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:: .Y OR- SEPT MBE 25 1 866 .
:a{OBarrW , SEPTEMIBER 20, 1866.
, 7e ae ,ade FProma Cotton.
ta'. rse te Oodambft . O., Phaoernt
A pIibOlieO yesterday ano article from the
t Chronice and Sentinelagant the
dneut of the culture of cotton by the
I people-and agree with the writer that
ne ld-be-very-foolah for them to do so., A limn
iedltur of the staple is desirable, and indeed
hanmeref;porcedd upon as by the decrease
aulte t hve labor,-and by the necessities of the
atee-fertthe food requisite to raise cattle and
l ,k,- BRata llmted aclture is compensated by
swlneeeassltheeewalse, and the difference in the
abtotla eatimates; .therefore, does not affec th~
1tOIt~Valueatr spaoie fthon to the'difbrence,
i1iSenOteL ttsm.in atwe have aeon is 1,250,000
endellthghensthat of the New York Mer
l Jemhal2,00,60. tEigher.scaterigestti.
atehave bee made, ot we do not think on
t authority. Leteuske the lowest and
the average weight ofthe bales at 400
k ait a;il, t a, price at twenty-five cents
|ponda1,.n we have a,geosnes Income :to the
$ll2OldfSt20,0,0O0; the figheat estimate will
hnrlsaeejaat laoome to$200,0titO0.- Of- corse,
e D i labeor baggilg, ope, etc., have to be
but Oa D ar s ate In iobwelght' and,
ef Hn:the,:prle; are below, rather fthan
ovawhant wilt be realied..
-eThfalwn $neer.- thntthe South cannot dispense
5tkaAtiedtw. cropsot lt00;,50,OOt or l2,t00,00t
wltleauatlynethertght upon her feet agin. By
that time the quantity and quality a.f-thBI labeo
lth.er-'W te-nlr black, mill prbabbly be .le.roved,
id'hteotoltnigrowlng -Sttes be prepared to
enter upo.iwaew chreer of-prosperity, and inode-i
ociettnp evlenirticle we have rIhowsn, the
eeno.'t& ingly staple dfrectto the South
n dO.bewere her'peopie to engage in its
rl' .hi income would even be more
p e et at o.a dertved from the simple ctul
t a 44twondi glve -employment to a large
res of t.h0eeaeong ts who are nodt fit for field
hseed'thmsitlltlnib , th, nl mber of the poor,
e'abMldgkten the borden of; taation in'that propor
µ Sthat,bleeldesanincome of -$40,000,000
is,000n e Woenld render the hnmblest clas- e
rpepouaettbh.etf-oustatiing, nod thus add to
the proerity and indbpendenee of the South.
et hatebelieveto be the felntue initeon of king t
.-ttteon ;let hi.nOt, then, be rethlesety-or rashly d
f:[otera .-s The Nashville' Union and
* die 'dder gentltemau ti the followiig
oa..e dofLoulsville,Ky., late attorney
-o. Ihe.United States, is the president of
. ;j. al- tcotrention. He was intellectualnly
esaato-2he place in the government which he
lAit.y.ipltted, 'ttd delloteot in legal actultrement. I
lefoassalalte5h by Mr. Linooln to the high p
-tf- i-n ,ii'nbls qualifications, butbocause he
mls -a.aeQllfnahiened tabolitionist, and with the
,H_.lthatstteh.neCOlement in his cabinet, token
iftlii, slaveohldtngg tte, would gain strength to
tl. .iey wiieo preessre" lhd driven him
to'aopt. Bot" Plie Speed is no longer the legal
+-tln a riarf the government, and the country has
gedto tk betnkful: for-t.
ttade aspeech on- taking the chnir of the
S ei5laln- at-: Phladelphta, which shows what
n :refan h bt," -Ito is miserably -weoak and
des'e Hapieepsebh proves clearly thathe is
q lied for statesmnanhip as he is for the
at' teg 'adviser to the governtent. It
the :'malev0ecce whioh little men
S'tbIelmeolv etef. Bo speake of the 1
i t-.official chief whose oonisels he
e slypnt tthe *hite House." He
attle abont ''truth Which' is In the
elf," and Says that the mission
' av e.tseYo rforganize the government
lhh- atreati.on. IHe has no
eýhy tad aima'l- hetl df iles conclave of fools
It who kompesothat body.
Slo f9 P YlnA stsiAtsst d -A correspondent
ynto Nanoy from which the empress
I. . t prinqe Impefilt, returned buhot re,
at .'ontiqoaos ouecesseion of triumphs
,lad , .n dazzling display-f ai
-lad' h -hmo had the hontr.of re.
43 : "From Chalons to Nincy,
endstho.lscvi.thobetatlon of the ltter town, d
teemprep wore _ aiteimuslie dress, covered p
o4heat aeoh.coidery- .p industrial p
t" for wl h l dy Is cotlhrated. The
S derywaworked in a straight line habove
the hem, and again in pry ascending e-ery
breadth ofthe shirt The design woo qeisitly p
- graoeful, besiden being very prominent, eingling
along rthe flowers. Tie bodice, which was hig. tl
w$ .'t~ medwith. horioontal lines of the flesti
t iure nsertion. The skirt was worn ever a rirh [
whte silk petticoat ; a wide white silk sesh wae P
- dt the back of, the waist ; a iMarie Antoinette t,
- entirely of ine euipj'e, and a aItRI
I it covered nil over with lilies of the
'-ity - . iOrgo etal dew drops, completed lier
aot" a toilette, At the Nancy ball, to whichi
Iat fear thousand people had been invited, t
qm seoawore ,a whites luie dress, and a white s
`..'S ste., The latter fitted the lignre, und t
rrduted ,to the waist, with a band of large p
:a antique bandeau, consisting en
- tj4y $.Q. onde, enoireled the head,
- Bookif aheep front Dighy were passing op n
srt' tnls¢t-Je. n the ether day, when the leading t
-eihee baitediato a shoe store, and the sixty
ot ,Wlly;:saeep ollowed him up, crowding
rite elerkes customers and all. Amob
d ontolder and the shop people, looking
.:ahkeepis,-commaenced to drag out " the
sd,- otoansr when the ringleader again h
-'th.ogh the crowd and took the rest toh
-py n".follow myleader" elsewhere.
' eeklpThalaba,-e1 Scarboro, captured by the
aong. of t Chilean navy, was 940 tens
-=--ud .hlad cargo of 906 tons of eoal, 320l
l ofiaslt, 143 barrels salt moeat, 115 barrels
iet0 begeof heans, 37 barrels sugar, 20 barrels
4l.boxessalt, barrcls vinegar, 3 pots of
ra, 10 obales of duck for sail cloth, 200 bates
- oemrehandlse, inclauding boardsand bers
SSlhe had- ailed from London. Four oth
, to follow her.
c-a be miore wonderful than the opera. e
ti - Red Jacket Bittegrs in obstinate cases
Of es, for it is a mild and genial cathartic, di
S-well as aioenic an eorrctive. th
loublle Intelligence. fa
Mistieriols Death.-The body of F:PFrank, the
sell-known shoemakeron Rovalstreet, woo found
dlis morning at Choctaw Lighthouse Battery. th
Thire were no marks of violence on his piersoon.
and it is supposed that he died in a fit of some
kihd. A shoemaker's knife and two bunchesof 11
rope were found in his pockets, from whaich it o
might he inferred tiat the unfortunate man had
osigns on his life. An inquest was held, and a
erdict rendered in accordance with the above tr
facts. Mr. Frank has lately shown evidences of e
mental aberration.-[hMobile Evening News. Ih
The Mobile Gazelte.--We clip the following an- ct
noncement from our young contemporary, the ha
Gazette, of yesraterday to
"Admiral Raphael Semmes having purchased at
one-third interest in the Gazette, bacomes a joint to
proprietor from to-day. He has also assumed the at
iuties and responsibdities of editor. to
"We have, also, the satisfaction of announcing 0
that the services of Pendleton Colston, Esq., b
edge advocate of the Cotfederate navy, during th
the war, have been secured as assistant editor." 11t
The Gazette also announces that "no effort of te
labor or expense will be spared " to make it a at
trst-class newspaper, and that arrangements have bt
been made for the purchase of a press which will ti,
enable itth appear on a larger sheet. The Ga- at
sette now appears with the names of Semmes, at
Heirs, Ellison ; Co., as publishers and prnprietorsl it
Raphael Semmes, editor, and Pendletoa Coloton, to
assistant editor.
Admiral Semmes is an an author of established
reputation, and has proved that he litnows how to
handle the pen as well as the sword. We con
gratulate the Gazette on his accession, and feel
well assured that he will meet a kindly reception a;
in his new career, at the hands of the Southern P
people and-Southern press, everywhere. at
Mr. Colston was on duty in this city, during the 01
war, as naval judge advocate, in which capacity ci
he exhibited talents that afford a favorable augury P
of his success in the arduous field of editorial hb
Messrs. Heirs, Ellison and Nicholson, co-part- 11
sers with Admiral Semmes, are young gentlemen ga
favorably known in Mobile, and who have all n
served their country faithfully during the war.
We heartily wish them prosperity and success.
[lbid. n
The Tribune wittily takes off the Northern e
scribblers in Mobile who are sending on such as- d
tounding fabrications about the South to the
Down East newspapers: tl
Old "Torpedo," the "rebel" shark, has given I
some ground for radical misrepresentation and im- ti
peachment of our loyalty. It is a well known c
tact that this shark, carryiag a torpedo on his
head, sank several Yankee vessels when the last i
attack was made on Mobile: and he would have i
been promoted to a whale if the war had lasted I;
a little longer. We have a right to show our a
gratitude to him privately, but we do think that it t
is carrying the thming a little too far whent the city f
authorities deliver up to him every day a dozen a
niggers and " Southern loyalists," and encourage n
him to sail about the river with two or three Con- a
federate flags flying. Enough horses die dailye
about the city to eep "Torpedo" in good order, t
without giving him the food he now gets.
Rediistihg the Officers.--Qnite a scene was en
acted on Royal street this afternoon, about four
o'clock, which came near terminating seriously.
It seems that the police arrested a federal soldier
for disordely conduct. The soldier resisted and
called onhis comrades to assist him. They cane
up ahd swore "liberty or death." The police, of a
course, swore the other way. The soldiers got
reinforcements, and the police did likewise. The 0
long and short of it-as Hood says-was the sol
dier got nary liberty, and still lives, in the
Cotton for .Mobile.-At a little convivial party,
that met by accident yesterday evening, and which
wan composed principally of gentlemen repre
senting the most prominent houses in Mobile that
deal in the great staple, it was proposed that each
cotton man present should make his estimate of
the cotton to be received here during the current
year, from September let, 1866, to September Ist,
1867. Every one was required to write his esti
mate on a slip of paper; the one that proves fur
thest from the trne receipt is to give a dinner to
the party that was present. The slips of paper t
being gathered ip. they were read as follows:
22.j,00 bales, 230,000, 250,000, 273,000, 27,00 an tad
300,000. The record will be carefully kept at this b
office, and we are so impartial in the matter that
we'hope the 300,000 bales man will win.
.'.- -.e .,--- ..
aLoaUlan Intelllesnc.
The citj council of Baton Rouge have provided
by resolution for the payment of the matured in
sterest'ioopods attached to the bonds issued to
the Batoh 0ouge, Grosse Ttle and Opelousas
iRailroad Company. The road is expected to be
inrunning-order by the let of January next.
The cholera ot Baton Rouge has assumed a
ntild type and is rapidly disappearing.
The ice manufacturing company of Shreveport
fftnlsheethst city and the towns of Marshall and
Jefferson, Texas, with'8000 pounds of ice daily.
The two items which follow are from the Caddo
'Gazette :
SWe hear constant complaints frem citizens lie'
,og in the neilghborhood of town of tihe continred
discharge of are-arms during the night by parties
prowling about tieir lremises. Mr. IRealbeu
White had four llets shot trough his houseo the
other night, two of them lodging in a piano in hin
parlor, and of course endingerieg tile lives o
tile several members of his family. The scoun
drels who commit these oftenses are known to be
blacks, and some of them are suplpoed to belong
to the military organization stilt being kept ont
doty here. Complaints Micve been made tl the
cmilialry authorities, but we hare not heard of any
,olief being afforded. Almost the entire coloredi
population open our strers wealo ao snllen andc in
soleutdeemeanor, and outblreais etween the lacrc
seem every day imminent. We very much desire
to see a proper derstanding between the racee,
for the good of both, but fear that atniclability
will not be brought about until thie blanck and
thleir radical abettors have been toauglht their
The trade'of our city has again bee eonnsilenra
bly aieioted by the ic.clement wencher of the part
seven days, as w velave had rain without interulis
sion during that peritod. For the season of the
year, ile weather haIs bIeen cnprecedentcc d. Thi
cotton crop has esullredc terribly by this visitation
of wet and mnoist weatller, and nless tile fall!
proves to be a long and dry one, we shall be still
turther disappointed in our expectation of tile
yield of cotton. The season thus for hasien but
a series of disasters, and the agricultural interests
of the country have suffered severely Lrom uufor
tunate circumstances.
" Red River has risen about five feet since bar
last, in consequence of the late rains, and is still
reported rising. Good navigation is now aflorded
boats of a respectable class between this city and
New Ocleacis, and the lakes above here re navi
gable for all necessary transportation. Tihe cis
fortune is that although steamboats can seceer
good up freights, lthere is but little to transeolrt be
low. We do not predict a remrkahbllv briski time
for our steamboat friends during ithe eoming
The cotton worm has made its appearance in the
parish of St. James.
The Donaldsonville Drapeau of the 15th says
every field, without exception, in Ascension and
on the opposite bank of the lMississippi, i. covered
with cotton worms. The case is the same on both
sides of Bayou Lafourche and New river. The
cotton plants are mere skeletons, and the ilanter
dare hardly to holpe for half a crop on what was
planted in March, and a fourth of what c wa
planted in April. IThe Dranpeu says tlhe recolt
will be that, t:,king into account the tax and the
expenses of cultivation, thle most prudent alnd ex
ierienced planter will noit imake ilu expenses.
Oin thie other hando. c" er clini o ic - tconle.ic r
the floods of rain have brici no lc,,is i tie i l"
cane, tie yiell of iwhhh will prove exceeding!.
proli'ablo to tie lw who hnn eiplantedel'cic. :!I
fortunately the fields un'lcr cultivation r ! - u
comparison to thc,ce of 1i IO.
Tihe Lafayette Adverticer sayse:
The contionual rain has c.l-.ed te el i cyic Li'ci
to rt, and the younrg terlo l l I drop :, t!e
stem. The eaterplilla hns made it1 apceairanci ill
several fields. Tho ltoss of the plantcers eo ilu
parish will be very heavy.
The St. Martinsville Courier of the Techle says:
The troubles and misfortunes of our plant1ers
are indeed, at this moment, worthy of great coun
misaerlation, and thie score so tlct, in ollay c;a.es,
they are beyond remedy. Never beilore had ,culc
promise of an abundaun crop flattered tile hopes 1
of those who sought the means of their existence
from the bosou of tile earthl, othu o lr iplantelr,
could reasonably expect, about moutlh ago, be
fore the abundact and destructive roain wchlich
have reigned witlhout Interruption since thillt tnle.
We may safely assert tosday, without fear of hon
toadictlon, that less than one-third of lie 0c tton 0
crop which might have been calculated eo, ct tile
middle of nlart m losnth, will now be gathered.
RIaitlcr, scinds, worms, all the direst enecoLies (1
the most uncertnain crop, io our section of tile
countlry, havs rnse at once upaon ouar unfctionate i
lalnlters and ruined tile hlopes of ten mlolnthi of
labor, upon which depended thle ver- exitener i c
of nmany. Ill Cvery corner o0 the palishic nothingI ii
tiasbeen left unotrlid, ion c agricoullural point be
view, to esaure erase and to olpen the way to fut'ure
prosperity; whlatever inrelenting indllslry, u:. ,- 1,
eicrcastluels c ;cld is lawIul dresil e of gain cis il I t,
promt ln to. in dol, wras deose: never before had
labor been su -couactanad assiduoas,,nevc, .erlol' n
did it prolmise to be llore sncees-ful. But to-dcar n
the prospect is entirely chaugcd. With manoy thc 1
I filre il the crp, s will lat be restricTeto two
thirda hbt lalil he alt ost eomletete. \ith such a
porospoet betoree our tees. it is e.et eifiie tt to pre
diet to whalt state of c.tmplete privatioli mane of
"the poorer ela es will beil reduced. When after
i neally live yearl o eof wr which were years of ruin
and ilnprodluctieness, and which to them were al
most year. of talnie, i ucceeds ,t year, at tlhe end
of which they are nlde to experience the sad dis
appoitmatents which now at11ict our
pltautrs: with theirh laborious indus
itry rodelele useless, their ronstant
energy fruitless, tlcheir expenses uomrepaid. their
last hops blated ; in mtany cases, with a threat
ened expropriation imlpending on thel with all its
horrors: with no one more fortunate than they
to have recourse to and apply for help and assist
ance, and. with a dark future glaring them in the
t face with all the terrors which extreme poverty
and want carry along in their train, we are at a
loss to fiad words suited to a proper expression of
Sour sympathy, and much leass to sggest a mode
by which they may avert the ruin which threatens
them, Although it is consoling to reflect that
those whtbse desperate condition we have at
f tempted to describe, are not numerous, yet they
are the more worthy of our sympathy thlt they
belong to the poorer classes, and it is no dintinu
I ion of the austerity of their lot thalt poverty has
accustomed them to hardships. These, however,
are pot very deeply indebted, and whatever cred
itors they may have could e ell be patient, and alt
low them another year to make anotherattempttat
repairing their broken fortunes.
Forelan Items.
THE FRENCH PRESS AND Pnrsste.--The tenor
a of all the public journals is decidedly lostile to
a Prussia, and to Count Bismarck personally. Eo
rope must well understand that whatever arrange
e ent may be patched up at present by diplomacy
p can only be provisionnl: the principles which
p Prussia has evolved may be brought to bear upon
I her, and ithe sole limitto to te delay will lie it the
opportunities which may present themselves to
the Emperor Napoleon. Count Bismarck is very
generally held to be the enemy of mankind, but
I nowhere is this feeling so prevalent as in France.
i[Paris, Auttgst 27.
The road from Rimini for the first three or four
miles was pretty flat, but always with a slight as
cent, but after that the country became very nu
dulating, and the rises and falls of the road very
steepl. When about six mliles fronl the mountain
we crossed a little stream, and my driver told rme
that we were nowin the republic of San Marino.
nThe circumference of the State is thirty-nine miles.
a the mountain, or crag, as it should be rather
u clled, rising nearly in ita center.
is The grmrdt with the exceptio of tile rochk itself
st is everywhere very fertilel anid well cultivated. and
ee its valte is conidecrahly rmore than that of simi
l tar ground in the surrounding country, froet the
r absence of taxation and other aidvantages peculiar
tt to the republic, chief anmong whlich is the treedom
y fron miittary conscriptlion. Every male in San
t Marineo is, it is true. a soldier,bbut this is a very
e minor evil, when soldiering involves no lighting or
a- absence from home. Although all are liable to be
lv called upon to serve in case of necessity, only
, those under a certain age are onordinary occasions
called out, and the strength of this regular army
N. of tie republic is 600 men. Of these 700 form the
r national guard, the remaining hundred the body
guard of tlhe president. The uniform of allis blue.
iThe facings of the national guard are red. those
d of the body guard yellow, and of tie band white.
SThe national flag is blcue and white. The police is
of admiristered by a chief and five carbiucers, whose
ot uniform is dark blue, and white cross belts and
me gray trousers, and is very similar to that of the
11- carbiueers of the Italian service.
to The five carbiteers are, of couarse, always on
duty und are regularly salaried police. Tihe armny
only appear in uniform upon Sundays andti fete
days, upon which they are drilled. They receive
no pay.
S [lte ini, t gt p t 2",e Correspondence of the Standatrd
At A cellular carriage arrived here this morning
h containing trwrelve young well-grown girls, from
o eighteen to twenty-live, selected from among the
convicts at the central prison at Clermont, Ohio.
t, Sixty more females of the same class are ex
- pected, and the whole bevy will be embarked on
r- the Ceres transport for Cayenne, tile government
o having determined to take measures in earnest for
'r the population of that colony. These girls, several
of whom are remarhkably handsome, are destined
to become the wives of convicts in Cayenne who
have distinguished themselves by industry and
t good conduct. Each couple will be endowed with
a grant of land, and a anticient loan to pay for an
agricultural plant.
[Tonulon Correspondcnce of the Messager dn Midl.
A heartier burst of laughter is seldom heard in
a police court, than was lately, during the hearing
t- of a case before the Smytelsedale (Scotch)
o bench. A Chinese witness htad to be sworn, but
a the iterprctr iad not one laciferabout him. The
want was tlt once supplied by a legal gentleman,
e who carried a supply in his waistcoat pocket, IHe
handed a lighted match to tile witness, and, after
a the necessary words had been pronounced by the
interpreter, the witnees essayed to blow out the
light. This, however, was a task beyond tis
t power, for the learned gentleman had sunlpplied a
d match that burned brighteor fr being blown upon,
Tie amazement of tho witness, and his ldicrouns
attemptri to extinguish the match would have
furnisedt a splendid subeejt for. the penci o of a
Smhythesdaule fgoerth, ani so excited the risibility
of all in the conrt, tht t was soetie minutes before
Shiu iae.- could be proceeded atith.
Y enEE ItustutlTitv ess.--A newspaper corres
pondeut tells tile follo'ringt good atory:
I hav t e across an anecdote of a not
able tant iu this plante, which I tlhink will loo
well in inrlt. antil dierrves to to "the rontclds ct
the re Ots Hiu. tunclca C. 'ell, who wan l lieu
tewant goveror of t:s Stlte last year, is a luai
wholee tsoulett , geod o t ar m t led idiv al t e ecd
iistaluled hi, equeanimity as ftr pereteya to exhibit
a ' iunS ditpsitiou Uttalt tl -ttempt to 10lw ll :e
tof hi e aftire than l colse- t ellt u ad y year-t
ago, Mr. yell wi , abot to ex ct am t folne anound
o ae of tie lot illt the city. andl, ill o,[ee to ,erV
hmtr elf from the daily inurre.iutt,,i n wh ich t
kinew woetd b)e 1.1eec by ir h cisee. ;hbrrsnnd ]a,Sls
by, he had a 'rt1o ,ain-e .ed, il t hltit he dillayerl
atll the iuformatitt Ite regar to tile fence tlitl hlie
ialned cohitll psibly he l isred ltor deueotnlleld
tIe narralted conlcitit the fallowingr fact: Who
wa D the ownel ot tole liand; why he fencud it n:n
,tr euhe l umeher tile fenee was t, e oneta-l :
ihel ree lebotlgt it, and how muteh ay lt ot e pltid
'e it: ties (clt lutitly of ali to / inte d; the namlet
f t!t: builder, ana thl exact anlouut of ]atnd todbe
Scll-satieted tllt he lad n swle ree 1ail the qouet
tiltcs tihat to-ld etti askoeti r. hell was tqite
ilappy at the idc thalt le hal freedl hitsee l en
lirely 3' om imcertineeut ihqiries. But one night,
or rather very curtly on a very diseg'eeabte teoren
itg, Mri. l'ell wrs awakened tiroml a deep sleep by
a lound knrlocking at his tirout door. The call ae -
piearedt e tao be s urgent tht lair. Pell thrust hisl
head out ot' the woldowa and demanted, tuu ngentale
tone. " What itn lIe - wathe matter." Staorl
itg, phivcriog, in his only gtarcment, Mr. Poll held
the following coloqny lrtthI tile intntder :
" Does Mr,. Pell live here?"
" Yes. Wiat do you want?"
"Mir. Duncan C. Pill?"
Y" - : l)oticall C. Pell."'
"ls it Mr. iPil who is building the fence on Mary
"Y-,s, yes, certainly. What of it ll?"
" \\'ell, ,It. tleunec t. Pcell, do you intend to
paint tehet fence, tee will you n'hitowaohtit iC1t
fhle answ-er tand the eitndoew tee-it down to
-hhe-te, and t Mcr. l''etl re-,tie- tl lied, satistied that
tilleo ccln ble no eettle lron gcltintie YTcle[ec in
Till, Fige 1FF r:-3I - Filo.- Scleea lo the fiae~t
iloaae thattall .F-I testulj.IFIthe Culha
I I-( - Feed lb.- g t I ' ta-led -sme toI a i Ea'
Ian~ sain oth --a --oi ept itriin o o
lii l' cain flie It Il 1. '10 e It eptI
: tur lc. ds l 1t_ y u? t Ii.;ill t t l a s
o migl e I le tli I' eto, lI Ih l.I III. Io - I l!T
tie tt: ;"11 tn"e 11nt 'I o hel letad t IFIo-el'
t 1 ~ ta aII nlotl l i t l 1,i t e ýt utii ed an It l t a
seto i~l ifeii' et aIs tlnea tII tiiIiiiFOi:;tent
ottr till- lothe si ne t III-llcl a s-~eir-o ha-I.
tols ,d . - i n IL, iitlot- the,. tie 011111o ti..t ~ i _1d
ti\II" ll. It I t tatce -i It-cof no lttIIe i pntaelF 10
th aaeairatottiiair,..iotttlry. sd tItt" i
,,The Loeatsl paa it II lIce,awt h S ie t t:, II
A 1011biia rdiit thilIIa~u, lint m .iahedO thalhl -rioce
Mt'ahe~ jr 01,) bIrFO lid Rlparterila
Wela~ Iotti,ti' tatl-.- Khtuay tral5ilett-n, n
teaot and~ior Ito wtIIF with other conpion11 heth
oa.aeetrdorthe tboldhlylih uret tllliFIl~o coa
Ioii 10 and FetteI, the. itw mIOFfao at nitedtFongto
Lexingon iti iaidIFt. takn laOceo~ifI wt itelg te- is:
halet Islaont, illelaaiciti mortte intreto ill th ptI
.l-giotilatIiaoo oat. sItahoer co 1tet tht - ee
Oiaht. alt thetu eF~oia oaat y.F- 1r- -n,-.
T~ahe odltltttlitat ofilket,',ae Spiit s.ys :a
A third bal te~lard light hoatratoe ott h'oed.Pne
tPlCIA.L %OT'I EC h.
-- nn er!: Ca.n.ler !i! C i.erl ! ! !-Cureds
h 11er brils- .eumlAtti.: , t Fl.cti. .t Ati," roces
i' . 22 ,-t I' . T ':h lo-t ditin"ai i IIed 3,1.g
elle , Do, tre. a "1 ,' ., o t t ., " -h,, 1 ," in a, ten .lonce. Ui
-- alistlgie aunl Celiil.cy, i. E.sly of
Wrmni5n1 and In-tsrtl I, for lung itn.. - Also. diseass.
and alu.es which prostrate the i ital po.t elrs, with sure me1n
of relief. Sent free of chrIe in eeelud letter envelopeys. Ad.
dress Dr. J. SKILLIN UOGLItOI.PN, IHoward Association,
Gsllligh.iin Plll Us.- Chlli. and Fsyer
lhe testlmoniahattached to the adyertiiemot of thosoPi04
are from gentlemen known throlghout the whole eountry.
Their voracity canno.t he wisle sd, snil places the merits of
the ledicine at once beyonld doubt and recommend, it to pap
ular favor. See tie advertisement
-h y New and G lreat Epoeh in Medicine.- J
Dr. Magggel is the founder of a new Medical Sysiem;
The qnantitarlans, whose vast internal doses enfeeble
the stomach and paralyze the bowels, must give precedence
to the man who restores health and appetite with from one to
two of his extraordinary Pills, and cures the most virulent J
sores with a box or so of his wonderful and all-healing Salve.
These two great specifcs of the Doctors are fast supereedlung J
all the stereotyp.d nostrums of the day Extraordinary cures
by Magglel's Pills aad Salvehave opened the eyes of the pub. J
lie to thle Inefficiency of the (so called) remedies of others, and
upon which peoplehave so long blindly depended. Maggieil I
Pills are not ofthe cli s i that are swallowed by the doueu, nud
of which every box fall taken creates an absolute necessity for
another. One or two of Maggiel's Pills sufce to place the
bowels in perfect order, tone the stomach, create an appetite,
and render the spirits light and buoyPnL There is no griping,
Iand no reaction in the form of contlipation, If the liver is
affected, its functions are restorel; and if the nervous system t
Is teeble, it is invigorated This las! qally makes the lbed
eina very do.lr ale for the wants of delicate females. Ulcer
t ous and eruptive diseases are literally extinguished by the dis
infectant power of Maglgise Salve. In fact, it is here an
nounced that Maggi'S BHilious. Dlspiptic and Diarrhea Fills
cure where all others fall. While for Burus, Scalds, Chil
blains, Cuts, sad all abrasons of the skin, Magg el's Salve is
ilnfallibli Sold by J. lMaggiel, 11 Pine street, New Yrk, an
alDrugg:sts, at 25 cents per box.
Agents, New trlonm,.
- Mrs. Wlnalow'. Myitic Pills re re -
pared only for alegitimate purpose, and are the only safe and
effective medicine fur femiale, extant.
Do not trifle with your health, and use cheap and dangerous
. edicine which druggists have bought, and will recommend,
being Ignorant oftheir propertles.
They are a certain cre for all those painful and dangerous
disorders to whlchthe female constitution is subject. They
moderate all excess, andremove all obstructions ; they Invig
orate thle debilitated and delicate, and, by regsulating and
strengthening the system, the hue of health is restored to the
cheeks, weaness of thel spine and limbs relieved, and all the
tindications of nervous debility removed. malden, wife or
mother shonld ke without them.
Try them-useaecording to direction, and be convinced that
they are the Lady's Friend. .
other. Price$2 per bo, or three boxes for $5.
SFor stsal by all druggists.
Wholesale Agent for the South,
20 St. Charses street. N. O.
-The Queen! The lseen!--The Qtueen
OF HAIR RESTORERS I-Mrs. Winlow's Queen Hair Re
Itorer is queen not only in no-, but in virtues.
It is the best Hair Restorer ever offered to the publie.
An infallible restorer and preserver of the hair if fithfully t
It Is no hair dye.
It acts directly unpon the roots of the hrir, changing gray
hair to its original lif9 color; arresting prematulre decay and
l9lingoutof the hair; eadicatsing s, .rf and dandruff, and
ering all humors of the scalp.
It will change dry and wiry hair to soft and luxuriant
5It mparts a delightlhl fragrance to the hair,
In short, If you wish to restore your hair, as in youth, and t
retain It through life, use MRB. WINSLOW'8 QUEEN HAIR
RESTORER. Price$1 per bottle.
sol1 by all druggist.
J. OONEOAG , General Agent,
20 St. Charles street, N. O.
1--Bi urely.Stadlly, 8iuie1 e1flly, Smoln.
er's Extract of Bucku is ering every case of Kidney DLise,
Rheumatism, Gravel, Urinary Disorders, Weakness and Pains
i the Back, Female Complaints and Trouble. arising from
Excesses of any kind,
Come ye amiited I Try Smolanders'-Take no other Bckets
5oldbyallapothecaries. Price, $1. D. Barnes & Co., New
York and Barnes, Ward & Co., New Orleans, Southern agents.
dadd1gbh Rogers, Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Mas., gene
-- aolgate1' loney Sosp-Thls celebrat ed I
Pollet oaup, in such universal demand, is made from thn
hotoct materials, i1 mild and emolient In Its nature, fra
trantly scented, and extremely beneicial In its action upon the
k. For sale by all druggists and fancy goods dealers.
onlee :
No. I C._ANAL. ' 1. FtiRC: f Lr.CI:, .,,N I, ,'F'0)',
CII tiF >W,,iaedF <my ': ii. D: . . .e t- .
Fmy 'DGE:N " AN) ,', - : i I , -
Ca.e, Can and Biox. Groceres.
C AT''PP ,
T Etc, T .
-MaLnufaictlrers' and P'ackelrT' Prlces,.
I h CIa« : . a cw ir ;',e , o " tl.o
Yarlioun€ Chrol.e Ihranuds of lHouvrlon T'hihk,
Will pl"se rememuber, that, be.[l: inlnehdi.tel , on tie
Leee, I will l.eei\e and forward ,t?: article con. g ed t,, n:y
carewith PI'pItnessI an Fideility
(lusilnmellnr t fro MailuIacturers and Ple-r., ad Order,
rorm Dealers are res pectfully solicited.
I wiil contiuoe tobott!e
-And nTy
"C. S. A.," 'P. P.P." and "P. M L,"
Cll bkept p in quality, anRi n ilF L sold t tle Trade with b
Lte Bricga ,r ener,, C. .
.1it rerr tF ,rla 1'y. ,- per Iret pa-IedbetCr T. O. C aOiJ",
,taV-I Public, June 2, 1&1. FP. IHEll RR' N,
New Otleaas, Auyu.- i, 1wµ 11 Caroudlel. ItreI~ ,
ID '110(GIA,--VI )ii 1iO1 ' .
Near Alexandrln, L.n,
Fondeid and Supported by thie YState L-uoxl,
_ The I Silh r a lsieis on tihe Irt l MONDAY i, "dlept
I..ex, t, and ends on the L30th ,f Juue, 16L;.
Acalndelic Board t
A DAVID F. BOYD, 5uperintendent and Irofessor of Ancient
Languages and English Literatur-.
RITII;IARD f. VENABLE, t'rlfe.or of Engin,,ering.
JOHN A. A. EST, Ptof-.sr of M thaenmti, B lid Com
manudant of Cadets,
JEAN PIERRE BELLIER, I'rof.so of Modern Languages
T and Literature.
o EDWARD CUNNINOIIHAM, Professor of Natural Philoiopllr.
JOHN R. PAGE, MI. D., P'rofess, r of Chemitry, Miner.algy
adl Geology.
B JAMES W. WILSON, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and
s I'hy.Ilogy, and ulrgAo,.
.JA ES 31. DBOD, A M., Assistant Professor of Ancient
d Languages andI.iteratur.,
R IOBE IRLT E. RIVES, A. 31., AI. D., istant Profesor of
d Modern Ltanguages ald hierature.
e The coolre of tudy emlbraces a lPrepatlratory and an
l Academic Deparmelnt mld two Special Schools, oneof :ivil
Engineering, tih other of Medicno.
a The Acadelic Depart meat c.mpri-es a Literary 1n 18cen
Stile Couse, Alwhich have their phlt of dvergence i the third
(or Sophollmore chta. In tile Literary Course, thle Ancient
Languages and Literature lre thoroughly taught; in the
SScientific tCorse, the Glreek language I omitted, nIld in its
stead are taught 3Mechanim8ald Praclicel Engineeting.
(':'etS will not b receive i ulaler fourteen years of age.
n They nliy Br re deduts of ,thr Stales.
fState or b olciry Crt'te.tta e t bl treceived, on.ls the
ile.Adest of rho Police Jury making yu pAointm , ,,ti.
tiea t,.tt nitrl,er tile lnpointl e rotr his parents oao able to
u-tll re-l A-d wtito well, sld k AritheLl trllu ic as far aC
Ratio and Proportion, inclusivc, and the rndiment of ~Ug
Slisl (1tnilner nUd err.' mephy
To enter 111 iAcadeii c Destl Iln(t iT iA ee.Gury to know
Alithmetlr and Algebra tnbSod h Esll o ilionl of thle FIirt
IsDeiree, E1i1h (rAIIIIar, CIeogrIIIlBy and the IAleiAItaIy
Graaln ,r and rsndiig in Latin and Frell.h.
n tionol aill W admitted to either of r thre SpeclI S.l.ol
Civil Ell1,caring or Medicine, 1 ho is not q1ulified to enter
Sthe Second or. Alaor) I'la of thie A emic Departllln t.
"p ohe pirent orgniuian ~r stte ElONSr ,to pr.pIi enteillhi
'on r wd, w e-e study ior t Special h cht dLy h ( a tlllh n
Exptii el per S ei lon n of rTe. r vonthe.
'ntion, Bourd, _ ln, l ,ta Furniture, FAIedlr, L;1t
pTI,1 1 ha.i " nalvance atd t1he ilnnce an Ile l:t of F1,.1
ecpt lothingl a gKnd .allt "i f hhiletun Cadl t taunt brinnl
lh'ay ent nlst be mado in advanre. This roll is impara
tire, and will be onforded in every thase.
I'arelnts are requested t, give their eons very little pocket
money, noo e-ceeding $5 per .tooth.
;d Te late Sessioln bstvng closed Juner :), with LOS matrlictdates.
slad it being alm(.t certain that there will not be less thou
.MxO Cadets 1present dulring tile Dort so, sloh th-os desir,,usof
patrouising tile InsTh tiuin alre advisgd to be promlt in enter
ing their sulns on tile first day otf tile Session.
S State or beneficiary Cadets lsrt nrot fail to be pr-lnt at the
beginning of the S-hior, n1 places aunout be r--rved fur
For furtler ianormatlon, address
D. F. BOYD, SuperDlntendet,
I'oetofllfe, Jkle-andria, La.
raving retnrnet (after asi abseuce <of three ery-- to my
f,rmcr h ,me. in tile hnmed1iMto vicinity tf F-Ar u , Teu.., I
gl sh ,t" d (' 1.. , tl Sc -ol , fi rtile neunc tio,n , f oy'.
Sthe, vl.d c , , ; , f ,owan an, c-on ry. Tits .;r,,xtnil. ar n +l pl.+
iantl,,ill hiagainu bwautitled and adhorne"l wvith of it meu:i.r tree,
..;.rli'r ed t't*,tl l cellar tt 1 -"! tr t, ,end 1 n. b, t h "s 11
reporlted, reaper*d, rcftn- rtl n I . d, I+ I t u
, edify iu I- e :, l,, e ~e , try , ill ,be l..·krc e. G ,tf ·
TI e -if-,c plino of Ihi Sch '· ,d ,:!t . I fei· ldi, . ! pnrr .lrr 1, it
'Terms ur Se+,.ion of l+ite 3I,,nt7,:
,JAM S ,, ' PTI' l' -n ' I, .
+t. ,;+ , ,,.'i ! +. L ,.S.\ , :+ t' ku -,J \ N t .,. £1J', . 3.., .
-:III~ldll 1~~ Ii) l:.A1 N-·ll 0-~1
ii tN-iD Il11 , AND Ill-I 11<11101 liLFIF
111li"u,,ýc (leut, F. DI" I 1111 0 ' .t L.~.tuD t,
I-:. IIII PII f, F IARTS Ni FOIl III'E, Tilrcs I. le- ib. %.
Jl..ee·;, i'rlý-i:r l~
IT I· L 11 ICU fU I A D I t1rld
R} J ehhlrkP, ]il. S I'O I Tt! JT, 4t g i10roubýh bel
11111 ' illll(·i ll AR l.RIl1INA
N---,, It " Jn
ILL O .I!11U FOE OF THE BIBLE, TL... !'r ,1e"-ate, R. ~iiiU~
millIi-:u, L I n114t0
t LttO 1 I , l~ ti FF' N:I. OF AIII<,1i11: I'rofcs:i , r',III I J I'
01? V.t(AJIA-.
1111 ('001! 13 IN'A TIET 'it <NIPIue f. N
Ipp ldlII INi, iNSFFlyIIA111PdI 11111F F~y gFliF11i11 L
0FF 11111 FIFI 'tII( II IF A, AI< )iI 11141- -R
OIL '". I RL gI, g· Ig; A lt,,i.~ IllItIII ;il iNIFr '1111. i IF
RR. GOW3llON, n'l Z t,
l Ie %Fz, ld iliEW H lln rllnl llEll Y, \Ion tl nru J~nn
ý\ O K171I .-I 1i. iu-t il I utia nl 'n to co ci r ,:Illi c r e 11' to
the Ir,,f-F te n e cd lnd y ,.f for .111~icel-ipf i be on. i, i'. :e i
ION UA1', U·;:l;tl of ý F oe l leln nbedit i 7oal :,t u ce:
ýa t~ ill trin, b :.lrte :. , ~ nti"u t ot~tutln
ý.nd la \ I l.u dr ltulr Iuy , ai J'.'.. by cr
USIY\'\I` I AP 1. IISfI to
[', "t 1· n. i P Lll .i Iltli r ...: PT )iircoi '` Ln 01 n ,i L
=ra entir cxv lljr ok f) ulna srni nO1. Foil lnf~ri u t
T.rrnr, prrrc Rl' AND 1111:\1(f bBLY S~d~I E
.s in'bu,~ili. dfnl, " or r pes aolno r
] rer ,. ti " .:n
he ',",nd se~in othlsSrhnl wll egi on the Filci 31',
preysnaL}~ Iotho Cniverh y o \":~ntin
n. o .. ... . s--c, .o.....
(1. IHOIIERI' E. L:EE. I' nl11ent.
CARTlE.R d til . l l0l, .leoor et Latin.
.EDt 1:5 I . 1i ll E ,, All ., -,ul..I reIek.
EnRglsh. I
A. L. lE S NI. , N 1, 1' b.i, itted.io, " llici Sote,. t
Wi., ALLAN, A Hf., 'nde.lor A1ppllhd lathemtll ks.
h.. -1.N ITLL I,1. A. 31,I'r r l'..I tu. N , l,oII .hplop ti
JOIN L. L'ARPRELL, A M ., l'ruO.rr O'hOnllory
,I R N BllOI'KEN K E A(lllA , O. L. 0., 'ol L
HARRY ESAIlIIL, A. t,, AeiomI.t PIrofesor Ithieiooatic.s
C. POWELL ORAD ,A.M. Atasltat I'r,,leso Ltint.
(To be o aponyend-aoY isotu t Pootlrfr dl iGreek.
A Propn rtry 10, 1 r.e T sl beon lootltnted, InwhTei StAudents
UU'parei ono r the Rolhusor (:bhlse ity, rneeive thetrantloh In
nece.sars brtnlabes . 'o Glerenlioumbcin ed 'h1e1; O (1D3th
REPEI or BE ok ld endo lant Thtirsdy lu Jlme.
Trae-n-Taltion, and all o tir College I e' ...............o$1 0 t
All ohoor apensull., includllg Boardo. Fuel,
Lights, 1tc. nee not exceed $ 21.
Forfuroller iulormuatiAn or ior atalogne, address the YFaiety
oR IashiIgtoIU CIIege, Lexington, VirginiA.IRI
_l SH¢-
Up.elol.. and legtuut eStory Blulding."
Is eonstantlln esTslon under eight able ProlIors. It wiln
rounded RI 18t,I and is chsrtored by the Steal . Its former eta
dentsmy be foound a Principals or i ook-kepers in a large
portion of the old houses o thLis city, and over the Southern
States. Ladies or Gentlemn can attend the COMMERCIAL
COURSE, or Bok-koplng, oPeanmanship, Mathematis, ng 1
Tlsh, French or Spanlsb. A bhrlnos. edouation that e.ablel
one to enl 1$2000 or $r00I annually, I the beat fortne parents
an gie their sons. We hare ample arrangements hoI i20
ItmdioetT Ladies and Gentlemen are Invited to call.
New Orleans and Jackson Railrotd.
COrcularI may be obtained on appllcation to ROBERT PIT
KIN, Esq., 13 and 15 Csmp.troet, New Orleans.
1ie3tl, o.etweel.11S0.1on ,bd I loll, ol..1 I.dI , Rc Yl, . T i.
To tile l-tlecollte of ALolrlmlan dle
Tr RENR's h d Is, sTo ,, r,-.ted i,- Ls ns.s
of he.r Wrt, e strn Fon t \\'hY h r.,." . r .... 't ;i r ; ma I, '
be: n eFui e,*td ot .the lur .tlth'tt ' tl ll+l o fitlk o , h, L .h,: oi. , l
rill::ill:: h'V L h, 1 I them Itit she' r - pu ,fl Ii-olt thr ,n v. ,d fl
'lo, ' t , it 3P1Tl o Ii 1, o,. , 0 ý1110 -1 . $ 1
IYot Cltxrula h 1I, v rr, albonve. q
Portlald, Ilentueky. i
Thei new soasion of tblIAcadeonlv for }o.og ta 1e, woll ofoc
0 th0e lirs 1 l0di y ol Septelmber" SIe A Inlstititlon. i whiich
are taugilht all the branches of it thorough edncation, i, .-In
ducted . tiih Sisters of thle L.retto ilu.tituti The bullildllng
are delightfnilr llly and rutiredlv s . rted on thie bank f the Ohio
fiver, In the suburbs tf Loultirlle, f , ,which city it ba con+ 11
.lno Do~1i by tile Portland Stret IRailway.
hEei.1chrge., I )r so 1011 . 0lim,,h . vr out for b111, rnd tni.•
I"..trho ellrv urn .nude tor yt,.i·'--V aol"tk bdlld oil tha llarp, E
Plane acld tittttar-Dancing. ULavint," arid Paintiug, and ior
French Le.sons and Orlumiooontil Nodlo work.
RIO1sroto.-cI-Rt. ItO. Bisho, I--, e eld 1Tay of theclergy
10f 111 city 1;1e101. 'e0000, Woi ,i lo,, WeLbb A I5e .1o.I,
T. 0. iib,,oo t'n.n, Li, lls, Po'ol 1,1ii,011. Mol lcaleit
1nd L. Kush, P rtl.uld: J J A Smith, J. B-. llmnandlr y and, C
J. lIeIatn, aw A l,.Ino, ll,.l
Nor farlo icur l arslipI nlo1 in per11 10 ,r by lct1rt1 0 t1,e Il
M.talr Solpeor, ,,1 t B1eo d ol'¢,\'l .eo ,. I'.lleool. Kv C
Thlls Sh-1l ha.s jrust concludedI ils Tenth Year !Is hi-::.
ha. been one nf pro-petrle and _ .+,, th fmru the com,ueric
ent. i',he It t.oj' 0years tLeddl1y aTerage ottondaollce hos
been more than two Lundhed. and n y hate ;Ler relu.dd
adldt.tance for .... of 011oUn.lo o Idbtioo. b
A New BuItlding
Is now ioler contract, to ie ready fIr oTul-ncy st ti.
,openin; ot the Poll ,11 0onl in Septemllr, and it hl hopd
that heraafer all can be received as pupils wlho apply.
The Llrsroy. Appparats and Csablnes
Are rocMlving yearly, vlnoble additions; and the pOrpOso is
kept teadllly in iew, to furnish 0every latll, flo, a ithorough
co0r1e of iutritilon.lol,
Thie Facnlty eon-lts of fonrt mole an+d ele.u femnale teach It
er., all ertperlenecod initructore n th.eir several dip-rtmebt
The $0:h1, is 11111y r00ded from the ProeAr;olLrs dp1rt1
sent, through Le entire course if Academicsalnd Cl.iai
orl' ............ ..I. As. o WIIITo E 0
..... ..5 Vo , l.t Fnh1t ,tro ty iolr, . i:
33114 loIrINn Stret,
Op,,l.,e the Opera Ho:,.
,, rt . 1.rVi ,, : '..' '. _ . 31- ( ;·-2 " :oue .or, 2kl
It,"" iR , pl p I E,) Nl; I G II A I 'KIpd MODERN
c-p..Es a LrIUe Snd EmmBR L.o. IDYK FO, RWth I'mple aR
ccrp~es anLnre an tommfdhms Manson, with Ample and
Secluded Oround.s.
TUgeLher u-bth cheer B IeAtfutic managmeAnt mural and polt 1
cultuare, re uennred rand s or nhd.
IntHEM-- $t per mornoth; $ e) p advances; MI ic and Oran '
Suatwl hur e a hn
Which famish toilette srtielen and bed clothing,
Ad"Va E R.J... E. C. DORA.A E D. D. T
S(rsEJ. L P B,\ND1 a t,, SPUr le a '1nn)er'f11 nr) a r
P!PI, bly ,Ppt , ,Pt ap,,,pp U ip a 't I opc. l u l, leiu ;,' u:Pi, uu ceI, '
rcln ir- p p I tlhl pREl E .tER Ie.-,·h
i'!.[E'q V, aR,p iDP P,,Pp1, ,1, ,P R ,,< .11-'.1, I ",,, "I :: I. ,
1I< )D,fle .m l :rn lt ,, It.: ,,a, ,,,, ., ,,,: -, r,, , ..,tl t, -i t . r .
nIl lOp pp'RiI,,plrd, BAr DS5 a ,, p t( (RI Rol LORD iM
HOCE4 - tANC RlR ,.L.Oll-- [ R" Tov
The ur.b6criber recpr"cfnilj ifnrrr the wT blic t!:nh t tli, O'
oPula"r pleo of Surmner Resort I, NW OPEN for the rN-O
ceptioln ¢i ,auests. t
Tnee ",r ~nruedlttllrn s Ll,.SLe ii,-?.;rel to offu r to th T(J
public ire not sulrpa-led by tho .drr ally n. .Vaterhl Place Itote: / 1
in the country, and his TABLE IS SUPPL1ED WITl / va
EVERY DELIPAGY of thu pla .t.ad sewns~ In IP
8nlp-hu and Ch(lsltelte Ryltlnal, NC
Vh.ich are eliebrattl d ir !nl l pr perriea. Invalids w'1i' C
hl:erlrerflnd this pl,.cl )n oa nt peculiar advantages, as they c
all hateSea or M inerl BATIh, an well as the befs fishing Mil
acilitlc ou ie 0 t Ia.it.
TiL11MS--Will be very moderatn for famnilies enga~lng room Im
A l:" .-' .... ...... ........ .........N 1 gb Tir
produce to my friend,, ADOh, Edmiston S Co., LIverpyoo !(Rh
L. M. MERTTT, wh
?Carrtdelet stret, Orb
.\1`` h1. I I, I, I I.-.'' 1-11 '...
.) WARRI'EN I 1 . 1h ,. ,I "1 f 0 t,,'161
Wi - I tll l'P 1, ll UO N Al ' +,r ,.' . i, er AMlll n. -y
WIL'hA LW"I/ '.I TI "S O iii.. iI''I II 1.ple- A l''r' -
S EI, . ti l lf I F I. 1, AM tnt to tI'id', ,I ldai r i ll .e . ,
Btq½..' .
ii M D, N , ..rWAS . ", il d' i l.n ,,
IR ANAlllAii S(OiNE l. II ), I'1,11o-1 l t." "i t dOi,,d ' t. O
A A. U TTl,'l I. MU . EI. it. P .l !c ,.o. or . of IS . tlllll
ty l h ,,' t vd L, ', tu, e l l ( i , ' ll ll 'l , Ll l , eq
w i S 51111 IlDELi N, El. i A ,gnbr. l 1.. ', . .5 .....oEnt
'aO.i lt i m" , D 1, ;, tl t o (i 'h ir ,If (h t ric'
. T. I:LILY T, ,l I I l II,
Thol l.:le'lt h A i[ wn rh. u ur e. C n h.Lot %
I lL (), tuelr lS h, , it pl.' , h r El . t t, 'e
Anet dOnl lLean, A ulll Iu. ] 15, *It t 1 l~1 r Iith
Rlm ýI[ olllý$llt them I th in ll i Ol l T il.
TI i,·.! r Atr lthel ... . t1 m..l ...... 110l
IEQ T A l IOlT.. . . . . .. .. . . I N 1 o
1 . RII. i... . SOO , Ei. S.
A eI n te INRY.
Bet q.ality l5..nd OAST TOO, L rSTEEL; P.BPRI.I, MA'
NOd, S l Ao d A t .....BR AT ER MAr t U......1 O . . rtlLR0 w
BIg twiltN ý r and , l 21dM h 21, 1,7 Aree P, e
n x 1 r |,i OLut ER ',N , i it Acinl.
"L, ne'. Patent iet and Feed W he ."
5 i5. l 'r.:eti-d Al.nel at 1 1, Ulplnlu y'. Paah ymet re-,
T. PiT R O I RU.LOS RS , M. ML L , Dean.E
New O leRal.. Anlgttnu 16, IS6 o.
--..1tcr .Ad s fl; .or- n .t
All DMclerl etlol. of Ca i rr llld Oel'dlal Steel,
..NOR, PLOWldi...1 ., SHTERY M. A .... oo' ii 2p an IaL
Between Milk and Broad etreet
OI.)5 SlUtNT. AlARlt
SIr dant.Ae, Ned therefor teng ACIIIIw :T.
1+ -T. uLr,. iý .tt tau.,u, ofl'd nerrilly cTrtooa et " of thel
.i h,.by thesol l. i 1e si ttp ll.ll 'o . S Tw, it h ot 1 '1111 ri 1o of i1id
hnd, udiO er ia d Te at , iace iS. xopie , T eft'¥, and in i I E o
YO--' x 1 tvlog sezTne l nut* Dale Ill the nlytn Le of Lande
tnmp! ,yed ,+bYa tlthe mllll, IntL sallfill ,f thxt, Li h i. of f-a
nre tm tncr. L-: I .a :-,,aiLng time Ofti v u -l -
.Es. S8, 1Oi and HIS New Leve. street,
New Orieans,
is prlparedt ll times, with mn aud materil to F ecute all
ordor. in fuhie -Ie nsf "opper 1u- lShoet Iron .Irorker, S ack.
mthiug and Brasx Fo uder anI Fhsher. Th lon. estab
she'd cha-rter of thli house is a euficnnt gnurnntee that any
work entrn ted to him ill be pDromptly and faitbfla)t xec .et2
F roIsII, \Lo LLIva L, RonILE -.L .tn`'U'll t sTRECTs,
Offee--1:3. Pullon Street.
I. ,,ý n1.. at 1-u1ni machiaery
DEDMOllt 3IUN7), D O &L (1..
LW. Pre.ume Lencmotives, Flued andi Cylinder Boilrs, Clarl
ais, Filter ald Jllce BR ,e0, made at the
h.+r tet Nootio .
\te'respeslnvil 1 c:,ictl , ,ts ifur Boll ers i and all necOI Sary
',YIR.+., R,, ,sl'sI'o,,o +,,,,J RB)+ hloll.d; ol w)Jo Y.O
I +io :o , ,le Il. ", l,,u:, ide f, l all B Inds o EP rhnt eNr ,
'I" ,,r s l'al:e .r lit ut " d , and ,,pe ci.cL.ioau? i u rorlt sil
cdio,n and ielicnl of tmde Ifoln all ki ands of Machinery
of Stearairhps and YS.embo.:s will be promptly urnished.
P'art-er coctrmy.p g the parche of Steamships and Steam
bars wodd do well to have them exemined before buying.
Novelty Iron Works,
Corner Delod and New Leva streets.,
New Orieana
t7 U2ird street, New Orlecn
Oeddei , 8hSlkopeare . Co.,
Iron and Dro.. F.,anderd and MaehlnitlR , ma.nfacture ere'
,arleti of Steam Enghle Su ,gr MillsD, Dr ntig achonese
di0l aud in OltrlngO lif,to 0 ar* Store Fronts, Columns'
Mhih Weights. ece RIBcksmith Work of ll kinds.
T °lOMAMd . 1HOlI.gSY da 00..
NO. 9 PERDIDO STREET, (Adjoining MasYonleBIldlrg
Circnlar Cross-Cut Mill and Maiae s~ws; Cor Mdl ; Wh
Mille and Bilting Apparul; Shafting PnllFte and Belting.
All descrltloeR of Plutntion ]Macninoiy eand Agrlc t0 ra
We keep constantly on hand a fll anpply of
Timber Wheels and WBeelbrrows., from the welR known factors
of Jolshu Bodley, Wheeliog, Ca.
We hve eoncoctlon with extensive PFoedries and Lachine
Shopoln St. Louts, L,Louile,'Cincnuat and Pittsburg, through
which we are prepared to :ounract for an) class of machnery
on molt favorable terms, and deliver auywhere north of New
Orleans 9 e o r frelght. THOS. B. BODLHY A 0R.

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