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It has been announced officially that wev'
are again at peace. Heretofore the cry b as <
been " peace, peace, but there was no per.ce." I
The President, in the exercise of his high c
executive functions, long since pron'.ulgated i
his proclamation announcing that the dove
had gone forth fon the ark of StaO e, and that I
a new era of fraternity and goodgood will amongst
the people had commenced. "He announced
that the embattled squadron's which so late
had met In
" The intestine shock and furious close
Of civil buatoery now march one way."
The courts of the lan d, in the exercise of
their high judicial furctions, had, time and
again, adjudicated the question and pro
nounced invalid t md illegal the arbitrary
decisions of thos a novel military tribunals
which administer ed mock justice at the point
of the bayonet.
But notwith'standing the official announce
theist made by the President, and despite the
numerous 'ecisions of State and federal
courts, the military department of the gov
ernment c.ontiz.ued, at various points, the
exercise of those arbitrary and unoonstitu
tional powers to which a protracted civil con
test had accustomed them. Power, whether
derived from constitutional authority or
whether it is usurped, is loth to relinquish
its grasp upon its subjecta. When wielded
by those unaccustomed to its exercise ac
Sording to the enlightened principles of free
governments it invariably becomes oppres
asive; and the assumption by our equals under
the law of a superiority to whichthey are not
justly entitled, does not fail to beget in the
minds of those who are wronged by this as
r vertionof superior exeellence, a feeling of dis
like. A wrongful appropriation of power by one
not eatitled toits exercise is no more to be justi
SIed in the public mind, than a wrongful appro
s priation of property, and is often less hurt
falto the-interests of those who are subjected
Ii to such arrogations. of authority. Those
anumerous assertions of a rebellious spirit
wljich it is charged still irevades the Southern
?f mind, may be traced by an attentive observer
~to that natural disposition in every ingen
onas heart to protest against the wrongful
e use of a power by.those who have acquired it
in eontrveiition f the well settled principles
of ourContitution. All power is more or less
a irritated at opposition. Especially does mrbi
trary power, which has no just foundation in
lew watch with peedliar jealousy any mani
festions of opposition. Conscious that a
t free discussion twould expose the
e illegitimacy of its claims, it is disposed
o exert a repressive influence on
the first attempts to expose the fallacies on
which it rests. It therefore detests reason
n and logic as much as Toby Belch "hated an
unfilled can." Its claims are asserted through
the medium of martial law which represses
discussion and exalts brute force above in
tellect. Before this undefined and indefinable
f authority the decrees of a Marshall, or the
judgments of a Taney fade away; and the will
a of a Butler or a McNeil, a Banks or a Sickles,
t though varying as the uncertain winds, re
1 places the ablest efforts of the most exalted
Snitellects which have diffused the lights of
a reason and law from the judicial tribunals.
Even nearer home these 'harmless pleasan
tries' of an unstable will have perpetrated
their fantastic jests in the midst of a law
abiding people, who are truly loyal to the
s Constitution of the country, who are ever
t ready to support its principles and whose op
position is manifested alone when the land
marks which have guided the giant statesmen
of former days are in danger of being over
throdwn by the rude and violent efforts of re
But the President, in his proclamation ad
mitting the State of Texas to the enjoyment
of her civil rights, has again enunciated his
views on the subject of existing, peace and
the supremacy of civil law. It remains to be
seen whether peace is a reality or a myth.
We know that in law it exists. We know
there is no opposition to' the legitimate exer
qise of any federaltanthority. We know that
the laws and. the Constitution meet with no
obstruction throughout the broad extent of
th Southt . We know that tie Southern peo
ple seek peace and tranquility, and wish to
ded theniselves quietly to their ordinary
avocations and to recuperate their "hattered
f rtis;.. . .
SBut it remains to be seen if thiswill in al:
Oases be permitted. The disposition to com.
.i. t t harmlese pleasiutries" has become
WlWii iji't:i t fnn4i ofsQmewho have tasted
thenafye ?undrd~jstingit tJte ightsof their
Sthe law. Some of thm will be
Sqlowatoeeela i fet he-faet that civil law is
tjtia rP l e g it e as crushed under the
w .h g.l 'ttlie , ees of the tree of
li tyart$sil alive, and upder proper nur
turamayagain overshadow the land with- its
sealthful luxuiabas'and'stiflee the-: uoios
iweeds which have, ers long a time usurped
titp'-*l. '1: " la the =legal rights of
it tt1 are 'o to: command respect;
and t dt'eered ermine of the' lterpretre of
law ie beginnag to eanforebeobedieice to
tri.t, o.,e.vance can civa liberty,
The edthes leppl recognize the binding
tfore ; p t Wl s trcamentcof Union, and freely
iel&dlb4eralheiis es to the constituted author
rt * wte.iqe- The ocly ,bstalp tp4,
omplete pacIi4).t8 nqf the coupWy, and
the return of a feeling -of harmony between
the recintly estranged seations, is the oppo
sitionamanifested elsewhere than in the South
to the restoration of the Union and the su
premacy of law. If thb military men of the
country, instead of setting themselves up in
opposition to the law and overriding the plain
eat interpretations of the, Constitution, will
Sip r gege tthe fact that their jinst anthority
is not .sherent in themselves, but derived
from' 1hat charter whic guarantees equal
l&ht o to all, the most fruitful source
%0 eoi . 41 (will bt , inoved. . If they
Swish to claim the sympathies of the
,people, the 'tW teMi h thMa 'ot ' harm.
Ie p l es" ahih derides the erjstencu
o~law. W .1, to hsnmaud esteem they
most .e ; :i ale to theaiselvetl t e
'cfatimedI*Oe5way ty end ezeatene io'wJl h
wish t wia "gr tile` pvennasat of the coin.
ýmonea a tg 'loe 'of Its, etizens, their
lrtesen th tet t11 the'represaaee tives
that governmenf' iduIaf ab'el !btr br
than as our opprefdoro:"
Let te 'r2116 e1Ad.i. `thefid own per
nd ofit0ieuico'te le 'and eh 'bitiztns of
pountry will s~in learn to-believe that we
vea agovernment whicf'b protd.tee- a lly e;
i$ w*beajtherfgre; Sas a j4s.tlltm to the
hearty and earnest support of every class of
the oummnigty..
The new opera ,house now in process of
construction at Atlanta, Q., will bl opened
to the public early iu l)ecember. The build:
ing is intCnded to be a maeguidcent one, aid,
an orneen:s t to that vity.
What the interests of the city i.peratiev "l
demand is increased ace mmodations for its n
present population. it is very hard to make .l
even practical tlmkers either realize any conm- n
I in change, $Jr act up to their conviction whouen
realized. What was yesterday will happeni
precis ely to-morrow is the sum and substance j
of 'nost men's philosophy. The city has conl
d rained only so many thousand ilnhabitants
. hitherto-thereforeitwillcontainno more here
after ; or if it will, it has contrived in some
way to get along for tie past ten years with
the amount of house room it had then, andi
)f must do so for another decade.
.d The above we presume is a fair statement
3- of the manner in which a largo proportion of
Y our population reason about what is really
Is the greatest question of their life-the provid
at ing of comfortable tenements for themselves
and families. The truth of the matter how
e- ever is that this serious question receives no
se attention at all from a large number of our
al readers, and too many go through life without
v- giving the matter a hearing one way or the
he other.
u- We wish to show that it is the duty of every
- head of a family, and of every young man
er who expects to become one, to buy some sort
or of a homestead at once, or to make some sort
h of a provision for obtaining one. The sun
ed gestion will raise a smile with many whose
se- means are limited, and who, therefore, reason
-e that the thing is obviously out of their p5,wer.
is- Nevertheless, there are hundreds of young
lee men who, with a little economy--by tak
sot ing a few drinks less here, or by limiting their
he cigars there--could devote a small monthly
as- fand of from fifteen to a hundred dollus
a-s towards fulfilling what is almost the first duty
sne of nature. A man that lives all of his life on
ti- a comfortable salary, and yet dies without
ro- having provided his family with some shelter,
set- would have been denied the right of sepulture
led by the Egyptians, and even a modern epitaph
wso writer might feel some hesitation about ac
it cording him every virtue upon his tomb.
'mt Where it-is out of the power of one man to
er purchase a house by his own efforts and earn
sn- ings alone, the plan adopted in many of our
fiul cities-to unite with one or more friends in
Sit an undertaking of this sort-is what natur
les ally suggests itself. Such selhemes may ap
0ss pear impracticable or absurd to those who
bi- have abundant means at their disposal, bat
in they have robbed life of some of its most har
ai- assing cares in more than one instance. A few
a hundred dollars would purchase many of the
the lots which are now remaining unoccupied in
sod the city and a few hundred more would pro
on vide a comfortable tenement, and relieve the
0n happy house owner from the increasing ex
0n actions of landlords and the doubt of " where
an to-morrow" to sleep which disturbs more
gh consciences than Richard's Some regard for
tes the comfort of wives and the raising of
in- children inclines many who worship the house
sle hold gods to agree with us in every thing we
he have said. The principal difficulties in the
ill way are, the lack of capital, energy and con
s fidence in the future. One thing every reader
re- may lay to heart, who is now almost frantic
ed at the prices he will have to pay for rents,
of is, that they will never be any lower. If
Is. they are high for the coming year, there is
-no certainty that they will not double the
ed year after. Every probability is in prospect
W- of their steadily increasing, and this view
he has never been falsified by the figures or
or statistics of the last sixty years. With the
P- West settling up at its present rates, it stands
to reason that this city, which does the com
en merce of the West, should double its
s-- population in ten years. But the city has virtu
e- ally but little increased its accommodations
for the last ten years--that is to sayit has
d redly room suflicient for only about half of
t its present inhabitants; and the remainider
1s have been packed about in garrets, cellr-s.
id end closets in such a way is to justify the
Ce complaint that it is more difficult for filhlits
f of small nmeans to live here comfortably, nt i
w to say reputably, than in any city in Amiries.
r- The objection that many have to bitilling
at on account of the high price of lumber is the
Slast that should ha revil. There is no binise:;
)f in point of fact that has so nmnh coumpatitci aI
in the South as the preparing of luuIblr for
I the market. To our certain knolwledge lumber
Ymade not two weeks since at mills in AlabaUma
d was supplied this city at ten dollars a tho lu
sand feet whatever it may have costin gettin t
it here. This price virtuallypays only for the
labor the yahln' of the pine being counted
as nothing. The scarcity of timber, if any
l thing, ought in time add to the present prices.
. But even if there was any probability of a
general fall in building materials, (ansd there I
is net,) when the lowest rents are at lteast
seventy-five per., cent. upon the value of the
gpoperty, it would be cheaper for every head
of feasily ti build than to rent.
Itls said that the general prosperity of a
'country in some measure depends upon the
n tiber of wWiners and small cultivators' of
the soil. If it is true of- the country there c
ale some considerations which ought to make
it infinitely pore so of cities, It is a matter n
of mora.iity to provide for young.couples com
-meaoinglife,for "even -love in a cottage is s
oat of the question" to many' at the present
alaiaing rates of house rent. And not only
tpis, but there is no happiness which is de. i
pendet upp tle suafractie f, . a landlprd.
qticidjs inflefeoble with the Indi n, wPjo a
-hasinstenay't provision before him;t ltt then w
he has half a contiientfer;his qujarters. The
vexatlonr about lodgings are almost as prove- T
cative of oinch thoughsti the spoaicity of l
bread and meat, .ant sho~ld the philosophieal
red man be bidd6red as many are just at pres
ent in this city, aboui s591!terhe would probably
hand in his ahed..k in less than half of theU ton
dlaes . .
In conclusionl while we are upon the. sub
ject, it may not be-improper to mention that
t there had been a clearance of the disreputable
1 populatieo. from Dauphin.eo and adjoining
streets, and that there is no sonSibhlxeason why
Stligtilbt.%i tshould not be oddcpied hdihee
forth by an hodneterplopnlatitn.
Parties who lease sparttnentk to single ger.,
Itlemen could dispose of these almost as readily
as any other ; am'the trith is, the city" is so
crowded for room that they should, not any
Souger be allowed to remain out of the reachl
of Tie ~~ nful pmportito gf thecoummtunity.
SKIr.TE~yt a Hoo.-A little boy seven years
old, son of :Peter Petors, of Calamus, Wis.,
was attacked by a vicious boar in the public
road, a fRw dayswage, and had his abdoomen
,sdl, ripti ne Thes boy *alked about a
quertrofof a oil o thouse aj ii ,lre.
The boar was known to te a Pngerous anm
rual, and It is said he hd just' br6ken tmit f a
- -m s .
A iltrh',:a .tt, cr. -o. e, lerrtort, fr,,c·1I
Notfe k,f we0,hinc aboh t tlin'y eIsoieea str! 1
part 1 oh frogt t ter ieo te Ad itu ieprme.s ue r rr
sthe tirege rcc onC, ftsurtlauy lcmrn:e. Wih!
tlo trae Ira t i s. uiti.a the, luoelet.:r etcb et leir
""l, itll. Wt c, h she cll e ,e- t, r. r a. "1. lie
t5t e , c, ,ttet lit erai,.r:l c icd ce u, ot ,t d j
ercar, IIi- ecat,,,w.aei a i4,va ree till t
I,(, to eI 'e. [ 1ttecattlda (Ve.I) Ga. Ce.
Semi ..t~jdvrt.1a l,.t his Gatp.
i n r. -Tl,
Rý 1tthwo"rm'sw-.- -h Clintoanlow I)
Serald f fthe I th inst. as 'that, it ;., afteri
midnight on the morning of " e 10oth six mlen
entered the preanises of " banker of that tuhrn
naoed Dunning, wl' ose banking house i, cs
next doir, BreaOt' g into his bedroom with
s-,Oe vileice, to'ecir noise aroused Mlrs. Dutn
t nin, wi.os c"haber adjoined her h.enbnti s,
and who, ),okin, out of her window, die, v
ered the robbers and screamed. One of them
` frighto tId, her into silentc with his revolver,
e whitsc ianother seizejd Mr. D. in bed and throt
t,' him. The son, Martin Dunning, Jr..
LI -'se. D.'s sisoro, and a negero servant girl, the
only other inmluates of the dwelling, were
seized and guarded by four of the miscreants,
wf hile the remaining two took Mr. Dunning to
the bank where they forced him to open his
safe; they then helped themselves, with true
robbers' gusto, to its contents, amounting to
between six aud eight thousand dollars,
chiefly in seven-thirties. Rleturning to the
Sdwelling, the whole party ransacked every
nook and corner in search of plunder, of
he which they helped themselves to a valuable
amount, alihough, unlike the grasping Butler,
they returned a number of spoons to one of
the ladies as being her mother's gift. We
crt conclude the relation of this extraordinary
t affair in the words of the Herall:
Ou Mrs. I.'s proteiting aWrinst their takitn
evereyt,ire- ,, of the racalsulipped i $llgreen
bae k int her hltdo , idtl whi-pered, " 1 wish yesi -
itnderstand that I aiii an hinle,,t mal!t." t' he rat
cal- t".,k particular pain-it to apitropriate the yallet
ci al's treoa-tii, aiti sihe iode a distierhhce e Dicel
n, which t'righ te i -way ie t i.ie- e ieiil t ifet
t weeks aince) who ;-ere ensi ckulkia.hi abiot tilt
house, alnd tili- " a tilerahly ea-y let or'ti r ier
i- slnce tiley plroised " t kill the d--d uigger." A:
'h it ith t,'yý l u ,!l, o tt t, ishilt aey ofe-they vill
is wantei the nie thiie eeeing tdul.
ty . When t!.e p:'ty he d -aticd tiheorlees wit!
i te ,ec, the 'tholie f .erhltwe re-dt- ct w, '
on riercli of c.l lteasli ihley madet the Il,.-t - n,:,
int and eapromnice t, reiti ltan rl barnleh hs.un o if.ni
l', rJpct of the r.rhirv shlOtld be given Oi l-cid-ira
tio e ipolant t oufreler.-The Petersburg lnde
a f Wlee a esdarv soa- the serenity the andice o
wa athwe irst lie l o d attempt to raines an "de. r
to ltiiis" as olci i: Anthony Monkas. Coy pany E
d ,eiso rgcedit ifatrhct dig:arbatl, crta i a,Nito
rn- llan Tewkberry, 43d Lonisiea" lo adtto
Ar morig ean threa ed, and phrties unte nteer apd
Sa retibefryig tat tli.ohe clonelarl the a anh ., 'hi
h ein r teer htd iti agait maio uny cd out r emt
trmy e he wa srt of reking thiusl
trJeta O or ie nah taorke.o---te (is thupo - It
ho C-te ticeand su'tewe, -lrr. the toerbur tl
ait rif lteadetay, ay- thoe serenityof the ddirto
- te colmeliiig olicer of t lhiLs toit stan igitate
biall ofyerdi, iytlone apaii oti le o1 u Cpacredrt
lrin ltt the all ao,: Aunthioy enntkhas. Cosin Eine
lcttccorta inftitrty, , almly ceirpi, A. \. V.
in Thleieeoos india;, dittot -laties tlrinherter ditto
o- llan Atia 'f rryt kh ti d Louisianao. ditto.
he Ainore ragged seteof nots Lrianhd ncer ap
courecedl befo e the colrael during all thi dmonatlc
ex- he hodenor i] tel situ the l"agged rebhei' of Lere'
tre arTy. tewkcberry -aos aourt of- wlkting tile
trunat of original paithwork. His clothidonglne
for ting, and thured, and tharna, nrtil tie did no
of Otppear aoliiary iiuare inth upon It stihb lial.
nof t been tied up, sewed up, or stoek up. in couo
si- way or otlhe. His comipanioen saere not quite ar
we hadly nit. line hiaing a pair of blite Yaskeie patn
loons, with only half a dazen rents in ill anotkci
hiding ste roedtdnici of hin grey ponts with a
In- lowiog, thouh ribbotsy, Yanlere over-eoat. and
er the other makig his decency apparent by con
cealing the iefects of his upper garmenti
tiwith an old oil-cloth fly, awfully bedaubed with
is, mnd.
Tewkshberry stated to the colonel that he and hit
If party stopped on the Appomattox, about sever
is milen above tihe city, after the evacuation of Pei
ke tersburg, for the purpose, at first, of resting : that
they stayed longer than they expeoted. and were
et at offI. They then nmande a vow to live on that
w spot and nevergo hone or eive up until the Con
federaci was cncpletelv annihilated. They suhtioc
oiout a cave on tile banlhks if a river, wtich at that
he lpoint is very ree-ly, and lafter sonim little imlustnrv
nsucceeded ill .rtecting -or themselwes it most coin
fortable little home. HIere they lived upon fish
a- ead alle iand ccasional I'etltlite-cil.S dllrnlt a
its t]ll;u llnclllel old ii"eel bread iceo t f cotrn e tiley
iad gathel edl fcciii tlhe Icio itet[-. andetisll eoei i
n uollla[ll i i_ they fltnd wi ithout, ieiat ir it i theire
t- lncu bltit dcrin te itdir itteci. i iets st rit le n uI -
thuee l lieed cis theyciei t it ieel ! e s iee', -Iut l -
u teeii !, hllll 'e Ii oit o iilnsti l l Ilt .cf ii i ll e
t' O tllf.' l-te y heel ited n tubtcliv ,-te e Iem'' they
I'e itlud 'iiited i to uit t Ite t oaic t ln aele cht•l
t inl, witht tn ir IS,l- u, 4 -en,latrnutlpti3· S ,ca ,] t q, I '{+i
-e afu i ' clit of htdtom ,tl',s, l ilf i . Iurl u i.,t'
h, they-w r rie tl" r~ ll, t oi ei t ie le lac it - , ,J ,.
.i I dlic i l:'lt o'.- ii LI-i . si " i eei -. ct.,.
' ci i ' rot:-", :'te.lndc t, l -ee . . hone.-"lts l i,'tlt lun ,i
2 'b'igc, d i olli,:sals, c i f eu e r l 'dir, .let v ed'
S tilta ,} ;t-ioug t( l i tii ee i,,n mtio tt:ic ~;t tcite[
-the nsvtiolc,'a-1. o. Tlo ein, li.hrry'd ', sea
ri ,co-el. nl, tc In-ilox. se t Inta eiscp rinti c
t he iolatue o the I1d Lotiiscna ; in what
eebristile, diviotin aud corps the t,1 secrved
during tekhen' opaigns in northern eVeieriipe
and in wthe ' e ,,rtioe nef Lotisiano e the 4id was
redulous Index sta histiedn orcl stneny of the
Iperforumacs of the d d d Lonisia, in itha
e In sad reality this wonderfull tale smaerks s,
mr uch of the legend of the seven sleepers o
Ephesus, which is recorded by the grave anl
stately historian of the Decline and Fall, tha
we are tempted to go still further and ask the
Index if Shakspearo might not have been mis
interpreted in the, accepted reading of Clar
ence's dream, and that the "shadow like ai
apgel, with bright hair dabbled in blood,'
;when it "squeaked out aloud,
"Clarence is come, false, fleeting, perjured Clar
That stabbed me in the field by Tewksbury,"
alluded to the sole living member of the 43d
Louisiana, instead of theEnglish town of thai
A colored child died receutly in Richmond
from the effects of the bite of a house spider.
The Rlichmond Times says the child could
easily have been cured by a competent phypi
cian; but its ignorant and superstitious
parents assigned its treatment to two negro
doctors.--the one an "astrologer" the other a
"tIoodoo"-whose learned disputations were
not ended even by the demise of the unfor
tuuate picaniny.
An English taper sates that Maljor Ge. J. C.
WAIker, of lti late Confederate arUI, wish dlstLin
asi-hed hisnsll'Ii at the siege of Naslsville ill so64
lhas been etuinited colosel of an Engilih reglmeut.
On tlh 2ixt inat ln thtsdlr. WILOLIAM HENRY a n, .
til,, of oult U oewne, L 'syda member of iamaosy a,
0i5t L, o aial. siu , te (ss, . . A.,) the Sti h yee
I llate cIi lrades in arms ad thien r ad ofihe fam.ly ar.
Ieniaetll5y inviled tO atten his lner, l, at o'Sek 'otsHI
Ai'TERNN ON, fra Is, l rsoiidouea, lit New Leee, be
tvoel ld ansid Notra Dim treetsei:
Eet'nmutd M. Ircea Jr Co.,
Ni. 5:1 Sr. Cosoir's Sr., Noti OaLneas.
COTTON tIN SU.IFT[Nte and 1,I.L00, with lieresel
IR ,:U5.L,5 s\,N ;
A i . ,.iop leau ort n t f ai MACmt lil A II IR . tila t I L ,;
I ll. :- . lVENS P i ',
7i ritndaliol
hsotographers and Hort cuBlur"s' of Louisiana
- "' ''' i
CON C': 1 t0 TIONS
TlM T mpornil . o.l.tr.n.,, ,,r i- .rs il, !fniv, r-,1 EE hii ul,
propose to t rm a thoNl,..,\iA D1:G L'TAL ,n tolh 15l.,oe
O an r d m t l o t t .1r e x h 'ii ,i , , n s t a e ltP I' t l' sI E l l lng, i 5e y .
Also, pl turan of tIhe ree.l, on, lun1 deapo or scenery, and
whAtroe Ole t oe pro r NRel.
SI e1l the nttentiou ,nf Phtdtogoaphr an d lhtl orn t ll arin,
ad thoerse whou take an Outer+,., in the Botlr y of the Sttis, Ir
loniaitna, to PoPporo aauh PI .\NT1 and SAMI'PLE S IO
VTEIET.ATIoN ax arO U ras of this Stlate in the nlanlo.+r 1..t
Hssloner oIlf the t'ri . L vet.-a ' I ahibition.
t'rofersarw of t,. lea Orleansl A ny o' ScienceA Pr
y where Dtnwlsg i, taugeht, are likCwi!, renpetfu ily Ill ited to
And copet in ll f lreran of the e wterpris,.
IEa'WIAI i (Is)TTII,,,
State i ',l nmis',nl r Pirii , Ultve.ra a E'ls ibitii ., IfsN
,f The reat SoTlhcrl Remedy.
' T' F RR A " .AT t (IIO Lt.]'R l 'IIRo'a n ' D I .R RI. E ,
Th, Refelso' GRIdSrn.,
Ai Oi d ail 'areiL.ae foa the le. owel .
S tlr lli stali g I It 1 ,t t I t + , , ia' 11.1 l artlll ,t
rI l . It c s an d u wth pa p , t.nd ntc J c I the ltethn,,n d
to rmtno t allt
TI+ ai nope yr , ! t Clo i..ew, At t l ,
n ~ ' ther .i ,.,,. .'. f , r.t E N i; . .''''
Si )rp n w ih a AS.n c, r isel, e ,e:,, t K1 e P, it, ,r TT" 1tlti
-v, ('.t I far BILLI\, I t ,%r. B1 LLIN, ;'S , ..,I !. . ~,the.r
1r t, dl+ ll ruI'C.t.
l 'ITEIl OAK s.lOV TOP ,
-11"' ha,t one " dl thespr , and1 Is eo . "+npl ktto it , - te rui l wn tha
td Tllr u, u.tS i 'l.y Ol r , B. OrlE mans. sn:lrr~ n ali, tl'ii
rT whereot Wuoter l+eeer r Boler
lf hrll oh e d a - tanut supp of otll tle r at all i e -r,.,tifo the:
a child.y d far hur:, afte tha lir. iiil beeng rttinnlllr , .ctL
In The Reflrtor Gridiron,
It Furnish a c.)a t tuh the I Wter k, nd axed nn no otlli,,r ,,f tie
e tIle in-o p perl't iinla er to OJIL )IeutL ll ld Poultry. Who feb,
t the otlensive odor arioo g frle' moats hiuri[n. the pro-e* ,of
I. Boihu" la carr,rd up1 the pope, ald the dJ U1t'ES of the Heits
It , n;....e d.
Tile Hlot C'loset,
Till: .Iiu.LGTF, ll K 4 ~'_E
T7, N1 !. 4 ,1 t' 11 K ,. :T .-.. ,
S,''I LL 0 ....
, .i , ...i c I'i iU .D it. r . t .
Io A B'tcc4ors' a(nd Trades-r
Jr- AME.NHETC!TTN.,!R ..,iR.,,o ,,l S i,,,
F n W A t1r11yt, .5, Nptemler 1 st proximo.
s- 5. . IIRR! pler , nF h .,!,N . d I! , abridgs & V
Id TAll pay
It JAMES 11SITT .l h >eit. Norton & Co.
JORS W. C OLL Crrl, f Ily. ,0 & C.. ,
LA WA JOIINSN, of K.V A C.Slnr . O .
W- J. W. 1 1,it I DC E, tA.W. D& r ridge A Co
J. NO CHAFE, of Jh.' CA e&Hl,Ba.
I . H. BERREWN,f CumIings, T ioy & Co .
JO T M SCOI'TT,'f!. " T. Soho , I. Co.
MAROBT. IT I, ofB. . PT h Co.
AI. -CLAE ON . If I, 5i C & SC.ld.
IJNO.AR MILLIEN, I J HIn. C ,., B r il oo. R
SAM11. TER M, or u,, T 1rry Co. Co
WM. H. L EAh IT. E,f.. II I . .t., C C,
d T. M EL V C ! MT, ~ T anc & C.ott Ca
ROWT. FITKII, of RNEbt. PiTk:n.
lF. 17. Il'AACyON, lIlfT ln , i -, Ii t p Coxio.
P HR ILT%,COLI,, '1 L MFo'.til.
- RICHARD ,- .IKN,' f 3ll1fi kn ,tt Branlgtic
II. IMCalt , VANCE, of Byoell, iVdod ar Co.
HA BItA N DOANE, ViSo Presidont.
AME Sure Cure for the Cholera.
Iare pr Eed ta FnoDplete sue s In GIM 'of ASIATIC
OLEA Sure F ure or Chol.ra.
Eor sale J.ll the pinipO f LrHsh 1 J itolhrle Aro.
CELe, a .d aT wholeRY by tla mey, erury&o.
Oak, cottage.
J. II. itli LlSEII. It 1'
A UE E.oi'r MOORi tl o f ol uvtle c A. M I- IIOre
ti.rl McNE , VAN1E, o B rtle , Vah cw ;. f Co.
W.,' B. T i, ,.. t , o" . B~ _. T rlli , [ :, , ,.,i p s a
A'O thi (t'it .uazs .1'i; ir Or-hans.
BAlV I : 1I 1'V I 4 '1101.1 B1;A.
I/LIII.[ l/IIlIII P llllljllll till IT·1I I lEAL). P 11,{IIC
11, ý~ rlaj )(· n 11. tm1 , ,n et'~l,+, n i ctcl* I ,n llll-i 1ti'l.D·C
I.· ~o Il~l· Lm~,., In-iio . lirl aE)~l U Vf th um,111 o .I lll/1 rl+ll
iin ni , iii ii 1 I al. ., IlleiC (.i ., , . l n IIf 01d i uli0:ili
y ,,, ? il ii p.;l lli~iu 'iir L i ii rlr lluIi.ii~lriu i lipl
bib. d i h .,,vlmii+ -. I fd iii, iu iiicioiii i.. ry ih i ll
Inv x I F'-t! lilrlr l, thr:~ u,;r wllll r ~1 ci wl i at
Itr, whia II...i u.. r: .1 i ire gene .NNN+.y i.. o, tl I n It
tiff, x taung tl+ pi,,,I l," 1, t~ lll r dinrt iin o f Iha jlr l n :
enl.i.ŽNi..iii 'iii ~ll -~ cir l
1i ' -a eon I- s· I~rIl~l~lt the ns lnln in nl cw h~llco
1-. - r, ti ~r ll wof " -Y , n tim~e o, llliroena. ever y ui,
rhea, t o no lil' Ir haw l lt !lll f lII IX he, E u L) l Lu Kill uded tu. It
cele tll know, tl: ".t nli +rrl luii w h i u. iiilla d lltriii . x
eginuing .,f a I- m A, ttntia filet t. wel pll-diC·l utt llTB
all uip ta l"" , nl K nll i-it, iii. i xi di i'iIi.3i th peple
nodup. mNioieu I~n . nll,,t
cf'Ce r e p ,""t , w , + r ~f d c ut b t a k i n g I ,I n e e i n n f e w I hl l u+icin
av nrtigatin, itu then Is,"pe bu' Ire n "er hail"lo Il would pllpl
the patient 'ck tbs dts than ad rn limo od tit al. Thrh is rhoe
e I-fence of oic nr belt nhylo ..... n. u he dingo, , in Iropor
u lion to l 1' e *Inrucy and -Iu l roisn l of the id -hpll l)1I f om
the II-els: il.· an Pi ..i t.Kgondcramps.Ndhi ioftn easily
:- -k,,l by rho early attention of it ,kflifuol plnyoiclun, I. ·
AN· NI liiI N
Illy In sending fur ym rlnir Ii. WIailt iau long, itil
to rrve ndtld tatbo, h, od tat ImI o eengale
1¾)..arlen alwol nb ant, oo NI lle,- an I lo
P ' L''' ·? 1 li. I i N -Ni .iui ll hi ii ii'· .· iL iu
uiuiiiiiunl iN Iii.-liire11~l thO A iiiiN'T,a is ti
iii ii ii ii ii. I - i i.. li ,, N-rl,, -I..Iktin N s h diuNll.
In :':'....' ' .., n 1, .'' " " -:n, I.,,.
i-i ii u iii '.i
+ +c. , al! .,t ·, 213, JU . ,, 1 e iLIAt · STZ1 Fi - aET i- i
t , 1L.:. .. ,r', ,1 t, i1i-l: 11·.1ý1···". Id ri 11-Io f r .. ill III.I ,I: ,,
ý" [t ""ý'd trnt- I ,- -,I n.-t 1!1111 . l'1 I ), I no l helotriT~l ! II(
1111 n 1 . w ý +. ++ . , h ., .1 r n _ . .
the r ý. , . .,. th,.r n, .y nod well 1l~ ·I 1lii, l!) . , ,
o, I ,ý ,: ale·, l ur Oil n ILIll ilk
o"ýI '",7,1 I. y o, 11"a·;; h l,.1 1110·! if as i+ m i· I ri u" +
u Iii ý,fe 1tl . lu,:,,; ht týu ~ p. t . t n l
.i t, folio ,l"",, !Lt I: I yrrs.
eve~r hlior I* : ,"., ,I ~ r prl he , ger p p l r Il·lr l t ", i
(ri, .. ,,,. lntp F a Tlultl tteH2 d \-c,"iili n, t t he g+ rI
w hllr .l n. R mid ire .t 1)oý ,fod r IN aref t 1u+ iii p· (·III of de
be "'It d, n,.; think thou a ~ertil ll, r·1 e .··;il [i ili l. ·Lul
Par,: a! Y, e a ed-io -s sbold not be given ..,opt ",! alrll ··.
is ,.f y I ut· li+r,.r irIl lplnyld 5)1· f an . ~r
Let you'l r G,,d I e ItItI n. n" kep th d(e:tn rg n
In nrr···· t~ Jo th a .yI ,+r ha:.fan , u illl nnge r.. dl~
r ad-fu ,!- ·",.o ~/lnl; fi nyil oy rr tl~l Flr ~ abill f
If,ýng ''el, oatouotJ ,, nwu, s an -hi de
wut pen eat ýI:+ er
rt lenn u: "s , f t r Ih,+:y f, ill Im orts,: ('fen; 7 i. .
,ourh,"~o. v o e+IJ ip:,t xce. eepy~u
try, o, e.r d amp F+: lifl c r In, r illo fiultly .Ies .t ,_ . o
111 ,o a -1111,1, Any di. gre lla rl i n
a r Bel-tnr ant Dry.dm a t
Goatcgai's Cholera .Specific.
Ts dImandS th, ri [ i nv ' f r ll inrea ing and w 11
asnd iyra ot ehs,,i re j Iln,, -., ndt, that wa lvar or
For salein any luantity by
DISt GlhslrEAtr'.t.
Als--A f's tns of CIILORIDE OF LIMEt htEl Utbl e dla
Late Statutes of Louisiana.
We have nows n head for sale, fall bound or in paper,
Adopted durins the extra sesSion of December, 195, and the
rceut sessiun of lai.
Law Bookeller andi Stat.ners.
No II6 tCamp Stret
Ha0vng been appointed by his Excellency Gov. Wells, Agont
and Commissioner to represent the interest of the State ot
1867, I respectfully inform all resident. o this state desirous
of exhibiting Machinery or Producs, etc, At the aboves Ero
sirson, thai I will impsart sall information within my reh, and
ftelli tnt thleforwarding of packages tu tihe place of dat.lna.
hatioa. If saddressed on tbssaubJEt yhrobg Prto5e5 bx 612,
New Orl0,55.
Agent and Reprentative
Paris Univearsl Exmsltirmn 186.
Gray's Petrolteum Stoe,
. ' ,nSt ,Isefal ,esluos or tbhe ae.Wi Wi ook at!d 5lp
'I t. 5 ,)t5.55ove'S OHS In ilthle ut, pSrSeS ma5ler. Thsir,
,tR hird sly) oolwr,I h,.5t M SI.EIo", smok, duet. soot, s ,
I.,-hc he E ,..,bksn: ,l5ae,. llt , I,,I '; eshiltl i ,Illfy blet wat
I ld 2 e. u, Ia ,CAM' ASI;EI',. L'r STIRUS.
s Howrard .AssociatioDI
t3 a meRiunI of'th A Asilaton h ldk thkl day, the fulowlig
I' Sl [ IMI T, P1isdent,
J M VANDII:' iltIIIE', It Vlca Presides.
llAS II 0 N L)BL I, 2 .I .
~ r f , / l N F' I " D W' 1 " l I ,I S r "r e t u r ý ,
S 1c. SII, l(A T "" 8ectr . ."
lIcs It. L. R(llf ITHOS N Third
at J. V.TNI)ER(URIFF' Forth "
andt Now Orls.q-. AlFnýt 11I, 1.6 oeerelar,
Late Laws of Loutstiana.
published in pamphlet form and can be had of
the 106 Camp ares.
ily 106 Canal tret
1 ST92 Camp etre.
Icn ateet.
F.e K 97 Royal street.
Tuts --- ---
u Board of ilealfth.
O)) rrIle BRono ore II HeT, Nio 132 R1H t;,I 511l t,4
Tr,, public ti ll nd cl MI'I,.\NT BOOKS at the following
n, , tlee, fr~ . u 9 och, k ,. a until G ,'r Ick r. I . every day:
DR. JAMES B'ERNA, llc.dth allie., , -c No N Ca1mp
' trce:, up Neond altrl.
D; r '. TII EBAULT, l1edth h1 .Er, ,,nc N.'. 35 St.
DR ERNEST R. LEWIS, l- 6r, ,h, .
Foutrth Di1trlet.
01 lOR N IFIr '. l.SE, IS11all3 FIleer, n1il.' No, 23085.
BOARD OF IEALTH, 1 Gravr trt.
(0EO. W11. 1I\3EYER,
3.r ,t"r. Bo.. rl. , H eal l
Two gUntlemen r1h thei r wl es can ofltain 5ood ROOM.
,t ]A ND B )A IRD, npon anppelttion \X 151 St Joseih ltret,
,a ra Camp. R, fere -,c re quired.
Post 0111cc .r'otice.
Until fnrther notice the M51ls at thle Now Orleans Poet Oefle
clot, Nalrth, E.tI and eet chlo, daily at 2 . v., via N. 0.,
Jackson, andI. N. R. It.
)f' ) FMaIrl for Bay St. Lwus, Ia,, Christian, M~iippi City,
S Mobile, Belm-, o.tgomery and Atlanti, il.e. daily at
tn Bra3hear, etc., .ia peloulas Railroad, daily, except Suhndys
at 6 o'eIhck . Iv.
~a vesaton, Indianola and Southern and Westem Texas Malls
by Morgan steamers, Wednesdays. Frday. and Sun±.a,
it r Mails for Natchez, Baton Ronge, etc., by Atlantic and MInie
diet sippi steamen, daily, except Sundays, at 3 p. x.
CoastMailn fior all Post OEees as far up the river an Bayoot
,r., by steamer L.aIurche, on Wednesday. at x., and
leoh Saturdays at 3 b. .
" Ir Ma ll) for Northeastem Texas a, d Red River, tr-weekly, at 3
M .alls fr Ouachit River, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at
OFFICE IIOURS.-Opens , s. x., .loses 4 s. x. Tbhe GJe
" era Delivery and Merchants' Delivery wrll be kept npen nt.t
I) SUNDAYS.--Oce opens 9 . ., and lose12 x.
.til. Poetmueter.
I~ ....tmuter.
No. G4 Canp treet, New Ore:PIns, La.
i t .hJ.'F, mr~n nnL t'n r , i)ti .nro r, ,. e<".!y i'," )T.rM th 6
, 'R e . ' i s nu r ,d r,,, . : . ;. . T, , . . ,- ,. i ' a,. (o r
AI nd Every Other Description ot Job Prlnttn
.s ENTIRELY NEW, having ust been received from the moa
Selebratsd Foudrlee, and comprises an the Modem Impov.
The .lfccehanics' Bnul JIgricultural
At a Special Meeting of the IS,,rd of Directora, held st the
SIech,.ui,,' Ilutlit,,t r the, IR, 4 Ins. , unimu l rS -
S5, 'll-- 1'hS thie lint Ri aAN II FAIRof talh At slatieon shah
,ku Itc n O th rir rl city Mol ew OrleA., ED o
me 5c S,, 'a n te fhilRh November r eRSR i lg
UlSE)tor, InuCt..IrI ,5rE, I r,lIut stock saaers and
othrra, thom an. part inn f th' 111 [ ,"d Ntate,, dealrouP of being
RpraentId lu" this mdu~lrlal e- - ih,tlon, e obtain f it In
WILLIAMS o y a IiNretag t Ne ,lli., of t Ih SrtocS.astu.
1. N. TMAoIS, President.
LUTHER HOLMES, eetar~t.vy awl Tresurer.
C. I. S.U.UoMB, Chairman (,f the Committee on Fait
O UION A CO., L-verpool;
N :I ad 317 arit delet S sreet.
James B. Tlhonmpsolh
N-o. 147 Fulton Street.

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