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Volume 22
Number 16
IT 18 K
One of the Primitive Boys
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Official And Newspaper
Party Have one Great
Outing in North
A lot of people in Arizona look
upon official Governor George Wash
ington P. Hunt as a distinct frost.
The boast is made by the governor's
political opponents that if he dares
fo come forward at the primaries in
1914 . for govemoo, senator, con
gressman, state senator, assembly
man, sheriff, county clerk, consta
ble, supervisor, roadmaster or anyl
old job, he will be buried under a
mass of condemnatory ballots which
will show him just what the people
of Arizona think of him officially.
But whatever the Arizona citizen
and citizenesses think of His Ex
cellency George Washington Peter
Hunt, he is alright primitively; one
o! the boys who goes out on a trip
facing all kinds of hardships, meet
inor thpm rheerfullv. in fact more
cheerfully than anybody else, and
laughing at the other fellows who
opt dnwn in the mouth when the
auto hits a muddy hill and .every
body has to get out and play mule
ask William F. Dermont about
his mule experience in the cold
gray hours of last Monday morning,
and Bob Wen te; they will tell about
just how much of real primitive
manhood it takes to play mule on a
muddy hill .
Hunt, the prince of good fellows
by the test of real manhood, was
abundantly proven during the trip
to and from the Hopi Indian dance
last week at H ual pi . The governor,
accompanied bv Warden R. B.
Sims, of the state penitentiary, Har
" ry Welch, the live secretary of the
Phoenix Board of Trade, Jack Al
kire, head of the big Alkire print
ing house in Phoenix, Lyle Abbott,
the brilliant reporter of the Phoenix
Republican, Bob Turnbull, of the
Arizona film company and Chaeuffer
Harry Shea, mo'ored from Phoenix
to Hualpai under weather conditions
which tested the hardihood of the
entire party. Time and again the
big state machine was down and
seemingly out, and just as often
Governor Hunt shed his coat, one
time his shirt, and another time
even his pants, when the machine
stalled in midstream, to grab the
rope and never let up until the ma
chine was high and dry and cleaned
up for a fresh start.
At one time, six miles this side
of Hualpai, the governor's party
came across the big Babbitt ma
chine, of Flagstaff, seemingly hope
lessly bogged. In the bogged ma
chine were Mrs. Babbitt, Miss Bab
bitt and Miss Helen Babbitt, be
sides male appendages who seemed
At.pA bv the might. Led bv Gov-
- j i -
ernor Hunt, the official party lugged
rocks to build a foundation for the
swamped machine, and according
to Welsh and the rest of the party,
Hunt lugged the biggest rocks, kept
the party in a constant uproar with'
his good natured sallies, and sent a
. bunch of Hunt booster! back to
Flagstaff which will very likely
turn that Standpat republican
stronghold into a Hunt hotbed at
the primaries next year.
According to Sims, Welch and
others, who passed through Wil
liams Sunday on their way back to
Phoei.ix, the Babbitts, of Flagstaff,
gave them a royal time in the coun
ty seat Saturday evening. They
got up a dance, and saw to it that
American Captured in Italy
Greeted By Bandit Head
And Released
Special to The News
New York, August 28. It is not
given to adventurers alone to have
adventure. Adventure will come
to the cottage as well as castle.
Witness the case of William Hol-
lingshead who arrived on a Cunar-
der today. He spent his vacation
along the Mediterranean. One
night arriving at a small village in
Italy he strolled into the inevitable
inn and ordered some wine.
Sitting over in a darkened cor
ner of the room were three strangers
with a bottle of wine on the table
between them. They wori fierce
mustacnios :d smoked furiously
at cigarettes. Hollingshead spent
his money lavishly like any sailor
ashor after being three months
aboard ship. He must have spent
as much as 20 cents, when he
stepped outside , and sauntered
along the roadside taking in the
beautiful moonlight scenery. At a
bend in the road he was pounced
upon by the three men, a bag
forced over his head and his arms
tied behind him.
Frontier festival
September J3th and J4th To See Thrilling
Wild West Stunts Pulled Off In
; The Gty Of Williams
.Stars of the Range Invited to Measure Their Prowess in
Races and Games for the" Biggest Purses Ever .
Offered in the Great Southwest
September 13 and 14 will see the greatest frontier celebration ever
pulled off at any place in the southwest.
Martin Buggeln has decreed it; so has Billy Pitts, and Tom Brown
declares it will be the biggest thing in the way of a frontier celebration
ever held in Northern Arizona if it cost him ever steer he ever owned.
They are big .cattlemen, dead game sports ' who know only the word
straight, and compose the finance committee having; the celebration
in charge. ,
Invitations are being sent this week to the stars and belles of the
thprtiKrVirvnt Arimna and fiaav Mexico. The prizes to be offered
1 ttllg Hill vgjv v.- A
He was dragged cannot fa.il to be attractive and the list of events includes everything in
out into the country and down a ' tne way of wild west sports on the calendar. -
mountainside, not. know ing whith-j Already two thousand dollars have been subscribed . for the various
er, or what dreadful fate awaited purses and over two weeks remain to secure the balance needed to make
him. AT ived at a cave he was un- ! tje pUrses to be offered for every event the' most liberal ever competed
covered but still had .his hanas for m this section, of the country.
bound. From what little Italian . - An nntline of the smendid two days program is given in an adver-
he knew, he gathered that the bau- 04 on another page of the News.:' Every line of wild west sport is
- . . . 1 . - .
covered.. Judge Holub, manager of the crack Williams baseball team
will return from Colorado Springs early the coming week and two ball
games will be arranged with the best team which can be located to give
Williams fans a enod run for their money.
The Santa Fe will give special one and a third round trip rates from
all Doints on the line, and the same arrangement also will be made by
tViP Presnntt and Phoenix line. The business men of Willirms have
taken hold of the celebration with a vigor and mean to make it memor
able in the history of such events.
dits were awaiting the arrival of
their chief, who was said to be one
of the most desperate pirates in the
(Continued on page 6.)
Former Williams Girl Soon to
Visit Parents Here and
Live in Los Angeles
On Thursday of this week Mise
Rose Terry, daughter of Engineer
Terry, of the Santa Fe railroad
roundhouse in Williams, was mar
ried in Minco, Oklahoma, to John
Duncan, Cashier of the First Na
tional Bank, of that hustling little
city Mr. and Mrs. Duncan are
now on their way to Williams
where they will visit the old home
folks, take in the Grand Canyon,
and then proceed to Los Angeles.
where they will make their luture
home, as Mr. Duncan has arranged
to go into the banking business- in
the California metropolis.
Mrs. Duncan, as Miss Rose Ter
ry, was a very popular girl in Wil
liams. Before starting for Okla
homa on an extended visit with
relatives last April, she was the
recipient of many social attentions.
Herbert Hilkins, manager of the
Babbitt meat market at Flagstaff,
was here yesterday.
the bachelors and otherwise in the
party danced with the loveliest
bslles of Flagstaff every number on
the program.
When tbe party, minus Governor
Hunt reached Williams Sunday
noon, Lyle Abbott was named a
committee of one to hunt up the
editor of The News, an old friend
of Sims, Welch and the Republican
man. Dinner was served at the
Fray Marcos and two hours delight
fully spent talking over old times
in Southern Arizona.
Popular Innovation
Manager Ben Sweetwood, cf the
Sultana Theatre, has seemingly
struck a winning lead in his nightly
dollar prizes, with a bonanza of five
dollars on Sunday. The Sultana
has been filled nightly and a num
ber of Williams theatre-goers have ;
Host to Georgia Party
George W. Harben, the well
known Williams attorney, was host
two days last week to a party of
former Georgia friends, who are
now residents of Phoenix. The
party, consisting of Homer M'Kee,
Phoenix Grocery
Well Known Contractor and
Legislator Accompanied
By Ben Pierce
Thomas Maddock, assemblyman
of Coconino county and one of the
largest and best known contractors
in the southwest, accompanied by
his faithful lieutenant Ben Pierce,
sailed from New .Orl ans Wednes
day of this week, after a six day's
delay in the Crescent City, for
Panan a.
Maddock and Pierce left William?
early last week and were to have
sailed from New Orl ans last Sun
day, but the train was delayed and
they missed the steamship by six
hours. Assemblyman Maddock has
purposed to see the big ditch before
it was- filled with water, but in this
he mav be disappointed as dis
patches during the week announced
the plans for blowing up one of the
holding dams and filling the famous
Culebra cut. Maddock also is deeply
interested in all that pertains to
concrete work and probably in no
other enterprise since history began
has this form of work been studied
and brought to perfection as on the
Panama canal. . "
The two men will be gone .nearly
a month. Mr. Maddock was eager
to have Mrs. Maddock join him for
the trip, and all arrangements were
made to that end, with Mrs. Mad
dock's mother taking care of the
bright young Maddockes during her
absence, but smilling baby faces
were too much for the mother
heart when it came to the test, and
Mrs. Maddock did not go.
Statement ro McFarlane,
of Colliers During
Snake Dance
Only a Second Lieutenant's
War if Foreigners do
Not Take Hand
head of the bie
made ticket money for weeks to house, Miss May Irving, Miss Ethtl
come by holding the fortunate tick- Harris and Miss Elsie Miller, left
et numbers. The Sultaua is show- for the Grand Canyon on the early
ing the very best in moving pict- afternoon train, remaining over un-
nre including Lubin. Essanay, til the evening of the next day. On
Action Taken at a Special
Meeting Held at City
Hall August 20
Biograph, Vitagraph, Selig and
Pathe films. .The Pathe weekly
news feature is about the finest
thing on the screens in the movies.
the night of the return Attorney
Harben entertained the party at din
ner at the Harvey house.
Postmaster Campbell Confirmed
John Campbell, the well-known
' life insurance man and popular citi-
ington, and Miss Mary Medberry, , zen 0f Williams, has been confirmed
one of the very successful teachers ' Uy the senate as postmaster of Wil
in the public schools of Los Angeles, ! ljama. Postmaster Camnbell has
Friends From Washington
Mrs. Fred Medberry, of Wash-
during the past week visited Mrs. , forwarded his surety bond to Wash
George and Miss violet Keinuarat,
after a week's stay at the Grand
Canyon. The Medberrys snd Rein
hardt families were intimate friends
in the National Capitol. From
Williams Mrs. Medberry and her
daughter proceeded to Los Angeles I
where Miss Medberry shortly re
Bumes iier bcuoui nun auu chjwj jg
an indefinite visit with her mother.
ington for approval and probably
will be placed in possession of the
postoffice the first week in Septem
ber. Miss Dorothy Stark has re
fused to accent the deputvs-hip. so
ably held under Postmaster Smith,
: and if reports are correct, this efh
cient and popular young woman
to enter
noble career in the very near future.
University Head Here Tungsten Bonanza Maybe
President A. H. Wild-', of the: Charley Sweetwood and Charley
University oi Tizona at i ucson, - Curtis are back - f rom a visit to
was a Williams visitor Saturday. number of Tungsten claims owned
President Wilde has a national rep- by Ben sweetwood sixty-five miles
utation as an educator, and under gouth 0f Kingman. The trip from
his able leadership, the Arizona Villiams to the mines and back
State University is rapidly forging was made by team, Sam Miller go
to the front among the like institu-' ing as far as Hackberry and then
tions throughout the country. The turning back The claims number
, f -,1. j : four and the ledges are most prom-
number of pupils has increased gQ ar Mdeveloped 6s&ys
thirty per cent, in the last two showing forty-five per cent, tung-
years, f resident Wilde is visiting sten. The assessment worK lor me
all sectione of the state in the inter
est of the University.
vear was done and some . beautiful
ore specimens brought back.
On account of no quorum the
meeting of the board of equalization
to be held Monday, August 18,
1913, was postponed until Wednes
day, August 20, at eight p. m.
Present, Councihnen Lebsch,
Smith, and Mayor Carlson. Ab
sent. Councilman Mathews.
On motion supported and carried
the board adjourned.
F. E. Fousha,
A special meeting of the Common
Council of the town of Williams was
held in the Town Hall Wednesday,
August 20, 1913, at eight thirty
p. m.
Present. Councilmen Lebsch,
Smith, and Mayor Carlson.
Absent, Councilman Mathews.
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved.
It was moved by Councilman
Smith and seconded by Council
man Lebsch that a levy of six (.006)
Mills on the dollar shall be assessed
on the pronertv owners. Three
(.003) mills on the dollar to defray
the salaries of the officers thereof
and to pay its ordinary and contin
gent expenses. Three (.003) on
the dollar for repairing, improving
and constructing the streets, alleys,
sidewalks, crosswalks, bridges and
culverts, upon, over and across, the
same. Carried.
Meeting andjourned.
F. E. Fousha,
That the war with Mexico, if it
come, is very likely to prove what
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt terms :i
"second lieutenant's war," and that
the fighting ex-president will take
no part in the possible war unless
Japan should happen to get ctky
and throw the power of her navy t.
the side of Mexico in hopes of big
territorial and naval base conces
sions to the south, is the most inter
esting real news coining out of
Hualpai, scene of theamiml II pi
snake dance.
According in a very -high state
official, who passed through Wil-
liams on his way back to the capi
tal at Phoenix last Saturday, Colo
nel Roosevelt made the following
statement, quoted almost verbatim
to Peter Clark McFailane, the bril
liant correspondent of Colliers, who
with many other newspaper writer
of note attended the dance.
"Oh, of course, if it is only a war
with Mexico, I do not expect to
take part, as it will be only a sec
ond lieutenant's war, but if Japan .
inteferes, I'll get in the game."
The colonel's air and tone left no -doubt
in the minds of his hearers,
and they were numerous, that he
expects trouble over the Mexican
situation. Afterwards he said to J.
F. Alkire, in the hearing of others:
"Under the present conditions I
would not intefere. It is a simple
matter for the police to handle." -
Which leads one to believe the
fighting colonel of the Rough Riders
has about as much belief in the real
fighting powers of Mexico as Japan
had for those of China after the
peacock feather display of courage
by the Flowery Kingdom in the
late nineties. Alkire is the head of
the big printing house of that nani
in Phoenix, formerly .U'NeiPs. He
is one of the big business men of
the capital city, and while he did
not know he was talking for publi
cation, what he said is absolutely
Colonel Roosevelt and his two
sons arrived at Hualpai a couple of
days ahead of the dance. Wun
Governor Hunt, of Arizona, he oc
cupied a special box and took a
deep interest in the weird antics of
tiie dancers.
Babbitt-Poison Stocked With
The Very Latest In M
Standard Makes
Nineteen-fourteen standard make 1
cars are ready for delivery on order ,
in any part of Northern Arizona by -u
the Babbitt-Poison Company, of
this city. The carload lots just be- "
ing received include the well-known
and tried Hudson, Cadillac, Over- ,ta
land, Hubmobile and Ford makes.
No other makes are better fitted .
for the service on the roads pecu-
liar to this section of Arizona. The
cars are not only very handsome in...!.
their lines, but are constructed along '
the latest lines of durability and
economy. They may be inspected
at any time at the garage of the , ,;
Babbitt-Poison company on Rail- .:
road averue, between Third and

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