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Gift of Roses From Tony Called for
Searching Inquiry, and Truth
Came Out.
Public school teachers in the Italian
quarter are constant recipients of gifts
from admiring scholars. When the in
trinsic value of an offering is beyond a
certain limit, and they vary all the
way from ripe tomatoes to bits of
jewelry, the teacher "usually institutes
an inquiry as to its original source.
One boy made frequent gifts of flow
ers. As long as they were somewhat
faded the teacher accepted them un
questionably, but when Tony turned
Up one morning with a large bunch of
expensive white roses she felt con
strained to ask the boy where ha got
them. Heaven and earth were called
upon to witness that the flowers had
been purchased, later that they had
been a gift, and finally Tony's mother
had sent them aa a token of her re-,-gard.
The teacher grew more stern
fin her demand for particulars in re
gard to Tony's flowers there was a
Jiower Etand near by.
".Tony," she said, "tell me the truth.
Where did you get those flowers?"
"Teacher," said Tony, at the end ot
. liia Inventive powers, "I gotta from da
church oil Brdoma street. Da man, he
no care he's dead." New York Amer-
lean, - -
J. E. WELLS, Editor and Owner.
One Year
i.CO Six Months.
$1.00 Three
Months 50c
L-'tri'ci hi the Foptoilice at Williams as second class matter
Gfhcial Paper for the Town of Williams
Mexicans have wished war
on themselves
Nov. Well
"Thedford's Black-Draught
is the best all-round medicine
I ever used," writes J. A.
Sleelman, of Pattonville, Texas.
"I suffered terribly with . liver
troubles, and could get no relief.
The doctors said I had con
samptioa. 1 could not work at
all. Finally I tried
DRAUGHT and to my surprise, I get better,
and am to-day as well as any
,man."Thedford's Black
Draught is a general, cathartic,
vegetable, liver medicine, that
has been -regulating irregulari
ties: jof the liver, stomach and
bowels, foroVec.70 years, f Get
a package today. Insist on the
genuine Thedford's. E-70
"I Hay unto you that ye resist
not evil, but whosoe'er shall smite
th'e on thy right cheek, turn to
hiiu the other, also."
All will agree that President
Wilson has obeyed the .command
of the Master very literally. The
purpose of the command was, to
set an example of lorbearsnce
whicn should produce moral effect.
It can hardly be supposed that for
bearance should be persisted in,
if tne aggressor was incapable of
appreciating the example.
Forbearance with Mexico has
ceased to be a virtue. The other
cheek has been turned, but the
onl' result has been to incite to
further outrage. President Wilson
has, therefore, in the Jast - note to
the de facto government of Mex
ico made it plain that, the punitive
American forces will not be with
drawn from Mexican soil until
there is a sufficient guarantee that
the situation can be handled by
the Carranza forces and, if this
means war, let it come.
The latest news from the bor
der received to-day is to the effect
that hostilities have begun. Ap
parently, the Mexicans have wish
ed war upon themselves and they
have it.
life before his appointment to
the supreme bench and, if the
truth be known, his judicial dut
ies irked him. He longed to get
back into the political game and
he welcomed his nomination.
Preparedness, Prosperity and
Peace! That's not a bad slogan,
now, is it?
Lay It To The War
.Notary Public
'Office Snath of Williams New .
The Village Blacksmith
All work in. my line will receive
careful attention. Prices
P. O. Box 76
General Contractors"
Baumann & Hinds
Architects, Civil Engineers
General Contractors
Williams, Ariz.
Notary Public
Legal papers executed at
. The News Office
NO. 16, 1. O. O. T.
MeeU every Wednesday
night at 80 o'clock id
1. O. O. F. hall. Visiting
brothers welcomed.
:. m. Owen. N. G.
Arthur wilcoxson, V. G.
Joseph Cottolendy, Secy.
iL. o. Vandeventer, Treaa
Every republican office-seeker,
and their number is legion,
will pray very earnestly that the
European war may be ended
speedily. In fact, the European
war may be the ruination of the
republican party and the chance
1 for republican office-seekers to
feed at the public crib.
The European war is the great
ally of Democracy, if republicans
may be believed. They had pre
dicted calamity as the result of
democratic success in 1912. Cal
amity has not come. The. war
is the reason, sathe, republic
ans. ; " ' ; " ' ;
The European war has brought
prosperity to American indust
ries and increased the revenues
of government. The U. S. treas
ury is full.
Too bad, too bad! Lay it to
the war, if you want to, breth
ren. That's your theory but
the condition is very satisfact
Voters Will Take No Chances
There is no reason to doubt
that were Mr. Hughe3 elected
to the presidency, he would fill
the office as well as most of the
republican presidents of the
past. We do not believe, how
ever, that the American voters
are going to take any chances on
a new man at this critical time
in our history,
With preparedness under way,
with unprecedented prosperity
here,' with peace abiding with
us, who is going to give expres
sion to his propensity to knock
by risking a condition which Mr.
W)lson will continue but which
another, even Hughes, would
very likely change for the worse.
Mr. Hnghes had a perfect
right to resign his office to ac
cept the republican nomination
for president, but a great many
people will think that a man
should not accept that high office
unless he is temperamentally
fitted for it and means to hold it
as long as he lives.
The nearer we get to a non
partisan tariff commission the
less favorable will republicans
be to it. A commission of that
kind might swat high protective
duties pretty hard and republic
ans would not want to take any
Williams, Arizona, June 20th.,
Editor Williams News,
Williams, Arizona.
Dear Sir:
In its issue of the 17th instant
the non-pussyfooting Phoenix
Republican, a relic of that vali
ant volunteer force that fought
the Battle of Armageddon under
the banner of social justice, but
which is at present enlisted be
neath the standard of the Plum
Tree Brigade, headed by that
quartet of eminent social reform
ers, Penrose, Crane, Root and
Smoot, is worried over the pros
pect of the unenlightened Dem
ocratic press of the country
making an issue out of Mr.
Hughes' resignation from the
United States Supreme Court to
accept a Republican nomination,
for the Presidency.
Unmindful of the fact that
over a ypar ago in a letter to the
Governor of New Jersey, Mr.
Hughes, himself, stated in effect
that it would be unbecoming in
him, a Justice of the Supreme
Court of the United States, to
drag the judicial ermine of sach
a tribunal into the dust and mire
of American politics by either
seeking or accepting a political
nomination for the Presidency,
the Republican appears to think
the Democratic press will place
the Democratic party at a "dis-
advantage" by calling attention
to that which Mr. Hughes, him':
self, admitted. . - v;
While I am' duly appreciative
of the Republican's" solicitude in
this mater, riever-the-less I feel
constrained to ask who started
this Argument; ' anyway?' The
man who first raised this issue
in the present ' -campaign ' was
Joseph H. Chbate, former Am
bassador to England, a Repub
lican of the very highest mental,
diplomatic and professional rank.
It was on April 10th, 1916, that
Mr. Choate speaking upon this
subject said J "It should be re
garded as a fatal drawback to
Justice Hughes' nomination that
he is a Justice of the Supreme
Court, a court which must be
kept forever inviolate from with
out or from within. Its spotless
ermine should never be smirched
in the muddy turmoil of poli
Appertaining to the celerity
with which a Justice of the Su
preme Court of the United
States plunged headlong into
the murkey waters of politics,
especially after having admitted
the impropriety of the act, I will
venture the assertion that at no
time during the present cam
paign wil' the reading public en
counter in the Democratic -press
criticism of Mr. Hughes, action
that meets the ca:e so drastic
ally a3 do the words of Mr. Cho
ate, uttered before the campaign
Very truly vours,
Notice of Location, 2 miles S. W.
of Winsknv, Y. II. Lovelady
Notice of Location, 2 miles above
Reck Station, V. II. Lovelad3r
Assignment of Water Location,
W. II. Lovelady to N. II. Marley
Warranty Deed, Ida M. Camp
bail and Hus. to Marv V. Coalter
Quit-Claim Deed, I. C. Roberts
et al to Mary W. Coalter
Warranty Deed, Thomas J.
Coalter et ux to Will Marlar.
Warranty Deed, Thomas J.
Coalter et ux to Will Marlar
Realty Mortgage. Will Marlar et
ux to Thomas J. Coalter
Realty Mortgage, Will Marlar
et ux to Thomas J. Coalter
Patent, United States of America
to Jose Roybal -
Notice and Claim of Lien, Bab
bitt Poison Co. Vs E. B. Perrin et
Chattel Mortgage. Percj' Tucker
to C. F. Edwards
Realty Mortgage, Willis E.
Berg et ux to The Arizona Central
Warranty Deed; John W. Fran
cis et ux to The Arizona Central
Chattel Mortgage, Carl H. Ribett
to E. D. Babbitt
Locotion Notice, Gray Dick,
Francis Min,. Dist. Wm. Donelson
Release of rtealty Mortgage, Wm
Donelson to S. Moore
'The distance by trail from Wil
liams to the top of Bill Williams,
as the Forest Service gives it, is
about seven miles. One who
makes the rugged ascent by foot
will agree that the Forest Service's.
estimate is not to great. The bird,
however, if it had an object in
maKing tne trip, would make it in
a little more than one half the dis
For the purpose of determining
the air Hue distance from Williams
to the top of Old Bill, Mr. M. J.
wens iaia out a triangle with one
end of the base line on the east
side of Second Street on BilL Wil
liams Ave. and the other' oa the
east side of Fourth Street also on
Bill Williams Ave. Then by
measuring the angles between tha
base line and lines from each end
to the top of Bill Williams and
assuming an altitude of 10,000 feet
for the tnouni'aia he was enabled
to calculate the air line distances
which he found to be 3.66 and 3.5
9 miles, respectively.
The trail up Old Bill will be
used for some time yet, tho it be
long and difficult. Later when the
aeroplane is in general use for
travel, the trip will be made by
air line, thus saving more than
three miles.
Manuel Velasquez, the Mex
ican who was beaten up . last
Sunday night while at a dance
in east Williams and left the
county nospital before he could
identify the man whom deputy
sheriff Smith had arrested as his
assailant, rfturned to Williams
and located his supposed assail
ant, one Francisco Herdado.
Herdado had a hearing before
judge Twitty yesterday after
noon. From the testimony of
witnesses the court decided that
Herdado could only be held on a
charge of assault and batteay.
He was bound over for trial Fri
day afternoon at 2 P. M. Her
dado plead not puilty.
Sixty Years the Standard
Hade from cream of tartar
derived from grapes.
Hughes has led a pretty active
Dr. Jeffries has returned from
his Oak Creek outing. He re
ports a very nice time, tho fish
ing was not as good as could be
desired. From his experience
with Oak Creek trout, Dr. Jeff
ries believes that the old fashion
ed worm bait is better than the
new-fangled artificial bait. The
trout were not very hungry but
they took worms beat.
05933 027331
notice of publication.
Department of
the interior
U. S. Land Office at Phoenix,' Ari
zona, June 1.0, 1916.
NOTICE is hereby given . that
James W. Davenport, of Williams,
Arizona, who, on May 17, 1909,
made homestead entry, No. 05933,
for and add' 1 II. E. No. 027331,
April 29, 1913, for SENWJSWi,
i. Si NE NWJ SWJ, Sec
tion 15, Township 20 N., Bange 2
E., G. fc S. R. B. & Meridian, has
filed notice of intention to make
five year Proof, to establish claim
to the land aboe described, before
Charles II. Adams, Clerk, Superior
Court, at Flagstaff, Arizona, on the
17th day of July, 1916.
Claimant names as witnessess:
M. W. Robinson,
II. L. Benham,'
H. C. Sanders,
William Servier, all of Williams,
Thomas F. Weedin,
First Pub. June 15, l?16
Last Pub. July 13, 1916
Two Days of Best Entertainment
FLAGSTAFF July 3 and 4
Best celebration ever held in Northern
Arizona. It's in charge of . the Elks
Lodge. . $2500.00 in cash prizes, 34 piece
band, Indian Dances and Indian Sports,
Broncho Busting, Cow horse rsces, log
sawing, Automobile races, ' Mile' long
parade, Fireworks for both days.
Ample Accommodations. .
Rates on All Railroads
Plan to Attend
It's the uniform unva
rying heat of a good oil
stove, and the perfect
control, that keeps the
juices in that pre
serves the savory
goodness of the meat
' and gives that even
brownness all over.
.testier toists
a cleaner, cooler
kitchen, and less '
fuel expense -,
All the convenience of
gas. Cooks everything
any wood or coal range
will cook, but keepa
your kitchen cool.
The long blue chim
neys do away with all
smoke and smell. In 1,
2, 3 and 4-burner sizes,
ovens separate. Also
cabinet models with
Fireless Cooking Ov
ens. Ask your dealer
- IMS, A-
For the very best in Motion Pictures
Tonite: Red Feather Feature, "Brigadier Gerard", Lew
is Waller. " .
Friday: Triangle Plays, "The Corner", All Star Feature.
Saturday: World Film Corp., "Fruits of Desire", Robert
Sunday: Paramount Pictures, "Lydia Gilmore", Pauline
Monday: Metro Picture Corp., "The Price of Malice",
Hamilton Revelle. ,
Tuesday: Paramount Pictures, "Th.3 Golden Chance",
Cleo Ridgely and Wallace Reid.
Wednesday: Triangle Plays, "Fatty and Mabie Adrift",
Mable Normand and Roscoe Arbuckle.

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