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The Gold Digger A _ A
4/4 ^
City of Nome _---—-—
and Board of Education INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER
Voi.. 4. No 26 NOME GOLD DIGGER, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25. 1903. Price 25 Cents
Report That Marshal Rich
ards Padded and Falsi
fied Accounts
Capt. Robert Bruce, of Texas
is Slated for tlie Mar- ;
shal’s Position
Washington, Jan. 7—Indications am
cumulative here, that another upheaval
will occur soon in Nome, in which Uni- j
ted States Marshal Richards and Dis
trict Attorney Grigsby will likely loose
their official heads.
Special Agents Montjoy and Taylor
of the Department oT Justice who had j
made an investigation there during the I
mist summer, have made preliminary
reports showing a very prevalent cor
ruption in the,state of affairs. A sys
tem of padding and falsifying accounts
and a flagrant misuse of authority are
charged by the agents. Bills have been
returned to the government and money
drawn wherein it is shown that an ex
tended system of peculation has been
indulged in. Judge Wickersham is
highly commended for his work in pre
venting frauds and putting an end to
the subversion of justice and is upheld
by the Examiners in his course und ac
tion in tlie contempt proceedings
against Richards and Jourden.
Many affidavits have been (fled in
... * w,yop»i«y and Taylor
at the request of the Attorney General
are preparing a supplemental report.,
briefing their findings in the' contempt
ease also presenting in brief form the
charges filed and findings made in Nome
regarding the peculations of the officers
Captain Robert Bruce of Texas, who
served witli Roosevelt in the rough
rider regiment, is staled for 1 nited
States Marshal' in Nome. He is now
here and lias been indorsed by a num
ber of Senators. Bruce is a young
cattleman of ability and force, and is
a personal friend .of years of the Presi
dent. It is department talk that as
soon as the Special Agents briefs-coach
the President several removals, at
Nome, are to occur.
10 Cans Red Carnation Cream $ 1.
or go direct to
Exciting Time in Candle City
Over Advanced Prices in
• Provisions
A miners mooting was called at Candle
Creek last week for the purpose of pro
testing against the prices charged for
the necessaries of life by the merchants
of that place. About twenty-five per
sons attended the meeting, which was
presided over by Paddy tJlinn, woll
known in Nome. After much declama
tion, not to the credit of the merchants
it was decided to send teams to Nome,
to iuad them here with the luxuries of
life in order to satiate the hungry de
mands of the angry P'« itewtants. The
motion to do busiooBH with tho metro
polis of Seward Peninsula was carried
unanimously, but when it came to a
question of cash the meeting came to a
sudden adjournment. Several parties,
however, have dispatched teams to
Nome to load with supplies.
At the present time storekeepers in
Candle are charging $15 per sack for
flour, where flour alone is purchased.
Where general supplies are furnished
$5 per saek is demanded. There are
ample provisions in Candle to supply
the domand wntil navigation opens.
The answer in the suit of Prest vs
Frank H. Richards, Al. J. Lowe and
J. F. A. Strong will be filed some time
tomorrow, the defendants waiving sum
An interesting side light in this case
is the association of George Grigsby,
Acting U-nil .l States r»ls‘W.at *M«r
ney with Sullivan and Fink, defen
dant’s attorneys. In a sense it is the
first official announcement that Mr.
Grigsby has allied himsolf with the
Richards faction and will use his Fed
eral office and its influence in the de
fense of the ring. It cannot mean any
thing else as Mr. Grigsby lias certainly
uol. boon retained in his capacity as
a lawyer.
First Boat Sighted
Miclcoy Barlow, the well-known sport
| ’mg man has inaugurated a number ol
guessing contests in the Reception sa
loon. The principle contest will be upon
the arrival of the first boats, but other.1
will be introduced on the election and
prominent sporting evonts, but local
I and national.
The Paris Mutual betting system it
' used in all the guessing contests.
$1,000 FOR I
Encouraging Report Received
From the Chenoa
Pedro is the Richest Creek
Yet Discovered in the
The following interesting informa
tion about the Chenoa strike is taken
from a letter to VV S. Buckner by his
brother da, ted at Circle City, Jan. 30th.
Dear Brother.
Everybody has gone over on the
Tan ana to the new strike and none
come back. We hear that they have
tl }’UUU 011*11" UIJ 1/II1CU UicunOi XX
loon man went over with two loads of
whiskey. Tho N. A. T. & T. Co. man
ager hero has No. 1 below on Pedro.
I saw him today and ho bays lie has
been offered $20,000 for the property.
Great reports come out. Six holes are
down on discovery Pedro creek runn
ing across die claim and all show very
rich. Two other crocks am also known
to be rich.
' A town site has also been staked and
saloon men have offered a thousand for
a lot. The mines are about 15 miles
from the trading post over there.
Many people think that it is going to
make agruat camp. Hut I know noth
ing only what I hear. Many have gone
from her." Jl"d from Pymp'irt h’v.ro.'t
a man lias come down the river this
winter. I don’t care to go over thore.
on uncertainties, not being a miner
It is about 200 miles over there and no
body comes back.
Five steam thawers am now at work
on Candle creek. Duncan McDonald is
sinking on No. 10, in good pay. The
Kiddeens are on 16 and 19 with good
prospects while Tom Noyes is working
his thawer on 5 below Blank. Matters
are looking well on tho creek.
10 Can* Red Carnation Cream $1.
or go direct to
Discovered at the North Pole Ba
kery, tlie best Bread and Pastry. The
only Coffee house in town.
Team Dashes into Internal
tional. Thought Carrie
Nation Had Come
Ed DoWitt’s water wagon made a
break for the International Saloon to
iay, demolishing tt.d entire glass front
jf the building and4-’, iron king the large
iisplay of bottled goods on show. The
nnashup was a molt of a runaway,
rho horses were badly cut about the
The crowd scattered in the saloon
thinking that Carrie Nation bad ar
rived and one man solemnly took the
pledge thinking lie had the "jimmies.”
Mail carrier Nash came in from the
Kotzebue run on Sunday evening. He.
reports the trails almost impassable and
but little travel. He -ays miners from
the new Kobuk strike occassionally
visit Candle to purchase provisions, all
apparently having e .iiicient dust to
purchase their needs.
Mr. Nasli will make two more round
trips to complete hi- contract. The
service given by him 1 as been an ex
cellent one.
Borlin, Jan. 13 — The ^roign office is
somewhat puzzled over -'resident Cas
tro's last note. Ho av.^Ts speclfle ac
ceptance of the powei ' stipulations
and seemingly loaves the- basis for set
tlement as indefinite as * he preceding
dispatch anrooing^n arJL-v’itn sjjjjbe
president’s reply has c'-aliy not ad
vanced the matter at all, but it is con
fidently supposed he has given Minister
Bowen full power of attorney. Nothing
more will be done from' this side until
Bowen reaches Washington. It is
hoped a full agreement will be attained
without arbitration.
Washington, Jan. 13—A cablegram
states that Minister Bowen leaves I,a
Guayra for here tomorrow. Ho states
that distress is being felt in the prov
inces by reason of the blockade cutting
off food supplies.
Beilin, Jan. 13 —The Cologne Ga
zette, apparently inspired, denies that
Ambassador Von Hollonbon’s retire
inent from Washington is connected
with President Roosevelt’s refusal ti
arbitrate the Venezuelan affair or o
alleged ill feeling of the United States
toward Germany. It adds Von Hollen
ben’s leave of absence is not connected
with the Pauncefoto affair.
Will Attempt to Handle the
Polities of the First
Citizens are Aroused to Their
Danger and Will Re
Smooth ring politics has begun to
manifest itself in various and devious
ways. The harmony existing between
the First and Seventh wards bore a
threatening aspect to the gang and be
ing unab'e to make any perceptible in
roads in these wards it has boen deter
mined to overthrow the regularly con
stituted club, assume coniufflnd of the
ward, nominate an opposition candidate
to Mr. Rustgard and do their own trad
ing with a similarly organized club
which they contemplate forming in the
Seventh ward, hoping in this way to
at least break into the compact vote of
the two extremeends ef Nome.
The clubs organized in Ithc First and
Seventh wards represent the vast ma
jority of the voters of their respective
wards and are opposed to ring methods,
and ring nominees. For that reason it
haslbeen decided by the gang that they
at least need committees in both wards
whom they can handle. The. First
ward club issues the following;
Warning /
iifeeTfi.g -’rrt- Ai(ue i .VM,
ward will be held on Monday evening
March 30th, as agreed upon last Mon
day. The various candidates a\:d the
public generally are hereby cautioned
that any unsigned notices purporting
to call a. meeting prior to that time are
false and have no connection with the
regular organization.
Committee:—James McCroskrie
John DeFkies
"registration '
Registration office will close next
Friday, March 27th. On Thurs
day and Friday the office will ha
opened in the evenings between
soven and nine o’clock.
Nome's Chicken Ranch.
Mrs. Pete Barnard has made a suc
cess in niisimr chickens in Nome. She
has 78 chickens in her hennery, the
fowls having much more than paid
their way during the winter months,
all of which goes to show that some
farm products can be profitably car
ried on in Nomo.
Axel Rinehart, Kotzebue Sound min
er, was brought down from Candle
creek on Sunduy by Deputy Marshal
Crabtree on a charge of insanity.
Rinehart was somewhat known in
Nome as a would-be prizefighter. In
recent months ho has been prospecting
on the creeks on Kotzebue Sound and
Candlu. Ho imagines ho lias boon hyp
notized and is being forced into a se
cret order of which he lives in great
dread. Prior to his arrest he was
placed in restraint by his companions,
but managing to elude his guards es
caped and remained on the ice of Kot
zebue Sound for threo days and nights
At the end of that time he returnee
and was then placed In the hands o
I officers of the law.
Dawson, Jan. 1C—A giant nugget wa
found on Wade creek, on the Amoricai
side, last Sunday. It was worth |be
tween $500 to $000. It waB found o:
claim No. 7. This is one of the larges
nuggets over found in the Fortymii
1 eouutry, but not the largest. Anotne
| was found some tlmo ago worth moi
than $600.
Indian Boy Tied to a Tree
and Left to Freeze to
~ Death
Skagway, Jan. 17—Tho IClukwan In
dians had an attack of witchcraft.
They sentenced an Indian boy to death
by freezing. He was taken out and tied
to a tree on the banks of the Chilkat
river and divested of nearly all his
clothing, and thou left him to meet
death. A woman found him just as lie
was about stiff.
Ations Will Entertain

At the regular meeting of tho Ger
man-Amerioan Arion Society it was de
cided to give another roof garden party
at the Golden Gate Hotel, April 11th.
The wonderful growth of this young
society is phenomenal, and their splen
did entertainments are alwavs ereeted
with popular favor.
Tho following entertainment com
mittal was appointed: Dr. Hill, J. C.
Mother, Chas. Ross, E. Lehfeldt, and
J. P. Plein, the vice president of the
club, who will act us chairman.
Thoro are now'twolvo candidates for
council and five candidates for school
board entot ed in the great annual mu
nicipal race;, which,- will bo run on
April 7tli. \ ,
Thursday evening the citfzeus of the
7th ward nominated J L. Ptdgeon for
:>*• until a:_yj, tiin.^'eltj
known marine man for school director.
John Rimtgard is the unanimous choice
of the first ward for councilman. Dr.
Ed. E. Hill and Chas. Hoxie are the
latest candidates to enter the field. J.
E. Eul 'has announced himself a can
didate for school director.
A permanent political organization
was (i(looted in the first ward last Mon
day evening amid a great display of en
thusiasm. Jas. McCroskrio was elected
chairman aud E. VV. Smith, secretary.
These gentlemen with John De Pries
were appointed a ward committee.
A number of well known citizens
spolco and all heartily endorsed the
candidacy;of John Rustgard.for Coun
cilmen from tho first ward.' Whenever
a speaker broached tho subjootof a freo
bridge his remarks were greotod with
John Rustgard in a powerful speech
defined tho (position ho would take if
elected to tho council. Another meet
ing is called for noxt Monday evening
at 7 o'clock at the Bridge School.
A political meeting wllljbe held noxt
Saturday ovening at 8 o’clock hi the
seventh ward at tho Gold Hill Hotel.
The public are cordially invited to at
G. P. Goooin,
The tournament to bo given under
tiie auspices of the Nome Athlotio Club
on the 3rd and 4th of April promises
some rare sport to the patrons of the
One of the most interesting features
of this Athotie Contest is a relay race
in which four members each from four
teams will contest for the prize offered.
So far entries have been made by the
A. B.’s, Eagles, Fort IJavis and an un
attached team. The Tombola drawing
in which every purchaser of a ticket
! will participate will add both interest
and profit to thoso present.
Peto and Joe Barnard are building on
their ways next to the Fairviow Hotel,
a steam launch 46 foot overall, 13 beam
5 foot 6 inch depth of hold. Tier keel
is 36 feet thus giving t^e vessel an 6
foot overhang on the stern and 3 feel
at tho bow. The estimated capacity ol
s the vessel is 12 tons. She will carry ii
i 15 horse power engine and is expected
- to make bet'voon 8 and 9 knots an hour
i Tho vessel is very solidly built, hei
t frame being of hickory and her sheath
a ing of fir 2x4 inches. The craft is th<
r largost over' constructed in Nome am
o will bo omployoil tin the coast tradi
making Nome her homo port.
Jafet Lincleberg Becomes
Angry at an Article in
the Examiner
The Affair is Suppressed
by the San Francisco
(Special San Francisco Correspondent,)
The San Francisco Examiner of De
cember 28tli, in a full page illustrated
articlo entitlod, “Society Girl Educates
hot* Millionaire Lover ” gives a highly
colored account of Jafet Lindttberg, the
weu-Known t'resiueni. 01 me j lunuor
Mining Company, wood and won the
heart of Miss Josephine Metson, the
accomplished sister of W. H. Metson.
While tho article contains no unkind
allusions to Mr. Lindeberg, it was such
an unwarranted invasion of the private
affairs and most sacred rights of an in
dividual that Mr. Lindeberg very justly
became indignant. Ho called at tho
Examiner office repeatedly, finally wait
ing two days for the return of Mr. Ro
berts, who, it was said, “ was out of
On the following Tuesday, editor
Roberts being still “absent” Linde
berg’s patience came to an end, when
about thatf-time he fell a-foul of Tom
William^, business manager of tin* pa
per, who .vas promenading tho c^-'
&•/••/» ofApe Palace Hotel. Willls/g" 18
cue of ' IVTr *a^'
fights in^xie west, but on this oc Vsioa
he snow./d that his knowledge oft,the
fistic art was rather technical than
practical, and that the Marquis of
Quoensberry’s rules avail but little in a *
rough and tumble encounter, for Jafet
knocked him put in short order and
most effectively.
Williams was furious and lost no
time in appealing tu the Police Judge as
reforoe having Lindeberg arrested.
Ronds were immediately furnished and
the indignant Nomeite was forthwith
released, tho ease being set for the fol
lowing day.
Williams’influence has succeeded in
keeping the affair out of the daily pa
pers in San Francisco, but it is common
gossip on the streets among the Nome
contingent. It wuh probably a fellow
feeling that made the other editors so
considerate for Williams as to keep his
fracas out of print. Several of Wil
liams’ brother editors were thrashed,
as -well, by indignant readers and as .»
the Examiner has been kind enough
not to mention these interesting inci
dents, they aro now reciprocating the
Sentiment is altogether with Mr.
Lindeberg and none too kind a feeling
is being manifested against this species
•\t l/tnrnuliam. ”
An effort is being made to have the
British Steamer Research, now in
Snake River, transferred to the Ameri
can flag. Work to that end is now be
fore the Treasury Department at
Washington, and, if successful, the
steamer will be placed ou the Tanana
The Research has quite a history,
replete with the disappointments of her
English owners who came from London
to make a fortune on the Yukon dur
ing the excitement of 1898. Instead of
proceeding from St. Michaels whero
she was put together, to British waters
her owners, hearing of a strike on the
Koyukuk took to those waters, and as
I a result of being In American territory
the vessel was seized upon and sold at
Marshal’s sale..
Her purchasers have heretofore boon
unable to change her flag and hence
the vessel has remained at her moor
ings. Last year an attempt was made
to take her to the MacKenzle river but
as neither passengers or freight were
offered the Research still occupies a
berth in Dry creek. The steamer was
built for the Egyptian Army on the
Nile, under Lord Kitchner, but was
never pressed into sorvice with the
Tommy Atkins.
That the present campaign is a warm
i one does not justify any voter in losing
his temper when he can cool off by get
1 at the HuHtor.
i Cwo Stocks.♦
Sale j
1 Gent’s and
Cbe Bmes
-- r>
...— — — ---—-- j
Prices Have Been Made Very Low
For First—lass Goods . .
We Have No Shoddy i
Our Special
fls to mahe a Clean
Sweep of BUI Stock
on band before our
flew ©oods Blrrive
by first Steamers . .
Goods Now on
See Small Bills
For Particulars
We beg to inform the inhabi
tants of Nome that we have
decided to close out the whole
4 *
of our present stock of Cloth
ing, and in order that our as
sortment may be more com
plete, we have transferred from
THE EMPORIUM (our branch
store) all of the Stock of Cloth
ing held there.

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