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New Orleans daily crescent. [volume] ([New Orleans, La.]) 1851-1866, August 23, 1866, Morning, Image 1

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Fancy R Goods, tn Wlho.esale.
Havsng received, by las arrvals, a large stock of FRESB
and NEW DRUGS, In addition to the large assortment c
'Isd. I am now prepared to supply the large and lucrsasl.d
wnst. of the DRUG TRADE SOUTH.
The following artlclua comprise a part of my stock:
Add., al klhod, lcohol,
Balsom Copnb., Anmmnia, Carbonate,
loHe MaR , ay BPum.
Borax, Bluo ",rl.
Calome], Brlmatone,
antharadB Cantr Oil,
Chloride L;me. Chalk, red and hlte,
Concentrated Lo Chloroform,
C sream Tartar, Copperas.,
Indlpgo, otle Fish Bone,
Oldoglas, Ipecac,
Lrco.ric. Jalap,
Lloorsi .i-d, Lunr (Cakoli,
Msddsr, Mrac,
Musk, ormphine,
Nutm sr, Opium,
QGlkSlvers, Quisne,
Rotten Stla , Rhelle Salts,
GSlphsr, Pnmice Stoe,
2'aln, Syrlnge.
ldom pslts Torppt.a.
VsOla., White Lsed O In O,
Ether, Nitric FFH, Rmery Flor,
Ethsr, Slpblero, mero, , ,s 2 and
lmboge, Eslriacts, solid and IlsSK
Glauber Selt, Flax Seed,
GOm ASrabi., Hed, ground
Gum BenSoin, OGinger,
Gum sheilh. OGm AAsafrsdite,
Gom Myrrh, Gum Camphor,
uGlycenS , Gum Tr *.scanth,
Hope, oGle,
l Bergsamsot, Herb., fresh,
011, Cod Llier, hl. Oil Anl.e,
Oil, Cod Lver, dark, OF, Clllamon.
O10, Olsve. pints and qSriu, Oil. Crt,.,
oil, Sasafras, (01, Lemon,
Pepper, blcki, 00, Pplnrml3?,
Potash, Corsls. Oil. W,n:er-gcei,
Putty, AFpe,,ed I.,l.r.no,
Ealtpdtre, Potd~ .,a .,.ide,
Senno JA.ýMEsr A
E.p, Castller
Spgs., 0,1 ,,.,,s' I dts,
Sods, Sa,, Wb,;o irTs,
Fnsy oGoods, S1l1!-sry,7
Combs. lr,--"Xis,
Colognes. Iin!k.roiosi En-to-s,
Soaps, pisn snd fancy, FPatelt dIcinea, eos.
Order. reces!ved from the country wsld meit ll5h prompt
attenton. JiAME O. NEGAL,
20 S:. Ch.r:. s.reet.
It:is:hIhy sppmroed by the Med!oai Faeity
oer Chaesn of Water and Diet.
HEu ben seed with almoMt 'uparlleled sucesm for the
t Tweaty Yers, to em of DIARRBHEA CHOLERA
Ihvt~orating and Strenathenalg.
Foti tll the system etlnt the evil effets of unwholesom e
wster. For sale all parts of the world.
OCENTRAL DEPOT--Ameriscn E.press Balldlns o
uedson ftrset, New York Meanufctory-HuBdon, N. Y.
r ropriMeto
e. coOEGA.L,
. . . .... t. Charles street.......... SO...
The AMew Orlcans CrTescent ( L n ;il ~ Tlr n I pfetty theft ocre of t o t , t lor,,lt of ft.,, ,, - C
Thie .Jrew Orleans Crescent
J. O. NhIXON, I'roprietor.
The Crescent Job Establishment
The Celebrated 1lxunufncetories
FMessrs. R. IHOE & Co., and GEO. P. GORDON,
An with al: the sV.iue atyle and deney s of
From the wetl k ,no foundries of
Are prepsred to Ixec~i e every de-crpt:,n of'
-Sach as
3 o o - R'st E -. ,-n . 'c
We are prepared to
In a Superior Style, fo
ETC., ETC. di
Of anyp lse ad atyle of typography or bindiog to salt the f
toote of the moto fstlt!dlou.
Espeoalrattention given to printing
Plata or In any Wumber of Coalors.
Executed awith dipatch, and in the most workmaeikeo manner.
At rwork warranted to Fire sstlsftlon.
Ordeos attended to wlth dispatoh.
w Psos resonable.
Crescent Book Eand Job Establishment,
Betwaen atchet and Poydrs, New Orleans.
New OrleanS.,
ilJw @rleans ailp O.grtent. ?'
-ort i
TH i',-AY MO NINGi . 1ti;i-l 21 4.
40ordl 4.hddiCatBQI'C
Icaptir- n Jltne. M. closke lt
Wce werit 'lra:O 'd l to oeeet this ecrrt,!ln:i t Il.
evrleing, who re.urns fron al 1tiVnt,,II at e
Noth. of a couple of oitlchi , entirely r t-red to nu
.a hMlth shattered, by aranhau- military s=rt 'e, the
Ie boai-t, awl it it V h h otly hin we hat e eter u
heard hinl i oast olf, 1tt hlt. i.M" > ·l se-ne twenty luli
iorlns to his weight by the trip. e lb bkc mutch i ma
br tter than when. with I:i rhellnlatlic l1amene. \i
lh startrdi from Alexandria to see after an iron- Ti
clad ,con~cern, y ,elo Ied thle lndianola, andI came rich
back with the news that she could not hlve been two
=tvr-l. ,ith the expre--ion of a suspicion, which wn
we trust he woill pailuu, tlit lie had somethillg nld
to dc, with damaging that tlcii-cid war ih;p, thir
we welcome hlim, al thcnl: Li ior 1:i r ,un c id- pret
e-ate favors to the C ireca'NT.
3lortuary Rleport.
T'e wholel nuolbr of deat!hs reporte,1 to the tit
C-,,-rd, IC-alth ye.lerday, tup to too i-ual hour, E
I:a o', h.t. , wa 42- 24 ,it s., 17 black-, Pea
cul1 nut dicericlled. Tihe total of diath fro:n
,ra. Iltl:lg that pcriur,, c ni coii, :" tle T1 E
r2.:.:e mluber of deat hs - .
blacks acd I not described.
Coroner Delcry yecterday hcIdt the followiog Del
i inqui ts :
Ox thie body of a colored man named ienry,
for:td Iuath;:,r in the river at thO- foot of Maiin
.treet. Verdict--accidental drowning.
And on the body of Etienne Dotnoie, native of
France. aged 431 years. Found at il PlA.i street l I
cerd:ct-- holera.
Proceedings of the Jint C'ommlttees.
Subjined we give such prucee,!iogs rof the joint T.
omniittees of streets and laudin-t and nllt r
during the last two days, as are of generalinterpet
and nari allowed to bie iiubli-hidl O
A conmmutication from -ti,' mayor informing ti-e
sni·:t_,'.< th~at·l leant pro-, , d - l, iie - ,l i o , t .i
ico 4!i, i- i h co ietroller t. i.ao ,i,
theý rit' !,alrt a rer, il favor if A. Mac2,',- ih i or
; tl . ",c i n tc-i to be dite , B. C i:, , i ,:, : N
h, 1 - i - the city attorney.
, lh ].; itv s, .c l , t, b r a t o.
[r w. .ao,-erd t al:, cw Mr. D. G.,:!, t ]..1v :, c l
t';, b,,,tt at tihe talldid ;:et' eu -;.,: ahd Notre
Ib.olne stlr.
l h tuiaiun frmt'ilie st i.t i o
hnit, and then have the wotl dune at ti-, it el:
pecnie. ice
i .J. 11I. Hecl:s was rante, prermi--oni tno ie
lrehi.- n 1 T,.h-ui-it -uula c c -reet.
The :;, ,oe were the procee.dig olon Tuesday. sa
Yetcrday the following businef s wai tratsacted:
A petition from MlessrM.% Maniv ,l t".' and nw
was r,,eried to tic ,t!t,.t ' .i r,
,olu iiltry, was rekrred to the i ,ii e co,- o
Xii J Ci Hec-. ' t "" ;i-nt( "eiot.C cccrc iii Cc CO
?r-. M. A. Sergeant wa- sitew-el -'"I fr as is
er', r ,,',itnitted in IN.' ll t,,' a hninistrati ,,l o ri le
the -arl't'Pv r'- dlcpartInl: nt" I c o
Tf:,e c crctrac,' o adjnulio'alttd b,y the ,c n - tr "or 1o
klu.ng in repair 1he Waoh,',, cfa yctte h 1 o'
TreLI- markets , i r re rtii" bu'cc , etan ..1a hI,- ll.;
were too, hieCoh. and the Sll-Vo.r t t 0.
Iavehe tler pairs mrlade under 11h, o"w dite t ,t'per
contril'r were also i,,j-cted: For the atlo r,,t"in " n
it,: caetoil t arlket-ilc and to. tI,,, ere tin
,t aCit ool-house on1 A r l t str- t. o lto d - '0
0,-:tions wereo anniullecd Ci e ea tc e o ,l_ o
t- i r -i to io, htiil.i.wl
r. J. A d Swit was r ratd p.i n to tl
I e O tl o 1.,ve . \';ile o an el I e'ls utton ,t et-, th irto
in_ the . cah'ti o:l lfl lie l lLb ftlullh l'ltr .. s1'
A pethirn Ilrol Nichol-~n t Co., pnupri t',r- of ne
the ot. Charles s[J'et iroa. nrloqeting thaat be
hig'];[N hIo ]dacod onlllnarnrln o l ;,rl St. Dentlis streets. b
was rietlreed to the sur-r er. iu
UpOI the u_,gestiulo l'te , .
tLe suC i eyor tc -n. ceathciaa-d t i: , IIi-lG ti
\ic Ct. ,uhred, 1C1o toi Touro Lnilhugi~ to to "
Ti'i. contl oller inlorll, d the coi ncil that hic hati
bee hjoine.dagaihst.h >.te, a contra t f,, the fu
construction of a bridge at ro,s theil out c,llnal, at i
Liberty tcreet. The snhjeet wi s rl'lerled tu thet
city attorney, with directions to strl.e to set aside t
the icj:ulction. e t
Police f lt ters.
The Police Board met last evening. Messrs.
Poule, Conway, Duvigneaud and Moocre present,
Mayor Monroe presiding. The following cases
were disposed of:
J. O'Conner, for neglect of doty,was suspended
for thirty days.
C. D. D)avin, for sitting down on his beat, was
suspended for thirty days.
J. J. Daniels, for being asleep on duty and al
lowing his coat to be taken front his back, was
dismissed from the police.
T. Keernan was restored to duty after a pro
longed suspension.
J. O'Mealv, srspended for being asleep on lis
beat, was acquitted of the charge and restored to
A resolution was adopted to the effect that in
future aly policeman found druni or asleep while
on duty shall be at once dismissed from the police
A general order has been issued to the police of
which the following is a synopsis:
The numbered men are to report to Davis &
Jackson at once and leave their rmeasures for
The reserved payment for uniforus will corn
mtence to be withdrawn ronmi saluy on tlle irst Iiof
September, and the whole atmlltll of r 31 will be
wiliheid i:n three successive rmolrthly istaln, uts,
1S lor aoch month, conmmcviig als ahrcardy sat;t,i
oni tile tist of Sptemrhclr. Shoull aily Iorlc:,s, 1
tire force he dirsmissed doiing thid)per,)d or ,.sign,
he will forfeit sufficient of the -alary due hit to
pay lor his uniform.
Heoceforth, a resignation will be regarded as
equivalent to a dismissal. In other word-. the
party resigning will be ineligihle for rearpoint
Tihe measures for uniforms will be tbken by the
contracting clothiers, as foI'lows: Fircst District.
231 inst. Second Distrint. 24th1 inlt.; Third tIls
trict, 2.th inst.: Foortlh i strict. 27thi,,let.
Thoe ft'ailing to apply for uniuforms will he con
sidered as having resigned.
Recorders' Court..
Frnsr DisTrcT.--Recorder Ahern yesterday
adjudicated the following cases:
Mark Kenninger, accused of obtaining a re
volver from Tllomaas nHrrisrn, by tar prine es,
in Diecember, 1905, was dischalgci, no pr:osrcutr
Williei.m Dooley, charged with an aenrialt nrd
battery, was discharged it c por Iing a dine if $10
for a breach of thte peace.
A darkie with tihe uncommon name of John, and
whilo d not yet obtaioned a patroe min front the
freedmeu's bureau. was ordered to pat atine of
l20, or go to the workilouse ninety iin}y, for using
obscure language in thie preseuce ot respectable
persns oil Prytauia street.
John Kencedy, Catherine lcCormirck. lizzie
Wilson and Enmily Mason were senrt th Ithe wrk
house for sixty days, Britdget tiMcraw t.er ine:t
days. John Quinn. for thirty dlays. ali Jubus win
enlllg for cix month, its \vil alllt,
Lizr1e Wallace for being 'ranrk ri.br , fiuld S2l5.
Two boys named Jameo Larkinh and Jo. 'ley
Iacused of a petty theft, were s:nt to the Hiou- e need
J.,oht McCa'lthye , master of the Brith scm oner t e thl
Eml ,wnll a l, arraigtned on a chari , " "orgery l- rte I
Igo..d to have been eonmitthd it. terainl a].l itte:l- 1.i
to and alterations of s tio t • ir lea wt, a , t n
to eatrt .John lally o f,0. and the ca-u wa ; ar,e
Sfman I)eTLST Itc.--Th ffr t wt Ia tries were "a1t r
lnetd for tinfat ion of city orrttia , " : a l.'
Johlt tlurley, a a, of drunk, i. whi
I lon i,' tta Youn ,'olr. t 1+ , te. e all ' t.t it li ell
Lp'ocv, tha ct they h v r tot -Tayiv. t.
J a.n S. _lpn in, til n Isla e ),trenl , w,.s ..:ht to> ' tl a
t' t. Fet e . l or e teettt . lt lbsl
.Jathed ct(':abe, who got drun 9-In, ]ickr,' vii a emit
,-1 on Tilesday night.t was t';ode it le. a e ' ', w ;]c
Sthepeeae soeite for sex t, . ee od
S. Itomleteerta r, wtho wts afto rqatrell.,,ere, wat- pe i '.
madle il give bondh to appear and an.;cr whn lie p
Tlen:In DLTnrecT.--a ehoe Cozzene Jonr .n lami- t t
Tich, Louis Carr, Jtohn entr, ausead Flank MIan.
arre sted on suespicn lf l vinte sllgletl e ;aila , t t
two thousand dollar eg ort of fore. atuiqu rs, is
wre broughtt tefore tlecortder Letten "ye-t ,dt , ill
aud thle ce.e was trantftetedtf t lhe edetral au. tO
Jean I aero, coterrd, was arraigner r onu e!aratet 'l
prettleerrel by I',la i:ht!,c of :R......in.t - r..ii a ,t ` .e
s,to!n money, and be w... ,. .....ded i,,:.r uxa:i lion
tio". ' et,
T!hr ase of Emile aoedrige.z, ac('Ued t v Jean et
l. Burgant of elarcn!lty, aploited for examfo na;e t ton t
tetelrday, waas cortiuet:,t,. <tin
Ellis Clinlton, for beintg d-etnl: rand dLtotrtea 'e tee t
peace, taos lined 1-5.
Detailed Report--lls Patriotic Tleso
-e lrl'r.'trn '. i lr. .--t he r c Trlrite, , ei,- vye
to hin n t,,ii ial p iio f l . the rarte -ie- mI h it- oth
In,, d tiln l o'clock then tin ., .r .l d r: i. t .a
sar.-. :e riý n.iy intee d,.I thJ nt 1 ý. :. s n, e ', n It ,
V.Iresideht-We a'ec re tore ''you fd ye tm er
eo al nttlr t i tl ,ewe d b y l eo r e t . et _a r c .c o nth ,. ! tcl
I in Celltin. a d aclter o ien nroatei,.r o ed.', a'l d:a
1-:':0 1'cck, p re o ds to Ili, c . tu , t ,he c
Ae t l o'nloet t ctl me':e'toe, her'iled i a le, e
hae, of -i, reached White fi , :,l-. T! . ,y v ial
iwer coI e ll.tet inCto thn e i oL ' t. li t uoc
Te ine, and rioe r theelange t ne a te cis.dce. ariu
The del gates to the coneaLinv. twee thee t-heretd tit
i. and t hk a oeestiOn in the rear o the ttee.i t-e
tee, and Presidendt Johnson appe, areet, n' de
iem1 by becretari,.~e Mc'tl ,h. \ie:te-.t, cra'mo o n
an. il ntatera-,le. P ar fa n, e lta! h. , o
The lion. lt evcrtdy auhn.,ua then adanced and i fe,
sait! :!sur
1'1;. Precsid.tlt-We are foe neyfre vs a Com- fir
oatteie of the National tti. Cenoi l vetio which in
.et ina Philadieltlhia o0 Totteitay the 1tht i..ta.t, e tet
ca:ticyd witl tile duty l t te pesentillng n e i ith a nil
thil eti. ted e 't,,y of the let eroe , die a n. I , We a:e ,
iw in ill your ]lalld. you willt tae. it t tee cI - fiel
ert lo te yoea, that in the ol yje-,t ], itionh tl:e i pte
avry Sate anu Terrdlrv b ver.oy ld to the call. elt1
i en the u rketltt nte ,,llt , en e dhct l.atec t , in Uo
rioe . ....imty with w.,vic t he p....ip le deio- p. ro
tlaretd were :' opt, e , and Ilcnt o e'e , ,ial a, t
, i e tohe triot i and io:, titutianal eelrttenac: han
aiof the: rrite'ipiea t themnselvc, ne :t'e coidentat t
woat ote a td tiete cunt wiie e tid :r, tify- ee
eg an l heering u\eiden al te s tiat ' t.er ai
t.- l ofttj o :ongst nr a pub!i,' weitil hent whrich rn- in- ,.
deoe all rilt' and fc iet cre rctnl'rata t, cf I;eaut
e teion. as est ;bllehed by the Cunstit ti, , certain a lld
anvd ivitanle. I'arty feactin , sert n t e e eerl- to
oueonee of ita tnirle ouay omettarti dt.lav it cot
ait the tineipleS if illitic:t tbety itr rehdteh th
olU I ou lthoer seeeso.uley eonitet d, and to .ietlre pi
Which they adopted the C otllttietitha :l-e cgin itr
inegl t ieonsivteet Withi the i, tldtlle oo ill ethi g lt iP
,thunodtry has been ia, edt by sruou ni-rage. that it n
wll not be ter:icttcd a t laee'.h hi)ocer dlcrcacic . \\t'el r
ewi-t.t h' P'esidetl., t ., c... .. hle la. ctiee- 'c thle t.
tiit of ceonteot anid brotherly tafection whiti'h o'
t owas mtanifested by every member of thie oen- otw
aventto'. Great as your confidettei ever lese St
hbece it the intelligence cnd lpatriotisn of at:
eonr felaow-cicizent, in ithecir de deco- gt
Ioea to the Union. and in their preeacnt deternine. t
tilo to reinstate andl tlaitai o llit. that Ceheiien atee
wouldlte have bccnucm to poitive convictieon,it' yone pt
Icold have seen acn ordIeard al tehat was te alnd itl
tl id oni the occasio,. E'ey heart wais evidentl re
l Iifull ofjecy r every hec beamed with oiatriotic ani-et
Sttlleation. Despoedeney grave p!ice totle oaesne'aeee t
fli tl'tt our late dreadmtl civil steife way ended: that is
d tile blisslul reign of peace, under tile protecti,n .
not of arms, tbut the Cuonmstitution and laws. wouldo n
have sttway and he i every art of our lad cheer- to
fally ancnowledged, ande ill perfect goud faithll
obeyed. You would not have doubted that tile il
it recurrence of datgerous domestic ilnrreection ni
t, in the future is not to be atlprehendtd. tit
, If you could have seen. sir, the ene of of
Massachusetts and South Carolina coming in
into the convention on the first day of its meeting. rt
ed and inhand, anidstthe raptrousn applause of in
the wh tole body, nawakliened by the heartelt gramti to
en icatett of joy at the event, c liing tilthe yes uf ithou
sanla with tears, which they neither could nor de- gt
l ired to repress, you ould have feitas every h
0 perason piresent felt that the tinme hiad arrived whent ti
all sectional or other perilous dissensions had th
r' cenased, and that notthing would be heard in the tb
future, but the voice of harmony proclaiming their in
is devotion to a comon country-of a pride in bei to
to ound together by a comtnn uunio tt existiga and w
protectedby forms of government proved by ex- ty
Smperience to bhe eminently fitted fur the eigen- A
ie ics of either war or peace. In the prinetiples i
c announced by, the convention, and iif the et
feelings there manifested, and we may have every i
ofanssurance that barmony thraougho t our cl entire
land will soon prevail. Ve know that, as in for- st
mer drays, as was eloquently declared by Wehbster, C
Stihe natioen's mostgiftedetatesman, lesssachlsetts it
for and South Carolina went ashloulder to hoetlider ic
through the revolution, and stood hand in haod ec
lie own great aria lea on them lor sulplpot, eo
i wto will they atain, with like devotion and power
itse ttand around yonrcministration and caiteo ryon to i
fl cee that you mean also t., lean ou themnl torEsup
port. It the proceediegs, Mr. President, lwhicha
we are about to place in your antds, you will find i
t that the convention performed tihe duty
inmposd upon tnt their knowrledge ofa
l your adevotiln to tile Constitutior, tile leaws Rod a
interests of your coantry. at iilustrated by your
ent- ectire Presidential career, of declating that in tl'
te yoU they recognise tile chief nagitrIate f tile t
nation, and equal to tile great crisie in which your l
it. lot is cast. It givres us enmixed pIeasure to tadd
we are confident that tlice convention have biceti
spoken the inteiligent and patriotic sentunent ofl i
the country, ever inaccessible to the low intluences r
which often control mere partizan governineg. I
knowing no constitutional obligations and rights. I
nor the daty of looking snleiy to the true interect, c
safety and thonor of a nation. Saich it chlec is
day incalable of resorting to ant stcres for ipllalrltltyI
at the expensec of tleblic goad. lIe the
e- measares which you ihare adopted for tihe reat
e, ration of the Ulnioe, the cnenuitree it the
policy which for the same purpose vao inaut -
ulld gauted iy yonr imnedtiate predeeesor. is re
l10 election by the people, after that polcy hlad beese
fullt indicated. and had beena made one cf tile
and issues of the contest, ihose of hlis political friends
tie who are now assailing you for sternly peureuntg it,
ef forgetful or regardless of thet opinion which their
cing support of his re-election necessarily uit far as
ahle they could accomplish in the conedition of subject
ed provinces, denying to them the light to be rep
izzie resented, whilst subhjecting their peopIea te every
selp- species of legislation, including that of ttixitain.
iteety That such a state of thoens i'i at war with the very
the- geniuso of our government, inconsistent writ:l , e 'tey
eiadea of political freedlmie, and tg oet plrlonus ito,
tihe safety of the country, I1O relec:irl a lltul
ley, can fadl tO believe. W habe, irf that the l'a
....ldig, of tl.e conv e.tion .... w l .....lvi-,, tbeg, i:.!,
;lrlioae game , k eoaitn t nt t o i 'tt'h tio li y
v:bli,: bervant, wtme ., fot l a·nauination tox .hn. 1 .-l.t
Sthe h:,lrt of the eivilizn.d world witl grief andtir th
L]:oner. You have been fa!-e if y,,, have n,-t! 1
r enri cavred to carry out the same poll y: at , y:Sen
i!ged norw by the opplosite one wa,i:h Con - S1,
ihr ]l. r d, its wil'iol, antd patroi m r, o' ViaI- . In:
c,r,.d hy the far tat Coole, e ib o bat d.1nti ev er, t:
SIre Uin by keeping teor of the tate-hr u In !al
whii at one tie the inslrrection existed can9 colt:
to ot tadhere if po-ibel with tven greater tirm- end
ine-a to thte rnnre wlr b you aer p relr'nilg b" Iat- vira
ie.ll' ou teethhr tienpeople are with yo. aire t]eat e
n, al r:,,crt t..estorati pon of o ma hnin at tile -thr':e dent
: reitr-ot he attained, and a coi, inon that tti!. t:ar
I.tie ran he only aneoinlelile-d be thie Inornillner',.
I ,i, yoa are t arsuing, anodil di-chirge ,r t etllle,
ri lict lete neasure deoolde, we at it t id evitn - the
Se-nllri,-rc-tir convention, again, tor Oaurtel-r,. Ihe
r;.,oivilallv tender our proft, n renet and as of i
ire oe oulr cordial arind inoer o ief,rt. Wn;th i -
ra r.u ltor rUnion. with no fotnt uto a ii-rlrdan's ',
,ale prllmtte d to tread on our soil. with indtntr eirn
ri.dei-mer, twith a natioe's faitoh pledged fonrevir tio
to a strict observance of all oeigatitrs, with lhe and
klndnres of eterona love evcrvklherre ervailtinl that
the desroliations of war will esoon be retmlo d o
it o sauriece of life sad, as tier" have been i
will with christian resignation bIe preferred nce
to a providential pnerpo, of fixing or bhereavd oai
cruntry iroand enrldurable--tlih wil forever con:
piace our libcrty beyond reach of peril. Then andl ct r
mi revti. will our govteriment chellenge the admire- net
ioln and recei-vee the respct of tile nttrons o ,f l tiher
earth, aud be in no da.ger of any elforts to ie- re
ptacih our honor. I'rnllt ite, sir, in conclu on is
to andd that, great ao is yorr soliritnlre fore tile re
etcr.tlion of onr donte-tic peace and your labhor ae
e to tlit endr, you ave l.u a waitr:lfui eve to the are
rioiti of tin e ntio, and every attelnpt by an as- ree
-'ied or actual foreign porwer to enforce a eile- are
gal biochade against the gitvernmenlt or good eiti- in
L zens o] the Ulnird States, to uae your own ,:liid., -e
bert n.treo-ivc wrords, " will ae disretgirrerdle."hi r
his ae:iertuinertiou I um sure re ou teie tihe
Itrorldetpreosrr mornebyermritt reelee tie o
unaniirelous lieproval of yorre fllorev--eirizeni. i
sor, as tile chairman of this eorrmmi ttoe and In c
Ihehalt ofe tie convention, I tave the honeor to thae
ipresut you with an authenticated oupy or its Ie e
pro te r wedi:tr . a r
They atloion in the above adeireoc to thle deter- hi
miuatiua of our government to disregard the at- coe
tenpt of an assmued or ractual taeign power toe to
enerce an illegal blockatde car-ed lied and rc thu
tinued cheering. On tihe conclusion of ler. isea
- Jhnton's addrtess, the president, received thire a- uil
irheniotiea d copy of the proceedings of tho eon- the
veution. and said: let
Mlr Chairman e and gentlemen of the conventiona ma
Language is inadeiquate to eeeprpe . tire enotiulse
and freelings produced by this iecation. Plerhaps i
I canld expreste more h e'rrltetino silence i
speak, and you to infer what I ought to say. I If)
eounles tilat notwithstanding the exnernnhave I lave
hadil in palie life tlhe morerie you have addressed to i
rle or tills occasion, and this assemblrrlie, aire
well c.lcuiated to and do overwheln me. An It L
hav,r said, I ]have nort laneuage to cove ae- i
quality nyr perecut feelingi. n.ea enotier . Inn
ire:io,g to thei addre ess t ch o our elutlcn a:ld or
ceedhle , ofi tile co nlr 'eutiell a tiheu telllr(le, ,!
rt :anid to t cy mind c raiuorglye and elota toif
~th n he i-iettim t thalt prevailetirl tin cut-gti
entihn V W'hein 1 read a dispartch ili tg, ofn ie ,
-sh o' noeih onelotierered eoeviet , rert fi,
-r e" n. I haslch tborl m ree desried S irefre,!: (
t- io trie vast asebielrieg, ad thil gilng evldoi e
tI '!t t!ie rt're resl mld eor e te rer ther, and ilat fller 1
,I h tile trer tlhey weer united aI theay ]lll b(ler ill al
e tl:, pasit for the presoervtiono f tie tirion : when
:e the lion.:ltth informed wee in that vast budp , ,of men
Sdi~thegianihed for iutelltet and wisdodm, e' rye one
, vwa-iof ]t-ued with tears tn behotngref the sUnte, d
" t,:!d nottinlreading tile d spatr]e to onle so :avio- c l
Sc-l taiith me in the oflee. for my own fcrline ns
So',rtenr'-oe me (c theers I thionck wten ty j-try t n l
li. rdric, rn ele rmovin under a peropr lsni liri
: tio, antid that re need not be tr litak ll r :i
Sthlat the favor of an overruth hand nerraom l'eoli-e
a- dones i in this mattere . (Lod chaeers.) We rhave
at just p-.er d thirough a bdghty, a bloody a ad n l
mom.:l nltonq ordeal. Yet we do not find ourslves lei,
id fre.s hoa tile difficulties ant dangers that at first sli
suorl.,tled o. Wile our reavr e len have y rr
au fmroed their dtties, buthl olcers and men. (turon
t tins to lion. Granuet, who stood ti heis I'iteere) er tr
te they anie tion laurels iluperiishablc. there are
tstilel jieate d anld nlore ilupolrtant duties tperfor I
re ad -ilrile we have had their eo-oplel'n l th ia thile
- field, wi u need ntle eir suipel)rt it our e orts te
i perpetuate Ienace. (Loud eheers.) So far as tie ki
executive depnrtre nt of thle geteiri e-it nt is tld
i e. in ni ian, the I etlrt h is been e nade to rte. re tler e tie
eUnion to hmal the breach, to pour oil Iwuo the a
ii oIu:ld o l, eiliwere conierlurnt upon iiae strgle, nete
yad Ito s leak ill comnon phrase, to prelare a,-flhe I:o
ur u oned physician wouldh, a polater, healin g ion
cit- metr and co-c neis i irtrei ribthe eound. (Iorid
hlta d rero) We thnught, and yet thik, wa e rhad par- i
lrtairy sereded. Bunt as thr e work p.ore.ed, asn t
i. el i reliation seemed to be takig polcI i, and the re
heCult"'." becOlllmlng united, we foulLd at disllhilltuig
land r . err r!g element oplpoaed to te. fn aieldirn i
tu to hai vleon ent I shall go not turtllh than waid youre t
e nit nve:ttion. nd the dirtit eaglted gnireloein ton
htrwo hira delivered to e, tohee report of its
rl p'pceedlugs. I s}lal Inlk nr o reflernee to it i
ii tiat I do not beliee tl ie tht and tile otr- e,
r! ,-.iol jlyly. We have witneessd ill one y depa:rt
iit i Ietnt o the ovedru ment evIery eolrt, is it eImre, tol
1e perent mi!e rntoslrnttiole of peac,:e and ll .erultLm y ills
ole i l'e U Weo t. e Ls ove seen hrnging uoln th, vrrge
eiof the goviernmlent, as it were a body rallhed or
which arsumed t be t he tieongresrs of the du i rted
t uStrtes, end in fact a Coullres of tonly pert eof rler t
of nates. We hLae seeu itr is COwgalevn b nde and tin
Slpretend to e f'r tihe lliio:. when its evor y steprer n
ii a :let tended to peretuatoe disanioer oand make
mi a disrupatiou of ier State inevitaec. Itste td f L
proloting reonseructio nou d hiaretny, its leuisr ti
. I:etiol h tas partaken of the echaracter of pienalties, t
flyiretatliatiou ad reveinge. This has been thre icurse
ai- end policy of one departmuent of unr
ire golierment. Tihe hmable individual who
Iat'es now addressing you stands the rlpre'd o
se, ,ntaetive of another department o' f the govert-l
r meat. Themannerillhh he aere te t e called upon I
er- to occupy that position, I shall not allude to on
it r this oc tsion.Sufice it to say that he is here under
theerile Constitution of the country, and being here by 1h
inn virtue of its provisions, hie takelis hisl stand rlon
el. the charterof our liberties as tle great ranpart a
of ofcivil snd religious liberty. (Prolonged cheer tl
in ilin.) Having been taught inmy early litfe to
hold it sacred, and having practised upon it der- P
of ing my wlhole public career, I shall ever continue v
titoreverence that Constitution--th Constitution tl
u- of ithe faithers of our country, and to mniot it ny
guide. (Enthusiastic cheers.) I know it eas
t been said, (and I must be permitted to indelge in
the remark) that the executive deportment of e
adthe tgovertment has been tyrannical. Let mre askud
the this audience of distinguished geutlelen around
ei etme here to-day, to point to a vote I ever gave. or
elto t speech I ever maide, to an ingle anet in ll n
rd whole public life, that has not been against tn t
g c- tyranny and despotism rwhich has been exercised. u
f- As to myself the elementI of my nature, or tihe
des pursuits of my life, have not not made lte, either
ei- il. my feceelings or in my practice, tggresstve. My
ra el tnre, on f the coniary n s rather delensive i llitse
:irn baratter. Blut I will say tbe t, hiaving taken my a
or- staud upon thie broad printciples of liberty Land the
ter, Constitution, there is not power enoegh on earthr
etas to driveme fromt it. (Prolonged cheeinag.) -lav
er I ing pledged nlyself o that broad plat lnrv , I a
a lrn nave not been awed, dismayed or i atimi
erlt dated by either threats fr eneroachments.
tno p at have stood there in conjuncition with I!
rer. ipatriotice pirits sounding thle toreesi ol alarmI
e to whenever I deeled the citadel y of lberty in dhan
l gees. (Great aopplaue.) I t aid o an ppevious oc
asion, and repeat neil, thalit al that was iIeos
iol atry in the great etruggle against rauynny and
ty ppr'essian was that the struggle shoultd be sufti
of cientloy nlible for tile Americai peole to hear
re Iiand uederstandi Tbey dile ear, ante looiinr odt
ar n fee, seeing ahlro the iuotestnrl s Ir ete, air reen nluot
o rrtehatsrugglnelenrrbontt theyt datctre-iad tirnet
tire they would settle tris ( uestie on thne silyr of tiha
relrt !ivre one other occasions, that rey fgith in be nudili
of o-ill tie great itsse s of the penoale. Iu lhie dterkest
rad roelent of tuhe dtruggle,y dren elou-r nndloeh to ee
eonbe inlost lowering, iby faith,instead of giieig wn y,
octir tie origd up througb thee darki elouds. Par eieynlred
t I sa that aln would te sate iue thec etird. (nnhuerer.)
roan isnn even anld Ief lexerciped and cx.u t of itrite
redd uelerctuatly by lhe nnaIy lrhan tte bn-te rre ]lave
tite leeon onathee nel rightoe, aCld euiotath, tay alter
I day aud nuonth afteer ntof thh tile Inutidaoelreireh
roe-a retoiles ofith govern r.lent. iWe have s ten a
lie. lrongren that seeor ttngney forget that theeir way a
rea Cor titon n, atd Lhsrc there was t limit to the
retri sphere nd scoTieia egislation. (eIrey wed cries
Itote e of " r that's so -t) "We tevc seen a Clmgross in a
t nerr ornelinority assumei to exereise powere wh;t , if
tie] despotism or monarhy itself. (ol ria s of
[c-"that's so," nnbd most enthusialtic cfdeerst
r given for the President.) T eis is truth ; and ae
he cuse others es well as myselfn hnae e seen npropar
Cur to apupeal to the patriotint nd rcpuomieltCe tcel
gl ilt, o fltra countrIy, we have bcera denroguned ill
n t t e lenel, severe h ernsr. i landter upon slander,
ejee it-uperatione upn mlturraetibnyof tf e hcios Vio
-eeny germ fo therPCterdhnt made its way through the
rmt sir,' tat hais L-I, the caseof otoar i"rnd
?:.? I will toll voo. Daring to stand l v
ti. Conseit tilon of our lathoer. (Cheerl.'
l!.i I'residlnt ilre aptproached trhe spot rhere
Sen..tr John-on was standing, and said : I con
s";cl'" tile t.roeer'in.r of rthis ronveontion, air. a
more imiortant tian thorre of any convention that.
, lcdr astemlcd in the U:lited States. (Great apt
p!a-.j When I ;o,;k; with ny mind's eye )upon that s
tolLtion of c:tizer-, mi oming torether voluntorily. ,
rndsitt;ng i r o.:i-el withideaWitih principle and pro
viw com a-r.te with alll the States, aid r o-e:- ta
.~ive wri:h th,: ciale people. and contract a een
}.iththe, toile. tur,{ o" .+rOIcuoa, howretrvtnv tt
dtro-y tile courntry, I' aorf.ala it as more imlortert anIo
th:an any neo:ivut; on tha sat. at least sin 17i. L
i Loid lieers. I thi any say, also, that the
ie.:'rrraiono that were tlero Tado ar , duai to
the Declaration of nlod,'penTdnee ihtelf. And ill
I here ti dray proeorn, c it ' a seconi declarationcr
of indpendeit t e." p Cries of "lorious." and the I
ri,,-t eith--i:l-tic and prolongcd applause.)
Your addreos andit declarations are nottin e
nerc nor lei. than a reaffirmation of the Couotior
tion of the United Sta'e. (Cries of "good," L
and cheers.) Ye. I will go further and say
that thedcirlarationd you have enanoiated in T
y our adrlreoo are a ..econd proclamation of eman
cipation to the people of tile United Stateo. (Rte- a t
newed applaui,:. For, ill proclaiming and rcpro- pah
craiming: these igreat trcth.you have laid down aPro
con-titutional platform ipont whrlii all call maer
common ei cu-e, and stand together, for theo
restoration of the States and the pre- ot
scrvatioui of the govermnent, without any kili
ref'treoe to Irarty questiots, which only the
is tlhe salvation of tie country; for our coun- pier
try rises shove all party considerations or intil
ence,. (Cries of "Good" and cheers.) ow many e
are in the United States that now reqire to be L
tret that Ive the shathles upon their limbr, and day
are hound an rigidly as thongh they were in fact ta t
in olavery? I repeat, then pour declaration is the
second prroclamaioi of emancipation to the peo- con
pole rf the Urned Stateio, nod offers a common thai
'e'.enrd upon iwichh all patriot. can stand.
lir. Chairman and genrtlemen, let me. in this
eoinecioti, ahk you what have I to gain more
than the alovanoement of tLie public welfare? I
am aoi meh opposed to the indulgenee of egotism Tp
as any teo. but herein a eoverantional manner,
while formolhy reviewiong tire proceedings of this
convention. I may be permitted again to ask what
have I to gain, eonsulting human ambition, more
than I have rgained. Except in one thing my race RI
is nearly runi I have behn placed in the high
ietie' which I occupy under the Constitution of
tie country, and I may say I have held from low
ent to highest-almost every position to which a
noma y oattail in otr government ; I have passed
throanch every piosition firom an alderman of a vil
lage to the presidency, and surely, gentlemen this
haeo'd be enoughto gratify a reasonable anlbition.
If I wnotet authority, or if 1 wished to perpetuate CH
my own power, how easy it would have been to
trold and wie that which was placed in my
haandl ai reaenurea called freedmaens bureau bills
(LCaught:r and applause.) With an army wiich it
placed at my dicretion I could have remained at T
the caopinal o the United States and with its 50
or Ce,0ii,0e0 of appropriations at my disposal.
oir!: Jth nmchinerr to Ie worked with my own
S;.nrse, -taIni natrais and dependents in eve!ry
itown,n rllar', orand then, pittl thie civil riehts o
aill r'ltowhlg a- it an uxilary (Laughter) in coa
,-ctio with all the o ,thr aepplirnces of tLe
rovn'te'i e' sentio wl o i oercd iim'p 'iie n y'cif dieta-r
: ta- ,.ri.·ls of "that's true," and thret cheers for
ihB ' -ta:hben, mr pridle aod V moihition lrhave
ietn t) occunpy elltit position which retains all
ful. It ir ,.rrii tat hace altays relird. It ias
:i ii tirhat I rely now. (t voice, "and the people in
rwill int di-allppoint you.") Aml I repeat tlhrt
neither tire etarti , nor Jo er of Congress, nor n af
ecalnsuniat'n s press, can drive me from my par
pote. (Gr:eat applause.) I acknowledge no
lperior, except mry Gtod ant thie author of my pi
fistence, thie people of r theUnited States. (Prd- to
ioged ant ernthusiastit cheers.) For the one In
rry to obey all his commands as best oas I can
rcompat:ible with ri pooer thumanioty. For the
oth,er in a poihtisal and representative sense the
litit beiletts of tire Ip!e'le have alwayn been re
sliectd anrid obeyed Ibv no. (Liod cheers.)
icr. Chairman, I hate rail nmore than intended. Ia
For kIind alllsions to myself contained in your ad. e
dre'. and it resolutions adopted by the conven- cc
tion, let ome remark that in thios risis and at this
period of any public life, I hold above all price to
and shall ever recur with feelings of profound
'r:,titication to the last resolution eontnaiing tie ge
indor.ement of tihe eonvention, emanating epon- r
tnotr slay from tire great mass of the people.
tlttd cheers'r) I traut and I heipe thnt anv Illare
actitn may be such that you ard thie cvrorrention i
tmay nit regret the atsuralnce of confidence vot so
harve expressed to me. (Cries of " We arne .lre an
if it.")
Blcfore separating, my friends, one andall, coot- Ott
mittee and stranger, iplease accept tny sincere It
0thank for tihe ki!ld emaniiestations of regard and is
resilerct you have exhiited oni this occasion. I
re)t.'at. I llall always cottinue to be gove'erned by
it uil anrid coscrientious conrviction of duty (and th
that ulways gives one cotrage) under the Couati- mo
tction, whichl I male my guide.
Aht tile conclosioml of tile Pres'ilent's remarks,
ihre hectars were enthuiaistically given fur Au
'irrw ,Johloson, and tlhree nlore for Gea. Gritnt.
Thie 'reidentr anrd (Gll. Grl'allt then retired armo inr h
arna. anid tihl committee and tihe audionce coai- of
niaced to dispierse.
Eroalrsn Co.t.otnt.E'.--The art of preserving
loalts, lihb, vegetables aud fruits in calls so that vi
I they will retain for almost always their origional
flavor and sweetness was discovered many years
ago in England, and practiced largely both there
and i'tohis country. But the Englisl, whether the is
articles put up are origirnally behotter or that theyl
have rtile best method. Ilrave proved most snccess- tt
ful, andl articles pit up by them lave aln-aysbeen
0' more in denlatd wheu known. Our neighbora, 0
- essrs. 1F. Maleu & (iaridel, No. 53 Camp street,
n have just received a large supply of these potted
rand preserved meats, ftish and fruits, sauces and tl
y pickiles, and as we lhave tried them we can recm- 0
Ssmeod them as superior to anything we ever nosaw
01 of the hind. For travelers, picnic parties, and in c
oftact persons who reqerire theirprovisions ready
- prepared and in small space, they are a great in- d
e veution, and we adviso our friends to go and see
n them.
When every other prescription has disappointed
expectation, in cases where the system is suffering W
from the effects of mineral medicines, the powerful
vegetable corrective--Red Jacket Bitters-will Cl
restore the tone of the digestive apparatus, quiet c1
the nerves, and arrest the action of the poison b
upon the secretive organs and the blood.
For all cases arising from indigestion use the 't
mild cordial, Red Jacket Bitters, which willgently p
assist instead of attacking thefunctions of nature. 2
These bitters are for sale in quart bottles by all
respectable druggists and dealers throughout the ti
country. a
WEAK EYEs-The principalsource of weak eyes
is indigestion. The IRed Jacket Bitters remove o
indigestion, they invigorate the system, tone the
stomach, and make a life of misery one of health
and strength.
RTILt. ('CUIrea.-M.esers. Garthwaite, Lewis &
Stuart still continue to reduce the price of the ir
clothing and furnishing goods. Persons desiring
a well tiling and desirable suit should go to Nus. a
:3 and 33 Camp slreet and buy.
The attention of pueouts and guardians, residing
in Jefferson City and vicinity, is particularly re- I
quested to the advertisement of Immanual Church. s
School for boys and girls, llev. L. Y. Jessup,
Cooper's Well Express leaves Byram Station
ol the arrival of each passenger train.
Two very fine looking little girls and an intelli
gent, happuy lolking doeg, go about the city selling
I buttermilk. Thle dog plls a snmall wagon loadsd
witht a upply of thie milk in a tin vessel, and tihe
Ititle girls do the selling. The girls have some
appearance of anxiety on their faces, as if they
felt a sense of responsibJility and were a.long way
a from home. The older one is especially thought.
f ful-her troubles being increased by the tendency
nof her little sister to stray away front the wagon.
.f But the dog appears to have a delightful con
s sciousness of perlfrming a duty, as well as a
s- upreme confidence is the girls. It seems to think
r that they are in some way superior to all the rest
I- of humanity, and would be as much more than a
in Iatch tor tie "rest of mankind," in case of a
r, difficulty, as prussia has proven to be for Austria.
is. Tihe group would be a worthy subject for the pen
ea cil of LandJeere.-[Galveston touws.
Cable News of Yesterday's Date.
eeximilian to Return to Europe.
Lonafni, "ednesday, Aug. 22, Noon-(Per
Cable)..--The retrt of the closing of the peace
agtotlatios hbetwe% Austria, Bavaria andPros
ia, is premature. Th negotiations are still in
progre-s, but is believefi,3 will soon he brought
to, a atia'ictory and stccenssI termination.
Lu-.roor., Aut. 22.--Te steamship City of
Ioston arrived to-day.
LODo.', Aug. 22.-It is stated wth some de
gree of credibilty that the Emperr Maximilian
o i!! soon return to Europe. The empren f Mear
ice it is al.o stated has failed to get French aid.
.o5Doo, Aug. 22-Evening.-Official quotations
of American securities at the close of business:
5.20'a 70.,
LosnoN., Aug. 22-Evening.-Consols declined
i. The official figure at the close was 88}.
The Moscow Gazette, a journal which exercises
a great moral power over the Rsasian government,
publishesa an article of serious import, in which
Prussia and Bismarck are plainly astured that
Russia does not fear their needle gun, but does
not like the territorial aggandizement of that
kingdom. The writer advises the czar to seize
the Grand Duerhy of Posen and retain it as a
pledge for the proper maintenance of the European
LrveVPOOL, Aug. 22.-The salesof cotton to
day compri.ed ten thousand bales. Middling up
lands 13;d. There is no other change to report in
commercial matters, with the single exception.
that pork is advancing.
The Mobile Quarantine--Caterpillars.
Etc., Ete., Etc.
MomLE, Angust 22.-The following is published
e in the Evening News :
S PoST OFFICE, MOBILE, August 22, 1866.
T0 W. o. Clark Co :
Getlemen--During the continuance of the
y present quarantine regulations I will send the mail
to New Orleans via Meridian and Jackson, Miss.,
I closing each day at 4 P. n.
e :_oud, L. BUTITLES,
S Speell agent Post Oace Deprtment.
Accounts from the counties of Lowndes, Dallas,
Greene, Marengo, Wilcox and Perry, the richest
d. lands in the State, represent the cotton crop ra
d vaged by caterpillars. The factors here have re
ceivede orders from planters to withdraw their
cotton from sale in consequence.
id The quarantine of New Orleans vessels creates
e general dissatisfaction and has already cansed
provinions to advance.
New YanOR, Aug. 22.-After a separation of
nineteen years the Grand Odd Fellows' Lodge of
mi Southern and Northern New York have reunited.
re and held their regular annual meeting under the
t- old name of the Grand Lodge of the State of New
re York, in Odd Fellows' Hall. There were about
id 196 lodges in attendance.
WiasnlasnTO, August 22.--There were rumors
d that Judge Advocate General Holt is to be re
Queen Emma left to-day for Niagara Falls.
Colonel Thomas, collector for the port of Phila
t. delphia, who at first refused to surrender his office,
in has abandoned his purpose of contesting the right
of W. F. Johnson, appointed by the President.
General Dick Taylor and Hon. Charles M. Con
rad, of Louisiana, were among the President's
visitors to-day. Mr. Conrad has been pardoned.
l Gen. A. M. Slocum, of Kentucky, has been ap
pouited chief clerk of the patent office.
r Ae WAssularow, Aug. 22.-The navy department
he is informed that the United States steamer
Mdahascar left Pensacola on the 14th for Tampico
s- to protect American vessels in accordance with.
en the declared policy of the administration respect
rs ing Maximilian's paper blockade.
et, BALTIMOE, Aug. 22.-The labor convention in
ted session here declare it unwise to attempt to enforce
md the eight hour labor rate until the working men
am- are thoroughly organized throughout the country
New YORa, Aug. 22.-The Democrati State
in convention has called a convention of all the anup
dy porters of President Johnson, to nominate candi
dates for State officers, for the fall elections. The
Conservative Republican committee unite in the
A rrived, steamship Veteran, from Beaufort.
dThe brig Albame capsized off Bandy Hook, and
g was towed to the city to-day.
t BSAviNNA, August 22.-Forty-five deaths oc
11 curred during the week. Nineteen were from
t cholera, of which five were whites and fourteen
a blacks.
LoUseISnIL, August 22.-Sales, 138 hbds. leaf
tobacco at full rates. Flour-superfine $7.
to Wheat-red $2 55. Corn in bulk at 65c. Mess
ly pork $33. Bacon shoulders 17#c.; clear sides
e. 210c. Lard 2Lc. Whisky $2 26.
11 sT. Loris, Aug. 22.-The cholera report for the
to twenty-four hours ending at four o'clock this
alternoon gives 94 cases and 55 deaths. This
probably does not comprise more than half the
cases. The Board of Health still fails to rtake
e oflicial reports.
5 Flour dull; the better qualities are drooping.
I Wheat steady and unchanged. Provisio ns un
changed. Whisky unsettled.
k CINCINNATI, Aug. 22.-Flour unchanged and
ir quiet. Wheat in fair demand at $2 35 t2 45 for
, good new red. Corn dull-prices a litt le better,
nt56c. Oats dull at 35238c. Whisky unchanged
and firm. Pork firm at $33. Groceries firm.
Gold 148.
g SOUTLHWEST PASS, Aug. 22.-The steamship
e. Harlan, from Galveston, passed up e.t 2 p. x. The
ch. steamship Morgan went to sea at6 e.. a. Weather
p, clear and warm. Wind southwest~-bkwing very
Twotogs are inside the.bar and onealrngsidethe
on Lone Star. The ship South Amonie a and hark
Michael Montague are still Insidas The tide is
very low.
Iic- 1casuUno, Aug. 22.-The PBahion was de
I tained until 9 o'clock this mow ,ing. Passed up,
he Nicholas Longworth at 11 A. m . River falling.
0o New YonR. Aug. 22.--Cottr , closed dull at1200
ey bales; middlings 342135ic. U. S. 5-20s 1101;
htJ 10-40l1011. Gold closed t 149.4. Flour, heavy
tcy for Southern; sales 600 b" bls at [email protected] Wheat
on. dull. Corn firmer and r carce. Oats unchanged.
9un Pork steady at $32 50 ', mess at $33. Lard 1Sl(
ink 2140c. Whisky dullan dquiet. Turpentine [email protected]
est NEw YOuK, Anug 22.-The steamship Persia,
as with Liverpool d' .tes to the 12th, has arrived.
Sa ews antcipated by the cable.
ri. dvce ftrouihiua, throoghtbe French paoers,
c.- state that the rebels had been surprised, t.cir en.
caumpmeuts ruraed, and their leaders killed.

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