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Williams news. [microfilm reel] (Williams, Ariz.) 1891-19??, August 17, 1901, Image 8

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One of the saddest accidents that
has occurred in this vicinity for
many a day was the drowning, yes
terday afternoon, at the dam of the
Saginaw and Manistee Lumber Co.,
of Ferdie, the 10-year old son of
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Nellis, of this
For some time past it has been
known that numerous large and
small boys of the town were fre
quenters of this reservoir as a bath
ing place, yet none dreamed that
the accident of yesterday was so
near at hand.
During the afternoon, a party of
small boys wandered over the hills
to the dam, and after playing around
for a while they decided to go in
swimming. Among them was
young Ferdie. In the water, not
far from the bank, is the stump of
a tree, and this, the boys made use
of as a diving board. Ferdie had
climbed upon the stump and was
talking to his playmates on the
bank, when, in some manner, he
overbalanced and fell backward in
to the water. His efforts to save
himself only put him further from
the bank, and after battling for
some time in the cold water his
strength gave out and he sank, to
rise no more. The alarm was im
mediately given at the pump house
and Engineer Bob Stratton hasten
ed to the scene of the accident. He
immediately plunged into the
water, not taking time to remove
his clothing, and was taken with
cramps, barely being able to regain
the bank alone. As soon as he
bad recovered he hastened into
town to tell the sad news. The
word spread like wild-fire and large
numbers of people hastened to the
scene to render what assistance
they might. Grappling hooks were
placed in use, trying to locate the
body, and at least three-quarters of
an hour were spent in a futile at
tempt to ascertain its whereabouts.
About this time a young man
named Bernard Deeds, who is em
ployed in the brick ki 1 n north of town,
appeared upon the scene, and after
learning, as nearly as he could, the
supposed location of the body, di
vested himself of all unnecessary
clothing and attempted to recover
the body by diving into the muddy
water. Five times the young man
came to the surface empty-handed,
but he was not to be discouraged and
entering the water again he suc
ceeded in finding the object of his
search. ' The water at this point is
about twelve feet deep. Will
ing hands aided the young man
to make a landing and medical at
tention was at hand, ready to do
all in the power of man in cases of
this kind. All known remedies
were tried, and for over an hour
Dr. A. G. Rounseville worked faith
fully to restore life, but without
avail. As nearly as could be
ascertained the drowning occurred
at about 4:30 p. m., and it was not
until 6 o'clock that the body was
recovered, it thus having been in
the water for fully an hour and a
After all was done that could be
to restore the little fellow to life,
the body was removed to the home
of the parents in this city and
Undertaker Button called to take
charge of the remains.
The funeral services will be held
tomorrow morning at the Methodist
church, at 10 o'clock, Rev. Geyer
The News, together with the
many friends of the bereaved par
ents, deeply sympathizes with them
in their sad affliction and extends
to them our sincerest condolences.
Council Proceedings.
A regular meeting of the common
council of the town of Williams was
held in the town hall, Tuesday
evening, August 6, at 8 o'clock.
Present, F. R. Nellis, Jos. Johnston,
B. F. Sweetwood, Geo. Wharton
and the maj'or.
The minutes of the previous
meeting were read and approved.
The first business in order was
the reading of a proposed ordinance,
(an ordinance to regulate bawdy
houses and other disorderly houses,
and to punish the inmates thereof
for a violation of this ordinance.)
On motion of Mr. Johnston, second
ed by Mr. Wharton, the ordinance
was adopted as read, to be known
as ordinance No. 11.
On motion of Mr. Johnston, sec
onded by Mr. Nellis, the matter of
drug store license tax was deferred
to be presented to the council in a
proper form.
Application for building permit
of Hannah Laub was next submit
ted, and same was granted, for
main buildings only, on motion of
Mr. Johnston, seconded by Mr.
Nellis. Application for building
permit of Mr. T. E. Pollock was al
so submitted and granted on motion
of Mr. Nellis, seconded by Mr.
An ordinance to define the width
and material of sidewalks within
the corporate limits of the town of
Williams, and levying a tax for the
construction thereof.
Proposed ordinance was then
read and discussed, and finally re
ferred to committee on streets and
sidewalks, on motion of Mr. John
ston, seconded by Mr. Wharton.
An ordinance to prohibit minors
loitering on the streets after a cer
tain hour without permission, and
to punish a violation of this ordi
nance. Proposed ordinance was also re
ferred to committee on streets and
sidewalks, on motion of the same
On motion of Mr. Wharton, sec
onded by Mr. Johnston, 9 p. m.was
adopted as the proper time, and
sixteen years the proper age limit
to be specified in ordinance No. 12.
An amended form of proposed
ordinance, (an amendment to pro
hibit minors loitering on the streets
after a certain hour without per
mission and to punish violation of
this ordinance,) was read and
adopted on motion of Mr. Johnston,
seconded by Mr. Sweetwood, to be
known as ordinance No. 12.
Bill of Geo. U. Young against the
town of Williams was next submit
ted, and wasallowed, and on motion
ordered paid.
Bill of Williams Hardware and
Stationery Company, against the
town of William was allowed,
and on motion was ordered paid.
On motion of Mr. Nellis, seconded
by Mr. Wharton, bond of Jas.
Kennedy was approved and accept
ed with C. E. Boyce and M. Salz
man as sureties. On motion of Mr.
Wharton, seconded by Mr. Johnston,
the bond of Wm. R. Poole was ap
proved and accepted with Jake
Caufman and M. Salzman as sure
ities, and placed on file with the
Next item of business was the
reading of a resolution offered by
Mr. Johnston, as follows:
" Resolved, by the mayor and
the common council of the town of
Williams, That no person shall be
allowed to address the council on
any matter unless permission be
granted by majority vote of the
The above resolution was adopted
on motion "of Mr. Nellis, seconded
by Mr. Wharton.
WhereujKm the meeting was ad
journed on motion of Mr. Johnston,
seconded by Mr. Wharton, to meet
on Tuesday, Aug. 13, A. D. 1901, at
8 p. m.
Time Table Effective June 16, J 90 J
No. 7
No. S
No. 1
No. 2
No. 4
No. 8
2 4.1 am
2 35 pn
7 OS am
10 w) pm
3 22 am
4 Oil am
85 am
7 .V am
10 30 am
12 05 pm
1 05 pm
1 00 pm
1 14 am
8 80 am
3 20 pm
4 10 am
9 25 am
12 85 pm
3 OA pm
4 25 pm
6 25 pm
10 00 pm
11 00 am
8 OO pm
7 15 am
10 40 pm
4 02 am
4 85 am
7 12 am
8 80 am
11 25 am
1 06 pm
2 05 pm
Lr Chicago .Ar
Kansas City .
La Junta....
.... Albuquerque...
Hoi brook
Ar...Aah Fork Lr
7 40 am
A 05 pm
10 00 am
1O20 pm
8 05 am
8 20 am
2 55 am
11 22 pm
10 25 pm
8 25 pm
6 50 pm
5 25 pm
2 15 pm
2 40 am
6 00 pm
11 47 am
11 45 pm
63 pm
8 10 pm
1 25 pm
12 10 pm
10 65 am
00 pm
7 15 am
00 pm
8 65 am
6 45 pra
1 47 pm
1 25 pm
60 am
8 55 am
8 40 am
6 15 am
863 am
00 pm
8 35 pm
2 40 am
Lr....Ash Fork Ar
Ar Prescott L
Ar.... Phoenix . ...Lt
10 40 am
8 00 am
1180 pm
1 80 pm
1 85 pm
6 25 pm
6 85 pm
4 15 pm
00 pra
25 pm
8 OO pm
30 pm
8 05 pm
40 pm
9 50 pm
11 oo pm
12 30 am
12 85 am
1 25 am
2 25 am
4 90 am
"o 40 am
2 80 pm
2 85 pm
8 59 pm
5 47 pm
7 65 pm
8 20 pm
9 47 pm
11 25 pm
2 25 am
8 00 am
Ash Fork
. . .Selirman
Peach Springs
...Klnrmin ...
Ar.. Needlea ....Lr
Lt..... Needles Arl
.. Blake .
. Bagdad.
. Iteggelt
. Kramer
Ar.....Mojare Lt
6 00 pm
4 00 pm
12 60 pm
10 40 am
7 45 am
7 20 am
25 am
4 OR am
1 80 am
1 10 am
10 65 am
10 00 am
8 15 am
4 00 am
3 60 am
8 00 am
12 30 am
10 40 pm
2 60 am
12 20 am
10 15 pm
7 25 pm
7 00 pm
00 pm
8 85 pm
1 44 pm
1 25 pm
12 04 pm
11 10 am
7 00 am
12 45 pm
8 SO am
12 45 pm
8 20 am
12 45 pm
Los Angelea ..Lt
San Diego ...Lr
7 15 pm
1 86 pm
00 pm
1 35 pm
6 65 pm
6 65 pm I
Ar. San Francisco .Lrl
9 00 am
8 00 pm
Meal stations.
No. 8 and 4 run twice week between Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars dally through between Chicago and Sen Francisco
and Chicago and Los Angelea.
Pullman Tourist Sleeping Cars dally through between Chtcago and Ban Francisco
and Chicago and Los Angeles.
The Orand Canyon of the Colorado can be reached only by this tine.
The California Limited carries the following new equipment:
Buffet smoking car. Harvey dining car. and observation sleeping car, between
Chicago and Los Angelea; double drawing room sleeping car. between Chicago and
San Diego; double drawing room sleeping car. between Kansas City and Los Angeles.
Connections at La Junta from Denver and at Los Angelea for San Diego and Santa
Barbara. Fastest train to Southern California and over the shortest line.
Limited to six cars, wide vestlbuled. electric lighted. No finer train anywhere.
The observation car contains ten sections and a handsomely finished observation
room. The buffet smoking car contains a spacious smoking and reading room with
buffet. Both these cars are supplied with current periodicals and stationery.
All meals en route will be served Id the dining car, nnder the direction of Mr.
Fred Harvey.
No extra fare charged on the California Limited. Regular first-class tickets only
. BYRNE, O. P. A., v'viA -'"nit
Los Angeles. California. Williams. Arizona.

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