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Ti. At UW)5521, , AUGUST 21. ISfi.
Auvwtaa k the --elpnalp Hotels.
ST. CBGAllUS SOTEL.-A D Fontross. Hone
toe.' exit; J3 $ dwer. LV Morese, f Conuell
T Ifn: it Irgli'riI'6 VoOi,*' u 3,W Nol, Ky ; i
gm"> fnaod, M P Aemasuen,
St' tOroae Tete; A J Neeslde.
P Louisvile; LN Walt
, +er, 0 Hsmith, Natchz;
.t ', t re wife, caincinti;
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' Ormstt;.lJ Stone; .-S
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CrViig, Sotland; O
lun;-W D costar and dson,,
othe prse wil h. ro their fun,
n"aw "eenatfil" turns up, theyg
t to:, extraot some ammmementfom,
joe i cable ln given rise to the fol
`: ' t .'; se isutb uee Coannulei ot.t;.]
.,thY mI t A 3' sDeeoeer "of Forulgn Asles, to er.
; µ 4i 8*A; i. d y; a astiftelf tr"hin opportunity
v'9+ ... eadt~t tii. em seertley of lstae of the
I St e$e upon the union of England and
btu s .:." ti+.4atrenee ever separate them.
:; +',; ,., TANI.Y."
S- Baieeecret.rt y ofe. liate recipro
X._ iioa -a V ta iengdla d and America,
', d to Itt.o a Lt lebitaltne due on
Sneapi acaout.. rr; Sward
voportunity o oe ting the
i tttsaifs"to one of the
: r: fl, now at nc0hor in the
t " r.Donner has I
to know the
- 1 %IfOLU6N." I
i ek's New York Led.
" hn pleee-l4p wp a i
- , .
oa a hito ferbnext wa
>Lt ele iofor our
ae. . ae `.i papt d by r
ac a,, : ,. r Imwp at3h z0,ladel
# eIrI ix eentheremo and melsewhere n Europe
.f . cc oo i ;tri m ar . Kep coolt n
4e th sn ove zi~as" lmylh. i cainroi artn
"n)Me oo*Bflt"t p yntell,'l baggedncare.
'e lst wee. for
n 4pask n . by ino~} l .
7;f.i ,' ". J k o aslAont yeat Went to2 a
A. S", .,ti.:cleal onnt,..hey wopen olo ne I
'do 'JOgt 4 onpl. of aua have get to cat
'omia a Iroaty o her c you eing
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TO Lon otini a.Y.
or' at Frnieotl qtmorrow. Retor ta
y ,i.oh~nea 'next: day. Speak in
a s in fav of white men, early nextpte dr
t ,o' teflaogw plan at the Philadel
Son, Wilt then attend to Enaland,
lalresthere and elserwere In Earope.
a fthehe ameica eagle. Keep ool h
t; 1" over for mCy koere railroad fond.
- , enpe. r elainaai. I
Me nd ther old isha obserlng tis
eiF e rfor i engaiements atho amlrla l
in a, as e leme,. be e rwoold elate
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fi, n" OeOd'. ha etated by noeseltsh mo
.:, :Aingeol, 2, 1806.
18c; Amonglle
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ealclt hera sho being
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rec oney so
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Sal 1a i0N aond
1i 1 redstptlon in
er .r us In h Odofr
ight tof both, and the der
t fspPA:d:aA mnjlug time
lIM1 opening to ths
nail 'saes that have
nia 146.~Sales of
a charncer
4s ir'}'35cant.demoowntland
a at 1 sdan.ed yt.ao
lin' o ieQ ol baUei that
` B-d . . , :cdlut. dst Batk, and
1* . on the steset for Sight
ants BRrasaceairna-The only
irids f f ormr of whieh ws havebeen advised
oday was 1000 Bank of Louisiana Noten at 67o.
i dollar. OUeratisous in the latter have also been b
restricted. and we have only to report a sale of 7
39 shares Bank of New Orleans stock at 31 -
BnRains' lloAno.--There is no activty what pt
ever noticeable at the Brokers'Bdard. Most of so
the Nembers are absent from the city, and the oh
daily teetings of the Board at present are a mere ril
formality. Their operations of to-day have beent
confined to the subjoined trifling sales, vizs
9J0.te shte nt B ew s stoer........2. T. TI
40 4 it id . ...... .... ....... .... n .tes ........ .... . .... ill
$ 0 o* .............. . ..........
flo New York News of the 14th has the fol- e
t,Oheb changes in the bank statement forthe week fo
are not o particular importance as affecting the i
market for money. The loans have increased
S$1,454,3 fo6. The specie balance has been lorther
drawn down in the amount of 11$t024,069--lioving
now In possession of the fity.n-e' banks reported at
throtgh the clearing house but 8,44,209. With of
one exception she specie balance has not been so
small for the lst three months: in thie b3th of
JUne statement it was lower-$7797i,21,: The P
fallowing are the totals as eompared with those of w
the return for the preious week:
Aug. 4. Asg. 55.
Loans............ $St9S 03 717 $250.005 Itnc ..e .445,10
tprie a . 44900t at s ,s)tar Dee.. l,rit,0s fa
tiotd .. .tinteas e n1s . Inc .. 216,9tny
rings. Bd lnn.. a 76it am 1
Da t o....... a4osh, ,e i rnt Decr.. tens
W.kengi eAgn. 4........E 52t38,81687 $m9,1tiaatr $'
Wee enodhiouss. tl........ 10V,975 i 0 0,8t,439 52
The transections at the Clearing House, AungUt
13tH, were as follows:'
. xche ges ................................. 04..... $ 404 4°50 qi
asBls eo ........................................ , 6 0
SNo new Natiotnl Bankst were organized during t
at week. The secenuresties heldby the U. S. trenas
urer in trtst for these institutions at the clone of T
last week, amount to over 3.0,,000,000odivided as It
follows: . i
As dcorltny for rc l etincnotesn a t............ . 39,.0
Asnscurita hore puhtc deposits i designated se
Psitoe ............................... 38,45,500
Total ..........................................83tt29,260 g
Circulation to the amount of $515,0655 was ioued
last week, making the tetal national bank circuls- p
tion issued to date $2871,048.950.
The gold room was animated at the opening of
business this morning, and the European news of e
a possible further prolongation of the war by
Fiance caused a slight speculative feeling, under b
the influnence of which an advance of about one
a.cent. on Saturd.y's rates was steadily held.
With this exception there was the usual dullness
on the street, increased perhaps by the ncom- g
fortable weather. Government securities were
"generally firm, the 5:20Os of '62 showing a little
weakness, but the transactions were light.
.,The Express says:
,In referenceto the September rooney market, b
the.Times' (money article) feels free to say that It
the probabilities at present, are in favor of, con- a
tinned, it nottnreased ease. We quote:
The secretary of the treasury wilt reduce the
a interest. if indeed Ie shoald not pay off his five
,ar cent, currency deposits, on ten days' notice
em or after September 1. These depdosita amounted d
iso tat August to $68,6t6569. His four per cent. f
-gdebackdeposits to the different clearing honse
s bsikts of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Bulti
more Cinfinnati and Chicago, amoutted to $50,.
000,010. Thes last he will not protiably disturb,
fBut his present currencybalances in the treasury, u
d tto". enerainty that his .income taxes, aside
fom other internal anti customs revenues, will he
very large in Auguost, will enable him to pay off t
alt other interest bearing certificates of drfosltts.
He cannot, onreasooablt tcrms, command for
ppayment any Other cpreenuey obigatinse. The
cotpound legal tender notoa are not to be had
sicapt at a premiumpf Ifx alue, and the full ac- t
cnmula'edmtiandtti:' . The 7-30" cent. are selling
at 15. i.tanid i~ fret: ; AlT the treasury cer- t
tificates of indebtedness have been paid of. And
beyond these considerations, the necessity and pex
eltenyef Cattnitng the payment of 5 ' cen 3.
terest on deposits in the oreasory have passed
awy. We tsereforb regard it as aumost certain
bt"t the Augusterevenues of "he treasury will en
toiete secretary to gie early noticeof hisrefdi
n to pay off all such deposits, or to reduce the
intertest to three per.cent..5 , .
he quotation of this day in London of United
ftatesr6; 0 1865 was looown in Wall street
before l o'clock. (They were printed in the Ex- t
press at 2 o'clock and 40 minttesf) 'hvissr v'i
mdst astonishing teiegraphic achievement of a
jamldBs cltisraster -ever recorded beta-een Eng- p
hind and the United States.
pAYYURT oc STonLEN Bosns.-General Spinrner, a
United StatdfrOMeitarer, as decidbdthat the only
protection to the owner against the payment of a
bond or seven:thirt a ,iop ga may have boeen
stolen is by entering a caveat at the office of the
secretary of the'treasarp.
Couponse are as nsegotiable at all times as a bank
note. and will be paid in the hands of a third party
and bona fide holders, even in the case wfere it is
known that they had been stolen.
. . . . . . . .
faomnuercial _ ntellig ce. o
OPsst oras, no0. 9 Olaeraeseo , i
Moonry venls. Aaust 20.16. t in
CoroN--The absence of later advice by the TI
Atlantic cable has caused a partial suspension of b3
operations in the leading staple to-day. Offerings, s1
especially of the better grades, were light through- or
out, and the demand has been of a very restricted o,
character from the opening to the close of bust- as
ness. The only actual sales that transpired were so
709 bales, divided among nine brokers, which
shsows that the movement was generally confined g
to small or trifling lots.. Both factors and brokers w
assert that there is no variation in quotations, and w
we therefore repeat Oatarday'ofigures, as follows, at
via.: Ordinary [email protected], good ordinary [email protected], m
low mddling [email protected],and middling [email protected] The pi
proprietors of thePrice Currenthaving ascertained as
by actual count that there is an excess of 36,000
bales of Cotton at this port on the regularly re
ported stock, we cheerfully , adopt their a
figures with our own, and as we have a'
gone to some trouble ourselves to learn m
the extent of the addition to the receipts di
proper, which latter have always been confined to
t4 bales, Ofthe large number of sacks of Cotton di
that haveccome to hand during the present season, a,
as well as the quantity of seed Cotton, ginned a
here, and the residue found in the way of samples, m
piokings, toe., no estimate could be formed with 8a
any degreeof accuracy, and it therefore becomes q
necessary to obtain special returns in order to Ic
make annual report. ti
etmnmmi or coovro. t
Utee mlhand lot. . s-balU..el........... 8... 2
ieda iowlainoeds..... eas............. p1. ....
. . .Lb+ r.................l..ooo ,
Bcea Ag3i Moirstssa-There have not been t
any reelptis from the coast smnce Saturday, but b
two cargoes of Molasses have arrived from Caba. to
The marekt for Sugar is very dull, and the only t
le waeanseport i s lot of 20 hhds. of Coba on ,
arlvate terms. There is a light retail business
. at 12eo. for common, 15, [email protected] for
to eholoe, and 1i017)o. for yellow and
Iwite w cIarlfed. There has been constderable
-ovemeattaMolasses, and sales include a cargo C
of MssoMvrdo, coasolting of 70 hhds., 19 tierces C
,md 1100,bbls, lt hte, gallon. It is retailing at
001.600. gallon. "
Toaacco--The market is very quiet, and prices I
weaker, and the only sales we can report are 10 1
sad 18 hhas. of fine leaf on private terms. We, C
however, now quote it at 83}4o. for low refused
light, 4d}t0 o. for heavy do., [email protected] forgood do.,
8010 . for common leaf, [email protected] for fair do.,
14016c. for good do., 16l18o. for firm do., and
0022. for ohboloe selections.
FP.oua-S.pearne is very scarce, and prices are
advancing. Other classes are firm with no quot
able ehange. The demand is fair and sales sum I
op $700 bble., of which 8300 bbls. taken by gov
ernment in lots as follows, via: 2000,
1500 and 1000 at $11 50, and 800 at
$11U 01 bbL Private sales sum up 1400 bbls., of
r whiio 4O0, on its merit, at $13 50; 200 choice ex
tr ast $1 25 ; 150 and100do. at 413; 100 and 50
fair extra at $1115 ; 100 and 140 do. at $1150 ; 50
Sdo. at $111t; 100 low extra at $10 60; 200 and
40 superfine at a9 5 bbl.
Oosw-.Thec mrkgti very dull and prices are
Sweak sad 4lopigg. The sals 'to-day are con
5 nsed to 700 white at 960. and 300 mixed at 750.
t per buehl. A decline of about 2jo. per bushel
º* all round.
t OAvs-Are in fair supply and slow of sale, but
0 prices are uanhanged. Sales to-day comprise 100
4 snd 300 oeks at 500. per bushel.
SBa-Is quiet sad anobhaged. The only sales
. wehave toreport re S00and 100 sacks at$1 10
i Ht'r--We have no ales to report to-day, but
it quote it at $1B15 for St. Louis and [email protected] ton
for prime Ohio river.
S Poa-Continues in fair demand, while prices
id remain firm and unchanged. There were sales
e. to-day of 00 bbls. at $35 75, $36 60, and 100
hbls. at $360 bbl. Dealers are readily obtaining
$36 25036 50 $ bbl. for retail lots.
BAco--dl very scarce, with a fair demand, and
prices are very firm but unchanged. We havo aO
sales to report to-day, but continue tg qgote
shoulders at 19e.. ribbed sides at 2ij022c., clear
ribbed at 223c., clear sides at 23.c., anld sgar
cured hams at 2f6je..and fancy brandsat27c. itt,.
LARD-We have no changetonote in this article.
The retail demanud is moderate at 22e. for prime I
in tierces, and 24e. for kegs. A few days since,
not previously reported, there were sales of 200
kegs at the above quotation.
WHISKr-Is selling by the lot at $2 [email protected] 25
for good Western rectified, and $2 37e. 31 gallon
in jobbing lots.
INoIA BanOlso-Continues in very active de
nasnd at previous prices, viz: 3Sc. "0 yard in rolls
and 41c. V yard in bales. There were vales to-day
of 25 bales at 40c. 1 yard.
GraOvY BIts-Arec sarce and in request. while
prices are firm with an upward tendency. There
were sales to-day of 200 bales to arrive and 300 on
the spot, at 30c. apiece,
BA.LE Roe--ls in moderate demand at ! '1` It.
for round lots. and 10e. :' 15. for retail lots.
SALT-Is in fair supply and demand, and prices
are firm at $1 [email protected]$2 for Liverpool coarse tand
[email protected]$2 05 for fine. from store. It is held by th
cargo at $1 73"31 80.
NAv.t STOREs--Rosin is very scarce and in re
qnest, and prices are lerm at $2 253$2 50 for com
mon; $4 for No. 2, and $7 1 bbl. for No. . Pitch
is selling at $3 '1 bbl. Tar at $2 50, and Spirits of
Turpentine at 55.60c. C9 gallon. There were sales
to-day of 104 bbls. No. 1 Rosin at G6 50: 135 do. at
$8 75, and 1300 of common and No. 1 at $2 25 for
common and $7 1 bbl..for No. 1. Als,e sales of
100, 20 and 10 bbls. of Turpentine at 553060c. ce
SUanDRIs-Eggs are selling at [email protected] 3 dozen,
Potatoes at $2 [email protected]$3 ji bbl., Onions at [email protected]$4 50
q bbl., Apples at [email protected]$6 50 61 bbl., and chick
ens at $1291$13 3 dozen.
WooL-Is in fair supply but dull at [email protected] for
berry, 1820c. for inferior, and 23253c. for
Hors-Are scarce and dull at 80813c. for Bel
gian, and 75c. 1 lb for American.
MaLT-Is in limited supply, but dull at 31 80 for
Western and $1 [email protected]$2 for Canada.
BorrER AND CanES--Butter is in fair supply,
butdull, at [email protected] for Western, and 430i45r. 49
ib for Northern Cheese, at [email protected] for Western,
and 21c. 9 Ib for Englishdairy lots.
STAu CA.DLEs--Are selling at 20e. for 12 oz.,
22c. for 14 oz , and 25c. 81 lb. for full weight.
COFFEE-The stock on hand is quite light, and
demand fair. Dealers are supplying the demand
for the country at [email protected] for ordinary to prime
Rio in currency.
FanEanTs-The rate by steamer to Liverpool is
-d. for cotton, at which fgare the Fire Queen is
now loading. Rate by sail to Liverpool is jd. E tb.,
and to Havre lic. lib. for cotton. By steamer
to New York and Boston it is @0je. .1 lb., and
by sail @l9.16c. 31 lb. for cotton.
STE.asnae CesA.-L- alifax, 0. 8., August 14.
The steamship Cuba, ffolua Liverpool via Queens
town the fah, Ias arrived at this port.
Liderrtool, Friday.Auyagus 3.--Cotton sales of
the week -76,000 ales, including 5000 bales to
apeculatorsand 35,000toexportets. Salesto-day
i000 bales. Market opened with an advance at
3-10d., but it was hsabequently easier, closing to
day dull. Orleans fair l1d., do. middling 1tSd.,
Mobile. fair 15jd., do. middling 14d, uplands fair
1541., do. middling 14. Stock in port S02,O00
biales, including 3ni,000 American. TheManches
Le h4anrlet is quint, with downward tendency.
l ierpool, August f.-Breadstftafs generally
firme' with' ail advance. Richardson, Spence A
Co., report Flour firmer, and advanced Gd. to ls.
for, sacks,' on the week. Wheat firm, and ad
oanced 2d. to 3d. per central on the week
winter red, 10s. Gd. to tls. Beef quiet andsteady.
Pork steady. Bacon quiet. Lard quiet,. Tallow
active at 42s. Gd. to 41s. .d. Butter flat. Sugar
adv ancig and closing quiet. Coffee steady. Rice
steady. Potrolesum tirmer at Is. 10d. to 2s.
Liverpool, lAugnst 4th, Evening.-Sales to-day
of 8000 bales, including 20i00 to speculators and
exporters. Market dull and prices weak.' Bread
stufls steady. Provisions quiet and steady.
TaH CorToN Tax.-Official Circular.-The
commissioner of internal revenue has just issued
a circular containing important regulations con
earning the weighing and marking of cotton, the
assessment and collection of the tax, and the re
muval of cotton under bond. It recites tihe see
tion of the act passed July 12. in accordance with
which the commissioner says the places for weigh
ing will be designated by him fram time to time.
The fees for weighing and marking will be fixed
by the commissioner of internal revenue, and
naust in all cases be paid by the producer, owner,
or holder of the cotton for 'hoen the work is done.
In order to prevent confun-ia in the assessment
and collection of the ta : on cotton, after the
same has been weighed and marked, each asses
sor is required to keep an account with each per
son for whom cotton has been weighed, similar to
the account now kept with manufacturers of the
goods produced by them monthly. Thin account
will be debited with the quantity of cotton
weighed and marked for each producer or owner,
and be credited with the quantito transported be
yond the limits of the district in bond under per
mit granted by the asasessor, or removed upon
payment of the tax, as also with the quantiy, if
any, sold and delivered to any manufacturer or
manufacturing company for consumption in the
The commissioner prescribes the rules under
which the removal of cotton from one district to
another may be made. Where parties are desir
os of paying the tax an their cotton before re
movalfrom the district where the same is pro
duced, they will be required to make a return
to the assessor, or an assistant assessor of the
Upon receipt of this return, the assessor or
assistant assessor to whom it is delivered, will im
mediately proceed to assess the tax upon the cotton
meantioned therein, and will at once certify the
amount thereof to the collector and make the re
quirad entry in his monthly list,
The provisions for collecting the tax are as fol
lows: Upon receipt of the assessor's certificate,
the collector will at once collect the tax, and wilt
thereupon issue his permit for the removal of the
cotton ; which permit must state the amount and
payment of the tax, the time and place of pay
meat, and the marks, numbers, and gross weight
of the bales or packages. so that th% same may at
all times be fully identified. The blank permit
will be furnished from the office of internal re
venue for thisparpose. Whenver the tax is'.id
the usual metatic tag or mark is to be fastened od,
the bale. The commissioner dirests that returns
be made at stated periods by the cotton manufac
turers. Finally ha wains all persons aainst the
transportation of cottonunlessthe mark Indicating
that the revenue tax has been paid is attached to
each bale.-[N. Y. Post, Aug. 16th.
Vatlse msases.
Janaaso5 Otr. Auss~t 51, 1 1 60
Arrived yesterday-339 Texas Beeves 46
Calves and Yearlings and 52 Texas Cows with
Calves. Bold-312 Texas Beeves, 194 Calves and
yearlings, 8 Hogs, 244 Sheep, S Milch Cows and 4
Texas Cows with .Calves. Stock on sale-1295
Texas Beeves, 481 Calves and Yearlings, 94
Hogs, 3501 Sheep, 35 Milch Cows, and 68 Texas
Cows with Calves.
Th " o heatd t .................m. " omm g e
S sy, tohe t omee . r o eec..:................1 _ W _
o mask l h.ua ........................ - - -
S t sh . d I ............. .............
O m b n epi o d r ............................ e 00 o
la oeM , hfo ......................... ... 6m. So o
S1011.h .p P,,h .... ..................... r. 0 oo W
Tenl a COWS Wit . ........... ......... .. 2 00
raaO.Iv head...... . .......... 45 8.;20
.r In3*Ai.enu
5Oye.To orrommlr4g. as Z, 18 '
h The heao d te rm" oommenced again yester
lday,t the thermometer running up to 8P degrees
in the shade.
Business on the landing was tolerable good,
considering it was Monday, the incoming boats
Sbringing ood trips. The departures yesterday
0 awere the Sonora, Nila lmaes and Nick Lof.s
ort-l ith fair trips. The MIisdeippi did
dnot arrive yesterday, owing to her being delyed
iby getting aground above Memphis. She will be
in port today, and will leave positively to-mor
Srow evening for Memphis, Cairo and St. Louis.
b The favorite Clara Dolsen arrived yesterday
witgby lgrge tripl from at. Louis. She i now re
t ceving and leaves for Memphis, Cairo and St.
SLounis this evening. Capt. B. R. Pegram com
mands, and Messrs. H. L. Henry and P. McGar
s ahan officiate in the office.
By an announcement in another part of to.day's
00 CasoTnr our readers will learn that the fast and
light draft packetL ('Una, Capt. II. T. llardmtan
commlaander, will leave for Shreveport to-morroww
evening, and will contiuue to leave here every ten
days tihroughout he low water season.
We return our thanks for favors to the officers
of steamers Iive Oak. Clara Dalsen. Grey Eagle
The steamers TLizzle Tate fromnt Red River, and
Idaheoe from Ouachita, will be receiving to-day to
leave again to-nmorrow evening.
CIrvCINAsrI, Augoust 5.-Thte weattler r'ester-fry
Inttitg was ehleud, tut clear svet pleasant
dmring the afternoou, thle termllometer in the
shalth ivdicating a temperatale of eighty-four
rT\ E c F Trte: 1ttiE.--At Pittsburg, at nosl
esterdaty. tile river was riing with etfeet S
inches waeter in the channel, with cloudy weather.
at a temperature of se\venty-two ed.grees above
zero. It- thte atlk at the waterworks the river
had fslle l 2 iochei during the 2t hours preceding
six o'clcek yesterday mornlning, at w'hiec lilme
there was 5 feet 2 inches of water in the channel.
'There hat ien - a generel rise above, which will
cheekthe declineof the river htre. Thle Klan
awha on Saturda-. was fallig an inlch aned l halT
a ala. rith two and a half feet e eate ite tihe
MErnHIcS. Aug. 1t.--The weather contiinue
warl and cleaor. The lever yrstearday presentii
f:e sner lle d! appearance tiat has cuaracterlZed
it alI thi week.
Tihe river at this point has not yet been affected
by tile river at St. lotias. The .uars opposite the
city atlctar largeerthan ever.
arkitllsSo an White rivers are both low and
falling. 'tihe former is calpecially troablesome.
There has been a slight rise in the Ohio at
Pittsburg, hut luless it ilireases greatly tile efrct
will not lit felt lower than Cincinnati. The canal
at Lo.isville alel cd only three feet tell inches,
and the b:lrat Portland tuar feet; even the terry
boats are rubbing.
LortItcLLE, Atg. 16.--The river n-was abot at
ia stand ye.terlday, with threfe t three incheslr
water in tie eanal, by the nmarks, in ther eveninlg.
The weather was clear ancd pleasant, though cooreel
all dayg the thermometer enot ranging higher
than .O in tile shade.
On tile falls there were fifteen incites water in
the dug 'itlte last evening, with boane symeptomsu
of a rlee frect te tupper wraters.
r The bar atithe fot lof tie fallo is still a formlida
ble ibar to Ir: e navigatin, with not over for feet
water inl the iauncela, which is dillicult to lind and
hard to re-t.
ST. LtreIs, Aug. 16.--'orty-eight hours past,
river here stationary. Probability of a raidt de
Sline. The ri'e didn't imlprieove tile r bt.ew St.
Louis. Below Cairo, at Memphi-s, al i tho e Ar
kanslas, etc., tile decline has lately been very
rapid. Tle Mi-soura is stationary twith 5 feet in
the channel. The Upper Misaimippi is dec,.lining.
at and above D ulllque, an aebouts -uiiouart eros.
The Illinois is iallite . Pilots look for it to be very
low aud trota esolre' ill a few days. Tile ' Lfh "r
sand Lower Ohiois hilling. lie . ou the wharf
is not btik-i. The fi atl tiruess pronmise tor be very
large. andl with low wa'er, anything ma the .loap
ofa lighft draft stealer is likely to tila-ie lne
money. Everything points to agoold rier buh uear
also next yev.tr
THE eatioT CO.:::.sn-IENR,-alor ,tait to ,,o~,).
boat Oclaers,--We cannot too earnetly call thle
attention of steamboat owners to thile new patent
of John H. Frrglson, an engineer of thils . It
is the iliprovr d tpray cren.serr toeao rapdild to
ateamers, mention ut which has alredyt t eena
made inl the Courier. It is a practical, ueleul in
vention, by which ithe high pleasure e tanmrs are
to he convcerted at once into low prta-a-are.
'le Spra cact.ien.etr i ita aipplicaltion redues
th l hi tecam of boats to low ste-al, ad iltlI
prevents any pot-ibliliy of explosions. Whih,
f using lea-n pr-1ere of steam, it gains by the va,'u
num, or reactionary power afl llcre-ae of .il
thirteen pound to tlhe suare nch. "rr l t. at ll il
crease oif p!ower with less steam than the limlt
allowed by the law. This patent has the full in
dorsemlent of tile Scientific America- l and t
Amerit-an Artizn. as well as otherls. which pr
noauce it one of the most important patents f tihe
Mr. Fergeson is an ohpl pretreal egineer. aend
his lboitre utl researcrhei1,oret lal - a.ta.,, arot lx
plosions le: frequent, if not :! als,,lcte inpoa--
tility, by the uot, of tile lusal caution tllit a good
engineer thoil ealwcays possess, should be tflely
appreciatd and po~lereriy rewarded. tere ratee
tiea of bLlders of our hbtoa eerpafetie!lcpasree, rr
patckets.irs coaled to this inventiou, and w.t- thei.ka
that all th- high-pressure boats o tlhe river holld
use it. The cost is l .t great, anid any rood engi
neer enll soon unierstand ilt aplicatian, and wl e
believe all approve it.
This fine lowa presre ptacket, is comumanr d oa
Capt. Joe Walkelr. Mr. Sam. F. Green. clerk,
leaves to-,asy o tte .rriai o tothe ). t. train
cars. frost the lake ed of thle Pontchartrain
railroad. Agent-I. C. Harris, corner of Camp
and Comnon streets.
UNA FOR ItED RIvR.--Capt. R. Watson will, at
5 o'clock this evening, back out his regular and
light draft passenger packet Usa, for all landelgs
on Red River up to Jeffersnn. IMr. Wei. Chlberson,
her chief clerk, will be glad to see all of is f ieads
that mavy ave shipmenrts, or those who interd to
travel in the direction of Red tiver to-day.
GREY EAOLE-U. S. ;Mail Packet, for Virks
burg.-This regular week y packet, with Capt. J.
M. White in command, leaves to-day at 5 P. t.,
M for her usual landiags up to Vibksabrg, connect
ing with first claass packets for Memphis and Yazoo
River. She hasa tastefully fitted up and spacious
3 cabin, with all the accomodatieo s necessary to
insure care and comfort to passengers. Travelers
Sand shippers should nt overlook matters of such
importance. Messrs. Aytles and McVay are in the
office, asn will be glad to attend to all isquiries in
relation to the Grey Eagle to-day.
FOR THE WATE.RIN PL'LAs.-The fine, fast low
pressure steamer Creole, Captain Charles Walker
commanding, F. H. Davis, clerk, leaves as above
to-day, on the arrival of the 9 A. x. train of
cars, from the lake end of the Pontchartrasi
railroad. Agents--Leach & Perkins, corner of
Carondelet and Gravier streets.
CLARo DOLSEN FOR ST. LoO.sr--erchant's and
People's Line.-fths staunch, safe and fast pas
senger packet, in charge of Capt. R. 1. Pegram,
n and Messrs. Itanry and McGarahao clerks, learves
at 5 o'clock to-day, for Memphis, Cairo and St.
Louis, connecting with the railroads for all points
tr east and west. We need not say anything of the
merits of this steamer as a passenger packet, as
n every one knows she is first class for speed and
accommodations. Her cabin is large and the
staterooms are spacious and splendid, with every
convenienca that can be desired.
The salcndid new low pressure passenger
sacket Mary, Capt. A. i. Myers, commander,
Sleaves as above from the lake end of the
i Pontchartrain railroad at 12 x. to-day. Agent
-. -I. C. Harris, Oorner of Camp ahd Common
at streets.
it regular, fast and splendid low pressure packet
l- teaves to-day from the Ponehartrain Lake end, on
d the arrival of the 9 A. a. train. Captain A. P.
d Boardmnn is in command, and Mr. John Otway is
tO the effcient purser.
pJarine 3ntetUgene.
Ca.a an OrlRn ea CNf 710 n,3
Teday., August 21, 1056.
CleaM ed W.lMerds,.
Steamship Crescent, Beckett, for Wilmington, I
Del, in ballast, Muaster
Arrived Yeaterdr.
Ship Helen Clinton, Sprogue, from Boston, to G A
Fosdick--3d district 3o
Bark Trojan, Sleeper, from RBokland, Maine, to r
L Thorndyke & Norton--lst district 31
Fr bark St George, Bernard, 11 days from Drazosn
Santiago, in ballast, to J N Carriere-2d dis
triect 26
Fr bark Snzana, Martlnos, from Vera Cruz, in bal.
last, to master-2d district 25
Br lbrg Hope, Fernandez, from Havana, to Puig
Broe--2d district 19
Br sclr Oriental, Otterson, from Vera Cruz, in bal
last, to Goldeubow & Lesparre-2d district 20
Schr Island Belle, Stockton, from Vera Cruz, in 1
ballast, to W B Pratt-3d district
Br schr Ben Willis, Webb, from Vera Cruz, in bal
last, to master-2d district 19
Schr Lottie Weems, Fisk, from Havana, to master
Sloop Nymph, Larent, from Havana, in ballast,
to master-3d district 43
Grey Eagle, White, from Vicksburg.
Clara Dolsen, Pegram, from St Louis.
Cornie, Ancoin,. from Thibodanx.
Cuba, Boardman, from Shreveport.
A G Brown, Barringer, from Lower Coast.
Live Oak. Bassett, from Fort Jackeons.
Louise. Hopkins, from Mobile.
a Sarah, Blakealy, from Mobile.
Schr Empire State Cheley 6 days from Galves
ton, in ballast, to Post M Hobhy
i Br bark Florence Chipman, Whalen, from Liver
5 pool, to Ashbridge, Decan ,co
As Q..rwtle.
y Schr Morris, Fronti, from HBavsn,, 9th inst, to
SBr bri Sir Robt Peel, Conners, from Havana, to
E Troisgros
a- eohr Village Gem, - , from. Ruatan. to master
r-c BShr Mischief. Oliphant, 4 days from Havana, to
S Fernandez-c-argo, t89 bxa sugar A Thomp
son &co-5o.000o :igara to order
s Br steamship Mexico, Pendexter, from Havana,
ad is ballast
Bark Itterat a h·'a t ttt-ter, 'oaytl uaej, to- J 1d
Mturi,-tla teo
,lmuorts Testerdy.
M[(Il11li.: --Stealor Sata-lth t1x mdta T S4,iac
3 tans Ian .\ I) Grit4l , bbl guta Atit Ph ipi .4 dO
ttr,l , .tttlllt, +t'lL.t. 11t,, 111i 11··1 | i'J[P--2+5]}il~· l '+ ( Jllde +
burp-a. Ltaitrltan, Na-Wneca4t Aura, --A bbl.lt late Sc
art. titte ,At~o- 4 Itiat t urpratitan IC]h.v +
Ilt\ \CANt |- - ItIti ittita } . 11) lt)x. __,_ i _ 1 t _ n -
Srit i. t tat tat I l.h a nd --bd I ntha e -
1a 10 bt i b itat rtt-a 2 t Ia Wille 17I pkg papt'r 17t
TIt)ttItANI, lit-- aluk Troji.i--41.2 cski lime
"l tltatittata It Ntrtan
iltlt)vSdTN- i, hit leh, n ('litf ,tt --Atai+ tons icr Ii
tIltc'lo-kban--Antd nlds,+ to trder
MOBIL+-Steametr l nouise-bun-dr s to order
Recelvtt of Prodnee 7l"ln y.
ST I.A)UIS--Stetlter Ciara ltolaen--t10 itale of
Italdatmg i Watte &S: It hale- c,-ttat 31 Gt -
wood tt at taIta hI d seelat at , It--il. liar'i- t)
pkgs ttiae J i1 tatd Neat ig pys btttatr 4 bihts
litur I+7 this pork ateli & 'ihatnata - + s huttar
1, rek inactlt571t n ai outd 3-i7 sita ornl tatnard &
rs.lB N a ltllt t n thibs uttt, a 2tt h ttt s it it' s 1- a
tMilht-a It ·flu- daeo 13 - 2l")egg.-. Il tt )o tt Io
atat titin tat~ta r a+'.. ak alit Kehttat 'I v ;1 ot ijta
tatdtaalatn t ?!.) .lan iatua H Kannllady e *t;,-: . i
canatl -at) itlat I a)ttn itl tttat It='itaattttt--n t0.t rattn at
n .--17 e, Grate, Davis &co-a00 n bis flour
J H a giesbi aco--2,- bta s n ittners C G \tatle---O
late' b Ints Lon1tr.a'1 ()aan(ta &ti-an } t lh a t -
}xs ~ a do Wiils & Y.,UUR--Il j sks o Ats J B Muri+on
ia-! i Butt-a, I'at-th & ,y l-a0 ,lks ,at ( ticr, At
water &00,-20 fkuin bulter A D Griel}--ll)o bhlis of
pork .1 J Smith &cn--102 Ihbls potatloes to, Cass &
Dotwli'ng-t33 Ibis potatos [)nrnan & Irlr -O120
sks corn Ai a inkle co-l Itx mdse Dart & \ial
kinsoln--,ll })s tobacco uIh:ker & Elrskine--4 bxs
eggs 4 tuss butter L Terreaad t 22t 3 ait irtt II
( Mct'ann--15 cases tobacco to S Hernsheim--l(Kt
('oils rol;, 1 ) r,)l hagkrinl d100 I ha ro] b [alu in
corn CUa-lat lit n & Arrington-- l63a dt ) J I:ictltards
24 sks ptt t-eti, and ta il-rite to ordter-a t nIkgs of
tint lleV a atl'e, lhunab ico--Tota!l I Iale cottol 1
I 'ttonniag a lain itannitait tan at rnatat
aInCK Hilntantatalr-- oTanl 1 eloa.-A taire-.n hlcii
I' 5 ieth Ian I . -- an alllan Itct--i S iiant it de ltn n-iit
ani na.h ,tt Hy Vtaan tia tlt tr to-t;l t, ilnta alil
S JRtt ai - -tatlt -t Sitad a N-- R ithattatrd --tac do ta
aavl Hni..tnadto-IIaataatd- tat darn at
0le -;uter. Trr &t- 7 El (:ulle-tnL- , a : iro-- Al
JP Hl Fih. &y--7 H ITAn &co- J Le-tt .
SHII:IIE PRT-S~teatiu2Ite- a ales lntaon
hCa!rr-5ll Hoy o t'ul r:1 HJ --.Ph :Lps h lt h
iite ow &Tat- -t5 a rap-tat titagne
Tia-ar.i It bi t to - -tat iA iti ae-T ac it r tid '1
FnaaT JAi'alSan- temr -- L ie OkIta --t : ta
tn i-nt Itaa an I i'a "t, -
it-ate- tata-1tkat-a I -atiaci ..,-a at dat in~w
rtbiadn nithb ti-aet tJ d rulatata
lit., -a' - ;: a , t- antad akta.lh:s -n- e- Tua
r ,ll],.~\.-- t--r Cor!ie-- Suiasa t
ReIetatta by a'uandl.
I. O..Ij. n G. n. n. I.-Aug 20-20 badle of
rotton JE T·'l II.urd:le &co-10 do !il!ll·l h
atet rilealOr --Ser Caa_ l d Jnt aItta Idaoit
do honhl &11!1I I Ric·hanhan-~ al~l flo SH Aby &00I- 1
de arroi! . C-{ r wt)--;r I &e J10 Ph e elu-* b.. - l,)t,
kI' IAaitttt-t-I dttt. t C a tl--a ta eta
a tl .nr ~i ,k - Tb sfur it r J51 h ri ale-, . .. ot i o n t. [tl'
oN. .. I. & G. a. . R.e-- e tna 2-hin'n it
atdCW at -N2H) anna iaen
ci· Fhanet' ke & Dan!cn-:: 00,d dc-Ttal 21 Ittlem
PaIT'[ dJtA('KON --tesinar Line fiak-t w:
ef Untdre, , - Al , ki on -u ,a d o un dle +\ D "-r' , .
102 bbt r t 10.I Ilo turpetili!inel Postii &E Hobby1~-- 30
ift C! lat r- t llt - } nt.Carlnss- I head c-attl
ao n t all l itr a, Itr--ne adl'aa tan d
fT-IlkiOAke a-- . banautraC It a--Sn'ist
Martiertllta bf lallirnidl.
o.0 .J.& G a. R , I,-- a\la i0-2 batsnit
I~to ]/)T. ttraattlaaa---t0a duathiltacu at
att , }rIct[,'daa-rtt it-'eta--! h Jtat &o
litaJ' rnIt - -a -ic tal aln. .b , ii n ttitia &(,,
-, tW art. I, artiatrdt tit,,t+-a, ) \e atalunb. I
NO. 5 fA ul.--,0doL Pai .r 5.9 d ataaa
Fitz;tainank--a !ada alnt ta tanra{k--1-1itn ,'nh
I.tt.hf-b - l-st tnt bac N CaKan a-Toa[ 4,' enaea
`TEI'AMasIlii0S. oh
Forming u 1-r l.-r Semi- WVcy Lne of , l OcWn - al
Ocean BteamIohip-
MORNING TA .....I0nn....N.lMon, Oomm andr.
EVENINGO TAR.... 0)1ton0.... nRpp,,, CommaRdeR. F
GUIDING STAR .... 0 .)tons. B.erry Comando er T
M ISSISSIPPl.......... 2 rltons... ,Summer, Commencer.
f MERRIMACK........ ton....Vance, Commander.
IHAVANA ..A........... N tons....Furher, Commander.
fMONTEREY ..........140 tus ...% hlotman, ;,,.0l.dcr.
MARIP)SA............ 14 SItons..... Quike., Commoner. V
SM.ITA •Zs..... .......1V)tnn....-, Commander. TV
MISSOUI'Ibi .............I.W 0una...--, Commnuder. TV
The steamship .mo
SFreight willbearenlved by this Line upon the Company'
We W f, at all times dring businae hou., and the rates for '1
y heigtht and pg s laa be a low am by t other r.lsar we
-For fightpw or p oapply to
E13 Carondelet streW, New Orleats.
I C. K. GARRISON, President,r s
-10 Barcsay streer New York.
C Urn.. at nHao.a. ud Q d.twn to land odomobark MoI, W
nd Pasmsngs: tlklg CotoSn. snd 0 lglnobflllsof Iodin.
bhse at through ratm of treght heos to 8t P.tMbotg,
Molmw, Bl, Hamo 3000 EAstwu. 3mtterdn,4
Gothenburg and Hav.
Steaersg pyegn te.iLktrumgtd uM byo.bithluo brobn/i ng
pM gern from Lirpool or QueQtown to New 0O10l.
for 60 In 0m00cy, pe adult.
o, rT port of dstinat.uo my bL thlred on sgIg
r the bills o. I dino, r d..larad by the holdr of the biU
A st Livrpoel, thu .Fordint the mport to hbolc o0 .
ls Noigatleon Co0mpn Irmltd, w hll dlspsohb 0 fs ooollowoM
18 powred Iron Srmw stasp botw a
I$ 54ltng from LIVERPOOL mnd NEW ORLEANS Mosobhy
Durng the SBmmor:
20 LOUISIANA............ ton......P. Jmson, oit.
in MISSISBIIPPI.........0..1 40ts......J. O bmp. 0pW.
FLORIDA........... 1 0 A tans1.0...A. . lb, C .
1- MISOUIRI...........104.0... ...... Boas, Captai.
or AKAA.... ..............ISto......T.. Bu.o.. opt..
ALABAMA............NIo....W .....W L. May, pt
t, GAMBIA ................. to ...... J. Graham apta..
CAROLINA.............. 1 ton......J. H , pt
OChInPaa. to Ltr'pool 15 gold. its .alloooSt In
For t o freight apply to
rUNTER, ASKEW A 00.. 1 OoModolet sts.
Conigneel of gods arI rls0petlfad da to prdsnt wbe
BU1 of Ldlg ot thl oEMO. pay their .hehl b ad obto.d de
lvery, order for thm oma
hip )oleordlta,.
S. BpIoE OommSnd r,
la daily rpated m Boston, and will have irmmdiate dis
,I pteh on lvArivl
Sp- For Nrelgt or pal.sag, having elegant secommodations,
3I Eondloes.0reet.
(-GAlAVI" T r'4)N--IND IAN() OLA..
Leaves on WEDNESDAY, Augnt "2, at A e. r.
Freightt to OIlrestn takeun at one half of car d ratis,.
IFr ght for l.ues dlirercd t1 the alnd of sllhp's tack.l tIn
/ atag,,rdnl hD'y
vatt--The low preture idlowhlt irmsler steamnsh'
JOIN Y. LAWLESS, Commrnder,
Will lea,. an nl ve, fnrom thle flat of lSt. Joseph streel
For fr, "' i , passage ppll) to
I. C PA RI S, Agonlt,
Corner T amp i (n~t'Orrroll atreetn.
Bills of Ladino Nighed at thle A -enta ,Ilra
'he,.o ltecnlwrs t arryilne Ct, . 1no I n i, Ieavo UlctullyI
'ir dlAn Tiit U:SD.\ Y, 'i U s at 1 a, I
,ill leave her wharf, fo t of :. J, at :revt."n 1i,,, I,
JA, t'ONILIIy & ti, .e , ', P,,,.ira.-tr,'
T ihe "J'ravln.,- l Illtic- I11t, Ilname w lit, ý i t g .I )
yI NI I III.:d NLI I O, i.(. I, l', lo 11, h I - e - ,l S , 1
tdt nll.f , ;u hor. ,er rim In ,h \I
t U lIly ml i
N e l . a,
Fl.tR) B u 1. ý, Nl.Hi 1 LI
l lIBHAZO S'in NAiAj im I Ii..
.,I I t, tk uýlq t ft o footlS , o , J
.` hitht eld th8. hTag )" , el--:t n,, m, r a ,,n
F i:<af L ul.ing Igr I O O -IIIIE PL O n
po , t y r, ore .,, ,. beet,,,eynun
II P1,13 1.1L C D lIa L.,
w ITrILA ofI, D ". 1 atT, A W O UC d
. . .. It u.' , .r ,t ,-T in . i,.:: -' ...
STA B CS- .;
Ye t n rx n tý I s-,u 11~,11FI
A . L . IIARSNINadr, {
Willev aoe cryngs. U.-. N.d M ie.
YNSiht I,. ,, U ls 515 i- 111 p '111 .;afer w~c 15
N. -Bth nn4 oe t-an-,11.0yT, Jq," uAII he ,R d
aYIII., .11 - I rvetI 551,.. 11o5 Nate, 14 cl bad wethr
5,IIII~gIIIII Z1g INpII3 11511 CIE3 Nibs
TNTI~sI~s .10
WtL" .WI ATERING , PLACE-BAYhi ST.t s.00, i S
The ~ o Mnew s~p Clry, RIIpro.I re N sUoome (itgs
T Ladgo sd.y of5 thVLk.
Wil ,W.k regl. trp o UD aaapaesZaNf, Rots L,
TUONDAYS. arriva o'os 9A. ra. Po~t NsOs.IS u R . RHS
THURSDAYS. . 9 ~k.N.
Roenn 5500 - Lea-S, .1saol Wdedyan ody M
Thsetip wl RI hEI so e gularl made,~I~ ulsIR poR anted bytba
weather. ]o atr
L 0ooS.Ei. HARRdgsIS,..RI Agent, Y0
LS ialas isisip CityHBDA Biox an. 00551 n t ~SpA. g P A'S.
=The eleant ad ve50 ,fast l~o E pres srestyOe ldm S VS5 .]
ooTUSDA05557 'coe ATR AY O S. .P040555ROIS.
a' 15 LPSAY.9o o lgsoSkAS.tdk55 ..S
F On odymR ta' rpwl gOR dAiN.SO t ST. PeILIP Sp004gs
and Bloxi eortngsoaevnigvi alShe atei
For srte 55557ai o SOSAY,l to B . s B HRHS
SI. * Nognly SAUIRDAYQ Ct .S. PontchIsartrainRg £5054,
4L"4. LOLJ()OP,.
ATLNfrli Al I Nt Itdotoltf't '.AClS III f ", lt')PANUY,
One of the followlag first chsl ptssenger stemers will
leave I ,ewov a.sd for all irat,lmditue bL,rlin.l s .V"i U 'y
IVENINO at 5t 'clsock, fron the Cmapany', wharf, toot of
Blrv e a Street:
Ruth, L.dy 41ny,
W. J[. Arthur, Ov1te Isranch,
Pauline ('urroll, Mlslaissppt,
Atlautlc. Mollie Atle,
Jullu, C4ntinentall,
Luminary. Allr, :. Fuor3Lh,
J. C. 1wo.n, E..dwt'a'd Wtlnh.
The above boats have Ir,"o 11at been tIbuOghly renttel , atd
ore nequall ull d for speed lnd cfe, uort by any a ait.
Plan of the tcao., can b ieCo at1d tsteroano sectured at the
Company 's ollce, No. 104 ,.!nsMlm o street, eppotlto I'ty IHoteo
JOSEPH BRK.'WN, 'reldneut.
JNO. N. b.F:YNU'(JER, SuIpeCIteudenrL
U. S. MAIL AND 'r.;LIt.ttItlAI' liO UA'KEr.
,.TAN']Lt AND 1.[1S1 i1 1',I 1T'AM1 I C(O PANY,
Ix'.sv o~, WI:DhLhOA. ' , At,, --, at 5 r. l ..
b , Nutcelz, Nutol:t I., A ll d I all i lier tdh+J It noe
llppl, .J. l1'. Iuldl li 1.tC r, )1 i t'Io·(t ,ýl ty If rkl t ,tit lea.n
ttru Cluru lnu y'* an1. F I., t : If,\., ag : . "1, ý ', I. , . nt
Le er t 'f'TESDAY =,t1 in ? r"t.I. x
Fil[l KiT. LOU1 bI CAIR AND ) lItERIS.
[4 The nultpriaur porl ..eKrr 1rte l (,l.l.l'1 ][nul .l H. L.
If ue) d:,.te , l', A. P.I,'GLihr u n; I h ,, il' ',I , b abC
,,llll,*lll. 'it1 th~e ruir.wih., l,+r nti . El· N,1rtht S uol );n.da
'rh. V, I t , L IN1I. n l b,,t drF.
,I0 1 C l 5 n1 . Ig,.utr holol P street.
VlROINI.,b C. II.ICN .'l,NUC INtl 0 t A0(007.
R NI 4L) IEA 11 L-l l
1 . I 1 tl 1333124 1 ER
I6 it , . 1I TI- LSO.C y, CItA l t. Ut 5 1r n T .
""" , l,:h uvep llt tra.dl Ecol, tit .l........ +'+tIrip
1A l x itn 'Cr nllCNU, ,ln'.l l, ii It W i' ''''. .I.C
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