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Williams news. [microfilm reel] (Williams, Ariz.) 1891-19??, October 26, 1901, Image 6

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Repair Shop
jam is arosEa, raoraisToa.
All Kinds of Repair Work
Neatly ind Promptly done
Cor. 1st St. and Williams Ave-. Williams. Ariz.
Sheriff Jas. A. Johnson was a
visitor in town Thursday.
Mrs. E. X. Gray and family re
turned last week to the city.
Dr. J. E. Harper was a passenger
Tuesday evening for Chicago.
Uus Poison is now able to be
around again after a seige with the
Mrs. J. X. McDonald made her
weekly trip in from the ranch on
Hon. Henry F. Ashurst is at
Phoenix today, attending the -statehood
For Sale Cheap. No. 2 Stu
debaker wagon. Inquire at Mrs.
Burke's, east Williams avenue.
F. II. Potter, traveling salesman
for the Saginaw &. Manistee Lum
Iht Co., has been in town most of
the week.
County Recorder II. C. Hibben
and ex-County Treasurer A. T.
Cornish, were visitors in the city
Miss F. N. Dukes, of Flagstaff,
an efficient stenographer, is here
this week, temporarily employed
by Attorney Ashurst.
The new building at the east end
of the depot will be occupied as a
curio store, being one of the many
conducted by Manager Harvey.
Dr. Tyroler and Geo. U. Young
are attending the statehood con
vention at Phoenix today repre
senting the republican contingent.
Rev. John Chamberlain, D. D.,
of New York City, was in the city
Friday en route to the Grand Can
yon. Mr. Chamberlain was a pleas
ant caller at the News office while
Mr. M. C. Sharpneck has been
visiting in town all week. He ex
pects to move to Prescott shortly
where they will live in the future,
having very promising mining
prospects in thai section.
Lost Rough Rider medal about
the size of a silver dollar. Made
of bronze. Rough Rider emblems
t-ngraved on front; on back owner's
name J. D. Raudebaugh, A troop.
Finder will be liberally rewarded.
L. H. Schollenberger, car in
spector for the Santa Fe Pacific
here at Williams, resigned his posi
tion and left last Monday for Sher
man, Los Angeles county, Cal.,
where has accepted a similar posi
tion and will make his future home.
Four men were discovered in a
freight car between here and Flag
staff Wednesday. The seal had
lieen broken and two of them were
arrested by Officer Kennedy. The
other two were caught at Ash Fork
by Officer Noble who brought them
up that evening and placed them
in jail here.
Albert Lebsch, of Maine, was a
visitor in the city last Sunday.
H. Yoder is confined to the house
with the mumps. Chas. Rawlin is
driving the delivery wagon.
A. E. Macomber returned to the
city Wednesday after an absence of
a week in the Skylight City.
Miss Agnes Coffin left Tuesday
evening on No. 2 for Chicago after
sending six months in Williams.
Mrs. M. Stein, the ladies' out
fitter, has been in the city this
week supplying the wants of her
Arrangements are being com
pleted at Auburn prison for the
execution of Czolgosz, which will
probably occur the morning of
October 28.
Miss Kittie O'Neill has been
confined to her home this week on
account of illness, but is now do
ing nicely and will be about again
in a few days.
"Shorty" Allen, at present located
about ten miles south of Ash Fork
on Sandstone creek, was up on a
business trip this week. He is the
same old "shorty."
Miss Patrieta Whittington, the
pretty little daughter of Mrs. A. G.
Rounseville, after a three-months'
visit with relatives at Los Lunas,
N. M-, returned home Thursday.
For Sale. Lot 50x142 feet. The
above lot has 242 feet street front
age. C. P. Silvern ail.
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Broyles, who
recently turned over the Ash Fork
house to Mrs. J. McAndrew, are
now located at Naco, Ariz. Quite
a number of the good citizens of
the north are moving to the south
ern portion of the territory but
they'll be back.
Mrs. J. D. Raudebaugh leaves to
morrow for a visit down on the
Verde with her mother. She will
be alsent till the telephone com
pany's room in the Pollock build
ing is completed. Living in a tent
at this time of year is not pleasant
and Dave says it's been so cold it
froze off his mustach.
County Superintendent N. G.
Layton and A. E. Douglas were to
leave Fl igstaff this week for a visit
through the northern portion of
the county, taking in the towns of
Tuba City, Moen Ava, Lee's Ferry
and Fredonia. It is now the duty
of the superintendent to make an
occassional tour of inspection of
the different schools.
T. A. Fleming and family left
yesterday for San Diego, California,
where Mrs. Fleming and children
will reside during the winter. Tom
has been busy all week packing his
goods for shipment, and says it's
no snap. When he has his family
snugly located in California Mr.
Fleming will return to the southern
portion of the territory possibly
Cochise county and engage in the
mercantile business. Having been
residents of Williams for many
years they have formed many
friendships that are hard to sever,
but such is the way of life, and all
wish them abundant success.
OP Dad Brown.
Of all the kids as went to school In our blamed
There wa'n't no Oner feller there than Ol' Dad
He wa'n't so tarsal handsome, n'r so bloom in'
Be wa'n't no bypercrita to whine about his
But when It kum to goodness of the all-wool
He'd leave such ornery scrubs as too and me
N' all the girls liked blm. It seemed a little
For he didn't give no taffjr, 'n' nerer had no
N" wa'n't no good at sparkin somehow 't
wa'n't his bent,
N'as for fightln', fiddlesticks! wa'n't wuth a
"N the bullies all guyed him, 'n' used to say as
You got him In a corner be wouldn't fight a
But when a bound n' slugger, as ought to
bare been spiked.
Said somethin mean about a gal as us kids
It' we. as mad as hornets. Just stood by and
Instead o' Jumpln' In n klckln' off his shins
Ol' Dad bust out cryln' n yankln'off his coat.
Went flyln' at bim like a windmill 'n a goat;
'N'he'd a licked him, too, 'n' all hls.gol-
durned pack.
If the dirty coward hadn't tuk the bull thing
N sneaked around the corner 'n' skulked up
S' left us kids a yellin' there for Ol' Dad
Jest there I learned a lesson, I ain't forgot It
The com to tie to ain't none of your braggln'
But Jest the quiet kind, whose trumpbet goes
Until some danger calls or wrong to be re
dressed Then bet your bottom dollar he does his level
"N he alone will stand In life's reducin flame.
Whose soul untarnished Is by cankrin rust of
C. l W. In Needles Eye.
The Keystone Monogram's grand
opening occurred last Saturday
night and everything went off
most auspiciously. The new quar
ters are fitted up in an elegant
manner, the bar and fixtures being
massive and grand. Large crowds
were in attendance and while many
followed the games of chance others
took delight in playing a friendly
game of jkxjI or billiards. During
the entire evening the orchestra,
composed of Frank Watkins, pian
ist; Harry Miner, violinist, and
Henry Zaul, cornetist, ably assisted
by Leon Hahn, vocalist, produced
lively music. These gentlemen
form an excellent quartette and
area musical combination of which
Williams may well be proud.
Meanwhile the genial proprietors,
Cap. P. Smith and li. F. Sweet
wood, circulated, in their well
known friendly manner, among the
the throng, and occasionally assist
ed "Scotty" and AI in dispensing
the refreshments. The even
ing was a success in every particular.
Land Orrir st Pkbscott, Aiuom,
October 34. 1901.
Notice Is hereby given that the following,
named settler haa filed notice of his Intention
to make final proof In support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Clerk
of the Probate Court, at Flagstaff, Arizona, on
Dec . 19oi. vis.:
Albert Lebsrh, of Williams, Arizona, for the
se i sec. 8. tp. 22 n.. r. 4 e.
lie names the following witnesses to prove
bis continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of. said land, vis:
W. J. Collard, of Williams, Aril.; Ben Wales.
Barney D. Fletcher and Wm. Donaldson, all of
Rhodes, Arizona.
First publication October W, 1901.
One of the finest appointed hotels
In the southwest
Electric Light. Steam Heat and all the
Latest Sanitary Improvements
Special attention given to the Tourist ana
Transient Trade. When in Flagstaff, stop at
the Hotel Weatherford.
For further information, address
U. S. CommfirfoncT
Attorney at Law Notary Public
Money loaned for building
or on improved town prop
erty at low rate of interest
Williams, Arizona
Council Proceedings.
A regular meeting of the com
mon council of the town of Will
iams was held on the 8th day of
October, at 8 p. m. Present: F. R.
Nellis, Jos. Johnston, B. F. Sweet
wood, George Wharton and the
The minutes of the previous
meeting were read and approved.
On motion of Mr. Nellis, second
ed by Mr. Wharton, the application
for building permit of Mr. R. J.
Arey was granted upon the pay
ment of usual fee. The application
for building, permit of Mr. Jas.
Walsh was also granted, on motion
of Mr. Nellis, seconded by Mr.
The following bills were allowed
and the clerk instructed to draw a
warrant on the treasury for same:
D. L. Cunningham, for legal serv
ices, $160.
Postal Telegraph and Cable Co.,
Williams News, for printing,
Williams Drug Co., for chemi
cals, $20.85.
Jas. Kennedy, assigned claim,
California Restaurant, board
prisoners, $6.75."
Frank Finney, fire service, $2.00.
Saginaw fc Manistee Lumber Co.,
lumber, $75.26.
On motion of Mr." Nellis, second
ed by Mr. Sweetwood, Judge Ran
ney was allowed $2 on account of
services as justice of the peace.
The clerk was instructed to draw
a warrant on the treasury for the
September salary of the marshal
and clerk, on motion of Mr. Whar
ton, seconded by Mr. Johnston
The report of the finance,' com
mittee was received and placed on
file. j
On motion of Mr. Wharton, sec
onded by Mr. Nellis, the marshal
was allowed a leave of absence
for eight days, from the 14th day
of October to the 20th, inclusive.
Whereupon the meeting was adjourned.

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