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----r_ __~-I~=C
$oSra ntellignge.
Oran. Blomome.
We had the pleasure yesterday of witnessing i
the nuptial ceremony, which is supposed to mark i
the half way point in the journey of life, and t
which is so variously described by cynics and t
lovers as the happiest or most miserable in exis- I
tence. As for ourself we were disposed to take a t
hopeful view of the situation (perhaps because
we knew nothing about it,) and replied to an invi- I
tation, which we were happy enough to receive,
by presenting ourself at an early hour at the door
of the Jesuits Church. The ceremony at which
we were now permitted to assist (merely as spec
tator) was, as to its scenic effect, a success.
The picture presented by the bride and bride
groommight be described with superlatives, if such
deeert~tlons were not common-place, and this was,
by tid~neans, the appearance of the parties. Then
there was the upual number of snowy dressed at
tendants, (all of them pretty,) with orange blos
some; and a large and curious audience, mostly of
ladies, who were either married themselves, or
had no objectan to being so.
The nuptial mass is now performed, and the
epithalamium sung; the ring is placed upon the
fnger, and the benieon of the father of the church
Is then pronounced. With the light of the iwax
tapers shining down upon the con ting couple,
and the divine music of the choirfutuher etherializ
Ing the occasion, the thoughts of every one rose
with the incense from the censors, and it was not
easy to take any but a rose-colored view of the
instillation for cynic or poet.
We shall not describe the convivial assemblage
that followed, and shall dismiss the new-made
couple upon board of the Rolbert E. Lee-a boat
every wry fitied for a bridal tour. As illustrative
of the times, it may not be moal apropos to state
that two other couples in erse, and a good many
more is posse, were already aboard. In this num
ber of "pairs" the Robert E. Lee could perhaps
"see" any boat that has for some time sailed
from our midst.
There wa, a very large crowd upon the levee in
consequence; and we presume, as the waving of
handkerchiefs ad hats indicated, that every one
of the spectators, like ourself, wished the bridal
parties not only a pleasant trip, but a successful
voyage through life.
Fire on Fulton Street.
Yesterday morning about 2 o'clock, the gro- tl
cery store of Messrs. J. W. Scott & Co., Nos. 24 1'L
and 2G Fulton street, were discovered to be on
fire. An alarm was quickly given by the police fe
and the firemen appeared on the ground, with
their accustomed alacrity, but, owing to a scarcity gl
of water, in the neighborhood, the combustible
nature of some of the goods in the store and a
fresh wind blowiog at the time, the utmost exer
tions of the firemen did not prevent the spread w
of the flames. it
The establialsement of Meessrs. Scott & Co., and ol
its contents were entirely destroyed, nothing being to
left of the building but ruined walls. _They had at
an insurance upon their stock for $15,000, which, T
it is believed, covers their loss. The buildings t
were of brick and three-stories high.
Nos. 23 and 30, adjoining premises, and of the
same height and dimensions, were also destroyed ft
and their contents consumed. No. 28 was occu
pied by parties whose names we could not learn, p
as a produce store. In No. 30, Mr. H. Williams or
had a store for furnishing supplies to boats. He se
was insured for about $20,000, but this amount, it b
is reported, will not entirely cover his loss. These d
buildings were the property of Mr. T. Laneaux, it
-ho was insured for eight or nine thousand dol- P
No. 22, a one-story building, situated at the cor
net of Graneer street, was likewise burned down. p
In this building J. Pilgram had the "Capitol" r
coffeehouse, at the corner of Front Levee, and e1
other parties had small shops for the shoe and r
clothing business in the house. It was the pro- i
perty of Mr. Rivers, who is understood to have "
been folly insured.
It is not unlikely. that the whole square would c
have been devoured but for the interposition of a
vacant space, canused by the burning of the store P
of Messrs. Bouve & Robinson, No. 32 Fulton
street, a few weeks since. The Orleans Insurance e
Company was rebuilding the structure, and a
considetable quantity of material was lost.
the foundry of Mr. James D. Edwards, on the (
opposite side of Fulton street, took fire, and his a
loss is estimated at $3000. The upper part of the I
building only suffered from fire, but in the confu
sion incident to the occasion, thieves seized the
opportunity to carry off many valuable articles.
Mr. Edwards's loss by the conflagration is covered
by insurance.
The wind blowing from the northeast, carried
the sparks in the direction of Poydras street, and
the back windows of the feed store of Mr. J. T. 1
Gibbons being open, some hay took fire, and
nothing was left of the building but walls and
charred timbers. Much of the contents were
burned up, and the grain not consumed was dam
aged by water. The stock was partially inosured.
WThe flames communicated, also, to the grocery
store of Messrs. Case & Dowling, at the corner of
Poydras and Fulton streets. The building was
not much injured, but the stock was greatly dam
aged by the flood of water poured into it. Loss
covered by insurance. Mr. Spearing had' a sail
loft in the third story, and is a sufferer.
The store of Messrs, P. S. Du Sachet & Co., deal
ers in western produce, No. 33 Poydras street,
and that of Mr. Charles Ledig, grocer, No. 37,
were likewise deluged, to prevent the spread of
the flames, and their merchandise more or less iu
By the falling of a wall of one of the stores, on
Fulton street, Corporal D. Brady and officer M.
Bcally, of the police, and Messrs. W. Wallace of
fre company No. 13, A. Armstrong, of No. 12,
and P. Pilgiam, a private citizen, received inju
ries. The wounds of none, however, were suf
fciently serious to disable, except those of officer
Scally, who was so badly hurt that he is confined
to his bed, and is not expected to be in a condi
tion to leave it for sevehal weeks. He has no bones
broren, but his head and body are covered with
.pa.nful bruises.
BlThe firemen might have confined the flames to
the building in which they started, but for the
difficulty of procuring water. There being no
bydrants on Fulton street, or the Levee, the en
gines had to seekrc suction at the distances of Canal
and Tchaupitoulas streets and the rioer. Numbers
of fir:rmen were s:orchco inl their heroic struggles
with the confllagation, and their endurance mlay
be imagined froln tie ,ingle tact that two entire
lengths of hosea on uliton street, where the great
est exertions had io be made, were burned to a
crisp, .yino on tihe pay ment. Among those we
met with head ant nvcc;t alost blistered, was the
veteran fireman Captain Jack Adams, who upolt
this, as on all otlhr eocca ions of the kind, dis
tinguished himself by fearless devotion in endear
oring to piecsrve the property of his fellow
citizen S.
We have no imelons of estimating, even approxi
mately, tile angregrte loss. It must be consid
erably over a huired thousand dollars. Most of
the iv:srancea , so far as we have heard, were in
Northern ofbices.
A two horse buggy was yesterday broken to
pieces by the running away of the horses at
tached, upoln C,: n '.;; e street, and with almost
fatal chllse ta, , o; . - ^i ou ant. A getit lr maon
who had been u::,i;:l; V , • , It the rein= iu the
-~..- - ---·;- --.------~~..-- ^~i .---------------·- --'-r-i---- ------=-- - "4"--------- --- - = - -L 1
Iands of a lady who was with him, and it was dur
ing his absence that the horses took fright and ht
rall away. A ditch has been recently dug across
this street, between Royal and Bourbon, and here er
the lady was thrown from the buggy upon the soft
ground. The injury she received was slight, owing t
to the fact It was not upon the pavement she fell. m
The horses, meanwhile, continued their course
until the buggy was dashed to pieces. Ct
A man whose name has not yet been ascer
tained committed suicide yesterday by jump- re
ing off one of the ferry boats running from Algiers et
called the Porter. The body has not yet been re- bi
covered, and all that was further known of him
was that he was dressed in black clothes. In
Odd Document.
Dr. Dirmeyer, tihe secretary of the Board of el
Health, announced at the meeting of thlat body it
held last evening, that the subjoined odd document
had been sent to him. It was adjudged of such a ae
character as to admit of no formal notice by the
board; but whether written in good faith, or in
tended as a squib, it appears quite rich enough to
lay before our readers. Perhaps a yellow fever r
fee is the potent spell which evoked the naive b
production :
NEw ORLOANs, October 22, 16C6. 1
Dr. OGe, W. Dlrmeyer, Secretary Board of Health:
Dear Sir-I desire to report a most remarkable tl
case, and recovery of a young man, whose physi
cian tells hnimn he lhas had the yellow fever. After
t have stated all the facts, will you be kind p
enough, for the satisfaction of this young man t
and his friends, to give me the opionin of the
ir, It. is an Alabamian, a resident of this place f
about three months. Saturday, the 14th inst., he It
had a slight fever; Saturday night attended the
theater. Sunday morrning seat for a phtleiciau;a
Sunday evening (with tihe fever still on him) P
got up, dressed himself, anid went fron
Carondelet to Dauphin street, to another
house, where he could ond did receive
better attention. Monday morning eimployed aq
nurse, who remained three days. Tuesday had no
fever. On Saturday mnorning, 20th, ate one
chicken, three plates of soup and boiled eggs. I
From the time he was taken sick (until Ie came
down stairs on Sunday, the 24ith linst.) he ale
twenly-two oranges, drank twro whi-hies, and b
smoked fortyeigllt cigarsn. On Surlnday lie ate as t
much as any two men in tile house, and said he b
never. felt stronger. I forgot also to mention
that on the fourth day e changed his shirt and tile a
bed clothes.
I only ask now for information. Can any man
go through what this one hlie, and hace the yellow
fever ?
By addressing a line to No. 10 Bank Place,
glass box 166, you will greatly oblige an old Iriend.
The DUItleilerste.
The following is the nmemorial of tile distillers. t
which has been presented to the Board of Health,
as alluded to in the reports of Dr. Bnrns, health
otlicer of the First District. It has been referred
to the committee on health, and now awaits their
To the Presidlent and .Memberc of the Board of Heealthl
Gentlermen-The health officer of the First Dis
trict has issued a notice to the distillers of that
district, to the following purport:
" You are hereby required to cease forthwithlt
fromn allowing any refuse matter whatever to run
from your distillery premises into the gutters, on
pain ol haviog tihe said premises clo-ed."
Tfhis notice Ia based on the action of the Board
of Hiealth, at its meeting of the 2d inst. Your
memorialists are persuaded that the action of the
board is founded on an erroneous estimate of the
sanitary elfects of the rqfuse matter wehic tlhe
disetillera are necessarily compelled to discharege
into tie gutters, and they believe that, before the
proper legal tribuenat, they could successfully
contest tihe enforcement of an order which, if
carried out to the extent, and i tihe manner iodi,
cated by the notice above referred to, would com
pet the suspension of a great and important branch
of manfacturoing industry. They cannot suppose
that it was tihe intention of the law to interfere
with industry, further than might be required by
reasonable hygienic precautions; and they are the
more confirmed in this opinion by the fact that in
no other city of the civilized world have sanitary
measures been pressed to so harsh an extreme.
Indeed, the principle if carried to its logical
consequences would act as an obstruction to the
exercise of very many industries. It would com
pel the closing up of refineries, breweries, sugar
and molasses warehouses, groceries, produce
stores, and even photographic establishments, all
1of which discharge retuse matter into the gutters;
adl much of which refuse matter is far more dele
terious thananything discharged by the distilleries.
The right to exercise a legitimate sanitary suiper
vision in such cases is fully admitted; but if the
authority of the board be enforced to the exteut
of prohibiting the discharge of any and all refuse
matter whatever, the industries referred to would
be entirely broken up, to the great detriment of
the business of the city.
Your memorialists repeat their conviction thiat
I they could successfully contestthe enforcement of
the order of the health officer; but, whilst they
desire, as good citizens, to do everything to aid mi
Spreserving the public henaltlh, they are equally
2anxious to avoid litigation, which would be em
barrassing and expensive to both parties. They
therefore wish to set themselves right before the
board, and before the public, and to show that
they are not only willing, but anxious to assist in
the enforcement of any sanitary system which
does not entirely ignore their rights and interests.
Tiey ttirk that trhey can show that they do not
and never have discharged into the gutters any
y refuse matter that can be shown to be sanitarily
of injurious.
All .fusSe matter is not deleterious to health. Tel
The mere existence of gutters and of sewers in rep
cities in which such drains can he constructed, iut- hat
plies the anticipated discharge of refuse, It is not 1
too much to say that without such conduits of to
waste matter, cities, at least civilized cities, could Cal
not exist; and the rule adopted by the board, by str
making them entirely useless, would lead to the |
same result. But your memorialists will under- to
take to have conveyed away, in some other roan- ket
ner, any refuse matter which may be decided by wa
proper scientific authority, to be sanitarily injuri- lto
ous if permitted to run in the gutters. Inarriving
at a decision on this posnt, they are entirely will- dcl
ing to co operate with the hoard; and they sog- tlo
geat the appointment of a joint committee, on the ha
partthe board andofthe distillers; the said commit- tlt
tee tobe composed of an equal number of practical BaI
chemists and practicaldistillers, and these to select an
an additional member, the distillers paying the ex- tih
penses, and tle committee to examine and report be
on the quality and character, sanitarily collsid- run
ered, of the refuse matter discharged by the dis- an
tilleries. Your memoralists, on their part, tuider- Ce
tike to keep the gutters clean in front of their do
premnises; to keep their premises well graded, and tr
to do everything in their power to aid thie Ihealth ol
officer in carrying out the legitimaute orders of the do
board, All that they claim is the right to use the glt- Co
ters for the purposes for which gutters are construc- J(i
ted, and to discharge into them such refuse mat- to
ter, necessarily accumulating in the prosecution g.
of their industry, as may be nrianounced to be not li
sanitarily itjurious. They sincerely hope tilat 1
yoursboarl will perceive the justice of these posi- Lt
tions, and that tle larshl mei ure of closiug tip at
the distilleries, and tllereby sui-pecndil a itipUr
tant branch of mtaulfaetiinti- ilodut ', will lot m
be persisted'in. Thiy reiterate their dt.ire. to di
assis it in presorti:i lthe public health nd their in
nuxiety to avoid liitiation, and they subscribe 11
themselves, very respectfully,
JAMes ooiWtD. i
C '. TInu.iENi.N.
PETER w111- It.
. Sl, JIeNKIN.,
Iu. WINTE'L"R. t
I Counnon C -aneUl.
BOARP.D OF ALDEL:RMtE.--ThIIe bOard met 1to Ilight
in regular session, Mr. Whitelley ill the cr!lir, ant'
Messr.S S SteIth Closkey, brith, MCllnight, Claric
A resolution was made that President Bocrntthl
he r .'i a leave of absence fur sixtg d "/.
Tie i , ,',, , : ,; wee 1t L , '.m the
Slower- bo-ar . t tlorlle-r'cnc i h ,
A resolution to authorize the city surveyor to th
have gas lamps erected on Franklin street, be- cc
tween Julia and Girod, in the middle of the d c
equare-provided there be main pipes located in w
said street at the present time. Concurred in. bi
A resolution granting permission to 0. B. Mon
ta.n te complete his house, situated on Royal p1
etreet. Referred to the streets and landings com- te
mittee. of
A resolution granting two weeks' leave of ab- ti,
sence to Dr. Caire, city physician First and
Fourth Districts,. provided that his duties be per. re
formed by a licensed physician, without cost to to
the city. Concurred in.
A resolution authorizing the city surveyor to tt
connect the upper and lower portions of the A
teamshtp .wharf of the First District, with a con
tinuous wharf in front of the present coal boat Ii
basin. ni
To appropriate wharf No. 21 as a coal boat al
A resolution to authorize the mayor to enterin- 1h
to a contract for purchasing a lot at the ihtersee- A
tion of Frenchmen and Gcntilly road, in the sevr
enth ward, Third District, for the purpose of build- A
og a school house, provided that the cost does
not exceed $1500. Concurred in. ti
Amending the ordinance defining the fire limits, ic
as follows: By striking out from section first, a
'down Casacalvo (now Royal) to Eaghein (now
Lafayette avenue) to the river;" by amending ij
section second so as to fix the limits in which none p
Out buildings, the roof whereof shall be covered ti
wcith slate or other non-combustible material can w
he erected in the Third District, between the river a
and Dauphin street, and hetween Louisa andl
Roplanade streets. Referred to the streets and c
iandings committee. re
A resolution to cancel certain judgments against
tie assistant city attorney and his wife. Con- lv
curred in. P
A resolution from the Fair Grounds stockholders,
prayving for assistance to aid them in carrying oi
their present enterprise snccessfuliy through. ft
A petition from the tMorgan line of stamers,
praying for wharf protection in return for the p
F30,000 taxes paid to the city by them. Referred A
to streets and landings committee.
A bill from Dr. Cowan, praying for payment for ir
attending to tihe wounded on the day of the riot.
Deferred to the finance committee. V
Mr. Stith offered a resolution giving $3000 in aid it
of the fair. Adopted.
A resolution was introduced by Mr. Stith, re
onesting tile streets and landings committee to is
ecflet, if possible, a compromise between the a
contesing parties to the Royal street railroad.
He thougst that thne matter could be arranged by
snustitntine Bourbon street in pilace of Royal.
Mr. Cleric was oppocsd to any compromise, and t
believed thant if te matter was ever carried t thie a
hiigher courts, that Messra. Nicholson ,h Co. wouldI
be throwna. ,
Mr. Whitney thonght that the present railroad
under questi,n was one of thie greateist bores in
existence. The street weas nly eiyihteen eet
wide il soue places, and only two-thirds of that a
ditance were at tine pblrsic service wvhen any
I buildirng was being erected. Everybolly kinew
th:nt thin company never inteonden to nlilll the road.
lie tan sorry to hear tile resolanion. As loing as
iti was beore the court the board had no right to I
inelie wrilth it. t
Mtr. Stith stated that le wao the first to oinose
lhin railroad, and it was to avert tnis linn thant ih
introducedi this resolution.
Mir. hi:iery statted that a report thadbeen madnc
riscouraging aiiy raih'oads between Riampart anld
the river.
Mr. Stithi thought that tIe property holders on
Bourbon sireet were infavor of the proposed iln.
No railroad could be constructed whiecls rnold h noti
enceuoter some oppo w ition. One on Carroll istreet
was to pass where tihe street was isrdly tine
widlih of a ordinary pavement, hut he did not ob
ject to it because the property holders seemed to
ie inl favor of it. He thougnit it tie duty of the
city to protect the people of Royal street in this I
way. The motion wnas lost.
A resolution was adopted to sellthe contract for
city coal. t
A retport was then submitted from tie finance
committee ~to cancel the judgment eagaint the
Perfect Union Iod ce rendered in thie Second Dis
trict Conrt. Adopted.
A report from the committee upon the City
Workhouse was then read, relporting unfavorably
oUpon the books, accounts and general manage
ment of Warden Andress.
A resolution was introduced declaring the office
of warden vacant, and that thie council should
meetjointly to elect a new office-holder on the
second Tuesday in November. Adopted.
A resolution was then adopted, aulhoris ing tile
mayor to appoint a temporary warden and dep.u
The discussion of the pound limits was then
talien up, to be resumed at the next meeting.
Tile board then went into secret session.
BOARD OF ASSrSTANT ALDEltniE\..-This board
met in regular session last evening, President Me
Culloeh in the chair.
The mayor transmitted a petition front property
holders on Common street, between Teatero e alley
and Carondelct streets, comlyioirsne of tlse con
dition of the sidewalks on the we., side of Com
moo street, and tie subject was referred to the
commoitte on streets and landings.
Tine treasurer's weekly report showed a balance
on hand of $ta7,15 71.
Tie controller reported that he had adjnudicated
to G. W. Saul. for three years, the cleaning of
tie streets of the First Ward, at $32,000 per
annum, and the securities offeed by MIr. Saulwree
referred to the finance committee.
A communication from the mayor, city treans
urer and city controller recommending an aippro
priation to pay wet nursesa employed it the St.
Vincent Orphan Asylum, for nursing infant
orplhos in the asylum, was referred to the finance
Several resolutions from the Board of Aldermen,
t authorizing the sale of contracts for varinus im
Sprovements on the streets, were referred to tihe
acommittee on etreets and landings.
A memorial from H. E. Robinson. in relation to
a distillery proposed to be establisiled by nins at
tite head of tite New Basin, and one fromn D. E.
7Canfield, relating to a distillery he Ihad askled per
mission to erect at the corner of Orange and
Tchoupitoulas streets, were laid over to await the
a reports of the committee to whom those subjects
had been referred.
dA petition from Messrs. Faulkner, to be allowed
f to erect a steas engine at the corner of Clara asnd
d Calliope streets, was referred to the committee on
y streets and landings.
A communnication from Nicholas Conner, asking
to be relieved from a contract he had taken for
k- beeping in repair the bridges of the Third District,
y was referred to the committee on streets and
The company about to take charge of the Caron- C
delet canal presented a memorial setting forth
that, already, by their chartered privileges they Tot
had the right of constructing a railroad along the 6
lake shore and along side the canal to the Old ally
Basin, and asking, that in view of the increased to
and increasing commercial and traveling wantsof i
the city, they be granted the right to lay tracks, ,til
begionning on Basin street at Canal street, and
runing down oBasin to Customlhouse, Bienville o|
and Conti streets; out Customhouse, Bienville and the
Conti streets, with single tracks.to Claiborne; mo
down Claiborne from Customhouse, with single cat
track to Bienville up ClaiLorne from Conti, with sa
single track to Bienville: thence out lienville with tee
double track to Carrollton Avenue ; thence down to
Carrollton Avenue with double track to Itayou St. 1,e
Joint, or as may be preferred by the conpany : tal
turning offBienville street at Hagan Avenue, and tee
going, as near as may be on astruight linte, to the I n
Bayou Bridige at the foot of Esplltld street, c i,
with turnouts, turntanles. stations, etc., as nma
be neededl. cIllcrred to the colnniteeo oti streets
and niotdmcn.tc
A mneroricl from the coroner, for the establicch- h
ment of a llnorgue, or place where the bodie. c ofn
deceasedl l.erotls, upon which lininclets an hel,1,f
nna be exlosrIed 'or ic n tilicntlio,, wann lefericd to t
the emnnmice on police and 1. altIh.
A rcslntiotn was pissed, oni the lirst and second
reading, granting pernt i t siln to n Mes rs. 'te 'cnlcetlc
tO elect ? Mean e.: !luiie ii their tfl" ' ,,IV o't
P'oeylfrre street, betwecn Canlp and an:\lsiazitc
btreetr . f'l
AA etrdltdion to pay the com:uis.ioners of tile
SBoard of 'oi:oe, ,as referred to tCe filt.nco coni
nA resoltion to shell, witht nyterl sells Loheut n
strect froln Oicanl tetgton lrset t. bc.t.,b:e e i\l t
cnidl event rett ic s r t, and to lay pla d.iileioll.,si In
I iLoc:at s' et, betwen the saame sitc rs, ,assed l,
both readings,
tI 1. olnnitnn to allow J. Fnlluucr and Al ,ert F.
inl]nteic to ntertL a sntamlt eniit at .hI co'ner i of
Oanionlpe andl Clsara streets, Ia sed bot rea lin nro .
A resolution passed both reedings, directicg thOe
' controller to ell a contract for stupplying toe c y
I with 1i0,itt0 barrels of gravel. 1
A rero!tltiotn, authorizing the sorvr or to lay a
In plalnk lidowit oan th, northwest nide of 1.
the Bayou St. John, provided the work shall not
cost over $.5000, was laid on the table, Mr. Kaiser
suggesting that the city charter required every
work exceeding five hundred dollars in cost should
be adjudicated to the lowest bidder.
A resolution to donateto the Camp Street Or
phan Asylum that portion of Calliope street, be
tween Camp and Prytania streets, for the purpose
of extending h n nfr the lgrounds i frot of teia
tion, passedtwo readings 'nanimously.
the finance committee, reporting on subjects
referred to them, submitted resolutions as fol
tows :
To accept, in accordance with a resolution from
the Board el Aldermen,certain billsfor cty bonds.
Adopted on two readings.
To increase the compensation of operators and
linesmen on the fire alarm telegraph to $1500 per
annum, the increase to commence on the first of
next month. Adopted on both readings.
To pay the coroner $250 expenses incurred in
burying persons killed in the riot of the 30th July.
Adopted on first reading.
The following resolutions from the Board of
Aldermen came up :
To appropriate $5000 to promote the objects of
the Agricultural and Mechanics Fair Association,
in their fair to be held next month; Concurred in
unanimously, in two readings.
The committee on streets and landings, on sub
jects referred to them reported adversely to the
petition of citizens on Claiborne street, in relation
to the ditch on that street, and as to the sale of
contracts for the construction of a footbridge
across the Bayou St. John for $10,000, and tlhe
constrnction of one hundred vaults in the Lafsay
ette cemetery for $9000. The committee also
reported thie subjoined resolutions :
Confirming the privilege granted by the military
authorities to erect a saw mill on the levee, near
Poland street. Adopted.
Allowing Paul Giselon to erect a steam engine
on the premises 119 Royal street, for the manu
facture of chocolate. Adopted.
Allowing Henry L. Shaw to erect a steam en
fine in his coffee grinding and spice factory.
Allowing J. L. Bloffer to erect a steam engine
in his malt mill on Bienville street. Adopted.
Exempting the steam tugs of the Mlivsissippi
Valley Transportation Company employed in tow
ing barges. from wharlage dues, provided they
carry no freight. Adopted.
Appropriatong the levee in the Fourth District,
between Soraparn and First streets for a stave
and hoop-pole landing. Adopted.
To sell contracts for supplying the city with
eighteen hundred feet of twelve-inch water pipes
and twenty-three small valves. and contracts for
building a foot bridge across the Bayou St. John,
and for building one hundred vaults in the Latay
ette Cemeteryoand:inclosing said cemetery with a
nerc fence. Adopted, passing both readings.
The following resolutions from the Board of Al
dermen came up:
To Fell e contract for supplying the city with
all the coal needed for public use for one year.
Concurred in.
Declaring the office of warden of theWorkhouse
vacaut, providing for a joint session for the elec
tion of warden, and authorizing the mayor to ap
point a warden pro tem., to oficiate uItil an elec
tion is held. Adopted on first reading, and lays
over for a second reading.
The special committee to whomwasreferredthe
ubjcc t of the contract of the city with the (Ga
Company, reortcd it favor of requirinlg the com
pany to lay thiirty-two miles of maiu pipe in thle
city, eight io each district, excluive of tile pipe
on the levee, whicll the company, by the condi
tions of its charter, is to lay gratuitotsly, and, in
vienw of thie in eased cost of material and4abor,
the cocmitt. ommended that in the thickly
lpopulated ps the city the company 1ie al
lowed fifty doi s per annum on each street lamp,
and in the suburbs fifty-five dollars. The commit
tee also proposed that the company bd allowed
three years to lay the thirty-two miles of main
A resolution embodying the recommendations of
the committee passed both readings.
Adjourned to next Tuesday. -
Board of Health.
A regular weekly meeting of the Board of u-cu
Health was held last evening. Preselnt : Dr. cr
Smithl in the chair, Dr. Stone,Dr. Foster, Dr.i
Choppin, Mr. MeCoard, Mr. Creevy and Mr. Pen- dtro
The minutes of tile previous meeting of the mat
board were read and approved..
Tile president called the attention of the board two
to an article wkich appeared in the Times of Su
day last, in which it was stated that the majority wat
of the members of the board were opposed to ut
quarantine, and that this statement was made on
autlhority. He mentioned the fact that members f
might, if they thought proper, take notice' of the Thc
statement. d
Mr. Creevy thought that the article did got call
for auny notice from the hoard.
Mr. MDceoard remarked that such statements qai
could only be treated as squibs. published to at- ago
tract and amuse the readers of the paper, without coO
any regard to other considerations.
The subject was then dropped.
The president next called the attention of the
board to the subject of the introduction of hides. p
The requiring of permits had given rise to muc sel
complaint, and it was thought they might be al- gee
Ilwed to came in without a permit, unless they ac
were ilnad condition. tail
Mr. Creevy thought that the requiring of permits ala
was a great interference witlh the business. In
Dr. Stone said be had seen hides admitted, some bee
time ago, which created such a nuisance as nobody
ought to be subjected to. He would asisoon have a of
dead horse near him as some of these hides. we
Dr. Foster said the health officer of the
Second District had adopted the very good plan hee
of giving captains of vessels a general permit toe
bring them in, o0 their undertaking to introduce tiec
none in bad condition. or,
No action was taken on the sulbject.
Dr. Stone inquired whethlermemnbers considered cou
the time had arrived at which the requiring and as
Ipbllshing of daily mortuary reports night pro
perly be discoetinued. It had been suggested to e
him by several sensible persons that the continued lar
publication of the few sporadic cases of cholera ste
and yellow fever now reported served only to see
excite and alarm the timid, and to afford ground au,
for exaggerations. of
Mr. Creevy thought that weekly reports would hlo
be sufficient henceforth. Subsequently he introe
duced a resolutionto dispense with daily mortuary
reports from and after Sunday next. It was pp
unanimnously adopted. * i
The reports of the several health officers were I
read, and under the standing resolution referred ii
to the committee on healti. That of Dr. Burns, sek
health officer of the First Distriet, was as follows : ae
New Orleans, October 23, 1866. ale
To the President and Members o the Board of I~enlih: e
Gentlemen--Of the streets and gutters gener- an
ally in my district, I have this week nothing new se
to report. In the upper and rear poetions of the ot
city the necessity for cleansing and watering is
still too apparent.
Awaiting the action of the board upon the mem- ha
orial of the distillers, I have not yet proceeded to re
the enforcement of the order requiring them to re
move all their liquid refuse, or to close. I have
carefully watcred thal they discharged notuieg th
sanitarily injurious into the greauers and have de
tected nIo sch offense. Onle gentlemoan applied ar
to me for a permit to erect a distillery at'the cor
ner of Orange and Tchoupitoulasstreets, he under
taking to run all his refuse tiquid tlionce, through
eIron pipes, into the river. Having tin poaeer or
eautho-i'ity i tile premises, I could of ceur-e not
t, grant such permit.
S All the hotels have ontinueud to empty their rc
Swa-eter-rlosets i:to the gutters, and at times the
con-sequent oifecsivncess arcd nuxiiouness have ic
l- been very groOs. I an plorepared to proceedC
, a ainst themr evarnver the ehoarde may oulcetcsize C
l, t lie - eth e wcecer-closets 'f e it e (.cheree c lo+pital
a re in a like manner emptied into the gultlrs ; but t
ulllthmlh I, ycstoerduy, rode lt cc.elul iuelepccioeee
et ,itect lc ealeodor in the diclhlrcttice .Ilenic. Tcll
e: e i p lre.I l e cr b ie du els t let S cl fe lit l itet rl c h:eSlw- i
'htec lately been eeeuieci, an.1 clt, the rrchiearged
Sfcil lattc, have been very largiely diluted etill
he water.
i c havevcad three parties cited before the recor
der Iur incro ucineg hides withet c i pcrenit. Th,
ot one a, .jude the mct cculplet in tce c-cc wtea
t biaud $W. l have grantrd u numbr of it,,r.nit,,
en er e iroldactiou of hides for inavcccictt.e
I 1Thle nrket in my diistric:t rent.iue weitiiut
r: cha," ceithcce in ccn.cltiou or elete ti eat.
te e. oeI d ee;fYel c. It.cc.,
;io cIcl!h Ot;cr, flir:. Discieot, leo erlt,,ev.
D y Dr. Tebanlt, health liticer of the Second Dis
trict, nlade the following report:
1 't I[ALTHi OFItcE SEoND DIsp ratIr..
New Orleans, Oct. 23, l.i0. .
To el 11 noralt, President and McmbOrs it B c-1 olTf ealth:
,t t I h., .df:1h ,'.. - -
I must compliment the new contractor on hlsgood is
work, and trust that he may not be differently rc- to
ported by me in the future. There are marny
streets, however, which need to be newlydi thed, cc
and I notice the boxes; etc., with kitchen offal are th
aot always removed, as sbhold be the case. on
Visiting the French Market, early on last SBan as
day morning, I had to condemn some diseased
meat (which is the first ease of the hind I hae so of
far met with) belonging to a btchier occupying or
stall No, 17. This man It now in cstody and will 13
he tried before Recorder Gastinel, on Thsrsday all
coming. cw
I respectfolly urged on your honorable body the oh
mportance of recommending to the proper astho- tor
rtlees the hygienic Impropriety of permitting the
vending of staer fish in a past report, and permit as
meto again bring this matter before you. The t
tish market at no time should be open after I on
o'clock A. M.; yet the law allows the sale of fish, dc
shrimps and crabf as late as 12 o'clock no., the nI
whole year round. Thi Is all wrong. A personal
inquiry into the matter wilt bring overwhelming sts
proof of this truth. After 12 o'clock, all fish, etc., t
not positively odoriferous, is iced for the morrow. Co
The water resulting frot the ice used on such fish
as may not have been required for sale, is turned Ot
off, at 12 o'clock on eaRh day, where these fish, 0 1
tc., are kept. On such oessions the air is per- d
fectly pestiferous for sevetal blocks, and is the N,
occasiou of numerous complaints. I have to-day it
assud notice interdicting this practice. tit
But I would respectfully recommend that no fish ci:
or shrimps be permited for sale after they were L
twelve hours old. 15
I have caused two more captains to be fred for as
introducinog ides without a permit into suy din- t
trict. I ilave personally looked into the important m:
qluestion of hides. There is no necessity for their
ever bring wet. They are netted purposely t th
gail weight. The buyers purchase them wetatnd
hence they are in the habit of selling themn in the
oame condition. They are thns sold by the
butchers in the very skirts of our city. The hides
are lthus prepared: After skinining ithe beef, the
butcher throws the hide in a vat charged with
brinet; here it renains for six weeks, when it is
taken out and rolled into bnidles, without pre
vious drying, and ae thus rendered objectionable to
and prejlldcl-al to health. Ps
Iloepecl'uiy, C. . TERAUtLT, M. I ., tOt
Health Olllcer Second Dlslr:cxt.
The following is the report of Dr. Lewis, health
officer oi the Third District :rt
NEw OILEaNS, Oct. 23, 18"6g. n
thonora le Board of Health :
e,ilie,rte,-i-The sanitary condition of tihe dis- t
tries continues to improve. There have been but
fewa cases of yellow fever and of cholera during
tihe pat wee~L. The street commiaesiners copm
plain of the neglect of the contractors in dischorg- ft
ing their dnties. Upon inestigation I discovered
that those assuming the title of contractors were
only agents of Mr. White, member of the cityi
colscil. I addressed Mr. White on the subject f n C
the filthly conedition of the streets, and was in-t r
fromud ery him that it was owing to the illness oft
the foreman. As the foreman is now restored to
health, no further excusacs:can ibe offered. A letter C
addressed to I)r. Smith, president of the Board of N
Health. in which the writer complained of Chris
terus brewery, on Msorefa street, and referred ry
l)r. Sliith to me, was examniued, and finding goon
cause for tles complaint. Mlr. Christern was placed ci
utiuer bonds by tile recorder for his appearance fi
in court to-morrow morning to answer to thie
charge against himn of violating section lSlth, i. 0. it
Havinrg tinthiug of special inlportance to report, I d,
hiaveo tihe honor to be, very respectfully. I
ES. . LEWao.
The health officer of the Fourth District, Dr. S
Hulse, reported as follows :
New Orleans, Oct. 2:1, 180. 1.
reo tteonreable resaidt sadnd Booaedsrtealth, New Or- tt
leaus, a: in
hetlemeou-For the preceding week, I have the -
honor to report that my duties have been of the
usual routine character, not requiring, as I think,
any special remarks in reference to the dilfferent
departments inspected.
Ia hve to report a case of yellow fever, now
dyling at tlhe Louisiana hotel, and a case of poison
ing, by laudonum, in a young Irishman, aged 24,a
with suicidal intent and result. This oc- a
curred on Saturday morning. A two ounce
vial was found in his room, containing four or five
drachms of laudanum, and the presumption was
strong that he had taken all bat the visible re
mains in tih vial.
It was also alleged that the deceased had,
two nights previously, taken an additional ounce.
The usual remedial measures were resorted to
without avail, includding the sse of the stomach
pump, which revealed the unmistakllable poison
considerable quantity. 'Ibhis was the third attempt
of the deceased to destroy himself by this means.
The two vials bore the label of a well-kuown
druggist in the IFourth District.
An examination of the health ordinance, in its
tearings on tlhe case, failed to aflbrd nme the re
quisite grounods on which to base an offidavit
against the druggist who furaished the poison,
rucasequeutlyi it was not made.
Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Healtla re, P-th nrortrict
Dr. Stone, in reference to the subject of the
celling of poisonous cod dangerous drugs, sug
gented by the report of Dr. Hulose, remarked that
a city ordinance prohibited it except under cer
tainrestrictionn. If this werenot done they,might
always be readily procured for the purposes of
murderas well as suicide. He saw no necessity,
however, for any action of the board in this case.
Dr. Hulse, in-ebply to ano inquiry by a membler
of tho.boart, said that the druggist referred to
was Mr. Hastings.
The secretary read the ninth section of the
health ordinance, as follows:
SEc. 9. No poisonous medicine, druIg, prepara
tion or substance shall be held for sale, or sold,
or given, or administered, except for lawful pur
poses and with proper motives, and by persons Oat,
competent to give the directions and prenautions
as to the use thereof; nor shall any bottle, box,
parcel, orreceptacle thereof be delivered to any
person unless tile same is marked " Poison," in
large and legible letters, nor under any circum
stences to any person who may be supposed, pre
sonled or jodged capable or desirous of eaing it for
any illegal or impropeo putrpose under a penalty
of not less than ten dollars nor more than one
hundred dollars for each and every offense."
No further acotionwas taken in the premiseos.
Dr. Foster offered a resolution to, suspend the
proclamation of the governor declaring certaim
ports ilfected. The resolution was offered under
the following provision in the seventh section of
the quarantine law: "The provisions of this ant
shall apply to and be enforced at the quarante
station on the Atchufalaya river,. from the first of F
May to the first of Noveimbhref each year ; and yea
also when the governor shall have issued his pro
clamation, as provided by the tlhirteentl secion.
and in such a case shall remain in full force until res
suspended by a reslnttion voted for by twm-thirds etc
o tle membersa of the Boa ofof Health." vil
rot. Creevy seconded th.-esolutiou.
Mr. 1aeCoard was under t1c impression, that it T
had been the custom for the Board of HIeath to ne
request the governor to revoke his proclamation. toa
lr. Foster said that to is was an error. o
Tie president saidthe-law evidently empower ed
the board to suspend tle proclamation.
The resolution was then unoaimosnly passed, are
and the secretary was directed to lave it pub- tot
lished. It will bh foand olecially advertisedin hrod
anoaller colunmn.
Then tle boerd djournecd.
i fleerdern' Corit. lb
tlnesr Dsrnlutrc.--Alfred IDaniel, the negro ar
rested on a chrge of murdering anothor negro i ll i
he parish oJaelleurson, in Aug.nst last. wascyes
telrday lnrned. oever by order f Itecordcr \Ahera to)L
SCanestoll Vauderw·lil, and was taken to jail in er
Coerrellcn toh await trial. cc
N. )crb0, late a clerle in tIr. D. t11. Htl ues'o
dry goods stbore, ael recaged with t,-a-ling oup
wv.nads otf eight ho-dred dollarc wroth of lc; I e
,L lctyer'c golodlc erenlitehe lre,u cc ilo binog acroc;.cedl t
'n seoeyerelay o deadedc guilty, ccl ltce caec ccs .ect c
i beneru te Firlt Dictriti Coiurt.
d Tlhe ase of Wlclial Pip!r, acl hyl a icoloredl
Wle-oc-o!ccc nacled lo-lccc hc I .c' ria , ill o i c-cu her
rc-idn uce, in H e, cthe Ila lr'llleo
c-anlusit.c, the tc h indt:, edrch,g open her to
f trunk Intd stealing tlherch'roill wearilnlg p tllal'tof Il
c0 tice valoe ol' scve-l dccollco- aod Iwelng dolrs ill
c- mcllonc, e a llce etd for ,xcecinalio y-teldly aclc ci
ic evesicalc, cet be roc ol .sctlh cet iliUg tteo aw)eI
I. ' "con IIcrks and I1 00001ll Wcdsol , ugrs
tct l ctie, of th.- lhirty-ni cth colored ifcucoly, arr;:.[ci
blr elitccro l.lddy and I00,ury, lrowlinog Uo iDye '
odcs street ic a socclicici 0 au0-0r, at it.hcco- hocr
o- Mlendcty eight, nod charged -nr -ta.iog ao
knDf,' on ill. Ietinry, wero rTollllled until the c,v-e
is al ban e reported to thit military aIlthoritici.
Dauniel (;illigan and Thotna-Be nny vecrs
" lecbrought lecter ltce ecordo.r chared by Ao er?
I(turett, negress, withl cuttilog od edledgernoely
w,.e"li-"l her hlls han ,i i i'tr-" .. .
ci ~t o ool: c ae't ci -:lnc ot i , . is
o, lspital, th"b urgeon of which ctrtilic. the wontd
in not dangerous, and the accuned weradmitted
to bail in the sum of $500 each.
Edward Marshall, a negro, accunsed of the lar.
ceny of a pairpar antaloons, valued at $8, from
the store of J. Kingmaon, No. 223 Circus street,
enaaturday night last, was remanded for eam
John Raste, colored, was examined en a charge
of breaking into the room of Robert Spearns,. col
ored, on Terpsichore street, on the n.ghtof the
13th mat., and stealing a silver watch and a knife,
all valued at about $30. The burglary or larceny
was not proved against him, but, as a dangerous
character, he was sent to the Workhooe for six
teen months.
Charles Smilh, colored, arrested for pifering.
and Jamea Devine and Thomas Brais, for entering
the shop of John Slhroeder, on Lafayette street.
on Monday evening, and breaking open his meaoty
drawer, were sentenced to the Workhouse foraix
George Davis and Liczie Bmrke, arrested on the
streets drunl, were sentenced; to ninety days in
the Worakhoue, and G. P.Stephens, aliasOsbnorn,
for vagrancy, sixty dayn.
Mary Leonard, for being drunk on Dryades
street and nusin obscene langnage-was fieed $20;
Oliver Ludlun, MEllen Ludlanm ant I. Gilbert, for
drunkenness and disturbing the peace; Reuben
Noble, colored, for driving a cab withort lights;
Margaret Cavanaugh, for throwing nuisance on
tile street; a cab Lriver named Carroll, for run
ning a cab without a license, were ined $I0 each;
Louisa Harrisbourg colored, for abusing Eliza
Morris, colored, and William Smith, colored, for
aooaultlag Amelia Weaver, colored, $t-each; and
William Brady, Alexander Htendersn and Har
man Young, for drunfrenness, $2 50 each.
SECOND DInTBICT.--o ose Gallagher was sent to
the Workhouse for ninety days for disorderly
conduct. John Manning was sent for nixty dayo
for sleeping upon the wharf. Je D. Jones was
fined $20 for disturbing the peace. John Stykes,
Micrael Collins and Joet Felix (colored), were
ined $10 each for fighting. No fixed cases came
up for trial.
Trmo Drsrntcr.-William, colored,. wil have
to pay t0 fine or go thirty days to the Pariah
Preson, for an aqsanlt and battery on Francie
rmith. Santiago Pietro, a wretch who was uon
gratefui anou.g to steal seine articles from'T.
Drouet, who had kindly given him a shelter for
the night in his house, was sent to the Workhounse
for thirty days.
The other cases disposed of were of no impor
The Chnreh Fair.
The bazaar tombola held at the Masonic Hall,
for the benefit of St. Vincent de Paul's Clnech, is
crowded every night. We are informed that in
the race for the' fireman's speaking trumpet
Crescent Fire Company No. 24 is in advance, fol
lowed closely Iby Pelican Hook end Ladder-No. 4,
Hope Hook and Ladder No. 3, Mississippi Fire
Company No. 2 and the Orleans- Fire Company
No. 2..
Mortuary .leporta.
The subjoined table presents the deaths from~ B
cholera and other diseases, together with a classi
fication. with reference to color, reported to the
Board of IHealth, since the existeee of oholera
in the city became an established fact. This table
does not include tile interents from the Marine New
Hospital, which, being under military control, are
not reported to the board. From the 5th to the
Sth August the board has no returns from the
cemeteries.. The first daily report was made to The
the hoard on the 9th August. That, and all the
succeeding daily reports, show the interments up
to I o'clock of the morning of the day the report
may be dated:
yesterday. -
FAO. RsDCS F RN.-- from
Areset es on Bace street, cumod ou and3
Swill be found advertised for renkin our columns.
Auustl0t...... 7 - 20 57 - - 1f 4I
Sneighborh 5 1oo, 1 originally anl
.have lately been inted and itted in mauer
......ouses contain eeven rooms2 20 perps tre
are not two tetements in the city at thi imomenta
17. 24 1 9 3 28 20 0 c t
for rent. o well calcul 27ated t it fa fopo rce
19......10 t16 9 3 29 17 15Y 5 Lu,
20...... 1 514 8 0 8 2 450
sing te means f living stylis 4 - 4 of y.
A a...... 28 t1 o r 10e 7 7 V 4
the followig plain qe1 2s, whh 6 Flolace the
20..... 2 5-2 23 Is- 7 4 Lo
inconsteny of radicalt i an icontroertible8
a .. 2......17 a als 1 s2119 5- 37 mon
27..... 8 -4 16 so n 24
......t i 2 2light: 6
s .28......230 5 4 1 26 205 0- 13
Ws Virginia i th4 Union ll 10 passed
it 3......l onre4 24 d of th0 State
eptbly titut22 7 7l tur19 11 5ht e
19h 12 6ie 1I - 13 3 5
e,... 8 5 2 20 13,II 6 37
... paa this bill, is Virginia a tte
S o.. te O 2vce 15 9Virgii
rn was not i the Uo 1at that te,
8...211 508 1 21 13 71 5 .
We 9...t Ibt .us of nr ss adn e
to... 20 7 15 3 28 17 7 C 57
1... 32 4 14 0 72 104 2 0 4
ti isfo: Vit'gi ai s 511 4t i o NEl-[
If 1 7 4 5 27 1n n, 2 when
, 2 h.e 2 heir ay throu4 0 a
n 6... over ts y, to Mar nd a
S 7 2 of th Un n, ad he Co
r ..n e roperly dnid thir sat 5 S
c. 20... I1 O 2 20 55 0 0 81
0. 21...0 7 2 4 1 1 5 13 5 1 2 5
12 7 2 1 25 10 4 5 3
'5 . 3 St 4 1 0 1 5 20
t .T 7e ommerial 2f 1hs There i
J... i nxve, at this time vlgrant n h, both
i every dctio for .at lt lu miles to an
S.. 2.: R 1 2925 90 e,4
7... 1 5 . 100 8 33
7i o I to 5 ns Bt
4..y - -7 - 5 M 1- , t 0
b... 2 1 5 16 10 20 7 IS
t 6...5 5 4 1 02020 8
0 t, 120t . 5 ' 0'... ..0S $1 I a
9 11 0 41 0 18 CI BO
i 0... ,S 2 107 13 a . +
____ 5 4_ SI l0t26 21 0
e 1e... 7 4 _______ 2_ 7_ 1__41
Fs-o 7... 8 1oo3ce r 2on 2 16tno-T19 e' O gn D
18... e 2 o Bscchee 7 m adT
15 clr t 1ittet 0 a al 22 lb 0 .d1
Tf b ... c s i 0 18 14 o 4 .52
d yesterday. to t l
ha elogantly cottea up, hos rail earsppssing the doors, ton
w1ill be found adverwis d for renh.in omr colomns. pc
it The houses are oftiated in allyloby. pthonabl o
A0 neighborhood, and, originally Vitins costly otyle, a
r. have lately been painted and reditled in a.mstoo ertit TI
i lo rent, so well calculated 1111uit fami1i.s pos- pri
o irgisia 15 11ccTh Norfolk Virginianb proposes to
tle following plain questiOs, il ichl place tiie t0
61011 inonsistency of rsdicalit in a iIeo trovertil It
es-" Was t Virginia in thlegi isowihlhi a bill passed
to tit s110 lllna 1iill llngrll.t fur ndIein of tli Stnte l
fib l:. 1027ly c i1ns 1,10 ci l(ilaturu . shall VIe ola0ssary
1'1 f, 115 ii.,me I f 1 0lll 1 0 l l
II - 1t'lOginilwas nolt il til Unios at the lime of b
l: thlle 1paslaglbol this billii, i eist Virginia a st01 te t
clu If I Ill '1 a part it the provilce kiwn ,s 1irgiia 11
-It r Virg1in 11 w not in t50e Union at tlilnt t1111
iw'' 11tIlý is i 10.10t bll 0 tlhoLl ilo CIIII',71I 05ss 11dm t
.t leafI& , tb0ir horsai of the tr 1, 11lad Rpr1se00 - 7c
111r 1lvls olil Virgll ia lbo alootl illdoo ricilttoil
1,1. III ts.lMiebec 01 ils 1200. IosfeO ad LoitS 011101 1
:1 l bm li soil wllere forcilnl t0llit iday t11111cli 10as
1111000I. 7 IllCcf Ove 1 fo'( s rmy, t l iert lidand 1h1111
..,r' 1".f. - " . . s
o Vntaon of .a e { I -.
IN- o LtaUo
WasnIno trer, Oct 23.-The. ins*ra"
opinion in facer of S Geornor Wah1He a d
power to remove the sherizs of Loslemas feer
NoPrepresentttons at a'lt s7 been mnde in
the governmentin relation to sle remorals.
I learn from rabinet oherile t-hat the admin.
tration is insisting on tho complete Withdrawal or
every French soldier and eveery eldler enlisted
under Prench auspices or p estOrom the lbs eof
Therac will be no frlr reosaela at pre.se
among treasury officers in Loshis.
Governor Swann had an lliterel with th.
Prerident to-day.
Mesars. Sullivan, Weed, Pinokard dulrdian5 of
New Orleans, arrived here to-day.
Gen. Dick Taylor will arrive here on Thussl,..
N ew M anifesto by Napo aeon r 3zpe te i.
The Tua'ktoh Army Repulsed in
LODoonoDEvB , Oct. 23-P.T31iOW. ,o Seetiet
from Quebec has arrived ot.. ,;k, r. .
Pa us, Oct. 21.-It is mo rneerd&bW Itodt'
another manifesto is aboutto ibe ''bS eMtlt .
ferent, diplomatic reprosentativeoof aahe et.r
LomaoN, Oct. 23.-Report .from ,s0adIa. o
that after four days heavy flfgittg the Oih ti5.
forces had tepaleed the Turkish army.. ' ,
LxVERPooL, Oct 23---Noon.--Cottn flrm. 0e41
of 8f00 bales. Uplands 15ed. eadatHfltri0.
Flour and wheat tending upward.
Lonns, 00O. 23.-Consols are quoted st 9ifor
money. 5-20)8 68$.
SteamshipT.D. Wagner
Cestenary of MVethodisma in aasuad-.
oew York" Ierald on Conspiraeyoaif" EadItcam
to Depone the President
Organezations nai: Meetings o t.Baltispore a
the Police Commisstonera. (lase.
Chearleton fromNew York, repgrh4le I b s
at sea, on tded2think, of
D. Wagner, boenudLrott 9 rleeto-,
1 The passengtras and arew .tsare ahgd. .h! ..la
conermed from other qqa a.&.- WDO Caepsaplm
WAanInoaen, Oct.S2.-The oammieblonsr of the,
a .laternal reaenuehas essnedBadditliota regutatilraS
concerning, the transportatlon of oastto in botd.
r The bond may be given by the oodslgnee in the
o distriot to.which the cotton is t be liBpeipe, and
e transmttted to the oollector at the distriote h
at which the cotton is prodaeed. The bond being
5- property floed, the assessor wil slite n permitr.
based upon the weight as reperted by the owne' r,
any want of acenracy in tcho report of weigh as
to be corrected bythe certificates of the welgi aer
!e at the point to which tie cotton was ahiplf.d.
'e This avoids the necessity of having the oe 4ton
weighed by a government officer prior to esip
ment. The old regelatiocs still remain in force,
:ly ad will be observed wherever the parties rish to
i~s hip in the manner there provided.
'y Tottoxo, Oct. 23.-The million andabh at se.t
of between the Commercial Bank and the Great.
ste Western Railroad, which has been at issiefor ' ha
nia past six years, has been olosed by dirotaegc ,tla
titens satisfactory to both.
n The centenary of Methodism it At.eics was
n- 1celebrated throughout CanadayesterdeiP
lu-t CIcINNsATI, Oct. 23.-The totalmajoritY forthe
it Republican candid.ate t o fop sretar of st&te in
@la Ohbi, is 43,0;0. The total number of v aes cast
liar | is .190,9048.
ne N Tw Ott, Oct. 23.-The esma' ,ket cotton
Smill, in biddleblorough, Ma saohas arts, caught
fire on Wed:nesday from some hard t mrbtancer1a
re ist ning into the picker, and was d amaged to the
bottlit at .,oat of $2000.
tO I Guv. Fenton has issued a pr' olameation calling
nd Iupon the people of thisStatev jobserve Thursday;
I the 231th of November, as 4 lay of thanksgivtng.
Sa The Herald's WaShtng.lra d!spstpchae detail the
. u'. "_: d cuti c .v1e -tilO plans of twe 'ic.ail in
a.u` .ý,ltoOat'r .aelikat aae..ltO

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