shlla pay Into the hands of
the President, upon the orga, i lation at the +mpanmy for bupi
,ess. tia sum ,,t ive o1la-,s in cashl on e ,h , nr every .hare
subscribed by them, a" d furnish note. approved bv • he 1oard
of Directors, to the orde,,,r [the Company for thn remaining
n nety-ffts dollare, payable oi demand at the oice of the
{2,upaty, at sueh time and i. such m nasuer a the Bomrd of
Uireetore shall deti.rmine; provided that wo calla shall be
made Vxeep toreay losses and then by installmuents of not
more than tan dolare on each slimre, at "ach period as may be
cgreed upon by the Board o, Directors; and pr.,,ded fur'her,
that calls shall o bn demade morn frequently than once lt
thirt" days.
ax. 2. When an authorized call shall be made upon the
,tockhudders for any pirtion of their stoc'k otos. moo and
h. gel otee , ht.! t e given t,, each S(eokholder of tuch call. hy
the Secretary otf the Com:,wny. Upomn fb falure of wl y Stoý!k.
holder to pay the .m-unt due ,u such call so Wade and rtter
such not.cat one. the stock owned by him shall ..e evposen for
sale at public auetdi,a ild shoud d it brng a sum to ' s ce of
the amount ca!ed mr, ind ebtsense. of t.e sale. said exes,
shall be arad over t, the permsn (or the legal representative)
owning the stock rlofur t, the sale
The purchaser of the aro--said stock shall be compelled ,.r
assume all t:Ce ,lilhile-, suc'h as luck i oten. sie, held by the
Company against said So kih hler.
The release ot the drli,,qnent St, ekholder from liiAhiity
upon hi eweok Mount, thrill be at the rilacrrliou or the Guard of
Stec- 3. That no stockholder shall over be hield liable or re
aporible tl,- : th nntrau ts or a.u ts of aoid cioupery in l
thlthor a.m than tie nepatd halamce duo to the cupgny oa
the shares owhed b him.
ir:e 4, NO stock shall he transferred unless euch transfer be
made on inte bo ,k, ,he compute" ,souhl any stok holder
desire to tranfer his stuck previit tu (ull psy wient of the
"arne ha in. been malee.,a e ,hail L? permit ted to do sn bv a nl,
sti;rte ot the oblisattonr of the patty purteesing, plnv ed the
subetittted obi gations are satisfactory to the Board of Uia
ARM-I, -ITri.
SRCTIOx I. The eleethmn for Director, shall be held on the
6r·t PonFy otC oy el'ach year, at the otc r on the c p.mp y.
Notices ef such elfetions sbit be Lgiven tfr at leapt too c )nse
cutive days, lmmedi tely preceding Phe election it French and
in ngbsh, and in at least two or thie city pDpers.
Sac. is Board esh.ll appoint three stockholders Inspee
tors to preside at such elections and if any ot said In.-,ftora
decline or rail to attend, tie President shall appoint others to
act in their stead.
I.lC . s.-rz1
SRxmox 1. The first Board of Directors shall consist of the
fol'owlng aockh lAderse to-wt:
t R. KS. Walker. it Isaac cherck.
2 [lerre G. Garner. 1t John 0 mrbom.
SL, J.. ehsier. la J. J Tnrlerha,
4 . H. alrcbid. 17 r 1:. Rn.,ch.
5 P.. b. Wil.,n 18 J, H. Ugleshy.
6 John D. Adams. 19 ltohert L Adams
7 S. L Wooidridge- W R. W. adams.
8 Charles W. aewton. 21 N. J. Tha-fo.
9 W. d. Frierson. 2' T. T'. A I yo-.
lO W. . HInnon. 23 eC. A. Yorse.
11 S. B. Buckner. 24 D. P. Logau.
12 A. W. Boswortb. 25 Edgar Steel
13 J. B I:opes.
S.C. 2, They shall continue In offce until the *eond Monday
of May, 1867, or until their successors in oce shall have bee;n
duly elected and qualiied ; and the Directors elect in each
Board shall tase their seats on the second Monday of Stay of
each year thereafter, nr in the event of a failure to elect at the
first election on the first Monday after due eoction,
SECTON 1. In all electi ms the ote bhall he by ballot and
those stockholders receiving a plnraix y el he votes of the
stock represente,,, snail be considtred duly ele ed, and in the
event of no election taking plce on the day aforeaaid, the
President shall order vnother election to take p'a'e witbhn ten
sags thereafter, and glra notice oftbe same an.lu~rel.d.
8C. 2. E.ch stockholder shall beentitled either in person or
by proxy to vote fior each and every Ihrvewhich he she or thley
may respectively hold ; Provided, that no individual or firm
shall be allowed to vote more than two hu ndred halr.. in kle
own name or that of hu firm, t an election tor DLrectors of
the Company.
8z0o6 1. The ofieen of the Compinpn shall onosisrt of a
President Vito.Presldent .. d ea, h other omcer s the Board
of Directors may d em necesary.
The Board of Directors shal, have power to employ such
.elecrs and employees as are nuecesary to condrct the business
of the Company.
BEonoa ', The BOard of Dir.to, sbhali, at their first mst
i in tevery year of the' ompaoy, etectfrn rmuogtha mse vs;
a Yresident and Vice-President, who swha o e d their olloe4
dnti their surceasors in office are elected and qhuaold 'o her
omcers determned I, on x.:cordlug to the hy -laws, to be elected
at theeame time, and to cdatine hkewlse in office mtwl their
rnoesuon ar elected and qua fied.
SECrToN 1. The President ot the Company |hal sign al poll
Cles and preside l a11 meetlng. of the Board ; he shall conduct
and mann ePll basls. generalI under the supervstou o fthe
Board of .trectro : in eue of hi" absence, the Vice-Yrleidms
ehaB act in hiLatead.
lcEnoo 1. it shall he the duty of the Preldent and the
Beard of Dlrectors withiu one month riortto the clase of
each year of the Company. to vusa to ae pu .l she,, in the
French and English languages, and for the term or at least
one month, a fai statement, under oath, of the businesu of the
Company, which shall conin :
1. She amount of premlums reclived during the year, speol
fyingwhat amount was r.celved for fire mart me and river
2. The amount of toned IncUrred during the yeor, speclfyin_
what amount el oue. haoe been Lncurred under each ui the
different kind of policies.
3. The amount of capital, asatingthe portion of the eame in.
vested Ln secolrt, e aRn t. e naturv there,
IL The amount of exuenlea and net earnings of the Com.
pLny, and in what those earItne consist.
8orrON I. The Compooy shall make to the asnred suck
return premiums in cash xs the President and Hoard of D •
re, tore may deem expedieut.
2 After pDayig all lusees and expen.es incidenthl to the
Company, the net earnings ,hail he divided nineg tile stock.
holders pro rat and be placed as a credit n tWear block notes
until the some. ar a become fully iiquioared
3. Whin the n,,tes of tbe tockholdera shall have he-m fnlly
paid, there shall be issued to each st,,csholuer cart flat, of
aleck for the amount of their aub~cc"pl:uo All further divi
dends declared by the nirnectr shall he payable to tile st.,ok.
hurder, m cash, at such times as ordered by the Board of Di
This ast of corporation may be modified, altered or amend.
ed, or the said Company dleHrved, at a generld Imrtiu of tlhe
trcekholdern to be conven ed fir tu epuorpe, alter thirty days'
notice t the French mod oglteh laguaa., . aforesa d and
as herein provided for, Suo Wlth the weest of three-fimrths of
the stock repreeented at sch 0aeheLug; and aly and all such
modifications, alterations. amendment. or dlaeoiution .1all be
reorde and publhahd accordiun to law.
At the time of the exptration olthe charter of the Company,
or soner, if ordered by vote of lhe Stukholderr. aI h.rein
rovided for, the affairo af s id tnm p sfy shall be II uid ated,
,s debts paid under the charge ald rpertntendence of the
Commieaionrr. to be aR nntrd by the Brard of Direzon. sad
awh shall remain l oboPp ntl 0 the fnal fquldlan of the
·IIra ~of h C~ompany.
ARTICLE reampsRn.
The gaine and reepmtve Interest0,or2f the Sbscriber to this
est are heret' dKoared to be ns fal.os, towit:
hauw dune wad passed in mfr ufice, at the city of New O.
lenns sn thM day month tnd y. u Ait alete ,ritten. In pr.
enee Jf lmwnl. .Frank Belhero s a.Prul Robh.t. , ap teot
witý w, who ha v. l. e1erno ed tnalr n*mSa, together
with .ld appeanr. and me, notarys
The nmean of anbecrtben on orttnsl act
Orittu.l ,ignd: F. 8eg.r, P. Rhelot.
I Certif the forgoing to be " tee copy of the original Act
of ooopnnties arteer ed of raeod I. my rreot n tNU o
notuie eeb.
Xo faith wher..f It otthe preemi e ende my *imPbt
and eeel of o01oe . the city of New rleeoe on thle thirteent
deyy fJ~l, d . 1886 Dh~J L~.
(8lgoed) OD hRT J. KID. N. T.
Noararo· 04m
The nd..Iged, leoctr Rre·Fda of Mlvtý+gne, Enrl
thet the foreginKK pet of Inenrp-.tiooo h.. been this d.y
, alrded i his omen in S -let- Nook No 6 FoloC Ito t 185.
lIAtgnd3 CHAS. R. L0N86I Pop8'ty £888dI,
Kew OQrIeeasJI 1616., I6.
NOTICE . ... ....................... O'Il'
As wil appearby the annoerd publication, the Subscrlber i,
fully empowered t aduat a l pay al Luaroe, w.t the nanro
promptness thet hats ciu.rm'terirt-I our pnuiene (plfie.
1'. I. FELL, Agent, 51 U:p treot.
P. R. SELL, oalr Ag Eltt l Nwll OrleanS, ix fllyF althnrlied
to aiPju Il sld nettlo all L-,t udr lor I'nllchs isd by hi, 11'I1l
this t'ompany, %ahout refelenr. to the I Ilo ee (n
ts6ludl Sl TI:I'IEN t'Ii . w ,[L ,,
Pres.t PhuL"mIx Irsur .r pan. , Nw Io k.
t l r, Fill.: E :,
4eneral Agent Security in,, t:omr,- y, N. YS
Preasident Atnt In rl-ueu n 'o, IBroklyu.
Preident 4driatih Iturnlt o, New Yrk
or True
TbheTrntees. In conformity with th Chr.rter, submit the
foIiwing statemen t of the affirs of the Company on the Wit,
day of April, 1866:
Fire Premium ........................$32,131
Marine " .......................... 11,315 15
River " ........... ............ ~ M 9 59 ,29
Amount o Eared Premims......... 9 44
Losses paid anid estimated:
Fire Losse...............................$ 24,492
Marine Losses ....................... .. 79,646 0
River Lose. ....................... 249,243 38
Pad discount in lien of crp.......... 9,762 57
Pad Taxes. ......................... ,192 34
Paildrinsurances.............. ...... 61,27 21
Profit and Loss, Interest, Generl Ex
penq ne, snp, less Discount, etc..... 149,1660 0 21
079,719 27
Net Profts.......................... $27,751 23
Amount of Premiums to partlcipate in
Scrip Dividend........................ .. ,711 00
The Company h9ve the 9fllow74g Assets:
Note ured by mor.tgs g ............. .........$ 60,45
Loans on pledge of tocks. ........................ b9,994 49
Bills Receivable.... ... ....... . . 51,153 51
Rel Estate ..... ........................... . 8,o
I vested In Consolidated and City Bouds.......... 703. W
Innsted in Bnk Stocks.. .. .......... .......... 79,30 W
Foreign and Domestic Scrip and crtp Account .... 1,2. 2,1
alletteDry Dck Company..... .................. 1,75 9W
Due for preminu in os 4 of collecion....:...... 10,&9 1,
Cuh.ku o nd ........ ...................... 7,40 .
$447,19 90
The Company will pay interest et 6 per cent. to cash on all
its Outstanding Certifcates ,f Scrip to ther legal holders there
of, on and alter the second Monday la July neat.
The Board of Trustees have also decl~rad a Scrip Divi dend of
SIXTY per cent. on the ared prernn a entitled to Ianicips .
1ion for the year ending April 11, 1566& for aldch Issideater
will be .iIned on and aftr the hfiMIonday in XAgost next.
THIOMAS A. ADAMS, President.
8AMUEL H. KENNEDY, Vics Presidesn
I-I.Ns V. Ossss., Sesretary.
TruJtee, i
Thee. A. Adam,, Samel H. Kemody,
O. T. Buddlerka, James J. Haman
Liamuol B. Newman A. Dnrhill,
P. H. Foley, Wr. Edward,,,
J. Norman Jackson, A.O. Oise,
A~. Tli...-n, A. . Readilng,
oarner of Camp and GrQvter streets.
In eonfonrmty with the reqnlrements of their ch.rt3r,the
Oomp3ny pub0i3h 0th folowings ta3ement :
Total prem.ums for the yer ending Febrmay 8,
V lr,-Fls Psminm, ..................5 $6,45
Ma ne , emi s . ................. 156.7R. 71
Rlyer Pr, lun, ................... 3P. .30341 3
Le., R prturn 743330 ................ 3.809 0 ,
LsesUneased Premium............... 6..40 5
Net Eamin Pr omsa ...... ................ MI ,61 i
lv.es ..e n..k.. ............... . .1.. 6,
o sne Lo ess ............ 3......... 1.1. .6
I 3er Lom.t ..................... .. 1 13 8
Reinrancse............ , 4......... 6
Ienalsl Eps.ss, T op,, Inters.t and0
Pad Loe ....................... .40,913 13
N.4 P3l3.. .................... ......... $244,015
Inv63 te4135034 E.1e 5 ............................ $537,6633B
Inv3 31 tno Mrtgpgesn Real33 Es4 .............. 63,362
emiums in Co n0 of Coller on.................... 1.331 1
In33sted353 B33 ttocks........................ 106,1580
Inv33 e4300807erip of753533434 Compsanss........ 119,484 0
1o35ed on P g5,............................... 8 15,46 U
5305433543ble5............................... 53,204 6,
P3emlom in 3 s3o3s o6 Ca0 3................. 167.61 16
C hon d ......................................... 149 21
The 0bove sthtement Io a just, true and correct trae4crip3
fr.m the book, of the Company.
J. P. Rosu Secretary.
PAs455 o3 O.B4ns. ClO or N5W OsLse±a
15worn to ad subscribed bebre ma0 ths D01 day or March
Third J3u1n43 of the Pece for the Pa-ish of Orlsn
The Bo5 d of Trmstees have resolvd to declare a 8r5 p 1d.
de2d o thirty.6,s5e per cen on the n3t earned psart/p.tlny
prem.nm, for the year ending 28h February,. 186, for whlcb
er1t4icate4 will be 5u54d on and a58er the 2d d5y of July
The Scrip COert306l . 5 isue5d for the year 180wll be re
deed, alo si per cent i4ereat on all outstm.ding Certfl
aM of SBrp will be paid on the send Monday of May
6to the ho4ldr. thereo, or their leg03 representa4lve.
A CARSIl,. VLS Prnidt.
J. P. Roa, 953353y.
Aa. mco Hnr J V:
George A Fosdbl: Ju. Jackson
Uwl Poch.a, B. Mara,
. Bngie. Afred Dahond4
B. Crame, Charles WeLshar.
Charles Ladtta, A. Lwconrt
John & Mnu.. , Frank WWham.
P. ~Aderon, Thom" By..,
Air.lk Kearny, John Th-hiU,
A. B. M .nrgo , W. A. V *WeB
A. Fericbe, D. PYIPgl4
A. P. 1Piblom, Nagh .1 Donld,
George W. fb,.·r, Harlow J. Phelps
B. F. l~uc . v·vir Wm. M. Pineclard.
George W. Hl-u. Leary H. Brya,
R. L. Wondhriddua
ST*.AYrlH()AAT Af.PN'1'K.
J ULLN PLuY E e: UU-J-UO11N i. UY}l11 JLD. J.
" Omer" ommlweloo d Yorwwfrd t Ne
No. 113 OonMON STREET.
Ne .M eoe 1..e.
fr ..kl an plowll unu um eren t the auwtlon of
heebi nlllr.
PH-lYS~44 A NS.
IV. *. AUMTIR. ![. 1.,
No. as Qravler street.
Bnldnc4 No. 848 W,.hlI,4,, shet,
Ooma No. 4 ClAMP BTREBT. b.00... Co...., 00 (8,,
Apollo ctroeN New Orlsanl, is
GM.. Ho...., 11A.. . to SP.M.
N. B.-: opo8ll 8t'tonn told to U ,.,,. of 8h. 0,.
Nos, 4411.8. street sad 00 Beoond street, Loo8.oIlle, Ky.,
Ao. Agents for .11 No pN p.n in t8. Ordt.d St8,40.004
Br,88h PRvoo,.oa,
On the 15th A llly of Soli r illiltl, rile llndcr.+lnrd will rnt
Our town reod ,:ly nm r lre lncl In neeo If eac~h a deelders
tilrnr, anld rv e look Ir ,· II. It 11. r~Ardlnl sIpportn,
overt' r1tt7ve1 of the ," :t II'II
7'hx nalu col x of t e 11 D~ 3ISE ,ll be ape, s fpr the ben
'tit It nay nn ,II.1)1I (\11iIx lewlt pa (1I liligUte et the Lh
illtrronfx l tý,n "omlnlll llly ut Is uer, repo dllax o te p.,
'1' le of Illl·l~tlll, toJ be paid i in xvnneo or npon recelpr
the rrtl 'llrxt nu in mbe bber, $;i. ratlrP4
On't th'tox~ wall pletre Lund is thenl uwnex 611 x nnoonneemen
3n t 3103 for the Bret 0nprexx,. J. 3. 33331T4033
, Iii ,R,,3pt. 7, 3fiN 11. M. HIIELTON.
(133LEISRU1333 LA.
IBy. J. T. Methvlrrr.
RATES OF" ft'RH 'Rii'7'I033'53 .P-T ,o;l .lll 033 Ih
lt·lts :5 111 .1 1'l) li It l la II ll ". n l; Io " r lmtm. lirll r nlllrr. of
·Iel boos or 1-, $1, tr. n rllr i ,- Il·llI1 II Inn, *1\ LII ( 1 1II .
Illllrlll ,rr iil. ynautet d to th-o u Hlo ndceWn,* by Lhu y-,ru
.tell yr~tr. Y.
x..... Hulalnccslntr I llllrrineax nn Dtcuthn in...... I
acN prn·pox' to 0o hn nluene wn a ol~h p ""tanr, and e e rnxt
u, 3,3,,, ,,,31 no 333333 3,33 o rY ml; "Sony ;ro Vtitn ..,
A33333333E33lilt3 113' 33 N1133ATE3-I
Br L. fl)lo..'d &t Cu.
lI Watsoo '$ Building-up sawn.
Th. SRoeoWoooooRo ) poblishod "05kl), PFloe Doflo
500 0)010, t)1ree)for I 0- ) m0, Ws, ayable ,*d ,,o So
0)0lberlptiS akm for xklose per)od [raln SS mlo,)th.
Advert iaemrln a In sortedt thle rn'e of $1 Nr* I~ square foru
the) o)rot I ooenlu.. and ;5 clnt fur ef ch I eoo0 VLNooone. Eight
Iina·, or I,- constitute rrllllre.
Obituary n o~ltices IIIIITIHges Pnlli( meetings, cerda of
thobolcak, ,o),,o, paid lirr I' , bvrrtlo mpogo
offers the o·It flattering nihseil* to ADVERTISERS, a"
it Eli-lall , in the sure, extensive anIld gues~t CottonL portioni
o )f the A T o- ),, A Rntry
Tie paper wos aot btished in May, Ipll, *nd haw been con
tin ,I, bo o )ool fIo n ooyot scrl, to th ) T d0t we, pull
'Icx * nd gllrtll .IuUinIarll
is hv. be en no recovni-,d for gaor, nlir the 1Pe\vhnc papersI
of ther State, lil has oni~cl dd u a1 ramurka~bla deree thea cash
dc' o) ItT p010)0.
1111 terror of Ad-fli iing are n, follow, · Ierrluilm, nfeIzh
Sline · orlr±".. $1. Xri~lllll;.tl i LICIO-a1 Jt'I, (ellq?·,L IOT III1
yeaioS)1 .tIo oaiooo, SIo , throxror,,o,$ri. S 'oocrlp~oo
to phop{oaver, $i per soonm.oo " 15 i II
Eriito1 JI-dI PreprltPSTE h\O)N 1) ) HE lISLE
1 country- u, thle -,, ad, oche oflll 1, DEMOCRAI~1' 1
PRINC))'LES, men anoo nooosdoooo tor nearl- foo rtoo *yyy
Corr Ptalt hnppllrrrr of ,'at" ",I", I" "' U.,I, ~i air ti
advooato of thrlo rlcerly rP~t.nnn~ll ul all I!he St~ltls r, Ili - col
stitoltioisl relations as m uberlr of the Federar.l Iiii· a -Ar i
oak. the,,)teo0 ,S,,,), outern .) tizeu to it r )0) ))puo olO t) fur
uisib thew x uth ,sloe, It th v to liowUI1II rates
Booton I'-at, ,Oull) .......... S, per Ri o-0'
Sam ^V'"k ........ . ..
Thle Pnrt spa~res no expell* inl its trlcraplni report,~-in it"
j larprndenrrol anrd to its grarroi an najcmlentr for u-rw, tar.,:
It uiny tlirnin It, rucldera with Vic enriine t rll 11,11,.[ In tons~II
/ tior Oi arlul, ruin dot".cr ulll, to be obta(ined It de. 11`1 tU~
renew thet intllroalli with its *1111li1·m :r lndi thc. or lit*i
rup[Pd, and to11 extend its , rruliltriu n wt rre, e Its cmurnl l
In~~iea TOPIC, nhrfhetee
0)th) 0)erp ) 00)1)01 the ) 1)),II mayo0 ) .rr itu, ))oh i)
A Alcrt:*erueut", which will be to erred at ran.l-lable rater,
are also , *u'iittrrd.
BEAI.S. OREENE A CO , P'Alh,1.Prs,
iho) ooo~ 1 ,- ",: 0y o r1A . . .R., I } 1d 1
I)l 19O'U N'N IIAl ON/ I MlIi ItW-IL
p'.drmx--ýi li r ..nkoAir
It pI nc vnýI ble work frth- mereh',t, m nrt:,ýtnrr,
i b.,lr Y ",r, pr, ¢, m ,uli ' hi l... a l ,I :"rtx·,n .at ", ltnl l .lnrl ,u l r . ll
i :hl. , . .1 ,'-~,,e ,t,ýr ni.,ý:,,, t.. thý,, -'.bIi eet o Lie ,mu .,.
by.t, Ith+, rrnl: piý-t ltt.'- a , tnl l,, l e .,rn_, ' _. I, , .1 I ."fr t, ,
r:¢ll: Tlernl'li . t .e. xn ll ltllrtl int*'r ,-i. e 1: tl.; ,1 ..I . ,: rtl "
ICI lE A1.. IF"1'1. , I t,
u HE L y IIIAI III y 1PI . L a.
Pu .e ILa llllll lr. n
li.* I, dlllrl . litr cmt. Ir the L-r uert ou, and oune
dllr .or ecc . . xheeullelt t Jn pn hi.,n
Juo, , ,rk ,." e',td ith ue.ntue u-,., d.-pa:ch. and mnost
paid tar oul dli,..r)
alnnuolllcmg cadldate fotr olem h:teeu d1,ll-=, palyable In
Moun:t Leb.,,n, La.
THE LOUISIANA BASTI.T iS pSbliahel, weekly at $5
pal lllillm a r $: fllilee s. lIx O t . e iS a s dvlallC.
Ad vr, . n ts l-r5 5 ie d at t 5or ,tim ,, I e2 pr q i se t
inea Tr lee. l TnIstit)a ,r s r.q re ierl d ., da
yearly adertlsmsent a a
11bltu1 ry 3 l' ~trrl· rlght lien, Innerted rgi- k ift raer eit:t
HnArrago 'de. pm,, ,Ic rln_ , r.rd vt tc 0 eas etc t 1 b
be e p.dll oIr It the rte, ,)1 ,the t d ldvertl eteal o
-E PayLY IdI-eaVI os l . hOe'TII l.
CI. Waord & Co., P..oi ptaya.
LAs, or Sp.ssa'pIa)s-,$I per ausaa ia) .,Sroa hall
yearl, $2 t. quaarrtrl5, $1 O.
Sayasy or A dail- ias-All trsaaaint adveS.aments, tsx)
tnlr u, per l.qur, $l 6; each eub,,eu nt ia'erttan, 75
cent. per ntrllr*.
A1dvertlxenlrntx not 'rfIied aS to tite wial be prablliad ua
Ii) ordered dlo illlnue
Ansounce elsts of candidateo for State and District o.es
Ill! be charged I$).
AnnIuncm,.llt lot Parla h and local oaees will be cbharged
10. yahle yllsn Iidvxnl
ubllished every Saturday,
T BILE DALLY NEWSI. Office, 1Y SuuTIM RoSal street
P)ub)llShed daily, mornlng and eveniog, by HENRY ST.
"RgIs or SU.SCllnON.
aill per annumn in advance .............................I.1
¢ifla yearly .................................................
Quaaiaty ................. .... .. 4.....
denl.......... .. ............ 80apar dan.
anglle Oopie morning und avenailg ppaer..........I10 Oets.
h daily, eght . ii.i B : l, a .................$1
B cahqap oa-ha..l .lditionl to the abovea rte,.
Adertsemaents inserted at lantervall to be cha rged ne
ayle Inasartloa.
Adverstlaeata ordered to remain on any phrtlola. pag to
be charged as new eech nsaertlon.
dvertinment not apeenlted a s oB time will beha publUlhd
until ordered out and crged aeeordhlgly.
Adsrtlaaement oIerad be Inslaarted iu the evaaing adlitlon
aill be charaed ae du inasertaon.
No advertioaement or subacrptalon will ha Stoppd until il
*rretrsal are paid. nnlas at the optlion of the proprietor
Devoted to LiteratNre, Agrulture and General Intelllgnce,
and eompriAhAg Report o Battles, Ineldente and
MAecdotes of the Late War, neve,
before published.
By Gen. D. H. N ill, late of the southen Army.
,TEs-We propose to publish a Masgpine, €ontalntng from
sixty to eighty pagel of the size of those oN Blackwood. M)tu.
gaine, for THREE DOLLARb , year In advance, or FIVE
DOLLARS if ut paid till the end Al the year; and to begin
the issue on the h1t of May, provided that the aubnptio list
will ustify the undertaking. The cash subcribr not to pay
tll aNtr the receipt of the rstnumber.
Omeiil Journal of the City of J icksoo-Omcial Journal of
the Laws of the United Stas.
J. LI. Jot l, l. lJonI.
JOlES a. AlMITON. JA6M, s J. s.AINoN.
HAMILTON, POWER & CO., Publlbshrs and Proprett.
Rates of Subscriptien-Daily, per annum, 1n a1n1e5., $10
H.a Nearly, SI; quorterl.y, $ *ekly, t; ehalf arI.y, $2
trnsent wdvertLement., olrl inberlion, $1.0: each subse,
quent Insertion 75c. per square
Al bHasins noticesN ol advert tIW tI be charged 2KI
p.rHlne; if more thea one quarNt, 1 per line, ech inaer
Legal lntleoe not exceedin N oe squre., ItcNdng proof of
p.icitotlon, $6, If paid in N.vae I( the mouey n oN t oH
NIhthe a,.vertiNsiment, $1 wll he IhNO.d No proof o
publaHtiou made nun1 the dert i pseaeno It paid for.
AI transient advertslements must be pald f,,r in advance.
All billl. with rgulHar advrtls N Neb he rendered lonl.hly.
F. J. Mend. Editor.
The Natche. Tr-W5Teek DEMOCRAT A puhlehesd every
Tuesday, Thursday gad S0turday, by MEAD 5 BOTTfG
Bb...or.....- "n, y'ram aanc ..o.....o:.....
D "' P SI ... Month. 1 ..
. . . Hon -'
.11IIE Ia t~a w)L I III EIN PAR..
__d C un thfI n 9~· 11, of Dlrl clll,rr. ulld II1Ln xlr~tt.1ned
ul the "xllblc Jl~ur iha I1 .d S1· l i. 1 ra Vc 'l h xn i
nt trr Y.I;II IIi~ llilll 11 Ims o~yul~
I thalt 1v'r n di dil re tlnlullid 11I to I [Int. Th. IHI
t. o Tac a lE TLI
Dnrinlr tl- -,III It **rý Irud ilut in"Illl rIi""n XIlllllbl no
V'rlnwlrls , tlur l) t tl lu l e ld Inu h, .l FII, 1:1 A. il ,
unil In Ron orxl rytllLr ., nt thr hv I~uý ul hIV t. (:II) A. y rrll
e,, TH ,t, nI, r al 111·dlrl l +t ýl r w n·LI 01lii( t" :I In CII
lIlAyU I(CI l l l. utry ininr1 ll r tt un tL'V) t
d lilly enl rtn nl I liL tIIl irl n I l.rr III I Ili*!I rd I11 jlC II Ex
xllthýýncl n Illilittl,1a tlie ',7,' i ,uill I ICI d I, lljl e el L4. Lt_
ubla Jeliruxl.
"rERS(~ FROM VI \YAl I A17'i
*Iho Exrunlnrn r 1. I+ rrrclllll r c ll r rrr i . j r II rllrralnnr ý
,nd wlll ~l ,u n" ;;n I, 1Ir \\l irll rI ll the l Illlll id.11 .-.l ,
tntelh. 1111 I l; it, rvlt lt r loon Ll). ((1 eyrI inl µ..,.d 10* Irrltu rB
µr nttlrr k rrn, ý lira, (..t r, .\llII I\Pj?. 11:)11·11 u 111 "u I IlII
III1 w Iite r th .+llrl) for thU e ulr lr, illl s da wml
Wnaliirll(Ltrnl I.Ll. d")..
Tbhe Rttlnti'n of lllAri ll)lr. rlad 1u,1 m n tl rebllI
call 1 "A , t Riu lgI ll. I IIlA iI III l lly. IIIr III IAIIPIIA
1r 1. ll. l ino, Leh it, l<l al-,u,,tll l illl ttl ) it,., ,f
Hitl l Ir llrnalcll, nlnd pnplcr clnlr lblllr \Ye dercuro ut
xny fecreltlio nn delcty'11 luL ,c, that llLL E..--"~l
The underlnl;nd Cxllr uplrll the I ] bullrelbbcn o:I
linerr fnm V :,g~li Il, to 'eaa, w dly to liltn nu ,pue
esz-erd to the Sll-rth by nlniny .--He- r lt thep y.·
One yer. In all.lrln ... .. ..... .. ..... .n
A ot ........ ..... U
dddrern 11 RIL'L'S 'OLId`
Yrnpriptilr anld Llllllr of " Fxnlm
itcl, n[,t
. TO t,,hr I I 12;E, "S T
A o. ,rk..b I m I r ve emx Esd, r Mnd 'ror for
over TWE N .i" +i. ":.RS5, xhir hl, ,: .a, tl . h, ailp
C-t L'.I-e,] ,,I1.nJ urt. ,,:,,I pt, 7-: ,17 .·I n t,.1.
m inxt ,) t 'e Ir,, · mt,,,. ,,,, ,i , ,,l t e [ , , .,,+t LI ,,
w I ., .rl ,'41)4.4 l, ,11 .,iTh ur n e l f h +,. ai l+ , y,: r ad.
in ,,:l l ~l ln to th,'+e ll:"tlUrtIt, jt t, p,, , lh , 'iP'.'..
14..r,, ) ,ti'll I 1. I thn ttx I "., tl,,.t ;,, ..~. 1 '.( · ý C" th tl
th , h nI: , ,r , , ,:1 .: +1II; ,l 'v, l . :1 '+,,l
Ix .n e I , +, 4l111l- , , I. d, . t+"1 t< , +I . rd+h
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AD 212242 TRI-WEEKLY AND 1 21
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A2l22S OF FHE IllY 2121222 -.2.- M. 122VINO22 2r.
222H 2 ,1 21o,2 payab1le in F dvF122 e, in ant 22
DnlLI--Onr y "xr, $in; six muulha, b'J; threurhl, $5, otte
month $2: emgle Cap, l i cents.
221221 xxty-On your, $12; six monts, 2w month22
$S W.
2222.-One y 222,2$.; six m 2nthe, $ 4.
No 2ub2 222221 f2r t2e pape2 , to 2 e d1lid In 1 2 1 cit2
PF2l be recllve2fo r lF 2ll p 2rio 2 than 222 m 22n
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for 2 2rst in 22ni 22. 11 ch eubsegaent 122222 io c,,. Te
lines T2l1U 2n222reil make aquote. Adl a in
serted et Int.-I sa wiltl be charged ae new -w.1,,,.rtin.
Ad vertisments not slrsrined as to time, *iUablLhed ts
dll ordered molt, and charged "reerdingly.
All trxnaallt adsertixamente, except ( aaboses house
with whoum we have current mcaa me, came paid I. ad.
Bllle for general advertising wlll be made monthly, and
Edtra ncsof advertisements cae titer}. at the rate
of 20 cent. a Iinn fm each Insertion.
W2.ek1n C,,.1..
One dollar psl month, ornten lcenta ecCB the yWr
$12. Nlub Iipyl2ou invari2bly 2tope2221222 2m1222 paid for
On2212nre (one 1222, i 22N1en Ilu22 s2114d m2211222212 "
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2222i 2d bolle will be stted, and pa2d Ir nn ad n2e.
ate,12, 222.2yearl2y nand 22,F.21,22l2 24221.1122 at 112 ua2
New York Weekly and Nemt.Weekl: News
Bas ls. a N WOOD .......... . .......Edilto and Proprietor.
Journals of Politics, L teraturs, Fnashic, Mhaket and
Financial Reporb, Interesting MisPeUaIy, and
News from all Parts of the Worlk.I
The Largest, Cheapest and Be., Papers publish n New York
The New York Weekly News.
aem..W.ekly N.w,()
Pubhuled ETery We~draysad
igl copies. e .... .. . ..... e
O ,py ue ll r . ... . ...l ......... $ 7S0
ren cop on . $..p... .... ..... . . . 5I.
a dnEpl x.,on .y r . .... ... .............. 17
Aod au extra copy to any club of Ten .
awenty cnpir a one Yew . ......................... . 30*)
The Weekly Newsl s a to clergyme n et ..............
leml.Weekly News,
Published Tneday.y and Frldd!r
Single copies one y . ....................
Thwen opis one enr .......... . ........ 1 IC
~a. eqler e. ................................ ......81
Twenty coes use Year ....-......-.............a.::...... ew

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