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Ariv athe Prmaet.lt asel..
ST. CIARLESY ROTL--Sam A Robinson, D
c, A WWatltts; Wo Leverieh: N C H Mason,
Galreata; A jAmterh do; G Ruttkey, do; \W C
.5lh, Ig wl. ns; Netelle Shutc.
S.. J.kalu *hOTELL--aptain J W Smith; RH
Traly,f. W H MoOheaney, city; J T Cyrus: W
"Ela wp. bt L Moore*U S Boon, Miss; i Lues,
Teaat D 'A Cohbi. kiis; E L Smith, do; T
Noballbe UMlL, Ky.
rITB OTEI-T 0 Robinson., Tex; AM Kirk,
~hreeport; J T Jelies and wife, Mias M Jealies,
J Vlademia BtrethamT , Ter A Wharton, Cala
well, Te :J OChurch, M D Hunt, W B Van Dsr
STe. nS Porter. Natchstoches; W G Thompr
T ' i Bolton, A DarllingT Bobinson, so
JoHtia s bSGibbs, Texas; as Lasy gley; Pen
aei4 P3UAond, TR Franklin, Hoa.ton; D Neil,
Ov0toa~ ; W . Petricb, Brsnhsa; W Iiilleman,
WI, Paftilo,~Marin. Falls. ; r' M SGpencer. F
VWiet , eelpetoaa; D B uv t an` and family, Mont
,:Tab e ascoitid_ 8 concern of this city
publlhesethe 4lelst-6 apeoial telegram from
, ' m' speech he made refer
,ocea to as.el, Lee, Johonston, Grant
, dB. g Hmea that belonged to
ssd aenossla 'ft the mention of the
sdl Jaanhton, one wild and pro.
tgHough the house for at least
at the mention of Grant and
_ .aelneeral strain of hisses rang out
e . lea.r for the same length of time."
atdigloam made these references is
'tree, bl t that the names of Grant and
were hissed and a mention of Lee ap
itO .p gbab-.a Black Republican lie. The
ii'of LsliOslTe alone shed more blood in
of hr e Unioathan the entire radical din
.anlonpatyof the North.--[Chlcago Times.
Iobus, -W.e hae recently heardfrom several
-ido qs 6 thaNoctbern men have approached the
.bolderof.a.es'with lthe offerof lve dollarsfor
eae ,.h av Ayesanpation. What does this
mean?- .,Ricmond Whig.
ittmeanthat thle radical hangero-on can get
-clanfs enaigl'of thi Oheracter to realize largo
fo.rtne personally, and secure inlnence p6liti
cay,- waeys and means will not be wanting to get
bllndel.mnifying slaveholders for their negroes
tbr.hb Congress.' Just as easy as the seven
.llion, bll for the r.eedmen'e bureau.
[Baton orege ougar Pln.ter.
tf NiwVoMArr , woo a r nnosE' Torn
msa. -We bha.eeefamisrhed with the followin
~, of. actor and acte'sses who have been ee
S-b disbylJara. Haig & MoDanonoghfor sorthes
r. TrEce aon commences on or about the is
of Septlemberm ,:T. Stetson, leading; H. F
P.V1 te..le; Wm. Petrie,. old men; W. F
ho , ln.eedlatn; W. H. -Otis, fops, etc.
0. Llmeb solaM l aod old Olen; G. W. Middieton
t. France, Sidney C. France, John Bowes, Geo
SB Denlison, Louis Carland, Job
SJlla lNblson,'ojvenlle; SalliePat
S:- beroldtie Isabella Preston, heavy
]l ~Bredshaw, old4 wosmen; Blanche Brad
walkM t eWCinglady; Hattie Whitney, Clara Wo,
r "p t'. i$'antie W ortellp Caroliue Lee,. Catherine Lee
ei t;.·] > anid RadabQ dR liffe R. Madden i
lt oaUewalOhe~ aa;-,J Baphore, assistan
s:^t. o'.ageaaegae.. -,oIsdle t Advertiser.
Baurs FoR Warr Waaonra.-In an exehang
. we.. .. e slmo .rales laid down for the gos
11 e it e hot days:
do I `ay ' you can but offonti
. ,troou1Ie rorself to erform what yeo
c. _ 6 E "tls$ 4o'dd-for you.
. t the aquaintane of the proprietor
· 1l an' dba ad, nhii alu Int any of y~nr oh
wiate. OVereats; the coats will steand t longe
"bits in forgive iinm'sa par
t refrigerating effect.
x pf4 o-atn saded iat.
". .W .YY. .m~mt ten d keep oo;l e at
j Alot MI) a des a il
f .the.latter too excuting
Sotortight coats, or ge
There was a man o led-in - Vitoria, on the nigh
- of the 1d nel.t whole streame was not known
"o bn woet Wollfem, a German,
at tiM .hela b.r0 o.erain New Orleans. He
was .Jhatafl t '"tef : nehes in height, fair com
e (sAI. sirtl . ha4ed whiskers, and about
txee 'or. tweatyae.ven years of age. He
J tio is death, in the employ of G.
Soshy atuest rendered the following ver
Iet I sat ie' Thiat deceased came to his
s bout 'two'aeOk on the mnornianof the
3dfdJ1a7 166, In the town of Victoria, near
^tho t lseacea f Mr. elJ. Krapf--that he was
i. et or some othersharp three
=, penetrating the body at the
o ,.teomen., andsetrikhngthe baok
' t' atoeot wan used on deceased
,St, r4 elslorednoldier, of the 7th n
a flier bd been laced under arrest by tho
J t t we h e apea right examina
Sentered into by them.
- , Vtetorln (Taea) oAdoeoot
a '*tioesrb +' rr-..-Recently in
etppy pair were joined
to p n e cslerk, findisng that
Ikeosual fees,hinted that
it was customary to re
ocabnby paying for his seec
t-h plai replied that
-lo they were per
o athsereiaes rendered,
wa.jklnd enough t offer
p i'T e clerk, however,
*lau .t walking ontof
the key of the dOOr, and
-prioners until the
h.a-h of the
i rsif-rwn tO the ~snert
seam iced looked op
u1 .1 i
of A oftl0
otoppett ezt en
_ ý ý k ý ezan a
tAt' to Portoagl
wrltig a pri.
as tot lilte g two
polteaof publio nervaot
qepht to begln with Ita
rony .a tho we t of
610 a lit" deecroto
4y03t~toe~y irriten
'.. n eoIsa1.
se osudet,? n
M ebeen
~paq~j ~ where
,btl thies
rimtlu Q- stion in
ois;ý?ke rceslpte of ootoo at
_ ý. r, as orreated tid
which, added to
of the
elpor of Texas, In
n + JoIo-- ; YorbJo urnal of Com
tealsstibe.eAtah oahbleehereholdera
In " ougot,"
theoibfe Lg tlset
Iol qt' Iy no naen ' pyiinyg Out;' and
ie pas wiehes to how what more the
dfrisat e t able company can hn, eon that
they have arrived atrther 1o Hn'e Content."
Th, K5z of Prnssa to the ChambeS.
We find in Western papers-of the Oth lost., the
following address of the king of Prussia on the
opening of the chambers on the 5th inst.:
Illustrious, noble and loyal g metlemen of both
touses of the Diet: Now that Iee aesembined
around me the representatives of the country, my
heart impels me to express, first of all front this
place, my own and my people's thanks for God's
gracious goodness which has assisted Prussia.
amidst heayty but successful sacrifices, not otly in
aerting from our frontiers the dangers of hostili
tie., hat enabling the armny of the country, by a
rapid victory, to add fresh laurels to its inherited
fameo and to smooth a course for the national de
relopment of Germany, accompanied by the viei
ble blessing of God.
The part of the nation capable of bearing arms
enthauststically obeyed the summnons to thc-saered
struggle for independence and fatherland. Our
heroin army, supported by a few but faithful
allies, advanced Irom success to successa from
victory to victory. In the east as ia the west,
preeiqus blood has been shed. The country moourn
the loss of many brave men, who died Ileroes in
the flush of triumpht until our standard waved
hlong a line extending from the Carpathians to
the Rhine. It will be for the government atd the
repreeentatives of the people, in united co-opera
tion, to bring to maturity the fruits that must be
gathered from this sanguinary war, and prevent
sit being scattered in vain.
Loyal gentlemen of both IIonuse of the Diet:
My government is able to look with atisfatelion
apon the financial position of the State. Careoul
flroeight and conscientious economy have placetd
s mina position to overcome the great fioancialo
dificulties which htav resulted, as a natural rcon
sequence, from the iracumstances at the present
Although amaterial outlay was imposed upon
the treasury daring the recent year, by the ear
with Denmark, it has been possible to meet the
expenses hitherto incurred in the present war
from the State revenue and existing balances,
without imposing any other burthen upon the
country than that of furnishing supplies for war
purposes that it is bound to provide by law.
I hope most assuredly that the means required
for the successful termination of the war, and the
payment of supplies in kind, while maintaioning
e.der and security in finance, will be rea.ily
granted by you. An agreement could be made as
to the settlement of the budget wrhic has not
been able to be effected dorieng the last few
years. The State outlay incurred during this ae
riod is therefore destitate of that gal basis mwinch
I again acknowledge. The budget can alone
reach through the law, by which means the con
stitution of '99 ordains that it it isammallv agreed
upon between my government and tne two oauses
of the Diet.
Although my government has, neverttetess,
carried on the budget for several years, without a
legal basis, this has only been done after consid,.r
able examination, and with oorrectness in accord
aonce withthe Diet. That the conduct of thh ad
ministration in fulfillment of the legal obligatiott
toward the public creditors, and tke official main
tenance of the army and the state establishment,
were questions vital tothe itterests of the state,
and that the course adopted therefore becnlae one
of those inevitable necessities which, in the in
terest of the country, a government must not
hesitate to adopt, is plain.
I trupt that the recent events will, in so far cou
tribute to effect an indispensable understanding
that an indemnity for our having carried on the
administration, without a law regulating tile
Sbudget, application for which will be mtade to the
representatives, will readily be granted to my
government. and the hitherto existing conflict be
thereby finally and the more securely brought to
a nonae uson.
As it may be expected that the political position
of the fatherland will admit of an extension ot tile
Sfrontier of the State, and the establishment of a
united federal army, under the leadership of
Pruadia, the costs of which will be borne in eqoal
proportions by all the members of the confedera
tion, the bills required in this respect for the cop
vocation of-a poplar reproesentatis federal State
Wll-be laid liforn the diet without delay.
Giitlemen, you know that our entire tatherlaud
feels the high importante of the, moment that
brmsgsamao onne more among 'yon. May Provi
dence bless Prusstia as graciously in the future as
it has visiblt blo.as d'the' Immediate past. May.
Godgrat it. .
The bnildiageiewhieh the famous porcelain is
made are situated in a narrow deep valley, a hu
dredrode fra om the Elbe, and are built in the form
of a quadrangle, and finely stuacced. o oa regis
ter your name not far beneath that of George B.
MeOlellan, and pay thirty cents admission fee,
which precures you a guidewho speaks indifferent
The porcelain earth is found n minea nearM eis
sen, and is called kaolin. It is Of dingy white
color, and conteine seventy-five per coat. of sand,
which has all to be washed out. The earth is
mixed with water and passes through numerous
vats, selaes and troughs in which the sand is pre
nipitated, the water containing the pure earth in
solution being drained off, and tie sand settling to
the bottom. It is then packed in small sacks and
slightly pressed until it hardens somewhat, when
the sacks are removed and the lsmps thrown into
large boxes, where they must remain six months.
Itis then reedy to he mixed with other ingre
dients. These are a pure quality of quartz from
Bohemia, and feldspar from Norway, whaich ar
ground many times under water to reduce them
to perfect fineness. Ask the guide in what pro
portions these are mixed with earth, he gives his
ehouldersthe pecullarGerman shrug, and solemnly
informs you that it is a profound secret. It is the
only secret in the whole process. When the
doughy mass is ready to be moulded, it is singu
inrly tough, and is of a light don color, which dis.
#ppears entirely under a white heat.
ot solid articles, such as busts, ccifixes,
animals, shrubs and leaves are cast in ordtsary
moulds of plaster of Paris. The mninateness of
the division of the pieces in very great ; for in
stanen, to cast a statoue, each arm, hand, leg, foot,
and the head must be a separage casting. There
are moulds accumolated in the buildinge to the
'weight of thoueands of tone. Round dishes are
turned onan ordinary wheel ; and otiher articles
are moulded by hand. Lace and filigree work are
made by girls, andis formed drop by drop from a
polpte4ick, each drop beelg no larger than a
i led. The articles are baed in pans of fire
eta.,la'lhnge oyets three stoiies in height. In
the firpi tbakiug, they are set in the second and
biretretoris, whicth are brought only to red heat;
afterward in the lower one, where the heat is
white. - - "
Every baking lasts twelnty-four hours. After
the 'flrit baking, all the parts of thenessels that
s'el th'bltoe or greenare pantetl with preara
, ons of cobalt and' chrome green respectively.
They are then dipped in the glazing, which is a
thin solution .of feldspnr, quartz, lime and old
elina, ground fnlee. So porous is the material,
thatin two setonds after it is out of the liquid it
is dry, though a sufficient deposit has been left to
ootnu.al all the painting, whlh only reappears
after the econd baking. Those portins or" bis
et. china" which are unglazed are covered,
hen dipped in the liquid, with a paint which
prevents tihe gnazg from adhering but remains
onlorlems, .After the second baking thoae vessels
that are simple in their decoratisons and require
ee color,, receive their finishling coaents, and are
baked a third and last time, Others, more ele
gant and more complicated, are baked a fourth.
flth and even sixth time, not to harden the vessel
atl, more, but to melt the p aints and allow the
atist to give it additional finshing touches. All
th paints are made oftmetals dissolved in their
respeotlve chemical solvents, and applied with
ordinary line brushes. The yellow, for instance,
isproduced by gold which is twenty-four carats
ne, made of ducats; and dtsolved In the sul
phato ot iron. The heat of the furnace is so in
teese ss to melt all these metals and give them a
lorter, except gold and silver, which come forth
doll as they entered, and are polished with
agates. "If the article has escaped cracking by
heat, it is now finished and ready for market.
The tom from cracking is very great. Three
footthe of all the vessels are spoiled in the baking,
many of them splitting in the fifth or sixth heating,
after a vasnt amount of labor has been expended
onathem. This adds much to the cost of porcelain.
Every piece shrinks one-fifth in heating, and yet
remains o the same weight throughuut. All ithe
laborers work by the pelace, so that whatever is
broken afterthe first heating they receive no pay
for anes it is broken In heating.
Isr are. over four hundred workmen em
plo..d in the establishment, among whom are a
e rýOlber of isrl and women. Great etseadi
.aar o neve a aeodaurey of sight are required,
quite ineompatible with drinking habits. In every
depattnt steruptthat where the glauing is aon.
4noted, the workmen are not exposed to injurious
vapors, and conesequoently have good health and
lookfreeb. Atleast osfe4afth of them have im
paired their eyes; though they do not work after
night, they are obtiged to use shades or glasses.
he greatest qulet prevall throughout, amid per
feet .heesofalness and aparent contentment.
very workanh in allowed a whole window, to
which he it. very loese; and you will not notice
at window, whether belonging to man or woman,
that is not filled with pot-plants or climbing vines.
Every workman is feirst drilled three years in ex
-eleesof drawing, moulding, and a general study
forms and colors, then , sse through an -
prenticeship lerix years, after which he proceeds
y grad.l promotion from the lowest to the high.
st ede in hie department. Promotions are not
made from one department to another, each one
giving his exeleedve ttention from first to last
either to patbtig. moulding, or baking.
Even the beet artists get no more than seventy.
five thalem a month-ahout the same number of
dollars in our present currency. There are
painters whose talents are manifestly of a
very high order. .In passing through their
oomas we see the walls hung with classical
eangravings, and cgattered about are portfolios of
parti of terma.y, atlient and f erIll , sno alterm
rerHolbihl. 1i' . unaeh . e tcll.l-e with tllcn
about tile proper forll tf NI.roidl. llthe Ilnt: illf
Neptlone's tridenot, the breadth of Ah!llles'n
beard, or the fold, of Tully's topea. nnd they na\
put nu to confusion. Their workmannhip, to,;,
oespeaks o skill of no meanll ort, as ever- one
knows who has seen the rxqlostte portritsL a1d
thle delicate, almost gossamer, tracery of the
Dresden chins.
There are now in preparation, and lave been
for months, several magailicent v\ases and om1le
representatOlns of ncleent mythology and Gre
cin Ilistory, for the apllroachio \wlld's fair at
ParLis. One beautiful vase. on wlil noie of the
be:t artists Ilas labored for live 0months. perfect
ing a series of portraits rplresenting l tri
ouuphel mlarch of Alexander the Gr.eat, wa
broken by the heat. With inde1ulable
lerseeranllcl hle loas begn all nother ilrrlIlght
it within two periluls 1mouths of ompllldetion. h
the llost favorable conditions, the length of time
reunired to olmlllte the finest work is very great.
Firt,, the clay hlies in flps, "'' fermenting," flor
six nlonths. Then a line vase will require seven
rweetks in which' to be mloulded, to which add folur
months for baking and painting.-[ fhe Nation.
A ST noSE AnRTlT.--LI'lllstratiol. of Paris,
Ihas a qucer story of a11 English anlllatol artist.
aspoken of as "the idiot of Earlotwood Asyhlh."
This singular being, it is stated, was admitted into
the asylum1 twelve years ago, and was then tiulntl.
ilbut. although idiotic, exhibited 00mne :apabilty for
imitating forms. The leadint glhyi.inl of thle in
stitation navailed himself f thlls, and, osupplying
his platiect with a blhck-board and piece of chalk.
taught him to draw the forms of vario::s objects
. pope it. By mliking him name eacil of these ob
ject- when drawn, lie to sonlte dpgree developed a
power of speech in.the artistic if not artful du-n
my. The progress of the plipil most have been
rather rteius to his. instrluctor. a, although atni
mals were his favorite subjects from the first, it
took six months to teach him not to pat a1 horse's0
bhead where the tail ought to bIe. Iaving ma=
tered this important principle, however, the pupil
rapidly acqlired setraordinary power 01er iels
I pencil, unth he became whallt the writer in tile II
Instration calls one of the best 'anialists" in
England, attracting the notice and encouragement
of the Queen, Sir Eldwin Landseer. and other per
sonasgs of note.
A telegram to Western papers, dated the 8th
inst., says:
It is stated on high authority that (Get. Grant
has requested Secretary Staltuo to furnilh for
1 ublication all of Sheridan's dispaltllhe in refer
ence to the New Orleans ri',t-, in order to set at
rest the various and contrad etory reporto Cell
corning them, as well as to place Gen. Sherid.an
correrctly before the country in the matter.
THE CoPrs.-A letter to the comnlicsioner c
agriculture, giving the result of observations re
gurding the prospect of the cotton and corn elor
in Arkansas and Tennesnee, cays that the yicld i
cottop, particularly in the former Stlte, will I
much larger than has been estimiated, and that
will he at least three-tifths as great as the crop a
1860, which was the largest ever raised in tin
State. The writer says that a large crop of cor
is also growing, and that a surplua above the con
suming wants of the State wi!l probably b
raised. Both the cotton and corn throughout Ter
nessee and Kentucky are said to be giving pron
isc of an abundant yield.
Two Tunosaxn A . .tAn Exras.--The twr
thousand dollars a year which the parsintoniol
Congress tlht has appointed a comnmittee of r
treehlment added to the salaries of its member
will form no small item in the burden which th
broad back of the nation is called upon to heas
A full Congress consists of three hundred an
fourteen Senators and Representatives; con-,
quently the noble neact of retreuchmente to whitc
they have given legislative sanction, w-ill onl
drain the uockets of the people of the paltry sot
of six alundred and twenty-;ghlt tihonsoad dolla
per auunm. That amount is equal to the interest
at six per cent., on a capital of $10,47.000, or, a
five per cent., on a capital of $12,500,000; so th
vote by whisc the Congressmen have increase
their salaries is equivalent to adding to the no
-tional debt some ten or twelve millio's of dollars
-Here we have another instance of the vast dihfe
en.e there is between the promise and perforn
ances of a certain class of politicians, and untni:
tatable evidence of how pertinaciously they stic
to the principle of "heads, I wia--tails, yo
loae.':--N. Y. Exchange.
CABL-Es. aD.--Why is a happy husband lik
the Atlantic cable?
Because he is spliert to his IP'arts 'a Oien!t.
It is said the present ecseros of tihe '-co l tel,
graph was in the fact that the d:recto_., s-n.::r lIn
sight of the greatl end of their uondertaking fro1
the start.
The greatest " wire-puller " of modern times
Cyrus W. Field.
Ol tie arrival of the Great Eastern at 'New
foundland the sailors noanitmously dselared thb
the whole thing was "played out," and dutrin
the passage ther held an indignaiosn meeting. i
which loud slhouinti of "downi with the cable,'
were henard.
Shall we call Mr. Field as aristocrat because ht
is po proud of his " eonnection ?"
"Dear me," said Mrs. Grundy, "and so thet
have put telegraph po e. all the way 'cross thi
ocean. I shouldn't wonder if they tried a pan
Loon bridge next."
The Post says : Beware of the Boston firm tha
advertises to publish an illustrated paper at twr
dollars a year. Tile firm is not known in Boston
bht it is known in Western papers in the shape o
large advertising bills which will never ie paid.
gitEf _ntelligenct.
CoeaRE.s Orrcs, No. 94 Cae sreaste,
IondanS Morning. Arouas 13, 186,
On Saturday the weather was very warm and
Yesterday there was an improvement. It was
much cooler, and, the sun being overcast the
greater part of the day, made it much more
Business, on Saturday, was :;risk. A larger
amount of freight was shipped than on any otsher
day of the past week, and the departing steamers
left with good trips.
The steamer Vicksburg left the landing on Sat
urday, and the Alabama will leave to-day to seev
a place to lay up. These steamers will be thor
oughly repaired to commence running again as
soon as the water permits, in their respective
We return our thanks for favors to the officers
of steamers Julia, Annie Wagley and Nina Simmes,
The Louis d'Or from Red River, Grey Eagle from
Vicksburg, will be at the landing this morning.
The Grey Eagle returns to-morrow evening.
We learn through Capt. J. T. Burdeau that the
Mowhawk and barges from St. Louis, with a large
trip,' will arrive to-morrow. They will return
again on Wednesday.
Capt. Jas. J. Muse will have his light draft
packet Carrie Poole at the landing this morning
ready to receive and leaves to-morrow evening for
Jefferson direct. The Carrie has been overhauled
from stem to stern, and being of a very light draft,
will go through without any detention. She stands
A No.1 in all of the insurance offices.
BT. Louis, August 9.-Business.-We have no
change to report in business matters at the wharf.
The New Orleans packets continue to receive all
the freight they can carry on the water, and the
samemay be said of the Missouri river steamera.
The local packets are receiving the usual amount
of business for this season of the year.
Rtvuass.-Thc usual decline has now set in in
good earnest, and boats are already cleaning decks
for a square fight with sandbars.
We were pleased to meet yesterday with our oli
friend, Jno. A. Stevenson, Esq., the well known
and popular steamboat agent of New Orleans.
Joln is looking in most excellent health, and we
are sorry that he cannot remain in the-city longer
than this evening, as business compels him to re
turn to the Crescent City immediately.
Captain Tom Scott, of ancient renown, takes
command of the light draft Tom Stevens, and will
hack her oat tha evening for all points on the
upper Missouri. This is the last chance for travy
alers to reach the gold regions by steamboat.
The Lady Gay., Captain John H. Buck, is the A.
and M. S. S. packet at 4 P. u. for New Orleans.
The Clara Dolsen commences to receive this
morning for New Orleans, and will leave at 4 e. a.
The departures include the M. S. Mepham, for
New Orleans, drawing seven feet, and refused
reight all morning. Pilots, Strong and Bell. The
Mepham will connect with the cars at Cairo this
svening. Captain Wood commands, with O. G.
Cates m the office.
BILLS Or LADINso SaSMPS.-Steamboast clerks
need no longer feel undecided as to the matter of
stamping bills of lading. W,. Taussig, collector
sf this port, says, August 7th, 186t: 1" ills of Ian
ding, domestic or inland, or to any port in British
America, are, since the passage of the new reve
nue act, exempt from stamp duty."
We take the following full particulars of the ex
plosion of the General Lytle from the Louisville
We are called upon this morning to add another
to the long list of steamboat disasters. The Gen.
Lytle, of the United States mail lise, elxploded aher
boilers between 3 and 4 o'clock yesterday atter
noon anar Bethleham landing, about twenty miles
till' shoa l woter, 1 and till -tXII ed the larh, ,l
engine, and the St. t'harli' had pI' ' -e hr a .hegl
,i-tal e, a this 111timrll he signal Iarrct esti gll
aheado n le11 h l' Otdelt tl i , ll l' hI It' exp ded.
The fore,, of the explohsiou w e. ,d,,way' 1ad u al.
officeI l te llng off the ll lo il c 0 nll. d iot h111 l el .
alndtl l aki o tm tl ck of tihe boat. t l 11
i lt nilt te at this tile to l 'll' U I ll ila "ie t Ietl a ,
of tle ll'l' ll nt. II t iS generall 'h -'Ii tl aill
from fifteen to twenty. though sume' estimates are
higher than ll thef ' of the 1 abve. \e give ilow
ia' " l'll eltlit of Irle ' illll, , lt d : iW llnltd l oil f
Onhellll (it :tl'lr hullt ' to "I arnolV tI ", ,,I el.
aot'it, lloiIrelal llt' 'l yl, ' nl ' a rin tt rltm
asleep at the timer, Ha e viat' h il al ,lw dI w t,
i'tr he Wtll tal.cu tll n l'd of tle Stc . C harle
'har1l. Miller. tlonvilte lll, etgileer0 who wag o
ported tht tmate, is Si tile d I Inlte o Wtbee ll
Paosenger, by the Il,-y repot bayirng 3et. six
h'sd ,tl ha on the gt),krds o tf i St. lt ' t) r.
wi.re itl.er, enillncer t adly ea , I alou d e. ilh
Ainjred.nnd Corled . r tilhl ry, pill tie, Inthe
tiofr clerk-, yho e amle w, wroe oun ald to learnly
brtce in wre rot Ihlous t t," thile of th|\. Tloh
1i0n1 an0 all ellatpedf. Thet lere ttalldinlttott
tsee loar i lieer, i du aIl a ll the liiltotf Ihli. was
rendered eto ('in lsittnte in tleir Io r. Ch le. A
neeper o( pfrus tllnate. d11 ticalded rr oWil
raletof atheener. :,.ad cllalere J.:ui"i ily tile St.
lt s belito hve tbeeint all If th.e . Isienl' Mr. s
Crow, ofi Jelteonv ille, barly sca0lded. It is re
orted that most of1 the deck hands on watch
were teitl.er killed r taile wounded.u t
A note brught dowin by a laisenger on the
inj reelived l tChatrlet thtrabe trepio il aI fthe
third clel'k, whoe tl flle A wer illlle l to arln,
were in thoi t h ptiusl tat the telte 1of tr explo
lf hl, and all eI Iped ll They were stanlln olt
the lhr board side, an I d d. tle pit . dhoe was
nowt imeoffi they fel back into tiht wirek, aIn
waroth m3tue 0l0 Ity ilaifr leteC 11ier o
esaped witih slight iet bruisDeeeeIn efou'. Thle
St. Charler backed dtra im it afterdnany er the
exploson, and lttraprl',the lur wolr.r. 1er ocllhert.
ret dered eetry assistanlae in the ricr power. t
cimlg, ito fpertins floate !er in the cliver n
eithe.. of the weeer, ant wae tre 'u ey tfile St.
gIt it beliove tero. ll y the nlarl at tlse ~ters
w'orks tile river hal. tilleh • vWen in, ' h'es dmtin
tive t Inty-four Cours pr reperi , siwho Wyclok y-tert
at the ti ttle, war !low i ;it with rt. au n el, rti
owllter river t o 1 hflll'l in e tarning t)i here he
was reteie oolrfo it the exelon , tle tof Il t
SGen. Ltle wa puite crloud' i alldty, tithe
fash'l twosled boilero , roit ier, a it
SO tile ghll b lart eenin aw there were tntha-twvll
tilel .1iers mi is thfe passed do, thle Indira chute,
sand fimmei:tel. The wek etht fie, It
Sas extingur n n ished till sby nile St. Ct'les.
AIt Pitttrter tt lotut yestrIa l the river istl f ali
Thr Messenger, boInd 101 Netv Otleono, from
iondg, with dfaurteen iel:e ou tel c tlthe chae it
with lear ,eather, I a lont. hlnhd 1 , ltlle evety-foudr
Woerkee n eabovee at wok rtep irinrk atn rewdte
work the whari yetcarday, '.euni incig at oulth
The te Inty-fnol hours cleared six o'Ne Orlenut
dayt o'lning, aitha ich tine there were seven feetll s
ofli a11 nter oU t (cli'rel out of rillg Ohio el. t.le
tat. She transtcrred a lot llfll7 .lerei- 'of
pork to the Cda ory t to t l tahehrto (airo, ad
CLOIS, ll Aut .st -The river waat tis poits fll
rather slowly ypterday, with three l et tenro n bllti
fuwatlyr e t. o loal i er cat tin,' ii they tmiui.
and ftlling.
The weather was very pleaallt all day. The
thermometer was not ovenerr nio e net desrc i
shade, ohi,,h to un weel-footed idivictinls of God's
moral tineyard, wan -crei-uble having suna-rcc
such intolceable heat r ithin the last twoa or tlre
months. Our prospect bids fair of ecraping the
chrlera this season, oa the cool nights have begun
to set in. Busines dull.
MEoIPIts, Aun. ill).--Bsines contilOe; dul!.
Weahe.- clear iand wrl. The t ivrivr here de
clined one foot ii the past twenty -furIhours.
The Gleaner reports three feet in thie Arktanais to
Pine Blul,. and twenty-eight inches to Little Rock.
The Ohiot i, falling. rlith four feet in the canal and
six feet oni the blr in the twlcer Ohio. The river
at St. Louis continue. to decline. Tihe packetsrc
port seven and a-half feet from St. Louis to Cairo,
and nine feet on I'hnm Point bar.
BaYOn SRa.--Thia fast and splendid passenger
packet, in ctomnand of Capt. W. R. (Greathousc.
with Messrs. Traoxler and MJlilleria the office, leaves
at o P. M. to-day for the above and coast land
ings. Passengers for the coast will find the Simmes
a most comfortable packet,
The splendid new low pressure passenger
packet Mary, Capt. A. L. Myers, commander,
leaves as above from the lake end of the
Pootchartrain railroad at 1t M. to-day. Agent
--I. C. Harris, corner of Camp and Common
new, fast and splendid low pressure passenger
packet leaves the Lake end on the arrival of the
7i a. s. train of cars for the above. Captain
- - is in command, and Mr. John Otway is
the eftcient purser.
,arin2 @nteligence.
Onaser Orrlrs, No. St Caa.nessstr,
Mundsy, Augusta 1t, ti . t
Cleared Satulday.
Steamship Maraposa, Quick, for New York,
J I Colurtenay
Steamship Gen Grant, Holmes, for New York,
A Moulton
Steamship Morgan, Lawless, for Galveston,
IC Harris
Steamship Texas, Stanton, for Galveston,
Hawes & Bowen
Steamship Lizzie, Webber, for Pensacola,
Merritt, Dunham, McKinnell &co
Steamer Sarah, Blakeslee, for Mobile, Master
Ship Georgians, Nobman, for Liverpool,
W R Buddendorff
Fr bark Maximilian I, Nee, for Havre,
W R Buddendorff
Schr Talisman, Johnson, for Havana, E Troisgros
Arrlved Saturday.
Ar sehr Teresa, Mattie,from Fampico, to master
2d district 20
Mx sche Mercedes, Perara, 9 days frot Campea
cby, in ballast, to S Fernandez &co-2d dis
trict 20
Tillie C Jewitt, McCormick, fron the Passes
Went down light--Brought up schrs Teresa
and Mercedes
Lafourche, Baranco, from Bayou Sara.
Jennie Rogers, todifer, from Montgomery.
Hunter. Palms. from P'oint-a-la-Haclhe.
Mary, Myers, from Mobile.
Arrived- Yesterdy.
Steamship Harlan, Lewis, from Galveston and
Indianola, to I C Harris--lt district
Steamship N P Banks, Pepper, from Pensacola, to
Hawes & Bowen--lst ditrict
Stelja, Churchill, from Pittsburg, with 11 barges
Julia, Thompson, from St Louis.
Annie Wagley, Compere, from Minden.
Nina Simmes, Greathouse, from Bayou Sara.
Waloon, Darvoe, fromn Upper Coast.
Louise, Hopkins, from Mobile.
Uelow-Comang Up.
Br bark Florence Chipman, Whalen, from Liver
pool, to Ashbridge, Decan &co
At Quoa tlne.
Bark Brunswick, Sylvester, from Havana, to J B
Marison &co
Exzorte Saturday.
NEW YORK--Steamship Mariposa--549 bales
cotton 124 bales moss 62 half do 63 hhds tobacco
173 bbta molasses and sundries
NEW YOiK-Steamshil.till CGrant--100S bales
cotton 11 bales wool 60 ba es moss 362 bbls flour
1537 pkgsa Bndse $22,500 spliec
GALVESTON-Steamtship Morgan--35 bbls of
I (i l il i l '] r') ' . , !' 'il '[t.li7 ~ l ItH
' _~lI hl~l()b [- , )l U,,c. IIm~~!: ;·,!·+C lll '2<41 II . tril ls 1 : DI' 111·
hli')ld rlo.
I A I l k M xi m i 0 I 6,es c) I "t.,'h1
,0 n~ I'''at~,r '(ll R1; 1` ~ T,, 1) 1111 0.0,.1
'"l0b .ll a cu t l .!., :n 2 0 i s : 1
.IVIER'OOL hipcot.
Inlgor!l ,t;,, eY
tun ls, h1 h.s tuaceo '3 se 10 ble 12 do u
6,o hm9 lowood
11I.\V'.\N. ',~hr Tnlismln~t--l 10:dwa u:r
, 0 du p'otahr toe lsis rn- 10 bhl, burl:
Sa tOlllLE--Steamer Sat-rz50 bbis hlo-ur 1sr
b coln 1500 slks corn and sunldries *
Impore Srtaturday.
T.\MPICO-Schir Tl'ereoa-100 bto;.,h'. bttci.,ns
$3u00 in spe.ie
('.\ ,I'EAI'l|Y -Sehr Mereeres -,;000 Max dill
tar,.+n ,to l Iet'cro -z No . 4
MOlilLE-Steantuer Mary -undries to order
imnorts Ye+t erdh,.
Re elpVt. or Produce Saturday.
D\Yt0 SAt ll'\--Hialclr L:,fot ,, , , Sndri ,
o) ord n 1e nd til Il v Votton ii} \'o,, PI.:.1 j • & f
lq)INTli-A-I+A\-H.\t'IlIE -Stteamter limt ,r+-10
,ky I nlionls 17 s ,s rice lot Ifllr.ttlure and suld i
WETU M'PK.a l.\la!-St-amer Jl,.:,,:- R., .ors
42 bales cotton and s rtllthies to order
Reeetnt. of Prodce Ye.ierda.
ST LOUIS-Steamer Juh1--315 bb1s po;uatnr, .;.
do onions 3'1 skr potatoeo T7u sks corn G.e- Mar
ti-303 do 15 sks lni on, ;ln 220 bils lpotatoes to
,, lrulhan-.l0 d,\ A Terg,.r-. 0 do Bnrne-, & Bit
ling--t-4 do it Dutp-20 do 1 ull 1 , BoIggs- 100
,do I C Harris-l13 do 10 bbl- onion-; bhits eggs 1
bx cabbuge 0tb10 bbls our F Dletmludio- 314 do to
HI rotan Phul jr' &c+ --11,0 ldo J H Ogleshy Aco
S450 do S 11 Kennedy &e--160 Grace, Davis &.o-
S100 Do -how & lUt kcmaifster--200 Hu ttinton tiu ll.
100 Kbl-ehr & Updike- -16 Siluoti, .\ Adalltl--00
do 52 bblis pork 75 ceks bacon Keep & Cauliehhl-
1 0 bhis potatoes 17 thl, apple- I bx+s ualbblme to
Mtiller & Mleyer---7 .. lirl;,Ih- b. l, I. ututues
F (' ahta n--7'. do noO ):!i, curun 2 i .ks tlt'lll to
Dorman A Rnhnu-'00 bbl: flour 2 Oblhs e.!.,
sks llbran C T IihlBdecelie--114 sk< tcrnl 15 xll of
.h, Iscil ? l , M liiotts 23 h·l polt,,es Str 1 ,¢lIe
Able--120 to 2; bhb ap'lide Stanard & ,.i yha l k-
S112 bblsI .......... 711 I ..... . . 2 do .... I t.... .-,!,
e.tihl~ago .Jlu T' MI[oile---t'i11 -k'. o'il'l .;0o ..ks b 'ad
,' lnlilIct Woods, ,ltatthew.+ 1,. --lh:, (tie'si w lend
i S M1 Todd &,no-70 bbls ptui,+s 10 d, union, 3,
ibils flocr C I Lauman--3 lbIl egv-l' GO'Rih,-
S 1 trunk tdL , 11 hi,:, t lin, -; ts',-,s & Dl)owt1ln
d'50 du 152 sks corn G1 \5- Ivyine.-10 tbl, eg-g,;;i
eeggs to S,~hn(,idher . Zoberolld---13 r-tis V'+. "on ,
\t Wret & :uNellttleti-·0ol d. 17 hhtis bacon I K 1k io,,
ver-e--5t bMs c'tdy 1 do 8011011 .' F,,r,,htn ,,r
f tlros-11 do 1t bbl-,. Scl ,lt .re to L. vi ,' NorII il--'a
bls eY gg to Elhyll & Thi ina -- 1 , |llhi lim ,
I- hoo lim:cr--i bl.b[ pl .tat.,+ 1 o. y, t i 'riry ,\c,
1. 1,1 skscrn ll (tritIn&ll Plorthit- I hI* ainb . ., t J,
Spo.'--2 hx (, cauil II Fllhe--30 i lk.-. tull,, o L.,
- i vr ITP ro -t--7 , g - las wc a1t. J I nil 'l1t d 1)o
P .hllache-15 hhs bloine- . F Sturc .an -2 Ix,
eggs J enitz--,3 Lx< vertlilize ]J'l M.ad Ao-
t 10b bxs cheese MtcFarla,. ntraight r co - 1 f ofi
r butter Str Paulne Carroll-1 bae otiln 15 LIIl
J IL Lee---2 bales eotton Thirs i Sott &,o/--loot
oheet, Mt'Q )oid. Sele &eo--.3 hersc, 0 col". t"
M Cohn--soudries to order-Total bal ct
MINDEN-Steamer Compare--2 bals cottt
ýl 1 ,,1,:- t ,d S O) , T .\ Nel on , , u-- h bals , t
r ton J hal' B&.ro-4 ot' L Walmlh-,-1 do to
I J D ilair &au---1 do W \" Carl,.- lb 'e wool 11
a ]ides l'ouligny & E-xelapolsn-; d~, \l" WH I Witherr
,il-- do Wright. Hall &,a--t3 ,o:, w:ol WVilkinioi
S& Raele!--2i . sks ettonl seed l[out,.4ule ,t Car.
, los-l,' do Titus & I (wartney--50 bbl- ro-in to do
turpentine Loaan, Soniat & CIlaiborne--110,3 oak
staves (W W GOi pie--sundries to order-Total ,2
bales cotton
BAYOU SARA--Steamer Nina Simmes--4 baIr 1
: cotton Kohn..,: r ,ro-o do Lao'(\, Terry &, to
1 5 Flower & M[anl--5 Sco't. Cage &ce-1 do (mow
I S Whited &co-1 V I"-- ,u--1 Den Tuedano-
sks seed cotton ' aew' , C N \ orthiniton-sundries
y to order-Totl 2'4 iltes Cotton , s.ks seed cotton
PITT'LUI:"G Steaamer btella-1l"0,000 bushels
coal ]]oruer & Wloods4
o UPPER COAT-Steamer Waeoon-Lot weo,,1
and sundries to order
e Receunts by REllronds.
N. O., J. & G. N. R. R.-Aug 11--9 hales ut
d otton and sundries to order
N. O., O. & G. W. R. R.-Aug 11-12. head
cattle and sundries to order
Callin g at Navaoa and Qoeensto to nd and embark Malls
here at through rates of freight hencs to St. Peterburg,
Moscow, Riga, Hamburg, Bremen, Abtwyrp, Rotterdam,
Gothenburg and Havre.
Steerage passenger tickets ae ranted here by this line to brin
p-sengermfrom Liverpool or Queenstown to New, Orleans,
for .W) 1n currency, per adult.
he final oort olf destination msgy be e!ther fixed onsigning
the bills of lading, or declared by tre hu.der of the hill
of lading within twelve hon:rs M.ar the stearer's nrrirva!
at Liverpool, thae fo rding the importer the choice o;
Navigation Company Limited, will depatch the folloing full
powered Iron Screw steamships between
S.iRg from LIVERPOOL and NEW ORLEANS Monthily
Daring the Summer:
LOUISIANA...........I S 17t .....P. Ja n. Captain.
MISISSIPPI ............ 18 tons......J. C.mpbell, Captai.
FLORIDA...............A.. Lens...... . raan, Captain.
MISSOURI..............1m tona....... HIIancocLk, CapsIn.
ARKANSAS...... I...186. tons......T. Banon, Cap0a1 .
ALABAMA.............1ItomL......Wm. lManeyCapt
GAMBIA.................11 ton......J. JGraham, ClaptaiL..
CAROLINA.............161 tons ......J. Hairby, CaptaIL.
BOLIVIA .............. ton ....H. P. P. Conch,Cpt
Cabin Passag to Ivsrpool $I gold or Itl eqluvalet In
Por rs of freight apply to
HUNTER, ASKEW & CO..4 IS0arondeIlt street,
Codignees of goods are repectfully desired to present their
Bills of Lding at the ofbce, pay their freight, and obtain d5
liery orders for the same.
and splendid 4ldewhel aItemahiLp
MORNING STAR.....20WLtons....Nelson, Oommander.
EVENING STAB.....LMStonL....Knapp, Commander
GUIDING STABR ...... 296S ons....Berry,Commnder.
RISING STAB........ E0tonsr....- ,Commnder.
The new and ILt-clas crenw Iteamshlps
MISSISSIPPI ..... tons....Furbur, Commanding.
MERRIMACK......... 000 tons. ....Vanslee, Commanding.
MARIPOSA ............ l. tons... .Qck, Commanding.
MONTERY...........I L0ton....WhtIman., Commanding
The new and iateclass screw steamLhip
WHITMAN, Commander,
12(0 tons,
Willlarve the Company's Wharf, foot 'of Jackson Square,
on SATURDAY, August 18, at 7 P. n.
The Line is €ompeld of the targest and most elegant stem
hips which heave ever been built In this country for any hom
Rue. Tbey are in ever respect itted for ocean Mere nd the
mta upon which they raun. Their passenger accommodaslons
are not excelled by those of any other steamern in the world
1Passage in screw stesmsbips, irst cabin, $6; steerage, $30.
Frnight will ber~Ied st the Company'.aw o uels on the
l-rding, at .1a time during business hoear, end the Company'l
te foerfreight wW always b e ades low a by nother
forf4iglt or asag lpply to
03 oarondelet street.
To sail on MONDAY, 13th Inst., at: i. 1.
Sanlat Lolus,
WATSON, CommandIr,
Having all her cargo engaged, will leave her whef, foot of
Jacktso stret, as rbore
For passage, having magnifient t accommodati0nsi apsly to
Corner Caroudelet and Gravier streets.
The mourlerture entitled "The Yhil,,.o hy oT Mnrriags "
delivered at the New York AnatoomicaNluIseum, BI BLrotd
S., New York, can be had in Nw )rlemlls at M . F. Keller,
7 Royal street. Price P 5 Dans. sent free Ly poI t amywhere
..... l Il
\r,.no n LINEI l U\lTI:D .PATim: 11\H +IA\.qll;
.,,,. ,no T Ul ItND \\,A .. ; ,:.,
I'. ( J:ill .,t Iall., n,,vt t1,1lic0% r i.-e A t t1 lii\ l, nI f il: ,
rlhl. 4,i· ClillhlltWP% L,.
vavl-T'he h,,v p~re mue sidowhel atei~ t
JSO. LEWI'le C" '1.en
Wfll 1 IlI %ANIIIILr 0 I>
",l C utl, .
1 (·A ZIO \[TIIA :'.,. LI
.1 a , 1 1 . IL E t
II'1,,tlY T,· ,,<lhl i',+h/l~lllit,,' 1- ,u. il / ,.lllt l ll-t 1111 111 1F{Ii.N
L; X I,: t1~l i 'lli£ (1II r)( ~~ lli, o ~i· ..llrt', lli..-i) ii (·r i .e+,tli·I, ,
illli:T·L/ ( 11,.,tti! 1/ -l'"+ lmtll'" lltt lll.+ l~·II r d v ll l q,
4III. 1+I lili', ·1 .. .. + , t,] ,t( 11 t>1 +]~~ Ilti ,,Il·] +
on~,; ~ ·i~ T\il··flt DLY 1I)
th,,lt i,. tl++. r ..wi u~ ~ ·l ,+ i. t] ...£ ,1 ; , ,.
i+.ro t .;'' ····,· ·~ , N, , ..-..~.:
Heau ,foIrtI, .t, 2m
W.W H IL TCH , i "alPs ," ,%l4 l
Mi,,a;eR Rn TIT I IDT, D h il. iI EIL. , .· .
W L!1It hlve 1 Ili ,,=e ! l i, +,+L .,">- P
,++r+ ln I , ,+ ,
YI..RTT DCII~~ Zl'a~fI(I. .+:.\+ I",,
I,',F A V I+ .'II',LA ·lit d.·' II'·
- L---- s -- U
T. ,; ,n T l R . \I, i,:,t.l a ,:, " + a
...... &I()3L .
T b:c',ini. at Bay Rt. Louis, Pa (e Chri ~ P :. an:d lMi; si,:.pp. t Ct
Leaves MINDAY. AlN .: lI ,n th arr.;.,n of tht Ic ,
FOHlL...IbF,-TiniislIIINi. AT SAY NT Lill"IR,
ieiis Ir. I. ld isilpp.
.reel and iowpr re nteaw.,r
A. L ERS, ('rm rinder,
Will leave as shove, carvlng the U*. S. )iah.
Srelgt~t t--a, a groat, , teOl:.d p ,r.n d a , Ai;:+ of Ladle j
aiml,,sl at th'e xent', o l lI..
N l'r t, tA I r )~L r bile r. ,shed lanti! U-lNl .. ., ..i .. ll:'
F.AALv. l illllY : ru r -I r
P fi et , i e . o[l ., l11 1r, ,I I we s
OI aine, ulae L prevented by IlowT axNl'eI -,l, v eathe.
I C tlA RII S,
A.-rr ramp xd E ('NS.U I u N t l..:.
Tle t.n. L . dy 1 h tl k;,er
l.IA IIl LITTLE', ,.Ar. ) i KE. f,"k
W a'll :,·ae a. tb,,r e ;i vlnc t.llnzh lIi. I , 1'u'_ h r ill i..itu!,
Wi l LA , 5rn la ipi.: thr lth ie a te pl r - i, l -.
J A. iT E.iNa ON, 5 Frli i Lt trealt.
P N--Tlie teame, r Bhle S P -innu 1: e 'CSrli .-:.reu ar-u
hATAI, I NG . l mCI n S
N, L I,,, Ie h .ippi Clit , Bilid l-;-.,I ,lt' Sp .ng,
lThel IRd, planld Iptlo t reres
La A. of the Lake,
0algtata JOE WTALK!.R.
Will hm ,ke reoh, tripu fr the oe plal al fols
TNESDAY, on S..rrl5id 9a. . train, I'onSchartR:a: B R
TUESDAYB....s'l . . .
RTIHUDAY S t,5lc.i.
P.etunlg--Lavs, 'RIn. sC.lola We'iay and -ndov
tO, Mo'lIing oit all mdi ec pting dr t Io 0ean Sdpr ing.
ale Tuesday ad Stutg da) trpAs ill bie exlendeld to W.
T'Ihee trips a. i e regularly made, unless pie-lted Iy bad
weather or low wtere
I. C. HARRIA. Agent,
Corner Camp and Common .treets
Christian, Masisippl City, Biloxl and Ocean Springas
The elegant and very fsOt lo preasure teasmer di
A. P. BOARDMAN, aster.
Will hereafer eolntlnue her trttas follows.
ONDAY.. SATURDAYloc A 4 1. Ptchartrsin R. R. traln
THURSDAYS, 9 o'clock ER, C ..
SATURDAYS. 4 o'clock F. M.
IturTing, will leave on
On Monday morning's trip will go direct to Ocean Springs
lnd BloiM, returnig same evening via all the RWatring
Ter above trips and departures will be regularly made, un
less prevented by bad weather er low water.
on SATURDAY, positively no freight wil be received after
3 o'clock P. I. train
For further Information apply to
. COHEN t. SORIA. 10 Caro. dRetlttr:t.
Leaves every TUESDAY on the arrival of the 9 . M. Pochar
train Railroad train, for Pascagonla and way landings; Ieaves
every THURSDAY for Ocean Springs ands waylandiugs;I
and every SATURDAY at 4 F. s. Pontchartrain Railroad
train, for Pascagoula and all landings.
eplehdid low presure pas.enger sreamer
will leave as haroe. For freight or passage apply to
-.orner of Gr.eo r and Carondleo streets.
Leave every TUESDAY,_at 5 t,. n., and SATURDAY
Steamer J. M. SHARP--HENRY STRECK, Mater. JOS.
vllte. Napoleonvllle, Douaidadonvill0e, and OOU intermediat
coot landin --Will leave regalarly - above.
The J.1. Sharp will gle partlcular atta.,ton to coat
hlaeht and se nger. For ftreght or paesag apply on boar d.
P.S.-eblppers, In all caes, aere responaibLa for the payment
of hreight J.S ..LPF Trhopltoular trder
S RGINIUS C. DRNTZC[* Advr lan A , 1t.
Shippers o Ldaforeheh freighl llcu ded upon the Irf ght
going through to its destination by tl I,ma lt ith as 1ittle dn.
lay as by any other mode of ecrveyanoe
In the State, outside of Now Orleans.
Mercantile Cards inserted at LOW PRICES.
Subscriptions and advertisements recovodllrect at the Offe
or by mail accompanied by the GAS I.
J. M. TAYLOR Proprietor.
\A [LAh fl', AND II . PJF,',l'JI ii tAii I l' 1 UMP NY,
CAt.YINh u TILL L:l A111 I ,AI1A MAIL h.
OnT of the fllownlg Lt l..i TpAles ng r .Itea mer, i i
11nv11 at *.s lve a i h, all l ,t:;l , at".l n kw hlnlidh.s IVI. 'i
EVENING Illt 5 ': u k v,frum tN C. piaI l wit rlt. I t oo f
,.vi o e stret:
Iuth, L l.,Iy " ry,
W. I,. Atll,.ur OtL,,e itrun:iT,
Pauullne Olnrrll, Ml I .nap.1aa l,
.At ILltIc, 1,llEle IbIle,
J ul1a, Lo Litin, talt ,
JLumhNL-ry, I ry E. Fnorf ,
J. N. 4'. JIw , l b if <TI
The aboe hoat~ h ,:,, : e ,,: tl_ L, a r 1 ,.,, .h lý y rt.lteul, a l
,xrt. cllll ,,u 1lt .r -li x1 , . C , .JI C -,, 1, u, t 1 ',,, ,, ", u, vt 1 1.
. 1' 1 ,lll : . + 1 f e 1 ". l t .l lr h ll '(l lrIt , ,-p01 e flll ) il,,tl
J-UEII1 1 I tuWi'N, Pr- i tII Nt,
JNU. N. PI.'4 .AR, .ixvr rlten lent.
.I N1,, . F.f I L'A1 1 ." ,,1 t, i lt I' 'l,'l.tr I ,e,
t i.L's . 1. n ' da , l h f IN. 1f At
IT.lt 1 D N'1'. IlN l IAiti I ;IE.''. IIIA K i
-I L..,n h ,.i i ,ii N .flBh tT:T,,.,, i . rI .ll ,t,,,u h:. Nhull,
f'4 ' 111l' , i t.Il, 1 I I' , ' ? 011111 . I 1 hll ,l ', , 1 I" N
t, r . ,J ,d , N .: ,,',,. Fur 1.' :L .L
p x a~ ~e x appl r o :l i d o , tI
lea n r· ing n yW IEDNE1 iND a -1 15 RDANY "-- -rx
O Aý I (f' IINI: flIT' II, I. fI' fi' AI 'f C.TIt
u T T)'Nr N i"nlt r' JN LI n Ni .i NA' ' iI ytlArun,.
Loul ,IEOr, .11N II' Iir s a.tiIonal.
iU yh N Au;,u n . 8 ýI t,.ui ...... ,n , W. "Lnledn ,'. lt .d
F r . ., lhn e :fr k'rt I',rf I r or p ete ..tul ,
INNrL T car to t. O. L N II F. A 1t,,3 Clm.m1ei[rl iectl.
', TBESOl I l'.I . I LF. i. l"T PAla A .aa
JO +N t. Oi. we, II. PRE1. WO 5 , . Clr,
iOl I .%ii I[[ F,· II| I: w I , ,RI
1,1:. \Ir , hf. I '. I ·l,1.. , , ,: · FI I' U U E T
VIRHG1:NII 111' D~.LN LI+}, . .A,.xrt<rt" A=ent,
fOl A._. IIS1M.t. I, \AIJI4., :'A 1 1IT.1
h,. ; 'J lL l" .ir ,,! :, ;..1: .- . :. ;, ;,,I ... lt B .,r l ," , n l
Hu1 )!1. : r-Tl,, ,,I ,1 .,
h' J. 1WIN], Llis\, 1_,: ', 5l 5] ,., nzlr x-tret
VI HII.NI Iv D-. N I ZLI..Z-{t~rllklD ages
F4 R,,.. PYlaer. ruine. D, a,,(lcnmvlle, aoal aii in e melin4
landilg.-xThe IaeueraSlteAleWra I.lAN i,, 4'.i, 3a r.inco
mster, nate New Orlrrigean regularly every ,EDNESDA.
at II) a. g., and SATLRDAY a5 6". r.
Return-ing, eaI aSIA.e ,anI. iICAS ¢Ar L'NA, Al . A., Bad
TIIUARDAF. at 5 P. g., c,mm{A dlwn the C0llt In dy'llpft.
. VIRGIlNII'S A'. JAEN'AZA]L . Allvlixng Agent
TrAOXLLt ' ,an MILLER, 1)]erka.
Laveaevey )ON IDAYat 5 . I ,., ad FRIDAY It 10 A. lL
1' R,+ e, Pl.u'emin'a DAA .lnlllAll :, l and all nter
mediate landluin. on tihr croast, taking frelghlt for all lanin.
on IaS3A Lafour.Ab. For Iell.hI oA p.Iage apply oS hIAAAr
or to
TITUS A OWARTNEV, Afoot No. 9 ThonpltrAmt et.
VIRIINIUS CA. DINTZ. L. Adlverting Agent.
LolA,, N~', Arles,., 1VER0.1, I)NESDAAY, at 5 A'.
ad Va-A,,l :VEI:Y SATU iT:iDAY, at 5 A . l .
SoBa. N,,talh Iof a,)on Rouge, and all Internerliat
aIndAtAl aAl Blyon CoAl tAbleuI and AtchAfAlaA'IAlll-.
Thr r Nw IA 01,0,:;n.11an A0Al,. I ai A. P-krt..
.t[eamer ý.elrllla, till plil'e v, the Irllnrl I c. nisa-klrg. r.h
lrI. IAAAA; . clerk, will Fcu , nan 'r lIreAgtA At,
plaaiAe aAl,I At J.A F. I'AItIN, AAlO.m
.: Old LIee -treea.
N. R.--Tlhea Son,a awill take pseI.angers fur any point on tbI
IaveAa Every SATURDAY, at B o'clock P. .
Smouth BayoAu Rouge, Iad all IntArmedI . Iaeadinga on
Bllyo, CourtableanII Atchafalaya and 1IALsiippl nvers--Ths
Ane, IIgbt-drulghtpassleni rsteameSr CleonB,, U. C. Pickett
matter, J. B. ScBmlt clerk, will leave a aabove. BetrAlng,
will leave WaxhnAtun every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at
10 o'cIlock. Paticular sAtntiolAia aid to, aols buldnes.. For
ITelghl or pIIa aIply on hoard, foot of St. 1 oul street.
YIRGIINIUS A . DENTZEL. Advertising Agent.
Leaves EVERY TIIURSDAY, It 5 r. x, eoInmencinA oA
THURSDAY, 17th Sept., at5 . A.
ton, Ahon. SkipwiAhA, ProvidneO. oAodrieh'a LanliAng,
Milliken's elnd, Vicksburg, Natchez, Grand Gulf. RodnIeIIy,
St J,.epn,, WatAr I't,,,f, Fart Adams. Ba)ou ba , Brou
Rue, DnilOI.,onville and alt IntermediAte lanuding.-Ihe tAl.
surpiased passenger .tcumar
Cen. JnA. A. Quitman,.
.=. Jw. CANNON, RISaAt,
will leave as above. 'fFý_ J.W. CANNON, Matte ,
Thile Gen. Qaitruan will tllkl, freight and ...en lps f r
TYazoo rlrA. wlth priAdIgeII,' orc.l piAg dt \'ircksbrg.
tFor freiaApl Alr pFlml0.A havlAg n.uirpaIlsed acuAmmoda
lFoa, ArAif on 01rp, o or1d, or to
(lEO. D. IIITE, Agent. 4 Gravler street.
The' (enA QuAitman hax lbeen tbAoriglhl, rlaired. r.ntrdA,.
and re itted, .1, and na ax n aonlpetr .et oIf sex two Ilae hlle
era, and for lped, xldai.lty anld coamfort sile ix unourIpa..*ed in
Leavea every TUESDA, at 5 Ir.I
(Attending to all buAneas A f teamer GAueral.Quttmar)
ioAny, Fort Admas, Bayou Saul Port Hso n, Baton B
Raoge PAluauemin, Donaldaonville, arn ai Intel'medAt, coAl
ad plantation IA dings--The magnAlifent pAangAr packet
J. RM. WH.TE, Mster.
wllleaves- above. The Grey Eagle will take freight and
pssSengera for Memphis and the IBends, aih privileg of rs
shipping oltheateaA sIr De- Arl. lad bor Yaso RAvIa, Iith
the privilege of rehI) pig. on the atasIea EAma No. i. For
eom0ort, A peA d aoau nSafet this boat i unsurpased and her
table iaupplied with the nest the market avord f
PoA AinfmotAioA rebtlvA to Blzoo River ighld. . pply oa
board or to Z0 P
OGEO. D. ITE, M PravIear street.
LO 1 e esALs er SATUDAY, at B af -.
hort auuson H t. Ranha Bdson Saug. rFort Adam-, N
cCaS, aerproo, t. Joseph,, .d. A raAi Gul P WarrIntBon,
Nw Carthageo and Jickebarg--Th' magnificent p a tug
steamer Fahion . DD Pratt, master, E L Shaw and F. .
K. LuiwigeI clerk a,iw IIleA asBhIB. FBr frelhtIor paI -
aga sppBy on hoard. or to JAS BUTLER A CO.,
15 and 17 F'ultn And 17 and 1 New .Levee street.
LeaIves eery WEDNESDAY al d SATUIRDAY, at 10 A. i.
Kr ttl.mingllF I" ry AION DAY ,nd T .RI:I:SI Y .
-l.0 llache,. d nd all WaI lAtl.5--T 'h plendhi iA pum.
O,,r .:,.ner ).i1. o ., w s A lA. ,,,.t,, \Av. S IA,
[I rl,,,*. cl,.rk, wt1[ lea,a~ al oh,.e
T10TUS a AI'.A'l'A. N l. 3 "hTYu.lb,,ulaAI street,.

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